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.1T'".J-5vc' -
Jldcrtleuen( ttad-r thli Iie-fl
a til bo Inacrted for one ccat a wonl
for rncb lancrtlon.
V YNTLD Three refined ladies to ram a: offices
and private families, inu-t 1k experienced,
alrj or commission Addres Box 1G0, this office.
ap") St em
Y ANTED A chimberraaid antrNvaUre in email
famll), white preferred, trout fctaj nights and
bring cit refs No 13S7 12tk et lm lt.cra
"WANTFD Xcgetablc cook for Atlantic Cilv, help
for all depaitmuit in botel Bt'RGRi-is 110
TBI YGLNCY, o08 10th fct lt.cm
V ANTED First-class watt hainW bo Uth st
It cm
W.YVII1D Girl to help on curtwn vwrk 330 4"
fct. nw. apt 8t oin
"WANTED rospeetablt vvW4 girl from 8 to 14
jours old, bj an dderh ottuple, u lnue home,
Mnd treatment guaranteed .YAkes lit 140,
this ofHce. jp9-8t,cm
YYlYNTED A girl for general homework, a Rood
liaiiie 621 d st ht npSt,cm
YY YNTKD Half grown colored grl lv ari't in
general liouscwork. 80 p st- jk lt.cm
A YVI HI) 1 iret class taileress. good iiv , fteadv
wotlb Applj to Mr Omohumlw, MhRTZ A.
aiMHT7 HHS 1 rU ap-2t,tm
Yft&NTLD Y hite girl to take car? of infant and
assist in cbamWrvvork. 1S81 Oiegoti a"vc . bet
ljth Htth and S and T lt.em
YY T1 D Girk on bench to wh off aw nines
R C M BURTON, 911 1 fit nn It cm
X YNTKD Three neat chambermaids 2 cafe wait
rv-es housekeeper (under 80) for widower
and daughter, general nouwsrKtr
jlfOKDfc. "0 E etMnw
YVANT1 1) -White girl for dtruiilxwwld. IIOTEL
DHMmtllb, 3d st and Ft- v o- mr It
Y ANTHD Good girl for general housework. 200
1 t nw It
" YNTED K lunchroom ck, wages. $12, cham
bonuaid and w-aitros. 10, S woeien for Iiohsc
work, wages, 10 and $12, t white women, light
wakMRS. MOORE, 212 11 t-t trw lt
A AM PI) Mill povitivelv ee Xfcwdav or re
fund fee 4 white cml'rna t colored
clmiHl innaid. S waitresses, 12 eoa Ypplv
HALL'b. 702 18th Ft It
X YNTKD I xpeneneed falc"oHt in a confoc
twaorv store Ypplv 418 Vth st n It
XUY NT Kl Colored girt for general houeworl at
WJ7 1 t ot, 11 flat. It
XAN1HD Ysung girl to help with hoewik.
742 8d st nw It
AAM,UI) Giii for general hoastnerk. 721 hut
Capd t It
MAM"KI) Girl for general bouewrk and to
kdp with lUj, must sta nights. Apply
Sl 18th -t fw It
M VTHI) Skirt lwr6V and girls to heiji on skirU
l LAUII T VII OK. 1 8J lkit nw It
"tt AM UD hite girl fr hfiiit ltHi.kpjnc, as
rft in More, no walung. ivaHHiable wages,
t?m4 hoim. to right part 114 7th st nw It
VaMTD Neat colored nun cViamlterHiaid,
ool 11 general heuseworkers, good plsces
glxen awa 1018 N . ac It
VVTI 1) General liouscwo-kcr, ?15; small fam
H . aUo J other general liouM!workers.
UVDllfe- I CHNGL, C14 18th ft, It
lUVVTBD Colored nurse for infant, J15, colored
hmittlrffe- waitress $16, cIkhiiIk nnaid and
Mms4rth I5 L1)IES hACIl VNGh, 014 ISth
it; It
M MIJJ girt to work half a dar Tnquire
K lIS h st iw , after 0 o'clock p rn It
A NTH1I omen for general housework
t4 MO
Sio D
A M KD MBgie grt to do a!4 kinds of IwM-e
wwrii 47ti l'a ae nv lt
NTI i) Oiored cook, ?S0, hmmlrerf $12 call
earh 1&13 h ht nw It
Vllil)-l.iri for light limiewrk, no wah
iir, 12. aKo 2 girts for Pittsburg, vr paid
Hwymc ltBtS 11th ft nw 2t
WANTBD Iw-cntx white age girls, 18 colored
Ctage girts, aVo chrbernani?, Slv, how.
" wintc and colored. IS to $ IU I
Mfat. 1 IlliU, 1200 Ntw "Vork ae U
VANTIU) good, rcJiablc white gul for general
hMtfcwark, good home, alo colored wonan
for wi4iHg S&W Wyoming are nw aps-Jt
rrVl UI) -Chorus gWs for Mirnmer vtrk. at
one. 2 until Ti '4 F St aw ap t
W WTLU (.irt as -lehMi in bievcc and sew
ir iHahn:e store, wiary $8 to start. 5
drew Il) 136 this otfk-e. ap-St
COhOI'hi) ciris taHglrt at N VTION I, INTI
ini 01 DUfcssb CLTT1NG. 818 4fe st. nw
t AVI hi) lour girt nmsher on pants ad mhw
, Jeti.n M HOKN, 1WK Oth tt nw ap-W
A,ANT11) A"hiie vorkiMg boekeeper in nwll
himilj no diitdren good home and good
wcs. iihhI Ite ood cook, rferece&. Call jt
re, t It t e apK 2t
ANTHD Tailors-
ppl Wo ISth st. n
V yi I'D M hit cSiambermaidg and ch?anrs for
ap7St v
" NT) U K colored gul fur genenl liaw'evurk
staj at night and come well lecMnmetMcd
AH th H tv. ap7 3t
iii:i.i' a muiwiiLi: vi) riiMiix
A VVrivD 1 ptricnccd advertising solicitor, also
Hiiig woman, tood address to 'olicit tub
t-rnptioiK ood pa to right people pplt im
imfhKl. lllh WASHINGTON CriTL, 1S31
b-ht 1L.
W NlhD A bo in lunchroom; 6 ong women,
light worn 212 H sU nw It
W NTKI)t,ood pieser, also an apprentice on
rU 211 11th st s-n apS "t
1 VN1I It l'.itiorf of ary kiBd bj a reliable,
Mbr. mid imluntnoiw n -ddle aged man, Gu
imiii, unmarried, underMandb take care of horo
lgardinfn, ami milk, Ur-t-ckiM rtf Addtt 14fi
tM' olhec lt.em
W NTKD Uj -oung gardener, potition on fanti
dthess Ho Hi. t)iu otiiee, . lt,em
1 N"ThU 11 colored box, place to work in
house, good tef 2006 bth st- nw lt,cm
M NTbI) IU voting colored man, place to wmk
tmiHtiil hou-e or itorc, or work of jn kind
HW fct. nw lt,em
" iVlTD-lh a colonMl mati, a place a butler
i ail 4 11th M nw lt.em
V1 hi) It a respectable man, place ap head
wwiter or Mde waiter, drop aboard, will call
jt -tmee It J . 320S 7th st. nw It
W MKD IU No 1 meat cutter, position, ref
fiom liist cmplovcr. ddresh K0 140 (Ins
flirt. It
W VVTI'D Hv colored woman, washing to do at
home II McCulloi.li fit, aw , ANNA H)
MONDS. lt.em
A VI HI Hr a capable dressmaker, who under
stand cutting and fitting, work bv the da.v.
HWl 12, this office apO 3t,em
W N1I I) It two white women situations, cook
and other elumbeimaid, titv or uburbi 709
I M nw It cm
WANT! I) Hi colored woman, plate to cook or
do clcaiiuv loOi lOtii st nw. ap9 2t,cm
WAMIil) Itv u-spectalde colored cirl, place as
s.hovh1 housenerker or chamltermaid Apjilv
1H- N J ave nw lt.tm
WIXNTKD 11 white unman, place as cook in
Tcslaurant or private faimlv. Rev 144, this
W TPI) Bv colored woman, wTi-lmig i0 do
itoim 4B7 Hidge st. nw jt cm
WAXTLI) Rv colortd woman, waging to do at
home 41S College Court nw jpO 2t,em
W WlHD-lh colored woman, wahiug 1o do
Awwne 470 N avt, nw lt.cm
WiVNTlII) ltv respcctalile celoicd woman, place
Ut 4o general housevmk; no washing 1924
ISth i. tm it 11a
WAVTl'D It cobjred uvrnnan ilacc te cook o
halfoavwoik 245 Onal st- nc It
M VNTBH Ilv respectable colored girl, place fo
"do central houcvverk, small familv no wish
Uk 7 ( st svv " it
A NTI.D Bv capable voung colored woman, a
IKHitMiti n lad s maid, tan shampoo and do
4tn sewing jnd will make herself gcnemllv uvc
ltL MKb WRIGHT 418 Kim rt . Le Droit Park
WANTED ltv intelligent joung girl who writes
a Icgihlc hand and is completing a course ot
stenogrnphv and typewriting, clerical wotk with
reliable unploycr, first clas ref ddress BOX
IBS, thie office apS-St
W NTI D Bv voung ladv owning machine, office
work, or tj-pewTiting to do after office hour
xillSS M'OTTSWOOD, 02 . avc nw. --
' apt ft cm
t SITl'lA cook?, mtrsts, housemaids laiinircres,
ard male lulp of all kinds, in and out of cit.
WK& M00KL, 212' II st aw. It
Atlertlac-nienta under tbla bead
Trill be Inserted for one ceat m. iror
fo- eaclt Insertion.
W M"LD 1 ust-class washer for flat work.
' K Z1 h S LAI NDRV, 1214 D at nw lt.cm
W .M i-1) Lxpcnenced men to sell tea and coT
fw from Iioum: to house MNIITTYN COr
FEE CO , S10 7th tt nw, lt,ira
W WThU fiist-class barber Applj. 1S17 K st
nw. It, cm
W NTLD I our men to canvass private families,
large commiion. none but liutlcra need ans
wcr, those wishing to twvel nrcftrrcd ddrcss
Box 150. this ottict apJ 2t,cm
MAVTI I) ourg colored man to drive dcliverv,
work around .torc, good place to right partv.
Call 3J7 Sd st nvv lt.cm
W NTi-D- rarl)er, white or t-olored, guaran
tee S5J !. avc i vv lt.em
WANTI-D K couple of bu helmcn
WOOD, 1111 l'j ave
-NI)rK A.
W VNTH) Draftsman; state cxprnciKC, rtf, and
salan cvpcctcd Uos 10J tln iltitt It tin
W MLD btabkman CalTXcr 11 nnT 1, and
after A o'clock, hrLLOGGi TUI1, corner
zin anoisus v It em
W NTI I) outh about IS with wnne tpcruive
in hat and gtnt d funnslitj g -tore Aildie
Bo 161, this office. N aPJ 2t,em
W KTH) lpcnenced milk wagon driver, must
lave two vears cxntru.net., bet f wages
paid I!ox in j, tins ottlcc apJ t,cm
WANTH1 Y good man's tailor, at ence 1527
14th t,t nw. lt.cm
W VNTJ-D Hrt-claa buslielman; stcadv work,
good pav Applj to Jlr Omohuiidro, MHIT7
A MI KT2, WW r st. ap9 2t,em
W VNTH) Bright, active bovvin dnig store Ad
drcs Hux 14S, this office It em
W vn D Two salesmen for men's furni lung de
partment Kpph at oner, with rcf BLLM
IIRO , 748 747 Sth t te ap9 2t,em
AAVTH Three dishwasher. 13 colored ca't
dnver. 2 waiters ortiet and belllKy, cookc
stable mcnMI CKI 1HIKD :?. j 1. 't nw It
W VNTI-D Colored dnvtr for laumlrv, dishvvaMier,
bouse bov, bookkeeptr, ami office man II hh
702 ISth -t It
W WTri) voting man with some experience in
the grocerv husinc Call Iwtwccn C and "8
p m , 3Uh and Q jts nw It
W VNTHD good lurbcr, at once 01 7th st
vw It
W VMI D White coachman ?0 per montli.
must hart first chis refcrtnte Applv D1C h i
ijOTH, AGrNC. 013 7th st ap9 2t
1 NTI I) hlevator bov for hotel, lurihroom
hellcr, clerk, $5 week. IUbl.MlNT, 51j 12th
st nw it
W NT1 1) Noting man for real estate office, per
maneiit position, good pav. Kal Ml NT, olj
12th st. nw jt
W NTI D Goo.1 waiter, at once I'KLS-Lr II "5,
QIC h st nw. it
W VNTH) V white man to drive lOS 14th t
uw n
W WTLD-GixhI white baibtr FINLR, 432 HUi
st nw it
W TrD If tou want clerical or domestic work,
bee lit IJLSlNLs-s Bl Kl U, 1200 New 'iorr.
e it
W N"T1 D Solicitors willing to work for $2 per
dav. K. J WILLIAM 110 C et, nw It
W AATLD Barbers, Monday morning or evening,
with too' 044 La avc, nvr It
W NTH Blight, intelligent bor who wants to
learn grocjen buMncss and make himself g(i
crallv twful, giTe ref Applv W M T DWIS,
15th and I sts nw it
W NTFD Bov to drive and work about the
hoHsc, also nun waittr hrquire 1G 11th st
,w anKIt
WANThD-rwo farm lund. pplv ROOM 1, 42a
7th t nw it
W NTI I) 1 xicricnccd colored man as butler,
familv of two, Ai ret JM)1LS 1
CiUNGb. C14 18th st It
W NT1 I) Tailor to take charge biulieling tore
ailijtth st uw it
W N"TI D t.rocerv tloik with cienerte, ore
with kHowIcdc in tttii4; weals. W J
COOK 1014 b-t st nw It
W ANTI D Bnglrt, intellignU b wlliing to
learn ladu' tailoring, rou t ride wheel
AppK PI I 31, 12S0 14 tit t- nw, 3Iouday morn
ing apS 2t
W NTH) . vwing imin a.s colkcttr for install
lHent 1kii , ngit furnish bo id ddress
UO 12s this offit-fc. ap 3t
W Vn-D 'iotith who undcr-taml lucvclc re
jMiinng small aljrj to start ddre.' IJ0
133 this of hie aps-3t
AV NT1 U- n cxiHTiencitl advertiing solicitor
Apidv Olfi I.Hji-mna ave nw apS 2t
NOTIt I 20 men and frtiwlKv to o to th ntv
cit Mmtdav night h 11 J0HNM)N
W VrFD rxprntneed industrial laurance to
lHiti in California, lie v field liberal coi
trait, !lg;hthil tlimate, i,iKd momv and a bril
liant future for abk men who ate tired working
1m worn ot duplet. Vddrev, II N 1INDMM,
care I'jiihc 3lutiul Ijfc Insurance Co , Oakland
t al ap7 3t,em
W VNT1 D 1 1 rand bov, colored with bicvele,
ref reipnrtd W M Hv KT7, 1120 Conn
ave. ap7 3t cm
W NT1 D-ix good solicitor!., salarv ?12 per
week ddrc 1JOJ02 thi office ap -3t
UANTH) IjLperitnced groterv clerk' to take
orders for oubtidc trade, liberal salarv At
J0IINS1X)N 720 7th st. apo tf
WANTED Good solicitors for industrial Intur
ance, sick, accident, and death benefits, a
home institution; incorporated !Es7. a good
chance for energetic man to make money Ap
ply to the old reliable CAPITAL CIT BENE
HT feOCILT. sS Li, are. mh2 3m
III-FORI filing vour iccnt d hand hicvilc get
our asli t fin lCM 1 f IHNGF, 740 10th
st nw apa-3t
W N1I I) Two unfurnished room for lignt hou"-e
keeping lftwc-en "d ind 'th, 1) "and ( sU.
ddrc KOV 1 4 L this otliee ap9-3l
W MH) Bv fathtr and dausu er, Ma 1, 5 or
4, forni'lifd iiiotii -mtahlc for liOLseEeeping,
refpreue-CN ddicfs BOV 14, tlu office
apS Jt
W NTH In nw Motion, a mall house, partj of
hree tlieap rent Addnse R M , U1G I- st
nw - ap7-3t
W NTI I) To Inn good hnrc and buggj, or
will take J r ketp Box 1"4 lln office
ajiy ot em
W NTI I)-I1oim for pasture good grass and
water, no w ic tailed 'for and returned
Tl MM C 1 U.NLangdon DC ap9 Ct.em
W NTH) Wagin fr liht dtlivcrv wjtli pan
eled side, inu-t 1? in Oood condition and
cheap for tji.li. iK D st nw apb 2t
VNT1 D wing machines cleaned and repair
cd for 7t ddres OCK IILKRMNN,
'cwiiig Aladnnc Agent fc27 43 st sw upS 3t
WMTI)-t MMIlltS C2G I-i ave, furni
tuic, roll toj) di-sk, stocks of giotene and
orgBtu. for cah ap8 3t
W NT1D Old fiather beds for cah Addrej
uo iih, tins omit- apo-ui,em
I11G11I ST cash pud for old gold silver, dentiat
ij.UlU jajiaaiif riaaa. b 0 uiu UIU 1IU liCt JcW
clrj of rvcrj description. LOLib ABRAHAMS, C09
7tb tt, nw , opposite LT 5 Patent Ofhce, Wahinz
in.. fi r Ar.. .1. Ar tfnr.i... ,
HV-Vb. I'RINTHt. RI3I01D to CM I t ntr
good punting cheap, 500 business cards. 75c, '
ap3 7t
WANTED All kinds ot old United States and for"
eign ttamps, used and unuted, m an) quantitv
alco collections of anj size, the highest cash
prices paid at THE OLD RELIABLh STAMP
STOR1 100j 7th SL nw mwn ,.,
OLD STAMPS Highest nriccs Daid f.ir r.17rm7
all kinds ued or unused, departments and
proof, alto foreign, no common 2c, J M
BARTILS, 72 J 11th sL nw n,h31 tf
W 4MXD- Highest cash prices pala for ladies'
and gents' ca-t off clothing, drop postal, I U
call B TARSI1LS, 1303 7tli st nw. mh27 lmo
WAKTED Office and household furniture" store
fixtures, large refrigerators, meat and pro
vision boxes THE ARh, 815 Cth L nw.
mhl3 lmo
WATED For highest cash prices, metal, won,
rubber, paper stock, mitluccrr, tools, etc
iL BLRMIL1MER. W6-9 C sL nw , 'phone 2275
j21 t
KHGHEST price paid for rccond hand blcvclea,
aiso taken on storage. f nn st. nw.
oc25-tf em
I OR SLr Slightly used lleinington ana Ben
more tv-pe writers; cash or month v install
menti Room 2, 1423 F st. nir. .apt "t
I OR RENT Select rooms- nice house. $1 50 up
weekly 337 Pa avc nw apO 3t,em
FOR HINT The Morgan House, -furnished
Bethcda, Md "P3t
FOR R1NT Two rooms second floor, furnl'hed
or unfurnished, single or en suite, 1 li k
permitted 046 J st nw apS 3t
rOR RENT Three rooms, second floor, with
bath, heat, and gas, terms moderate 12C
F st ne I,s"3t
10R RENT One large, nevvlv furnished front
room convenient to bath, also two rooms uu
furnished, 1 h k ,""waler on same floor 110
Cth stnw apS3t
10R RENT One large unfurnished or furni'hed
front room for one or two mntlcmen 1011
II st ne ap3-3t
I OR R1NT lurmshed, to gentlemen or ladies
front and hall room, third floor 207 od st
nc apS 3t
FOR K h NT Two 2d floor south front com rooms
221 1 st nw ap7 3t,tm
FOR RLNT Uigc fur rooms 2 week 17 t
st. mv ap7Jttm
10R It I VI Niccb fur communicating moms,
1st cr 2d floor, southern txposure, with or
without board loOl Cth tt nw ap7 3t,cm
I OK Rl NT Room to gent, $i month 1003 O,
st nw ai" & cm
IOR RI-M lour beautiful rooms, 2d floor, pn
vate 1-ith, reasonable tenrs 1251 Mil st
ap7 3t,cm
CIOI- TO flNsis two front rooms, facing
park, good bath, G and ?a, extra large loom
10, tw6 Iicile fur , gentlemen pttfeired 115 4lh
st nw , 3IKS 1 N5 ap7 St.tm
FOR R1NT liir 2d floor front, bav window
room 1311 14th sL nw ap7 3t em
IOP HINT $0, 17 ptr month W per week fur-
nuhed rooms with private familv, stum licut,
houe ami, gentltmcn prtferrtd, reference?
1327 Hlh t nw aP" 3
IOR RLNT lutnislied room 51f. 12th it nw
ap7 2t
IOR RUVT-riirut'lied parlor and bedroom com
muuk-ating, heat gas, lath, Jl2 40o h st
nw ap7 3t
IOR RIM Urge well furnuhed lront rooms.
otihcrn cptr-utcf $12 and $15 1117 1 st
ap5 Ct "
1-OR Rl NT V fur suite of rooms for li,ht htfti e
ket-i ing, heat, g-s and bath 211 lt st nw
apl Ot cm
IOR Rl-NT Tliice unfurnished room-, 2d floor,
$10 421 Mi- ave nw It
IOR Rl NT KI22 7th st nw , ?S per month, 2d
floor, 2 front lvonu p0 Jt
TOR ItrNl Two M-cond floor unfurnLshed rooms,
a 111 1 , nasoiublt to permanent paities
70a Sth 't nw JpSIt
H)R RLNT BtauUful 'unfunulitd "alcove room
on second floor -OOU r st nw ajiS 3t
I Oil BV NT Part of liou e, un'i rm-lieil Wl
11th Stjtt. Jf3 3t
IOR Rl-NT I ulutiuslicd rooiite, sultal le for
gentlemen, liKidtm onviiuence', stationarv
waOetands, no children 1U29 Pa ave nw
a.b It j
1 OR IU NT I nfurni hed, entire floor, three
room porcelain bath 1223 10th st nw
ai S 3t
IOR Hi-NT Thro unfurni hed rooms, second
Poor 13 2d t ne apS 3t
I-OR Rl-NT Dree unfurnuhtd rooms, light
In iisekeepii g, a m 1 1217 bth -t nw
ap3t . r,
FOR Rl NT Two or three unfurni hl roenis for
light I ouekei ping, or would furm.li as bed
rooms 1 nvatt faiiulv , one square from Capitol
Vddrta BOX 1 this office . ap1-3t
I OR Rl NT 22j N Capitol sv t unf.urn.ij icil
sunnv fnmt, nevl pap red room, third fiooi ,
oic back, hr-t loor ap7 3t
IOR LINT Itiniishcd and unfurnisneil roim ,
sccord ard third floor"'; a m 1., rent reason
allc 4 3d st. mv Jp7-3t
noosis axd'houid.
Till X1NTON, 0! llth st nn , run under new
management large airv room" furnished tr
unfurnished with or without board MRS M V
ThlNsON,Proi apU-3t
ROOM and board for gentlemen, near depart
ments colored 44s I M nw apst
FlRNIHrD room to rtnt, with board, rates
reasonable 1231 N 'i. ave nw ap7 It em
NhWLX furniOied room cscellcnt tab'e, rear
Capitrtl Libra v. and Census, verv rt onjble
if permanent 210 Lst st nc ap7t
ROOM XN1) B0U1D in private familv ; bath, ?1
tier week 414 9th 't, w ap3 7t
IOR R1NT Nicely fur rooms with board, con
vement location, hot water heat, private fam
ily 414 th st, nw mhl3Jf era
M I L cicar store aaicc l'1 vei?k "-15
1)1 NI P. J I t, 'ap'i"3t I
ROOMINti hoii'c ind lunelirftom pre-ent owner
savtd ViOdO past four vmie, acoouut lllne 1
saeriti e for $010 Dl Nf VP, 1 st npf 3t cm
GR0C1KX store guarantef eleirlnc 100 month,
accept invoice, bargain. Dl NI.P, iK 1 "-t
npj 3t cm
W NTH) Groterv cigir store and lmn'irocHii,
mvctiL,ate DINI P, tor 1 tt opJ-3t em
W NT1 D To bit saloon, -statt localitv and
1 rice Box lj.f thU office apS)3t em
W NTLl-To bin living grocerv or confrc
tioncrv store Bov 117, this office It em
V NTI-1) Partner in wire fencing for ntv and
countrv , big 1 av Box 10 this office
ap9 3t,cm
fcTRNGIR has ?l,o00 to invest in paving bust
nes-i. Box I4-, this office. It em
11 XOL want to rent a live lu mess corner a
plicc where von can do business look at 213
7th st nw , oppoJti Center Market ap") tt cm
IOR SIL Dining and lunchroom doing nice
business, well located proprietor willing to
board part of sale out I nquire -irchitcctV offiec
023 1 t nw apJ 3t era
FOR 'sLE Solar printing plant; onlv one in
D C . established tiftctn vcars, uet bet
pnecs in the L' S Address BOX 13", this office
apS 3t
IOR SXLL Barber shop, two furnished room,
and kitthen, businrso gvarantted, price, $300,
leav.ing cttr 1729 Pa avc nw apJ It
DO IILhINhS rigl t. bj giving us vour pnntimrr
we will fix. it up so it will help vour busi
ncss wondcruill7 our punting is a t,reat pnng
nmgorator Tor any businc s, we print everything,
00 card', 1 oO, V10 envelope-s ?1 7u UW
W NT1-D ctne partner 111 rfficc business, pav
ing ?- to 10 ier dav clear AddreM BOX
124, this office at&Ct
GRFVT sacrifice, but must be Fold dairv lunch
with lnug rooms above all thoroughlv fur
rlshed, onlv $200 GEO C URLS 017 La ave-
Tilt lrrrCTs of a complete Bicvele Repair
bhop, consisting of 7 good w heels, complete
set of tools Iienches, chair, tables, stove, Ac
pplv at S29 N Capitol St , after 4 0 p m
anj dav apS 3t
A thW hundred secures legitimate, quick monev
making bu-inens, owner leaving citv d
dress BOX 127, tlu office . apS 3t
WANTED Gentleman of means to assist a refined
ladv to start 111 busme& references ex
changed Address L. MORRIS, General Beliverv
apS 3t
ACC0MM0DXT10N Pnvate partr mut raise ?10C
immediatelv, will deposit secuntv costing
$750, pa ?30 bonus for tin days, tender mu t
be responsible ddress BOX 120, this, office
apS it
JOR SL1- Paving grocerv and provision, $1j0
cash. 733 2Ut si wr apS 3t
WANTED small grocer, -with dwelling, uita
blc for a ldv ddre-s C C h , 1214 21et
Bt ap" 3t cm
WANTI-D V voung man of businc s qualitH-a and
good appearance, mut have 5800 to invet in
buines, ?25 per week to start and 20 per cen'
interest guaranteed on monev Box 113 this
office ap7 3t,cm
1-OIt SVLr First tlas bakcrj
suburbs ot citv , rcasunab e.
t:o opposition.
Box 112. this
ap7 3t,em
rOR SAI1 Cigar, tobacco, and news store d
dress BOX 103, this office - ip7 3t
FOR S VI L Good chance for a partv understand
ing lunch aud ovstcr busmen 02J 10th st
nw- ap7 3t
HAMNG other business I dcirc to sell my oil
business, hore, wagon, and route Can be
seen at 400 Fla ave uw ap7 3t
A BARGAIN A profitable, finely located bicycle
business, with large, well pa ing repair shop,
a rare opportunity for some ona to pick up an es
tablUhcd, pa ing business. J. D ARNOLD, 1707
MstsL mhlt tf.em
THE finest stock system in exlttence; large
cured Income and guaranteed priodpiL
"STOCK BROKERS, ?. O. BOX 135. S. Y.
FOR SLE Beautiful, lot, west of Chew Chase;
45,S55 -square feet, 189 feet fronting Rockville
Railroad, one fare from cilr Addres tRNh
STORX, Station E, Georgetown. ap9 3t,em
$00 60-1701 P 't ),v4'f3r
56 13110 C st mv.plr v
33 00 IS I st nw , It
0 TO 2ol8 7th st n , Gr.
18 30-141C T st nV, Cr
14 3012 G st nw ,.Cr
13 50 11 13 19th ttifew , "r. -13
00020 Ha avcmv , 5r.
12 5003.! I st nw , Gr
12 30-1408 II st ncjljlr
9 00 n2J M st hW-frt
8 00 Rear 311 B st ne , 4r.
8 00 Rear 17 C st ne , 5r.
7 SO pOI 10th st sw , 4r
7 10108 M st svv . 5r
5 00-117 I t svv , 4r
10 CO Cu Whitney avc nw , near Soldiers'
Home 7r .
11 30 ll34 Superior st nw , (Meridian Hill) Cr
12 50 fill hoite Scott ave nvv , Soldier's
Home, Cr
12 5071' Irvin st nw , near Brightwood avc
cars, fir
10 30 C01 Oil Ian st nc bet CMi and 7th, K
mil I Cr
8 501303 Iristoe Ct , nw , bet 33th and 14th,
A and W , 5r
8 50 '7 Desmond a Allc svv , bet 9th and
10th I- and F, 4r
7 10 lite Rovir llev nw , bet 1st and N J
avt , h and I 4r
7 301224 Carlin VIley sw , bet 12th and 13th,
C it d I) -4i
C 02001 Columbia Ter nw , bet 20th "and
21 t. 1 and 1, 4r
0 04 Gordon ive ne , bet 2d and 3d, I and
G, 4r
$t (X) kO-i 1 st mv , 2d floor 2r
II) 00 213 4'i st nw . 4lh floor, 3r
Rib 1 Bhig , 4"J 'tth it mv . single or en suite
Hartford st , bet 10th and 12th sts m 1 , 8r ,
ap7 3t tin 933 Itth st nvv
K)R Rl-NT Bv April 15 six rooms and bath,
50j S st nvv 20 1j apS 3t
rOR Rl NT 1241 II st nc, 4 rpoms and CaTh
11 floor, onlv $11 uloa 12l'i 11 ne , 4
rooms ard bath, 2d floor, onlv "10, new building,
laive, lujit vvholei.01111 room tiled bath por
iHaljie tuluJJ I wl I, ilh and U tU n
ip7-.1l 1 111
KlR HINT Part "07 10th st nvv 2o 00
401t Mh st ct , Sr and bath . 18 00
H3S Ohio avi nw 'i . 10 Oj
store ami dw(, , 1711 7th t uw , 5r . 22 V)
St.-. HMD Pa avc nw . 10 00
I rs t dwg , 14th st, roiid, Brightwood
1) ( , 7r, ih i . . 16 00
1 01 IS P sHWMUtH: 0 1 st nw
ap7 it, nil
I OK SMI 'vventh st prepert, new 3 stor
hruk, raited for ?U mouth, if sold at once
WtI OWNKK 20!' t. st nvv ap7 3t em
TOR RFNT rven room, baj window but! brttk,
a m I , 133 B st. sw . $.0, also flat 3122 llth
st nw . 5 rv-n?, $20 W P M1TCMF, 130.. V
st nw mli2-tf.em
rou sjAiJe houses.
I OK mi No lntuust, tore and dwelling
stable, I rice, $2 1K). onlv V00 cash, ?1j
rronthlv W t. II IJiWlAN, 717 14th tt
ap7 Tt cm
IOR SI1 Invi-twcot 4 C-room dwellings,
iric"ls)0 rent 0 W C IIMDrMXN,
717 Uth t ap7-3t em
IOR Mil -lx,(MII1 lu,., side lot, fine neigh
lrhHd. J ins S2U00, onlv ?2tx) cash, ?15
montlilv W I IILI1MN, 717 llth st
ap7 St.t m
KlR sl I Two 4 rru in 1 rick house with wafer
sowir, on 1 raiiu i-t te , fa00, price '
t ish .) rr montl " 1 1 quire of P G SVLUt,
527 41- 1 ,vv - ap7 3t cm
lOK Mh BK(.ilN rhree-storv, Inv window
Irick s SInii all 111 nieni improvements 6
room and lath onh SLSi cash, ei-lit room b uk
with two vacant I its afljoiring en 5mth Capit il
st cull si VKl onlv $W0 ca'li required a fine
six roc in brwk. with st( re on List Capitol st ,
with a Inning va.actJcr, only ?1 s00. ?3M tab
If vu vv-iiit to g into biisin mis u a monev
milrr a ro m and liath, lu win low house
in 7th st e. near Last Capitol st onlv $4 lo0
IDIIN II ODONNILL. 302 Pa ave se , Capitol
Hill ' ap7 3t
FOR Rl VI Hat of four rooms, ncwlr papered
tfll I th st mv ap7 3t
IOR Rl NT Hat of j rooms and bath, modern
inn rov cmi nt iHiiect condition rent, $10
5124 Uth 'L nvv ap7 3t
IOR It I NT-Ht, 3122 14th St nw , 5 roem3. a
m i , ierfcct condition, onl $20 W P.
MrTCMI,13-I st nw mh27 tf
U ll txirt rrproductii n of expnnc ivorv
miniatures rich nit! piisive in z ptaratice,
cheap cnlv m 1 lice HI h PHOTO BITTON
CO, 1 '"M'i F t 1 vv JpO St
11 D Bll la ( ni 1 I CT1 D or no tliame
GORDON lavvver, 13S. 1- st nvv
apt) Ot
GOOD WIN are Ixlovrd gKid 1 nnting i ad
mirrtl wi punt -verv ihmg 5) caret' 1 r0
0l cmel :?I7i W letttrheals 2.tO Vti
tvpewrtttrn btt.rs -) II U WORTH PLB
1 IsIHNI, 111)1 ! i2 -th s;lp,'2t
IT IS a far far btlttr thirg that vou do, than
vou have ver dole get vour picture 011 a
button at I'M NN 4uJ Pa ave ap3 3t
M0D1RN SIGN work at moderate prices WILI !,
i02 1) st aps 3t
PI VNO and on.an tuning $1 00 factorv expert
Js It DIKin 305 l!th st se ap7 3t em
PR'sOI cleaned jnd repaired at Sll II t
ap7 5t,tm
H ViS cleaned and traw hats bleached at -11
list ap7 5t,em
Till GIRL with the auburn hair and vour elf
tin get vour picture 011 a button made while
vou wait, 10c 1MNNS, 1j9 Pa ave apa 7t
COING to build auv new houcs Oils pring
Have us paint ,!ie roof with our Rl BLHl
ROOl PMNT. It prevents leaks prcervft the
rooL Roofs painted $3 up RLBBI K ROOF
PMNT CO, 411 Cth st nw ap7 tf
a W edges is our hobbv, next to making them
snow white collars and cuff unsurpa.ed
RLHGIL.I XLND IX, 207 209 7th st sw ap7 3t
LPHOLSTLRING, mattics making chair caning
a .pctialt I NILD1-LLDT, 151o 0th st
nw ap7 Jt
CIIVIR CVNING. gotxl work 431 h st nvv , 707
M st nvv , 702 Fla ave nw , 3IRS L. JOHN
SON , send postal ap7 3t
NOT1CL 15 HEREBY given that we will sell
at public ruction, on the 10th dav of pnl,
1900, at our warehouse, 4C0 Pa Ave , at J o'clotk.
p m , for storage, charges, the goods and chat
tels stored in the narrca of J N Holmes, Oscar
Foote and 11 B Wills. Till 'JLL1LS LANS
apl Ct.em
LANDLORDS' How much has it cot jou lately
tor repairs, that had to be made on account
of leak roofs? ou save all this if your root,
are painted with Rubber Roof Paint It prevents
leaks preserves the roof Hoofs painfd, $3 up.
RUBBER ROOl PAINT CO , 411 bth st nw
mh31 tf
EXPERT watch repairing, mainsprings, $1,
cleaning $1 009 7th st , opposite Patent Of
fice mhl5 lmo em
nw Any ordinary clock cleaned, 60c, watches
cleaned, COc up, musical box repairing and all
other work as low ir. proportion, -Mtislactton
guaranteed, send postal, will call for and deliver
free to any part of District, rahO-tf
volume magazine, 75 cents, other bindw;
equally as cheap, printing 500 cards, 75 cents,
other printing equally as cheap W II LIAMS Cla
7th st nw Charles W 4owden. Manager fe2 tf
COHEV. 1104 7th ct. nw. se27 tf
l have just recpived a big slutmi-nt of unre
deemed new and slightlv used oicvclcs from
the largest storage, warthouses of Chicago and
New Xoil We arc able to offer them at 0irr
own price. The shipment comprises Cleveland-',
I clipsts Cpluiin)ii, Merlings, Spaldings Barnes,
and other liih grade bicvcles. The famous Ster
ling bicjcles, fitted with Morrow coaster and
brake, it 28 98 Don't buv a bike or anvthing
"Tor a wheel until vou have seen our lurgains
bingle tube tire meclianicaUv put on ?1 V)
NM YORK CYCI r CO , 421 Oth fct apS 3t
IOR SIt I-xtraordinarv opportunitv , secure
high grade bicvele", some onlv slightlv used,
from $j up CYCIF IXCJUNGl, 740 10th st
nvv apS St
I-OR SLF Two new bicvcles. ladv's and genfs,
nice wheels, cheap 337 H st ne api 3t cm
LAItQE assortment of second hand bicycles, all
makes, at $5, $10, and $15, tires, special
prices, (quality considered), $150, $175, $2 25,
$2.50, Goodrich and Hartford $3, bicjele repairing,
mechanical overhauling, $1, enameling, $2, vulcan
izing, 40c LYBOHSU, Bicde Machinist. 717"
etb st nw mh!4 lmo cm
I IRST CLASS table board 415 per month, near
Library and cars RS F A BRUMGIM,
212 4th st se p0 lt.em
COO Pa. Avc. apSTt
Should be read dail as change may occur
at an time
rORFIGN M IT-S arc forvjarded to the ports of
sailing daily, and the schedules of closings are
arranged on the presumption of Hicir uninterrupt
ed overland transit for the week ending April
14, 1900 the last connecting closes vvillNbe made
from this office as follows
TrntiH-Vtlnntlc Mntli.
MONDU (c) At 0 13 p m for EUROPF. per
s Kaiser Wm der Onwe, from New York,
via Cherbourg, Southampton, and Bremen
TlrSDAY (c) At 9 15 p m forLUROPI. per.
s St Louis, from Ntw York, via Southamp.
(c) t 11 03 p m for BHGILM direct, per
s s Southwark, from New 'York, via Antwerp
Mail must le directed "Per s s. Southward "
WIDNI-SDYY (c) At 9 15 p m for FHANCI-,
s j I ' Yquitaine, from Ntw 'York, via Havre
Mail for other parts of I I'ROPE mut be di
reeled ' Per s. s L'Aquitame "
(c) At II 03 p m for HJKOPr. per s s
Kjlct Irtcdnch, from New 'York, via Pl
moiith, Cherbourg jind Hamburg
HUDYY (c) At 11 0j p m for NbTHFRI YNDS
direct, per s. s Maasdam, from New "York,
via Rotttrdam 3Iail must be directed "I'r
e e Maasdam "
(c) "At 11 00 p m for ITLY, per s s
Wcrra. from New York, vu Naples Mail
must be directed ' Per s, Werra."
(c) At 11 03 p m, for NORWAY direct, per
fi s Maud, from New York, ia Chrutiania
ilails must be directed "Per s. s Iland "
(c) At 11 Oo p m for I-L'ROPF, per s
Ftruria from New York, via Quecratowiu
PRiNTH MVTTHt, FTC German steame
ailing from New ork on Tuenlavs, take Printed
Matter, etc., for G1RMANY, and specially ad
dressed I'rinted Jiatttr, etc , for other parts of
r UltqPF -
American and White Star steamers sailing from
New Xork on YcdneMjavs, German aid rrench
steamers fiom New York on TliursdaS, and Cuii
ard and German steamers from New York on Sat
urda, take Printed Matter, etc , for all coun
tries for whith thev are advertised to carr mails
'MuIIm fur South iiud Ccntrnl Aincrieii,
AVt-Mt Iiullen, Etc.
MONDYY (e) Yt 10 30 a m for NYSSM, N
P, per stciner from Miami, Va
(c; Yt II (u p. m for IN Y(.L Y and 11 YI1I,
IKr s Harald, from New York
(t) Yt 11 Oo p nu for PLLRTO RICO, per
s Ponce, from New York, u '.an luan
Tl lDAY (hi Yt 2 30 p in for IYMYICY, per
s s Ydmiral Devvev, from Bcton
Jc) Yt 11 03 p m for B1KMUDY, per s, s
Trinidad, from New ork
(c) Yt 11 03 p m for C r NTH YL AMFRl
CV (except Costa Rica) and ?OL1II PYCIHC
PORTS per s Aliianea, from New York,
via Colon JIail for GlrhMYI Y must be
directed "Per s. B Yllianca "
(c) At 11 05 p m for Pi I PTO RICO, per
I Transport Crook, from New Xork, m
San luan
(c) t 11 0j p m for CYMPrCIIr, CIIIY
Yucatan, from New York via Progreso Mail
for other parts of Jlr X1CO mu t be directed
Per s s Yucatan "
(c) Yt 11 0o p m for MFMCO, per f (
Niagara, from New York, via Tainpico Mail
must be directed "Per s s. Niagara "
YYHJNhSDU (0 Yt 10 30 a m forNYsSM',
N P, J er steamer from Miami iU
(c) Yt 11 Oo p in for the PROY INCE OI
SYNTIYt.O, CI BY. per s s antiago de
Cuba from New York
Till RSDYY (b) Yt 2 30 p m for JYMYICY,
ptr Admiral Sthlev, from Boston
HHDYX (c) Yt 11 fti p m for MYRTIMQl I,
It Y, per s s Tali man from New York
(c) Yt 11 0 p m for ST THOMAS, ST
YNDS ami III MHt !lv, per s. s lontalelle.
from New York Mail for GHLNYDY and
TR1NIDYD must be directed "Per - Ion
tabolle," (t) Xt 11 OS p m for FORTIN1 I-I YND.
GKIYTOWN. per s. Altai from New York
Mail for COaTY RIC Y mu.t Ik directed ' Per
s s Yltai '
(o At 11 03 p m for BR YIL direct per
s s Paxils i, from New York via Pernam
btico and Sinto. Mail for NORTH BR YIL
intirt be d retted ' Per Kagua "
(c) t 11 05 p m forNLlvHY GIBYRY,
BYJIYCOA, and PllRTO PYDR1, per s s
I-lutnlurg from New York
S YTl Rl) YY -(d) Yt 0 20 a m for I Y PI YTY
COl NTHlr- or s Rnerton, from New
(f) At 10 W a in fer NYSYL, N P, per
'teamtr fr.n ill J mi. Hi '
SlNDY-(h) t 12 00 m for ST PlhKRF MI
ULHON, iwr 'twmer from Halifax
Mails for NrYYrOl N)IYNl, bv rail to North
"svdrcv. ami tlKnce via tenmer cbv! here elallv
extsapt -uiidav at 12 00 nr, and on sumlaye onlv
at 11 30 a m (d) (h)
Maib for MKilHON bv rail to Beton and
thence vu steamer, ikvc here daily at 13 p
m (d)
Ct BY MYIIs cloe here, via Port Tanii Ha .
Wedne-clavs, I-idjvt ard Sundav at 2 0 .
m (f)
Yu Miami Ha, Tuesdavs and Saturdays at
10,30 a. m (f)
Ylails for MIXICO overland unless peculr
addrer-d for de-patch bv steamers sailing from
Nc,w York, clo-e beie dail at 10-!0 a m and
10 00 p m (k)
(ORTIZ all Gt VTMIYI Y, bv rail to New0r
ban.- and thentt via steamer close here dallv at
10 00 p in , the connecting c'o for which be
ing Nunlav- and Tuodavs for CO-TY RICY, and
Mondavi, for I1HII PLHtTU CORT1, ami
1. 1 YT M YI Y ( )
'I rnii-iut illf 'Ylniln.
Ylails for CHIN Y and JYPYN, via Yancouvrr,
clo. e 1 ere dailv at tilj p m up to pril 10,
inclusive, for despatch per s g Impress of Japan
Registered mail must be directed "Yia Yancou
ver (o) "
Mails for CHIN Y J YP YN, H Y VII. and PHIL
IPPINr ISLYND, via an Francisco close heie
dailv at 0 T p m up to Ypnl 12, inclu ive, for
despatch per s . Doric (o)
Mails fcr YITRYIIY (except West Yu tralia)
111 YNI) via -an Iranclfco do e here daib at
fi 33 p m . up to pril 14, incluivc, for despateh
per e s Yloana (o)
I-I YNDS via Tacoun, close here daily at 0 15
p m up to April 1), for despatch per 6 s.
c.oodvvin (o)
II YND. via Seattle close here dailv at C 33
p m up to April 19, for despatch per s.
Rtojun Mam Registered letters mu t be directed
' Y la Seattle " (o)
Maih for CHIN Y I YPN, H YW XII. and PHII
IPPINh ISLYND via fcan rrancisco. close here
dnlv at 6 3j p m . up to XpriP 20, inclusive, for
despatch ier a. s. Nippon Maru (o)
Malta for HYY Ml, via an I"rancioo cloe I ere
dailv at G 3d p in , up to April 27, incluive, for
despatch per s s Australia (o)
Ylails for ArSTRXIIY (except YY estN Australia,
whiclt goes via Europe, and New Zealand which
goes via San 1-ranciseo) HYYYAII, and HII ISL
ANDS, via Yancouver, do e litre dailv at 0 33
p m up to April 2ar inclusive, for despatch per
s s Yliovvera (o) v
italU for COCHIN CHIVY are forwarded to
New Xork for connectton with Furopean steamers
"PHILIPPINE ISLANDS (Military Mail), de
spatched to San rrantuco at all cloffs for that
office to connect with Otrrerment transport, tfe
ailing- of which are irregular
(b) Registered mails close at 1 00 p ra same
(c) Registered mails clofe at 8 00 p m same
(d) Registered mails close at 5 00 a m same
(e) Registered mails clcve at 1 00 p m pre
vious Saturdav
(f) Registered mails clofe at 1 00 p m pre
v ions day
(h) Registered mails close at 12 00 p m pre
ious da
(k) Registered mail c!oe at S 00 p m pre
vious da
(o) Rcgistcjcd mails close at C 00 p ni pre
vious dav IOIIN MLRRITT. Postmaster
rOR S VI I Large building lots on electric road
at Ball ton, 5 tent fare from at , for $3
down balance $1 per week, price $60, oo, $100
each, 10 per cent ol for cah, al-oJSj acre large
10 room house, orchard well, and barn to be sold
at auction April 16 alo 5 room hoite and four
lots 200x23 feet cath, for $MX, call for particu
lars lYMtb 1- CIFM1NTS, 1321 V st nw ,
Y aslnngtoiu DC ap9-3t
IOR SYIr One couiie rotkawiv , in excellent
condition, can be ued cither summer or
winter 100- C st nw. ap93t cm
'sJ-OR 1YII- Canppv top cutundtr stirre, 7a.
lad tutuncler trip, seits 2 or 4, Mm, lady s
park phaeton $3j, aNo runabout and 'urne
1"27 II st nw apJ 3t
IOR SYI1 light grocer wagon sound horse,
and harness., olng out of businese 033 I t
nw ap9 3t
I-OR SYI 1 Jump eat surre ; cheap J hYNr,
Blacksmith hop lefferson st , Ynacostia,
D C JpS 3t -
IOR SXIf One toupelctte, $33, one buggy and
harness, $20, one ba horse, $.0, one brown
mare, $o0 WHEYTLLYS COYL i YRD 221
1 tr.t Street so. apS-3t
FOR "5YLE Y full couan to XIaud S, blood bay,
six jcars old and fine raaihter YYM M
SHYFER, Langlev. Xa apS 3t
FOR SYLE Cheap, 1 light secondhand platform
wagon 925 0th st nw apS-3t
FOR SYLE Great bargain, 2S head of hones and
mares, ranging in age from 5 to 0 "ears,
weight 600 to l400 pounds; suitable for anv busi
ness, and no reasonable offer refused Civil 212
45 st. nw apS7t
rOR SALF Bay mare, kind and gentle, suitable
for lady. 10 J2th st, ne. apr3-7t
Baltimore & OMo
ScecXrt In effect December 24, 1899
Leave Washington from station corner of New
Jersey Avenue and O Street
For Chicago and Northwest, "V tstibuled Limited
trains 10 35 a m , b 03 p m., daily.
tot Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Indianapolis,
Express, 10 55 a m estibuled Limited 3 40 p
m , express 12 05 night, dally
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, 10.3C a. m and
8 30 and 11 55 p m , daily.
i or Columbu. Toledo aid Detroit, 12 03 night.
For YYinchester and way stations, 3-33 am.
d 3 40 and 5 30 p m
lor I uray, 3 10 pm. daifr.
For Baltimore, wcelc days, 35, 5 00, 0 30,
-7 05, x7 10, x8 30, 8 33,xJ 30, xlO 00 a. m ,
xl2 05 n , 12 15, xl 15, xJ 00, xi 30, x4 30, 4 3j,
x5 05, x5 10, x5 30, x8 20, 6 30, x8 00, xlO 00
xll it),' ill 33 p m Sundays, x2 So. x7 03,
x7 10, 8 30. 9 00 a m , xt2 05, 1 CO, 1 la,
x3 00, 4 35, x5 03, x5 10, 6 30, x3 00, xlO 00.
xllO xll p. n
ror Annapolis, 710 and 8 13 a. m , 12 15 and
5 30 p m Sundays, 830a m,435p m.
for Frederick, week days, 8-33, 10 5a a m ,
i 30, 5 30 p m Sundays, 9 00 a, m , 1 15 p. m
For Higrrstown, 10 Jo a. m and '5J0p m.
For Boyd and way points, week days, 8J3
a, m , 4 30, 5 30, 7 05 p nu Sunday, 9 00 a- m ,
I 15, 7 05 p m
or Caithersburg and way points, week day',
8 35 a m , 12 50 3-00, 4 30, 4 JS 5 30. 7 ft),
II 25 p m Sundays, ) 00 a m . 1 15, 4 33, 7 03,
10 1j p in
For YVishmgton Junction and war points,
week days, S 3o a ra , 4 30, 5 30 p, to Suadaya,
000a in , 1 15 p m
Itoynl Blue Line.
All traus illununated with Pintch light.
Tor Baltimore, Philadelphia, New X -irk, Bjston.
and trie hast, week dav, 7 03 (Diner). 8 30
(Buffet). 10 00 (Diner) a -i , 12 Oo (Diner).
1 13 (Diner), 3 00 Royal I united." Ex
cluslvely Pullman Train. Dining Car, 5 03
(Dining Car), b 00, 11 10, (Sleeping Car open at
10 00 o'clock), and 2 35 night --Xindaya 7 03,
0 OS a, n , 12 On noon, 1 l- Dining Can, 3 00,
6 05 Dicing Caw, S 00 11 30 (b'eepicg Car open
10 00 o'clock), and 2 33 iiuht.
Parlor Cars in all day trains.
lor Ytlantic Citv, 10 00 a m , 12 05 noon, and
1 15 and 3 00 p m week days. 12 u3 noon Sun
days le Cape Mav, week dujj 12 03 and 1 15 p. m
'Except Sunda. xhxpress train
Baggage called for and checkd from hotels
and rtsiderces by Lmon Tranfer Co on orders
left at ticket orTices, C19 Pennsjrlvan.a Yvenu
N YY , New lork Avenue and loth Street, sad u
Depot f
2d Y P and Gen Yfan Mgr Pa TrafSc.
Ihos." e'wagga'man.''
Rcul Eatate Broker and Auctioneer.
917 F Street N. VV.
B17 Sth st, f b, Cr, lot 19x100 ft $3 0-1
1113 Sth f h 5r, lot 15x99 ft to alley ... 3,000
1109 to M13 30th, Sr. bath and a m t (eatb) 3,000
1425 Bth, I h. Cr, lot 14x91 ft 3.0WI
13J7 5th st. I h. 5r. lot 12.4xsO ft 1.708
14E 17th, b h, 12r. lot 23x110 ft offer wanted
212 Sth, f h, 5r, lot 20xU2 ft offer wanted
339 N. b h, Cr and bath $2,300
41 10th. b li. 4r ind back building 2.70")
312 aud 34 1 M, f h', 5r each, stable (both). 2,50)
301 K f h, str srd uwg, br I3.20J
622 15th tt. b h. Ct. bath and a -i i 2.400
727 16th t. f h 6r, lot xS2 1.700
1136 5n. bli.! itcrles. 2r. lot 15x105 ft ... 1,401
113 B st, b h. lOr bath ami a m I $10 003
205 . b h llr. Lath and a m i 9 0OJ
21S N J ave, b h. llr, bath and a m 1 ".M
Intersection of Ya ave and I, 5 j7I sq ft,. 6 0OJ
M0 N C avc. b h Pr bath, a m i 5 tmO
333 Y b h er and a mi 3,000
321 and 323 D. b h'e. Cr each (Eash).... 3 000
130J 3d st. b b Sr, lot le 5x100 ft 2.t00
415 L. f h Cr let 2.jv)5 ft 1 600
1112 K. f b. 5r. lot 20x102 ft 1 500
1134 N J avc. b b. 4r 1 500
Nc, S3 II -t . fir 12 V
Ne . 137 II st . 4r tf TO
Ne. 21 fatkxm Yluv 3r . 9
Ne , tSt Y (rear IwlWingl, 4r . 7 40
Ne , 150s Norm tt . 3r 7 39
Ne , 120 G (renr lmilding). M ... 7 30
Nt . 919 1 st . 4r 7
Ne, 1920 Norris -t . 4r - ")
Ne , 1522 Norns st , 4r - 8
Ne. 1t30 lx-wt? t 4r S 09
e , 110 'south Capitol st , 19r a.l bath 00
? , 129 N (' ave , 7r and butb 25 12
se , 13S N V ave , Sr and l-th 25 42
e. 141 N C ave fir ami bath S5 42
se US h t Or ami luth
e 1011 lJt Capitol -t . br arI bulh 16 3)
.2D 10th st , lOr .. . 13 f
e , 1000 l"th st.br WW
-e , 12j2 llth st . Cr W 3
te. 921 (a ave, 6r 30
Apply at office for Wes'ily Bulletin.
5 OK "s YI 1 1C0 egg imulwtor lot of brwwn Ug
horn her, cheap Bot l-7, ttu- hh-e
ap9t cm
lOIJ--YIF I-arge icle.x, stntaHIr for roi-rv
2101 7th t nw apt- '"
IOR -YlF Parlor suite lO mirror "92. i rblf
lop tablf $-. 1274 YI t lie &, m
IOR SYLl-Ji safe, at one half ot 3 F
nw aftm
IOR '-YLl eveial tho and fret of eri band
lumber and brick, etow fniHi and tmtt
sa'h IOIIN MNNhl)Y, It 11 f
tOR hYtl Dre&s goo salki h - ' .
matting, blanket, comforts. ren" rtrtMftg.
capt coits kirts. ete . on vvc.ly -,
drop po tal, 1 tall
2M l st.
FOR YI h 1-ir-t cla-s sewing HsaiMse;, $7 W
and J13 at r"l'Nh -, 327 I si s aa-Jl
CHLYP PRINTING i not vvliat vou wml ut
out the bet. we pnnt-evprv thing, it ha to
In? the finest or we von t 1ft it go out, prices
right. 300 card., $1 o0. JXi envetop. 1 73
hrtY WORTH Pi HLIMHNtt" HOl-l- all Sth
hOR SYI 1 Yn elegart new tX) antique cuk lll
beanng Dome-tit Sewing Mathine. with com
nam's five vears guarantee. ued but ver lit
tle, will sell at les than half to immediate tash
purchaser, on account of leaving tirv. Yddre
BOX 119, this office JpS-3t
rOR bYLr Good lbv carruc, cheap. IS2S
Sth at nw apS-St,
FOR bYIF Fine diamord and pigeon blxwl rubv
ring, eo-t $27, in fof ?73. will ell at sacn
ficc Xddress BOX 1, thi otflee. apS 3t
FOR SYLE. riiree second Iriftl oda fountains
orr reaonab!p term, ror full partuuiars- see.
T BLRCH k CO. 001 D -t nw. apS 2t
FOR S YLL Pedigree St Bernard dog, 17 morth
old, weight 1j9 lift Box 122, thi othce
FOR SYIE Ipright crarul piano, alrao-t raw.
$135 ta'h Ypplv 10S 4th st nw . a'ter 7
p m JP7 ot.em
FOR SALE Oak beoroom -et, hat rati, sidebaard
chairs, carpet, and stair carpets, cheap. 51
Mass ave nw ap7-.t
IOR SYI F Upright piano for rent. ; ptr month,
rent to appl on purcha e it desired. F G
SMITH, 1 J l'J y" P" li
YY YNT1D A large bookcase- Addre P. O BOX
505 Citv ap7
IOR SYIr Bahv carriage in splendid condition
109 E st nvv ap7 3t
FINt icebov. for sale cheap, too small for use
size Zt-xV.t.x'; feet. Rood ai new and Kni
keeper i'yMILX fcLPPLX CO, 7th and H sts
ne apcVdt em
FOR S YI F Brown Leshorr. iir't clas, 2d New
York other leading shows, eggs $1 setting.
401 llth st nc apl 7t s
FOR 8ALI5 New incubators from $0 upwards.
fancy chickens, pigeons, pheasants, rabbits,
mice, cats, dogs, goldfishes, singing canar'es. e.c
SCHMID S BIRD STORE, 712 12th st. nw.
mh21 tf cm
FOR SaLE $0 for hair mattresses, in two parts;
IouDgcs, $2-7o, $6 cook and heating stoves $3,
tarlor and bedroom suites, $1 per week, we ara
after furnishing jour lreose, cash or credit, RED
MOND. 311 and 313 7th st nw del tf.cm
FOR SALE Good quality opaque shades, fitted to
vour windows, only 23c. the best quality oil
opaque shades, 50 cents, bung free, will caU wi
lamplea. KLEFBLATTS, llth aad II its ne.
au21 tf
WILL exchange good driving hore for diamond.
Address Box 120, this ofllce ap7 St.cm
OYY1NG to flnarcial tliflionltie? and being com
pelled to leave the uty, will sell ni nesvly
new upright piano for cah, or on time, to re
liable party. YddrceS Box IIj. this office.
apO 3t en
OR SYIE Hardman 7 13 octave upright
piano, a great bargain, at $150 cab 222 f
J. avc se. ap7 St.ern
rOR RENT Cottage of 9 rooms; Hamilton Road,
near Congrtw Heights Apply 215 Sth st. nt
ap7 3t "
PRESS Parler and Dining Cars Harrlsburg to
Sleeping. Pining, Smoklrff, and Oberv
tion Cars Harrisbnrg to Chit-0, Ciacinnatl
IndianapoRj, St Lnui,. Cleveland, and Toledo.
Buffet Parlor Car to Hamsburg.
10 50 A JL FAST UNE Pullman Buffet Parlor
Car to Harriiburg Buffet Parlor Car Harru
burg to Pittsburg.
PRESS Sleeping: Car Washington, to St Louiv
and Sleeping sad Dininir Oar narrisburg to
Indianapolis. St. Louis. Nahvill (via Ciacla--atl
and Lonisville). and Chicago.
7 20 P. M WESTLILV L-PUI-Pullman Sleep
ing Car to Pittsburg and Chicago. Dinioj: Car
to Chicago
man Sleeping: Cars YVashington to Pittsburg
and Hamburr to !r Louis, Cleveland, and
Circinnati Dining Car
10 40 P 21 PvriHc LAPRESS rullirun Sleep
ing Car to Pittsburg
7 55 A M For hane. Canandalgua. Rorhes'er.
and Niagara lalls, daily, exeept Sunday
10 50 A M For Llmlra and Penovn dally, ex
rept Sunday. For YYilUamsport dally, 330 P.
7 20 P M. For YVilllamsport, Roctester, Ed'.
Buffalo, and Niagara Falls daily, except Sat
urday, with Sleeping Car YYaahlngton to Roch
ester 10 40 P. M For Frie. Canandalgua. Rochester.
Buffalo, and Niagara Falls d.ily PuM-nan
keeping Car YVashington to Rochester Satur
dar onlv
For IMiiladelphlaOre-r York, and te
daily, all Parlor Cars, with Dining Car from
Baltimore. Regular at 7 00 (Dining Car), 7 20.
7 53. S 13. 9 00. 10.00 (Dining Car), and 1L0O
(Dining Car from YYilraington) A. M. 12 45.
3 15, 5 00 (Dining Car from Baltimore). ALSO.
10 00. and 11 50 P M On Sunday. 7 00 (Dining
Car). 7 20, 8.15. 9 00. 1100 (Dining Car from
YYilmirgtonl A M. 12.13. 3 15, 5 00 f Dining
Car from Baltimore), 6.50, 10 09, and. 11 50 P.
M tor Philalpliia obIj. Exprers 12.15 P. M.
week day. 2.81. and 5 40 P M. dally
For Boston, without chaRje, 7 53 A. M. week
days and 5 00 P JL daily
For Baltirrorr, 6.20, 7 00, 7 20. 7 55. S159.
10 00, 10 50. II 00 Y M . 12.15 12.45 18.53.
1 01. 3 15. 3 SJ. 4 00, (Limited). 4 20. 4 31. 5 00.
5 40. 615. 0 30. 7 20, 10 00. 10 40. 1L35, and
11 53 P M Or. Sunday. 7 00 7 29, 8 L. 9 00.
9 03, 10 50 1100 JL. 12.15 115. 2.91 3 15.
3 30. 4 00, (I mtteJ). 4 20. 5 00, 5 40, 6 15, 8.50,
7 CO, 10 00 10 40. ami 11 50 P JI
For Pope's Creec Line. 7 55 A M and 4 31 P. M.
week days Sundays 9 05 A. M
Tor YnnapolH. 7 00 and 9 00 A M . 12 15 and
5 40 P M week days Sundays, 9 00 A M.
and 40 V M
For Old Point Comfsrt. via Doswelt ami C
peake and Okie Pallway. 11 45 A M ai
days, with through Pullman Buffet fa ''or Ca-
Expre for Florida and point orr AtlaMtc Coast
Line. 4 30 Y JI . 3 07 P If daily RichmonJ
only. 11 45 M week dav, Xt'aata Special.
via Richmond and Sraboar J Yir Liae 5 00 P
JI daily Aerommodatirr for Qtico, 7 45
A JL daily and 4 25 P M -ek da a.
Sennlior- Connection!.
For Atlantic Citv (vu Delaware River BrWge. all
ra 1 route). 12 15 P YI week day- (through
Puliman Baf et Parlor Car) J 15 (4 04 Con
grtssioaal Iimi.ed'). and II s0 P Jt daily.
Xia Jlarket Slrert Wharf, M 00 and 11 00 A, ,
12 4a P M week daya 11 H P JI daily.
For Cape May, II 09 JL week days. 11 50 P JL
Ticket offices, corner Fifteenth aad (J S"esia,
and at the station, Sixth SBd B Streets, where
orders can be left for the checking et baggage
to destination from rotrls and residence.
Telphose call "1111" fw Pecwlvania RalV
-oad Cab Semi
General Jfanag-r General Passenger Ajtat.
Southern Ry.
Sthednle in effect Jaawarv let. 190J
Yll trains arrive- aad leave from PennslvaaU
Pifegr Statica
a 81 a. m Iily Local fer Daaville Crarjoite,
and wa tation t onnecti at JIakaiMS fr Stra
burg ami liar wDlmrg dailv. and taoaton wee
day ami at I vM-hlfg with the Norfolk and
Western daily aad with C & O R IL tor Natural
Bridice dail. aad Lwigton we- y
1113 a m.TDail THK I N1TFD STYTM
1 YT MY1I- "-iVeMiMr Car to Jm-fwrvill. via
Savaaeali a nag at -alfcnrv win simper tor
VsJ-v.Ur and Hot oia N C Kacxv U- O ai
! taaoega and 5impn lena . ami at I tear r
f with -UtyT for Yui-ta Caaaetta to Cmb4mj
with le-per for Cher.eoto-" Sfce pu (at t i
i New Oileaa, uaitiag at C na'otte wita -1 prr
I for Ytrarta seli,l tram YVato ngton to New
Orleans without tkaage Dining Car -e-iee.
I Ctmnectrt at I vachborg dailv far Natvral Bridge,
. and wlc dn;s for Lrviagtoa
II 30 a ra Daily l-oeai ror t ri-ie 'e
4 I p m Local for ircat Royal. traalHHg,
aad Hairisotih-rg ilv fx-rpt My
JI p m Dailv IO jI It t rj-wvlle
e niil'.v .., r I jh tn rt TaaMM. Via
eavaaaah aad JatkOBVille aa-lg with lraw
I ipj. reom Meepiag C tr tar s Aaguatia aad
1 Miami lf piaz Car to Ytguta v a Cslawrt-a,
iw th eonaeetion for Yiken and ( rarleton
Through eoa.h to Jacksonville Diiung Car ser
lug un io jirmpais i '" """ -..
BnMol Parlor ami Observatten Cdt betwren Rad
ford Ya.and Yttallia Yla Diaisjf C ar srv ce
ULTEKN I1MITED. C8mpod of Slseper Din-in-
Car. and Djv Coaches, -deeper to Na.-h-viile.
Tea- . via sh-ville, Knawillr aad Oiat
taaooga. YIemphis via Birmingham New Orleans
viaVYtlaVu and Montgomery (onneelA at His, i
Point N C , leavirjj Wahington daily, ext-pt
-aturdav. for Pmehr.rst. C Obervation ( r
to Jlacon Ga via Ytlanta Extra Drawing
room Sleeper to New trrleaas every Tuesday and
Saturday conreeting therr with sanset Limited '
f r ean Francisco Ywtibule Viy Coaeh ta At
lanta Dining Car Service Sunset Personally
londwted Tirtinsts licu-sian Sleeper on this
train ever) Monday. YYednedav. and Friday to
aan Frantico withcut change
SION leave YYashington 9 01 a m dail) and 4 45
p m week dy. and 8 25 p Sundays only
fo Round llib. 4 Xi p m week daTS 11 28 p m.
YYedneda)s and Saturdays, and p m. &atur
days for Leesburg, b p m. dailv for Herodoa
Returoinj. arrive at Washington 81 s m and
'5 p m week days and 3 40 p m. Sandaja onlv
from Round Hill; 7 06 a m week dav from
Herrdon, 3.3' a. m week das. 7 p ra Yed
nesdavs and Saturdays, and 7 Oo a m Jlondays
from. Leenbuvg.
Through tr-h from the sotith arrive at Wash
ington 6 42 a m.. 7JJ3 a m.. 2 W p. m and 3 M
p nr daily, and ID 13 a ra dailv exeept Mon
day, Ilamoburg. 12 noon week days and 9 W
p m. daily, and from Charlottesville 3 23 a to.
and 9 40 p ra. dailv
Tickets, sleeping- tar reservations and other in
formation furnished, and baggage called for and
checked from hotels and residence bv I nlon
Transfer Company, on orders left st ticket of
fice, 705 Fifteenth st jiw . 311 Pennsylvania, ave.
nw . and at Pennsylvania Passenger Station
Telephone call 1441 for Pennslvanta Railroad
Cab service
JRANh. S GANNON, 3d Y Pres, and G-n Mgr.
J JI CI LP. Traffic Ylacager
W. A TT RK General Passenger Ageat-
L. S BROWN, General Yrert
Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
Every day in the year for Norfolk, N'evr-
port News, and all points outh, bv the
superb, powerful 9teel palace steamers
"Xewport New," 'Norfolk." and "Yaah-
Ington," on the following schedule
Lv. YY ashington C.30 pm
Lv. Alexandrt 7 00 pm
Ar rt. JIonroe7 00am
Lv. Portsmouth 5 00 pm
Lv. Norfolk. ...5 45 pm
Lv. Ft Jlonroe 6 45 pm
Ar. Norfolk.... 8.00 am
Ar. Alexandria 6 30am
Ar. Portsmouth S 13 am t Yr Wahwgton 7 00 am
Tickets on sale at 817 Perm ave , B, and
O tkket unite, t519 Penn ave , and corner
15th st and N Y. ave , C. & O titket of-
Acts, at 513 Penn. ave . and 609 14th st, :
8. A, L. ticket office, 1434 N. "Y. ave , and
- on board steamers.
- 3TFor further information applv at gen-
eral offices. 7th st wharf, Yvas h. D. C
"Phone, 750.
no23-tt JOHN C YLT YH YN. General Mana;tr
OCEA'Y 8Tni31SllIP3.
Sailirg Wednesdays at 10 m.
Every YYednesday at U noon. .
Piers 14 and 15. N -Offlce. 73 Broadway N Y.
PhlladelpUa Offlee. 305 307 YTaltsnt SL
Or W. G. 3JOS8. .'gent, it Sanders JS Staymaa a,
1S27 F St. nw
FOR RE.NT Store and dwelling. No 1731 7th st.
nvv.; 5 rooms and stable; reduced to .30.
LOUIS P. SHOEJlYKEKr20 F st. aw.
ap7 8t,em

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