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Comparatively Small jlnsiiicss of
Americau Vessels.
a 14 !..' n c t..-j-.. 1 i unut. :.- cnnr. T..o i uni.t. - xn,. T.,ao At iwhi'c firnajpr Stnrps Tiiesrfav. ! At Hecht's Greater Stores Tuesday. At Hecht's Greater Stores Tuesday.
ai ueuu 5 uicaici Jiuiea mcMioy. ai ncuu a uicdiia jiuica iuwuaj. hi ntwii a uitmvvi .jiuivo juwauaj. m uvr,j '" . -wj. - . .,-
We Enter the Business Arena of 1900 with a Vigorous Bid for Your Valued Patrona
Hut I-lttle More Thnn Ten Per Cent of
the Comitrj' K-viiurt and Imports
- ipiicil I mler the Murs ami
Stripes J rent Britain Mill I.eatl
All Oilier nlioiiN on the en.
The proportion of America's exports and
imports carried m American ships ib won
derfull small, little more than 10 per
cent Imports In American bottom dur
ing the first eleven months of the jear
were less than fo per cent of the total and
exports in home ships even smaller
The advance sheets of the montblv re
port of the Bureau of Statistics on impoits
and exports give detailed information as to
menca's carrying trade
The statistics show that foreign ships
ne at present almost monopolizing the
larrjing trade of the countr, leaving only
a few million dollars annual! for Amcii
tan ships.
The total of America's imports in Anier
J -an steamships for Nov ember was S5.Gi3.
(39 and the total in foreign steamships
?36.S82,205 The totals for the hrst clcveu
months of the jear were $72,780,377 and
?jt2 t10,417, iespcctivelv British ships
alone carried ?Sr.O,000.000 of the coun
trj s imports for the eleven months, or
nearlj four timosas large an amount as
American cesels German ships carried
$77 000 00 a largei amount than American
vessels can led Belgian Dutch, and Nor
wegian Mbipe cairied about $20,000 GOO each,
and French shin, about $50 000.000
American steamships carried ?5,4GG 4i of
America's exports m November while
foreign steamships earned $" S02 000, or
sixteen times that amount In the entire
.in innnihc nnilnr consideration mcr-
iuii steam vessels carried onlj ?0O37V15 J
or the exports, wnue loieigu iesM!ib uai-
i led ?ilt l'2 132 The percentage ol the j
counti.v's products exported in its own j
steamships was thus onl G per cent.
Biitish steamships earned S67S.000.000 of J
America's exports or more than ten times , 4
the amount earned in American ships
German ships cairied $105,140,000 Dutch '
and Norwegian earned SJt. OOOOOO uid S2S - !
tttODOO icsnectivelv
The showing made bv Amencan bailing j
vessel' was relative! much better .hough
the tutal canning trade in sailing ve-M?ls (
s so hfiiall that the figuies are of utle j
importance The total of impair m bail j
inc vessel- in Novembei was less than ?3 -
OU'flOO Of tin amount Ameiican vessels j ?
amed M.404 42 and fmetgn vessels 1 - (
u6 7."S Th total iinpmts in sailing ves-
sdt in tin eleven niontb t about s54 (
ttiMi 00 and of this an.ouni mericaa ahijts
a. ne4 $'.J.7O0 WW an 1 foripn saips J20 -
00 000 Bntlti ilp vee cainoit ,
J17 000O00 Norw egian chip'-Jl 0 M0 atnl t v
Italian fmM 1 'W ' tM- "!'" j
ihc IH.TH4 j
The total expon in sailing eN in j J
NovcmiIki were valued at fsfa' of (
whw-h Ameruan veRsels caiil t.ji0 )
n,t ft4i ve! S5.0wh The loual
xiHiifc foi the devn woBtas in sailing
tx.ilt. wore $7S).Mii of whin weti
j. hip. ar.k $1 7MMW0 aa foren
-s- ?S.7Mrfj
Bnthai -sif 'Iniit. aka tam-d f--1
000 of lw otttMrv s pporta, r S10 -mmiOW
wore lln AtnfHcas saUg u"
els. Til.. (Ma. i.ifiaCTI iluHui! rf tfl ' OU"
----- . . . r
I x
11 for the eleven auiias. exutwmg iaji
with Caala vti !m-o aulpd an the
i-ailwavB aao evilwlia; nls Ui fowijta i
,oos ic expo "ted wa 7.M2 'i0 Of
Jiis amoHiit merk-an ulnp- cairied onlv ,
J1S2&1K,ihh oi l 1 l" ea wane is 4
hips e.'sned 1 -7 r'S or 89 C jei em .
Vlcl fi; mill VlnlK'r v,n,ii,l Willi
'I hell Pislittn. "nititun
VIV "S OKK. Jan 1 le t Maker j i4
ICid McCoa went to ("oaev Is and stm
morning so a, to haie ile(v of nte tr
.1 good le-t befof- goiag i the rltis -t
the 0!iA lsJai Atble'ie '! for tint.
tweao-fiv1 roiMl ftfct feHel to biH
.it a 30 thi-s afterwxHt lOi w lt t ir
bar woik last Satunla and iwti jeetr
dav foi the battle o air liws. lodiv.
MeCo arcv;e wriv thi momtotg o il
liam Mwidoon s faim a Ahn ll-ios and
aftet breaUfast with his trainers sUJ el
101 Coney Island He wh aerowiaiel on
the nip bv h brother Homer ?elby and
bv hi1 second., Jimm le Torest Toe
1'alvev, and rranK Hart JUldoon als3
went along as tuiveeep for IcCov Thej
did not tarr in this eit, lit -went di-eet
to a hotel at Concj lstawa near me ctuu
howp Maher left his naming quaiters. in Aest-chc-tet.
"0 that he eowW malic an earlv
start for Cone Inland He wa ac-om-paniod
b his manager l'et Lo-viv, aud
bv Peter Hums, his irainer and sporting
partner , , ,
As Mahei was leaving for Conev Isliind
toda. he said with a smile that he thought
he weighed 170 pounds, but he looked as
though he would easllv reach the 1S5
nound mark 'I never felt more conJnlent
of viUoi than I do todav,' said the Irisli-
mau. "Something tells xne that 1 am 1 go- atictle- ae old bv the
inir to be able to whip the Kid 111 spite of KPl meuum -"- -
his cleverness There was a time when ck bv commission in Porto Rico .it 13 .0
111 friends thought 1 was taking life too j IS cent a pound This is a higher price in
cas but if thev will glance back al m ' oito U110 than it. paid ul New York b
iccord for the past xear tbev will see that J con-oe ,mp0neis for the bast grades of Bo
1 have had enough exercise to Keep me Caracas and oihei fine Central Amer-
busv 1 have bn up against nuukhorst fiallanctirs
Kenned, and Ruhlin and thnt ought to Ule t0,jw ,)f ,ollo jico lf, uoi well
have been piett good prcpaiation Tor to- j knowu , lht Amcnean nnrke', importers
dav s light. 1 know it has been tustomarv 1 wj not ofIe, nio, tI1m 10 t0 12 cent" for
togive me more credit for hard hitting lt MUth of it. however 1 caches the United
than for skill and some people predicted i stale. efaiefl that of the poorer grade,,
that the fight today vould be between a , beiim fchipied to Europe m transit. After
laniei and a meat ax Well I don't cart lt UHE remained some time in the bonded
- . . f.Ir .rl,l If . , .- .. ! .. ..1..I- . .. ,.,.I.ir. lllu
how 1 win so ions mi 11 - a j" ubiiu ..
1 can win by forcing the fight fiom the
start and mixing things up so that MeCov
won't have an time 01 opportiinit for the
displa of his cleverness that's jut the
wa I'll do it 1 wont piedict how many
rounds lt will last eicept that 1 feel cer
tain it will not go the limit, and If things
go my way I don't think the Kid can last
a half dozen rounds "
Betting on the result wss this morning
about 10 to 9 in favor of McCo
Villi llniuls Ilanvc Where llr. "VleKin
le I.nitl n Cornerstone.
ADAMS, Mass , Jan 1. More than 10,
000 persons atended Saturda niht the
dedication of the new mill of the Berk
shire Cotton ManufacSunng Comian It
look the foim of a grand ball held in the
weave-room of the mill, -which is. S30 by
226 feet, and was illuminated bv thousands
of electric lights and decorated with bunt-
i Tk orfoSr u.ie in ehnrre of Ino em
iu. i"-- " " -
plovcs of the compan, who made all fao
arrangements. Stewait's Miiuar Band, of
Boston, gae a une rauiwi, .nm ui".
for dancing was funnshed b the Boston
l-... ... i wr-Miostin
Governoi Crane was present ami assisteu
William B. Plunkett. treasurer of the com
panv. in receiving the guests This mill
is No 4 of the plant and the corner
stone wus laid b President MrKlnle last
summer. He also made the dedicatoij ad
dict for No S mi.l several cais ago
lUvc vou decided on vour Vc Year's resolu
tion! If not. iwilve ibat ou u dunk notklnff
but llenncb's lrt7tn, senate, or Lager, the
bctt licer brewed. Tlice bwr have the reputa
tion of being tbe purest and most nutritious on
tbe market.
It is sit this season that you ill ujul doon& of aiinouiH'enients that stores ;u'e offeiing
their stocks jit half price, which really means that had you bought earlier you would have been
compelled to pay just double for the goods. It further means that such Jirms luive been carrying
the stock all season until it has become shopworn and unfashionable, and you aie expected to.
purchase the goods that have deteriorated. Please observe how different is the "ITEfTIT''
method of doing business. We buy largely of all the most desirable goods, securing concessions
in price that is undreamed of bv others. We place the goods on s;ile immediately they arrive,
and MAKE THE KEDUCTIOXS AT ONCE, instead of waiting to see if you are willing to pay
two or three prices for your needs. That's our unalterable policy; it has won for us ;i mercantile-
suprenuiey that we will use every honorable menus to maintain. To better illustrate our ar
gument let usiepeat a little of the lei-ent history of our phenomenal sale of the Freedman gar
ments -urn aie well awsue that the night of December 18(1 found us with but fev of the famous
gaiments left. Last week completed their e-it. Our buyer finding that we weie cleaned our,
hurried to New Yoik and spent the week unearthing fresh bargains. Asa lesult of his ability
and shrewdness, coupled with (he Ilecht apital and enterprise, we are enabled to Tuesday invite
ou to an unequaled display of Ladies' Man-tailored Outer Garments :i( incomparable bargains-.
The lowne.ss of the pi ices will not detei us from "charging' jour pui chases at the same pi ices.
We diide the Suits into two lots:
Lot 1. Ladies' Suits in all the
popuhir slutdes of ITomespuns,
Venetians, Chciot, Serges, etc.,
nit eh lined; jou nia Inn e choice
of either tight fitting, fly front, or
double bieasfed jackets: the Suits
are either habit, sjiddle, pleated,
or box pleated; Suits woith up to
:!.". ("hone this sale for
The Jackets in Two Lots.
Iho Kcaiet perfection in man-tail-01111B
1- nisplaxul m these jackets
not a Miuh that docs not bear the 1111
piint of superion .
The haiie- are ihc vcij newest of the
!aie winter mode Tliej aie all lined
with good t,uahtj heavj Eatin You can
not appiecitto the iinintiiGe values un
til vou have ftacted vour eve on the
Lot A Kert-ev latkets in black
blue 01 .astor, worth $15 of
v liiih
aiivmHiv s raonej iour
ibotie this ale
1 01 11 Jatketh of Keiscj liiih
rnee eti 111 all fashionable shades
onie w)iih SJ0. oth
er up 10 Irtrt our
$15.00 Silk Waists, $5.98.
Our ltMililrii in Silk WsiKts iv iiiuli-iMiied. Tb oltuno of our recent Utiles Cxfccdfd that
of :inv Hue.' local linns. The causes that led to such phenomenal sales are easilv explained:
oiler onh the er beM inako.s and i:iales in each particular das',: we bin in colo.il quanrities
enahlinj; us lo .show ou hundieds of a kind, wheie others show a nieie handful; then. too. the
pines wi. aK aie fiom on'-tliird to one half of what competitors demand. V herewith de
monstrate 0111 iMeiinination to msiiiif siiu our lead, as ue hau again made a puidiase of Silk
.lists that add to our fame. . , .
We )1.m on sale Tuesdu 11101 niiifr at S o'clock an unexcelled display of Wa'usfs in black
ami .oloied talleta. fanc coi ded and sniped taiteta. black satin, and many new combinations.
The making is simph Mipeib, embi acini; all the popular hemstitching tuckini;. and 1 01 ding ef
i.w.i- iiu rilfiHnr :iifini is woith the mite we ask for the Waists. The colors include the new
est shades, automobile, ceiie. new blue, hnender. pui pie. tan.
1 ..1 .....1 .1.. ...... .,f ...!,. 1 oioliiii'i t inni.
yieeli JUllK. scjjiiet. iii.uivc-,
I inll.Mo. m U, ,,!., 13.
isoinc ol the Agricultural Crops
Which Tji-ivc in the Island.
lon"o t.nriieli HiI"mI ' sill Hoi
I in Km ope I'onmc I'lmil n
meioiis .intl uT Excellent Uu.ilit.
I he llumliire. a ll Oroxms: on :i
Ilnh (oltuu 1'lMiirlfihfH 'I here.
The Dei)artment or Agncultuie has in
course of pieparation an mtei eating ilea
lie on the vaiious erops that are raised
in Porto Klco. and which will be issued
shoitl. H M Wilson is the authoi of
the document and after speaking of the
new methods used in piepanng eoftee for
the market, he aS
"The vanet grown M"iieiall is of c
cellent flavor A et little of it reaehe
the Ainrman maiKet, chief! because of
the esport dut nov. placed on it, and b3
cause it commands a much higher price
Kuionean than in the mcrican nnr-
vint. homos ii i withdrawn under ilia
names of Java and Mocha Th" Amencan
coffee buvcr punhases largcl on tbe ap
pcaiaucc of the bean, and accepts that
which has a dull and luUious appearance
In Europe, however eoftee having a bright
glos is preferred, and tor this reason Porto
KIcan eoftee is at present extensivelv
treated with a vash of gum arable and
charcoal, or some similar preparation,
which gives it thib gloss. This process m
juieb the sale of the article in the Amei
ican market Those who have Uoed Porto
Rican coffee, however, insist that its flavor
is equal to the best sold in the countr.
and that when better known it will com
mand a higher price and will displace the
very best of the Central Amencan prod
uct "
Among other -valuable agricultural prod
ucts of the island Mr. WilEon mentions the
forage plants, and sas in regard to them:
"The most important variety is guinea
grass, a succulent plant having a blade or
leaf two to three feet in height and full
one-half an inch in width. It ields about
three tons to the acre and grows quick
and luxuriantly. Cattle and horses thrive
on it. aim uu n nui.wi.iwu-, ...c,"""""-
plant, called 'malahojllla, which is a
, ariet of the wild pea pine. On the south-
on It. and on a nutritious, leguminous
ern looinnjs mt wmti iuio6c .... .,
, short, dr -looking grass, not unlike tho
"snuthveestern bunch or buffalo grass Tho
inr nn. i vt.ilk of maize aud the pods of
various acacias, which are galbered green,
are also used.
"Maize Is grown extensively in the wide
parting alleys in the southwestern poition
of the island. In the same region, and in
the beds of many of the streams which
flow into the west coast, lentils are giown
in large quantities. There are a number
of -varieties of these, chiefly beans, includ
ing the green string bean and the white
and livei-colored beau, which when cooked
arc tbe 'frijole' of Spanish America and
$18.98 Velour Coats, $9.98.
An extreme hands-ome line of late
sile Veloui Coats, some plain, others
edged v lth marten fur, ail are nneu
11 are iiiieu
with good oualitv heavj
atin woith fullj J1S 9S. go
Electric Seal Collarettes, $5.98
Stinnb finl-h. hcavv satin lined Elec
lined E!ec-
tric Seal Collarettes In new
est shapes ?old elsewhere
at $10 and 512 ."0 Choice
Electric Seal Auffs, SI.19.
choice assortment of rp - Mf
tHtm-lined KlePtric Seal I I M
Muffs worth J2'5 for vP "
iinu iieivn in iwi ivuniiimu.-u .
(Mionc vMiih- lh,v Mm
the Boston baked Ivan -of the United
lentil-like berr.v. which in appearance
is between a pea aud a i-niall bean, and et
grows on a bush belonging to the acacia
tribe Is the gindure, und this is verv ex
tenMvelv grown for domestic consumption
on the si mi-hunnd .nle of tbe iMind It
grows in a pod about three to four inches
in length on a bush six to eight feet in
height nms and sweet potatoes are1
grown extensive 1 generall for home con- ;
sumption, and Irish potatoes thrive well, t
but are grown onl to a limited extent in
some portions of the uplands Among
other Mna!l vegetables aie tomatoes and
red pepper
Cotton seems to flourish well, though it i
ib not cultivated in commercial quantities
The cotton plants noted were almost as
i.irf nq .umle trees, bamc from eight to
twelve feet in height, with a stem two to,
mree mines in uiiimeiei .u .uc uu-c ,c
flowers and pods are numerous and the
lattei well filled with a long staple otton,
apparentlv as tine as the best grown m
the Southern Slates."
liooper jit Tort loeuiii Lilt ishiiiK
Cnli I imiii 1 omrmlcM.
Ni:W YORK, Jan 1 For seveial weeks
the soldiei-s at Kort Slocum, David's Isl
and, which is now the general iendezous
for ice i nits bound for the Philippines,
have been having a good time at tbe ex
pense of a oung man who seems to have
plentv of moncv He is Rudolph Martin
sen, and he h is made bimseir immcnscl
popular b giving wine dinners and Christ
mas and New Years presents ot ?100 gold
certificates to some of the non-commis-sioned
officers Although he lb an enlisted
men, he lives in line stvle at the fort. His
looms are decorated with pictures, sabres,
and wai relics and his meals are prepared
at his own expense In W ne entcreu
Yale College and after spending nine
months there went to Prance to finish his
When the Spanish wai bioke out Martin
son returned to this countr and enlisted
in the naval reserves He seived tniougn
out the wai on the Yankee, and when it
was ovei leturned to France. In October
lat Maitmsen came to New York again
and expressed a desire to go to the Philip
pines Although he is onlv nineteen ears
old, lie managed to get accepted at a re
cruiting station here and was assigned to
the third cavalrv, which was then being
leeruitcd at Tort Mcr. Va At that place
the voiuig recruit attracted attention b
the line qualit of his uniform, which was
made b a Fifth Axenue tailor and cost
$100 Money was sent him frequently by
wire and he gave some of the soldlerb ?25
and $50 foi saddling bis horse A num
ber ot cavalimen to whom he gave $100
bills deserted and fled to Canada.
Martinson missed the transpoit on which
he was to go to Manila and was sent lo
Fort Slocum to await the Sumner which is
to sail about Januar 15. He attracted the
attention of Sergeant Major Walsh, who is
head diill master of recruits and he made
him his clerk with the rank of acting ser
geant. Martinsen immediately went to
New Yoik and returned to the Tort with
an $S0 ovei coat with sergeant's stripes on
it. Last week he celebrated Uis promotion
bv giving a dinner to twentj-lHe privates
and non-commissioned officers which cost
Unless Maitmsen is discharged from the
army before Jauuray 1" he will be sent to
jolntroop A, of tbe Third Cavalr. which
is now in Manila He is making a strong
effort lo get out of the ami. "If I am
discharged." he said yesterda, "I propose
to go to the Trausvaal and join the Boers
I believe they need our smpatby. I would
rathci light an Englishman any da than a
Lot -. luo.idcloth. Whipcord,
Wide-Wale Cheviot, Homespun,
and other choice fabric Suits,
nearly every one lined with taffe
Iji silk, in light-fitting. H fi on.
or double bieasted jackets; box
pleated, habit, saddle, or pleat
ed skirts, handsomely tailoied;
they cannot be duplicated al less
than 10. Choice this sale
$25 Electric Seal Capes, $13.50.
Handsome satin lined, fine finish
Electric Seal Capes, extra full sweep,
identical with what oth
ers offer at ?2j 00 go
Child's $7 Reefers, $3.98.
Rough and Smooth Cloth Reefers,
handsomclj made and trimmed, some
with sailor collars others with large
storm collars all the new and desira
ble colors beautlfull braided and
trimmed the nattiest jackets shown in
eu jacne-t suu i"
ton not one that jou cin
duplicate at let tl
go at
delicate shades of
'I'liol Mli VVllislS
.., . . ,
A Woman Kvplren in n New lork
C tin i eh.
NCW "V.ORK Jan. 1 St Paul's Roman
Catholic Church at Sixtieth Street and
Columbus Vvenue was packed to the doors
when the New "ear mass was celebrated
at midnight
Among the worshipers who had gathered
carl was a nentlv attired oung woman
who entered alone and kneeled in praer
in a centre aisle pew well down toward
the altar Those about her noticed that
she remained kneeling for a long time
She was a sti anger, but there were man;
other strangers in the chinch
One or twice the woman seemed about
to rise, but resumed the attitude of prner
Then she was heard to speak in a whisper
the name ot the Virgin and with a feeble
mrmn s.ink nrostrate to the floor
Fellow -worshipers raiscu ner to a sil
ting posture, but she gave no sign of con
sciousness She was borne up the aisle
to the xestibule and an ambulance called
from Boosevelt Hospital Dr Sherer. who
arrived with the ambulance made a bast
examination and found that the woman
was dead. He said death was probabl due
to heart failure.
Later the woman was identified as the
wife of John Caine, who Is an emplove of
the Metropolitan Street Rnilwa Companv
The bod was taken lo bis home, SS4 Tenth
An Important Olooer In Kern
County. Cnllfnrnln.
SAN JOFF, Cal . Jan 1. Parties from
this place have found in Kern count a
great deposit of nch oie. which ma revo
U.t'ouize the iron mdustr nlong the Pa
ciltc Coast It consists of two xeins, fift
five b sevcnt-five feet in width respec
tive! running parallel to each other In a
westeil direction tor mearl a mile, then
branching off into the mountain, showing
b outcroppings on the side of the can on
that it is one solid bod of ore the whole
distance. , , j
These two veins of r' Mfe divided by a
thirt -five-foot vein of marble or lime
stone, which is valuable ns a flux in smelt
ing In running a "cross-cut" tunnel
tw cut -five leet below where the iron ore
stands in the gorge Hie veins are still
found to be solid. buHvro veins of tin ore.
each about four Teet wide, have been dis
covered, running in the, same direction
The veins appear to le "inexhaustible, and
of nch quality. In the anal sis given by
several chemists it is found to he a mag
netic oxide, ranging from S3 per cent to 95
pei cent, equal to 00 per cent to 74 per
cent metallic iron, with onl a trace of
sulphur and phosphoious This is a high
grade ore, with very little if any refrac
tor elements to contend with. It has been
pronounced by seveial iron producers as a
fine ore for Bessemer steel.
The iron ores heretofore discovered in
California hae been or low grade, and the
production of pig metal Trom them too ex
pensive to compete with that from the
East It is probable that an attempt will
be niede to smelt the ore with oil as tuel.
ot So Loonr.
(Prom Agate )
Lunatics often acinic a supcriorit of intellect
to otlicm winch i, quite amiiin?
K centli man wliile walking along a load not
(ar from tlic .ide of wlmH ran a railnaj, encoun
tered i numbei of insane paople out for exercise.
With a nod toward tlic railuaj lines, he said
to one of the lunatics- .
"Uheic does tins railwa.v go to?
The lunatic looVeil it linn eornfullv for a mo
ment and then replied- i ,
"It doesn't go anjwhcre. We keep it here to
run trams on."
A January Sale of Silks, Dress Goods, Linings, etc.
Tuesday morning will begin a sale of Silks. Vehets, Diess Fabrics, Linens, Linings-, Table
ucar and lied wear that will add fresh glory to our fame for underselling. Prices in everv line
have'athanced fiom L"j to ."() per cent, vet we aie enabled to quote jou almost the old prices be
cause we are now leceiving invoices of goods contacted for last .May, before the sharp advance
in allies had taken plate. The limits of this announcement peimit us to name but a few of the
lemaikable bargains that are at your-disposal. Hundieds of other similar saings may be ef
fected at this sale. You will be welcome to ha e your purchases "Chargtd."
New Corded Wash Silks, 48c.
Wc open 1,260 ards genuine Hand
Woven Corded Japanese Wasli Silks, In
narrow, medium, and wide corded ef
fects, etra heavy qualit , rich and
lustrous; in the new gorgeous spring
shades, the dressiest fabric for costume
or evening waist. Only ISc per d.
$1.49 CordeTTaffela, 98c.
It vou are contemplating the pur
chase of silk for a reception costume,
evening waist, or garniture, ou will
do well to consider this offer of 39
pieces high-class plain colored Cordrd
Taffeta, plain colored with white luary
Corded Satin Duchesse, and plain col
ored heavy white Corded Taffeta Silks.
The lot is a superb showing of latest
evening and street shades in exquisite
color combinations Every yard guar
anteed Positive'- worth from $1 '2 to
?1 -J9 choice for It&c
85c Imported Corduroy, 39c.
We have about 10 pieces heavy Im
ported Knglish Corduro, in such
shades as tan new blue, grey. Hunt
er's, and black, that we are determined
to close out and have ticketed them low
enough to accomplish our wish Choice
of the S'jc values at .We
69c French Flannel, 49c.
Mi-wool, closely woven, fine grade
French Flannel, in light blue, pink,
lavender. French blue, automobile,
gray, cream, cadet, navy, and scarl"t.
The popular fabric for a funcy waist.
69c value at -IDc.
Black Brilliantine Waists, $1.98
pvairminf nnnn the heels of the re
cent successful sale we have captured
another troph in Black Brilliantine
Waists These are of a fine, toft,
lustrous finish, some are handsomel
tucked, others beautifully corded
The sleeves are tucked and have the
new flare cuffs, nicel lined through
out Choice for $1 98
This Tells of Curtains, and the like.
3 7-Sc for choice of 400 vards of Stlk
olines and Gold Crepe in handsome pat
terns and beautiful colorings.
S l-2c for best qualit 3-4 Table Oil
cloth in prett designs.
13c for beautiful Nottingham Lace
Curtain Ends in white and cream;
choice of a number of prett design.
15 l-2c for wblte Applique Bureau
Scarfs and Sham to match, handsome
effects, worth 35c.
Hecht and
Elforls Looking to Hs Establish-
1 llli'lll III I'.!' PiClMMH't!.
IleiiKOiiM Ydvnueeil Tor Hie Xttfimtv
of Mieli mi Iiislilntion in the- Dis
trict The Mjle of tin lIllildiliKr
mid It Proposed MuiiiiKtfiilttlit.
V lllll Nv llefore Hie "riinti'.
The proposition to erect a municipil hos
pital for the ue of the District, which will
probablv be presented to Congresb for con
sideration some time during tne present
month, is the topic of much discussion in
Innnl mnilinni nml oh Q rif fllllo PirelpS. Thl
local medical and charitable circles. The
scope of the work of the institution is the
principal concern, particularly in quarters
which will be hnnnciall affected in the
event of its erection.
It U believed b a number ot persons
interested in the matter that the bill pro
viding for the erection of the hospital
would have been passed b both houses
of Congress at the lnt session if it bad not
been for a disagreement between the boan.
of directors of the Columbia Hospital and
the UlStrlCt tOminiEHlUIlUIS.
Some time last car a bill was passed
-e luue 3 . . .. . ,.
. ..i.n -,. tiirt cniu r tup nrrsfiiL silt;
of the Columbia Hospital, the proceeds to
be used to secure a suitable lot for the pro
posed institution. The ground on which the
institution is located belongs to the Gov
ernment, and it was considered that the
proceeds from the sale of the propert
would give the General Government enough
wouiu give tue ueucim ""-" --
to mike ud its half of the appropriation
tO maKe up US nail ul mi, Il e
which would be neccssar for the erection
of the new building.
Cuiise of Dcln.
The directors of the Columbia Hospi
tal were satisfied. to sell the piopcrt un
der their care, but when It came to the set
tlement of the various items of the bill
providing for the new structure they dls
agieed entirely with the Commissioners
The lattei contended that asthe building
was to be called a municipal hospital and
- i. . i, ennstiucted for the recep-
tion of the indigent sick of the District j
the considered that the management oi
its affairs came directly under their con
trol ynd were not willing to lelinqulsb
their authority. The directors of the old
i,ncn,iai iineer. claimed that as the new
building was to take the place of the old
institution and they had controlled tho af
fairs or the latter Tor a number of years,
it was only proper that they should not
be hampered in running the new structure.
ao rnnspniience of this disagreement
the bill was not reported back to the Sen
ate committee until it was too late to have
it passed. ..,
This year, however, another effort wl..
be made to enact the necessary legislation,
and assurances have been given that tho
hospital will be provided for during tho
current session. Two bills hae been pre
pared and introduced in the Senate with
this object in view, almost identical in
their various provisions.
The necessity that exists for the hospita.
was recently pointed out at a meeting of
I,- urrnnnthic. Hosnital Association. It
wis asserted that there was no hospital in
the city that was in reality a municipal
concern, although there were several which
69c Evening Embossed Silks, 49c i
Here is an opportunit to obtain for
a tritle a pood quality All-silk h.m
bossed Satin Duchesse. in such pretty
shades a- corn, lavender, cream, eerise,
light blue, pink, automobile, or white.
Ver adaptable for evening waist or
costume. 0c value at I'Jc.
The Newest in Dress Goods.
Double-width Plaid Dress G'oods,
new slvles, excellent color 1 lt
combinations 1.1c and 19c value. ,-2
All-wool Silk-finish Henriettas ?&
inch, in all the popular shades JflC
ee value - "J
Hluek Serges, jard wide, heavy
twilled. ef client black 3c 9'IJ.C
valu- LL
Mohair, plain and figured, best OQC
raven black '59c alue "
All-wool I'.lack Cheviot, good TQC
qtuilit. '0c ralue J
Ulnck Sicilian. 42-inche wide, ex
tra high, lustrous finish. Worth CQC
Imported Hlaek Henrietta, vard awl
a miarter wide, all aool, ex- C'C
cellent silk finish 75c value.. ."--
Extra fine quality Ulaek Camel's
Hair, all wool, yard and a half $1'?"i
wide Worth 1149 ,,tJ
Flannel Waists, $1.48.
We group in one grand lot all our
Fine Black and Colore! Piannei
Waists, handioaiely braided. All the
n-we-.t deatens. We otfer ou unre
stricted rlnrtce of the lot Tnesdav at
$1 48
Children'a White f'ro-Ited JGS
U ggins, three sues good qualMy. -J
Pc for best qualit Draperv Pilk in
prett Oriental stIe and coloring'
worth 33c
47c for heav KM Blankets, white or
grev; neat colored borders, worth 79
79c for Nottingham Late Curtains in
artistic floral effects: good width an!
length: worth up to $1 0, at 79e p r
?1.7? for Handsome" Tap'stry ar 1
Chenille Portieres in latest design
and newft coloring, worth J2 9S at
1 7'" per pair
Company, 5 1 3-5
j were virtuall supported b the Govern
According to the Suporlntrndnt of
Charities Herbert W Lewi- two of he
private institutions in the Distract draw be
tween Sli.00 and J20 000 each, and another
Institution of a more public cnaraeter se
cures S17 0O0 each vear for its mainten
ance To the other hospitals and 'nar
itoble institutions for the care of the aeed
and sick which are distributed throughout
the District sums of from $5,000 to $10,000
are gixen It i said that if the amount
of the appropriation for ' maintenance"
alone hould be collected in one sum for
a single vear there would be sufficient
funds ta equip al operate a hospital
which wotiM be without an equal in mis
Wlillt l l'roioeil.
Ta ptopooed new structure is designed ;
to cover about half a eit bloek, with its
grounds and o.iboiIdincs It would be of
an ornamental aatnre and ne lurnisaeu j
j wi,n nceomriodations for sexeral hundred
nuttArtl. Ttl.Fa lllllfl H fi ePTVimte Hllilfl-
ornamental aature and be furnished
pillllTIll. I.Cit ..ww... .. .-j- . .-
nig for the treatment of contagious dis
eases, with a separate start" of phvsioians
and nurses
I The government of tne building .vould
be entirelv under the direction of tne Dis-
f trict Commissioners aud the Supermten-
! dent or Charities, and the object of the
Institution would be to care for all the
indigent Sick of the eit As it now stands
the bill prov.ding for Its erection includes
gjn dol,ars ab(ne the prIce t0 be pa,j for
tjR Sltc wjtn which it is expected a. hand-
the appropriation of several hundred tnou-
j suurc .Wl' .-uhiuumui awuitutc van "v-
The stuff of the institution would be
made up fiom among the surgeons and
plosicians of the poor and the prominent
surgeons of the city. A permanent staff
of nurses would be maintained and a nurs
ing school would be established on the
same lines as the school now conducted at
the Washington Aslum and Emergenc
The erection of the municipal hospital
- -- - ..... -r-- - ,
would not interfere with the present nr-
mii-romem fni- lh rnre f the nersnna who
movement for the care of the persons who
are injurcu in tne streets, inese peupit
would b taken to the nearest bospltaf Im
mediatel where they could be treated
until the are sent to their homes, the
practice which prevails at present.
The- l. niliiiK" Coinimulen in the Conn
r.i to Consolidate?.
.BIRMINGHAM, Ala . Jan. 1 The details
of the consolidation of the leading cotton
gin manufacturing companies ia the United
States having practically been completed.
and v.ithin the next few days the Conti
nental Gin Works will be organized, with
W. T. Noithington, of this city, as presi
dent. It will buy out the following con
cerns: Northing-Munger-Prctl Gin Company, of
Birmingham; Smith Sons' Gin and Machin
ery Compan, of - Birmingham; Daniel
Pratt Gin and Machine Company, of Pratt
.m. M-. xviiifchin Machine Comnanv, of
Atlanta, Ga., Munger Improved Cotton Ma
chicry Company, of Dallas, Tex., and Eag'e
Gin Company, of Brldgewater, Mass.
These arc the largest cotton-gin manu
facturers of the United States, and con
trol all the principal patents on cotton
gin machinery. The purpose of the com
bination is said to be to control patents
and stop cutthroat competition. Birming
ham, will be the headquarters of the new
company, which will represent about $10,
000,000 in capilal.
?. A Q T ft R f A Fcr Infants and Chldrci.
vj- v , .
I Jj-g jjfj ftll HaVB AiWSS BOUgty
l-?c for rimal't flair Oh mv C mil
light and medium ground, .s-oriel
stripes, 10c value
fi 7-Sc for havy llped Wrapper
Flannelette in Persian aud figured ef
fects, dark ground; 10c value
r, 7-8e for hav Uahleached Canton
Flannel Remnants, goiwj legtb. Via
4 7-Sc for WhHe SbaJter Klanael, soft
and lleecy: worth 7e.
1 l-2e for Twill Medienled Red Flaa
ael, worth IPe.
25e far 12-iach all-wool White Safer
Flannel, extra hary; worth .)e.
22 l-2e far extra good (fimhtj White
Wool Flosnel, wortk 30e
28e for heavy Twilled Grpy Skir iBg
Flanael. all wool, worth 30e-
2 7-8c for best Dresa Makers'
brie, 3c value.
6 7-8c for double tan; bkttk aad jc-y
Caava3 worth lee.
8S-4c fr closely woven Slleaiaa in
all eolors ami Mack: 12 l-2c value
14 3-4c for yard wide Glkter Silk Liu
Ibks in all deiraMa ahwlea ami blat k,
2T,e value.
'i 7-Se for geauiae ithraak Duek a
blaek or grey, regular 12 l-2c valne
19c for Black Mwmb for Skirting.
T$t value
2Se for aniline Raghsh Herringbose
Haircloth in ,-'r?y or blaek 21 in aes
whle, regular JSe cjiiality
$1.50 Satine Underskirts, 98c.
Heavy Blak a ad Colorel Satine Un
derskirts. Baanel !id some with
three ruffles otaera with fouled
fiotmee. worth $1 5 For 8
Childrea s Cotered Bulerdowa ( oats,
satine lined, tnniiaed with a- 1 QC
gora fur ' .
And Now It's a Wrapper at 59c.
Not th Miinsy
exi uses tbat are
almost barameitfd
and glu"d to
gether but a vell
mude good imI
ity. Hoavy Flan
nelette Wrapper,
with 'be ait
imel lined il
chol e da.k i
c s Tucdfv
i 5 7th St.
vhomirr ;- Dun n. Kill I lie Crew
Is Suel.
NORFOLK Va., Jaa 1 The orfetk
schooner Ma-caret Roper raptara Craa
mer. reports to her owners here ilwn !
rammed the schooner .mhj Bio a. at
Richmond off Hatteras. The Broa M
almost immeliatel . aU her re t we
men were saved by th Raer
The vessels were la eo liatn see twea-tv-Sve
miles north-aortheaat af Hatiera.
Whether the Roper was damaged or aot Is
not known, but as she proceeded after the
dangerous work of rescuing the B ob's
crew, her injuries are believed to hae
been slight The Brown was worth ex
clusive of her cargo, some $JWO. aad
there wa but ST.flOO insurance oa h-r.
Itiffilnte at the- French
thor'i VrfieiiturmiH I. tie.
(1 . ra the Lendon G.oW )
It 'vould be difficult to mi e
checkered career than that at M PhI D
roulede who is now being tried by he
High Court of Jastice for conspiracy
against the State He Is a Partwaa ad
was born on September 2. IS lb, hi he
Place St. Germain-l'AHxerrofc.. Th first
part of his life was that of a hero and a
poet. During the war he acee.Bplehil
some brave deeds when peace
was restored he wrote swne bad
poems. His entrance into public
life dates from May 13. 1S82.
It was at a fpte organized by M Saaheuf
on the occasion of a flag offered hy a
widow of M Thiers to the Gmaic As
sociation The result of this meeting
the foundation of the Patriotic League,
and from that moment M. Deioled
dressed in his long black frock voat went
about preaching poli'ic For sev-ral years
he took advantage of every opportunity lo
display blrwlf in public The Boulaagtet
period was a godsend to him. and great
was the number of speeches he made on
this subject. In 1SS7, tirad or political
struggles, he resolved to withdraw from
public life. At that time it was said that
the cause of his retirement was .t family
sorrow from which he would never recover.
He himself said "I was a eood patriot.
was I not? But I prefer to be a good,
father and a eood son."
A few months afterward, however, sud
denly, like Jack in the box, he r.appeared
on the scene. The life he had been living
ti no mn mnpt for him. and he nee-led e-
I cltement. From that day he look part ia
t all public events. It wa3 he, it is ald by
"Petit BIup, wno wa8 tne imwgaior oi
the hostile reception given lo Alfonso XII
a3 he drove through Paris. It was he who
suggested th pulling down of the German
flags at the Continental Hotel. It was he.
too who organized the departure of Bou
lan'ger at the Ions Railway Station. Swh
are some of the exploits attributed to him.
Others are too recent to require mention.
Among the anecdotes not generally
t vlt, the fnllnv.inz mav be quoted. "Tho
I day when his Crjst electoral bill was posttd
1 up Deroulede met Camillc Doucet. Tho
xenerable academician said to tbe jottjs
I poet. 'Derouledet I have seen your tH sjj
' What a mistako you make, my friend. In '
rushing into politics- insteact ot conuauint;
to be a poetl' And Camille Doueat w aorj
in the wrong, though Paul Derouleile was
too blind to see it."
The Uanitl 3lcthol
(From the Detroit JwnIO
"He ispirts to no fl5e in the Jjt f t pco-
P "He doesn't have to lie is able t bvy what
ever he warrl"."
Bears the

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