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. vtw.,45'-!
", jr-Ki1 p"
Vashrngtons Favorite Store
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lery ana cm
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tops; reduced to "
Children's 35c Hermsdori mac
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heel, and toe, sizes 5 to 9 1
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For Credit
PDnpfiH u
Methodists to Visit the Corcoran
Gallerr of Art.
A noi-fptlini to lie Held Tonight In
Which the Kntirc Conference Will
Join for the First Time In Their
HItor The Murine Band to He
Present Worli of Todnj'it Scission.
This morning's session cf the 116th Bal
timore Annual Conference which is being
held in the Metropolitan M. E. Church in
this city opened with prayer offered by
Rev. Dr. Price, of this city. Bishop John
M. Waldon. presiding. The Lay Electoral
Conference of about -'30 members, conven
ed in the lecture-room of the church at
10 o'clock this morning, discussing busi
ness pertaining to the church.
The following candidates for admission
into the Conference were called to the bar
of the assembly: James H. Hyatt, Little
M. Chambers, Daniel H. Martin, and
Richard X. Edwards. The committee on
ministerial qualifications recommended
the acceptance cf the candidates after the
usual preliminary steps had been taken
and their respective presiding elders had
testified as to their church work. Bishop
"W'alden addressed them briefly en the
character and responsibility of their work
as ministers of the gospel.
A delegation of the Laymen's Association
appeared before the Conference offering
greetings. They were cordially received
bj the Bishop and the members cf the
Conference arose from their seats in then
honor. Mr. Abercrombie in the name of the
association made a short address, after
which Bishop Walden gave them the right
hand of fellowship.
The committee on visit to the President
of the United States reported Mr. McKin
ley's Greetings and an invitation on his
part to the White House tomorrow after
noon at 4 o'clock.
The committee on missionary and other
collections submitted their reports which
were all of a very encouraging nature. The
lepoits on the work of the Epworth League
wcie most gratifying, showing their valu
able assistance in all church work. The
set -ion toot, a recess at half-past 12 o'clock
i t0 rcccnvcne this ai
Tl,e L:iy EleLtorf
1 snooting this after
to reconvene this afternoon for committee
toral Conference is in
meeting this auernoon. iiesiuiiiL j. j.
Raw lings presiding. The various commit
tees were appointed, reports of officers
were read, and resolutions were offered.
The officers for the ensuing year were
elected. This ciening's session will be
devoted to discussions on one or more im
portant topics of interest to the church
by prominent laymen.
Tno Social Union, associated with tho
Methodist Union of the District, has ar
lnntrpd for a rcention to be Riven at the
Corcorau Art Gallery tonight from S:30 to j y
10 30. Following the custom in such j
cases, the Invitations issued by the trus- j"
tee3 of the Corcoran Gallery are to a pri- t JL
ate exhibition of its collection. The com- j .j
mittee of the Social Union, of which Mr. j y
G. W F. Swartzcll Js president, has in- i T
ited the bishops of the two churches i .,
who are present in the city to receive with .j.
the officers of the union. Bishops Wal- (
den. Bowman. Candler, Wilson, and Gal- i y
lowa will be present. The enure mem
bership of the two conferences will have
the pri liege of meeting together, an op
poitunitj which has never before been en
jojed. President McKinlev has given or
ders tht the Marine Band shall be in at
tendance. This union, it is hoped by the
Conference, will renew old associations,
form new bonds of fraternal love, and
hapten the day of permanent reunion.
The Conference of the Methodist Epis
copal Church. South, opened this morning
at Mount Vernon Place Church with relig-
jous eeicises conducted bj Rev. B. F.
Bond. Bishop Warren . Candler, pre-
t feided The secretary read the report ot
I the Twentieth Century movement which is
designed to raise the sum cf $b2.000 to-
ward the sum of .$1,000,000 expected to be
rai3--Ml throughout the country by the
Me.hodi-t Episcopal Church, for education-
ai purposes Bishop Candler then made a
forcible address en the subject advising
libeialiiy of offerings In Ihe cause of the
spread of Methodism on the coming gen-
The collection of the onering re-
suited in a total of $S.300.
t:)il Siekfr l.tinUcil for at the
lti"n l'inovrntic I'elIiiB.
The Brjan Executive Committee of the
District of Colunihia, appointed by those
who favor the instruction of delegates to
vote for William J. Brjan at the National
Democratic Convention, completed ar
rangements this morning for two Bryan
rally meetings, to be held this evening.
One of the meetings will be held in Cos
tello's'Hall. corner ot Sixth and G Streets
northwest, and the other In Forrest Hall.
Georgetown. Among the speakers who
will address the meeting are: Representa
tive Rhea of .Kentucky, Representative
Jones of Virginia. Representative McCIel
lan of Xew York, Representative Xorton
of Ohio. Representathe Jett of Illinois,
Gen. Floyd King of Louisiana. Mr. Andrew
Lipscomb. Mr. C. W. .Slater, and H. J.
gchuIteK of this city
It is probable that Representative Rhea
of Kentucky, W. U. Ryan of Buffalo, and
Charles V Slater will be the ones se
lected to address the meeting at Costel
lo"s Hall tonight.
mass meeting of East Washington
Democrats will be held t s o'clock tomor
row evening in McCauley's Hall. 209 Penn
svlvania Avenue southeast. The meeting
will be enthusiastic for William J. Bryan.
The names of those Mho will swak nrp as
follows: Judge O. B. Hallam of Kentucky,
Hon. Charles II. Turner, Hon. A. A. Lips
comb of Virginia, Mr. Charles W. Slater,
Hon. R. 1. Henry of Texas, Representative
Thomas X Jett of Illinois, and Represen
tative John S. Rhea of Kentucky. Mr. Cot
ter T. Bride, President of the East Wash
ington Democratic Club, will preside.
The Commissioners Approve n
MeiiNiire to Improve Iiiurlesirie.
House bill 9S27, "to close all alleys in
block 3. AValbridge subdivision of Ingle
side, in he county of Washington," has
been reported upon favorably by the Dis
trict Commissioners.
"The subdivision of Ingleside," Bay the
Commissioners, "was made, some years
ago, in accordance with suggestions made
by the District authorities at that time,
and each lot was fully provided with al
ley facilities. It is now desired to con
struct a house upon block 3, and to have
large grounds around the house.
"As this property is on high ground
overlooking Zoological Park, it is believed
that a fine honse with ample grounds
around it would be a desirable improve
ment, and as the alleys now in said block
prevent this, the Commissioners believe
that the alleys should be closed."
Digested food
makes rich
blood ferment
ed food pro
duces p o I s on,
and from this
springs CON.
Bitters will help
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food, and thus
create healthy,
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It's an excellent
spring tonic.
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m a tpb
Special selling which will enable you to buy your Easter needs
t F.vroy offering w- Ml
you're t
t make tilt terms of payment
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the hundreds which we
lividual taste. In either
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"Ladies', Misses, and
Children's Untrimmed
Hats, in the most wanted
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Mackinaw, Neapolitan, and
plain and fancy straw. In
black and all shades, in
stead of SSc. will be rjQC
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I Extraordinary sale ladies' suits.
t From one of the best makers in the land we have obtained 200 sam-
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acter of
Challenge sale" of shoes.
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, "
ic instead of 35c '
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t .!.
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and Lace Sheet. -iU'etght colors
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c instead of 75c
for Children's Dongola Button
and Lace Shoes in sizes 5 to' S.
c instead of SI
for Child's Tan Lace Shoes, in
1-2 to 11 good worthful hhoeb.
. sizes S
instead of $1.25
for Misses' Tan Button Shoe3,
in sizes 12 to 2 a great bargain.
The New Cruiser Approved by the
Official Trial Board.
Ail Experiment KinlNlieil anil De
clared Siifce-t-fiil !' Uejinrtmeut
U, Accent the hl Soon mid Ke
IIcao the nullderH SjiiperiiiipoHcil
Turrets Gain Committee' Pnior.
NEWPORT XEWS, Va., April 5. After
further successful tests of the powerful
superimposed turrets and a forty-eight-hour
trial of the maneuvrhig qualities
the United States battleship Kearsarge
returned to Hampton Roads and dropped
anchor off Old Point. The official trial
board left the ship and took the steamer
for Washington, where, on arriving, it
will make its report to Secretary Long.
Between now and April S the Department,
it is believed, will give out that the trial
was in every way satisfactory, coming up
to the specifications in every detail, and
will finally accept the ship, relieving the
shipyard here from further responsibility.
The trial board consisted of Rear Admiral
Rodgers, who was chairman; Capt. Robley
D. Evans, Commanders Hemphill and
Roelktr, .Lieutenant Commander Hender
son and N'aval Constructor Capps. All of
the board are understood to be favorably
inclined toward the superimposed turret
except Capt. Robley D. Evans, who ques
tions whether or not there is any mili
tary advantage in having "all of the eggs
in one basket," as he terms It. It is be
lieved, however, that Captain Evans went
back to Washington much more firmly con
vinced of the power of superimposed tur
rets. One thing is known the entire
board will return prepared to make a re
port highly complimentary to the skjjjl of
the Newport News Shipbuilding and" Dry
Dock Company. Rear Admiral Rodgers
stated that the superimposed turrets had
been successfully tested.
The Kearsarge left the Roads Tuesday
morning and got to sea about noon, going
far out, and heading up the coast. The
afternoon was taken up with the battery
tests. The superimposed turrets were first
fired separately, four guns being dis
charged simultaneously In each. Follow
ing this was the supreme test for ascer
taining the stability of the ship. Tho guns
of both turrets, four 13-inch and four 8
inch rifles, were fired simultaneously. The
force of iha discharge was terrific, but
the effect on the ship is described as be
ing no greater than that of the discharge
of only four guns from one turret. Those
who stood the shook of the explosion of
these powerful guns discharged at one
o below is a most decided bamgin. And they, are all Coi- the newest
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lot are all the new pastel shades, as well as
for hats sold
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selling untrimmed hafs.
A large tab'.e full of La
dies' and Misses' Walking
and Outing Sailors, or
handsome Mackinaw,
rough, fancy, and plain
btraws, in all colors the
very same shapes and the
same qualities which are
being sold at 98c and $1.37
elsewhere, are offer- 7QC
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twelve dollars and fifty cents.
At no time before and by no other store in this city has this offering been
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workmanship and the certainty of
best ready-to-wear garments on the market. They consist of enetians,
Uroadcloths, of I'ebble Cheviots, of Cheviot Serges, of Homespuns, and Xovelty
Mixtures, some of lhem plain and some of them appliqued with taffeta silk.
Some of them are silk-lined throughout and all of them have either taffeta silk
lined or "sat in-lined jackets. The jackets are tight-filling, "Kton," reefer, tiy
frTiiit.'and light-fitting, and the skirts have now box .pleat backs. In the lot are
-some handsome plaid back homespun golf suits. They are only one of a kind
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York office.
Hundreds of these suits are being sold all over the land at
$20 and 25, therefore at $12.50 they're wonders.
C1 1ft instead of $1.75
for Boys" and Youths Tan
Russia Black Vici Kid and IMack Satin
Calf Shoes sizes 12 to 5 1-2.
(T 1 1 ( instead o
$ I . I J for
Men's Tan
Bals ele-
gant shoes-
-well made.
instead of $2
for Men's Tan and Black
Vici Kid Shoes most, comfortable
shoes to be had
instead of $
for Men's Tan and Black
Vici and Russia Calf Shoes, in newest
time say that they will never, forget the
noise created. It was simply indescriba
ble. On Wednesday morning the engines,
steering gear, ammunition hoists, auxiliary
engines, and electric plants were thor
oughly tested. Under natural draft fif
teen knots an hour was maintained for
half a day. There is no question now
about the adoption of the superimposed
turret for the new battleships Georgia, Xew
Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and it Is ex
pected that the board will make a unan
imous report in favor of giving them fur
ther trial on new ships.
Protest Auainst a Dance In a nnild
iiijr at Courtfc Height.
A citizen of Congress Heights has sent
the following communication to the Dis
trict Commissioners:
At the last merting of the Congress Heifihtj
Citizens' Association, ljeld on April 3, 500 imitation-,
were distributed for a box part and dance
to be given in the old school houe. Tjiw is
against all law, and the Honorable Coinmi.5ion
m hae not the authority -vested in them to al
low any person or persons the use ot property be
lonfiing to the District, for public concerto or
dance. I strongly protest and sincerely hope
that the CommivioncM will stop thU desecration
of Government property and the annoiance of the
The question of the use of the building
referred to above, by the Congress Heights
Association, for ' an evening" school class
in German, was before the Commissioners
about a month ago. At that time the sub
ject was referred to the District Attorney
for an opinion. He reported to the Com
missioners that the law forbids permits to
use buildings, in which public school ses
sions are daily .held, as balls for public
meetings. But the building under consid
eration not now being used for school
purposes, the Attoreny thought the matter
of allowing the citizens to gather in it
evenings for the objects set forth, w-holly
within the discretionary powers of the
The matter was then referred to the
Superintendent of Schools, who reported
that the building wouia dc ueuucu m
near future for an industrial class. His
purpose was stated to be to organize a
cooking class and sewing class in the
building. On these representations the
Commissioners withheld the permit re
quested by the association. .
With reference to the complaint of yes
terday, the papers in the case have been
referred to Gen. Ellis Spear, the school
trustee at Congress Heights, for a state
ment ot the authority on which the as
sociation makes use of the building in
A woman who U weak, nervous, and sleepless,
and who haa cold hands and feet, cannot feel
and act like a well person. Carter's Iron Tillj
equalize the circulation, remove nervousness, and
give strength and rest.
It seems by the way the people talk about Ileu
rith's beer that Slaerzen, Senate, and Lager are
the only beers posseting a reputation as a pure
and wholesome beverage. 'Phone 631, Arlington
Bottling: Co., for a cue.
in trimmed hats:
manucs, tuiv.., . .....-,
407 for hats sold
0' elsewhere at $8.
Flower specials. .
Sprays of Lilac3, Hyacinths, Forget-Me-Xots,
Clover, Cornflowers, Roses,
and Toliage. which were bought 1 9 J.C
to sell for 33c, will be sold for.. 2
Large bunches of handsome Roses,
with Foliage; Chrysanthemums in all
colors, Pansies, and Foliage; bought
to sell for 50c; will be sold OQC
for LD
the lit makes iiiem ine eij
Linens will be
cheaper tomorrow.
mask Doylies, such as are sold
a vard tor two yards wide, full
bleached Tabic Damask: in rich
patterns such as are stold at 7Jc.
7QC a yard for Satin Damask Table
iJ Linen; the very fine qinlity
which sells at 11.25 a yard usually. .
CQC a dozen for Damask Tabic Nap
32 kins; warranted all linen: you'll
have to pay 7?c for'them elsewhere.
QQC a dozen for full bleached, all-
20 Hnen Dinner Xapkins; instead of
TIC each for all-linen Damask Tow-
els; large size knotted fringe;
HECHT & COMPANY, 5355 7th Street
Tlicj A III Strike I iiicxs Snpenileil
.Men Vre Ilclnstateil.
FROSTBURG, Md.. April C The sus
pension of three drivers in Hoffman mine
of the Consolidated Coal Company on
Tuesday has brought about a suspension
of the mine. All the drivers of the mine
held a meeting and concluded to quit work
if the suspended drivers were not rein
stated. Miners who were asked to drive
the mules refused to do so. This affair has
added more force to the indignation arous
ed by the suspension of the men who were
not at work last Saturday.
"When asked what the company would do
about the closing of Hoffman mine Super
intendent B. S. Randolph replied that the
matter would be permitted to stand a
while until Organizer Warner and other
outsiders would spend their forces. Mr.
Randolph claims the real trouble Is wheth
er the company is to control the mines or
miners are to run them. He also says
that all the movements point to a strike,
and that it would be better to have it now
before intense bitterness develops.
President Allan Barber, of the United
Mine Workers, said that there was no in
tention of developing a strike. He said
that the interview ot President C. K. Lord
led them to believe that Mr. Loru is not in .
full possession of the condition of affairs
as to the miners' griveances on the sub-
ject of suspension. For this reason an ap
peal was made to Mr. Lord and they hope
to receive a favorable reply today as to ,
reinstating the suspended miners.
A meeting of the miners and laborers i
has been called for tnis evening iu
Opera House, Frostburg. At this meeting
the question of the suspended miners will
be discussed and it may lead to a call for
all of the. Consolidated Coal Company s
men to quit work. .,,.,.
The business men of Frostburg will hold
a meeting this evening for the purpose of
bringing about an amicable settlement of
the trouble between the companies and
the miners. It will be set forth at this
meeting that three elements are vitally
concerned, the miners, the companies, and
the community in general. Organizer
Warner said that all differences could be
peaceably settled if the companies would
meet the men in a friendly way.
Atlvcrno Report on the PrnjioMltlon
to AViaen Fourteenth Street.
The District Commissioners have report
ed to the Chairman of the Senate District
Committee, on the request of W. D. Quin
ter, asking that Fourteenth Street be
widened to the Spring road, which was re
cently referred to them.
They report that the improvement sug
gested by Mr. Quinter is very desirable,
but the Commissioners state that they are
unable to take any action in the matter
until authority for the widening of this
street is granted by Congress
.?i !.- .. Tr,nM ta.
rne wiaenims uj. iu anco nwu.
- - A..X.J,X - X
and most desirable merelunndi wearables and the like, which
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Several hundred Men's Suits in 12 styles, in
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Light and Dark Tan Covert and Grey Oxford J
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values which no store m tue
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mings; a splendidly con
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low-priced go-carts are
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morrow only.
Eye Glasses
Only $1.00.
Fine Nickel-steel Frames with i
Crystal Lenses accurately fitted j
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OIU k1.is.-m taken in cujange.
514 9th Street N. W.
volve an expense which the Commission
ers say they cannot recommend at the
present time, when Jherc is a question as
to the sufficiency of District revenues to
meet obligations already incurred.
Property Holders Told That They
3Inst Conform With the Lair.
Prof. Charles W. Xedham, Secretary ot
Columbian University, with about twenty j
other property holders, has been informed t
by the District Commissioners that the i
law provides that no earth shall be dump-
ed on the east side of Rock Creek within
the city limits, unless there has first been t
constructed a wall sufficiently strong to
prevent such deposits from falling into
the water, the penalty for violation of this
law being $20. i
The Commissioners state that they have
been informed that earth is being dumped
on the banks of the creek north of N ,
Street, and that such dumping of mate-
rial threatens to obstruct the passage of .
the stream. '
Accordingly the property holders re- i
ferred to are requested to see that no
dumping is allowed upon the property ad- j
jacent to the creek without providing " )
the retention of the ueposueti material a
required by law.
.TnineM S. Shermnn Renominated.
UTICA, N. V., April 6. The Republican
Congressional Convention held at
Herkimer renominated Representative
James S. Sherman, of this city for Rep
resentative from the Twenty-fifth district.
Mr Sherman was named by acclamation.
John M. Budlong, of Schuyler. Herkimer
County, was cho3en delegate to the Repub
lican National Convention.
An I'ntlre VIllnKe Iliirnert.
GRAND RAPIDS, rMich., April 6. Fire,
burning since 10 o'clock last night, has
destroyed the entire business portion of
Ravena, a thriving village of 100 inhabi
tants half way between this city and
Muskegon. A fire engine and hose cart
wrn sent from this city. The loss Is over
J200.000. The fire was caused by an ex-
I nfrfvjircn of coal jas in a saloos
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ArtUnr ZHnrnU Convicted.
LANSING, Mich., April 6. Arthur F.
Marsh, who was indicted for defrauding
tho State was convicted yesterday,
the jury returning a verdict of guilty after
being out two hours. Application to ad
mit the defendant to ball was granted,
and the bond fixed at $13,000.
-s- aV-fM-V -Jih-.
rkSSsS&w"- -ijR-U&S,
' & U IJr -

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