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J Lansburgh&Bro J
mads by which your packages
can be delivered right at your
dour tlie samo day o! purchase,
whether ynu live in IIROOK
LXANIJKlA.nnd thrc: deliveries
eo:h day are roads in TAKOMA,
hnd ortencr vuca SPECIALLY
If ouy Sheeting Is ncedod you
might Just as well Ret it of us.
We sell only the reliable kind
and at prices you arc willing to
pay. Whenever quality i
taken Into consideration our
prists arc always lower.
1,00 -rge double
XLf neecs. maae
a. ". j best quality
1,500 slza 4-5x36
inch Hemstitched
Pillow Cases.
Mada of Uie best
500 size 54 33
Inch Hemstitched
PI. low Cases. Best
5 cases 9-4 un--bleached
ard Sheeting, only
TUB "KOHA" CqtssI.
I J2U oacb.
I 2sC yard.
Tho peer or all Dollar Corsets,
can only be bought of us. Our
guarantee with ctcry pair.
(M hlte, drab and black.)
Laflies" Giagham Apas.Dc.
Have you soan these? Quality
and slz3 compare fully with
any 20c Apron. COLl : GUAR-AlsTLED-
420, 422, 424, 426 th St
Spaulding. Miss Mary Gheen. Miss Stella
Farr. Miss Mabel darner. Miss Gertie
I'tillllps and Messrs. C. Garner. C. SI. J.
BM liner, i:. West, M. Fauuce. T. Clark
and John mil.
Senator Stewart Said to Have Ac
quired the Dunn Estate.
IIuMiltnbh' Homes Tliut Will lie Open
ed. In WnHlilimtoii Tbls Winter,
"ou-siind FerNoiials.
1 SeaseJess 1
Is all that now makes it
possible for batter to find
a market. This is strong
laniruajrc, but we don't
, mean it to be offensive.
We're in absolute, honest
earnest when we assert
that our Alderney
Creamery Butterine
looks just as good, tastes
just as yood, and is far
more wholesome than any
buttcr ever made at any
price and it costs less,
It in rnrpored that Senator Stewart has
purchased the farm of Mrs. Gen. Dunn.
Mte.' Dunn's place is one of the finest in
rnirfnx County. Va. The house Is an exact
reproduciion of the UrilUli Legation In
this city, with the addition of porches on
all sides. Gen. Duun was devoted to the
place, and spent the major part of his time
there. He died at lli! farm, a he hud fre-uui-mly
expressed a wlh to do.
Senator Slew-art Ik ery fund of country
lire, and since he has Imxiiii to take an in
terest in the Dunn place Ib frequently seen
shortly alter bunrisc drlvlnc alone behind
his spirited trotter, his lone. white licnnl
blowing In the wind. The country people
are Jubilant over the-fact that the diHIn
cuislied Senator is going to become a resi
dent of Fairfax. Couuiy. as tliev believe It
means a Iwou lo that locality.
Gen. Ilosnn-r and his familj- are back
again in their home in Hillyer place.' Miss
Hornier cares tiothhur for society, but gives
her entire linn" to charitable work, ill
which she Is interested heart and suul.
Mrs. Edward 11. Wonn is the guest of
her mother. Mrs. K. A. Knorr, Mo. 1018
Fourteenth street northwest, where she
she will remain during the winter. On
Thursday she will be at home to her
The friend s of MUs Rccsic B. Brown
will be pleased to hear that she Is rapidly
recovering from the accident blie-re-celvcd
by falling from her hummock early
In J uly.
Celebration pf Rosary Meets With
Violence From Jdlo Workmen.
Priests nnd PU1ioi ,A ro Stoned and Se-
vi-roly Injured, itnd the Workmen
.Wanted Bread, Not Sermons.
Ladies soon learn
where they get the best for their money we like to
deal with ladies because they now when they are getting a good
bargain. " ' "
We deliver to any part of the city. '
William Ilurcli relumed Saturday
a visit to his dauchter at Atlanta,
Senator Tcffer and dauchter will sjx-nd
the winter at the Oxford.
Mr. and Mrs. li. C. Carter, who have been
abroad for two years have returned to
the city and established themselves for
the winter at the Kiihmond Flats.
Melville Lindsay is convalcsclnc
Ids recent illness.
Miss Katherinc Buckler Clark, after a
pleasant visit to the West, has returned
to her Home, ;u. 1711 lticcs place.
Miss Ella Cleuhnnc, dauchter of Mr.
and Mrs. Lucius Cleplmne, of No. VJJTt
K street, is so ill In Massachusetts, where
idle has lien spending the summer, that
her father left Sunday ulcht to fee it lie
can safely brine her home.
Mrs. Oat. whospent the past three weeks
ill Washington, has returned to Alabama.
Genrse Hellen is back, lookins slimmer
than ever, owiue doubtless to his devotion
tn tennis.
The Attornev General has lhiucht -the
house 17-11 Q street, and isalrcidvestah-Ib-hcd
at his new residence. -Mrs. Harmon,
who is a Washii'etonlan. lieiue the daugh
ter of Itev. Dr. Iliintircton. of Columbian
University. Is eaturallv clad lo lc back in
hi r old home aeaiu. She is a woman ji. t
Mr. William K. Reed. Jr.. assistant
observer of the weather bureau, stationed
ut Chatianooca. has arrived in Washing
ton to iitteuil the marriace of his sister.
Miss Edua Heed.
The Youne People's Union will cive
nn entertainment on Friday nisht at
Masonic Ueiuuie lor tie tieniiii ot u.e i'iii
ule's Church. The plays "Poor I'llli
codilv" nnd "The Ibistnn Dip" will be
clvi-n. followed by a ilajic.
Cadiz. Oct. 15. There was a orocesslon
of the iiosarr tere last nlulit that re
sulted In a tomewiiat serious attaik on
the Drocessionists.
As the procession, -whicli was headed bv
the Bishop of Cadiz, was passine tnroucu
thivtrcets.n mob of Idle workuiKinen were
met who did not approve of the relicious
parade. They shouted:
"We want work, not sermons. Go kill
the insurgents in Cuba."
Not satisfied with thus lnoultlnc the
cltYiry,. u-cr hustled those who were tnfc
lne part in the procession and tiien
stoned the priests.
The volleys were so heavy that the
priests and their followers were compi-Iled
to take refute In a church.
The mob then stood outside, hootlnc
nnd Uterine, until dispersed bv the police.
During the stone-throwinc the hl-thon
was slightly Injured.
The mob made a feeble resistance to
the police and many of the rioters were
wounded .
The prefect complains that the trouble
arose from the ract tiiat tne til-ioo
did not advise liim that the procession
was to be held, thus not allowing Mill lo
take timely meaures to protect those
-who took part in it.
Fresh Pork, per lb., ....
Rib Roast, per lb., - - - -Spring
Lamb, Hind Quarters, per lb.,
Cooked Ham, sliced, per lb., -Smoked
Ham, sliced, fat off, per lb., -Emrich's
Buckwheat, per3-lb. package,
Best Fresh Bread, per loaf,
Our Creamery
Mrs. Ilazen. who has been visiting
Niagara had-, anil WalKini' lileii. will
return at an enrlv dale to her home, on
Ninth street oulhwest.
Miss Louise Staley Iur Issued cards for a
masquerade party to be glen Thursday
eveving in honor of her guest. Miss Stella.
Ferguson, ot Richmond.
Miss Myrtle B. Massey left Sunday night
for Philadelphia to attend the wedding of
her cousin, MissStacevBallenlyne. rormerlv
of Washington, and Mr. Clarence .Smith. of
that city.
The I). B. Euchre Club met last night at
the roslilencv of Mrs. II. McDonald, or .loath
Washington, it lielng the first gatlieriug
of the club for several mniiths. The prizes
were awarded to Mrs. David Allen and
Mr. Pierce Daniels, and arier a bouulirul
collection the evimug ch-scil with a dniicu.
CIoTer Crccmerx, - -Alderney
Extra Dair). for cooking.
23 eta. per Ilk
20 cts. ier 1U
li cts. per lb.
Square flarble and Glass Stands
In Centre .Market.
Wholesale Distributing Agents.
514 Ninth St. N. W.
Mr. Fats.
WuMliliiirtoiiuMix In New York.
(Special to The Times.)
New York. Oct. 15. L.O. DeAyala. Span
ish legation, Waldorf: E. K. Chapman, J.
N. Wheclan. and I. Haks. Plaza: Miss V.
Prender. J. Daly, and C. II. Donnelly. Bel
videre; U. 8. Bradley, Miss K. E. Snyder,
C. S. Benedlit, H. C. Davenport, JT- J.
Brewer, and the MLsses Judson, St. Denis;
D. A. Child. T. Brai-e, aud J. W. Schwartz.
Imperial; Miss I. Fleming, H. u. Urlstol,
L. F. Itoot. and J. C. Bennett. Continental;
Col and Mrs. John Hay. A. S. Hay. G W.
Beach, and S. C. Holly. Brunswkk; Mr.
aud Mrs. J. C. Mi-Uuire, Mr. and Mrs.
It. T. Pletet, and G. II. ltlchardson. tat.
James: Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Miller and J. B.
Plod. Holland; C. Morton. New York; Mr.
and Mrs. A. B. Paxton. GUsey; Mn. N. tiar
geaut and E. L. Phllllpi, Murray Hill: Mrs.
II. Sturges. B. Ciarson, J. M. Wheatley. T.
C. Scott, and- II. L. Burrows. Bartholdl;
Miss M. K. Sumner. Normandie: G. Bryan.
Broadway Central; N. S. Eames. Venduiue:
It. It. Hilt. Nethcrland: John S. Shrlver and
8. I. Kimball. Hoffman: (5. A. Parker.
Savoy: D. E. M. Peixutte, Coleman, iind
F. A. Edwards and C. B. SchorielJ. Grand.
Columbian ffumra's Society.
The first fall meeting of the Society of
Columbian Women was held yesterday
afternoon, at the Columbian University,
Mi-s Llllle Hulbiook. president, in the
ilia I r, 'wilh .Ml-s Frances K. Tlim-kmorton,
secretary. Thescciel has a membership,
graduales of the Columbian University, of
about seveniy-fiye, one-third ot v,honj
Avere present.
The chief matter considered -was to
)roide ways and mratis for ratling the
Uitauce or tne money nei-es'-arv ror the es
tablishment or the Lucy Mono Sthular-liii-
The scholarship is named In honor of
M r-. Lucy Stone Ilia ckwell. the first woman
who took the mil inurse mid graduatid
Irani Oberlin Unhersity.
With this object in view the society
jiroisies tit give a series of muskal
iiitertaiumenls. during the coming na-ou.
similar lo those given last winter for the
same purpose.
has shipped us what they consider the
sweetest, purest, and cleanest article ever soread on bread, and
when you visit our markets don't fail to ask for
Main Market, 1306-1312 32d St N. W. Telephone 347.
Branch arkots-K18 Hth st nir.; aiHSHthst, nn.; 8th and Jlstitw; JOS7JI inrj SIst and
IS sis. nw.; 215 Indiana arc. nw.; Stbaudlsta. nir.; 4tti ami I sts. rnr.; SCthst
and 1's. ave. nw.; into st acd N. Y. are. nw.
$28.75 $28.75
Chamber Suites.
I2'c each.
Boys' Shirt Waist,
worth 25c each
only VZYzc.
Elegant Warm Flan
nelette. Wrappers,
lined all through the
waist, very stylish;
worth $2.50 only
Very Warm and Styl
ish Boucle Cape, in
brown, blue and black;
good value at $6
only $3.49.
Stylish Coats, made
of imported boucle
cloth, ripple back,
balloon sleeves; worth
$8 only S4.9S.
Children's Reefers, all
sizes; worth SI. 50 only
Very Pretty
Rugs; usually
50c only 29c
Men's White
Shirts; worth 50c only
Men's All-wool Gray
Mixed Shirts and Draw
ers; good value at SI
only 49c.
Very Elegant Heavy
Par t-wool Blankets;
worth $2 only 98c.
Select White Crochet
Bed Spreads; worth SI
only 49c.
Mrs. Fry Why.
Mr. Fats Yes. and
notice the difference?
riding a bicycle.
For your health. I sun-
it's wonderful how mui-h weight I've lost. Don't you
at all fond of the frivolities of fashion
able life, but of a genial, sociable temiier
ameut. and her home bids rair to be a
lopuiar one with tue conservative element
of society.
Among the weddlncs announced for the
near ruture is that or Miss SiusalKiugh to
.Mr. Owen l.oeJoy Ingails, -wlucli will
take place on Wednesday. October 25.
It will be a home wedding, nnd alterward
there will a large reception at the home.
sold at
Representative Hurr. of Pennsylvania,
has purchased the former home of Senator
Pendleton, on Sixteenth street, which was
occupied by Mr. Eudicotl wheu he was
Secretary of War. The interior of the
house is very attractively arranged, and
Mr.IIufT hnsreccnllvfcponl thirty thousand
dollars in decorating it and putting It in
Mr. and Mrs. Charles liirlv have returned
from Europe. It was Mrs. Earlv's Inten
tion to remain for two years, but when
Mr. Early returned Mr-. Early succumbed"
to an attack f home-sickuess, gave up Un
furnished house she had rented Jn Lucerne
and also came back.
Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs.
John .Smithson. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kill.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Frailer. Mr. and Mrs.
James li. Stevenson, Miss Ella Stevenson.
Miss Mabel V. Steitmay. Miss Elsie Gaul.
Misses Eerta and Dell Sturgis. Miss Eva
1). Johnson, Miss Clara I). Bell, and Messrs.
Jack Frazier. William Sturgis. Will B.
Gaul, Thomas O'Donnougti. Wilton Wise.
Maurice Tbomison, Edward J. Payne.
Walter Stevenson and Itlchard C. Barnes.
Miss Bertha Wilson Is spending October
with her aunt, Mrs. George B. Sinclair, ot
Boston, and will not be home before No
vember 0.
Airs. Eddy and her .daughter. Mrs.
Jlriggs. are ut the Shorchnni. Mrs. Drlgcs
is niuih better than she was last snruie.
and begins to look Quite like herself again.
514 Ninth St N. W.
The only thing going on Just at present is
theater parties, Mrs. Jack Kudgers. who
Is never uutle so happy as when the Is con
tributing to Uie pleasure of young people,
has been Hie hostess of several. Artcr the
theater there is a gay little supper at one.
of the restaurants, or a more pretentious
meal at the house or the liostes. Sometimes
a real Dutch spread is giycu with cheese,
potato salad, Wicno schiutzc'l. and such
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Fisher are home rrom
their summer travels, at 1U15 Kalorama
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph F. Bartlc. Jr.. have
returned to the citv. and are at home to
their friends at 1D0!) Second street uorth-west.
Miss Nellie Anderson gave a birthday
party last night at the home of her mother.
Mrs. Sarah Anderson, of K street northeast.
Among the merry little neopli' who amused
themselves with games and dances, were:
Misses Eva Southerland, Gracie Benson.
Cecilia Davis. KaUe Merrill. Dottle Came.
Ella and Mazle Bowie and Baby Lou BtlL
iitrlle Stevens, Mercer Barnes, Jack Danvl
sou, Tommie Davidson, Bob Ellison, and
bam Downs.
Prof, and Mrs. De Saussure are stopping
at No. 1D37 1 street northwest.
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Byrnes celebrated
theirjdlver wedding on Saturday. Nuptial
mass took place in the morning at St.
Aloysius' Chun-fa. Iter. Cornelius Gillespie
officiating, assisted by Father Dolan,
rolled In silver vtstinents, and the nuptial
benediction of twenty-five years ago was
again bestowed. In the evening a recep
tion was held at their home, which was at
tractively decorated with palms .and flow
ers, and under a tropical Iwwer the happy
couple received the congratulations of oyer
you or their friends. Telegrams of itm
gratulal Ion were received from ox-Congressman
MiDougalland Col. nnd Mrs. Sexeno
Payne, of New York. Among themanv who
called were Mr. W. Burruss, Mrs. Henry
O'Neill. Miss Shechan. Mrs. May. Dr.
Booker, and Miss Fogarty.
In My Lady's Kitchen.
Cleanse hair brushes by shaking them
through a bowl of hot water to which
ammonia has Ixt-n added. Rinse in cold
water and set up tn a draught to dry.
Be careful that the back of the brush
does not come In contact with the -nater.
Good flour should be white, with a faint
jellow tinge; it wet and kneaded. It
should work dry acd elastic; If a lump
of dry flour is thrown against the wall
It should adhere altogether nnd nut fall
apart; good flour, wheu squeezed in the
hand, should retain the shape thus given.
To clem siher wash it in hot soapsuds,
to which ammonia has been added in the
proportion of one tablcspoonful to a
quart of suds. Brush well with an old
tooth or nail brush or, better still, with a
small hand brush, which can be bought for
a Iririe.
To clean tinware rub well with a damp
cloth dipped In sal soda then dry. An equally
effi-ztual method Is to plan- tin articles
In a large vessel of water In which soda
has been dissolved and let It lg)!l-ten to
fifteen minutes.
To clean knives, cut an end of a firm
IKilato, dip into powdered knife brick, rub
the blades briskly, and the result will be
the disappearance of all stains and rust.
Perfumed butler Is becoming very fash
ionable at American breakfast and tea
fables. The butler Is made into pats and
stnmped with a floral design, and is then
wrapped in thin cheese cloth and placed
on a bed of roses, violets or carnations
arranged on a flat-bottomed dish. Orer
these Is placed a layer of flowers, so that
the butter patties are hutiedded In flowers.
They are then vlaced on ice, where they
are allowed to remain for several hours.
This batter is eaten with crisp Vienna
rolls, accompanied only by a cup ot
chocolate or delicious mocha.
A S45 Chambjr Suite forS28.75. The above cut represents
onoof tho trreat values we ara showing in Chamber Suites. This
Suite Is really worth S4-5. but S28.75 buys It this week at THE
RINK. Made of Solid Polished Oak. 4-foot Dresser. 24x30
French Plate Beveled Mirror, Serpentine Top, 5 Drawers. Center
Drawer lined with Velvet, heavy Cast Brass Handles. 3S-lncn
Washstand. 2 Drawers and Closet. Cast Brass Handles to
match Dresser. Massive, Heavily Carved Bedstead. Compare
It w th any S4-5 Suite shown elsewhere. S2S.75 CASH OR
The Julius LansMrgh Furniture and Carpet Co.
Agency for the Celebrated Columbia Filter.
Miss Frondc-Iiellow. or England. Is visit
ing Misses Lola and Lottie Allen at their
home, 1D01 Eleventh street nurthwest-
Tbis evening at 8 o'clock Miss Edith
Bond will be united In marriage to Mr. John
Ilaur at the home or her mother. Mrs. O. J.
ISoud. Only relatives will witness the
leremouv. but there will be a general re
ception to Jrlcnds from 8:30 o'clock uu
til 10.
On November 5 Mr. James B. Fitzgerald.
Miss Frances Snelling Bell will be mar
ried at Americas. Ga. After n wedding
trip that will Include Atlanta Mr. and -Mrs.
Fitzgerald will make their home in this
city, where, alter November 1C, they will
be at home to their friends.
Win Hold n Social Hour.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the. Fifteenth
Street M. E. Church, has completed ax-j-augcruejits
for a "social hour," lo be
held nt their temporary nuarters, at Gun
lou Temple Chapel, Fourteenth su-cet,
jcar it street, ou Friday evening next at
i o'clock.
The programme for the evening consists
, of several excellent literary nnd .musical
,sunibcrs. xruicli win be rendered by suine
I the best local talent.
Mlss Corinne Tarter Is visiting friends
InJew York.
Miss Effic Uale Anderson has accom
panied her aunt. Mrs. B. II- Anderson, to
Atlanta, where liter will remain unUl the
latter part-of the month.
Miss Somtnci-a has returned from her
summer trip lo Canada. '
Cards are out fur the marriage of Miss
Elizabeth Buscy Crampton to Mr. Henry
Welsh. Jr., Saturday, October 20, at Christ
Church, at 11 a.m. Miss Crampton is a
niece, of Mrs. Elizabeth Basey. After De
cemlier 1 Mr. nnd Mrs. Welsh will be at
home Tuesdays, at No. 31 17 P street northwest.
Lieut, and Mrs. Peary are the guests of
Mr. mid Mrs. Morris 1C. Jcssup, at Lenox.
The engagement of Miss Sallle Loving
to Mr. Theodore Dwight, of Boston, for
merly librarian ot the Stale Department,
Is announced.
Csc for the Coconnnt.
Oulle a number of tropical nuts liave re
cently Introduced into cultivation In tills
country, says the New YorkWorid. Alrcady
on I ucea st coast ofFlonda aregrowiuc 250.
000 cocoanut trees. 42.000 being in one
Plantation. It Is believed that the first
trees of this kind in that 8tate sprouted
from nuts brought from Central America
awl the West Indies by the Gulf Stream.
Al Key West aud about some of the old
forts cocoaliuls were planted at an earlv
day. as certain ancient trees now standing
bear witness. In 1877 a bark freighted
wilh cocoa nuts was caught in a storm off
the coast ot .Florida and lieached near Lake
Worth. Several thou-.andof the nuts were
saved and planted, the satisfactory growth
of the seedlings giving an Impetus tn
i.i lltil nn
The word c-nrrcitml Is derived rrnm th, I
Portuguee "coco." meaning monkey, be
cause the base resembles a monkey's face
The tree was known lo the people of Ceylon
as early as 160 B. C. the niitk'bciug used
by them for.au king cpiueut. The cocoanut
is one of the most useful of Plants root,
trunk, leaf, sap and nut are made to yield
tribute toman. Thcfilierof tlie lui-,kfur-nlshcs
excellent varn. aud Is Dreferred to
horsehair for stuffing beds and iuLtjb.
chairs and saddles. Jib stronger and more
elastic than hemp.
The 'Polynesians twist small -cords of
this fiber, which serve In the constnictlon
of liousesaudtanoeswhereEuroneans would
employ nails. The green nuts are grated
for medicinal use. Gralcd cocoanut forms
an ingredient of the East Indian condiment
curry. Iu the Mnldlve Islands labor is
usually paid 'for iu uicoauuts.
Every Cent Counts
Because you don't live next door to one of our stores Js
is no reason you should not have the advantage of our
prices you can telephone us, or drop us a postal our
xvagons deliver promptly to any part of the city.
7 l-2c
- 8c
Countess Estcrhazy and Mrs. Bolles, her
sister, are ut the old Carroll mansion.
Eighteenth and L streets, for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Allison Nallor, jr., have
returned from a brief visit to Now York.
Mrs. T, F. Tobcy, of No. 1219 Twelfth
street northwest, has ns her guest Mrs.
Wlugard, wire of Uie late Col. C. W. AVln
gard, U. S. A.
Baron Tbcdiin, the Portuguese minister,
lias taken a house on Connecticut avenue,
near K street.
Miss nelcn M. Wntson. oT'232-New Jer
sey avenue southeast, ts home from Her ,'
Tisi(0 4ue tresc.
Miss Sctkendorff to speeding the pres
ent wecj: j n Now yorfc
Miss Era Clark was given
party on Friday night ut her sjome.
n. i:t"
Union street eouUiwcst. Aiponc the guests
wuo .neipeu to make tne evening a morr v
one . were Miss JUuacilutcWnsou . Miss Bessie
Mntid I.Mvt nn Trial.
SI. Louis. Oct. 15. Maud Lew ls.duvged f
..on iih; muiui r iu mint- ot'liaior I t ler
Morrissey. on May 13 last, wes brought
to trial to-day. At the hour of adjourn-,
menu he Jury had.becn nearly comphted.
The defense will be an effort lo prove that
Uie EhooUnc' was .accidental.
. lti'fiuested Receipt.
Grape wine Take the grapes before they
are fully ripe nnd put stalks and all Into a
large tub, which must be exquisitely clean.
Braise until every l)?rry is broken, and add
a quart of water to each pound of fruit. Let
it stand for three days, stirring several
times each day. Strain and add three audit
quarlcrpoundsof lump sugar lo each gallon
of liquid. Wheu this Js thoroughly dissolved
put the wine Into a clean x-ask, keeping it
full to thelmng, and rcEcryiug.or the pur
pose of filling up, halt a gallon of liquid.
Iu ten days add a pint of brandy and nn
ounce 'or Isinglass to every fjve gallons of
wine. Keep the cask in a cool cellar. The
following summer, when the vines are In
bloom, buttle in i-hampagnc bottles and tie
down (be corks with wire.
Chill sauce-r Whether .or not th is Is the old
fashioiied i-hjii sauce for which .our corre
spondent asks t cannot tell. It Is the .best
Ihaiecvcrtaslod. Peelaudc-JtsmaJIthirty
medium sized ripe tomatoes, pecj Qnd mince
fiui eight '.onions and",svven sweet"icrecu
peppirs, .with" two heads'pr celery, eaclt ha v-'
lng fire or six staJJcsT Putall together .In a
pcqsevlug kettle, with Jniee tablyspocaf uls
of salt, tire of sugar, and cighu-iips of yju-
egar, and cook three hours. Futjup,iq pint
Best Irish Potatoes,
per bu. - - - 47c
Best Sugar Cured
Hams - - 1 1 l-2c
6 Large Cans Baked
Beans - - - 45c
6 Small Cans Baked
Beans - - - 20c
Swansdown Cod
fish, box -Ch
al lenge
3 lb Stone
Preserves - - 20c
5 lb Stone Crock
Apple Butter - 25c
5 lb Bucket Pre
serves - - 30c
30 lb Bucket Apple
Butter - - 90c
30 lb Bucket Pre
serves - - $1.43
301b B'cket Jelly, 70c
5 lb Stone Crock
Jelly - - 25c
3 Ib Sacks Salt - 2c
Strictly Pure Pep
per per Ib - 10c
5 Packgaes Corn
Starch - - 25c
4 Large Boxes Sar
dines, mustard, 25c
7 Boxes Sardines,
in oil - - 25c
3 lbs Strictly Pure
Lard - - 25c
Good Lard, per Ib, 6c
3 lbs Fancy Mixed
Cakes - - 25c
6 lbs Ging'r Snaps 25c
4 lbs Mince Meat, 25c
6 lbs Boneless Cod
fish - - - 25c
10 lbs B'kwheat, 25c
13 lbs Coarse Hom
iny - - - 25c
5 lb Package Break
fast Hominy - lOc
Corn Meal, per pack
age - - - 13c
lO lbs Graham Flour
6 lbs New Rice - 25c
1 0 lbs Rolled Oats25c
4 Packages Maca
roni - - 25c
7 lbs Gloss Starch 25c
7 Cakes Laundry
Soap - - 25c
412 4th st. se.
CT""vr CO I Cor. 3rd aud Md. ave ne.
I Cor. Wa."Uinj;lon and JVI
King's Pftlaco
to dozen Ladles' Jersey Bibbed Vesta,
extra hoary Trolsht, flcocr-lined silk,
crocheted seeks down front, silk draw
ing string. Ilegular price, 43c. Special,
5 dozen Ladles' Jersey Bibbed Vests,
Ceece-llned. high neck. long sleeres,
linen drawing lapo la neck. Ilegolar
prlce.'Se. Special.
Tlie rot-JIealth Gusrdfor Children,
made ot Kcsslan -wool, ribbed with
double hreast piece, ha,toDlng onalde.
Sizes from infanta to children lour years
old. Prices rases Irons
55c to 98c.
All-wool Eiderdown Coats, cream,
Carnec, tan and gran from one to Qro
years. Kegular price, iSi Special,
$ 1 .69.
Very stylish effect In Camera Cloth
Coat, deep cape, trimmed with braid.
Colors are nary, red, brown, tan. Kegu
lar price, 13.03. tpeeial,
.Elegant fancy Silk Walst3. Taffetas
and Mclllan. made with box-pleat front,
lvlth lmmenSA sleeves caught nt irriat
with yelret cufld. Kegular t.HU Talue.
King's Palace,
8 1 2-3 lt 7th St. 715 .Market Space.
8th & Market Space.
Fiber Chamois
Made by the Fiber Chamois
Compatry is one of the best
inter-linings on the market
to-dav 25c a -ard every
where. To introduce the
same we shall sell it at
All the newest things in
linings for fall trimmings
can be found here.
8th & Market Space.
And Capes.
ff I 00 Heavy Double Capes, 3 rows
4M.J0 of braid. Worth i.
CO 0 All-wool Beaver Caces. with
PZ.ItJ lur trimming. Worth t5.
P QQ Handsome Seal riush Capes,
34.30 all satin bned. Worth is.
CQ QQ Ladles' AU-irool Beaver Jack
40,JO eta. Very latest cut. Worth
IT QQ Handsome Bonrle Jackets.
44, 0 0 Sold everywhere at K.
A tew mere of those 92 IM Blankets
at 9Sc a pair.
806 Seventh St. N. W.,
1924-1926 Pa. Ave.
You'll enjoy
Playing on a
Kimball Piano.
The pure, rich, respon
sive tone the splendid
Interpretation of every
touch on the keyboard
are Inspirations In them
selves. See U3 for Klm-balls.
! METZEROTT mhsic co.. i
i r uiuuiu uaUJ. w
m All the Latest Sheet .Music. I
IllO FSt-N.W.
onroe streets.
Through Tlie Timet. Sirs. Kano Won
lint- ftiu In Court.
The case or Mr. oaraa V". Ktnc against j
ShyiocK iiyer u. newin.in .i: wmni uj
a Jury befoie dudge Cole yesterday In
rifteen miutitcs in l.ivor of the plaintiff.
It will be remembered that It was In Mrs.
Kane's case that the methods or Mr. Jiew
man were first expos-ed by The Times and
subsequently by the attorneys for The
In brief, her case was.this: Mrs. Kane
was obliged to borrotv certain small sums
from Mr. Newman for which he charged
In some hape or other interest winch
was held by TLe Tunes' attorneys lo be
usurious. Iu addition lo tills Mrs. Knne
claimed that Xuwmun had agreed, as the
notes due tlid not r fa cli one hundred dol
lars, to lake a piano and release the rest
of her furniture in settlement of the dent.
All of lux household goods were pledged
to Mr. Newman, the pledges exceeding the
amounts of the Joans which were fdty
dollars at one lime and thirty-five dol
lars at another, by a vpry large margin
in thehnndnids ofdollars.
Notwithstanding Mrs. Kane's under
standing, Newniau sold, or claimed he
sold all of ihc furniture Mrs Kone there
fore sued Newman for $300 damages, the
suit having Jiceu originally been brought
Le'ore JuMice Taylor. Newman removed
tlie rae on certiorari to the upper court,
and ft w as tried there yesterday.
Messrs., llalstru & Bic'dotis appeared for
Mrs.Kanc- aid Mensrs. Pope & Eut art's for
the defendant. -The defense set 'up that
JJcwniaii had paid ourcLcut $20 on re
count of Mrs. Kane jxud had gcvcu 810,0
for llie planp. :.
The Jury returned a verdict for Mrs.
Kane for $223X0. Jio noiKc of an'ip
pcal was served yesterday. ""
Tic result or this .Case shows that Mr.
Kt-nnion has lost all,orthc',co6es In'n-Iilch
his necullaruiclhods were Involved, 'and
furiher shows ttat ice law and the citizens
Generally are against his style of doing
business with the poor and distressed. -
Editor Times: I wish to expressmy heart
felt thanks to Tho Timesand to itsattorneys
for the recovery ot my possessions f ror the
clntches of Money Lender Xewman. Hy
your unselfish aid I was able lo obtain
justice. I wish also to exptts my thatiks
to the jury. Sincerely.
I Feel S
s Badly I
: To-day?
WeaskihicrenafMv h,ran,.,.n,p Q
, diseases often follow trifling ailmenis. ff
. .... - HT
iiyouarevealcanf 2
generally exhausted, 5
nervous, have no 5
appetite and can't S
work, begin at once 5
taking the most re- S
liable strengthening 5
medicine, "which 2
Broti-n's Iron Bitters. 5
Benefit comes from Z
inociysrstoosc m
Absolutely Painl3ss Dentistry.
Throw back
your head and
laugh as load as you
like your teeth
aro free from do
foot). For a little
moneyand a little
timo you can lmro
your teeth put la
perfect condition
khsra. Every oper
ItUion is painlessly
t and satisfactorily
performed. Fain-
less extraction, SO conta.
Evans Dental Parlors,
1217 Penn. Ave. N. W.
I Brown's
I Iron
nBBall ... a
M Sir.X'?.'" Ci""" ""
fm ConsTinmoft, Impurc'Slooo.
S f only the genuine It has crossed red
5 lines oa the srraDDec r"
It was at a recent Lanarkshire "kirn,"
as they style a "harvest home" In Scotland,
and at the close of oue of the dances an
cnamonsl swain who bad led hlsdulcinea
a short distance away "from the madding
crowd" suddenly Inquired:
"Will ye gle me a kiss, Jennie?"
Jenny hesitates to reply.
"It ye dlnna gle me ane," exclaims the
valorous Jock, "dud. I'll tuk' it against ycr
"Na, na, Jock, ye couldua dae that,"
retorts the smiling" Jenny, "for I'm Just
as jrJHIn tohaeane ns yerscl'." Curtain.
Scottish NigbU.
She Couldn't Help It.
A liny girl spoke very scornfully ot ba
bies. "Don't speak that way," said her
rqritber, "It kn'tvery long since you were a
baby yourself." "I know it," she said,
looking ,what she felt, "and I'm ashamed
.enough .of Itffallotoa -Txapscript.
rfi-.i,!. Oi"
. -.-:

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