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Hecht & Companyr.515Ttli.SL
I - '
: Credit's
as mm as
with us. We are just; as willing to sell
you on time as we are to S9ll you for cash. It
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Bicycle Suits for half.
"We're leallv ofrenng Bicycle
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nboutinthU w.i Manufacturer
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to dlipse of quli Uy for the need
ed cash, an J we vvercou hand ami
look what he had. Hence vveof
rcr. All-linen crash Milts and lliig
IN'i cotton covert fuits, which
ordinaril cost Sti-for $2.98.
All-wool covert trie) tic suits,
whichuMiallycust$8-ror$3 98.
Cotton covert bicjclciiniits.SSc
All-wool bicjclopantsfor $1.-19
iwial liricc, 53.E0
Men's Sio Suits for S6.50.
A bona fide reduction a low
ering of an actual price a shav
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urday night. Lijht ami dark
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f Hecht & Company, 515 Tth St.
& & &&m& &&& ' '''
Continued from First race.
pride In the old home plnce, that he wanted
'to see stay in li.e family."
Iit-rorc the examination of Mr. Holt was
rcsum-d afler the noon lecess ex-Deputy
Keg tier of Wills Levy was on the witness
stand and Mrs. lgtehart was recalled.
i:ery v.slt of Wash ngton Holt to Wash
ington vis inquired into.
"He had a very fond affection for me,"
sal l Mr Holt, and treated me as a son.
I liked him very much, to"
"What Hid Jujge Hell tell ynj about Ills
"Wll, he told me scleral times that
he had made a will and said I was to le
Ids ixctutor. He repeatedly talked of
the d.ircrenee ill the iaws governing executor-
In re and in Kentucky.
'The lav; tiaie I saw him was Augutt-3,
1893 We sat out under a tree In the yard
and my uncle lurrc-d to me and said:
'Washington. I want 30U to ci derstand
everjl'iin; I have is to Le jours' I al
ways felt a I1csll.11.c3 " talkiig to him
about it."
Again the witness testified that the last
words he ever l.tnnl Judge Holt say were
at tte railway station n jear Lerore tie
Iatter'a death. At his parting Jie said af
fectionately. "May God bless jou, my son.'
Determined Flight Ileiiiu.MudeAullL.'.t
Iti.lil -aiitli'H I)elt;n.
The committee api ointed by the Wasls
inglou Sculptor' Soeietj to prepare a
petition, memorial and resolution for
prc-cniatton to 'orgies protesting agniiut
the selection of the Ito'il-Smith design
lor the M.orman etatue held ,1 meeting to
day at Prcfident DunUar'K studio, corner
Seventeenth urd G street!, northwest.
Tliosepreeiit were: Prof. Louis Amatols,
Messrs. E. F Andrews. W. F. Gibbs.
Spencer Nichols, Jules Ilieudonne, Ri-hrrl
Hinckley, and Hnbart Nichols
A peiltio-i am! memorial, prepared by
Mr. util-rfiu Hutchins, at he requests -jf
the ariist-s. ivas rend. The petition asks,
that the contract be suspend.-d until the
nct Resion of Congress, In order that the
method of awarding it may be Imciti
Ealcd I'ut Under Piiico llonds
This afternoon Judge Sillier put Daniel
Slurp'., the old white man ivho ran
ranuck on Sew Jersey avenue yesterday
with a pun, under his personal bonds to
l.oi p the peace.
(prepared at ths United
X ?
ForeciiM Till 8 p. m. Sntnrdny.
For the District or Columbia. Delaware
and liar) la nd. partly cloudy weather to
night; Saturday, fair; warmer; southerly
For Virginia and North Carolina, fair iu
thcintcrlor;shov crs near the coast tonight;
Saturday, fair in western portion; show
rs in eastern portion: warmer tonight;
northeast to southeast winds.
"WtMit tierCoudliioiiMund General Foro-
An area of high prcssnro covers New
England and the Atlantic States and por
tions of tlic Ohio valley. The pressure is
generally low west or the Mississippi
RUcr. with a slight depression in Northern
Wisconsin. The baromiMcr has ralfen slight
ly In the upper lake region, and risen gcr?
craHy on the Rocky Mouutaiu slope.
Ttic temperature is higher in the central
valleys and the Atlantic States and cooler
on the Rocky Mountain slope.
Showers have occurred generally in tbo
Middle Atlanltc.ind Guir States, and In the
upper Mississippi and Missouri yallcis.
where thunder storms are reported. Rain
has fallen on the north Pacif icStates.
Fair wrahcr. with slowly fisingtcmpcra
ture, Is Indicated for New England, the
crwiMM : 5tfr-fP " -STSIfll
i?s it 'ram'lrfefvdp Ufa'-
VA-sr&atr iT) riWot
4 v fr"'rCvJ I -rjLsJTm
ZA CK ( T1 L M7"'rWfi'H6IT
L' ,-"--riri a.. TiliirA ,j)ih 1la,tiiintit
n 7o3C ( sirS?
v .. a. r- jti-,. -
t ,
S15 Serge Suits, $10.
Just the suit fur which you're
nsked $10 eirevvhere is here at
?10 and we. guarantee the color
ofoiirslobefasl. Mackurbluc
half lined or skeleton liued.
Men's 75c Straws, 49c.
Vc haven't excepted a single
one. Jut put every sluice straw
remarked which told for 75o
49c each. "
flen's 75c Shirts, age.
Kvery one of our 75c Percale
Slilrti-mtli attached currs and
launderedj-lias been marked 29c
for tomorrow. There Isn't 0
ninny or them, huteverystjleis
Si.5o White Pants, 89c.
While they last. Fine quality
of duck, ortcn sold as a bar
gninelscwhereforSl and $1.25.
Continued from First Page.
make war sufficient to demand and secure
thtir release. But he cannot do that un'cs
we authorize him.
Sir. fclierman said that the subject was
one which should not bedebatidln public,
ami he moled that the galleries bc'cJenred.
That motion was agreed to; the galleries
were ileured and the doors closed, and tue
dehale was continued in secret session.
Sir. Slorgau apiiealeii to the Senate to
pass his resolution ltKjking to the bellig
erency of the insurgents and to take sum
steps as would p-olecc American citizens
on that island.
Senators Sherman and Lodge, who had
of I lie Committee on Foreign Relations, in
formed the Senate that the only question
now wi the protection of American citi
7. ns. Without stating what the President
had told them, the both agreed that the
matter should be left In the hands of the
I'O'sidenU especiall iu Iew of the late
ness of the hour and tl e impossibility of
framing legislation between siow and ad
journment. When Congress again met
would I cample time, tliey said, to take up
t!, subject again.
Sir. Slorgau -was still speaking -when the
morning hour expired, and Sir. Lodge,
claimed the floor on u motion to take up
the iium'gration bill.
The doors were thercuponop"ned, and the
tmggle f orprecedence was renewed in open
session Sir. Lodge still perseered with
his motion, while Sir. Morgan desired to
proceed with lun.speccli. Senators Harris
and Slorrill sae their support to Mr. Mor
gan; and Jgain. at the suggestion of Sir.
i'ill, the Senate nent into secret session.
It did not remain no for many minutes,
but still long enough to decide that tli-j
Slorgau resolution should be placed on
the calendar, from which it can only be
taken b a majority Tote.
Sir. Lodge, when the doora were reopened,
renewed his minion to take up the iiuini
gialion bill. FoF three-quarters of au
hour the motion was hinrtered by obstruct
iv ladies, each vote showing the absence
or a quorum.
t'n Sir. Lodge giving the assurance that
he would not press the bill to a vote until
Monday, so as to give Mr. Gibson, who is
opposed to it,, and who is now abscuton of
ficial duty as one of the Irs to Annapo
lis, an opportunity to be p. --ent, opposition
was -nlthdrawn, and the immigration bill
was taken up.
The Times Kcal Estate Bureau offers
property for sale, at the exact prices quoted
by the owner.
States Weather Bureau,
"-''a OGW.
II 1 M .
Middle States, and the Interior of the Gulf
States and the Ohio valley. Showers may
continue on the south Atlantic coast; they
ill probably occur in the lower lake region
tonight or Saturday.
The following heavy precipitation (in
inches) was reported: During the past
twenty-four hours Jacksonville, 2.84.
Condition of "Water.
nigh and low tides are officially recorded
at the Navy Yard today as follows:
H'Sb- Low.
2.R7 a, rn. 9.38 a. in.
3: 1 5 p. m. 9. 00 p. m.
Temperature and condition of the watex
at 8 a. rn.: Great FpIls-r-Temperature. 71;
rondition,33. Receiving reservoir Tem
perature, 74;cpndilipn at north connection,
36; condition ot south connection, 36. Dis
tributing reservoir Temperature, 74;con
,i , -, ,i -.-i.iCiic gatehouse, 3G; crriucnt
schedule for- Street Llfihtlns-
Gas lauips lighted nt 8.56 p. ra.; extin
guished a,t 3J)ta. at. T '
Naphtha lamps lighted at-SiSG p. m.; ex
Ungulsbed Tit 3:rG hi m.
Incandescent and clectdo lamps lighted
at 8:4l-p. m.; extiuguished at 3:16 a. m.
Jewell's Soap- Factory; 10 Be
Proceeded Against.
rromluent McmberB Jlpply to Attor
ney TlioniiiH' Adverno ltoport on tlio
Hill lu AVLIcu. Tliey Arts lntereHU'd.
' "ftooi ctiliiK u ita tmeKtignted by
the ConnulHnlouurs.
Proceedings under an order of the Dis
trict Commissioners, promulg.itciHoda. are
to be instituted at once againstC. U Jewell
& Co.'s soap factory, which lias been de
dared to be a nulsnici, and the company
will be rcquirisl to conform to the law in
such cases, made and provided.
The order is to the effectthat, inasmuch
as the establishment is. iu the. estimation of
the.hcallli department, a nuisance In fact,
tl'C chief of that department is directed to
take such steps as may be nccesbary to have'
the same abated.
The fuctorj is located at the corner of
Hair and streets, within Jne territory
known as Buzzard's Point. Frequent com
plaints of the mannerof lotittiictinff the csw
tablisliment hao been lodged with Dr.
Woodward, and his personal inspection has
lu man instances Justified the charges.
The odorsurlsingfrom that vicinity are said
to be of a horrible order.
It Is alleged that upon the occasion of a
recent visit to the factory, Dr. Woodward
found as many us half a dozen hogs lying
exposed to the sun and air, and the stench
emitted was almost unbearable.
His not stated Just Yt hat action will be
taken, but It is customary iu such cases
to notify the proprietor of the charges
made, and to require abatement of the
nuisance within a gien time. In case
of nun compliance, a warruut is procured,
and the issue is joined before the police
Jewell & Co. were brought into court
upon a similar complaint during the ad
ministration of Dr. li.tiiiuie i.rtne health
office, and won out on the technical point
that the health ordinances governing t!e,
case were invalid, but since then Congress
has remedied the alleged defects.
The prospective renewal of the contest
w ill, therefore, be watched witli Interest.
Soul'iwcst Washington wlll doubtless be
able to suppl) cousidernble testimony at
the trial.
It Is believed that the firm will be unable
to satlsr the demands upon it except by
the introduction of a more modern plan land
improved appliances, but this is, of course,
a matter that does not cuter Into the contro
versy between the health office aud tt-t.
Private N . Scdgw let, the colored police
man, who is alleged to have loaded Ilia
revolver on a certain occasion with the
intention of putting a northeast ghost to
sleep, has resigned, and the resignation
was accepted, to take effect the 30tU
The resignation of H.H. Drown, patrol
driver, was also accepted, and J. Banks
Niihoison was appointed to succeed htm.
Robert R. Gurns. of the fire department,
was by official order today removed from
ttic force for being absent without leave,
to take effect the 4th instant, and William
T.Tscr was appointed to fill the vacancy.
The resignation of Resident Student
George M.Godfrey, at the Washington Asy
lum, recently tendered, wasaxpted to-day.
The garbage contractor several days ago
made application to the Commissioners
for permission to sort the bones from the
general refuse, with the object in view
of disposing of them to the manufacturers
of fertilizers.
The board notified Mr. Warfield today
that he would be permitted to have the
bones taken, out while the garbage is being
transferred from the carts to the rcows
upon condition that one-half the revenues
to be derived therefrom shall be paid to
the District.
Leading representatives of the Anti
saloon League appeared before the Com
missioners today and made claliorate argu
ment In support of the bill now before Con
gress providing for the incorporation of the
league, at the same time earnestly solicit
ing the Commissioners' approval of the
The advocates of the bill confined their
remarks largely to a criticism of the posi
tion taken by Attorney for the District Sir.
S. I. Thomas, who recently rendered an
official opinion against the bill, and his
statement .taken up seriatim, were met
by argu ment on the other side.
Those who spoke were President James
I.. Ewan,, A. E. Shoemaker and Andrew
The scorchers are shortly to be the sub
jects or official attention. The Commis
sioners have in contemplation an amend
ment to the police regulations, under
which, the speed of bicycles between In
tersecting streets within the city bounda
ries will be limited to twelve miles an
hour, and outside the city to fifteen miles
an hour.
There will lie a provision also to piw
hibit the canning of cl.iklren on bicycles.
There is already a regulation restricting
the speed to eight miles an hour atcrosMngs,
and the hoard has about decided to extend
the order iu the Interest of public safety.
Neither "Warden Jfor His Prosecutor
Will Appear Tiefore tho Judges.
Tomorrow the judges forming the Su
preme Court ot the Distrct wll hold a
meeting to consider the charges preferred
against Warden Leonard, of the District
Mr. Leonard has announced bis intention
of riling an answer soon, and It is expected
to be ready tomorrow morning. The inves
tigation will not be open, at least, the
judges have so decided fur the present.
Chief Justice Bingham has Informed Mr.
Raj moud Cook, the prosecutor, that neitiier
be nor Warden Leonard wlllallowed to be
present at the Investigation, which will,
from present Indications, be of the star
chamber method.
Mr. Cook today made request that he be
f u rnished with a copy or Warden Leonard's
answer, and also delivered additional state
menu to the Judges. One affidavit was
tliat of Messrs. T- Klrkland de Graffenreld
and Mateo H. Jcpper. members of the bar,
who made statements as to wbattbeysaw
at the Jail on certain visits to their clients.
Justice Hagrter received aletterjesterday'
from Lawyer William P. Wood, once the"
keeper of the Old Capitol prison. The leti
tcr made certain charges against Warden
Leonard, filed Independently of Mr. Cook's
MIsh Fnger of Washington Barracks
Ban Into a Farmer's "Wagon.
Hiss Alice Fuger, a daughter of Capt.
Fuger, of th e Washington Barracks, while
riding down Tenth street, just above Penn
sy'.v aula avenue, about noon today, collided
with a learn driven by William Soper, a
mnrketman, froiri BurtonvlUe, Md.
Miss Fuger was thrown to the pavement
and sustained several painful Injuries about
the head and face and n scalp wound-near
the right temple.
She was picked up and carried Into the
drug store at the corner of Tenth and D
streets, where her injuries were dressed
by Dr. Zimmerman. The young lady ex
onerates the farmer from all blame, and
he was allowed to go. Miss Fuger was re
moved to her borne, near the barracks.
Her wheel was not badly damaged.
What's the good of pay
ing often for shoes chil
dren's shoes when seldom
will do. Arthur Burt's
school shoes.
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mentinginb guesswork J
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late shipment
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our $7.50 line. J
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.Cor. 7th and E Sts.'N. W. j
J No branch store in Washington. J
Iliiiumoud and Asuoclutei Set Freo
till lnrolo.
London, June 5. A dispatch from Pre
toria to the Palt Mail Gazette says that the
four leaders of '.he Johannesburg reform
committee, Lionel Phillips, Col. Francis
Khodcs. GeorgeFarrar and John Hays Ham
mond, w hose condemnation to death was re
cently commuted to rifteen ears' imprison
ment, have been released on parole.
Mr. Hammond, the dispatch says.ts about
sailing for Southampton en route for the
TJhited States. It Is reported that each
ot the four was fined 10.000.
WuMhlriKton Man Elected on the Ex
ecatlre Committee.
Boston, June 6. The National Asso
ciation of Steam 'and Hot Water Fittrrs
aud Helpers' convention yesterday elected
Uie following board of officers:
President, Martin Moore, St.. Louis; vice
presidents, George W. Carruth, Boston; W.
U. Jones, Worcester, and James Mason,
Cleveland; secretary aud treasurer, . ..
Harrison. New STork; executive committee:
"W. W. Jcllison. Boston; iJamen Daley. Chi
cago; James P. Hogan. IhjfXalo; F. C.
Ilrown. Cleveland; U. J. McGratb, Detroit;
Kobt. A. Sparks, Washington, D. C; west-'
ern district organizer, W. F. llanley, St.
Paul; central district organizer, Bernard
Flynn. Chicago; eastern district org.uilzer.
At today's sessfon'tlie question of Join
ing the American Federation ot Labor
is under consideration.
Mrs. Slack TJjtlljaTry Tomorrow to
Hetruln Her Idttle GlrlH.
Counsel In the-Slacl-Pcrnne uubeas cor
pus case appeared cfore Judge McComas
thi. morning anil arranged for -a bearhiir
of thc-motlou of MrsSlacU, filed yesterday,
by Messrs. Worthiugjion and Hamilton, at
1 o'clock tomorrow. '
The motion waffiled by Mrs. Slact fr
the purpose of gelling temporary cus
tody of her children while the habeas eor
pu iictiUon is heard. The little girls are
stilfiti the custody of the Pcrrine's at the
The Iawjers on both sides of the case
are particularly adverse to making state
ments about future proceedings in the
President Nominates and Semite Con
firms Several Appointees.
Tl k President toaay sent to the "Senate
the following nominations:
Frank Boyntcr, postmaster, Fajette
villc. X- Y.j W, E. Atleeof New York to be
a third lieutenant in -tjie revenue cutter
se rvlce
The Senate lias confirmed the follow
ing nominations:
Wllham C. Churchill of New York to be
consul general at Apia. Samoa; John M.
Vand-ver, postmaster atfRome, Ga.
N nm bet- of La v bri-ukern will Have to
Stand Trial.
The grand Jury returned the following
Indictments this afternoon:
Trauk Myers, housebreaking; Arthur
Welch, Frank Welch and Benjamin Lewis,
tame; James Steptoe, alias Preston Boss,
same; Daniel ShieldSi larceny ; James Step
toe, alias Preston Boss, same; George Ward
same; TViIliam Lucas .setting up gaming
The charges against Henry Gilea, ac
cuse flof rape, and James P. Clark, accused
of false pretenses, were 1 gnored.
List of Those Who IIuvo Received a
Busmens" Education.
The list of pupilsvjioimve completed the
course of study prescribed for the Business
Hign School and who are entitled to receive
diplomas lias been announced. The gradu
ating exercises will be held at the Grand
Opera. House on Monday, June 1C, at 8
o'clock p. m.
Mint Out the Stiylocks.
Postmaster General Wilson has issued
an order to postmasters throughout tho
country, which will prevent money lending
companies doing business with railway
postal clerks, letter carriers, and others
who borrow of these companies and give
a note on their paying"postmasterfor such
portion of their monthly salaries as they
borrow. '
3Iarrluc Idceuses.
Llcensesto marry liave been issued as fol
lows: r""
Kobert ir.Jerferson'and'Lucy R.Byrd.
Thomas McCavan'ad Louise Scott.
James NewtnanjofiPiinee George county,
Md , and. Sarah Bjisqoe of Charles county,
Arretted for sY5llng a "Wheel. ,-
Policeman Mailer arrested 'John Pleat,
colored, for Detective1 Boardman on the
char go of the larceny of a bicycle from
J)r. BoveelastNontmbtrnPleat was locked
up in iso. 4 6tatrn.ncl., 0
fortta Partition.
William J. Bocl
d others began suit"
against William
the partition by
ytue and others for
leof sunlot 69.-aanaro
G59. The nronertr wits Ibrmerlv in tii
estate ot Honura Itocne.',,l
tsAX -ZJ"
i i
The tremendous selling of
Shoes at StolFs "810" is creat
ing a furore among our pa
trons and customers. Prices
are made to close out a
$48,000 stock with the least
possible delay. Yesterday
over 500 pairs , of Ladies',
Children's, and Men's Shoes
were sold at but a fraction of
regular prices.
I STOLL'S 810 Seventh St. I
Youngest Membarof the Buxton
Family Will Die.
Other Victims Doing "Well Colored
Citizens Preparing to Defend Ran
dolph, One of the suspects.
The death of little Sadie Uuxton Is looked
for at any moment. The Garfield Hospital
physicians stated late this afternoon that
the slight hope they had for licr recovery
several days ago habcenextinguibed.and
there is now absolutely no chance of her
cv en rallying.
Sadie has been unconscious for over forty
eight hours, and the watchjrs at her bed
side fear that every feeble breath will be
her last.
In otder that her mother may be near
the little victim at the last she was placed
today In a cot next that occupied by Mrs.
Uuxton. The mother has been tnadeaware
ot her daughter's dying condition, and oc
casionally gives way to outbursts of grief
and expresses the wish that consciousness
may return before death comes, in order
that she may once more near Sadie's child
ish prattle as she lisps 'Mamma.' '
The father has nearly recovered, and was
able today to take a short outing In the
jard iu tbo rear ot the hospital. Mrs. Bux
ton is now able to ait up aud will soon be
strong enough to walk about her room.
Maud also is rapidly recovering.
At a conference of colorediltornejsand
others interested in the movement for the
derense or Sidney Randolph, the Uuxton
case suspect, held this morning, it was de
cided to have the preliminary meeting at 2
o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the Capita
Savings Hank, No. GOO F street northwest.
Attorneys Andrew A. Lipscomb and ex
Congressinan Turner have already been
consulted iu reference to defending Ran
dolph beforethe Montgomery county courts,
but definite action will be deferred until
alter the meeting tomorrow.
At ' o'clock this afternoon Sadie Bux
ton's cudilion was unchanged. Her death
la i.outlj expected.
Good Results From the New System
ot Paying Pensioners.
Advocates of the new sj stem of paying
pensioners will be considerably elated over
the reports of arrests received at police
headquarters this morning, as compared
with those of March 5, the day following
the last quarterly pension pa ment under
the old s stem.
Thtmorningreportsarc received from the
nine police precincts at 8 ;t0 o'clock each
day. and show every arrest during the pre
cedlni; twenty-four hours.
On the morning of March 5, the several
police lieutenants recorded eighty-two ar
rests for all classea of crimes aud misde
meanors. Of this number sixty resulted
directly aud indirectly Ho D the pension
payment made theday before.
This morning's reports contain the record
pf fifty-one arrests, of which but six can
be charged U pensioners and pension day.
The Sixth precinct, Lieut-Kelly's, which
usually makes a big showing during the
twenty-Jour hours following the paymeut
of the quarterly amounts, had but two
pensioners In the tolls last night.
One of these was charged with plain
drunk, and wag dismissed without trial
this morning by the lieutenant. The other
was arrested for Intoxication and disorderly
The Georgetown precinct had two vet
erons In the toils, one for drunkenness and
the other for disorderly conduct.
No 1 station, which usually makes a
big showing on.the day following the pen
sion payment, had' but one case that could
be charged to pension money. It was that
of Mubael Lanlady, a. chronic offender,
charged with; obstructing the sidewalk
by lying down white drunk.
The Third precinct had one drunken vet
eran locked 'up, and the records ot the
other six precincts were clear, so tar as
pensioners were concerned.
Attitude of the United States Relating
ti-Its Annexation by France.
London, June 5. In the House of Com
mons todav. Sir Charles Dilke asked It her
majesty's government and the Government
of the united States would give their assent
to the new that the mere conversion of the
Island of Madagascar from a French pro
tectorate Into a Freach colony puts an end
to commercial and other engagements be
'tweeu Great Britain and the United Stnto
and Madagascar.
Right Hon. George N. Curzon, parlia
mentary secretary to the foreign offlce,
.replied that Great Britain would give at
tentive consideration to the question.
"We are not informed of the views of the
government of the United States," he
added, "since the annexation ot Madagas
car by France."
Mr. Thomas G. Bowles, Conservative,
asked if the government Avould communi
cate with the government of the United
States In relation to the change in the
Btatus of Madagascar, through the an
nexation of that island by France.
Mr. Curzon replied: "I think it not un
likely that we shall shortly be In posses
sion of the view of tho United States Gov
ernment upon this subject."
Crown '.; bast Teeth, tS; Fttl
tnja, 75c tip ; painless extracting.
60c. Expert operators. IT. K.
Duutal Ass'n. 7th Aud X streets.
' 'l -
t' V
Peaceful End of the Life of Joseph
-Verb , 11 u Aged Colored ilun.
Joseph Yerby, colored, sixty years ot
age, did not retire to Ills bed as usual last
night, but sat in a chair in the f rout, room
of his little home. No. 720 Third street
Bouthwest, and told bis grandchildren sto
ries of the war. While relating his ex
periences in Dixie Uncle Joe became
drowsy, aud apparently fell into u Crep
slumber, still sitting In his old arm chair.
One by one the family dropped oft to
bed. but the man did not awaken. It was
1:40 o'clock this morning when a mem
ber of the household got out of bed and
commenced preparations for bis day's
duties. He saw Uncle Joe still sitting in
the arm-chair, appnrrnti) in a deep slum
ber, and tried to arouse him. The old
man's flesh was- cold. He had quietly
passed away, with the Southland reminis
cences still on his lips, and had sat stilt
and stark in death all night long in the
old arm-chair. Coroner Hamtnelt was no
tified today.
Report That McKinley Managers Fa
vor Indiana Money Plank tb Canse.
New York, June 5. As the morning wefre
along a more confident tone prevailed 'n
slock circles, and on spirited dealings
prices advanced sharply. The underlying
cause for the Improvement In the market
was the announcement that the McKinley
managers favor the Indiana currency plank
and that it may be adopted at St. LouU.
The plank favors the use of silver as cur
rency as long as u can oe maintained at
iar 4ui kuiu, nuiis ugaiosi.iree coinage
ot sliver at 16 to 1. ThU man is een-
erally acceptable to New York hankers.
although some of them expect that the
St. Louis convention may even strikeout
the 16 to 1 clause. A beliet that the
House will take up the Butler bond bill
and kill it before adjournment, and stat
racnts by bankers that there will be no
gold shipments to Europe, added to tlm
bullish feeling.
Manhattan led the rise, selling up 2 3-4.
with a subsequent reaction to 101 1-2.
The meeting of the rapid transit commis
sion and the Manhattan directors was con
sidered satisfactory and induced .1 Intent
short interest to cover. Sugar rose 1 to
123 3-3 on the advance in raws abroad.
Domestic sugars were firmer and In,falr
demand. Other important advances in
stocks follow; Tobacco. 1 S-S to 65 1-1;
Bay State Gas. I 3-1 to 29 0 8; Rock Island,
7-6 to 70 3-4; Western Union. 7-S to S5 1.2:
Northwest, 3-4 to 105 3-4; Missouri Pa
cific. 3-4 to 24: Pacific Mail. 0-8 to 23 7-8:
and the othtr leading issues 1-8 to 1-2 per
cent. At 11 a. ni. the market was firm in
The demand for stocks was less urjvnt
after 11 o'clock, but the market main
tained IU early strength. The increased
activity hi Gould-Sage properties todav
'attracted attention, and It was said m the t
uoaru that mere were .Olivine orders in
the Grangers at prices slightly below those I
now prevailing, tne favorable statement
of the Northwest, published yesterday,
having encouraged bulls on Western stocks
generally. There is also a disposition
among the traders to discount the results
of the St. Louis convention, the idea being
that the Republican platform will be
strongly for a sound currency platform.
In the event of this coming to pass, Eu
rope, it is confidently believed. wi!l once
more turn up as buyers of Amerrsau se
curities. At midday the market was
quiet and firm. j.
Now Yrfc Stock Market.
Furnished by Seymonr Rros.. hank"
ers and brokers, member ot Now
York Stock Exchange. Washington
office, (ton Fourteenth street. .T. A.
llrcen. manager.
On. Ilieh. Low. 2i!0
American Cotton Oil Co. I! It 1U4 JJU
AnuSnearRefininzCo. 1225S :; ISSJi 124
Canada Southern J& S0t fovr
Atchison Top. A H.V.. UH I; U uii
American Tobacco Co.. R3: C'li 04 c
Baltimoro &OI1I0 17 ITJj, )7 i;j
ltav Staro tias. .......... 28 29! is. u
Chesapeake & Ohio 15)f 15J 15JJ I5y
C. C C. & St. Jiul.... r4 si st 3i
Chicago and Northvr'n.. 10S MTJi 10SJ Hi'
t'hlcago. Bur. ..... 77JJ T7ji J7j 77iJ
laiicaico linn..
C. M. & St- P.
.. s I8!t 03 exii
- ,'ai 'Vl 7P Tl.
Ill 1VAA liyl lilP
Con. Uas
USr.P.M. .LAP 6?K TO & TOX
.p. m. toiua.... i ea tvA jkS
II..J rtM TTnail IT IT1 .- - w -. ?
Distdler 4 Cattle Feed
ueneralLlectrl-. SiT 3 S2if s.J
ilVl. ti Y
Lake, Slioro i M. J50 131 151 J5iVi Jstrtc
LacledcGas iSVi SRf ss" t
Lou'.srillciNashrillo.. 4JU 49J2 tsu tav
S.antlV.prcf. i'i 2y si -1
Uauuat an. ....
Mo. raciO'i.
National Lead Co.. ....
N. y. Cent. fc Iludon.
N. .. Ontario & V ...
Ivorlucrn Pacific Id..
Pacific Mail
Pi.il.1 .tKcaiUuc ......
l(3;ikiji MijilMK
.07, Ai ,3J(J
ui 2a . r
Vf a.v y? si
a u
i V "'ii.
i-oiuiicru Kauway pfU.. Mi ISr. SM 2,V.
Tennessee Coal & Iron.. 2St; n- ia, -jm
Union Pacific ,.., 7i 7ji .
u.s.L.pfd .-.. -ny, -5y. w w
Western Union ,?&. .''5H & .JS-ii
Wheeling ilko Erte- Wf' is- M 'M
aftHilns...l aAAiirltiDd
'UUUBICU bt.ui-.
WosUliitfton btoclt Excuango.
Sales IT. P. 1's Reg.. 51.000 at 407X. Jickc
ingtonlt. R-O'-s S5J at S."U. ". "Elcctrir
Light, SO at lro. Auier. Uraphophono pref
luvatlJL Mcrgciitua.crLinotjiie, 7 -at i-OU;
urn. asc
H7 ,10Si
U. . 4's . U-
D. K.4'r V..
U.ls. , ...1!B3..... Ill
u.s.s's r.iMi iua
P1STU1CT or :oi.uaBiA EOOJ.
i's 15W "JU-icar Fuiulius" :10u
6's 11101 "39-year Fnmlhiz" rwld lal
Vm W01" Water htoc.',curj-aucy .. ...,
7iiaW"vi'atErStoelt'cttruoy... .,2. .
FOB SALE S1.20U for br. brick
noiise, HI Iv st. se.: $300 cash. bat.
S10 per month. Watchman on premised.
JOHN F. DOXOHOE. 308 E. Cap. st.
FOR SALE nouse 326 Lincoln St..
Anacostla, on easy terms. Apply T.
E.REARDON.307Monroest. mySu-7t.em
FOR SJVIiE Three 5-room houses arul
lots, near railroad station: will be old
cheap for cash. Inquire of N. KEY8ER
A SONS. Penning. P.O. my29-14tjm
SOR SJ&JT.'B PrettT 6-roam nmt tot
oay-wmuow brick; large concrere cel
lar; coat $3,260: will sell for $2,250: at-'
nime trust of Sl,SO(J:riay 5160 cash, and
$300 in monthly Instalments: ami jou mar
have lt:lookaiit today. JOH.VF.PARET.
Hit O at. 2nr2S-tt
The Union Savings Bank,
1222 F Street N. W.
On approved District real estate an!
collateral security.
Interest paid on savings depos ta.
Open until 5 p. iu. on government paj
days and Saturday evenmgi from S to H
F. II. SMITH President
ALVIN M. LOrHi:ol..Flrst Vice President
I. G. KIMBALL ..Second Vice President
T. A. LAMBERT.. .Treasurer and Attorney
CoL F. C. Alnswortt.
. M. Lothrop.
1. u. Kimball,
T.A. LamterT.
Jackson IL Ralston,
Isadora Saks.
Wilton J. Laraber.
F. II. Smith.
E. Qulncv Smith.
613 Fifteenth St., opp. TJ. S. Treasury.
'P one 505.
Money at 5 Per Cent.
Loaned in suras to suit on first-class D. C.
real estate security. No delay. ro un
reasonable expense to borrower.
100a F st.
Brokers and Dealers.
Stock , Cotton, Grain, Provisions,
local O ff ices Rooms 10. 1 1 . 1 2 Corcoran
(UD 7111 St., opposite raieiii
Offices. Philadelphia,
Baltimore. "Wash-
I undicg"cuirency,S.6Ci 1CS US
MetRltys lO-'i
Met It K ConvtTs USD 1:34 I
Uetii.lli'ilfi Sl'4
&ctvui,:um xtAiirjau. vi... io
Columbia It Uos Ull HAi
Wash Ga. Co. Jser A. 's.lJ02 Z7.... IK
V.'ash oas.'o. SerB.ir3iJI-"i.... 113
Wash Gas Co Conv tfs. 1S01 lSl-s
CUcs.11 sake a. Potomac 'lcl'i ... 100
Auicrbce 'l rust .Va.F" ami A.1UU5 t-Jj
Aiueraeca.'lrustS'sA auilo.laji loj
Wash Market Co 1st iT. WJJ-W1I
7.t)u0 retired aaatuuy , 1)S
Wash Matket Co. uuu. (A) X... lm
Wash Msrkec Co cxt 11 ii,lH-il, 1U8
MasvuicHallAasocuti'n's Ml.. ioti
Wash. Light lufaatry W: (w.......
Bank of VV.V3U.lu;luu. 273
Banter ltepuhlio-.... ill
Mctrouolitau . .
Central. 2&
Farmers and .Ucclijuics',, ........ IS)
Second ..,., UK
Llfitein' 11
Columbia... Its
tapital lis
West fcud 1U7
Truders' ltu
Lincoln.... ....... ................ liJ5
Old 1 ..................... ....... ... ....
Ivat. bale Deposit ami Arat....... 11a
U ash. liau aud Trust,. ............ 1-1
iiutr. 01.c1.r1ty Trust..., 11U
Wsi. bate xctitiil. ....
K.uuioao ttrojsj.
Capital Tractiuuvu.. ....... ...... 7
Metrupoliuu ...- ..... .. lit
Columbia........ .......M.. &
tail c...... ....-... . ......... ....
hcaiuifcou ....... iu
Ocurgt-tuvvu 'lviileykMvru. ...... (1
1. AS .ill 1) bLECTlllO Llti lir a roOlw
Wash. Gas.. ..... ............ ...... 43
-OcuXjp:tlwli UJS.......,........H. 4S .
u.ti. acv.bricLta;..... ............ Lz
Firemeu's......... ....... A..... Si
Franklin. ................ .... 'o7
Jlelropuatuu.. ............ .......... 73
lOJ ;
ID 1
uorcoran.. ...... ..................... w
Potuuuc... .............. .,.... 03
Arlaigtou. ..,.- ..UM. ...... lou
Gurluaii-Aluv.riLa-. ...........-i. lt
atiuliat Uuiuu.............M. ...... U
Ctilumlti , .,......, 11
ltigSs,. ................ ......... 75
Pcoi.c a................. ...........
Llncu u ....., ... .- .. Ijrx
Ootuuaert-iat ... ..... ... ... ... )
Ileal Estate Tkle.
Colu mUii Title....
.ltO.JtJ.. KB
,.c.liJ.. SJ
Washlatou litle..lu.
3 .
District "Xitlo ZS1...
Tii-LJu:o:s-fc. aiocsis.
I'cui.sylfai.la. ...........
Chcsapoake aud Potomac.
American Urauhophuno...... ...
Amencau Graphuphocc, pld.... r0
PneniualicGuiiCarnasc......... jfu
MergenthalerUuotypeUiBvr..M-123J4 laTf
Lanaton Monotype. 7-i ty,
Waahingtuu Market.. .. fcs ....
GrcaU'allalcs .... lu ta)
Nurtolkand tVastfa ateamhoat .... .
Hucolu tUU...... ...... DO
"t . -nf atiJe-i ST-3SL - it
ki'5si??JSw .tJ
r&r r j-j
. .. 1 1-
. ., . . V . z , J T-J- .
- .Mmki

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