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,XIHH - H"IH - HKI"I": - I"I -
f Hechts' Greater
What do we mean by "hour sales?"
Can it be possible that there isa single man or woman ulio does not understand that every
Friday IhH store, beginning at I) o'clock in the morning (and sometimes at S), staits the selling of
merchandise considerably less than actual Asilue for GO minutes at a clip? If there is, we trust
that this is sufficient explanation.
hi tomorrow's "bales"' only the quickest selling and most desirable "stuffs" are offered' and
Ave need haidly tell jou that the prices aie extraordinarily low.
Anything will be "charged' that jou desire and satisfactory terms will be ai ranged.
Bojs host Merriraac Percale QlC
Shirt Waists, 25csort J
Fringed Tea Towels, for 1 7-Sc.
Yard-wide etra fine qualitj of Se
licias in mill remnants In lengths
from 2 to 10 yards 10c to 19c C
qualitj .vl5
Bojs' plain blue and fancj cheviot
Golf Caps, with patent fasten- 1 QL
ing, instead of 39c, for
Infants' Flannel Skirts, made OCC
with double bands, for
Infants' Bootees in all colors. Of
for O
Prettj Japanese Matting Mats, in
best colors and patterns, for this 17
hour ,s
The vcrv best tan and black
Shoe Polish, which sells at 15c, 9 J.C
for "
Infants' Dongola Shoes, in sizes 2
to 5, which are sold usually for 1 CC
30c, for J
Lot of Children's Untnmmed Hats
in rough mixed, and fancv straws
of all colors, instead of S9 cents JQC
for 3
Men's Plain and Fancj Suspenders,
the sort which sell for lee, for this Cfj
10 to 11.
Ladies' Past Black Hos. full C C
seamless, all sizes "
1 500 jards of handsome Ribbon, taf
feta, moire, and satin face, the QJC
10c and 23c values for 2
Infants' Long and Short Dresses of
good quality cambric, trimmed 9"iC
with embroidery, for
Child s fine White Aprons 95C
trimmed tastefullj, for this hour.. J
Full, double bed size Bed
Spreads in best patterns, instead JQC
of PSc, go for
36-mch wide Curtain Scrim, in
most desirable patterns, 6c tort ")7Q
for 3
Children's Doagola Spring Heel
Shoes sizes 6 to S, meed of OCC
40c pair for. . .
Ladies' Dongola Lace Skoes
sizes S to 5 1-2 instead of ?1 25 "7CC
ror IJ
A maker's samples of Tooth Brashes
which sell at lie to 23c oacli to Cf
go on sale this hour at J
Men's Past Black Grey, and
Brown Mied Half Hae the 1.C
regular 10c hose for 2
Indies' Cheviot Serge Skirts, in a
arietj or colors -villi the new pleat
backs; full cut well made skirts 1 QC
Little Boys Washable Galatea CioN
Suits the wearing time of which
now clofee at hand the same sort Ol
which will sell for 59c later, for "J
New double width plaid dress goods
in neat Scotch effects also two pieces
of double-width black Crepoos both in
small lots, but sold for lc and QzC
19c jard, to go for . ...
Bleached "Pearl' sheeting the extra
round thread sort which iK?Jle at 1 C l C
wholesale just now for 21c for ' 02
" rrfo"i2.
Shot l lengths of vard wide Cambric
muslin in good lengths the icgu- C7f
lar 10c sort for . . . 5
Fiench all-wool flannels in all trcet
anu eening lvades, jou cannot dupli
cate them elsewhere foi lees than OQC
S0c for JJ
Leather Hnger purse with s4I- OQC
ver initials for "
Ladies stvllsh tHrn-over col- QC
lare of fine edgings
Torchon laces and inscrtings 2 to
4 inches wide best of patterns 0 if
for J3
Crouiitl rirokcit in tli" Ir'M"iict of
i.ICTi of I're.
W4thout formal ceremonj in the pres
ence of a few of the Sisters of Mercv and
prominent citi7ens of this ntv ground was
josterdav broken at the junction of North
Orelina Avenue E and First Streets and
New Jeraej A.venue southeast for the St
Catherine's Home, conducted bj the Sisters
of Morcj, now located at 81 East Capitol
The coming together of these avenues
forms the space known as Garfield Park
ajid the new structure will overlook this
reservation It is located within two
fcquaros of the Capitol and Librarj Build
ing, and one square from Providence Hos
irttal The building will contain all improve
ments both santtarj and labor saving
known to modern science and will not suf
fer bj companson with other imposing
public and private institutions alreadj un
der the shadow of the dome of the Capitol
The location once known as Carroll's
Hill, is so elevated that the door sill of
the main western entrance will be above
the level of the tree topb of Garfield Park
and houses in that vicinitj The cltj and
i-uburbau electric line passes the door mak
ing it easj of access from all points in the
citj. The buildings will cover the entire
tlte with a frontage of 148 feet on North
i Hunyadi Janos
if you Ask for the Best Natural Laxative Water.
X Others will give you a cheap substitute on which they
make a few cents more profit.
I For Constipation or Stomach Disorders
Hunyadi Janos
- H - H - H - I -
11 to 12.
Ladies' Misses', and Children's QC
ribbed vests and pants
Boys topcoats of coert and black
cheiots, nobb, stylish garments for
little fellows from 3 to 1G years; gar
ments which sell for as much tj QO
as $T for JL.JO
Bovs' percale blouse waists; with
deep ruffle down front and around OCC
edge of collar, for
Lot of ladies' cheviot serge and che
viot tailor-made suits; in double-breasted
and fly front effects; with skirts
having the new box pleat backs and
both skirts and jackets thor
oughlj made and finished, forC7 Cfl
this hour .-I.JU
Men's natural and merino under
shiits, oulj the shirts arc in all TflC
sizes, sold for 30c, to go for J
Lot of ladies' and misses' walking
hats, trimmed with buckles, vel- ynfj
vet band and quill, worth $1.44 for
Lot of little bojs' spring heel shoes,
in sizes 9 to 13. also lot of mioses' don
gola shoes in sizes 11 1-2 to 2; CCC
the be6t SSc alues for "J
Lot of ladies' oxfords in tan and
black in sizes 2 1-2 to 4 instead CQC
of ?150 to go for J
Best qualitj Yale Holland window
shades, in all colors, complete 1 QC
with fixtures, for '
3C-inch dotted and figured Swiss in
handsome patterns, which sell (ZQ
usually at 15c yard for S
1 to 2.
Lot of Ladies' Corsets long, medium
and short, of satten coutil. and OQC
the ventilated sort, all sizes, for. " J
Extra heavy Stair or Runer Oilcloth,
in the newest patterns and col- C7fJ
onngs, the 10c sort for "
All-wool Ingrain Carpet Remnants,
in handsome color and patterns,
suitable for lugs instead of 73c 71 C
for tl
Spravs of six roses foliage, chrvs
anthemums, daisies, corn flowers, lil
ies of the allcj, eta, instead of 9QC
49c for Lj
Mens black Metcerized Silk Half
Hose which eveiv where sell 1 7-l.C
for 23c pair for 12
Lot of Ladies' all-wool Plaid Cam
el's Hair and Noveltv Plaid Dress
Skirts, with pleated backs, some of
them cost us ?5, to close them CO QO
out quickl to go for Jt.70
Ladles Broadcloth, homespun, and
Venetian tailor-made suits, in Cton,
tight-fitting, double-breasted, and fly
front effects with silk-lined jackets
and box-pleat skirt the most stjlish
suits possible to bu at any price and
certainly the most thoroirghl tailored
garments, suits for which jou'll have
to pa JIG and $1S for this CI 0 Cj
Bojs double-breasted suits in two
different patterns, well made, strong
1 re-enforced suits, which sell for $2
usually, for this hour tomor- CI 1 Q
row Jl.lJ
Odd lot of yard-wide percalines the
qualitj which sells at 10c jard CC
will be closea out at
Grej and tan linen-finished canas
th tsual Sc qualitv to go 0 7C
for ... .8
Libert silks and mousspljnes, in all
the new spring colors and black. AQQ
instead of t9c a ard, for . .
Sterling silver -hearts in six QC
stjles for
?": - - l - - I - H"I"I"I"I"I -
513-515 Seventh Street.
Iy v II' I vII"lv y I V'' vv-
Carolina venue 1"1 feet on E Street and
fortv feet on First Street or New Jersej
Avenue, will be three stories high with
basement and walls of brick and stone
The fronts will be broken bv baj pro
jections continued into the roof line in the
form of gables and the roof will be high
and covered with slate
The details of the design will be simple
and pleasing the outlines of the structuie
graceful and the entire effect will be at
tractive The chapel and living rooms of
the sisters will all be on one floor and
the rest of the building will be used by
the inmates of the institution which is to
be a home for women unemplojed and also
for somen in public and private emploj
without relatives or acquaintances in the
The institution will be as free from re
striction as a well-regulated home and
non-sectarian in character. Special care is
to be taken of the sick
The cornerstone of the new building will
be laid with appropriate ceremonies at an
earlj date and it is expected that the house
will be readj for occupancv by October
Dublin's ArchIiitliop lit Rome,
ROME, March 22 Archbishop Walsh, of
Dublin, arrived here todaj. After having
an audience with the Pope he will return
at once to Dublin. It is stated that the
object of his visit Is to consult the Pope
as the course to be pursued bj Catholics
on the -occasion of the Queen's visit to
Has No Equal.
H - M - I - I - I - H - l - H
- Greater Stores."
2 to 3.
Twentj stjles of Ladies' new $
Veilings plain and dotted, for 1AC T
this hour ,u J
Another lot of Ladies' mended Gloes .j.
will be put on sale this hour at 49c In
all colors including black, and jou can
scarcely find the mended place These T
are gloes which retailers tried on oer .
their counters and because thej ripped -j-
at some seam sent them hick to the f
makers who mended them in his fac
torj and now sells them to us so that
we can offer them for les3 than 4QC
one-third their alue .'
Bojs' Merrimac percale shirt waists,
in assortment of fast color pat
terns instead of 25c for this QiC t
hour 2 4
Iadies' Satin Stock Collars, in QC J
all colors " JL
Black figured Satin Duchcsse. in the
most beautiful designs; for hand- f
some skirts; instead of 59c jard OQC X
for JJ 4.
Double-wirp all-silk Surah Silks in j
desirable street and evening 9QC T
shades, instead of 49c jard for... J
Splendid assortment of Check 02C
Apron Ginghams, for JS
Indies' Black Brilliantine Skirts, T
full width well made skirts with CI QO X
new backs, and worth $3 for I. JO .
Lot of Ladies' and Men' Ties which T
we formerlj sold for 13c will be CC J.
closed out this hour for J .j.
Lot of Men's and Bojs' Linen Col- j
lars. such as cerj men's store 9C .
sells at 13c for this hour X
Lot of Ladles', Misses', and Chil- j
dren's Untnmmed Hats in fancj, 't
ixiugh, neapohtan, and chip straws in J
all colors and black, which are I QC !
S9c values for
Carter's Ink and pure Gum Mu- J
cilage, for this hour will be sold OC a
for J 4-
3 to 4. f
Piano and Mantel Lambrequins, of .j.
handbome art draperj, fringed 1 QC f
all around instead of 33c for . . "J
Ladies' and Misses' fashionable T
Trimmed Hats and Bonnets, trimmed .?.
with the newest materials chiffons, .j.
malines flowers, feathers, etc, such y
as jou'll pav $4 9S for ele- C9 QO
where for this hour .. J.jO ?
Men's working shirts, such as sold .'.
for 3'K not more than 15 of 1QC j
them to go for v
Satin plaid white nainsooks, the TJ
same which sell usually for Sc A7Q JU
jard to go for " 4-
Yard and quarter wide navy blue y
and black cashmere serge, which sells T
for 39c jard, to go this hour 1IZQ T
for LJ 4.
Yard-wide all-wool black serge y
which sells everjwhere at 59c OCC T
jard this hour for '' T
Choice this hour of anj of our leath- J.
or pocketbooks or finger purses OCC T
which are now 30c, for . .. . y
Children' celebrated 'Nazareth ' $.
waists m all sires, this hour 11J.C ?
for I IZ .
Little bovs' wasliable gaiatea cloth .,
and duck suits, in a splmdid assort- i.
ment of colors, with collars of differ- 4
ent colors and materials, trimmed "
nobbilj with biaid the same suits
which m season sell for as much CQC i
as 19S for . ..J X
4 to 5
Lot of ladies' misses and children's
hats and bonnets trimmed with
chiffons malines fruits feathers and
ribbons and silks, for winch vou'll
have to pav others 4"-S, here C4 QO
this hour tomorrow for ... ,twO
Annie I"W1 and Her "Niece ent to
tho Wo rkii n i.
nnie Ford, an old blind woman, who
has long been a. conspicuous object of char
ltj on the streets was arraigned in the Po-
' lice Court this morning with her niece
Flora Johnson to answer charges of va
grancj. The women and the two joung
children of each were arrested last night
at their home in Ridge Street. The com
plaint made to the court was that the
blind woman after obtaining sometimes $3
or $4 bj selling matches and begging in
the street returned home to provide beer
and whiskv for the crowd that gathered
about her Sergeant Jordan informed the
court that the women lived in abject squal
or because the monej brought in was
squandered for drink
Judge Kimball m disposing of the case
offered to send the women to the poor
house, hut as they objected he ordered
them committed to the workhouse
The four infant children were ordered
to be turned over to the Board of Chil
dren's Guardians Both women created a
scene when sentence was passed bj" weep
ing and wailing and calling on their Maker
for protection. Thej were quieted with
Pnrni IlnildhiH It ti mod.
CHARLESTOWX, WT. Va , March 22 A
large stable on the farm of W. H Carroll,
tenanted by W. H, Whitemore, about one
mile northwest of Charlestown, was de
stroyed bj"fire "jesterday, together with
a lot of corn, fodder, straw, and farming
implements The origin of the fire is un
known Left a. Kortmic to Her I.nvcr.
POUGHKEEPSin, N. Y., March 22
Surrogate Dorland heard an action Tues
day to break the will of Miss Caroline
Ham, who left her ?100,000 estate to her
lawyer, Frank S Ormsbee Five nephews
and nieces, .who, live in Philadelphia, as
sert that the lawjer exerted undue influ
ence to induce their aunt to leave him all
her property. They declare that she was
Thtcven Sent to Prison.
NORFOLK, Va . March 22 In the Hust
ings Court yesterdaj'wyiiam, Thomas and
John Smith, colored, were sentenced to the
Penitentiary for fivesand,1seven jears,
respeclivelj-, for robbery and housebreaking.
? Hechts' (Greater Store?.
Special sale-tomorrow
Men's I850
top coats, $5.
We shall sell tomorrow a lot of
men's tan covert cloth topcoats at ?3
which are the verj ifcst ?8 50 values
jou have ever known; made with
full French facings and lined with
a very good quality of Italian cloth;
stjllshly cut and perfect In fit.
The whole spring stock of top
coats Is now complete. Particular
attention is called to the new Rag
lans and other novelties of which
the stock abounds.
Men's $7.50 and
$10 suits, $5. 1
A special sale for tomorrow of a lot y
of men's fancj cassiraeres and che- T
viot buits in medium weights which X
4. are just adapted for immediate wear y
y suits which jou can wear right y
T through the summer made up ele- T
gantly and lined with durable Ital- J
y Ian cloth; and the best of $7 30 to
y $10 values for $5 y
Bike pants, 50c.
T We are closing out a lot of men's 5
X medium-weight blcjcle pants which T
4 sold up to$2 30 originally for 50c 31
y pair Just think of it one-fifth of $
f former cost !
You'll he surprised to learn the
saving we make ou in custom tail
oring As large a stock of woolens
as anj tulor in town will show jou
but almost a third less than they
J Hecht & Company,
513.515 7th St.
I I-ri-jMJ
After a successful run of over five
months in Xew York with "Sister Mary,"
which is said to be her best play, Maj Ir
win will open at the National Theatre on
Mondaj night with that production.
Victor Herbert's novel operatic success
will hold the boards at the Columbia l et
week, with Frank Daniels in the title role.
Tonight the beautiful opera of "Carmen"
will be produced by the Strakosch com
panv at the Lafavette, ""Maritana ' being
the bill for tomorrow evening and at the
Saturdaj matinee, after which the com
panj closes its season here.
Mimicry will entertain the patrons of
tho Grand for the week of March 26, Cissie
Loftus being the stellar attraction jffered
by this house The celebrated English
imitator of prominent people is well known
here, and the demand for her has been so
Cisic I.oftllH.
great that Manager Chac is to be con
gratulated upon securing her For tho
rest of the entertainment, he will offer
such popular performers as Mason and
Francis, comedians, thre three Mortons,
Golden, the magician, Murray Brothers, in
a musical turn, the Daw sons, in no.elty
dancing and Kre fuel's Dog Circus
Talent and beauty aie promised at the
Lyceum foi the coming week when Robert
Manchester will present his combination,
which is said to be as high class as any on
the road Among the company are Belle
Wilton, the McDonalds, Bud Snyder, and
Al Weston, vocalist. The DKon-McGovern
fight will be reproduced during the week
Cole and Johnson, colored comedians,,
will hold the Academy for the week with
the comic novelty which is noted in the
title line
The first performance of the "Brownies
in Tairyland" will not occur to
night at the National Rifles Ar
mory, but will be postponed until Tridaj
night, and those who have secured seats
for this evening can exchange them for to
morrow night at Droop s music store The
advance sale of seats has been so large
that a crowded house is certain, and the
two performances promise as well consid
ering the space in which thej will be giv
en, as those in New York, Boston, and Chi
cago The entire elaborate production as ill
be under the direction of the composer,
Malcolm Douglas.
The coming lectilre oT ugust C Gans
at the Lafajette, tp be delivered on Sun
daj, will be an event of interest for a large
number of people Mr. Gans intends to re
plj to the trusts in a manner which, he
asserts, will surprise manj Congressmen
He sajs that he has many things in his fa
vor in his discussion of affairs during what
he terms his "thirty-seven years out of
Congress " LJ
to cunn a cold i on day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. AH
druggists refund the iponejif it fails to cure.
E. . Grove's ticnaturc s on each box. 25c.
Itetnil Chcnycr Tlinn "Wholesale.
In Spain 1 waitress mav be had for $1 oO or $2
a month, and often merely for lier board and
clothe (.ood cooks command 3, but if allowed
to do the marketing tliey will accept ?2 Mnr
kcting is a peculiar process in that countrv. H
erjone buji, MmpU foi; the day, ind it pays him
to do so Ev en thing- come cluaper by the retail
than bj the wholesale v The ame thing holds
KOod in beer and wine. It is tlie contrary with
Hciineh'ff beer, ak for a bottle of Maerzen or
Serite in the leading Uoteln and restaurants iu the
citv and the charge is 10 01 15 cents a bottle, but
if jou phone six tliirlv four, Arlington liotthng
Coinpanx, for a case of twcity four bottles you
will liaxe only to pay 1 2.)
IDIVPV ,s a deeeptJre disaee
lvlunL' thousands have it and don't
TPOI TRI P Lnow u lf ou ant iuick
1 ivuuuuu results you can make no
nlstake by using Dr Kil
mer's Swamp Hoot, the great kidney remedy.
At drujcists in UJty cent and dollar sires. Sam
pie bottle by mail free, also pamphlet telling jou
how to find out if you have kidney trouble
Add ess I)r Kilmer & Co . Binirha niton, K. Y.
The First South African Journal
Received in Six Mouths.
Stories Told From a Boer Stand
point The Storming- of Plutrand.
A Boy' First Experience Dnrgh
er Lluten to ScrmonH "While Fac
ing the Cnnnon o the Enemy.
NEW YORK, March 22. One of the most
Interesting documents that -have come
from South Africa since the beglnlng of the
Boer war a half a year ago. Is a copy of
tho "Express," a local paper published in
Bloemfontein, O. F. S , the very first paper
of the dark continent to reach America
since tlu Hocrs began their struggle for
permanent fir doui A copy of this paper
dated Janu.tij .t, was received yesterday
by Charles D. Pitice, Consul General of tho
Orange Fiee State in New York. The
paper is printed, half in English and half
in the peculiar Boer Dutch. Some extracts
taken from different parts of it and trans
lated are ab follows:
John D anwyk, a 16-y ear-old lad, who
had never been away from his farm, wrote
to his parents about the storming of Pla
trand on January C'
"Dear Parents: I want to tell you some
thing about the fighting It was a terrible
thing for me. I was on top of the kopje
with the advance of our men Two Eng
lishmen came up to within thirty feet of
me I shot them botli dead. Kootje Co
dendaal came to me and said we would bet
ter say good-by before the fighting got to
be too hot. He and I were chums, you
know. Then he went up with ten boys to
capture a gun. Thej got the gun, but
Kootje was killed.
"I have been here a daj. praying and
fighting I am wondering hov anj of us
got out alive, but the Lord has helped us
out, and for this we cannot be too thank
ful to Him Father and mother, pray for
us ail the time Wc are expecting more
fighting soon, but not with our laager. It
will be on the Tugela."
From the Boer laager at Heilbron an
other young Boer. Pierre Theron, under
date of January 23, says:
"Last Sunday we had a talk from Dr.
Duplessis, of Lindley, who made a stir
ring address. What a pleasure to hear a
learned man address us under God's can
opy, with cannon muzzles pointing their
noses at us from the enemy's position!
How happy we will be when we can again
worship God in our own little church, un
hindered by greedy, unprincipled Eng
lishmen! "On Saturday we had a sham alarm,
which helped to keep us In good fight
ing trim There was considerable firing,
but we saw- nothing except a few torch
lights in the distance and a searchlight.
Later in the day we took part in the
fighting at Platrand With the help of
God we were able to maintain our posi
tion and take over 100 prisoners of war.
"Oh, it was a terrible sight for me, who
had never been on a battlefield before, to
sec over fifty dead and wounded lying
about' Qh, what a spectacle it was! It
is terrible to have to believe that the
thirst for cold can cause the spilling of
so much innocent blood Where are
Rhodes, Chamberlain, and Mllner? I wish
that they could only see for a moment
how many have dropped in the bloom of
their lives and to hear the cries of the
"Never will I forget it Here one asks
for a drink of water to allay his thirst;
there is another, writhing in a big pool of
blood, in another place, a poor fellow is
struggling to fight on with one leg shat
tered under him and holding on to his gun
with the one arm that he has left It is
terrible, terrible! Oh, England, how great
is your responsibility' I hope that all
burghers, aided by Almighty God, will not
rest until this trouble is settled for good
and ever With Him and His might, we
shall be able to-do brave deeds "
The hand despatch rider with the Boer
forces, that invested Lady smith, sends an
Interesting report of the battle of Spion
Kop say ing
On Tuesday night January 23 the enemv
advanced on Spion Kop Sixty members of
the Vrvheldvol tire department, who had
been on dutv on the summit, retired This
was the signal tint the ascent of the bur
flmra nlniin! tn tnkp nines on Wednesdav
I morning was to be made as soon as a thick
mist which enveloped the Kop, should
have disappeared.
' The battle began at 7 o clock in the
morning One regiment of the English
was annihilated Among the wounded i
Colonel Biomfield General Woodgate is
among the British dead "
Mr. CU'v oluiul in 1'riiioeton.
PRINCETON, N J . March 22 Former
President Cleveland returned to Princeton
vesterday afternoon from the South,
where he hns been spending a fortnight on
a pleasure excursion with a party of
friends He was well tanned and appeared
to be in the ben of health Mr Cleve
land met'him at the station, and thev were
driven at once to their home on Bayard
Vvenue " "'
Dentil ( nnsoil bv HioccmiIis.
PHILADELPHIA. Mjwrtf-2 Hiccoughs
caused the death of LawverLouis de Pui
Vail, a leader of the Prohibition party in
Pennsylvania" """"Mf Vail's" hiccoughs, his
physicians sav, vvere the result of heart
disease They were first manifested last
ThursilayatidcontinuervvitKout interrup
tion up to the4ime of his death. When
known that he was suffering from hic
coughs many persons wrote to the family
suggesting remedies, but none of them
proved of any avail
A weak stom
ach needs a
mild, natural,
but thoroughly
efficient tonic.
A remedy
which answers
this descrip
tion is the Bit
ters It has
cured t h 0 u -sands
of suf
ferers from
Why don't jcu
try it?
irerj morning Something hard and umiclding
in the tluoat ou'U give amtmng anno t to be
rid of the obstruction ell, how about a pu
ter JUSOVS CM-UI OF OLI LS costs just
that amount. HIT After jou have applied it
to the bridae of the no inserted it at the base
of the nostnN, it works its way in, cuts loocns,
dislodge", everj clog and clot in held and throat
The first effort jou make in the morning to rid
jourelf of them will be easilv and nattirilly
succeful Your CV1ARRII will be relieved and
from that on CURED This is a broad state
ment, but we. stand by it. One box of this splen
did Ointment will prove its value. Jut a good
in I'll I-S
30 tablets 10c. Ml Druggists, or ent for price
rch St , Philadelphia, Pa
MSOVS CREvM OF OLHES. 25c a box. All
Druggists or ent for price as above.
IH-NRY MANS 033 I Street northwest.
IDRD STIVENS, Ninth and IVnn Avenue
MIChAI L BROS . Ninth and II Sts northeast.
E S IE4DBEATER L SONS, Alexandria, a.
Spring Medicine
There's no season when good medicine is so
much needed as in the Spring, and there's no medi
cine which does so much good in Spring as Hood s
Sarsaparilla. Do not delay taking it. Don't put it
off till your health tone gets too low to be lifted.
HOOD'S Sssrsapariila
Will give you a good appetite, purify and enrich
your blood, overcome that tired feeling, give you
mental and digestive strength and steady nerves. Be
sure to ask for HOOD'S, and be sure you get
Hood's, the best medicine money can buy. It is
Peculiar to Itseii
Hie Annlv ernarv of the Appoliinn-nt
of llnrrv M. Clnblttlfcli.
A year ago today Justice Harry M. Cla
baugh assumed the duties of his office as
an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
of the District. He was assigned to
Criminal Court No. 1 to succeed Justice C.
C. Cole, who was chosen to preside In
Equity Court No 1. Mr. Clabaugh was,
however, selected as one of the Justices of
the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy caus
ed by the resignation of Justice Louis E
McComas, who upon his election as United
States Senator from Maryland, resigned
from the District bench.
During the year that Justice Clabaugh
has presided in Criminal Court No. 1, he
was the trial judge in twelve murder
cases The defendants and the result of
the trials are William K. Reed, colored,
guilty without capital punishment, impris
onment for life in the penitentiary, James
Powell, colored, guilty, his sentence aft
erward commuted to imprisonment fnr
Iffe; George Grant Seweli, guilty without
capital punishment, imprisonment in the
penitentiary for life, George W. Horton.
guilty, hanged in the District Jail Decem
ber 10, lSUS; Dock N. Tharp, acquitted;
Benjamin II Sneli, guilty, under sentence
to be hanged; Woofer Johnson, colored,
manslaughter, ten years imprisonment in
the penitentiary ; Moliie Harris, colored,
manslaughter, six years in the penitentia
ry; Ella Wracks, colored, manslaughter,
eight years in the penitentiary, Talmadge
Walker, colored, guilty, without capital
punishment; George shton, colored, guil
ty, without capital punishment, and Ar
thur Landon, guilty, awaiting sentence.
Tin on Hill (if I. ruling-.
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue
yesterday, in answer to an enquiry re
ceived by him from the General Solicitor
of the Illinois Central Railroad Company,
regarding the tax on copies of bills of
lading, ruled that the word "duplicate,"
as used in the paragraph of schedule A,
headed "Express and Treight," includes
all copies, and every copy of any instru
ment evidencing the receipt and forward
ing of goods issued by the carrier, or his
agent, must bear a 1-cent tamp, and any
memorandum made on the same that it
is "merely a copy," "not a bill of lading."
"not a duplicate," etc, will have no ef
fect to exempt the copy from taxation as
a duplicate.
HHHr y-use-a
B9v welsbagh
HBjlr Saves ga?, gives 50 per cent, more
Hr light, and uill outwear 3 other mantles. I
J Sold Eviryvohen Frice 50 cents 1
By EGERTON CASTLE, author of "The Pnoc of Jcnnico."
The story is one of "Adrian Landale," a young Englfen
nobleman of a hundred years ago "the days when, m Liver
pool, the priv.ueers were daily filing out or bringing in the
prizes the dajs of war and the fortunes of war, dajs of
press-gangs to kidnap unwilling rulers of the waves;" days of
"the now rath-r incomprehensible pursuit of gold-smuggling
a romantic subject, if ever there was one."
"It is no times of now-a-days, no ordinary scenery that
would suit such adventures as befell 'Adrain Landale" or
'Captain Jack.' or 'Mtirthering Moll, the Second,' " the chief char
acters in the story of the love and life of a light-keeper, "who
was once a Dreamer of Beautiful things."
Size 4V4 bj 76 inches, cloth, 15C pages. 51.50.
- " 'The Light of Scarthey' has the charm of a daringly
Imaginative conception; the poetry and dream of passion are
in it; the sunshine of romance, the magic and picturesque situ
ation are felt throughout its pages; but when we have reck
oned with all this we are moved to a warmer admiration- by the
manner in which Mr. Castle makes his personages live, causes
their adventures and their environment to seem as natural as
they are new and exciting. The book is full of vitality
and atmophere." New York Tribune.
For Sale by All Booksellers or Sent Postpaid.
o ami 7, East lGth
3Irx. Lanrn RooHevelt.
Mrs. Laura II. Porter Roosevelt, widow
of Cornelius Van Schaak. Roosevelt, who
was an uncle of Governor Roosevelt, died
on Tuesday at her home, 13 East Forty
eight Street. New York city. She had
been ill for a month with the grip, but it
had been thought that she was improving,
and her death was unexpected. She waa
born sixty-six years ago in Skaneateles,
and was the daughter of the late S. Gros
venor Porter, who was well known in pol
itics. Jndce I.oaiM Arunuil.
Judge Louis Arnaud died in New Or
leans on Tuesday night, aged sixty -five.
He was of a noble French family, the
name being Arnaud d'Audelly. Judge Ar
naud served In the Confederate army, and
was prominent in the political movements
succeeding the civil war. For the last
thirty years he had filled many places of
trust. He was clerk in the sheriff's office,
member of the Legislature, register of
conveyances, tax collector, and jury om
missioner. In 1896 he was elected re
corder on the reform ticket, which offlea
he held at the time of his death.
John A Parker.
John A. Parker, artist, died on Tues
day of paralysis at the home of his
daughter. Mrs. William L. Howard,
Brooklyn, in his seventy-second year. H
was an associate member of the National
Academy of Design and one of the foun
ders of the Brooklyn Art Association. H
excelled as a painter of marines. land
scapes, and winter twilights, both in oil
and water colors.
Ilenjaruin 31. Hnrtnhorne.
Benjamin Mlnturn Hartshorne died
yesterday at his winter home in Remsen
Street, Astoria, L. L, in his seventy-fifth
year. His summer home at the Highlands
of Navesink is surrounded by a magnifi
cent park, and he was considered the
wealthiest man in Monmouth eounty
Many years ago his ancestors sold to the
United States Government four miles of
the peninsula of Sandy Hook for public de
fence. When Mr. Hartshorne was a
joung man he had vast shipping interests
on the Pacific Coast and owned several
powder mills in California, from wheh
the Union Army was supplied in the elvli
and Indian wars.
Street, New York.

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