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The ahIiington Times Company,
Tenth snuatr
7siqpteene I ditoriid Rooms, IS!
Ut.eiucbs Office, m7.
IiW, DMIf IVlHIon One Cent
hunriaj Allien....... Tbreo Cants
Hi the tnui.th... , 1U1rt-11o Cents.
WASHIXGTON, D. C., JULY 11, 1805.
FiUtscTibLrn to "TlioTlrai-s" vrllloonfv
for Jj I'ronijUIr riportifis tn ill
c urii of collcctum, or ni-sU'it of lutjr
on t!i imri of tho cut rlcru. Coinpluii.ts
IIIkt In iiihII or In pornnu will t cilve
t ript ntt"!itlon. Pupcrs shntild lie Ue
l.wil to nil jturts of t!:t oltj Iy 0:3O
r-i-pit Kfl u-.urnlnc Inolinlliiir shimIbv
"Tlio Tv.iOilngton Tlme" 1-. a im-ni-tir
ot the- Itoolidulo Co-opeiutlvo io
Summer Outing Will Not Ho En
joyed Unlets It Hul's Along.
The t-ummor tide of pleasure and
lwaltli oelcor lias -ct in toward
mountains, springs and Mwslinre.
"o ?ilaiiH for tho hcnoiiV outliis will
tjo complete iinlesi-i The Times Is in
clndd anions tho necessaries.
ilon and women miiy go from town
to lea-ic tare behind, hut thoso who
would Kreji their finger on the pub
lie jmle, or henhreiit of the world's
l:lpti":i,, or, indeed, who need a
Clden itiiK liei ween tbemselcs and
tin wlil-lljlg of tluio thoso must
liuve The Time sent dally to their
jlxnii or seaside retrenr.
Tite Tiroes never does things bj halves,
ard i imniancc of this pohcj has se
cuwl, fu mWt;on lo the telegraphic news
6e-rvoe f the Associated rress, the dis,
patches of the United Press This latter
oigntMUtttAn furnishes to and receives
news wm nearly all of the great news
papers eat of the Alleghonies, lias exclu
sive Jrttaiwees with the Associated Press
cil tin- Mate of New York, the New England
Associated Press. aiMl the Southern As--'M-iM
Pres, and in addition tlereto
Ins a. cdemaec of upward ol one hundred
Hurt fifty newspapers -west of tlie Alle-f.li-ac
wlueU have the service of both
A ffew$aj'aTieTn"nos announced that
it ha secured ttte exclusive use in "Wasiiing
t.iu f ie Xew York Herahl cablegrams.
Iliote wfll m- 1 ewUitwed, and The
TimE will iHtot each monting In AVash
i: clan iMe HwiKnsHt foreign dispatehes
h tlie lleoiW.
llte Tloi6 lias now three distinct news
f .ejpraptotc servtees, where none of its
1 h-S cooeiorark'b has more titan oie.
huiptetnemal to lltese three regular ser
weeare siecial correspondents in every
iniMMtam newg point in tlte country This
pafterllttK daime, witltoat fear of his coots -ful
irtalioM, that iu telegraphic news
berrtee te far siJerror to that of anys
newiipajiMr Jh "Wsslmtgton, and on a par
n itk y ewgaper in the United States
Tlie 4eiMlid tA uncqaalcd supiort
j.i'aii1Dhe Ttes hy advertlserb and news-pH.IH-'
readfts in tYaaliington lias made
f-aaWe Jhs expensive accescton of an ab
boltttety ierfoct nev.'s service Tliere is
only to aW that Hits ever increasing meas
ure of wipjwrt wHl continue to be met by
au ewr-creatn; measure of enterprise
and hottest effort.
Tins coit'i:r.i, dkfi:at.
Tle maly way in which tlie Coniell
c iwv t4Ut. its defeat at the Henley r saUa
is refnhiftK after reailin the English
irrt4c4W' on ttieir race of the previous
tliy. It i e-kier' iliat the Cornell stjle
oi twe ra the cause of the disaster,
stud ttMU excejit under the inot faorab!e
irowiiaiK!es it iP too exhausting for any
iinttmr crew to endure.
Cornell vra beaten fairlj, honestly, and
H ib us-le86 to talk of oiert raining or to
IiiaVe ottoer similar unavailing exeuws
TtKy went to Henley to win on their merits
jik oarstHeu. and it was their dutj to be m
perfect condition or not lo euter the race.
Therefore apologies are not in order.
The tail of tlie American eagle has been
casMj plucked and its scream is sadly dis
cordant so far as the abihtj of Cornell
to uphold college rowing Is concerned.
Hut thereare other American college crews,
who "Will probably contest in other inter
national regattas, and on the next trial
the outcome maj be different.
Two sabjects connected with the publio
bchools were discussed by the Northeast
Washington Citizens' Association, at its
last meeting that deserve more than passing
attention. One- was the frequent change
of school books, a subject which has been
more or less severely commented uinjn for
many years; the other was a protest against
tho use of certain basement rooms as school
No protest framed against such use could
be made too strong. Every consideration
or health is against basements for school
room purposes. It is a crying -wrong
against both teachers and children, but
more especially against the latter. It
moans-discomfort, sickness and the stunting
or perversion of physical dcelop:ncnt for
One of the most important points to be
considered In the arrangement of a school
room is that the light shall bo ample and
come from the right direction. Those that
Lave charge of do schools must not do
anything that will injure more or less
permanently and more or less seriously
the sight ot tho pupils. Yet it Is no exag
geration to gay that there are thousands
of people who suffer from defective vision
in one formx mother simply because
the schoolrooms In which they were taught
Were insufficiently or improperly lighted.
i The light in tho Schoolroom should not
lie too strong, "butyOljoyo OU things not
lacking In fullness.. It should sot fall di
rectly into tho tho pupils' eyes to blind
them, nor yet come Irom lhe right so as
to tlm-w a tladrw upon book or slate.
The light tliat ccnies frcm the left side is
the best.
IJut neither the air ror t:ie light that
enn be secured in a bastmont-room is fit
for school purposes.
rnctlonalism is alwajs regrettable. It
is especially so when it )ie ails among men
wLo hHe banded together for a noble
and exalted purpose
Tin Benevolent and Protected Order of
Elks was born of that bjmpithy which
makes "the world akin" It is every
daj fulfilling the mission implied with
MMiamc Alloerthisbroadlanl itskiudly
arm has been extended lo suctor the neely,
to comfort the distressed, to uplift tho
fallen, and to j.he the dead decent burial
lt ininistrailous are of the broadest kind
ft knows not red tape It tesus not tho
oualitj ot the oite of suffering That
there is buffering is enough for it to know
When, therelore, factionalism entered
into its deliberation-, and divided its mem
bers, those familiar with its humane work
inp were deeply borr But the honest
motives of all were never questioned
At jesierdav's session of the grand lodge,
held at Atlantic City, peace negotiations
were consummated, horns were unlocked,
and the fold came together in unit j With
its differences adjusted a new career begins
Jor Hie organization, and it will go forward
to snil greater work for the benefit of
"WHflnnglon is particularly interested in
the Elks, lor it boasts of one of the finest
lodges in the country -This lodge is com
citizens men who are a credit to the city,
and who are foremost in every movement
for its welfare The btanding of this
lodL.e in the order may bo inferred from the
fact that one of its members, Mr Ed Hay,
is the grand exalted ruler
The Times wishes every prosperity to
Hie Benevolent and Protective Order of
Elks Meantime the members of the order
are now stepping remarkably high.
Po far as can be gleaned from the opinion
rendered bj District Attorney Thomas the
power and authority of the Commissioners
in the matter of tho construction or fire cs--Mpes
upiHjnrs to be v-erv much mixed One
thing is ver.v clear, howeer, and that is
that the laws on the subject are not buf
iiuc'ull drastic to make it possible for
the Commle-iouerb to coirpel the erection
of these safeguards
Whatever maj be anybody's view of
the present statutes, their efficacy, or lack
of vitality is of very little consequence.
The startling fact remains that a vast
amount of red tape has to be unrolled to do
fcomething, or attempt to do something,
while a hotel may bum up and many lives
There must be a moans provided to com
pel owners of hotel buildings and others
uFd by the puWic to put up fire escapes for
the protection of inmates They ought to
Ik. Immune enough to do it 'without com
iwilsioii, but if thej are not there ought to
be luw sutficiei.tly strong to force them.
Cleveland in the role of the
joker is something new in his already
versatile career But if true, as reported,
that he is pushing Secretary Oluoy for f irat
place on the next Democratic national
ticket, it must be tnat the late acquisition
to bib family has induced him to perpetrato
a joke
With Oluey for President there would
lie no need of a tail for tlie Democratic
kite Olney and U.e trust, would render
a nomination for second plate superflu
ous, and it would be such a rousing ticket
as to carry the couutry by storm a storm
of righteous indignation
The American public will no longer
support torporationattornej for President
-ror this reason and because Secretary
Olney is known to be tlie legal counsel
of monopoly, his taudidacj would be espe
cially objectionable It maj be that tho
Democratic party will give him the nomi
nation, and if it does, Olney orV the trusts
will be licaten "Wore tliau was-Don Quixote
when he tackled the arms of a wiudmill
The Metropolitan Railroad Company hav
ing obtained a permit to equip tho restof its
line with the underground electric system,
a petition has been circulated lor signature
by r btreet merchants askiug tho offitials
to begin work letwtcn Ninth street and
Fourteenth street, so that that part of
the road would be completed during tlie
dull season It is hojK'd the request will
be granted r street is a ery busy oue,
and in winter time the tearing up of the
roadway and the consequent accumula
tion of material on the sidewalks would
seriously interfere with both btorekeepers
and shoppers The Metropolitan road
has shown its intention to deal fairlj
by thepeopleof Washington, anditisbelieved
it will do the right thing in this instance
Let the children play on the grass. The
Miperintendcnt of public buildings and
grounds sas they may use our parks for
that purpose, and if nnj thing nukes them
strong and htalthj it is thee romps on the
verdure that adorns our public breathing
Things have changed since Shang Draper,
tlie bank burglar, used to say '"The po
lice1 is bad. county courts is worse, but
when the Guv'ment at Washington gits
after ye there ain't nothln' left but suicide
Lord, thej never let up" Now contractors
and trolley companies do as they please.
The quadrennial nature of the Allison
boom would be more praiseworthy could it
bebrought to the blossoming point.
Workingmen have been blamed for want
of unity at Presidential elections With
Olney as a candidate things would bo
Corporations who want troops to aid
them in Uieir tvrannics are always very
solicitous about "the good name of tho
Tho next batch of Congressmen will find
the civil service wall a verj- high one to
get over.
Grovcr Cle eland seems to have chosen
Bomo very undiplomatic diplomats.
"Affliction ma- one day smile again "
W. Shakespeare, tlie New York Tribune,
and several hopeful politicians.
Tlie sincere sj-mpnthy that all classes
have for the Anacostia street railroad strik
ers is a most gratifjingsign of the times.
tho forthcoming prize fight will view It
with other feelings later on.
And once again do we protest that the
more fact that Potomac mud is not danger
ous to health does not make It a fit substi
tute or water.
Tno-plan adopted by the Central Union
Mission to pay its debt should find earnest
support among the many friends of that
excellent organi7ation. The effort to
sec J re 1,000 pledges to pay r0 cents each
per month will no doubt secure hearty re
sponse, and the amount thus received,
$500 iter month, would pay both principal
nnd interest on the mission's accruing
debt, present demands make it ncces
sarv that prompt aid be accorded the mis
sion, and special attention should be
given the appeals made through its au
thorized committees.
When a New York saloonkeeper gels
his lie ense broken he retabati s by breaking
a policeman's nose.
Matt Quay seems determined that Don
Cameron shall not view the La raj cite
Square Theater nuisance from tlie White .
House windows.
Joe Blackburn's miuIe will be a pic
turesque feature of the campaign in Ken
tucky. Willi a f iglil ahead auj how, Tevas is not
worrying about politics.
Onlv Wy to Git Thoiii.
"Do j on make tradesmen give jou re
ceipted bills.'"
"Er I beg pardon?"
' I say do jou make tradesmen give you
receipts for wli.it jou owe them'"
V. ell er -reallj, now, I never tried
forte "Chicago Record.
Evidently Indirection.
"Poor, deai little Fido lias had an awful
' Wlij, what ailed him?"
"Wlij, lie bit that stupid coachman and
it made him awful sick "Chicago Record.
huris l'rov entire.
"Doctor, what would jou prescribe for
"hpeiiding the summer at home." Chi
cago Record.
Mnkes ti Difference, You Know.
English Tourist How many persons do
jou scat on each bench '
Cable Car Conductor Five men or three
women Chicago Record
Maria Mrs Gajwun sajs that she will
outstrip jou in thesocialMvini this f umnier.
Mamma Well, from her opera gown I
judge that she has done to ulreudy. New
York World
Does He Live Up to His Nome?
"What is the name of j our cat?"
"His name was William until he had fits.
Since t lien v e hn e called him ritzwllllam."
Boston Globe.
An Inadvertence.
Nelson "Well, I'm the luckiest chap in tho
Stanlej How so?
Nelson It appears that Madge broke with
me about the same time she did wit'i Jack
Boodles and now she'sbent me back hif pres
ents instead of my ow n. Philadelphia Cull.
"Men Who Huve Helped Mo Most."
Col. Mary Lease's next book will "roll
back the dark ages and tear stained curtains
of historj " In the meantime her little
old man will patieiitlj wash out the dust
blaiued curtains at home Atchison Globe
Looking Forwuid
Maude What's the use bf adding three
I's to the name of the British jacht.'
Claude She' llncod all threeaud telescopes,
too. to keep the Defender's btcru postan
It's Gettiue; Whiskery.
Since someone's discovered the "bicycle
The problem arising is grave
A pneumatic ra?or won't be out of place,
To give the worn subject a shavo
Ills Lntevt Franco A et Ion.
"What's become of our old schoolmate
"Why. didn't ion know he is filling a
cabinet position'"
"What! Has this admini'tration "
"Navv, ithasu't He's a trance medium "
Absorbing Territory.
To turn lo terra cotta
Will surelj be our fate.
Tor what was once pure water
lb liquid real estate
A Joint Debute
Patient ( with dislocated joint) Ouch!
Quit pulling mj leg!
Emergency doctor I'm not This is a
free institution
At the Menagerie.
"Oh, mamma, look at the monkejs!"
"Don't point, Willie, there is a gentle
man in front of jou "
Still Celebrittlns.
"Back from Philadelphia, eh. How are
things over there?"
"Slow, awfullj slow. Tho sticks arc
just coming down from their Fourth of
July skj rockets "
Rube and tho Cable Car.
He lost ins nickel in the -lot,
Recoverj seemed but slim;
And tins is w hat he might have got
If this had not got him.
But the Star Told of His Presence
and Speech.
Comment of a Memher of the Feder
ation on tho Ev enlng Star's Method
ot Report ing Labor News.
Editor Tunes. Having been -very much
interested of late by reading reports of labor
doings in newspapers, I mustaay, however,
that I feel greatly disappointed at reading
the proceedings of the Federation of Labor
in tho Evening Star to-night.
I have taken it for granted that the labor
news as published was correct and I can
b'ar witness to the truth of jour report in
this morning's paper of theFederationnews,
as I was present at the meeting as an ac
credited delegate.
Tho news m the Star, however, was a
great surprise, where it stated that Mr.
McHugh, tho elected president, had re
turned from the hall during the election, and
on being elected was waited on by a com
mittee and made a speech, etc., etc
I don't know where the Star got itsnews,
but it certainly did not get it straight,
for the facts of the case are that Mr. Mc
Hugli did not retire from the room, did not
make a speech, nor was he even present at
any time during the evening, nor even in
the citj-, but was at leabt 0X0 miles
ThiB class of news, however, as given
by the Star, Is consistent with its former
6tyle, when it never would publish labor
news straight, evon when the organizations
paid advertising rates for it.
New delegate to the Federation.
Nothing but $15 suits in this
That's tHc3?&racle that's too
big now. Our fault. For the
sake of variety we made up too
many. Erred on the right side.
We don't blameyou for being
glad. It's giving you two dol
lar's worth for one-and just
now when you can appreciate
it. They're'fancy Cheviots and
Cassimeres in Sacks and Cutaways-
You'll know these are
SI 5 suits because ve say so
but aside from that they've
been in stock all the season
so marked probably you've
seen 'em. Furthermore, we
made 'em and didn't harvest
them out of the unknown.
Lots of that kind in town
marked up to $15 maybe-but
that don't make them worth
$15 by a good deal. And yet
the retailers of them call it
straightforward business.
We'll leave you to judge.
Pa. Ave. &. 7th St.,
Tendered President Cleveland Fifty
Millions For the Gold Reserve.
If His Son Wore to Hepcat It After
tho Syndicate Arrangement Ex
pires It May Ho Accepted.
(Bv- Absot int'd Pre-s )
Chicago. July 10 A special from
Washington to the Post sajs
Discus-ion of tlie gold reserve in the
Treasurv and the a -ion. past and probable,
of the Morgan Rothschild bond sjndicatc
brought to light the fact that Czar Alex
ander III of Russia, offered to loan the
United State? all the gold necessary to
maintain the reserve(at anj- figure desired
The friendly tender was declined by
President Cleveland because, afier several
weeks of consideration and deliberation
and telegraphic -orrespondence back and
lorth b -tween Washington and St Peters
lurg, it was decided that the President
had not (he authority to issue bonds or
otherwise Incur indebtedness m behalf of
the government
Suite then the power of the President
and the Secret arj of the Treasury to
is-.uc bonds had been determined, and if
the offer were repeated bv- the present
Russian ruler it might be accepted
The blorj of the proposition made by
the czar and the waj it was received bj
the President anil his advisers was one
of the best kept secrets of the White House.
Although the incident occurred some two
jears ago no dint of it has reached the
1 public till now.
j It was some time in May, 1893. that the
State Department received the offer through
Andrew D White, the American Minister
at St Petersburg The tar's offer was
dirett but simple
Mr White said in his official communl
cation to the State Department that he
had been called upon by M DeGiers, who
said that tlie czar had instructed him to
comer witti the American representative at
the court or St Pitersburg and to mrorm
him that the czar stood readj to make a
personal loan lo the President of the
United ."states of gold to the amount of
$00,000,001), or as much more as might
be desired, at a nominal rate or interest
and tor an indefinite period of time.
The interest indicated was a traction
more than 2 per cent. Nothing was said
about fccciirity, .mil it was evident that
Aleanderlll believed that the President
could take this money and apply it to the
needs of the United St.ites Treasurj with
but little formalilj, and that he had the
power to do so
The fact that Alexander was able to
make a proposition of this kind is i ot sur
prising. The exchequer of the empire is
absolutelj under his control. Then, too,
all of the gold mines in the Russian terntorj'
belong to the ciown and the product is the
propert v of the roval familj-.
Alexander III. was always very friendly
to the United States, as thown by his des
patch oi a Russian fleet to New York during
the civil war to prevent England or France
espousing the cnine of the confederacy.
It is not improbable that when the ar
rangement with the Morgan-Rothschild
sjndicate Khali have expired, tho govern
ment may apply to the Russians for a loan
should one be necessarj'. Alexander is
not on the throne now, but it is said that
Emperor Nicholas is quite as ardent an
admirer of the United States as was his
distinguished father.
Messrs. May and Houghton Sw ear Out
Warrant For Each Other.
Eugene May, the second hand furniture
dealer at the corner of Fourteenth and R
streels northwest, was arrested last even
ing by Policeman Stew arc. on a warrant
sworn out by his partner, Harry W. Hough
ton, wh oresidc-safc the same place, charging
Inni with assault
A few dajs ago May was arrested on
complaint of Houghton for destrojing pri
vate property, bit a compromise was made
and the case nolle pressed by the District
attorney. .
It seems tnat the partners afterward en
gaged in a fracas over the same (rouble,
and two warrants! one on each side, were
sworn out
AJt hough the warrant against Houghton
charging threats was notexecu ted j estcrdaj',
both cases will bs trfed in the police court
this morning.
Oho Wujito.I'lay Even.
" Ycs,bj George, I've gotagrudgeagainst
the world."
' That's oasj-: get a bicycle and ride it
downtown'" Chicago Record.
j- .
$1.2.1 To Baltimore and Return.
Via Baltlmoreand Ohio trains July
13th and Lllh.
Defectives at Their Wifs End in
tiis Hunt For tlie Thief.
It Th Supposed u Lnrjgo Amount of
Money ami Vulimblos Wuh Taken.
Oecuriod on Only 4, Hut IIus Been
Kept Verj-Qu let TheSafo WusLefr
Open und Conton'tH Disappeared.
The Cairo apartment house, on Q street
near SKic-titli, ha3 lfcn robbed, it is
supposed, or a large amojnt of nionev,
and the detectives are at their wits' ends
to know who did the work.
Clerk Theodore Trlc-bus, or the Cairo,
htiR lieen suffering with neivous pros
tration for Beveral dajs past and uider
treatment at Garfield Hospital
He was much improved jesterriay, and
in tlie evening was removed to his home,
at No 1430 U street northwest.
Many or thJ Spaniards here continue lo
express a great deal of dissatisfaction with
j Martiii7 Campos' mild policy They main
tain mat ir tno marshal does not bogin
a moro active campaign and shed a little
blood, as in the Hrst war, they will compel
him to leave.
Tho government has sent most of its
soldiers to Puerto Principe and Las Villas.
The groat btrengtli of the revolution is at
present at Laa Villas, where there are
great numbers or insurgents Four thou
sand, under Antonio Maceo, are near San
Louis and are reported to be preparing for
a concerted move u-pon the government
In tho assault upon the village or Alta
gracia, Puerto Principe, tlie Cubans lost
onooftheirgenerals, namedPaquitoBorrero.
Senor Lopez Recio, who was a companion
of tho Marquis of Santa Lucii, has been
appointed to succead Gen Borrero
There is much uncertainty as to the
amount or tho robberj , a a the details have
been carefully kept quiet
Tho police, members of Inspector Hol
linberger's Torce and private detective Me
Dcvitt have been at w ork on the case
One report was that the Eafe had been
left open a moment and some verj smooth
sneak slipped in and got between $2,000
and $3,o00 in inot.ej and valuables be
longing to guests left m the or.'ice lor safe
Mr Fnonus, it was stated, was in charge
of the office at the time.
The theft occurred on Julj- t, and the
fact thai nothing has been said about it
gives some color to this report that the
robbery was a heavy one
Another account is that nothing went
from the safe A wooden drawer which
could be opened with a pen-knite w as found
to have been emptied
Whether the mouej and valuables were
taken when it was accidentia oiiened or
the lock was broken was not slated but
the amount of money got by the thief was
said not to exceed $100
Tliere may have been valuable jewelry
in Hie diawer to swell this amount more
than tenfold
Mr Erie bus was naturally a good deal
worried by the ocuirrenee and three days
ntro was qrae overcome and had to be
taken to the hospital How much the rob
b ry maj haw had to do w uh hib illness
is uncertain
A bell boy at the Cairo left dav before
jisterday and his place wm supplied but
It ib stated that he got a better place and
his leaving had nothing to do with the
disappearance of the monej-
Minister Taylor Denies Statements
Attributed to Ambassador Eustls.
(By Associated Press )
Madrid, July 10. non Ramus Taylor,
United States minister to Spain, called
upon Duke Tetuan, Spanish minister of
foreign afa s, to daj , and explicitly denied
that Hon James B Eustis, United States
ambassador to Trance, had made the state
ments alleged by the Pans Figaro in a
purported interview with Mr. Eustis on
the conditions of Cuba.
Mr. Taj lor renewed the protestations of
friendship toward Spain on the part of the
United States
Paris, Julj 10 The Figaro reporter
who wrote the alleged interview with
United States Ambassador Eustis which
has caused so much comment, has addressed
a letter to the Temps. in which journal Mr
Eustis denied the interview, stating that
he was introduced to Mr Eusti) by
Henrv Vignaud, secretarv to the United
States embassy, on Maj 1-, as an author.
He 6a vs that he conversed with Mr
Eustis for three-quarters of an hour and
wrote and published the inu rview mimedi
atelj afterwards. He concludes
"Probablj Mr Eustis did not know that
he was talking to a journalist This is
the exact truth I do not wish to discuss
the matter further, and am onlj desirous
ot closing the regretable incident."
Spanish Press Comments Mora
Claim "Payment Prospects.
(By Associated Press )
Madrid, Julj 10 benor bagasta. the
ex-Premier, during the course or an in
terview to daj , declared that the Liherals
would agree to pay the .Mora indemnity
provided tlie United States grants indem
nities for damages sustained bj Spaniards
during the war of secession, and provided
tne Cort"Z agrees to -vote the credit nec
essarj El Liberal commenting on the situation
in Cuba, to-daj', sajs that the United
States has lojally performed its interna
tional obligations ao far as the island
of Cuba is concerned
Minor Cases on To-day.
The case of Battle Minor and his son
Clarence, charged with having assaulted
Police Officer Greer with intent to kill, will
bo heard this morning if Greer is able to cet
down to court. The following witnesses
have been summoned for the prosecution:
John G. Gray, F. Manning,, Dr.Hardesty,
"W. S Ilardesty, George "SV. Creed, llenry
Bragg, Frederick Henderson, Johnl'rescott,
R. J. Tvsur, E. N Shobel, "W. H. Coleman,
Capt. Sigsby and Dr. "W. A "Warfield, all
reputable citizens residing in the vicinty
where the assault occurred.
Thieves Despoiling: Henroosts.
Chicken thieves are again at work in the
vicinity of Bnghbwood, and the thefts are
large James E Bond, of Bnghtvvood,
last niglic reported lo the Eighth precinct
police that twenty chickens and roosters
were stolen from his back jard the night
before, and Mr Shipley, residing above
Bnghtwootl, reported that fifty chickens
were carried off, tho thieves having broken
into his coop. The heads of the chickens
were all that was left to him.
Would Spoil HIn Trade.
"Come, go vritli me," the great phjsician
Unto the man who stood and begged with
sightless eje;
"I'll point jou out a waj- of light instead,
And mirror on jour brain that deep-blue
bending sky;
I'll ope to jou the beauteous things of
And a.ure deeps of j-pn tempestuous
"Oh, stow jer guff" then chuckling In
lns mirth
"I'm workin' dis jere graft and on do
strict q. t." .
' Chicago Record.
Steamei Macalester to Marshall Hall
and Indian Head, Thursdays Friday, and
Saturday evenings at 6 .30 p. m.
IGfl, lift anil F Sts. H.W.
"7-cioscd SaturJajs at I o'cloct:
othcrdnjs at 5. until September.
E ARE" persever
ing, enterpris
ing, and pro
gressive in everything
pertaining to business,
and are prepared to
meet your every want
in our line in
Largeness of Assortment,
Excellence of Quality,
And Lovvness of Price.
No compulsion to
keep anything after
you have bought if not
Men's Underwear
Priced Very Low.
Clouded niuo Balbriggan Shirts and
Drawers, worth 23 percent more than
this special prices. Per garment
3 Pieces for SI. 00.
Office Coats
Of Striped rotton.w oil cut, well matte
Each ...
(first Jloor
Children's Gingham
Dresses Reduced
To Close
Sizes Up to 4 Years.
Glnchnm Dresses, Hubta-d and
Grat- hen styles, full i utiles over
shoulders, deep hem. I.eJuoed from OHr
aud.3tfc each lo ZUu
Gingham Gulmpo Drosa. deep
runie, finished vith fancy braid. Re
duced from ,oc each to
(Second floor tu:a at Bldg )
Sailor Suits.
AH-LInon, vnshable, and handsome-
than over before Tho styles
are all Lcntlned to us Koduced from (f Q "7 C
S 03 and JT 50 oath to 4t).l0
Galatea Suits
Only a few left, but they aro choice (?f) Of
styles. Reduced to 4Z.Z0
Middy Suits
Wasnibla Only a small lot rev QO "7P
main. Reduced from 51.5 eaca to... vpZ.O
Wool Suits
Four styles thit are good-looking
and substantially made Reduced (?Q Q
from $150 eieh to pZ,0
(Third floor 10th bt. Bldg.)
Pure Linen
With Fancy Corded Border, t and
1 inch hems, sheer and heavy weight.
Oood value at lSJc Hack
6 for 50c
(First floor Under ijkyllght)
Boys' Shoes
Reduced to Close
Boys' Russia Calf Osfonla, Good
year welt, sizes Its, rj, and o C; 4i,
5, aud Sja D. ltoilueed from S3.0J per
Roy's Russet Goat Oxfords, sizes 3WJ.
4, 4CS, 3, stfi, and G C; 3c;,4, 4U, j, an I t? I rf
uj4j u iieuueeu irom tj per pair to 47 , vl U
Roy's Ponpola Oxfords, sizes !. 5,
5tS, and 0 C; 5, 5U, aud ti l. Reduced C I Cfl
Irom $J 00 per pair to 41.0U
Boy's Russet Bals, ncodlo too, sizes 00 flfl
yc to SW C aud D lasts, l'or pair 4Z.UU
(Socond floor First Aunex)
Bound Books
Moro than COO titles. Including:
"Thrown on tho World." by C V.
Bncme; "Sketch Bovfc," by Irvine;
"Countess of RudoUstadt," by baud;
"iTiaddPU9 of Warsaw," by Porter;
"Tom Brown's School Days,' by
Hughes; "Tivo Years Soforo tho
Mast," by Dana; "Search for Basil
Lyndhurst," bv Carey: "Lady Blank"
moie.'' by Tho Duchess; "Lorel Lysto'a
Dauchtor," by C M. Bnemo. "Kith
and Kin," by Jessio Fothorgdl: ".Mol- Oflft
lj I5nwn,"by Tho Duchess. PervoL ZUu
(Basoment IlthSt Bldg.)
In Cot'cn and Si k Tapestry, Broca
tolle, S.c. 'I ho ends Iolt from this
season's soiling. Have beon 75c to
$L0 por yard. Now....
50e Is $2.50
An excellent opportunity to imko that odd
piece or wholo suito of Furniture look now.
(Fourth floor 11th St Bldg )
Woodward & Lothrop,
10th, llth &F Sts. N. W,
Racing Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays until fur
ther notice.
General Admission. 50 Ccnt-v
5IX RACES oach day. First racs 2.13 d m.
Special trains direct to grind stand tram. Slx:i
fctreet ttutioa at 1.3) nail -&10 p. m.; othsr trivial
11.10 and U.M
hacrotary layt-S-tt
i.1 EreningsatS.U Mat. Sat ati
Cooled By Electric Fans.
Seventh Week of the Comedy Season.
J I..I....tel!
Resarred seats, C3, SOand.Sa Admi3doa,23c
est Week Last weoJc ot the ccmedy season
"AH tho Comforts o Homo "
Stewart's Capitol Hill Summer Gar
den (late Junemann's), E St.. bet 4th and
Gth ne. (Washington Hrewery) Coldest
beer In city, fresh from brewery vaulta
every half hour. Light luncheon a spe
cialty. Pod ble bowlirg alleys Lago
carriages yard. je4 lm
Marshall Hall
Steamer Macalester leaves dailj' 7th and
M S IV (Sunday excepted), at 10 a.m.
2 30p m Returning leaves Marshall Hall
at I and 4 30 p m -
Steamer River Queen leaves dally. 0
street wharf (Sunday excepted.) at 910 a,
m , and from Macalester's wharf as 5 30
P m Returning leaves Marshall Hail as
1 30andT 30 p ni
Music by Schroeder's Famous Band.
Music and dancing all day.
Wednesday anil Saturday
The drive U perfectly delightful, taa
scenery Is supero, the hotel fc unexeeMeeL
CoaehefS connect hourly, 4 to 8 p ne JO to 12
p. m. half hourly. 6 to 10 p m. with the eaMe
cars at Sth and Pa are s. a. and P si cac hn3
atsthasdE. CapitoL Foual tnp, S5.- qsaa
learea the Arlington b0 p m., stoppisg at
Saoreham sjii Chamberlia 3 round trip, 30c.
1 S i n 5"3 1 S
Daily, except Mondays, 9 a. m.
Saturday, 6 p. m.
Round Trip Fare, 50c
Secure staterooms at boat or at tlSt Nt
York avenue and Tickets only at Marmattoc 5
488 Pa Ave ; May. 611 Pa. Aye.; and at raafea
tie-Set office, 4tl Pa. Ave
Genera! Manager.
This dehgnlful and beautiful resort
on the Chesapeake Bay opens for
the season on Saruroay. Jae S.
The principal new attrJ"--Uve features
are a $10,000 Ferris whel. 75 feet high,
and a Toboggan Slid from tho bath hoase.
100 feet into the bay. Trains leave B.
& O. R. R. dpot at y 13 a m aad 4. 23
p. m . week days. 9 35 a m , 1 30 aad
3 15 p. m , Sundays
Congressional Library Is Under In
vestigation. Librarian Spiffoid' Integrity Is. Not
Questioned, But III MetlMMl-. AI-
leired to Ue TJiibii-siiiexvIlke.
Tlie accounts of Atosworth R. Spolford,
for many years librarian of the Congres
sional Library, have been fcehl p for
about three months by the amliung offi
cers of the Treasurj Department, ami an
investigation is making of thw business
affairs of the library.
Tliere is no allegation made, so far as
can be learned, of any wrong-dofcftc on
the part of any library employes, out there
is a discrepancy in tlie account. It is the
opinion of tlie Treasury officials tnat the
financial affairs of the Hbrarv. which
handle-, a considerable amount of money
received from copyrights and other soaree",
are not conducted In a busioes: itke manner
About fort j five people are employed
at the lihrary. and the pay roll amounts
to about $15,000 per quarter Th Treas
ury Department has not given anj- money to
the library pending the investigation, but
the employes have received their salaries
regularly, Mr. Spoftord personally ad
vancing the money.
Mr. Spofford has held the office of
librarian for many jears.and is well known
to public, setentitic and literary men, by
whom v is held m high esteem.
He n not disposed to yaj-niuch yesterday
save to state that there- wa-j a discrepancy
in the accounts and that thej- were being;
investigation. It is likely that nw
1 net huis or keeping the accounts may retulc
fiom the affair.
Treasurv officios are strongly of the
opinion that the sum of Librarian Spoffeird a
wrong doing will be found to be simple
neglect to comply with the law as 10 the
time of rendering accounts.
It is recalled that during many years pat
Mr. Spofford lias been the last to render his
estimates or future expenditures, and on
one or two occasions ho tailed altogelher
to make any estimates. Later on. however,
the appropriations committees succeeded
in getting Mr. Spofford's views as to what
was needed.
It is now about two years since he ren
dered any report of receipts from copy
right although the money collected has
been tnrned Into the Treasury.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. Spofford said:
'There is a discrepancy In the accounts
but it is impossible to say what amount
is involved until the examination shall
be concluded. It is merely a question of
bookkeeping and is not at all a serious
.Mr Spofr-rd stated that the accounts
Involved covered a period of about three
True to HLs Shakespeare.
Mason Why loes Jason prefer taking a
walk on Filth avenue on Sunday morning to
going to cburcfi?
Fayson He "ay he likes to read f ermons
in stones rather than to listen to sermons
from sticks. New York Herald.
i?il Bnanra
01 yosb 3

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