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vtVtFTJ '
.-- A
Ti.. .-.,
?V V-g-y- ""
l 3. - - ,i -
r Street
Moras Wsrshoss.
:3a near U.
Dining Room
Our sixth floor is the Din
Intr room furniture floor
and the Sideboards, Chairs,
Tables, China Closets -and
the like that go to make up
that stock are a legion.
There's not a larger or finer
showing in the South-Prices
are put down on the popular
scale, too.
S2.73 Quartered Oak Box Seat
DINING CI1AI11. polish fin
ish, new style can seat....
fS DINING CnAIIt of elml
ler design ana description..
OAK .SIDEBOARD. 3 drawers,
double cupboard and berel
plate mirror.
133 Quartered Oak.
, polish On
l It D, lares
French berel plate mirror..
solid oat, polish finish,
8 loot lentth.
I Want to bs the
'J iA!ridoA
in Thrums"
is more famous, no doubt, than
mine but charming' as it is who
shall say it is more beautiful in its
way than my
F Street
Jewelry for Xmas is now the
burden of my advertising song,
and an exquisite display it is in
deed. A Hit I
paid on any artlclo you may
elect now will reserve it for you
until Xmas. This is a good
plan, as it gives you an oppor
tunity to select while the stock
is fresh and complete.
L f?. Damson,
1105 F Street.
Judge Decide the Act to Protect Coal
Miners Unconstitutional.
Pittsburg, Nor. 80. Judge W. D. Porter
banded down a decision yesterday declar
ing unconstitutional the act of assembly of
June 1, 1883, which is entitled "An act
to protect miners in the bituminous coal
regions of the Common wealth." The third
section of tho act provides for punish
emnt of employers defraudlne miners by
false weight. Under this section I). P..
Bnrtzell was indicted and found guilty.
He was check-weighrnan at D. T. Bteen's
mine, where the weights were frandulent
D. T. Steen was convicted under the com
mon law and Judge Porter refused to Inter
fere in his case.
Hartzrll, however, was indicted undor
the special act mentioned. Ho was also
convicted, but appealed on the ground
that the act was unconstitutional because
its title did not clearly indicate its scope.
Judge Porter affirmed the point, saying:
"The act is entitled 'An act to protect
miners in the bituminous coat regions of
the Common wealth.' Does this give any
notice of the contents of the third sec
tion, providing penalties for taking more
pounds for a bushel or ton, or for weigh
ing with an incorrect scale? The business
to which the net relates is one which ex
poses the miners to dangers against which
it Is wise that they should be protected.
"The fraudulent use of false weights
for the purpose of cheating is a moral
wrong, indictable at common law, but the
title of the act In question cannot lie
said to give notice of special penalties to
be imposed when this offense Is committed
In weighing. The subject of an act of
assembly should be clearly expressed in
Its title."
British Premier's Vlevvs of Monroe
Doctrine Ed ltoute for America.
London, Nov. 30. It was learned from
the foreign office today that Lord Salis
bury's answer to the American note out
lining the Monroe doctrine in connection
with the Venezuela dispute has Just lieen
mailed to Sir Julian Faiiueefote. British
anbasgador at Washington.
(Prepared at tho United Slates Weather Bureau.)
t--rrtorr--'1 -SLA. JlA -a VHJSTitk- "
l ' Vif so At
r Forecast Till 8 T . M. Su nday.
For the District ot Colombia and Mary
Inad. the conditions unsettled, but probahiy
cloudy and threatening, followed by fair;
northerly winds shirting to easterly; colder
Sunday morning.
For Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey
and Delaware, air, but prob.ibly cloudy
and threatening in the morning, north
easterly winds; slight changes in tempera
ture. For Virginia, gencraly fair, but probably
cloudr; winds sill fling to northeasterly;
slightly colder Sunday morning.
TV euther Condition's and General Fore
cast. The barometer Las risen In the central
Talleys and lake regions, nnd to the west
of the Rocky Mountains; It has fallen on
the Atlantic coast and rroni Minnesota und
Dakota southward to Texas. Areas or high
, pressure arc central north of the lake
regions and north of Montana. Blight de-
Bresslons cover Northern Minnesota and
le Northern Pacific coast.
It it colder In tli lake rvrlons nnil rsirral
A rf WOT- rauperaiure mtibk lauen
a I
v uesrct-a nana ui-xdiKe jauron, at
Engine House Ctnnot Be Finish
ed by December I.
Consideration of Important Local
Measures, ly tlie Commissioners.
Letters Addressed t o Clt lzor.H Reply
ing to Complaints Dully Orders Is
sued for Improvements.
The new engine, house on D street, be
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth, cannot bo
completed in contract time. It was In be
done by December 1 , ami very soon alter It
was expected that It would be In use.
Unavoidable delays have occurred, how
ever, and It will not be open much before
January 20. The facts were presented to
the Commissioners a few days ago, and after
due consideration they decided that an ex
tension of time was proper, and an order
to that effect was made this morning.
Copies ot advertisements of property for
sale to satisfy District claims cannot bo
had generally by application to the Commissioners-
A letter to Hamilton A Col
bert from Secretary Tindall tills morn
ing inform them that they can examine the
records and make copies for certain" prop
erty in which they are interested, and for
advertisements ot which they mado request.
The Potomac Light and Power Company
has been awarded a contract to replace
the gas lamps on Aqueduct bridge with
twelve incandescent electric lights, twenty-five
candle power, at $240 a year for
Secretary Tindall this morning wrote to
Mr. Lwels B. Thomsun, of Linden, Md ,
Who Is a music denier at No. &21 Eleventh
street northwest, regarding his complaint
of uncivil treatment by Janitor Marshall,
when he called to pay his tnxeii a lew duys
ago. Mr. -Thomson said Marshall ordered
him in an insulting way to move bis carriage
from the front of tho District building.
Dr. Tindall incloses to Mr. Thomson the
Janitor's report of tlio affair, somewhat
the same an given by The Times on the oc
casion. Be adds that Mr. Marshall lias
been instructed to carry out his orders In a
courteous manner.
Applications wero rnadc for the admission
to the government insane asylum of II. V.
Gcnodette and Jennie Lee.
The Commissioners hare ordered a ce
ment sidewalk at the northwest corner of
Twelfth and R streets, cost $450; nlso
have let the contract for a sewer across the
lands of Mrs. K. A. D. Wcems, bttween
Piney Branch and Ilrlghtwood road, to
Darius Gnsklns, for $1,G1S.
Two Seventh Street Dullness Men In
volved In a Street Scuffle.
nerruan Blumcnthal of No. 1818 Seventh
street and Joseph II. Wolf of No. 1824
Seventh street became engaged in a fight
la front of their business places last night
as a result ofVhlch both men wire pretty
well done up.
Irritating remarks passed between them,
and this led to the trouble. A largo crowd
was attracted by the hot scuffle, and soon
Policeman Kelti' of No. 8 station arrived
and took both men into custody. Each do
posited $10 collateral.
Hardly had they left the station when
Wolf swore out a warrant ami had Jl'nmen
thal re-arrested, but was again released on
a second deposit of $10. Blumcnthal, an
gered by this, also swore out a warrant
for the arrest ot Wolt.
Policeman Barrett inarched to Wolfs
bouse and attempted to arrest blm, when
the latter Jumped out a back window and
fled down the'strett.
After a long chase Uarrctt succeeded In
capturing bis man at Eighth and S streets.
1I was taken to the station, where he put
up his $10 collateral and was released.
In the police court till 3 morning the as
sault cases were nolle prossedand both men
were fined $3 for arrray. The rest of their
col!atcralwas returned.
Witness JolinMin OtvPH Further Text I
mnnv Against 11 Is Classmates.
Thetlfth daj'a seilou "t the naval board
ot inquiry appointed to Investigate the
charges of hazing made against members
of the i lass sir seamen gunners at the navy
yard began at 11:30 o'clock this morn
ing. The nine men who were implicated by
tho testimony ot Johnson yesterday were
present today and questioned the witness
wheu he took the Mand. The names ot
tboe seamen were Smith. Hell, Duiigcn,
Lamotit. Caldwell, Murphy, Kennedy, Fox,
and MeDenuont.
The last seaman had Just been released
from the hospital and the time of the
court from when the doors were thrown
open to the noontide recess was demoted
to reading the charges already published
and the giving ot instructions as to his
privileges ot cross-questioning his accusers.
Seaman Lamoot, who, Johnson said, ob
jected to sitting at the mesa table with
the colored men, sat by Mr. Terhune, the
recorder, and prompted him with ques
"What reaon can you gio that led you
to think McDermont helped hare you?"
wan asked.
"He remarked about another negro com
ing to eatat liie nuts table, and helpcdslng
There's a New Coon in Town.'"
The investigation was still in progress
when The Times' report closed.
. p
He I'rnlse the Powers for Their In
terference With Turkey.
Rome. Nov. 30. The allocution pro
nounced by the pope at the consistory cs
terday was published today.
In his allusions to tne situation in the
east his holiness deplores the horrors which
have been and are being enacted in Ar
menia, nnd highly praises the conduct of
the six great powers in thilr interference
and Insistence upon the restoration of order.
0 Clft.t,
warmer In the Northwest, except in North
ern Montana.
Light local rains occurred during the
night In the lower lake region and the
Ohio Valley, bat the weather lias been
generally fair In an other rtmtrtrls.
The Indications are rarorablc for fjir
weather throughout the Southern Stales.
Condition ot the Water.
High and low tides ore officially re
corded at the Navy Yard for today as
High- Low.
12:15 a.m. 6:23a.m.
12.20 p. m. 5:38 p.m.
Temperature and condition of the water
at 8 a. m.: Great Falls Temperature, 48;
condition-, 30. Receiving reservoir Tem-
Serature. 47; condition at north connection,
6: condition at south connection, 30. Dis
tributing reservoir Temperature, 45; con
dition ur Influent gatehouse, 36: effluent
catchoiuje. 3G.
Schedule for Street Light lag.
Gas lamps lighted ot 0.52 p. m.; extin
guished at 6:47 m. m.
Naphtha, lamps Ughicd at 0.52 p.r.
tbi:uuhed'at,:0e m. hv
rvapniujampa iwuienat B.ozp.m.;cx-
Hat .
of ours hasn't had much
attention in the news
papers, partly because it
hasn't required " much,-
having been a
from the start.
Not making
money out of
it, of
course, because we are
building up a trade with
you particular men by
selling the best grades
at the prices of the ordi
nary ones.
That's bringing many
customers and making
us very many friends.
Derbys at all prices
in all shades all blocks
$2.50 will hat you
well others more or
less as you please.
Fedoras are popular.
Anyway, let's show
you our line.
Call today.
Eiseman Bros.
Cor. 7th and E Sts. N
No Branch Etors la Wuhingtoi.
Change for the Hotter Hits Been No
tlcesililn blnco Yesterday.
Capt. Isaac Bassett, the vet'T.m door
keeper of the Senate, is resting very easy
tbis morning. The attending plivelclans
are now very nnch encouraged over -tils
They bate never given up hope of ulti
mately pulling him through, but at times
his recovery was viry doubtful. Since
lattnlght. however, there has becna marked
chunge in his condition. On Thanksgiv
ing Day he begiuitoiink. and it was thought
that the end was near. Yesterday and
last night he improved and today has been
feeling better than at any time since bis
Among his callers this morning was Ilev.
Capliiln Russet t.
Dr. Milburn and his daughter. Capt. Has
sell spent quite a Utile wlii'e in a reminis
cent chat with the doctor.
It is thought that the approathlng ses
sion of Congress bad a great deal to do with
the alarming change In Mr. Uassclt's con
dition. He brooded over the fnet that he
would not be in bis accustomed place when
tho Senate was called to order, but it is
thought that he has become resigned to
the idea that it will be Impossible for him
to be present until welt along In the session.
At Last a I'nrlNliii I)- nnH Resulted
In Bloodshed.
Paris. Nov. 30. A duel near this city be
tween Baron Bolssy I 'Agios and Viscount
Melchior do Vogue, trbo represent respect
ively in the Chamber of Deputies a district
in the department ot Drome and one in
Viscount de Vogue received a wound In
the lip.
Viscount de Vogue is a Conservative Re
publican and Baron Boissy D'Aglas a
hadlcal Republican,
Thrown From Ills Wntron.
A boy about fourteen years of age, em
ployed as drlvpr for the United States Ex
press Company, was severely injured at
0:15 o'clock this-morning by being thrown
from his wagon, which was hitched to a
tree in the rear of the Agricultural build
ing. He was severely cnt over the left
eye and bad received contusions of the
nose and lips. It could not lie ascertained
whether be was Injured Internally or not,
but Dr. Teal fears that bis Injuries may
prove serious. He was taken to bis homo
in another of the companj's wagons and
the horse was sent to the company's stables.
No Hope of Reconciliation.
Gertrude Fisher, upon an allegation of
desertion nnd abandonment, has applied for
a divorce from her husband, Howard Fisher.
She alleges that their separation Is beyond
reasonable expectation ot reconciliation,
and that since August 12. 1803, the de
fendant ha3 contributed nothing to the sup
port of herself and their child, now about
4 years of age. She asks for the care and
custody of the child and for permission to
resume her maiden name. The defendant
is a resident of Baltimore.
Cltrarette Sold to o. Minor.
Prosecutions against proprietors of to
bacco stores who violate the act regulat
ing the sale of cigarettes to minors are
becoming more and more frequent In the
police court, and Mr. Ralph Given, acting
representative of the United States district
attorney's office. In the pnllre court, called
this fact to Judge Miller's attention this
afternoon, when Max Larerotf was on
trial lor that offense. The proof showed
that the cigarettes had been sold directly
to the boy, and the court Imposed a fine
of $5.
Novenilier Treasury Deficit.
In round figures the deficit for Novem
ber will be $1,000,000. the receipts pool
ing up to S2C.C00.000 and the expendi
tures to $27,000,000. The dehilt for
the fivo mouths of the current fiscal year
stands at $17,000,000.
Socialists Receive Formal Notice.
Berlin, Nov. 20. The presidents ot the
various unions ot the Socialist party were
served by the police at roon today with
formal notices of the closing of their or
ganizations. Gold He-serve Condition.
As ft result of Serrelnrv Carlisle's reeent
.offer for gold. $357,000 in gold has been
aeposneo.. .mine mcanumc, uowever, live .
times as much gold has been withdrawn
for export.
in Stber
are more popular than erer. We
Are meeting the popular taste by
selling Solid Sltrerwars lover than
ever berore, and far lower than
any other store la tosra.
1 225 F Street N. W.
Hi "v
n x
in; -
i no
939 Pennsylvania Avenue.
h o rennsyivaniaM venue. j
Another, Argument for More Police Protection
The list ot robberies reported to the po
lice today shows that the crooks have lost
none of their actlTlty. Seven cases were re
ported this morning, an Increase of three
over jeslcrclay.
Mary Flynn of No. 013 I street sotitli-
v. est reiiorted stolen from her house a
black seilsklu capo.
J. Fussell ot No! ltU7 Now York ave-
. nue reported the hrasliy theftnf a lady's
solitaire diamond rlns-
J. II. M. Lam moil ot ". 020 G street
southwest reported stolen from off his
horse while lulront of thetiuuscucuiic
lap robe.
Seterttl Bodies Not Found nnd WIU
Not hooii Be Hccovercd.
Ilrewxtera. N. Y.( Nor. 30. The Work ot
recoveries the bodies burled In the debris
at the bottom or the Tiny 1-oste-r tuini-i
by the lall or rock, dlseintlnue,l at night
fall last night, was resumisl at daj break
this morning.
The bodies of James Fox, James Clark,
and two Italians, which were in fight
last night, were hoisted to tLc surface
aiiuol o ii clock. Uontractor (Juntou Ste
phens arrived on the scene at 0 o'clock,
and alter Inspecting the walls ordered the
work discontinued.
A large mi intlty of rock and earth near
hero the slide ot yesterday occurred over
hangs nnd looks so dangerous that It will
be Ii'nstcd away before the work of recov
erlns more bcoles can be tarcly resumed.
It is now known that three more Italians
are still burled beneath several feet or de
bris, und as still others liatcnot yet been
accounted for, the total may reach a dozen.
The liodles still renminbi:: In the Pit arc
Iwried uu ler several feet ot debris. When
the rest of the, Iqose rock U blasted away
tiiey r.lll tie buried slill deeper, so that it
will probably tkD,scveral days to recover
the remains, i
During Effort jfn. .South Carolina to
Wreck a TrulnHound for This City.
Campbell Carrtngton. the attorney, has
Just returned rrpni a hunting trip In South
Carolina, and in addition to an immense
string of birds, has a story of a bold -up that
occurred last HlKUt.
The train waaarewmtles south of Oolds
borough, 8. C. when It- was suddenly
stopped. Tho exert and many or the pass
engers got out to see what the trouble was
nnd found thnlythv' train had been flagced
"by Ja"racK' walker. Thcniaa. hud. been
walking-alone Oic.tTiitk. and suddenly saw
some men scurry oft from the track Into
tlie bushes.
Arriving at the place where the men were
seeu, he round the track spiked, the rish
plates taken up find every preparation mado
to derail the train. While the passengers
were discussing ihenfralr. berore the track
was repslred and the train started, a shot
canv.Trom the bushes ue-ir by and whistled
over itu lie.idaof-lhecrowd.
A Bpeciul train was sent out with detec
tives ar.d an eirori win oc ruaoe vo locaic
the miscreants.
Wrltc-H to Kalamazoo to Sar Ameri
cans in Turkey Are Protected.
Kalamazoo, Mich., Nor. SO. Chairman
Jas. W. Osborne, ot the mass meeting held
in this City recently on the Armenian
question, has received the following reply
from Secretary of Slate Olney to the reso
lutions nblch were forwarded to him:
"Sir: I received the copy ot the resolu
tions adopted at a meeting of the citizens
of Kalamazoo, Mich., held at the First
Congregational Church, in regard to the
Armenian question.
"It glres mo pleasure to say that this
government Is taking every possible means,
through the earnest demaira or the United
Stales minister at Constantinople, Alex
ander W. Terrell and through Ihe presence
or our war v-sel In Turkish 'waters to in
sure tl'O fulfillment. by the porte or the re
peated guarantees it has made rerpecttng
the personal security or American citizens
residing in Asia Minor, ard in every other
quarter of tho empire where disturbance
is or may ueitiiiireuiruuni. cu, a,,, jw
obedient servant.
The Kentncky Republican Is Tired ot
the Appellate Bench.
Frankfort, Ky.t Nov. 30 Judge W. H.
Holt Is officially announced as a candidate
for United States Senator. Hcwas the first
Republican judge elected to the appellate
bench since the war. The Judge does not
want the appellatejudgcshlp andhis friends
are making an actho fight for him for
m .
Caring by Ballet rroceiw.
Lone Island City. L. I., Nor. 30. Albert
Stern was found with a ballet In his skull
and another In thereglon of his heart at the
rear of thestalrcase leading to of flees of the
Queens Connty Jail last night. Stem when
questioned said he had shot, himself and
crawled in theretotlle. Stern, who ia thirty
four yearsnld, said he waslately discharged
from HcUctoc Hospital, New Tnrk, where
be underwent an operation, since which,
time he has not been responsible for bis
m m
Seal Heirulatlorw,to Be Investigated.
The recent- report from the Treasury
Department relative to the cruel slaughter
or the fur seal during the past year by kill
ing the mother seals and leaving the pups
to dfe of starvation, it is understood, will
be made the .subject of inquiry by the
Senate immediately after the convening
of Conges. ,',q
Nearly 2,nOO,n0O Shipped.
New York, Nor.'S0-L. Von Hotrmann A
Co. will ship $1,000,000 gold to Europe
today. This, in addition to the $750,000
engaged by Baring. Magoun & Co., makes
a total ot $1.7503)00.
Monday's, StAsnph Entries.
First race, Tbrciicur-olds and upward:
selling; three-quarters of a mile. Cere
mony, Countess, Pevisee, Waywayocda.
V'estover, Lndx Danby, Zamacraw, Flake
wood, Goklspec, Jim Donlen, Gov. Firer
and Arundel, l.O0.,eacb.
Second racer-Tprec- car-olds and up
ward; selling; fiverclghths ot a mile. Tan
glefoot, Cheddar, Brisere, Annie T.. Patti,
Gorella, Lucille, Jewsharp, Padre, Gaiety
and Courtney, 102 each; Pope, 105.
Third race Twoy car-olds; selling; five
and a half .furlongs. Pembrook, 107; Bois
terous. Buccaneer, 10G; Miss Blanch R-,
102; Bailie Gay, 101; S,t. Lawrence II,
Bennings, Arabella, Little Ralph, Svengali,
93 each.
Fourth race Four-year-olds and up; sell
ing; one mile. Avon, Prince Klamath,
Chief Justice, .103 each; Fasselt, Van Dyke,
Mote, Black Beauty. Baylor, Geo- Bakes,
Kazel, Irish Pat, Elizabeth, 102 each.
Fifth race Two-year-olds and upward,
selling, flro-elghths ot a mile. Dart, Ar
tillery, Austin, Black Hawk, IOC each;
Veenisburg, McDonald. Mollie Jfiy, So
nora, Blondy's Victim, Marguerite II, Ber
ivyn, Frank D., 102 each.
Sixth race Three-year-olds and upward,
selling, three-fourths ot a mile. Electro.
Paymaster, Top Gallant, Kitty Van, Fem
wood, Hay Tay, Lena H-, Oberlin, Quarter
master, Vespasian', .Luke Richards, Ruc
tion, 100 each.. ,,
Fifth' and sixth races'srere declared off;
entries to first and second were divided,
being the fifth and 'sixth races.
e " inffl
thocKkRa. Hjijl
rent wo offer erery i
S5.00 Shoes
mostly or the Famous n 8. & It,
make and oil our own regular stock at
Wm. Holmes of No. J1230 O street
northwest reported the loss of a sil
ver wattii, gold-putted chain and $0
in money.
Mrs. Lnla Sweeney of No. 001 G street
southwest reported stoled from her
house two pairs ot lace curtains.
Thomas W. Buckley f No. I17 Four
teenth street northwest reports stolen
from la front of No. 2133 L street
northwest a dark green robe and a
Carl MusonotNn. l452Nstri-et north
west reported the loss by theft of a
dark green doth overcoat and black
silk haudkcrihlef.
Mnw hluney GusherlliisSoFHrYleldcd
S 1(1,0(10 Worth.
Pittsburg. Nov. 30. The Royal Gas Com
pany's well on the Mawhlnuey farm. In
Washington county, com limes to be about
the sole topic of conversation w Ith oil men.
It is simply astonishing the way that well
holds up, it beliifj a produce r from Ihe fifty
Late Information from the spouter last
night gave Its prodecllnn at seventy-five
barrels an hour. Tlie well has spouted up
a fortune for lis owners. The flow has been
worth over $10,000. Should Ihe fifty-foot
sand give out. more oil Is llkelj to be found
by boring rie-eper.
There was another surprise In Ibc same
Held yesterday. Hitc.Gnneri Co. brought
In a well 1.000 rret rrom the gusher. Their
well is on theoll line, but it proved aduster.
It was a great disappointment. Tor the rea
son that It is located smilingly In the most
ravoniblc direction from tLe big well ontbo
Mawhlnncy farm.
The Standard has lowered the price orcil
three cents a barrel, making Pennsylvania
oil $1.47 and other oils In proportion.
Millions of Shares Cbanjio Hands
Every Day.
Denver, Colo., Not. 30. The Denver Min
ing exchange yesterday was wild, and all
slocks made advance, some rushing up at
great advances over Wednesday's quota
tions. The brokers complained thit the
upward tendency was nut warranted, and
already they predict an early smash.
It was Impossible to fill buying orders
tx-cause ot this unexpected advance, and in
some storks orrers in advance of the quo
tations failed to bring the sellers out.
The sales reported on the Denver Mining
exchange amounted to 1,230,000. The
three Colorado Springs exchanges aggre
gated 1.200,000, Pueblo 88,000, und Crip
ple Creek 1,000,000.
A dozen new mining companies were In
corporated today tnopcrateliiCrippleCreck
Tlie capitalisations rang" from one to on
and a bait million dollars.
Captnln, Ills Wife and Thirteen
Crew Saved OthcrsMluslmz.
London, Nor. 30. The Ilrltlsh steamer
Rosemorran, Capt. Norman, rrom Norfolk
and Newport News for Leith. landed at
Plymouth late yeaterday evening the cap
tain of the American ship Uelle O'Drlen.
from San Francisco, before reported foun
dered, together with his wife and thirteen
of the ship's crew.
These were picked up from a small boat
on November 27, in latitude 49 north,
longitude 15 west, as they were abandoning
the sinking wreck.
The second officer and two seamen of tho
Belle O'Brien are still missing and one of
the crew was drowned before the vessel
was abandoned.
Ho Adapted to His Own Case Another
Rhymester's Effort.
San Francisco, Nov. SO. Theodore Cur
rant is a plagiarist- Soon after he bad
been sentenced, be said he had written a
A morning paper secured and published it
as a literary freak. It wasmuch commented
on and freely criticised.
It now turns out that the "poem" was
stolen almost bodily from "Ad Leones."
previously published in a religious maga
zine. The "deadly parallel" clearly shows the
fraud of the prisoner. He merely adapted
the original poem to his uses by changing
a Word here and there.
Pennsylvania Confrrossmon-at-Larijea
Candldnte for Re-election.
Pittsburg, Nov. 30. Politics are warm
ing up in this end of tho State. Con-gressman-at-large
George F. Huft of
Grecnsburg, in a letter received by a
friend here yesterday, announced himself
a candidate Tor re-election. Up to date his
candidacy has been uncertain and compli
cated the situation here. It is probable
there will be an aspirant for his place rrom
Allegheny County. Senator M. S. Quay Is
known to f aroran Allegheny County man.
The most prominent of those mentioned
for Hi place Is Henry I. Uourley, controller
of Pittsburg.
Stricken liy Paralysis While Dress
ing, and Dies in a Few Minutes.
Baltimore. Nov. 30. Senior Bishop Alex
ander W. Waynian otthe Arrlcan Methodist
Episcopal Church, one ot the best known
colored churchmen in the United States,
dropped dead in his residence, 1123 East
Baltimore street, this morning.
He was stricken with paralysis while
dressing In his room, aud breathed his last
a few minutes later.
Bishop Wavman had not been in good
hea'th for some time, having during Ihe
past year suffered from minor paralytic
strokes. zi
m m .
Russia's Invasion ot Nc-vv York.
St. PetersbJrg. Nov. 30. With a view to
extending the Russian export trade, the
ministers of finance and commerce are con
sidering a project to hold nn exhibition of
Russltn products in New York, nnd also
contemplate founding a Russian bank In
that city.
m m
Hyatt Smith Committed to Asylum.
The Secretary of the Interior today
granted a permit for the commitment to the
Government Hospital for the Insane nt
Anacostl.t of Rer, Frank Hyatt Smith,
now In custody of officers at lioston. Mass.
Wall Papering
is made a study ot by us We can save
yoa expense oa It, because we know
bow to eo about our work. Wo do it
quickly and perfectly.
We carry a larfe stock of Wall Papers
ot all qualities and carefully selected
Its .grace J.L0I6 Capj.
s 524 13thSt, bct-Eaad.F. ..
as as special Jlj
Mrs. Slack Is Trying to Set
Possession of Her Little Girls.
Col. and Mrs. Fe-rrlno, Who Removed
the Children From Now Jersey,
Wero Present Difficulty ps to tho
rrocc-edliijiK lief occ Justice Ilugner
Therefore Decision WuHpostponeU.
The proceedings under the writ ot habeas
eorpuj issued yesterday against Col. and
Mra. L. Perrine, in behalf of Mrs. Mary
Kimball Slack. In a cult Instituted tor
recovery of the custody of tin; letter's two
children, were bad this morning before
J,isllee McConias. In circuit court No. 2,
and added another somewhat sensational
chupler to the celebrated litigation over
two wills and the attending collateral cir
cumstances. After full discussion by counsel, the pa
pers In the case hav Ing been previously con
sidered by the court, counsel tut Mrs. Slack
asked first that the proper return be made
to the writ, and that pending proceedings
In a concurrent court the mother be given
the custody of her children, requiring bond
in any sum deemed proper.
The interests of Mrs. i'errine were repre
sented in a suggestion that tbc children be
left where they are. with their guardians
under the will, under a rrnrshal's care if
need be, and that the expense otsucb sur
veillance would be promptly paid, it re
quired. Postponement was asked for only
until the proceedings lu Justice Uagners
court are concluded.
The decision of Ihe court was that pro
ceedings tinder the writ must be post
poned until December 4, or until further
order of court, pending the hearing in
Justice Hagner's court, und that the chil
dren shall remain in the custody of their
present guardian trader the will.
Justice McComas said he would receive
suggestions as to the proper safeguards
to prevent the removal ot the children rmn
this jurisdiction, and that such steps should
be taken as would Insure their appearance
when required by this court.
Mr. Carlisle, for Mrs. I'errine, said any
obligation imposed by cnun',l on the other
side would be promptly met. and it was
finally conceded that Mrs. Slack shall have
free access to the children between the
hours of 2 ard 4 o'clock each day, nnd
Judge Wilson's guarantee that they would
b?ln court on Iheday named wasaecepted.
This case attracted to the courtroom
a considerable crowd, and among the
spectators was a number of well-known at
torneys who temporarily laid aside their
own affairs and dropped in to witness
the proceedings.
A n Important insurance case, but, under
the circumstances, a wearisome one, was
firit called- The spectators impatiently
awaited Its conclusion.
Mr. Calderou Carlisle, who disclaimed
connection with the case as counsel, tint
addressed the court, stating that the defend
ants under the writ were then In the ofriec
ot Carlisle A Johnson, within the readi
of the court- He recited the particulars
lu all prior proceedings, and then said that.
in view of the action ot Justice Uagner, In
the probate court, lu Issuing a restraining
order, it was believed that iibedlenee to
the writ of one -ojrt might be construed as
disobedience of the other tribunal.
The consummation waanot reached with
out exhaustive discussion. Mr. CarlUle
was seconded by Judge Wilson, and these
gentlemen argued tLat the offer to guar
antee the presence of the children had
been prepared prior to the service of
the writ, and had been in court since yes
In response to the query ot the court,
Mr. Carlisle stated that there was not the
slightest probability that thcchUdren would
be removed from the court's custody. He
said that application for instructions un
der the two orders had been nskedofChlef
Justice Bingham, but bis honor had de
clined to lnttrpore. upon the grounds that
the onler or Justice Hagner was slill pend
ing and the cause thereunder not yel de
Attorneys Hamilton and Worthliigton
represented Mrs. Black, each In a leigtby
address. In whlcb the contention was made
that a return should be made to the writ,
a part or the requirement hclng to show
cause why they still ho!d the children in
violation of on order of a New Jersey court.
Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Perrine is in this
court, nor have tbey produced the children
here, Mr. Hamilton stated.
They should no w beheld to be in contempt
and served with a writ of attachment.
The court interposed at t bis point with the
statement that the parties were all In the
chamber adjoining the courtroom, and
were, to all Intents and purposes, under the
court's charge-
Mrs. Slack sought and obtained an order
In a New Jersey court. Mr. Hamilton de
clared, requiring the custodians to show
cause, and that In violation ot a known
order tuey fled from their homes and came
here as fugitives to Impede the course of
Mr. Worlhlngton follnr-ed the same line
of argument. Asked by the court If he be
lieved there was any danger that the chil
dren would be removed from this Juris
diction. Mr. Worthlngton said, in quota
tion: " 'The only lamp to my feet is the
lightof experience. These custodians have
fled from one court, and it they choose they
may at any time escape from this Juris
diction, and this mother, the natural pro
tector of her own offspring, may be next
compelled to seek them In California."
Mr. Wortlungton added to his former
declaration that Mrs. Black is unwilling
to trust to theintegrityor the Perrine-s. and
that she expected the court to determine
her claim to custody.
The cause before Justice Hagner has
two phases, onoas.yithewtllnud the other
under the timpornrj- restraining rule and
order, obtained by the grandfather stopping
proceedings until the issues In the orphans
court are decided. These wlllbeheardnext
Justice McComas bad regard to this
order, made by a court with concurrent
Jurisdiction, when he decided In favor ot
Several Lenders BeforeCrlmlnalCoiirt
and Slnjzcrt House Searched.
Berlin, Nov.. 30. The Vorwacrts con
firms the report that tho Socialist leaders.
Licbknecht, Aucr, and Braun. were exam
ined yesterday before a criminal Inquiry
Justice in the case against Aucr and others
iharged with violating the association
law. ,
Tlie Yorwaerts adds that the Potjallst
unions havo not yet been ilosed, though
it is cpeited that they will be.
The liolice, the paper says, have searched
the Iiojsc ot Herr Singer.
Nose York stock Slnrasr
On ms Clos
Ametlcaa Tobieco -5 7, EMI
Atchison. Tcipeka-.JtS. F. 1755 "7W 1T3 lTi
C K. Oulncy MV4 Wi TU N14
rblcaroQas. ri 1S.14 n f2.s
DeULcctiWten...-5f7 VI 1(7 3C7
Distiller a Cattle Feei. 19? j 1'Jij V$; WJ.
Erie - H n J1 13
cieneral le:trlc . Sit 31kC SHI 11U
LakoShrro 15f 131 I0O14 K0
lJiui3nIleaaa .Sashrlllft. M14 Vft ISJ sartft
Nat Lead S!4 50 CC4 M
Leather. 1" 11 II 11
Loatherprf 6,' G4 0! 5i C35i
b: t. pTd ss; xnz zi am,
Missouri r-aclflo -. S1W STU ! 1055
Manhattan Elorated.... ICO15 10311 i:o',c 10i
IorthueBt icr.j.: iisjj U6'4 uc-i
Northorn Pacifle pta.. .. m llsj lsj: W
N. Y. Central 1044 100?1 1C0-, SCWi
K. W. pfd J21 2vJ TO! SI
, HSM 113V1 HM H8n
. 33K Z0H Jipj 301,
. lOti 10J4 JO1.4 10),
. "ll -5ft ;3ts 7S
. 11 ;i 11 11
. t4 u !4
. Z3J-.1 zu$ stvi zul
& h k k
Pacific H all
Hock Island .............
Southern pfd.
Tennessee Coal A Iron..
Texas Pselnc
-Wabaaa prereireO. ,
Wasters Ualon'f ......
A stowIbi bustaess Is best aoorlaktt
by the fooa ot be: values.
" The founders of a sys-"
tern tha turns estab
lished custom "topsy
turvy" have much to
contend with we have
been through the mill
now the
Rubicon is
We preach
"Tailoring Exclu-
sively" sermon to will
ing ears and back it up
by such values as $15
Overcoats to your meas
ure. An ounce of practice belief
"ban a pound of taeory.
F St. N. W.
S1LSBY & 00.,
(Incorporated) '
Commission StOCk Brokers
Correspondents J. R. WILLARD & CO.
This Company has abundance of
money to loan oa real estate ana
collateral seenrttr at the lowest mar.
ket rates. Persons owning the lot
and wishing to bu!M a home can se
cure the necessary money from this
American Security
and Trust Co.. 1405 G St.
C. 3. BELL. President.
1335 F Street Northwest.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Provision
and Cotton.
Direct rrlrate Wires 1 Long Distance
to lelephone.
Principal Cities. 1 1414.
vorresponaenzs of
No. 47 New St., New York.
Members ot the New York Stock Bxchanz.
Brokers and Dealers
- -IN
Stocks, Cotton, Grain, Provisions.
Local OSlcea Koomi 10, 11, is Corcoran Balii
lc$. COS Tth St. opposite I'atea: OCce.
USces Philadelphia, Baltimore. Washlnzua
Selllut; in London Caused StHcmUion
on 'Change nt Now York.
New York, Nov. 30. The stock market
started oft weak under the influence of
lower quotations from London.
The decline in the general market was
equal to 1-13-8 per cent outside of Lake
Shore, nlilcii fell 1 1-2 per cent to ICO 1-2.
Chicago Gas was the weak spot among the
Industrials and declined to 01-
Subsequently the rocm traders began
to cover nnd under this buyingprlees quickly
advanced 1-2 to 1 3-4 per cent.
The strongest stocks at this time were
Sugar. Tobacco and Chicago Gas. Sugar
roe from 100 3-4 to 101 7-8; Tobacco
from 79 3-1 to 81 1-2, and Chicago Gas
from 61 to 63 1-4.
The railway list after the early loss
noted above rallied fractionally, and re.
maineel firm in tone.
Washington Stook Excnnnce.
Sales Regular call HeUoto!ltaa K. R., 13 as
10:K; U. . fcleotric Llcht. S3 at ISr; Araericaa
Urapbune, US at 3!; 2C0 al3. andJJOate.
Alter call- Capital Traction, 10 at 76?i; 31 at'iT,
C. s's. It. Ill 111
IT. S.'a C HUa
U.S. 4's tii IWfc lSOJi
V.S.I', 1WM tllfc,
r ISW-JO-jear s undine". ....... ..10 ,....
t'al!i"30-Tear Funding"' gou- H1J4 .....
T'slSUI "Water&tocx-curren:y. iii
J'slWM WaterMoct"' curreacr. HJ ....
tGi't 1921 "Fmullar" curroncr. Ill
IH'sIiot 2-10 s, 130-190! I1)
iletlSKConT 6'i. 1901 11 WJ 11414
let K 11 Cout i's 1C6
Belt R 115's IStl 83 67
Kctlugton 1: i:us. 1XM.UI1 ico 10s
Colombia It Rra. Ull . ;tl?f III
Wash Oas Co, ber A. 6's. ISOVr.... 115
Vt ashOu Co, Ser u. 6 a. 1501-"ai .... 113 IIS
'Hasnt.asCoCcnTS's.ryoi la la
U.S. Use Light ConrS's. 19J1 123
Chesapeake Jt TotomaoTeI,5's.... 100 Iffrif
Amercec Trust 5'a. 190j 100 10
Amer See X Trust 5'a, 1W 10U 11
Wash Market Co lit o's, WJ-.'-19Il
17,000 retired annually 110 ......
nashMarkCoInipCa, nji:-'z7 lto
Wash Mark Co Kxt'as'a, 13:1-' 110 ......
Masonic Hall.Wn&'a.C, 13W 103
WashUlsUntry lssoa.1901 103
Bank of TVasiington 31 ZOO
Bank ofUept-Mic -II
Metropolitan. 213 300
Central..... .ro
i armors and Moih-ialcs'.. 13.) ......
Second......... .......... 113 133
Citizens. 11)
Columbia. 11 140
Capital. IIS
cstnd Ul
Traders 130
Lincoln. MC, 104
sir: Dsrosrr exo tbist cccs.
Nat bale Deposit & 'lrust .".. 119 1CS
Wash Loan A Trim :19 11?
AciSoourhri Trust liotj lit
VlaslitafjDsi'Oslt. .......... CO 73
CapIUl T ratrtloa Co 's 73
Metropolitan 102 103
toluzi&la.... -. 13 ......
licit 30
1 iMueton.. r. to
Ccorfctownand 'leaillrtoira... .. .... CO
ues jiso ELia. uoararoje.
Vashtn;tou oas... I3t 4-
lecreetonn Cas.. 13K
L.S. ycctrle Meat 120 131
Firemen b 33 ......
Iranklln. 3S
llotropol.tau.... Cs
Corcoran- 50 ......
Potomac.... ............ Gi . ...
Arliccton . 113
Cerman American ISO
Jvatloaal Union 10 13
t'clumoia M K
I'egplo's ECJ, c
Lincoln. :w 8
CommerciaL. 3
Real IstatoTItlc 137 1M
ColumblaTulo. 7i 7I(
Wosliiujun Title .. , 7
District flUe. 9 10
Pennsylvania 37 ......
Chesapeake ana Potomaa SO SI
American Graphophono 4 4VJ
lneumatlc tiun C.-irrlare-.......... .25 .S3
Washtn Eton Market 14
Croat falls lea 123 133
Bull Run ranorama. .... S3
Llneoutllall 3
MergsatBalar Uaotypa. 211 ait
kx Rirtasad
'- ji
. ?E
-S-si.jt.v' jir. 1
3.X&-3l..52l--.?2 -wC -
"?.iJi -'-

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