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-vST" -Ss?- 35sSfe'?Sr.-v Ci sSS.3 -"sSr
- 5-?Je5-'2 --'.-
There are ever so
many merchants who
at the expiratioh of
their selling Reason
will gather together
the samples of all
their different men on
the road and close
them out to one of
their best customers
at a fraction of their
real value, be they
the most staple
goods, and here is
where we often come
in, as the 'man
ufacturer generally
likes to close them
out to Retail Houses
who have been good
customers of theirs.
It s the old saying
proven: "One good
turn deserves an
other." Such an op
portunity again came
to us this week in the
shape of real good
White Bed Spreads
CO. That good, re
liable house had
several hundred of
these offered them
to our firm for ONE
HALF their value.
These are here now,
and you can share
our good fortune as
it was, we really only
bought them for you.
OUR good luck is al
ways YOURS.
Every one of these
Spreads arc of English
manufacture, g c n. u i n c
Marseilles, and run in
sizes from the smallest
Crib Quilt to the very
Largest manufactured.
The lowest price begins
at 50c and is worth S1.25.
The larger ones in the
same proportion. Among
them will be found a very
few Exposition patterns
with high colors, most
perfect designs of which
less than IOO have been
imported to this country.
A rare chance.
QJWiteV, W.
I 420, 422. 424, 426 7th St I
S. Kai, Sons
8th & Market Spacs.
Inch extra weight and qual
ity Black Satin Duchesse,
worth $1.50, to-day,
Best value ever sold.
8th and Market Space.
332 IM. Ave. ". W.
Flrst-elrtRS erlce. 'Phone, 138S.
NALLKY Beloved daughter of Edward
J. and Elizabeth Nalley, need ilircc years,
ten months, on November 5. 18JI5.
Funeral from residence, 115 Sixteenth
Blreet northeast. Private.
Little lljrtle vas onr darling
Pride of all (lie hearts nt home;
Bui the angels came and called hen
Darling inrtlo. do come home.
wlfeor O. A. Tauberscbnildt, aged twenty
one cars, November B, 1H9D, at 9:16 a. iu.
"Jesus, thou Trince of Life;
Thy chosen cannot die;
Like Thee, they conquer tn the strife
To reign with Thee on lilsli."
Funeral from her late residence. No. 2438
Seventh St. nw., Thursday, Nov. 7, 1896,
at 4 p. m. It-em
470 472 PennsylvauJtt avenue north-
West, near 6tb street. Business men's
lunch, 12 to 2 o'clock. 2Bc: table d'hoto
dinner. 4:30 to 7:80 p. m- 50c oc23-3m
SVoWs staes
Miss Gana is an Enthusiastic Mu
sician and Linguist.
Mute. Kurino Would Be Welcomed In
Washington Vaultjr Fair Dis
cusses the Club Case.
JJies Gana, who Is one of this season's
debutantes, is a very pretty and charming
girl, and, curious enough, is as pronounced
a blond type as her mother is a brunette.
She lias been educated partly inGermauy,
parti in this country, and speaks no less
than four languages with easy fluency.
It Is music, howetcr, to which tJic has
turned all of her enthusiasm, ai d she plays
the harp in a way unusual lu an amateur.
Her manners are graceful and winning,
and site has the sweet gentle ways, char
acteristic of young Spanish women. That
her first winter will till her most nrdent
expectations, since the Is the only debu
tante In the Diplomatic Corps, and will be
chaicroucd by her mother, one or the most
Iopular women in society, goes without
It is lco Lad, thinks every one, that Mr.
Kurino does not bring his lamily to Wash
ington. .Madame Kuki, Madame Mulzu,
and the w lves or other Japanese ministers,
were valuable additions to society at the
Capital, and nre held lu alfecflonatc re
membrance. Although Mr. Kurino is the
most hospitable of men, anil an ideal host,
it would be agreeable to have a woman
at the head of social uffa its at the Japanese
legation. lr Mr. Kurti.o has on) immedi-itc
Intention or bringing his family lure-, he
has not yet announced It, but, in any c out,
the legation promises to be as gay this
winter as usual.
Of course eierybody in the sacred pre
cincts of Vanity I'alr, and out or it too,
for that matter, is talking of the recent
spat between Bob Neville and Priuce
llurbide, which occurreil In the rooms of
the Metropolitan Club. Both men arc
well known hcrc.and both men hate large
following amopgtliespurtlngeoiitlnge'nt.
Mr. NeWlle has the point of view nnd nil
the traditions of a Southerner. He is full
of IlTe nnd gaiety, and goes In for all
sorts of (ports. Is n sportsman. In fact,
from sheer loe of spurt, like the ideal
country squire of the three lolume English
uoel. Gei erous.warmhearted.courageiius
and response. 11 Is small matter for wonder
that dels luteal by men In hlsowu set, nnd
looked up to by the younger sportsmenasau
authority In all sorting matters. Ills
fist cuf f with Mr. S. S. Howland, at the
Horse Show In New Tork two years ago.
w hlch resulted In ascene in the police court,
has not yet been forgotten.
Society, from the beginning, was inclined
tosmpalhizc with Mr. Neville, rather than
the nealthy New Tork, who, contrary
to all precedent, carried the right between
gentlemen Into court, art it the fashion of
the emliiiary street brawlers.
Prince Kurhtdc has betn a familiar fig
ure in Washington since he n.ts a lad m
his teens. He Is an aluuiTiii-, of George town
College, ami has spent, indeed, his entire
life here, with occasional absences In Eu
rope and Mexico, where, suspetted of
some political Intrigue, lit suffered a year's
imprisonment. Ills mother, who died
some time since, was a Ml Greene, a In lie
and beauty forty jears ago, and connected
with the fJii.lly whose homestead, near
Tenlej town, was bought by President Cle c
laml during his firtt administration, n
chrMened Oak View and u-.ed by him as a
country place. It 13 now the property
of Col. Itobert Hun lug, the architect.
Prinev Iturhiile 13 generally liked, though
not as popular as Mr. Net Me, whom he took
occasion to publicly Insult, and the out
come o this fiunrrel between t lie in will lie
watched with much interest.
Willi the granting of an absolute di
orce to Mrs. irc-rnuiiuo zuagu Iroin lie-r
lormtr husband, all legal obstacles to her
union with Count zicuj hae appareiitiy
betii remoed.
lirceiiuy, nowcier, the friends of bolh
hae been Olscusiing inc obstacles oi uu
ecclesiastic nature, which natu urise-n to
perplex the prospectus briae ana briuc
Count Zlchy Is a Roman Catholic and a
member of a Human Catnollc court,
naniei, that of Auslro Uungary. It is
generally understood ttiat he and the new
Countess Zlchy would not be rece-Ued at
court, if the marriage were not a alict one
in the eye-s of the Catholic church.
Mrs. Vznaga, or rather, Mrs. MalhJ
Wright, as, at her reeiue-st. the court ai
reeled she should now be called, is still
living at Yankton, b. D., and, according to
re'iwrts rcceied from there, is now study
ing the Catholic iallh, with a tiew to eu
lerlng the church. It is evident, therefore,
that Djth she and Count Zlchy dstro to be
married by a Koman Catholic priest. The
wedding would naturally take place at St.
Patrick's Cathedral, iu New York city,
but as jet, owing to the difficulties In tue
way, no application has been made to have
the cere-mony performed there. Regarding
these difficulties a well known ecclesiastic,
ho is thoroughly com ersaut with the laws
of the church, said:
"Under the canon law there Is abso
lutely no departure from the rule of the
church that no marriage can be disvihed
or rendered null unless It be shown to hate
becu imulld from the Lc-ginnlug. The
Pope himself is without power to afford
relief through a dispensation, except on that
specific condition.
"In order for M rs. Wright to marry Count
Zlchy, therefore, it must be shown that the
pretious marriage with Fernando Yznaga
was Intalid from its irceptlou. The fact
that Mr. Yznaga had been married bifore,
and that his former wife was etill liilng
when he married M rs. Wright, and is lit ing
Jet, for that matter. Is presumptive etl
deuce that the Wrlght-1 ziiaga marriage
was ncter a tahd one. But, suppose It
should be shown that Mr. Yznaga's first
marriage was not valid In the eje-s of the
cl ireh. That would tent! just as much to
"prove the validity of the Wright Yznaga
marrtagc, and the consequent Impossibility
of a Wrlght-Zlchy union.
"Now, either of these Y7naga marriages
may be technically Invalid for a number
of reasons other than the Interposition of
ditorce. In general, it may be said that
a marriage between two perons. neither
of whom has been baptized iu any church,
is presumably valid."
Miss Mary Estellc Morris, of Rhode
Island ateuue. Is visiting friends in Peters
burg, Va. "She will spend several weeks in
Richmond before her return.
Master Willie Barnet was git en a birth
day party Moinlaj night by his psrents at
their home on Eletcnth street northeast.
Among the pretty features of the eten
lng's amusements were a May pole dance,
a ribbon reel and a number of fancy dmces
by the different gue3ts- In the Center of
the refreshment table stood the traditional
birthday cak, with its jjeten waxen can-
sFeel s
i Badly i
s To-day? S
S We sale this repeatedly, because striata ?
S diseases oftntfollow trining ailments. , 2
ii you are weaK an 2
generally exhausted, Z
nervous, have no 5
appetite and can't Z
work, begin at once 5
taking the most re- S
liable strengthening 5
medicine, which IsS.
Brown's Iron Bitters. S
Benefit comes fram S
the ery first dosa 5
DTSrtPsi. Ktoniv amo Livca
NcuuLSia, TROuaica.
Huuu, Nuvous Aiutcsrra.
wosutira complaints.
Z Get only the genuine it has crotst4 red
5 lines on the wrapper. m
s Brown's
2 Iron
sBi tiers
- -
dies burning In honor of lbe years of the
young host, and on a side buffet towered
a huge pie, with three decks, that when
oiiened contained a gift for everybody in
the rooms.
Among the young people present were
Miss Eunice Bell, Miss Klta Posey, Miss
Dottle Ellis, Miss Flora Boyle, Master
,Teddie Lawrence, Master Joey Bojle. Mas
ter Fred. Barnet, Master Artie Bell and
Masters Johnny and Eddlu "Wilson.
Miss Elsie Raynor, or New Jersey avenue,
gave a dancing party last night to intro
duce her cousin, Miss Julia Raynor, of
Maryland, who will remain In Washington
until spring. Tlrere -were several members
of the G. D. Mandolin Club present, who
played n number of pretty selections, and
Miss Marie Caldwell sang two contralto
solos In very effective stjle.
Among the dances was a fisherman's
reel, introduced by Mr. T. E. McDonald,
who learned the figure while in Prlttany
during the summer. The refreshments were
artktkally laid on small tables decorated
with ferns, fruit pyramids, nnd eiit flow
ers, and the evening closed with a. Joyous
old rashloned i-ountry cotillion.
Among the guests were Miss Jennie
Burch, Miss Ollle Stevens, the Misses
Mamlo and Blanche Neale, Miss Pauline
Corson, Miss Nettle Carter, Miss Bessie
Stahl, Miss Katie Snyder, Ml Cce-iia.
Greene, Mrs. Nellie Manon, Miss Oetavla
Rawllugs, Miss Dora Wyllo, M'ss May
Fiehher. the Misses Allle and Sadie Win
throp. Miss Bessie Dojle, Mr. Frank How
ard, Miss J. E. Harrison, Mr. Ed Miles.
Mr. George K. Button, Mr. Arthur Wylle,
Mr. J. D. McDonald, Mr. T. E. McDonald,
Mr. Jnhn V. Rat nor, Mr. Samuel Stahl,
Mr. John B. Jaeksun, Mr. Arthur Ready,
and Mr. Judsou Miles.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Everson, of Phila
delphia, lia ve been the recnet guests of Mrs.
B. N. Allison, of Capitol Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Johnson, of Massa
chusetts ateuue, have returned from a
brief tisit to friends in Georgia WhJIe
there they spent several days at Hi eAllanta
MIssTessle Walte, orK street northeast,
will leave the hitter part of the week for
amontti'srislt to relatives inTroy.N.T.
Mr. nnd Mrs. B Donovan, of H Rtreet
northeast, have returned from thelrcountry
home on the Rock Creek mad, nnd will give
n dancing party In the near future in honor
of their you ngguest.MLssNaoml Brent, who
will prolong her tlsll until after the
Christmas holidays.
A bag and bo social was giten MoIay
evening by the Young People's B. E. ilub
at the home of their president. Miss l.Bn!e
Balclie, on Massachusetts at enue northeast.
Among those present were Mioses Rita
and Jennie Armstrong, Miss Belle Tra
ters. Miss Luella Davis, Misses Nellie and
EiclmnglnK Vows.
Minnie Yeoman, MlfS Nellie Sturgls, Miss
Bessie Stoll, Mr. Frank 1L Gaul. Mr. Alfred
Stonehouae, Mr. Fred. Ballinger, Mr.Ar
thur B.Xee, Mr. Ed. Potter, Mr. John B.
Jackson? Mr. Iloliert Miles, Mr. J. E. Clay.
Mr. Nelson B. Peyton and Mr. Clarence
Miss Jessie Davison ami her oomln. Miss
Maud Belle Day. will give a procressiie
euchre-party Trldai evcnlnglothemembers
of the B. A. A. Club, at their home on
Capitol Hill.
Mr. Paul E.Thompson has returned from
a fishing and gunning trip doivii the Chcsa
IR'ake Bay.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Wylle Jiaie issued
invitations to their Immediate friends to
attend the christening this afternoon of
their infant daughter, May.
The friends of Miss Olhe M. Wise will be
pleased to learn that she is recoering from
her recent painful illness.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred. L. Alston, of Vir
ginia n euue, will be at home to their friends
thi3 evening from 8 to 11, to introduce
the brother of Mr. Alston, Mr. James B.
Alston and wife, of Rochester, N. Y., who
ill remain in Washington until the early
part of next week.
Mrs. Russell Harrison is the guest of Mrs.
Gordon Stewart on Capitol Bill, fehe ar
rived from New York last e eniug and will
remain some diys, after which she will re
turn to New York and accompany tier hus
band to their home in Tcrre Uaute.
Paris, Nov. C The religious ceremony
of the marriage of Marie Deiphine, daugh
ter or Geu. J. Meredith RcJd,rormcrly
United States Minister to Greece, to
Count MaxForas.tdofcplacc yesterday intbe
Church of St- Phlllippe du Roule.
This was the first occasion for tire re
assembling .of the fashionable population
of Paris at the beginning of the season.
Tho church was crowded, Uie entire diplo
ma tlo corps and. all of the titled and
talented world of Paris being in attendance.
Among those present were tho Princess
Brancovan, Hon. Samuel E. Morss. United
States consul general, and Mrs. Moras; Mr.
Henry Vlgnaud, first secretary of the
United States embassy; Lieut. Commander
llodgers, uaral attache) o the United
Stales embassy, and Mrs. Kellogg. Gen.
Winslow and wife, Mrs. Cecilia Wenlworlh.
Mr. Paul BarUett and wife, Mr. John Mun
roa and wife, Mr. Austin Lee and wife,
ami Mr. Vanbergen and wife.
Among the other guests in the church
were noticed Prince Roland Bonaparte, M.
DelyaunLs, Greek minister, and lime.
Delyannls, Henry Houssaye, member of
Take a lesson from
the ladies and Jearn
what real bargains
Here is one
Men's Derby Ribbed
" Underwear, in tan
and blue, 50 .per
cent wool, shirts silk
faced, pearl buttons,
finished seams
drawers, tape seams,
sateen faced.
Sold elsewhere for
$1. Our price
jflc per garment.
314-316 Seventh St, N. W.
the Academy; Count and Countess Mont
sauloio, Mrs. Ajct. and Mr, Mrs. and
Miss Halstead.
Abbe de Olbergues gave the nuptial
benediction from tbe altar. Tlie nave of
cue church was decorated with palms
and flowers. The service ivas full choral
and orchestral. The bride wore an ivory
satin dress trimmed wlih Venice point
lace a family heirloom and orange blos
soms. The bridesmaids were all In pale
pink and jellow, trimmed nttli silver and
brown fur.
They were the Cnunlcsn La tire Toras.
Countess Alix Foras, Princes Ilel-ne
Brancovan and Mile. Demal'tre. The
brlde'a mother wore a blacL velvet Eliza-
bethan costume, trimmed with Venice
lace. Tho bride's sister, Mrs Speucer.
wore dark blue velvet with a rococo Louts
XV gllet.
After the ceremony about 800 guests,
the cream of Paris society, attended a
reception given by Mrs. Head at her resi
dence. .
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Duff, No. 2917 Q
street northwest, have as guests Mrs. Ber
gen and Mrs. Charles Ldmoiiston, of Brook
lyn. Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor are visit
ing Xew York for a short stay.
Gen. Nelson A. Miles. Mrs. Miles, their
son and daughter are domiciled at their
handsome home. No. 1327 G street north
west. Mrs. Miles Is n worajii of hand
some presence and brilliant mental attain
ments, and will doubtless lead the gay
army set in its many social entertain
ments Uila winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar I Boorcm have issued
inventions for the marriage of thelr
daughter, Florence Virginia, to Dr. Frank
Leech, son of Kev. George V. Leech, of the
Baltimore conference.
The ceremony will take place at Bamline
M. E. CLurch, Wednesday, November 20,
at noon. Dr. nnd Mrs. Le-ech will be at
home to frlcnd3 after December 1, at No.
1715 Fourteenth street northwest.
The marriage of Miss Mamie Boykln.
of Cllnton,N. C, and Mr. William TV.
Wolf, of York. Pa., occurred at Calvary
Kiptist Church Tuesday, Kev. Dr. Greene
officiating. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wolf, om their
return from a wedding trip n III make their
honie in this city.
sir. A. L. Barber, accompanied by
his son and daughter, sailed for the West
Indies on their steam yacht Sapphire. Mrs.
Barber will return to this city shortly
to arrange Belmont for the winter, but
owing to the family being in mourning
they will not entertain a great deal during
the season.
MaJ. George Y". Davis, Eleventh Infantry,
preside.it of tho hoard or publle-ation, is
absent from the city to visit Shiloh battle
field and Atlanta.
Mrs. ftumbougb, daughter of Gen. Stanley,
of the Soldiers' Home, and who has, with
her children, spent thes-immer at the latter
place, leaves shortly for Fort Barrancuss,
Fla., to Join her husband. Miss Etta Kctton
will aecwuipauy her, to remain nil winter.
Miss Temple Perry, daughter of Capt.
S. J. Perry, is the guest or friends at Paula,
The Ladies' Aid Society gave an oyster
sapper last night for the beneilt of Fletcher
M. E- Church, corner of Fourth street
and New York avenue northwest. The
entertainment took place In the auditorium
of the church aud will be repeated tonight.
The tables were prcllll arranged and
reflected great credit upon the generous
members of the church who had the sup
per In charge. Among those interested
were:, Mrs. Elmer AUpress, president of
the Ladies' Aid Society or Fletcher M. E
Church; Mrs. William F. Heed. Mrs. J.
Allen, Mrs. E. Fowler. Mrs. Charlotte
Moore, Mrs. JA Blessing. Mrs. Philip Milton,
MLsses Mary Jebb. Mamie Murphy. Ceha
Eeall and Mamie nnd Nellie Allprcss.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Donaldson cele
brated the fiftieth anniversary of. their
marriage last night by holding an Informal
recepUon from 6 to 10 to all their friends
at their home, 1235 Eighth street north
west. lit. and Mrs. Donaldson were assisted in
recelrtnB their guests by their daughters.
Misses Mary and Katie Donaldson, and
.Kia.o's rauca, '
of Washington
is this great Cloak and Coat
sale of ours newest styles ele
gant qualities and prices at fig
ures tliat were never known be
fore: $5, $6, $7 and $8 Coats and
Capes, $3.98.
4 and 6-button effects. In
26. 28 and 30-inch lengths
plain beavers and fancy
cloths black, blues,
browns plain fur and Jet
trimmed also handsome
plush capes at
$15 to $18 value, $10.98.
Astrakhans. Bouclos,
Whorumbo Beavers, Ker
seys, etc.. In ladles' and
mls.es' garments- plain
and rough effocts. The
(treat sale price is
Other styles and qualities too
numerous to mention at. unheard-of
812 and 814 7th St N. W.
715 Market Space.
Mrs. William Tebb and their cousin. Miss
Fanny Stewart, of Fairfax C. H . Va.
a The members of the family were Mr.
George J. Donaldson andfamily.Mr. William
Donaldson and family, Mr. Daniel Donald
son and family and Mr. William Lebbs.
Among the many friends who called to
offer their congratulations were: Mrs.
Krecht. Miss Agnes 1'lant. Miss Amanda
Columbus. Mrs. Kate Scott and daughters.
Mr. It. Keith and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Kahlert, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Broun
and many others.
Department lVrwrniN.
The officials of tl e Pi nslon Office re
ceived the cle-cUou returns by a special
wire at the Pension building last night.
Mr. Frank T) Ocary, of the office of the
Fourth Assistant Postmaster General, fell
at Ninth and H ttre-et northwest yesterday
morning and dislocated Ills shoulder.
He was removed to his home. No. 1229
Tenth street northwest.
Register of the Treury'H Annual
lie-port Shuns Amount for Lunt Year.
The annual report of the Register of the
Treasury shows that the amount of bonds
issued from the loan division last year
was greater than for any like period in
the past ten years, $195,446,050 being
issued against $108,165,200 cancelled.
Each year there Is received from the gov
ernment nt Spain through the Depaitment
of State tbe sum of $28,300, which is paid
to the owners of Spanish Indemnity bonds
as a dividend of interest, the fifty fifth in
stallment having been paid September G,
The total amount of blank bonds unis
sued remaining in the Treasury at the end
of the fiscal year was 5502,063,400. The
total amount of outstanding interest bear
ing United States registered bonds is SG60,
120.EC2, only S4.373.630 are tn foreign
hands. The aggregate number of notes
and fractional currency destrojed during
the year was $235,8tG,850.93.
The Luto Onceulu Green's Stocks.
An order has been asked for In probate
court fur the sale of a conslelerabte amount
of stocks belonging to tho estate of the
late Osceola Green. Among the securities
belonging to tbe estate are sixty shares
of Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone
stock, appraised at $J,000; fourteen shares
of Franklin Insurance stock, at $500: three
SI, 000 6 per cent, bonds uf the Columbia
Railway Company, $3,300; ten shares
of National Safe Deposit. Savings and
Trust Company,$l,280, and thirteen sharc3
of Intcr-Ocpin llnlldlng stock. Sl-Selc'.
20c AU-ool Red Flams'. bC
10c Outtnj Flannel - UU
8c Indigo Clue Calico 0C
8c Amoslce:? Apron Gingham. ... 0 U
tl'c Feather Boss. fbC
25c Fascinators. I iJC
85c Infants' Sicques I 30
10c Cashmero Gloves 1 4C
15c Wool Mitts iJC
75c Scarlet Wool Underwear 44G
SCcBnlaunJcrcdfchirts. uuu
904-908 7tfi SI. N. W.
SvoW's sWns
7 1-2 CENTS PER lb.
Main Market, 1306 1312
Branch Markets 171311th St. mr;S!ES Ilinst. nir; stli and M sts. nw:
3X77 M sL nw ; aist and i sts nw.; "15 Indians are. nw ;
5th and I sts. nw.: 4tb and I sts. nw ; Xnh st. and Pa.
sts nw ; I3th st and N. Y are. nw.
This handsome Bed-room Suite, vell-made, well
finished bed, dresser, washstand, three chairs and oak
table, 40-lb. hair mattress, excellent woven-wire spring
never sold anywhere at less than $38.50. Our price only
Other splendid suites, in superior qualities, in curly
birch, mahogany, bird's eye maple, quartered oak, etc.
We have also a fine line of odd dressers, in mahogany,
curly birch, maple, white
suitable to go with iron beds.
Since Jules Verne's hero, Phlneas Fogs,
traversed the heart of India on an elephant
and rescued a widow from the suttee, the
fanatical Brahmins have fousht shy of
white stranccrs.
The marvels and mysteries of their weird
creed have been carefully veiled from
Western eyes nnd rerved.asfor centuries,
for the initiated alone.
Kcllar. the ruacician, who will appear at
the Academy or Music all nezt week, has
alone succeeded In peiietratlnc beyond this
veil. lie rests his title to consideration
as the first entertainer or hl day and coun
try, in the magic and marvelous, on th-evtdenc-s
he wilt now Rite for the first
time of the success which crowned his re
searches in India.
In "The Queen of the Roses," the "Hew
Shrine." and such other marvels as "The
Flisht of the Adept," and the "Vstral
Hell," he demonstrates conclusively that
there is only one Kellar.
One of last season's greatest successes.
"Shore Acres," a play of New England
life, by James A. Heme, will be the at
traction at the Grand Opera House com
mencinc Monday evemnc nest.
In many respects "Shore Acres" Is a
ccnuiue uoveity, beins unusually strnnc
in dramatic interest. The play re-veals
what Is almost the perfection of art, be
cause it Is so lite the lire with which it
deals. It is a great composition be
cause there are so few raise notes.
The pictures are so startllcsly tmc that
tbey must have been conceived by au artist
who cou'd reel the life arounel him. Two
brothers, a rarm, some young people stub
iKirnly In love, a epollinK ambition which
hardly reached beyond the rarm rences.
narrow prejudices battling against nevv
aud half-undersioil conceptions of life,
sacrifices awkwardly Riven, children play
ins through It all and not understanding.
a dull routine of out-of-the-way life, with
tragedy showing Itself timidly and comedy
mine to cover the grief, love which can
do but not Ray such Is "Shore Acres."
There is no need to repeat the simple
story, for the story Is not the thing. The
play is purely some pieces or truth put to
gether by- a man who had the bravery to
known that art can never go beyond truth.
In this production the author will again
appear In his admirable portrayal or Xa
tbanlel Berry. There will be entire nciv
scenery and some novel mechanical effects.
The advance sale of seats for C. B. Jef
ferson Klaw A Erlanger's elaborate pro
duction of "Palmer Cox's Brownies."
which will he-seeu at the Lafayette Square
Opera House all next weeL. witn matinees
Squoro Marble and
Glass stands.
Cantar MarKot-
32d st. nW. Telephone. 347.
enamel, etc., which are very
and Carpet Go.
Wednea, t and Saturday, opens Thursday
morning, Tne big spectacle will be brought
to Wasl ton Intact by special train,
and it w, i presented here exactly aA it
ran to oveiOwing houses for ISO night!
in New York.
The production Is said to be tbe greatest
exhibit of theatric art ever made in thij
country. Its beautiful scenes are 11 dis
play a gorgeous costumes, bewildering ef
fects, ballets and choruses. In which the
prettiest young women obtainable are
teen ami heard, with over two hours of
tbe wildest fun, song, and dance.
.Its special features Include a reolUtio
storm at sea. with the Brownies adrift on
raft, a sensational earthquake and Vol-e-ano.
an Oriental dance of slave girls,
an aerial ballet performed in midair to
superb effects of light and color, and the
phenomenal specialty of a troupe of Euro
pean a, robats. who are said to be tbe most
marvelous in the world.
Among the brilliant scenes shown In
"The Brownies" are the palae-e courtyard
of Queen Titanla Inestal attire, with tha
wedding procession In the rain of roses, tha
cmhantcd country of DragoiizeL the palace
of the ogre, the Jeweled mines of fabulous
riches, and the wonderful transforma
tion. "A Night In Brownlcland." whleh
Is gorgeous beyond all dese-nptlon. In
the e-ast of over 100 people nec-essarv for
the produi lion are such well known favor
ites as Lena Mcrville. Ida Mulle. Inei
lleeasUer. Ursula Ourcett. Georgie Denln.
Frank Deshon. and Sol Solomon.
It is easy to become enthusiastic over Olgt
Nethcrsole's "Cnmilfis" It excites admi
ration to the polht of enthusiasm by its
novettv. Its oriRinalitj. its absolute uncon
vcntioiiality, its refreshing frankness ami
its audacious disregard of all the tradi
tions which haie been so closely asso
ciated with the role, and which have been
rollowed with ridellty by CamiUe utter
famine ror many years.
The methoils adopted by Miss Nclhcr
solc suggest those or t hat strange anil incom
prehensible genius, Dose, the Italian ac
tress. But the younger actress Is no imi
tator. Her Camllle is a type of no other.
It is absolutely her own. awl it is unique.
During Miss Netlicrsole's engagement at
the National Theater during the week of
November 11, "CanilUe", will be playpel
on Monday, the opening night, aril at the
Saturday matinee. "cule." the ; pew
plav. will beprcsented on Tuesday nlghtaiui
in Saturday night. "Frou Frou; will bo
given Wednesday and rridav.and "Romeo
and Juliet" on Thursday night.
A Matrimonial Alliance.
"Are you an American, madam?" asked
the foreign visitor of the wife of his host.
"Only by marriage, sir." she replied.
Fuanr how some people talk about
ths purojt, sweetest edible in the
worid-BtTTTElUNE. If yoa took a
pound of our AUerney Cresmcry
home and didn't tell the family It
was Butterlne thoy would congratu
late you on your Judgment In batter
buylnfr Try th. experiment. Twill
cost yoa tweaty cents.
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