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Lansburgh & Bro.
Two Big Values
For Saturday Selling!
A Sensational Kid Clove Sale!
We want every lady hi Washington to take advantage of this
great glove sale. It means greater and better values than ever of
fered before 319 dozen 4-button Ladies' Genuine Real Kid Gloves,
pique stitching, in all the most
fashionable shades, such as Ilack,
Brown, Red, Tan, Mode, White, ,
Pearl, and Yellow. These gloe.s f I m nl If
hell the world over for LoO pair. k 1 L
To make a sensation we've maik- M m
ed them
These gloves will-be fitted to the hand.
I Greatest Towe! Bargain of a Lifetime.
Talk about lively celling only thoe who were mound these
towel counters yesterday know what it means all that we ask is
for you to examine these towels, and if they aie not equal to any
ou'hae paid 30c to 40c for don't touch them they are extra large
V,ize verv finest quality linen '"all Uncle" they are slightly soil
ed, otherwise as good as the day they were made.
Choice 21C Choice
Lansburgli & Bro.,
420 to 426 Seventh Street.
J. T
i f
i f
"V ou
I'nrlor Suite,
Ileilroom isulte,
Carpet, or
An piece of
Dining Hoom
rnrnltupc, 3011
Can ln It
Here this vveelc
at a sreut
Siimiik-ami on
Ensj wecUlj or
Monthly iinjmcnti.
"We are determined
To red nee
MoeU anil
liax-e mntle
deep pricc-cnti
In c cr j Department.
Carpet itinde,
laid, and
517. 519. 821, 823 7th Strest N. W.(
Petwecn H and 1 Sts.
Other Hake Cprlsrht nt All Price.
1422 Pa. Ave. N. W.
Long Loaf. Square Loaf.
Grandma's. Old Homestead.
YOLR Grocer sells it.
BEST bread in town.
OUR whole wheat aids digestion.
Model Turkish & Russian Baths.
The Model Turki-li and Ruian Baths in the
T-altnettc Square Optra House open on Jauuan
ar. S a m
The. ceer ovei Kven thausaiHl 6quare feet on
one lleor, and are up to-datc in cerj respect,
being able to accommodate thiitt people at
one time The Swimming Pool in 'White Tile
io twenty-four feet square.
In rrwiij respects the Baths are the finest in the
United stales, with all the Latet Imprtnements
in Plumbing;.
MBtidas and Thurda-s, commencing on Jan.
uar 22, from 0 a. m to C p m., will be re
Ben ed for ladies jai6 tf
$1.25 Body Brussels .J
Carpet 7 5 J
Det-t fhc frame goods, running from 10 to 31)
yards. Reduced from $1 25 to 75c jd
WASH B. WILLIAMS, Cor. 7th and D
g..r..i t .
i"V"I"i"I'WVVT I
Wc all want power of one kind or the
other! Owners of printing- plants laundrr
plants and other maclunen want the
moat powerful and cheapest power to
operate their machinery. ELECTRICITY
sohes the power question nicely! It is
safe, clean, acceible, inexpensive. 'Phone
1S77, and we'll send our representative to
talk to jou.
C. S. Electric Lighting Co.
Potomac Electric Power Co.
!-I-M"I-H"M- '
'Phone for j Theatre
Rreened Costliest Vaudevill; too
Seats . . ! .1. in .j t Small
In Ad Act in th: World. ,or Uie
ancc I Crowd.
Daily Mat. 2.15 p m , 25c Eve's , 8 13, 25c i. 50o
Commences J o'clock after
noon 9 o'clock at nisht-
P?nfo Art A11 ncw tncl cter per
l uu 3 i-iwi... f0rrnante this keck.
MVTINLE TODU, 25c. 58c. and 75c
Wilson Barrett's Powerful Drama,
Presented b Oncinal London Conipin;, including
BLCON, 50c.
In the Costume Coined Hit
Oliver Goldsmith
The LLSTR CSST includes
Walter Hale. Florence Rockwell,
H Wcr. Jcffnys Lewis,
Beaumont Smith, Ulen Mortimer,
Clifford Leigh. Be-sie Scott,
And Twenlv Other rtisla
Pnce3, 25c, 50c, Toe, $1, and sM 50
!itb Illustrations in Color,
Next Tuesday at 4.15 p in
New bpcciul Snake Dance 3rotion
Scats now on sale 25c 50c, 75c, and $1 00
Llwtnr rietator to Balconr and Caller.
The Strakosch Opera Co.
Direr tun of Fdcr Strakocli A, Co
This afternoon CKMI," Mine Strakosch
a? Carmen Mi. Kent as Mitliacla.
This crtung-'MIhvDO"
Special Features Tonight!
10 Japanow G?iha Rirls will usher After the
performance The Mikado and hi Court will hold
a reception (limited to 15 minutes) on the stage
and give the Japanese farewell "Sajonara"
(handjiakel to the patron of the Strakosch
Opera C-omtuin Regular Theatre Prices
Tomorrow (Sunday) Eva., Jan. 2 1
Grand Popular Operatic Concert
B all Leading Members of the
Strakosch Opera Co.
THE VRTISTS Mishcs Clara Lane. en Strak
osch, Amelia lields. MM Gratton Baker, J. K.
Murraj, Edward Webb
Lntire chonis will participate
Popular price, 2"c, 50c, 75c, and SI Seats
now read- Box othec open Sunday after 2 pm.
Special. Next Week.
Engagement for One Week Onlj,
First time here in the play in four acts, entitled
(Founded on Thacktraj's "Vanity Fair.")
Seats now pclhng
Prices, ?2, ?1 50, $1, 7rc, and 50c.
Entertainment and Instruction.
The Halls tSe Ancients,
J3J2-J4-I6-I8 New York Ave.
For Promotion of
. National Galleries.
Illustrate Pgrptian, Assyrian. Roman, and Sa
racenic Art, Architecture, Manners and Customs
Open dailj from 9 a m to 10 p m . v intore
during the da will receive a IIFTUIIN ticket for
Wednesday or Saturday evening, when Sir.
HUMtLIX M. SMITH will speak in the d ffcrent
HvLLS, and illustrate with stereopticon, or an
assistant in his absence. jal9 tf.cm
The public is lmited to attend a series of Sun
da evening lechircs by Evangelist A F. Ballcn
per, on the "Signs of the Times," as seen in the
fulfillment of the prophecies, especiall those of
Daniel and tho Revelation The lectures will
begin Sunday, January 21, at 7 30, and will be
held in Typofrraphical Temple. 2fo 423 G sL nw.
The wmrn of XIIT T, nuirvvi t. ri.,f
hve been secured. ' '
Transportation Companies Prepar
ing for the Spring.
ReportM DiNcrctlitlnfC Ileiiiurknble
DiNCO-ierleH of Gold SncceMHfully
Refuted Wood Trom Thlrt-n-e
io rift Dollars a Cord The Pre
inilliiK Prices In Uetnurnnt.
An Interesting report has reached the
State Department from United States Con
sul Smith at Victoria, B C. The report
sajs in part:
"Tho Indications are that there will be
a great rush to Cape Nome next spring,
something like that to the Klondike in the
spring of lS9b. It is eident that num
bers will go there from Victoria and this
proince in preference to either Atlin or
the Northwest Territorj. The transpor
tation companies here and on the sound
are all aclhelj engaged in preparing
steamers for the lone trip.
"The distance from Victoria to Capo
Nome is 2,500 miles, entirely by water.
But, notwithstanding that fact, the trans
portation companies hao already booked
all the passengers that can be carried on
the first trips, on every vessel that can be
secured. At a recent meeting of represen
tatives of the companies it was computed
that 63,000 persons desired to go to Cape
Nome as soon as possible.
"The reports that had been circulating
last season in regard to the gold discov
eries at Cape Nome were quite gonerallj
disputed here, the opinion being that the
Atlin and Klondike countries were more
promising and also easier of access But
the last two steamers from the North
effectuallj dispelled all uncertainties, tho
passengers bringing with them indisputa
ble evidence that all -along- tne beach In
the vicinity of Cape Nome gold in paving
quantities can be had for the digging
"A number of these men have called at
the consulate, exhibiting specimens of the
gold, saj ing they dug it on the beach, near
the water's edge, that men with onlv hand
shovels and the simplest and rudest of pans
cleared from $50 to $100 and even $300 per
day, while sometimes a clean up of from
$1,000 to $1,500 has been reported. Nug
gets worth from $300 to $400 were found
near Anvil Creek, and It Is believed $300,
000 to $400,000 were taken out of Snow
Gulch last summer, one man, It is said,
took out $190,000, while another claims still
"Hverj one of the men who came down
expressed his resolve to return in the
spring some even engaging return passage
on the steamers on which the came down
According to their statements, the gold
does not extend to a great depth, five or
six feet being as low as auj have jet found
'pajing dirt "
"Complaint was made by some of the re
turning miners that claims twent acres
each which stretched for miles around
and virtuallv embraced the whole shore
from Cape Nome to Cape York, some forty
miles distant, had been staked This, how
ever, has been much changed by the deci
sion of Commissioner Hermann, which la
understood to mean that no land below or
diuarj high tide can be disposed of to in
dividuals or corporations, but is open to
the public to operate on, that the right to
dig in these tide lands is as free as tho
right to fish in the adjacent waters, and
that anj bod j ma wash gold out of tho
sand between high and low water, while
no authorit can give an person an ex
clusive right to do so, so that the land
cannot be obtained b corporations or ab
dicates "Some apprehenblon is felt that there
ma be a clashing of interests on that
point, and it Is generall desired that tho
Government establish regulations and
have sufficient police to enforce them.
Auxiet Is expressed here regtrdlng the
establishment of a port of entr at Capo
Nome. Captains all agree that there is
practicall no anchorage or harbor at tho
cape Itself, but that at Port Clarence dis
tant onl a few miles, there is a haroor,
safe and commodious.
"There are now between 5,000 and C COO
people at Nome Cit, Anvil City, Cape
York. Port Clarence, and vieinlt The
buildings are. of course, of the most tm
porar character A large number are on
the beach below high-water mark, which
docs not tend to promote health, although
the extreme cold of six months of the ear
precludes epidemics Two newspapers are
printed there, from which I tike the fol
lowing market quotations, current last
"Beef, 75 cents to $1 per
pound, wood, $35 to $30 per cord,
flour. $10 per hundredweight, but
ter $1 per pound, canned milk,
50 cents per can, canned meats and fruits,
about 75 cents, maple srup $4 per gallon,
potatoes. $10 to $15 per hundredweight,
onions, $10 to $15 per hundredweight, to
matoes, $ per can, coil, $75 per ton,
shingles, $7 30 per bunch, lumber, $230 per
1.000 feet
"Ruling restaurant prices are as fol
lows. Steaks, $130 to $3, reindeer steak.
$2; pork chops, $1 50; mutton chops, $1 50,
boiled mackerel, $1 30, coffee and dough -
There is no reason why an one should
suffer from dspepsla or any stomach
trouble Hostetter's Stomach Bitters cures
constipation, indigestion, djspepsia, ma
laria, fever and ague. It has done so for
fifty years Any druggist will sell it to
ou Take It falthfullj. It will regulate
the bowels, improve the appetite and bring
back health and strength. See that a Pri
vate Revenue Stamp covers the neck of
the bottle.
B0d .Hostetter's
runner anu t
Fiesh Stomach
Builder. Bitters.
Harry Bryant's
Next 'Week Clark Br03.' Royal Bjrlesquers.
Only 15 Cents
Arlington and Return
Electric trams leave ISMi St and Pa Ave. about
ecrj IS minutes.
Wash., Alexandria &. Mt. Vernon Ry,
Wine Merchant.
909 7th Street.
Phone 1125.
Has assumed a constant depot and the duty ot
exclusnc distribution o( the well known
Saratoga Star Spring Water,
A dehcous sparkiins AMERICAN table water,
certainly the equal of, if not superior to, any im
ported. $7 0 case of BO quarts.
fC 00 case of 50 pints.
$1 80 dortn quarts.
?1 45 dozen pints.
No Branch Houses Send for Price LUt.
nuts, 50 cents; hot cakes and maple syrup,
75 cents; cornea-beet hash, $1; pickled
pigs' feet, $1; mush" and milk, 50 cents;
oster stew, lobsters', etc, $150; ham or
salmon, $1; hamburger steak, $1 50; clam
chowder, 75 cents; eardines, $1 per box;
chicken taraales.. 75 cents; pork and beans,
75 cents; cheese, with any order, 25 cents;
ham and eggs.1 $2; 'three eggs, $2; fruit
and jam. all kinds 50 cents each, coffee,
tea. or chocolate, 25 cents; pies, 50 cents
each; one loaf of bread. 25 cents; welsh
rarebit, $1; coffee, with bread and butter,
$1. 6
"An ordinary two-story dwelling of eight
rooms rents frequently for $200 a month.
Freight taken from tho beach, where it la
landed from steamers In barges, costs from
35 to 40 cents per hundredweight; for the
delivery of heavy freight by horse team
and wagon, $10 an hour is charged.
"The ruling price for a shave is $1 and
for a hair cut $1 50 A bath costs $2. Fif
ty cents Is charged for laundering a flan
nel shirt, 75 cents for washing a colored
linen shirt, and $1 for the rehabilitation of
the raro and luxurious garment known as
the white shirt. Cigars and drinks cost 50
cents each Longshoremen have been paid
$2 an hour for their labor. Carpenters re
ceive $1.30 an hour.
"The prevailing fare to Cape Nome just
now from Seattle or Victoria is $100 for
first-class and $80 for second-class pas
sage, freight, $40 per ton. The earliest
date at which any of the steamers are ad
vertised to leave for Nome is May 1, 1900."
Though Iteciixt the lletnl Dnten IlaeU
to 171.
CENTREVILLE, Md , Jan 20 A few
weeks ago a bell was placed in position in
St. Luko's Protestant Episcopal Church,
Queenstown, which has an Interesting hls
tor. This bell lb a gift from the late
William Henry DeCourcy Wright, of
"Blakeford," and bears this inscription:
Suncta Maria I)e los D.uIcm,
Matir Nostra, Defend nas
A fulgere ct tempesta Amen.
Maria Joseph San
Augustine ora pro nobis,
Retingo Dinso, Pr Or.
Sccundd vej hi Pr. Fr. Pedro,
dc San Augustine.
All which inscription Is said to moan:
"Hoi Mary, of the gifts, our mother, de
fend us from lightning and tempest.
Amen Jesus, of mankind the Saviour.
Mary and Joseph, St. Augustine, pray for
us 1746 Recast, being provincial of the
order for the second Ime, the Priest Pe
dro, of St. Augustine." On the bell, too,
around its outer run, is the inscription:
"Presented to tho Protestant Episcopal
Church, at Queenstown, by William Henry
DeCourcy Wright, December 25, 183r "
The church in which the bell was hung
was served by the Tranciscan Order, of
which Tray Pedro de San Augustine was
provincial for the second time The bell
has mucli silver in it, hence its sweet,
ringing tone Mr Wright brought It from
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Investigation has led to the conclusion
that it was originally used in Portugal in
a monastery, and that when much church
property was being confiscated by the
Crown, after the bitter, blood struggle
with the church power, this bell, with oth
er church property, was carried by the
priests to the New World, to Brazil, where
It seems to have been recast. Sixty ears
elapsed last Christmas Day since the bell
which hangs at St Luke's Chapel was pre
sented to the congregation b Mr Wllliim
H. DeCourcy Wright, of "Blakeford " This
bell, when first hung in its third home,
was sild to have as tine a tone as an In
Mar land, but as time wore on it lost its
sweetness Through the liberalltj of Mr
DeCourcy Wright Thorn, grandson of Mr
W H DeCourcy Wright, it has been re
cently recast b a Baltimore firm and
placed in position during the last few
w eeks
lr Kent Xtr.O.OOO to the Sen-
meii'H Itctreitt of Vew AorU.
NEW YORK, Jan 20 The latest gift of
Miss Helen Gould to charitable institu
tions is the sum which she presented to
the Seamen's Retreat, at Sands and
Charles Streets, near the entrance to the
navy ard The "Retreat is for thcbene
lit of the sailors of the United States Navy
stationed in Brooklyn, and is conducted
under the auspices of the Y M C A To
this institution Miss Gould give $130,000
for the purpose of having a new building
The Seamen's Retreat is run In opposi
tion to the numerous saloons and dens
that entice sailors upon landing Shelter,
amusement, and protection is offered tho
jackies Limited accommodations, how
ever, have caused the managers consider
able trouble and Rear Admiral Philip, who
Is deepl interested In the institution,
sought out Miss Gould. Induced her to
visit the Retreat and see what was ac
complished, and, as a result of several vis
Its, the gift was made Adjoining prop
ert will be purchased with the mone and
a five-stor structure erected.
Onlj One Person Lepill Knpru'Ml in
It in This Co u n tr j.
So far as known there is onl one per
son in the United States who is engaged
in the manufacture of opium The name
of this individual is Jose Cardoza, and he
owns a popp plantation of considerable
extent in New Mexico He manufactures
the crude or unadulterated opium upon
which no internal revenue tax Is levied
in this country, and tho virtuallv pro
hibitive tax imposed on imported smok
ing opium of $6 per pound, $1 per pound
on the crude, gives to Mr Cardoga a large
share of the trade in this countr.
Mr. Cardoza. who is a Mexican b birth,
has been engaged in the manufacture of
opium for a number of ears, having once
owned plintations In Brazil and the Argen
tine Republic, but the tmall tax levied b
those countries upon the Imported product
caused him to transfer the field of his in
dustr to this country. There are ro
licensed manufacturers of prepared smok
ing opium In the United States, and prac
tically no revenue has been derived from
this source, but a number of persons have
been arrested b revenue officers within
the past ear for the illicit manufacture of
smoking or prepared opium. A common
device of those who endeavor to elude the
tax is to collect the ashes from pipes vvhich
have been smoked and, by mixing one part
of the ask with three parts of the crude
opium form a paste by the addition of
water, which makes a ver excellent
smoking opium Whenever an arrest of
persons engaged in the illicit manufacture
of opium is made, the raw material end
utensils used by them are seized and
forfeited to the United States
44 A Good Maxim is
Never Oat of Season, f
&(.either is a good family medicine, like
Hood's Sa.rsa.pa.TxUa.. It tones up the sys
tem, cures catarrh, rheumatism, scrofula
and all stomach troubles, and wards off
sickness. Alt jho are weak and worn
by the effects of illness or overwork find
in its use appetde, strength and health.
Disordered Stomach " Nowa
days I can cat anything I wish because
Hood's Sarsapanlla keeps my stomach in
order." H. Stone, Sherborn, Mass.
Catarrh "Hood's SarsaparHU has
cured my husband's catarrh troubles, and
given me relief from sick headache."
mrs.J. W. morris. Binghamion, N. Y.
The musicale given by Mr and Mrs
John R McLean in honor of the Admiral
of tho Nav and Mrs Dewey, monopolized
the fashionable interest of last night. De
splto the fog and rain hundreds of distin
guished men and splendidly gowned wom
en gathered in the great ball-room to list
en to such a programme as is seldom heard
at private concerts outside of New York.
The artists of the evening were Mme.
Schumann-Helnk, contralto; M. Thomas
Salignac, tenor: Slgnor Guisseppe Cam
panarl, baritone; Mr Harve Murray, at
the piino, and the Baltimore Smphon
Orchestra, numbering twent-five pieces.
The programme, which began at 10
o'clock, was as follows:
Karl von Weber Overture ... . . .Oberon
Gioacchino Rossini-"- Largo al lactotum"
Baibier de Seville
Charles Gounod "We Maria"
vnjre Ilegitr "stances'
E Diaz "Lj Manpoou"
PUtl' II
Pietro Mascagm "Intermezzo" .o--
' Caallena Ruticana"
Cactano Donizetti "II Sesretto" Iucrezia BorRii
Charles Gounod "Dio Pownte" laust
Jules Masicnet "Peo?ec de Automne
Georges Bizet Duo, "Lcs Pechcura de
Perles ' Pearl li-hers
Direction Mr Ed h Guzman
The brilliant assemblage which crowded
the vast ballroom from stage to entrance
represented the various phases of fash
ionable societ that go to make Washing
ton one of the mobt socially interesting
cities in the world One of the earliest
arrivals of the evening was Col. William
J Br an, who remained but a short
4ime, however, owing to other engage
ments Noticeable among the many beautiful
toilets were those worn b Mrs Hay, mr
tle green velvet and ermine, Mrs. Gage,
heavy white brocade, trimmed elaborately
with spangles of silver, corsage bouquet
of pink roses; Mrs Charles Emory Smith,
white brocade satin and diamond orna
ments, Mrs. Elkms, white satin, bro
caded In pink roses, magnificent tiara of
diamonds; Mrs Pettigrew, white brocade
and chiffon with pearl passementerie
trimmings; the Hon. Maud Pauncefote,
blue crepe and lace, the Hon Sbil
Pauncefote, white duchess lace over white
silk; Mrs Swanson, white duchess lace
over peacock green satin; Miss Edes,
green satin, brocaded with roses of a
lighter tint; Mrs Brown,
satin and point lace; Mme
? , .. le
de ollant,
white lace with corsage knot of blue vel
vet; Miss McKenna, white lace; Mr3
ei: .UlbS jicacuuu, nunc iucc, Jua
Warner, white satin; Mrs Hawley. white
corded silk, trimmed with cinnamon brown
chiffon and amcthSt velvet, Mrs Mc
Ouire, orchid pink satin and point lace,
Mrs Cullom, white satin and lace.
Mr. and Mrs J. B Henderson enter
tained at dinner last night the German
Ambassador, the Austrian Minister and
Baroness von Hengelmuller, the Spanish
Minister and Duchess de Arcos, the Bra
zilian Minister and Mme de Assis-Brazil,
the Sccretar of War and Mrs Root, the
Secretary of Interior and Mrs. Hitchcock,
Senator Hale. Mr. and Mrs Hltt, Senator
Depew and Miss Paulding, Representative
Gillett, Rev. Dr. and Mrs Mackay-Smith,
Mrs Audenricd. Mrs Ffoulke, Mrs Arnold,
of New York, Mrs. Walworth, and Mr. John
B Henderson, Jr.
Mr. William T. Aldrich, of Alabama,
entertained at dinner last night at his
Washington residence, in New Hampshiie
Avenue His guests were. Representative
Charles Dick, of Ohio, Hon William
Vaughan, United States District Attorney
and Chairman of State Executive Commit
tee, C. W. Buckley, postmaster of Mont
gomery, Ala.; James W. Hughes, post
master of Birmingham, Ala ; L J. Brjan,
United States Marshal; C J. Allison,
United States court clerk; J. W. Dimmick.
United States court clerk, and Charles J.
Alexander, United States Commissioner.
Mr. and Mrs Charles Richards Dodge
and Mr. R G. Finney are among the pas
sengers from Washington booked to fail
for Genoa today, via Gibraltar and Naples,
on the steamship Ems.
The Muiic nt St. Mnrj'.
The choir of St. Mary's Church, Tifth
Street northwest, between G and H
Streets, will render the following music
tomorrow ;
High mas-, at 10 30 a m
"Aperge9 Me Domino" G. 0 Weiss
Man in C F Silas
Offertory: "Giudeanjus" A Diabclh
Vesper emce at 4 p m
Palm Domine Ad Adjuvandum, Dixit
Domlnuq, and Laudate Domimim (V es
per Service, No 1) F Marzo
Magnificat, No l..i K vlarro
"Alma ltcdemptoris" (quartette) A J. Davu
"O Salutans" (soprano solo) B Hamma
"Tantum Irgo" (tenor solo and chorus). ..E Silas
Laudate Dominum Gregorian
Organist and director, Mr. William Wal-decker.
are made with Royal Baking Pow
der, and are the most appetizing9
healthful and nutritious of foods.
Hot biscuit made with impure
and adulterated baking powder are
neither appetizing nor wholesome.
It all depends upon the bak
ing powder
Take every care to have your
biscuit made with Royal, which is
a pure cream of tartar baking pow
der, if you would avoid indigestion.
The South Cnrolinn Cotton Imlnntrj- Mjter !nrriiuiiillnR New 1 ork Poit,
I)en'IiI Hnpicll). o !- Theft Solved.
COLUMBIA, S C Jan 20 The growth NEW YORK Jan 20 Small package
of the cotton industry In South Carolina I containing jewelry and other valuable ar
during the past ear has been un- j tides, many evidently holiday present,
precedented. I have been vanishing from the maillag de-
The State is just now enjoying unusual ' purtment of the general postoSice for tha
prosperity. In 1S98 there were chartered la3t six weeks Chief Postofltee Iqpetor
in South Carolina six cotton mills, with a King found it i difficult matter to discover
capital of $510,000 The books of the se- 1 who the persistent thief was, beeawee hra
retary of state show that last year 11 are a great many elerks epteI h that
mills, with a capital of $3,275,000, were I busy department.
chartered, that 16 mills already in opera- Postoffiee Inspector Jos-ph Jacobs last
. , , . .. , I evening succeeded ia solring the pnzla
tion made extensions and increased their an(J captured the eu,prt redbawled. wlth
capital stock b $2,425,000, and that many paekages of jewelry, whkrh had been
mills, with an aggregate capital of $3 2.J.- j mailed, in his possession He wae gwing
000. were Issued commissions of incorpcr- iome for the (Jay hea arrestei
atlon, and are now in process of formation j Frank Felino. nineteen years oW of 113
This gives the actual investments in mills Mulberry Street is the prisoner Kealix
last year $3,704,000. with the prombed in- j lng that denial was useless Fellao m it
vestment of $3,20.000 more. I ted the series of crimes, ami sold thot ha
The new year is keeping up the record I nad been steaHn from the nails almost
Already three mills, with a capital of
$900,000, have been issued commissions of
incorporation, ana, two enters granieu io
mn's given commissions last ear, repre-
senting $300,000 capital.
Allowing that the ratio of increase will
be maintained through this year. South
Carolina will, on the first day of the nw
centur. be the second cotton manufactur
ing State in the Union second to Massa
chusetts in spindles and looms operated
and probabi first in consumption of cot
ton. Four ears ago this State took the lead
of the Southern States in cotton manufac
turing, and has each succeeding ear in- I
creased the distance between here f and
the nearest competitor. North Carolina
has the greatest number of mills, but in
all else capital Invested, consumption,
spindles and looms the Palmetto State 13
far in advance. Last ear she consumed
nearly one-third of the total number of
bales used In factories in the southeastern
State". The cotton ield in this State was
1,012,000 bales, and of this South Carolina
used 43 9 per cent In her mills J
Carolina mill men believe that in five '
jears. unless mill-building sustains a sen- 1
ous and unexpected setback, the mills of
the State will "spin her entire cotton crop. ,
and that thereafter cotton from other
States will have to be imported 1
In "Vlcmorj of Lieutenant (Iiene. '
NEW HAVEN, Conn , Jan. 20 There is '
a movement on foot among the members
of the Yale class of '95 to erect a memo
rial at Yale to the memory of the late
Lieut. Ward Chenev. who was killed In the
' Philippines about two weeks ago. He was
j ... . ,
ury popular v.uu 111s ciiissuiuies. xuk
scheme for the memorial is to erect an
i , , . . , . . .
r:ay between Welch and Osborn
I hnlla oimiliT tr Mm nnn ornntml horn eta
halls similar to the one erected between
Durfee and Battell Chapel last summer
in memory of Theodore Miller, who was
killed with the Rough Riders.
Chsskfta? Cough
with BROWN'S
Signature ot
S on every
Best Rubber
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jilC tf
'Phone, 1053
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33c , and 5Sc per lb?
Twelfth and O Sts. N. W'.
ja!7 lmo.em
The Underwood
Our polic is not to run down the older mak"s
of typewriters, but to create a desire for a bet
ter one.
A careful examination of the Underwood Tpe
writcr will convince the most critical operator
or bubincs man that it is a Modern Machine
with Modern Methods for Modern Men.
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612-814 7th St. 715 Market Space.
siace his appointment as a Dostottce cterk.
oa December 1 laat. He gare up a big
oUmjie of pavvn uckets, represeatlog a part
j 5; th" proceeds
proceeds of his robberies.
When arraigned before Uad 3ati
Commissioner Shields. Feliao was heKl ia
$2,500 bail for further examiaattoe He
was unable to furnish the bowl aad wa3
locked up in Ludlow Street jail.
Ilnltiniore mid I'rlurii la
II. it O.
Saturday and Sundjv, Jam arr i ind 'I
Square Pianos taken in exchange 3re
now offered as spul inducements We
need the space they occupy A Ira of
the rahies
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Piano Sale.

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