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?? J'
The Frisnds of 3Ir. Bryan-May
Hold a Separate Primary.
The llonst of the Xorrln Crowd That
Tliej- "Will Control the Voting;
lIiiutliN Jte.sentetl liy the Nebrns
Kiiii'n Supporters The Aetlcm of
ihe District Committee Denounced.
Just what is going to happen at the
voting booths next Tuesday when the Dis
trict Democratic Primaries arc to be held
for the purpose of electing delegates to
the District Convention, is at present the
cliiof topic of discussion among local poli
llrfiuiK. Since the Bryan Democrats have
befH ttcnlml the right to have fair rcpre
MntUn 1 lhe primaries It Is among
tfce poweaU5K that two elections will
te fart m the mute day -Norris mid nuti-
At tho mrttaK or the District Central
OemMttttf Wednewiay evening James L.
Nrrt, wko rantrols this oonimittee.
through a t-peolal committee appointed to
mvfmro rules and regulations governing
the primaries told the Democrats of the
Dfctriet that? liis men would take and
count their votes on election day. While
these exact words were not used in the
report of the special Norris committee,
the fact remains that those representing
the Bryan voters will be allowed no watch
ers at the counting of the ballots or
judges while they are being cast.
Since the campaign was started two
weeks ago by the friends of Mr. Bryan
in the District against such methods, it
has been claimed that Mr. Norris has
been working for months to operate his
campaign without regard to the wishes
of the citizens who advocate the instruc
tion of Bryan delegates. Indeed, in an
official Interview he declared himself
against instruction.
When, however, at a mass meeting
thousands of -voters demanded the pledg
ing of delegates, Mr. Norris apprecia.cl
the strength of the movement against
tiosiblc misrepresentation at Kansas CLy.
and accordingto some of his followers, re-
luctantly ordered the Cent.al Committee ,
to ueciarc lor iue uiauuniuu i v.-.0 ,
Mr. Norils has acknowledged the power
-l. - !... .nt :r, T ll nfins
J"? ?,
of an in
structed delegaticn, and has saiu tnui ii
sent under Instructions he would obey in
structions; but the piobabillties are that ;f
ine Norris men constitute a majority of
the District Coniention r.o instruct" ons
will be given the delegate.
Mr. Norris cave notice to th2 public, at
the same time exptess-ing an oppati'ion to
instruction, that his delegates to the Dis-
met Com entioa had already been selected
eer legislative district. Of courte, t
the men who were chosen at tnat time ,
were in harmony with their chief, an-1 j
were se'Mcii because of the fact. If
ihes? men should be successiul at tne pons ,
and be in a majority ,n the Distr ct Con- ,
entlou no instructions Mil be given.
Andrew A Lipscomb, a well-knuwn Brj -
en man no an advocate for the ic-stnic- j
tion of delegates to the Kansas City Con-
-ention. is very bitter In his statements i
... .....
regaroing the Ugiitumg cnange maue uj , At that Ume nboin founeen hundred dele
Jamee L. Xonis. who controls the District , jtj. and their friends visited the city. It
Central Committee, on the question of In
struction of dtkgaies. Mr. Lipscomb said
ihte morning:
The meeting of the Central Committee
of the Demon tey of the District of Colum-
liia a few- days qo unanimously committed
itself to the Chicago. platform and to the
reiHMiiir.mion of Mr. Bryan, although all
the Xciris men tion i. following their
leader, had for several das previous to
that minted that it would be a reflection
upon their character and judgment to be
inMiitacd cither Tor Bryan or the Chicago
platfcim. and although Mr. Norris in his in
teviews in the public pros under the fetress
nt ihii ofiiiin .ont nut f i nm the National
?C ! Committee that all delegates should be in
structed, criticised tjie Xatiou3l Comhiit.
1 S'' I tP0 T1, Democracy cf the District might
be deludtd by the unanimity of the Cen-
C ' t-al Committte for Mr. Bryan and the Chi
1 cago pL.tform. but it must Ijp boine in mind
that there
lhe Dpiiic
are to be next week elected by
'rtlC votT oi me uitniui ui
' ,v . . ..
t nilillllJlH llilft- urtciaia tiuui . j i
. .1 .llnwrn.ST- ,, T.. l.h rtf tO
tv.-ent-ivo Jfgirietive cisiricis in me i;a5
trict of Columbia, making sixty- Ix in all.
"'Those si ty-six select the six delegates
who are to go from hero as icpresentativea
of the Democracy to t he Kansas City
Convention, and while the Cen.tal Com
mitee. as Imaorable men. must be bound
bv their statements in favor of th? Chicago
platform and Mr.
delegates have not
Bryan, the sixty-sU Wright: May 1. "The Evolution, Trans
as et been In any I portation." H. T. Xewcomb; May l., "The
manner committed, and are not so botnd, '
and it is Aery evident that those who wish
to betray Bryan and tiue Democracy,
lave merely tmnferred their vote from t
the Central Committee to the Convention J
itself. ""It Is important that all the real ,
Democrats of the District, and the t ue '
friends of Bryan, should see to St that net
a single opo of The XonU faction should
be selected anywheie a- a delegate from j
any of the twenty-two Icgilative dis
trict s. 1
"Driven from one posit'on. fprced to de-
dare themsehes for the choice cf
people and of true Democracy, ag?inst
their will, they transfer the fight to the
Convmtion itself, and tnrt is all tny i
have done.
"Mr. Norn aspires to the treasurerhlp
of the National Dcu.ocratir Commitee. It
must be evident to all thit to put a man
ip the position who is in sympathy with
the Whitney. I.amont anl Gorman wirg of
the Democracy, who have re-ently con
spired to injure Mr. Br..an by thD candi
elacy of Admiial Dewe. would be most
unwise, because in a national campaign as
great as the one now impending, the finan
ci?4s pecrets of either side are of the ut
most importance. The Democracy of the
District should repudiate at their polling
place every candidate who is not abave
suspicion in his real Bryan Democracy, no
matter how softly they now coo for Bry
an." At a meeting of the District Democratic
Central Committee held last night at Ccs
tello' Hall, Sixth and G Streets northwest,
the location of voting places was an
nounced by the committeemen from the
various districts. The locatlors were
named as follows:
Second district, Brightwood Hall; Third
district, 12SS Thirty-second Street north
west, Fourth District, 3WC M Street north
west; Fifth district. 1223 Twenty-second
Street northwest; Seventh district, 1410
Fourth Street northwest; Eighth district,
1612 Seventh Street northwest; Xinth dis
trict, corner Thirteenth and II Street north
west; Tenth district, H2G E Street north
west: Eleventh district, corner Eleventh
and B Streets southwest; Twelfth district,
403 Eighth Street northwest: Thirteenth
district, S01 I Street northwest; Four
teenth district. 132o Seventh Street north
west; Fifteenth district, 433 Xew Jersey
Avenue northwest; SiMeenth district, 47C
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spring tonic.
Pennsylvanla Aven--J'Hr44wefci-4ven-f
teenth district, 231 Seventh Street south
west; Eighteenth district, Seventh .JfnfPM
Streets southwest; Nineteenth. district, 97
H street northwest; Twentieth district,
2GG 1-2 E Street northwest; Twenty-first
district, corner Seventh Street and Mas
sachusetts Avenue northeast; Twenty
second district, 1010 Eighth Street south
east. The committeemen representing the
First and Sixth district were not present,
A I1I1I Offered to Correct n Defect In
the IjntV.
The District Commissioners are consid
ering the bill providing for the licensing
of homeopathic pharmacists in the District
of Columbia. Upon the application of
pharmacists of this school for licenses It
was found that the laws did not permit
the granting of the privilege, and the fact
soon developed that the Commissioners
had no discretion in the matter.
Those conducting homeopathic pharma
cies are ready to comply with all the re
quirements of the law upon allopathic
druggists, even to the depositing of a fee
and submission to examination. But it
has been found by the District authori
ties that it will be necessary to secure
new legislation before the licenses can be
The bill in question has the remedy of
this defect in the license laws In view.
It provides for the creation of a board of
commissioners of homeopathic pharmacy,
consisting of three physicians of that
school to be appointed by the District
Commissioners. This beard Is to examine
candidates and is entitled to a fee of $20
to pay the expenses of executing the net.
The bill also provides that each person
registered as a homeopathic pharmacist
under the act shall be entitled to manu
facture, compound, sell and dispense
drugs, medicines and chemicals for me
dicinal use and to compound physicians'
prescriptions, but only In accordance with
the principles of homeopathy and the re
quirements of homeopathic physicians.
It is expected that the Commissioners
will concur in recommending the bill to
Congrets for adoption, and that it will be
enacted to conect an obvious defect in
the license laws of the District.
Dlsclplcx of llnliiiemniiu. Will-Hold n
Conference In June.
The executive committee of the local
branch of the American Institute of Ho
meopathy met last night at the Shore
ham Hotel to consider nlans for the en-
tertaJnmcnt of the delegates to the ;ia-
. .
conyention of the organization
which will meet in this city in June. The
ofllcers of the committee are Dr. William
B. King, chairman; Dr. Randolph Jenkins,
secretary, and Dr. L. B. Swormstcad,
treasurer. Besides these there were pres
ent nearly all the other members of tho
executive committee.
The most interesting feature of the pro-
ii .u .:., ...,,..,.,:.. n-lll 1w
,,,ntinn nr tho S!.-,tm of Samiiol
Hahnemann, the founder of the School rf
Homeopathy, which will be erected on the
cast side of Scott Circle, Thursday. June
I. lilt 1I11II1 li.l UL lilt tiijiiurti. lllC-Vllll..
nd tfae smuo w,u be fcCVerg,
p,cr e of manv sceneg of tho ,fe Qf
D Hahnemann. The convention will be
Tuesdav Jllne 5 and conUnue in
dav sessions unti, June 9.
The agt t,mc lhe instilute hed Us an.
jlua, meetJng in Washington was in 1S92.
is expected that the convention this year
will be attended by nearly two thousand
Dr. King announced the following
j chairmen of the different sub-committees:
i Dedication, Dr. J. B.Qreggi Finance. T)rl
j F. A. Gardner; Entertainment, Dr.Z B.
Babb: Printing. Dr. 'itichanf Kingsman;
lians and Theatre. Dr. S. &. Stearns; Ho.
tels. Dr. C. A. Davis: Press, Dr. J. W.
The K olut ion f Indtiotry ( Ue Dis-
ii .!.
A course of free public lectures on the
"Evolution of Industry" will be begun at
the Central High School next Tuesday
rverlng by Prof. Charles B. Xcill, of the
i Catholic University of merica, who will
speak on lhe generai subject. "The Eco-
. , , i ..
I rmmip Kvnltitlnn of Societ.
by way of
-v.-- - .,
introduction to the other
lectures of the
The temaining lectures Will be given on
the five following Tuesday evenings as fol
lows: April 17. "The Evolution of Agri
culture." by L. G. Powers; Apijl4, "The
Evolution of Manufactures," byCarroll D.
Relation of the Modern Industrial System
to Intellectual Development," . Carroll D.
Prof. Charles Zueblin. of the University
of Chicago, will give a -crie9 of three II
lustrated lectures on "British
Life," also at the Central High School, the
evenings of Thursday, April 2fi. Saturday,
April 28. and Monday. April 30. The sub
jects of the lectures will be "Municipal
Economics." "Municipal Hygiene," and
"Municipal Social Life."
Department Orders Clmnfriiifr the
Status of several Otlleers.
Commander G. B. Harbor, of the Naval
Intelligence Office, has been ordered to
duty as naval attache at Paris. St. Peters
burg and Madrid. He will sail from Xew
York April 26. O
Commander W. H. Beehler has been ap
pointed acting naval attache at Berlin.
Xaval Constructor Hobson has been or
dered to duty at the Xaval Station at
Cavite, Philippine Islands, from Hong
kong, where he has been engaged, in re
pairing the Spanish war vessels sunk by
Dewey in Manila Bay.
The following orders were also issued
at the Xavy Department:
Lieutenant Commander W. McLean,
detached Bureau Ordnance, April 12, and
to Prairie as executive, April 14.
Commander W. T. Burwell. detached
command Wheeling, on reporting of re
lief, to home and wait orders.
Commander A. R. Coudan. detached
Bureau of Ordnance, Xavy Department,
Washington, and to Asiatic Station for
command Wheeling, sailing from San
Francisco, April 17.
Lieut. J. L. Sticht, detached Washington
yard, April 16, and to temporary duty on
Solace, April 23, for passage to Asiatic
Orders Issticd to I'ollce T,leiiteitniifl
to This End.
Major Sylvester has issued an or
der to the various lieutenants, directing
them to instruct the police ot their com
mands, who patrol beats on which school
bouses are located, to endeavor to be
present at such schools during the recess
The object of the order is to give the
rchool children protection from 'pugna
cious urchins and to lessen' their chances
of being injured by vehicles. Complaint
was recently made that vehicles are driven
recklessly over the streets in which
school children play. The police are in
structed to see that no reckless driving is
indulged in.
In another order Major Sylvester in
formed the police that target practice
with pistols and drills would be resumed
at the end of the present month. Both
were suspended during the cold weather.
The Greatest
D. Blum Buys for Cash the Entire Stock of Shoes From the Ferd
Frank Estate, 333 Penna. Ave. S. E. and 14th St. N. W.
A $19,003 Stock of Men's, Women's, Misses', and Children's Shoes ft Be
Ruthlessly Sacrificed.
All Washington is acquainted with he class of shoes sold by the late Ferd Frank. His reputation for selling
the best footwear for men, women, misses, and children was unquestioned. This stock consists of ?1J.VWJ wortti of
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TABLE Xo. 1 Consists of
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Patent tip, and
tip of same.
Frank's p r i c e,
1.50 and 2.00.
lilum s price....
TABLE No. 2 Consists of
800 pairs of Ladies' extra j;ood
quality Dongolu Kid or button
lace shoes. Patent
tip and tip of
s a in e. Frank's
price. 2 and '..
Blum s price. . . .
TABLE No. II Consists of
700 pairs of Children's Donjroln
Kid Lace or But
ton Shoes; all
size s. Frank's
price was 2.00.
Blum's price
Look for the
The Navy Dftparlmsnl's Attitude
Concerning Their Ucsloiral.
A SiijiKe-tlfin Whereby tin ceretnry
Mny He Authorized to Distribute
to .Meritorious OlHcern mul Men of
the Vi".t liidiiin Squadron n Prop
er Appreciation tif Their Service.
In response to a request from the Senate
Committee on Xaval Affairs, for informa
tion concerning the Xavy Departments at
titude in regard to a joint resolution, re
cently presented to the Senate, to provide
medals for the officers and men of the
North Atlantic scpuadron, and especially as
to the engagements -deemed to be of suf
ficient importance to justify the bestowal
of medals upon those who participated in
them. Acting Secretary Allen has sent to
Senator Hale. Chairman of the Naval Com
mittee, the draft of a joint resolution in
tended as a substitute for that under con
sideration by the committee.
In his letter to Mr. Hale, Mr. Allen says
the Naw Department concurs in the view
expressed by Mr. Hale, that it i not eery
little affair in the West Indian campaign
that would justify the giving of medals.
He says, howeer, that the Department
would "have difficulty -in specifying at this
timp tho nnrticuiar engagements- which are
deserving of commemoration, and invitee
attention to a lnemoraadura of the Bureau j
of .Navigation en tho subject. The memor- i
andum is as follows:
"The bureau bel!ces that it would be j
exceedingly difficult to follow out the
suggestion of Senator Hale, to discrlmi-
nnte in the sense indicated in the last
paragraph of the within letter. The reso- ,
lutlon as originally introduced, even with
the amendment to be proposed by Sena- i
tor McMillan, does not seem to follow any
particular criterion of importance of en- ,
gagements included. For Instance, it i3
..,..,.! t,!j no mimenmpnls around the I
j Island of Porto Rico are included in tue I
resolution; none of tne uomnarumems oi
Santiago are included, and many of the
minor engagements around the Island of j
Cuba are omitted. Some of the foregoing '
are of considerable importance, as. for )
instance, the engagement of San Juan,
where one man was killed and seven ,
'wounded en our vessels, and the engage
ment off Santiago. June 2G, where one wa3
killed and nine were wounded.
Furthermore, although Lieut. Victor Blue
and Xaval Constructor R. P. Hobson might
receive meuais on account ui ucn i''-'-!
pation in some of the engagements men
I tioncd in the resolution, they would not be
included as a result or the worK in wnicn
thev most distinguished themselves.
Lie'uts. H. H. Ward and W. H. Buck,
' neither of whom participated in any en-
! gagement nor served on beard naval ves-
sels. would not benefit by the resolution,
' and' yet performed war services which
. Ktinnld be considered in this eonnsction.
The Department has recommended the ad
vancement of Capt. C. D. Sigsbee, both on
account of his conduct at the time the
Maine was destroyed and in the engage
ment with a torpedo beat off San Juan.
His services should be considered.
"The Bureau submits the foregoing
without specific recommendations in the
instances mentioned, because it believes It
to be injudicious to make such special rec
ommendations, and has to recommend that
the resolution be so worded as to provide
a campaign medal for all those who did
naval or military duty in connection with
the West Indian campaign, or else that it
be so worded as to provide a medal for
the culminating -action of the campaign of
the battle of Santiago July 3."
Mr. Allen says that after due considera
tion the Xavy Department has concluded
that the better method of disposing of the
matter is by the adoption of a joint resolu
tion whereby the Secretary of the Xavy
shall be authorized to distribute to the
officers and men participating in engage
ments in the waters of the West Indies
and on the shores of Cuba which shall
be deemed of sufficient importance to merit
such commemoration. In reaching a de-
1 and E
I SickHcailaohe
I Quicker than anything else. I
io cents and 25 cents Druggists.
TiilillimilimillliitiiiKilliimmiiiiiii inuiiinir
Shoe Purchase of the Year
TABLE Xo. 4 Consists of
400 pairs of Misses' Dongolu
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dressy, and nob
bv shoes. Frank's
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Blum's price
TABLE Xo. (i Consists of
000 pairs of the Famous Ferd
Frank's U Vici Kid Shoe. A
shoe made
for wear
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Penna. Ave. Southeast.
Signs. Navy Yard Cars Pass
Our method cf cxt'atirg tcet, ha proved popu
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but CCV per tooth.
V Dental ini F
. 1 1 Parlors, 12-1 1 St.
(Over llrovtr k ?r.y!er'.)
VU. A. TlIOMV-s ITZ, Manager.
LixiR of mm
U a preparation o! the Drug; by which Its Injur
ious effects are removed, while tbe Yaiuabls
medicinal properties are retained. It poessi
til the tedative, anojjne, and antispasmodic
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llif itomacli, no tonutin;, oo costiveoeas, no
headache. In acute nervous diaorders it ia aa
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E. FERRETT, Agent,
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most important part of
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939 Penna. Ave.
termination the Secretary, he says, can
avail himself of the services of a board
to examine all the official reports on tho
subject. I
The draft of the substitute resolution I
submitted is sufficiently broad to embrace
all engagements of Importance as well as
to reward the special services of officers
rendered otherwise than in battle, rnd
by the presentation of a bronze bar in
stead of a second medal to those who have
participated in more than one engagement,
and unnecessary duplication of medals is
prevented. The resolution submitted Is not
intended as a substitute for the bill to
carry Into effect Secretary Long's recom
mendations for providing a new system
of rewarding Xavy and Marine Corps offi
cers and men for exceptional meritorious
service in war and peace. The bill
carry out Secretary Long recommenda-
tions provides that instead cf advancing
officers for distinguished sen ice, the pres- j
ent system, oniceis ..iiu nitii miuii ue
rewarded by the bestowal on them of
honor medals courage medals,, and service
medals, the recipients sof honor medals to
have increased pay.
; , .. .',, , 7T, . .
I linrj;e .is"i"" ihhhuri.- i.-.nn-1. ...
r'nuunSinner .lolin It. Wislil lia., annroted the;
,.,.,..,.1,1;,.,. ., M iirir Shp:lrr. Suncrint'n-
dent r.f Police, that the charges asainn Prnate
II. W. ilolliilsc for ncslett of buy be dis
mied. llollidce a- charged !.. hi, yrrcait
with being off llf-i hat for ncir,y an hour on
the morning of Manli 13, but iKfore the tr'al ol-
rd. -nd he
fircr lhe U.ni.f wire rot -
wa- prt-i:ofiic-d r.ot guilty.
Extracted, tJW
LJ Men's
p) Easter
pk Shoes,
Crocker s,
Consists of
1,000 pairs of ladies' black and
tan Oxfords; latest toes and
lasts. A dressy
shoe. Frank's
price, 1.50 and
2.50. Blum's
TABLE Xo. S Consists of
500 pairs of Mises' and Chil
dren's liijrh and
low button and
lace shoes.
Frank's price,
1.50. Blum's
TABLE Xo. 0 Consists of
S-iO pairs of Boys' and Youths
Black and Tan
Lace Shoes. A
good shoe for
w e a r. Frank's
price. 1.50.
Blum's price
At Ferd Frank's
Old Stand,
the Door.
The Blue
Serge Suit
A styliih. perfect BttSn? and nobby
tailored Serge Suit. Guaranteed and Q Q "1 C
worth ?12 for 9J I J
BIEBEK'S, 003, SOS, G07, 00 Eishih St. S.E.
Vj Washington Store. 1013 Pa. Tf. nvr.
The New York Buffet,
The Best of Everything.
The busine-ai man's resort. The meat select
rlock cf lnjucra and rigars In the city.
On Draught.
On Draught.
Hunter, Wllnon, and Carstalr'j
40." Tcotli Street X ."W.
E ADIft n"
Wheels an a rcMuble. in evttr .tn"
jf the wcril. a ln.yt.f- ni"tl a double
"Headinc" pnte. TVy ate frons.
-pcedv, st.nch. and Iwmi-jme, and hun
dreds ot liders w o.
We'd like to Mio yo
thce fin 'ueck " an
please you.
909 Pa. Ave.
Q&t i&niinft &imt&
vrt Kim M'RIL 7. 1000.
The Weather Imlicrtlons.
f oiuiii.i-rK. fuvuraMe for W-al rain- tonight ami
nukI-h ;
trch Mrthwc.terl wind.-, tooniig
! jiulilc.
j TeinpeMture i l p. m
,.5:3 A.M. 'mhi et
Moon set
Stm rne?...
.Moon rises.
:: 1A.
.1:M A.M.
1:57 A.M. and 2-30 P.M.
S:3M A.M. and 9 15 I M.
IIi?a tide..
Law tide...
I-anip lit today
Lamp- out tomorrow
.T.O? P.M.
..I0 A M
IUr.ninr Track Kace at 3:20 p. m.
National Thatre-The Ilortrnunr; afternoon.
" rb" ieroj;" ePHirg. '1J1 n llwid."
Coltimbm " Theatre Arna Held in "Papa'i
Ude;" afternoon ami rimisn.
Aoderav ot Music llojt's "X Ulac'x Sheep;
I afternoon nd exening.
I Crutd Opera lloiuc aultviile; aftemccn aid
I trmne.
herMH4 I.jceum Theatre "J-Jy C-asS Wid
oi;" afternoon and evening.
Took 1'oisoii lij llistnke.
Mrs. Ilenrj Koanc. colored, thirty-five jear old,
llii-s morning, took hy initaf.e a do-e of sulphate
of zinc and alum at her home, 24S) I Street north-u-fet.
She war removed at once to the Eemer
genc. Hospital, where antidotes were applied and
the patient tcb'ced. litr eondition ia not scri
ou. Motion for it cii Trtnl Arsneil.
Argument on the motion for a new trial and ar
rest of judgment in flic ea-c of Atthur Ijndon.
colored, convicted oi the murder of Henry Brad
ley, also colored, wa Iieanl today before Justice
Clahaugh. Attorney K. S. Key Smith, appeared
for tlie defendant and A&-ictant Distrkt Attorney
Taj lor for the Government.
l-'lre In ii Drucr Store.
Eire caused by a defettnc flue broke out short
lj after 0 o'clock Iat niulit in ItadrlitT" druc
store. No. Ill') I) Street neir(liej-.t. When two
companies of the department reached the scene
i in response to a local alatin. th- blae Id guin
j ed some headway. lit the tire w jm gtteo
' under eontiol. A los eliiatl- t Sl'fiO rulted
to j and is full toverfcl by i.'TuKjrcc.
(liiinliu) Not Kulliy.
MaKr SIt-ter, S-ipcrinlendenL of Poljee,
recommended to the DMn-t ConMnis-n.n(. thai
(tie charge agair.'t PiiHiei; Qw- fr
l.cglett of dtiti. ! d -mktrth,"PrrJSKj"
to the olficrr. QumUii "" Hgrsjr wifi,cner nx
i ,.,. j ,. irjf lelr tffl iftitwand rrmain
houe on I i
I In? tlirrciir tn-.ntv m.int. '"tlj : irritt-
i j:in btjovp We H'1' einitii5ruairrii ir'
,,t Mi-fairetl "" -"?B' fcht Jpacort
the rr'oniliKPilai
in.l At rTirtjd?rSf.id
fil- colieasius vlll ' ui
in'ibif Jsdjfirilrjt.
CA STO R I A.&fcfestertHfte.
j jig .j
iiave-Alvays Bought
TABLE Xo. 7-
When we offer 3 Worsted Pants for
$1 SS. It's not to be neglected. Stylish,,
serviceable quality, and aatlsfasujry
fit. Ca&h or credit, as you like It, for
This suit is a fine fancy woraUl ma
terial, dressy pattern, stylish tit. ami
well made ia and out. You woa't ftl
its match under a $10 bill. CMh r
A lot of Mns Styliah Spring HATSi
new shades and shapes. Qualities tiw,
other concerns consider excfellt vaHia
at 'l.ZO. We'll start ours- ot at, CM&
or Credit
tP 1 oLOm
Mayer k Pettit,
415-417 Seventh Street.
FOR. I ni ML DR! GfllTS.
Order "Bock" for Sunday.
i duz. b
(.' fine
":?9 i the Na inal ( -pjlal Brrwiay
'!" Beer, il 25 tt'nte or 'yhoae.
W"e are lmying tpt
tatum in b; iot- Ty
putlini; rn moth le
in thee ?15 SLITS TO
In taltn Ubrir. It,
nd ftpi-h tlier're th
peers ' irTt'una; to s
ha'i ijr t ie prue.
M. P. Fitzsiramons, 910 F.
THE KNIGHTS OF HONOR A irrand frateraal
crcnuation, the peer o. any, aurpased fcy
none, durin? the tent-jix yar3 of its existence,
baa paid to its bensficiane. the widw and r
pham of thirty-five thotiMnd deeaed tseothen,
lh rounificeit sum of SIXTY N'NE MILLION DOL
AND DOLLARS of which bu feeeen dUburod in
1509. FRANC I-S F BATES. Cratd Dirtator, 15
6th st. nw.; JOHN 1L KIG, Grand Reporter, 118
I gt. ae. mh9-lmo,gra
RING UP 'PHONE 772 for
' All Kinds
poMFSTu j i uc a uay.
Trv our netr Dievcle Uall
Hearins "Donn-stit." Silent as
the Tirk of a v'atch.
ar" c ' if
Leading Physicians
In cic,c KnsUnd, r.d '. t ..ntinft "y
that hi-'in Ci-ease rrii. KK ard by a-lS
Warner's "a'e t -re.
RHEUMATISM ith u- tortring.
nerve dcstroving pain- diapprar when S-SS.
hai made the acid impure blood DCC
healthv and strong. VUIV
For CooUng and Heating.
1-J24 New York Arentie.
Piano Bargains.
1 Bol.r Itr.K.. Ipticlit Piar- .
I M..lnt'an I pricut 1'uiKf -!ut' u-r
1 (! iker-rg vl'-are
TKini Tt) t IT.
:..i in
apT tf.rm
J ( tM IH Msrr.
Onl i ne of a tuou-a-a i,
TabourittfS Lite j male
strons. cak r i a- . fi'
and ve "jt m a, -.
ance Wi-r-ti a. ut I
in stme s'i 'cc A
of ur r uil bi ric i
barm. F nc
1013-1015 7th St.
ap3 ft
Spring Derbys.
i ,i iirt!icr pr"f ''an ilr'. that
r pi . s art M.WW- LOW 1ST .'
Ji tli.ik of -llm nw frtmx
Ilrl'V and Kelora j'I lhe "miwII
i r. -.,w. ,,:.,r fur l. No wawwr
ue re so hnv Finer Ilat. 1.."MI w4 y!.
MOORE & LULLINAN. 435 7tn St.
Successors to A. T. Lewis.
Roofers, Builders,
Pavers, Painters, Etc.
Roofing Tapers, Building Papers, Rwflair PMeh,
Paving Pitches.
Coal (or pa) Tar, Oils of Coal Tar. Afitoiti
Japan Rlatk Varnish at 2Ze and Sfc- per sn0
Crcosote, Oil, Disinfectant, Gefmieiife. Deedbr-
ant. at 15c per gallon.
Slag for Roofing, Nails, Tin Caps, etc., c
-E. B. WARREN & CO.,
Manufacturers and "Wholesaler..
Comer 27th and II Sts. N.W.
ipl.Tt (Telephone No. aJ&)
I'lemlo Onilty to Hoielrenklnir.
Ctortft? lferlrt, ehrgJ ' tfc reHfca:.
in CriBHl Lotwt No. I, yerterday withdraw fch
tc .f net guilty awl ImII uUj t
fence. He Heil tfc-S , fo
i moiU' iwptwomet w tl Ouptftt urtl.
Conduit In Dupont CIrele.
Ry ordr of tbe ComniHsienefs a nenwit ks
cen rid to th lnitd SUts Klfclrie Wgft-ir-
Conipy ' rf rnei a eonAnt nm
.-Tt-liHsr consult in sidewalk at DhWM Chwlfc ?
incite P "trr't. 'o cewlt.it ol the M-etotan
Itailroad tnnwnv...prw.e V trrt f
tin t!.at tN -vMichi't fh.ill rnntm at letM. fne
Bears tho j7 . "
Ss.,, JOHNSON'S fn
I t.
gUfegfegjterfgtef-afc. ?te&&&im&i&g&&i!
ItiajiSaaSKW&iCT, -a
,iiiiafcHd.JUgiSfefaifeojg(fec. -:.iiSiKi-t2i
ttaSif i--ar.

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