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-i.r.--v . r-j- ""?rs&jr4frZrijKzr&!'
1 '
can be more satisfactorily paid from our stock than
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J -T.
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lated Sugar, 4 cents to
morrow. , 3
ftS JL rente d
J2 -" M
i ue j.uc origin smoKca a
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cents tomorrow.
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The 2Vccnt be-t Hutlcnnc in the
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li simply putting in electric light.
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renu" U.S. Electric Lighting Go.J
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of Dr. W. M. Kew, formerly analytical
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more recently with other scientific tranches
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tal Brewtne Compiny's Golden Eaele and
Mnnchner Beer to he what it Is claimed to he,
Cor. D and 14th Sts. S. E. Tel. 222.
A Million a Minute
means much when anpMcd to
thought, but mote when l'uro
bilk suspenders are quoted at
7th St. and
Man. A-xe. N.W.
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Cor 7Ui and II Sts. N.W.
Schwanck AaJrews, Wlio Made
Threats, Is R. captured.
He Wrote His Honor 3Iuny Threut-
eniiifr J-ettern fium all l'urt
of tliu Couutry.
Tlie jHilicc hae learned that Schwunck
Atiilrcns,tlic Austrian crank, who WJ ri'
turueil to the government asjlura seve'ral
da h ago. was a daugeroub lunatic of the
Guiteau tpe, and thej fuel butter butiricd
Miice iic iius tnHU placrd under lock and
Andrews escaped from St. Elizabeth's
almut three jears ago by swimming the
rUer, it ih said, and flneo that time lias
traelcilln all parts of the United States
Ills recapture was brought about bwut
UilIics or the Austrian legation, who were
lionet by the, follow last week He demand
ed a fabulous sum of money, declaring it
was lue hint lij Emperor Joseph.
While Andrews was awa rrom Wash
ington on tips tr.imii oer the country lie
wrote in in threatening Utters to officials
here. Including President Cleveland, the
Austrian miiiistc-r, and Judge Kimball of
Hie ikjlicc court He imagined he had
grreances against all, and nia'led thim
epistles, moll 1 ustal cards, telling them
or the dire tnseaucu he was going to
mete out to each
luiiKtor Ilolhuberger has been on the
lookout for the dementeil and craftj Aus
trian for some time past, complaint hav
ing been made to him In every town or
cit Andrews Mopiwd iluring his thrce
ears (ramp he wrote i tLreateningpost.il
card to Judge Kitnliall
These 'were dated in places East, West,
North and South and contained dire
thients. rumlly last week his honor
rmnl a card postmarked "Washington,
D.t ' and he knew Andrews hndrcturued
to the citj from hU extended outing.
Inspector Hollinberger was notlfkil and
was u laklngarraugement-s to trap theft How
when Andiews calleil at the Austrian
legation iind fell into the bands of the
Third precinct police. Judge Kimball
has In his possession a stack of at least
firtv postal cards, containing lnflam
nmtorv l.tngu ige, which were sent to him
b tlie dangerous crank.
In his w rithig he claimed that the gov
ernment officers mid the nmlMssador fnm
bis native country were in league to de
fra.id him of millions of dollars, which he
claimed were due him in Austria. He
threatened to use dwinmite, poison, piEtrls
mid otl.cr things to wreak vengeance on
t!ie nllegcd conspirators.
Tlie olficials, who were nnnojeo by the
lunatic hope a strict watch will be kcrt
on Mm by the at- him authorities to pre
vent him from escaping again.
Clnticrd With Violating the Speed
Informations have been filed with the
clerk of Hie police court charging John W.
Walker, William C. Iloteler, and Richard
A Burton, motonuen on the Metropolitan
meet rjilw-j, with running their cats
at a greater rate of speed than Is per-
inl'ted liylaw
Two charges have tiocn riled against
lturton The police regulations limit speed
of ftrcct cars to ten miles an hour. and It is
alleged that these men ran tluir cars it
more than twelie miles.
The cases were not called today and a
continuance was bad until later In tho
e We're
n si
r A. , , u
as taa most popular a
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f mgton oy a largo major- &j
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ica! That's how we
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what crowds our
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Over-Joyful and .Overloaded
People in Police Court.
Weary and Ilhlrsty FellO'jB Who
Mixed Profanity und Politics Tine
blcx ProxtUed During the Ileut of
Conflict PukmIiik of the Proecfc
blou of l'urtlsans. -
Election returns were received at police
court this morning.
Mike rijim, tile custodian of the door
way of the leinpie or juctice, was the only
man who would Still acknowledge hluibclf
to be a. Democrat. A little occurence like
that of jeslerday Is not surncieut to shake
Mike's faith In i'emocrau.
nitniiin oii ne poinied ti day to tlie
"lien" as couiaiuing the ltrsl effcxtb of
"McKiuley and prosjierity."
Mike re I erred lo iuoku wlio had celc-braw-o
iwi iimi iiiucu iii.ariij u,iMu ww.
intoticinU. There were many whose cup
of joy ran oer lust night.
Abr.iliaiu Ilerold was one. He started to
go home, alter halug comiuced himself
mat tue Itepubiic-.iu ticket-was ictonous
aim he hai iilled himself with beer in
piuiKjrtlou lo the majority.
On u tieorgetowu c-ar he became bois
terous and lelerrcd to the ireo sluer
eauoidaie in crj iincompifuientary lan
guage. In Ids opinion lirjan ougut lo be
in a place whicn is iull and ildlj de-sulm-iili)
Haute, andwiiicu lioti ingersoll
b.ts doesn't exist.
Abraliam, in i.ict, coinmltted the whole
poiiocratic parts lo lhat region, and to
carrj out the sentence he lnokcd the aid
of the Almlgliiy The umductur put liiiu
oir, with me remark that Ids train wus
Hue iHiiin.i lor that place, and suggested to
Abraham that be was on the w rong Hack
Then Abraham cursed some more nd
liurraiieil Tor AlcKlnle, and this was not
pleasant to the ears of the disappointed
irauiies, who were going Home with sad
hearts. Abraham's celebration will cauke
lihu to regret tlie e-lectiun Tor fifteen dajs
in the workhoue.
Coleman Parker took a drink every time
there was a invorable bulletin, und as they
were numerous Coleman drank so fre(ticut
1 that lie got lucked op ror cursing and
being disorderly Five dollars was the
1 ..iriLK Cady thought lie was Justified In
shouting last night, and lr he had done so
without using the name of the Deit) and
getting drunk he Would not hue been in
IMilicccourt this morning' Kor fifteen daj s
he will repent.
1'rauk Garrett and Uernard Wonenl will
keep him coiupanv.
.lonu o'llare and Walter Corel ille, respi c
table looMiig bojs, were 't of Hryau, even
nfterthe returns showedthattheebrahkan
bad slatted upon his trip fur i?alt ItUer.
Thej shouted Tor their r.uorite and
William Hunt heard them and look of
fense. William had come prepared for a fight
with a loiig-blaiUil butcher knife. He
drew it upon the llrjamtcs and gave
them chase. He was fluid if-O
Everett Thumas and Mar Drown, both
colored, are neighbors on Columbia Terrace,
bul the do not live in peace, as neighbors
should Everett, up to a short time ago,
had a tame pigeon and Mary hud a pet cat.
The feline would sit on the backyard fence
and watch the bird with furtive glances.
The dove cooed and the cat purred, but
the- were not rrieuds, and one duy pussy
sprang at the plgeuu as it sal upon una of
pjliiigs, and there was nothing left of the
bird but the feathers,.
Meruit vowed he would have revenge
upon that cat bo he armed himself Willi
sticks and stones lait Salurd.i) night and
iKiinbarded the backjnrd of the llrovvn
family, and the next day there ivub a dead
cat in the alley Everett's arrest follow
ed i
Jiiniule Macuui, a diminutive pickan
niuv. testifnd agulnst the feline slayer
this morning. As Jimmie took iLe stand
he was chewing something after the man
ner of hlui.
vtMt s lhat In vour mouth. bovv said
the judge
Nothm'." replied Jimmie, hanging las
"Chewing your tongue.ch?" suggested his
"Naw; that's Jcs gum."
"llemovelt at ouce.so jou can talk," de
manded his honor.
.linimle's Jaws relaxed and his chin fell
down upon his vest, and out rolled a (pile
of "lutti rrutti," and then hi- told how
Everett threw stones and "dun gone kilt
Miss llrown's kitty."
The murder of the cat cot Everett Just
$-. but he still mourns the loss of the
New Jersey went Itepublic.ui jeslerdaj
in spite of the f.ict that Edward Mc
Juhen did not cast his vote in thai oom
mouwealth. McJuheu was arrested at the Capital
grounds Mondav He hail teen aslc-ip and
fancied hluiseir on the wai to Jerse-y.
Wtieu he was awakenwl b the .jiflcer
he protested agaih.t being dented the
riglit or suffrage, and said that his vote
was uccessar to carry the State Tor Mc
He was sent to the Washington Asjlum
lIospit.il, where it was found that he onlv
had a case of the Jim jams, and was not
otherwise demented. Yesterday he was
released, and Policeman Walsh "vagged"
him at the Peace Monument.
"lie has been drunk for several dais."
said the officer "He lives by poking up
apples, grapes and bananas from the fruit
6tands, and begs aliout ille streets."
"What makes ou beg?" asked Ins honor.
"Who's been tiegging?" replied Mc
Julicu, in an indignant tone.
"Wh,I saw jou asking men for monej
on Nintn street, and a man gave jou a dinner
ht the Vntoldi," said the judge. "Bonds
or thirtj dajs." Mac took the latter.
"Sadie was drunk and begging on the A v e
nue last night,", said Policeman Ilojncs in
testifjing against Sadid Hcrtzog. "She was
going from one saloon to another, as full
as thej fill them."
"Got an thing to say, Sadie?" inquired
Judge Kimball, who has known lier almost
since Sadie has known herself.
"Yes, Judge, our honor. I want to
go home." s
"I will accommodate you. Thirty days
on the farm. You reside there most of
the time."
New Unptlsm in Pntriotinm.
London, Nov. 4. The followin g dispatch
has been cabled to Chairman Hanna, of
the national Republican committee: "We
glory in our new baptism in patriotism, and
are proud of our new President, ou and
our country.
(Signed) A. McD. McCOOK,
A. G. IIA.WE8,
$1.25 To Haltlniore and He-- $1.25
turn -via Pennsylvania Hallroad.
Tickets will bo sold Saturday and Sun
day, November 7 and 8, and will be valid
for return passage until Monday, Novem
ber 9. Good on any train. nol-4fecm "
Suits, Overcoats, Trous
ers, all at 40 per cent dis:
count until December 31,
when this partnership dissolves.
i The Choice
No matter who will be the successful PRESI
DENTIAL CANDIDATE the world will move
on and wear out its Shoes and our stores shall
continue to supply the GREAT MAJORITY of
Washingtonians with, their Shoes. We have ac
quired and shall retain our leadership by selling
the best Shoes in America at the lowest known
Tbat Special Sale ol Laflies' anMuS' Sloes aflyertisefl in Tlie Sunday
Times cte this (WEDNESDAY) Bight.
Call at Once if You Want: '
Ladies' !5 Kid Loots at....
S3 51 Inter Tin Blioes at.
VLiti Vici Kid Hoots at
till) Crack-nroof Calf bhoos.
S .SODongoliItoots at 1J1.1
. 51 J5 Wlilto and Illack San-
dais 9eC
acShoe Hrelii2sat 1C
Our Pvflen's $2.50 Winter Shoes.
HanimaJe CairanJ Winler Russet Lacei Shoes, with extenJeJ double
toles, an J equal to any ShsesaivertlseJ bj comp:tltorsat $3.00.
Hahn & o.'s )
Reliable Shoe Houses,
Everybody's Opinion About the
Result of me E.ection.
Huniioiu InterUuMH With USMlInK
Citizens IimurcH l'eople AutiliiHt
u Ituillcurcliuime Fliiuiiclul funic
AvjTtiil "ViL'tory -Over .Hcpudiu
tlou unil 6.tliiiu,l Dlhlionor.
It is all oipr now, und cvt;rlKKl should
rallj uround the flag.
The way the ilcHlou U repirdi-d here is
illustrated bj the lollonlus upliuous. (,-ath-ered
at random today:
Comuiifsioner Irutsdill "The ns-ult lb
immeie. 1 inn glad it is to uiume. the
cfrect upon buines wuM lie iaoratile, anil
it will he immediate. 1 have hem told by
.l iMMiileui.iu n.rMjiKtlls cognizant vT tlie
rans that m Cleveland, Ohio, manufactories
haie hundreds of orders on hand that were
to so into elicit .Novimber 4, but oul in
case McKmlcy should he Uelied. Take that
as an index of the conditions uioiner manu
facturing centers, and tlie rair iirisumpuon
is ihut incelectiuu result ill lie 1111:110 oeiie-
cial to the. tiutlness world "
Commissruiier 1'uiMll. I am not sur
tincd at the election ofilcKinle), hut I
am fjurpried at the mairity he rectiv ed. I
thouKin the vole would be close."
Judge 8 T. U. liorsell "Of course the
reuliul the efeclion will buiefit business
I have no doubt oriu ll.insuiesthu people
uiraiusta radical change, and now everj
ilj should help 10 K'i me oounirj on the
roail to prosperity "
A K. .Shoemaker, lavvj er "Hie ilectlon
or ilcKinley, under esisimsclrcumetances,
will have a tendency to rcUvc buuuss
but whether It will Le iieriuam lit or not
renialus lo Le niii ilcKinley isprefiraUu
lollr).ui,inm Julgmtntrbic.iuse, had the
latter Lecn cltcud.a linancial panic wocld
have Leen inev.-able It might not hac
lasleo "nig, but It would Lave come "
Assessor Trimble said "The cffict of
the election upon business will be salutarj .
I hope to see a gradual restoration of con
fidence and ihe revival cf in dus tries through
out the countrj I cm satisfied vt nil the
Capt. J llarrison Johnson "Everj body
ought to bow to the will of the majority.
The majoruv of the votes having been
iu ravor of Major -McKlnIev, there should
now lie no division of sentiment, but all
should assist In gating the country upon
a solid basis There is only one difficulty,
and that is that the people may expect
loo much of the new administration, it
will require Ume. My only disappoint
ment, I will be frank to say, is over the
result in Marjlaud. I thought It would
be for Br j an."
Col. J. A. Bates "I have no doubt that
the result will tie btuelicial. It will have
its effect right here in Washington, but in
a more pronounced way, of coarse, in the
btatcs I am unite will satisfied with
the result,"
John K. Yojng, clerk of the District
supreme court. "1 am well pleasid with
theresult- There will now be some founda
tion fur .1 revival of business interests.
Business men can safel make Investments
and confidence will be restored."
VT. I'reston Williamson "Nothing ele
could have been expected than last night's
result. McKlnlej's election is a Uctory
of sound and honest money over repudia
tion and dishonor. Prosperity will now
ensue and business concerns thrive.
Mr. J. Holdswortti Gordon, who favored
free coinage of silver, said this morning
that a severe cold Just before the election
had nearly destroyed his voice. He gave
this information in a whisper, and added.
"I regard this as -very fortunate because I
can now excase mjself from saying any
thing on the subject."
Dr. William Tindall: The election of
Major McKlnlcy was due to the support he
received from the practical element, which
Is governed more by experience than by
theories. They looted upon the nation as
In the stage of prostration after a period of
fever, and preferred to leave the patient to
the recuperative powers of nature and a
waiting treatment than to subject him to
experiment with nostrums, which those
who prescribed admitted were more than
"Why," Willie, what's happened
"We made a bet aa to which one
trolley oars, and I won."
People, b
Uidles' SI Calf Uoits at
LOO Patent I.oathcr liutton.
Vi.m Winter Knssets at.
!iu"J Kid-tipped Iluttouat..
SI.60 Old Ladles' Comforts at
7:c Inlauts' Vici Kid Shoes
i Lambs' Wool Fhoes at..
930 anJ 932 rth St.,
1914 and 1916 Pa. Ave.
233 Pa. Ave. S. E.
llkel to make him worse for a time, with
onl) a guess-work chance of making him
".Here was also another clement which
1'kikh with apprehinslon upon any ambi
tlou .vhlcti seeks tomake Us ownpersoiiaiity
tlie keynote of success.
"Mr. Ilrvan did all lhat zeal and energy
could accomplish but was handicapped by
tlie Uloplau nature cr Ms cause or causes."
Mr. John B Uradj, District building In
stieclor. "Will tlie result or the election
benefit business? Certainly It will It's
great. Let m e tell Jou what 1 know. The
agent or a Chicago syndicate came to me a
short time ago to know the maximum elev a
tiou for buildings allowed by our regula
tions. I told hlui llti feet. He replied that
it was not high enojgh, that his sjndicate
wanted permission to put up a buihitnghere
In Washington i0 reet high. 1 askeil him
if it was a genulueproposiuori.aud he said
the building would certainly be constructed
in case McKlnley should be elected. That
is only one pointer of raan- "
Mr Leon Toliriner "SolarasI amccn
ceri-cd the result of the election last night
Is the strongest evidence that the voting
liopiilaiiou or the United States Is open to
reason, and Is not r,uick 10 Le bwajed bj
superficial argument I know cf my own
knowledge that mauv business firms will
uo-v open up, and a large number of Lusl
ness mill will Invest more money. Many
concerns which have I cell doiLg little or
110 business can 1 c- relied upon to go in
deeper in investment "
Mr -N Cam II Downs, assistant clerk.
District supreme court "it Is a gieat vie
lorj li.r sound money The solid fcouth Is
broken Maryland and Kentuckj for tlie
second time in twilve months have given
no uicerialn majorities f rr the sound money
party The future looks bright for a revival
of business, which will alike ln-nifit the
capitalist, the business man and the work
inginan "
J-amuel D. Truitt, attornej" "While a
Democrat, I, have all along blleved that
McKlnlcy would be elected, and my opin
ion 1 mat the country win prosper under
the McKlnlcy rule. 1 have not Ulicved
that Ihe iieople are read)- for free silver,
and that belief Is confirmed by last night's
JamcsL Pugh.proseeutingattorncy "I've
got nothing to say. It doesn't seem to me
as if there was any election yesterday."
Aletandir It Mullovviiv, assistant prose
cuting aiturney "I am a Democrat, but
alvvajshave been for soaud money I pre
duied this result lung ago. I firmly ex
pecti'd it Now. the rank and file of the
Democracy will gel in line, and follow the
old reliable leaders, who were turned down
bj Ihe Chicago platform The Democracy
is not dead, by any means, but will be iu
good condition next time. It is free silver
lh.it has passed away, not Democracy."
John Moss, law jcr "I lold you so. Of
cour-e, that's the old sa)iug, but I confi
dently expected it I look ror good times
now. and no mure agitation of the financial
Justice of the Peace Hewlett: ''Confi
dence is restored; that is the resultina nut
shell I looked for success, but not by
such a tremendous majority."
Jdgo Miller, police court, "butts me
exactly Means peace and prosperity.
Every true -Ucerlcan will help to make Mc
Kinley's administration an era of good
feeling and good timis "
Andrew- Glccson.KcpuLlican residential
delegate from the District of Columbia
said "The result was not unexpected- Mc
Klnley has Lecn a winner from the start
All the 'isms' and 'schisims' combined
could not stop him "
William C. Martin, lawyer, No 303 1 2
D street northwest, said "This election was
a question of life and death Br) an and
starvation; McKlnlcy and prosperity. The
people chose the latter."
A D Smith, commission merchant, No.
(543 Third street, said "The clouds have
lifted. Within sixty days good times will
hav e set in and the mills of commerce and
trade will be grinding right merrily. The
wnrkingiiien have nothing to lose and ev
erything to gain by Major McKinley's
election. He Is their friend."
Col. E. G. Davis: "It is not what I ct
pected, but I guess it's all right. I hope it
will prove to be the Iiest for the countrj-."
Major S. II. Wnlkcr: "The election re
sulted just right, and I doubt not It will be
of great benerit to the business Interests of
the country."
Lewis I. O'Neal, Justice of the peucc,
No. 452 Louisiana avenue, said: "Sun
shine always follows rain. We hnvc ex
perienced four j ears of unprecedented bard
times, and now, I believe, wc will have
four j-ears of prosperity. Bryan 1b a
wonderful man and made a wonderf-il
fight, practically single-banded. I regard
Brian as the greatest orator In American
$2.00 VA
$2.00 M
$1.90 H
$1.40 2
Due H
45c j
liic gj
to yon?" --
of us beg could ride between two
3feiw Ycrk Evening World.
Gossip Among th; Leaders at
the Headquarters.
He Trlen to Figurp It, put Tljnt
JJryuu Mill lias n Fighting Cliance
Among the Doubtful Stutcs The
IJttle LlHt of j:ic-itoral "Votesi.
Itenublic-miH Are Content.
In its bearing on the International re
lations of the United States, 'llcIUnley'u
cletiion Is considered liiqiortant as insur
ing a stability or policy hardly to be
looked for In case men new to ques
tions of foreign arfalri, hauU.be.cn vvept
Into executive power.
The public men who will naturally-be
in the Ironl rank of the forthcoming ad
inluistrauou are knowi(iiuamitles,and theru
Is general continence that their attitude
to ihe rest or the world will not essen
tially diverge from the long-astablisned
course of thos3 who ha vigbc-en mon promi
neut in McKinley's support, auiLWho are
therefore relied uikjQ 10 be his liosest
the most marked departure nntlcipateil
from President Clciclanu's e-xternal policy
relates to Hawaii. A prompt return to
President Harrison's plan for unnexatloif
Is expected In accord with his treaty, vv hicil
President Cleveland's first official action
after Inauguration was to ivUhdrawfrciu
the benatefour yearsago.
Not the slightest doubt exists that the
next Secretar) of State will be in complete
harmony with President Harrison In this
matter, asMr McKlnley was wellknownto
have been. The only- other reversal of
policy looked ror Is that which must leralt
rrom the customs tarirf revision demand
ed by the imperative ne-cessitv of increas
ing tlie reveuue immediately after the -1th
of March
The reciprocity arrangements, abrogated
w Htiuut vv undue "y the Wilson Uorm ui cnll.
are regarded as sure of resuscitation at the
earliest possible moment", and If ts not
thought how a change In sugar duties. In
accordance with McKmlej's well known
views, could tie effected without sweeping
away the friction existing between this
country and Germany, Austria and other
beei-sucar exporting countries, grow nig out
l-f unequal bounty systems und diserimlnat- j
lug duties,
in the Tu'klsh and Cuban affairs no"
cnange whatever Is likely to occur. The,
issues Involved In Turkey nave oeeu prac
tically unaltered for thirty years, and all.
precedents now being followed arc those of
McKinley's long line or Republican pre-.
deccv,ors Should the Cuban complica
tion continue until March, it is well under
stood that the United States will prc-
serve its strict neutrality as was done"
when Grant was In the White House. .
The first practical steps in the Venezue
lan controversy having already been ac
complished there would be no wonder
If it were entirely settled at any moment
as far as iliplomacy goes This was the
single great advance of the present ad'
mintstr.itiou after man) fruitless efforts
and its succes'-or may have onlv to insist
uikiu the execution ot an exhaustive agree;,
meat fur arbitration
The political headquarters iu this city
presented a gteat contrast this morning.
The Democrats wureawake, hard ai worfc
figuring, waiting lor returns, defiant, the
Republicans were asleep. At the Popu
list rooms Secretary Edgerton was alone
on guard, conceding no doubtful Slate
where figures had noi been received
Representative Babcock and his lieu
tenants were up far .1110 the morning hours
receiving at once the congratulations and
returns confirmatory- of the good nens-
t'.trtier in ttu- nltrtir.
Nothing came in for a moment to shake1
their faith that McKInlejf hail swept the
country When the press, associations anel
telegraph offices closed for the night they
ne'lH uuiue lu dci, ill i& u iiuib .ilia
morning they"had not returned und head
quarters was wholly deserted.
Gen Anderson, former commander of
the Grand Army, who was going up to
see If an)thmg further had been heard
from Kentucky and Nebraska, turned back
when told that everybody lu a position
to know auj thing was at home getting a
little rest.
"There'll be an extra session," Mid Gen.
Anderson, "just as soon as possible after
March 4. Nobody can believe that Mc
Kiuley will allow the government to run
a day longer than necessarj' with revenues
insufficient to meet expenses.
"He will have a new tanfr bill that will
give the government money enough to pay
for ever) thing we need to do and leave a
surplus for the national debt. The Demo
crats have not paid the government ex
Itcnscs haven't paid anything on the na
tional debt for threj or four years, but have
increased It over four hundred million dol
lurs. Any private business run that way
would have been thrown into bankruptcy."
Senator Taulkner sat at his, desk busy. .
"We do not concede the election," he
said. "We hav e as vet no figures to call for
an) tiling of the kind; if an) body else- ia,
he has fulled to make thciii public, mid it is
reasonable to suppose that the opimsitloii
have published ever) thing in hand ravoraLIe
to McKlnley.
"We hold that the election is still in
doubt. Upon the basis of our returns Mc
Klnley has 199 vote', Brjan IS" and Gti
are in doubt. A telegram from our Dela
ware State chairman gives us one vote
there. AKi, the Democratic chairman for
Wjomlng says we have carried that State.
I Include these In our column. The lists
run this way:
"McKlnlcv Connecticut 0, Delaware 2,
Illinois 24, Iowa 13, Maine G, Maryland S,
Massachusetts 13, New Hampshire 4, New
Jersey 10. New l'ork 3G, Ohio 23, Penn
sylvania 32, Rhode Island 4, Vermont 4,
Wisconsin 12; total, 199.
"Brjan Alabama 11, Arkansas R, Col
orado 4, Delaware 1, Florida 4,Georgial3,
Idaho 3, Kansas 10, Louisiana 8, Missis
sippi 9, Missouri 17, Montanaa 3, North
Carolina 11, North Dakota 3, Nebraska 8,
Nevada 3, Oregon 4, South Carolina 9,
South Dakota 3, Tennessee 12, Texas
10, Utah 3, Virginia 12, Washington 4,
Wyoming 3; total, 1 82.
"Doubtful California 9, Indlaoa 15,,
Kenluckv 13. Michigan 14, Minnesota 9,
West Virginia 6, total CO."-
"ow- Itecoirnized as a Cause of Seri
ous Disease.
Add djspepsla, commonly called heart
burn or sour btoruach'. Is a form of Indiges
tion resulting from funncntntlon ot the
food. The stomach being too -weal; to
promptly digest it the food remains until
rermeutation begins, filling the btomaeh
with gas, and a Litter, sour, burning
Uiste In the mouth is often present, 'lhis
condition soon becomes chronic and be
ing an every day occurrence Is given but
little attention. Bccauso dyspepsia Is
not Immediately fatal, many people, do
nothing for the trouble.
Within a recent period a remedy has
been discoered prepared solely to cure-
dyspepsia and stomach iroomes. it is
known as .Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
and Is now becoming ra"pldly'used''and pre
scribed as n radical cure for every form
of djspepsla.
Stuart's Djspepsla. Tablets have
been placed before the public and
are sold by drugglstn cverywhero at
50 cents per package. It is prepared by
the Stniirt Chemical Co.. Marshall. Mich,
and while It promptly and effectually re
stores a vigorous digeHion, at the same
time Is perfectly harmless and will not
Injure the most delicate stomach, but
on the contrary, by giving perfect diges
tion strengthens the stomach, lmproies
the appetite and makes life worth living.
Send for free book on Stomach. Diseases.
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