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WANTED Housekeepers, cooka, light lioufcwork--,
dre-makcra' apprentices, ages 15 to 40,
fnr t) and country town residences and hotels;
itwrt wages; intelligence office fee arc parti
laM in adnince by cmplej crs. at 30s 4Jt St. mr.
At VM KU -Woman to do lwusework of Miiall
lHNbo. four m fannlt. Appli ltJ Meridian H
M-. off Brown t , Jit. Pleasant. lt,im
XNAMlfi) Girt for general hou-ework; German
preferred; jnull faniiij. 153 1) tt. nc.
"WANTED itmne nwse girl; mi ari small, hut
good borne to light paitj. AMrri Box 210.
tW unit-. aplt-3t,em
XVANTED t k for owta- iwu-; wmen prefer
i4. ( M at V. ave, . lt.cm
XAM"Iil -V cW for 4mrr awl bouscinork,
wniro. 1 .18 tveek. 47 Pa. ave nw. lt.em
XVAXTI'H Was! trimmer-, sleeve hmid. ami a-
MHtMi. Apply 1117 .3d et. nw. lt.cm
'XX ANTED waitm am) e hamlwfHa id for hotel
HHvetlc-e, Sd ami Pa. ave, m. It
X AVI ED Reliable irwl gri fw gooeial Iwuse
vtoriv. Mm nights. 07 It M. mr. It
XV XNTED elwed woman. cw4 cook, in lemcti
iwom 227 New Jr- me. hw. It
X ANTED 50 wnmen and cirtV, ti hw te gne
wwt -J12 H -t n. It
XVVMKD Woman as t ..ain.TiH. and scam
rtre , aYo cooks, JSH 1717 Oregon ate. nw.
XX ANTED Xt once about 10 Rood carprntcrs to
go to Richmond, Xa ; wat pjid botli wajs.
A. S. L01A., Wat land Building. 13ih and Chap-
)" ts. apl4-3t,cm
XX'ANTED Ottice boi ; mu-t have wheel; state
salary. Xdthcfs Hox 2!, this office. lt,tm
Applj JOIIVSON. Tort
apl4 3t.elil
WANTED Xliltturt tailor.
Mttr. Xa.
FOY RENT S per moutli, 1022 7th it. iw.. 2 2d-
oor front rooms; just tacated. CHAS.
SHREX ES, 1009 Tth it. nw. ,, ap!4-3t.cm
FOR KENT Fur. rooms, complete for housekeep
ing. 351 l"a. ate. nw. apll-St.em
'.JAM I I) l.'i-liablc bread ami cake baker at once;
Mate wczrw epettcd. Cll MtLKS 1UATCH-
I.KY. Hamilton a. apH 3t,tm
WANTKlVEiclil tlwiriiojs; l.r to IS tears old;
pnd pji for good ioii.e. Addre Uox 227.
this oMU-e lt.cm
AXTKI) Pirstda-a while oojiliniaii, for weal
thj Kcntlenwti, uf-. UOO N. V. ac nw.
V AM 1.1 - white list, about 1" tear: able to
rule wheei anil willing; to- learn ladif' tail-
rKMipb liJi Htli ht. nu. apll2t,-2i
AM 1.1) Good oiloird Inrbir; cuarantce. Call
.MoihU Jiwinir,'. 1 F. ilLTll, 200' 7th St.
w. . apll-St
3 guarantee.
baturdaj ; cuarantce of
ae nw. It
AMU .mil ltuilur at once;
415 "lh M e
lljilxr for
44 lnii.-ijiia
WAMI) I-hm i1kn ioli and f-traiRlit printers;
no heozite or icniivttc tirnd-. wanted. HAY
AOUTll 1M Itl.lMlINC I10LSi:. 512 8th Et. It
Itii-holnnn at onee.
1WM"I.1 l.xperienced liiU for alldation 10am.
laihr.' iiutu ami khiik. ppU t manaRer at
SAM I HI. ritIKI)UXUEU i CX , 4I 7ti st. nw-.
A AVICI)- V colored woman to owek. wash, and
iron pplj 21S st fe. J'
V Mi:i) ILvpenenced waitiws T1IK
9i l'a ate nu.
WAM'KD-Gcod white barber. ElMEll, 43J
tt. nw.
WAXTKI) Gx4t white baiber; J2.50 guarantee.
512 G .t. mr. It
FOK J5EXT Xieeli fur.. 2d story 100m; iouthern
ipociire; ciutral lo-ation; prhatc faunlt;
gj per month. (32 .Mas. ate, nw. apH-3t,cm
FOR ItT Itoonte; fur.; ?j to ?3 per month.
Ill I) st. nw. lt.em
FOR RENT Inie, I'd tori front room; nicely
fur. S21 13th .t, nw. apljJU.eni
FOR RENT Fiit anil setfjnd Ilooip, fur. room.-;
with Kas aixl hot watir; with or without
board. 1301 Gth tt nu. apll Jt.cm
FOR RENT Front fiT. room, to gentleman; -J
Jloor. 42S K st nw. apll St.un
FOR RKXT Fite fur 100m. 2020 II M. mv.
apll t!t,cm
LIGHT HOI &KKi:i:riNC, one larjre
room. 207 ( st. nw. 111
FOR RFM 112 0th fit ,
f iirnishf d
apll .tt.tin
1 M to f!
apll "t
FOR RENT Four rooms; fint H001. 211 l'i st.
nw. apll-3t
FOR SALE norsEs.
FOR SLK Six room frame, in excellent condi
tion; Rosedale st. nc. ; price, 1,130; eood
clianre for home or inicstment. M. G. DUN'NE,
10U7 H ft. ne. apll 3t,cm
I XFEI) .MOXE One of the prtttict corner on
F st. nc., room for eight hotie; it has a
bouse of 7 rooms and bath; a. m. i., which will
Imrtr 22 per month; take the whole plate for
$5,ixx); this is a bareain if )ou hate the money; I
mean business. Addrurs llov 232, this otlice.
FOR S LE Four-room and cellar house; four
j ears built; conur Jlorri-, Road and l'omroy
ae. ; price ?100 cash. Address owner, W. H.
CHEW. Anacostia, 1). C. apll 'Jt.cm
FOR LE Ilj owner, lS Sth fit. nw., thrrc
stort modern and two storj in rear to pated
alley, britkf; 12 per tent imcittnent, price, $J,
000, terms cast apll-3t
Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
Every day in the year for Norfolk, New-
port News, and all points South, by the
superb, powerful Bteel palace steamers
"Newport News," "Norfolk," and "Wart-
ington," on the following schedule:
L. Washington C.30 pm
Lt. Alexandria..7.00 pm
Ar. rt. Monroe.7.00 am
Ar. Norfolk 8.00 am
Ar. Fortsmoutli.S.15 am
FOR SU.E 5 room brick, concrete cellar, 18th
s,t ne., 1,000; cheap; $100 cash, balance "?10
inrludim; all taxes, interest on pnncipil;. nice
house for colored people. Apply STORE, -J II
ft nw. apll 3t
1 OR RENT Conncctinjr room
furnished or unfurnuhtd.
front with bath,
707 II st. nw.
FOR RENT Hill room, furm-dicd, suitable for
gentleman. 1221 N". Y are. apll-St
WK NIEEI) nurses, chamlniuids,, waitrwscs,
tnaU i4 female oooks. tvHer, ami pcneral
JtwHettinrk!' for our nmnr orden-; (rood places
tii-e; trt ns KITRHKA, 1013 N. V at. It
W'VVTni Ui. to act a ca-hH; also ladtV
coHHwrnoii. Oall between and IS at 702
3tti -1 It
AM EH IteJte uod w-rk. can earn ?2
a 4u easy. ROOM 3. b0 V i. nw apl4-7t
WrtNTHD T cirls, plain cottk, oler nurse;
al kmI te leate citt. EtHjuire 1135 11th st.
n. it
AV AM ED Three while wAt vnmii,
Sit. M.'usrt Hide, 0i a 1 Mn
VAME1- Rt competent reftned woman, position
as lioHM'keeper fw cWerlt om4e or widower
wHh cttihimi. Addict I10 222, th, oSicc
apll St
1VMi:D- V reJialtle woman to sremral boue
wnir., po home at mgh-. (.j 1hW 18th tt.
im. apH.lS
AVAM'ED 1e cwK for drot-fliakuie. W '?sc
cirV. cliumttennoid for -iHer !!. Rl"l
JJHS-i ItL REM . 1209 el Yi. ate. nr. lt
OVTI!l) rrfwWe mw t c-ook ad as.ist
m rttwsl iioMsework, iniiat stat imjhts and
UHtte rwmiitm mini 1167 KeueMiw are nw.
IS 21. tu;
'WVM'EI) Tailored, for lmini;; mirtbe ftit
HEIIRAKI) i 1NEMN, 7HS Sts i-t.
(Htr pl-St,em
f ANTED liw colored ta-4rt cooks. $ ler
Sill t. aiHit
ftVATi: lowMlisri awd to aist witfc dwm
berwork. w-ujre $12. Aa4, bore 12 o'cteek.
Hi?! !Ne Hmte.we ate aplB 2t
1VftXTi:i) la4ots bs Itcltw on er and old
wk Apjilt FRANK J. HALL. N. J. ate.
ran C rt se apMSt
WflXTKH -A irood, relMMe cook for iwtM;
Imhm , HHk-t slat mkiU. Lall at S9 II .
iw- W tt
MAM IS) "outw; Ctrl, who n ew to loara
ttvsfH kuK. MHd wink lariuiic MISS M. J
M-ElJ.Ks S'trr Itaildfog. WW I -1 nw
1 t cm
vTnTED Y unu colored girl t .1 be h rework,
70- nth si liv apli-St
M'AXTKI) Tito dishtral era
LKK'h, ta E nu nw.
at once. l'KESS-
WANTED Hot to woik altout bouse and attt-od
to lior-e; also man wailir. Enquire 1035
11th st. nw. It
M ANTED Fir-t ola white baiber at once. GEO.
MILLER. C) 7lh tt. nu. lt
WANTED A uood colorod nun cook; one that
midrtjnds restaurant work. Ill Ctli s.t. nw.
M ANTED ti experienced growri'ian; references
ropmeil ddics HO 221, this office. lt
WANTED V rrlmcd canta-scr; liberal commia.
.-Kin 52.". loth st. nu. apli-3t
;cncral hwiaework. S17
M ANTED Good man for
12th ft nw
M VNTi:i)-4tnl waiUr $5
jouiik nimi lor lumhroom.
12th s.t nu
per week; aim
APri.HT10NS taken for place at summer re
torts, be .puck. IH'fclNKS'S HUREAl', 1200
New 'Voik air; nw lt
FOR RENT One furnished room near Atonic
cars, and departments; rent SfS. S27 22d st.
nw. apll 3t
FOR RENT 310 12th at. nw., one large back par
loi ; also other roonw. apll 3t
FOK. RENT Three lamp, communicatin-r room',
second floor, Jingle or lioiuOvecpiti;; J. in. i.
21S Kentucky ate. se. apll-3t
FOR RENT-Nicely furnished hall room. 019 N
st. nw. apl3 3t
FOR .RENT I'leamnt furnished rooms for Kentle
.men. S07 8th st nw. apll it
FOR RENT- fi2a I ft.
ond door, $,
furnished room, pic-apll-3t
FOR RENT For linht boueki 1 pin-;, nic-elt fur
nished rooms; 2. $12, and J, Sib; rtferenrcs.
1035 New Jersoj ate nw. apll -31
apll 3t
Furnifhcd roonu 510 12th st. n.
FOR RENT Furnished or uufui lushed ioonis;
reasonable. 1110 oth it. nw. apllJl
IOR SLE In ne 12 per cent inicstment, corner
brick store and dttcllin-r: rent ?33; wortii at
Ieat ?3V)0; if sold by Mondar, ?2,tKX). Call at
130 C ne. ap!3 3t
HAVE CFSTOMER fnr small house. Northeast.
apl2 3t
?3,200 TAKES 9-room house on 12th st. se., near
l-a ate., if sold at once. NEW YORK HUSI-
NESSJIKOKEES, 1000 F sL apl2 3t
FOR SALE-Rn'ck house. Wjlie st. re., $1,000;
clieap; $100 casli, lulance $10 month, includ
ing intiTet. Enquire 1 to 0 p. m., STORE 20 H
st. nw. apl2 3t
FOR RENT Houses, $0 anil $10; store. Fa. ate.,
$20; drop posul. 020 ANhitnejr ate. nw.
apll 3t
FOR RENT Furniahed, 12 Grant Place; rent
$40; rooms already occupied. Enquire after
p. m. ap!0-5t
Lv. Portsmouth.S.00 pm
Lr. Norfolk 5.45 pin
Lv. Ft. Monroe..G.45 pm
Ar. Alexandria. .6.30 am
Ar. Washington..7.00 am
Ticketa on sale at 817 Penn, ave., B, and
O. ticket office, 019 Penn. are., and corner
- 15th st. and N. Y. ave., C. & O. ticket of-
fites, at 513 Pcnn. ave., and COO 14th at.;
- a A. L. ticket office, 1131 N. Y. ave., and
- on board steamers.
CS'Vot further information apply at -ren-
era! offices, 7th st. wharf. Wash. D. O.
- 'Phone, 750.
no28-tf JOHN CALLAHAN. General Manar.
FOR RENT Seven room, buy-window buff brick;
a tn L; 133 B t. aw.. $20; aLso fiat. 3122 14th
t. nw., 5 rooms, $20. W. P. METCALF, 1305 P
t. nw. mh3 tf.em
M ANTED Hot to draw oda; nur-t come well
n-comiiundcil; cicaietle smoker need not ap
plv JOHN H. MAJOR, 7th and G sis.
aplS Sl.rm
M ANTED At omc, two e-fprunc-cd plumber's
helpers. It U CVER1., 50o 10th st.
ap!8 3t
WTKD-Hot 17 to l'l tcar old. in druj; store.
to lcnrii tlie iHfeinis-.. nnij-t lite with parent-,
in se. or sw. .Wrcs-s IIOV -.,0,, this otflc-;. apl3 3t
M VTEH Eperienced lea and coffee canvassers,
those with ctabtishfd trade nriferred. iroo-1
slrj ami cofmm-son NATIONAL COFFEE CO .
71b trth st. nw. apl2 3t,em
M VNTED Enjmth m'eil bit tele repairer; none
-ther need apjilt. Call at 717 9th ft. nw.
M NTIJDItaiber for aturdat, 2 guarantee 400
Mh st. Se. r apl2 3t,em
ONE CLEVV 2d floor fur. back room; gentleman
onlt ; $(n 12i I) st. nc. apl3 3t,em
FOR RENT Delightful apartments; 2d and 3J
floor.,; F st. cuts paja the door. 312 Intl. ate
RFAT-Om- CMd mzc-
month. 1112 7th st. nw.
room ; S5 jkt
I-OIt RENT Flat of fite rooms and bath, modern
improttments, perfect condition, price, --20.
3121 lith st nw. aplSSt
FOR RENT Three room flat, unfurnished; lath.
It. MCNDHI- IM, 1113 7th st. nw. apl3 St
FOR RENT A flat of three rooms and pntate
bathroom, furnished, $23; unfurnished, $20.
1113 N st, nw ap!3 3t
FOR llENT-Cos.) rooms; $3 cub: al-o Iar-;e back
parlor; rca-or.able. 1)10 Sth st. nw.
ap!3 3t,fm
IOR RENT Ijic front ballroom, fire, lnth; hr-t
tlas-; rates reasonable 1111 11th t. nw.
FOR RENT 010 12th st. 11 v
lor, also otlur rooms.
one large bick par
apl.! .l
UANTED-ItH-helman; Rood salart. SIX LITTLE
T Ml OU oil I'a ate, nit. apl2 3t,em
WTED- (tolorcd Ihjv to attend hor-e and drite
wtatw, f- , 2.30 per week. Addres HON
501, ttno oflne ap!2-3t
M ANTED- Bi nwnK colored nun place te AI-
oVIliert wiajjon. or in jmrate fannlt or for
(jjwtor t all 01 aWrM 22S7 Wit nw. lt.em
Si VNTi;i) -itation In firi cl wale hotel or
nwrmt cook. D. II., 1263 Wtke L ne
ajpi.. tta
'MANT1 I) 1 wewc portion as 4nimmer for
sotm KootI i'jcr awt toiticce ho-e; atr
iw4c )ln 2.13. tins otttce. lt.ewi
"AVIIJI. cite -M te MWHie Aacnrtur Jwe 3 jwnrtion
hs HHTt-eweor hi the CWwis OtHce. AMrttn
1Y. 11.. 12. Mb 4. nsv. It
M ANTED Bi hmhtriI white man, iilaoe
kvr. or vtxtrk of an kid AMtvm HOX
ai7. tin). otJH-c- lt
1AXTKH H an eAperteneed A-ivrr fer laandrt
or drtwri wko, atMatMHi. Call or ail
ilress lt47 7tli -t. nw . setwM Soor. It
W MK1)
Paiwer. readi to work. R
HmUstiMe. Md
F DWI-apl2-2t
M WTI I) 'Iwo htsh pradc agents for the 1900 edi
How of the "People's Ctilopedii" and the
"MaiKiani DictltHwrt " l)IMORE PUHLI-H-1N(.
tXMI'N. 621 7th t mr. apl25t
MAMi:i)-l(i0 local ard trateling silesmen for
tin lati-H and liamisoiue-.t line of framed pic
turvn cvr otfered on 111-talIinents Call 9 to 11
621 Tth st nw. ap!2-3t
A ANTED A coHixtent tfaiher of Pitman's sis.
tn rf .-tetreirrapln. to she imlitidual m-truc
liMts t a lonnir man Addre", with teruu and
jrtictilrs. at oik c. BOX 190. thu office. apl2 2t
ANTI 1) Bttt- with linit'cs. for mesjengcr serv
ice pph 1401 1 si , MITTaL DISTRICT
IIM:(.I It COMl'ANY apll-7t,cm
ANTED Experienced crocery cIciks to take
orders for outside trade; liberal Ealarv At
JOHNSTON'S. 7M 7th st. ap5 tf
FOR RENT Connecting monui, front with bath,
furnished or unfmni-hcd 707 II st nu.
apis 3t
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished, larire
rooms, back porchc, bi tatd, two in
room; Kood board, $10. 917 New ork ate.
FOR RENT Partlt furm-hed or unfurnished, four
or Mie rooms, to a settled couple without chil
dren. Ill F st. ntt. apl i St
FOR RENT-To glut, roonv-; ?J and $3. 1003 0
st. nu. apl2-.lt, em
FOR RENT Fur. and uufur. rooms,
TOR KENT Flats. 2122 14th st. nw., 5 rooms; a.
m. I.; perfect ccndition; only $20 W. P.
ULTCALF. 1305 V iLnw. ma27-tf
1133 9th st
apI2 St.tm
SFL.CT roonus, nice hoic, $1 30 up wccklv. 337
Pa ate. nw. apl2-.lt,eni
FOR RENT Itrge room, ISxlO feet, good storage
room, suitable for mot anj kind of bu-inis-s
Appl.t at HI 6th st nu apl2 tf,f m
FOR RFNT EUgant fur. room, tcrt low
tt. nw.
4.!1 G
FOR RENT One large unfurnished or furnished
front room, G or ?5. 1011 II St. ne ap!2 3t
IOR RENT Nculi fiiimhed rooms, a. in 1 ; sin
Kle or en suite. 011 Oth et. nw. ap!2-St
MKD-Bi colored man, Hace as butler.
hosewrker, or tare for lor- and cow-.
35 Pierce st nw . apll 3t
V.AM ED Bt high school graduate iositon night
or ttat , ant land; work cheap. Hox -16, tht
ofTice. ap!3 2t,em
PAIMFR wants empiovroejrt, wtlh pi irate par-tie-.,
a good general mecbatiu; ret Bex 220,
this ottKc aplS 2t,em
1 tt ILL pat good monet to secre a po-jtion
tinder the municipal or genera! Goternment.
.KMe BO 215, this office. apl3 3t
AMED-Bi union compoMtor silnation. job
printer ddress BOX 1S, this cfliee ap!2 8t
girl, general
kimk: itti
thu otKce.
WANTED Hi eompttent whit
JioHM-work, small fnuh ,
HrHftwe 1kj 11th st nw.
V.AMED vwmg in fam lxv nil
Ante- low price, refs H 231,
M ANTED Hi a capable tout cohwicd woman,
pawriun as la4i' maid, nmfcirtamls sham
(poitir d plant wmc. mI tt- wtllig to lie
gewraltr k-AiL MRS WRIGHT, 4IS Elm H.
w apll-St
M ANTED-Hi petafcte. utitHl white girl.
r-4lnti a cWM nrniv or lteht I5keep
Mg;JIlt). 18. thu. Hh apl3 2t
MAM'HD-Bi Fettled tvbftc twHian. place as cook
mkI general hottseworkei , references. 287 Pa.
aenw apl3 3t
MT-:i) Hi an intrHcfit twine cirl who
wrUts Irgibh. is a good accowttam. and is
faktKg a -onite of steiHHrrapiit and ttpenriting,
clemal position witli reliabk euqdoter, reL Ad
4wri HO 15. this office apl2-3t
WANTED Good solicitors for industrial Insur
ance, sick, accident, and death benefits: a
home institution; incorporated 1SS7; a good
chance for energetic man to make money. Ap-
ilr 10 the olfi reliable CAPITAL CITY BENE-
iOCILTY. 455 La ave. rh2no
tt WTI.D Portrait agent, everywhere, quit crai
ons. trv washable enamelino; no glass; don't
rub. 1 heap 1 MIL PORTRAIT CO, Oucago
tt NTEH-To ,tent, peniianentlt, bi two adulu.
small, neat, niiburban c-ottage. big lot, neir
tram or er; .iate price and full particulars.
Address. BO 2s, ilu office It
IVAN ted r.v n IS.
"tt XNTEDJarm -otcr s(j acre, suitable for
iiouHrt, fnilto, trutking tiiimtt Alount
I trnon. MoilUwii. Vt-otink. Pohick. Send full
jwitKiilar;. and trim-. CI RK BROS, C05 13th
n u apll-.1t
FOR RENT Front room, fiitni-hcd
from Capitol groumls 211 1st st
FOR HrNT-llS N. Y. ate.
rooias, traiLient- taken
FOR RENT First or second floor, a
Fla. ate. nw
half blotk
te ap!2 It
nicel) furnislied front
apt.' 3t
1WEST bFKL 13 per cent interest paid. let
tour inoni 1 work for tnu. buj a certificate
now, pa nit iits made ctert llftcen das, -utiifipil
Iiei ts in all sutions of the countrt , write for
particular ('. II MCKE i CO, 32 Broad
wat. New ork apll -1 tf
IOR SVI E '-null, (ban stock of grocene-,
doing cood bu-iniiu, rare clume for an ail 110
man Address HO 221, thM office 3 ill.;:
tt WTED Partner in fMabli-hed corTte and tel
bii-ine-.-, rate chance. Address I10 220. tHt
(iliac. apl I -.It
I OON Nerthea-t. will be sacritiicd: owner
Iratm,,- tin. tt'. J. DLGAN, 017 1. ate.
IOON-r.ntre U .t. 2.2J, cheap rent. tt.
J IU C. VS. 617 La ate apll 3t
ARCHITECT will jifejiare plane ami -peeifications
fur hou-rs, reiiHHWing jtdfc, etc , terms rei-sonablt-
FRVNK tt IlVRT, ltix, V, st nw.
apll Jt
IOR SALE- Drug store, bargain C PITOL
IH'MNtSi E.CIINGE. tlantic Building,
apll 3t
tt WTED t.rocert for ca-h purcuarcr C PITOL
IHMNlS ENCIUNGE, Atlantic lluildiiu
apll 3t
tt XNTKD-Drug store, for a-li bmrr. CVPITOL
111 M.MM EXCHANGE, Atlantic Building,
apll Jt
Heal Eatnte Broker and Anctloneer.
917 P Street . W.
817 Sth st. f h. r. lot 19x100 ft $8.0M
1133 8th. f h. 5r. lot 15x09 ft. to alley 3,000
1100 to 1113 3Cth, Sr, bath and a m i (each). 3.0CO
1425 Olli, f h. 6r, lot 14x94 ft 3,0M
1337 Sth st. f h, fir. lot 12.4x80 ft 1.7M
1412 17th, b b, 12rt lot 25x140 ft offer wanti
S124 8th, f h, 6r, lot SOxlLJ ft offer wanted
839 N. b h. 6r and bath J2.S08
418 10th, b h, 4r and back building 2,703
312 and 344 if, f h's, 5r each, stable (both).. 2.500
301 K. f h, ttr and dwg. br $3,201
622 15thst, b h, Cr. bath and a m i 2.4W
727 ICth at, t h. 6r. lot 23x62 1.7M
1136 6ta, b b, 2 stories, 2r. lot 16x105 ft.... 1.40J
115 D st. b h. lOr. bath and a nv 1 $10,000
208 A. b h. llr, bath and a m 1 9,000
218 N J are. b b. llr. bath and a m i 7.000
Intersection of Va. ave. and I. 5,571 sq ft.. 6,000
810 N C ave, b b. Or. bath, a m 1 6.000
333 E. h h. Crand a m 1 3.000
321 and 33, D, b h'. 6r each. (Eah).... 3,000
1304 34 stlYb, er. lot 18 5x100 ft 2.400
415 L. f oVer." lot 25x05 ft 1.000
1112 K, f Jv6r. lot 20x102 ft. L50J
1134 N J tie. b h. 4r 1.500
Ne., S5 H ft;. Or. $12 50
Ne., 137 II st., 4r 9 00
Ne., 21 Jackson Alley. 3r .'. 9 30
Ne., 323 A (rear building), 4r 7 40
N'c, 1508 Noma st.. 5r. "30
Ne, 120 G (rear building), 3r 7 30
Ne., 91 I St.. 4r. 7 30
Ne., 1120 Norria st., 4r 6 00
Ne, 15 Norn At., 4r 6 00
Ne., 1530 Kwu st.. 4r 5 00
Se , 310 South Capitol St., lOr and bath.... 30 00
Se , 129 N. C. arc., 7r 3nd bath 25 42
Se., 133 N. C. arc., Cr and bath 25 12
Se. 141 N. C. ate.. Cr and bath 23 42
Se. 118 E st.. Cr and hath 22 50
Se . 1011 East Capitol St.. Gr and bath 18 30
-e , 219 10th st.. lOr
Se. 1009 12th St., Cr
Se, 1232 11th St., Cr ,
921 Ga. ave., Cr.
Baltimore & Ohio
ScbetWle in effect December 2J le03.
Lt ,e Washington from station corner of New
Jersey Avenue and C Street.
For Chicago and Northwest, Vestibuled Limited
trains 10:35 a. in., 8.05 p. m., daily.
For Cincinnati, St. Iouu. and Indianapolis,
Express, 10 55 a m. Vestibuled Limited 3:10 p.
to., express 12.05 night, daily.
For PitUburg and Cleveland, 10.3C a. m. and
8.30 and 11:53 p. in., daily.
For CoIumbu, Toledo aV.d Dtroit, 12.03 night.
For ttinchcater and way stations, 8.33 a. su
and 3:40 and "5-30 p. rii.
For Luray. 3 10 p. in. dailV.
ror Baltimore, week daji, x2:33, 5.00, C.30,
xi.05, x7:10. xd.30. 8.33, xO.20, xlO.OO a. m,
ilJ-Oo n., 12-15. xl.15, xJ:00, 3:30, xt:30, 4-33.
xo Oo, x5.10, x3.J0, xO.20. 0:30, xSiOO, xlO.OO
xll:30, xll.J3 p. m. Sundav, x2 35, x7.05,
x7:10, S:30. x9.0O a. m . t12 03. 1 00JI 1 15.
SiM,ai!LjS'M' C:30' xS-co' xW:W- ::20 i-r SL S0mn7F-TRV E-PBESS-P-r
XJ1 JU Xll lo D.
ror Annapolis, 7:10 and S 33 a. m . 12.13 and
5:30 p. m. .Sundays, 8:30 a. m , 4-23 p. ra.
For Frederick, week days. 8-33, 10.53 a. m.,
:30, 5.30 p. m. Sundays, 9.00 a. m , 1.15 p. m.
For Hageratown, "10.33 a. m. and 3'30 p. m.
For Bojd and way points", week days, 8J3
- m.,4.30, 5.30, 7.03 p. tn. Surday, 9.00 a. nu.
1:15, 7:05 p. m.
For Gaithcrsburg- anj way points, week davs,
8-33 a. m., 1:5(. 3 00, 4.30. 4:33. 5:30. 7.05,
11.25 p. m. Sundays, 9.00 a. m.. L15, 4:33, 7.03,
10:15 p. tn.
For Wasliirgton Junction and way points,
week data. 8 -33 a. m . 4:J0. 5:30 o. in. Sundari.
9.00 a. m., 1:15 p. m.
Itoynl Blue Line.
All trains illuminated with Pintsch light.
For Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Bjjton,
and th- East, week daja, 7:03 (Diner). 8.30
(Bullet). 10 00 (Diner) a. m., 12-03 (Diner).
1:15 (Diner), 3-00 "Royal Limited." Ex
clusively Pullman- Train. Dining Car, 5.03
(Dicing Car). 8 00. 11.30, (Sleeping Car open at
10:00 o'clock), and 2.33 night. Sundaja 7:05,
9 Off a. m., 12-05 noon. 1:15 Dining Car 3.00,
B 05 Dining Cara, ff.OO. 11-30 (Sleeping Car open
10.00 o'clock), and 2:35 rright.
Parlor Cars on all day train.
For Atlantic City, 10.00 a. n . 12.03 noon, and
1:15 and 3.00 p. m. week days. 12.u5 noon Sun
da vs.
For Cape May, week days. 12 03 and 1:15 p. m.
Except Sunday. xHxprein trainj.
nsggage called for and checked from hotel!
and residences by Union Transfer Co. on orders
left at ticket orSces. CI9 Pennsylvania Avenna
N.W., New York Avenue and. I3th Street, and at
2d V. P and Gen. Jfsn. Her. Pa.s. Traffic.
T:5S A. il. WEEK DY9. PrtTSnilRG. EX
PRESS Parlor and Dimnj; Car- Hirrltburs u
Sleeping. Dining; Smokies, ami Observa
tion Cars Harristurg to Cliieajo. CiBcinnati
Indianapol!. St Louis. Cleveland, aud Toltdi.
Buffet Parlor tar to Hamburg.
10 50 A. M FAST UNE Pullman Buffet Parlor
Car to Ham-burg; Buffet Parlor Car Harris
burg to Pittsburg.
PRESv Sleeping Car ttashiagton to St. Loon,
and Sleeping aad Dining Cars Harrisburg to
Indianapolfa, Sr Louis, Nashville (ti CIncia
aati and Lou-viUe). and Chicago.
7 20 P JI WK.MKN KAPRESjS-l'ullman Sleep
ing Car to Pit'sburg and Chicago. Dlaiag Car
to t.7iicago.
Dr. Young
Oldest in age ; longest located:
Regular graduate two schools: I
Authorized!) thfdi strict Go if eminent to treat
Cor. 12th I
and F Sts. i
.. 15 00 All diseases Of thfVn Thrnnt .ml T nn i II..
.. 12 30 Nerrts, Brain. Blood. Skill, Stomucb.Kiclnejs 3n!l
.. 10 30 Bladder. Night I-es, i-oul '.eaknt- and nil
..10 30 cpectalDisca-esof eitherefflc Slncm. V.ri,,..!..
Apply at office for Weski Bulletin. &ifJr$l5S&Tgi
- "tctircgtiarantecU. Sjlihnis(aDvstgecur
"""; wuiimit mercury oriotasn. oestcsurtv
Bally Office Uoars 10 to 1 and G to 6. fctidji '
"free consultation. j
FOR KENT Established boarding bouse; 11 room,
furnished. Address RIVER, Colonial Beach
apl3 31
His readings to
Ladici, 25. Cents, 30c.
FOl K gootl horjc-. two dirt wigrw, two sets of
double larncs-, heavt Can le M.en at FRED
JOHNsoN. 722 tthitnet ate apll 3t,em
IOR VLE-20 head 1rg1n1a horea. Mutable for
all purpo-e-, three matehctl teanw. price, iutat esiaoitsned Clairvoyant, tells your busineeS.
ible. 01S Golden St.. between 9th antl 10th, 10le attairs, faintly troubles, about Iawsu.ts. di-
Oldest established Clairvoyant, tells your business.
and I) and E &:
apll .It
w , ttif. ATEs, Sale-nun.
IOR SLE Two runalKMit. one pneumatic tire,
one phicton, two groctrt wagon, one single
man bucgj (Brtwstcr) Apply ALMA GROCERY
CO, .'Id "th at. nw apll 3t
HOtt to be tour own landlord on'JflO a muni'i.
For purlttulars drop po-stil for looklet, il
litrotuig Fort ljer Height.-, Fl ETON It
l.OKDON. 12cK) C; st. nw. apll7t
torce. or anything you wish to know, brings
separated together, causes speedy marriages, re
mote family trouble, bad luck speLs. or mja
ttrious feelings, 10 to 10 daily. 4S9 II it. sw.
ap!3 lt.em
Lr. Leatherman,
IOR LE Itai horse. G tears old, 1V4 handi
1IIK1I. wuiiu, KWW "'" amj lcr, JU.-1 I ?pPnx CPPMII1CT .-'.u . .tl -t...
.... . .....e t..T ....T. -.. -... m. v...& iu io uui; w ii. w
cUeasea. Hydrocele. Varicocele. Stricture. Ins-
, potencr, and Syphilitic Diseases positively cured.
from countrt ; for quick wile onh
KELEHKK'S TBLl. 123 Mh t m
?33. t
rooiu for htf'i-eketp-
lOR RENT Tlircc unlur
lrg ' 1th st nw
FOR-HI NT -Part of house, unfur
IOR M,L Or partner wanted; spleudutlj local
nl. good luting cigar and1' tietrspaper rre,
rtccipt'- atirago'$0 UtrC2I1 this-onice." '
apllS-St.ein -
apll il em 1 MILLINERS stcre, splendid cah trade; fre-h.
T clean ttotk. actetstTfintoicc. exceptional op-
IK.ituniti 1)1 M P tOC F 't apl3-St.tm
Nil lith -t j
aplt "t,cm
IOR T.l NT I i.ttir
" "'th tt -I
FOR RENT 1 ntirc Sd floor to
hall. 3 clcjets a m. 1. ; ?'
1111 il tt. ne.
roonu, 2d floor, with w iter.
apll .it.iui
uthilts; 2 ruOiiis;
no children, ret.
aplJ .It cin
Fla ate. nw.
ecoml floor; a m 1
aplS lit
FOR RENT Unfurnished two plaant, com
municating second floor loom, with alcote
70S Q tt. mv. aplJ 3t
FOR RENT Thrre uufur. rooms, ior I. h. k., carii
convenient: a 111. i . two in fannlt , $12
month, including heat and ga. 312 Elm st. ntt.
ap!2 4t.cm
POOLROOM, dailj rt ceipta "jo
left citt, other buiinc-s,
cheap rent; owner
no ufler rtfa-ed.
apl.I .It, tin
C If. R STORI'. clearing JlfW month, accept m
toicc HI NLP, WW F bt plJ-U.tm
tt WTKD "-aloon, cigar stores, milk route-,
grocent-. laundncv confectionery, and all
otlur business. ll bitfinexi confttlenttal tt'SH-
1NC.TON" HI MNEhts E.CHC;E, 520 10th st mv
apl." 3t
FOR RENT Two nnfur parlors-, lire-t floor, com
municating; rca&onablc. 220 G st. nw.
.112 3t,em
IOR RENT Verj reaMiiiable,
rooma. 1203 b tt. nw.
IOR RENT- Nu tit furnish, d and
rooms ior rent, at 1022 7th st nw
two large unfiii
ap!2 St. em
WANTED Hie b.st ladt'a wheel 10 or ?12 will
bin. Mate make and tear. Address Box 192.
this tithe. apU3r,cm
FOR RENT Three unfurnished room-, 2d floor,
heat, gi.s, bath; no lnltlrt 11 ; reatciwblo 10.:
F rt. nw. ai12-3t
IOR RENT I nfurni-hcd, lutk room,
927 I. st. nw. -
TOR RENT Four iinfurni-licd rooms,
piivatc bath 12"1 'Mh st. nw
(I floor. s3
apl2 31
!d floor;
ap!2 ;t
FOR sLK-11)04 I ft. nw. entire content of
Miiall lodging liuusf, ptrtlt fille.1 with good
paung men lodgera, a tert cozy home. large
front and batk jard-, mil sU cheap. aplS 3t
WANTED Partner, with $500, to enlarge safe.
paimg busine; s-plcndid location; wie-ti-
git. Box 203 tlu office. aplJ St.eni
IF OL" II E anj thing to sell, it pntate sale
or auction, it will pat ton to drop a card to
O G ClilMINGS, Auctioneer, 422 10th et.
at12 3t
FOR fLF The cademi Lunchroom, M2.1, trust
toll tccount of sickne. 4JJ 9th tt nw.
FOR sLB V first cla pliaeton in fir-t clas.,
order Can be cccn at JOHN GREEVS Mt
Pleasant Lutrt 'tabic. apll 3t
man Sleeping Cars Washington te Illtsburer
ani iiamsburir to St Lou:s, Cleveland, ano.
Cmcinnati. Dining Car
10 40 P M. PV1FIC EXPRESS Pullman Sleep
mg Car to Pittimirg.
":53 A. IL For Kane. Canandaigoa, Ronliester,
, "n1 Niagara Falls, daily, except Sunday.
10.5a A. M. For Elmira and Renovo daily, ex
cept Sunday. For Williarasport daHy, 3:30 P-
T:20 P. li.-Tor Williamsport. Racfcester. Erie,
Bu'ialo. and Niagara Fall daily, exctpt Sat
urday, with Sleeping Car Washington to. Roch
ester. 10:40 P. M For Erie. Canandaig-". Rochester.
Buffalo, and Niagara Falls dally. Pullman
Sleeping Car Washington to Roche3tifr Satur
days only.
Fur IMilIndelphln. New York, and the
dai r. all Parlor Can. with Dining- Car fron
Baltimore. Regular at 7 00 (Dining Car). 7 20.
7 55, 8.15. 9.00. 10 00 (Dining Car), and 11 M
(Dining Car from Wilmington) A. M., 12.45.
S.15. 5 00 (Dining Car from Baltimorr).. 8.50.
10:00, and 11 50 P If. On Sunday. 7.00 (Dlnioa;
Can. 7.20, 8.13 9 00, 11.00 (Dining Car from
Wilmington) A. JL, 12.15, 3 15, 5 00 (Dining
Car from Baltimore), 6.50, 10 00, and HwO- Pi
M. For Philadelphia onl i. Exprets, 12.15 P. it
week days2.0t. and 5 40 P. M. daily.
For Boston, without change, 7.55 A. U. week
days and 5 00 P. M. daily
For Baltimore, B20, 7 00, 7 20. 7 55. 81$, 9.0O,
10 00. 10.30. 11 00 A M . LM5. 12.45. 12.
2.01. 3.13. 3 30. 4 00. (Limited). 4 20. 4.31. 5.08.
5 40. 8.15. C,50, 7 20. 1O.0O, 10 40. 11.35. and
11 50 P. JL On Sunday, 7 00. 7.20. 8 IS. 9 07.
0.05, 10.50, 11 00 K. M . 12.15. 1 15. 2.01. 3.15,
S30, 4 00. (L.mited). 4 20. 5 00, 5.10, 6.13, .,
7 20. 10 00. 10 40. and 11 50 P JL
For Pope's Creek Line. 7 55 A. JL and 4'31 P. JL
week day Sunday 9 05 A. M.
For Anna poll j, 7 00 and 9:00 A. JL, 12:15 a ad
5:10 P JI. we-k days. Sundays, 9.00 A. JL
ami 4-20 P M
For Old Point Comfort, via Doswell and Chen-
peak and Ohio Kailway. 11 15 A. Jt. f 1C
days, with through Pullman Buffet Partor Ca
Expresd for Flernla. ad poinLi on Adantar Coast
Line, 4 t. JI . X07 P JI. daily. Kichmoad
onlj. 11 45 M weekdays, thtnta Special.
via Richmond aed Seaboard ir Line 5 00 P
JI daib Aceommodatiois for Quant ico, 7.15
A. SI. daily and 4 23 P Jf week aayj.
bcaohore t'unricctlona.
For Atlantic Cif r Cvu I)e!aware Rivt Bridge, all
rad mute). 12 45 P U week day itftreegh
Puli -aa Buffet Parlor ( ar). 3.15 (4.00 ' Con
grfional Limited"), and 1150 P M. dally.
a Market -treet W harf. W ' aod 11 00 A. it .
12 15 P M. week days. 11 3i P JL daily.
Tor C ape May. 11 00 V JI week days, 11,50 P. JL
Ticket office, corner Fifteenth and C Streeta.
nd at the station. Sixth and B Streets, whart
orders can be left for the cheekiBR of baggage
to destination from bote's and resMeneea
Telephone call "11 II" for Pemjjlvnia IUIV
road Cab --ervii-
General Jtanager. General Pasaengtr Ag
Southern Ry.
Schedule m effect January W, 1900.
MI trains arrive and leave from Pezxisy! lai.
Passenger Station.
8-01 a. m. DaHy Taxal fcr Danville. Charlotf.
and war Nations. Conneets at Jfana3as. far Stras
bur ami Harrisonburg dailv, and staonton wek
day-, and at Lynehburg with the Norfolk and
W e-tf rn daily, and xtth C & O. R R. for Natwral
Bridge tkilv. ami Lexington week day.
11 15 a m -Daily THE UXITKD 3TT3
FAST JI ML MeejHKg Can to Jarltsville. via
Savannah, umting- at -alilmry with Steeper fr
Asheville and Hot "-wings. N" C . KnoxwIK Oiat-
tanoog-a, and Memulu-.. res . and at Chiiittr
IOR LE-Side lir, no top.
order, cheap 321 3d it nw
IOR SM.E New grocery tvaon
.heap lf)S V .1 ate nw
FOR -LE Cutunder spring wagon.
buggt , jrfect
ami harness;
apl I 3t
I st
TOR SM.L-Bargain, dattou ami other wagors
ami carnage)- and buggies. 1212 Ohio ate. nw
apl3 3t
FOR SVI.E Two hor-eo. 25 and $30, good work
crs. and must be sold. KEU.OGt:'& TVBLE
corn.r 21t and I sts nw. aplS 3t
IOR ;rE Fine driving mare; sound; 7 years
old IsSS 0th st. nw aplS-Jt
I OR S LK Buggj ; in good order.
710 D it mv.
TOR LE One doctoi's wagon; one phaeton bog
gj Rear 623 I) st. nw. apli 3t,em
FOR SLE Horse, wagon, and harnca,; buggy
and harness; no reasonable offer refused. 1233
lith st e ap!2 3t
IOR SALE Driving horse, buggy, harrefa; any
ladt can drite hore; stands without weight;
Slf. Atldre'3 BOX 191. this office apl2 3t
FOR SLE Rat rrare. harnct?, and daiton; cheap
if sold at once. 533 6th st tc. apl2 3t
Advice and consultation tree1. Bath sexes. Daily, t n.ih -.i.nr f..r inmtti .irt tn rshunlnj
O 1k A - M . , . r. . 1 i "" W--K-" - '"- " - -- .
' w .i, i lo t. luestuy, inurstuy. ana anunaj.
Evenings, 7 to 8.
002 V Street Nortbrrcat.
CClod Sunday.) mh30 tl
The "3 Days" Cure
(for men) lead all remedies in this city; a
prompt and permanent cure or no charge. Con
sultation free. DR. JlcKEEHAN. 513 12th. L
nw. Office hours. 9 to 12 a. m.; 6 to 8 p. ra.
Sundays. 2 to 4 p. m. mhLImo
IOR SLK barter shop in the Norlhwet
Ani.lt MXRTIXBROS 1025 Pa aie. ai.12 Jt
( FOR S LE Stallion
IOR --LE Boinhng house. Northwest, clearing I Appli l'O K st
IOR SI.E Pair toung horse-., carriage, and har
ness; pnee, 133. 213 5th st. ne., after 1
p. tn apll 4t
"WANTI I) t onee teams for battling wood from
the f-otintrx. Appl ATtt Ti:K, W. Pa ave
,& pll-3t.cm
WANTED Horses for pasture: good grass and
water, no wire; called for and returned.
T i: SPENCER. I-ngdon. D C ap9-0t.em
il lwth
mwt be
aplS St
n'H fur rriemi; gootl ,iw with pri
Bo 2l. this orlice lt.cm
WANTI I) I iinusbed r khii. ccoih! fl.mr front,
can't rn oicr S10 Address HON 219, this
nUlce j
WANTED Bt two aduli. 1 or 1 unfurnished
rooma for light hourekeepinc :; w ijhm 15 minutes
ttth rf and Pa ate. Atkhe- BO , this
.""" ai.!23t
WANTED mwm! hand tywrirer
t-ri c4ieap. cai ler rHtartri
!-!' T llUNTHR. M3 4t t t
WANTED 5,0a lite-bait PHH
1HH v , 313 lltti st. iwr
"W ANTED lit be4fim 4. Mri ,rf grocer
ies, coffee nriiK. eeaJes, roller ton dcsU. -1
TIQNAL Fl RNITUKE CO . 9m lh rt. apl8 3t
WANTHH To 11.1. foewid hand cn4crnd show
Aw quiekl.i, M. Db PEROtt 527
3' apl3 8t
WANTED 1o lui rtamWd imtkc ttiewTiler71;iie
lot pnoe and condition. Addro- Box "OS
tlut oflk- ,,,12 3t7cn;
HICHIIJ-T C SH PRICES iMid fw ..liowcascs.
4edw and all kinds of furniture t) G CUli
JHVfiS 422 lth tt. 3,i: 31
WANTED 1.H- tali, lioiisehidd good, diow cases
ottli and store fixtures. O. G. CUJI JUNGS
im. lOrh t apl2-3t '
HIGHEST cash naid for old gold, silver, dentist
gold platinum, painter's gold, old and pew jew
el ry of etcrj description. LOUIS ABRAHAMS 603
.tu at. my., opposite U S. Patent Office. Washing
ton. D. C, formerly of Maiden Lane NY
mills, lm, cm ' ' "
OLD STAJIPS-Uighcst prices paid for oWlurT
all kinds, used or unused, departments and
proofs; auo foreign; no common 2c. j r
HARTELS, 725 Hth 6t. nw. mui-tf
WANTED Highest cash prices paid for -ladies
and gents' cast-off clothing; drop postal I'll
call B. TARSHES, 1308 7th st. nw. mh27-lrno
WANTED For highest cash prices, mctalt. Iron,
rubber, paper stock, maclimerr. tnolt rtr.
II. BERNHL1UER, 926-B23 C eL nw., 'phone 2275
HIGHEST price paid for second hand bicycles;
also taken en storage. 421 9th st. nw.
&TKED Fri fl3 II st int.. white bull dog;
lag 2170 Itcwaid if icturucd to abote ad-drc-p
LOST DiamoiHl ring, in or near CJoIden's Oister
HtMb-e, altoiit 1 p in . smndat- night; sj re
ward L M PHH.I.II'N 23 II -t. nc ap'l3 3t
LOT Hank U.k S327, i-l0n .Cj -, Bank of
Aashmgton. I) C". during list liohdaj.
Please let urn to owner, 110 tK, Hiatteville Md
FOUND Ice cream, pure and delicious, 7CV; per
gallon LACEY CREAMERY CO., 607 N. Y.
ave nw. 'Phone 20S1. je27-tf
FOR '-M.l, t l.airett Park, a iiiinmcr home in
this bcautitiil sub ditiMoti at a b.irgain; re
duced from Cy to $4.."(K); two -tory frame, slate
iiiof II 100111-. large clo-ett; two stairwat-, eel
lai. wattr at door, hue .shade, lirge groumU.
Ifi.oif) -ipine fc. t, iiit.lt terraced, .see photograph
at oll'.t HILL, NEW! ON CO, S02 V st. nw.
FOR - V OR EC II VNGF Fiflccn ltd-- an
ntit Paik. onl.t three tmarttis of .1 mile
from Rot kt .lie. fating on the cicctiic railroad,
al-o (.e.u-21 town ami Kotkiillc juke; higii dota
tion, good well of watci. two 1ioil-Cs on pime
renting for H) ur; one ncarli new; pnte onh
?.,tO0 DILL, NEWTON & CO . ;02 F st. nw. "
lt,ean ,
IOII l.l. 20 at it-, tint land; dwelling, bam,
rfablc, cliitken house, fnnt. teams, wagon-,
ulciL-il-, land icadi fw ciiltttation; near citt
and station; c2,'i0, cast tcitn-. DUCKETT k
DENT. 035 F st. apll 3t
FOR SM.I'- 13 acre; fine land; C-room dwelling"
liarti. Mablc, cJiicken hou-e, fruit, water
. miles to market; good road; near station- $' -(100;
cat teims. 1)1 CKirTT A. DENT, (81 i'
fJL apll 3t
TOR f LE-27 aires; gootl land; small dwelling
barn. tin. ken hou'e. quantitv of fruit, 7 miles
to citt, good load; near rtation; Sl.fcOO- east
term. DUCKE1T A. DENT, 633 F sL nw
apll It
FOR S VI i: !! acres on old H'aden-burg Road
one nuie from Iltatlstillc, S room liousc, cel
lar, hot and cold water, furnace, well and wind
mill; tlircc atics in timber, balance cleared and
I"ir-ai.. X UAittOUD, 103 9th fX. nw.
TOR RENT 124 D st ne , 3d ll..or. t room-, s,nal
kitchen, beat, gas, bath on 2d floor, fl2.30
tears old, or will trrde
apll 6t
200 inonlli, turnitiirc worth sj.,hki; price. ' , , TiT. 7, TuZ li 7,
, ku Miitk" itr -inks'- ititOKKiiN um p i I OR SALL-Great bargain, 2a head of horses and
apl2 3t
FOR RENT Tliree front rooms, tmfmimhcd;
heat, light, water 1037 N J ate nw.
IOR SLE Cigar mil tonfettioiiery store, patmg
75 month oter expenses, for 'MW NEtt
familt 407 C st. sc
;tntleman, in puiate
apll St.eni
NICELY furni-hed room.-, tvit'i lward; oppo-ilc
G. P. O., reas-onalde rate-, vacant 13lh 59
11 st. nw. ( apll 3'
FUR. 2d-stort- front room; suitable for two; with
hoard; ?3'. 1706 1' st. nw aplj 3t,em
IOR RFNT Second -tor.i Irorit; aF-7rhrje ami
small roons, with bo ml 1017 lith -t. mv.
ap!3 3t,em
ROOM and board, 1. 513 1-t st
apll .It
FOR RENT Iirge front room, 2d floor with
board: suitable for two; at moderate rates.
SO Sth st. ne. ap!2-Jt
FOR RENT 1221 I ft. nw.. nicelt-fuMishcd front
rooms tor two, with board. ?30, ?33 apl2-3t
WANTED By joung ladt-, a room-mate; mt.pl
furnu'hed front loom and Iward; tert rea-on-ablc.
911 E st. nw. "ap"l2-3t
FOR SALE l-adts Echiisc wlitel, u-cd tcrt lit
tle 32:1 7th st m .ipl4 3t,em
FOR SALE High giatle bititlc, in good condi
tion. $r: r7 r st nc ajiii ::t
F"OR SXI.K 13 acres on Queen's Chapel Road,
near electric road, all cleared and under cul
tuation; well of excellent water, shade and fruit
trees; 10 loom house, cellar, barn and other out
buildings, $20,000. A. S. C.UWOOD, OVi 9th
t- ntt. apll3t
FOR SLE 30 acres good garden land; tery de
sirable; near electric road; a bargain; tenint
liouse; large barn, on hard, lite stream, location
tery bealtht, suitable for -ib dttision for build
ing sites ptr atiu $200. A. S. CAY'WOOD. 93:5
"' -L nw. apI4-3t
WATCH THIS SPCE for rare baigam-j in bi
ctclcs, tires, supplies of all kinds; for in
stant c, wo sell a guaranteed bic.tcle, fitted with
.Morrow coaster and bnke, for 23; tues put on
for 1 50; lamps; at 90c; all fiindne-. at lowest
prices. NATIONAL CYCLE CO , 1121 Pa. ate.
THE finest clock S) stern in exutence; large as
sured iacomo and guaranteed principtL
de-3 tf
FOR MLE nother lot of $ 7, ami $10 .seiv.
injr mat limes, 5 years' guarantee at FI KS,
327 C st. 50. ap!4 St.tm
I OK sM.E-C.oat, sulky, md harncs-, cheap 5t1
Jifirsnii ft, Anatti-tia. apll Jt, em
I OR SALE Caligrapli Itpewrittr, m good contll
tion, cheap. 157 F st nc. apllSt
IOR sl,i:-lrge ket lock sife. SPRINGM VNN'S
EXPRESS, P37 I) st. nw. apll St
mares, ranging in age from j to 9 tear,
weight 900 to 1.100 pounds; suitable for any'buM
rci, and no reasonable offer refused. Call 212
4's st. nw. apS-7t
LDIl- wanting their dre-c- made to ortltr and
cheap, please call at 1501 6th st. nw.
apll St)Ciii
PKINTINC5 of ettrt tl"scnption, from the delicate
cgratetl-llke lath's calling- card to the large
and Innd-oinelt- silk bound books of poem.-, not els.
ipagannes, new -pipers., show, theatrical, railroad,
ami circus printing, ttc treat the small orders
with the fame gnte that ne do the large order?
tte arc in busme-s to pleae, and that fact is
stroi gly atte-tetl bt the wonderfiillv inerei-cd
liu-inc-s of the new lear Ettmatrs free i.pcc
ial-: 300 card-, LrjO: 300 envelopes. 1 73: 5Ji:
KtttrheaiN. 2; 0O) imitation ttpewritten cir
tulir letters. 2.30. HXXttORTH PLBLISHING
HOlSr, 312 Sth ft It
FOR SLE 3,000 square feet of fine building
slate, for foundations; -izes to suit, up to
lfc2l inches. Addrca Jll Florida ave. nw.
apll 3t
IOR XLE Put ncv- hamlks on jour furniture,
full bra-s, 10c per dozen. FRIES fc n)P
WOOD, Sth and K fts. nv. It
FOR SM.E Nice ice bo, terj cheap.
1st st. nw
Appli 17(Ki
aplj Jt,cn
fret- todat at GR ND
ftorcs, 427-429 7th st nw. apl
IOR SALE Or rent; barber shop; excellent trade.
Appli 11 II ft- rie. apl2 "it, em
FOR SALE At bargains lot of fhowc.ie.s, roll
and flat top de-k, large mirrors, folding beds,
sideboards, cash register, and full line of furni
ture, blanket?, quilt?, spreads, and lace. curtains
at tost. O G. ' UMMINGS, 122 10th bt. apl2.3t
LARGE assortment of second-hand bicjclcs; all
makes, at $5, $10. and $15; tires, special
prices; (quality considered), $1.50, $1.75, ?2 25,
$2.50; Goodrich and Hartford ?3; bicjclc repairing,
mechanical oterhauling, $1; enameling, $2; vulcan
izing. 40c. LAB0F1SH, Bicjclc Machinist. 717
9th 6t nw. mhll-1 mo-em
FOR SALE Few more beautiful lots at Drane
wood ne., extension of the Columbia car line;
small monthly patmenls: no interest. C. II N
BACK, 012 F st. nw., Room 4. aplS St
FOR SALE Beanlif uI lot, west of Chevy Chase;
45.S55 square feet, 1S9 feet fronting Rockiilic
Railroad; one fare from city. Addres FRANK
STORY, Station E, Tcnlejte-itn. apl2St,cm
FOR SVLE Square piano, ?-20.
1100 Pa. ate. se.
FOR SALE-Fine Knabe
10 K st.
aplJ 3t
FOR SXLE Brooklarrd, S rooms; a. ra. i.; $2,000;
?100 down balance ?20 month. Addrea HOY
1S7, IhU office. apll-7t
TOR RENT Cotfage of 9 rocnis-, 3 acres; on
j Hamilton Road, mar Congress Heights. Ap
I pb -10 Sth . ne. aplJ 3t,nn
FOR SXI.E Fridaj. April 13, 2 p. m , I will sell
the entire dining room ami kit.heu outfit of
the Columbia Ht-taurant, 520 12th st. mi. O. G.
CI MJHNGS,Auttionn apl2 2i
IOR SVLE Lunchroom license; al-o a quantlti
of tobacco. II. D1TTJIAR, 930 Pa. au. mv.
ap!2 3t
IOR SM.E Handsome snrall Italian grot hound;
ladt's pet. 25 Sth st. ne. jpl2 3t
FOR S LE Cheap, baby carriage; almost new.
23 Sth ft. ne. i ap!2 St
IOR SXI.E Smith' 'American Organ, ?I5; 1
monthlt; Eftey Organ, $C3, $1 inonthli ; 0p-
portunitt of the jear to buj a good organ cheap.
F. G. SMITH 1223 Pa. ate. apll-tf.cm
FOR SXLE I.awnV gr-fes, and. (luwcr ind paidtn
seeds, aho bulbi., cauart bill-, -ntoLs, gtid
fi-hca. aqinnums, incubator, brodtis, tit.
SCHMID'S BIRD STORE, 712 ,'i t. nw.
aplO tf.em
FOR SALE Upright piano for rent, ?3 per inoitli;
rent to appl) on purcl asc if desired. F. G.
5MIT1I. 1225 Ha. Jfl ap7-tf
1-OR SALE $B for-jtair mattresues In two pacta;
lounges, 2.75; G cook and beating stares $3.
jarlor and bedrosiK Witc, ?l per tuck; we are
sfter furnishing jour house, cash or credit. RED
MOND. 311 and sij:7th it. nw. de4-f,cm
FOR SALE Good. quatily opaque shades, httcd to
jcur windows, only 25t; ths best quality oa
epaque shades, CO Jcntsrt hung free; wiil call with
tairple. ULfcEBLTT, lith anil 11 .U. ne
PAINT that prctcnts leak.-, and pre-ertes the
roof IOR ONLX J IP.' Fine roofing and spout
mg. Rl'BID.K ROOF PAINT CO , 411 0th st. nw.
1 IN'E pating business near Palais Rotal, estab-li-hcd
fite tear., at present plice;" large tine
show cafes and ?100 in stock; cheap rent; busi
neM suitable for ladj or gentleman; will sell all
for $330 on account of sickness. Address BOY 16C,
this office. ap!3-3t
WELL DIGGER and pump maker; hrst cla work
done. CHARLES M. DORsEX & BRO.. 622
12th st nc apl 5-7t
.3 13th ft. nw. ; open day and night. ap!2-7t
LXDII.S, call at 916 N. Y. ate. and try an electric
treatment for the face and scalp. apl2 3t
GOOD quality floor oilcloth. 20c. and 23c. jard:
samples brought. KLEEBLAIT'S, 11th ard H
stf. ne aplO tf.em
BXI) HILLS COLLI CTED or no charge. II, D.
GORDON. Law.tcr, 1333 F st. nw. ap9-6t
THE GIRL with the auburn hair and .tour-elf
c?n get tour picture on a button made while
.ton wait;19c. I LYNN'S, 459 Pa. ave. apS-7t
GOING to build any new houses thi-f spring?
Have i paint t'ie rook with our RLHIJEIt
ROOF PAINT.. It prevents leaks presertes the
roof. Roofs piinted, ?3 up. i.UBBLK ROOF
PAINT CO , 411 Cth st. nnr. ap7 tf
LANDLORDS: How much has it cost you lately
for repairr, that bad to be made on account
cf Uakj roofs? You save all thlj if jour roots
are painted with Rubber Hoof Paint. It prctcnts
leaks presence the roof. Roofs painted, $3 up.
3!7 6thSt.,Co.-.ll. A.
Wa jh'ng'.o i. D ii
oUtMAN SPECIALISTS In cbarg to treat a-.
ehronic diseasea cf man and voirjs. Can x
Rheumatism, Brain, Stomach. Heart. Kidney.
Bladder, Hemorrhoid j (Piles) cured; titality re
stored. PKIVATR DISEASES. Stricture. Impotency.
Varicocele. Hydrocele. Syphilitic Skis and Blood
Poison cured without mercury.
Especial attention in eld and so-eall-d lacurtSi
rue, treated and cure accomplished. Hours, 13 ta
12. 2 to fl. Tuesday. Thnndays. and Sa:u'd)i.
till 8 evening. (Sunday closed.) Dr. CZAKRA.
Dr. R'ed is eminently fitted to tope w'th
the disease cf which he makes a specialty.
Dr Reed cures catarrh, kidney, and
stomach troubles, bra.n and bladder trou
bles. sexual weakness and all the special
diseases: youthful indiscretion, loss of
manhood. varii3cele. hydrocele, stricture. c.
without cuttini or operation, and without the
use of mercury and other poisons.
Promptness and permanency make Dr Reed'a
methods particularly desirable CorsulUtior.a free i
Office hours. 10 to 1, 3 to 6, dailt; Sundav. 10 '
to 12.
3J4 Ninth Street "N. H'.
UcatT leaned ca Watches. Dtamootfj, Jtwelry.
Bucinesa strictly cccfidentia!. No connecuaa
with any other Loan Office in the citv.
Legal.y licensed to practice obstetrics in the Dis
trict il Columbia. Late resident assistant of the
Royal W omens Hospital, Munich, Bavaria, and
gold medal awarded far proficiency in the science
cf obstetrics in that institution. Private Sani
tarium for ladies before and during conflnemenL
Trained nurse and expert attending- physicians to
treat all diseases of woman. Office hours. 10 a. m.
to 6 p. m. 621Pa. ate. nw . Washington. D C.
'OF. LO,
Aks no question-, tells ju-t what you wish o
know. Are jou separated from one you lave
Do ton wish a change of luck, lote, marriage,
dit Tree, true or untrue? Has your Iotetl one
grown coltlt Spells, enemies, drunkenness, family
trouble. You are unmarried, jou have an af
finity. Have one drawn to you. Come to PROF.
LEO, the Reliable, after 10 a. nu Drins this ad.
72S 10th st. nw. No sign. t
with sleeper (or Charleston. Meeprc Car
New Orleans. uait.Bg at Charlotte wits Steept-r
for Atlanta solid train Wa)n-igtw to New
Orleans without change Dining- Car aervfee-.
C jnnet N at Lynchburg dailv for Natural Bftdpf,
ami week das fcr Lexington
11 3 a. m Daily Local for CTrltesv.
4 01 p m Local for Front Royal. stRtaw?,.
and Harnonburg daily, except Suntiay.
4 .JO p m Dailv-Lo.il for Charlottes vBe.
9 30 p au-Daily-NEtt YORK VND FLORID X
EXPRESS sleepinr Cits to Port Tan-pa. via,
savannah ami JaeknonviMe. onmttng- wtt Draw
ing room Sleeping tar fer St. Augustine and
Jlurai. Sleeping dr to Xugusta. vkl Cafcmbia.
writh connection far Xiken ami Charleston.
Through coach to Jacksont ille. Ihma; Car Ser-
inr Cars to Jlemphu and Nw Orleans, through
Bristol Parlor and Observation Car between Bad.
ford. Xa , and Attallia. Via. Dimn? Car Service.
10 13 p. m.-DaiIi--WAsIUNGTON AND SUUTII
XXESTERN LIMITED, composed of SWpers, Din
ing Cars, and Day Coaches. Sleepers to Nash
ville. Tenn , via Abbeville; Knoxvrile. and Chat-tarooga-
Jteniphis. via BirmiDgham: New Orleans,
via Xtlanta and Xlontgorrery C onnect at Hifeh
Point, N. C . leaniKe Washington dairy, except
Sa'urdav, for Pmehnrst. N C Observation Car
ta Macon, t.a . via Xt'anta. Extra Draw lag
r m sleeper to Vew Oriean every Tuesday ami
Sa'uriat, connecting there with 'sunset Limited"
f r an liiwuc" Xertibule- Dav Coach to At
lanta Dining Car Serr k- Sunset Penorrally
c "Jjc,etl ToHnsti" Excursion Sleeper on thi
tr i etcrv Mondav Xednpday. and FrMay to
San Frami-co Aithout change
SION leave XV ishmgton 9 01 a in daily and 4:45
p m week days, and 8 25 p. m inAivs asnly
f . Rfund Hill .4 35 p. n week days. 11 2 p. ra.
XXedneada3 and saturAits. and o 25 p. ra SatH
davs for LeesbHrg, Sp m da-ly tr Hermfen.
Returning, arrive at tt'ahigtOB S.J4 a m. and
2 15 p. m week da ind s 40 p ra. SwmIijis only
from Round Hill. 7 0t a m. week days hn
Herndon; S 34 a m. week days. 7 3S p m. Wed
nesdats and Saturdays, and 7 0 a. ra. JJow-jy
from Yeesbuig".
Thrwigh trains from the South arrive at XX'aOt
tngton 6 42 a. m . 7.35 a ra . 2 15 p !.. and S 54
p. m. daily; Harrisonburg. 1-2 roon week afs ami
9 40 p m. daily, and from ChartettevMe SAS
a m and 9 10 p. m daily.
Tickets, sleeping car reservations, and other In
formation furnisbed. and baggage- call-d for and
checked from hotels and residences by Union
Transfer Company, on orders left at tMtet, of
fice. 705 Fifteenth st nw . 511 Pennst Ivanm. ave.
nw , and at Pennsyltama Paaenger Slsxiien.
Telephone call 1441 for Pennsylvania. Ratlrvad
Cab service.
FRXNK S. GXWON", 3d V Pres and Gen. JIgr.
J. JL CLLP. Traffic Xlanaser
VT. A. TURK, General Passenger Agtnt.
L. S. BROWN. General Xgect.
Noirni GEU.MAN lloydlinbT'
(New York and Baltimore.)
E. F. Droop & Sons,
EXPERT watch repairing, mainsprings, $1;
cleaning ?L COO 7th tt.L opposite Patent Of
fice mhl5 lmo.etn
nw. Anj ordfaary clock cleaned, 50c; watches
cleaned, tOc up; musical box repairing- and all
ether work aa low in- proportion; satisfaction
guaranteed; send postal, will call for and deliter
Iree to any part of District. mhS-tf
tolamo magazine, 75 cents; other binding
equally as cheap; printing 500 cards, 75 cents;
other printing equally aa cheap. XVILLlAMS. 613
7th t. nw- Charles XX'. Dowdcn. Jfanagcr. fe2-tf
COHEN, lldl 7tb i
for hire, ?L
t. nw.
Jlcdium and Card Reader. XVashington's most
fcmous Clairvoyant and Palmist. Consult her on
business. love, and family affairs; reunites the
separated; remotes (pells; causes speedy mar
riages and gives luck. Open daily. German
spoken; 23c and 50c. 929 II st. nw. ap9-7t
JILTUXI. JI XGNET-. Best matrimonial piper
published: sample free; hundred, want to
marry. MUTUAL JIXGNETS, Burlington, Iqwj.
RICH grain dealer, widower, aged 41. has large
income, property and good home; wants wife
who is cheerful and real homemaker. BON 2l(J,
Englewood Station, jjiicago, 111. It
MR. I. NORRIS, Baltimore'.! talented medium, at
730 9th st. nw. daily, from 10 to 6, Sunday
included; seances Tuesday and Friday, 3 p. m ;
XVednewiat. 2:30 p. m.; Sunday nighU at Jlac
cabce Temple, 513 9tlt st. nw.; good music; silver
collection. apl2 7t
LADIES who desire a Monthly Regulator that
cannot fail will please adorns with stamp.
DR. STEVENS. Buffalo, N- Y.
JIJIE. DAX'IS, born clairvoyant and card r.der.
tells about business, removes spells and evil
influences reunites the separated, and gives luck
to all; cures piles and drunkenness. 122S 23th st.
nw. aplO-lma
925 Penna.
Ja9-tu,at tf
Ir tended Steamship Sailings fros. Vancouver.
EMPRESS OF CHINA. ...Jfay 7. Julv 9. Sept. 10
EMPRESS OF INDIA May 23. July 30. Oct. 3
EMPRES- Ol JVPXN. ..Jiuie 13. Aug 2,V- 3
HArtAliA At) ;. 3 At-i
to: rates apply l.r i'luiujlvama Arenut.
Eallirg Wednesdays at 10 a. ta.
Every XVednesday at 12-nooa.
Pieri 14 and 15. U R. sOfllee. 73 Broadway? V x,
PhlIadlptU Offlce. S03-337 Waln'it St
Or W. Q. MOSS. Agent, at Sanders Stay-Baa
ISSI f St. nw . m4
THIS is Easter week, boys, and you- ought, tn
krow that we am here with, an elegant stock
of linlit overcoats and suiu of clothe ot. best
inaterii's and not worn much, and prices to suit
the workingman. The Ions established JLSTH'd
OLD STXND, 619 D iL apl0-7t

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