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N. -
Our Lace Counters
Were well patronized last
i- sir tiovp tried to"
duplicate tbc bargains. Here J
are me apctiai n-uo
ToJay :
12Jc and 15c qual
ity Oriental Lace for
1 8c Oriental Laces,
in cream and white.
for I7l
39c Point Venice
Laces, with net top,
12 in. wide, for
25C yd 4
39c Double width
Veiling, in all colors,
for l9c ,d
ing. for
Ladies' Shield Bows, In
grass linen and silk, gc eacn
Ladles' Patent Bows and
Four-ln-Hands In Silk or
SatVn 25C each
Ladies' Linen Collars,
standing or turn-over,
IOC .,rl," fnr 25C
each 2 for
The Swell Ladies' Linen
Collar and Cuffs-for 50C
A new line ot Kmbroldered
nml Grans Mnen 'Yokes for La
dles mid Children, Irom
$1.25 to $3.48
5 420, 422, 424, 426 7th St.
8th and Market Space.
Lace Plaid and Striped
Grenadines, fancy designs
and plain tints, worth 18c a
3'ard, on sale at
First floor, center, bargain counters.
This is another one of our
Special Offerings such as
has made our Corner the
Greatest Bargain Center in
the Union.
For You !
Don't deprive yourself of a Baby
Carriage or a Refrigerator or a Roll
of Matting: on account of a lack or
CASH. Your credit is always good
here and our prices are lower
than those of the cash houses. No
notes or interest. Carpets made
and laid FREE.
SI 9-S21 -823 7th St. N. W.
EETWE13! a i-va 1 sri
Fischer's Trusses
Arc fitted accurately and they're
the very best to bo had.
03 7TII feT. N. W.
and you shall receive,
free of charge, a sam
ple of Capo May Bou
2uot Toilet Soap. It Is
Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
11th and G sts. nw. Washington, D. OL
"' 333 Pa. Ave. N. W.
FlrRt-rlnsa serrloe. 'Phone, 1383.
, Jy4-6m
-s i !- mSftmmjfBk
r I I IK I t I IT 1 1 r.M
t r; k . 1' ly LLP!
'I 11HHI
c:a2 1 1 X M naniwjABi
t 1-- -.. , 'l'
Marriage of Miss Bessie Johnson
and Mr. E E. Van Horn.
Dinners to Ik. Gien by a Number o
Fcuthlonablu Folkn Mnude Pot'U
Concert Tonight.
The marriage of Miss Bessie Jolmson,
daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Johnson,
to Mr. H. E. Van Horn took place last
evening at 8,30 o'llott at the residence
of the bride's arents.
The ceremony was ticrrormed by Rev.
F. D. Fovver ot the Vermont Aenue Chris
tian Church, and was wllncs-sed by mem
bers and flrcuds of both families.
The bridesmaid was Miv) Nellie Hudson,
and Mr. U W. Johnson, a brother of tlie
bride, was best roan.' The oung couple
were the recipients of man haudsome pres
ents. A dinner was giv en yesterday by Cardinal
Gibbons to entertain the professorsof IMv In
Itj College of the Catholic University at his
Baltimore residence.
The affair was In honor of Bishop O'Gor
raan. and otherspre-scnt were Bishop Keane.
Dr. Charles Grannan, the dean; Drs. Hjver
nat. Pace. Bhahan. Bonquillon, Bchroeder
ami Terries.
Mrs. Tattg Yu, wife of tbc Chinese ininls
er, entertained at fa jestcrday afternoon
Miss Marguerite Whoug.
Gen. and Mrs Mcrtvvngo will give a din
ner this evening anl one Saturday night.
Mrs Cullcn will
Wednesday evening.
.entertain at dinner
Le Vicointe de Bantu Thjrso, the Portu
guese minister, and bis wife, have arrived
MlssGaUaudetand MlssSpofford will en
tertain at dinner tonight.
The Maud I'owcll concert at Metzerott
Hall this evening will no doubt nttract
a large nndashlonablc audience. Miss
Maud Powell is not only a famous artist, but
a generous woman, who does much to .-raise
the standard of music in America. Rudolf
von Scarpa, the noted pianist, will assist.
Miss Anita Chiss, harpist; Trot. Mejcr.
Messrs. Rice, Fiuckle and Ilellcn vv ill also
live numbers.
Patronesses are Mrs. O L Barber,
Mrs. W O Dcnnlson. Mrs Sherman, Mrs.
Teller. Mrs Blount, Miss Morton, Miss
Herlwrt, Mrs. Burrows. Mrs Nortbwny nnd
Mrs Stewart.
Mr. and Mrs Charles M Ffoulke will
give a dinner this evening.
Misses Kanffm'nn. Miss Davis and Mlas
Barber will cnte'taln this afternoon and
evening at "Pretty rjnspect."
bright and attractive about spring
wcddjigsand celebrated as they
arc so Immediatelvafterthe Lenten
season, the contrast Is particularly
marked. Then everybody feels It a duty to
don their new and rrcsh spring costumes in
honor of the occasion, jo that not only does
the bridal party, but the guests as well, ap
pear In smartest raiment.
The principal Idea this spring Is nppir
'Untlytohavecverjthingnlouta wedding
In the simplest possible style, expensive
materials If so desired, but no gaudy effects
or conspicuous colorings.
Churches In this age of the world do not
look so brilliant when weddings are cele
brated therein as they did In the dajs when
fiilldrcss wasdcrlgucur. Nowevery woman
must wear a hat, consequently a street
gown, and even though that gown may be
of the richest material and most vivid color
ing, It has not the same brilliant effect as
when Ihcevenlnggowns.nml the hair carc
tully dressed and sparkling wilh Jewels,
were considered the correct costume. The
bats and bonnets of this season, however,
and the flowered slllr costumes which are
In fashion at present, cannot be called dull;
and roses, violets, orchids and flowers of
every kind nnd description whose proto
typese ver bloomed on earth or wcrccvoloved
from the Inner consciousness of the'riowcr
manufacturers, have lent their aid to relieve
anv somherness of coloring among congre
gations m m m .
FURNITURE slips arc highly valued by
all wise! economical housewives. If
the wornout furniture Is covered
next mouth with fresh linen slips
the expense of re-covering may be
postponed until Oitober, and the neat, use
ful slips will be on band for use during
many summers to come. Not the least ad
vantage of such an arrangement is thatthe
room Is completely transformed and given
an appropriately siimmerish appearance.
Heavy plush furniture is not a suitable
background for summer gowns. Moreover,
it is hot and unattractive looking In the
humid summer da)S. And it must In all
cases be considered the part of wisdom If
the housewife can save the wear and tear
on her furniture for five whole months uut
of the jear.
If the bouse Is closed during the summer
the linen coverings prcv cnt an accumulation
of dust upon the plush or other material. If
It is kept open, the arc cool and comfort
able. Linen of plain gray or ccro Is the best
material, and the binding cf braid is rather,
unnecessary. It Is almost needless to say
that the coverings should fit. They should
be carefully cut out in sections and the
edges Joined and bound. This, however. Is
a matter thai any upholsterer can easily dis
pose of.
Suto Tonr Boxes.
Every well-regulated house should con
tain a placer where boxes are kept. Then
every one who comes to the house, as soon
as its contents arc used, should be put In
this closet, along with the string and
wrapping paper, so that If a parcel Is to
he done up in a hurry the materials are
at band.
HE Epwortn League ot Suffern, N.
Y., belli a Trilby auction recently for
the purpose of ralslngenougb money
to induce the pastor to refuse an J
offer of Increased satary made by a
neighboring congregation.
The auction was a great success. Tbo
members ot the congregation nere at
tracted by a bazaar, which was given In
a I.irge room. Then, at an bour previous
ly fixed, all the joung girls in the con
gregation "were g.ithered behind a partly
raised curtaltu whlcli revealed only ttclr
feet. Then the funny man of tie crowd
acted as auctioneer, and the girls were
sold to the highest bidder, who could
only Judge the appearance or the per
sonality of the girl from what be saw of
her feel.
N effort is being nude by tliobe who
desire -variety to Introduce the
fashion in vogue thirty years ago
of having names on calling cards
put In Roman letter. Howling
swells have their cards engraved In this
style. It is more expensive than the old
fashloncd script. Certain conservatives ot
the fashionable world look askance at these
cards engraved In Roman letters, for, no
matter how cxqulsitclj they are executed,
they suggest, at first glance, common print
ing. However, it Jou wish to.be very fit,
have a thin card einlK-lINbed with jour
name In small Roman capitals.
MflPn .:'
U1- W f - .
N these hurr skurry days of ours, says
a writer, when ever body Is trying to
do an hour's work In forty minutes,
there Is nothing quite so refreshing
to come across as a man or woman
who seems to have time enough to live.
"Heaven defend me from all two legged
whirlwinds," wrote Charles KIngsley many
j ears ago, and it seems as it bis terror was
prophetic, for the two legged whirlwind
Is to the fore Just now wilh the force and
tervor of a bottled up hurricane.
Sober scientists tell us at rcguUir Inter
vals that the reaction Is bound to come.
Staid German towns, whose clocks boast
only an bour hand, look aghast at talcs
of American energ, nnd daintj Denes ana
beaux ot our grandmothers' dajs, who
still linger In bewildered surprise amidst
the clamor ot the hour, predict our utter
destruction; but the pressure is all about
about us, and we must lcid or be left
How, then, shall we learn the secret of
re3t and repose In the midst ot unrest and
excitement? nerc nnd there we meet with
a busy woman, who does the work of
three averagu people, and yet keeps se
rene nnd peaceful from one week's end to
another; but the secret Is not easy to
learn. 'vThe theory is patent enough; it
Is simply "Never burr, never worry."
, . . .
Fig Layer Cuke.
O onecupot butter nllowtwocupsof
sugar, three cups of flour, six eggs,
one teaspoonful ot baking powder
and one pound ot figs.
Open the figs, spread them upon
a dish and put In the oven a levy minutes to
soften. Mix the batter and pour hair of it
Into a square pan. Spread the figs over
the surface, then add the remainder of the
batter. Bake in a moderate oven to pre
vent drying. When nearly cold slice once
through the center. Spread with a thick
layer of boiled Icing; put back thetop, nice
ly fitted, and. Ice the entire cake.
frIMgSf.3OT8PATLyBIL ftl1898.
AVE Jtfu 'crer noticed," com
mented nun, "bow women put
down their Icct as they -walk to
ward fi.P the street, and how
they nfmdsf. always show the
soles of their succs,Jui an ugly, liee'-flrst,
8lap-me-dowu soni oil fashion? Not one
in fifty, or even a hundred, put down her
feet gracefully, and jet every child who
goes o dancing 'phoBl is told over and
over again by ber dancing master to
point the toes and put them down first."
The habit of putting down the heels first
Is called the "peSsant's walk," as It is
csseulially bourgeblse in Its 'character.
Duse, as Banluzza, In "Cavallerla Rusti
cana," imitates this walk admirably.
"But do jou LnoWj'i said a fashionable
woman, who was waknlng tbc actress,
and had beard this particular gait dis
cussed, "that is exactly the way I walk
myself," and the friend who was -with her
rould not gainsay ber, for the lady was
not noticeable for her graceful carriage.
II Is a great pity that the art of walk
ing is not taught as persistently and care
fully as dancing. It seems to to an ac
cepted Idea that it a child learns 10 dance
well e-rnr-c will naturally follow, and that
the Improvement will be general; but this
Is by no means the case. Aptitude at
dancing by no mcuns argues that a good
carriage and graceful walk will 1 de
veloped, nnd It will bo only by making
this part of the physical education a sep
arate and particular study that satisfac
tory results will be obtained. Boston
HETIIERliccauseof theapproachlng
coronation of the czar, wnicu is
causing such a flutter among cos
tumcrs in Russia, or because of
the example of the Poiith African
millionaire, who served diamonds to 1113
dinner guests, or for some other reason,
the present rage for Jewels is unprecedent
ed. Jewels adorn cv en the simplest articles
nf dress, they are strung in garlands over
elaborate costumes, and now, as the cli
max, they are employed as the material of
an entire bodice.
Wuntrd A TVulst.
A pretty summer waist Is wanted. The
st Ifflysta relied slilrt waist Is not very com
fortable, for it is not marl as cool as It
looks. Cjcling in the sun Is a very hot ex
ercise, and a willed collar brings misery
A waist of wash silk or any other light
soft material would lieau Improvement.
Street Costume for Spring.
HANDSOME umbrella handle Is ot
"welcnsel," a wood that emits a
delicate fragrance when warmed by
the hand.
IT Isn't always the strictly beautiful
women that are the most attra ctlv c, at least
that is what tbc plain onces say.
TBE up-to-date girl fnakes no pretentions
to a blrd-llkeappetlte. She likes to eat and
doesn't mind people knowing it.
IF jou can't buyi(Qucen Anne cottage
get a camry bird, aniLyou will feel quite
as though jou hadia home of your own.
YOB may be sure, that the woman who
talks to jou about someone else will not
spare you when yoar back Is turned.
BABIES and dogs are vcrj. certain Judges
of character. Tou can always depend on
the man that one or the other takes to.
A BUNCBof short curls at the hack ottue
coirfure is considered, chic. If they are a
fraction of an loch too long they are called
old raaidish.
ALLsortsof queer Indian names areglvcn
to the swell man's neckwear. The tints of
the same quite correspond with the outre
DID jou ever notice that the girl home
from boarding school can tell ev crything
that has happened In six months during the
first evening In the bosom of ber own fam
ily, and after that has nothing further to
A YOUNG housekeeper who at the last
jnoment found herself short of skewers
took some new hatpins, washed andscourcd
them and used them for the joint of meat
with decided success.
TBERE arc GG0 women Journalists, ed
itors and authors in England and Wales,
according to the last census reports.
; v 'mj
fit Mr
Children's Ajro
Infants' Colts,
Children's Beefert
ana Boys' Waist.
Don Murclie, 314-310 7th St.
who was made Officer d'Acadc
mle by the French govern
ment on February 18, In rec
ognition of her work in
musical criticism. Is" the first Ameri
can woman to win such distinction.
Miss Thomas lias been in Paris but little
more than a jear. and went there utterly
without influence. Her success, therefore,
in grasping the musical spirit qf France
and interpreting it as she bas done. Is the
more conspicuous.
The recommendation of Miss Thomas'
work sent to the Academy was signed by
such well-known names as Alexandre Ouil
mant. Ambrolsc Thomas, C. Saint-Saens
and others. Massenet, who wasln Milan at
the time, sent a special letter expressing
hlsdcsirethatthe honor should be conferred.
Not only in winning glory for lierseir. but
In harmonizing the musical Interests of
two countries. Miss Thomas bas done a
work of which American women may be
HE dressing sacque, which has not
been much In evidence tor a iew
trari. Isacalnthefashlon. Ilshould
be worn only In the privacy ot one's
own room, and thero It Is dainty
and charming.
The new dressing sacqucs are made or
sheer cambric, and are trimmed with lace
frills and insertions. Some of the prettiest
have deep sailor collars and full bishop
sleeves. The collar fastens In front with
a bow of rlbton with long ends, and the
same colored ribbon is used to confne the
fullness of the sacque at the waist.
A pretty dressing sacque trimmed wilh
lace may bo tiought ready made for $2.25,
and jet others, made to order, come as
Sigh as $50. The expensive sacques arc
trimmed lavishly with real lace and are
of the sheerest of cambric.
Many of these, costing $5, have the
collar and cuffs outlined with narrow em
broidery beading, through which ribbons
ire run. The rlblions He here and there
In tin bows, and theeffect Is very pretty
HE single woman In tne unucu
States Is infinitely superior to her
European sister. Free from the
fetters that often make the French
old maid so pitiable and ridiculous
she does not, like the latter, expect to gain
liberty bj marriage. On the contrary, by
marriage she would lose that perfect in
dependence which allows her to cultivate
hi rsclf more and more, to rise Into a la rger
sphere than that of the family and even
orthe ordinary social circle, bj consecrating
herself to work sof universal interest, ncr
Intercourse with men, freed from thechlldish
ncss of flirtation, bears a stamp of quiet
ness and freedom which allows real and
serious Intimacies that no criticism could
assail. One sees no bitterness, no regrets.
Her lot Is too beautiful, her life too full.
In spite of the natural sausractions re
nounced nay. perhaps Just on account of
that renunciation. Let there be, however,
no misunderstanding. If It seems Indis
pensable to me that the woman who, for
some good reason or other, does not marry
si ould find some sphere for her activity, I
severely blame the systematlcscorn of mar
riage which comes to many young Ameri
cans who are ambitious to be somebody, to
do something, to distinguish themselves
:n a career and to escape from the common
ways. With these pretended vocations
there Is often mixed a childish vanity, a
morbid. Idea of creating a sensation, of
slnglingonesclf out. and obstacles are most
useful In proving their real value. Forum.
The "rromoter" Thrives.
The young woman bicycle "promoter"
does a flourishing business. Not only does
she skim along the highways, but she Is a
feature ot the bicycle schools, aud earns a
good salary by simply wearhig a stylish
suit, looking as If she were tlioioughly en
joying herself, and riding with ease and
grace. Of course, she is supposed to be
a patron of the scheol, and her proficiency
and evident enjoyment attract others to
followher example. A good figure Is as
essential for a bicycle "promoter'-as for a
cloak model, and upon the same principle.
OTJLD you rather have style or
beauty?'s.U a question often
asked among women, and the
answer Is almost invariably In
favor of stjle, while men quite
as decidedly vote in favor of beauty us a
matter of course.
A pretty face alone counts tor but little,
especially at a ball or any other social func
tion. If the owner is otherwise dowdily or
badly dressed. An ugly woman with a
good figure and distinguished carriage
will give the Impression of good loo'cs, and
quite eclipse a beauty who has neither, even
to masculine perception, for a man feels
the effect of style, although unable to define
what it really is, and often unwittingly
calls it beauty,
"A tallslight woman can make anything
ot herself she chooses," is a sajlng quoted
from a great French dressmaker, which has
"a great deal ot truth in It, although it goes
without saying that In addition a woman
must hav e other qualities to bring about this
She must have good taste, perception
and the great knack of putting on her
clothes well, 'which v by the way, is an
art that is not undeT tod by nine women
out of ten. even the famous Worth acknowl
edging that to show really to advantage bis
gowns must be well worn.
"That Is what tries me more than nnj
thtng else," he said one day to a favorite
customer, "to know that my most artistlo
conceptions are dependent upon others, and
may lie completely spoiled by tbo way In
which they are worn."
A plain woman, therefore, need never feel
discouraged if she is clever. By studying
herself and ber possibilities she ran produce
a result which will almost, lr not qultt,
equal beauty, and she has this great ad
vantage that her attractions never .fade,
and are cven'apt to increase, rather than
lessen, as she grows older.
"A pretty woman is loved for a while,
but au ugly woman forever," Is a French
Buying, which must be true, as It has
passed Into a proverb, and which Is com
forting to those who have not the "fatal
gift ot beauty." New York Tribune.
NE of t be latest additions to the table
accessories is a silver bread fork.
It is antique In shape, with pierced
' IF a dish of cold water Is Vept in a.caVe
box it w III keep the cake fresh and moist.
IN making a mustard plaster take a
piece of lard aud stir the dry mustard Into
the l.i rd until it Is a thick paste, and will
Justspread. Spread on a piece of lawn and
apply to the affected part. This will not
HAVE you ever tried a hot pancake for
an aching side or back? Mix flour and
water together until you have a thick bat
ter, and cook on a hot griddle with very
little grease. Place lulietweeu thin mus
lin and apply to the aching place. A pan
cake applied to the base of the brain will
often relieveaheadacho.andisrecommendcd
for congestion of the lungs.
KEROSENE OIL added tothe water with
which mirrors, windows, or anything of
glass is to be washed, will give a luster.
A pint of water and three tablespconfuls
of oil will wash four large windows. First
dust the windows carefully, then rub well
wilh kerosene-awl water, vlpewlth acloth,
and polish with old newspaper.
THE pretty little two tined forks In
tended to be used for strawferrks are
now seen decorated with the berry enam
eled 111 the naturalcolors. The vlre twists
around and up the handle. aud has both the
blossomsaiid the fruit upon It.
HEAVY-CARVED sliver candlesticks are
very much sought after, and they are used
for table decorations more than ever
Dimly shades are made from artificial
flowers to match the color of the candle
New York Sun
BE reason Is simply this Mature
takes the time when one is lying
dowh to give the heart rest, and
that organ, consequently, makes
ten strokes less a minute than when
one Is In an upright posture.. Multiply that
byGOmlnutesandltlsCOOstrokes. There
fore. In eight hours spnt In llnc down
the heart Is saved nearly 5,000 strokes,
and as the heart pumps six ounces of blood
with each stroke it. lifts 30,000 ounces
less of blood in a night of eight hours
spent In bed than when one Is In an up
right position. As the blood flows 60
much more slowly through the, veins when
one Is lying down, one mast supply then
with extra coverings the warmth usually
furnished by circulation Harper's Bazar.
HE most complete and successful ef
fort in behalf of leap year yet given
is a debut tea in honor of a number
of masculine buds. Thejoungmen,
it Is true, had glory thrustuponthem,
but they rose to the nccessltlcsjjf the occa
sion nobly, as true men are sure to do.
The decorations of the room wereiu pink
and each hud worea La France rose. They
served tea and chocolate with astonishing
aptness, and altogether put the girls to the
blush by their ability to perform these im
mense tasks. It is further told that they
made such Ideal hosts that not one guest
was overlooked.
Mnko Tills Yoarsclf. ,
In traveling a toothbrush cass Is a con
venient little article to own. To make it
take n piece ot ribbon about an inch ami a
halt wide and a yard and .i quarter long.
First, neatly line the ribbon with oil silk,
finishing the outer edges with the simple
herring-bone stltc'i.'workej In silk the same
color as the ribbon. Then fold the ribbon,
overhanding the edges to form a pocket.
The remainder of the ribbon Is used as the
cover. It Is fastened to the pocket by fine
silk goods, which tie In a bow. This little
case will be round most useful Inprotecting
the toothbrush.
eifiiiiminnmmnmnniiniitnwinnniimiTif irnmi nrnnr mmnmnnnnmiiB
The Best Potted Ham and Tongue, 5c a Can.
Emirich Beef
12 Reliable
We will sail 23c Bilk Vel
vet Roses three In a bunch
vt lib rubber stems. Also ele
gant sprays of flowers with
two roses, with leaf foliage.
All th-ides at
We zvill not sell more than
two bunches to a customer.
$6.00 Ladies' (fc Q
Suits for Pyo
Just receiTed.25Tan Covert
Cloth ha ts. made In latest
style, full-wiUtb skirts, bUzer
jacceia v ltn large sieevea aim
juook at
Skirts for lyo
Elegant figured and plain
Brilllantlne Skirts lined
througbouCTeltet bound, full
five yards wide, in large and
small patterns. Look at the T I QQ
King's Palace,
81-:-SU7tli St 715 Market Space.
t Bargains!
CLOTH CAPES reduced t
4 from $1.25 to
75c. i
t 904-906 7th St. $
S-ywsv -sVsVsVsV VsV-sVsvsV.sip
Fresh Laid Eggs.
You cannot improve on a nico fresh ezg th
trouble is to get fresh ones. e look afto
that. Our Fancy Egsare put upinonedozen
patent pocket boxes, and every ezg Is guarin
teed Ircsu. Ihe price is no highcrthauothers
ask for inferior qualities.
Square Marble and Glass Standi.
Center "Mar et.
BRICKERD At Glendale. Md., on April
"7 at " a. m.. Marlon Aubrey, son of
Jlamle and Milton Brickerd. aged eighteen
moi tbs
COLEMAN-On Monday, April 27. 189G.
Ellzalieth. wife of Charles II. and mother
of Louisa. Rebecca and J imes II. Coleman.
Funeral rrora 1 niru isapirei i.unu. i "
, Wednesday, at :
onu v 3iit, uv.i ..-..
ICYCLE girls have been almost out
of tbeirminds in tr Ing to keep tneir
hair straight- The wind and the
heat have been plaing havoc with
their locks, and they have come to
the conclusion that something radical In the
way of reform must be cmplovcd. If the
bieCle girl is to escaic theannoyance that
Is the consequence of possev,in a full t ead
ot hair, she mnst do eomc thing quickly.
She Is prepared to do it. for the "lucjcle
bang" has been invented by some ingenious
soul, and the btcde girl will wcarlt.
The "blcCle bang" Is of human hair,
matching that of the wearer, andis fastened
on with numberless diminutive pins, con
cealed amid the meshes of the iKing. so that
there Is nothing to detract from its natural
ness. The hair is treated with a chemical
that prevents it getting out or curl, no mat
ter how moist may be the atmosphere or
bow boisterous the wind. The blcclc girl
says it is tLe best thing that has been In
vented for her benefit for years.
ICYCLING in Italy Is governed by
some v cry stringent rules. Among
others, riders are forbidden to ue
some of the paths In Mouza Park.
. Queen Marghenta of Italy Is an
enthusiastic wheel woman. She was glid
ing smoothly along one ot the forbidden
paths, when a young and zealous soldier
stopped her. Be did not know the queen
and placed her under arrest.
He bewailed his zealousness when he
learned whom he had arrested, and was la
abject misery until he received, cot a repri
mand, but ten francs and a rliotograph of
the queen, sent by herself. The queen ex
pressed the hope that the soldier would
study the photograph and know her the next
silk l'eltlcoutH
Silk petticoats are beautiful to behold
tliia season, and something a little more
elegant and expensive than Its Imrrcdlate
companion Is a white silk skirt triirraed
with a deep'accordion plaited flounce made
of alternate rows of satin ribbon and lace
insertion, with lace on the edge. One or
two deep flounces of plain silk, hcmircd
and find plaited.are very pretty and less .
expensive than the ribbon anl lace.
Put the question to your
wife: "Have you tried
Kneipp's Malt Coffee?"
Knelpp Malt Food Co..
A.Lepper, Wholesale Agent,
fatalls Hs-lU Center Market.
adds a longer lease of life. It puri
fies the blood pure, rich blood is
conducive to longevity. This is the
trying period of the year to put the
system into such order that It will
resist the attacks of disease.
All first-class Druggists.
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