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Federation of Labor Acts in the
Eight Hour Case.
Officer Responded But the Blower
Was Locked Up.
H i--
Embraces th latest novelties Modish (tk
meots f or rcen of allslzes. Workmanship, strl)
Wholesale and Retail Manufaoturinsj
40B 7th Street N. W.
nT yon sesn th TmpU Cap? If
still hi oar window.
Mr. Birney Says He is Not Tet
Wanted to Plead.
Euciiaristic Congress Impres
sively Opened at St. Patrick's.
F and Eleventh Streets.
(onge Warehouses 2M it, nearIL
So Intimation When tlio Senate Clerk
Will Bo Brought to Trial for
the) Phillips Mutter.
-s. (l soiTfaJjJ-Qj
Wo promise that erory price we
quote shall bo lower than that
quoted for the same articles in any
legitimate furniture store or any
department store.
These prices are the
result of the Surplus Stock
Sale we've just begun.
Most everything on the Fur
niture floors is affected, so
it's not necessary to publish
a long list for your guid
ance. These offerings in
Will suffice to illustrate the
icale of reductions.
18 00 Col 1 Chair L95
14W Illua Inarael .Arm Chair.... 7.93
$50 00 Solid Jlahoganjr Arm Chair.. 82.00
f 00 .Mahogany Inlaid Chair 15 75
J4.S0 Mahogany rinUh Corner
Chnir 3.00
14 00 Mahogany Finish Corner
Chair 255
t&OOMuhogany Inlaid Chair 17.75
$:Gl00 Mahogany Rocker 1075
ln(0 -Mahogany Finish Chnir 6.90
20 00 W bite knaniel Chair E70
S1S.0J Mauocanr Chair, 975
122.00 Mahogany Arm Chair 14.50
15 00 L'uaraeled Music Holder 4.45
115 00 Mahogany, Brass Trim
ltocker 10 90
JI700 Mahogany Finish Inlaid
Ilocker 13 40
tl&OO Mahogany tinish rtocxnr.... 7.45
t!4 00 Curly Birch Inlaid Kocker... 15.75
$35.iX tins Mahogany ICocker S3.75
6 03 GoM Corner Chair 4.45
17.00 Overstuffed Parlor Chair 4 35
lOPO Overstuffed Corner Chair.... 5.40
I want to be the Jeweler who
comes into your mind first.
&:,- SILVER-
1105 F ST. N. W.
Thinks He Will lie Illcc-inl, lint Docs
'ot Ml nil Defeat.
Senator Illackburn in Lis eliort stay here
talked in liis usual In e and ouiKLcn style
about Ki'iunck) polities and his own
chance for reflection He expressed llie
most serene confidence in his proiects
The Senator, Iiellier correctly or not,
thinks the influence of tl.e adinlnislraUoii
is beiu-r ixerted ajrninst him, and on IK
strength of tills dthtred luntoelf of some
pretty stroiiR comments on the President
and Secretary tiirli-le.
It Is f-eiernlly understood that lie arid
Mr. CarlMe no lon-rerspcnk as the pass by.
Mr. Blackburn laid lie did not care a lis
for the nppoi-itioii r llie administration,
and referniiR to Mar) Lund jmlitics said
Mr. (iorniaii was making a iuM.iLc In en
deavorinjr to create the Inipretsion that
the I'roiidem sj unutilized itli him
It will lot do, howcer, for Jlr Mack
burn to tonir.iH tl.e Mnrjland and Kcn
tucky f-lttiation, as they are escntlally
different lie appeals illreclly to the
Iieople aid makes Ids fiht Willi Hum,
jir cioriiian uses Ins niaclmie orjianl-
zatlon tn liplii against the jienple and defy
lueir win
Hud a I'll on llie Street.
William Goodman, a itl-itc man, who
lilcs at CI ain liridse, was taken with an
epileptic lit (,ii the ttreet this momliu,-,
and earned to the Kmerpmcy Hospital,
w-bere Dr. McDonald, of the house staff,
rendered tl.e necei-sury medical atteiitlon.
( Prepared at the United Slates Weathor IJuroau.)
ft7x -'j - -,.v o y l
I 2L 4$yA x
Forecast Till 8 I.M. Thursday.
For the District ot Columbia and Mary
land, fair weather; slight changes in tem
perature; winds shifting to southerly.
For Eastern Pennsylvania, Now Jersey
and Delaware, fair; routhweslcrly wlndsr
slight changes in temperature.
For Virginia, fair; light variable winds;
slightly warmer in western portion.
Wentlior Condlf lonsund Gcnent Fore
cast. The barometer lias risen slowly In New
England, on the middle .Atlantic coast,
near Lake Superior, and on the north Pa
cific coast; it has rallen iu ail other dis
tricts, except In southern Florida, where
the conditions continue threatening with
brisk to high unrlliciLsterly winds.
The following heavy rainfall, in inches,
was reported:
Daring the past 24 hours-Jupiter, 1.72.
It Does Not Admit That the Unsafe
Condition of tiie Ilulldiiig Warrant
ed Violation off lie laiw Two dings
Were Needed Jury' Attention
Culled to tlio rrlntlufi Offlco.
The Federation of Labor litld a well
attended meeting at riabterere' Hall last
evening, and forty-one organizations were
The committee on the advisability of
granting tnu application for a charter in tlio
Amencan Federation of Lauorreported that
it was unadvlsahle at this time. The re
port was adopted.
The comuuUco on the case of Contractor
MeVaugli made Uieir report. A supplo
uiiuuiry report wan also rendered and
It was as follows:
To tlio Federation of Labor.
"1'our committee having in clinrgc the
procculloii of Frank McVauc'i for llie
ioMtiou or the national euul hour law
in the erection of llie structural iron work
on the addition to the ciocrnrutut Print
ing Ufrice, submit this supplemental re
port. "It is etJdt-iit that the decision of the
court was based upon the testlmouy of
Lieut, bewcll. the engineer in ch.irjre of
the construction of this liuiluinir Upon
Ids vMdeuee the court was muviuced that
in this case such an emergency existed as
would justify thi- cotilruclor iu working
bis eruplojes eleven aud tKche hours In
one calendar da.
"The fact of llie insecurity of the U
street portion of the Government Fruiting
Office was Kent rally known before Lieut.
Sew ell had anpiired a primary technical
knowltHlge of building conMrutll(tii. Had
CongresB regarded the safely of the hun
dred's of employes in this build it jk. and
not pursued a long and perslhleui tourse
of (rlmiual l.igligenee aiwl carelessness,
the 'old ilull' and :.. Ho tn:p' vould line
been torn down ard a -uti-iantinl build
illL' substituted jr.lft ago.
We, however, will not admit Ihut tlio
uiisau- coiidiiion of the old bunding Miould
be admitted an an escue for the Molatlon
of law. The plea of imtrgencj In this
case loi.es all ltal lorce when the fact Is
apparent that the iron work upon this
addition has txen delated sixty uas, be
cauic of the neghct of the contractor to
furnish the nccosar material, and fur
ther delay of several weeks in the con
struction of the brickwork, without a
valid exeme, or because ot a w Inm of those
in charge.
Kollrn ithstaiiding these unnecessary and
inexcutable delajs we believe that tLecon
ctmction or the iron work in this Imildlrg
could have been as lar advanced as it is
now without violating a beneliceni law.
At no time since the beginning ot tin iron
construction were conditions such as that
two thilts of men could not be employed
on the work Had the conliaclor not been
as-ured that the convenient plea of "extra
ordinary emergency" would be admitted
as an excu-u lor the inunction of llie law-,
he would have vrcrkt d two tliilts or eight
hours each, with but slight additional
exiiense and inconvenience, bucli cva-iou
of thy law will continue so long as the
statute will iienuit aiiolltwlcr toiitove an
emergency by the convenient testimony
of so called experts."
Ttie following rctolution was tLcu adop-
ItcEolved, That the secretary of the Fed
eration of Labor lx; Instructed to communi
cate with the Dittnct attorney. Mr. lilr
ney, requesting him to bring to the atten
tion of the grand Jury the sworn statement
of Engineer Sewtll as to llie condition of
the Government l'rintlug Olfue, oemand
a thorough inveMlgaltonof tlieKame. andif
the building is found to 1m a menace to the
lives of the men aud women employed In
the building, to cau.fe such steps to lie taken
as is necessary to protect such emploves
from risk or injury.
The Douglass Assembly of Engineers re
ported that a uon-uuloii engineer was
employed in the construction of a new
cnurcli at the cornerof Sixteenth and Cor
coran streets northwest. The report was
referred to the contract committee. In re
gard to a recent statement that Hush, the
saloon keeper, did not sell union made
cigars, the Cigarmakera reported that tills
was untrue, as Mr. Hash l.as alwavs dealt
iu union nude goods.
Tho Etcelsior Assembly informed the
Federation that on next Friday night Mrs.
K. Ik l'arkuuu will deliver a. lectureouthe
"Moiey question," at Tjiogra pineal IlalL
Seve ml conferences have lately been held
between Mr. Isador Saks and the executive
boa rd of Tailors' Assemblies, L. A. "37b, K.
of L , amjji. U. lfcS, I. T. U. ot A.
A definite agreement was sighcdlamuglit
w here by Mr. Saks conceded all the requests
made by the execuuv e besird. 'I he luee ting
MiirrluK Licenses.
Licence to marry have been Issued as
Louis Garesche, ot St. Louis, Mo., and
Gertrude Marnlson.
Samuel M. McNett, of Augusta County.
Va., and Irena U. Bjrr ass, of Louisa County,
Daniel R. Hranhatn and Alice Robinson.
Charles E.Hooverand Viola K. Sanderson.
John D. Wab-on and lieulaii S. Whitfield,
both ot Hampton, Vn.
James Franklin feloeum, of Providence-,
II. I and Ella M. Donovan, ot Worcester,
Joseph AVarrcn Hutt, ot Westmoreland
County, Va., and Amanda F. Hungerf ord.
Nicholas J. Flass and Catherine M. Fitz
gerald. Robert Seylwtt and Trances N. Her burn.
John A. Eacntl and Anna E. Zellcy, of
Alliance, Ohio.
Robert M. Kctcuum and Mamie F. Yatto.
It Is wanner generally throughout the
Northern 8lates. and frosts are reported
In the Ohio valley and middle Atlantic
Fair weather will continue from New
England south west ward to the Gulf States,
with a slight rise in temperature in the
central valleys.
High and low tides, as officially re
corded at tho Navy Yard, for to-day, are
as follows:
High. Low.
C:33 a. m. .2 BO a.m.
6 58 p. m. 1:04 p. m.
Condition ot tUo Water.
Temperature and condition or the water
at 8 a, -n.: Great Falls Temperature,
C6: condition. 3G. Receiving reservoir
Temperature. 64, condition at north con
nection. 36: condition at south connection,
36. Distributing reservoir Trmnernrurp.
62. condition at influent gatehouse, 38r
eiiiueub gBteiiuuae, ao.
Benjamin F. Mllliken, the Benale cleric,
indicted for forcibly entering the houBe ot
Judge Samuel F. Phillips, on Rhode Island
avenue, July 4, was not arraigned this
morning, as District Attorney A. A. Blr
he jcmmlay utmounced he would be, and
it is almost certain that the young man is
not in the city.
When Mr. Birney was questioned by
The Timcs reporter this morning as to
Milliken's appearance, he said:
"Aiilllkcn will not plead to-day. Judge
William A. Miliiken, a brother or the
young man called on me jeslerday after
ooon, ai.u I told him that Benjamin would
not be arraigned to day. His bond is a
continuous one, and there w ill be no trouble
about getting him.
"I do no t know w hen he will be arraigned.
I do not know wbctherhe is in the city, and
do not know w here he is. His people must
Mr. Birney's statement yesterday, and
the fact that Judge MilliV.cn visited his
otflce twice, would indicate that Mr.
Milliken's friends are not yet willing to
.iroduor hlni, or cannot do so. They are In
telegraphic communication with him, but
It Is now believed that he will sot come
near the city until the District Attorney
sajs the word. This word will doubtless
not be said until the prosecution is ready
for trial.
Judge Oole Makes a Significant Ad
dress to the New Panel.
Alludes to the Government I'rlntlnjj
Orfice, Vnlleomen's Pistols nnd
Other Agitated Questions.
The October panel of the grand Jury
was completed to day before Judge Cole.
Mr. Albion K. Parris was selected by tho
court as foreman.
In delivering his instructions to the
Jurors Judge Cole told them that their
position was an important one and that
thilr work was the foundation for all
criminal prosecution.
In the ic-s of homicide he drew the dis
tinction between murder, manslaughter
and excusable manslaughter.
"Tiie same laws apply to an officer who
uses a firearm with serious results as ap-p!i-s
to an individual," he said. "An offl-i-er'jt
only excuse Tor shooting a person, un
less in self defense. Is when he ha seen that
person ismimlt a wrong and the peoon Is
attempting to escape.
"There has l-ea much said through the
pjblic print of late relitlve to the Govern
ment Printing Office building. I have no
hesitation in saying that it is surely in your
province to make a report ir voa see fit.
leal! the mitterto your attention to act as
yoa ttilnk proper.
"Tho law gov eming the grand Ju ry makes
it optional with you to visit the Jail and all
charitable Institutions that share a public
appropriation, aud I believe there are no
others In the District, and make such report
as you deem iidv liable."
Iu reading the oath to the Jarors Judge
Cole laid particular stress uion the clause
enjoining strict secrecy in all proceedings.
Barge and Eailway Cempany A3ks
Permission to Lay Them.
They Desire to Place a Double Bond
on Wilt it htreot nud Make Addi
tions to the byntem.
Appllcitlon was made to day by the
Georgetown Hargc, Dock, Llevator& Kail
way Co , liinagh E. J. Stellwageii, iu
president, for permission to increase the
track facilities or the railway in West
The svstem of -railways represented is
under tl.e control of tac.lialtimore & Ohio
Railroad Comistny, and tlic'obJct of tht
coriiora lion is to obtain an entrance into the
western section of the city, with facilities
Tor freight and passenger traffic.
The application U, in substance, that the
conii.iny lis pinnated to lay a doable track
on Water stre-et, beginning at a point west
of the Aqueduct bridge aud running along
llieniuteprescnbedbj thcauthorilv already
The tracks are to be laid along Water
rlreet, and, passing under the bridge, will
be continued along said slreet to Bock
II w ill take about four weeks, it is said,
to take up the street, put llo-wn the tracks
and revive. The right of way. the gentle
men raid, had been procured. Practically,
all that remained to be done In that line
was merely a question of dollars and cents.
The Commissioners are considering the
natter, and will announce their conclu
sions at an early day.
An examination will be held on Saturday,
next of applicants for appointment ns phy
sicians to the poor. The examination will
be held in the board-room at the District
Building, and will commence at 10 o'clock
a. m.
Building permits were issued toslay as
follows: Dr. Wil'iam Sprigg, for con
struction of private stable In the rear of
No. 1015 Sixteenth street northwist,
$1,100, G. F. Heilprin. to alter and repair
store nnd stable No. 1203 F-strcf) north
west, $1,550.
Slight Improvement Noted, lint Pby
Kieiiins Give Xo Hope.
Gen. Mahone still retains the improve
ment which was yesterday noted in his
condition, hut beyond this there Is prac
tically no change.
His physicians are no more hopeful of
his ultimate recovery at this time than
when the paralytic stroke first occurred.
Many telegrams were to-day received at
Chamberl In's Inquiring as to General
Mahone's health am expressing regret
at his serious illness.
Frequent Gales Are Predicted in tho
North Atlantic.
The pilot chart for the North Atlantic,
issued by the Hydrographic Office, Navy
Department, gives the following forecast
for October:
"Frequent gales between the New En
land coast and the British Isles, and as rar
south as the 40th parallel. Tropical cy
clones, or hurricanes, very probable. South
of 40 degrees north and east of GO degrees
west weather generally moderate. Fog
in diminished quantity on the Grand Bonks.
No Ice south or the EOlh parallel, but a
few bergs in the vicinity of Belle Isle."
MarkOH, the Hypnotist.
Next w eck Odd Fellows' Hall, on Seventh
treot will open for the season. The at
traction will be the famous hypnotist,
Markos, who, though a stranger here, la
well known among medical men and
scientists as a most successful exponent
of the yet little known power that is being
put to great use among medical men in
France. Markos utca bis wonderful power
Iu) uiuiirc, ana we results attained are
both ridiculous, as well bb wordcrful,
Two Tennis Player Made to Feel the
Ijiw in Spite of Parents' Objection.
One of Policeman Mohl's Cases Let
Off by Ills Honor Some of Those
Who Fuced the Judge.
William Hawkins was the head of the
list of colored men in Judge Kimball's court
this morning.
William created an excitement at Four-and-ahnlf
ttreet and Missouri avenue by
blowing a police whl6tle. When un officer
arriv ed on the cceue he claimed he had been
hit on the head with a brick.
"Who bit him?" asked the Judge.
"He wasn't hit at all, your honor. Ho
was drunk."
"Tuke his bonds."
Jennie Hornby was then brought up by
Officer MohL Jennie is a vagrant, bangs
around barrooms and is drunk very often.
Officer Mohl, In his broken English, told
his usual morning story. He is in the po
lice court ov ery morning, and Judge Kim
bull would not think ot opening court
without first looking around to 6ee if Mr.
Mohl Ib present. As usuot, Officer Mohl's
case was dismissed.
"What were ttou doing?" asked his
honor of Jennie.
"Judge, I was sittin' in front of my own
door, takln' off my iliocfl, that was hurtia'
3iy reet."
"When were you up here last?"
"My dear man, I hasn't been up yer since
"Go home," said the Judge.
"Thank ye, Judge, thank j e," said Jennie
and she dancyd out ot tbe door.
"James ,Greeu, you are charged with
cursing and swearing. Guilty or not
"Not guilty."
"Step up."
"Judge, I was in de house wld my mudder
and she usk me fo' fifty cents and I tole
her 1 ain't got it and den dls man come
iu and pull me."
"What were you cursing about?"
"I wasn't cussing. Judge. I don't cuss
where my mudder's at."
"Five dollars."
Mr. E. 8. Woog, who lives in Le Droit
Park, had two nice looking whito boys,
John Graham, jr., and Herbert Derger, up
Lufore the court for disturbing his peace
of mind.
Mr. Woog lives opposite a tennis court
tnd objects to the noise that is made
tiie re during the afternoon. Mr. Woog
haiel he hadJjC4ti aunojeeUor yenrs, but
that lik patient' had now worn out and
on last Sunday when the lioys were loud
and iKilsterous be complained to an of-rie-er
and heicanght these two boys.
The boys told- the court that they had
received permission rrom the owner or
the lot to play there, and Mr. Woog said
the owner or the vacant lot had told him
that he did not waut them there. The fact
remains, however, tbat the lot In ques
tlon has been In use as a tennis court
tor years.
All tbe Le Droit Park championship
game-, havd been played there and the
proierly has been donated by Gen. Bct
tervvorth fon that purpose His honor saw
fit to fine the boys, however, although the
fathers corcnlaineil that they thought his
honor was very severe, and they paid $5
apiece. .
In Judge Miller's court George Lucas
was charged with assaulting George
Kohltieon. Lucas"- wife was also mixed up
In the case.
"Your honor," faid the lawjer for the
defense, "this case is mixed up. There's a
charge of acsault ngalnst Lucas and one
against hi3 wife. Then, we have a war
rant for Kobmson for stealing chickens."
"Good gracious, 1 have we got to have
all this, with tiie Jury walttig?"
"Well, it won't take long."
"Now. Robinson, what did this man do
Jo j ou?"
"He wnB in my house cussiog and
"What did Robinson do to you, Lucas?"
"He rushed down de steps wld a brick
In his hand."
"Did you fee this trouble?" asked the
court of the woman?"
"No, sir: I did not."
"What do you know about this, then?"
Mrs. Lucas didn't seem to know much
about It, and the otber assault was then
Mrs. Lucas knew more about this one,
for rlie had been struck in the neck.
"Here's tie knot. Put your hand on It.
Jes' leel it," said she, anil the liaillft
iti'pped up and fe It of the knot on her neck.
Lucas ami Robinson both told their side
of the recond assault. The Judge asked
a few questions and dismissed the case.
Georjro Hoblnson Met Him Cnsnally
and Now Both Are- Locked Up.
George 11. Kobinson and Frank Echelber
ger were drinking together this morning in
the ueighborhooJ of New Jersey avenueand
C street northwest.
Echi-llierger and his companion were en
tire strangers, and when Eciieiberger's
cash gotiow lie attempted to tulp himself
to Itohlnsun'8 roll or bills. He had about
$2.1 on bis person, and did nut see or leel
his companion pick his pocket.
A Mr. Griffin, who was stan.linj ne.T,
did see it, however, and stepped up and
made the thief give up the cash.
Robinson then swore out a warrant lor
Eclielbcrger and Orriccr E. II. il.yi ar
resteJ him and locked both of them op, as
Robinson was too drunk at that time to be
at large. They will both appear in the
police court to-morrow morning.
Judue Cox's Court Trlesnnd Sentences
Three Offenders.
The petit "jury. In Judge Cox's court,
criminal division No. 2, was completed and
sworn and tiried two cases before noon to
day. John R. Sinims was convicted of house
breaking and bcnlcncaj. to four sears at
George Bailey was declared guilty ot tbe
second offense of petit larceny, and Judge
Cox sentenced him to two years In tbe
A similars sentence was given James
Adams, who pleaded guilty to the same
On ens Is Improving.
Frank Owens, the messenger in the
Treasury Department who attempted sui
cide Monday evening Dy snooting nitn
seir through the head with a .38 caliber
revolver at his home. No. 807 Florida
avenue, and who was subsequently taken
to Garfield nospltal. is reported as much
better by the authorities of that insti
tution to-day.
m m
Four Adjudged Insane.
The following persons were adjudged
insane, and their retention In St. Eliza
beth's Asylum recommended to-day by a
marshal's jury: Sarah M. Robinson, Ln
venia Evans, AbrahnmHarsmau and James
Kennedy, the latter being a property owner.
Hart by a Derrick.
Frederick White, a colored laborer at
the Zoological Park, had his wrist broken
shortly after 2 o'clock to-day by the fall of
a derrick.
Police Privates Appointed.
James Clark and Nicholas Wiles were
appointed to-day as additional privates
on the police force Tor duty at tbe Center
Market. -.
Fourteen men who'll
hurry here to-day will
find fourteen exceeding
ly stylish Covert-Cloth
Top Coats marked down
from $10 to $7, because
they're broken sizes. All
sizes up to 38 none
That's our way. You
know--the moment a lot
gets incomplete away
goes profit to help hur
ry 'em out.
You're doing yourself
a wrong if you buy a
HAT before you see
It won't be long be
fore we'll be the leading1
hatters like clothiers.
Eiseman Bros
Cor. 7tli and Sts. I.W.
No Branch Store in Washington.
They Jogged Along Behind Buffalo
Bill In the Wild West Parade.
Importing aud Unique Display Mnde
by the Greut Sho Military Cow.
boy and Indians In Line.
PcnnsyHanla avenue toot on a holiday
appearance this morning in anticipation of
the parade of the Buffalo Bill Wild West
show. The crowds gathered early and
when the procession finally debouched into
tbe big thoroughfare the sidewalks were
lined nnd the crowd packed from Seventh
street to the Treasury.
Tbe parade was imposing and novel.
It consisted of detachments from various
peoples of tbe world in their native costume
and tbe illustration of mankind's lindrcd
siiip wjs an object lesson nhicli could not
fail to be a profitable one to the rising
gi ncration.
Col. William F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill,"
tbe cavalier of the plains, the great scout
aud frontiersman, whoof name and fame Is
known throughout the civilized world,
led the procession in a spider phaeton
drawn by two white horses.
The cowboy band in a chariot drawn
by eight horses followed. After this came
the display of the various races who
arc connected with the show.
The Indians were side by side with their
erstwhile foe, the scout. The United States
caJlry carried "Old Glory" alongside ot
the Cross of St. George, which was carried
by the English lancers.
The French chasseur was in amity with
the German curassicr and the tricolor of La
Belle France waved In harmony with the
eagle of Germany. Then followed the
Kussian Cossack, the Gauchos, of South
A merica, the Mexican vaquero, the Bedouin,
tnd last, but not least, tbe American
The parade was enlivened by three bands
or music and was perhaps as Imposing and
original a display as Washington has wit
fesesd in some time. The show will
be here ror two elays at the corner or
orth Capitol and M streets: witli two
performances dally, at 2 and 8 p. m.
Machinist Harry Emmons Succumbs
to Ills Injuries.
Harry Emmons, the joung machinist who
was injured while at work iu the breech
mechanism shop at the Navy Yard about
4:10 o'clock jeslerday afternoon, as told
in The Morning Times of to-day, died at
bis home, No. 1019 G street southeast,
about 5 o'clock this morning.
Drs. Kerr and Parker did everything in
their power to save the man's life, but
without avail.
Emmons was tw enty-seven years old and
had a wife and two children. He learned
his trade at the Navy Yard and had been
ernployed there the greater part of his
time since.
Coroner llammctt viewed tbe remains to
day and decided that no Inquest was neces
sary, as tbe accident was clearly one for
which no blame could be attached to the
officials. "
Alexander Island Entries.
Tirst race One-half mile; two-year-olds;
selling. Al Ueleubolt. 102; Lady 'Wat
son, 99; Fred Munch, 99; Dutch Girl,
99; Bob. 09; Murray, 99.
Second race Seven-eighths ot a niiler-
seiiing. -sang iuui, nu; rommy uropby,
110; Little Bravo, 110; Hay Tay, 110;
Quartermaster. 110; Bolivar, 107; Psyche,
Third race Four and a hair furlongs
Eclipse, Jr., 112; Columbus, 109; Bliz
zard, 109; Countess. 104; Delia M., 104;
Arcla, 104;Pattie, 104; Jessie Taral, 104.
Fourth race One mile; selling. Prince
Klamath, 105; Gallatin. Hazel, C. O. D..
and Pocahontas, 102 each.
Fifth race Five-eighths of a mile. Jer
sey, 129; Forest and Sonnra, 126 each;
Jack Lovell, 119; Grampian and Tam
many Hall, 11G e-ach; Reefer, 114; Irish
Lass and Doctor Parkliurst, 111 each, and
Mid Rose and Lottie F., 103 each.
Sixth race Six and a quarter furlongs;
selling. Marie Lovell, 107; Grand Prix,
and Irish Pat, 104 e-nch; Eddie M., 107;
Craftsman, 104; Traitor, 102, and Mar
guerite II, Renaissance, Padre, and Clans
man, 99 each.
Third race declared off and extra race
Shot His Fntber-lri-Law.
Cleveland, Oct. 2. A special to the Press
from Alliance, Ohio, says: Frank Swee
ney, aged 29, got into a quarrel with his
father-in-law, Daniel Courtney, this morn
ing, at Beloit, and was fatally shot. The
quarrel arose over the young man's wife".
Courtney grabbed a shotgun aid dis
charged Its contents into Sweeney's abdo
men, causing almost instant death.
SITTER BAILEY. In Washington, D.
C October 1, 1695, by Rev. Perry, Mr.
John T. Kuter, Jr., of Washington, to M-
Mane L. Bailey, of Charleston, 8. C
Mgr. Satolll Was the Celebrant. As
sisted by Muny Illtrh Dtgnltarletf.
Bishop Kenue's Eloquent Sermon to
the Gathering Beautiful ClinrcU
Filled With a Vast Audience.
Prefatory to tbe opening of the second
Euciiaristic Congress at the Catholic Uni
versity of AC'.-rica, solemn pontifical
high mass was c-eiebrated with ail the pomp
and splendor or the Catholic church, at St.
I'Jtnck's this morning.
A vast concourse ot distinguished clergy
and laity filled the church. The apostolic
delegate, Mgr. Satolll, was the celebrant,
lit. Rev. Bishop Keane. rector ot the
Catholic University, delivered the ad
dress, and Ordinal Gibbons, with seven
archbishops, about twenty bishops and one
hundred priests were present.
The day marked an epoch In the his
tory of St. Patrick's Church. Mass was
celebrated at 9 o'clock, but active prepara
tions for the event began very early in tbe
morning. The setae In tbe church was
beautiful and Impressive
Bars of tbe morning sun stole through
tbe circular windows, and, softened by
their passage through the warm-hued glass,
cast slanting rays into tbe sanctuary. Tbe
gold stars In tbe dome twinkled gladly as
though enraptured with the ceremonies
going on below. The saints and apostles
whose presentments grace the walls. look
ed down with pious and complacent faces.
A portion of the worshipers were women,
and here and there in tbe nodding tumult
of flowered, winged and ribboned hats were
groups of the spotless and demure bonnets
of nuns. Shortly before the Iron tongued
bell began to clang forth tbe signal of the
approaching ceremonies acolytes, robed In
lace aud crimson cloth, began thellghttngot
the altar candles.
The hundreds of Incandescent bulbs were
were turned on, and the whole interior ot
the great church flashed with gold. Then
the organ sounded forth its strains of praise,
softly at first. Increasing till all the echoes
of tbechurUiwereawakeued in sacred peans.
Front seats had been reserved for the
delegates to ibeEucharlstlc Congress, and
as" these moved from the west door to
wards tbe altar in columns of twos the con
gregation stood and tbe organ and choir
pealed forth "Laudale Dominum." As
in their regal purple vestments entered
the sanctuary.
Cardinal Gibbons came with them, but
walked alone and took a seal on a
crimson-curtained and campled dais at
the right. The "congregation stood as
they moved into their places. Following
them came alcolyles bearing tall candles
and escorting the)fficers of the mass.
These were: Celebrant, Mgr. Satolll;
assistant priest. Very Rev. Magmen; dea
cons ad thorum. Very Rev. William
McKenuy, V. G., JacksonviHe; Very Rev.
S. Fox, V. G.. Greenbay, Wis.; deacon of
mass. Rev. D. J. McMahon, rector of St.
Thomas' Church, New York city; sub
deacon. Rev. Cestelllrproressor St. Paul's
Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., and masters
or ceremonies, Rev. J. F. McGee. of St. Pat
rick's Church, and Rev. G. Dougherty, of
St- Augustine's Church.
Again the choir burst froth in song and
the ierfume of incense mingled with the
fragrance of the sweet flow era with which
the sanctuary was embellished.
In the left ot the sanctuary sat thefollow-
ing archbishops: Corrigan, of New York;
Kain, or St. Louis; R)an. or Philadelphia;
Williams, of Boston; Elder, of Cincinnati;
Jansson, of New Orleans, and Thicn, of
Chicago. There were present on the right
of the sanctuary Bishops Horstman, ot
Cleveland; Maes, or Covington: Foley, or
Detroit; Burns, or Nashville; Sullivan, or
Mobile; Donahue, or Wheeling: Watterson,
or Columbus: McfJorern. of narrisburg;
Phelan. of Pittsburg: Van Derviver, of
Richmond; Burk, of Missouri; Scanlon, of
Nebraska, and others.
When the mass had nearly been con
cluded Bishop Keane, rector ofthe Catholic
University, mounted the pulpit and began
his address, which was listened to with
rapt attention.
By way or beginning, he announced that
the first 6eslon of tbe Encharistic Con
gress would convene in the assembly room
of the university at 2 30 and that at 8
p. m., nt St. Patrick's, there would be
an hour of solemn adoration of the most
blessed sacrament, with benediction.
He began with the words which Jesus
used at the most critical period in bis life
"I will not call you my converted, but my
friends." It was, said the bishop, at one
of the saddest moments in His life that
Christ uttered these solemn words. When
He said them. His life was about to draw
to a close on Calvary. Thus was His love
for man known to be great.
Jesus knew the meaning of the word
friend. He knew that it meant mutual
awe. He knew that If" as that bond which
reached over chasms and equalized in
equalities. Jesus was alwajs true. Bishop
Kearc advised the members or the Encha
ristic League that they were descendants
or Jesus.
"You are the friends of Jesus, of onr
Eucbarlsllc Lord. Welcome then, the
frierds of Jesus. Welcome as such to the
Catholic hearts ard homes of Washington,
and thrice welcome to the Catholic Uai
versi ty.
"This Institution puts at your disposal
all of Its conveniences, nnd prays jou God
speed in your labors. The fact of all facts
was God. No Christian could hesitate
that ro mystery could compare with the
Incarnate .
"Mm after man arises throughout nil
ages whom the men of his time agree ta be
great, but how small they were in com
parison to the King of Kings? What in
terests nrcNike the interests of the soul,
or eternal happiness and light? What in
terests should we consider as we hoi.ld
the interests of the Lord? What human in
terest or honor is like that of being jinked
with him? The responsibility resting upon
themas friends of Jesus was groat. "Lord,
what wilt thou have me do"" Is what they
should ever be saying. Then they do as
commanded There should he a unity and
blending of arreetion and endeavor, and
nlrltnnd r baracter, and disposition, which
should link amity to amity. Oneness of
heart and of mind was pleasing to God."
BUhop Keane spoke at length on the
dc-ecrntlon of the Bablialli. The cry or
"liberty" really meant often only "li
cense." The musical programme was as follow-:
"Laudate Dominum"; "Kiric Gloria,"
Gounod; "Greda." Gounod: "Ave Mnrln,"
Mrs. Paulina Mainn and violin nbligato by
Mr. Sol Mln'Mcr; "Sanclus Benedictiis."
Gounod; "Agnus Del," nayden
Stock Market Picked Up Tills Morn
Intr, Bnt Profe-sslonnW Controlled.
New York, Oct. 2. A belief that the gold
shipments are over for the season, coupled
with some buying of St. Paul and other
Issues by London, led to more confident
reeling at the Stock Exchange thUmorning.
The professionals, however, monopolized
the bulk ot the trading and commission
houses had little or nothing to do. Tbe
features or tbe speculation were the In
dustrials. Chicago Gas rising from 70 to
70 7-3. Sngnr from 103 1-4 to 109 3 8,
General Electric rrom 38 3-4 to 39 3-4,
Tobacco rrom 100 hi 100 7-8, and Cotton
Oil from 22 to 23 1-2, Rubber from 41 1-3
to 41 3-4, and' Hlinob Steel from 7G to
78 1-2.
Chicago Gas was bought by pool brokers,
and it was again Intimated that a reor
ganization was near at band.
Sugar was strengthened by a further
advance itfrerined.
Tbe anthracites and railways generally
were qniet and firm. Tbe market was firm
Factory and salesroom, 403 and 404 Peon 1ft.
Reading, fa-
Amerlcan becurltr
& Trust Company.
No dlTcuIty in obtaining" an the
money you want ot this company if the
security Is su&cienL Lowest rates ot
a JUOlYIUUaiS OWHIUJC uuiubuuiuwin,
f real estate can obtain money to build
TBa home See us about it!
4" J. C BELL, Fresldeat.
T Bans, 1105 G . K. W.
1 Mortise, 1110 15tn St. N. W.
No better assortment of
Men's, Boys' and Chil
dren's Overcoats is to be
found in this city than we
can show you.
"Why should you pay a
tailor extra for having- one
made, which may not fit
you when you get it, when
you can obtain a perfect
fit for half the cost?
In our store you can fit
yourself you have an end
less selection to choose
from and we willingly re
fund your money if your
purchase does not satisfy
New York
Clothing House,
311 7th St. N. W.
New Tork Stock Mnrliet.
Furnlshedby Frank Wilson Lriiwn.brolcsr,
1335 F street.
On lllrh Lnw. lis.
American Tobacco 100 lot 100 101
Atetion.Top..JSS.F. .. 2 OTi OR 23Ji
Canada houthern. ....... oSU 5V &4 35
C.B. Jsynlncr Kii 8TH SH 8TM
CCiaiSL 1 46? 46-s 4t$ 46?J
Chesaceate Ohio .. 20 SO 20 20
CtlcasoOa TOJi Tl T0 71H
tDela.. Lacx. &Wes..
Distiller X Cattle Feed 24V$ 24K S-4 24H
Delaware and Hudson... ls&i 1XM 13$K lsa
General f.le;tnc S)h 2i J4 39
Jersey Central. 1142 ""l "44 l'H
Latebhore 1MW ISO ia 15fW
LoulsvUle and Nashville. r3C f3i tacj 63JJ
Leather prf............. 85 85 85 85
K.T.pTd - Wl 38li 37H
Jlissourilaciflc 3su 3fi SS 4. 334
Manhattan tleraced 1111 illW 11114 II! W
Northwest HHft lit?! 104& 105ii
Northern reinc pfd 19 19 19 19
Omaha 44 44 44 41
raciGcMail 31 CJ 31)i ZlVi 3IU
Beadme S15a SIM 2JM
tKock Island ...... JSH 79 73(4 ;9
Southern. VAi Uvi 13V3 13U
Southern pfd... S9JJ 40 294 40
Str-aul 7m TT3 T6 m
Sugar 10SSS llOJj KSfc 110$
Tennessee Coal Jt Iron. .. "H 43 1 iiy, 43V4j
Texas Paciflc lic$ lUi 12c, 1SV
Un,on Tocinc lid. 14H "U Wi
WaDasa prefeired S3M Z3M S3
Western Union Tel .. 93H 95 -T
tEx.-dlT. 1JL
Washlnzton Moe'c Excnanse.
NOTICE The Board will adjourn orer Satur
day daring September.
Belt It, IL 5s. tGOO at 80; Columbia It. R. 6's,
S2.000 at 110; U. s. Electric U;Ht. 10 at 138. SO at
13e, 130 at 14U; rneumatlc Gun Carriage, 100 at
30 cents.
VS. 4'a K. lllt 112VS
U. . 4'a V 111L, 112,4,
U. S. 5'a..
,v 1J99 "JJ-year Fundine" ....
C'slW.- "-30-year Funding" co!d... .
aisui -v, ater fctocS" currency.
7's 1903 " eter stoct" currency.
3.65'r 19-4 -iandinc" currency.....
SSfslteg. 2-10's. 1SO-190!
w a K KCoar. 6-s 1st. to-to
W IGltl: Conr. C-s2d, 19U3-41 ....
HetliliCooT (Ts, 1901
Belt K KS'slSta
Eclncton Kilt's. 1S90-1911
Columbia It libs, 1514
Wash Gas Co, er A, 6's. lioMir....
V, ash Cas Co, ter B. 6 a. lSOi-'aa ....
Mash c,asCotonT5i, 1901
U. s. Llec Litrht Conr 5"s. 19JI
Chesapca&e & Totomac Tel.5'8...,
, m
. 1JJ
AmerecJt 'trust 53, lUj....
Ameri-ec a Trust 5 3. l-05
ttasi jiarKet Co 1st Cs. ISKM'jn
17,000 retired annually. ......
".asUJiarl. Co Jmpon, laK'-"7
V ash Hart Co Lifn -. 191 1-"-
ilnsoniollallAss'a5's,C, 190S 103
"AasaLt Infantry lstos.1901 100
H ash Lt. Inlantrr -M Te, 1S95
Panic of Uasblncton 250
Bank o! 1;icMic 210
Metropolitan............ ............. 2V.
Central 2IJ
Farmers and Mechanics' ID
Second. 1?7
Citizens 130
Columbia...... ...................... 130
Capital ................. ....... 115
West i-nd.... ...... .................. 1J
Trade--a. 101
Lincoln............................... 95
Ohio !il
Nat. bate Iiepralt and Trust ,
. 133
. Ill
N ashtncioii Loan and I rust.....
American becunty and Irust
ash ngtoa sale lieposit
Washington aud Ceorgetown
Columbia......... ................
LcktngtoiL. . ...... ...........
Ccorgeto-tn and Tenallyioun...
Washington t,as.
Georgetown Gas..... .. .. ......
L. b. lectnc Light
Firemen's ,
Corcoran ..........................
Arlington. ..
German American. ...... .........
National Lnlon
Columbia.. .............. ..........
00 .
Ileal Istatelltle
Columbia Title.
Uaihiugt'n title
liiatrict liUe...
Chesapeake and i'otomac......
American Graphophone .......
Pneumatic Gun Carriage.
Washington Market
Great rallsice
Bullltun fanorama,
or. ft Wash. Meamboat.......
Wash. Brick Co.
IryClty Bricfc.
Lincoln Han
Jtergantaaler Linotype. .
ex UiTtdesd.
, II
nt zn
BWLiSr '
.. - -!Cfei-.-'tea.J. . -T i.-Jkr- ,?jJJts&M&&
-fl, -.. -.
S?1- .2.,
v-- r -f . -"- .

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