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sixinand C Streets
Tlie Sunday Times-of August 11
rill liejrln tlio publication- of JJret
Earto's now serial '.'In n Hollow- of
tbe Hills.-'
You'll Hnvo a Good Time
In tbc evening at Kozel'a Summer Garden,
14th street between S and T. Beautiful
ercbestrian music. Finest beers on
fraught. Dainty "dlsaos" you'll enjoy.
CwwrA t
7 ti
Washington Dudes- Expected to
Follow a New Tad.
Stewart Urlco's Enjrnjremont to Miss
"Virginia Fair Go nor ally Expected.
"Washington dudedom is likely to bo
thrillod with a new fad this corning winter
season, if it doos not liaruwn to come during
the autumn. Already It lias been blown
across the water from London, where It
first set sail, Into the fashionable strong
holds of the cluJj3 and along "The How."
It Is nothing more nor less in the dudes
tying up tlielr cuffs with giddy little ribbons,
doing tliolr wrists up in miniature sashes
the ends of which aro allowed to toy with
the winds of heaven as the dudes parade the
fashionable thoroughfares-
So far it lias not takou any very deep
root hi Now York with all those nice young
dream is that wlmn they die, they will be
transported at once, not to lieaven, but to
Loudon. That, however, is uo reason wliy
tlia near future should not witness a radical
Chang's in this respect. Then, as from New
York to "Washington, is such a trifling mat
ter or miles, there is every reason to supiwse
that the fad will be adopted without further
to do by the "Washington dudes and beaux
It all came about through the medium of
Prince George, who, oneday.forbomercason
best known to himself, or It may huve been
because of the carelessness of his valet in
misplacing the n rope r accessories ofthetoilet
for this purpose, went down London town
with his large cuffs tied together with
flaunting black ribbon. Before nightfall
word bad thrill-d through English dudedom
and there was a general discarding of cuff
buttons. Evory man of the Prince's set
as woll as the long list of outside hangers-on
bad bled themselves or sent their valets to
the haberdushcrs and supplied themselves
with a bolt of ribbon Tor this purpose of
tying together tucif -cuffs.
l)iu the poor deluded ouls but know it
tlielr little Tad IS after all uo Mich novelty
as tliey foudly imagine. It has been prac
tised by Irampdom from time im
memorial, only with this difference that the
tramp is always particular about the length
or breadth of the ribbou used in place of
the regulation cuff buttons.
However, to return to our mutton. It
is to be understood that the beribboned cuffs
are the thiug only for morningor promenade
costumes The ribbons, to bo in proper
style, must be tied through the cuffs and
tlieu made into a bow with floating ends.
Uuder no circumstances must a follower
of this uew fad allow himself to be hood
wiuWedlntoputUngareadyjpadc bo won his
cuffs as that would be as iuexcusablo in
dudedom as a ready made bow on a neek
lie. Newport Is expected to show up in this
line during the present season and if it
does take hold of dudedom at that fashion
able resort It is a foregone conclusion that
it will be seized upou by the "Washington
s wells and disported throughout Clubdom.
The opinion recently expressed in one
of the New York papers that the result of
the present season at Newport would be
the announcement of an engagement be
tweeu Miss Virginia Fair and the eldest
sou of Senator Briee, is shared very gen
erally by those of their friends who have
been watching the course ofevents.
The devotion of Mr. -Stewart Brice to
the California Jiejres lias, certainly been
very marked eer since the beginning of
the summer when they arrived at Newport.
As a matter of fact, it antedates that time
and goes back to the past winter, when Miss
Fair on" several occasions was the guest
of the-Brices in "Washington.
Things certainly all point in the dlrec
tionof a speedy anniiuncementof an engage
ment. Mr. Stewart Brice Js the one who
paced Miss Fair for her recenttest of speed
over the other fashionable women of
Newport along the ten-mile driveway on
horseback. Mr. Stewart Brice Is also the one
who seems from all accounts from New
port to have charge of Miss Virginia Fair's
efforts to learn to ride the bicycle.
Those who know Miss Fair well speak
of her as a young woman of far more than
the ordinary amount of cleverness, nud as
possessed mo:-nver of a distinct talent
for managing her business affairs.
Miss Virginia E. Clabaugh, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Clabaugh, was tiie
bride of yesterday. Her marrlago to Mr.
Frank J. Metcalf, of the Record and Pen
sion Office of the War Department, took
plact at &30 o'clock yesterday morning
at the Fifteenth Street Methodist Episco
pal Church.
The ceremony was witnessed by the
fi lends of the young people, who are well
known aud popular among a wide circle of
acquaintances. The groom is a prominent
member of thcEpworth League.
Rev Mr. Van Arsdale was the officiat
ing clergyman. The bride and groom en
tered the church together aud passed down
the aisle preceded by the four ushers, Mr.
Diller Groff, Mr. Harry Farmer, Mr. George
S. Gibson, and Mr. E. Pendleton Dickinson.
The wedding march from "Lohengrin"
was played by Mr. "William Cohen, who
presided at the organ throughout the cere
mony and at its conclusion filled tbe church,
with the joyous wedding music as the bridal
party were surrounded by their friends
before leaving.
Mr. and Mrs. Metcalf left the city on
tho 10 o'clock train for a month's visit to
Ashland, XtTss., where the parents of
the groom reside, who will entertain them
during that time.
Upon their return to "Washington the
bride and groom will make their home
after September 7 at No. 1437 It street.
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Jones, who last
winter for the first time occupied their
new residence, on the corner of Eighteenth
and I streets, are now enjoying the gay
etles of Bar Ilarbor.
Mrs. Ellen Spencer Mussey will leave tho
city to-morrow to spend the remainder of
the summer and the early autumn a t Mount
pretnn, Pa., where she hns leased a cot
tage for that time. Miss Mussey and, Mr.
"William Mussey will join their mother
at Mount Gretna, -
Mr. and -Mrs. B. II. "Warner, with their
family, arc now at Capon Springs
Mr and Mrs. "William Dunlop, with their
two boys, after spending the season at
Lake George, have gone to tlielr country
place in Maryland, to remain until the
middle or last of September.
Mrs. Helen Douglas Is at Nlmrod Hall,
in Buth county, Ya.
Mrs. Charles Lyman Is spending the
summer at Nu w Loudon, Conn.
A grand tournament will be held at
Colonial Beach this afternoon. Mr. Bohrer
von Orendorff has made all arrangements
and Issued a number of Invitations to tho
riders of tho adjacent counties. The
young people will doubtless tako advantage
of the etijoyablo evening promised and
attend in full rorco. Dancing will follow
and will bo kept sip .until a late hour.
Hon. John I Hall, of Georgia, who Is
the .Assistant Attorney General and has
under his itnu.llate supervision tiie legal
board of the Interior Department, is one
of the most prominent and brainiest Jurists
of the South. Judge Hall will spend the
greater part of the summer at "Washington,
with occasional visits to the seacoast. He
Ir a widower with two sons, one of whom
Is at Athens College, of Athens, Ga. Tho
other is pursuing nu advanced course at
Emory College, in tho town of Oxford, Ga.
where the late Justice Lamar was edu
cated. Miss Llla Conrad, of B street southeast,
has returned from a month's outing at
Hound Top, Neapsco Mills, Ya.
Mr. Walter Gosling, the champion tour
nament rider of Maryland, left several
days ago for Howard county, to assist
the Rev. Father "Walter In the tournament
which took place yesterday. Mr Gos
ling's popularity aud former victories
will insure success.
Miss Kitty J. Laws, of the bond divi
sion, Postoffice Department, has goue to
spend her vacation at the various resorts
of tbe Massachusetts coast.
Col. J. It. Graham, and his sister, Mrs.
II. A. Ives, Avill leave to-day for Ocean
Grove, to be absent until September.
Dr. L. Y. Baker will leave to-dny for
Rochester, N. Y., to visit relatives. He
will he absent until about September ID.
Mr Guy Davis will spend his vacation at
Buffalo, N. Y., Ids former home. He will
return about September lfet.
Mr. Sol Minster will travel through the
northern part of New York State during
the coming three weeks.
Miss Gertrude Hilton will leave to-day
tospendafew weeks at Quautlco.
Miss Addle Graham will leave to-day
for an outing at Tarry town, on the Hud
son, where she will be the guest of Mrs.
E. B. Lane, Later Miss Graham will be
the guest of Miss Lilian Lawrence, in
New York city.
Mrs. Marion Jouey, of "Washington Circle,
has returned after a short vacation at Vir
ginia Beach.
Miss Katie Fillebrown, has returned
from a visit to her cousin in Lambertvule,
N. J.
Mrs. Frank Marsh, of South Bend, Iud., Is
spending a few weeks in "Washington, with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Hilhuan:
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Smith are at Mcad
ville, Pa., visiting relatives.
Miss Birtha, "Walter and Mi83 Emma
Nasz, will leave the city to-day for Lock
Iiort, N. Y., whence they will visit Niagara
Falls and "Wntkins Glen.
Ills Goods Left Undl.sturbed by Con
stable Swinburne.
Col. St. Clair Fechner and his pretty
wife are winners in the fight they had Tues
day evening with Constables Swinburne
and Rue, which was fully and exclusively
described in yesterday morning's Times.
The colonel kept his word with Mr. Swin
burne, and the truce, which was to last
until 10 o'clock yesterday morning, was
not broken that is, none of the goods
levied upon were removed by Col. Fech
ner from tho premises.
Promptly at the-hour named the consta
ble appeared at the Fechner flats, No.
G12 Pennsylvania avenue northwest. He
appraised the household goods and found
they fell short lu value of the legal limit.
The colonel Is allowed $300 worth of
household goods by law, upon which the
officers could not levy. Mr. Swinburne
found he had les3 than that amount, and
withdrew, leaving Col. Fechner still hold
ing the fort.
Later In the day they moved to No. 114
Third street northwest.
Sherwood's Life Saved.
Frank Sherwood, the fresco painter and
decorator, who attempted suicide by taking
laudanum Tuesday evening, is rapidly
recovering from the effects of the drug, as
stated in yesterday evening's Times. Ho
will probably be discharged from tho
Emergency Hospital as "cured" this morn
ing. The work of the Emergency staff in
saving Sherwood's life, .considering his
desperate condition whence reached the
hospital, has betn very generally praised,
and shows an almost perfect equipment
for emergency work.
Mrs. "Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup
Has been used for over rifty years by mil
lions of mother; for their children while
teething, with perfect success. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, and is the best remedy
for diarrhoea. Sold by druggists in every
part of the woild. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. "Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," and
take no other kind. Twenty-five cents a
Thomas Connors BaHly Burned by
- ' - Ignited Alcohol.
Fell While- Bringing iUlwi Demljolin
Which Ilrolio and j,Ue.Fluld Took
Tiro From thjbJbKiulle.
Alcohol exploded, and;-a fire resulted,
about 8:50 o'clock last night in the cellar
of Henry Evans pharmacy. No. 038 F
street northwest, in which Thomas Con
nors, a soda fountain attendant, was pretty
severely bnrned.-
Tliu alarm of fire was sounded from the
fateful firebox on the rout of Ford's
old theater. It was turned in by "Watch
man George "W. Montgomery, who heard
shouts of "Fire! Fire!" proceeding from
tho corner of Tenth and F streets. The
shouts were uttered by Mr. John S. Hark
ness, of Speare's undertaking "establish
ment. The alarm was turned in for an explo
sion of alcohol and the attendant blaze In
the cellar of Evans drug store Mr Hard
ness saw smoko pouring from the place,
and yelled "Fire!" at the top or his voice.
The explosion was accidentally caused by
Thomas Connors, a fifteen-year-old boy,
employed ut the soda fountain In the phar
macy, the lad being badly burned about
the legs and on one hand.
Connors went down into the cellar by
way of the stairs Just In the rear of the
soda fountain to get a demijohn of alco
hol for use In the store. As he was re
turning with tho vessel in one hand and
a lighted candle in the other, ho tripped
and fell up tho steps. As he did bo the
alcohol was spilled and the flame of the
candle came In contact with the liquid
and escaping gasess.
Connors found himself in the midst of
a mass of blue flame, tho lower part of
his clothing being ou fire. Ho yelled for
help and at the same time struggled
bravely to his feet and rushed up into
the store.
Several bystanders, not knowing bow
great the conflagration was below, seized
the lad and hurried hirrt Into the large
room In the rear of Speare's undertaking
establishment next door. There the cloth
ing was stripped from him aud his legs
found to be badly burned.
Applications of linseed oil and lime
water were made and bis'Iimbs and hands
swathed in raw cotton. He was afterward
removed to his home. No. 1115 Twenty
third Btreet northwest, by Policeman
Hodges in tho First precinct patrol wagon.
In the meantime the men of Engine No. 3,
Truck C, and the chemical had extinguished
tho firo in the cellar and brought the burn
Ingdebrls to the sidewalk. There wasgreat
excitement in the neighborhood and F street
was blocked for a considerable distance.
The stock of chemicals', dhigs, etc., In the
cellar amounted to nbout'53,000, and as it
Avas largely of a combustlble-and explosive
nature, a serious conflagration was nar
rowly averted. The fifemen ran a great
risk in entering tho sihofce-filled cellar,
not knowing what moment there would be a
disastrous explosion.
Policeman McCart. who Is on that beat,
was "turning in" at adletant box when
the explosion occurred,' but was on the
6cene a few moments later.1 The damages
will foot up 5300, fully covered by insur
Enibarrn.t tbe Heirs.
"William Rutsell, eight years old, has
brought suit by-his next friend, John B. Mc
Queen, against Marie Russell and eight
others for a confirmation of an agreement
and the payment of a death benefit.
David Russell, the father of the pe
titioner, died on November 0, 1804. and an
asssu ranee benefit of 3,000 In the Potomac
Council, No. 5, Chosen Friends, fell due
his heirs. There was some ambiguity in
Mr. KusseU'swJIlasto how theniuuey should
be divided ,aud an agreement, was entered
into by the four children of a former wife,
and the children of the deceased by the
widow, whereby the former took ?B0 each
of the money, with the remainder to be
divided among the latter children.
The court is requested to ratify the
agreement, tuid Watou J. Newton, su
preme treasurer of tiie order of Chosen
Friends, and one of the defendants, isaBked
to turn over the money.
Ankle Hones Fractured.
George R. Smith, a carpenter, residing
in Alexandria, was seriously Injured while
working about a trestle on the proposed
Great Falls electric railway yestcrday
afternoon above Georgetown. Smith, with
another carpcuter, was at the foot of the
trestle bridge nailing heavy beams to
the uprights for support. In some manner
one of tho heavy cross beams, twenty
feet above them, became detached and
came crashing down, and the men, seeing
their peril at a glance, jumped into the
bog below them, but not before the falling
beam strock Smith on tho leg, fracturing
both the bones in the aukle.
He was taken to the Emergency Hos
pital and the fractured member splinted.
Fell Thirty Feet.
Frederick J. Zegoyitz, residing at No.
21G G street northeast, while working ou
the ice house of the new Heurirh Brewery
on Twenty-fifth Btreet uorthwest, about
noon yesterday, fell from the roof to the
ground, a distance of about thirty feet,
cutting a deep gabh in his forehead and
right forearm, and also receiving painful
bruises and scratches about the arms aud
body. He was taken to the Emergency
Hospital in tho ambulance, where the
injuries were dressed by Drs. Smith and
j Bowman's Death "VYus.AecIdontal.
Coroner Hammett has,decided, as fore
shadowed in yestcrdaj; .morning's Times,
that an inquest will bo .unnecessary In the
case of Frank Bownian(wh? died at Provi
dence Hospital from injuries received by
being thrown from his buggy in Northeast
"Washington. According last evening ho
issued a certiricatu of accidental death
and the remains were turned over to the
family. . . r
Burrows Paid for His Folly.
Charles "W. Burrows; thei driver of tho
ice wagon that rau down "Watchman
Burke at the cornor of Ninth street and
Pennsylvania avenue Monday afternoon,
was charged m tbe police court yesterday
arternoon with obstructing the fctreet and
destroying private property, and fined
$15 in the former caso and $1 in the
latter. He paid tho fines.
91.25 to Baltimore and Return $1.25
. ' -. - J X V.
' Saturday; and Suuday, August 10 and 11.
uu i ,n,n,iu,ii
Every one who buys Mr. J. O. Boggs
Elgin butter. "White Clover brand, praises
its rreshness and sweetness In unstinted
terms. T wenty-f ive cents poun d.
Editor Times: Your Snnday paper
Of yesterday was the brightest, clean
est, best Illustrated, newsiest and
most Thoroughly interesting Sunday
newspaper over published ut the Na
tional Capital.
r '
The Prince of
The Washington Times
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To ever- such person The "Washington TnrEs, having thereto
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pedia 1 have exa-ninod." John F. Wggs, bunt.
Public Schools, Jit. Pleasant, Iowa.
"I do not hesitate to say that for Its scope it
Is one "of tho best and most coiiTonlom works ot
rcferenco extant." John S Staur, President
Franklin and ilarahall College. Lancaster, Pa.
"Tho history o discovery and experiment, or
of philosophic and theological thought is
brought down to the yoar ls91 Tho work
commends Itself with oqu.il forco to an intelli
gent public in general, and la particular to
students of theolot-y and ininlstera of tho Gos
pel." Kml. V. Gorhart, President Faculty
Tholog. Sent. Reformed Church ia the United
States, Lancaster, Pa.
-Tho membors of my family use th's ten
times whoro they ouco used the Britaunica, Ap.
ploton's or Chambers' all of which they have
access to." Chas. II. Corey, D.D., President of
Richmond Institute Richmond, Va.
"I have Appleton's, Chambers', and tho Peo
ple's Cyclopedias in my library, but use the
handy Columbian nearly altogether." Wm. II,
Alexander, survoyor of Customs, Omaha, Neb.
"An admirable guide to tho pronunciation; a
particularly Taluablo feature." Kov. J. A
Bunnor, San Itafael, CaL
"Tho sot, in its entirety, Is tho most practical
and completo cyclopedia ever published."
Commercial Advertiser, Dotrolt, .Mich.
"A really first-class dictionary and cyclopedia
combined." Pa. School Journal, Lancaster,!.
' 3
: a
: E
- s:
: 2 o
a h
to a
s -
: mfe
a "
: s h
3 a
: a r"
: o o
: S g
2 o a
s si
"s a
Office No.
If cash enter the word cash. If on Installments All out Installment blank.
A WORD TO THE WISE---Clubs of ten, or more, subscrib
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R. S.
227 C Street Northeast, Washington, D. C.
Cyclopaedias I
Handbook of Refer;
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able." Democrat and Chronicle, Kochoster,
N. Y.
"Because of lt3 convenience It will be-used
twenty times where the Appleton's, Chambers'
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San Francisco, CaL
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mondatlon." Medical Times, Chicago, 11L
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temporaneous events " ltuglstor, Mobile, Ala.
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Journal of Education, Boston, Mass.
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srich an invaluable work." Christian Leader,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
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cyclopedia." Farm, Field and Stockman, Chi
cago, I1L
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Times, Hartford, Conn.
Washington, D. C, ibOJ.
I hereby subscribe for Columbian Cyclopaedia com
plete In 32 vols., for which 1 agree to pay. as follows:
$5 on delivery of and$ overy.
thereafter until tho ent Iro amount Is paid.
Deliver ,lS0i
Subscribers should pay no money to solicitor.
f Busiucss Address
(.Town , State.
iTown , State..
We are very particular in
this hot weather to see that
our meat is perfectly fresh
and that none that is the
least bit tainted or fly-blown
is sent out.
In the summer time, when
the weather is hot and appe
tites not very strong, it
makes such a difference if
is put on the table.
You can get the very best
of everything from us at the
same prices as you can get
indifferent food elsewhere.
A profusion of fresh vege
tables is a necessity in sum
mer we make a special
point of having everything
iu season.
mricii Beef Do.
Mala Market 130G-1313 22d Street XW.
Telephone ZY7. Branch Markets 1713
14 th s. aw; 2ftH lUhst nw; Sta and M
sts nw; 30J7 M at nw; Slat aud K sta. nn
133 Ind. Ave. nw; 5th and I sta. nw; 4th
audi sts. nw; uth st and Pa. Avo nw;
13th at and N. Y. Ato. nw.
At the
Bon Marche.
50 dozen
Among mid-summer bar
gains these Vests rank very
high indeed. Remarkable
value remarkable price re
markable reason for it no
space to explain here.
These Vests are worth up
to 25c. some only 17c.
50 dozen fine Swiss ribbed three taped
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Bon Marche,
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that's our part of it. Ton'Il
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f actory power and the cleanest
Yoo.il And electric lights cooler
and tuner light than gn and
cafer. A word i rom you and the
current will be on.
U.S. Electric Lighting Co.
13 KTU ST. XL W. 'Phone.-rr.
Absolutely Painless Dentistry
Don't neglect to havo
the first teeth of chil
dren extracted at tho
proper time when the
second teeth are grow
in;. It's liable to re
sult In the new
teeth srrojrtns croox
edly. Consult us. x-tractm-.
50 cents.
Other charges propor-
Evans Dental Parlors,
1217 Penn. Avenue N. W.
J Wl 1,1. 1 A 31 LEIi,
OS reanaylTaaia avenue sorthwsst.
First class service. Phont!3s5. Iy-5rn3
SOXGSTEB After a long and painful
illness, on August 6, 1895, Annie H. Sonc
Bter, wife of Thomas Songster, at the resi
dence or her brother, Thomas P. Van Ars
dale, 1440 Corcoran street nortuwest.
Funeral services will be held at the
Eastern Presbyterian Church, corner of
Sixth and Maryland avenue northeast,
Thursday, August 6, at 4 p. m.
(Philadelphia papers please copy.)
;Terpsclioreft-iFeteat niverVlew.
Ou Friday Capt. Kandall will inaugurate
a Children': Day by giving a fancy dreas
ball for children at Itiver View. This will
undoubtedly attract a large number to River
View, and especially many children, the
fare being but twenty-five cents, and for
children fifteen cents. With the excep
tion of the hours from 6 to 9 p. m. there
will be dancing for all, and during this
time the floor will be cleared for the chil
dren alone, after which all may participate.
Prof. Proctor will officiate as dancing
master, and it will be a great day for the
little ones. The steamer Samuel J.
Pentz will leave at 9:45 a. m., 1:45 and
0:43 p. m.
31irr iage Xiieei es .
Licenses to marry have been Issued aij
Samuel Lomas and Jennie Carter.
Marshal A. Curihin-r, ot Indianapolis,
Ind., and Hannah Anderson.
Minor Duson, of Caroline county, Ya.,
and Lizzie Wright, of Spottsylvauia
county, Ya.
William Neal and Lavinde A. Booth.
Ilenry Chapman and Yirglc Gaines.
Edward Jcf fersou and Mamie A. Archer.
George W. Owens and Daisy B. Crock
ett, bothoCPhilndelphia.
M. W. Freeman and Martha E. Hughes.
Edward Bartlett and Margaret Agncw.
Frank B. Wilson, jr., and Margaret B.
Walsh. '
Frederick Posey and Fannie Rict.
& --V, v

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