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The Lust Year Notable for 3Iany
Great Donations.
jlrn, J.i-lnnd Mnnroril l'rcsenli S-S,-OUO.OOO
to One liiliersltj ami
MrI-lieolie Hcnr-st Turn Ov cr i?10,
OOO.OOO to Another Clinritj 5et
SS.OOO.OOH I'rom Two rriciuli.
NEW YORK. Jan. 1 Among all the
records of the jear 1S9D not one stands out
bo conaplcuoudy as that of the donations
and bequests for religious, educational,
and charitable inslHuttens. libraries, imi
ieunn and galleries, aad to cities for pop
ular benefit and entertainment No pre--tloun
5 car in the hfetery of this country
equaled It.
The aggrogate thus bestawed ib $79.
749,'.6 as compared with ?2.4.90O in
ISfiS, $33 01- S14 in 1S87. SS8.67.12e in 1S95,
$2S.W8 54) in ISPS, and $18.57.11 In 1S91
In the preparation or these statistics no
lecord has been kept of donations or be
quest of less than $1.6M
Of the Jatal ain&unt fr 1S0 stated above
there m given to educational institutions
the extraordinary wm of $86,851 ,S17. to
charities ?U,206 C7. te churches ?2,.2,-5-iJ,
to mtiaottws m art Ralleritt $J,Cs6.
.w mm) Ut !Hn,rkw SS M2.4M
Folio-tag " coataiaiHff names of j
the who haw hmwIb bequests or dona
tions amot-Mfng t ?1,W0 or oxer in
taoh cae I
Mr. l4aiid Stanford. San Freii-co to
Staafent Latt!iwH. $S8WW, PlMMsbe '
near sum i mow., . --"- -
raMforaia ,0W.9O0, P A 11 Weaw
Ih.ktlelibt te clmritv $. Je
M MryoR Philadelpbia. te charity. ?2,
OfrB.WO. estate of John Slmro' Boston,
for a female college. 32 000 0 adrew
Carnegie to Pittsburg Libra m Sl.TSflOOO,
P. D ArwoHr Chicago te Armour Insti
tute. STSO.W). Mweil Fomerville Phila
delphia, to Vniversttv of Pennsvlvania,
$600,000, vmkuewn donor to Yale Fniver
itv, $S0 90 Lvdia IlradKeil.. Peoria 111.
to Bradlev Poljteckaic IawUtate. Samuel
;errM.oK"r TlTYon,
to Haivanl University. ?360 0W J Pier- ;
jtont Morgan, New lerk. t charitv 53a".
OW. IMward Tuck. New York to Dait-
moHth College. SSOfl.OOO. J D Rockcfellor.
New Yo-k to Brown UnicrJtj ?250.O0O.
Crocker estRie San Francisco to chant.
J-50(Hi J D Rockefeller New "ioik. to
cit of tletchuHl $226,000. P II. Cooper
"hioa&o t thantj. S00.(H30. Mancaret A
Kellev Ne "oik to church ?2M.000, II
L lilaMa Boston to Harvard Un.ver-
si.v M J D RooMIer New York.
... M !... n.t...wl Cy.nlno 1SO . !
""w:,. I"" .?::",' VS. " ""J. ." ;: '
LJ V, Z,Z i pTiotaO
PiSur, MaSSUi. clZty ?00-
i SfS idZrl4eiat tonYvcr-
X of CinrtaaaH SIW OW Z G Slra.
nous Keairtia W for librarv WK -
.M: Caiale Peaasylvanla State
i ,....,.., -tHUiu r.o to t-
anUUi fn .Vii-CdorAJo
,. ... ; . . ... iaABan ii
Kansnt, Weslevaa I niver6itv 51WBW 11
C Fahaortock. NVa ork to chaiit". MOO -
- . .,.... .. .,. . rx
ib,ou Colk-ge. S1H0. W K Vandeibilt
Ne AiMtv. to VaaderWlt Umverwf.. $10U,
?)' nttkuowa (toaei. to Piinceton College
jioof'iio tsite of SnM4 Jones Phila
t!elw to church J100.000. Mrs J E
l.ggtt ?t Louis to Washington Uni
ersuj 1.W0. E S Converse Maiden
Maw. to charity. M00 OW. illiam L
milium RicliHWHd. Va . charitj $ Km 000
Tke 1M of educational lNMitutkius re
celvlaig SJe W6 ad aw-ard follows
Lland Manfttiti Jr Imversuv $2! - J
im.m Iniveiskj of California $1 OW -
m. Harvard Imvcrskv. T2 30t tm . Peaa- t ., n. r.,llso of ,!m. ip.,fess f riintlei
Rj-huaiH Ptt iHiveritj, M-"5 0O. Yale t "Ij.ier
rniveraftT. $SS! 000 rmour Institute, i ... " x. T ', 1 n-u
J7 M. Lntmtv of Washington, J750 - r-n BRIDGE. N J , Jan. 1 -The hear
mA UH- Polviecbnic Institute. 55fltl - I mg of Charles Blazier, of this place, has
W0 J4aeMUB Institute of Teclmolo-
gy iS00 Priwtn College $3.00, ,
laivrity of Chicago $3S370, Browa
Uaivwbltj $962ft0, Columbia College,
3S2tH Dartaimith College 0S.000, AI
irt Cle, S3J ooa I Miverbity of the
City f New York ?20y. New York
Teacaers" College. $2.C00
Am lntciesting feature of this splendid
sKinK of geaerositv is the amount con
trffeat?' by Aadrcw Carnegie to the organ
iitfa f Ifbraries in various parts of the
ttatr.v UK gifts for this purpose amount
to S2 2 7W
(.! ni.nis IniUntiiiKT .moi Icnn li !
iicIh fi 'o.itii Vinericiin Trade.
MORTON. 3Ha6. Jan 1 Advices re
ceive acre frcai resiwifciWe American
tntsvlrtt! now in South America indicate
IBM ali bmacHs of American induetrj are
being aertotMiy injured bj German ianta
n. wot oaly ieprodace American im
HoMtetite aad staffs, but place American
trane-awrks and stamps thereon, and sell
taum at prieee that prohibit bona fide
nerka cotapetittoB
"i?0r instaneo." write- oac of those gen-
tleiiwH "the Geiinanfi are not an agiicul-
taral iuUhjo Thej have small patches ct '
land, but thej are the greatest sellers of v 1,ome tIlc' n,et a fdrmcr drluns tl,e
igrie4us-al machinery in all Souta Amen- bull home from pasture The bull charg
ca Thej put up factories in Germany and ' cd upon the team, the horses taking fright
make imitations, tiade-markt. and all. ! ano- throwing the occupants out. The bull
which a-e or poorer and cheaper material tosgc,i the professor in the air several
thnn the Vmerican make, and now they are . umes fracturing his ribs and inflicting
import iag to Geimanj some machinery otor usuries
irom the latcd States, put on German I The infuriated bull then started in pur
murkfc and ship them to these countries ( smt of the team and m attempting to
r.u at the same time put American trade- sorc onc of tue jjorscs as torced over a
maikk on the cheap imitations that thej 50-foot embankment and fell to the rail
me making, thus dwcrcdiling the Amciican 1X)a(1 track flfly fcet below, breaking his
"I hove seen the agency or -cne of the
largtfit anufctoi ies of the United States,
and one that has a world-vide fame fo
makiug a ane article turn over its agencj
fr thioe South American countries to a
firm that put up the advertising :aatter and I
advertised as ole agats. This firm sent
advertising matter to all of the small j
tow lie. theu sent in a few orders to the j
lnmiaUctimug company and an immense
older to Germanj for the imitation goads,
tiHd-markB and all
Kiehcd to Dcnth hj a llunc.
CHATTANOOGA, Tcnn., Jan 1. II. M
Cok. a trmeling salesman for a New York
Iibj lmMso. va kicked to death bj a horse
j.eai McCMinnville. Tcnn , Saturday. Cox I endar. Judgo Gaskill of Mount Hollj-.
had stalled overland to Summltville, Teun.. i will hear trials in the common pleas court;
ir a buggj'. Something broke about the Judge Miller, of Camden, in the supiemo
harness, and he got out of the buggy to fix j court, and Judge Endicott, in the circuit
it. While in a stooping posture the animal couit.
kioked him in the head, afterward running The qvestion of the removal of the coun
away and demolishing the buggj. Cox was ty seat from Maj's landing to Pleasantville
found on the loadsido m an unconscioub ' or Atlantic Citj, which has been in course
condition and was removed to SmmIviUe, 0f agitation foi a number of jeais, will
wueie he died in a few hours. likelj be brought before the meeting of
r; I the board of freeholdcis. which will be
TIrecHScrmous i Si 1SI this city next Wednesday. It is
LYNCHBURG. Ya , Jan 3 Tw far.- ( claluea tjmt the train facilities of May's
well sermons weic preached here j eater- i Landing arc insufficient, and that the
ilav bj Baptl-t ministers, one by Rev. C. J j "counlj capital" should go to Pleasant-
Thnn,ron of the Collece Hill Banilst ville. which has the advantage of a motor
Church, who goes into tho iate mission
, ' ,, ,. , ,,,.,. ,-. t i
work, and the other bj Rev IP Rob-
crtson. of the Cabell Street Baptist Church,
ho ha tccepted a call to Rocky Mount.
rUA JV D Is not recommended Icr
3VV rtiTtr" nrlTthiiic: but if jou have
rrrT kidney. liver. or bladder
KvJv I trouble it will be found just
the remedy vou need. M druggists in fifty
cent and dollar tizes. You tnaj ha;c a rtmple
bottle of this wonderful new discovery bj mail
tree: abo pamphlet lellmc fill about it and As
rreat curei
Addmi Dr. Kilmer i. Co , Binsbamlon, N. 1'.
The .Mcmbero' Ilnnlnc Saffera. AVhlle
the Catc I)rac-
NEW YORK, Jan. 1. The Mollncux case
has kept twelve men of affairs away from
their business since November 14, and for
many days prior to that date these same
men were required to report as talesmen.
These twelve men are the jurors sitting
in the case, and a more indignant set of
men it would be hard to find.
They are paid $2 a day for listening to
$50-a-day experts and J200-a-day lawyers,
and at night their footsteps are dogged by
S7-a-day detectles. They demand an op
nortunltj to attend to their own business
and have formally protested to Recorder
Goft against the unheard-of waste of time
in presenting the State's evidence.
Complaint is made by the jurors that
Assistant District Attorney Osborne has
cousumed an unnecessarj amount of time
with the experts William J. Kinsley was
kept on the witness btand. with a few
trilling intermissions, for two entire weck3,
gclng over and oer the same statements
in a dreary monotone, difficult to follow
and confusing rather than enlightening 11
was i relief to the jury when he was put
aside, and some apparent effort was made
at progress
Dreary weeks have passed, and .is jet
tlin tirrvRprntinn has inadp no nerCCDtlble
progress, and all of the testimony so far I
heard has been in the nature of thrones
and hjpotheses Mr. Osborne is known to '
be dissatisfied with the showing made by (
Experts Kinsley. Tjrrell, and Ames, and ,
threatens the jurj with a quartette of re- I
ccntlv -retained authorities on handwriting, j
I'nles Mr Osborne produces some direct
testimony of a sensational character that
i would tend to prejudice the jury against )
IMolineux. it is not unlikely tint
.Mr ,
Weeks w ill permit the case to go to the i
jurj as presented by the prosecution, call
ing few if an witnesses He Is adruitlv
turning and twisting the circumstances as
thej are presented to bho. the juiv that
the apply to others as well as to his cli
ent and he has an expert, mvid a. ua
valho. who will if called, express the i-osi
, oinion that the deputed wilting
could not have conic from MolineuvN pen
In the e eat that the jurj fals to agree
there is little prospect of a second trial.
Mix. I'm Kurd mid the I'oliee Trj inar
1o olc a Mjsterj.
NEW YORK. Jan 1 It is really a mar
icl to Mrs Camelia Packard and her
daughter. Miss Cora Packard, how ihen
studio in the building at 030 Eighth Ac-
c came to be robbed of United States
bonds, an insurance pohc., a note, and
other valuable papers The detectives who
are investigating have not eprcsced an
opinion. They cannot, for their amaze
ment has paraljzed them.
Mrs Packard and her daughter aie ar
tists and they have a partlcularlv hand
some studio. Thej foimcrlj kept their
amame papers in uuwici...e ""-- J
ed to them a few months ago tntno
of 'thcyxnight lose hem. ho thej hit
valuable papers in an envelope It occur-
UltOIl .1 IIIUSl 111 Itlll C Jl-
Mrs Packard made a slicsia bt
draw-string long enough to be placed
Uraund one's neck Then she made a peg
- the back of her folding-bed and on tins
she hung the bag in which she nlaml the
c la c ot L.re al fhc ?t ?
as l?, rea,cl ar0Unrd', S?n? hUS' aD1
Place the btring oxer her neck
, " ?? V Sthe
the Packards That had to do with the
i ,,,. .t, .,,ii Tk . 1,11 M
i onlj kej to their studio ihe.. h l upon
another excellent scheme Thej drove a
nail just below the letterbox on the door
and when they went out thej hung the
ky on this Vftor the adjustment of these
serious troubles Mrs and Miss Packard
settled down to the enjojiuent of life
Thej lemember seeing the bag about two j
weeks ago Thej looked for it jesterdaj
in order to count up the coupons and found
that it w-as missing Thej lmen't the
faintest idea who could have taken it, and
thev think it most extraordinary.
been restored Awav lat summer he laj j
down upon the greensward to take a nap
-,vhrn hix o,. ijC heard all kmd of
notes in his head.
There were imitations of upwIj organi7cd
country bands, boiler factone horse fid
dles, and many other noise-producing in
struments He experienced th's unsought
for music for nearlj a fortnight, and then
all ws quiet, but his hearing began failing
hi in Physician vsero uni' le to ascertain
the tiouble. 'Blazier became deafer and
deafer until he could scarcelj hear anj
thiug A da of two ago Bla7ier called upon Dr
Knight of Clinton, who leiuoved a large
cucket from bib ear. The ricket was dead
and fiatened out as thm as paper. His
hearing began to return as soon as the
cricket was removed, and now it in fullj
V:iiiiim 12.caic of a 'Ieneher I'rom
110111? I.oroit to Dentil.
NORWALK, Conn, Jan 1 Pi of. Curtis.
who conducts a large piivate school, at
CrookSeld, had a narrow escape jesterdaj
from being gored to death by a bull vhilc
driving home from the station He was in
on)auy wIlh his son', driver When half
neck A rope and tackle was secured and
the carcass v.as removed just in time to
allow the Pittsiield express to pass.
tlnntic City People Determined to
llnte n ChniiKC.
ATLVNTIC CITY, N. J. Jan. 1. Three
J courts v. Ill be in session at Mav's Landing
during the week, the first bitting to begin
tomorrow. This is unusual, and v.as ar
ranged by Law Judge Endicott after con
sultation with Supreme Court Justice Lud
low, in cider that the laigc number of
cases pending may be cleared from the cal-
train aervice and is more easily reached
than anv other part of the count-, and.
telemione connection vith
( ' :'"f7'n (ttl
; planus w s.
1 from this city, nnd the inconvenience of
the present location or tUe county seat
makes its transaction more costlj' than
if the scat were located in Pleasantville or
Atlantic Citj. Theie arc many friends
of the proposition to have the buildings
here, but all residents are In favor of jt
change, if not to this citj. then to Picsant-
I ville.
Canada to Make a Bid for Ameri
can Capital.
A Ilrond and During beheine Planned
to Relieve the OhnoxioiiN Comhinn
tlnns From Mate Interference
Aevv Corporation Hill to Be Intro
duced In the Dominion Pnrlliiment.
NEW YORK. Jan. 1. Canada is prcpai
mg to make a strong bid for that class of
Amciican corporations known as "trusts."
A representative of the Dominion Gov
ernment arrived in this city yesterday to
confer with representatives of beveral of
the largest companies having their mam
offices in New York
Proposed anti-trust legislation and the j
rapid spread of the anti-trust spirit is
mainly responsible for this move toward
The idea Is probably the broadest and
the boldest ever conceived bj the corpora
tion interests It is slated that thej have
long since despaired ot obtaining favorable
treatment through the enactment of Fed
eral laws, foi the tutsan that it would be j
ncccssarj to amend the Constitution of the 1
Inited States before this could be lone
If they go to Canada, however, and oi
ganlze themselves under British laws, thej
will enjoy what is practiallj mtional ex
istence undr color cr British chart en
Individuals who are citizens of the United
States would become b such incorporation
at least piitial subjects of the Bntibh
Crown Thej personally would not be
British subject-,, but their corporation
vouhl enjov the privileges of British sub
jects. Tben British charters, national in
scope, would exempt them fiom what is
legally called the- 'police power" of any
American State wherein thej have their
factories or happen to do business
The trust people declare that now they
are harassed and subjected to pettj an-
nm itioao m irinll.. SI .it , TIlCV EaV tllCy
are being "persecuted in Ohio Thej as- j
sort tint by obtaining national chirtTs
from the Canadian Government thej would
free themselves from State interference
and could be sued in this countrj only
through the United States courts
An aggressive member of the Canadian
Parliament named lurgeon. has promised
to present the new corporation bill In the
Dominion Legi-datme early in January
Othclals of leading toiporations of Ameri
ca have had consultations ith their coun
sel and have prcpaied the foim of legis
lation v.hich thej desne 1-iwjor In their
interest v ill go to Otta.v.i in a fev. dajs
with a copj ot the proposed new Canadian
coiporation law in his poiket The Cana
dian banks are helping the proposition all
thej can, for if Canada becomes the home
of the vmerican tiusts the volume of Ca
nadian bank deposits will be increased bj
millions of dollars And these deposits
will not be taxed
A Canadian commission lecentlv has
been studving the history of American
trusts in all us phases, the laws govern
ing them the amount of ttxes thev pav
etc The commission has found that a
scote of Canidian and British Columbian
mining companies are paving tens of
thousands of dollars annuallv as taxes and
fees to the State of New Jersov The Ca
nadians are anxious to save their own
revenues as well as to annex revenues
from the United States
Leaders of botli parties are said to favor
tiio now. trust law. and the Canadian peo
ple are reported to b enthusiastic over the
plan to gather in more American dollars
The discussions of the Economic soci i
tioa. at Cornell Iniversitj last v eek were
caicfullj watched and as carcfullj report
ed, and a special note wa-, made on the
sugg"stion which was diopped at that
meeting relative to the possibilities cf such
a movement on the pari of the Canadian
Government Dominion and Provincial, a
offeiing companies doing business in the
United States to incorporate under a Ca
nadian law of possiblj higher standing
and freedom from "State anuojances" than
if thej weie doing business in the United
States and incorporated under the laws of
anj one of the States
IMt-Mitlfiil linger, of the nrmoutli
st iiiiihIiiii ( oiiiiuinv. Kvplres.
BOSTON. Mass , Jan 1 L E Baker
President of the Yai mouth Steamship Com
panj, was found dead in the berth of a
sleeping tar on the arrival of a tram from
New York at C o'clock vesterdav morning
Death was due to heart disease
Mr. Baker was one of the moil repre
sentative men of Yarmouth, a large cap
italist, owner, and interested largclv in
vessels He was a director in a number
of hanking corporations, and held offices in
woolen and mining com panics
Mr Baker was on his waj home from
Old Point Comfoit to Yarmouth He had
taken his wife, who is an invalid, to the
Virginia winter resort for her health, and
was returning He was known to thy
Pullman car conductor and poller, and
they said he was apparently in good
health when he boarded the train
The porter noticed that Mr Bakei did
not respond to his call at fi "0. but sup
posed he was enjojing a sound sleep He
therefore waited till the train had almost
drawn into the South Station. It was on
going to the berth this time that Mr.
Baker's death was discovered The body
will be taken to Yarmouth foi burial Mr.
Baker was sixtj-nine jears old. He
leaves a wife and two grown-up sous.
'Ihe Potlnniitomlct Pint A ith a
( hieiiKo Lnkc Pront Clnlni.
CHICAGO, 111 . Jan. L Samuel M. Bul
dlson. President of the State Mutual Life
Insurance Companj', of Illinois, and Ed
win Stark have purchased from the Pot
tawatomie Indians a quit-claim deed to a
strip of land situated along the lake shore
of Chicago, from Rush Street bridge south
to the Indiana State Hue. .
Thej claim the title never was purchas
ed from the Indians bj the Government,
and that the territory lies outside of the
boundaries of the State of Illinois. In
cluded in the tract are lands owned by
the Illinois Central Railroad, the Lake
Tront Park, tho Chicago Beach Hotel, a
strip along the lake side of Jackson Park,
lands of the Illinois Steel Companj. and
all other property touching the lake south
of the river. The strip Is from two to sl
blocks wide.
Messrs Biddison and Stark transacted
their business with Wessan Molaj-, prin
cipal chief of the tribe, and a committee
composed of Thomas Topash, Joseph, Mo
laj, Andrew Rapp, Neo Basil, and Charles
Person, acting for the Pottaw atomies The
price for the quit-claim deed to the strip
was ?35,000, to be paid over to the Indi
ans when their title 13 approved by the
Secretary of the Interior.
AceideiitN to Ilrakciuen.
MATEWAN, W. Va., Jan. 1. Charles
Vawtcr. a brakeronn, fell from a freight
train on the Norfolk and Western road here
jestcrday morning and sustained probably
fatal injuries. Henson Cow per, another
brakeman, lost his left hand while coupling
cars at Vivian Saturday night.
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ANNnnlted h IHh Knrnprcil AVife in
IVevv York.
NEW YORK, Jan 1 In the domestic
troubles of Actor Edward J. Morgan, now
playing the tit'e role in "Ben Hur," and
his wife, known en the stage as Adelaide
Cushman, the latest development Is an as
sault on the street.
Mrs. Morgan decojed her husband from
his home at 231 Wst Thirty-fourth Street
with a note She stopped him on the
street, and as a result of an altercation,
which drew a large crowd, she was taken
to the West Thlrtj -seventh Street sta
tion, after trjing to escape and being pie
vented by three big policemen.
There has been a deal printed about the
troubles of the Morgans, charges and
counter-charges. He is now suing his
wife for separation. This followed her ac
tion in having him arrested for abandon
ment. A police magistrate ordered him
to pay his wife $20 a week. What was In
the note that a messengei boy took to
Morgan's boarding house last night is not
known He put on his overcoat and hat,
left the house, and utarted to walk sl:t
lj toward Broadwaj.
He had gone but a little distance when
Mrs Morgan, who was closely veiled,
stepped out of a bliadow and grasped bold
of his arm. She began upbraiding him,
calling him a villain, a scoundrel, and all
manner of names In a loud voice. A few
people surrounded them and the number
kept growing. Morgan tried to free him
self from his wife, but could not xiorgan
hailed a passing cab and tried to enter it.
but his wife sprang in fiont of him and
slammed the door
"Vou don't escape me," she said "I
will follow jou to the ends of the eirth"
She b"came more and more excited and
almost screamed In her anger Morgan
did evervthing but stilke his wif In fruit
lesb efforts to get free of hci The com
motion attracted Poli" man Wiiificld, who t
aircste-1 Mrs Morgan on the charge of
disorderly conduct He ook husband and
wife to the station Ther- Morgan made
a complaint against his wife He said he
could no longer bear her persecutions and
that her conduct had been intolerable
When the sergeant ordered Mr Morgan
locked up she ran toward the door and tried
to escape It took three loliceinen to place
her In a cell and thin was r'compllohcd
only after a struggle She rnved ftirious
lv against her husband and the jjolice
1 I l- enr-Old X-irio in ii l.ontc
Ivliuid linshoiinr.
HEMPSTCVD, I. I. Jan 1 George
Washington rreeman Homar Giccne cele-
oraieu louaj me ii-in uniuvcrbur ui ins
birth Tor neailj fortj vears this negro i
has been in the Almshouse In Hemstead
He appears almost aj rugged as most men !
of sixtj-fivex lentil a few jears ago he
v.as eniplojedaa a farm hand at the alms
house On the rtcords of Daniel Wllruarih, the
keeper of the Almshouse, is a portion of
the histoij of Greeu' Ai cording to these
statements which the keeper savs are au
thentic, Gretne "was horn Januarj 1, 17yC.
but Greene tlnnl.H this, date incorrect
A visitor to the almshouse found the old ,
man engaged in cairjlng wood and attend- I
nig to other duties about the barnjard. J
He said I
' Ever since I was a small bo I remem- '
be i being told, bv both mj master and (
mother, that I was born on the Hr-t day (
of Januarj 1777 on a larse farm of a j
man named Tret man, near Elizabethtov.u
Point, N J The reaon of m iemembr- j
ing the date and the nunc of the place
so well is because I was told that I was I
born the daj on which began the largest (
snowstorm that New JerFev bad known fo- j
hflj jeai 1
' Mj father, mother, brothers, and sistera
ere all slaves fier living with -Mr dee- i
man 'or a number of vear, 1 was scld with
a numbei of other slave? to Mr Ilopnr,
who ownrd a large plantation 111 Virginia
I had a' ei j pleasant home there, bat lived '
there onlj a short time, when I wa.-. so d to (
Gtneral Washington, and sent to his la-ge
estates in irgmia where I pis d t'.e
happiest dajs of mj life j
' Although I vws onlj a outh at the t me,
my recollections of Washington riding
about lu estates at Mount VtrLon on his
horse are Ftlll imputed on m memorj as
if thej happened onlj jesterdaj A short
tune after the commencement of the wai cf
1S1J I was made a free negro by General
Washington I noiked at different p'aces
about the countu until I finallj met a
vealthj farmer named George Greene, fiom
Long Island, who took me to live on nis
Lone I-Iand farm I gius-, I must have
been cmplojcd bj Grcnie for uearlv fort
vcare '
Everj time the negro vas scld. and even
fter he was freed, he added to hi-, nanre
tbnt nf his emnlover. thus obta'nmg in
advnnced age the name of George Washing
ton Urccman Homar Greene
About Fifteen jears ago Greene tjegan to
lose hi j sight and heating, and being un
able to find cmplojment, he found refuge
in the almhouse at Herap3tcad
On cverv cleutou daj for tue last sixi.,
. .. . . n-iA. rtf fiirt
vears the oia i.egru, ivBuiu.e-- ....
knithor. has walked to the polls at Hemp
stead, where he alwavs vo'ed a straight
Republican ticket All the tobac-o and
hquoi that he cared to indulge in were al
wavs given him without cost in the vil'age
saloons, and he alwajs retarned to the
almshouse in a decide.ilj happj frame of
mind, where he would lemain until next
election aaj. .
Greene has been married sven times and
is the fathei of twentj-oue children, nearlj
all of whom aie dead
A NKter of Meiej lor 'I en U-ai-i ite-
Uitters the AVorld.
PITTSBURG. Pa . Jan. 1 Miss Mav El
liott, who was a Sistei of Mercy for ten
vears. has tin own off her religious garo
and left the institution. She is now at
the home of her aunt. Mrs G W. Barrett,
In Bellcvue. She is a convert, her people
being Presbj terlans
Her depaiture irom tne convene iase
-jni omidri mieh excitement.
Some of the Sisters sent in search of her
found her at her aunt's house. The first
day she was there, it is alleged, she hid
herself in the garret, where she praved
and cried for hours. Her father and moth
er are both, dead She inherited consid
erable moncj and propel ty, wuicn sue
ilopdcd to the Mercy community when she
entered the Convent.
Tho Mother Superior or the w enster Av
enue Community said, "Miss Elliott was
brn and left, and mat ougui to uc re
garded as a private affair."
I.nunurj-men in a Connecticut Tow n
ARr.ee to Inhold Prices.
NEW HAVEN, Conn , Jan. 1. Milford,
a small town near this ity, boasts of a
trust which its citizens think is the most
novel combination jet contrived by capi
talists. The trust is formed by the Chi
nese laundrjmen, who have been at war
with one another for some months
Hop Sing came to the town and did a
good business Other Chinamen came and
Hop Sing's business began to fall off. Then
they began to cut prices until Milford was
having its linen done up for almost noth
ing. The Chinese laundrjmen were starv
ing themselves by the cuts and were final
ly forced to enter into an agreement where
by prices are to be kept up. The new rates
went into effect today.
o Limit.
(From the Chicago cws)
Stubb I read about some man who drank a
quart of whisk) without stopping.
Penn 'Uliv. that n nothing. look at old Red-
der; drank barrel after barrel without stoppinff.
AnJ he wouldn't have stopped t if lie had
The Wall Street Bear Keceives
jlauy Anonymous Letters.
A Kumlier of Detective Gunril Ihe
Operator in and Out nf Ilix OJHcc.
Vi Strnnjrers Admitted to Him
Aithotit I'irit lleiiiK: Cnreful-,
Interrogated lij Kmu' es.
NEW YORK, Jan. L Threats against
the life ot James R. Keene, the leading
"bear operator of Wall Street, have been
made by men who claim to have lost their
money by the recent tremendous slump in
prices. This drop caused a depreciation of
over $100,000,000 In valued of stock3 held
by investors. j
Mr. Keene Is accused of being responai- I
hie for the operations which brought about
the crisis two weeks ago. and since that
time letters have been coming to the office
of Talbot J Taylor & Co , at 30 Broad t
Street, where Mr. Keene makes hi head-j
(luarters, threatening to kill him
Sorre of the letters made savage attacks
and veiled allusion's to plots well planned
to secretlj remove the big speculator from
this earth
At first no attention wa3 paid to tue li
tersmerely the work of lunatics, nothing
more, declared Mr. Keene But still the
letters came pouring in, and especially
during the past few days have they been
numerous In nearlj all cases the notes
were tinned anonjmouslj". Others hail
names attached, but evidently they were
Manj of the v riters told Mr. Keene that
the j were speculators, that they had been
caughf in the "bear" raid, and that they
had been reduced to povertj as a result of
the market s manipulation ,
"I shall make jou paj the price of my
ruin" wrote one man "And death ".ill
be that price "
' You will die bj an assassin's hand, '
said another writer In a bold hand
The frequent j and fierce language of th"
letters finallj ranged Keene s frlfiils to
tegaid the mattei with some alarm It is
understood that thej called the attention
of the police to the letters, but efforts to
locate the writers failed
There have been extra precaution; taken
at Mr Keenc'b private ofilec to prnvent
slrangeis gaining access to his room, and
only those who could propcrlj explain th
nature of their business have recentlj been
permitted to see him Detectives have also
been guarding his office
' Pcronallj Vi Keene did not fear
meet anj of his anonvmous .ritrs
is not a towaid vou can gamble,
onc of bio intim ite as-soclale-
When Mr Keen'- v.as seen todav he
laughed It off with the rcmaik
'Oh I don I think anjbodj u going to
harm mc Men often receive such letters
In Wall Strict Usuallj cranks are re
sponsible Oh no I don't need a pistol
I can take care of mvself Never tarrj
such a weapon '
A man close to Mr Keene said
'These letters bfgan to come t Jim'
after the news got out that he had hit
the market for $5 000 000 Or course he
didn t make anj su h um Everjone said
Keene led the movement and he abused the
slump We all know tnat the small in
vestoi was ternblv hit In the panf" I
know men who lost ?ra) 00') all thej had
"Then there was lh man who put up
his life's earnings of a few thousand !!
was wiped out Now such a man is verv
bitter He- curses Ins 'at.-' and blani"'
everjone In Wall Street Keene as the
mark Cor suth men Could used to get i
when he was alie How manv t'mes did
we Live his life threatened'
' I don t think anv one is going to put
djuamlte undei 'Jim' Keene If tny face
him, man to man I think he'd give them
a good fisht But vou must look out for
the cranks Russell age can tell you
something about them So tan other men
in Wall treet "
I lie IMiiel.
iiisk-ttiiinlri It mi Vlmle
. .. 'Iiiiii I.
V (
Stuart of the cuiver-ltj or t'enn-
sylvania formeilv a Voung Meu's Chiist-
ian A-soiiation runner, won the "v 51 C
cross eoiintrj ri'n this morrins in the
fa-t time of ti t3, C. J. Alorron vf Coi
nell fmlxlieil seond V Ford V M C.
A third. C W. Punper V. M. C. A.,
fourth and J Craham. Y M C. A., fifth.
Ford ran the best race of the field and
deserves- no little credit for the plucky
manner in which he covered the courap
after he had lost both shoes
lie vis about three milo-. from the fin
ish when ihe ace-dent occurred and refused t
to stop and readjust the footgear As
result hifa feet '.ere blue and swollen
he c.osscd the line and he .aa -parcel
able to stand. I nder the treatment of
Iloldcn. and Rtdont he
e ub- of his f-et. but
Messrs Johnson
soon recov ered the
thev aie sore and probablv will not b
good condition for several tlavs
Tne itait was not m-de unt'l some time
nftfr tun -tnnointed hour, the del3 hctu?
caused bv trc slownc-3 of the contesting
runners in repoiting to the judges At
the crack ot the barter's pistel the enlire
field of nine men darted aios the snow
from the Y. M C A. paiK, inrough the
White Lot to roiirfeiith Street a v ac os
the lone Hiidse into Virginia
lhe hclii act oss the river was covered
with su.w three inthes deep, and some dif-
ficultv vn- expenenceu in gcning over n .
in 'i'itl fr.rtv ni-.nutPH aftci the taui
the entire burr h was si-'ti to apprn'rt the
brid-tc fiom the other tide oi tac re
turn Thev kept togethei until tne. -'rm.lv
Fourteenth Street, and then the Ieados
commenced to rpurt The Ian man did
not finish r.nl'1 eleven minute3 cfter the
The lace was considered i great uc-e-s
bv the oflkerb of the course, and it
is, thoiis-ht that crr.fb-couutrj running will
become a. tcgul.ir thins with the Y M C.
A men fiom row on.
Uentlt ot nn Vtve-il iforrliniit.
CHICAGO. Ill , Jan 1 -Henry Foieman.
a v-p.ilthv reureJ merchant died jesterdaj
at his residence. HIIS Vcinon Avenue, of a
complication of diseases and old age. He
born in Germany, cigut-j -. j"
ind came to Chicago in 1S34. In lSOV
l.tr Imtf elnpo
he retired irom uubme-. . ' "r,,X
been conheited through his sons v.itli tbc
Foieman Shoe Companj, Mandel Brothers,
and the Foreman Brothers Banking Com
panj. ot it 'lliiup.
(1 rom the Pliiladcliilua Record )
"'( cood man," s-u.l tlic eh ncal lookiit- in
dividual, "I mist jr.i have tiktn tlic Mibjett of
3 our future vclf-irc into cru-ideration Do u
thinl. that vou arc entitled to pa-3 vitlun tlic
"loitncv1." icplicd Wear W ilker. iiroinillj.
"e ain't never done nutlun", lic vc Pitsty:
The Best Cough medicine.
"One bottle ot Chamberlain' -j Cough Rcra
edj cured me ot a chronic cough after all
other remediei had failed," -:ays C. H. Deno
of Colon. Mich. "I cannot speak too highly
ot It." If troubled wih a cold or la grippe
give this remedy n trial and jou arc cer
tain to be more than pleased with the re
sult. It is for sale by Henry Evans, whole
sale, and all druggists.
surance Company of the District of Co
lumbia, Washington, January 1, 1900. The
annual meeting of the MUTUAL FIRE IN
OP COLUMBIA will be held on the THIRD
INSTANT, at the office of the companj,
&02 Pennsylvania Avenue northwest, com-
monptner nt fl n'rnnZr n m Vtv iha !.r.,-toT
I of the company the election of seven man- '
agera to conduct the affairs of the company i
is required to be held at the above meet-
By tnc sixth article of the by-laws of the
company it 13 provided. "At the annual
meeting of the company, the Brat business '
in order shall be the appointment of a '
ing andDeiecuon ?J .UorfanS with aTo'f
incorporation, between the
o'clock a. m. and 6 p. m."
hours of 9 ,
Aiinunt nf premium note ?2,81.2flT (V
Amount of ta!i on hand 9, !."t 31
Sriiiritiet 2nll'JV
Real tstatP ST.nooOO
tine furniture ami Svtirf .. ' 'ft
Ltwi hi fire, aljiiUd and paid . 9 Iff 05 '
The annual statement will b ready for (
distribution at the elS f th company
about January 12. By ir et the board
of managers. L. PIBiW MOTELER. Sec
retary, jal-lat
SPECIAL NOTICE Nw Yer mist etce.
hollj. vreaths. etc. SOUTKKRN EVER
GREEN CO. Open MtWMtay. ta and 1-a.
Ave. It
i of the Capital Traction Company for
the election of directors a 111 be held at)
the oillcc of the companj. Union Passenger
Station, on WEDNESDAY, TH'S 10TH OF,
The polls will be opened at 10 SO a m.
and closed at 1 p m. G. T. DUN'LOP.
I President. '
j C M KOONE3, Secretary. j
de25toa!0-exSu I
of Columbia, 021 F Street northwest, will
hold Its annual meeting at the office of
the company TUESDAY. JANUARY 2,
, 1900, from 9 a m to G p m , for the elec-
tion of seven tmtees for the ens'iing vear
and to transact othnr business All policy-
, holders are requested to be present and
i vote No vroxy vote allowed,
i Statement December 2J. 1890
Number of policies in force 1M
Insurance in force Jiss.l
Premium notes in force (capital).. 5J 211
j Cash in treasury $1,920 71
' Securities -100 00
51 125 71
(No debts ) Du to policyhol lers JI M0 71
R. J. BLALL, Secretary
SPECIAL NOTICE A meeting of ths
stockholders of The NahuDal Metropoli
tan Tiro Issuracco Companj of tho Dlstrlc:
cf Columbia will le held DECEMBER 25.
1S9D. for the election of directors Polli
open at 12 m and cIohc at 1 o'clock p m.
SAM CROSS. Secretary no22-tf
;. i
' ..
X '
V i
Full Dress Suits
For Hire.
Ii amis ' '
ut 1. to ii
full D i-S -n 1
a lisp- fev Ail-
nr -ittmliOfi to oi.r
Oftfli VrnJin until 1-
t The Standard Tailors,
? Cor. IHh and F Sis. ?!
911 G St. IV. W.
rjv-t itiL -nt!ff .!prthi
I'nirar. r i:IMH nwlno.! I N'.l l-ll fe
al aid p cH'i-t. or Iwekw ird pupiU Pr.rjs
M) e!at-
il '
ll 1-
Hls KVLCIi s Utistnes Collec ami C.vil Serrf
lnt:t'i! 1K7 15ll t. n . fiouE(k pre
pared, iwn srtice. cnj f Tjniination-c ihi-lao
.Jtii!ji-s -m-U nml Kimlinil MaUe nu
Kveliaiice of 'eat'".
Ac cord" s to an arrangement made sev
eral iluvi ago btcM Judges fcott jnd
! Kitubull cf the Police Court, thej ex-
cha'ised Seais today Jude Scctt. there- J
for- presided over the District branch et
the court ami duipowl cf a number of t
i vnsrants and di onlersy persons, vrnur
1 , - V L.t! .l.mAn-Oil It i(liiA tfi EAVttl it
uase ivia.nuu u,u . - .- ....-.,
persons - "' i .,. -
i "ou oSenre- cf a more -.erknife nature ep-
I stair Both courts adjourned hefo e II
Uailift Cole followed Judge Kimball up
st?ir3. and with this exception the per-
nncl of the court officials remains tne
same. AVhca the prisoners, who hatl re-
ceived jail ard workhouse sentences. hld
out of the building, to be taken to thftr
respective destinations ths rcorniag. they
were confronted bv a queer-IooLing ve
hicle instead of the businesslike looking
prison van The vehiele m Question was a
rauJtlv iwtnted bi.s v.ith the came Di-
j Mg0 conpi uousl
, - . . ., 1-. -.1 .lnn .-
(Iiainueu iiw;(, iu
Th,. ennt, ivance is "aid to ha.e
a career of. fvithfulnesa tcnty-tlvc vears
ago in transporting p.cnicker" to the wco a
and held-- surrounding the citj Sicce then
It has been doing duty in various c pi i
t.p nn tho District "farm." The prisoners
fTtjed it suspiciously this morning, but were
"moved on," ana auer Le-iun -"'-"' .1
usual look ot resignation, came ".-T
nrcs Tl'e regular 'bus i- recolvin,, a
ne" coal of pot. but will oe on diuj to
morrow, as usual. j
rcHedie arc fast Sivitiu wiv
JST octtan and mM rffrto -I ( artery
7.Ls of I arier n
thtni. tlie dl
I ittl. 1 ner rni- " yu ""
eertainlj pletiav J
onn-4i.r T' n to AUself.-F. . Rot
tor... drut. t-ooWtre. 2., ?:
: . prr-.n ffi-n tii mtself.
I trieel everythiw:
winch proinvd mc a cure. In almot all inotwfc,
I had to proclaim them no cood al all. I i"o m
luerd lt l-i "r Si'- Catirrhil Powder. I
-ot relief irtantl- after I.rU appnon
tc il inc and I am tree Irom all the effect ot it
Z 15 by 1 " S. W illianw. Ninth and V Streets; A
i"omL. i. Williams, lhird and Pearbjlvama We
-nt relief lrtantU atter lir appi.eaiion. is
cured mo and I am free Irom all the effect , ot U
HE ( III!D-On Sundar, DecemlKr 31. 14W
C t"i l m , I'r.lrlt nil i Jr, en m. w u.'-r. , -j-oi
the htc khabeth Ue CImrd, in the cisbt.eth v
;tHinrral from hi Ht remd-nce, 017 K Street . J
, n. .e, .- l,nufn llklfl "? n rlotk .
w do-er
-,.ii.rr. Tucson r. Janwar. 2. Vm. a 2 o clets
ii in Friccd and relatives invited to sttriHl.
1 " lt,en
WII 1 1 AI; On Sunclsit, December "1, ls90. -it
Iim late rrMdcnee. IT:". Mi-sclm-ctti5 Avenue.
don. Conn . in the seventieth jear of Iiii i:e.
Funeral fcrvicrs from St- Jelin's. Churcii.
Wrdncdav. 1-inuarj ".. at 10 a. i. I "fn.'1
rclatues invited to attend. JJi--
CO-On ?arurdar. eccmler W lf9. it . 35
. iiinnix a. COX. widow of James I.
Cox. jr.. a,cd fortj seyen jcaw.
huneral scrvicw at Clapcl. Oak lb
on MoiJaj, January 1, 1000. at 3 p.
Hill Cemetery,
Harrison Dingman. A. C. Jeniint
Aiianiic Building, 330 F St.
Tractienal lot. Qufele service Si-all margins.
( 9rrrr.ndnts- Ware & Leland. Chicago.
Purrell. Hagaman & Co . New Yort. 'Phone 1770
We Esccuta all orders immediately.
No Interest.
Fastest Wire in the City.
Guarantee Trustand Deposit Co.,
dell tf 1JK F. 'Phore 1S13.
A. J. Swan & Co.,
S. 1 Cur 7th M and Pa. Are W (Upstairs ,
lajt Wire QuoUtiOM. Quick Semi"
No Inure-t Kraetiul Lets.
d3: 1t 5-malI Jk, s-n-
Bankers and Broksw,
1 335 F St.
Jlabri 2ew York Stock xcuia-i.
Ccrrespocdmlj of Mclntyre i. WirdeLL
1j?2 tf
(tpstairs.) 'fhono 1525
Iiew lor. Cuncapccdents, Purnell. Hjamta
Co , s Munn Sons Co.
CWraso Corrtspondnts. Ware i Leland.
I 'actional lots of Mocks, Grain, and Cottoa
carried on snail margin Interest ailoved on de
pciiis. Ail current cosup on financial affjin on
ale jioO-tf
Stock Brokers. Gt3 15th St.
iNcvv York office 44-16 Broadway.
Are liare ofUrts In alt principal Eaa'ern citi
I Direct e sneetion with all exchanges by ptiv e
I wrus Contir.joi quotations.
Mercant is Asencies, iBd
Lca rjr Enkicc Co , At) nt.v.
Lappin & Davis,
529 Ssveith St N.W., 5. E. Cor. F,
Telephone 1TCI.
ne lure every Lout; for t le quick exe-jt23
of oft!e"s in sifacks and grain. Sua!! awl Mrs
lot rccttve eual attention. nslt tf.cm
E. E. Simpson I Co.,
Uoaim Id anil 17, V; aaliloztoa Lona
and Trust Ilclldlos.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Cotton
CorrepondentJ the StccV, Craln. and FroTiilj
Companr, ex York.
Direct prirata wtres Qu'ck senrlte. rraettcail
lots. No interest. 'Phone 62ft. oc4 tf em
4 and 5 Per Cent.
Promptly Loaned on Peat Eotate In District ot
1003 F Street.
B. H1BBS &
ITexbe-j Nev Yor'w Stock ExekiBS.
1419 F Street.
Corresrcidf-vts of
Ke- Vorlc.
floney to Loan
At 4 and 5 per cent
n tf 7l ltth ST V W
Capital, $500,000.
Letters of Credit
S2.50 -f-c- than. C3i: S2-50
per a day. Per
, w ASgfs Dep3Siv. B3t Year.
T ear. J
i nasmngion ai3 uepusn uu.,
916-918 Pa. Ave.
Open to 30 p tc and Saturdays to 5 p. a.
, m
' '111 rn l"it7 "
1DL let ca bavc yjur nex"
paclue l Imurtrj. tlwt we
inav ynetlcaHV Uhatrate "r
erHH wort; rtfrr. Mof
W), aBrf taiMrwwfce- hn r
m our torte Ow hli arc
expert", and rxtrem ear i
pnen to everj pieie ertis
gd to
Come- Sutth and C ' NW.
221 D St. 5. XV.
Tclciiluitic isn
Jtilk and cream from choice Jersey and Cuerue
herds. Coffee cream nnd etra keavy crem l-r
i i .i.-.,i .Miticiirn vwn iirkrn a j
, t-gistercd bcrd.
;, , , ,, 0l Can furnWi millc Irra
May 1900 ?
Be a Happy and J
Prosperous Year for Yon.
at 1 !
1 1
901-903 Seventh Street,
Corner of i (Eye) St.
Duffy's Pure
Matt Whiskey

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