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Subscription ltutck.
By Mjui One Year-
Morning, Evening, and Sunday tG 00
Moralnjj and Minda 4 OO
Ev eulng and Sun Jay 4.00
i-unda omy . 1.00
MoTnL m Cauriliu
Morning, Ev onlug, and imndav Fifty cent
Morning an J Jsuudtiy T'hirtj five contb
K ening and Sundaj 'J hirtj live cents
Tei Tvnniz kd'torlal Booms JC
MjubIrs 1 UUSllltWS Otlico . 140
uiibi,hs envu,atioii Department 2C
The circulation of The Tiires for the week
ended December 80 li, was as felto
J-undav, Dccemlicr 24 . 20742
Mondjn, December !!6 S!s 036
'luesikn, leceiiiber 2o ..... 42,151
ednccdav , December 27............ 42.04
Tbiirsdav. December SS 41.1)71
J rMav. December 98 41.UB3
htiil. Deccmbei 90 tl,J2S
Total 2C0014
Datlv average Stindav. 30 T42, excepted) 41,375
The Advertisers Guarantee Company, of Chi
ro hereby certifies that it has, b its expert
xar-.iners proven and attested the circulation of
lilt TlMI-i.. of Washington D C The daily
averape PAID circulation for the month of Nov era
ber. 1S99 was 48 0fi8 conies
Tills is guirantccd to the advertisers of the
eountrv hy a lnmo of $59 009 in the Fidelitr and
Deposit Cempanv of Marylatd deposited with the
Northwestern National llnnk of Chicneo
B J It VlAbON I'rcdrat
iislilimtoii's lliipio New 'i our.
It is to be observed with cheeiful satis
faction that as far as the cit of Washiug
ton Is concerned the la&t jeai of the etn
irv has made Us bow to us vuth suunv
wmJos and all the blight, crisp heartiness
of ideal winter Seldom has it liappeneJ
hat the first da of the year has dawned
so royallj and comfortablj seasonable
New lear Dav in America is a
pleasant aad ennobling institution espe
cial! If people will live up to its old spirit
of good-feitownbip and neighborl kmd
Jiesg Ih tbe dajs of our fathers and
grandfathers it was the one dav in the
rear upon which people who had been es
tranged, conld meet each other and wake
Mjt without embarrassment or loss of dig
Jtitj. It was, and ought to be alwajs a
day cf cbaritv and forgiveness, and, where
such a Hubs ma be necesar a daj of
iwfl ,Cnin awi.., - - ,.i
OtKicy. the Teas of RoeolutKws i as-
sigtiei to the second of JattHfii. It should
lie tie first da of the vear ab it alwnvs
&a6 been sice Pope Jon Of course,
whore the ceremottv is overlooked b mis
take the next iy wHl do on the broad
principle that it i" never too late.to mead
Wblle the New Year Da is a festival of
TmW. mitiieu and jotlit ever where
through XMe land it is imtticularl a
aw" letter occasion m ike National Capital,
wfoat nil goad citieetts and trregers flock
Is the White lipase year b jeai to offer
the PresWem of the ImiW Stale and !
(bis mlfe the eomaHts of the .enson I
ud earnest wishes for theft health aim
Sttosrertly In4ee t New Year fnnc .'Wo8 ,nuul wmi" "al B" " "J " ' b a great majoritv of thc American peo
itati 4 be snid to be the chief one of all 3ecte1 aud so Pwcrf"x tcd the ap- , R M vlnllni,tratIoil a
-.it ta modest remWcaH conrt Toda ii proH5 ardor f m "enlors an il , unnco to reward Otis, who is senior brig
KlMiHf be a meemWe one for the Pre- ! liepreentat,ve. and the monopolistic and m tQ thp ,n.
dent in mnmliie the greetiBga of his i,JThjstlc aoeiateson the outside But, thu ruahUainul Mm
Urtonis and the rerenet.l,v ef staler i cl,-,!ath-th" have 1 now n better than e, G(nernor.(;enora, of thc Phllippies to
jtttt net mU van accept their congmt- n" ,n Amencan for tnnt innUr , ' tuo eontinuil disgust of the American
-utatHms en the fact thnt Vmerica is at lkt,r sratpd brothers arras r' ,,., an ubhc nut it must be .d for
Slieace with ail mankind, and on terras of
e-rJli wu -lth everj other land hut
tiwiL, wttkin t years, our conntrv has
Iwon nWc t break out from its old chrysa
lis 'of iworJncial ere;4tou and assume
Its rier jace as a gieat imperial world
IMwer, nnd to be every heie lecotrmeed
5 Mich witheit even straining its a mica -aiie
refettens nith anv ctviliaed jwwer
The 5 ear 1800 -will give the President and
his advfeers. and the Congress a golden
fijttjMHftMnt t iinee onr nationl afiaire
$u order for the undertaking of the new and
grave duties and responeibtiities of the
Twentieth Centur Altogether, the happv
ht 16 ptegnant of promise for American
leace. iwegrefcs. and prospentj And so
we nre well justified m predicting as well
s wMbtng for Presttknt and Mrs McKin
33, and for ail other Americans and
lTs1ers of America. Happ.v New "iear!
Sir. tliiKre'H I'meccdliiKs.
The contention or Secretary Gage's
Xr3end6 that whatever he has done in the
eeure of bis relatione with the Na
tional City Banlc of New York lias
leet with the advice and consent of Mr
SleKlnley and the Cabinet ma be enurelj
correct. If so. then resnonsibilil for
transactions of a character open to ques
tion does not rest entircl upon the
Shoulders of one man, but is to be divided
among several individuals of exalted of
ficial position
Mr Gage has announced his willingness
to be investigated b Congress and thc
latter should not vvate an tunc in offer
ing him an onportunit to explain his
conduct. We Lave no disposition to pre
jndge him oi any of his coparceners in the
deal, if there has been a deal and if there
aie coparceners We must say. however,
that the ugliness of the charges made m
nome quarters, unless thc same be conclu
rfTOl and quick! v disproved, will proba
blv constitute a serious menace to the
pence of mind of thc Administration. It
is true that what is alleged as having been
done b one of the great executive I'cpart
monts, in xiolent if not corrupt contraven
tion of law. is no worse than other ac
tions previous! committed b sister de
portments The countrv has grown used
t the "ubveraion or both Constitution rnd
Invv. tbiough the practices of the part in
power during thc pRst three jears, and it
vrould be difficult, therefore, for an thing
to happen in the nature of a public sur
prise. That pute and patriotic statesman,
John J Instills, writing of Republican part
mothods and achievements, savs that "if
the Constitution stands acro thc path
wh so much the 'worse for the
Constitution "
Bat aomebod -Rill have to account to the
American people for thc astonishing trans
action connected with the sale of the old
New York custom Ihhjsc to the National
City Bswk As statements in the inetropoll
tan press load On Jul 2. 1S8B, thc Gov
ernment sold the propert in question for
three million, two hundred and sixt-five
thousand dollars. Thc picsident of tbe
lNWk handed Secrotao Gage a certified
dbeck fr thc amount, less forty thou
tm&i anttars. kept back for a pur
peie. Thc check was immediate! re
turmii. No nionc actual passed No
jasney rsnuitiDg from thc sale was turned
Into ehe Treasury in accordance with the
tew. The National City Bnuk, It is said,
Lejrt the purchase price in Its vaults and
Juifc and the free U6C of it ever since. It is
i!agctf that the National Cit Banlc, not
withstanding all this, has been charging
and coliectiug from thc Government rent
for thc building at the rate of four per cent.
or about one hundred and thirty thousand I
dollars per annum Tinallj it is said that
thedumni pamcnt was made incomplete
in order that the propel tj for which the
Government regularlj pajs rent tould ba
carried on Itb propertj list and the Na
tional Cit Bank therebj saved from pa
ing lax.es to the cit of New York
Rather a serious state of aftairs, we
should saj ! It is to be remarked that it is
one which is calling down denunciations
even from Republican organs not usuall
squeamish about the Iegalitj or honest of
things done b or in the inteiest of the Ad
ministration and its financial associates
Ever leading journal in Chicago, with one
exception, joins in the note of general in
dignation, and. in short. iiA impression has
I been cretted which neither Mr Hanna nor
Mr McKinle wi'l ventuie to ignore Con
gross ctrtamlj will have to take some no
tice of the matter or mcmbeis will be
afraid to face their crntitutnts net sum
mer. It is a bad bu met. and foi the rep
utation of the counti we are sincerely
sorry that an thing of the 1 ind hat hap
pened, or coald happen
Our I"IIiiiiii Vear 1 car Ji eftiiiKT.
The tomp'imeuts of the season are due
to Messrs Most, Hoir, Pulitzer, Scliuiz,
ason and Atkinson, on the occasion of
the latest evidence that their Tapal as
sociates are still able to strike a blow
or. at least, attempt one in the holv
cause of libert mi ted with trust sugir.
If the noble effort to dnamite the foreign
consuls in Manila, while the were paving
honor to the dead General Lnw ton's mem
or. by folloving his bod to the funeral . ,s,a,lds and Pt tbem in our stoi Kin?
ship, signall failed, we must acknowledge Obvlouslv it is late in the season for such
that it was not for the want of appropriate i actin R"t even if wo have to pa, we
spirit or preparation No member of the ! "Kllt take ovei St Thomas, and particu
domestic Filipino Junta, not even Herr IarI Santa Cni7, if onl to heat the howl
Mot himself, could have planned a revo- ( of "orror that would go up from the New
lutionar eelebntion with a liner legard J HfRlaud rum districts
for the unities, or with more conscientious
attention to details
Beirg, for our own part, largel imbued
with peaceful, not to sa Quikcr princi- i
pies, we are glad that the provost nar-
shal discovered and ditcouragcd the p'an,
and that the general massacre intended b
our adored lagal Washiugtons, Laf.nettts
and lancolns did not occur according t
progiamme However, as we know from
the evidence gathered, and the large qiiau
titv of explosives found on the premiaes
which were to be the fortalices of the de
stroers, the full evtent of the enterprise,
the episode is capable of furnishing us v Uh
adequate food for thought upon the kind
and degree of devotion and liolv patriot-
ism necessar.v to euc tnc aumirauoi ami
slPa of our nativc PbilanthropibU.
vhen a great and highu virtuoas
and intelligent tribe of Mala ut
throats appeals to them to remember how
eactl similar were cm own aspirations.
motions and conduct, when we too made
our batt,c for hbertJ d5'lUli'i thc lranmcal
and invading Cherokee Nation, aud bled
for freedom Under the sainted Sha. s, m
the whisk v rcb'dlion of that grand hbeia
tor. against an internal and infe.nal reve
nue law wore than thc stamp act. and
approximating the anti-trut law in dcapot-
ic 0PP"wJu
H,tuert0 have been at a loss to un-
UEraw,,u lu- i"'n' -
were capable rf and we can understand
now xhv thev have treated the alleged
Mtppression of the insurrection v itb con
tempt and have continua'lv warned us
that the end vns not vet Just as the at
tempted masacie m Manila, nearl a ear
ago was awaited in anxious suspense b
.!. I.-.l ..II.
siiniuthiri m the United States Its
failure will enst a gloom over not more
than a dozen households whose heads
ought to view with nlirm the propK:t of
an increased importation of Manila hemp
suspense UcRnriliii.; Soutli Vfrien.
Prom the tone of our de-patchca from
South Afncn todav it is plain that thc
New "iear strikes England with an thing
but a mcrr greeting On the sui face the
situation is what it was described in our
morning edition, but theie is a gloom im- '
prcssion in London that the War Office is
keep.ng back bad news from two if not
fiom three points The fear is acute that
the Boer report of the latest sortie from
Mafeking only tells partiall the stoi of
a ad slaughter of gallant oficcrs an" men.
and the idea that Lord Edward Cecil. Lord
Salisbim's son, and Loid Charles Cavcn-dish-Bentmck,
aie among the slain, grows
jipacc. There is apprehension, alo that
the account of Montmorcnc's rcconnois
sancc beond Dordrecht ma not disclose
the -whole truth of the aftair
As to Lad smith, it appears evident that
thc conuitiou of thc garnsoa is growing
hourl more despeiate. notwithstanding
reports to the conrrar. The-oasuaPy lists
heliographed out b Sir George White iu-d-cate
onl too certainl that the Boer fire
is steadil growing m destructiveuess By
wa of Pretoria a statement comes that
the British arc blowing up their heavy
guns preparatory to a final soitic en masse,
but this storj is not acceptable at present,
although it might possibly be true. All
authorities agree that Sir Redvers Duller
is preparing for a movement and that it is
likcl to occur before the end of thc week
We are bound to notice, on thc authont
of the despatches, that his preliminary
reconnoitring has been so far done in a
blundering and lneftective manner, and
this does not tend to encourage hopes for
his success in an cftort which will require
skill, thorough organi7ation, and the most
intelligent co-operation between all com
manders and units, quite as much 33 the
possession of men and guns Moreover thc
Tugela River is in bcav flood and that
ma delay the advance, which dail is com
ing to be regarded as a forlorn hope foi the
succor of Lad smith
One War Settled, Yiivvii.
We arc now at thc beginning of the last
ear ot tbe Nineteenth Centur, and the
hosts of sm, Satan, and false chronology,
who declared that toda we would be defi
nite! in the swim of the Twentieth Cen
tur. are scattered, routed and gone.
Thc Roman Church, which has been in
existenco long enough to know, and has
settled the same question every hundred
vears since the jear A. D. COO, if not for
ages before, has decided that thc next cen
tury will begin immedialel after midnight
of December 21, of this present jear of
grace and Presidential struggle Camille
Flamminon, astronomer and litterateur, is
still lit ing in thc Nineteenth So are we;
but we do not lay too much stress upon
the point because, as Prof. Moore, of
this city, just! holds, thc eclipse
cf the moon, which occurred on thc night
the people in tins counir wno i. m uwuiu- Qt)b ag a mnjor Knera, Wlll probabjv ead
uted means and material to promote its tQ a d,SCUBSIon of tblllgt huhcrto kept un
success. so it is not to be doubted that the , der thp rogp w1ulU maJ ,J0 as mtereatlng
plot against the foreign consuls has beea j tQ Ue AdministI.atloI1 as thc sureu w,n
an thing but a secret to man Filipino bc tQ tuc pubC
Herod died, is conclusive evidence that,
when one comes down to dead cold fact,
this is the first month of 1896, which goes
I to show that President McKinley was a
premature birth b3 three jears
But then there is no reason "why affec
tion or chronology should weep over a lit
tle thing like that. Whether the present
j ear ought proper to be labeled 1000, or
J is, matters not There arc people here
and in othnr countries who have rot be-
gun to think of touching the threshold of
the Nineteenth Centur yet Senator Hoir,
for example, is still in the Colonial period
of the Seventeenth, and hardl up to the
light or his times at that His friend
Aguinaldo fusts in the Paleolithic age,
whatever its date v, as perhaps about
22S.0C0 B C And then theie is his other
friend Oom Paul, who s'vears that the
earth is flat and that negroes are without
souls We should put him down as of
about A I l-92, if not of an earlier vint
age The matter of the cession or Denmark's
West Indian possessions to the United
Stalts is again brought to public attention,
through a despatch from Copenhagen,
which alleges that a Danisn representative
is on Ins wa here to assist the movement.
Tor reasons, this pirticulir stor reedj a
grain of salt on its tail It is' stated that
the emissar's ninie is Christmas, which
is probabl a cable sender's substitution for
Santa Claus Our friend the King would
In nil send tint character over here, un
less he meant to make us a present of thei
Agnin we are compelled to come around
to the conclusion that the Boers do not
know their business For several das
the have been firing shells Ioide 1 with
j '),um ""'I'lmg into Lid smith and with
compirativel little eftcct This shows that
Kru,-.!1! s ordnance officers are as bad as
those of thc British intelligence bureau
s the are "supposed to know all about
the latest explosives the have been crimi
n ill negligent In not seeming some of the
led canisters, loaded with Algente in pulu
form, suth as blew up while the lger Re
lief Commission was m session About
three shells of this destiuctlve would com
pel White s surrender We judge so be
cause the principal mortality in the Span,
ish war was caused b the same explosive
England has not hesitated to seize a Ger
man st.amship loaded with ofheers and
men for the Boer Armv Now v.e shall
have another chance to seo bow far the re
port'' of an Anglo-German understanding
have been correct As a matter of fact it
is rather improbable that the Kiiser wojld
be greatl pleased to have his soldiers a
tlve m pulling the Russo-Prench thestnuU
out of the fire, to his and his all h detn
ment in South Afiica.
The approaching retiiemeht of Maj (Jen
, lkoj to foowcd ,n
an incl,iCnt which will be greatlv deplored
Otis that, while ho has been a failure in
all other respects he has properl carried
out thc programme prepared for him in
Washington on the occasion of a conference
at the White House, to which man more
or less co.eit allusions have been untie
in various nev.spapers The nomiti ition of
Now that the District Health Department
bao succeeded in saing the Capital from
an epidemic of lidrophobia b compelling
the thousands of Intelligent dogs of the city
to weii muz7les in midwintei it might
profitabl turn its attention in the matte
of anitai milk tickets v hich was sug-
gested omc time ngo It is siid and ap
pareutl not without good reason, that thc
pasteboard milk ticket, passed from house-
hold to household, gathenng grease and
irt, if not the gei.ns of disease, has all
thc qualities necessar to mike of it a
prune breedei of contagion These tickets,
too in man instances are red and green
and the coloring matter used in thus or
namenting them is verv Itkelv to be of a
more or less poisonous character Thought
less, domestics put them in the bottles and
other receptacles used for the milk, and
oftentimes the freeze to thc bottom of
these lihes. which frequent! contain mots
lure thus leaving the coloring matter on
the bottom Perhaps this poisonous color
ing mattci is removed before thc lacteal
fluid is poured into the bottle or pail, per
haps it is not. U an rate, it is certain
that some method caii be devised to pre
vent thc distribution of coiled and colored
tickets, thus removing a pregnant somce
of danger. It is a glaring inconsistency to
allow thc unsanitar milk ticket to exist
when such rigid precautious are taken m
other directions
Two Kinds of Antci icon licnt.
(1- rein McC lure's Magazine )
Tlio wheat grown in tlic t nitetl tatrs is of
tuo general kind? One is tlio old fashioned
plump kernel winter wheat, grown through nil th"
Ctntral jnd Jsoutlicrn State-.; and thc other i
the hard spring w heat the '"scotch life" and the
"lllue Stem" of Jliiineota and the two Dakotaa
for nrim purpo-seR the bet wheat jcrouu in the
world and the kind that has mule thc fime of
Minneapolis Hour Tor the season of ISirj, the pro
duet of the hard, or 'pnn,;, wheal sections of the
cotmtr will amount to upward of 210 000 000
bushel' about two fifths of thc entire production
of the Inited States
A 11011111110111 for llets lions.
(I rom the Annv and Xav Journal )
The American Flag House and Bcfsv lto?s
Memorial Association has in twelve months, bv
thc alc of Ill-cent certificates of membership,
ruscd n.SSO toward the fund for the purchase
ard preservation of the birthplace of Old Glor
and the erection of a suitable national memorial
in horor of Hets Ho?e I pon the roll of honor
thc nainc-i of 500,000 people have been rccoidcd as
member of this association Twent five thou
sand dollars is the total uni required Hie as
soeiation has secured the legal right to erect a
suitable monument over the grave of Hets ltoss
in Mount Motiah Cemcter, Philadelphia, from
her descendants, who bold the deed to thc famih
Cliinn'ft Iion Ilridpre.
(Trom the Newcastle rng Chronicle )
The longest bridge in the itorld is, it i re
corded, the lion llndge, near Sangang, in Cluni
It extends fnc and one quarter miles over an area
of the "Vellow Va, and is si pportcd bj 00 huge
stone arches The roadwav is seventv "feet above
the vvatir, and is enclosed in an uoinetwork A
mai'ilc lion, twentv one feet long, rcs's on the
crown of each pillar Thc budge was built at
the command of the Emperor Keing Lonij.
England's Knorinotts Debt.
(Fiom the St Louis Globe Democrat )
! ngland's rational debt will probabl be in.
creasod iflOO.000,000 hj thc war with the Uocrs
Thc debt at present is nearh $3,000 000,000 In
the car lic it was ft 500 000 000 Since 1883 the
reduction I a brcn ?040 000,000. It the IlritiMi
v in, the gold mines will furnish an lndeninit.
politicAiDnotesand gossip.
Iii lv-iitii-l0.-ny tlle return (0 Wash
ington of several Democrats leaders who
were supposod. to bo spending their holida.
in their respective States it develops that
there has been a big influx of prominent
party exponents to Kentuck during the
pist week The purpose, of course, was
to straighten out the threatening entan
glement caused by what has suc
cinctly becomo, known as Goobelism Two
House Democrats were met at the RIggs
Hotel last night b a Timers representative
nn Mmir nrrivni from Tf,.nt .1, i. . vniihor
lives in the State, each stated fr.'u.ul that
. .,, , ,, ., ,,
he had gone to the Blue Gram Common-
well th at the request or Chairman Jones
and other membeis ol the Democratic Na-
tional Committee, and both asked tint no
mention be made ot their visit to Ken
tuck. Why the made the unusual re
quest was made plain bv their revelations
as to the delicate political situation in
Kentuck. The went there in the inter
est ot peace, which the interpreted be
loru they left Washington to mean the
seating of Goebel They loft thc btae
thorough! convinced that peace in th
part on an terms ot compromise be
tween warrlug factions is out of thc ques
tion. Neither side, they say, will leld a
tithe of Its contention The split is re
garded as permanent It will result in
giving the electoral vote of Kentucky to
thc Republicans next cai. More than
that, it will send two delegations to the
next Democratic National Convention,
neither one of which can be depended upon
to vote for Br an unless the Nebraskan's
friends openl take sides in the contest,
and win the fight before the credentials
committee. The nnti-Goebcl people hive
been entirely alienated from Br an by his
supposed connection with the National
Committee's efforts to scat Goebel. and
the Goebelites it is said, are infuriated
at the Nebraskan because he has ignored
their appeal to visit Frankfort this week
and use his influence on the legislature
for Goebel So Colonel Brnn is thus plac
ed between two fires which other leaders
of thc part ver frank! declare they
want to avoid Hence the secrec of the
Representatives mentioned
I lie Murot Kinciite. ccordillg to H
II Childers assistant corporation coun
sel of New York, who is at Chamberliu's,
the Ma7et Committee has been pncticall
disbtnded b order of Senator Piatt
"Poor Ma7et. ' said Mr Childers this
abusing him for having Parted the inves-
ligation The committee will, of course.
ering operation The investigation was
made a roaring farce b Mazet and his col
leagues, and instead of weakening Tam
mnn it hns strengthened our oiginuation
It Las also done the paiU much good in
thc up-State counties and I feel absolutely
(ertain that New York b big electoral vote
will be Democratic next November
s to Gene nil x Iiei-Ier. The report
that General heeler has asked to be given
a new command in thc Philippines has
again started talk or declaring bis wnt in
the House vacant at an early da so his
successor ma be elected I is claimed that
General Yv heeler has bee imntrd with ex
treme lenienc bv the Hr dm because of
the persistent assertkNM f his defenders
that he inteuded noon Im resign from the
arm before presenting himself at the bar
of tbe House to bt sworn In But iiow
that it seems probable he wishes to remain
indcfinitel on the firing line In the Phil
ippines earl action against turn in the
House seems likely It Is said that imme
diatelv after Congress reassembles Repre
sentative Ballcv of Texas will raise the
ques on about General heeler s seat ana
th it is t-oou as thc necessarv formalities
can be complied with the Mabunians
seat will be declared vacant
'l he itwliertH rinlit The announce
ment fiom his home in Indiana that Rep
lesentative Mier. a Democratic member
of the special committee m charg" of the
Roberts investigation intends to vote in
favor of the Mormon being sworn in has
caused surprise in Washington It is gen
erallv interpreted is signifing that Mr
Miers' constituents have given him to un
derstand that the disapprove on constitu
tional grounds the action of the House in
ignoring the Utah member s credentials
Mr Miers does not indicite in his an
nounccment how he intends final! to vote
on the question of Roberts retaining his
seat should tne House conclude to first
swear him in and then expel him Friends
of the lndianan howevit. i that he
will vote for final expulsion if the oppor
tunit is afforded for this exercise ff the
House s constitutional privilege Sttil taa
fact that Mr Miers is quoted as saving
that he docs not beliee Roberts is cuiltv
af polvgamy is regarded as evidence that
the Indiana member is strongl inclined
toward the Ltah man on the generil mer
its of the cose It is stated th it the v hole
subject will bc careful! consideied b the
Democratic caucus which Representative
It ben of Kenti.ckv is tring to have held
at an earK date
Ciosieiinr losing (round. Repre
sentative Grosveror of Ohio will not be a
delegate from the State-at-large to the
forthcoming Republican National Conven
tion This statement v as made last night
bv a personal friend of the Ohio Congress
man to a Times reporter Neither will
Vr Grosveror make the race for district
delegate In the language of Mr Grosve
nor s friends, thc Representative from the
Athens district will have his hands full
fighting for a renomiration to Congress
next summer. If Representative Dick
would step aside there would bc no ques
tion about Giosvenors election as delegate
to thc Natioral Convention from thc State
at large, but this Dick will not do. and
hence Air. Grosvenor must remain at home
The four delegates from thc State at large
will be Toraker, Hanna, Nash, and Dick
For the past two Congresses Grosvenor
has had quite a fight to secure his renomt
natlon, and this time the prospects for his
renomination are darker than ever. His
count organization is in the hands of his
enemies, and the word has gone forth that
a younger man must reoresent the district
in the Tift -seventh Congress The
Uhens district is composed largely of
miners, and the head of the miners' organ
ization, is said to be ambitious to come
to Congress It is this state of affairs that
has caused Grosvenor to so soon look after
his fences and refrain from making the
fight for cither delegate-at-large or dis
trict delegate to thc Republican National
The l,atest bnaUe Morj .
(From the Mempli Scimitar )
One dav la-t week Mr Hern and Mt-is Caldwell,
of fcioux Citv, bu niece, were strolling alonj: the
river bottom cast of the hius through a beautiful
naturil grove, when all at once the dt-cov
cred b the warning whirr of hundreds of
boinv tails tint the were m thc imcLt of a
con-jrcj of rattlesnakes that seemed to b in
s-s'-ion as a committee of the whole for executive
bu-ine--,s Mr Brr happened to have a spjdi
in bis band, and with it laid about him vi
oroulv right and left Mi Caldwell agisted
with a club When the battle was over thev
counted 250 dad rattlesnakes and ha', as main
blue racer V. great man of the stuke had
as high as eJrvrn rattles Ihcv v-cre an cvtraor
dinzrih vicious lot, and m-tcad of attempting to
escape came avage!v at the intruders and fought
doggedh until thc I -fc oae was exterminated
The rattles, which will fill an ordnurv cig"r
box, thev cut off -nd pn?e very highh as me
meutos of an cvcetdinglv perilous portion
Uuerj ?
(From the Duluth Herald )
h should a ship subsidy bill be paed when
every" shipbuilding ard in the cotintr, on bctli
the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts, is ovi
whelmed with commissions for new vessels? The
men who arc having these vessels built are not
expecting subsidies.
morning, 'is now catching it hot and heav nnl his assistants the commissioner in ' 'faI v dl ,nt?ul1n;JErf J!!'
fiom all sides Piatt and the State or- turn pledging to make no effort to secure l?$
Ionization have gone back on him. and all , a rehearing of the case before the S'upreme interta,ning the B,I6t8 wUh their wswal
of the small frv Republican leaders are 1 0llrt .(,.. ,n anr.v, ami i h morri-
mike ome kird of report to the legisla- "' - "' "e y uic autiuor m speeih The Senator rose and in hia qairt
lure at Albin but the Piatt machine v ill administering Insurance affairs, the same V3J salu . (;entleinen, I am net a speech
see to it that the repoit is smothered Gov i Rs " ( ommissioner Bryant under the mnJer f have nat been act Hstomed to H
ernor Roosevelt will assist in the enioth- "eai-r ,nw vf" Rrnt will turn his mu wnen i wa, a voung man I awd to
Vcliriisl.ini to Hi- (he Ciit-ht of .
ii. r. lifinioiii.
NEW YORK. Jan 1 Olivet H. P Bel
mont is arranging for a dinner at the
Democratic Club at which William Jen
nings Br an is to be the chief guest. It
will not be a club affair, but simply a din
ner given at the club by a member. :Ir.
Bran is expected to reach the city on
Januar 15
There are a great many members of the
club who are j,old Democrats, and nearly
ever one or tnem voted against urvan in
I J6 .While they cannot object t9 Mr.
i Hrjdns presence at the club as the Sest
, of a they would probab,y",in(l
' faUt jf it were sought to turn the private
I Jinner to him into a club affair.
Other friends of Mr Bran are prepar-
ing to give him a great reception when he
reaches the cit. There has been some talk
of arranging for a demonstration in hid
honor fn Madison Square Garden, but to
far his proposition has not assumed deu-
into shape
1 Thn rhtomrrt nl.llfr.rm riomnornl. urhn
, arc opp0!je(j t0 si,etra' king thc free wlver
i js,ue ,naj or(.ani7e a separate reception
for Mr n,vnll xiiev are no.v ore tnizuif;
throughout the State for the purnose of
sending a delegation to the National Con
vention The will contest the rights of
the Democratic machine delegation from
New York having seats in the convention.
After leaving New York Air. Br an will
make a tour of the New England States
It is said that the Democrats of Massachu
setts who recognize him aj the national
leader and next nominee for President,. in
tend'to give him a roaI welcome in iJos
itcMiun.-itloii of cl Tonka's I iiHiirn ncc
4 iimiiilitioiicr Ajrreeil I pcin.
LINCOLN, Neb, Jan. 1. The chaotic
state which the administration of Ne
braska insurance affairs has been in foe
six months or more is at an end. Re
cently the Supreme Court held that the
new Weaver insurance law was unconsti
tutional, thc eftcct being to relieve In
surance Commissioner Br ant, appointed
b the Governor, under the new law. from
the care of the ofllc This was a victor
for State Auditor Cornell, who vas still
maintaining a rival insurance department
under the old law
A compromise Ins now been effected
whereby the auditor agrees to allow the
claims for salar of Commissioner Brvant
1,' '""" v-nerai iias uuhihi nun
tho fund appropriated b the Legislature
The Attorne General has decided that
recorus over to tne auditor tomorrow re
ceive the salar warrants foi himself and
assistants and retire from office
'I rt'iisin er Ilerteliev . of I.unr.isti'r.
I'll , a l)i fit ii Her.
L.fSTHR, Pa Jan 1 Emanuel II
Herschcv, treasurer of Lancaster county
whose firm A Herschev K. Co and a
brother merchant of GordonviIIe, failed
lust week for ?100 000 having S15 uOO as
sets, is a defaulter to Lancaster county
about ? 11 000 and to thc State of Pennsyl
vania ?21 000 He left home a week ago
telling his famil he was going anaj on
business, and esterday the received a
letter from him saving he had gone to Can
ada being short in his official accounts
about 63,000.
His prolonged absence having excited
suspicion his son and Deputy Clarence
Hersche h?d Count Auditor T J Marsh
go over the accounts during the past few
dis and toda March reported to the
count commissioners that he had found
the shortage noted Herschev s term ex
pired toda... when his successor, Jacob
Stoiir, took office
Both he and Herschev 's bondsmn will
onl bc satisfied after un official examina
tion of the accounts has been made Marsh
having examined them as oung Her
sche s friend The Measurers downfall
is said to be due to stock speculations and
pokei From the fact tint he left alout
$70 000 in a loial bank to the count. 's cred
it it is inferred that he expected to re
place the money used in speculation and
did not intend defrauding the treasur
I lie
I iti7cn of Y'"; Chester Wnnt
Him for n Aei;lilirir.
A CsT CHESTER, Pa . Jan 1 -The
proposition made on behalf of Senator M S
Qua to purchase thc Stephen Darlington
propert here, to be occupied as hia perma
nent residence, has started tbe politicians
to talking, and the Republicans in this sec
tion are hoping that the deal will be con
summated, and that the Senator vill make
his home in this place It is said there pre
fair prospects of tne purchase being made
The propert is one of thc finest in th.s
plac and the Republican wcrlers will
welcome Mr Quav with open arms if he
comes here It is laied that if he geU the
place extens.ve imp-oveniants will be made,
and that he will remove his extensive li
brar here entire. It is now scattered
thnvigh several StatfF
Mr. Quav hHS a large number of friends
among the Republican leaders here and wnl
be given a roal welcome to the health. -borough
Iiit'ompc tent Mule Drivers.
(I rom ih Men nln- 'cintitar
Vnv Sout'icrner iaild lav informed the iJutili
Govcnmcrit that whenever a fliute man n-icr
tatcs to hardies a mule he is bound to ernne to
gTi f oonrr or later There is no affinit le
tween them But between tie Vmericaii nesrro
and tlio mule there h i subtle timteMandi'i.;
winch is bejend tic unipreheiiMOii of thc C n
castan It n a kind of trlepatln. and 3 singula
feature of the case i- tint tliM familiarity thu
engerdrrfd never breed contempt oi either i't
The mule lakes no liberties wit1! hi daskv d-ivr-and
he never loses sisht of the fiet that the
-c-ennng mcekne s of In clwrgc i as little to
1k trusted a thc quietud" ef a coiion mouth
moccasin in coil I lie relation Irtwecn them
is that of armed neutral t Both are con
t intlv on the alert, and the amiral vtll no
more presume upon the nnddin,? o the driver
than thc driver linen the air of p-iccful rrcdi
tation vvh cb is th ilistinzuibin cliaracteriitic
of tl e animal in repo-"
A Cilj of hiejieM.
(from the Vvv ork Herald)
Herat h thc fiftv iiiiicb besieged citv If the
sues ire accurattlv counted, the result i fift
two It was the capital of rimur, it v.as fought
for bv the Jlolnmmedins. bv thc Persians, bv
the Vmcers of Kabul, and fiere was alvvavs an
mecr at Herat aiiMou-t to regain his pitrunonv
The cars when lferat hs not cen ftghtin-f have
been rare, and Herat is a vcrj old town
During the prcse t centur it has boei. un-i c
(cssfullv besieged in 1" mil 1"3 by the IVrsnns
and taken bv them hi ls-li, teg uncd bv Ihst
Vlolnmnicd, Amccr of Kabul, in 1(K, la-t bv
linn to an neer of Herat and icg-iied bv Kabul
in 1SS1 under thc present aiccr, Vbdurrahman
And whv n Herat "the kc to India. ".when it
u nituated in tlic extreme uoitiiwcst of vfchams
tan, nearlv 000 miles as the ciov flits, from the
Indian frontier9 Because Herat is thc coutrolhns
poirt of thc approaches to tl " onlj two passes
into Indi- that are traversed bv railroad
One liighwav, that goc? coward fiom Herat,
keeps cutli of the Hindoo Ku-h and reaches
Kalml, whence there is a short rente through
K ibul pas to Peshawar. Here fat I'esluw ir)
commences one of the important ratvav- of
Indi i, a great trunk lir as it conncrU at La
liorc for all points in tl c Indian pcnin. ula
Pljriroa unci Itiighoii.
(I rom the Jlcmplih Scimitar )
"X.cj;roes are sometimes verv cigmal in their
dealings with white men," raid the foreman of
a North Atemplus iron foundry ' co iple of n
groes were unloiding pigiron for me the oil cr
da, afd as ii cemes in pretty good sued chunks
one chunk u a heavy load One of the negrovs
came to a lump vluch was twice thc usual siz",
being two chunks that lad run together. He
stopped work the minute he caught sight of it
" 'What arc ou stopping for!' I clled. 'IVk
it up''
" Bo s, I doan mine onloadin pigiron,' said
he, 'but when it co'acs to hogiron, I quits.' "
Judg Charles S Fogg, of Tacoma,
Wash . ig at the Willard for a week. Judge
Foi;g Is one of the most prominent jurists
on the Pacific Coast and is in the city
looking after several important legal mat
ters. John T. Croddock, of Greenville, Texas,
is the guest of Representative De Grafln
rcid, of that State, at the Wellington
"Texas is on the Loom," said Mr. Grad
dock this irorning. "and everything is
looking prosperous. I am here on a pleas-
" j"Pan1 f,ml much to a,lmlre in ihe
Edgar Caypltss, of Honolulu. Hawaii, is
at. tne Willard for the winter
l "JB crJ sorrJ to learn that the p gu
' nafl notn introduced into Honolulu " mUl
' jie todav. "a I was in that city during the
( P'ague in 1S03. and know what a horrible
thing the 'black death' j It onlv Jated a
vveek at tht t'rre, but carried off sixt-fiv
people. You see, it takes seven days for
the bllbuilic DlaEfP- tO deVelOD and the COH-
tagion spreads rapidly. The disease is
I "sually spread by rats, thc rodenti. being
! erJ si.&ceptible to it. The plague has a
strange effect upon them, making tnern en
tirel tame and cau-ing them to seek the
companionship of human beings.
"I hive no doubt but that the spread of
the epidemic has already been checked a"
the board of health is composed of mc
who know how to handle the plague
A hen a cordon has been placed around the
Chinese qtnrter, the spread Is alwuS
checked "
Judge "W iltiam D McNnIt, of New York
was the guest esterday at the RIggs
House of Representative John L. Sheppard
of Texas.
U It
Mr and Mrs Kendall are at the Shore
ham from London They will remain hert;
for the balance of the week
Judge M Davison, a prominent lawyer
from the Blue Grass StatP, is at the Nor
mandfe Judge Davison v.lll remain here
for seveial weeks.
"Senate- Piatt of Nev York, w a great
favoritp among those who enjo hid a
quaintance," said T R Ford, of New Yofk
at the Arlington today He is a good storv
teller and a splendid listener
' The Senator once attended a Republican
dinner on th East Side The attendanee
v.as large and the people present were not
, rea,hed Its
master caHfd ,
highest point the loat-
Senator Halt for a
sing in thc church thoir and I can et injr
one of the old song So as I cannot mak
n speech I will muk vou a song Then he
tang 'The Battle Hvmn of the Republic '
and be was the hero of the occasion "
The passage of violent words between
two Kentuck members on tbe floor of the
House just before the holhiii recess." sen!
J M Re burn of Louisville at the Met
ropolitan todav "reminded me of the
storv mv father used to tell about a scene
in the Thirty-ninth Congress in which a
member from the Blue Grass ute was
the sar performer
Gen L. H Rousseau of Kentucky was
h prominent member of the House. In a
discussion over the Freed inn n s Bureau
bill turning to Mr Gnnneli of Iowa, he
said 'If ou Intend to arrest white people
on thc ex- parte statement of negroes and
hold them to suit your convemonce for
trial, I oppose vou and if ou should so
arrest and punish we I would kill ou
when ou set me at libertv "
"To this Mr Gnnneli replied The gen
tleman lias degraded his Siaio and uttered
a sentiment northy of an American ni
cer "
" ' This assrt.on.' said Genral Rous
seau w fai awl a vile lander "nd i n
worth to be uttered by any gentleman
upon this Boor'
General Kouseau met Mr Grinnell in
the east port ho of the Capitol He besan
to thran him with a rattan, savins; 'Sow
ivou pupnr and poltroon, look at yourself
"Mr Grinnell received half a doin
okwsc The only words he ntt-red we-e
'1 do not want to hurt ou "
" 'No ' said Rousseau 'I do not tect
vou to hurt me, ou -oundre!. but toii
tried to injure me on the ttoor of the
Houre Nojt look at nrelf Whipped
here whipped like a dog. disgraced ind de
graded The House took cognizance of the mat
ter but refused to expel General Rous
seau He was forced to the liar to listen
to a reprimand from the Speaker."
Ineendi.iries nt oris in a New Jer
iev 'low ii.
FLCMINGTON V J.Jan 1 Frighten
ed a, a from Three Bridges by detectives
and night wauhmen the incendiaries who
repeatcdlv tri-d to burn tae town are now
working in Flemtngton Two buildings
hae alread br-en burned, ami the citizens
aie worked p to a frvor of excitement
Saturdav night the large barn belonging
to Aesror fharles Alfugh was destroyed.
w ith its contents, including a lot oT potiltr
The live stock was rescued. The firebugs
started the fiarces in the hay mow
It is now a certainty that the large pot
tery plant which was cie-troyed on Wednes
day night was fired b incendiaries The
authorities are working upon the theor
that it is the Three Bridges gang of fire
bugs The firfs in Three Bridges occurred
just one month ago. and til of the conihi
grattons were started between 7 JO and S
o'clock m the evening.
A rev ard of 5t.O has been offered b the
Fire Under v titers' Association, which .vill
be increased b the citizens of riemington
and Three Bridges The residents of this
place expect more and large conflagration
and ate preparing for all emergencies.
Made Him Feel Better.
(Front !rav stnne
.Vhmi ("Obbimr) Ooc it re jH h b-hft ob
U whip mc, inaninuT
Mu e, my oii; very inuch taen? t It
burls you. . . , . ,
Joiumv (dr imr Ms eyesv m so jtBwt.
The Kojihou hv.
(From the Chicago Tim Herald
"Vlrthwulah vras tbe o!det ihb." itt tbe
Sundiv "-elrf-d te-ieher. ' trtit Ihe lllbfe BiaSirs no
inentiim of an oldest woman. Wh do yon sp-
IKJM- Ibis sf"
"f RU.S9," sid little Kftbcrt. "th chAi't
have no chorus tV vvhtn the Bible was wrote "
(I rom the Pfuladelphia North Ameneaa )
"Hid vom'Uh thoc cigars of mine at a efcjar
store?" he ashrd
Certainly." he reidicd. "Where iHd you think
I inuabt llicm!"
' I wa-n't rettam that eu didn't get tbem at
jour green gHaet's. "
Not Q.nte the same Th ills',
(ircm ftrooklm Life.)
' U he row? nimily physician?"
'WH "er no, Wa or familv- Christiaa Scien
tist "
itridset's llilemi'in.
(Irani Tit Bits.)
"rd remeiaber, Ilndset. tliere are tw tWass
i ist ink-t upon truihfidnrss atu obetneHce'"
ii nmrt. A"d wben yau tell hmt to teI lb
ladies vctt're out when ou"rc in, v-hich shall It
be, muni
What It l.
irretn the Ucvrtaml I'lsui Dealer.)
Utll.e l'a, wlts an siltimatmn!
I'a- It' a demand for somcthia? we can't hav
v-it! out ilsbtinir for it.
ITaiva niiHtnss.
fFrcn Puck.)
Mrs Flasliout-Acs. Bebbv ; all these beautiful
silk drttcs of mine com- fiom a poor, little', in
s :i iHraat woird"
tlobliv t'ashont- c3, mamraa; aud papa io the j
I worm, isn't he? '
n fmlkina man bai sued a prmndHMC S Mi
ci"an for damages because he vbook lb jii ' if
"hand h heartily ai to wwuteh U -An br
Ictaving him a erlppfe ter fte
In a nuit to reeevtr the price of a bit I ld
on the installment phin an Hy eonft hj-- de
eWeI that a bteycle h no a aeessjlty fc a sl
utwier ae working eut as a dbmestfr.
t the recent election the peonle of Ma v td
rejeetfd a eorwtituthirwl antendmeM wbhri "
poil to lacrease the sakrie f the supreme
ntdgex from 3 JXi to ?8,0"W per MMmh.
Onh aboHt one-half the prmsii of eboel ore
in Iowa are reeofded atleodinir sohool. tmt 3
mftvement in afoot to bring her iitto the ehos of
Stales that have eomiMltwry edueattoa hnwa,
Xatural gag osnveyed in bomb 00 tnhes m
utilised jb China ytaM ane, and out ot tbnr
writers mentions boxes which repr-rtad tko Tund.
of pentingr voices that Were chioct a iimMnu
itMr Ur the pbonegninh.
It is but Mule known tint in aJiMtion t bobtK
' defender f the fcMh" by vtrtne of her paoiehm
as -overeten,. iwecn ictorhi to the oWiMt cUc
nilary of the tbufeh bv rirtae of her mmMm ol
lirelietuhiiy of St David's Cathedral, I.adsrT.
CoHege education h one ot tbe gieolcgt bust
no 4 of the eonntry- The 4M eonVgtM awl m
venitiea. In wbteh ate m relied UaX) knltob.
represent an invested cailul f $iBtymit)fii and
tvr emplojipiem to 5, penono m teoebew and
hen of different colors vary In strength Ihojwn
and dark eotored eyes sre weaker tbao jrwy r
l.hie eet Ijgbt bhn? eye aeo owtaWy the ,)la C
ev ami neat to tbese come grey Tbe hVebtor ne
Irttpft the hweer awl the nnrater b MM aaijSao ot
strain which the eve can bear.
In V team tne Hidigmtion hot been eoaaow by
tbe prothtetivM, soon alter Ihe waltz bin'a chth,
of a IrttFfe-rfore foMHhni ia frirobjos h ibbjii noon
manv of tb melocMn and nrohceo of Johomt
MtarMs. A ieoaee erillo nmatko that tMi b
hardly a, (ftginfied method of bowinif iwstt to
the memory of tbe dead
V penon can ride oa a street ear in tdffao.
Mi. b., for 3 cent-', provided WD tk-heb be bonojbt
-t one time bingle feees are 5 ccnta. Tbov at
raneemeBt b- neoven very prunealny to uV
compaoT. fur 4ple rMe morry tnoe wbow they
uoohI truly rM ne K tbey ba4 to ftqi o contn
The athviatoffM of eorente, tbe new u'imIwIm.
were leetntry poowa in Hwgbw4, where tbe lor
torv waeufacturnxf it vm noraed to tbe jojoooA
Hie Are. which wax jmoonwil to be of IfiniHtry
erixin. totally cloyed tb work", ana) bam oar
man was injured, ao erknn expteohM reibae, as
wwM have been te ea in tbe ianJBoSaM Ot
Tbe board ei beaMb at Pbrinrlebi. X I.. b COB-sbh-nac
the qaieatMa el adoptiasr a rule wbbrfi
will ptohibrt tbe boraiEx of haves within tho eJrr
Inwtr-' ,ll M clanrifO that tbe arat I ha b eoo
rfuore to aeoeb ill-beohlh tbtraw tbe bral umi.
Vveral phyieiaBa hare ord that tbe maaao aaat
stnwirr vtbM-h coincs from tbe hawojaar bnwes
are the eatae of moay of the ajbawnto of tbe
throat luMcs, and ere
Vt a ' sbelaMt Aaaer. aires bo
Cramer to a gstberbnc of bi Moaoh 1
be tW day m bbater8 l.eao Ukoltt ralc Hinax
yum .yeaerst, aad )9t oaartH of ihrhiijj wore w
somed. rhe nrm was Hhade twt'bWr ot tbew
cbdlnah. prepared io rarieno war, faeb saaxt
reeeired a a wwreair a troy mold rnbuter aaaojoJeti
iA a scarf pro. aed a toutoanirrr. of dried Ma
w-d Man lard ot eatb plate
The speed Mode by tbe Hcbrb Hup do boat
Vip-r en her recent trial trha wao tbiilj clash
kr. L or fortv hmr and oae third hMki aaBtn, an
hour, a eredftsbio sail for an capiajn ttaaa, '!
h rhe fsflle-l thai eve a boat tone tbaoaadk the
water aod it M c failed that tbe speed Heart haw
boj yet been reacbed. Tbe pec ctcWtfaa t V
turbine eocraes with wbltb tbe Viper r tipdpfcd
erm to bare cwuled npertatioae.
In ctssopieBr-e of tbe obstnartioaa caaaad Hi lie
narrow streets of Sdccbow, Chma, by tbe hwm
uimbcr at we D-to-do ywrag Chiorse Motsmm to
learn to become wbeehox'o. aad iiliaa aaijst
Miblwiw Made by tbe More aobow tmt mdUe
ritiaena tbe three d-trKt iBbibulio of Soo
tho city have iiwrjtd a johvt piviknaafbia par
kwMMo: ibe ndbur of eyebv by a ay one eaceffC
foreigners, niwaro rw, aad eeaoerte
poor wMow who waa arrraced hi Wlefccatasar,
V- rharsed with Kwrltma; a earweabtr. wan
imif ii svmpaiby In tbe coin ten acn when sabi
that tbe oaVr hi iertjac on her hu ibibl acm
on a landlord's varraal. tried to nam ber
babr hr'xo ifs rradbr aad tate tbe evador. Hlc
nry Mmd ber not xoOty and pfoctel tbe eoatn oa
the eonvCabJe and twe Matice ol tfeo pcutu W
iiad isincd tbe warrant Tbe Most 3ask off tbe
)tt-T ehnae.
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Tbe moat recent attempt to cowe tract a noebm
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in CermaBV, aad a dajeriptioa ef bm phnw be
recently been pnbHibed ia the " Veniaaatkal
Joaraal " Tbe body of tbe bnlloaa will be a
cylinder with octrval cmfc. aad wiB bo tt feet
m kiratb and 37 feet ia dhnaeter TM body wall
be framed in ammteant, sad will contain 17 tpw
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both ltknfa aad out, and ihe eiterior mrtare will
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propnto n m Io be ejected bv a number ot aaaaaj
trews revolvm at hntb gpetd. Tbote writ be
tear propellers, each wrtit a diameter of rbevo
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JhV men, aad is to hni amrahm baoysney at
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At tfco roceat esaositioo ia Como. the "Voltuaa
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feulbhne, but ererytbina; hi tbe way ot soaaaani
wail action up in tbe aame term nones ot etnnra
latr pPrr hoxn 3 ninac etc were aft towed
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boadbcreJileta wttb prttore ul lorti . e foe tb
everywhere. There n.aiien' avt tesuft f the
prechttion cf the sralne of Ibis ea.i -.
tr V 1 air' R ltroii, dieeetor of the Smith
Observatory, leaeva. N V.. ba been awarcM
by tbe rrench ralemy of Seience Purr tlte
Lalandu prize "for bis rmmeroaa ami hnl lant 1
tronomical dferovene " Tbe balamh n t 1
gold medal warlh 5M francs flt, or 1" u it 1
mor.v the r eipwnt nay select It w s f
ed in ISO? in honor of Laramie, the learn 1 " h
a-rtronomtr, and is awarded for eminent a
nin-rf in a tronomical dUeovcr It i
as one of thc highest astronomical honors
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