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S. Kann, Sons & Company.
The Busy Corner.
S, Kami, Sons & Company.
Rolling Out the
d f
"NVvi had a .stronghold on the I
ribbon trade, and this stock I
shows it plainly enough. This
is one department in which
f broken lots make such a trilling
difference to you. Yet we have
to treat them like all the rest
of the stocks. You'll find a cou
ple rolls of almost any kind and
i quality, and to such pieces we
take the sharpest price cutter
of all and give a flip that would
clean out anything.
About S.SOO yards of No. 2 all-silk
snt;n and gio grain lib", on, cvory
color derfrod amen?? them. Kor-
ular 3c quality. Cleflranee price, 8
per yard I
i s h l m " j i k
th a Clearinsf
500 Umbrellas, worth
$2.50 and $3, go at
300 yards f all-silk satin and sros
P grain rilHoi.s. 11-1 inches wide rr
B an unuminl 10c quality. Clearing Ft
6 at. iter yard V
"ino all-trW:, satin. Mid gros grain
ribbon. 2 to 2JS-4 inches wide.
and celling right along at l.c
and ISt a yJ. Clearing at...
About .o pifcoK of bigh class novelty
ribbon, including Persian, golf, locket,
and Roman effects 4 to 5 inches wide
the hit of the season at Crc ftip
and as much as S."ic per ja;d. K I
Clearing at I
THE new vear shall begin at the Busy Corner in the midst of a swirl of bargaining. The need of greai stocks passed away with the outgoing of the old i-ycl.-. I-or
maiiv weeks to come tjic question of selling with profit will be out of all consideration the problem that faces the merchant is the realization of cost. Busi
ness, vou know, is like evervthin" else it has its period of sunshine and its stretches of shadow. The most bustling of all months has barely passed away
what is usuallv the dullest time of the vear starts in todav. But it shan't be so at this store. We shall set about enlivening from the onset. Other stores may
wait a while longer and continue to eke out a minimum of sales at a maximum of profit. We prefer to turn stock into cash. Wvi' planning lor spring already,
and ready monev possesses magic powers. Tomorrow the ball starts, and its rolling will be at breakneck speed from I lie moment oi the start oil.
Slashing and Cutting Away of the Cloak Stock !
Dame Prudence holds a warning finger and advises no quarter here. And though we'd rather wait a
few weeks and hold on to profit just a little while longer, fctill. we arc gainers by being losers. You see
the other stores will be clearing out then, and being the first in the field, there is no detracting element
to turn aside the full tide of response that our reductions are bound to call forth. You never had such
a perfect stock ottered to you on a clearance basis. You usually come expecting broken lines and hap
hazard sizes, but we'll surprise you Tuesday. We'll give you a perfect stock. Hardly a lapse in the
assortment. Goods that include all the demanded shades and extreme cuts. Given to you at prices that
are daring even for the "Busy Corner." That are absolutely devoid of profit. And, in many cases,
represent an even half of cost itself.
100 fine Tailor-made Jackets in blues
navies, tan, and cadets, that .sold up to
5S.73. Reduced Tuesday to
Extra fine Kersey Cloth Jacket's in al!
shades handsomely silk lined sold up
J12.4S. reduced for Tuesday to
High grade black, navy, brown, and
tan plald-back Golf Cr.pes most of them
have sold for $10 reduced for Tuesday to
30 fine All-wcol Persian Cloth Capes. ?,0t
inches long, with extra ft
sold for $10 reduced for
r.O fine Plush Cap?s full sweep were
$lirU. The price for Tuesday
ii Cloth Capes. ?,Qfr r fQ
full sweep, whicti V " -X
r Tuesday to "JJUKJ
100 finest Tailor-made Suits in coverts,
Venetians, cheviots, and homespuns- all
have taffetn-lined jackets and percaline-
Indies' fine Covert, Vicina, Cheviot,
and Venetian Cloth Suits made and fin
ished in a superior manner, in a limited
variety of pretty colorings to select from
They are new. fresh, up-to-date gar
ments: therefore the reduced price
makes them doubly attractive. For
this clearance
Ladies' High-grade Scotch Home
spun, Camel Hair, Cheviot, and Vicuna
Cloth Suits fcome entirely silk lined
they were $2:.. $1'S.50, and S?,0. Clear
ance price
e taffetn-lined jackets and percaline-(J A Af)
d skirts. They were sold for ?13.."0YM Ux
?15. Reduced for this clearance to..P JyJJ
Clearance of Woolen D ress Goods,
Ou looking over this department we noticed that
of dress goods. Pel haps it was an error or judgment
have to abide by the consequence of considerable losi
will btart the ball of tils clearance.
CC and 38 inch dress goods some
two or three hundred piece? all sort of
fancy wool mixture and suitings the
shades are good and seasonable. The
former price v. as :Wc a jard. Tuesday...
th-re Ij Just twice as great a quantity oC certain line3
that led us to overbuying. If sufli is the ea e. we'll
. Xov tb2 lowest prices ever qucVsd on Inc woolens
3C and ."0 inch colored dress good,
hae been selling at our reduce I prices
all the season, which was 49c. Tue3da..
iC and o0 Inch colored dress goote
the assortment of patterns and the ele
gant line of colorings have made ihir
value worth 75c a yard the entire past
t ljsoii. Tuesday
4.1-incli all-vool jet b'ack chevict,
already sponged and shrunk 17 full
piece of it the v.orth of the goods is
09c a yard. Tuesday
45-inch all-wool black heurietta, with
finish that none but the linet qualities
ever possessed other stores get $1 a yard
for this fabric we
gold it at SsDc. Tues-
-35-Inch all-woul canas wav? cher
ict. Thib particular material repreients
quality which others would ccnsiiler a
special bargain at S!c. Tuesday, pet" yd..
."0-inch all-wool imperial ae-ge ex
tra fine quality. It ha3 been a Iwter
from the start of the season at GDc. Al
though the quality Is equal to the SOc
grade Tuesday it's rcducei to
AVe've been very proud of the alues
we could offer in plaid back cloaMngs.
Our leader has been a 1.X cloth fU 5-1
inches wide of an unusual fin? textire
and weight. There're somp few piece of
It still on the counters. We'v reduce I
the price to
A line of broadcloths which are mad
and finished the same its the imported
kinds. The shades are as perfect and
fully as many full 52 inches in wMth.
Thny equal any dollar grade sold in this
city. Specially reduced for TuesOay to...
f.0-inc!i cream cirrus llarine" the
very thing for the much-worn waist
has never been quoted tclow the $1 -
mark Tuedaj
The holidays left the umbrella
stock cleaned np about as near
as Hiiytliiiir could have left it.
Our buyer sent straightway
on u search for new goods and
met the best kind of luck at the
first manufacturer. It was the
turn of speculation that gave us
these goods so much under
price. The firm made up dou
ble stocks in preparation for n
rush of orders that would come
with the rainy season. Such
was not the case, and when our
buyer entered their phu-e and
made them an offer for all they
had on hand, it meant $2.."0
and $:; umbrellas for you at al
most half price, and, of course,
we got them. They're both
men's and women's 2(1 and L'S
inch. made of finest taffeta silk,
steel rods, close-rolling Paraxon
frames. The handles are repre
sented in every style of Dres
den, fancy pearl shell, with silver-mounted
knobs, Princess
sticks, with silver mountings,
sind many fine unique burnt
ivories. They are the pick of
the S2.."j() and : qualities. You
pick any one m the
lot for
The Clearance Affects Linings
Stock .-leaning is the cause of all the ju-ire -uti'mg. .Make
it a our duty to iuveMigate the offerings that's being ear
lied on at this counter. Your own eyes will fell a clearer and
stronger viorv of the value givingjust for empltasi. we add
a line to niiiind you th selling is marvelous.
2M pie-.-es of 36-Inch petcsltoe. whk-ii
were Ixtueht peUll! toll? job w-
I gives me t-iui j """ ......
mme quality o'd elsewhere r r
for 2e a yard. Clearance 'o C
puce .".
n -- - fc ... ., .,,. . : .1-.-.:
.1... .. .. . u,.ir.ni- i iiv, ine f-miH 21 --ijv suivu. 1111
line tiw nr hi twi twii ir jv.,.,.- -,..
are jruTtce4 fn blucte. lnt Ihcrs I same quality o u ei?ewne.e
are suoh simmiw s grey8, breviis.
assorted Mhos, and few other rtpte
eolnriiMrs. This mat rial hv a moire
flmh-it niEMt be M tor li tbtui r
1 ' " " L mT l?,"" tZSC I One lot of mercerised ..! m t.llic
I Th, ""lff"1l Saten for mrteihu or .lungs for
Om lot of ti!k minor Mning i.i all
colors. The finish of this material
K ag 10 1oj then mit t.
1 jacVfts or wraps the leal
worm or tneee gooos is
Al-litMm MfCf rssvas. in Idaok grey
md in Mw-H lias Teas a star
lmreaUi of tbe 4aruefit at
ISc a ar. Claatmiee jwle
IT.c alur of 3C-intb ir.otre
silk fiiiirbed ta black peie?-
llne Wt- clean .he.M up at per
i ante pss
;h of theee goods is -1 r
to 23c a iatd. Clear- I q"V-
I Heal he: ring bone haircTotli exact ly
!7 nnep wide, iu I)ia?K ano ja Riey.
I Will wear like a shtetinp of GDeni-
nieur-proof armor plate
I fcold all alons at "?c a yard
C'turanie price
First llooi Sietion I.
Another Great Clearance in Our Uphol
stery Department.
.',000 Muslin. Swiss, and Xovehy Curttiin Ends lengths to '1 yards: majority liavc .
lace edge and rullle. Clearance price "
,'00 Fringed Uody Hrussels and Tapestry 1 fugs Clearance price 2L
1,000 yards of Frem-h and Fnglish Tapestry and Imported Sample Pieces goods
worth from ki.00 to $a..)0 a yard, t'learaix-e price Jf
Short ends of tine Ta)estry. Silk T'.rocatelle. Armure, and Wool Derby in ,t'nll,s fQp
of U yards. Clearance juice V
11'.") single I'oriieres. made with heavy fringe top and bottom. Coods worth, in pairs. C-.
from 5.00 to .f I.oO. Clearance price s
i:0 jiairs of White Swiss Muslin ('urtains rufHed and fluted full :. yards long worth o
-?1..")0. Clearance price, jier pair V
I'.oii ll.ilf Curtains all -:;A vards long made of muslin, bobbnet. and swiss. made witM;nir
rullles and lace edge in pairs thearc worth from $3.00 to .."i.00. Clearance price, per strip.. Uy
o00 odd and half-pair Tapesiry l'ortieres all full length including curiains (g q
worth from $4.00 to $10.00 per pair. Clearance price of these half-pairs Pl yu
100 single pairs Chenille Portieres full length in a large variety of colors g (jq
S4.00 and ."i.i)0 ipiality in this clearance at ' J
..00 heaw Tapesiry Couch Coacis. fringed all around some sixty inches wide. o
Regular $1.00. ."i.00. and 0.00 goods. Clearance price P J
Third lloor Fpholstery Department.
Boys' Clothing at a Positive Sacrifice.
The fir?t clearance this stenk Las r er!eB2ed. It'll be a stirring one too.
The sweet of this department a made right from the Jam p. Naturally, after
such a trade, there would be remnants ani broken Haes. These, romMwd wan
tlow fellers, are to he hii- trl out in a jiffy, and the bargaining Hill rins 'onj? In
trj mother's memory.
$4.00 to $6.00 Suits. $2.98
Our entire tiiif f " "" an I
$0.00 Vest it- Sini HMludiru Tt ..'"do
and all three-pifie Suits for By- from
o toll firs. Fine blue aid fa or-stt-ds.
impcrted fancy beviot plain
r ?i 11: -facet! kpt-K some have sailor
collar, or tbe oWy in.ill riofh or
vclxet collars. Ml hae fancy vtst.
either siusle w iJ-ouWp biea-ietl. in silk
i lot j or elv-t. ih plain or em
hrricrered shitrlds The make ra.inor he
f-celletl. Tht iyl are e iii-ntly
our? We ha- nl'.fl out 'iom fie
$4. $.". wi J5 i i- v1"h hat are not
compute ie sizt - l t ur rt f fQ
s-ize an le found iu th. MA
ei.nre lot. C!earaL i-tice. 4;,JW
$4 .48 to $6 Overcoats, $3.48
ny f'o.ert Cloth ii'cuo-r tn tan
and gre blue kertj" a-.d ef -1
made wi'h tlvet or i ift'i t-iHars
plaid and plain linincs -double -t.'ched
nnhiv Ieneth Cllieiir .t.rsinan-
shnh sell for U 4s ?-.. rpQ IQ
and J6C. I)et val'it " ") l(
tour, riearnic pri. v. iw
$3.00 to $4.00 Suits, $2.39
Strict'r all-wool double brea ?
Suits. heay cheviots and oa.--in.pre
in raiTed effects, or plain color tade
with heavy double warp linings pants
have patent elastic am, every seam
(.'wWe stHehe and stayed. so hare
'"aubl? cloth seat no sen sail fT?r
retailed anywhere less than $3. 3.r..
and S4.fci. There are not
roanv of them, but taeyrj. QA
must go. Size 8 to 1. -H
ClearaEce Sale Price 4J vv
$5.00 Reefers, $2.98
Bni. Kersey Cloth Reef-rs- "oua"!
vtlvtt rollars and large psarl but oop
hwmi-ome ik 9ista. a-rkhaais with
veiTet collar and $ keraey collar
jnd cuC trimmed astrakhans all wool
.himhilU reefers handsomely bound
fcr b)s froa 3 to ! yeara not one
i . tiie lot worth less tnan ?.. sm
..ii .lass with othprs
1rhr r,ricel cooth. They
dja to so- Clearance prLe
B ---! i . m aaw i ij
el .'L a decription of tho mm who pass-
1 .1, .n. ...! rn.nsw1 . 1-ior.L nn Mr eirnctv
VII I1 tllv.'f;i'U iUi'l ,ut ikt ..,.. .,...-
Sniinn-1 c. ii-i":ii-i:inl t liur-l With atid trn- arrest of .MeTai'land followed
rin HT-ii,
llocaM he is alleged to hae forp- d the
iwme of Mr. I) V T'ieatiB. to a che.-k
for ?15. Samuel McFarland. colored.
a1io elakne to be a eon tractor, living at
38JH Kifteenih Streei northwest, waa tcday
tali oh ito c;tod by Detectives Per and
Miller attd Jocod at Xo. 1 s ation to
await a hearing In toart tomorrow morii-
B- , . ,
Tle m-reet at- the result of a complaint
wade to the police yoterdtj b Msskmi C.
Oraety. a Seeoth Street furniture dealer.
McKarland. it is alleged, purchased goods
to the vale of J frrHn Mr. Grasty on Satur
dy. I payment, it is said, he offered the
chock boarW the name of Mrs. Prentiss.
Tbo 4mv1.- aeccoted. atid the lnnce
Of $8
ilin -lirl
pheiib "Willianw5. and so endorsed, was pro
nounced worthless by the National Bank
of Washington, on which it ws- drawn.
Detectives Pek and Miller were furnifh-
i tv.a ..nfl.ilr o 1i1ica llpHtnnai-irrc lin
' that MeFarland was arrested on October
11 by Detectives Bovd and Helan. cnargea
with false pretence, it is said mat on inai
occasion McFarland passed a voithless
check on Harry Fried lander.
Mrs. Prentiss, whose name is affixed to
the alleged worthless chock, said to have
been passed by McFarland, is the widow of
the late Dr. 11. Webster Prentiss. Her home
is at 121S Ninth Street northwest.
SONS & CO., Eighth and Market Space.
t 1 -T" """ , r ' !
EARL & WILSOiN'S 1892 ! , N
Bell: of Neisan Pure Yh3t; S & f, M
i f ' 735 Seventh St. N.. 1 N ' S
. . t MP
S3)s pcuin 1$imt8
. of lliimr onenees 1)1-
f !. .IimIo s,.,u.
The first day of the New Year in the
Police Coutt was marked by an absence of
cr the moHt of the purchase, was the motley array of p.iso.iors which usu
to McFarland. Later, it is claimed. J ally find their way on the eve of a New
lieck which was made iyable to Sle- ycaJ. t0 tije K)Hce stations of the District.
When Judge Scott took his scat thete were
twenty-six offenders on the docket await
ing trial.
George Tucker, for breaking a plate
glais window in Twelfth Street northwest,
lelonging to Henry F. Itch, was sent to
the workhouse for ninety days In lieu of
Indirect!? Cniiel the Death of
"... .. . . .-. ..i
Wo,ur- urwiw. """" . !a flne of 3o.
It is a matter of history that HPean . Henson was charged with disor-
was a command, an inordinate lover of the Jn iiaiani u u b
cood thSof the table, and history fur-. derly conduct in Thiiteenth Street north
ther records that his favorite dish was cast and with assaulting Edward Jones,
fried union: his death ftom cance- or Jn the assauit case he was fined $30 or
stomach it i clsimed .1m. was j lrobab y b dEOnIcrly a v0.,fc.
emihed from hi ecetisive indulgence or - .
thl" TondmV- for the odorous vegetable. house sentence of sixty days was imposed.
The onion i undoubtedly a wholesome George Wilson, charged with vagrancy,
nrticle of food, in fao has many medicinal was sent down for thirty days.
nnHlUie of value but it would be dim- llattie Williams was disorderly in Thir
cult to find a more indigestible article than ty-eihth Street northwest, and was fined
fried onions and to many ieople they ?3 or fifteen days in the workhouse,
ire implv jmHwin but the oujon does not , John Davis arrested, on Twenty-seventh
stand alone in this lespevt. Any article Street northwest, for vagrancy, was scut
- . -.. a linvtcrli1v HiiAfitiMl bp- trtn fnr sivtv dnvs.
Ot lOOQ ina i" '" """. --o -- t r
joscpn Jones was nrrajgiieu on imio
of carrying concealed weapons ana uisor
iP'MU'V. JAMAK 1, V0
The WcHther Xmllcntloiis.
Tor t1:- P.-tri-1 of ( olumbM. l.jstcrn l'ciin
MlvmiM. N" Jir-fv, Delaware, UrjIaud. Jt.d
irgiiU8 1-u ami ftintinuetl low teniperatuie M
einds; light noitbwcsterli winds.
Temperature t 1 p.
lowest tcmtrature.
Highest temiicratvire,
Tun srx axd moon.
Punro-e 7:1a A.M. I sun sets..
Moon ries...
.-1:47 T.M.
.7:30 A.M. ' llotm etc
3:45 A.M. suid 3:47 1.M.
0:1 A.M. .i nd 10:0i I'.M.
1.W tide
High tide
Ijmp? lit todaj
Lainiis out tomctrow
.5:5 P M.
.C:2i A.M.
rolt.inl)ia TlieaticJcfl"en.on dc Angelis in "'Ilic
.lollv Musket' ei;" attcrnoon ami evening.
Ljfaxette Sjtiare Opera lloii.-t Iticlurd Golden
in "The Prim-ox Clik ;" afternoon and evening.
Grand OpvM House-Vaudeville; afternoon and
ev ening. . ,
Kcman's I yr euni Sum Deverc s company; ai
ternoon and rvening.
Thirty Days in .lull.
Lee. rolired, wa. aimicnc-d in tlie l o-
comos a source of disease and discomfort,
wbothor it lie frwl eMilone or ieei sieaK.
The reason why any wholesome food is
not promptly digested is because the
tomach lacks pome imiwrunt element of
digestion: tome stomaehB lack peptone,
others ate deficient in gastric juice, still
others lack Hydro chloric acid.
The one thing neceewiry to o in any case
derly conduct In the concealed weapons
case a fine of 550 or one hundred and twen
ty days in jail was imposed; and for being
disorderly he was sent to the workhouse
for sixty days.
Miehnnl Sullivan, at the solicitation of
his father, was sent to the workhouse for
Ike Cent tuda.v iliargcd with Mealing a tuikey
from a man naincd (Vabb. He wjs found guiltv
and icnt to jail for thiity dove.
Tvvf Small I'lecs.
Tiftceu dollar-, damage was the it-Mill of a fire
yesterday to the hoiw-e occupied by S. Hjnvjti at
:UK1 Xinth Street -joutlieast. Anotiier Hiiall fire was
discovered in the house occupied by Timothy
Brosnalun at fcl'- Seventh Street nortliea't at 1
o'clock this morning. The damage wa !".
Closed Today.
A Good
Bargain Start
For the Year.
sub Pifjf $1.10
Fine Roman Seat.
A handy, unique piece of furni
ture. This Roman Scat, artistically
made mahogany finished and
stronclv constructed. Better than
those for S1.75 elsewhere. The priv
ilege of Cash or Credit
payments on all pur
chases is yours free....
. ine pi lv-
Mayer k Pettit,
415417 Seventh Street.
Dress Shirts
Are the Best
In every detail.
ftSore 3ew Derbys.
IW ! h a log --m on , -
1 Dfilw tn.il we h.i'1 t-j f 'ler
r.'r-T n-w Int. (mrt -tleJ.
r, -t-t fmni the nwker?. Wunder-
d vj'n, at ttl l. AIH.LK'd
i im (. M
Jt w ., u.c t ni:i:w m.'. '"" n-
vv.'ol I nil. --' a t - P- ttlHH, -K.K.
MOORE 4 CULLiNAN, 435 Sevsnth StrecX
:.. -.- '- A. T I.EHIS.
The one thing neceetJary io ho in any va&e nis iaeuer. was sun iu .".- miii
i. II.. ... ... .uiml, llaruan nln- I nln,H' itovc TllO nl1 111,1)1 Cflid th.lt lUS SOfl
oC poor uigee-uun b .. .-ii". wv- . umcu j. ...x. ... .-.--. .---..---.---monts
of digestion which the stomach, had been intoxicated since the tiiday be
laoks. and nothing does this fo thoroughly fore Christmas and he had been unable to
and wifelv as Stuart's Dyspep-ia Tablets, i do anything with him.
Dr Richardson in writing a thesis on I James nrady pleaded not guilty to being
treatment of dy8tMsia and indigestion. ' disorderly in Third Street northwest last
closes his remarks by saying, "for those ' night, but was fined ?," with an alternative
suffering from acid dyspepsia, shown by j of fifteen days in jail. Wesley Franklin,
sour, watery risings, or for flatulent dys- ; Benjamin Franklin, Bessie Franklin. Cora
... i.,., i. ..no n stnmanh ,-.imlnc i.-sinl-1!n -iTirt lK.ibelI.1 Johnson, all resi-
IlCllHa Sliunn 7J , -"- , -- o a.m..... -
heart trouble and difficult breathing, as
ivntt for all other forms of stomach
trouble, the safest treatment is to take
one or two of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
after each meal. 1 advise them because
they contain no harmful drugs, but arc
composed of valuable digestives, which act
promptly upon the food eaten. I never
knew a case of indigestion or even
chronic dyspepsia which Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets would not reach."
Cheap cathartic medicines claiming to
cure dyspepsia and indigestion can have
no effect whatever in actively digesting
the food, and to call any cathartic medicine
a cure for indigestion is a misnomer.
Every druggist in the United States and
Canada sells Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets,
and they are not only the safest and most
successful but the most scientific of any
treatment for Indigestion and stomach
tron hi at.
dents ot a house in Green's Court north
west, were arraigned on a charge of disor- j
deily conduct. Vs a result of a fight Wes- i
ley Franklin came into court with a cut
about three inches long on the top of his
head. Bessie and Cora Franklin were each
fined $5 or fifteen days in the workhouse,
as they were thought to be the instigators
of the trouble.
William Xorris. colored, was charged
with assaulting Thomas M. Sims. A fine
oi ?15 was imposed and it vl as paid.
His Opinion Urxcrvert.
(from the Chicago l'ost.)
"Have jou anything to ay befoie srriencc is
passed upon voui" asked the judge.
"1 have," "icplicd the piUoner.
"Well, what is it?" demanded Hie judge.
"On second thought," relumed the piisoner,
"1 believe I'll not say. 1 don't care to have a
fine for contempt ot ce.urt piled au tc my othrr
Police Court Jurors.
The jurors for the January. February, and March
turn of the Police Court were today-swoiii in.
Fifteen were accepted out of twenty-six, leaving
eleven moie to be dMvvn. Those accepted are
John A. Power. John . Claik. John Wonnk-v,
.lames II. Pvn.im, Walter Adams Nicholas Mi
Xell. II. J. Leitncitzir, .tohn Draley, Otto FMicr,
John T. Muling, fieorgc Y. Stepper, J. Johnson
Hall. Thomas F. Higgs, Peter . Ho'i. and Kd
vvurd E. Kvar.
A Unsketlinll (Juiue.
The basketball team of the Y. M. C. A. and the
team from the Central High School will plav their
first game of the tcafon at the Y. M. C. A. gym
nasium Saturday night. It is expected that this
game will be an inteiepting coiitftl inasmuch as
both teams are at the bottom of the league ladder
of average":, and the came will either injure one
of them fifth place or will put it at the foot or
the li't.
Use a Welsbach Light ?
No other light gives the soft,
mellow effect of the Welsbach
Light. 25,000,000, in nightly
use, prove it.
The Genuine Gives ...-.i0-,
Satisfaction. In W ELS BACH
Sealed Box Beating Mark
Scxeare of Counterfeit Mantles and ch'.ap
imitation brats jxirli.
fl 1 w H as ' imm W r OoiriDtl W
, " mJF not w itri-tore.
i l?7tTHEEAS3CHt
iixhe i Muzzle -v, mEm
I I I n... - 0 "
The New York Buffet,
The Best of Everything-.
The business man's reort. The most select
etock of liquors and cigars iu the city.
On Draught.
On Draught.
Hunter. AVIInon. mill Cnrstnlr'5
II ye.
iO.-i Ten tli Street X. W
Usher in the Glad New Year as
i well as the new century- ny anna-
ing the National Capital Brewing
' Co.'s famous "Diamond'' Beer. Best
1 dealers sell it. For case, 'phone 222.
Howard House
American p'an. $2.50 and 53 per day. Steam
hcjt Central location. Liberally- conducted.
It Eclipses All
whoh.iv twed the Wvfming eoaL K wi It gie
more -.itiK-ti.-n in u-e tlur. any -,J
lirii I-i'W prue-. honest eiRht, .mJ n t irt
iiv acd lTi.e u what Jiu Anai re ! a
W.J. ZEH.702 llthN.W.
See That You Get
va'o ha e dog muzzles at
25c, 30c, and 35c.
and more coming.
cure yourself;
I ft? Uici for unnatural
discharge, Inflammation,
i ....ii...... .11- nlcirations
lllllUUUIIO w. "
of mucous membranes.
I'ninles3. and not aitria-
m.calCo. ctnt or Pisonons-
KolU uy urussinw,
"or sent in plain vrrappet,
t.y .ipr'8. prepaid, for
JI.IO, r 3 bottles, ?2.73.
Circular sent ou request
I American. 50 per day. European. 51-00.
I Orn Cntil Midnight-
' Special ites t" t"nlxt3 and members OX
I 5Sntn, " J MCTASEY. Prop.
X Havenner's
i- Cream
"When Trn ordtr
'rmm r t loherH" -t-waT
Vfht. f?. jn
rrfeip. Karoritn n
"b-st" bow-ll"r
ehtte nt IMK ?
them ami s !" 8
they an.
XtT Itmber !
)-ify Haven net
' "Cream B-.m-uifc-.-"
for a Few
Days Only
y Washington store. 1013 Pa. tc n.
White Ash Pea Coal l-?3
White Ash Fumac Ocal $5-a0
White Ash Egg Coal fo-"
White Ash Stove Coal If"
White Ash Chestnut Coal .
Red Ash Stove Coal 16-25
Lykens Valley Btove Coal J8-M
John Kennedy.
.rtt 'n 14 II st. ne.. and cor. 4th and F
j- . rvfiw isis P t- . uoll'tt t
Uncle Sam Donft Wear
Spm a Tnus, but he carries the Alt
t J Cushion Truss all over the United
Br States. Men, omen, and children
fear and like them. The Air Cushion Pad holds
ith comfort; nothing else wilL Consultation
nd two weeks' trial free. Office, parlor, wait
ing and consultation rooms- on the tame floor.
TKUSS COMPANY. 122 I St. nw 2d floor.
To- Cooking and Heating.
11 New York Avenue.
At Your Grocers.
For Constipation.
A Separate Cure lor Each Dis.-asj.
cipferen; cure; rat
1 900 Goods at 1900 Prices.
iao 7tU St. N. XV.
102 Hth st. nw.
"Nee Will Trusl You."
runuture. Cirpet. Crockery, ItediHas, Etc.
P. J, KEE. 7th H H SU.
past histcry cl your disease and present pym p
toins. You will have your case skillfully dUg
nosed. and receive full, scientiflc. up-to-date a
Tice by wall, HIKE OF CHAKCE. strictly confl
dential and prolcional. No matter what
uiseasc ma he. scud us your lume and audresa
tcdarand e will send jou a full-sue bottle free
cf charge.
Shoe Prices Halved.
A sweeping success. Men's. Women. ad Ch
dren's Shoes from the Marceron stocc goIS at
one-half former pricings. Sale j? "I"",,:"a
at 911 Eighth Street boutheast. 3. lllfcUKK.
'Export" and "Culmbacher"
Bee 24 bottles cclv $1 ," An' r
Whi:igtn Brewery t- , U'. and t nc
.-. n T. - f , r.nr fAl.
cr"i 4M Ach5 Old &!!, C.-..3 iu M.ath.
Iluir FallingT Write
1G31 Mason.c Temple. Chi;o, 111 b pwh
cures. Capital 0,0G0. e scut tlcm ft ob
glinaic tapes. We have cured tl.e .ct cas a
IS to 33 days. 100-page Boot Free.
Inrtjt Relief. CuretnlSIHy. Serer return . I will
rl.dly nd to ny reffemr in Vn fieu ";
t ?RElS. p-rlton "hfnll direction, for qnte.
P. O. Box S-"
I1ALT13IOUI3. 31D.

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