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YindicaUon atlhe'election last night to
discuss future mores. It has not been
decided who will be the delegates to the
Kational Convention. A great many names
have been suggested but none chosen. Up
tothe" presentHiine there is no certainty
as to any one man, or even any firob
abiiity. Thecity convention tomorrow
night will meet with an open mind. What
Its choice will be I cannot say."
Air. Norris did not say that it -would be
a Quaker meeting waiting to be moved
by the spirit, but his words had that sig
nificance. '"And has it been decided whether the
" delegation chosen to the National Con
vention will be instructed or not?", he
c was asked.
"I cannoj say. "Nobody knows, Many
of the prominent' Democrats of the Dis-
trlc't. -including myself, favor an unin
structed delegation, as we have sahl. But
' if it developb that sentiment at the city
i convention is for instructions to the dele
. gation undoubtedly instructions will be
New for the facts. A conference of the
" lcaderaof-4le.Corris faction will be held
tonight, probably at the Metropolitan
"" Hotelr though-the meeting place may be
changed. Ir. Norris, J. Fred Kelley, John
A. ClarkeraniPsTveral other supporters of
Sir. Norris will be present. Plaus will bo
discussed. A chairman and a secretary for
""" the city convention tomorrow wi'.l be
, agreed on.
The delegates have been chosen, al-
- though Mr. Norris is too modest to ac
knowledge it. Four of the six will be:
" James L. Norris. J. Fred Kelley, John A.
Clarke, and "William Hart.
Despite Mr. Norris protests of innocence
it may be stated on excellent authority
that it has been practically decided to in-
struct the Morris delegates for Mr. Bryan
and for the Bryan platform. This decision
""" has been taken in self-defence
r A Norris man said today regarding the
question: "We realize that if our dcle-
gation.goesJo.t.he National Conention un
lustructed and another delegation goes
" from-the District with rigid insliuctions
for Mr. Bryan, there will be little chance
of our" Cteing?eated."
But even the decision to instruct the
delegates does not wholly remove doubt
- from the minds of the Norris people. They ;
wonder if when they present themselves at
the National Convention, virtuous through
fear instead of thiough choice, they may
not even then be cast out in favor of the
--original Bryan delegation.
1 A ov Central Committee to He
The decision of the Executive Commit-
toe of the Bryan Democratic- Association
"to hold a separate convention aad send a
foil delegation of sii. to the National Con-vewtlen-
at Kansas City, was reached at
a meeting held last night at their head
quarters, 1229 Pennsylvania Avenwe. The
convention will meet at 1 o'clock Thurs
day "morning at the Grand Army Hall. 1112
Pejutyivania Avenue.
Th Bryan Democratic Association Jnd
the telogales will meet tonight et the
Gr4 Army Hall at 7:36 to elect a new
Central Democratic Committee for ihe
District of Columbia, and to perfeet r
lanceftients' for the meeting of the con-
uWw tomoirow.
lu Is Itrmninlnl to Jail to Awiiit
leoo Roberts was loiinj eowvkted of
pflit larceey in Criminal Court No. 2 on a
cimrge of grand larceny. She was re-
man4r4 te Jail to awaft sentence.
i-alld At Mrs. awners k-owe. and stated
litPt Kbe was looking for oc tren
She ftlco stiUed thot be had not fjind
tK$M(. m& that the wk; hungry and o d.
;nd asttcd periHission to rciuain over nifht.
The 'rVest was graatei by Mrs. Doii r,
v'he after giving Ike stranger tupper.
Th. defeat .. a -ong whh. rtJ.t j CiiB
t3vtf yean, old. ami h only ore j jio;. Krand"total. ?&l.'2oS. an iu
Jinit; .Oe,ilic n'ght et February IS the .i.-a-e tn-JH.'SU over receipts of last year.
showed bw to a room, where she soent the . M. E. Church." South, closed its proceed
night. At an early hour on the morning j lnKS yesterday evening after Bishop War
f February 20. it was tMified that 1 ren A. Candler had assigned the presiding
defeodact had left Mrs. Downeit- house, j elders and preachers to their respective
1Vsit 4h same time Mrs. Downer difcov- ' charges. Only one change was effected in
WiSl ebat one of her silk dresses, a seal- this city, the substitution of Rev. II. I.
kl mpe and muff, all valued at SUA, Stevens for Rev. W. F. Locke, of Marvin
were iwlbstng. Scaieih for these articles
dereloia the fact taat Mr. Downet's
pockethook. containing $1 and
valued at $33, were also nrieeing
The loss was iuiinediatel) xeported o
Detoctive Headquai ten--, anl lata during
the day Leona Roberts was arrested at the
;rrke a train for Phiiadphia "vhn !
arretted she stated that Mis. Downer had 1
given her permission to wear hr -!n:hf: I
u iwlorn herself with her jewelry. Tl.e I
defendant stated she came to this city
from Philadelphia, Pa.
AaiciVrrMed Stenmsliiii llejiort. u
('use ICn Voyniti'.
NEW YORK. April 11. The Britibh
teaisiiip Dunstan arrived this morning
from Manaos and Para and reported one
... .. !
oemn irom yenow lever on tne voyage. J
C-pifei Jcnes says on ilarch 29, on leaving ' Befoie reading the appointments, Bish
Para. James MeGrath, aged thirtWour j pP Candler made an impressive address
years, a fireman, was reported ill. On x- raJfon132d hymn W3S SUDg by thc ccl'
amiiiRttou the man was found to be suf- I "
fertng with yellow fever. Two days later, iaJS.,,m1iifA CintlT'llS
March 21, he died and his remains were ('wwin-mi, W. II. Bert; .t I'aul'n. Cliarlcs 1).
buried at sen. I Bwlla; Wilkins Avenue. William Stcen; Km-
MeGrath was a native of Waterford ' "w1- -1- - Knott; riedtrick Avenue. I W.
Ireland Since the death of MeGrath there . j ",,,,: AI,".l,;tou: w- ?- Sjdl-rook. II .
4,flo i. f..t-h- ,n ,," "...,.. Bi.n ltei-,terttovn, V. V. Water and K. II.
... ..., . tu. lilti i'""M " uuaiu nil-
I)'i'sMn The steamship was hcM u
Quai.. mine for disinfection.
The man -with, a PRECISE-FITTING
tallor-mado suit upon him
loL,ks better feels better than the
man with a ready-made one. Our
PRECIS E-FITTIIs'G. merchant
tailor-made clothes same price as
Xou would have to pay for ready
made clothes.
We are BhoTing actually 1D6 styles
of Pure Woolen Suitings.
Mertz and Mertz,
YvaSiilrurtorTs Leading Tailors
906 and 908 F St.
Ou-of-tcwn orders solicited.
Samples and sclf-mtasurcmenl
hlanfo upon application.
( "iufn I "orider Wliat
kMetliodislCo'iifereucc Pledges $20,-
015 for vrnii.-in's College.
A Itiin- .SrN.iii Till MornliiK; oC Run
tlne Work-Appoint im-ntM of Sn-1eriuiinTnrI-M
mid I'rolmtloners.
Dr. CInrU'i ltenolultonii Adopted.
The FluauccN for lis Fiscal A'eur.
Bishop Waiflen presided at this morn
ing's business session of the Baltimore
Conference of the M. E. Church.
The following were named as supernu
merary preachers: S. A. AYJlscn. E. E.
Shipley, G. C. Markham, L. M. Gardner,
Henry Bakerc H. MyltngcVrj7"B. Hall,
J. R, SchultzS. S. Wilson.-O.-A. Brown,
J. S. Burton. "V. A. Carroll.. The appoint
ment of J. F. F. Gray was changed from
supernumerary to effective.
The followitjignamed probationers were
continued on trial: Vernon N. Ridgeley,
Fletcher G. Watson, George F. Styles, Ar
thur E. Slagle, and N. S. Wright. Norman
R. Smith, wasdi.scontnued at his own re
quest. Dr. Lucien Clark, Chairman of the
Twentieth Century Thank Offering Com
mittee, submitted the following resolu
tions: "Resolved, That the Baltimore An
nual Conference hereby pledges itself to
contribute or secure.the sum ofJ50,000 to
endow a professorshp in the Woman's Col
lege of Baltimore. lo be T;nown as the
Conftreuce Memorial Professorship, and
the name in which each subscription is
matte shall be recorded in a memorial vol
ume to be kept by the treasurer of said
"Itesolved, That any person making a
subscription toward said fund shall pay
annually 4 per cent interest on as much
thereof as remains unpaid until the cntiro
subscription is cashed.
"Resolved, That any minister subscrib
ing to this fund shall have the privilege
of raising his subscription or any part
thereof after 1!'02. and any sum or sums
which he may collect for the annual edu
cational collection over and above an
amount equal to 10 cents for each member
and probationer in his charge may be cred
ited on his subscription.
"Resolved, That if any person subscrib
ing to the Memorial Professorshio Fund
shall die before his subscription shall be
paid the amount unpaid shall not be bind
ing on his heirs
Rev. Dr. Goueher. President of the Wo
man's College. gao a short review of the
history of the i: s itution. iu assets and
oxpeud-itureiy anJ its present needs, lie
promised to contribute $10,000 on condition
that Uk Conft-jtnce first raise S-JO.OCO. The
following subscribed $500 each: Uevs. Bald
win. Clark. Hubbard, Heltse. S. A. Wilson.
L. B. Wlfcun SIri6Avs F. M. Bristol. John
stone, Stricklen. France. Guthrie, Wido
mau. lUcbnrlteo'Ji. Stitt. Nicholeon. Wood.
Baker, arc Naylor. C S Wright sub
scribed ,$1.C0. The total subscription at
the morning veion-rcached the sum of
$20,015. There vtre 100 subscribers.
Dr. CJarJTs resolutions woreadopted by
a standing vot
The Confereu.c Treasurer. Dr. Guthrie.
mtbmited - his report, as follows: To al
collections of Baltimore district. S2S.029;
Ksst Baltimore flTJCl: Frederick. $7.21.V.
TIm- morning s-cb.sion then adjourned.
Conference Nn5o Only One Clinn
in TliU ril).
The cne hundred and sixteenth annual":
sraeiOM of the Baltimore Conference of the
mpt-i. .- "!" ureuuh raitiuu) v- ;u: insurance on cnurcnes. .)43,S.i.20: in
enixg was devoted largely to the reading ; surance on parsonages, $96,612.50; rental
of reports of the various boards and com
mittees, all of which were approved.
The lenort of the Statistical Board show
ed that 1.4S3 infants and 1.244 adults had
taP""d dllriBB lhe -Vear' The lePrt
thc Epworth League showe.1 that there
were 211 chapters of that organization with j
a membership of 9,344. The report of the
Joint Board of Finance showed there had
been expended for superannuated members
$10,314; in the Bible cause, $S66; presiding
elders' salaries. $12,899; preachers in
charge. $103,211. and bishop3. $2,2C1. j
Tlie report of the Board on Church Ex-
tension showed 634 societies in the Con-
ference. 551 houses of worshin. ami Sii
j charges without parsonages. The sum of i
?.9O0 was spent on education and there
----- " -I'-"- UUWU.UU UIIU
was an increase in membership of 300.
M.iiJ,.,- umfTmiinrrari- KmvT.im II Pnl..
MWernumoran .
m. Howard, T. J. I.ambert. Liniranore. A.
Velkr and one to be suipued. Kredcnck Oly,
11 Snitrer. nrunswiek S. JI. ISowman. IJoek
ll.. 1J. D. M'liite and J. II. ItaltliK (:aitlie.v
1'iHg, U. A. McDonald. Jlontccnvrj. (I. U
Hud and one to be supplied. Heltsille, .1. 11.
Dulaney. llyattsille, V. K. Woolf. Kmon,
O. G. ItealL Weslej- fJroc W. H. SandciV.
l.auiol, W. J. Smith. Student in Vanderbilt Cni
nMtyK. A. Tjlcr.
Ua.t Oaltiirnvrp District I. . Canter, Presiding
Flder. Ilaltimeie City: Trinitv, C. M. Hawkins
, i aiiai.i, if. 11. niiu; lajiors, -I. 11. iienrv.
Noitli Point. W. K. Henry. "West Haiford, U
j llunimond. Ea.t Harford. J. T. Hagcs. Kent, ,T.
j Klrar Wiloon. Queen Anne', C. 1. Kennai.l.
) tluirch Hill. J. W. Mitchell. Hillsboro, C. W.
! Mi-ore: lstcii and Curoline, C. D. Harris and one
n 1m? supplied by 11. It Hiirbley. Trappe, Ocorcc
I(. Jlajs. ltot-al Oak, -J. V. BralL TurlilmanV,
CJ. K. Hejdock. Seieni. W. K. Miller. ClieRi
leake, C K. Millican. West Ilier, C. V.
llKwk. Calvert W V-.Doney and one to be
liuiiplied. Prince Ocorgc's, A. B. Sites. Charles
T. ;. Xcvitt. ,SU Max.', J.-K. Aaliant. Pa
tuxeut, II. M. Rounc. Forest Oroe, F. Kiror.
Winulioter lHsU ictrPresidinff rtder. II. 'V.'
ll-nd. WinclKster; W' II. If. Jojce; Frederick,
h. Vox; J5tcpbcnjCityf(H.A. llrowir; Middlcfon,
. M. Caeklev; Sirtabtirg. R. M. Wheeler; Wood
stock, 3. C Jort; Koodtofc Mis-ion, to !e
mpplted bj C. MAHeafcer; Edenburjr, H. M. Kecd;
Front Itoyal ami ltierton. W. F. Locke; Warren'
T. J. Miller; Linden. I. O. Michael; Pa?e, J. Ii!
AB; While i,d,l.E. A. Caine and one t be
supplied by .T, It, Hale ; Ucrryville, It. It. S.
llmicli; Umcctowii, D. F. EnUlcr and one to lc
supplied by (J. AV". Staples; Martinsburg, S. G.
rennifon; IJcrkcley O. L. Patter; ChaWeslown,
II. II. Kennedy; Jefferson, T. A. Strothcr; Sliep.
ci (Mown, J. C. Tliradier; A. A. P. Hetl, super
numerary; SlvcnaiidoaJi Junction, Georce Hasel;
profetwir in Vanderbllt -Unirrrritj; J. A. Kern;
pictsdcnl Valley Female College. J. P. Hvde;
ttudcut in Vanderbilt Universitj', 11 L. Woolf."
WatliinRton Di'trict Presiding Elder, J. IL
Iloyd. Mashington, Mount Vernon Place, J. WT
DurJer; Kpwortli, W. S. Haraniond; Marrin, II. J.
Stephen. West Wafbincton and Del Itay. F. L.
Day. Alexandria, E. V. Itegester. Frederickv
bur?. .1. V. Stump. Falls Church, tJ. T. Tjkt.
Lecslmiir. J. II. Licht. Loudoun. C. Rvden-
, Strieker. Middleburg, C B. Sutton. Ilillslioro,
i. ll. liucnanan. iiamiiion. w. ii. uoir. Mar
Khali, t. V. C. Coc, W. H. Kaw. Warrcnton,
J. II. Wells. Fairfax, D. L. Blakcmore, and one
to lie supplied by JL M. Hammond. Sterling,
S It. Dolly. Occoriuan. B. D. Harrison and S. V.
Hildcbraml. Fauquiir, W. T. Cover. Remington,
V. II. Marsh. Sudlcy. .1. IV. Ilain. Manasas,
WHO IS Women as well as mea tra
1,v-' J made miserable by kidney and
Tf) bladder trouble. Dr. Kilmcr'a
f Bwamp Boot, the gTeat kidney
RI tMF "nwJ". promptly cures. At
iai i , drugeisrts in fifty cent and dob
Ur rite You may hive a sample bottle by mail
tree; alto pamphlet telling all about it and iti
wonderful cure.
Address Lr. Kilmer & Co.. .inchamton, N. Y.
-. &,&&-
.1. S. Sedricfc Stafford. J. K. Gilbert. Morrii
mIIp. . A. .Sites.
Koc-VirigliJtn District PrcsMin chlcr, J. E.
Annstrwns:. Staunton, T. .1. I'rtlt.ti-Mn, Eat
Knd ami Manniis Memorial, P. V. Jtifric: Har-rL-onbuijr,
J. It. Ai..l..w; Btidgcwater, .1. C.
ILiwk am) one to he Mipplied; Mount CrauforJ,
n. I.. Tullr.; IVrna'cU.', J. .1. iner: ffct u
giiita, J. V. tauter; Anicusta, .1. II. Dilfc; Way
nctburo, 11. S. Coe; New Hope, A. It. Manin;
HotkiiiRlam, TIionu Cooper; Ijist KocfcinKliam.
I- II. ,lcne: Kikton. J. H. Wilhitc; IVnt Itcpnb-
lic , J. II. Sun 111 ; Siienaiiuoah. J. L. Hcmlcrcon;
I.uray, II. H. Sherman; Marl.ct. R. II. AVii
wti; ilount JaeVson. J. M. Hawlej u Marltiville. B.
I.ce Parrctt; Faitrield, I.. B. Markood; Gclien,
A. U HantlicrRiT. CorroponOiiu,' sctaeUrj of
lxuid cf church ettwuion. I". II. Whi'ncr; iofcr.
enif editor "Iliclimond and Baltlnjore Christian
Advocate," U K. Cox.
l'canoke DUtrict Presiding elder, David Ba-h.
&ln, J. S. Engic; Bcanokc, Gej'ii Jleiuoiial,
AV. II. D. Harper; BoauuVe, -lYini, Itutnwy
Stiiithsnn; Boaisnkc, St. James, J. h. Kilile-r; It'ia,
noke, Oracc, i. I. Siiplej ; Belmont, 11. Q. Bmr;
Vinton, Thomas K. Carson; Boannkc Circuit, C. II.
ll'cw: Betliaiiyf!. D. Kidncr; BuclianJii. II. Ii.
Mierh; Kinca-,tle. ,1. Grubh; Olwi Wiltou, L.
Butt: Kaple Bccki O. Tolbert; Buena Vita,
G. T. D. Colliw; BockliridSse, W. O. Hot; J-Je
inton, H. 1. Hamill; Collier-ton n, A. l Boi.de;
KlliHon, W. W. WatLs; CliritiiinHinr, J,
Kerne; Blackubur, J. 11. Davidson; Newport, G.
O. Iloman; Nencatle, O. W. Lualo: Cataaba L.,
II. Grajbill. Profisor in Vanderbllt University,
Collins Denny.
I.cwicbur District Picsidinjr elder. J. S.
Hutchinson. Lewivliurg, William Xlebilb; rrank
(ord, O. "W. Rid.anlran, and one to !e supplicl by
Je Pope; Blue Sulphur, Charlw loneliv Jlinton.
J. K. Van Home; Talcott, IL A. WiNin; Green
ville U II. Atkins; PeteTrtcwn, G. IL. Ccliol;
AhKrson, J. M. Greene; I'nion O. 1". BurRCrs;
Boncevertc, II. I Hiut; ttliite SuIiHiur, J. M.
York; Alion, .1. JI. !iey; Allegheny. Sciniour
Grah: Cvincton. 1.. Ifc IJojct; Hilton r'orac.
Charlts S. Minion; Bath. A. O, JklcNeer; LcrHton, j
W. J. IMiitOsell: Htmtersvillf, u. . loj;ie;
Crccnl.ank, .1. V. .McNeil; Hot Spring, II. I.
itoorfield l)i-.t:ict -Presiding c:kr, 15 i IUU.
Moea-ficld, I). M. Blown; PetiribnrK. 11. A. Mur
rill: Franklin, .1. 11. Schooler; CVab Hultom, to
be supplied bv W. C. Smith; Kejttr, J. T. Will
iams; Cumberlaid, .1. II. hublmati. Klk Garden,
to 1m.-supplied by It. K. Keritt: Pirtimont V. II.
Ballerarec: Kronlmiir. C. II. Cannon: 1'linstono,
to 1m; Mipplied by K. V. llurbaker; Bomnej, S. A.
Parker and one to be joipplicd; Sprinsfield, II. M.
Mrickler; Slanosville. J. 31. Anderson; llailrj,
Kohcrt I.. Kntler; Morsau, C. 31. Saner; Gain-5-bnro.
X. X. Hall: "MaiikiKViUc, I). Y. GrilHn;
Capon Bntbre. C. K. Simmons; I.i'tonlmix, J. K.
.lacohs; Monterey, J. 11. Tillery; 3IcDouell, JI. P.
Transferred To Holnton Conference. C. A.
Brown; to Western Xorth Carolina Conference, P.
b. Oroome.
The announcement' that Rev J. W,
Duffey was to remain at Mount Vernon
Place Church brought forth a round of ap
plau&e. In which the ladies in the congre
gation heartily participated. But cno
change was made among the presiding
elders. Rev. J. D. Martin, of Lewishurg
district, being relieved by Rev.. J. S.
Bishop Candler said a short time before
the close of the conference that one of his
chief endeavors in the future should te
the spread of the church in Cuba. His
purpose, he said, is to raise the sum of
$3,000 for the building of a church in Ma
tanzas. which should form a Methodht cen
tre in the island.
CIote of the Ctniferenee fit Wrntmla
Ktor. .Mil.
WESTMINSTER, Md., April 11. The
3Iary!and Annual Conference of the Metho
dist Protestant Church closed its sessions
last night and the president. Rev. Dr. Mel
vin. announced his appointments for the
ensuing jear.
Kev. Howard L. Schlinke and H. Mclvin
Erdman. comprising the statistical com
mittee, made the following report:
Ur.itationed ministero, S3r probationers.
1,969, increased 1.23S; membeir, not in
cluding probationers. 22,031. Increased 743;
received during the year. 2.439, increased
1.3S5, adult baptisms, 391, increased 235
infant baptisms. 1,521, increased 79; Sun
day schools. 25S 1-2, decreased 3; officers
and teachers, 3.147. decreased 1,043, schol
ars, 3.393, increased 1,043; schol
ars. J.393, increased 1.042; scholars on roll,
24.S6S, decreased 121: conversions in Sun-
?oy fccll00,s- spr. increased 593; convcrslon3
in congregations, o.uao, increased 1.816;
i number of appointments, 2S9. increased 2;
churches, 2ao. increased I 1-2; parsonages.
91, increased 4; church papers. taken. 1.896.
decreased 12; Sunday school papers taken.
21.120. increased 1.717; value of church
property. $1,01.203; value of parsonage
property. $176,255. increase in value of
church and parsonage property. $S.5C2 50;
churrli debt. 39i.411.94. decreased $37,434.-
value of parsonages. J11.7S5
The committee also reported 117 Young
People's Societies of Christian Endeavor,
which is an increase of six over last year,
with an increase in membership of 1.681;
comerkions. 201. increased 69; money
raised, $3,493.31.
President Melvin in an able and instru
tive addrcB received the following minis
i ters into the conference: Revs. Frederick
J. Phillln of Sharnsrnwn .1 T, Vlflinlc nt
Oxford; E. H. Jones, of Clearspring; eV P.
Perry, of Baltimore; Charles M. Compiler,
of Forestvllle. Va., and W. R. Sherwood, of
Alternates to the General Conference
were elected as follows:
Ministerial Rev. Dr. Walter R. Graham.
r " estmlrrster; Kev. b. B. Treadway, of
"eiair; nev. j. i. Lassen, ot t-awn urove;
Rev. J. L. 31ills. Rev. J. W. Kirk.
'Laymen A. E. Tull, of Somerset. John
3Iason, C. A. Benjamin, E. B. Feuby, C. A.
Han is.
The appointments for this immediate vi
cinity were:
Alexandria E. A. Warfield.
Central, Washington J. W. Kirk.
Firt Church, Washington J. W. Gray.
Georgetown, D. C J. D. Kinzer.
Mount Tabor Emanuel Pierce.
The Wound Iullicted Iiy n I'olieeiiuin
Proves Futiil.
FREDERICK, Md., April 11. Dr. Clay
ton E. Cramer, who was shot on Friday
night last by Policeman Charles E. Six
while evading arrest in company with Le
roy Anderson, charged with attempting to
pass alleged bogus coin, died at Montevue
Hospital, where he had been taken for
treatment, having lost his mind.
On his arrival at the hospital Cramer
was taken to the department of the in
stitution for the insane and attended by
four male attendants, who were required to
devote their entire time to him. His wife
was with him all day and by his side when
he died. Cramer was forty years of ago
and son of John C. Cramer, of near Woofnf
boro. Policeman Six, who shot Cramer,Jb
about twentyrthree years ofcage and has
only been on the force about six months.
A jury will be summoned to investigate
the cause of Cramer's death. , '"""' """""
Kntrlcs nt lleiiiiiucr.
Following are the entries for tomor
row's races at Benuing:
First race For maidens, three-year-olds
and upward, Ave and, one-half furldngs:
Rough Rider, 9G; Christopher C. llSLoo
Kate, 91; News, 94; Slow TlrhJ, "103: Mer
riness, 106; Gwynne, 96;',Xabocklish,'99;
Allie H., 91; Christmas Car6I. 9Gr Al
Reeves, 10S; Charley MooreVPG, Shjinio
kin, 99. i-. .
Second race For two-year-olds, fournri(l
one-half furlongs: Educate. 113; Light
Ball, 109; Scurry, 103; Sweepstakes, 99;
Moor, 94; 'About, 98.
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Third Race For three-year-olds and up
ward; six furlongs: Speedraas, 103; Dutch
Comedian. 108; Claroba, 101; Mouzelton",
103; Lexington Pirate. 10S; Protus, 105;
Racebud. 103; Sir Christopher, 107; Sensa
tional, 107; Aloha II. 8G; Diminutive, 107.
Fourth Race For three-year-olds and
upward; seven furlangs: Tony Hcnig, 123;
Sweet Caporal, 113; Judge Wilcox, 112:
First Whip, 101.
Fifth Race For three-year-olds and up
ward; one mile and fifty yards: Knight of
the Garter, 12G; Queen of Song, 125; Sid
ney Lucas, 117; Double Dummy, 112; Post
Haste, 112; Magic Light, 9S.
s & i was y t. . 3? Jfc.
s . as .-t rtafc. M-tf. ,
.Mort.-im.V Heport for Iie WecU Eiul
eil April 7, 1SIOO.
There were during the week ended April
7, 11)00, 1C0 deaths, yo of the decedents be
ing white persons, and 79 colored. Com
parison with the preceding week shows
that there was an increase of 33 the col-
- 1 ored race furnishing the greater part. The
,ti0 0f deaths per 1 COO in
I '.
for the white, 22.8; for the
habitants was
colored, 4S.71,
and for the total population, 2D.82. The
principal causes of death were apoplexy, 12
deaths; consumption, 22; brain diseases, 8;
heart dieeasts, . 18; kidney diseases, C;
pneumonia. 18; bronchitis, 5; and grippe,
17. 1'ulmopaiy diseases caused 46 deaths,
a decrease of 0 as compared with the
preceding week, $wl an increase of 16 over
the corresponding period of last year.
Apoplexy, he'art diseases, and grippe fur
nish anincrease of 7, -'.'aid 9 respectively,
as cpmpaicd with thej week ended March
31, 1DC0, "and 6, ill, and 16 compared with
the week ended April 9, 18J9. The conta
gious diseases were itpresented by diph
theria, measles, and whooping cough, there
being1 2 denths from thji former and 1 each
from thelatter diseases. There were 4
deaths "fromTtccicieutS'. ' '
At the close of the last report there had
been reported one case of smallpox. Dur
ing the week just ended, six additional
cases were discot-eredl making a total of
seven cases bf smallpox in this- Diitrict, i
all of whom are cor.iined in the smallpox '
At the close of the last report the:e
were thirty-riuc case3 of diphtheria quar-
antir.cd. Twenty-five cases were reported
t during the week and six were discharged.
thus leaiing flfty-eight cases quarantined
in forty-three premises at thin writing.
Fifty-nine case of scarlet fever were In
Isolation at the close of the previous le
port. During the week thirteen new wse
were reported and fourteen persons were
discharged from quarantine. This leaes
flfty-eight cases urder treatment in forty
five premises at this time.
For the past week the mean tempeia
tuie of the air was 50 degrees; relative hu
midity, 53, and barometric pressure, -9.84.
The prevailing direction of ihe wind was
northwesterly, averaging 9 miles per ho.T,
reaching a velocity on the 4th instant of
thirty miles. The lowest temperature le
corded was 32 degrees, on the 5th ius act,
it rising to 70 degrees, the maximum tem
perature of the week, on the 6th instant
The following is the number of deaths,
classified according to causes- Apoplexy,
12; bronchitis. 5, consumption, 23; convul
sions. 5; diarrhoeal diiCdses, 2; diphtheria,
2; diseases of brain, c, diseases of heart,
IS; diseases of kidnejs, 3. raaiailal fevers,
1; malignant growths, 5; meajles, 1;
meningitis, 1; pneumonia, IS; tpnoId fe
ver, 2; whooping cough, 1; miscellaneous
35; grippe. 17: accidents, 4; total, 169.
The number' of deaths for the week w -der
one year old were 31, from one to five
years, 15, and over sixty yeais, 47.
ArrcHtN In IMilIittlcIphlu on Clinrvren
From Thli Cltj.
Harry Wagner, alias Morton, and Noah
T. Quigley. whom it Is charged stole two
bicycles from in front of the Central Na
tional Bank building Saturday, were ar
rested yesterday by the Philadelphia police
authorities and are held for a hearing be
fore a United States Commissioner today
Detective Muller, of Headquarters, Is loa
in Philadelphia and will remain there until
after thc hearing. It is probable the pris
oner will be brodght here Saturday by a
United States marshal. The men are ac
cused of stealing an Olive and Cleveland
bicycle, the property, respectively, of J.
AV. Seramsln and Charles Kiplirser. The
bicycles were stolen early Saturday morn
ing and report or the thefts made imme
diately afterward. About an hour later
Quigley was arrested in Baltimore. A
Cleveland bicycle vos-.found in his posses
sion. The Information of his capture had not
been long received at Headquarters before
it was followed by Intelligence of the es
cape of the man. He had dropped a dis
tance of eighteen feet, from a window in
a room at the Baltimore Police Headquar
ters and got safely awaj before he was
missed. Quigley was next heard from in
Philadelphia, where he and Wagner were
Article of Incorporation Imim1 to
Mimj- Companies.
CHARLESTON'. AV. 'a., April 11
Charters have been issued during the past
week to the Blue-Flame Oil Burner Com
pany, of Chicago, capital $200,000; the
Mercantile Trading Company, of Philadel
phia, capital $100,000; the Arkansas Mining
Company, of Buffalo. X. Y., capital $1.
000.000; Grcnler Art Company, of New
York, capital $2"00.000; the Zion Oil and
Gas Company, of Pittsburg, Pa., capital
J500.COO; Rock Camp Oil Company, of Mor
gantown, capital $2,000,000; Ro3emont Coal
Company, of Grafton, AV. A'a., capital ?1,
000,000; the Randolph Company, of Hlkins,
"N". Va.. capital f."0,000; Imperial Coal and
Coke Company, of Independence. Preston
county, AV. A'a.. capital $50,000, Lorain
Coal and Dock Company, ot Cleveland.
Ohio, capital ?200,000; the Home Construc
tion Company, of Chicago. 111., capital
$500,000; Golden Sands Mining Company of
Cape N'ome. of New York, capital $5,000.
000; Marcus D. Copper Mining Company,
of Charleston, AV. A'a., capital $l.r,00,000;
Taylor Oil Company, of I'ennsboro, W. Va.,
capital $100,000; Megorris Copper Com
pany, of Tucson, Ariz., capital $500,000;
Mercer Oil Company, of Cleveland. Ohio,
capital $100,000; Clayton Fire Extinguisher
Company, of New York, capital $5,000,000;
Mexican International Mining Company, of
Chicago, capital $3,000,000; Sawtooth Gold
Mininir Company, of Xew York, capital
$500,000; Globe Mining Development Com
pany, of Xcw York, capital $1,000,000.
One .Mini limit;. Illmielf anil Tito
Primmer Cseape.
LANCASTER, Pa., April 11. Charles
Himmelsbach committed suicide by hang
ing himself with his suspenders yesterday
in his cell at the county prison. He was
serving a five days" sentence for tcing in
toxicated, and was sufferiug with delirium
Two other inmates of the same institu
tion, Matt Hogan and Charles Reilly, made
their escape at noon. They were engaged
in painting a building in the jail yard, atd
used their ladder to scale the .prison wall.
Several school cnildren witnessed the
flight. They, informed Jbc jail authorities,
who easily recaptured the men.
Mr. II. Peek's I'lnintivc Appenl.
(1'ioin tlie Chicspo Timc.-Hprald.)
An Kranston man wlioso wife cairie the pckt
lK)k and lrunacr.- to lie in debt every Saturdiy
night, lur fixed up a ncSl -iii uliidi'lic alwjjn
h.insjs dowib.t.uH in the hnll before he goes "to
bed. UK wife, b. thcuaj, in tcuilih afraid of
hurxlais and never retires at night without c-
pcttitij; n iwt from tliLin before morning. The
fi?u in tlie hall i.:
Mit. nrnoi.AR: iv vor fixd
Fi.r.ASK nox'T go away with
OtT WAKIXC! Jii;iti 1 WAXT
ii) si:c it.
the popular curs for
Facsimile sf f yy J on every
Signature of li&.4 A,4&, box.
KiniVc P alar a Department Stores,.
IVillg & 1 dfidtt; 812-814 7th St. 715 Market Space.
A Most Sensational Suit Sale.
Because it is Easter Aveek because these suits are the very
highest grade and because they are offered at half and much
less than half price, this is a most sensational suit sale. And
such values are possible only because we bought 1,500 suits 'at
a clip' which relieved two makers of their entire surplus stock.
Yoifll find them at both stores.
SIQ, SI2, anil SI5 SUITS, $5.88
This immense lot of women's and misses' suits embraces
flue Venetians, Broadcloths, Cheviot Serges, Homespuns, Co
verts, and handsome cloths in black, blues, tans, mode, greys,
royal, castor, garnet, cadet, etc.; with single and double-breasted
box., fly froit and reefer jackets lined with taffeta.silk and some
with satin; skirts made with the newest box pleated backs.
Many of these suits are plain, but there are equally asniuany ap
pliqued with taffeta silk, 1 rimmed with braid and have strap
and welt seams. Hundreds of these identical suits "are being
shown about town now at 10, 12, and 15; therefore at 5.1)S
thev are unprecedented bargains.
SI5,$26,and$25 SUITS. S9.50
Suits of the highest cost Cheviot Serges, Venetians, Broad-"
cloths", Homespuns, Coverts, and other expensive fabrics, in
black and all the leading spring shades, embracing cadets, gar
net, royal, castor, mode, greys, tans, blues, etc., in plain and the
most elaborately appliqued with taffeta silk braid, with all styles
of jackets single antT' double-breasted Eton, tight-tit ting, double-breasted
box. fly-front and reefer effects with new pleat back
skirts. Most of these suits are lined throughout with taffeta
silk. Handsomer suits cannot be made than these even by the
swellest taUors, and instead of 15, 20, and 25, they are to
go at 9.50.
You Shall Not Be Disappointed
by not receiving your Spring Hat in time to wear it Easter
Sunday if you buy it here. VVe are increasing our facilities
everv hour doing evervthiug to turn out the work promptly.
F r Hat' for which
cthrr ask no Iw
tlun 5.
300 dozen sample flowers, 23c.
(lowers which are being sold by others at 50e to 1. A most
sensational offering, embracing American Beauty and crushed
roses. Lilies of the Valley. Violets, Bluettes, Cornflowers. Fol
iage. Blossoms. Chrysanthemums. Fruit of all kinds, large and
small (lowers of owvy kinds and in every color, and Silk Mull
Kosettes 50c to 1 Values offered at 'SU
75c and 87c untrimmed hats, 46c.
another offering which has astonished 'the whole city. Thou
sands of hats, consisting of rough and fancy braids some ma
chine sewed, some made on wire frames, but all the very newest
shapes, embracing "The Hobbs," ".Russell." Gainsborough. Tur
bans. Walking Hats, and Short Backs, in all colors and black,
including the latest shades of Tuscans, -which are to In so much
worn instead of 75c and S7c for 4'ic.
e 812
.MomI lU'lIiciTiMit XntioiiK iif
Worlil DiftfiixMeil. "
fFroin Collier's Weekly.)
The unexpected protraction of the Boer
war need' not alarm Englishmen, since
much longer ware have been fought by lumma w snow water 01 tne nign
them within this century. Napoleon de- ! lanls ls niahing down with the reckless
dared war against England in May. 1S03, ! E.T,SS of a Kentucky mountain delegation.
the previous war between the two coun-
tries having only terminated by the
. - , ..
treatv of Amiens in Octcuer. ism. une
war of 1S03 lasted till April. 1814. when
Paris surrendered to the allies, and Xa-
. ,. c o nriennnr tn vxhc
IIUICUII aa omi. " O....V. - .,
where he arrived on the 4th of ilay. He
minatcd with Napoleon deTeat a i tne oat-
tie of Waterloo, on the IS h of June, iSto,
.! tns CIV,.. In t!.rr.l 1S1T. mill viuatij imo.uuijuh i..v
-l'FC ' Jr'1'- i.si. n ii..' - highlands, often echo the roars of a
ecornmenceu rue u.. nuiui ..., .- ,. tht ..ni AnlpehP." thou
navmg itisieii nca.ij iv..c j o. .... name n rajnv wintera when u gwamps
poleon was sent as prisoner to at. th& vaJ,e. of tbe Rhoae for hundreds of
Helena, where he died in 1S21. miles, end on one occasion poured down
The European power that has been most , a vo,ume of water greatcr than that of the
at war during the century has been iur- . NUe fiut th(J Qhlo frQm thg hea(lwaters
l:ey thirty-eight ytars of it as asainsi of the Monongaheia to e mouth of the
sixty-two of peace. The second on tne usi mg Samly receives half a hundred high
is Spain, with thirty-two years oi war- . Jan(J torrentg of sImliar caiacitr for mis
fare, not counting her last fatal campaign, j chier The tilnbcr of the northern Allc
Then come France with twenty-seven , gnanieg is meiting awav and the mouth of
years. Russia with twent -four and Italy thjJ BcaujifUi River may eome winter as
with twenty-three. Great Britain hasjiad sm(, an unDeautiful resemblance to the
no less man iweiity-one. uiuiij-, ui
counting Prussia, follows with fourteen
Sweden with ten. and Denmark with nine.
Our own country during this century has
escaped with three foreign wars, one civil
strife, the Philippine insurrection, and a
baker's dozen cf Indian campaigns, thc
longest of which was the Seminole war.
Stops the CohkU
nnil worka oft the Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a cold U
one day. No Cure. No Pay. Price, 25c.
An auction alc of Jewelry that puts to Wn-li
any sale ever attempted for piime. unreserved
value. LrdimjV Mipc-rb jewelry s-to(k needs no
comment. It i simply the finest line of di.v
niomli, watclie. silvenvarc. and noeiii in the
citj. Sate at tii'i P Street, from 10:S0 to 1
p. m., and H io 5:30 p. in.
A Horrible Outbreak
"Of larjrc sores on my little daiiRliter's head
developed into a case of stald bead" writes C. I).
Isbill, of Morganton, Tenn., but IlnvklrnV Amica
Sah-c completely cumd her. ItV a guaranteed
cure for Kczemj. Tetter. Salt ltliemn. Pimpled.
Sore, ricew, aud Piles. OnTv 2Jk at Henry i
Evans, 02 and irii F t. "
,JMmgAyaG'gyri!i .jatjAioAfajce;.,.., -. -aaaaaw-
3 lots trimmed hats under price.
4Tle BO
For Hut" for which
other ask ?(! and
Fur IlaL fr .i i
others ak ? r.d
" The above lots consist of imported straw
braids, malines. etc.. in black and colors
fashionable productions from our own work
rooms, which equal rhe imported.
Department Stores,
- 814 7th. 715 Market Space,
The I piir Valley of Hie Ohio De-
veloyinf Flood VropeiiHltie-.
(From the lnduiurHli l're.-? )
Reports of devastating floods are coming
1 ffom Spain and Southern France, where
! "c "" vi--y i oii u- mm
ing rain from a blessing into a curae. and
rho ttrirfc la tiant n'lian tVini lalKitnrinn -.9
-- "'"'- "- "- "- """"-""" Ul
our Alleghany woodlands will lead to a
f!'laJ- ; The upper valley of the
Ohio has all the characteristics of a llooJ-
... . p.r.,. u mnunrnln roirlnn
West Virginia
eh not
j - as fe WhI Rivera mero
jnoun'taln brooki ln fact but deservtag its
deUa of the Yang-tse-Kiang, where drift.
piles of wreckage, and corpses every now
and then obstruct navigation for days to
gether. Dinld Jlnrtim a Suet um.
"David Harimi." Kdward Jloyw- W"cAtcutt fa
moiw novel, has proved a great success, with
William II. t'tanc in the principal role, at
Itochester, X'. V. From the openinjr scene, which
depict Darid Ilarum's hoike, with it-i veranda,
the barn, and farming implement lyinz al-out,
till tlie fu..ile, the good old-fashioned CJiristmas
dinner and the opening of the- bottle of cham
pagne, fur which David mut have paid at leait
"four shilling-'." thtre was rxully not a dull mo
ment. The wholejomenes-i and delilitful atmos
phere of the play appealed rtrongly to all. It
proniif to be a crv .great siicxe5, a success
equal to the popularity of Heurich's Macrzen,
Scnalf. lld Iger Beer.
.V Good Conch Meiliclne for Children
"I have no hesitancy in recommending Chamber.
Iain's Cough Remedy," sajs F. P. .Moran. a well
known and popular baker of Petersburg, Va. "AVe
have given it to our children when troubled with
bad cough, also whooping cough, and it ha3 al
ways given perfect tatwfaction. It was recom
mended fo me by a druggist as the best cough
medicine for clnldrea,-a-rqile6ined no opium
or otlicr harmful drug' JMJby; Henry Evan,
wlioltsale tfnd TCtail, rd'all'nlntgglsts.
The only complete housefur-
nishers in Washington. X
"We show more patterns
of Mattings than ny other
establishment in "Washing
ton. Only fresh, new goods
of reliable quality. Prices
start as low as 6 cents per
yard. Cash or Credit.
HouseS Herrmann,
901-903 Seventh Street
Cor. of I (Eye) Street.
A Mighty Host of
Are competing for th I'rize offered to
J, iUny ntete will enter tlie lift.
J. Tlie only fjualifk Jtrw neeesnrjr are
J, that the competitor own a nit ride a bi-
JL ejele equipped with
Hartford Single Tnbe
J. Vll,ir; eli so enluru? the pleasure
of cyclinir a Hartfi.nl Tirci.
j. Tlier make the w'it1 run ea-wr.
J. Write for I'KI.K OOMJ'KTrTlON Iwek-
JL. i-t, cncloiirii tbu . ard a i t-vnt stamf.
Dcpt. N.
Hartford, Conn.
Washington Branch,
1113 Fourteenth St. N. W.
"Your laundry. Sir."
A Little Bundle
of Laundry
- i i"t frlicl red hr 11. We are resK-H
exit t r Ti.ur pat ij!- vn tl" tMs &t
smrs me
Nil' 'DeiBti finbi n -hrt am
anti e-ir txitlnnliole ir f'Ur Phene
1557 v,r p-tal -gt qtuik repwiue.
,Il LMununi
Corner Stxth arI C u X.W.
Potomac Telepbone Cwnpaay V divi
dend of SI per share will be payable ea the
"2d day of April. 19V. to tbe terichM
ers of record at tlie r)oe of bMiiiess on
the 13th day of April. UW. at lh ffle
of the treasurer of tb- compaay. H Fati?
teenth Street nerthwe.-tt. WanMnglwt D.
C. The transfer books will b clogatl.frotn
the 11th of April to tbe 23d f AcU.
inclusive. JEREiHAII M. WILSONesi.
Went: CHARLES G. BEEBE. trea&wa-r
WashinstoH. D. C. April io. 1H.
jpll.t-M ..l".,lt,1- J,--J S era
TIO.V AH severeigns are rgetljf
requested to send their Bastes ar ad
dress to the undersigned at ee fep tbe
purpose of institution a emp of or ke
orable order in this city. A special deputy
will arrive here early next we. whea a
meeting will be called and an orerftstoNttoH
perfects!. C. W. PAFFLOW. 2 E Street
northwest. It
tee for the 26th annual sss4a of the
Imperial Council, Ancient Arable Order of
the Nobles of tbe Mystic Shrine, to be held
in Washington the week of May 21, 19W,
begs to inform the advertising publle that
no persons or publishers are authorized by
either the Imperial Council or Almas Tem
ple to solicit advertising for any pros
pectus, booklet, programme, or any other
advertising scheme to separate business
men from their money, and are requested
not to give advertisements to any such, but
to discountenance the same. FRANK II.
THOMAS, Chairman Executive Committee.
for ihe election ot directors of tbe Wash
ington Safe Deposit Company wili be held
on Friday, the 27th day of April, A. D. 19.
Polls opt-a at 12 m. and close at 1 o'clock
p. m. SAM CROSS.
mh29-dtoap27,lne,em Secretary.
1411 H st nff. to 511 13th st. nr. The
electrical and Sprague hot-air apparatus
are installed. By special arrangement with
the Sprague Company charge? reduced to
(3. Skilled masseur in attendance. Sep
arate hours for ladles. Oface hoHrs. 10
a. a. to S p. m. mhl6-lmo
Undertaker anit Hverjr,
W Penn. Are. aw Wuhlnctou. D. C
v Qiii!54why 'gh and risk
Congh Syrup-yosifp-y
cures t hroat and lung- troubles. Pries 35 cents.
All tbe newest and
most attractive styles m
men's shoes. Oft Its.
tan j, patent leather.
Equal to any
$4.00 saoes CO r (
made JiOu
O-ia Pennsylvania Arcune.
Mi CARLOTTA nROCKETT, at Cbartes4owt W.
Va., April 3, 1!0, by the Rev. Robert Cwimd.
MAYO-On Monday. April 0. 1P0Q, al 11:t5 p.
i-. t..,-.. wirriwf it it.ivn iTaiti
III., OIIIIIUJW.- ....-.. ... ....w, vnwn...
States Navy, retired, beloved husband af XaHBie
Mineral. irom ma t.nr mmcw. 1 ito
northwest, on ThurMay. April 12. at a aHntc
p. m. Kindly omit lleweri IfKerment ai Arflftc-
ton Cemetery, a. -
BANKS In lovinc rrmemlranee of MARY K.
BANKS, who departed thU life four yean a?& to
day, April 11. lsW. " ""
(.one, but n t fArgotten.
It By br Cf dren and" Crardchildren.

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