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The Disappearance of Three Yukon
Travelers Explained.
JiiilicittluiiK That They AV?rc Mur-l-rel
for Their 3liin"lltlicK
1. ii ml "Near Minto Knufjli -il
llItrteii CiuiM'xIted in a Straws
WVb of ripcuiiiM"tinl ICviclvut-c.
VICTORIA, B. C, March 22. The mys
tery lotorwoven with the Mipposetl munler
atttl absolute disappearance of the three
outbound travelers, Oleon. Clayson, and
'KtHfe. who were missed from the Yukon
watrway in November lHst appears to be
rtwly but surely unwinding, so that,
what the just-arrived Amur left Skagway,
otffietjrs were saW to be on the eve of coni
)&QtJta a chain of evidence 9 flic i cut .to
ItMa& the prisoner, O'Brien, as one of the
Olayeon and his companions, who were
outbound from Dawson, had several thou
hnfl dollars In their pockets and it was
Cfliiolutfed that murder had been added to
robbery, and the bodies effectually dis
posctl of. A short time after, a tough
Character of the border, giving the name of
O'l'rien. was arrested on suspicion of he-tt-g
implicated in the supposed crime, and
Nlthmiqh " the evidence against htm waa
not nuffirient to hold him for the offence
itiiargctl, the police succeeded by bringing
fcrward other less important offences of
Which he vias plainly guilty in holding him
fw ewstody With the assistance of a Pink
!mi ian. engaged by Ciayaon's relatives,
they Industriously pursued aff avenues of
Only circumstantial evidence -was secur
ed cmtpli&g O'Brien with the tragedy of
Me trail, until only a few weeks ago.
while he was being taken to Selkirk in
eeHnection with a charge of robbing a
kg, when two $100 banknotes were dis
ctsvorod hewn up in the feet of his socks,
which by their numbers were e'early
jirove! to be the property of the missing
Now. by the Amur, conies the news of
lire fiudiug of the bodies of the murdered
trio. The bodies have been definitely lo
cated about three miles this side of Mm
lo, on the river, and not close to the
trail, so that the theory that three men
following each other in the daylight, one
man pushing or riding a bicycle, having
all accidentally fallen into the same hole.
I aUogcther untenable. The edges ot the
hole that was. but which now. of course,
has long been frozen over, are much dis
colored with what has been proved on
chemical analysis to be human blood.
Near the spot of the burial "was found a
Vroken sleeve link and a pocket knife,
both of which are particularly Identified
a- having belonged to members of Ihe
HiteMng parties. In O'Brien's possession,
teo. have been found certain articles
Mlrh are known beyond a doubt to hae
lK4oged to young Rolfe.
A Nr I'lnnt nt CumberlHiwl ov
In Operation.
CUMBERLAND. Md . March 22. Th
last, of four 26-inch mills at the Indepen
dent Tinplate plant of N & G. Taylor, of
Willadelphia, in South Cumberland, is be
Itig put in shape for operation Mondaj.
Then nil the four mills will be in use and
aboat 140 persons will be employed.
ioKh Cumberland has about recovered
from the effects of the closing down of
he Cumberland Tinplate mill by the
trust, the independent concern filling the
jap. The new plant is running smoothly
hi every way and is very busy.
The Cumberland Valley Cement Works,
at Cedar Cliff, five miles west of Cumber
land, has resumed operations. New ma
flhlaery will be put in and four new kilns
added. It is the intention to manufacture
1W.O0 barrels of cement this reason.
Thew; works had long been in litigation.
Jl the present owners, who are business
men of Washington, acquired them about
a year-ago. S. Dana Lincoln, of Wash
ington, is president.
The Allegany county branch of the Na
tional Ilorseshoers' Protective Association
was instituted Tuesday night by W. J.
Moore, of Pittsburg, national secretary
and treasurer. The Meiation will have
boat thirty membert. Officers wre
dlecteH. with August W. Reith. of Cum
berland, as president.
The Hile 3litrilrr Cn-e.
ST. MARY'S W Va.. March 22 -The
eoranw't. inquest oer the remains of
James C. Hile. who was shot and iustautiy
killed 1y former Mayor Joe C. Xoland
Mettday. was held yesterday. The jury,
after day's deliberation, rendered a ver
dict that death was caused by a pitol
wound. The preliminary hearing of Na
laad. charged with murder, was begua
ycKtrduj The Hrut witness. Constable
E. K. KiKRs. BWrf that he handed Xoland
the revel ver ad told him to shoot or h"
weuid be Killed. Riggs was promptly ar
rested as accessory to the murder. Tn.-v
heating was then postponed until Trid.iv
Public sentiment seems to favor Xoland.
tloiid HondN Bond Defeated.
ST. MARY'S, W. Va., March 22. Ai th
wpeci31 election held Tuesday for the pro
Jred. issuing of ?300.000 worth of bontib
Cor the improvement of Wood count
loads, the bonds were defeated by a good
majority. While the majority of the peo
ple who oted against the bonds are in fa
xor of good roads, they thought the scheme
too mweHoin. and .indefinite
An Imltfttor of Mn-Idon.
MOUNDSVILLE. W. Va.. March 22.
Mayor Parkinson has given out th infor
mation thnt he will soon adopt the Shel
don plan for municipal government and
ruu the city "as Jesus would." The new
movomont is the result of a religious
meeting which has recently effected OW
conversions here. The minority is niak
tg a vigorous objection.
H ii -! Life While niijoiiiKT a SumKc
SCRAXTOX. Pa., March 22. With a
lighted pipe in one baud and a smoking
revolver in the other, John J. Allen, a
machinist, recently returned from Central
Americn. breathed his last yesterday af
ternoon at the home of his brother,
Thomas Allen, of Xew Street. He had
sent a bullet through his brain. Some
thing which occurred to him in Central
America weighed on his mind and he sev
eral times threatened to put on iiid to
SIv A ears for MiiiiNlnnfrhter.
BALTIMORE, March 22. Thomas Mn
ley, convicted of manslaughter for the
killing of John J. Moan, has been sen
tenced by Judge Burke to the penitentiary
for six years, Maley showed some nerv
ousness when about to be sentenced and
appealed to the mercy of the court.
in its early stage can be cured,
and great relif F obtained when
faradvanced. Fresh iir, proper
food, and Scott's Emulsion of
Cod-Liver Oil, taken regularly,
'is fche universal treatment, If
you -are threatened, begin the
Emulsion at once.
At all druggists ; 50c and $1 .j.
my remedies will not do what I
claim for them, their sales should be
prohibited by Jaw. -MUNYON.
Prof. Munyon believes that the i.cople
should have the same guarantee as to
worth, with medicines, as they do with
meichandise. A merchant who would sell
and deliver a paste imitation as a genuine
diamond would soon be landed in jail.
Those who offer remedies to the sick and
ailing as positive cures for certain dis
eases should fulfill all promises made or
suffer the same punishment. It is a crime
to deceive the sick.
When Prof. Munyon tells you that hi3
RHEUMATISM CURE will cure your
Rheumatism, he knows it will do so for it
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form of stomach trouble, he knows it will J
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CURE will cure you of any kidney trouble
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cure YOU.
3Iuii;oiih 7 Itemeilio". rai'li it scp
nrnto cure. are for ale at all driiji
KTInIn' moptl U."i cent eneh.
Ml O.V 1NHALKU is a posimr cure for Ci
trrh. Athma, Bronchitis influenza, and most
di-tawex of tlip head, nw. throat, and lung.
Tw stjics -"Iiard i-ubbcr" and xlas "Family."
Puce i.W (.including v0 cent-. worth ot Inhaler
iiK-du i m.!
A Frrr Demonstration of MimyonN
Inhaler Im ott taoinii on at Drue
More of I .1. Diendonne. Corner
liliciitli mill V Slrfrli.
If you need medical advice, you should
call upon Munyon's staff or skilled spe
cialists, who examine and advise without
3Iuiiyon' Doctor Are Free.
:::: TuiitTunxTii street x. iv.
A iriiiiiln t nited Brethren Open Their
Animal Sriiuii.
IIARRISOXBURG. Va.. March 22. The
centennial session of the Virginia Annual
Conference ofthe United Brethren Church
convened here yesterday afternoon at 2
o'clock. Bishop J. W. Hott. of Dayton,
Ohio, is presiding. It is a matter of inter
est that it was in this conference in 1S62
lhai the presiding bishop was ordained to
the ministry, a fact to which tho bishop
made touching inference in his opening re
marks. He remained a member of the
conference, but. with one exception, this
is bis fiisl viit to it in a period of ten
Thirtj-four clerical and fifteen lay dele
gates responded at roll call. Rev. George
P. Hott, presiding elder for Shenandoah j
district, was re-elected secietary of ihe
conference. . J
Under the call for presiding- elders re
Tans Rev. J. D. Donavan, of Winchester .
district, reported the work in fairly good j
condition Pevepncw churches had been
dedicated during the past year. Several
others are in course of erection and one
is nearly ready for dedication. Assess-1
mkui for pastors salaries showed an in-
crease of about ?l,O00. C. T. Harper, of
Berkeley circuit, in this district, was rec
oMiacnded for admission to the conference
and the application was properly j-eferred.
In Shenandoah district Presiding Elder
Hotr reported three new churches dedi
cated during the year, and the building
in which the conference is sitting will be
dedicated next Sunday. Xew church prop- I
orty in the district thus acquired is valued
at $S.o9. Improvements to churcl and
)iiMiungt; inuiJrii.v uaie uecu uiauc 10 mo
extent or $3,000. Miss Ida Judy, of Pansy,
AY. Ya.. was recommended from the dis
trict for membership in the conference.
Rev. B. P. S. Bu3ey, of Berkeley Springs.
was transferred at his own request to Rock
River Conference, in Illinois. After the
transaction of routine business the stand
ing committee were announced.
Bishop Hott preached last night, after
which the conference communion was ad
ministered. For Friday a special pio
grammc has been arranged to commem
orate the one hundredth anniversary of
the conference organization.
Suicide of a Grocer.
1XVILLE. Va., March 22. John A.
Yancey, a well-known grocer of this city,
eommitted suicide Tuesday night by taking
two bottles of laudanum. He was discov
ered in an unconscious condition in his
100m about S o'clock by his wife and died
in three hours. Thomas Yancey, a broth
er - . - -tii suicide here two yeais ago
in n similar manner. j
Injured hj lxplodliiK' Dyuaniile.
SHAItOX, Pa.. March 22. A. B. Brock
ley and WilliHm H. Davis were fatally In
jured Tcsterdny by an cxplosian of
dynamite in the stone quarries at Utica.
They had prepared a blast and tho fuse
would not burn. While relaying another
fuse a spark fell on the dynamite, caus
ing a terrific explosion, and both men
were blown thirty feet and badly man
gled. Foul Play SiiNpeetcd.
c'IMBERLAXD, Md., March 22. The
authorities have "been considering the ad-
inability of exhuming the body of Mrs.
Mary Goodrich, who was found dead in
her home at Lnnaconinc a few werks ano.
Some persons suspect foul play, although
me coroner s jury at the time rendered a
Lxerdiet of death from natural causes. It
is said mat Airs. Goodrich would have
been a witness in a homicide case had she
t'nmc Home From Alaska to Die.
BETHLEHEM. Pa., March 22. After
tramping all the wav from Seattle to his
parents' home iu Bethlehem, arriving last
Saturday, Emil Busslngcr, aged twenty
eight years, died Monday of consumption.
He had met with reverses in the Alaskan
gold regions, and, without money and suf
fering from pneumonia, he started for his
Bethlehem home last fall.
Arritals From Colon.
XEW YORK, March 22. Among the
passengers who arrived yesterday on
the steamship Finance from Colon were
General Hones and Mr. Edward Xoble, of
the Panama Canal Commission; Lieut
R. R. Belknap, U. S. X., and Hcnrv X.
The Miperhns In AupiiMln.
AUGUST March 22. Manager Edward
Hanlcu and a detachment of Brooklyn play
ers, arrived here yesterday. The p'aycrs
here are Casey. Farrell, Smith. Steelman.
Daly, Dahlen, Jones. Dunn. De Mont, Kcn
ueedj Howell, McGuire, and Sheckard.
Confession of a Yonth Arrested in
He Goch to a. lawiiNho to HiiIhc
3Ioncy on Sllverttnpe iiml K-veltes J
StiKliicion Itcvcived Inatptictlona
in RohlilnK From n Tlilef AVlio
1m X'otv Dead A Clever Operator.
PHILADELPHIA, March 22. Loaded
down with the proceeds of a robbery which
he committed at Xorrlstown, John Darnell,
an innocent-looking youth, was caught In
this city yesterday. He came here for the
purpose of disposing of the plunder, con
sisting of a collection of silverware worth
several hundred dollars and an overcoat,
which he had stolen from the residence Of
John H. Crankshaw, at Xorristowiu A
pawnbroker engaged in business at Thir
teenth and ML Vernon Streets caused his
The young man called at the broker's es
tablishment soon after it had been opened
for the day and presented three valuable
pieces of silverware, upon which he asked
the loan of $1. The broker became suspi
cious and the young man became timid
when he was asked certain questions. The
broker sent one of his employes for a po
liceman without the youth knowlns it, and
when the bluecoat arrived the suspect al
most fainted. The youth said thnt tho sil
verware had been given to him and de
clared that it would be an outrage -to arrest
him He was, however, locked up, and
when searched articles of silverware were
fouud in every one of his pockefs. He also
had some concealed in tho waistband of his
trousers. The collection consisted of
knives, forks, spoons, and many other
Witli the discovery of the additional ar
ticles which he had in his possession the
prisoner confessed how he gained posses
sion of them. He also admitted thut he
had stolen the overcoat and hat which he
was wearing. The police telegraphed to
Xorristown, and the reply confirmed the
prisoner's story.- He said that he robbed
the house single-handed. This statement
amazed the police, for the youth looked
anything but a thief.
The story of the robbery told when the
young man was arraigned later in the day
before Magistrate Jermon at the Central
Police Court, showed that he executed the
"job" like an experienced burglar. Al
though young In years, he is old in crime.
It was not. it is" Said, his first "job." He
claims that his downfall was brought
about by a man whom he met about a
year ago. His companion, who has since
died, had the reputation of being an ex
pert house robber, and the youth worked
under his tuition.
The prisoner is apparently no more than
seventeen years of age. According to his
story, he came to this country four years
ago from Liverpool, England, where he
was born. He has no friends here. He
was outof employment when he became
acquainted with his tutor in crime. It is
alleged that they committed several rob
beries together and were always lucky
enough to ex'ade arrest. Captain Miller
describes young Darrell as the slickest
young burglar he ever saw. "Unless he
reforms." said the captain, "he will be
come one of the most dangerous crimi
nals in the country."
The young burglar operated so cleverly
at the Crankshaw resideuce that none of
the family heard him. He left his old hat
at the houso. He walked all the way to
the city with his plunder. He was held
without bail by the magistrate and was
taken back to Xorristovn during the aft
ernoon by Chief of Police Rodenbaugh
Kite Xettport A'etvn IMiiccont Cliiirii
eil With Dereliction of Duty.
XEWPORT XEWS, Va.. March 22. An
upheaval in the local police force is threat
ened. Charges have been preferred against
live of the patrolmen for various oiTences,
and they will be tried at an early date.
Two of the officers are accused not only of
sleeping while on duty, but of effecting an
entrance to the basement of the First Xa
tiona Bank and sleeping on piles of rub
bish in there. The other officers ere
charged with neglect of duty and of fre
quenting barrooms while on duty. The of
ficials of the First Xational Bank have an
nounced that unless the police commis
sioners force the "cops" to give up the
pass key by which they have effected an
entrance to the bank building criminal
proceedings will be instituted against
them. The commissioners investigated the
charges Tuesday night and suspended the
officers for ten days without pay.
Over 7,000
Duffy's Pure
Matt Whiskey
(Amarlou'm Greatest Medicine)
For coughs, colds, grip, asthma,
bronchitis, consumption and
malaria. It stimulates the blood
and aids digestion.
CoTernir.cJt stimp zuarVj, the ceno'ne: b; careful.
All druiists and crocers, Jt.oo a bottlt.
II00L of infurmitioa and testimonials sent free.
.Ktll.XfOX On Marcli 21. TOOf, POl'IlY .TOHN
SOX, beloved wife of SjiuucI JolinMni, at 1215
Mb -t nw.
l'uncral from Third r.aptisl Church Piidat. 2
p. in. U.CH'
MYKI!S-On Wednesday, Manli-2t,-l!Ki), at S:2'J
a. in.. HRlUGirr MYERS, widow of the late .Mat
tlipiv Myeis. in the cventy-ccond year of her asf.
Funeral at her late residence, 223S Hrightweod
Avenue northwest, thence to the Immaculate Con
ception Church, Kishth and X Streets northvet.
l'liciuts and lelatives invited to attend. It
I'AI'Kl'nOn Wednesday, March 21, 1M0, Trank
W. J. Parker, bcloicd son of C. V. and the late
M. K. Paiker.
l'lineral Friday, at S:?0 a. m., from hi." late rci
denee. 2410 I Stiect northwest, l'licntls and relj.
tiies imitcd to attend. It
Undertaker nad Livery,
U2 Pecn. Are. aw.. Wuhlncton, D. 0.
AT JTKIVSON'S, Eleventh and 0.
Have You Catarrh Taint? Here's
strong ciidcnce of the quickness and sureness of
that wondeiftil remedy, Dr. Agncw'a Catarrhal
Powder: "For .icara'l was a victim of Chronic
Catarrh tried many remedies, but no cure was
effected until I had procured and used Dr. Ag
rew's Catarrhal rowder. First application gaie
me irmtant relief, and in an incredibly short
while I wa3 absolutely cured." James Hcadley,
Dundee, X. Y. Sold by F. S. Williams, Ninth and
F Streets: Edmonds & Williams, Tliiid and 1'cnn
sjhania Aenue. 4.
922-24-26-28 Seventh St.
And704-6 K-"The Dependable Store."
In f fill bargain array for Friday.
A week's busy selling has piled up a goodly accumulation of remnants and
we apply the lever of belittled prices to sweep them out tomorrow. Every coun
ter yields up its full quota of special offerings all priced so temptingly low
as to ensure speediest selling. Items that tell their own story of loss-selling
tiat will bring every patron here tomorrow.
Great remnant sale
of domestics
and white goods.
We have closed out a mill's entire
output of short lengths of fancy ta
ble oilcloths, ranging from 1-2 to 1 1-2
yards in length and they go on sale
in the domestic department at won
derfully low prices tomorrow. They
are all Potter's best table oilcloths,
and full 0-Q.uarter wide.
In the first lot we have included all
the short lengths from 1-2 to 3-4
yards all full 5-quarter wide.
and choice is offered, per piece.
In the second lot are included all
the other pieces up to 1 1-2 yards
long. In a good range of the most de
sirable patterns. Sold regularly
at ISc yard. Remnant price, per
2 cases of Simpson's Black
and Gray Prints, sold regularly
from off the piece at Cc yd., for
a cnsA of vard-wide Percales, in mill
remnants and the newest and most
attractive patterns. Sold off,
the piece at 10c and 12 l-2c a
yard Friday for
Remnants of Bleached Muslin full
vard wide same quality sold
off the piece at C l-2c a yard
for Rcniuauts of Canton Flannel in
useful lcncths for which you
must pay Tc and 8c a iard on"
the piece tomorrow
Remnants of 3C-iuch India
Linon, fine qualities, worth
20c and 2."c yard for
Remnants of Check Xain-
sooks and Dimities in useful t J r
lengths go tomorrow, per yd.,-oV
3 lots of shoes.
200 pairs of Boys', Misses', and Chil
dren's Shoes, fully half of which are
hand sewed aH good, desirable styles.
Also several doten pain ot La
dies' Oxfords in latest shapes.
Values are up to Sliio tomor
row for j.. ..J
A lot of footwar. consisting of La
dies' House Slippers. Evening and Par
ty Slippers, made of line kid skin with
patent leather vmpt strap,
bcw. and opera styles. Values
are up to $2 for ..I J..
Broken lines of ladies' Fine Grade
Kidskin Shoes and Oxfords, in the lat
est shapes and stvlps. They're the bal
ance of the makof'sl'saniples" recent
ly secured by us. Xot all
sizes in every style of 1
course but valuta up to
$2.50 for
Wrappers, 48c.
About 3 dozen Ladies' good quality
Percale Wrappers will go on sale to
morrdw at a price that will make short
work of the entire lot. They are all
made in the most thorough manner, in
desirable light and dark colors. Trim
med in various siyle, with ruflles over
shoulders and some others with fancy
braid trimmings. Separate waist lin
ings and liberally wide skirts. Xone
are worth less than 75c and choice is
offered tomonow of any for ISc.
Great shirt waist selling.
A special lot of C dozen Ladies' Pique
Shirt Waists, in a variety or the most
desirable styles iu neat light and dark
colors polka dot.- stripes, etc.
While they're worth a great
deal more, we'll let the entire
let go tomorrow at..
All goods delivered
Better Than Ever.
Our stock this spring is in many respects better than ever. The as
sortment is wid". and the styles are choicer. Our showing of Baby Car
riages and Matures is particularly worthy of your notice, and you must
jfdinit that you v -r saw prices so low. Whatever your furniture needs
this spring we aie in excellent position to supply them, and you can pay
t:s at your leisure.
Baby Carriages and
When we say we have the largest
assortment of Baby Carriages and
Go-Carts in this city we mean just
that and nothing less. We carry all
styles and all grades, starting at a
rubber-tired carriage at
Our line of Straw Mattings is now
complete, and we offer you all
grades of China -and Japan Mattings
at prices tljat will ensure your buy
ing. We carry no damaged and
moldy goods. Every roll is new,
fresh, and clean, and prices start at
Chamber Suite.
Golden Oak.-finlshed Chamber
Suite, bevel njate mirror, large
dresser and commode; handsomely
carved and beaded; high headboard
and a very fme suite for the
901903 Seventh St. Cor. of 1 (Eye) St.
'- in
All tbe cewen a4
eott sttractWt itylei 1
ocn'i fhoc Ulicit,
un, ptte&t IciUxc
Equal to any
t42 reasarlTmal AveiBt,
Embroideries and laces.
Remnants of Cambric and Swiss
Embroidery the natural result of the
past week's record-breaking selling.
Good assortment of desirable
patterns and In al! widths. In
serting to match. Values up toj
10c a yard Friday for..
Another lot of better qualities com
prising Swiss and Cambric Embroid
eries, in a wide range of beautiful
styles and patterns. Up to C -jr
inches wide. Values a3 high as j,
12 l-2c and 15c yard, for
Remnants of Valenciennes Laces, in
a great variety of different pat
terns worth up to 6c a yard go
Friday for . .
35c veilings, 17c.
Last of regul.ir 23c and 35c lines of
Brussels and Fish Xet Veilings, both
plain and dotted will bo closed out
tomorrow at 17c a veil.
Child's wears.
An odd lot of about 2 dozen Infants'
embroidered white silk caps;
mostly iu -small sizes. Sold at
50c. Go Friday for
Seven children's red cloth suits, the
last of our winter stock. Sizes 1 to 4
years. Trimmed wUh braid and frn
fur. Sold at ?3.'J8. They'll go MaV,
in a jiffy at vU
$1 gloves, 49c.
An odd lot of several dozen pieces of
ladies' regular ?l kid and Suede
Gloves, in tan, brown, mode and green
2 clasp style will be closed out at 19
cents a pair tomorrow. They are per
fect qualities but because the sizes are
not complete we'll let them go for this
surprising price. Xote the sizes 5 3-4
C and 6 1-4. If you can be fitted it's a
$2 and $2.50 corsets, 89c.
Just 22 pairs of Drst quality corsets,
such celebrated makes as "I. D.."
"Thompson's Glove Fitting." and War
ner's. In these sizes; IS. 19. 24, 2G, 27,
28, and .30. White and black. Sold at
J2 and ?2.50 regularly. Friday for SO
98c skirts, 55c.
An odd lot of about 3 dozen metallic
stripe Petticoats, made with deep um
brella ruffle and cords. Sold at HSc
We'll close these out at ."5 cents.
Muslin wear, 18c.
Odds and ends of cotton Underwear,
consisting of low and high neck Corset
Covers, lncc and embroidery trimmed,
ladies' umbrella drawers, children's
corded waists, children's long and short
white dresses: and also children's flan
nelette gowns. Sold at 2c. Choice to
morrow for ISc.
Boys' clothing.
Odds and ends of our regular 25c
line of boys' neckwear, consisting cf
band low, tecks. and puffs Q p
in a variety of attractie I qI
colors tomorrow for lmL
2S boys' double-breasted wocl
in sizes from 7 up to 1.1-
well made from good dura
te from good dura- (T H PA
rials. Special price I WY4
ble material
tomorrow ..
2 dozen boys' regujar 50c knee pants
iu sizes 13. 14. and 15 finished Qfr
with taped seams and strong ""Iv
waistband, go for tmJ
bout 3 dozen boys' all-wool golf
caps which sold at 25c
mostly in large sizes. Go to
morrow for
in unlettered wagons.
Reception Suite.
A beautiful 3-piecc Reception
Suite, covered In choice patterns of
damask: frames are elegantly In
laid with genuine inarquotric, and
the suite is big value for
Parlor Suite.
A handsome 5-piece Mahogany-finished
frame Parlor Suite, covered in
excellent quality silk tapestry and
upholstered in a thorough manner;
regular value, $33, for only
Solid oak, with plate mirror, am
ple cupboard room, handsomely dec
orated, and- at the price is a bar
gain Dining Chairs.
Golden Oak-flnlshed Dining Chair,
22-inch back, 10 1-2-inch cane seat;
regular ?1 value for
"Your Laundry, .Sir."
if you patronize
We won't loa-t of our work until wc
Ijumlor jour first package. THKX
rVimor SiTf ! unit f 5lc V IV.
Pennsylvania Ave. and Seventh St.
for Ladies' regu-
lar $1 Percale
Wrappers made
- of several pat-
terns. Just 500
of them
Saks and Company,!
bTATKMKVT ' the condition of the llOlii: I.1FK
1NM il.VXC'K tOMI'AXY of New Yurie, ou
the 31t diiv of DtttmlKT, ISUOr
V.et 2&Vi
Liabilities JB,M5.3M 7.
Surplus MW,27s Ii
Income fwr fix. month ending le-
cermVr 31, l" 1,2IT,07 79
ILlunerueit for sis months j13,S9 ftj
State of New York, City of Xew York, jml
Count t of NVw YorSr, m.:
Wdlum 31. St. John, Yice President, awl Wil
liam A. 3Iar.Iill, Actuary, of the Heme Ufe In
surance Cumiuuj, do detlarc and ar thut the at
compinring Mateim-nt of tlte condition of yalil
company !i llif Sl't day of December. 1-VJ. U
correct and tnir, according to the bwt of their
information, knx.wledue, and lelief.
r. It. ST. JOIIX, Vie l'mideHt.
. A. MAR-HALL, Artiwry.
sulM-ribed and sworn to bf-re me Uim 7th day
of Keliruarj, W).
NHar l'uliHc Kins C.
It Ctrtife-ate Hill i" Sw Ywk Ce.
JsTvTKMENT of the condition of the CAI.I'liOX-IAN-AMKHICA.N
Xew York, X. Y., on the 31-rt ilay of December.
lSVJ, as nquired Iw act f t'ongTrM arin"vpl
Julv . 13fti:
Capital Jtork tt'WW
Capital Mm paid h, Wim W
Cash in bank ?!8.7B 51
Mock; and Ikhkh (uwrfcet value) 3!R,3S3 JO
I'remiunn uocollettd and id band- of
asent- 21,K IS
Other asets 1) at
Interest dHe awl art-rued mi Decem
ber 31. l?i 2,33 7
lotal aitt J1,7J5 jC
ta-li oarotal ?.J0 W
Itescne iweimimi IihhI J1..SS SJ
lteene for unpaid !-. awl eyim... '..i3 01
Othrr Habit'tie-" 7.SJS (
Net SHrnhK 71,385 W
$301.7; vj
tatemeBt ul ftspen-e- fc is motatlM
cndim; DecemVr 31, IM..
Cuirtnt esp"a-t. 1I.IPJ
N. A. MeXEIL. Vi-e lri?3t.
K. ('. PH VV, A-arH r-irrelary.
Jiilcicnbed ami voh t before me thi I ltd
da of 3tarch. WW.
e-Val.) H. K. l-KAXCK.
Notary 1'oWic KitK-t C .
It ettiSeste Wed "in Xew Ywk Ox.
&rTKMI'XT of the coiwiUioa of the rROVMKXT
savixo i in: atuaxck ocikty i
New Yrit, X. 1 , on the "JIh day ot lraiVr.
..ct, -a.aw.iH2 si
Llabllllle, 2.u.ae II
Surplus 651,347 0
Intomr fur -i immtlw erntinr Dseeai-
l.rr 51, IS1 1,S?.S2M
Di-lHir.iwn-. Ir it tuootlw endwe
Dtcii.ibcr "'I. ISf 1,TJ.2 1
Mate ft Niw Y"il. City of Xew Yortt, and Chmi-
of New Vork. .:
E. W. N.-OU. President, al M. L. Mnr&ner,
AtttuM. ot th 1'rtivUleot :vifl:r lift- .Wwiim-v
iwifH. d" dei'jre ami av that Ihe acrampury
ing statement "f the condition of slid wietr on
the 31-1 iy December. 1"!J. is wrreet ami
true ait-otiliBz to hi- let of thetr inionitin,
knowiette'-. Jod lielief.
K. VT. SCOTT. l'reMmt.
M '.. MoRTIMEK. Actuary.
-uliNcribe! awl -orn 1 beMre me thl- 7th day
of Matcli. 1W0.
(eal ) O. .7. nEGEX.
It Notary PuWic 17. X'cw York Co.
STVrEMI'.NT of the comfitiwn of the IJII'KICtlL
INSl'HANCl; COMPANY, Limktd. of Lomlon.
England, on the 3tt ity of December, ISTC,
TCtcueU l act of Conijfe approrcil July 2.
Capital -tovk V..POO.00O Prt
( pital tok paid up 1.7-0O,O0O 00
Cj-h5uBk ?77.0t8 2
Kcat rotate t70,l 71
Hond (market ulu.-j t,li3,-;C. m
BilN receirable ami collateral loam.. lyi ui
Prrniiums uncollected and in hands
of ssent 1!I9,25S 37
InieT't due ainl accrued on Deeembcr
SI. l?t"l I0.3SI K
"1.802,315 05
Other IiabilitHS S.T3.10I 05
Iteerc premium fwl jJW.112 40
Reere for unpaid lor td chiim-i.. 191,131 ft;
Xet surpliN - 7G.s7.: !
I.3WSI3 a.
Statement f efj-on-e fur i monlli.
Current e(rf:ne? ll,3Sl (K
Attanvev for .1. .1. Courtney, ("en. Atty.
.SubiTlbed and mawii t lcfore ne this il-t dir
of Kebruarv. 11)00.
It Xotmy Public.
STATEMENT ol the .edition f the WE.-TERX
IN'al'ltAXCB COMPAXY. l'itt-burp. Pa., on
the !'!-t day of December. i?, as required by act
of Cortrrci approved Julv 2, l9s
Capital ttxek .
Capitil totk juid iii -..
Cah in Iwnk
Heal wtatc fi!,03 00
BoihN and iiioitpse!' (fit lien on e:il
estate) HT,tS0D
Stocks and bunds (markrt value) lSs,372 5fl
Premium. uncollected ami in hands of
agent". -. 37,975 i)
Interest due and Eccrued on December
31. ls"J 1,332 II
Cah capital...". ,..10.C0i Oil
Itc-eivo premium fund..... H5,7.c il
Roenc for unpaid lrvvte.5 and claim;... I',ll53
Xet surplus
Statement of ilivbkn&s and cxpernc? for
ix montlts endinz December 31. lt!W:
:st -.02 M
.. wttom
Current expenses jy.COl 32
WAI. 1. HERBERT, Yice President.
GEO. S. GRAHAM. 5-ecretary.
Suhncribtd nil sworn to before me this 2d da
of Jlarcb, 1000.
(Seal) HENRY V. WEAVER, Xotarj Public.
AVashington. March 20, 1000. Special No
tice .vi 1 paper and other combustible
waste should hereafter bo hauled to and
delivered for burnlns at the crematory
at the foot or South Capitol Strpct, which
has been secured for such purpose until
July 1, 1900, and is now in operation. The
deposit of combustible materials of any
kind upon public dumps or vacant lots of
tho city is prohibited. JOHN B. WIGHT,
Commissioners. D. C. mh22-.1t
1411 H st. nw. to 511 13th st. nw. The
electrical and Sprague hot-air apparatus
are Installed. By special arrangement with
tho Sprague Company charges reduced to
53. Skilled masseur in attendance. Sep
arate hours" for ladles. "Office hours, 10
a. in. to S p. in. mhlC-lmo
STATKMENT of the condition of the NEW IIAJIP
31anchc$ter, X. II., on the 31st day of December.
130!J, as required by act of Congress apprl
July 19, 1502:
Capital stock .., ?I,tXj10 0T
Capital stock paid up LUWI.OOtt 0
Cah in bank '. 11P,3M L
Real estate iVOftXISt
Bonds and mortage, (first lien on
real estate) ftjlfr 73,
Stock and bonds (market Talue).... 2,110.205 Of
Bills receivable and collateral loan.. 101tI0O W
PrfiniunH uncollected and in hands
of agent, WLSM K
Cash capital ... Um0,vm &k
Rerve ireniiiim fund 1,1S3.733 8v
Reserve for unpaid Ioie and claiinJ... 3M.IM H
Net -ondus .t-t2Jt S
statement of iHridends ami rtytime
for -ix months ewlia- Urttfinwr Jl,
Dlvldrnlj WT
Current MiinM aHtjH,S
F. W. SAROFLXXT, Seeretary.
Sub-nbe! ami sworu te htime m thfe Th 4m,
of rVhfwm, l$iX).
fjal.) ' LKms W. CROGJKtfnir.,
It rJofciiy 1'kxk.
STVTEMKNT the aindlMon ot tk SPUiff;.
delpbiu, m tlh- 3tts .tay ef Deeemher. )J9, as
rNlred by act at Cdxtm imtartdt Jolr ,
lsiri: k
Capital cJi 1 $ttttfXB H
Capital ftcek piW oj tWJM tjfi
Ita-li in bank $?'
I Real estate W,SW
Bosds n4 Mortgages (Hrt Hen Mt real
estate) 71JMk8-l
Ftoek ami bands (itwrlFrt vaHe) 77J.3W m
PrcmimiM Hnettlleoted ami in hamli f
afn: mjm ir
Interest due wl attnied on DertmsVer
30. 1?W Vl 8
(ash capital $ iW
I!wr.s iteariHiH fond Gtt&tft WT
Re-MTve for u)mM l-.f wi eWos... (WBT M
Net .Mtrpltw lfWVIH 19
Statement tt (MvfdMk) ami MpeBs
fr 'ix m)tw emKa Deeeatber ,
Dii-idemls MMAff 1)
Cunem fattens UKaWi fii
Sirfrk-rifcJ awl afHfwMil to keikvi mm MM 'JMh,
day t FcbfUMuy. ldm.
C'eaL) 11. P. REAJtDAX,
It Sot y PaWl.
'TATKMRXT M Ike eoMHtiM tt the HKtMSH-
to, C,inale, n tit- 3M (fay ( l)owlm; iSm,
rnptirnl Uf. t W Cawgig aptmniil Jly ,
V-a-h in to ftMK
llstnds and mcttgazt (ffrst Hea ca real-
csute) jmm
StoebH aJ mntn (moeket vulae) ViSJHl M
Bitfa mwtRtMe, aad eaHateaal kmm 5mt
Premiums imeotleeted aM4j Is (
as rmttmrn
ItMeres dae ad mcrort h Dniwer
1, trW 9jmtn
Resets pfCMinm llHtd WS? 1
Reserve fw afaiJ oww awl rMM... Mb "M
Net muptm 43I3S3;
Statement vi dhrkliiaJi ad espeaues tar
six nwotlM raJirH.- Dreeafcer 1. fci.
Cihtb( eipenoes IStA? TO
J. J. KKXVY, .Tee PtaMifeflt.
P. II. PI)-. erclry.
SaiiK-nbei ad wm ! hefofe me Hah SIM 4hy
ni FetfufT, 1901k
rSearl. II. D. OAMBMC.
H Notary Vi
TATEMEXT of tk eotHtttkm ot t
H aVa of
PWY A I.!erxl. Eairbml. on ihe
Bet gaiter. 1. a reMtimt by act
nttrorcd .hiry 19, 16W:
Caa ia kutk ad tlKfe
E1 e-tate
5fc l
artoXMi si
Qtocil4 ami hoaK matkrt ra)ir
Bllb receivable aaxl i MirH loaaa..
Premium tinroUerted &mtl ia aaaA
of aztmi
Interest tinr ami a-erned an Uxmmktt
SI. l;l"3
AH 'tla-r asMt
Re-Tre puiaiawi t4... .SfauSMi M.
Kewn lar waf nil u ami alalia '.. ' 1A.9II Iff
D otfcer EaWBttes MNTlt f7
Xrt -wvttB 1JKSU
jtietneoi. ef -' for n:
etMffae HuiaB ir St. ISHt
lor !is
'nrtent etaeaf i v..
A. a 3fc-M-WAlXK. ..
ab-rri. l awl rani to fcefme me tM IMt ay
ot Febrr irr, Hf.
t-iTJw' tEViirC A. WYXkV
It "irtarr foWie Xew Vsh IM
-T YrhJIKNT id the ccadtnos of the rHt'Ai;K
Cowi.. a the 3fex y of Dinaaan. tX m re-
itaned M act of Cmw,h . aaaeoc4 .faOy 2. IBM:
caMui roHi sammam
Capital -t.k paM ao a-MH m
Ca in baak acai ottlce. SttJB&ttt
StoetiH and bfta (aaarttet rah) ?t,3B0l
PTeiiiaaiu'i aatadicte! a4 is haaaV of
GtM 3kS8 )
IntereM iJae aat aevrajew ow Jlveeaaaat
St. 1;W avawst
Alt other -ets 7 9)
(a-h capital s..iWj
Ke"erre anaiaw lt.. aiaw a
l.'eserve tor aniariil toM am eWesa... 93ft IN
All ether KaWmie 15iR 9
Xet HMTa .SK.H13T
S.ft 75
Statement f rvf!he far 4x newto.
Cm-rent tttene ijat mi
A. O. MelLWMXK. Jr., PMjrfewt.
J. EL SHAW, Seeretarj.
Mi)t--rlf"l asvl "vvera t before Me tlris Oat
v ef Fetnry. Mf.
i-cal ) LEMUEL A. WYMAX.
It Notary PnMte New Yar k CiV
.TATE.MfcXT o the cwliiion of the FIDELITY
St3te erf Xew York. tn tle tl day rf Deeemfer.
ll'. a-, reqitired by at e Concrws apaetl
Julv CJ. ISIrJ:
Capital 'tnrk faWirTfUJ-W
Capital teck paW nf !&")
Cash on hand aad in banks MaL2t9 31
Real i state Sflf.Ult SI
Other ecwritie iUfer IS
Stocks ami loiNfo (matke ) XJtit Mi
l"Temltmt nneoM'eted and in htHM
cf stts 'HMCtO
lBteet due aad aarmtd OK I'eeem-
ber 31, 1S UM3i
Total asrs?ts t,')1T 7
Cih catal $UMN
Lrteamrd ptetmwm resenw k.7"K2m Si
l!eerve for Mapaid to? aad.etoiiai. WM- U-
et irpbt 7ft4Blie
AM other twWhfes lMt
Total liaWUti-
IiiHlMts aad
months eedit;r
el'oaei far aK
Cnrreac e:
Iass atti"'
Total :..Jijmjmai
OH. K SKtt'ARD. PmiliUwt.
HEXJJY CoSLHY. Artinc Secretary.
City ot New Yorit, Mate of New Yodk.
StlbM.-rtfxd and awoiH ta hetore mt ttfc 3h day
f .ManK "Htfl-
(Seal.) JKO. W. VARIAN.
H Swtary Ple.
STATEMENT .if the romlhiow of the COXJiHtiTI
cf HartfenJ, 'tate of Cornier Ifeut. m the Mat daar
ol Drceinber. 1SK. ." reiprfted hjr at f Ctmtrnj
approved July j)1, ttte:
CSih on hand ami 1b lwfc $Sfal7S
Real estate. ll.lJaT:
Bonds and nsortsaijca (Sr-l Bet on real
estate) ................. JWUO'.tBTal
Other icruritim ' SWJ'lK
Stotkn ami Iionil (nurket ra4e) 311,791116
P.ilU receirable awl elliteRl leaos
(ftOiil.a; and ?".iii 7.3S1 V,
Pxeiniiims uncollected aasl la it of
aBnt SWaUtSI
Interest due and accrued Deeembw
SI. VSXf 03.7W33
Rent" due or wecnied and unttuid Ivi96i
Is agents" credit liataRe latfS 'H
Toul arU r9iJEMM1l
Reseir itremtem terd SglS tat 'O
rncarnol premium rerve ..... MSflSt)
Reserve for unpaid Isvse aad (Ww. 1,1S,K 'i
Net srii 7tS,aft'!
Total liabilities
DiviCuids ami rpm tor fix
er.dtnjr Iheeinlicr 31. 19l"t
Cutrcnt expenses.
... 3Tiri
... f.(JI.77 3t
Total - ?stGM.m 11
JACOB L. (1UXX. ITesWer.
City of Hartford. Slate of Cnrietteut:
Subsiled and sworn to latere me thf IStfi y
of February, VM.
(Seal) XATIIAX F. PECK, Xotarj Public.
atMM 99

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