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-- o. 'i'VH ? &,'
"? rff 'sii is
jg5!a5j spsass'
ANTED-A" errand liny- -M'P'f W;
ivoi.T-'. WM a st. nw. Item
V ANTH.XJ- ouj , will. IM'""'"'"10, to
Teed prm.mg press; no other nit-il a pplj .
. ll.DlKl.MAA,Kooiii300,Ceulral rower
btatlon. . v"".
VaNTBU A reliaDlepeisuii "i."",
or care ana attention while " ."
dress a. b, tins off ice. '" ' "
-ftSilfrTf" " " 1'i3nV i.w'" 'it
Mr a TiiT-Kn -iiuenenceu u .o.i u bu-
ft. . . ..urate refs.; t,i.p J wages.
Ult li'll i.-. .
u.t li'll ' ,
'mt a WTE11-- good live intn n work
"TVk.TiVinn: eosv seller. 2130 Pa.
to. nw. deo-at.cm
won. Mian lt-claw.ruruiucu moms
""if board. 218 3d st. se.. n.-.ir Li
brary. de-l-.t,era
WAIlTED-Doou wantSlfo pernio?
Can j i.i. ll suLscripiion I oissV It so
tee FRANK C. LAR1MORE.437 7lh st. nw.
Sti" ii ot-w ho are competent ucid ap
ply. 1221 .V V. nve. nw. Gt.-at-cm
-VVA.tt1-u.ti A bn.ari while '' fJ0'"
14t.!rS" arsof age, to tuna In light
housework in country town, 11 ''.''csfrom
cltv; a good lomc. Acldrem u. '-J.
this office ii-ciu
WANl'iiO-.' first-class, wiiie i-ook.
oughly .inn can fur. refs. to sun, jbw a
place as .n'k. spiUalty. brea- a L'fi,""1
soups 1113 20111 st. ii w ifl'Li1"
Wllo lilltierMliuus in. ............. ---
LNTKD-Tw l.idy canvassers to
7uii-Z"r hislorv; wl .io;ii. '
ecu lO .intl 12 only, Monday and
Tuesday, cl 731 lyhstnw.
ly, cl7.il inn si. uv-
VeT-im.TeYy More. ApiJy 14U 1
U St. nw
V A-" . -.- , ..U...P in.cfl.llllllV-
erai nt . rttn i, w.-"-- ---- ir
821 3rd si. sc.
WAB1-.U A M" WI.1.C s-i.l " "
ttiirral Housework in pii.aie lamily.
Aiiuies. Maims ae, eiH-.irncv, waKes,
referenu-. i K., this office. It
v 4. i -rvo.t?.o e,.. .iiu'lltulld.
i?rrioir. . ncnu, hUi:mi- It
W-A.1M A - .. .!"' " ' OlhtT
work, mii.11 family. Cllia.linw. It
WA.N'V2li "i-e ladiei,1 iiuid, aW a
cnaiuoc.iiiaid and bcaius.ii'Ni. !
13tU nw It
yoftft A itfi family. 14 i: til nw. It
Wo,. ,,i...u tin -' iJiiural
WttVo-i:i two in fatnll. il4 13Ui
nw , ii
WANTED-'f o etioKs, one iliainlier-
luaid; ueucral liousew orKers; (rood
hornet. 4 11 o st. flcb-at
h.'ANTED -A Ctrl ror senorul tiouse-
woiu. -No. aoi2 Cambridge nace.
Ucorgetowii tleo-JH-m
WAKTKD A jouns lady or widow as
liuibek-i-iier ror int,-le Kci.tlemau of
rood, ktiid ilispovition; a good tome for
nsht pari Address h.. T U , tin-; office.
"VVA.N'i'iJiS uxpenentvii lady mii-
j5er-., on regular balary, payable
every week: ;'pply any time I efore Mon
day; orru-e hours. 7 to "5 30 a in., 5 to
H p m and Sunday. K. L.. WAnltb.
Bupt . 102a Btlist nw iic4-at-em
W jj., a. i -... e.iof.r.ipiiLT unit
tjpcwtittr;prilty ones need nut appl-;
wire mlglit git jealous. rADUOHA. this
omce. tiei-amii
WANTED hlle girl for Kenvral
housework !)27h;st.nw de4-3t-em
r EM A I,B.
"WANTED Men or women, unemploy
ed, to till Vauglian's Cramp Cure, small
repular sal-irv nnd commission. Call im
medl.itelv 032 I St. nw., after 0 p. m.
WAJX X ja.lt - lany or genu with good
address and SS2UU cash lan get ikJ-
tlou In travel as treasurer. Address J. 1).
it., this office lt-em
WANTED- Kirst-clas-.laur.ilry help; 10
suirt ironirs; 5 Ktdrt backers, 0 shirt
ttarchers, 4 collar Marchers, 4 girls collar
and cuff machine, 2 necfc band ironers, 1
ttarcher, I u ladv clothes iroiiers, 0 under
near lroncrs, I fureni.in ilat work decre
ment. 1 engineer: high wages Address
LAIINUni. this office. It
WAn i.ukJ Mrn.t .or a l.rsl-..u.
woumu iiugalue; llbenil tenn. Ap
p.y to K ! KlCKliXUAClllIIl, 1213 O
st nw dc7-3t
WANTED AH help nullified free;
wnil imstal. MliS. SIOOUU'S 812-
JwifcL'T AUE.NU1, 300 a St. nw. de0-3t
VVA.NTJs:D ilale and female help fur
nished iree. bend postal, lit U bt.
de0-3t "
WANTED-At City Intelligence Of
fice, looks, general Sousunorkers, wait
ers, dm cis, laundresses, nurses, porters,
Janitors, stablemen, laborers, chamber
inaids. boj-. placts furnished till suiteil
llstablisl.cd lb5. SIIACKLi:rOKU'S,427
11th st nw Ue3-7t
FOR SALE A fine and will-slocked
jrrocerv and prol'ion store doing a
good business. Address K. O. T., tins ot-
ticc. de7-3t,em
JFOU SALE-A cheap grocery store in
noruinot. Addrcba J. W II. X., this
offk. le7-3t,cni
Von SV.1jE liest cut rate ticket of
iilc in city Address IJITTilOK K. this
office. ii em
FOB SALE-Cheap fcmall ojster anil
luucii iiujm. doing nice business: sick
ness reason for selling. Address J1US.
LUNCH, this ofiicc. Item
SNAP-ilSfi will buy cigar, confection
ery, smuoncry, unu uwi kiiacij,
suitable Tor lady or gent. N. I)., tlusofflce.
FOR SALE Uroccry store in the nw.
part of city; a good corner for right
pariy. Aimrcsss c. ij.,iuiso..ii-u. uuu-ji.
BrrT a t".!?. Auoistcrandconfectlon-
cry More doing a splendid business;
pood rcasi .ns for selling: no reasonable of
rer lerued. Apply 13J 7lii st. nw.
FOR SALE & mall grocery and con
rertiouery, near school. 000 I St. ne.
WANTED 'lo buy or rent grocery
More in nw. Address CASH, this office-.
Jun i-AAATlNG. newspaper and
book composition at lowest casii rates,
now iiiatinal. KOBT. i SIMMS, Job
l'riuler, 3ii3 7lli st. sir. no2C tf
FOR SALE Hotel At a bargain; a
Hotel of o rooms, all furnished; doing
n good business: on l'a. avc, between 3d
nnd 4 1-2 sts. nw.: must be sold to satisfy
Indebtedness. Apply WM. B. ItElLLY. At
torney at Law, ltoom 0, 452 u st. uw.
FOR SALE 'OGCresccntUcyclc;hlsli
est piaue, perfect condition; 20. Ad
dress CllEbCEftTt this office. dc0-3t
Tlipories 'VVhicli Account for tlio
Functions of tile Tltul Fluid.
St. Louis Jiepublic.
Do you know that some of the very best
lhslclans In the land are far from being
satisfied that tlio heart is Uic organ which
causes the blood to circulate in tlic veins
and arteries? The theory ot Harvey,
which maintains that the impulsivo UroVu
of the heart Is the "sole motive power" Is
disputed by persons who know more about
Mood circulation In a miuutctlian he ever
did In liis life. Various causes for tlio
phenomena ot blood circulation arc as
signed by tho different students of the
suWect, but tho majority of those who
differ from Harvey say that the true cause
ot circulation is to be found in respiration.
That function brings carbon Into the lungs.
Tuts, carlxm mixes with the icnous blood
the mixture forming the true fuel ot
animal life.
'Ihe o.ygen which Is also taken into the
carbon and a slow form of combustion
ensues. Wherever combustion is going on
heat is evolved. In this case the heat Is
communicated to the blood, which is about
scvcu-elglillis water. The longs, bemc In
partial vacuo, and having a temperature
ot at least 35 degrees aboie that required
to change water Into vapor (when the water
In questlou Is In a complete vacuum), steam
Is generated. This enlarges the volume of
the blood and exerts a specific force. The.
valves on the right s'do of the heart close
against this force, wlillo those on tho left
open to Evo It free passage. Thus, ac
cording to tills theory, the true motive power
Is produced which first canscs and then
Lccp3 up the circulation of the blood.
When this theory Is elaborated it Is very
conclusively proved that the heart has noth
ing whatever to do with the circulation of
the blood, but to determine by its valves
tho courso of the current and by the me
chanical force of tlio stroke to equalize
tba flow. Bt Louis EcpuKlc
WANTED By colored man, place ns
waiter in boarding house or private
family. Call 1232 11 st. iiw. lt,cm
WANTED-Iiy colored man, place as
a alter, ojster shucker, care of" fur
nace, or work of uny kind.
ll, em
V j iJii,-.!. uji le t.in i i . 1 o";
inn as watchmen In store, bank or
hoicl. A.E.. llltIO tt. re- It-em
WANTED-By colored man, place to
attend turaace mornings and evenings.
..mi si. muiif h. ,.,...
WAn iia. y " c i-.l. neneed no.
w caiun as ncrk in iio cry or work
of any kind. W. L. X., ll.i olllce.
WANTKD-Situation uy joung man,
w.iite: wmling to work; can take care
or lorscs, etc. ACdiets A. 11., this L of
fice, de.-lt
WaNTKD-U) urug neik, goiKi saus-
iiiaiianu prescri...ioiust, position at
ome. every other night nil io aiu-nd ineili;
c.iischool: wagesnoobjt. Address DItlji.
CI.I.UK. llns olllio. LL
V s.ix-rn.lt -uycoMiieuliialipiacetoilo
7.ousenork;goodre.s. AddressJAJli.-.
this .ifllee. de7-3t
-W'jI'i'ji.D Uy i.ii.ii. any kind ofwoik.
oiy rertrence. 1702 1-2 10th st. nw.
v ..n it js.it - i ' '" iiiRin. cierk or
watchman in a i olel; sniail salarv,
goo-l rei.; had experience. Address J.
II .. this office. de7-3t
W ANTED Conridenllal middle aged
man seeks position or trust in a prlvatu
respis;tdt'le family; balary no ob;ect. C.
1)., tins office. de0-3t
WA n'i'jciiJ - HI Me o'i lo ali re
biioiisiliie person securing me a iHrma
nent posltioiun store, lintel or any respecta
ble work: or will buy aliairinterfstin small
p.i.ing business. Address O'MIAL,, this
oflice. di5-.U-eni
WANTED-Experienced in -wine and
liquors, or porter in grocery, or as
driver, first-class references. JOHN
VOLKMAXN.U22 Btlist.nw. de5-3t
"WANTED-' will fcie 2B to iinyoiie
eiurnig me pcrniauent work; have
good reioiunieiidaUous. Call or address
J. W. 1IM 73U4thst. nw. dcl-3t-illl
WANTED-Waie liv KonsI girl as
nurse, or to do funeral houseivorK
orrnaniiier vvorK. i.ui r b nw- --'
W'A-n-i-jlil uy e.trieiiieu mraiifs
.. ..I .nn 1.. .(! It.. lllllll" ITlKUl
se.imstress. Address MAY M., 1129 -Jd
V A.'X"iD-ly a respmabie colored
wonuili, a piaie n tooiv ui hii.i...ii
Housework In small family. 23 l-2Est.se.
W A.r't:iui An exj enenced nurse ile
bires to make nnaiigeii.ents for at
tendance upon ladies during confine
ment, the verybeiot referenct-s furnisiiitl
and first-class service guaranteed; terms
moderate. For further particulars or In
ter, lew kindly address Mrs. A., tins office.
V...mM.-1D Uy neat girl, work for
board and go to school 1702 1-2 Uth
st. ii x It
"VVAIS TED Situation as laundress, by
nay or week: good reference. Call or
address 1314 11th st. nw., call ror a week,
WAri'i'XSD-' a Mfis. kinir.ll llousi
wnri:. ctiamberiiiaid; nurse; lUy rcH.
17U2 1-2 lothst. nw i!e7-3t
WANTED-BP rellned lady, n work
ing 1 ousekceper in a hotel, or gentle
man's faulty: the best references given.
At 1103 lbtli st. nw. dit.-3t
WANTED Uy dressmaker, work In
i.iinilies or at home: terms reasonable.
DKESSMAK.EK, 3U7 Missouri ave. nw.
WANTED-IV a capable lad)Qf-in-leingenie
and refinement, a iiositijn
ns hotel housekeeiier. matron, governess
or companion Address MHS GAINES,
tnis oflice. di-r-3t
WANTED-Uy Joung English girl,
plaie as waitress or iiiumocrmaiit, or
both Call or write, A. T., 1013 16th st.
WANTED-A capable while woman
desires a situation in a private family.
to vjw or do housework; Is willing to make
herself generally uselul Ai.il. vss MISS
W O . 323 U st. se. l!c4-3t-cm
WANTED-1,000 stoves, furniture .car
pets, itc. 8. JMJTES, 4 1-2 st. and
Maimave. sw. do7-14t,em
WANTED-T"" good secoud-haml
IHjol tables for cash. Address 1405 4 4
st. sw. de7-3t-em
WANTED-ll known ttiat J. E. Uren
ner, 171J W J. ave., makes Inlrobes,
rurnaces and ranges opcraleperrcitly; nlso
enre smoking ililmncys or no charge;
Miouling and job workuone with dl-pauh.
de5-l ll-cin
WANTED-T11 buy a huckster's 11
mise. call at 712 Irving st. nw.
WANTED -to buy or trade ror a good
road can. Apply 111 the rear of UW N.
J. u.vo. nw de4-3t-em
WANTED-Large chest of carpenter's
or catilnctuiaker's tools Address
CA.SH. this office dcl-3t-em
ROOKING, guttering, and spouting. V
II. O. blMMONS. 018 K St. nw. nol-ll
IF ju want rirst-cliiss furnace, latrole,
s'ove, and range work done, go to W II.
0. BlitMoNS.ClB K st nw. no3 tf
W ANTED" lircssmaking. cheap and
perfeit satisfaction guaranteed la fit
ting and prices At 227 E st no.
LOST-sJutiday morning between cor
ner of It and V, on 14th, bundle of
notes and ihcck for 53.00; very liberal
reward 01. return to E. ilA Y, 2100 14th St.
STRAYED-' 'he Aereo Club
lioue, on the liiadeusburt; road, a
black aim white bengle Hound nun. Lib
eral reward it returned to 302 4 1-2
st. sw. It
LOST-tiold bracelet, going from foot of
Capitol to 4th St. and Ta. ave. se.
Howard if returned to 331 U st. se. It
LOST-Uy widow. Saturday, handker
chief, containing about $30. Suit
able reward If lelurncil to this office. It
l.Ob'1 1'dir nair sleeves: lined "With fur;
silk out-side; between O and Avenue,
loth and 12th sts nw Itcturn to M K.
SMITH. 715 11th st. nw.: liberal reward. It
LOST Saturday afternoon, lady's gold
watch: witli initials c. T. W.. to P.
P. I'.; on Cabin John's ltoad. $50 reward
If returned to 320 K st. nw. deC-3t
LOST A lady's gold watch, ov-. 1.
Kcward ir lclt at 400 8th Bt. se.
LOST Young man who took Lewis
Higgles' overcoat at Calvary Baptist
llazaar Tuesday, Dec 1, will call at J. It.
Higgles A Bro.'s paint store, 712 K bt.
nw., nnd exchange the same.
WJLL exchancfl a one-half karat
diamond ring ror a bicycle. Address
Box 20, this office. de5-3t
THE ORLEANS, corner F and 12th
sts, nw.; rirsi-uass ramlly hotel. Rates
$1.50 to $2.50 per day. Special rates
by tho month no29-tf
FOR SALE Large, strong sorrel mare;
S-25. 00a I St. ne. de7-3t-em
FOR SALE A good working horse:
cheap it told at once. Address A. M.
11., this office. dc7-3t,cm
FOR SALE -A goon, soutid draft
horse. 2 -w0 U St. nw. dc-0t-em
FOR HIRE At 027 D st. nw., horses,
carriages, buggies, and wagons; all
styles; Hjo and 42 per day. noio-lf
FOR HIRE To drummers andbuslness
meu.Tiorsa and buggy or Dayton. $1.50
and $2 per day. Apply to the HEX STA
BLES, rear of 015 E st. nw.: telephone call,
108 mylO-tf
FORRENT-Stable. In rear 43G II
st. nw., for two horses and wagon;
cheap. dcU-3t
WANTED-Tw unrurnislied rooms;
quiet fatiuly; bv man and wife: wilhlu
three or lour squares ot Seventh and L sts.
nw.: no children; price ?(i. Address Q.
A. It., this office. It
WANTED-By man, 1 furnished room;
pramo lamily preferred; bet. 5th and
tltli sts., l'a. avc. ami L nw. Address
with .erm. W. A. P.. thisofflce. dc7-3t
WANTED" .riiniisiieu room, Det. 5th,
12th, l'a. ave. and 11 sts.; no questions
ask-ed. Address kl this office. de7-3C
WANTED By joung married couple,
u mi onecnlld, 3 years; front room, with
board, in nw.-ror $30 per month. Address
rEEMANENT, tills office. de6-3t
FOR KENT-Kront and back parlor:
iiv-a.aua guj; modepuu price, (- .ocu
nw. It-cm
FOBBENT-- 2d-story rooms; com
fonaui? fur.; heat and gas: wltn goil
board; to gentlemen; small rnilly;oil
rabli) location, lu 13 U at. nw. de7-3t-em
FOR RENT: fur. bedrooms. 2d floor:
will rent single or en suite: near new
Library; terms uioderate. -13 2d ne.
2 nicely fur. rooms, -d floof ; water, gas,
cvortniug complete; tin per iiioiitu, ucar
sjmilhsonian. No. 310 lotn st. sw.
JSOHKEjlT-J liiifaruisned looms:
secoiid floor, with heat; $7. 407 II
st. 11 w. di'7-3tem
X'OR RIi3I.'X 'cei lur. ironiai a luck
rooms; near Capitol; U. A O. depot, and
4 ctr lines, rates 1 disenable., lb usl.lnv.
FOR ltlJN'l untur. rooms (o.- housc"
keeping; no children taken: refs; pi fee
5ti. inquire TEA SlOItE, 72'J 7lh nw.
KOitUEHT-2 couiniuiiicitinri nioms
on sts-ond floor; bay window: lront
as a parlor; bedroom; bath: nicely rur."
also a large mom, 3d floor lront. u06 II
st. uw. .ie7-.it
FO RuMsM1 'lwo uniuriusiied nxiiiis.
g.isTurfookin'j: rentl. Oltf II St. It
Jt oi. A-tjciii 1' ineo .uiniaiii.i loom..:
i-ompleielv furnisl-i-d for light house
keeping; 2d floor. 317 Tenn. ave. nw.
lOxt ltEN'X'--iie large lront room
suitntie lor one or two; furnished or
nnfnrnisi e i clii-an. 1 1.14 7tn st 11 vv. it
x-JXl RliNT burnished loom'.ele'.ator;
s i.t 11 1. a . gas Hint ta 11. lli uoor
Orme 1'lats, 4J1 loth st. nw. dc-3t
FOR KENT Furnished room, for gen
tleman. 121D L,st. liw. dct5-3t
1' Olt xtiillN'i lirighi.M.nny fictit 10;
ililrd story; nicelj furnlslieilr 4-10;
two lojms, liasement; newly pal erisl, ror
caterer orlight business; 51b; other ic muh.
723 llth st. nw. c!i0-3t
1 OR REts'X loailuns.aooatilii) loth,
u suius or 2 or J very nice. 2d story
rooms; rurnished as parlor and bedrooms;
2D; or unrurnistied, $20. Address CE.N-
l HAL, this otricj. dcU-3 1
FOR RENT 2d rioor, J rooms; heat;
ga; uaiii; not and cold water. 1.11 h.
st. nw. deU-.it
FOR RENT 2 nicely f urnished roomsT
on .a tiiKir. liea: ligutuiul bath: with
or without board. 2121) l'a. ave. nw.
FOR RENT Two rooms, furnished or
nun.. uisiieu, for light housekeeping. 31
F st. uw. e deu-3t
FOR RENT Mcely lur. rooms, single
or en suite; also parlors; desirable lo
cation; near to all principal car Hues;
rates reasonable. B21 13th st. nw.
FOR RENT Second-story rront room;
fur., wiiii ooard, heat, and ga.s.i)2'.i
lh st. nw. dc-3t
FOR RENT Mcely-fur. t.all room:
heal and gas. 207 u st. nw. 0eU-3t
FOR RENT-1025 Otli st. nw.. Le
liroii 1'ark. 3 or 4 uufunilslied rooms
for light housekeeping; cheap; one square
from J car lines. " ilio-3t
FOR RENT-Two largo parlorsaud
room in rear 1st floor, $10; 2 rooms
011 3rd, $8; basement, 3 rooms, cti"ap.
10 t 11 w. deii-2t
FOR RENT - 1-uriusiied rooms tor
hoiisektvpiiig, 2d floor. 1033 L st.uw.
FOR RENT-013 .N. J. ave nw., 2
riiriuslicd front rooms, $C per mouth.
FOR RENT -Furnished rooms; gas,
batii and heat; terms reasonable; with
Swedish family; board ir desired 12ti
c st. nw. de0-3t
FOR RENT a2,iUbi.nw.iaccommoda-
Uons ror gentlemen; $1 a week up;
heat and bath. deb-ot
FOR RENT-2400 l'a. ave., 2 unrur
iiutiua ro'ims; one wun nlco.'e; on d
riooi: bath adjoining, large jKircti in rear;
suilablc ror light nousekeepiug, terms rea
sonable. dcb-3t
FOR RENT Bb 11 st. nw., large ele
gantly rurnished room: $J per week,
FOR RENT 114 l'a. ave.. 1 hand
somely rurnished rront bay window lied
room; also 1 rurnished back bedroom; hot
water: heat; gas nnd bath; will rent rea
sonable; can, and ir satisfactory, will make
terms to suit. MKS. F. 8. CAB1LL, 2d
tlac. deb-at
FOR RENT 214 A st. se.. two or
lliree lur. rooms; half block east of
Library: 3d floor. de0-3t
FOR RENT 170D lSlli st. nw., two
or three uiuur. roonisror housekivping;
second rioor: bath; lt and told water:
rent reasonable. de0-3t
FOR H1SNT-- nicely lur. moms 011
2d flour: communicating or single;
alFo hall room: table boarders accommo
dated. 720 llth st. nw di5-3t-em
FOR KENT-IroiilToum 011 the 1st
fii or, uufur, M0, lur 515; single
room M-75 a week, near Capitol and all
departments. 412 Kd st nw li.3-3t-em
OH IdSIVt'-'tPi! iron 1 room, bath
011 patne floor; bourd If desired 223
It St., Eckington ile5-3t-cm
FOR RENT rooms, lur. or uurur.,
1st and 21 floors: also nrricc room on
ground rioor; board near 105 Md ave lie.
FOR RENT - nice, uniur. rooms, ui
rioor. neat, gas and water; all. ltMU
th st. nw. deo-at-cm
FOR RENT Fur. nail room, xio 5th
si. nw. de5-3t-em
FOR XtENT Large, fur. front room In
quiet famU;hcat,llght,gas,batli. I0O8
14th St. nw. dP."3
FOR RENT 1 102 .N. lave.,rur. and
unfui. rooms; llgtit housekeeping.
FOR RENT 2-D E st. nw., 1 large,
2d-floor room; reasonable. de5-3t
FOR RENT A second-story fur. room;
bath adjoining; suitable tor gentleman;
board If de-Jrcd: house occupied by owner.
1400 S st. nw. tle5-3t
FOR RENT Furnished, with board,
ileau and cozy; convenient to Pension,
Government Printing and city postoffices.
Address PENSION, thisofflce. dc5-3t
FOR RENT Two, 3 or 4 rooms for
housekeeping; modern improvements;
furnished to sun, M0. Inquire 12th and
D stanej de5-3t
FOR RENT Two large unfurnished
rooms, over store. Cor. 0th and A
sts. se. de5-3t
FOR RENT Elegant furnished room
and bourd, $12a month; one In family.
call at the More, bb" fierce st. nw. de5-3t
FOR RENT 1031 New Jersey ave.
nw., for light housekeeping, 3 or 6
nicely furnished rooms; heat and gas; refs.
FOR RENT Back parlor, unfurnished,
with or without board; heat and gas;
?S. 1114 llth St. nw. deS-3t
FOR RENT 2 or 3 unfurnished rooms.
TiJJ 4th st. ne. de5-3t
FOR RENT-Large. bright. warn
looms. 1 11 st-ilass table; 2 inn room; $40
and 15 per month. 724 12th nw.
FOR XtiiJNT 1 irontbcuroomorp.inor,
rur., on 1st floor; a. ni. I.; no children;
private ratutlv; property belongs to occu
pant: near Ave. cars. 2000 L uw.
FOR RENT Kooms:.m)Ast.ne.;near
Capitol arid new Library; all newly
rur. by owner; refs. de4-7t-eui
FOR RENT 'J14 N- if- ave. nw., a
nicely fur. back room on 2d floor; also
a well rur. hall room; central location: rates
very moderate. de4-4t
! OR RENT J-lo 0 st. nw., nicely fur.
double bedroom parlor, 1st floor, also
2d and 3d siory looms; convenientto Cap
itol: hotels and street cars. de3-7t
FOR RENT-Bright well-fur. rooms,
with nigii-ciass tanle board; rine loca
tion; no children: piano: pleasant home;
$20 up; Inducements for 2 or more sharing
room. S02 nth st. nw. . de2-7t-em
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished
rooms; with heat and gas. 1410 Pa.
avc, opposite lYManl's. dcg-7t
FOR RENT lst-class furnished rooms
wun uoarii. iito ad st. be., near
FOR RENT 205 Pa. ave. nw., elegant
rooms and board; very cheap; one
square from Capitol. de0-at
WANTED-Ufn Pennsylvania family,
u lew boarders; nice, large rooms; heat,
light, bath and good table. lUgnt between
7th and Din st. cable lines, at 715 it. 1.
ave. nw. deo-at-em
FOR RENT Koom and board; S20 per
mo up. 2130 Pa. ave. de5-3t,eiu
A cuaauk run a Goon 1.0M1:
Apply nt 012 Fifteenth st,. Mo
I'liei'Bon sKjiinre; inoncaeMiraliie pure
of ttio city; second nnd tlilrtl floors,
slncle or en unite; table and nil ap
pointments first class. uo2U-u
FOR RENT Furnished: flat. 5 rooms;
rent reasonable. Inquire 020 13th
st. nw. dcG-3t
FOR SALE Apples; $1.15 a barrel:
Mew York State picked winter apples,
none better. E. u. CROSBY, 410 itu st.
uw. ' de7-3t,em
TV asv's furnlturii'slores. 2100 14tb st
uud 1420 V st. 41W, Upholstering by
experts for the mansion, or cottage.
MATTRESS mak nirand mattresses
for ail; remaking. $V: with new tick.
$4.50; our full-size, reversible, well-bound
and best tick, $.1.50; canuj; be equaled ror
$7 elsewhere,
CHAIRS caned .from 60c; perforated
beats, 26c. , , ,
FURNITURE repaired and polished
una .acke.rtor Ufp.lng.
REMOVING carefully ad promptly
CAHFETS taken up and clenued and
relini. Tflephone, 202.
, , de7-7t-em
LACE CURTAINS lanndred equal
to uev. ut .! veins 'per pair: mill, or
ders n-ielve prompt attention. Nu..5r
bt. nw. de7-3t
2IRS. E. F. CARTER, fashlonablo
dresses made for L.Lo; H ork Runraii
ieetl. 424Mui.ave."W. dtb-Jt
Ljl-OiJ CCKTA1NS laundred 33c
.rt"striuiTniiry, 72l 10th st. nw.
ALL orders ror ciinlr caiu-ing promptly
d.teiiderl to: cliairs called for and
delivered; all work guaranteed; work rea
sonable. L., PHILLIPS, No. 1030 1st
bt. UY. Uc0-3t
PARTIES having Influence In tlio
diriereiit departments can becuro an
Income or at leust 3o per month, with
out interfering with their present duties.
Particulars given only at a personal iUer-
MUM,'. til. .Vlll,UfrW ...,,. v...w
oiieii until a p.m. -
de0-l mo
-WALL PAWSB-ir you want J our
. . ........ ..., in 11II Il. Ilfl llur VTII I
cost vuu is i0c; that pays ror the paper
nnd naugliig. C. C. SIcbtiLE, '.30 .111 st.
ne. dtO-.t
FREE ocai una instrumental lesions
lo tne purchaser or my square grand
piano; bargain; $11K). PIAMJ, this of
fice. diQ-.lt
TO ADVERTISE ourTonlcof Fruits
and Spices lor the cure or Djsiepsia
nun iiiiH,rBl!ou, nave leducetl the inlce
60c. and 75c. per bottle. No agents out.
CHUMP MFG. CO., 1020 7th st. nw.
LACE curtains laundricd by an ex
Pert; 35 cents up; mall orders promptly
attended to. 1115 1-2 5th bt. nw. dco-.lt
work first-class and guaranieeil I for
one year; drop postal. JAs. It. Dultll x,
305 12th bt. se. de5-bt
LITTLE girls, dress jemr Ctrlstn.as
dolls, and so learn to muke your own
clottcs; classes Wednesdajs and Saturday
afternoonb. 310 A st. ne. de4-7ieni
ICE SK. ATES-Un'oii Hitnlware f.
moeeneous bieel
Skittcs. L. II
HOPKINS, UJ3 F St. nw.
COAL and wood: buy coal atthe dump,
oil uiid h. se.: save 30c to 40c per ton;
1-1 wood split, $1.06; send postal.
uea-. l
LAUNDKY and ramlly washing, or
wnsiiiiig ov the dozen or pieces, or by
the d.iv. LUb. BUVILY, 317 V bt. sw.
H1GHKST cash l"ld for second hand
uruitiire and clothing, stoves, etc.
dll or send postal. A. EIZ.NAK. l-'JO
1 1th St. se.
A. LINGUIST will accompany for-
eiguers or others In shopping to tl'elr
advantage, for a small coiiqiensailon per
Iiour liili!. WO III HINGTO. . tills oflice.
WA.LL papers furnished and rooms
paiiered at my usual popular price.
C11AKLES A'. EVANS, 222 13th St. SW.
THANKSGIVING could have been
iM.itMr ..niiivfi in niLeiv nanered rooms.
still then. Is time vet to luive tliem dune up
bt Christmas, if you hurry. 1 . G. MII.IU
B10 lith st. nw.
WATED - uriiiitiremoved;largest2
TTorse load In Ihe tity. $2.60; l-horse
loads, SI 25; pianos, $2; experteiictsl hunil
lers. COLUMBIA lllANnFEIt CO 3J3
4 1-2 St. nw. 'Phone 1500. nol.-tf
300 up, umbrellas rejulred ai liu If price
00b 1 tihst. nw.nndbU2Ei.tnvv nolO-lm
ROOFING . guttering, anil epouimg. W
II (I. SIMMONS. 6ia K sL nw. no3-tf
tf ion wiuit fnsi-rioss rurnace. latrot,
.mn. and ranee work done, go to W.u.
no3 tf
rvpti'VVTllTTEN cirrutars ri.isn
1,7rsrrJ.i-,S(i01-D?ri.ooo up. zfeia-
LEI! printer. 810 Y st. nw. oc25-tt
TEETH extracted rree. rAtiyisAi.
1S2S I St. nw. Teeth 'ruled, plates nwlt,
and all kinds or crown and bridge work at
mall charge to cover cost ot material. Ao
charge for examination. Infirmary open
from 10 a.m. to 6 p. m. anlB-tt
FOR S ALE-Chcap; one heating stove;
ail iimir. .u7 Tenn. ave.nw. ile.-at
FOR SALE-Full leather top pheiton
buggy; At condition: also a pouy.
sound, rear 160 C st. nw., after 4 p. in.
FOR SALE coupe rockaway, pole
and suuitv. bucklioard; open grate
parlor stove. M'JiatUst. nw. deb-at
"WHY pay 7.fi0 for cord wood when I
sell it for 40 aLd 50.50. sawed or spill
and dillvered; one-half cord oak, $3.60,
one-lalf cord pine. $3.25; wood first class
Drop card to GEO E. CHANE, Central
Union jjission. o-s ca. ave. .i. mo-on
els or coke. M; 5 bushels any kind
ot coal, M; 10 uundles rosin wood, lo
st. nw.; 401 A. J. avc. nw.; 01 a K. st. sw.
An atlcuilon paid to C. O. D. orders.
FOR SALE-No. 24 Palace Novelty
double mater parlor stove, cost $25, lu
use six weeks; price $10. 1342 11 bt. nw.
FOR SALE-Onelight delivery wagon,
viitn iiois.iiid harness 5.15:ln lair con
dition. TII0S. H. SPEAKE, 027 E st.
se. de0-3t
JPOR SALE A patent right of runner
.luauimenui for convx-rting vehicles and
b.iby carriages Into sleighs without remov
ing the wlieels. Address L. LAVIGNE,
1702 M St. nw. de0-3t
FOR SALE-Horse, harness and huck
ster's license. 040 1 2th st. ne. de0-3t
FOR SALE-Onelayton,gooilnsnew.
513 A. bt. uw. dc5-3tcm
FOR SALE-1 Ao. 8 range; 1 awning.
22x22 ft., in good condition; 1 good
6tctl cake baker, 18x30 Indies, gas: suit
able Tor restaurant. Call at 3203 M st.
nw. dc5-3t,cm .
FOR SALE Tailing machines, and
others, cheap, rrom $5 up; all kinds
sewing machines repaired: orders by mail.
CIIAS. STEVENSON, 1012 llth sL nw.
FOR SALE-Three largo rugs and
otuer lurnislungs, cheap. 4br G st.
nw. de5-3t
FOR SALE-Prairie State incubator
and two hofwatcr brooders. Address
A. B , Good Hope P. 0., D. C. dc5-3t
Monthly pajments or $3 will buy an
elegant Caiigrapn Typewriter; alinostequal
to new; witli perfect guarantee; prices, $40,
$50, nnd $0o; machines rented, with privi
lego of purchase. A'EWMAN'S TYPE
WRITER AGEACY, 611 7th bt. nw.
FOR SALE-'lwo first-class saddle
and harness horses. Stable in rear ot
013 A. J. ave. nw. , Ue4-3t-em
FOR SALE-I inely maue and modern
doctor's buggy trod superior harness,
witli collar uudlianies, both in excellent
condition: will sell cheap. Inquire BOND
A CO.'S Livery Stable, 426 8th st. nw.
FOR SALE Best Elgin butter, 2ec. per
pouuu, any quantity you want and the
besi that Is made. Call on K. B. YOUNGS,
70 and 77 O st.1 Market, or 09 itiggs
Market. ;r de4-7t
FOR SALE Cheap, a coupe rockaway.
Apply at 3333 f$ st. nw., after 5 p. m.
FOR SALE OK' RENT Several small
and large farms near the city. Send
or call ror list und -map of the country 25
miles around Waolitngton. JAMES E.
CLEMENTS, 1321IFI st. nw. de2-0tem
FOR S ALE Lefti to be sold Horses,
sins, Victorias, sleighs, harness; also horses
refused. 927 D st. nvf . no9-lm-cin
3rIJviE. J. ESPUTA DALY, vocal
teacher, removed to 1004 F st. nw.,
Sheldon's Halls; at studio, Mondays and
Thursdays. de5-3t
will receive pupils on mandolin, iraltar,
tbeory and composition. Btmlios 934 F
St., Rooms 6 and 8, and 1203 T st-nw.
Holy Cross Academy,
13.13 MsuachnsstU Avenos.
Ti e eonru ot ttndiei is com piste and pno-
tioL Special attention Is given to Tocal nrt
instramental ronsie. dnttring and palntliic tos
taniiaires and kinderfriirtea. sa ff-3n
Royal University ofCopenliagen. will
receive pupils on piano, organ, theory and
losiuou: stutno, urooDn uubo d
Mutio Houses. 026
und 937 Penns jlvanl o-
20300 stnw, mi,
13r , HJ.G7
013 Md are aw,
uiI.Km M.OO
WOSTiiw, uiLGr X.S0
S08 Uth ntr. ml.
. JW.00
:H1KU, mi,
807 K sw, roL 7r.
15;06th6t nw.tr j
B7 L srnvr. o rs.
710 Kheriilsn Bt
nw. Cr ,......
auKit nw. or.
2311 Ms: nvrCr..
1SIS61I1 nv.tr..
kt iv. Ir ......
727 Wllch r,
nw. lr
nw. lr......
Rear 2113 Mil st
nw. 3rs
1231 KnowltoVs
court sw. trs..
2101 Hcrlitr:'J
alley nw,:!rs..
922 Liberty st
29 Giick's ai-
I2K Knuvvlion's
curi sw, 3rs..
vu r st sw.
'210 Fla are nw.
nil, 7r
ItPst no, .r...
Onlvestou st. S.
Brookland. Cr.
7Scutt aro nw.
1T3I Hayes' c'rt
nw. i"r
17 Reercs st n
1.0 Corcoran st.
I rv City. ors..
(Mi Hiiinncr st
inr, r-t
10.8 Colninbi
Terrace nw. tr
33 L st sw. .Ir..
S103 sjiierman ar
a 50
215 4U t nw. Irs sv.00 I lt3 Dili stnw. Ir
SUlUtli sw, irs. 7.251137 Pomeroy st
uw. 3r
31!-31J G st nw, storo and Uwg, Sr
RyarSIH Cstnw 10 00 I Reiirl!.'. i( nw.
Large stable bet. 1th and 5;h, KamlL
s:s nw
Ba anec ot list In htat: also in Post.
A. a. caihuuk, . itaat N.
FOR RENT Large nnd small houses,
and rooms; nw. and sw.; 4 up. Drop
card 920 Whitney ave., Mt, Plea-ant uw.
Ok REIN'X -o.ub-bl4, cur. f ajMi
E sis. sw., brick store and ilw.lling:
0 rcoms, and stable In rear, key at 00
lour-and-a-half st. sw. ueo-Ji-viii
FOR REIsa 7-riom Louse, niouern irn
provenients, near Capitol; 31o Dela
ware ave. ne.: rent, $10. 60; key nextdtor.
..jii 1 t u- urer.011 an:. 1111, ". -.....
FOR RENT l2a 12ilinw.,onck,i)ay
wiudow, rooms and bath nnd cellar;
20.l: 18d7 12th IIW., $22.81. A. K.
It. AllDDLE'lUN. 1339 !' nw. de6-3t-em
FOR RENT- 1U1J bin St., Lo Droit
I'ars; o rooms, uain, p..ntrj,cui.a., ..'.-
tic; 2 latrobes and hot and cold water; rent
$22. '1. J. W. RUULK'ISOA, 006 7tll st-
FOR RENT "educed $15 30; new
7-roiiin urick fhuse; a. 111. 1.; latrobes:
Aos. 128 to 140 Ueckinan it., bet- E and
F, 1st and 2d sts. se., -'..'Ing south on
Garrield Park: keys at Ao. 138. B. P.
MIMMACK, 1410 G bt. dc5-7t,em
X oit xtjr. x' -..uuse, jju isl at. lie.,
.. rooms nnd bath; moil. Imp.: con
venient to Government Printing Office.
Appl to owner. 230 1st st. ue. wn-at-em
FOR RENT -22J A se., hair square
rrom Library; 10 large rooms and bath;
largo vard ..nd stable: $46 iier month. A.
t.. 11. M I DDLtri UN, 1339 F nw.
FOR RENT Pur. house. 12 rooms:
near Capitol: halt; square from Pa. ave.;
occupied by owner, wlio wishes to leave
clty220 3d st. se. de5-3t
FOR RENT Seven-room frame cot
tage 111 Rrooklund: two blocks from
cirs: modern Improvements: terms low. In
qulre I. S. UOLLIDGE. care Saks & Co. tf
FOR RENT mo 11 st. nw., 0 rooms
and nam: nicely fur. ror hoUAekecoiug;
rent reasonable. dc4-ot-em
FOR RENT House, 9 rooms and bath;
goou txjniiiunn; very cneap, 1-01 tin
6t. m.. cor. A". Price, $25 to rent nt once.
de3-7tem .
FOR RENT G-rooin Louse: 2204 I
st. nw.: gas; water; latrobe In parlor;
papered. For terms apply to store cor
ner 22d and I sts. nw. de2-0t
HAHRY-Coiuc home; nothing known;
no embarrassments. MAMA, R. A.
W . lt-em
Card Rciilcr and Scieutilic palmist,
tells your lire from cradle lo grave, and
just what vou want to know; also tells
about business deals. law salts, love af
fairs, courtship, martiuge, lost or stolen
proiwrty, family trouLIes. Mends and
enemies, reunitu seiiarated husbands and
wives, sweethearts, etc, brings troubles
and quarrels all nght, causes speedy
marriages with the oue you love, removes
spells, causes good luck, cures drunkenness
and other faults; satisfaction guaranteed;
price 25c- and 5(c: hours 9 a. m. to 9 p.
m , dally. 925 II bt. nw. no22-lmo
MASSAGE vapor ualti; magnetic and
electric treatment; competent lady as
sistant. 702 ti M. nw. i!cB-.t
Pi tsi, liairvojauv am. lest iiii-iuu., vu-
sultaUon ree. $1; business examinations a
specialty. 1914 l'a. nve. dc3-7t,em
CHRISTMAS Is coming, and among
the most joilul and iileasant things
vou will find a lot of fine custom-made
suits and coats, very little worn, at
prices that will make you smile. JUbTH'S
OLD STASD, G19 D st. nw. del-7
liialE. bsVLLLiE .iIisLusliie,love
atl.urs ami all tvi-nih of life; gives luck
and takes off spells. 913 ISth st. nw.
m.24-1 It
MME. THEO. palmist and card
reader, can oe consulted on busiuessand
love affairs; wives and mothers come and
see mc when lit trouble; communications
strictlv confidential; German spokenropen
dailv:"pnces 25c. aud 50c 929 II st. uw.
Ll. LcOll, 461iilssouTlAve.
OClco tlonrs, 10 to 2 G to 8.
Nov. 11-lmo.
PROF. CLA.Y Oldestestaulistied me
dium; tells business, love affairs: all
events of life rrom cradle to grave for 50
cents; 10 to 10 doily, 4b0 H St. tw.
colo-1 mo-em
OUR greatest medium and spiritual moth
eTTDR. MARY GORDON, tells you all
things and prescribes a proper remedy for
vour troubles; consult in. Euteu iuuj
before it is too late. Now at 628 13Ui
it. nw Po7-tf
Dr. Leatherman,
Specialist In all forms of private diseases
Ilvdrocele, Varicocele and Stricture cured.
Consultation free. Every day, 9 to 12, 2
to 5;Tues., Thurs.,and Saturday evenings,
7 to 8. C02Fst.nw. Closed Sunday.
DR. TAYLOR. 908 P st, nw makes
full sets uf leelo for $6; satisfaction
roaranteeil; teeth extracted without pain;
gold filling. $1 . amalgam. 60c; extracting
iree wuen piftiu.are m..oc jc.o-i..
LADESS needing conridentlal treat
ment, a. sure and safe icllet in all
woman complaints and irregularities Gold
medal awarded tor the science of obstet
rics from the University of Munich, Ba
varia. 8trlctly conndectlal. MRS. DR.
RENNER. No. 8 Seventh St. ne.. near E.
Cap. St., Washington. D. O-
WILL some one loan a widow lady,
wiiu a sick son, $lo or $15 for a short
time; will pay interest1 50 or 75 cents a
month. Address WIDOW, this office. It
WILL pay $20 per month for use ot
$l,oo0 foroneyiar; ample security: no
risk. Address W. E. 8., this office. de5-3t
loan uu improved property; prompt at
tention given to applications. TIMES
REAL ESTATE BUittAU. 10th and Pa.
avc. nw.
WE want 1.000 Borrowers, wno tisslrv
rrom $50 to $10,000 each on stocks,
bonds, trusts, loan association certificates,
warehouse receipts and life or tontine poli
cies in old-line companiestno delay; no chat
tel mortgages taken. YERKES & BAKER.
40to40MetzerottBldg..lll0 F st.nw.
MONEY TO LOAN-Lnrge sums
at 5 and 6 1-2 per cent on D. 0. real
estate; $230, $600, $750. etc. at 6 per
cent: all transactions conducted wltn eco
nomical consideration for borrowers. WM.
H.BAUNDER8ACO..1407Fst.nw. mr8
STOLEN Sunday last, a large red and
white St. Bernard gyp. named Tick.
$20 reward for return or property and
conviction ot thief. CHAS. E. BARBER.
Room 0 005 and 607 7th St. nw. nol2-tf
Sew York Southampton London-ParU
Twin-screw U. 8. Mall Steamship.
Sallies every Wednesday,
New Y'k, Dec 9. lOamlN. York, Dec 31. 13 om
Si Louis. Dec 18. 10 am St, Louis, Jan 6. 10 am
Paris, Dec 25. 10 am (Paris, Jan 13, 10 am
NOOKDLAAD. DOC 16, 12uooa
FR1ESLAND Dec 11 IS noon
KENSINGTON Dec-e, 1 p. in
International NnrtiniaoDCorupaiiy.
piers 1 end is. North River. O trice
Bowline Green, N. T. j
w GEORGE W MOSS, -agent,
M. B. LATIMER A VO., Auctioneers.
014 Twelfth street northwest.
TRUSTEES' sale ot twenty new, prao
llcaily completed houses on ninth street,
between F and u streets northeast, on
BER, 18na, at 4 o'clock p. ra.,iu front of
the respective premises we. Hie under
Sflrned. as trtutpeH. nnilfr a deed of trust..
dated June 6, la9tj,and recorded in liber
mi... 10110 4oe, 01 me ianu recorus 01
the District of Columbia, will offer for
sale at public auction, the cast 00 feet in
depth by the full wiu.h. of lots numbered
87, 121 and 126 to 142, both included,
in John II. Walter's subdivision. In square
.tine uuuureu aim tnirieen idii, to per
plat recorded In liber 22, folio 3, of the
records of the surveyor's ofnes ot Hie said
District., lot 87, being the corner. Is im
proved by store room und three-story dwell
ing, containing seven rooms and bath, and
itu Hie otiier nits impiovt-d by two-story
dwellings containing six rooms, cellar and
'l Ids property will be sold subject, how
ever, to two prior encumbrances, the
amount and lull ihtrtlcuiars of wtiiclt will
be given upon application to either or the
undersigned trustees and will be stated
attlme of sale. Each las with Its Improve
ments will be sold seiiarutcty. Terms, nil
cosh, subject to existing encumbrances as
stated above. A depose of 5100 on each
lot will be required at time of sale. Terms
u U. complied with wii.iin ten days rrom
day of sale, otherwise the trustees reserve
the nght lo re-sen at risk and cost of de
faulting perchaser nrter rive dais adver
tisement. Conveyancing, recording and
notary roes at purchaser's tost.
JOHN II. WAL'l Kit. Trustee,
1321 F st. nw.
THOMAS :i. P1CK.FOHD, Trustee,
Cor. nth and La. ave. nw.
Ihe above zzle is postponed uutil WED
Nb.SILl 1. ihe tit.. IlA OF KLCCMBEK,
lrUb, atthe same hour and place
JOHN H. WALTER, Trustee.
tioneers. .
Ou MOADAY, December 7, 1896, at 4
o ticci p. m 1 f nail sell in front of the
premise part lot No. 12, In squure 1027,
13 feet rront by loo feet deep; party
wall on the south purchasable.
Terms of hale: One-half cosh, balance
tn one year, secured by a deed of trust on
t'i" propcrtr. or all lasli, at the option
of lu,. purchaser. MO'J down when the
property Is struck off. Terms of sale to
be ii.n,iil,-l wno. within 15 da from day
ot sale. AU conveyancing, etc., at pur
chaser cost.
tioneers. deldAds
Should I read dally by all intyrested,
as changes may occur at any time.
lorelgn mails for the week ending De-cemtx-r
12 close promptly at this ornce
as roiiows: ,
Trnus-Atlnntic MailM.
MO.NDA V-(hAt 0.211 P-v,-,"ri"mIe
per s. s.Trave- from New Xork via South
ampton und urenicru ..
lULSUAV-ibiAt 9:20 p. in. ror l.n
rope per s. s. Aew lork rroin Aew lork
vl.i southuinpton. (c)At 10:6j v. . ni. ror
Genoa per 8. s. erra rrom Aew York.
Letters must be directed "per "erra.
lOAt 10:33 p. 111. ror Europe pir s. .8.
Unttanlc-rrom Aew Jforkvia ueinstovvii.
(ci.Vt 1(1.65 p. in. ror iieigium direct per
s. s. southwark rrom Aew Jtork via Ant
werp. Letters must be directed per
S weuaiIsua x-tc)At luirao. m- ror
ActlK-rUnds direct per s. ,t?'"r.Kni
Aew lork via Amsterdam. Letlcrsmustbe
direited"per tdam." t-.-.
FHlDAltbiAt O-.oo p. 111. ror irance.
Switzerland, Italy. Spain. Portugal, Tur
key. Egypt and Ornish India, per s s.
L.t Champagne" rrom Aew lork avTe
Letters ror other parts ot Europe must
be directed "per La Champagne. (ciAl
l(i:53 p. 111. ror .Netherlands direct per s. e.
Maasdam rrom Aew lork via Hotterdam.
Letters must be directed "per ilaasdam.
IclAt l:53 p. in. ror Europe ier s
Linbrta- rrom Aew York via viuwnstown.
IclAt 10.53 p. in. ror Scotland direct per
s. s. Slate of California from New lork
via Glasgow. Letters must be cirected
"per state or Callforua." (c)At "-
n. in. ror .Norway direct per s. s. Tl.lnc-
.'.:'-.' . ""v..- Litura ninst b
vaua iron. a-c. au. . --'
directed "per Thtngvaila."
steamers sailing from New lork on Tues
days, Thursdays and Saturdays take print
ed matter, itc. ror Germany, and socially
addresjed printed matter, ttc, for other
parts of Europe.
White Star steamers sailing frprn Aew
York on Wednesdays take specially ad
dressed printed maUer. tc. forLurope.
American. Canard and 1 rench Line steam
ers take printid matter, etc., for all coun
tries for which they are advertised to carrv
Mulls for South and Central Amer
ica, AVet Indlcn, Etc.
MO NDAY (a)At 3:20 p.m.. for Jamaica,
per steamer from Boston. (c)At 10:0. p.
in., ror Belize, Puerto Cortez, and Guate
mala, per steamer from Aew Orleans.
(clAt 10.35 p. in., ror Fortune Island,
Gonalves. Port Au Prince, and Petit
Goavc, per s. s. Alvena, from Aew ork.
Letters for Belize, Puerto Cortez, and
Guatemala must be directed"per Alveiia.
(ciAl 10:33 p. in., tor Cape Haiti, Aux
Cayes. Jacmel. and Santa Martha, per s. s.
Yumurl.rroni New York.
TUESDAY (d)At 0:25 a. m.. for Tort
Antonio, per steamer from Baltimore.
(e)At 10-O3 p. in., tor Costa Rica, per
steamer from Aew Orleans.
WEDNESDAY-(c)At 10:5o p. rn., for
Central America (except Costa Rica) and
South Pacific Ports, per 5. s. Finance, from
Aew 1'ork, via. Colon. Letters for Guate
mala must be directed "per Finance. '
THURSDAY (OAt 10'5o p. m.. for
Aorth Brazil, per s. s. Manuacr.se. from
Aew I'ork.vial'ara.Maranham.undCeara.
FRlDAl-(c)At 10:65 p. m..tor Jamaica,
Sa vanilla and Carttiagena. per s. s. Atnos,
rrom Aew lork. (c)At io:65 p. m., ror
Campeche. cniapas. lanaco and lucatan.
per s. s. Orizaba, rrom Aew lork. Let
ters ror other parts ot Mexico must be di
rected "per Orizaba." (OAt 10:55 p. in.,
ror Jamaica and Cape Graclas, per s. s.
liaraid, from Aew lork. Letters ror
Belize. Puerto Cortez and Guatemala must
be directed -per llarald." (ciAt 10:5a p.
in., ror Venezuela and Curacao, alo ba
vanllia and carttiagena via Curacao, per
s. s. Venezuela, from Aew lork. (OAt
lo-55 p. m.,ror Grenada, 'irimdad and 10
baco, per s. s. Irrawnddy, rrom Aew lork.
SAlURDAl-(dlAt 12:05 p. m., lor St.
I'lerre-auqueiou, ier o. a. .... ....u
Mails "ror Newfoundland, by rail to Hall
rax unu thence by steamer, close here
daily at 12:06 p. m.(O)
Mails ror Miquelou, by rait to Boston
anil tnence bv steamer, close here dally
Mails ror Cuba close hero dally at 3:00
p m., ror rorwardmg via steamers sail-!n-
Mondays and Thursdays from Port
lumpa, na.tc) ......
Mails ror Mexico, overland, tcxcCpt those
ror campeciie. cniaiias, 'lainco nnd lu
cHtan, wiilcn are rorwarded 10 Aew lork
ror dispatch by steamer sailing Saturday,
alter tue vveunexiay ovenamt dispatch),
close here daily at 7:10 a. md)
Trnns-Pnrtflo Mailw.
Malls Tor China and Jap-iu, per s. s.
Macdurr, lrom Tacoma, clo tore dally
up to 6:30 p. m., December 10.(d)
Malls r0r Coma, Japan, and Haw-all. per
s. s. cnlna, rrom &an Francisco, -lose here
dailv, up to 6:30 p. m., December 13.(d)
Malls for Hawaii, icr s. s. Australia,
rrom San Francisco, cloe here dally up
to 0:30 p.m., December 23.(d)
Malls ror tue fcocitty Islands, per ship
Tropic Bird, rrom San F'rancisco, close
nere daily, up to 0:30 p . m., December25.(dl
Malls for China and Japan, .uct.lnlly nd
dressed only, per s.s. Empress of India,
rrom Vancouver, close hero daily, up to
0:30 p. m., December 2S.(d)
Mans ror Australia (except West Aus
tralia), Hawaii and FIJI Islands (specially
addressed only), per s. s. Mlowera, rrom
Vancouver, dose here dally up to 0:30
p. m., January l.(d)
Malls ror Australia (except those for
West Australia, which are forwarded via
Europe), Aew Zealand, Hawaii, FIJI and
Samoan Islands, per s. s. Alariiosa, rrom
Snn Francisco, close here dally up to 0:30
p. ni., January 2.(d)
Trans-Pacltie malls are rorwarded to
the port or sailing daily, and the schedule
of closing is arranged on the presumption
of their uninterrupted overland transit.
(a)Hcgistered mail iloscs at 10:00 a, ni.
same day. r
(b)lteglstered mall closes at 1:00 p. 111.
same day.
(ORcglsiered mail closes at 0:00 p. m.
bamc day.
(d)Reglstered mail closes at 0.00 p. in.
previous day.
(elHegistcred mail closes at 1:00 p. ni.
Tuesday and Saturday.
TAMES P. WILLETT, Postmaster.
From Station, Thlrlecn-and-a-liolt street
oxid Pennsylvania avenue.
ForAlexjndria-U.40,, 8,9. 10,
10.20, ex., 11, IS a. m., I, 2, 3, 4.16,
5 20. b.45, 6.15, 7. 8. 9, 10, 11, 12 p. dl
Sunday, first train, 0 a- to.; last train. 10
d. in
For Mount Ternon 10, 11, 12 n. nj Z,
4.15 p. m.. dally, except Sundays.
Geo Manager. Gen. Pass. Agent.
WE can rent tout nan swad us tall ae-
aaiptlon. Address TIMES REAL E8-
TAISBURKAO. . eol7;t
In Effect November IS. 1800.
T.BO A. M, week-days. PITTSBURO
EXPlttss l'arlor and Dining Cars, Hor
rlsburg to Pittsburg.
lit.ll i-ullinau Sleeping. Dining. Smok
ing and Observation Cars. Uarrlsburg to
Chicago, Cincinnati, Indlanapolii. Bt.
Louis, cievelauu and Toledo. Bufrit Par
lor Car to Uarrlsburg.
IO.GO A. M. FAST LINE-rmlman
Buffet Parlor Car to Uarrlsburg. Buffet
Parlor Car, Uarrlsburg to Pittsburg.
LOUIS EXPRKSS-Pullmnn lsurfit Par
lor Car to Uarrlsburg. Sleeping and
Dining Cars Uarrlsburg to St. Louis. Cin
cinnati. Louisville and Chicago.
Pullman Sleeping Car to Pittsburg, Chi
cago, and llnrrisburg to Cleveland Din
ing Car to Chicago.
70.0 P. M. bOOjn WESTER A' EX
PRESS. Pullman Sft-eping Cars V ash
lagion to Pittsburg and Harnsburg to St.
Inils and Cincinnati. Dining Car.
Pullman faiwiung Car to Pittsburg
7".f30 A. M. for Kane. Cniiaarta.gua,
lt-hester, aud Magarit Falls dull, ex
cept Sunday.
IO. SO A. TO., for Elmlra and Renovo
dally, exiept riunday. For Lock Haven
wsk days and Wlillamsport Sundays,
T.XO. F. M. for Wlillamsport, Roclies
ler, BiitfaloT and Niagara Fall .'ally,
except Saturdaj, with bleeping Car Wash
ington tn Kiisnritston Prhlge vi- ?-nrrnlo
10'40 P. M. for Erie. Canandalgoa.
Rochisler. liurfaio, and Niagara Tnlla
dally. Sleeping Car Washirgton to El
mlra. I'u.i iniL.vm:r.pniA. vinr yokk
Pl LO," dauj , all Parlor 1 ..rs. wit'i Din
ing Car from Baltimore. Regular :it7.00
(Dining Car), 8.00, 0 00, 10.00 (Dining
Car), and 11 00 (Dining Car from Wil
mington) A. M . 12.45, 3.15, 4.20. 0.50,
10.00 and 11-35 P. M. On Bunday.7.0
(Dining Car). 8 00. 9 00, 11.00 IDlnnig
Car from Wilmington) A.M.,,
420, 650. 10.00 and 11.35 P. M. For
Philadelphia oidy. Fast Express, 7.50 A.
M. week-days. Express. 12.15 P. M.
week-days, 2.01 and 6.40 P. M. daily.
For Boston, without change, 7 no A. M.
week-days, and 3.15 P. M. dolly.
For Atlantic City (via Delaware River
Bridge, all rail route). 3:15 p.m. daily.
For Baltimore. 0.25, 7 00. 7.50. 8.00, 9.00.
10.00. 10 50, 11.00 and 11.50 a. m..
12.15, 1 2 45. 2.01. 3.15, 3 40 (4 0l lim
ited!, 4.20, 4.36, 6.40, 6.15, 6 50, 7 10,
10.00, 10.40, 11.15, and 11.13 1 m.
On 8unday.7.00.8 00. 9.00, 9.05. 1O.50.
11 no a.m.., 3 in, :i 40.
14.00 limited), 4.20. 6,40. 0.13. 1". 60,
7.10, 10.00. 10.10 and 11.35 p. in
For Pope's Creek Line. 7.60a. m.and 1.38
p.m. daily. except Sunday.
For Annapolis. 7 00. 9.00 A. M.. 12.16
and 4.20 P. M. dally, except Sunday.
Sundays. 9 00 A. M. and 4.20.P. M
Atlantic Ccast Line Express. 4 30 A M .
3.46 P. M. dally: Richmond only. 10.57
A M. week days: Atlanta Special, via
Richmond and Seaboard Air Lice. 8.40
P. M daily Accommodation ror Quan
tlco. 7.45 A. M. daily, nnd 4.23 P. M.
week days.
Ticket offices, corner Fifteenth and f
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can bo left for deck
ing of baggage to destination from tctels
and residences.
J. R. WOOD. General Passenger Agent
S. M. PREVOST. General Manager
Schedule 111 effect December 7, If f,C.
Leave Wnslington from station corner of
New Jersey avenue aod C street
For Cliicago and Northwest. Yistibuled
Limited trains, 10 00 a. in.. 8.05 p. in
Fir Cincinnati, St-Louis and Indianapolis.
Yestlbuled Limited. 3.40 p- in.; express,
11 30 p. in.
For Pittsburg and Cievelaod. express
dolly. 10.00 a. m. and 8:60 p. m.
For Winchester and way statlous, 10 a.
m. to.u p. in.
Tor New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham,
haitaiiooga, KLOxvrlie. Bristol 'and
Roanoke, 0.C0 p. ni. daily; bliepiug Crs
Jcr Luray, 3 40 p. m. dally.
For Ball I mo re, week d,ivs, 5 CO, 0.30,
X7.03, X7.10. Xt.00, 8 3O,x9.SO,xI0.00,
Xl2 00a.m.,Xl2 05. 12 Io,xl2.35,x3.0(,
3 23, X4.3U, 4.40, X5 05, i.5 15, X5.30,
X0 20. b.30, X 00, 8.I0, X9.20, 11.15,
xll CO p. m. and xl2 01 night. Sundays,
X7.05, i.7.10, t-.3o, x9 CO a. m., Xl2,(i5,
X12 35, 1.00, S3.00, 3 25, 4.10, X3 Ii5.
X5.15, 0 30, X6.CO. XS.LO, 11.15. Xll. 60
p. in., X12.01 night.
For AnnaisiUs, 7.10 andS 30a.m., 12.10
and 4.3S p. in, Sundajs, 8.30 a. m., 4.10
p. in.
Tor Frederick, week days, 7.33 a. m.,
12 00 noon, 4:30, 5.30 p. in. Bunduys,
1:15 p. m.
For liogers own, tlO CO a m. CL.il " .20
p. in.
For Boyd and way points, week davs,
7.35 a. ni., 4 30, 5.30, 7.0u p. m. bun
days, 1.15. 7.05 p. m.
F'or Galthersburg and way points, week
davs, 7.35, 9.00 a.m.. 12.50, 3.13, 4.J0,
4.:t.5, 5.30, 7.03, 11.40 p. III. Suiulujs,
9.00 a. Ill, 1.15, 4.50, 7.0o, 10 15 p. in.
Tor Washington Junction and way lioints,
7.35 a. m., 4.30, 5.30 p. In. week davs.
1.15 11. m. Sundays.
Tor Cape May, 10 a. m., 12 noon.
All trains illuminated with Pintsch light
i'or Philadelphia, New lork. liostcu, and
tho East, week days, S 00. U0.U0 11 m.
Dlnlngdr), 1 2 00.(12.35 DiiilngCar), 3 00.
(5 05 IJining Carl, (12.01 night; Sleeping
Car open at 10.00 o'clock), Sundays, 19.0O
a. m. Dining Carl, ( 1 2.35 Dining Cor). 3.00.
(3 05 Dining Carl, 12.0 1 night, sleeping tar
open ten o'clock. Additional tr-ins for
Philadelphia, week days, 7.05 a. in , dailv,
8.00 p. m. ....
liuriet Parlor Cars on all day trains
For Atlantic City. 1000 a. m., 12.00
noon, and 12-33 p. m. week days. 12k
D- m. Sundays.
(Except buuday. 'Dally. xExrrcss
Bag-age called for upd checked from
noteiS and resldmccs by Union Transfer
Co- on orders left at ticket offices. 619
Pennsylvania avenue n- w., Aew York
avenue nnd Fifteenth street, and at rteiiot
Gen-Manager. Gen. Pass. A gt.
Southern Raiiway.
(Schedule In crrect Dec-mbcr l.lSif; )
AH trams arrtvo aud leave Peiiusylvonla
."-"aVlylocal for Dai.viUe. Char
lotte and way stations, cunrccts at ilat.rts
u. i,.r .-5..i.b ul- ll.ni.-i uju.ir . t
way stations, daily, except Sunday,
and at Lynchburg with the Norfolk and
Western, dally, and with the Cresapeako
and Ohio, daily, for the A"i-tcral Bridge
and Lexington.
1115 a in.-natly. Uu. UNITED 8TATE3
PAST MAIL, carries Tul.inan Burret Sleep
pne New York and Wasnington 10 Jackson
VSe uniUng nt Salisbury with Pullman
bleepe" ror Asbcville and Hot bprlngs. N
C Kr.oxvllle and Chattanooga, leiui.. and
at' Charlotte with Pullman Sleeper tor
Augusta; Pullman Buirer sleeper. Washing
ton to Galveston, Tox.. via Montjtomiry.
NbW Orleans and Houston, ami PuUmim
sfeener, Aew York to AtlanLi. Solid train
WasUlngtoO to New Orleans witiious
iiiau'i'. ounsel personally cuLuiicteii tour
ist excursion througn sleeper on tl is lr.au
every Saturday to Sen Tranclsco. wi.in.us
'"-poi). m.-Local for Front Royal, St nts
Dur'g and Harrisonburg, daily, excipi Sun
day. 4-51 p. ro. Daily.Ioeal for Cliarlnttcsvill.
l4l n fn Daily. WASHINGTON A.NU
ITED composed of Pulluui. vcstibuled
Ileepefs. .lining cars and day conclie-i.
Pullman Sleepers new lork t Ashrvil o
and Hot springs, N. C.: Aew STork to
Tampa, via Charlotte. fv.lumb.a. .Snvi.iinaU
and Jacksonville, nnd Aew York to llem
nhis via Uinningham. Aew ifork to Aew
Orleans via Atlanta una Montgomery. Ms
tibulcd day coach Wiisiuiicini to AiliiiUt.
Soutliem Railway dining car. Uroensboro u
DIY1SION lenvo Wnsmniiou -ot m.
daily and 4:45 p. m. daily, except SuOf
day. and 0:25 d. m.. Scm..i 01 ly. i.,r
Round Hill; 4:.! p. m. dany, except hu
dy, for Leosburg. uud 6:25 p. m. uady r;
Herndon. Retuniuig. arrive at Wusmui?
ton s:2b it 111. nun .l:ou p. ui. il.t.ly. irum
Round Hill, and 7:o0 a. in. daily, exiepi
fiunday. rrum Herndon, and sil 11 m.
daily, except Sunday, from LrcsburK.
'ihrougn Indus troin the :ouiii arrive at
Washington 0:42 a. m , 2 20 p. in., and
B:40 p- m., daily, Manassas Ulvlslou;
1" 40 P- in-- ih'.i- e .ar uil
8-30 a. m.. dally, from CtarlrttcsvOle.
Tkskets. sleeping car reservation and la-
Jarmatlon turulslied nt olflccs. 6II1 ana
lITOPeDUsyivanla, avenue and at l'etS
TlHnta Railroad Passenger Stsxioi
''wTlLOKEEN, ieu. Sapt.
i. M. CULP. Trutflo Mstnasor. .
W. A. Tnrk. Men. Pmsh. Ajcont.
L. 8. DRO WN.tleu.AKPiit I'.i.m. DodW
jy ANTED for cash, all kln'ds of o.il
nTued mates ptwtage aint 'vpa:!io. cl
itimM. collections otso oojii .1. u. x.
DUAkU0RST.1003 7ta St. u.
?xd &&-AkJ
. - . s--' . t '
S7 ' fs-.J.Vsf-ZS, sSK. .-, X. c i?.
ttts"v -isi.j--ir?jiu.r--r.xi
-&. jf, jst-i
. -.-. -".-. .V-r - gc-.

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