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CruclticM Practiced I'pon Children In
UiiKlmid Tlilrtj "Veurw An.
(From Good Word.)
"Under the Influence of the new hu
inanltv it Is bard for the people of this
generation to believe the stories that are
told of sufferings inflicted on children in
this country but a few sears ago. Were
they not only too well authenticated we
would say that it v. as incredible that law
could hae been so lax, religion so U3cless,
and humanity so dead is to make these
things possible. At the beginning of the
Queen's reign there were many occupations
in our land in which the little ones were
ruthlessly tortured, but perhaps for cruelty
and hideousness this one of chimney
sweepers was neer equaled. How long U
bad continued we cannot tell, but it is not
much more than tventy years since it was
hnally stamped out. I remember when 1
was a boy at school in the seventies hear
ing about this aud being told that little
thlldicn were then being sent up chim
neys to sweep them, and it must hae
been this that induced me to try climbing
up and sliding down chimneys of a house
building near, to the great destruction of
my clothes and of less confluence m
my guardian's cjos bruise and scratches
innumerable on my body and legs 1 now
bee that this must have been about the
3 ear 1STC, when the question of Uilb cm
Dlojment of children was for the last lime
brought up in Parliament and the abomi
nation put an end to. A Parliamentary
committee had been appointed a few soars
before, and this proved up to the hilt the
allegations, of the friends oJ the children
legarding the degradation and suffering
of those employed in this wort. One fact
they stated was that out of SSI children
they had examined oIy si. could write
and twanty-six could reed, thougii iery
To Had the eil. however, in full swine
and unobstructed activity we hae to go
back another thirty jeer, to the time
When Lord Shaltesburj bioaght the mat
ter before Paihanient and earned on a
vigorous crubade until he induced the Leg
islature to pass the chimney sweeper bill
of 1SCO
In that year he stated in the Houe of
CommoHs that to his personal Knowledge
a child of four and a half was being mmU
up dail to sweep chimneys. He had seen,
he said, the little ones when oil" worl.
sleopins;. quite naked, on heaps of soot
They weie never washed, for their owners
baid "What s the good-" The often
uonlracted a loatbome and painful dis
ease, which v.'nt b the name of "sooty
cancer." It vas shown that oei all the
country children from four to eight eai.s
of age were constantly emplojed in thl?
work. The majority of them were orphan"
the rest bartered or sold by brutal patents
They had to be taken joung and trained
to their bideoub woik or pushing their wav
through long, narrow, tortuous passages
choked up with soot. To clean this away
they had to moe up and down by pressing
oerj joint of their bodies again! the hard
and "often broken surface of the chimneys
To prevent their hands and knees from
streaming with blood the children were
rubbed with brine before a M.ioug Are to
harden the flesh. To drive them up the
cliiniuejs when they hesitated burning
straw was applied to their feet, and this
was also found useful to bring them
.iround if the fainted or t-tu'-k in the fiue
That is no fanes picture thai Dickens
draws in the beginning of 'Oipei Twist"
of the sort of masters the children bed.
The reader -will leuiember that Gamfield.
after stunning bis donke to nak- it stano"
still, walks up to the workhouse gate
whereon was a notice that aud OUei
Twist were ottered to aujone who woull
appi entice him to any calling.
Gamflcld lefiects that this would just
suit bim, and steps in before ihe iK.ard to
make his ofter. "If tht parish oukl like
him to learn a light, pleasant
trade in a good. Vpectable
ohiwbley sweepin bizniss 1 wants
a 'iwetitiee and am icadj to lake him."
The board thought a little "It's a naMv
busie." aaid one gentleman Young
boys bate been hmothered in climincjs
before now." said another. "That t aoau3e
they damjHMl the straw afore tbe lit it
In the chlrably to make 'em come down
agin," bW Gamfield, "that's all ymoke
and n blase. vereas smoke m t a no use
at all in mania' a boy come down, for it
oly sends him to sleep, an xbrUj, what
be likes Roys is rj obstinit, an serj
Jatcy. gea'lmen. and there's nothink
llke a good hot blaze to make 'em come
dev.a with a run. It s humane,
teo, geB'lmen. acause. eten if they're
Ktwck in the chtablej. roatin' their feet
makea 'em struggle to hextneate theii--eives."
The board. howeer maintained
that it was a nahty trad" and seeing that
it was i-c thej beat down Gamfield to .
19 shillings, and agreed to gie him Oiitci
with that Such wero the guardians and
masters the children then bad Lstet in
xb earn book, we find Dill Sike aud his
friends complaining bitterly of recent leg
islation which had reduced th supply of
dtmitiutne children that wre needed bj
them in their "business" to put through
the small apertures of the windows to open
far theni the doors of bouses they mean
to rob It wat their custom to hire bos
from the master chimney sweeper at so
much per job.
Lard t"hti.lur fclireelf had a f-allj to
Inty many of tbo boys from their ma-te-s
that ln might reeue them and 1up their
otlucatei and set up in life. He interests: J
other in them and before legislation d'd
icnythtut, man) wcte saved from their t i
nble life But though there were huniai e
men m Uaglaad, it is surprising to learn
how strong was the opposition against ar
legislative interference with the childran't
lot. Petitions were sent to Parliament
againet Shaftesbury's bill The insurant
oarnpauies of London and Other ci'ii-s
cslatnered against it. Pamphlets and at ti
des were written to destioy it and it
needed all Shaftesbury's solemn eloquence,
becked up by the lerribla facts he pro
duced, to obtain a majority in 140.
But though the eil was then scotched
it wan by no means killed. It went oa more
s-eoretly. but now and again the pub k
were startled by hiring of a boy's deaU
in a flue. There Eeemed to ha a, recrudes
cence of the evil about 1872. for in that
year there were several fatalities In Oc
tobsr. 1872. a 1oj was sent up the flue of a
fernery in Staffordehirc. Not appea-ing i:
iifteon minutes, the flue was hattily op' ned
and the boy found dead. Soon after ai
other ,yory similar death took p ac2 at
Canterbury, but this time publii on'iiion
was roused, and the master was senteneej
to sis. months' imprisonment. This had
the most salutary effect. It was seen ..htt
th Iniquity would be no longe- tolerate ",
Mud other jnelhode had to b emplojeJ for
swoeplng chimnejs. The legislsUon of 1876
made that form of child torture and degra
dation a thing of the past.
Another Indention "evded.
(Frew SJie dncese lVt.)
As jwucd !r IwsUi 1 relcd for bib
h1 tMt. eterted 1or tUc (low.
J Mi gaing to telegraph l JUreoui." he r.
tHt4, "ad tell him that aftvr he his prfpttl
Mf wiwitt t trleiJ4iN there is anotlxM held t
iMMlt the siul' uatiiie (or 111 m to iHdr."
"What U HT' flu demanded
"1 wuHt ltiw to devetc 1h iiiMleet to tix in
awtiwi ot a vuicelees curtain lecturr "
What U dnc eamiet be now amended, bat joh
pu mhc on New Vear Iijj- to drink a beer
irtfwnJ of the 19 malt aud Imp. Thercfeie
'4hi make tlii resoluiin let lieuriciiV
itawen. .s.ate. or Ijger lx ixnir -4siee. 'Plione
(St. ArMngtAti Ilmtlbtc; Co., for a caie of
dtertUeinentH under thin head
xtil1 he Inserted Tor nue eenl u wnnl
lor eneli Insertion.
At AVI ED Position a. falesman or collector; will
ins to woilr. Ttox 23, Him ofllec. t.cm
MANTBO B colored man, iranied. 24, place to
-J.-dl:4' dt!!13 wagon, or wik cf anv kind,
sa-hjt "iLem
tVAXTKD By neat jun nun, slaiiy work for
the new year; handy m boue or around
lr; hoiest and sober; csn read and write 0t
y fcW ll.'erii
WANTED By expeuenoed coloitd man, with
ifMnoea. a.iuatioD ai butkr. Addrea CUA.
Adicrttiiciiieiits under thl head
will he Inserted for one cent n tvord
for cttch Insertion.
w ANTED lln not under 10 to work en farm;
mull wago.; good liome. Address Hox J,
thii. oflice; lt'cnl
W.VTK1 tolorcd boy to wait on table and make
himself general! useful. 003 12th fit. nw.
It, cm
AN! Kll Colored lo to work in store and
make himself u-cful; nnit bring reference. .
Appl 10 telcck GOTi I3t!i kt. nw. It
VNTED Kpir:orccd irilk -na,?oii dnxer, with
leference. TAMA)lf.s, 133 V it. nw. jal-2t
NTKU At once, rcttaurant cook, three dish
wjMicis. waitu, two arcfu drncrs, errand
1ma. siHCKI.KrOlilJ'b, soa K ft. nw. It
WANTED Van (ran country, white waiters,
tore helper, diner. -aleman; other positions
open. UshlKNT, 315 12th liw U
WWir.U man cook, with references. Ap
pb gs Pa ate, nw. J-"-2t .
A A XI EI1 White dairyman, $lo pir month;
ocng man to wait tahle; boj to wash dishes.
rnquuc ltj 11th tl. nw. jil-2t
V1KI) "'t men to cut coi-d wood. 1 1! WCIS,
lundotcr. Aid; . L l. It. Jal'St
WANTIII) Knt-rlas pants n.aker; stead cm
lilewupiit. Apph Tailorins Ucpaitmcnt, SAIvS
.e. c de3t-3t
. W WTI.l) IMioble men to delier and collect,
1 -aIan S13 a week swl cpenss Address
j MM lAntiri:!!. P. O. Ho lOJT, Philadelphia,
! Pa de31 3t
W AVI l.l New ear tallrn. slid thcatrecoers to
' weai our full dres suit, wc lue them for
, hue, t'pii Mond until 1Z o'clock. STAND HU
j 1 ll.(iis. onier lth and V ;ts deSl-2t
t NTEI) 20 1m'5 with bic.vcles as me&ngcra.
Mli U01 l5 tt . lusemrnt, after 0 p. in.
dt0 7t
w VXITD To tngace joung regiNtered pbMCian:
cowl apptarstiK-e and dddro-, for pennanent,
5ool ikmiii)!i. mheilifiiig practice; inn-it hae
goiwl rtfi.iK-s Atldrcfb HON 0, thu otlke
di'-m it
VANTi:ii lite first cIoob coattnakcra. App'o &33
15lh t :... del6 tl
lli:i.I WAM'ED-rEMAl.C.
dertIentetilM under this licntl
j nil! he inserted for tine cent a woril
fii rncli itiierlion.
V1ID t otico, neat white Jul for light
Ikki-h ih 0.K) i: ft nw jal et.cia
WAXiriJ (.ill altotlt'li to 10 Jeais old, wlnte,
to atuid t ihild, call at o'iee. Mrs I W.
NEWMN. 7A Jl. itle tt no lt,eni
WANTED-N,it, tidt girl for general lioit.cn oik
in ina11 famil , ook, wah, and iron; ood
let. ieiUtnu. 7'.; ltth st. nw lt.ein
VNTril-owhif lad) !!; nijilKH- and tpe-
w liter, with fair kuottledce of single entr..
Ixx4.ki'pin. work in tegiid to ttpcuntirg liRht,
mrjK t ilotTiM nt t the tiht pi-ii; (.tate
;i. rjnttl. 1J ZJ. I"" o; ice. jai-.i cm
WANTED tJokwed t;itl fot eet.eral iMHwnwiL;
call at wto (Sfl M. nw. lt,m
W WIKD irl lur irrtiPTal !iohvcwW. tinall
funiii : imt la mshu, eilj refertuife "
lth tt. nw. " It
W XTKI Wbitr pill or woman for central
MfcU'cwftik in mull faimh ; referent e re
iiuel. Mm in J.M-. 325 Tollfge' t , IIowarl
t tmi"iti. It
) W NTED Nat -trl, in fannlv of 3 AppV 724
j 11th t. nw. U
i WAVU UC wumn: plain coek. 12; diatHler
j mwmI for Wotfl, girl as nt.re. I.a'juire 103.1
i lttU st. nw. jal 2t
j VNTi:D t.eoel wnan to cool. P20 E st. nw
I It
W VME11-A uoinsn to took and a-cirt in lt
ihc ih1 iiuiiiiu.-, a cood pU for a C"r"l
muni all at 142 J ft n. dc31 3t
W NT! I) Wavlmig ir nmc, or dav wtrk Itfct)
4Mi -t i ihl 8t
i'l I AT1UNN A AM liD l'UMAI.K.
Adwrtiieineiili under this hend
will he luierled for one e-ent n woril
fir eneli insertion.
l Wl! i li K-l mil vonui. place to 'ttol ,
hifli and ii 1) 440 O si ivl 11, em
i-i:m i.n.
W VMI.I) mulioti l neat oloretl niaiiiber-
mail. iMttM-. -ook, es.pneneed -oa hmau.
biitkr, r atur, lefeieneeK. 1013 N r It
lTi:U"HI I 12 N'eat. ielille help, male
and female K)l rill UN At'.ENC . Mi.
Moiit, OJ I. ,! nu dr-31 .4t
AV NTi:n U04MS.
WAVIEU i:Hi ami board in pritat) fatnil.i li
lo ( ui ladies ? 00 pir week ca'h, 111 nw.
Hox 24, tin hKe lt.ein
W N11.D Immediate b. 2 furnished, comimuii'
ating iwoHi". iur ligiu hHikeeiing, Capi-
..! Mill preferred. Addrc- A. 11 1 , Hox 19.
tl ! ottV-e H
WANT Ell Extia Ia.se loom, with etnnfoi tabic
bed; otbei fiunitir.e liniieee-t-are , et cheap
ViMio HQ 15. thU omc-e; 'late pnec. dejl 3t
WVN1ED Warm 100111 m pn?te famih. with
lioaid, pa c20 per month Address 10 IS,
tin orlici. de31 ".
WANTi.D-1i.icc ui.furm.4icd room: !. h. k;
(Hal, ca. 11c. A'Jdies HO. tS, tlu ottice.
WANll.D-ld tei hrhmir or odd lou ef
luuibei of all kn.d, at once, odui-. HON
tl, tjus jjfltce jal St
W eVlFD T. Imi a bt f hot!-! asli- dilre
ell I I! 311 3d rt tie de313t
WAN1I D -I uiiiitme, toies, store flxtuie
1 Kin-- - HOPWOOD, Sth and K sts nw.
deli.' it.Hii
W vrri)-T.i Ihh seisH'd Hand bicycles; good
pruts foi good wheels Call at 717 Oth t
w, drft0t,cm
W VVT1 n llij,bet ca'h price paid for Jadics"
aid jreiit'. ea-t off clothing, drop postal, I'll
al! li fAIMIKS, ISOi 7th st nw dc27-lmu
WVN1ED lIoi'(.i to board, c7 per month S
II KAKNi: Alexandria. a de29 20t
lll'.lll.sT p-itc paid for becord htnd l)ieclca,
al'o taVin on stoi?g. -421 8tb t. nw.
ct;." tf.cm
I ill; sI.K (lieap L.i'krt sleish, in good condi
tion. 21" llHh it. w It.dii
1 OK AI E IrL'h water tpamel pupp-et and
bitch, abo -ockcr rpaniel bitch jn whelp;
registered i-tock, Uicap. l'lsIlEl!, JJ10 Florida
ate. nw de3I-3t
I I.M) in iiHHinung .i-lies lo tell li-jbt blue
j enimc dmr; perfect eoiiditicn, onh es, St
in bii'-t meaMiie. !03 M st. nw dt31-3l
tO'.t si.r flieap, secondhand stone, plate,
door-, tiiin. and iurdwaie. windows complete,
nuiil'K. -(air, lloonng, liidding, aed al'out 150.
001 Rood buck, pplj 412 5th st. ic., or to IUCII
AKDK1N A BritCEsc f.U 4th st. m. de3I-7t
I'OU SM.K Mr-all &Ue do?, white bull dog.
fox tetners. lnglilt pedigree. DI. MM..
l.Q. 215 IJtli st. te. (ieT0 .!t
JCin('i: LE-?33 will buj a .Mo:.aic!i inu
bator in good order, 000 egg bire, if bought
cputk; eo.-l 100. Addrci PO i, this office.
deSO 3t
I tilt J-U.i:-C1iickcruiff piano for SS if sold bv
Jan. i. 2801 Dumbarton ae. dcM.u"
KOI! XU.E Diamonds, watches iewelr; eay
nswiviu; will call with mplet.; r et.
jewelry liotc. Addrert BOX 7, this oflitc.
de0 lmo
WANTED Squaie pianos, for shipment to 1 ur
cotuitn blanches; liberal alloance made in
cc!iang for new upright. Call or write, stating
make of eoui square pi.i.o, I G SMITH, 1'22-j
Pa. ate.
d-30 tf
I"OB SL1. $C for hair mattresses, 111 two parts;
louncea. $2 73; ?G cook and heating stotcs, ?3;
parlor and bedreem s-ute, $1 per week; wc aie
after ftirmshiBE jour house, cash or crtdit. HCD
MOXD. 311 and 313 7th st. nw. de.tf.em
TOR SALE Coke; cen coke, better than cs
coke, $2.C per load; tic. and ., $2.75 per
lead; northwest and southwest o-.den booked at
803 F st. uw.; cah with order. de"-tf
FOR SALE Good quality opaque shades, fitted to
your windows, only 25c.; the best quality
cil opaque shades, SO cents; hung free; trill call
frith t.icpUi KLEEBLATT'S. lltb and II ttf.
te. au21-tl
VATKD uousns.
W'ANTLli To buy. a home in the citj; will make
a good cash pa;mcnt acd also gitp in ex
change a lot in the citv of jtiddietown, X. Y.,
laluedjJtJl.OQOxjiec of Jot Cpxl45; a good chaiics
FOB BENT Two nice fur. rooni3. with or with
out board 018 (5 t. nw. jal-it.em
FOB BENT W ill rent, in pat ment for board of
one person, parlor, small led room, and din
ing room; suitable foi light housekeeping;
fit It sr. mr. Address, stating number in familj,
BOX 16, this office. n
FOB BENT Gentleman deMies congenial room
mate; exi client boaid; reduced rates. 401 C,
st. nw. jal-3t
FOB BENT Back parlor, icwlj funiished, with
pntatc bath and bteain heat, $10. 421 0th
fct. nw dfl'3t .
FOB BEM' Fumi-hed room for gentleman, 10
per month. 710 Sth st. nw. dcSl 3t
FOB BENT Two second tor. furnished front
rooms; light housekeeping; $12. 1123 1" "
nw dc31 ut
FOB BENT Large, warm 100m for two. 207 G
st. nw. lt3l;.t
FOB BENT Comfortable furnu-hed loom C2o4th
St., opposite Peimcn Olficc. dc31 3t
FOB BF.N'T Fin rushed or unfurnished looini. 303
Martland ae nc. di31-3t
FOB BENT Furnished, two communicating
rooiih on second floor; will rent cheap as
11th st. nw. di31-3t
FOB BENT rtirntslied looiu. 211 C st. nw.
dc31 3t
hOB BENT- Furnished or unfurnished room;
a.nglc 01 en mte. 1123 10th rt. nw. Ic31-3t
FOB BENT Niccl.t furntshtd large and small
ronms. on Metroiiolitan iar line. Corner 3d
and 1) sl nw
FOB KENT Elegantb fumisbed room; first floor,
suitable for bedioom aid parloi , beat 1I1U
gas, si3 22b i: Capitol st. dttl 31
rOl! KliNlriirni'iicd " or unfurnished wins.
fcOd Cth st. nw. deSl-St
FOB BI'.NT Furnished rooms, $0 and tfc; heat
and gas CIT2 K t nw deSO 3t
10B BENT Furtudml loom, ith or without
boaid, foi two gentlemen. Applj t-OS 7th tt,
6P di30 3l
FlU K1.N1' Nuelt furni'hed rooiih, $5 jier
month, furn.ee heat, porteliin bath, also
loonus for light housekeeping. 511 0th st. nw
de30 3t
I OB BKXT--121B N st. nw.. seeond and third
tloor ltal; new plumbing 011 each; parlor lloor
suitable for office or litnu rooms. de30 3t
I OK HI.M Two second stort front, nicelj fur
nished rooms; iuriace heat, incandrH:i nt
light, pout am ImUi, for 25 511 fth it nw.
di30 3t
FOB BFNT-To gentleman, small loom, "fl ier
week. 1G03 O tt. nw. de.JO 3t
I OB KFT-Elesant roouu, ne.il furnislied,
painted, and piprfd; heat, ga-, bath. 2 to
$t 111 etond b: nw. deSO St
FOB BENT-Furrilied 100ms, s,' Pfr inonlh 72:
10th st. nw. dc30 3t
Hli! KEVT-Funnlid or unf UT.ish d rcMjm
37 h st nw. de30 3t
IOB BENT Two tonrfoitable parlor 10011H,
cheap, if icnteil at once, at that corj little
honi". J10 ath st. tiw. de.30 3t
FOB KEVr-Furnihcd ioom, with or without
Itoard; K sL. between 9th and 10th Ad
dress BOX 067, thu tlhce. deSO 3t
1 OB BENT One 01 two fiirmdied or unfurnished
rooms; -.fcond rloot, ie.oon.ible. 1410 11th 8t.
,.v de3J 3t
IOB BENT-Niatlt fuirnsiwd second floor room;
cu, home comfotl)-; rent l ier month. Z0J
K st nw. de-WSt
FOB BI'.NT Waim ami ccic room.-; well furniin
cil, gas tnd bath, stifac;orj ratr. 512 1.
t nu dc2S-3t
FOB BI'VT- Comfort. hi" twrmdied ronw, in cle
cant hous, rplciHiid location, beat, ga, and
lutli; reasonable iate '.12 l',i st n.
de20 7t
I OK KFN1 .'. uiifiirri-hed irxmv. parlor, din
111c: 100111, and Kitchen, 011 1st rloor. li at.
.-, and bath: mult papered and painted, tennt
lease liable. 5111 N ( apitol It
IOB BINT Tun tei.t pleasant unfurnished
!OOir. villi Lull. CjII, n-r 7 p m , frc
ond floor, 315 12th rf n , tefereiiccs. dr31 3t
1 OK HI VI Two rofin- equal to three, -cond
tloor frcut. heat aid pas, 1 li k. allotted
alo one ixtia nxin 4"t K tt nu ciSl 31
FOB BFNT-3 111 (uriii&bed rooms on 2d floor, fnr
hotir-kprping 14'j Ih st nv.. dc20 7t
1IB Kl NT Fiont rooiih newlt furnl-hcd.
client bcaid. secial iaie- 401 (. nw jal
COMlOBrtBl.E roons with cocmI loard. for 17
tier month up, cential location 713 12th st
nw. de31 3t
IOB BENT-CcmtortaWc ioohw, will excellent
Itoard. !?! er week; table b urd. ?3 per week
513 1 H m. de3I ot
316 INDIAN V AE. on F st. car Jin, cqipo-ile
JuelK ian quaif, trair-omed roonn, uood
tible ' di-31 lmo
LMiGK room fur two, 3o; Kintlemen preferred,
with board 1017 12tb it d51 3t
W WrED quirt, middle astd couple to lroard
in a quiet southern fainib . lan;e front room
on m-co.h! er third floor, "-aiitlirriitrs jireferred
127 E t im. deSl Jt
P2S N . AMI. NW. f .ir.iepie Hoiwe. hancl-onn
It furnished rctomr-. ami, from - .ip, rirst
lab board. reaomble dell 3t
TAM'lR's MODI.BN" IIOll 1.-Ctntralh located
b4 ! I.a ate, corni r 71h st , rooms i 50 h
week w; inoderalc prices foi lirst rl. table
boaid dciO 7t
IOI.LOW HIE CBOWH ami ton will certainly
"brine up" at the Ceiios, bOt! and SOs 12th
st , sati-fi tour appetite, nit 4. table board,
equal to ant 5G a tterk jn the I nited tate-,
pknlt fr-tt. pule ereaui, ami butter 'teaks and
chop all moiled, ixantiful rooms, a 111 1 .
reasonable rat to transient- P. II MOOUF,
Mgr . 'phrnc 1257. cclS tf
AiaiSTIL MNI.ING LEhSON-: If ton wish to
studt Milium prore-iouallt, or as an aeeom-pli-hmciri,
11 for the lot, of iiiumc, tou can jjet
i-pecial low rates of this proft-ior 111 order lo 01
rnir a jjcod e!ac ttithout delat cldre--s Box
20, this otiice jal "t.cm
Odd Fellows' Ilnll, 7th st nw , Wrdnesdat
and Satunld.t ctennijis do 31 St
II l) BII.I-S collected or 10 durge. II I) GOB
IM)N Latttn. I"""" I' nw Jjl jt
IOB sI.E K breech Iuinim; sIkiiriiii ami a fiue
setter dog; elieap. 41h IO1I1 t. nw. jal 3t
13th and C sts. nw. jal-3t
NLW' "iEAK'S I10II3 wreath'., rope, mistletoe,
trees, ard other Fterjrieens SOl'TIIEBN
EEBGBEFN CO.. "tli and Pa. ate. de30 3t
Danseuse Kesidence and acadomt, 1213 12i
t nw. Learn to walu properlt de"?0 3t
lJO0, visiting cards, 25c for 100; other pnnt-
inc cheap; names on leather goods 121 gold. 25c
each G. E. W1LLIAHS. C15 7th st. nw. de'17-tf
A POBTBA1T bt FBEY in craton, pastel, or
water colors, of a deceased friend 01 relatite;
"ju-t the thins"; on weekh or monthly pat
ments. studio 1409 Howard ate, Sit. Pleasant,
li. C. delt-lmo
JOB fcALE Male canaries from 2.(K) upwards;
goldflfhcs, cats, parrots, doc?, rabbits, etc.
SCHMlD'b BIKD SroilE, 712 12th st nw.
nw. Auj 01 dinar clock cleaned, 50c;
watcbts cleared, COc. up; musical box repairing
aud all other work as low m proportion; satis
faction guaranteed; tend postal, will call for
and deliter fiee to ant part of District,
"VOL ARK throwing money awat if ton get your
papering or painting done before 011 get mj
estimate. 1 will say to all honest people, if out
work is not satisfactorj don't pat for it. BICII
ABD 8. BNEX, 5th and II 6tb. lie.
A LOT of slightlj-worn tailor-made otercoals
at a sacrifice. JLT.llS COHEN", 1101 7th st.
nw. de5-lmo,em
1ULL DRESS SUITS for hire,
COHEN', 1104 7th st. nw.
FOB I.U $1,100 for 1002 X. .1. ate. Re.; lot
20x130, with stable; brick house, 8 rooms and
Capitol et. dc2- 4t
IOB SU.K A bargain, 1331 Linden st. ne., half
square from ears; just completed; 0 rooms
and bath: a. m. i.; wide paied alle ; Grano
lithic sidewalk; 6inall cash pat ment: balance
$25 per month. Applj to owner, PEBCY H.
BL-SSELL. 120G G st. nw-. dc23-7t.em
it ,..,, . : ' I
tt ANTtIChjaictfor8ecpnd-hand bictcles.
Itcnl Estate Uroker jwitl Auctioneer.
9 1 7 F Strict N. W.
917 Sth st, f li. Or, lot 19x100 ft SS.000
82 and 84 Octrees et. b li, 7r, a m i (each).. 3,200
140U to 1413 30th. Sr, batb and .1 m i (each). J.twJ
1425 9th, I h, Gr, lot 14xU4 ft 3-"
i0l"G 2d. f h. Or. large porch "
1437 5th St. f h. 5r. lot 12 4xS0 ft L'00,
1412 17th, b h. 12r, lot 25x140 ft offer wanted
2121 Sth, f h, 5r, lot 20x112 ft offer wanted
33D N, b h. flr ad bath ?2-'
418 lUth, b h. 4r and back building .
342 and 344 M, t b'e, Cr each, stable (both). 2.
301 K, f li, ht and dttg, br f3.200
622 15th st, b h, Or, bath and .1 111 l zr'
727 16th st, f li, Cr, lot 23x82 J.'W
1130 5th, b li. -2 storus, 2r. lot ISxIOj ft.... MM
115 II st, b h, lOr, bath and a 111 i $W'VQ
2ftf A, b h, llr, bath and a in 1 '-''000t
21s X J ave, b 1 Hr, bath and ami..... WJ
luiciscctiou 0 iti;inia ate and 1 6t, 5,571
q ft , with uupiovemcnts, renting for
M2 per month O-001
810 N C ate, b h. Or, bath, a m 1.... 5.001
333 F, b li, or and a 111 1 i0
321 and 32.4 1), b h's, Or each (each) 3,000
1304 3d st, b h, fcr. lot 18 5x100 It '2.401
41ri L, f h, Cr, lot 25x03 tt l.'W
1112 K, f h, 3l, 20x102 ft 1.5W
111! X J ate, b b, Ir 1.500
710 lth st. nw , Cr $22 50
22a F st. n.v,Cr 20 55
123 -ttli si nw., or IS 40
019 I st. ne , Or 10 SO
219 lOlh st s , lOr 15 00
209 5t'i tt se , 5r 14 30
liOo Kirbt st. nw., 7r 11 W
920 21th at ha.. Or 12 0-)
14 Shenherd's Allet ntt , li : 'W
7S G tt. ne, 4r C 30
sroKEi?. oi'i'icr.s, irrc.
Store ard dwtllirg. M)12 14th st. nw., lir..50 01
Hall, thud floor, 419 10:h st. nw S3 03
Store and dwilling, 101 K gt ne , 7r 25 00
Storeroom and part of cellar, CJ0 9th nt.
111 23 (W
'tore ind dwelling. 1210 lllb st, se.. Or.... SO 00
stable ard -hp rear 1117 K et nw 10 00
Booms in Central lildj; ....
Boom? 111 Gunton bldg .
Stable tear 419 UMli -t nw 12 in
Stabb rear 493 C st Mt 10 00
Call al office for seiai-mojilhiy Buileiin
FOB KENT-1402 Cth st nw . 10 rooi.'s, ami;
Itrlfti condition, oiiij ?2o W 1' JllTt Ml.
130. F t. nw. de'i-if
I'iiii iti;.NT vi, vrs.
IOB KFNT-3122 llth t rtt . 5-rcom flat, hot
water luat. tlctttic light, unit ?"-0 W'. I
MinCXLF, liHJ F tt. dc-31 tf
FOB BENT 5 room flat; a in 1 , bat's tard and
shed, good section, near ears, uc. Address
BON 5, this office. deSO St
IOsI' Dec. 30, pair of gold spectacle Lilieral
rcwjrd if leutind to 1110 N. . ate.
LOST -A gold lock lu-acelct, with the name ' ir
gie" on the lock. riujnl gum if returned
to 700 G st w jjl-3t,em
LOST White ard brown female dog, with collar
on Betuin to 215 41 st, nw , and reieite if
ward dc3l-3t
LOal Fair glas-cs on ice IwHiind Honuiiie.it Be
ward if returned 10 417 0th st nw dc31 3t
lOLND Ice cream pure and drlicioui. 70c pe-
callon l.ACh ( KLAlihRt Cu.. 107 N. V.
trr nit 'PIiinr 2HS1 Jr27-tf
The Columbia
Guarantee Company,
613 FSt. N. W.,
fa the ehcapet place in tne city to borro.v
monet on furniture, punc?, etc , no rernoral.
publicit;. r delay Loan can run from one to
twelte ii.onlLs. Charge jou onl.t fur the time
tou t.cep 11 Costs nothing to inttigate our
method Ccmc and sec us before closing tin
where Private cilice Business confidential.
Columbia Guarantee Company,
613 r St. n. w.
To loan on furniture, pianos, etc . w.thcut re
inotal or publ.city and the daj jou a-k for it.
We will loan anj amount making time and pay
ments to suit, giting one month or one tear a'
tou deire. and at rates tlat jou can afford to
pat If tou now hate a lean with an other
compant and dcirc more monet, gue u-. a ealL
Will as cheerfiillt make a jlO loan aj 100. acd
no charge or expense if loan is not made Alwtys
readj and will ng to gue information regarding
rate and methods to secure loan We are the
oldest loan n mpant in the city, and will give
jou lionet t-irtmcnt All business ttrittlj coa
fidertiul Pntatc cfFcc
Washington firlortgags Loan Gj.,
GtO F btrc.'t N.'.i'.
Loans or JIO ki-hmtmie.
j riA.Mib. iioitsns,
Wagcns, etc, at lowes rates and on Ibe day
jou applt W'e are loamnc on tlie Bmldirg and
Loin -Wociaticn p'ati, which makes tit ecu ol
earning loans rrueii lew thsn jou paj elc
wl ere acd allows yoa o pat it off in anj sued
note ton deire. running from one to twelve
month 'iou onl paj for the use of money foi
the length of time tou rarrj it. If jou hate a
loin with seme oilier companj we will paj- It
off and adtance jou more moi.cj if desired Bate
cheerfullj gncn and no cost to tou tinier loan
is mad- Loaitt made anywhere in the Ditrkt.
Call and get rates Front room, first floor, Sci
entific American Building
National Mortgage Loan Co
65 F Street N. v
Hoiisehoid Furnifura,
FIN"OS, ETC., without removal from your po
seion, or en warehouse nceipt". Anj amount
from $10 up 011 lor.g or short time and at lowest
rates of mtcicst. Wvc ?rc the only prpperly-or-ganired
loan company, and it will paj jou to ne
gotiate a loau through u. No trouble, delay,
or publicitj. Offices pritatc. Loans made in
anj part of the citj.
Boom 1, Warder Building.
Corner Ninth and F Streets N W.
Money to Loan
Household Furniture, Pianos, efc.
If jou are in need, of money, we desire to in
form'jou of our new method. -W'e cm secure jou
a loan on an casj" monthly paj ment plan, at less
cost than eter before and below tl'c rate of any
other company 111 the citj". You can pay in full
at anj time after the loan is secured, and it will
oiilj' test jou for such time jcu hate had the
monej. Our business is strictly pritate, and all
applications are treated cor.fldentiallj-. If jou
bate a loan with anj other concern jou can se
cure a loan through us to paj' it and get more
money if desired. It mil pay on to call and cc
us before going elsewhere. IVi arc readj at any
and all timc5 during office hours to gite informa
tion concerning our business methods, and you
will receltc courteous treatment.
aplS-tf C02 F St. N. W'.
MONEY TO LOAN at S&, 34, 4. and VA pel
cent, in sums of $1,000 to $10,000 on O. O.
real estate; paj' off 5 and C per cent mortgages
and begin anew; all transactions conducted with
economical consideration for borrowers. WM. II.
SAUNDERS & CO.. 1407 F st. nw. jjl-tf cm
WANTED To borrow, w0 for 45 dajs, at once;
will gite $10 for the ue of same; good se
curity. Address BOY CC0, this office. de.TO 3t
Rooms 40 and 44, Jlctrerott Building, 1110 F st.
MONEY loaned salaried people and retail mer
cnanis upon tneir own names, witiiout se
cuntyj asy pajments. TOLMAN, Room 43, 003-
rosTorncn notice.
Should be read dailj', as changes mat occur at
anj time.
rOBEK.N MAILS arc forwarded to the port3 of
failing dail', and the schedule of clo-iings is ar
ranged on the pfesumptlon of thefr uninterrupted
overland ttansit. For the wee"; ending 3ifTUary
0, law. the I9t connecting closes will be made
from thii office as follows:
TrniiH-Atlantlu .Mnllx.
Tfi:SI)A" -(c) At 0:13 p. m. for EL ROPE, per
ts. s. Net. ork, from New York, via South
ampton. (c) At 11.05 p. m. for ITALY, per s. s.
F. Bismarck, from New York, tia Nilples.
Letters must be directed "Per a. s. F. Bis
marck "
(c) At 11:05 p. m. for BELGIUM direct,
per b. s. Kensington, from New York, tia
Antucrp. Letters must be directed "Per s. 3.
1'uiMngtnn "
(c) At 11.03 p. m for AZORES ISLANDS
dinct, per s. t. Spartan Prince.
WEI)M.blAY-fb) At 7 13 p. m. for EUROPE,
per s. s. Kaiser William der Grose, from New
ork, tia CheilKmrg, Southampton, and Bre
men. Letter fur FRANCE. SWITZERLAND,
I'fiM'T. and BBITI"!! 1NDIV murt be di
rected "Per . s. KaUtr W'rn der Grosse."
(b) At 7 1 p 111 for FRWf K. SWITZER
KEY. FC."i IT. and BRITISH INDIA. er s. .
La Normapctie. fiom New ork. via Havre.
Lctterr for other paiU of Kl ROPE mu't be
directed "Per s La Normndi."
FRID (c) At 11 0 p m for NI rilr'RLW'DS
direct, jht s . Wrrkrndani. f'om New York,
tia Rotterdam. Letters must be directed
"Per k W'ri-kendsm "
(c) At 11 Oi p. m tor KUROPF. pr s s.
Germanic, frnin New irk tin (ueen'town
(c) At 11 a", p. m for N'ORU'.U direct, per
s. 'Inuigtalla, from Nett- ork, 111 Chris-
liania leltrit 1'iUct be directed "Per . s.
Thirgtalla "
I'RINIi.D MXTTHf. CTf -Germin steamer
railing firm Ntt ork en T-H-dat take Printed
Matter etc. for (,HIMiV. and j)eeial!j ad
ilrsid Prmleil XIaiter. etc, for othfr iwrts of
menan and Ulii. Star t'MT siilinr from
New York on WirKlti)4, (.Vrroan rtramern from
N'ett ork cm Ttiu'-4ajx, and Cnnard, French, and
tinman temem from New Wk on SHtttrcIav..
tiik,. I'rlnUil ViatttV. ete . for nil eauntnas fr
v. hiili tlift are itdttilNrd tn rjrrt mih
31ails for S. 11 tli timl Central A;mTlcn.
"Ve-.t I tl tli (.- , !:ic.
IIIMJVj fb t l Ji p m fo. JMICA. per
stiamrr fiom liclun
(O At 11 ft", p in f.,i ( 1TRL MEBIC
x.pt ota Kim) iM H Tli 1'UIIB
PORs, per . . trim, from New ork.
ia Colon letters in i.l TI.M LA m't
be direitiel "Per s l-irae"
(t) At 11 p m tor POKTO RICO, per
U s. Tranrl, ft-.w ew NorV, tia San
fc) At 11 a; p rr for IVAGU and HAITI.
al-o'-wrv Mltrfl. per 1. a. iliiHia, from
New 'it.rk.
(t) Vt 11 5 P m for ( MPKCHB. CHI
PVS TUcfO. and LCTAV. .n .s
Orlzcba, fn m Nttt ork. via l'rogreo. Let
ter for other part' of MEMCO mo't le di
iMteil ' Per Ori7la "
WLDN"IDY (e) At 11 05 p m . for JVMAICX,
per steamer, frem I'hiladi Iplna
(V U 110 p in t.r !II-RUD, T
WINDWVRD If NDi. fKr h. s Madura,
frm N.v rk Itten fur GRE.NADV,
TRINIDAD, and PORTO RICO. ia San Juan,
imi-t Ih- direrted "Per s. a Madiar.a "
(c) t 11 05 p m. ff.r NVU, V P.
and PROUNIE OF sNTIl.O, Ct B , ner
k. Saratoga, from New ork
IHUHMU (c) Xt 11 05 p m. for BRAZIL di
rect, per s BufTon, from New York, via
PirnaiiibiKo Bahia. and Bio Janeiro Letters
imi't b direeted '"Per Buffn "
(e) t 11 i5 p 111 . for II UTI. per s s
Oianj Vc-ait. fn m New or, u Port an
Prince. c!i Caiv. and Jaunel Letter-i for
I-II and DITCH GUIN" miut be directed
"Pei Oisnjf Nj'sau "
CO At II 01 p m . for .1 M VIC . per
f Yirsa froiM New 'Sorl- letters must be
directed "Per s Krna "
FRIDAY-(0 t II tti p m. for XFAUOUVD
I.ND. iier s t arthagtman, from Phila
del phi a
(c) l 11 05 p in for BKBMUDV, per
it Trinidad frm New 'Vorl
r) Vt 11 1-I p m . for Hi'MUNE ISLWD'.
JBFTOWN. ier s g Alen-. from New ork
Lf iters f-r COr RIf imiet be directed
"Per Viene "
(e) U 11 03 p m . for PORTO RIf O. via
San Juan. ( I R CAO and VFNKZI'LLA 'm
.VMU airtl ( VRTIIVCENV. tia Cura
eao, jier Cataea-?. fr m New Vork
(r) t 11 'o m . fcr I V PLVTV COUV
TRIl.b direct, ier s. Arramoor. from New
)t 11 05 p id . for NTEVTTVS. GIB VR V.
r Cunttbij. from Nw 'Vork
(c) At 11 05 p in. for PORTO RICO, pei
s t. Arkadu, from New 'Vork, via Ponce.
I.rlfi- mib-t tt direetd "Per - Ariadia "
SUNIMV-fb) Vt 12 00 m. fr -T ITKRRE-
VIKJl M.ON er -tmmer from Nerth atnnet
Mail fcr NEWIOINDLVND. bt rail to Nirth
"tdctt, and thence tf.t steamer, clo hre dailv
etctne -umli at 12 00 in . ami on snndats on';.
it II 30 a m Cd) (h)
Mails for MIQII'LON. bt rail i- Uo-ton. and
thence tu steamer, close here daily at 3:13 p.
in (d)
( I U V M V1LS clo here via Port Tum. Fla .
-Nundai. Wedne-daj-'. Thur-dajf. and Fnduji". at
J SO p in (f)
u Miami. Ha . Mondays, Tuedat, and atur-dat-,
it 10 80 . m Cf)
Vails for J1L1( O oter'and nnles peeiailv
addifsed for dc-patih bt rtenmer- ailmg fr 111
Nett Wk. clfre here datlt -i. 10 30 a 11, aid
10 fn p m. (k)
TFZ. and GUTI-MVLA. bv rail to New Orleans,
and thence tia teamer. dtn-e here daily at in OJ
p m , the connecting close for which belli.;
hundats ard Tiu-daix f. r CO-TV IMCV ami M n
3t fi r BEI.I7I" 1'1'HITO ( ORTE and Gt VTE
MALA fe)
TIlll-!,eItl HjiiIh.
Mails for t HIN V JVPVN II VW VII. ard
PHILIPPINE 1SI VND1- tia san Francisco, ck
Iiere dailt rit 6 V p m up to laniurj I, m
cliwite for depteh ier f.ae u
Mails fcr IIVWAH. tia -an I"aacico, clcs
here dailj at C 33 p. m , up 1 Januart 3, inclu--ne.
for "dn-patch f r s s. An-traha (o)
Mails for CHINA. J VP.VN II VW VII. and
PHH11TTNE IM.AM-. tia -an lraui- ). close
here dai't at 0 33 p. m . up to lannirt 11 in-elu-ite.
for despatch per s s Hongkong Mara,
Mail-, for II VW VII. tia Seattle. !e-e hrc dailv
at 6.33 p m . up to Jimiart II. lnelusite, fur
despatch per s s. Ilioerafnntcia (o)
MjiU for TRLI (ee pt West Vustralia).
Isl.VND-. via San Fran.-'i. lo-e here dail at
C S3 p m. alt.r December 30. and up to Jan
nart 20, irclusite, for despatch per s s. Moana.
Mills for CHINA and JAPAN, via Ajnconver,
cIcj lure dailt at 0:13 p. m., up to Januarj
23, induce, for depatch per s. . Empre of
Japan (o) (Registered mail mist be directed
"Via Vanccrtfr")
Mails for SOCIETY I STANDS, tia San Fran
cisco, close heie dailj" at C-'l p m , up to Jan
u.Ti 20. ir.clusite, lor dcpittli bj shiji City of
Pa licit 1 (o)
MaiN for VI STH MI V fexcrpt West Autralia.
tthieh goe tia Europe, and New Zealard. ttbieb
goes tia San Fianci-co), HAWAII and FIH INL
ANDS, via Vancouter, elrwe here dailt at 6 33
p. m., up to February 3, lrclusne, for despatch
per 0 s. Mwwrn. (c)
Vail for COCHIN CIIINV arc fo.tvarded to
New York for connection with European steam
er PHILIPPINE IS1ANDS (Military Mail), des
patched to San Francisco at all closes for that of
fice, to connect with fJoternment transports, the
sailings of which are irregular
(b) Registered mails clov at 1:00 p. m. same
(c) Registered mai's close at S.M p. m. "came
(d) Registered mails c!a?e at 5.00 a. m. same
(f) Registered mails close at 1.00 p m. pretious
(Ii) Registered mail3 cloe at 12:00 p. m prcv.
ious da j.
(k) Regi-tcred mails close at S 00 p. m. previous
(o) Registered mails clcse at 6:00 p. m. previous
JOHN A. MERRITT. Po-tmaster.
FOR SLE 30 tikes cicar and confectioner:
ttill intoicc 125. NEW' YORK BFi-INLsa
BROKERS. 1000 F. jal-3t
I OR SALE Orcceo : montlilr sale?. 3,000: ac
cept intoicc; retiring. NEW' lORK BL'SI
I-OR SALE Lunch room, near F, clearing $100
monthlf. for $350. NEW YORK BL SINKS:;
BROKERS, 100j F. del 3t
FOR SALE Ot iter licuc, 75. SO; Pa. av. sc.
dc31 3t
LUNCH ROOM for $-70 cash, between notv and
Jan. C; ottner lcavinc; city; investigate. :"5
IStli et. ne. deSO 3t
OPPORTUNITY offered vtill bear full intesti?a
tion to part.t ttith $1,000. Address BOX 3,
thii office. deSOGt
COLLECTION BUREAU Room 3, S02 Pa. ave.
nw.; accepts debt; all Kinds; local and for
eign claims. dcLO-Ot
HOTEL DEWEY, at Chesapeake Beach, for ions
lease; unfurnished; snap for the rijlit person.
OWXER, 1015 lttli st. nw. deiS-7t
THE finest t'.cck stttem in exinecce; large
assured income and guaranteed principal.
"STOCK BROKERS." 1'. O. Bos 1351, N. Y.
FOR SLE Clentlimcn'it Columbia. 5S; gent's
Eclipse, $!); Rambler, c3; bot-', BirU', and
ladles' ttheelj, ?3 up. CYCLE EXCIUNG 1710
Baltimore & Ohio
Scheie In effect December 24, 1303.
Leave Washington from itation e-orner ot New
Jersey Avenue and C Street.
For Chicago and Northwest, Vesttbuicd Limited
trains 10.15 a. m., 8.05 p. m., daily.
For Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Indianapoli.
Express, 10:55 a m Vtstlbuled Limited S:10 p
in., express 12.03 night, daily.
For Pittiburg and Cleveland, 10.33 a. in. aa
S 30 and 11.55 p. in., dailv.
For CoIumlu. Tol-do and Detroit, li 03 at;itt
f'or W'Ir.chttrr and way statieas, S5 a ih
anil 3:40 and ." 30 p. in.
For Luray, 3:40 p. m. dailj-.
For Baltimore, week days. x2.35. 5:00.
x7:05, x7:10, x?.30, 8.35, x0:30, slO a m.
xli.Vj n., li:15, xl:15, xS.OO. x3.3n, x4ri. 4:35
x5 03. x5:10. x5.30, ji8.2P. C 30, xS 00, xlO'.l
xll.J'i, xll.H p. m. Sundav, x2-3.t, x".V
x7 10, 8 30, xO.OJ a. m. L!.05, Iu, l.L
Z.fjQ, 4.3. X3.05, X5.10. 0-30, xS.OO, xM.t
sll 30, xll.33 p. m.
For Annapolis, 7.10 and 8 35 a. to.. 12:15 act
5.30 p. m. Scndays, 8.30 a. m, !: p m.
For Frederick. .e.k dajs. a 33. 10 53 a in.
4 ,30, 5 30 p. m. Sundaj-, 9 00 a. m , 1 VI t. m
lor Hagrrstown, 10.35 a. n and 5J0 p m
For Boyd and way points-, wek lays, S.J.
a. m., 4 30. 5.30, 7.05 p. in. Siaday, .00 a. w
1.15, 7:03 p. m.
For Gaithereburg and way points, week days.
13 a. m.. 12.50. 3.00. 1.30. 4"S. 5.30. 7.96
II 25 p. in. Sundaj, 9 00 a. m., 1.13, 4:3. 7 5
10-13 p. ra.
For Wa-hirgton Junction and wav point
week dajs, S 35 a. m., -4-20, 5.39 p. m. Sumiaft
ICO a. m., 1 13 p. m.
Ilojnl liluc I.tne.
All trains illuminated with PhU.-h btekt
lor Ballimore, Pbiladelphia, Nw Yrk. Bt
and tlie Eat. week days, 7 95 Dtar. 3
(Buffet). 10 00 (Diner) a. in . W.0S (Diawj
113 (Diner). 3 00 "Bojal Imitd." Ex
lu.ively Pullman Train. DHNT Uar. 3 0
(Dining Car). 8 00, 11 30, aad 2:S5 Jrt. C"
ing Car open at 10 uo !). SsMttoya, 7:t4
0 00 a m . 12 B5 nori. I 15 Dmit Crs t-
5 06 Dining Cars. S 00, 11 30. and 2 M mskt
(sleeping Car open 10 4)0 'elsk).
Parlr Cars in all dav traiMS
Fur Atlantic City, 19.10 a. in., 12 05 noon, and
1 IS and 3.00 p. in. wee& c!a. HM noa &M
For Cape May, week dys. t 96 ad 1:15 n. m
Excpt Sixtniy xExpres Irate.
Baggage e j lied for and cheeked (rem hot
nd residences bt" I won Transfer Co on octler
Vft at ticket oifiees, 619 Pennylrami Avrou
V W" , New York Avenue awl 13h Street, aad a
2d V P acd Gen Man Mgr. Pa- Trafflc.
Sailing Wedn-davs at 10 a. m.
Ktery Wednesday at 12 noon.
Piers 14 and 13. N H -Oifk-e. 72 tiroadtray, N. Y.
Phi'adelptu Oiiice 305 337 Walnut St.
Or VV. G. MOiS. .rent, at S3ndcu Stajnan's,
1327 F rt. rw.
ii:Rio vi.i.
Cor. 12th i
2nd F Sts. '
Oldest in cgs; longest located:
Regular graduate two schools; i
Authorized by the District Govemmerl (o treat
A'.ldi-ca-e-of thcNo-e TWat a-d Luiigs IItr
Nerto Bmir- lilood, ?ia Metneh Kidi ., mxl
ICiyldce N.ght Ii.e, fexusl We;Sne aBd ad
vlccial Diicsef cither scs. Stricture anwcrt3
sipj HfdroceV cured wilj,i.ttutli.igr roprratinn.
No paii No loi oi iiiic'. A jrrrort and er
intneiitcuregtiaran!eel Snypbiliai'v tfcftV uml
for Ufc without mercury cr potts h. yoe'puiHre,
Di! f OSitv Hours 10 to 1 ar i U 6. uodaj '
lo to 12
Dr. Leatherman,
EXPERT SPLCIALIST In the cure of al! prints
dbcue. Htdrocele, Yancocele. Stricture. Im
potency, and SluLtic Disease postti.ely cnrcL
Advice and consultation free. Both texn. Dally,
3 to 12, 2 to 5, Tucsdaj. ThursJaj, and sitarday.
Lvecic;j. 7 to S.
C02 tf Street Xort yvctt.
iac$ed Sunday )
' MctiNsr1
317 Sxih -t-
Cured Before Paying.
Our FaeiLirt j'd bil t D h - ale
Thu Plan
F'pcciallt 111 the cur if piiva e !i i-s.
j M (.lull-, etrn tore, iropolew v atarrh .
iVfinflirf "" cnrel ih J la j
lUplUH. b Bew letm,,,! fa,,.,
TRl h wild en ciw- wet-. m.
Ca'l for RfFFBENCK"
1-idt 111 attPftdiiH-e
HOI ! ' to fi. Tne- . Thur-f . .1 I .
( until S, Simdav. 10 to 1.
MVK DAA I". lmrn elzinovant and card reader,
tella abect bunne, removea spells and etil
iiifiiuRce, reunites ihe separated, and give luck
to all, cures plies and drunkennca!. 122S 'ZMU st.
ntf. deO-Inio
Removed t
3J4 Ninth Street N. W.
Money isancd en diamond?, watcbea, iewelry,
etc U ly
in obtetrics. Cold cicdal awarded for the ekact
of ebstetnes from the Ln.versity of Iumch. B
taru. Treata succe3$fulij nosen'e complication:
anu irregularities; pntaic sanitanym lur ladie
before acd djnng conflnenirnt. Infants adeptrd.
Oriics houri, 2 to C p. cu C13 Ta. ave r.w.,
Waihinptcn. D. C. aelO-tf
00c r st. x. w.
Cold fillmss asd bridge work a tpccialty, at
tliir lowest prices; amalgam rllliri:, 5tc, full setj
of teeth on plates, $5; extneting, either by gu
cr local spray, sbsolutely painlcsi, iOc; with
- ,i .. 1 . 1 ..
cur, sac; u won. uonr uj cijiins ami guar
antecd tbe Lest; open on Sundays from 10 to -J
mhX2.tf-em I
Dead trnce and Fjlrr.Lt, tells even thins in
tour life, trj tour luck, 50c up. 302 Pa. arc
' d 51 3t
A WASHINGTON bitsine nWH, aged ), wealthy,
rehned. and good lookinr. de-ires to corre
spond with yours lady net cvrr SO with a vww to
matrirr.ont ; must lie will idueoted -ind Ii?;h
social position; no tri3ers. Addret. BOX 17. this
offii e. df3L.it
SIML. B1TTA. tard Bender. jor fortnne n.r 10
and lccntr; ettra reading, 25 eerrts fll 4tii
st. mr. deSl-
CYreY PALMIST lias returned. 302 7th at. nw.
10c; trait up. Hours, 3 tilt 9 p. in.
EXJO yourseltts for tin U Yrrus w-eet; jou cun
ate lots of monc bt calling on us for an
elegant ciwtom made suit or an overcoat that is
jivt a little ttcrn, for such 11 little monev that
will make ;ou happy. JL'Sni'S OLD STAND,
010 D t. dc26-7t
1-OB SALE Tito hor-. ttjgon. and harne-; m
reasonable offer refiucd. 10S Center Jlurket
j a Kit. cm
FOB SLE Fine tounjj licrse. souid and xentle;
suitable for busises wajron or carriage, alio
hanifri and buggy. 113511 St. ce deSO 3t
FOB SALE Crrcat bargain, 12 head of bores and
marcs, ranging in age front 5 to 0 jcars.
weight WO to 1,400 pounds, suitable for an
businrs and no reasonable offer refit-ed Call
212 4',i tt. n-v. de2C7t.em
COME IN and do jour typewriting. 10c per hour,
preliminary iiMtriittinii free; typewriters rent
cd lor practice at low ratre, delivered to jour
home; bes't prai'r . f trj'ewritT ribbons, 75c : W
per dozen. NEW MAN'S T PLW R1TER AGEM ,
w s
iff. 1 fling
PRESS Parlor and Dinins Caw Harrisburr tt
man Sleeping1, Dining. Sraolcica:. and Obirva
tion Cars Harriiciiirp to Chicaco, Ctoelnatf,
Indianapolis, SL Loui,. Clereland, and Toledff.
Buffet Parlnr Car to Ilarnstrarc;.
10-49 a M FAST LIN'b Ptrilmaa Buffet Parter
Car to Uirruburir. Buffet Parr Car lUrfti
hur? l PitULurt;
t&) i: it CHICAGO AND ST. LOU13 BA"
PRRfcSSleepinjt Car W'a-hngton to !. hmk.
ktKl Sleeping aid Dinis? t-ars Hafrtsbwt: ta
IiMNaNapoiu. St Louu. Louirvitle (via Cintjn
natl), a ltd Cbica;o
T:29 P M WESTERN FXPRESS Prdlman Sleep
in; Car to Pittsburg and Ctocag. Dimes Car
to Chicago
rnan Sleopin? Carj HiMistM te PittetMCS
and HarriKiHir; to St Itnt. Cleveland, arf
I.'antrillp, tu CiHCMinaU and LewtevWe. Din
ing Car.
10--M P M PACIHC RXPRK8S Poitaaaa Steep
ing Car to Pitt-Wsf.
7.55 A. M. Foe Kane. Caaandafswa, Raahester.
and Niagara Falls, dairy, eupt SavAaf.
10.50 A. SI. I or Elnwra and ReM felfe. ex
cept Sunday For W illi asfrrt dily, O0 P.
7:W P M. Fr Wimaiwpft, RMettr, Me.
I!nffa!e, and NiaKra Fall-t daily, nravjtt Sat
urday, with Sleepw? Car Wa.MMi M H
10:40 P. M For Erfe. Cacaofafeva, RrfMSr.
Buffalo, and Niagara. Falla Aily. VtKM
Sleeptwr Car WakMtM l ocMJr W
day3 only.
For lMiiliicleliihla. Netr YorZf, and t!io
dail. all Farter Caw. wiHi iHnin? Ca
Ba)tuMre Regular at 7 ft) (DiaiaK C, ?.
7. aw. 8 15, 9 07, 19.0-1 (IHm Car), and UJB
(Miuoi; Car tram UilMuwtoB) A it, B.44.
3.15, 54 (Kmibk Cw hem fetttfcnareV .3fc
19. MdllM P. M. On SHKtey. 7 M (M(anc
Cr. 7'J. 8 15 !80, 11 W 4liBimt far fcom
Wilmington A M. 12.15, 3.15. 5.4W (BWnc
Cat from lUliiwore). S jO, 0. innt 11 341 P.
M. Fr Philadelphia nttiy. hxfn, P. M.
week iy, M. ami W P. M ily.
For Bwtoa. without change, ".Si A. M. wees
ay hh4 5 99 P M. ffcily.
Fr Kaittmorr. M. T 90. 7 W. 7.. &15, m
. M5. 1100 M. Iil3, IS-tti. MLM
t 01. 3 t'. 136. -Lt. I Limited). 4 28, 4.31. 3.03.
5.4V. 1.. S.5C. 7jJ. W, l. M.39y aMl
113 P. M. Ob tnxfctt. 7 an. rm, s.. ..
9.IK, MM, HOB M. 12.15. IS. itu lA
3 SB. 4 m. (I.imit. 4 2. 3.4M 5.-J. .. M
7.39. Kt-Oft. )U.MU H4I' M.
For Pfie' Creek La-, 7: A. M. jmd M P, M.
Hk dJ1
Far Annapoin, 7 4 9-W A. M , aSOt ati
2:40 P. M. ?. . duaabfS, M A.
awl 4 JO P M
Z9Tts for 1 oniJu acd p4M n AtbnW OaHt
lAae - A M . 3 P M 4t KltHwwi
ohr. n 45 A. M. w rfay.. Atfoate Spal.
vw RKhrroBd asd Aboard Air Lame. 9 S
M. ir cc-i.raodtiOfl for Quatc, 7s
A. It daity ami 1 i P M. week days.
beailure Connection"!.
For Ulaat. Cm fia Delaware Rier MiHhjr.
all rail raMte;. 3.15. 4 ft. (' CoSTesora4 Urn
ited"). and 11.50 P. M Jry. ria Mie4efi
Street Whatt. HLW Mi II t M , U.4S V.
J4. twek 4a. J 5 P M daiiy
Tot Cps M 11.90 V M week t, n.59 P. Mi
Tiviet ake. eetner FMteewth and J htnefet
aoI at the la:rn, Sittl. and l Streets. w
orders tan be left tor Hie .IfHlu? of kgsfr
to efifion hem lSfls aJ fojldeneex.
Telphcr- call "1M1" lor Peiflaia ;.
read Cab Senr e .
J 3 mTtfilNON. J R- WXM.
Ceaeral Mar2r Owcral laesfe Ageat.
Southern Ry.
'Vfeehi.'e nt ect December H. 1S)
Ait traios airitt abd la 1'MMfafrlraHta Fi
aenger stauon
8rtt A AL Da'y. oal tor 3aavtli, Gkz
lotte. and nr saKi rMB"- a MmwosO dV
lor Straitwr-, liM-recclm. aod staoataa Oaaiy.
except Sttwday, and at t-rmtututfi with the JoiIte
and Western dailt. and n.'li I. S: f. K. K. ar
Nas iral Bridge uailt ad Len.Drtc dM y,
cent stimd) , also lauseiia at Ca.tUoa tut War
rentoB. 11 15 A. M Daily, the tITED 9TVB FAS
MAIL, PoUaiMi te-per fk aorf
Htctaa to Jcfc-.iS:v dai.ua; at Sanafeufji w4ki
lNl!mn sleeper tot AsiirnUV ad MM Cpoma,
N. C , Haowilk. t hMlaoga. J Xawaflia.
Te . and at CkarMte itli Putiaaaa. Slaef for
Angtieta. ttanett a: ( ob-wbi with Litffpor far
Ctarlrtr PalaK.B leeer. x Torh New
Uiieaa. uattuw; at CS aie4te iti PaRaaati Sttmp
lor a; Ufa otw irata. ttaaifcagtua) w ae M
letBi wi.uoct cfcaaajr Buuap Cat soreiaa.
11 JO M iiiy, la tor ChMrlattcsvdlt.
conBetting' a ta-Ivertoa roc Warteaton.
4 1 P M Local for Frcat Nttval, SUaeiHH?.
and liarrisoakw?, daily, except swtrfay.
4 30 1 M B"j. local tor 45karlaeYtIr.
. anc a at I a-lMnfan for Wa.rrentei.
J j V SI -!. NE m AND IU4MfhV
ENPli."'. .ams I'utiiaan Hodtt bteeaiac Cam.
,w ljri M.i Wa-h.4.-ton to raaao ami Pat:
fai-ra. Sara" " ' lialiftlle, aarf n
. -ijitj. ia CaJ-mbi. wi-h totatel (m tat
A l!" ' Ti-'O'iajai vJK' ao!Daea to Jach
Mrr, . Did imc r n.nf
3VV M Dl A-KlX.,nN vxcit.Yr
TVNOOCK LIJtrPKD." via LywetAneg. wit
through sleepers lom New York jnd J5I
to Memphis ad New Orl-. tnrlt '
T-otig corfci. Waslhe?tu to Ji' "
jnd 04fcervalcm Ur ket em HaaWi't. -, a4
ttalla. Ma '" rr "" "
10 45 P- M -Dailv. W MMN4RTON ANfl
.SOI riiWE3TF.R. riBlLLl I.JMITKP. cow
poed cf PaUman testikuled Sieoaen, Otmmn
Cars aid Day Coach's I'stema Slaee, New
nti to Nvllie. TeD. via A.heviBe. Kia
rrtl. asd ClutitaaecKa . w 1 " Mama.
via IhrmificiUHi. New orfc t Vew OrIea. vk.
MfcHrta ml MntlMaery Puiiraan Lra3f. ai
Oyr,3Ma Car lrtweeB New otk aai WaJi
tcn ad 'tlaaJ. I'Jtra IJratvtap-ioaaa Stta
z "r. v. -e-B New lo. Warfnagton. ami
New 0-w. everv Ttie-day al SattjeA.. -,.
1 r- ien - wth "Sioet ljai" fcw i
rran. it "lihu!ed Dav Coach. Wadhwgtoa to
Atlanta DmS tar tervu Suaaet PewoaaJV
l nMtu ' -A Tourist i Ycur-tn Steeper oa tf
tram tv r Mornfar Wereh- awl Iajr fc.
k.jn Vrant Acci wiihcl ehaae
VISION leave M-nr5'oB 01 - a"d
t ti V M dailt, eicept uvta.. M 8 I. -M.
Sand..' cwlv. ir JtoKJ MiM ! j!!. J
eept . f '5 T M sat "''? ,:d
Weanetday- rd -at.:r4 or Leewrg. ad a
1 M Ai! for Heradoe Retnrmaa;, mnw m
Wa-biustoB S- A. SL daily, aad 2.18 P.M. Mf.
exeept sniHiaj. and i W P M Stiaday arav. frwn
Rooi-d Hill. ad 7 06 . M darhr. ecept Saarfajr,
from HernAiB. and SSJ A. M flv. ecejt Stw
dsy. 7 W V 1 Monda.. aaa" 7 Jg i M. Wobwbi
da'vs ard "-atwdays. Ifcn Leetkunr.
Throtigr- train Itoim the Smt aesve at WTas
jnston h -li and 7 S M., 2 13 aad 8-Sa P. M.
dailt Hjinsonb-ire. K noon faiy. wtooa Saa
dav' and 9.15 P SL da ly. from CfcarlettesviBf.
S is A M aad 9 45 P M dat
Tkket. sleepg car rt-rrtoii. ami ar -formation
furnished, and baawage eaUed Jar atfd
checked frem rcet aad retxfcaOM fcr baaoii
Transfer Cmioan. oa idrr 'eft at Ticket Or
fi, 786 r if 'Veal h Stieet northwt: 51 P?
irhaaia A-emie iiorthwes'. ad at PenanjrlVaaaii
Passenger Matien
Telephone ca'l 1141 for PeaMjlVawo RaOMMl
Cab Service. . . .. .- ,
FKSNK S GANNON, Ttwd ce I'rMeat anj
Oneral Moiiater.
.7 M. CFLP. Tr-tfflc Sfnger.
W. A. TLRK. General Passenger Agant.
L. S. BROWN General jeut.
lorfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
Every toy in the year for Norfolk. Ztevt'
port News, and all pomU ijutrtl. b "
(uperb, ponerftil steel palace -twwiiet
"Newport News," "NrfHk." ami "lo4l-
iri;lti." on the iikwin i!edHle:
I,v. W'j'lnntoti 0 ) ptti Ly PurtsrwHiU.. pvi
Ly. AlMandna .7 00 pm j Lr. Neilott .4pi
Ar. Ft. SItMiroe 7 ( am j Ly it M(i.Ala aw
Ar. Norfolk ....S.uOara j At. Afcundm..!
Ar. Purfmcmth & 15 am , Vr W'sMHxtvM. 7.4M e
Ticket n rale at B17 Pea, awe.. J. jW
O ticket )ttu.e, OW Peb ave.. d
15th st. and N Y ae . L. & O. fkaot of-
flits, at 513 Pean ave . ad WW -
S. A J ticket nm-, 1WI N. Y. a., and
on bjrd steamer.
XSTTot Jurther iBfwrwHion apply at, gen-
rral offlc. 7th t. tthatt, Wah. W. C-
'Phone. 750.
no23tt JOHN CALLUUN. UnnH Slaiwaer.
SEALED jirofMal.- endorsed "Prapooubi tm Shop
and Otfiec IlntMin?." witl le jcedw at i
Bureau of jr&, jimI Deck. Navy Department.
WaslmiRton. until 1 O'CLOCK. JANUARY .
I'JcO, anl then aad there pubhclv ofefied. Jar
the cen-t rue lien of a buiMing- for Mpi ami f
flers. of briek and steel, about 321 by 4f feet, at
the Natj' Yard, Washington, DC. Pams. spec)
ficatiea-t, and forms of proposal caB be otitatnml
frenn the Bureau. MORDFCAI T. ENDICUTT,
Chief or Bureau. December H, IsW.
HAPPY Nett Yesr's. crerybsdy, and many e
them. Tins 1 the lat ot the holidays far
some tunc to ccmc. so vou can get "settled
doun" now and let iw start jupenns the rooms.
New ftyluh paper finest work- onlr 2 up F

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