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NO. 477.
. ...... --
Hlpu.ifl .J"yl"
cm account of the rain on
July 4, still holds good from
July 7ft to 14ft inclusive,
On which Days we will
Give Away 50 "Solid Gold
Tuxedo Souvenir Watches.
TO EVERYBODY purchasing from U. on
tli above-named dates, -we will give a Iliuid
somdy Chased and Engraved Solid Geld Watch,
stem winder and setter. You may say, how can
we afford to do this? Well, we have taken the
above number of watches from a large dealer in
jihange for lots at TUXEDO, and not being in the jewelry -business
we have concluded to give them away as souvenirs of this
W.tutiful suburb ou the eight above-named days only. Bear in
tnnd, also, that we are selling the very best lots ever offered around
Washington at the low price of
3-0 eLndL
Just think of it! A choice home-site with which to lay the
foundation of your home, for only $40. Then why not make a start
iu-ilax-? Make your family happy now while the opportunity is at
I .aid for a chance like this conies but once in a lifetime. Ke
nt inber.
No Swamps, Wo Malaria, but Pure Air, Pure Water, Perfect
Drainage, is what you get at
Situated on the main stem of the Penna. R. R., in Prince
fir$je"s ixMintj, Md., within a few minutes' ride of the city and
lxiutne-qaarer ofm mile from the District line, with station on
the grounds. Commutation fare, 6 cents. AJi lots are situated on
it high elevation, commanding a beautiful view of the surrounding
rountry. ,
Owing to the inclement weather on-July 4. we have postponed
the 3 Grand Balloon Ascensions to Tuesday, July ), 1895,
On each Balloon will be attached a "number corresponding
ith a choice lot n amber at TUXEDO. To the finder presenting
.iiue at our office on or before Monday, Juty 15, 1895, we will
give a deed for said lot FREE. Trains leave every day at 1 1 :40
dt. m., 4:30 and 6 p. m. Sundays at 9a. m.j 1:10, 4:10 and 6 p. in.,
from depot, Sixth and B Sts. N.W. Circulars and tickets"" at our
flit e or from our agents at depot.
K. B. Those having purchased tickets on July 4, and were
eiiaWt- to ubelbem on account of the rsa. can have the same ex
changed at our office.
Owing to very many solicitations from
the trade and others to place a fine
Dark Beer" upon the market, and the
great success already met with, we have
pleasure in stating that our new produc
tion is brewed from Imported Hops and
the Finest Malt, and can in everyway be
relied upon to give satisfaction, having
tor its special
Brilliancy of Color!
Fihe Palate Flavor!
Faultless Keg Cokoitioh!
Purity of Material!
Exhilarating in Hot Weather!
Washington Brewery C
Fourth arid E Streets N. E.
l T--y Small Payment Down; $1 Weekly.
--'F Tan Per Cent Off for Cash.
i? d5r7vC'53fcB
tJ5 gp
"At Augenstein's.
4 I
To Reduce Stock.
1$ are not going to
to praise these qualities or prices. Any
judge will at once see that they are even
more than remarkably low they are most extra
ordinarily low! Never before, during our busi
ness career, have we seen such retail prices for
housefurnishings- THESE PRICES ARE
the stock Every item is such a bargain that we
cannot believe they will last but a short time,
great as our stock now is.
Come Eaily, II You are Wise!
72 Sheets of Shelf Paper
any color you wish,
beautiful goods . . .
A lot of very prett' col
ored Glass Egg- Cups
Mason's Fruit Jars 1
qt. size best in the
world ....
A few Fireproof Pre
serving Crocks in
valuable to house
keepers ....
A lot of very handsome
Jelly Glasses, with
covers, an adornment
to any table. Only .
Some double-ilame 2-
burner Gas Stoves,
a good make, and
very .serviceable .
A lot of 1-burner Oil
Stoves, very useful
for light cooking.
A bargain . . .
A few French China
Gold-baud Tea Sets,
56 pieces These are
most exquisite and
have never been sold
at less than S5.48
before ....
Great Housefurnisher,
T, S. Donaldson the Victim of
Murderously Inclined Man,
The Assailant I Hollered to Be a Fr.e-
quenter of Alexander Is land Track.
The Injured Plumber.
Thomas S. Donaldson, a plumber, re
Biding at No. 615 Sixth street bouthwest,
Is now lying at "the Emergency Hospital
with a bullet in his left hip, and his wound
is the result of one of the most remarkable
assaults in police annals.
It was inflicted at the early hour of 6
o'clock yesterday morning, by a man whom
he had seen but a few times before, but
who evidently knew him and wanted to kill
him. The wound is very painful but not
Donaldson stated at the hospital yes
terday that he was awakened about 5
o'clock yesterday morning by a ring at
his door bell.
When ho went downstairs ho saw a
man at the door whom he remembered
having seeu at the Alexandria Island Race
Track, where he had soveral times done
some work.
Donaldson opened the door and when he
asked what the man wanted the latter in
peremptory tones domanded a drink.
Donaldson replied that there was" no
liquor of any kind in the house for him
to give, whereupon the stranger drew a
revolver, and without a word of warn
ing fired a shot point blank at Donaldson.
Tho bullet took effect in the left leg
just below the hip, and Donaldson fell to
tho floor..
His family were aroused by the noise,
and hurried down stairs, and after ascer
taining the trouble a policeman was hastily
summoned. Tho man who fired the shot
hda disappeared down the street, how
ever, and could not be found.
Donaldson furnished a description of
him to the police, however, and it is thought
that he is a well-known frequenter of
the race track, and they expect to capture
him without any trouble.
The injured man was taken to the
Emergency Hospital and the surgeons
probed for the ball, but were not success
ful in looating it. He was resting easily
last night howe.ver, and anothefc effort to
remove the balwjll be mo,d.e tq-day.
spend time and money
The cheapest Water Cool
ers ever offered. Splendid
A 2-gallon Cooler, fOr .
A 3-gallon Cooler, for .
A 4-gallon Cooler, for .
No. 9 Copper Bottom
Wash Boilers, wbnder-f
ful value, for . . .
Galvanized Slop Buckets
good ones, that will
wear well, and won't"
fall to pieces . . a
50 different styles of
S5 Decorated Cham
ber Sets really hand
some, stylish goods
an adornment io any
A fine lot of Cedar Wash
Tubs the regular
prices of these goods
are $1,81.25 and $1.50.
We are selling them at
ww jju j
7 Cakes of best'Oleine
Soap, for . . . . t
Bread B o x e s g o o d,
strong and useful
10-quart Covered Bread
Raising Pans a won
derful bargrain . . i
Agreement Signed for Sixteen Mill
ion Pounds in Kussian Gold.
Debt lledeemnble In Thirty-six Tears.
Money WlllBeRuisedfroin Customs
Revenues of Chinese Ports.
St. Petersburg, July 6. The agreement
to issue the 16,000,000 pounds sterling
four per cent, gold loan to China under
Russian guarantee, was signed this even
ing,' as predicted in the Associated Press
Representatives of six Trench and four
Russian banks and plenipotentiaries of the
Chinese government appended their signa
tures to the document; which provides that
theloan cannot be redeemed or converted
during a period of thirty-six years.
China has agreed not to issue any gov
ernment guaranteed gold loans until after
January 15", 1800. The loan is secured
on the customs revenues of the treaty
ports of China, and it has been agreed
that in event of China falling' to make
payments during the periods stipulated
by the terms of tho loan Russia will assume
the responsibility of meeting the obliga
tions. Game of Cards EndslnDoubldMurder.
Allentown, Pa., July 6. In a dispute
over cards at their boarding shanty to
night Vito Cortls shot and killed Jim
Vilro. Cortls tried to escape, and was
followed by Brone Sinopoli, who caught
up with him as ho was about to swim
across Lehigh River.
Cortls drew his revolver again, shoot
ing Sinopoli In the templo and firing a
bullet into his chin. The murdorer was
secured and taken to prison.
Firo Bur Received Sentence.
Cleveland, Ohio, July 6. Frank Kab
atcbiilk, the incendiary, who is supposed
to have been Connected with the gang of
professional firebugs operating in this city,
was sentenced to. nineteen years' imprison
ment to-day. ICabatchnlk pleaded guilty
to settinir fire to bis Btoro, the goods
ttfbrein blag M5?a i0T many Ul?e8 .tliqir-
mS' ' -
Deluge, Destruction and Death
at Baxter Springs, Kansas.
Residents Had Xo Time to Seek Tbelr
Cyclone Cellars Twenty-SevenCars
"Blown From Ttullroad Trucks.
Mines Flooded and Mules Drowned.
All hits 35a rely Escape.
Baxter Springs. Kan , July 6. A cyclone
which struck Baxter Springs last night
killed five people outright and two others
were injured and are not expected to
The storm struck the city at 6 o'clock,
accompanied by a violent rain storm,
which was as quick and destructive as a
Fully twenty people w ere more or less in
jured, sonic fatally. The storm was not
anticipated and no preparations were made
by the cili7ens to get out of the way in
storm cellars.
When it had abated and the work of
rescue had begun, a dozen homeless families
were found in the streets or in the ruins
of their homes
Mrs Webster and her mother and daugh
ter wereSfound in their wrecked house
Ilibbs was killed in his house
Cooper & Hodgkirks" brick store bjild
liig, the best structure In town, was de
molished, one wall and rear end having
been blown in, destroying the stock of dry
goods Twenty-seven cars were blown from the
Kansub City, Fort Scott and Memphis
tracks The fre'ghc and passenger depots
were almosfdemolished and much damage
to freight resulted Several fine resi
dences and many small houses and out
buildings were blown away
Miners Barely Escape.
In shaft forty-nine of the -Kansas and
Texas Coal Corup.iny at Weir City, where
many minerswereengnged, the water rushed
in with sari- rapidity that the miners
barely eecaped with their lues. Every
mule in the shaft was drowned.
Tne creeks were swollen beyond their
banks within a few hours and fuller re
ports frrm the country round about cannot
but bring newe of (lanugo to life and
property from Uie combined forces of wind
hud water .
The Memphis railroad's wrecking train
and bridge cr.-'WB were called from this city
this morning to repair its depots and Email
washouts which will not interfere with
A complete list of dead reported at 2
o'clock ia as followf Snlhe- Webster,
aged seventy; Florence Webster, aged
"thirty-six; Ralph Webster, aged three;
Thomas Shields, babj ; II. Ilibbs.
The Injured are: Mrs. Nenl. both collar
bones brokeu and internally injured; James
Ncal, scalp wound and internal injuries;
Roy Webster, rlghJLarm broken, right hip
and left elbow dislocated; Mrs. Martha
Smith, hip dislocated and internal injur
ies; Ella Smith, internal Injuries; George
A. Dicker, head injured; A. G. Harbeck,
head injured; three members of-A Sharp
and family, badly injured; Mrs. Thomas
Shields, living nine miles south, fatally
Given In Honor of Visitliicr Studentsnt
C. A. C. Bout house.
One of the most enjoyable barge p'artlca
of the season was that given on the 3d
Instant from the Columbia Athletic Club
boalhouse by E. J. McQuade, in honor of
his friends, Streeter and Gilbert, two vis
iting Cornell students, who were for sev
eral dajs the guests of Mls La Gorce.
Shortly after 8 o'clock the ten-oared barge ,
Columbia, left the boathouse, Lieut. Baker
handling the tiller ropes, carrying a full
complement of fair passengers and brawny
oarameu, and after a delightful trip as far
as Dixie Landuig, returned to the boat
house, where the rest of the evening was
spent in dancing.
During the e cuing an elaborate collation
wasservedouthc veranda, and byunanimous
consent the party was voted a great
Among those present were Mrs. E. J.
McQuade, Mis. Streeter, Mrs. and Miss La
Gorce, Miss McKenzie, Miss Jeffrie, Miss
Duke, MissDanenhower, Miss De Ronceray,
Miss Robertson, Misses A. and M. Latimer,
Miss rfeiffer, and Miss Elwood.
Messrs. Streeter, Gilbert, E. J. and J. D.
McQuade, Johnson, Miner, Jones, Burp,
Carter, Stiles, Baker, Walsh, McGuigau,
Lewis and La Gorce.
Less Lend on Her Keel and Her Bow
Elizabeth, N. J., July G. The Vigilant
which has been ou Nixon's dry dock for
the pqst two weeks undergoing extensive
repairs, was launched this eonlng at 7
o'clock at flood tide. Thirty -fie tons
of lead less than was taken out of her hold
was riveted on to her keel In long bars.
She now draws 1 1 feet 8 inches, and 24
feet with center-board down. A large
crowd was present when the yacht was
floated. No change in the rudder was
necessary. The boat's bow under the
water-line, however, has- been greatly
altered, the bow being made cutter-shape
to the keel.
The Vigilant was towed to her moorings
at Bay Ridge to-night.
Indiana, Ho Says, Favors Bimetallism
"With Proper Safeguards.
Norfolk, Va. , July 6. Gov. Matthews and
wife, of Indiana, spent the day with Admiral
Brown, commandant of the Norfolk navy
yard, and left to-night for Washington.
An Associated Press representative asked
the governor for his views on the currency
question, with the following reply:
"Currency? Now you have me. I must
confess the people of Indiana want good
money and enough of it, and I believe
that a large number of tfiom favor bi
metallism, with proper safeguards."
Populists Went Wrons.
Topeka, Kas., July G. The legislative
Investigating committee this morning made
its report finding Householder and Waite,
Populist ex-members of the board of chari
ties, guilty of most charges preferred. The
report is unanimous and is signed by three
Republicans and two Populists. Gross ir
regularities were found.
Ashland, Wis., July 8. Torrents of rain
fell last night flooding the streets and
damaging the city water works to the
extent of several thousand dollars. The
Ashland Lighting Company's tanks were
floated and many connections broke.
Two Thousand Workmen Idle.
Leeds, July 5. Five cloth mills situated
ear this city, have been closed owing to a
dispute regarding wages. The closing af
fects 2,000 persons.
Rivers Out of Their Banks and Mucli
Property Destroyed.
Ottawa, Kas., July 6. The water In the
Marais Des Cygnes river here la the highest
known in thirty years. Tbo city water
works pumps stood in ten feet of water yes
terday and were shut down. The city fire
engine was Bet to pumping water into the
mains at 6 o'clock last night and continued
until midnight, when the waterworks pumps
were started again and are still working
under water.
Salina, Kans., July C A bridge gang
on the Missouri Pacific, which arrived
this evening from Marquette, thirty miles
southwest, state that the Smoky Hill
River at that place has overflowed its banks
and on the southslde extends nearly back
to the bluffs, two miles distant The water
is nearly to the second story of the houses
nearest the river and some of the people
have been taken out in beats.
Jerfersun City.Mo., July C The heaviest
rainfall this city and vicinity has had in
fhe yearsfell last night. Rain began falling
at 7 o'clock and continued almost inces
santly until S o'clock this morning. It is
estimated that fully seven iuches of rain
came down.
Goose Creek, which flows through this
city, overflowed its banks, flooded the
valley and filled many houses with water
to the depth of three feet.
Fargo, N. D., July G. A storm last night
extending from Anselnr, fifteen miles west
of here, and from one to three miles wide,
damaged thnty of forty thousand acres of
grain, threw.baiIdingsfrornthelrf omnia tions
and deluged the country. Four inches of
rain fell in a few hors.
William Masters, of Alexandria,
Swallowed Corrosive Sublimate.
nis FrieiuUProfe.s to Believe Ho Took
the Fatal Dose by Mistakes Had
Been Despondent for Some Time
Becnuf-e of His Dismissal from the
Southern Railway Office.
(Special to The Times.)
Alexandria, July G. William Masters,
a popular joung man, inalit of despondency
committed suicide to-night by swallowing
corrosive sublimate.
It is asserted by tome of his friends that
thpoison must have been taken by aiittake,
but the general opinion oinains that, it is
a case of suicide, as he has been somewhat
despondent ot late, owing to the iact that
recently he lost his position in the Southern
Railway office.
Mr. Masters was about thirty years of age,
single, and a brother of the wife of Dr.
Laurence Stabler, a druggist on South
Washington street. He lived with his
Bister, and the Matters family is reckoned
among the best in Alexandria.
About three weeks ago Mr. Masters lost
his place in the Southern Railroad office,
where he was employed as a clerk he being
one or a number who were dismissed.
The removal was not bawd upon reasons
prejudicial to Mr. Masters' character, but
was brought about by changes in the rail
waysystem. He was a very popular young
man and a member ot Washington Lodge,
No. 22, of Masons
His dismissal and inabdity to obtain
another position preyed upon his mind and
several times recently his friends observed
him to be under the influence of liquor
and suffering from dejection.
It is not known now whether hia act was
the result of premeditation or sudden re
solve. The corrosive sublimate with which
he committed the deed, was, it is believed,
obtained from Dr. Stabler's drug store, but
whether to-day or some previous occa
sion, cannot bo learned.
He returned to his sister's house this af
ternoon and went at once to his room.
No heed was paid to him until about 7 30
o'clock, when Mrs. Stabler, desiring him
to come to supperwent to his room, where
3he was shocked to find her brother lying
on the bed in an unconscious condition.
Her husband and a physician were sum
moned, and all possible remedies were
tried, but Masters was too far gone to
be saved.
No letters could be found or other evi
dence obtained of his determination to
end his life.
Preparations were at once begun for lus
funeral on Monday, in spite of the fact that
up to midnight the coroner had not been
summoned to inquire into the tragedy
The Masons will have charge of his
Selbnn's Supposed MurdererN "View
His Body But Refuse to Talk.
Oinnha, Neb., July G. The four men and
one woman who are held in connection
with tho Selban murder were forced to
view the body to-day in the hope of
making them talk. Thus far they have re
fused to talk, and their silence has con
fused the polico.
The persons were escorted into the rear
room at the morgue, where Selban's body
lay. The cloth was suddenly removed from
the body of the dead man, and without
a moment's warning they were brought
fnce to face with their victim.
John Bukove was in the lead He is the
man who is supposed to have been the
principal in the crime.
As Selban's discolored features appeared
beforehlmBukove broke downandscfeamed
Tvith terror. He put both hands over his
face to shut out the awful Eight, and sob
bed in the most pitiable manner Drob
nlc and Milan were equally affected, but
they did not breakdown Mrs Milan broke
down and wept bitterly for an hour She
went into hysterics and almost unconscious
ness. As soon as Bukove's terror had subsided
he was led to the head of the cooling
board and asked if heknewwhosefuceit was
that lay before him He said "No, no,
no," and refused to make any other answer.
Judco Payne Orders Her to Disclose
the "Whereabouts of Her Daughter.
Chicago. July G. Judge Payne to-day
ordered an attachment to issue for Mrs.
Lizzie D Cottier, the Washington steno
grapher, as she again failed to comply
with the court's order upon her to disclose
the whereabouts of her child.
An appeal wa3 taken and Mrs. Cottier's
attorneys promised to have her in court
next Monday, wherr it Is probable that she
will tell the present whereabouts of the
daughter, whnm.it is said, she has been
hiding from her husband since 1S83.
Child Killed by u Hog.
Owosso. Mich., July 6. A two-year-old
child of Edward Frost, of Venice town
ship, was killed by a vicious hog yesterday.
Tho child's father was abacnl at the time
and the mother did not notice its absence
until too late.
ut wfoMiu sue noo&i
mw MlUnlei! Hl-J ilUUl?!
Sterol and Flood Da
stray Winona.Kas.
Hundreds of People Struggling
in the Angry Waters.
In Less Than an Hour Eery House
in the Tovn Had Succumbed to the
Rushing Torrent and Fallen to
Pleees Cries of Terror of Men,
Women and Children Mingled "With,
the Howl of -tire Storm and the
Thunder's Roar eigliboring
Towns Also buffered Great Xeecl
of Immediate Help For tneStrioke
Springfield, Mo., July 6. A stores, aT
ful m Its terror aad total to lis work of
(lestruetflSHT wiptsd out the town o
Winona, on the Current River braaefe of the
Kansas City, Fort Scot aad Memphis
Railway, in Shannon county, at balf-paaC
ten o'clock last night.
It is known that eleven lost their lives
and eight men are missing The dead are:
Rev. G W. Duncan, Mis G W Doncan,
Mattie Duncan, Martha, daughter of G.
W. Duncan; Mrs Crawford. Crawford.
Gert, George Nevins, Norma Nevias, little
dangbter of Lloyd Wright, Maggie Cannon,
John Morris, Mrs Nevins
The bodws or Rev. G. W. Duncan and
bis wife and daughter, George Nevins,
Norma Nevins. and the Wnghi girl were
recovered, but the others have not been
A slashing rain, preceded by a fierce
wind, et in at 'dock last night.
While the wind ceased, the rain increased
intensely, until at 10 o'clock it became
a warring tumult. At 10 15 four ftet
of water was on the streets; in fifteen
minutes more buHMlngs could no longer
Hand the strain and began to careen and,
disintegrate in the waters.
"VlvMl flashes ot lightning pierced, the
down-pour, which caue Use the falls ot
Houses were smashed and m the waters
were hundreds of men, women and children,
dashed about like corks. Cries of terror .
and shouts for; help from- the straggttngr
humanity cltnniir to pieces of timber made
the scene one that baffle X intelligent effor
to save the belptesj.
The strong current rushing down the
ravine or valley carried r"any to higher lane
and places of safety. When the torre
had, to a degree, subsided, the men who had
seen to th-ir families, turned their atten
tion to others and by 3 o'clock in the morning-
the worst was over. Those who had
escaped the sweep of the devastation stood
shivering with wet clothine; and without an
opportunity to dry themselves.
When day dawned there was nothing ot
tbelr homes in the town There was n
shelter, no food and no clothing As soon.
as the telegraphic communication was
restored Mayor Evans telegraphed to this
city for aid. To-night the inhabitants
of AVlnona are sheltered among farm
houses or have gone to neighboring towns
In all thirty buildings were destroyed.
The total loss is not less than $50,000.
Rev G W.Duncan, who lost his life, wasr
pastor of the Winona circuit, and was but
recently ordained. He was formerly an
engineer on the Iron Mountain Rallrcad.
The bodies ot Miss Duncan and Mrs Craw
ford were found at 4 o'clock this morning.
Two others were recovered long after day
break. Some had floated down Pike Creek;
and in the direction of Current River In
places the water was twelve feet deep in
It is now known that Birch Tree, eighfe
miles west of Winona, had in worst scorm
at the same time last night No hves were
lost, however.
A dozen miles east of Winona, north
east and southwest of the town, are hills.
The railroad follows a valley east and
west and a deep ravine goes out northwest
toward the river Along the sides of this
ravine or valley were clustered houses oc
cupied by the families of the men who
had been employed in the Ozark Lumber
Company's sawmill
When the clouds opened on the hills tho
watet rushed dewn this ravine, carrying
all before it. The railway was on a
slight grade, but the track was torn up
and residence houses and business build
ings were swept afcins with it Into the
Winona at the last town censs had 60S
people. Eight miles west of Wioosa was
situated Birch Tree, next in stee in the
county, with 500 inhabitants.
t hnd similar timber interests and was a
thrivme; place.
On the morning of July 4. this town suf
fered from a downpour that was almost
equal to a cloudburst Great preparations
had been made for a celebration and a
mammoth dinner was spread under the
The storm swept everything away and
many had narrow escapes frtun drowning.
Again late in theevening there came another
flood that was most disastrous in its results.
Juj- Gould's Nephew Sued by Miss
Margaret May Thompson.
Philadelphia, Pa., July a A rule to
show cause why the breach of promise siuu
brought by Margaret May Thorn paonagainst
Dr Gilbert Joseph Palen, Jay Gould's
nephew,shou!dnot bequashedjwastlledby
defendant's counsel to-day.
Accompanying the writ to quash the
case counsel filed a second rule calling on
the plaintiff to show cause why the de
fendant should not be discharged on com
mon bail
The effect of these rules, if granted,
would be to throw Miss Thompson's case
entirely out of court, or reduce the suit to
one of common law, releasing the defendant:
a once from the responsibility of bail and
the onus of further arrest.
Dr Palen and his bride sailed to day fon
Europe on the steamer Southwark.
Maryland Farmer's .Fall.
John Forrestme. a Maryland farmer, fell
from his wagon last uisht ut the O street,
market, cutting his head severely. Ha
was taken to his home.
District of Columbia, Maryland, antjf
Virginia; fair; warmer to -nigh; Hgbi
southerly winds.

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