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I Hi "tTTT"1 PWTWlTllffWmW.,WlllMlliMMlWlBniMHWinm
- - - 'i '" ?-- .-,,- T.y--. --r V s w -
. ..-.. ''
OOK to us always for the
Wearables. Just received anotner Dig 101 01 n.uu
WOOL fast color, navy blue serge sack suits at
Tliey are considered great bargains everywhere at $15 and
Si 6.50. All sizes, 33 to 44 chest measure, in regular stout
and slim shapes, as well tailored and as perfect-fitting garments
as the best the custom folks can produce at $20.
Seen those stiff bosom Madras Shirts with detachable cuffs
and two collars for $1.50? Easily worth twice as muchr
Confined patterns, too.
A special line of rough braid Sennette Straw Hats for men,
S1.00 others as low as 50c and as high as S3.50. Good
value, too, at all prices.
For $3.00 we'll sell you as good a Tan Shoe as you'll find
anywhere else at $3.50. All sizes, all shapes.
12th and F Streets, g
We have lumped together from different lots that are
broken in sizes, about 115 Suits in dark and light colors,
one, two and thr.-e of a kind. Prices were $7.50. $10.00,
and $12.00. Take your pick for
For today and Saturday, which will close them.
- Rebuilding Sale
A continuous rush every la and all the
dav Iromnpcuiuctoclolnz. We euture to
gay that tlii
The Greatest of all Clothing Sab
Ever ininguratcd in Washington his carried
lnorcjoi mul ulada ess into the humus of tiio
masses than all llicntiicr ciutliing talus cora
b ncd.
TTYyf ""v Ilecause we cut prices in
Xnl T V "ilf. Gaietiur reison for
VV 11 V a Jn- so. Made a niam.
J Mii.de. truthful statement
of out enbarraias: predicament. Ym came
t fust b Win anl Ibro, found that our
I teentuient of cae wa-correct. oucjirit-d
the ne lojourne'shlxirs and they In turn
HU cail 11 an ons their friend until we ere
ahnuitot rw he lined by anaalanelionf eatrer
Our ailcs are c.ondei aua other stores
Tull c-ult Tostlca S3.30
Full Suits Two i.jlcs 3.JB
Full Suits Seven -tyics All wo tu. 5 OO
Tull ulis Four tti le All wool... 6.SO
Full suit Three stOes All wooL 6.75
Full hint, PflUcnstilc All ool 7.50
Full -ult' Uisl'tsmc AII-kooI... f.75
Full biuta-JSstj-.e, All wool lO.OO
IonK Pints .Suit size. II to 19 jear
1 rum S2 08
Short Pants Suits 'lie-, 4 to 13 years
From C2c
Those at S2, S2.50, S3 Are strictly all wool.
Men's rautaloons L35, SI. 50, $1.75.
81 ST. 82, 2 SO, 2.78.
Those that were ST.75, 47.30, 87. SO 73,
S0.50, SG.
Have been reduced to S3 OO
Is it at all EurprlMQs that ne're busy all the
Time? -
Ten Per Cent Clothing House,
7th St. and Mass. Ac X. W.
One Price to All.
S3- OrFICC COATS. 23 cents. On sale
every ruorninz from 7 to 10 o'clock.
EALLY the bsst Ice is NA
TURAL ICE. Cannot ex
cel nature In proiuclnj
Ice. Stanis to reasan
that Natural Ice should bi pre
ferred. Great Falls Ice Co. Wnlte
Wagons. 921 Perm. Avenue.
TZZH Your Credit
fch-.j Is Gooil Here,
and evcr tiling onuosdiii
"keen house is here.
House & HerrmanN
". K Cor. 7lli and Ilrr".
iy M.y.?, -i i
s!ii-,l I
5 pound boxes of the best
S!.5 all this week.
GIUHONs, Center. Rises
and K Street Markets.
One Quality, onoonoe: lOOstrles mnd wldthsln
Cilf, Fatrat Calf, Vict Kid and all ahadn of Runet.
v We niake snd aell more 83 aboea than any otbar
tnatrafactorer In the trorld. By making only on
tin and deTeloplnz that to the Inchest degree we
are able to proanca and aell throaanonrowa etores
the but ihoe on earth for 8. Enal in value to
any fi shoe. Etjle, lit and wear guaranteed.
jLWQki. .as. es.7
- ''''''''$
bestyplues in Men's ana Boys'
k-. ''''-'''
of the
At y2 Off! fi
S M. Dyrenforth & Co.,
621 Penna. Ave.
Under Metropolitan Hotel.
I Pension I
l Checks I
n r
I Cashed. I
n n
r. i r
ourniTERs. g
g N.E. Cor.v?th and H Sts. N.W. g
n a
Custom-mode Suits at $15 and
Trousers to order at 5 are the
mag-nct3 that draw men here this
week. Morton C. Stout & Co.,
1112 F street.
I Lasf
Clothing on Credit
"Our Motto:" If goods we sell you are not sat
isfactory, according to price paid, come to us and
we will allow any reasonable claim.
Men's fltyjlsh Well Made All- ffP rn
TroolSults Jpb.UU
Men's Fine Dress Suits.
2.burner Full Nickeled Gas Stove,
only.. .:.......,.. ..:.t.;.....
Clothing- Dept., 2d Floor, Annex.
. j
Mayer & Pettit,
ReHaMeOutfiHers, v
Tough Frank HichoIsonTouched
bf Kiid Words
Judge Kimball Kindly Advised tlio
Prisoner to Keep Sober or Ho Would
llreuk tllH ilcitliiT'x Heart anil Die
on tlio Scaffold Had Money, Hut
It Was Not Legal Tender.
Frank Nlcli Olson, the terror of Southeast
AVaslilngton wlieo lie Is drunk, and wbo tins
been eettlng liiinLelf urrested at regular iu
teralsor tlie last ten ears, made his fa
miliar appearance in Judge Kimball's court
this morning.
Nicholson, under the influence of liquor.
Is a dangerous man, and lias on se cral oc
casions assaulted policemen. Yesterday lie
wastcrj dlsorderly.and twoot theofflcers
of the Fifth precinct, after a tussle, took,
him to the station Iioum", where Franl. nrin
aged to smash a door and break some win
dow glass.
There were 'two charges .against him
when he was arraigned elcstroying pub
lic property and -agrancj.
Policeman Stewart said Nicholson was on
a periodical spree, and verj boisterous.
Policeman Ilenkcl told of the prisoner's
actions at the station, lie said Nicholnon
pulled down the door of the toilet room,
and tried to smash It against the concrete
floor surrounding the cells.
Nicholson, verging on the jlm-Jains,
pleaded not guilty. Judge Kimball
pitied his ncrou3, unstrung condition,
inil gac him some good udlcc.
"This if a ca,.e where ne ought to have
an Inebriate asylum," saiil the count,
watching the nervous twitches of the .le
fendant's face and hands. "This man
should be scut where he could be cunxl
of his appetite for ilriuk."
"I want to be cured," said Nicholson.
"I iion't get in trouble when I'm sober."
Ten, I know that," said Judge Kim
ball, "and your drinking is breaking out
poor old mother's heart, you are an ex
ample of a man who is rendered a flenl
bf llqucr. I am going to send jou down for
three months, and hae jou treated at the
"Come up here, Frank," continued his
honor, "I want tj say something to jou ai
a friend. When you get out keep away
from rum, for jour mother's sake and your
own. You'll kill her and end on the gal
lows If jou continue jour present career."
Nicholson, tougli and hardened as he Is,
gayc waj under the court's words. He
rubbed his rough hand across his eje,
as the tears streamed down his scarred,
sunburnt face.
"I am going to trj-," be said, as hestepped
back to the cell
too quick ron shchael
Michael Lanhady, to his Intense disgust,
was arrested before hecouM drau his pen
sion money. Toliceinan Hcrndon fojn.l
Alike, last night, soaud asleep, on 1! street.
Mike was comfortable and snug, propi.cd
against a tree box, snoring like a sawmill.
As Hern don turned himaround tothe glare
of the light from a lamp near bj Lanhady
gaea Hentorlan snort and Said, "Leiiiine
alone, sport, till I git me sleep out."
Hcrndon recognized him at once, and
at first tried to pcrsujde him to go home,
but Mike disregarded'the policeman's ad
vice, and bad to be hauled to the station
house in the patrol wagon.
Au Information was sworn out, this
morning against Mike, charging himwith
obstructing the sidewalk, which Mr. Pugh,
the prosecutor, quickly changed -4o va
grancy. "It would ncvcr'do to charge Mike tli it
-way," said Mr. Fugtu "He's been coming
here as a vag too long, and considers hirn
tclf necessary to the maintenance of the
Michael stroked bis gray chin whiskers,-!
as llemdon testified againsi him.
"When did you get out, Mike?" asked
Judge Kimball.
"Cnewsdy, ytr anner," exclaimed "Mi
chael, sorrowfully. "Think, av it! Chewn
dy, an' here Oi am ag'in, an todaj ine
pinslon check a-waltin' fer me."
"What do you get drunk for?" in
quired the court. "The officer says you
were so full you could notslt up straight."
"Ger-racious me!" said Mike, profess
ing the greatest astonishment nt the accu
sation. "It's me eyesight, that's what It
was. Whin noight comes on 01 can't see
me band before me, an' Oi was slttin' on
that curb takln' a little rlst, an', unbe
knownst to mesilf, Oi fell asleep while
Oi was waltln'."
"Waiting for what?" smiled Judge Kim
ball. "Daylight?"
"Egg zachl," returned Mike, promptly.
"I'll make It light," said the court. "Ten
"Can't you gimme a fine?" said San
hady. Ladles' Figured Bnl la uric Skirts. 0 oC
Botts the band 5-les 0-f L Exten- ro no
sioniaDie, only PiJO
Open Saturday Evenings until 10:30.
St ,
4i5Seventh St. 1VW.
if III
I III 111
ft www
VL Klwennmnn & flrog
We Are: the People
Who Quote the Lowest .Prices.
We Sell As We Buy . -. .
It isn't lock that lirlngs us the bargains
we put before this community. It is not
licpliazarU buyini; that produces the prices
we give you. We Bell as -we buy, and we
buy for less money tlian some others, simply
because "we know bow" and pay casb.
Now for Our
Great Saturday Specials.
Pricey-eductions in every
33c for long-jwaistcd 00c Hone Corsets.
3Sc for Feather wi'ightSOcSummerCor-
48c for 75c C-hook Model Corsets.
58c for $1 Nursing Corsets.
9Gc for Dr. Wafncr's Health Corsets
73c for bestial, R. A G., P. N., W. 11.
and C. II. Corsets, i
lleinrmber thei price, hold good for
tinlurduy onljl
Skirts anddSuits.
$2 Brilliantine
$1 Duck Skirts,
$1.29 for a handsome line of Bril
liantine fakirts, extra wide, worth 53.
Just received 100 Fancy Duck Suits, with
eMra wide Skirts, worth $2; special price
for entire suit,
. 95c.
' This Neat Little
Percale Dress, from 1
to 4 years,
For Saturday only.
liosiery and Underwear.
6c a. pair for 12 l-2c Children's Derby
Ribbed Long Illack Stockings. Any, tize,
from 5 to 0 1-2.
6c a pair for Ladies' 10c Fast Black
Be a pair for Men's tjeamless fcocks.
Vortli 10c.
XXc a -p-iir for Ladles' Regular made
Fast lilack Hne. Itegular price, 20c.
Xa X 2c for Children's 'White or Tan
Drop stitched Uose. Regular price, 25c
25c for Ladies' Imported Lisle Thread
Ilu-e, full regular made, In b'ack or fancy.
Actual talue, 50c.
3C for Ladies' Ribbed Vests,
worth 10c.
6 X 2c for Ladies' Turo 'White Vests,
lisle finish, whicii sell everywhere at 1 3c.
4c for Children's Vests usually sold at
21c for Men's Balbriggan Shirts. IVorth
21c for Men's Jean' Drawers. Wortli
23c for Men's Cheviot Outing Sjhirts.
Worth 39c. ,
Ladies' Waists. c- j.
15c for Ladies' Unlauudercd "Waist.
Sold elsewhere at 23c "
29c for Ladies' iLJnndered AValsts,
ivhlcli otliers sell. at 30c
38c fo; LadiesV French Fercalc Laun
dered Waists, beautiful patterns. Regular
price, 65c.
49c for tliel Handsomest Laundered
Waists, vwi'i large bishop sleeves. None
better to be .foundr at 75c.
69c for Grass. Linen Waists. Worth SI.
95c for $1.30 Crepon Waists
$1,49 for $3Silk. Crepe Waists, all
$1.69 for $3 SiDt Waists.
$2.98 for jbamlonine. line of Bilk
Waists. Former price, $5 and 56.
200 large size Gingham Aprons, worth
15c, speual for Saturday,
806 7th St., Bet. H and I,
1924-1926 Penn. Ave.
"Oh. no; jou are charged with vagrancy."
"Well, I'm denied," said Mike, as Ken
dig thrust him back; "the cop told me a five
would git me off."
"You hadn't taken Mr. PQgh into consid
eration," said Kcndig.
"Is he that feller with the gay-tie and
blue sultz" asked" Mike. "Well, wait till I
git out; I won't do a thing ter him."
Col. Swords Sujh Nothing Ih Decided
Until Nomination Is ilnde.
Bt. Louis. Mo., June 5. The busiest men
in St. Louis are Sergcant-at-Arms Ujrnes,
of the Republican national convention, and
Sergeant at-Arms Swords, of the national
committee. Col. Swords has completed
every detail for the accommodation of the
national committeemen, who will arrive
here Monday next. On the Wednesday fol
lowing their first formal meeting will bo
held, when the roll of delegates will be
made up. This roll will not include con
testants, as that matter will rest wltb the
credentials committee.
Col. Swords hails from Iowa, and has
been and is still an enthusia stic Allison man.
He wears a large Allison badge.
"1'ou can say." he sfid, "that the Sen
ator's name will be presented to the con
vention. Despite the apparent one sided
appearance of the situation, Iowa will be
represented nere by large and enthusiastic
delegations. Their adherence to Allison has
not and will not waver. Nothing is decided
till the nomination is made."
Bepubllcnus and Populists Both Claim
to Have TVon.
Portland, Oregniu June 5. Both Repub
lican and Fopulist chairmen are claiming
election of their nominees for Congress in
both districts. jLatestf returns ort Con
gressional election Hn the Second district
give Ellis (regulars Kepublican), 154 plu
rality. Grant aouaty has Dot yet been
beard from. In jMalheur county only four
precincts have bce beard from. Nothing
has been beard fjom Harney couDty. These
counties went strongly Republican two
years ago.
State Cbalrroai" Hlrsch.-of'the Republi
can committee,-. very confident tbat the
official canvass. IwIH increase Ellis' plu
rality.. Iu tbeJFiwt district Van TDen
burg's pletralltjsi,cut 170 seems to be
dwindling. ' TSnRue, Republican, bas
I gained fifty In jDohglass couoty Curry
m .
lti 98C.
4Vgpv 69c.
ft i ii ,
Tomorrow we will give cither a
40-cent sack of Lily Best Patent
Flour or 5 pounds of Best Franklin
Granulated Sugar to each purchaser
of 3 pounds of 30-ccut Java and
Mocha Coffee, or 1 pound of cither
BO-cent Gunpowder, Oolong or
Mixed Tea, These Teas and Coffees
arc all absolutely the same goods we
have always sold at the above prices
without the sugar or flour special,
and we guarantee every pound of
them sold to be satisfactory or your
money refunded. The sugar we give
free with the Teas and Coffees is
best Franklin granulated.
Tor tomorrow we will sell 1,000
boxes of teilct soap -each Lox con
taining three Sc. cakes, assorted
Rose, Honey, Glycerine. The price.
7 cents per box. makes it tbe great
est leader the trade bas ever been
ofrcred. We must limit the quan
tity which we will hell any one party
at u time to five boxes-
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk goes
for 16 cents. Baby brand, which
is best Tor Infants. 10 cents. Mag
nolla Brand, 8 cents. Condensed
Cream, large cans, 10 cents caeb.
Tomorrow we'rs golrc to sell
200 pounds or Arbuckie's Pack
age Coffee for 21 ccntsper package.
Another Item will be French Pall
Blue for tomorrow's special sale.
Seven cents per box for the 15 cvnt
size boxes.
We have 1.000 cans California
green gage plums, packed In heavy
syrup, whicii go tomorrow for 13
ccntsper can.
1,000 butter dishes and sugar
howls ruled with prepared mustard.
Price for tomorrow 10 cents each.
The cream cheese special Is 12
cents per pound. 1,000 dozen velvet
skin lemons. Tomorrow's price, 10
"ents dozen.
1.800 pounds of mixed candy goes
for 5 cents per pound. 3.000 pounds
best large lump starch for 4 cents
per pohnd. Usual price, 5 cents.
Another sreclal soap sale goes
Into effect tomorrow morning at 7
o'clock. Star fcoap, 3 cents; Borax.
3 cents; itoscleaf, 3 cents; New
Tariff Soap, 3 cents. These are
all large cakes and sell elsewhere
usually at 5 cents a cake.
We have the reputation of sell
ing meats cheaper than anj one elso
in the citj we earnetl that reputa
tion by doing that very thing, and
we'll show jou tomorrow that we
don't propose to lose our good name
C 1-2 cents will buy the best Balti
more Sugar cured. Smoked Shoul
ders, and & 1-2 cents for the Breast
Strips the usual value for this qual
ity of meat, 8 and 12 cents. q
hav e fifty boxes more of those crosswise-packed
Smoked Scotch Bloat
ers, whicii we will sell at 20 cents
per box (see vv lndow display).
The finest fruit Just now which can
be found are those Large Ev apo rated
California Peaches at 6 cents per
pound, and those Sweet Oregon
Prunes at 5 cents. The large Cali
fornia Prunes are nearly as large as
peaches those preferring them to
the Oregon can have them at same
price. We have 1,000 cans of
Duchess Pears, large size, packed
in heavy syrup today they go at
10 cents can; their usual price. 15
cents with us. Tomatoes. 6 cents for
the large cans. Ginned Lima Ueans.
4 1-2 cents. Canned Corn. 4 1-2 cents,
and Early June Peas, 6 cents per can.
In the way of lunch goods, pcr-
m Mile us iu buy me tMMesb inmg 10
I carry In way of such supplies is
for Fairbanks' goods, which is tbe
best grade known to us, 4 1-2
cents per can. Each can bas roll
key opener.
300 pounds or those Soft Shell
Almonds go for 10 cents per pound,
also .1 few more Best Mixed Jiuts at
8 cents
The two-pound packages Best
Oats for 7 cents; Pcttijohn's Food.
10 cents; Ccrealine, 15 cents, and
Whcatlct, 13 cents
1,000 cans of California Lemon
Ding Peaches, pjeked in heavy
syrup, for 13 cents per can; also
200 pounds of Sliced Peeled Cali
fornia Evaporated Peaches for 10
cents per pound.
' 729731 Tth St.
county has Just been beard from, giving
aim a plurality of 120. He Is now 233 be
Jealous UuHband "Wreaks Iterenge
Upon a Boarder.
Pottstoivu, Pa ( June 5. It was the
old story of a boarder and a Jealous hus
band. John Jotz lived with the. family
of John Bheloskl. Wednesday night they
quarreled, and Jotz left tbe house. He
secreted himself In tbe back jard, and
when" BhelosU appeared later the revenge-,
f ul friend leaped upon his victim.
He had au open knife in bis hand. Jotz
made a thrust "at Sneloski's eye. Tbe
blade penetrated the eje Just beneath the
pupil. Then be slashed tbe victim balf a
dozen times and fled. Bbelcskl was
found unconscious, but tbe surgeon -who
dressed bis vtrouuds thinks be will recover.
Jotz bas not been captured.
Torn to Piece Ijy Hogs. - J
Racine, Wis., June B. An cigbt-year-
old sun of Henrj; Acklam was torn to pieces
by two bulldugs while returning from
m ' Free
The; Climax
Will be reached tomorrow. It -will be the last day of our
"TWENTIETH. ANNIVERSARY SALE" andj;he last day for
some time to come on which yoa may buy "ANY SHOE" In
our three houses at a "REDUCTION" from ''LOWEST
KNOWN REOULAE PRICES." No wonder that many fami
lies have this week: bought from us their entire Summer Shoe
Supplies when they can secure OUR famous RELIABLE
Shoes at such prices as these:
For Children.
BojV a to 13 75c Tennis
Slipper, with leather iusolss.' "
Tomorrow only, 38c.
Misses' and Child's PurablcKid
Button and Sandals.
Tomorrow only, 08c.
Boys' Jan Calf or Bent Gott
Bigb or Low Cut Shoes.
Tomorrow'only, $1.40
Mlsaes' fitO Best Made
Patent Leather or Kid Boots.
Tomorrow only, $1.80
Boys' Best Hand sewed
Tair or lilack !'.S0 Shoes.
Tomorrow only, $12.20
Veal Cal f. 51.25 and SLSO-SoUd
bole Laced and Gaiters.
Tomorrow onlj, 90c.
Tan Rnsla Finish Laced
and Glove Calf Seamless Oxfords.
Tomorrow only, $1.40;
m 930-932 Seventh St. N. W.
igi 1914-1916 Pa. Ave. N. W. - 233 Penna. Ave. S. E.
Best Ming Values on Earth!
Men's Splendid Cassimerc Suits UTi UU
Men's Fine Sergeand Scotch Cheviot Q t ft
Suits Di II U
Men's Verv Fine-Dress Suits, all the 0 AH
leading- styles..... Oi UU
Men's Stylish Crash Suits, cool and Q Qft
elegant Ui DU
Men's Blue Serge. Coats I iDU
And thousands of other wonderful Clothing- values, -which
to see is to fcuy.
i H. Friedlander & Bro
Cor. 9th and
The $nk and I3lh
At either of our two stores we will sell for two
days today and. tomorrow CASH OR CREDIT this
A FIVE-PIECE PARLOR SUITE, mahogany finish
frames beautiful design upholstered in silk tapes
try spring seat NEVER offered by any other house
for less than S35. Special at our two stores 13th
and F Streets.and THE RINK, New York Avenue, be
tween 13.th.and 14th Streets today and tomorrow
Lansburgh's Furniture
13th and F Sts. and , 2.M rpCl LO.
THE RINK, 1310 New Y.rk Avenue.
school last nlgbr. A companion, who es
caped from the dugs, rer-i'rted jhe fact and
directed tbe party which recovcreiT'tbe remains.
Not Killed But Atnltrentcd. ,
' London, JuW 6!-riASlipatch f rora NonUnl
to tbe Globesays that tbe report that a-
German officer namaTEralJywas-ikllleil
J a few djys ago by the bodyguard of the
TOMORROW ONLY with shoe purenwM
of 8l.no or over a bottle of black or un
Shoe Sale
For Ladies.
Tan Goat and Black Kid
Wide or Sharp Toe Oxford Ties.
Tomorrow only, 08c.
Patent Tipped Mongol
Wcll-made liutton Boots.
Tomorrow only, 90c.
Several Handsome 2styles
lilack or Tan Oxford Ties.
Tomorrow only, $1.40
Our Great "Kojal" Low or
Iligli Black or Tan Shoes.
Tomorrow only, $1.80
All $15 J and S3 Finest Kid
Black or Tan Hand made Boots.
Tomorrow only, $2.70
All our Famous S3.50 and S3 Tan
orBlackLowor Htgn Shoes.
Tomorrow only, $2.70
Finest Made to French Calf
or Patent Leather Shoes.
Tomorrow only, $4.20
Pension Checks Cashed.
E Sts. N. W.
and F Streets N. W.
viceroy of Nankin, is incorrect. The officer
was maltreated by the Chinese, however,
and upon the .lrrival of tbe German war
ships, wbicb are now at Nankin, tbe vice
roy apologized for tho treatment to which
the Qprmanoftfcers who- were lent by
Germany todrtllChtnese had beensubjectcd.
vflnd be
. feflow-i
nu gave assurance tnat xrause anu ms
. feflow-ornesfs.shoultl.'iioj be molested In
future. - ,....
. . .-. -
;'f. VfrnSSPZlki

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