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'r-y pv; -r W V np ,&-. - "VTj s
"Sawi!' -- i
J Itai Walt
j l Until the i
) Last Moment, j
J- i
1 There's two big sales
S on this week and it's
2 going to be six days of
g bargaining the like of )
g which you haven't seen
m for many a day. b
f I
1 QAiE Nn
UflLL. llUi
1 gives you your choice of
5 hundreds of men's suits I
1 that have been $10, $12 I
I and $15 for $7.50.
SALE No. 2
! . 7 I
f gives you your choice of 1
S every knee pants suit in p
the house for one-third
fl less than marked prices. g
Cor. 7th and E Sts. N. W.
No 13 ranch Store lu Wnslilnzlon.
rV&23 E5TMV1
CrwuXm. Mb oaSTIKSTr CHitS soociho "
C Ours Is tlio onlyiila'it lnVaMintnn 3
C -wlieio you tan have ur mirrots re- 3
fc silvered. Wc employ expert only, -d
fc aud rnarantoo BalUfacUo. -3
t Our-toc!c U cmiplctc in every dc- :q
p- taiL Pjouipt wurL lowest rtricrs. 3
Phone 2i. S13 7tli St. N. W. 3
o uuuuuiiuu uuiuiuuuuuuuiuuiuua
405 mill Vrrrt '. U.
And Electric Liglits for Little Money.
820 10th M. N W. Phono 280.
pi m ll PS"ES ftr " fT
1539 Sixth Street N. W.,
Washington, D.C., June 16, 1896.
Manager The Times Real Estate Bureau :
Dear Sir My house at Brightwood Park had been
vacant for three months, and after placing same in
your hands was rented in ten (o) days.
Very Respectfully,
(I'reparea at to: Catted States Weatcer Bureau.;
S:-v lor f '& h
b6K i. 1 1 "i.'r ,1 rAie roct 'sx XV
.jPVYi '-cVSi----x;.,rn-4 LivvaJETSi.
ryrieast Till 8 i. m. Tuesdny.
1 ort!ieIJistrici.c.fColunibia,Dclawnrcand
Maryland, showers, with thunder storms
this afternoon or tonight;Tucsday, showers;
cooler tonight; westerly -winds, Jiecouiing
1'or Virginia, showers, with thunder
storms tonight: Tuesday, occasional show
ers: coolertonlght: south westerly winds, be
coming northwesterly
AVeM Her Condi: lonsnnd General Forer
An nrca of high pressure continues cen
tral oier the east Gulf States; a second area
lias formed lu the upper lake region and
upper Mississippi valley: the pressure Is
also high on the ncrtli Pacific const- An
urea of low pressure, covers the Gulf of
faint Lawrcnccnnd New England: alfo the
pressurelslow Inthe southern Rocky moun
tain plateau- The barometer has risen
throughout the lake regions and remains
stationary In all other districts.
The temperaturp is lower In the lake re
gions, and has remained stationary else
where. For the twenty-four hours, ending Sun
day morning, showers were reported in the
east Guir States and the lake regions, the
lower Missouri valley, and southern Rocky
mountain Mope- Forthe twenty-four hours,
ending Monday morning, 6howers continued
In the cast Gulf States, and showers, with
thunder storms, occurred generally through
out New England, the lower lake region.
Tender of a Public Space De
clined by Commissioners.
Col. Wilton OfferH a Tlncc for the
1lrlng- of -Firecrackers und En
HinwtttHiii Permits to Ertct Polos
lu Alleys An Interesting Question,
Minor DlHtrlct Slattern.
One spucc lias been tendered by Col.
Wilson, superintendent or puhllu buildings
nud grounds, for Uie use ot young America
on Independence Day.
The Commissioners fear that, if ac
cepted, it would be Uniirnctlcabte to con
riue Uie crowds likely to assemble there
wiibiu tlie limits, and Ibis objection is
believed to bold against many oilier reser
vations. The grounds tendered by Col. Wilson
ore those between 11 street and the gravel
road north ot the Monument and betwecu
Fourteenth street nud the gravel oval cast
ot the north carp pond.
While acknowledging the courtesy ot
the orrer, the. Commissioners decline it, for
reasons slated, and ask tor the use of
Ganleld Tark.
The garbage contractor has licen given
permission to dredge aud clean out t lie dock
at the footor Twenty-seventh and C streets
northwest, uud to repnlrtbc wharf,in order
to afford better facilities for the transfer
if garbage from the corls to the scows.
This does not cover any permit to dump
any dredginjs or other refuse into the
The Commissioners have authorized the
United States Electric Lighting Company
to erect a pole In the alley running north
and south In square 460, and to run the
necessary oierhead wires to connect prem-iseaat-tlie
southeast corner of SKthund II
streets northwest, on condition that the
cables are run In a groove made In the
pole and proiierly covered, so as to prc
eiit contact llierewiUi.
Permit wasalso Issued to the Postal Tele
graph Company to rebuild its line lucatcd
principally on Woodlcy loid. from 'Tentli
street and riorida avenue to Weodley and
Tcnlcjlown roads, theloeat-oa and kindof
poles to be subject to the supervision ot the
engineer department.
An interesting question, which will In
vclve the refund or certain fees collected
since 1804. Is likcl to be presented to Hit;
Commissioners soon, as the result ot their
irdcr. latelv Issueil, lu moollicallon ut the
rnler of December !. 1S3, assessing a
fecof $1 for a peniiifdutlioriiiuKtlieerec-
tiuior reilacemeut" or each telegraph or
lelephVne pole iletiianded by the l.ustnessof
the several ci-mpmiles lu the District
It was always a matter Ot contention
between the corporations and the Dis
trict government whether or not the Com
missioners hail any authority to make mi
order such as lhat or December, 1803, to
charge $1 lor each pole to be set or
replaced, and not lmg ago the Western
Union Telfgrapli Company renewed lis
objections to the payment of the fee In
a case where jiIkiui $10 was collected.
The company did not object to paying a
fee rora permit, because its issuance in
volved somo extienre. which, in the judg.
ment "of the officials, should be reimbursed,
but where a single permit embraced more
than one pole it was the liablt of the Dis
trict government to add a dollar to the
cost for each pole above one, and this the
company rcgnrded as a tac.
The Commissioners finally came to that
view, and on the IStli instant amended the
order so that but ?1 should be charged
for each penult, whether It shall authorize
the erection or replacement of one polo
or twenty or one hundred.
This modiflciit ion Is made retroactive, cov
ering the full petlod In which the former
order has been operative, and the next
laclttonvill -
the Ohio and middle MUsissippl valleys,
and the middle Rocky mountain elope.
Showersand cooler weatherare indicated
for New England and middle AtlantlcStates,
and showers, with thunder storms, are
likely to continue In the Ohio and mlddlo
Mississippi valleys; also occasional showers
will probably occur in the east Gulf States.
The following heavy precipitation (In
inche3) was reported:
During the past twenty-four hours-Montreal,
1.20; New Orleans. 1.20; Wichita,
1-01; Dodge City, 1.20; Valentine, 1.18.
Condition of IV liter.'
High and low tidesare officially recorded
at the Navy Yard today as follows:
High". tow.
4:50 a.m. 11:44 a.m.
5.20 p. m. 1 1:04 p. m.
Temperature and condition of the water
at 8 a.m.: Great Falls-Temperature. 78;
ccnditlon. 3. Receiving reservoir-Temperature.
82; condition atnorth connection,
3; ccnditlon at eouth ciniiection. 4. Dis
tributing reservcJx-Tcniporaturc, 70; con
dition at Influent gatehouse, 4; effluent
gatehouse, 4.
.scliifliilw for Street Hunting
Gas lamps lighted at 0:00 p. m.; extin
guished at 2:58 a. in.
Naphtha lamps lighted at 0:03 p. m.; ex
tinguished at 3:13 a. m.
Incandescent and electric lamps lighted
at 8:50 p. m.; extinguished at 3:13 a. in.
Nothing Nicer
than a Negligee Shirt for
this weather. I have them
in Madras, Grass Cloth,
and Percale collars and
curls attached or dc
tachc. My Dollar Shirt
is amazing in value and
403-405 Seventh Si. N. W.
matter that will be brought forward forthe
Commissioners to consider, ills learned, will
bo a claim from each of t he Interested lom
jkinles for a refusal ot the several amounts
paid in. excess of the stipulated fee ot $1
for each permit.
It is not believed that the amount will as-. I
gresate a very large sum, but it win in
clude theexcess puld since January 1,181)1.
In response to u request prcrcrred by Hon.
well In or near Llnroln Park, the Commis
sioners assure him that- the suggestion
shull receive their careful consideration
when the matter or selecting sites for
deep wells conies berore them.
The last session or Congress appropriated
$8, GOO, of which $4,000 has lieeu set usldo
for the sinking of wells of that description,
and the amount last named will be ex
pended during the coming liscal year, but
ltisthcintentionof theConimissionerstoask
for an additional appropriation ot $10,000
at the next session. In order that there may
be a sufficient water supply from that
source to meet existing demands.
P. Il.Shcehy obtained a permit today for
Hie construction of a large store and ware
house at No3. 7U3 to 709 Florida avenue
northwest, the estimated cost of which is
This permit was applied tor only after
Sir- Sheehy's ineffectual effort to secure
the right to erect his bulldlug on the Sev
enth strcetsiUe of lih proiierty.and the out
come settles the Kmt, hitherto a matter
of debate, that the Commissioners propose to
carry out the original design in the matter
or the width or tin thuroughrarclastnnmed.
It is tlie Intention to make the street 20
liel wider at that point, and when Mr.
sjheehy applied for a permit he rj so
informed, and In order to build on that
front would have been obliged to place
the structure 2u feet back of the present
building line. This he declined to do, and
changed his p'aus.
Other permits issued today were: To I).
II. Gottwalls. ror construction of two dwell
ings, nt Nos. 062 and 001 O street north
east, $0,000: 1). W. Laskcr, for sale stable.
No. 10!) Little 11 street, $11,500;. M.iry Han
ley, dwelling. No. 812 Tweiity-rourth
street northwest, $1,800; W. M.
Morrison, .dwellings, Nos. 1027 and
102!) btveu'.h street northeast. $4,000:
Thomas MtGralh, rr.ime dwelling, block 7,
Hartford street, Urnokland, $2,700; Ida
ilcler. two stores and dwellings, Nos.
1243 and 1240 II street norlheflst. $7,
B00; John Btcrzer, addition to store "and
dwelling, No. 411 II street ucrlLeast,
United Mn ten Legation tit Toklo Ite
ports 30,000 DeutliH.
Secretary Olney today received the fol
lowing dispatch tram Mr. Herod, secretary
of the United States legation ut Toklo.
"Deaths cauiied by tidal wa e estimated
at over ilii.ouo. In reports l date 2Itt)
no mortalities uinuug Americans."
Little Nlinrnd Davis Ik Ui-ild iiud ilin
l'ureuts Too Poor to ltary Illni.
The Dai is family, mentioned in The
Times recently, have had the sorrow of
deal h added to their poverty and distress,
and their condition is now pitiful Inthe ex
treme. James Davis Hies with his wlfeand two
children atNo. 121 Nstrcct southeast. The
third child, little Nimrod, after languish
ing Tor more Mian a year, died lust .Saturday,
and the ramlly are without means to bury
the little one
Mr. Davis, a sober and industrious yoiwig
mechanic, bad hlsarmcrushedoff under the
wheels of a freight train several weeks ag
while at Eckingtou seeking employment to
support his wife and children. This inca
pacitated him from work.
The death of Nimrod is an additional
blow, and comes at a time whentheDavlses
are without rood, money or fuel. Unless
the Christian public extend help promptly
to the bereaved und suffering family, it is
not known how the dead child will be
rollcc Lieut. McCathran, or the Firth
precinct, has written a letter, stating that
the family is destitute and deserving. The
Times will receive contributions for these
doubly bereaved people-
Alexuuder Epperson Sent to Jnll for
DlKturblui; H1h Hrother'H Family.
Alexander Epperson love3 blood, war and
whisky, but not his brother, William, a
meek, quiet roan, who follows the tailor
ing trade. Alexander follows nothing but
his nose, which is bloated and red from
his constant pursuit after liquor. Satur
day he had what by him isregurded as the
best of good fortunes a corpulent, knock
down and chew-up Jag.
On suclw cessions he hunts for the sedate
and retiring William. He f und him ut his
shep on E street, near Scienth street,
Alexander entered hkeu brcken-up cj clone,
waving a r.izcr and causing the lamlly, in
cluding William, to retire belaud doublc
I eked and bolted doors. Alexuuder threw
things arcunil at a lively rate, announcing
that hereafter his name would appear above,
the dcor instead or William's.
The latter had nude a detour, and locked
the front door on his brother, calling ut the
same time for a policeman. Alexander
knocked the door down and Hcd the place
as Policeman Sullivan appeared. After a
lively chase. In which Officer Adjms Joined,
he wa3 captured.
This afternoon lie had a five minutes'
seance with Justice, in the person of Judge
Miller, who delayed his scheme ot succeeding-
to his brother's goods and chattels by
putting him away for ninety days.
Youiifi Man tVlio Assaulted the Mudd
Funitty Given ThreeMontlis.
Joseph O'Lcary, Jr.,the young white man
who assaulted his sister, her sister-in-law
and her father-in-law, Theophilus Mudd,
at the latter's retidcnce, 2701) IC street, Sat
urday night, as told in estcnlay's Morning
Times, was arraigned In Judge Miller's
court today, on two charges of ussault, and
one or concealed weapons.
O'Leary pleaded guilty to the charges ot
assault, denying the other one- Thc two
Mudds, rather and daughter, were In court
t6 appear against him, but n's sister Te
rmed to prosecute-
"What possessed you to actin that man
ner, O'Leary?"-- demanded Judge Miller.
"I was drunk," said the prisoner.
"Where did you get that pistol?"
"Dunno."sulkily responded O'Leary.
"It was a lucky-thing ror you it missed
fire or you might have bad to answer a
charge of murder." said the Judge.
O'Leary replied lhatttieplstol'svasbrokcn
and could not be rired.
Judge Miller gave him seven months on
the three cases.
Renders extracting absolutely
painless and safe. It is applied
tt tho gums. Don't put ynn to
B2n. -extracting vriiii fii
UK. V. S. DENTAL Aas'N, 7th aud D sts,
Who Is Sufferinsr. Tired of
Doctoring, or Tirett or f
, Life Should Pail ,.
- to Consult , r
i - . ,-r
The most successful physician or the age
In the treatment of till manlier and kiiuis
or Nervous, Chronic, Wood and Bkiu Diseases.-.
He can-eure"ou when othcrsail
even to give relief,, "ills cuargcof
$5 a month;
For all diseases Full treatment and medl-r
clues Is a Godsend to thousands. Notone
penny more will bo received under oily
Ills well-known sanitarium, 1411 remv
s.ilvanl.'i avenue, is open on Monday, Wed
nesday, Thursday, "and Saturday, rronr
10 u. in. to D p. in. and 7 to 8 p. m.;
TuesdaynmtFrlday.rroiii 10 too. Sunday,
rrom 10 to 12. '
Long Senteucss Given Men Who
Assault Law Offioarsi
Judeo Miller IntendM to Itronk Up'
tho rnictlcc Othor Uulted
State Cohcm.
Judge Miller W making an example these
days of those ortenaets who assault oifr
ccis. Thisnricriioou he seal Solomon Hell
to Jail ror twelve muUlhsuud tils sou there
ror eleven moults and tweutjolne days
fo"r assaulting Special Orficer Jr alter aud
Policeman Adams.
The arrray occurred In Beaton's court
early Sunday morning, wheie William tell,
Annie Johnson and George I'inkenl, nllcol
orcd, were lighting uniong iLeimclvcs.
Annie, armed with a razor, had the best
of the fight.
F.iiler and Policeman Cox and his partner,
Adams, heard tlic.upio.ir and weuttutothe
alley on a run. Mill.nu Ucll broke away
and rushed Into his house. His rather struck
Fallen and Adams with a Leavy hickory
slick, cutting Fallen's head severely. In
the iiiejiilinie the ton had planted some
heavy blows ou Adams' lace.
When the olficeis brought the two col
ored men out In llie alley, where a large
crowd had assemble.!, two or three ineu
in the throug. Incensed at Faller's condi
tion, the Moud streaming down his face,
struck Sutomctt Hell in the eye.
Judge Miller, In msposlngor tliecase.salil
the business or nssaultlng iioliceinen must
Judge Milleralsi disposed or a number
or iietty cases in short order toJay.
Curler lti.tKjj.ot Iieleg able to argue the
political situation nacificallv with Andrew
ticodall, ryj-orjod to a razor during the ar
gumciuiu on eiiirwjimnvinco Andrew how
wring he was fhrAs thinking.
Andrew, after lie hud lecelvcd a slight
cut, tcok to his heels, with Carter in hot
pursuit. Hess was stopiied by the jiollc
and received sixty days in Jail, thirty ror
assault iiml thirty for carrying concealed
Ella Htcks, colored girl, loves finery.
She envied KM Uriiy her tea gown, which
Kate said coivSlOjl
In the lattoHs -absence, Ella took ixm
session of it. Shu swore Kate sold it to
her for 00 cents-.Ella got thirty days.and
must restore rnc dress.
John Quinuii colored boy, paid a fine or
$3 ror stealing a .bottle of cologne from
Lloyd's druic store,.
Winnie Washington, a tall, muculur Am
azon, paid a fine of $0 for beating her
husband. Joseph, who has arrived at the
last stage of lien peokery.
She produced a wad or bills rrom the
bosom ot her black IhjiIico, to the horror
and disappointment or her husband, who
hoped she would go to Jail.
"Doc" Burrougn Is lovesick alter Ia
bella Miles, and Isabella will have none
of hlin. They are loth black and young.
Yi-sterday atternoou "Doc" met the g.rl
on the Hood Hope road and began pro
testing bis love ror her.
When Isabella scornrully rejected his ad
vances, he forgot the eltivalry of a lover
and knocked her down. Isabella tost no
time In having him arrested-
In the absence or a "fiver" Judge Miller
sent Burroughs to Jail ror fifteen days.
Illcyclc! Pollceiunn Juok Got Ills Man
Alter u Lous Clmise.
There was an exciting race on Pennsyl
vania avenue last night between Policeman
Ed Jack, mounted on a bicycle, and two
men In abuggy. Thedrivcrortbe team was
William J.McGirr.a plate printer, employed
at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
At the corner or Twenty-eighth street
and Pennsylvania avenue Patrolman Jack
hailed the men, who were driving at break
neck speed. They did not heed theofrlcor's
command to halt, but applied the whip to
their horse and rushed along the Avenue at
an Increased speed.
Jack sprang upon a wheeland gave chase.
He is muscular and long-winded, and at
SIxteeutb slrcst, In front of the White
House, the reckless driver was over
hauled and placed under arrest. He was
taken to No. 3 station, and put up $20
collateral, $10 of which he forfeited to
day, rather than stand trial.
Money undu Bicycle- Ha veBeen Stolen
from Two Citizens.
Edward Ross placed his pocketbook con
taining $3 pn the dining room table at his
residence. No. 326 Elm street northwest.
Mr. Ross steppe J into an adjoining room.
When he returned a few minutes later a
sneak thief had dropped In and the pocket
book was gone. This rorcnooi thetheft was
reported to Inspector Hollinbergcr.
A Niagara saty bicycle was stolen from
under the stcpsor Dr. Charles M. Jordan's
.. - crt,
No. 1421 F street northwest
ni'gh. The wheel is numbered.
'' t
Miirrlnjie Licenses.
Licenses to inarry have been issued as
follows: " "-
Charles A. Hainer, 38, and Mary E.
Coates. 28, colored.
Lewis Itocdef, 2,1, and Fannie Furber
shaw, 19.
George L. Loefflcr, 29, and Clara L.
Wasscr, 29. "
James G. Matthews, 28, of Baltimore,
and Sara T. Lewis. 24, colored.
Albert Hoblnsonf 22, and Anna Johnson,
20, colored, i ;
William P.jVarnier, 22, and Minuie
Tatcm, 21. liotti ,f Manchester. Va.
William E. Tlouser, 27, and Adelia Col
lins, 21. , '
Edward Brown, 22, and Mary Clarke. 20.
"Woman Stnhned In a Fight.
Edward Gallnwny, a colored huckster,
and Lucy Timlick. had a fight In Dingman
Place this morning, during which the wo
man was stabbe I in the arm with :i pen
knife several times by Galloway. He en
deavored to make his esoipj. but was cap
ture.l artora long chase by Policeman Pat
Crcagh or the Sixth precinct. The woman,
was removed to the Emergency Hospital.
Her Injuries are not thoug'it to be ssrious.
Notorious Woman Puulxhed.
Mary Riley, a middle-aged colored wo
man, was sent lo Juil today for thirty
days by Judge Miller for keeping n disor
derly house in that tcugh locality known
as "O" Btrcet Eottom."
What Is
Confifcting Evidence Given by
Holt Case Witnesses.
MlKHTIirtickniortnn'RMlsuKeot Words
Put Mr. Wortlilngton In mi Ill
Humor The Size or tlie MudhIou
Hullway Servants Dcucrlbo tlio
ExpeUHU Hook.
Tho sixth week or the lloltwill trial be
gan In Judsb Bradley's court at 9 o'clock
this morning. Each day's session will lieslii
at that hour during the remainder or the
trial, and, lr necessary, the court will not
adjourn until 5 o'clock or later.
The cross examination or Miss Josephine
Throckmorton wus continued by Mr. Wortli
ington. It had progressed but a few min
utes when it was suspended and Detective
Henry Laccy was called by Mr. Darling
ton. The detective testified that he accom
panied Julius Truesdell, a reporter, to
the home of Secretary Carlisle, to see the
latter's coachin.ui, George Johnson, who
was formerly in the service of Judge
Holt. He heard Johnson tell Mr. Trues
dell that Judge Holt had repeatedly said
none ot bis properly should go to his rela
tives. Miss Throckmorton took her place in the
witness chulr again, and Mr. Worthing
ton began by trying to fix dates on which
tlie witness had visited Washington and
Judge Holt. Coiicernliigull or Miss Throck
morton's visits to Judge Holt's house,
she did not rcmemLcr anyone now living
whom she hail seen there, save the ser
vants. She had never seen any of tho
hcirs-at-law until site met them In court.
"In 1880 yoa were lu Washington, were
you not?" askc I Mr. Worthlugton.
"I was here the whole year."
"You visited Judge Holt every week,
probably several times?"
"Yes, sir."
"And in that time you saw neither Mrs?
Ifciy nor Miss H ynes, thouga they may have
been Ihere two weeks?"
The witness wo'Jld frequently confound
the words "recollection" and "Impression."
nnd Mr. Worthiiigton would as frequently
try to untangle her phraseology.
"What do you mean by Impression?" ask
ed the attorney.
"I mean Just what I say," replied the wit
i.ess, 'wltli some severity-
"Were jou In Washititon In June, 1837?"
"Ills my Impression that I was-"
"Oh, you say your Impression, your Im
pression," said Mr. Worthlugton, Impa
tiently. "Well, I think Judge Holt was here-"
Miss Throckmorton had an "impression"
tiiat her god-father was In Washington In
the Tall of 18S7. She was not iicsltive.
however, that Judge Holt did not go to the
Hot Springs at that period.
The witness recalled again her visit to
thlscity in 1891 and of her meeting Judge
Holt at the Center Market.
l'rom January to April, 1891, Miss
Throikinorton visited the Judge very fre
quently. She had no recollection ot Judge
Holt ever summoning a servant to see her
to the door on her departure. He would
alwaysaccompany her to the door when he
was able.
Major Ilutttrwortb questioned the wit
ness, on croR-s-evamlnation, but his queries
were curtailed to a considerable extent be
cause of the objections of opposing coun
sel, sustained rrequcntly by'the court.
"Willi the retirement of Miss Throckmor
ton from the wltncs3 chair Mr. Darliugtun
stated that It had been the Intention or the
cavcatees to close their case with th;-t
witness, but they now felt compelled to
summon Wjclirr Throckmorton, the brother
or Miss Throckmorton. He could not be
here until tomorrow. With that cccept'oa.
the evidence ot the beneficiaries was all in.
As the first witness in sur-rebuttal Mr.
Worthlugton called George Johnson, the
coachman. The witness tcstllied as to tho
little account books kept by Judge Holt
and In which the Judge Jetted tils daily ex
penditures. He was very regular in the
matter and would make entries after each
Upon Mr. Darlington's questioning the
witness admitted he had never seen Inside
the books before today. Still he always saw
the judge make cntrlesln them uftcrevcry
Martha. Scott, another former servant of
Judge Holt, was recalled and asked about'
theIIttle account books. Whenever the
Judge would go away he would Instruct
the witness to keep account of all market
expenses during his absence. On his re
turn he would copy these In a small book,
which Martha identified In court as one of
the account bocks-
The servant testified that she never Raw
Miss Annie Tully until she saw her In court.
Miss Tully is a young white girl in the serv
ice of the Throckmorton family, who stated
on the witness stand that she had accom
panied Miss Throckmorton to Judge Holt's
house on two occasions. On the latter ot
these visits she sat down in the hall and
waited an hour. The servant testified that
the hall was only about three feet wide,
very dark and had no seats In It.
The servant admitted to Mr. Darlington
that the front of the hall was more than
three feet wide. She still Insisted, how
ever, that It was not large enough to com
fortably seat a person in a chair, although
the large casket In which the remains of
Judge Holt lay after death was carried
through the hall.
Fred. Schradcr. a reporter, was recalled.
He had previously testified concerning a
conversation with Luke Devlin the day
after the will turned up. In answer to Mr.
Worthington's query the witness testified
that Mr. Devlin had told him that he had
no doubtas to the genuineness ot the signa
tures ot the three witnesses to the will.
He also said the will was doubtless drawn
and signed when Gene.SLennanaudGrant
and Mrs. Sherman were guests at the
Holt mansion. Mr. Devlin had denied on
the stand the conversation which Mr.
Schroder testified as having occurred.
Judge Holt's expense account book was
again the subject of consideration when
Charles Strothers, a colored man-servant
in the Judge's house, was recalled to the
staud. He remembered distinctly that
his employer kept such a set ot books.
The only furniture in the hallway or the
Holt mansion was a hat-rack. If peo
ple wanted to sit down, Strothers said,
it vould be necessary to sit on the steps
leading to the secobd floor. There was
never a chair in the hallway, though, lie
witness acknowledged, it was ut one place
eight feet wide.
Miss Mary licit was alo a witness In
rebuttal. Uprn enc occasion she told the
judge she Intended to keep an expense ac
count. He iVIsed her not to do so because
it did net pay. The witness Identified the
becks in evidence as the same her gre.it
uncle kept.
Razor "Wlclder In a Stife Tlnco.
Israel King will spend a year In juil-for
assaulting George Dyson, and Ed. Cooper.
All three men are colored, and got In a
quarrel yesterday over a cigar. King drew
a razor and cut tlie other two, wno de
fended themselves with bricks until Po
licemen Harrover and Mullen arrested Kiug.
I Science
Shoe Selling
STOLL'S "8io" 7th St.
Interesting Questions Discussed bj
the A. M. . Z:.on Conference
Cotton Mill Will Ho Erected In North
Carolina, to He Controlled by
Colored People.
The delegates to the Philadelphia and
Baltimore conrereuce of the African Meth
odist Episcopal Ziou Church spent some time
this morning discussing the physical needs
and questions involving the best interests
of the colored race-
A communication to Bishop Hood from W.
C. Cclcmau of Concord, N. C, was read.
Mr. Coleman Is the wealthiest colored man
In the State cf North Carolina und lus
crganized a joint stock company Tor the
erection of a tottcnnulll ut Concord, work
on which, has ulrendy been tcgun, to be
manjged tint! c perated entirely by colored
people. The plant is to te turned over to
the ministers or the A. M. E. Zlou Church to
induce the ruee'to take hold ot the project.
Bishop Small made a forcible address,
urging upon the pastors the necessity
of Impressing tbelr congregations with
the idea or working ror themselves. It was
decided to Indorse the undertaking.
Bishop Hood announced that word had
just been received from the Genesee con
ference, now in session ut Syracuse, N. Y.,
that $1C0 had been raised ror the centen
nial rund, which will be expended In cele
brating the 100th anniversary or the es
tablishment ot the A. M. E. Zlon church.
The celebration will take place next Oc
Uiber In New York city.
Rev. Mr. Toddot Baltimore, was Intro
duced, and spokn of tho connection of the
Maryland Bible Society, which he repre
sented, to the conrerence, and told of the
aid the society had extended to the colored
churches In Washington.
This nftcruoou there were reports fxon
the remaining lay ctlcgutes and from
finance committees on educational Interests
and sums to be ralred for the seventeen
Institutions or learning under the direction
or the conference.
Other repoits were submitted from com
mittees on superannuated pastors, S.ib-bath-school
work, publishing house and
The conference will coutinue until to
morrow night, when Presiding Bishop
Petty will announce the charges to whic
the pastors will lie assigned for the en
suing year.
Coveted toy Col. llrltton.
The executive committee of the Republi
cati national committee will, at Its next
meeting, select a successor to Perry Car
sou, as national committeeman for the
District of Columbia. The latest Up out
is that of A.T. Erlttulii will get the plum.
-Miis-nu'liusettH Mun Honored.
A medal ot honor this awarded todiy to
Frederick N. Del.ind, late private Company
D, Forty-ninth Massachusetts Infantry, for
gallantry in action at Port Hudson. La
May 27, 1603.
Stocks Affected by Political aud For
elunNews. New York, June 22. Professional op
erators, who loaded up with stocks last
week, on the adoption ot the gold plank
by the Republican party, experienced a
change or heart this morning, and were en
deavoring to get out of their holdings.
Some ot tlie sellers ot stocks professed
to rear a combination of the Populists,
Tree silverites, and Democrats, but It can
be said that actual owners ot securities
were not at all alarmed by this theory.
In fact, the great bulk of the buslncssdurlng
the past hour was for the account ot the
trading element. Tobacco, after Its early
break, recovered to 60 7-8a6G 1-2, and
was taken by brokers supposed to be act
ing for Insiders. Talk ot early dividend
action by the directors and the retirement
of the scrip recently Issued was revived.
At 11 o'clock the market was somewhat
steadier in tone.
Speculation at the Stock Exchange after
11 o'clock was extremely dull. TLe de
mand for securities was extremely light,
while the bears were not disposed to follow
up the advantage gained at the opening.
The gold engagements for shipment to
Europe tomorrow were increased to
$700,000, but even this failed to revive
business. At midday the market wus
dull and weak In tone.
FnrnlRhpd by Seymour Dron , ba nit
ers and brokersi, members of Nnsv
York Slock Excliause. "Wnshlnmon
office. Rooms 3 und 3a, Sun lliilldlncr.
J. A. Hreen, Manager..
in-. tm-'i. !,- -.in
An-.SiunrrteunlniCo.. 121JJ V.1X IISJ5 n'gv
Canada Southern 0 si 50 to'
Atc!on Too. A S. V.. Ui Uii UVi Hi
American Tnlacco Co... "; '6T; i.'.Vf u-iu
I!alto.A0hlo 1SV 1SC 1SK lSs
Hav State Gas 235$ rev: 2." " SS
Chesapeake .V Ohio.. .. 1VJJ 15J.J isjj i;v
Central or New Jersey.. 105 lid I0K IBM?
Chicago and NnriliWu.. 10.14 VZ lJJ Ilh.Tj-
Chlc-igo. Bur. i Q 78JS TSfcT 77 77Cj
Chicago (las tr.Vi I.7K 67 C7
C.M.iSt.P TV .y T.lji 77
Cell. Ga 1885$ 'K W" 1-SJs?
C K. LAP '1 TOV, C91 ca
Del. & Hudson Canal.... Ziii Z5 li IJSi
Llcl.l-ack. .IWust 102 lit! ICB; IBIiJ
Dlst. Cattle Feed Co.. lOJ 11K 15jJ I3jJ
Uencmi Klecino ft! 32 31 3I
Laclede Ci as 'Ji SS; 2! 22
Limlsvllle .t Nasuvillo.. 51 5tJs ay: lay,
S.andt.prer. 21 2j 21 .",
Jlannatian IW IDS I05l lor
Mm racitlc. 2.X t3Tf 2Pi siy.
National Lead Co SIX 1i ;ili -
N. 5' Ontario & W. Ui Hi I3J 11)5
Nurilicrn Pacific pW.... H)4 U$ H iii
Pacific Mail V1W '-'IK 21 "I
Phlla & Reading 15 15 ir 1,
.outliorn Railway prd.. 2J isj 27, -s;m
TeiiiicssieCoalJtlron .. :t :4 21 -.r.lj
Union pacific 73J 7JJ 7U Z',i
U. S. UiW Mvs CVi C04 10 1
WCSlcru uuiuii 7A s.iyA -si ni
Wheeling & Lako Erie.. li-Ji s 9;s. -j
"Washington Stock Exchuugo.
Sales Uljgs Fire Ins . 100 at b; .Merger
thaler Linotype. 5 at 121$.
After call Lanston Munotype, 5) at 7j;, a
V. S. 4's It. lOSli 10J
U. S. 1'r 0 101 11014
II. s. 4's HKi..... 117r US
U.S. s-i iwi mx
niSTKter ok Columbia uondj.
i'slHM avyc.ir Kuiulins" 102
t'sHKt: "30-yiar Funding" gild.... 110
Va 1WH "Water Stock" carroncy.. Ill
Li has been used by Millions ut Mothers ,
j for their Children while' Teethln" for g
li over arty years. It soothes the child, gj
S snltens tho gums, alhysall piio, cures g!
'Ji wind colic, and U the best remedy for ri
S diarrlicca. ' H
g Twenty-tivs cents a bottle. qJ
is exemplified in this
for Men, Women and Chil
drenMisses and Youths
arc offered upon a savins:
basis that will astonish and
please you. Come today.
Stormont & Jackson,
rtlHlers ann Binders. 522 I2lfist. 1.1.
Summer Garden,
4th and E Sts. N. E;
(Washington Brewery.)
Bowllnir Alleys and Shuffle Board.
Make your
store comfortable
by suppljius electric fans
aud substituting electric
lights for gas. "i ou'll be the
gainer in the end. fur folks
will shop at the coolest
stores. 'Phono us about the
current aud other Informs-
U. S. Electric LiKhtinz Co.,
213 Hth St. N. W. 'Phone. 77.
Mattresses and Gots.
Speclallyloirpriccion Mattresses
vois, Bluings, etc., uircct Iroin lae-
tory. Will ren)as.o Mattresses at
your liou.o if nece?&ry. Feather
- straa.cil and renewed. Postal or
'phone 1073 brings us.
I IHRCP'? Wholesale and Retail
LIU ULU Oj Mattress Factory.
, Otllcr, lilt lOlUM.N. W.
No Cure. No Pay.
Private Dlapenrary,
Metropolitan Hotel. No. 819-021 Poi.na. At
N". W., Washington, D. O.
T3T1 7,1 73 Consultation, 1
nnnifli Advice. J Confidential.
J.XIU1J Examination. )
SPECIALTY All Chronic. Nervous,
Blood and stm Diseases, Indigestion, Liven
Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Troubles,
Piles, Fistula, Stricture. Ac.
A NEW METHOD ror permanent and
quick cure or all privale diseases and wo
man's complaints. Vitality restored. Or
lice hours 9 to 12 a.m. und 3 to 8 il m. -
The Union Savings Bank,
1222 F Street N. W.
On approved District real cstata taj
collateral security.
Interest paid on saviugs deposits.
Open until 5 p. in. on government par
clays and Saturday evening from C to
F. II. SMITH rrciiaeai
ALVIN M. LOTHROP... First Vice President
I. G. KIMIIALI. -Second Vice President
T. A. LAMBERT Treasurer and Attorney
Col. F. C. Ainsworth,
I. O. Kimball.
A. M. Lothrnp,
Jackson IL Ralston.
Isadore Saks.
V llton J. Lambcr",
f. ii. bmltb.
K. Qnlncv Smith.
013 Fifteenth St., opp. TJ. S. Treasury.
"Phone 505.
Brokers and Dealers.
Slocks Cotton, Grain, Provisions,
Local Offices Rooms 10. 11. 12 Corcoran
Building. 000 7th it., opposite Patent
Offices, Philadelphia. Baltimore. Wash
ton. 7' 1903 "WatcrSJtocf currency... I'd
Funding" currency, It's. 109
MctRR-Vs 109
MctKRConrffs 11S0 111K lt
Belt KItS's 1021 SJ ....
Keklngton Railroad. Ca E6 100
Columbia U Iter j I911 uni 1I3U
Wash Gas Co. Ser A. us.li02-'27.. 114 ...
Wash Has io. Ser R. C- 100l-'23... 114 ......
Wash Gas Co. Conv. Gs. IS91 212 .
Cliosaoaka Potomac Tcl.Vs 100 .
AiuerSec Trust ,7s K ami A. I'Jiii 10) .'.'.'.'.'.
AmerScc A-TiuMjsA andO.lOjl ll
Wash Jlarkct Co 1st ex 1M-M911
$7.OO0retircuaunutUT 113
Wash Market Co, Imp. is :2'j;. . UJ
Wash Msrket Co cxfnirs.UI-'.;. in ,ll"l
Masonic Ilall Associatl'n Vs U.. u3
Wash. Lljht Infantry 1st Cs. 90 ."I
L'ank ot Washington si
UaitKof Republic 211
Mctrouolltan 235 "c65"
Central mi
Farmers and Mechanic' lii '.'.""
Second 13: hi
Citizens' 123
Columbia !3i
Capital 115
West End...., :uj m
Traders' ...v., VS 109
Lincoln , jo; lots
Ohio S5
Nat. Sato Doposlt and Trust. lli!' 13)
Waslu Loan ana Trust 119f lit
.iucr. Security Trust , 1I0 11J
WasJ. Bate Deposit
K.UI.r.OAD 3T0C1C3.
Capital Traction Co
licit ...............
... 70 75
... US
... 55 .....
Georgetown A Tunic) town 7
Wash.tias U 17
Ucurgelown C5js 41
U.!. r.lcctricLIiUt 1U 111
i.Nsui:AM.'t: STOCK.
Firomen's 33 ......
Franklin 5
Mctropo.itui 73 ...,
Corcoran 00
Potoiuic -... b7
Arlington 11
Guruian-Amoricau IbO
National Uiiiou 11 li
Columbia. ............... ........ 10 ......
llfjsy - 7X, ):
l'eojiio's. ................ ...-... os ......
IJncoIu - -- TJi sVi
Comuicrclal.........r.-...- . - 0V
titlb ss;llACE stocks.
Real Estate Title 1C2.J A J.... 103 110
Columbia Tltlo SU-tJ.... 0; u
Washington Tltlo 10 3
District Title -0 7 10
Pennsylvania S3- ......
Chesapeake and Potomac. ..7 HI t4
American Graphouliono u
American Oraphupboue, pld 10-if 11
PneujiatlcGuiiCarnago JW ,2J
MergentUalcr Linotype luoirj I21 mj
Lansion Monotype 7 73
Washington- Market 13
GreatFAUs lco ........... LSI lis
Nurlolk and WasU'n Steamboat
Liucola tlall. ...... .., .... IIQ
. J-ft.- fjjfegres--eaagafeiggS:'v sjfa&ib
--T -fc5t

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