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;arc,s'--. -?-r-
I Lansburgh & Bro
Be sure to have good,
warm Blankets. It isn't
always necessarily said
because you pay big
money fora pairof blank
ets that they are better
than the cheaper ones.
It alt depends from whom
you buy. We give you a
real good, double size
Blanket for three dollars
and fifty-cents. No need
of paying any one else
five dollars for this
These comein white or
colors. Will' keep you
warm. You get two for
less than the price of one-
420, 422, 424, 426 7th St
S. Kann, Sons
8th & Market Space.
quality Black Silk-faced Vel
vet, 19 inches wide, to-day
S. Kann, Sons
ft Co.,
8th and Market Space.
J ILLIa 11 1-t.K.
I It rransrlraala arenue narlnwest
-yim citrTic, rtnp:3,ji !rn
STritGIS On Noee-mber 5. 18&n. David
I'.ition. son or Thndileiis S. and 21. Annie S.
bturgis In ills lliirtletli year.
Funeral from Ills parents' residence, 728
Fourth Mreel iiiirlln-.ist. Wednesday, at 2
p. in. Interment private.
TAUI)i:nS0HlIII)T OiiTuemtav.No-iern-lK-r
5. 1811.". Ivn-y C wire of O. A. Taiiber
schmidl, ueo Dawbon, aped twentv-one
3 ears. J
Notice of funeral hereafter.
(Frederick county. Aid., papers please copy.)
TAYLOR Noli-o Is liereby giecn of
the death of Sallie Ann Tajlur at Wash
ington As lutii Hospital, on Sunday, No
vcnilier 3. 1895.
Relatives or friends will call at R. F.
Barney's Sons, 028 rcnnsylvanla avenue
northwest, and make arrangements Tor her
burial within thirty-six hours.
H'CKETT On Monday. November 4,
18113, at midnight. Alary Itussell Ludctu
relict of the late Joseph I. Luckclt, In tlio
siMv-thlrd year of her age.
Funeral from her late residence. 626
A street southeast, on Thursday morning,
November 7, at 8:45 o'clock, Uience ,to
Et. Peter's Chun It, where requiem mass
Brill be said at 9 o'clock. Relatives and
friends respectfully Invited.
Stoll'g great sale of shoes ladies'
lien's Children's, at less than wholesale
cost. Don't buy (.hoes until you have
visited this sale.
The ladies of the M. E. Church gave an
yster supper in Central Hull Friday e en
ins. The proceeds go toward repairing tlie
The Northern Virginia Christian En
deavor Union met at llallslonon Saturday.
Ernest L. Howard. Clarence E. Yount, Guy
E. Mitchell, Mrs. Thomas A. Yau Deuscn.
ills- MnniU- llready and Miss Maud Yount
"Here the delegates from here. The State
convention will be held In Roanoke Nencni
ber 30 and December 1, and Miss Mamie
lirenily will represent tlie Herndbn Society.
The officers of the TortnlEhtly Club for
the following year are: Sirs. F. 1). Bte
plienvm, president: Miss Lulu Cattleman,
vlce-prc-sldcnt: Miss Ethel Mankin, secretary;
Miss Maud YountT assistant secretary:
Mis. Ellen Thornton, treasurer; Mrs. J. 8.
Duffie, parliamentary leader.
Communion was observed In tlie Epis
copal and Congregational Churches 011 Sun
day morning.
Miss May Ilurton led the C. E. meeting
Bunda evening.
A. M. Ha lies has moved Into thellerndon
Hotise and will run it during tlie winter.
Mrs. II. II. llready lias cone to New York
cit for the winter.
Mrs. L. M. Hideout Is visiting her daugh
ter. Mrs. Harry Harrows, at Lakeland.
Win. Van Yleck is out of town Tor a few
davs, visiting friends,;
Mr; and Mrs. Charles Btarr are visiting
tlie parents of the rorruer, Mr. and Mrs.
Jacotf Starr.
Miss NeBle Tewksbcrry Is visiting-Mrs.
Button. ;
E. L. Howard has moved Into H. W.
Blauchnrd'8 house for the winter.
Mrs. M. E. Simonds, Mrs. A. Uaker. Miss C.
Baker, and E. L. Robey. who have been on
the sick list, are Improving.
Stoll's great sale of shoes Ladies'
lien's Children's, at less than wholesale
cost. Don't tray bhocs until you have
visited this sale.
aim4J' vSVk. 7tafw -
Marlborough to Eeoolve His Share
of Vanderbilt's Millions To-day.
Several Marriage Are Announced to
Occur Till Eventnjr Whereabout
of Well-Known l'eople.
It Is expected to-day that the marriage
seltlemeut will be signed by Miss Vamler
blltand the DuLe of Marlborough. The hour
aud place of meeting have uot been an
nounced, but it is quite probable that all
those interested will gatl(er in Mr. Vander
bilt's ornce in the Grand Central station.
Three lawyers, representing the Duke of
Marlborough, W. K. Vauderbilt and" Mrs.
Alva Vanderbllt, met In a down-town law
office yesterday to arrange the details of
the settlements- R. Harding Milward rep
resented the duke. Col. William Jay was
there In Mrs. Vanderbilt's Interests, while
William K. Vauderbilt was represented by
Mr. Anderson.
None of the lawjers would disclose the
terms of the settlements. After the meet
lug was over, however, it was learned that
tlie statement printed that Miss Vander
bilt's marriage portion from her father
would be $10,000,000 is uot true. One
whose knowledge of the matter gives au
thority to any statement he might make
about it said:
"It Is not possible for tnc to tell yon
Just what the settlements are, but if you
state I hat libs Vanderbilt's (lottery will
not be much abave $0,Oo0,U(Hl tLe state
ment will be near the truth. The in
cline from the dowery the future Duchc-M
of Marlborough will hae the free use of.
The prineipal will be held In trust for her
ehildren by this marriage. There was not
the slightest hitch in coming to an agree
ment. Vth-.tevcr sum Mr. Vanderbllt
might h.ne thought proper to liae set
tliil upon his d.iighter would, I bcliete,
hae been accepted by the represents
the of the duke. As Tor Marlborough's
se-ttlemeiiis upon Alls Vauderbilt, lliey
we-re simply these She gets the maximum
reienue from the Marltiorough e-state, the
largest revenue e-ier recehed by a Duch
ess of Marltiorough."
All the Jewels that the Duke of Marl
borough has given to Miss Vanderbllt,
vlth the exception of her engagement
ring, are lie a. None of the Marlborough
Jewels are in the possession of the nrea-
ent duke. Many jears ago Duchess of J
Aiariuorougn, at l.er death, left them to
he-r daughters. Most of Ihejeweis are now
In the iiosseloii or Lady Spencer.
Miss Vanderbilt's engagement ring con
tains a rubs, which belonged long ago
to an Indian Marajah. Another superb
present from the duke to Miss Vandcr
bilt is a diamond girdle made in Lordon.
The girdle is of solid gold, encrusted with
diamonds, and here and there a splendid
The rumor that none or the Vander
bllt family, except the future Duchess'
father, has been invited to tlie -neddlng
lias been confirmed. It may also be
stated that the relations between Mr.
Vanderbllt and tlie Duke of Marlborough
are most cordial. A friend of both said
that after Miss Vanderbllt has become the
Duchess of Marlborough no guest will re
ceive a warmer welcome at Blenheim than
William K. Vanderbllt.
The niuch-talked-of bridal bouquet, made
from flowers 111 the conse-rvatorles at Blen
heim, has reached New York on the Lu
canin. Mr. Mllward. the Duke of Marl
borough's solicitor, had the bouquet passed
through tlie custom house, and then sent it
to an np town florist's. The duty levied
was $5, the valuation being placed at
The bouquet is composed almost entirely
or white and delicate pink orchids and
roses. It is nearly five reet across the
top. Tlie riowcrs of which It Is made
looked almost as fresh as if they had
Just been cut. It may be decided to break
tip the bouquet, making from It those for
the bride and the bridesmaid.
Newport,. R. I.. Nov. 5. Mr. and Mrs.
Cornelius Vanderbllt will not attend the
wedding of their niece to the Duke of Marl
liorouRh, but will remain at the Breakers
until the latter part of the month.
There Is a young woman In the west
end who has returned to buvn with a new
ancestor at least, an old ancestor, but
new in the sense or having be-cn recently
discocrct. He Is a linr-'.ooking old gen
tleman, with ruffles anil a queue, fairly
well piinted and admirably framed. He
hangs with all the other ancestors of this
joung woman who doles on ancestors, by
the way In the handsome library eif her
father's house
It Is a comparatively recent fad, this
getting togethe-r of her progenitors. Short
ly alter she came to Washington and
launched her hark on the social sea she
decieled that a cri-st and some ancestors
were what she lacked to Insure complete
Tile crest was a very easy matter. The
ancestors were harder, but difficulties
rather stimulate than discourage this am
bitious young person, and every summer
since she arrived at this conclusion she
has spent foraging through New England
garrets, and the result doe's her credit.
It would be dilficult to find a mure dis-tinguisheil-looUng
set of ancestors than
those which look ilmvn from the walls of
this -popular house. Among them is a
Tills resourceful young person Is quite
at her l)est when she is explaining to her
guests all about these Interesting gentle
men, whose names adorn the beautifully ex
ecuted family trece which hangs in the
north corner over the bookcase. The one
In the red e-oat was a Tory and alienated the
affections ot bis family by fighting against
the colonics. The tery distinguished look
ing young man over the mantel was killed
at the battle of Bcmis Heights nnd his
young wife died of grief shortly afterward.
The solemn gentleman, who looks as if he
had spent his entire lire saj ing "praties and
prisms," was a clergyman. In fact, these
very creditable ancestors graced cvery
profession, and any time you want to be
entertained witli romane-es that would make
O. P. B. James turn over in his grave with
envy go and drink a G o'clock tea with
Miss Blue: Blood.
With this last addition she has quite fin
ished her collection of ancestors, but she
has already started a collection which
promises to be equally Interesting, or the
lace which her mother, grandmother, arid,
perhaps, her great-grandmother wore on
their wedding dresses. Miss Blue Blood
has begun this collection with the idea or
using It on her own wedding dress when
she weds the duke she has advertised for.
Tills strikes me as being a unique and al
together charming idea, and will make a
delectable paragraph for the papers when
an account or the marriage Is published.
Mrs- Columbus B. Ferrell gave a surprise
masquerade party last night at her home
on Delaware avenue. In honor of her daugh
ter. Miss Acnes Ferrcll. who has recenUy
returned from the North. The parlors
were artistically decorated with giant
palms and chrysanthemums, aud the music
of the evening naa exquisitely rendered by
M r. Frank Downey, Mr. John Ferguson aud
Mcssra. John and James Miller on two man
dolins, a piano and a violin.
Snowfiake; Miss Truth Merritt, Oypsj;
Miss Gertie Spencer, rocolioutas; Miss
Grace Harvey, Duwu; Miss Ella Adams,
Folly; Miss Nlta MuUlns, Topsy; Miss
Lucy Stom-r, Zlngarella; Mrs.GeorgeBhaw,
Huntress; Miss Edith MulUns. Queen of
tlie Night; Miss Luella Tompkins. Outcast;
Miss Bessie Dcsio, Angel; Mis Clare Har
rison, Charily; Mrs. B. V. Henderson. Child
of the Regiment; Miss Agnes Ferrcll,
Flower Girl: M r. Tom B. Moran, Grenadier;
Mr. John Flojd, Don Caesar; Mr. James
Ferguson, Ianhoe;'Mr. Charles Stanhope,
Tramp; Mr. Harry Howard, Brakc-mau;Mr.
John B. Sill, Defeated Candidate for Gov
ernor; Mr. Ed. I'arker, Monkey; Mr. J.
Douoau, The Man Who Knows It All; Mr.
Frances Williams, Napoleon; Mr. John
Wallace, Richard, the Lion Hearted: Mr.
Willie Wallace, Pilgrim; Mr. Walter Hlncs.
Drummer: Mr. John Harris, New Woman,
aud Mr. T. B. Floyd, Faust.
I dined out Friday night with a iery
rigid Romanist, who. although she is
something of an epicure, never eats meat
on that day. The oysters arc. of course,
allowed, aud she ute them with evident
relish, but she refused the soup.
"Oh, do nae some soup," urged her
"No, thank you." said her guest; "I never
eat soup made from meat on Friday."
"But, my dear, this Is mock turtle
soup," said thelady at the head of the table.
"Oil, thank you, then," said the epicure,
delighted, "we are allowed turtle."
Mr. Pntenotre. who, by the way. is look
ing remarkably well after bis summer on the
other side, has come lack with an eatbusi
nbin the great fair thut will be held in
Paris during the first ye-ar of tlie new cen
tury. This exposition will begin the mid
dle of April and last uutil the first of No-
ninilinr unil tinnrirntlrmc fnr 1 tlin v, nlro.iiltr
begun. Of course, the United States will
be in evidence she always is and millions
or our good American dollars will go to
enrich the thrifty French; but that is as It
should be. Whoever travels In Europe, no
matter how extortionate the charges are,
gets his money's worth in culture aud en
joyment. Miss Josle Dutton gave a dancing party
last night to the Cosmos, Jr., Club, at her
home ou L street northeast. The evening
was pleasantly aried with music, recita
tions arid dances, and previous to the rib
bon reel, dainty refreshments weresencd.
Among the guests were. Miss Laura
Ke-ever, president or the Cosmos, Jr's.;
Miss Stella Brockliurst, Miss Eeljn Bar
ker, Miss Belle Canover, Miss Daisy Burch,
Miis Nettle Itoby, Miss Luc Stoncr. Miss
Effic Slater. Miss Emeline Tolson. Misses
Cora and Katie Hurd, Mr- and Mrs. B. H.
Stoncr, M essrs- Frank Powers, John Btoner,
Itnlph Burch, Ed. Harrovcr, James B.
Howard, Michael Connoer and Thomas
Miss Etta B. Wise lias returned from a
visit to Westmoreland county, Va.
Dr. B. A. Howard and his daughter.
Miss Ida, will leave to morrow for a Uslt
of seieral weeks to rclatlees In Worcester,
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Deanc, of Vermont
avenue, have returred rrom on extended
trip that Included Niagara Falls, the At
lanta exposition, and St. Augustine. Fla.
Miss Henrietta O'Neil, or Richmond, has
been the recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. V. B.
Harrison, or Massachusetts avenue north
west. Mr. John Harlow and Mr. Frank B.
Atchison are about to leave the cltjr furs
two weeks' trip through Southern Mary
land In search of November game.
Mrs. O. Woclper, of Bl. Louis. Is the
guest of her mother, Mrs. J. C. Fraker,
No. 944 T street northwest.
Miss Gracle Alston gave a button party
Saturday night at her parents' residence,
on Capitol Hill, to the members of her Sunday-school
class, which 'proved a pleasant
affair. Several new games were Intro
duced, many songs. recllaUons, and fancy
dances were contributed by the young
guests, and there was a tabic beautifully f
IMplIM --u
l 3
for rrien.
We are,. Celling to-day a
line of underwear that for
cheapness and good wearing
qualities is an extraordinary
bargain. Made of natural wool
shirts with silk-stitched
neck and front pearl but
tons drawers have double
seats and overlook seam.
As long as they last they
go for
372C. Per Garment.
314-316 Seventh St. N. W.
decorated Willi ferns, fruits, and cut flow
ers, on which dainty refreshments were
Among the young guests present who
wore the button badge anil ribbon were
Miss Grade Dent. .Misses Befna and Mittle
Williams. Miss Dottle Splcer. MJss Lulle
Dent, and Masters Lou Spencer. Teddie
Milton. Charlie Spicer. Eddie Branford,
Tommy Iloskins, and John Bent.
Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Dantou, of New Hamp
shire avenue, lll remove shortly from
their preseut apartments to their new home
on Capitol Hill.
Capt. W. W. Mills was tendered a sur
prise party Friday evening by the mem
bers of Liberty Lulge, No. 8, I. O. G. T.,
in honor of his birthday, at his home, on
Maryland avenue northeast.
Among his many friends present were
Mr. and Mrs. Scrivener, Mr. and Mrs. Mills,
Mr. and Mrs. R. U. Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Ger-
nauser. Miss Bertie Bobannon, MLss Lena
Jlelcholr, Miss Anna Meyer, Miss Edna
Mills, Mr. J. W. Brown, Gen. D. Watt, Mr.
J. U. Simmons, Mr. W. II. Pennington, Mr.
W. H. Leidy and Mr. C. T. Oillia.lt.
Mr. II. C. McDonald has returned from
Atlanta, nnd alter spending a brief period
with Ills family at bis home, on Congress
Heights, will go to Monlre-al, where busi
ness may detain him until spring.
Miss Favorita Walker, of Pittsburg, Fa.,
will spend Thanksgiving week In this city
as the guest or Miss Cecelia Byng.
-T -
Miss Katie Manbguc, t New Jersey ave
nue, will Bpend 'Thanksgiving veek In
lower Maryland with her aunt, Mrs. Man
ogue. Upon her reitirn she will be accom
pamed by her cousin. Miss Jessie Manogue,
who will remain In Washington through"
out the coming season.
Miss Estellc CIntjaugh, will return to
Philadelphia this wee-k to re-sume her du
ties at Beckwlth '.CoUcge, having entirely
recovered from her recent illness.
Mr. James A. Hcnijley, Mr. Le Uoy Cough
and a party or rrieads have Just returned
from Princeton, ,N.tJ., where they went
to attend the football game.
. Miss Belle E. Garrett, or the Bladensburg
road, is visiting Miss Sadie L. WarTi,
or Capitol Hill. i
Miss Victoria Lansdale, of East Wash
ington, will hold an Informal reception tc
night, from 7 to 11, lo introduce to her
friends her classmate. Miss Jennie E. Hast
ings, or Wyoming, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Trusdale-, or George
town, will leave this aricrnoou for a br.ef
visit to friends in southern Georgia.
Miss E. B. Rnwles. darghtcr or MaJ. J.
B. Rawles, or Washington Barracks, has
gone to Omaha to attend the wedding and
to be the maid or Lonor or her friend.
Miss Gertrude Chambers, of that place, who
will marry Mr. Guy Tarke, of Decatur, III ,
on the 27th of this month.
The announcement of the engagement
or Miss Regina Barbour to ftenor Don
Julio Rengifo, charge d'affaires of the
Colombian legation, elicits the sinccrest ,
of Washington
is this great Cloak and Coat
sale of ours newest styles ele
gant qualities and prices at fig
ures that were never known be
fore. $5, $6, $7 and $8 Coats and
Capes, $3.98.
4-and 6-button effects. In
26. 28 and 30-lnch lengths
plain beavers and fancy
cloths b I ack. blues,
browns plain fur and Jet
trimmed also handsome CO QQ
plush capes at Jjlu. JO
$15 to $18 value, $10.98.
Astrakhans. Bouclos.
Whorumbo Beavers, Ker
seys, etc.. In ladles' and
mis.es' garments p I a I n
and rough effects. The tin QQ
great sale price is vlU.JO
Other styles and qualities too
numerous to mention at unheard-of
812 and 814 7th St N. W.
7 1 5 Market Space.
expressions of congratulations from their
many friends in Washington society. The
marrinfre will take place at 8t. Matthew's
Church November 20, and will be solem
nized 111 the prese-nce of a. limited number
of friends and relatives. Miss Anne Bar
bour will attend her sister us maid of
honor, Mr. Kastman.orthf Chilian legation,
acting as best man. Miss Barbour Is a
ouiir woman of attractive presence and
elellRhtrul intellectuality. Her father, the
late James L. Barbour, was a well known
business man of this city, and with l.er
mother and sister she resides In FarraRut
Square. Rengiro, better known to his
friends as "the General," is a member of
a distinguished South American family,
and is one of the best liked members or
thedlplomaticcorps. Helsa conscientious
worker, havim; been for five years almost
continuously in charjre of the affairs of
his country here. The present minister Is
now in Rome and Is constanUy absent In
Europe, being accredited to several other
It is generally understood that Scnor
Rengifo will succeed Mr. Murtado as min
ister to" the United States; some say "be
fore the year is out;" others, "inside of
two years." it would be a most accepta
ble coincidence should the wedded happi
ness of this very popular diplomat and his
attainment to the highest rank possible In
his chosen career occur simultaneously.
Mrs. Stephen Howland Brown, of New
York, who has been stopping at the
Slioreham several days. Is one of the most
charming women in the North, and a
conspicuous lender of the Staten Island
smart set. having been forsome time presi
dent of its ladles club. In appearance
Mrs. Bn'wn is tall, Willi brilliant color,
strikingly handsome figure, and Is alwa)S
chic and up to date in costume. She is
the daughter of the late Arthur Quartley,
the famo'-s marine artist, whose work
Is well known here- Mrs. Brown Is an
sFeel s
! Badly
JTo-day? H
S We ask this repeatedly, because serious 9
S diseases often follow triHtnir aitmrats. w
. .
ll you are weak ml X
generally exhansted, 5
nervous, have no 5
appetite and can't S
work, begin at once 5
taking tbe most re- S
liable strengthening 9
medicine, which is Z
Brown's Iron Bitten. S
Benefit comes from S
I Iron
: Bitters
ine very arsi aose.
lnruAt Blood,
nmvoua Aiiamirra.
IMM..VU.B u. ..
5 Getbribe Pennine it has ernsifA led
P lin m llwwr.iiin. I
All Washington
ladies know by this time that no
where can they get more complete satisfac
tion than from us. Satisfaction in prices
satisfaction in qualities and withall attentive
To-day we sell Fresh
Pork at 7ic per lb.
Everybody is delighted with our hand
painted individual butter dishes which we give
away with every pound of
20c. per Pound.
Main Market, I306-1312 32dst. nw. Telephone, 347.
Branch Markets 1 171311th at-nw: 2W3 llthsL nw.: Bth and 31 sts. nw.;20J7Mst
nw. ; 21st nnd K sw.. nw.; Hi Indiana ave. nw ; 5th and I sts. nw ,
4th anil I sts. aw.; 20ih at. and Pa. aire, nw.: Uth sLandN. V
are. nw.
enthusiastic bicyclist and never looks
more fascinating tliau when ou her whetjl.
M Iss Jessie Williams wlllleavc Wednesday
to i-peud Thanksgiving week with her
aunt. Mrs. W. Matthews, near Harper's
The Turkish Minister, Mavroyenl Bey. Is
to-day here, to morrow in Ne- York, but
ahvajs as rar distant as may be rrom the
newspaper scribes, who make his lire a
weary burden, with frequent demands for
his opinion on the Armenian trouble-s.
Miss Ella Warfield. who has been bitt
ing Mrs. James G. Payne, left this morn
ing for Thurbcr, Texas, where she has
bought a ranch and will make her future
Mr. aud Mrs. G. E. Glover have re
turned from an -extended trip, that In
cluded the Atlanta Exposition.
The White Eose Pleasure Club gave a
dance and Holloweeu party Thursday night
at the residence of Miss Erminie Bpeake.
No. 1510 A street southeast. Despite the
Inclement weatlier quite a number of young
people gatlie-red and spent a pk-asaut even
ing dancing to delightful music, rendered
by tlie E. P. String Band. Among those
present we-re Miss Ida Crapstcr, Miss
Bailie Jordan. Miss Eloise McWhorter,
Miss Maltle Rudd, ML-.S Florence Jordan,
Miss Xellie McXaulty, Mrs. Edmonds,
and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. HolIK
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Millar. Miss Irmlnie
Spc-akc, Mr. Ilurbert Budd, Mr. C. Irving,
Millar. Dr. A. A. Mastella, Mr. T. M.
Edmonds. Mr. Jali.es lsre.iley, Mr. Waller
Weir. Dr. Orr. Mr. Frank. Mr. George
L. Edmonds, Mr. Clyde Millar. Mr. E. .E.
Bright, and Mr. W UUam Vaugn Howard,
of Aberdeen, Miss.
The civil marriage of Mies Maria Bead
to Count de Foras. son of the grand mar
shal of the Bulgarian court, occurred In
Paris yesterday. Mr. Henry Vlgnaud,
secretarv or the United States Embassy;
Marquis" de Lxsieyrie. gre-atvirandson or
General Lafayette, and Colonel Stoeanow.
aide-de-camp to Prince Ferdinand, of
Bulgaria, were wiinesses. Miss Bead is
a daughter of General Meredith Bead,
rirst United States consul-general for
France-, and formerly Unlted8tates Minister
to Greece.
The religious ceremony occurs to-day.
T..ne nr r-mft-tii1ntmn from the Kinir
and Queen of Greece; ex-Queen Isatiella,
of Spain; the DUke or xsemoum; me- umc
d Aumale; prince itoianu uuiiuim .-.
..... r..i..unr Ti-nln- !( Tltil-f of Vnrk:
ih Tintp of Camhride-e. and the MarnuU
of Salisbury were received.
The Japanese minister, Mr. Kurlno. en
tertained at dinner Monday night many dis
tinguished gursts in honor of the birthday
ofthcMlfcado. Thechrysantheraumdecora
tlons were most artistic and characteristic
of the country which Minister Kurino
represents. Among the guests present
were distinguished Japanese from New
York and Philadelphia.
Tlie marriage of Maria Jeannetlc. the
daughter or Mr. and Mrs. Chjrles Mac
Nlchol to Mr. Duncan L. Richmond will
take place at No. 105 C street southeast,
tills evening at 7:30 o'clock.
On the departure of MaJ. Gen. Nelson
Miles and ramlly from Governor's Island
Tcsterday for their home here, they were
conducted to the pier by troops and a band.
Chi-ers nr.il best wishes sped them to their
new home.
Among the Isitors to the New York Por
trait Show yesterday were Baron and Baron
ess Fava.
Deputy Auditor George W. Sanderlin. No.
100S N street, has as gue-sts Mrs. W. T.
Faircloth, or Goldsboro. N. C; ami Miss
Evehu Wooten, or La Grange, N. C.
The Misses Hamlin have arranged their
home. No. 1400 Massachusetts avenue,
and are established there for the season.
A reception will be given by the Morton
Cadets at the National Rifles Armory, No
vember 22, from 8:30 to 12 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Donaldson will
hold a reception this evening from 6 to 10
at their home. No. 1235 Eighthstreet north
west, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary
of their marriage-
Miss Marie Powers, or Massachusetts
avenue northwest, will leave Tor Philadel
phia Tuesday morning toattend the wedding
or her cousin. Miss Elsie Jennngs, or
Germantown, Pa.
Miss Lanr.i H. Gunnand Mr. Leonard T.
Davis, or Philadelphia, were married Mon
day evening at Bonnie Erae. the country
home of Mr. F. H. Smith, or Uynttsvllle.
Re-v. J. H. Bradford, of this city, officiated.
Stoll's great sale of elioe-s Ladies"
Men's Children's, at less than wholesale
cot. Don't buy shoes until you have
vislte-il this sale.
t"q an Marble and
Glass Stands.
Canter Market.
and only a few relatives and friends wit
nessed the ceremony. The bride was at
tended by little Enid Holden, Misses Emily
bchoept and Mary Bradford. The brldo
wore a handsome traveling gown, with
hat to match, and immediately following
the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Davis left for
Deixirtiiient PeroiiaM.
Secretary Carlisle left the city last even
ing for Covington, Ky., to be home at the
election. He will return to hia office ou
Mr. G. W. Gall, chier clerk or the inspect
ing division or the Sixth Auditor's Office,
reiunie-d to his desk this morning, after j
most enjoyable week's lislt to bis home at
Phillippi, W. Va.
Assistant Commissioner Wilson, of the
internal revenue bureuu, is ill with gas
tric fever, bjt is expected to be able to re
sume his official duties some time next
Miss Elener E. Bryan, formerly of the
Census Office, has recently been appointed
a teacher in one of the Indian kliidergur
tens in North Dakota.
Miss Carrie Tompkins, of the checking
division of the Sixth Auditor's Office, re
turned to the city jesterday morning after
a very enjojable month's leave of ubse-nct)
sient at her home in New York city.
Capt. J. B.Fritts, chief of the special ex
amination division of the Pension Office,
has returned to bis desk after his annual
vacation. Assistant Chief Blazer Is still
confined to bis home with Inflammatory
Hon. D. I. Murphy, first deputy commis
sioner of illusions, who has bee-n sending
a portion of his annual leave of absence
participating In the- Ohio State campaign,
will return to his office to morrow.
Mr. Rufiis B. Merchant. 6upertntetf3ent
and disbursing officer ot the Postoff ice De
partment, left the city last night for ills
r.ome In Fredenckb-inr, Va., where he
will epend a tevr days.
There was a slight change Tor the tietter
last evening in the condition or Mrs. Sarah
Page, of the Pension OIlicv, who is lying
critically ill with typhoid fever at her
home In Takoma Park. Her son is also
reiwrted to have Improved tomewhat dur
ing the last rorly-eight hours.
Mr. A. B. Johnson, chier clerk or the
light-house board or the Treasury De
partment, will deliver a le-cture before
the Young Men's Club at Gurley Memorial
Church to-night. It will be one of un
usual interest. He made a trip last sum
mer from Sitka to Santiago, a dlsUnce of
1,400 miles, and his talk will be a history
of the incidents of his Journey along tu
Pacific coast.
For Woman's Eye.
The first woman doctor In Vienna. Aus
tria, Georgine von Roth, has been ad
mitted to praetie-e. Some mouths ago the
doctor of the Imperial bchool for Officers'
Daughters, width has about GOO boarders,
committed suicide, and among the many
competitors for the post was Dr. Georglue
von Roth. She had reveled her degree
at Berne. Switzerland, the has obtained
the appointment. She is the daughter of
the Countess 1'airry.
Woman has fore-ed her way Into the
orchestra seats or the Coraedle FrancaLse,
which heretofore only man could occupy.
She must appear in rull dress, however,
and bonnets and all other rormsot e-overing
for the head must be lert outside.
Or late Queen Victoria has absolutely
refused to obey the orders of her physician.
She still believes that she possesses at
least the divlue right to defy a doctor.
The dowager Empress oT China is said
to be very much snbelue-d or late. She was
rbnuerly an arrogant, aggressive womau,
who believed that she was the center upon
which the universe turned. Recent events
have had a strong influence upon her
and she has aged very rapidly. Her dom
ineering ways have disappeared, and sho
listens humbly to words or advii-c from
people who used to fear tOjiiddress her.
Patti's rarewell concerts this season are,
as usual, muib adieu about nothing.
England has sent 672 women mission
aries to China within the past rive years,
Thlrty-6lx lert In a body recently Tor
work in China and India. The proportion
of women who tale this glorious and self
denying work on themselves U far greater
than that of men.
was born in Australia, has been awarded
the German Mendelssohn scholarship at the
Leipsle Conservatory. A large number
of German musical students were her com
petitors. The scholarship Is worth $373
a year.
Only one woman In ten In Maasaebnsetts
have availed themselves ot the privilege of
registering to vote this year about 26,009
In oil.
' - 1
Tlie Times will dlMplay tbem on a
intimmotti canvas In front of tbe
TIiik-m Building To-iilgltt.
Bettor than tan bnt Buttar that's
our claim lor our brands of bulter
ina. You msy bs prejudicad prob
ably you are mrst people are but
prejudice vanishes before col J facta
and gooj Buttering. Buttrlne Is
healthier than butter never turns
rancid. Buiterine our Bmterine
Is exquisit ely clean and pure
Is the best It's tie a pound.
. ?
i5ieJilfe!-";V CV't

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