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You get ready for your Fall Clothes, you'll find
us prepared to properly serve you with a finer and
better stock than ever before. We'd go out of the
business if we could not show an improvement
each season over the previous one. This season's
improvement is the biggest yet. Improved styles,
improved fabrics, improved qualities, improved fit,
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make our present stock of CLOTHING, HATS,
. SHOES, and FURNISHINGS the best in every
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Fall Overcoats, for present use. Just the style and quality
you want at just a little Jess than an one else can sell same grade.
All prices, $ 1 0 to $35.
Fall Derbys, all the newest shapes. Best quality made is
only $3 HERE next best $2. All fully guaranteed. v
Robinson, Chery & Co.
Hats, Shoes.
There are 011I3- six days left in which to get the chil
dren ready for school. Of course they'll have to be
rigged out with new shoes every one of 'em for
your children must look as neat as any of the rest.
There are lots of places where j-ou can buy these new
shoes but there is only one Family Shoe Store
with a stock three times greater than that of an
other shoe store in Washington. We are satisfied
with small profits and we can afford to be for we
are busy selling shoes ALL THE TIME. We could
fill a page full of prices and there'd be a saving- for
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TOUT Shoes for Boys-in heel or
spring heel Button or Lace kinds
that they can't kick out . . . . .
AVE you seen our window-full
of Children's Tan Spring Heel
Shoes? The SI. 25 grades for
UR Children's Dongola Shoes
"Spring heel patent leather
Tip S K25 values-for . . .
VERY size and shape of Chil
dren's Dongola Shoes
spring heel button or lace
EE our new arrivals in
Ladies' Shoes kid or
cloth tops S3 values
We not only guarantee a saving to you in the
cost of shoes but we guarantee quality style
and satisfaction. Bring the children to-morrow.
Shoe Store,
N. W.
310-312 Seventh St.
Clay Diagonal
Suit for $8.75.
.WORTH $14.00 AND $15.00.
To-morrow is the last day
that we shall sell these
splendid suits at this reduc
tion price, practically at
cost. You'll be wise to come
and see them before it is too
late. Remember these Suits
are really worth $14.00 and
$15.00, are made of fine im
ported 8 oz. Clay Diagonal
Cloth; are cut single and
double- breasted, Sacks,
Cutaways, Cutaway Frocks;
are well made in every re
spect, and are a bargain you
will not duplicate for many
a long day.
Garner & Co.,
N. E. Corner 7th & H.
Overheated Machinery Did It.
Now Sort, Sept. 14. An explosion oc
curred lo-day at Uie American Smokeless
Powder Works at Baychoster, seriously
Injuring three persons. The. Injured are:
Frank Winder, twenty-five years old; Mary
Bearing, fourteen years old; Masou E.
Leonard. The Scaring girl was so badly
lurried that 6lie cannot live. Tbe explosion
was caused by overheated machinexy-
Cruller Almost Completed, irblcb
Miirt Make Twenty Knotnan Door.
Philadelphia, Sept. 14. TheUnlted States
cruiser Brooklyn will bejauncbed at Cramps'
ship yard on October 2. The vessel is now
ready ty go Into tbe water, but It will re
quire some time to properly adjust the
The Brooklyn, which Is officially known
is Armored Cruiser No. 3, is 400 feet G
Inches in length, 64 feet 8 Inches beam, 41
feet 3 Inches molded depth and 24 feet
mean draught.
Her engines, which are four In number, are
triple expansion and work In pairs on
twin screws. The smokestacks of the
cruiser will prove n new departure. Their
extraordinary height, 100 feet above the
lower grate bars, is to secure approximately
the benefits of forced draught without alr
pressure in the fire rooms.
The speed guarantee ot'tbe Brooklyn Is
twenty knots an hour. The contract price
Is $2,980,000 and the time limit for the
completion of the vessel is February 11.
For every one-fourth knot over the re
quired twenty knots attained by the cruiser
on her official trial trip the Cramps will
receive $150,000 from the government.
It Will Occur nt the Annual Meeting
October 7 Next.
The forty-third annual meeting of the
Young Men's Christian Association will be
held in the temporary rooms.No. 1425 New
York avenue, Monday, October 7.
There will be reports from committees
and election of olticers. The election will
Include prudent, first and second vice
presidents, recording secretary and treas
urer, also four members of the board of
directors to take the places of those whose
terms of service terminate October, 1895,
and to serve for three years. The officers
are elected for one year.
Every active member la requested to be
present at this meeting, alsoat the monthly
meeting, September 16. Each meeting will
convene at 8 'o'clock p. m. on the days
Investigation as to the Amount
of Poison it Contains.
New Pumping Englno for the Water
Service to llo.l'urohuscd Attorney
Tlioiuiiii' Opinion on tbe I'urtner
Flutit Liquor I.tceiiso-Cn.ne Report
ot the Industrial Home School.
A. W. Dow, inspector of asphalt and
cements, submitted to the Commissioners
bis annual report for Hie last fiscal year,
6howing a total or 0,701 inspections.
He says considerable change was made
during the year in asphalt pavement, by the
addition of a fine cand to a ennd similar
to that formerly used. Tills mixture is i.ot
commended, but urder the circumstances
it is the best that can be done. The only
fine Band now available is that dredged
off at the foot ot Seventeenth street.
The uec of fii.e eand makes the surface
more impervious to moisture, and prevents
to a Jarge extent the rotting ot Trinidad
pavements, provided they receive proper
Long time tests lunc been started on
certain brands of I'orHand and natural
cement, and will bo continued for five
rubllc wells analyzed during the year
are given ns 194, of which 00 were good,
41 suspicious, and r7 condemned.
As previously directed the Inspector has
gienn good dial of attention loan investi
gation of tl.e action ot the Potoiiiac water
on lead pipes.
Not long ago the Commissioners amended
the plumbing laws, so as to giye authority
for tbe nse of cast Iron piiics in the nater
service, in addition to lead pipes.
There was a chance that enough lead
might be commuiiicaud through the drink
ing water to poison some delicate per
son , and the Inspector was ordered to
test tbe water taken through lead plics,
under all corditions ns to time and source
of supply and surroundings.
There is a dicrslty ot opinion as to the
quantity of lead that Is required tn dam
age health, but taking the most conserva
tive estimate. It Is conceded that not
enough was found from any one tt made
to cause tne water to be injurious.
In order to have the conditions as nearly
equal as possible to those of actual service,
the Inspector, for the purpose ot making
bis test, had one new forty-foot lead sen 'ce
pipe attached In Anacostla and fifty fctt
of new lead pipe was also attached to the
high service main at the U street pumping
house. That contained in the latter pipe,
wa under high pressure, while the other
was low pressure, and each had tra eled tto
maximum distance in mains.
The great source of danger, the inspector
says, is where the coating becomes detached
by a rapid flow ot water after the pipe
had been in disuse for some time. lie con
siders the matter ot sufficient Importance
to warrant a continuance or ttelmestlga
llon. In addition to having already supplied the
District water service with a new G,000,000
gallon pumping engine and outfit, tbe
Commissioners bavo advertised for pro
posals Tor rurnlshlng another ot 8,000,000
jallous' capacity.
The first-named engine will undergo a
ten days' test as to Its power, beginnings
Monday, and at Its conclusion will be
put into use to supply the high-service area.
The one advertised for Is to be used in sup
plying the middle service.
These new engines are to take the place
of the old Gaskill engines that have been
In use tor a great many years, and besides
being too small arc now about worn out
and practically unfit Tor use.
They broke down notions ago, and with
the consent ot the contractor the new en
gines were employed to meet the emer
gency and prevent the city from going with
out water.
The Gasktll engines will be thoroughly
overhauled and kept In rccrve Tor pos
sible emergencies.
The attorney for the District, Mr. 8. T.
Thomas, has returned to the Commission
ers with an opinion the iiapers referred to
him from the excise board In respect to the
application of William T. Whclan for a
barroom-license at the Portncr Flats, No.
310 Seventh street southwest.
Mr. Thomas' opinion Is favorable to
Whclan'a contention and should the excise
board have no other point against him than
theoneupnn which thcopinlonlsformulated
he will doubtless get his license.
Objections were raised to the granting
of 'Wholan's license, upon the grounds
that under the liquor law, as amended,
license-is prohibited to nn applicant whose
place of business is within 400 feet ot
a public school, private school, or house
of worship, and the Tortncr Is within 400
feet of a private academy.
Attornoy Donaldson, "who Is said to rep
resent a rival saloon-keeper, naniod Sol
omon, in opposition to the applicant, had a
long conference with Mr. Thomas yesterday
and endeavored to convince him to his way
of thinking.
Falling in that he called on Commissioner
Powell and asked for permission to read
Mr. Thomas'oplnlon, but his request was
refused. He stated that he wanted to file
a brief with the excite be--rdt and for that
purpose desired to know the position
taken by Mr. Thomas.- -Mr. Madigau ob
jected to his Inspection until .the opinion
formally comes Into the possession of the
excise board.
Mr. Thomas takes the ground that what
Congress really did in amending the excise
law was to Increase the number or rooms
required ror a hotel Trom twenty to twenty
five, and that If it had been Intended to
apply the amendment as a prohibition
against hotels, It would have been so
stated In terms.
Hotels, he says, have always been favored
In the application of tho liquor laws, from
early times to the present, and even under
the District law the hotel Is permitted
to dispense liquor on Sunday, If sales are
made to guests only.
Be decides that the Portncr Is not affected
by its proximity to the Sacred Heart Acad
emy. President McPherson has submitted to
the Commissioners his annual report of tbe
operations of tho Industrial Borne School
for the past fiscal year, from which these
extracts aro taken.
"Our own wards at the beginning of the
fiscal year numbered 62, and we had 14
ot the Board ot Guardians, making 76.
We received during the year 71 others,
of bur own, 53, and of the Guardians', 18.
We discharged in the same year, 48, of
our own, 27, nnd ot the Guardians', 21,
and we bad at the dose of the year 99
Inmates, ot our own wards 88, and ot tbe
Guardians'. 11.
"Of the 27 wards whom wedischarged,
6 were placed In situations to cam monthly
wages. One of these had been with us
six years, and each ot the others three
years. Blx were placed in homes where
they will be properly cared for and pre
pared to earn a living; four of these had
been "with bs several years, and two for
Boys wanted
wanted to wear
our Suits.aand to bring
their fathers and young
er brothers to us to get
We are aha enly Arm la Wash
ington who manufacture our own
Boys' and Children's Clothing
Our factory Is at IS White Sstreet,
Now iTork.
Men's Suits, nicely made.... $3.00
Men's Suits 4.85
Men's Extra Flno Double-
breasted Suits 5.00
Elegant Clay Worsted Suits
for c coins drcs. 0.05
Men's Imported Trench Trl-
cutt hulls 7.85
Bovs' Suits, $3.12; worth SO.OO.
Boys' Suits, $3.00; north S8.00.
Hoys' Suits, $4.25; north $0.00.
Oicr 5.0CO Children's Suits, fifty
styles, at OOc.
300 Children's Suits, $l.25,orth
5()0 Children's Suits. S1.02,north
20 0 Children' Combination
Suits, extra pants and cap to match,
$1 00. nurtli 55. UU
200 Children's Suits, extra fine
quality, $2.4 ): real nliic, $5.30.
Drc- Pants, DO cents.
All-wool Pants. 1 25.
Sent stripes in III lie. Gray and
500 Pairs or .Men's CorJnroy
Pants, let crude, $1.85.
Ninth & E Sts. N. W.
Verdiot of the Coroner's Jury as to
Young Aoton's Death.
TJngnnrdcd Trap-Door In the Flooring
of tlioNew Llbrary.out Responsi
bility for It Sot Fixed.
only n few months. Kiel en were returned
to parents or re'jtlves.
"From the report or the treasurer It will
be seen I lint, the revenue of the school dur
ing Hie last fiscal jear amounted to $12,
0H9 05, derived almost entirely from three
sources the appropriation by Coifgrcss,
$9,900; the sales of products or tho work
shop, gardens and greenhouses, $1,151.17,
and $1,724 00 paid by Ihe board or chil
dren's guardains ror the support or certain
of their wards placed In our char-re. The
expenditures daring Ihe same jear amount
ed to $11,883.18. which absorlied the Con
gressional appropriation and left a defi
ciency, whU h, however, was more than cov
ered by the othersources staled "
All that remains of the hold-over appli
cations Tor liquor license, six in number,
were taken up by the excise board ror con
sideration yesterday, and counsel tor the
claimants was heard. The six Interested
are. W. A. Ehrmamraut, James v. luiams,
Kob-'rt Key and Johu 1. Kelly, all In the
soutwhest, and Edward Murphy and Eliza
beth Gallagher, both on Twenty Tirct street,
lietween Bleu nth .and Twelfth streets.
These cases willall be decided within a rew
row days.
-qns 3'odai tai lit ?uqj poojSJopun si II
mined to the Commifsloncrs yesterday,
Building Insiiector Brady held that the ab
sence or a certificate of deposit did not
Invalidate Mr. Winfree'a bids Tor the two
rchool bouses contested by Mr. J. M. Dunn.
Mr. Wiufree's certified checks accompany
ing his bids arc considered as being sufficient.
.A liii'Mlred thousand patr of eye
will mo your Wunt "Ad". If it's in
The Time.
The inquest on Walter Acton, the young
man who met his death at the new Library
Building Friday afternoon, was held
at tho First precinct station on Twelfth
ttreet jcstenlay afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Dr. Hammett conducted the investiga
tion. After the Jury was empaneled It
was found that only one witness had been
summoned, contrary to the express orders
of the coroner.
His ordor was misinterpreted and tho
coroner found It necessary to commence
the Investigation with but one witness,
Mr. John Chambers, local superintendent
ot the Sliced & Company Iron Works, of
LoulsUUe, Ky.
Mr. Chambers was an eye-witness to
young Acton's death.
"I was standing on tbe scaffolding
around the main staircase." said he,
"when my attention was directed In a
railing body. I immediately loo Lid up
and saw )uung Acton In his descent. He
fell to the ground floor and was lustantly
"Our foreman was on the same floor
with blin. but he did not see the accident "
"I made Inquiry among the employes
Immcdinuly after Ihe accident, nnd round
that joung Acton had bim to the foreman
or the painters' gnrg and borrowed a lad
der. What he wanted with a ladder Is be
jond my conjecture, ns he was only em
ployed as n water boy and had no jivssib'c
use ror it.
"Tbe tppositlou Is ho cllher tripped or
fell, and as there was no tupport to catch
him his death was inevitable."
The Jury at this point n-nde n lecuest lo
sec the rcenc or Ihe accident and were taken
to the new library building ror that pur
pose. Abraham Jones, Jacob Krnuskoff, Otto
Itichter and William II. Strother, em
ployes on the building, who were worfc
Irg liar the scene or the accident, were
the other witnesses examined. None of
them saw the buy when he fell, but It
was the general Impression that he Tell
through an open trapdoor In the floor
of tbe scaffolding, through which mate
rial Is hauled up.
The examination of witnesses occupied
two hours, the Jury going out shortly after
3 o'c'ock. They were In consultation about
an hour and n half, and at -1 30 o'clock
returned the fallowing verdict:
"That the said Walter Acton came to
to his death accidentally at the Library
building Friday, September 13, at about
1:30 o'clock, while In the performance
or his duty, aid building belrg In course
or construction by the go'crnment. The
Jury also states that he came to his death
through the negligence fir parties unknown
to ll.em, through the construction or tho
scaffolding where he hail been working
by orders of his superiors, by reason or
an opening In the floor, which was not
properly guarded. 3'he Jury further rec
ommend that all such holes be properly
guarded when not In use."
Mr. Chambers took a copy ot the verdict,
and steps will be taken to prevent n re
currence of the accident In the future. The
verdict blames someone ror the death ot
the young man, but no further investiga
tion is contemplated.
Sergeant ot Tollce Joseph Acton, an
nncle of the dead boy. was present at the
Inquest. After announcing the verdict Dr.
Ilnmmett issued a certificate of death.
"Crocxer'i." II
We're after the
School Trader
and we ara going to make a trreit effort to nenro a Iirga portion of it
Oar shoes ire of the right kind to suit bath the parents and children, and in
erder that the price may be more than right we have decided to make a dis
count oflO per cent on sit Hides' and Children's School Shoes. Ton can't go
wrong in bringing the childron here children like our shoes they look
well, wear veil and the pries suit the parents' poeketbooks. We have shces
for all school occasions, from the roughest kind for bard wear to the slipper
for homewear, and the dainty shoes for the dancing class. This 10 per cent
discount goes into effect Monday morning and will continue until scaool
opens. When yon are fitting the children out we wait von to remember as
particularly where there are a number of children, for 10 per cent then msasi
a saving of considerable money.
Prices of Children's and Misses' School Shoes.
These range from $1. 25 np to S3, bat all of them are now subject to the 10
per cent discount.
The Jenness .Wilier Shoe.
Of coarse, yon know we own this shoe, which is approvjd and made from
the model invested by this famous woman dress reformer. There are numer
ous imitations, some in Washington. Hone are geaaine anless they bear tba
name"Jenne Miller" on the s ole and in the lining. Be especially carefa
about thir. We make them in wide, common-sense aad house boot styles 85
the pair
Cooled by electric fans.
939 Pa. Ave. I
and the funeral of the young man will
take place this afternoon.
Confident of Support of Keurlj- tho
Whole Contention.
New Tork, Sept. 14. non. Thomas C.
Piatt started this morning for Saratoga,
where the Republican State convention
Is to lc held next Tuesday.
1 1 Is generally conceded that Eenor Lexow
will be made temporary chairman and Lau
lerbacli permanent chairman.
Tho Tlalt element feel confident of at
least 600 of tho 750 delegates, and If
their rigures are correct, they will bava
their own way.
Thieves Secured Small Hooty.
Petty larceny caes were reported at
police headquarters yesterday as rollows:
John E. Bayliss, stopping at the American
Uoase, Icrt in the toilet room a gold watch
and chain, and when he returned they bad
F. H. Stcier, ot Tenth nnd D streets
northwest, had stolen, from the Great Falls
Ice Company, near the Palisades, on tbe
Conduit road, eight wire reels.
Mrs. A. Cowell, Xn. 1312 South Capitol
street southeast, had stolen from her bouse
yesterday two pairs of shoes, a black silk
hat, wnsit and underclothing.
Mr. Al. Hcbard, of No. 301 Second street
northwest, lost from the messenger office,
corner ot Fifteenth, and F streets, a Bohe
mian bicycle.
Mr. C. II. Terrill, Department of Labor,
bad taken from his porch on Melrosestreet,
";bcvy Chase, a Columbia bicycle.-
Mb Ncllls, Xo. 92"" I street northwest,
rports stolen from her room in the house,
between Thursday last and last night, a
black lace collar.
Hutler Family Eulogized nnd Now
Comity Named llutler.
Columbia, S. C, Sept. 14. The consti
tutional convention proceedings to-day
hae been of the greatest interest. The
old family feeling existing for so many
years between the Butler and Gary famil
ies was brought up In tho debate to-day and
George D. Tillman presented a eulogy
H the Butler family that was or sneb
Interest and so Impassioned that the large
audience, seemed to bang on his words.
The convention has to-day decided to
establish no new counties, save one divid
ing Edgefield county Into two counties.
There was a lively fight over the matter.
Another big fight ensued on the naming;
finally "Butler" was settled on as the
name of the new county. The conven
tion is now trying to decide what shall
be dono about the printing.
A vigorous effort has been made to have
the printing go to the lowest responsible
bidder, but It Is maintained that C. A.
Cairo, State printer, is entitled to it and
It loots as If he will get it.
Many new ordinances and resolutions
were Introduced, an Important one pre
serving the right of trial by jury Tor every
Killed Hlrt Wife nnd Himself.
Chicago, Sept. 14. Louis Ilorfman, aged
fifty years, cut his wife's throat from ear
to ear this morning nnd then sent a bullet
Into his brain. Both will die. Mrs
Hoffman's nfusal to longer support her
wortldess husband was tbe cause or the
Have you roonisi to rent? A Times
TVnnt "Ad" w 111 fill them promptly.
These articles will be given on the new Premium Cards now being given out: Hundred
piece Decorated Dinner Sets, Eight-day Cathedral Clocks, large. Banquet Lamps, Fine
Home Sofas, 56-piece Tea Sets, Easy Rocking Chairs, Large Attractive Albums. Many
other splendid premiums beside those we have just named
Fresh Meats of every kind. Sirloin Steak, Porterhouse, Round Steak, Rib Roast Beef, Fresh
Fruits and Vegetables of greatest variety. " Advantages in Prices which everyone will appreciate.
Large lze Bags Salt, 2 for x Be
bo.lp Powder 3u
FatSmokeil Bloaters, each 3c
Hominy Urlts 2c
Coap-e llociliiy 3c
Fly Paper, doubletJheets 2e
KmallDurham.Vutard,liuXcs 4c
Corrce Essence, per lix 3c
Toilet Soap, Miller's Cake 4c
Blxby's fcniall Blacking 0C
Mucilage, 0c. size 3c
Boneless Codfish Be
EiumellneStoe I'olUh Be
Iron-hlne Stove Polish 4c
Large Lump Sturih 4c
btar Soap, cake 4c
Ko'-e Leaf Soap, dry 2 years old .. .. 4c
Uomxhoap, lake 4c
Brown Soap, long bars 4c
Soaplue, paikagc 4c
Pennine, package -4c
EinrlL-li Pearl hoau.lt floats 4c
Brooks' Crystal boap 4c
1770 Powder 4c
Boil Ami 5c
(Jliigcrtsuaps, per pound 4c
Sod.1 Crackers, per pound 4c
Cream Crackers, per pound 4c
Johustou'sb oz. xcacl'owdcr 10c
Rice, large grain, lb Be
Dried Beans, lb Be
J. B.BaklngPowder. 1-4-noundtlns.. Be
Small Lemon Extracts - Be
Small Vanilla Be
Small Glasses Mustard Be
"Beats AH" StovePoIlsh, cake Be
Chloride of Lime, small boxes Be
ToiletSoap, fancy cake Be
Patent Laundry wax Be
Rising Sun Stoc Polish Be
Small Oil Sardines, can Be
Tapioca, loose, lb 7C
Large holeNutmegs, 6 Tor Be
Large Pint BotllesBIue Be
Bali Blue, In boxes, each Be
Picnic Size Baked Beans Be
Huiiter'sJlurtardDrcsfctng, large .. .. B
Water Lily Soap, large'size Be
Pint Bottles Catsup 10c
Celery Salt, botlle Be
Alabaster Starch, 'package 6c
Root Beer, perioitie Be
Pride otEgypcClgars Be
Edwiu Booth Cigars s
MImbclla Cigars Cc
Scotch Snuff, pen box Gc
Ammonia, large bottles Be
New Dates Cc
LargeCauTomntoes.flrstquality.. .. Gc
Canned Corn, per can Cc
Canned Peas, per can 6c
String Beans, per ran 6c
Lima Beans, per can .. .- 6c
Canned Succotash, can Co
Macaroni, per packnge, 7c
Potted Tongue, small 7C
2-1 b package Best Oats .. .- 7
Large, fat mackerel, perpound 7c
Cornstarch, packnge 7c
nancy, per in 7c
Pickles, in bottles 7c
Potted ham. small 7c
Loose Lard, lb 7c
Animal Crackers gc
Nle-Nacs, per pound 8c
nouiea Jamaica umger ioc
Ladies'Royal Shoe Polish 8c
Large Enamellne gc
Mendelson's Powdered Lye 8c
Whole Cloves, 1-4 pound 8c
GroundCloves, 1-4 pound 8c
Ground Allspice, 1-4 pound 8c
Saltpeter. 1-4 pound 8c
Cream Tartar, 1-4 pound 8c
Celery Seed, 1-4 pound. 8c
urounu uinger, a- pouno... .. .. oc
Caraway Seed, 1-4-pound 8c
Whole Allspice, 1-4 pound 8o
Ground Pepper, 1-4 pound . 8c
Yellow Mustard Seed. l-4pound.. .. 8c
Ground Mustard, 1-1 pound 8c
Ground Cinnamon, 14 pound 8c
Ground Mace, 1-8 pound 8c
Whole Mace. 1-8 pound 8c
Ground Cayenne Tcpper, 1-4 pound 8c
Whole Pepper, 1-1 pound 8c
FrullPiiddlne, all flavors 8c
Ilirsrh's Sauce 8c
J. B. Baking Powder, 1-2 pound tins Sc
Largo Lemon Extracts 10c
Large Vanilla 10c
Quart Bottles Catsup 8c
.New Figs, per lb lCc
Geo. Arthur Cigars 10c
Good Steak 8 and 10c
Rico Flour, per package 8o
Elgin Star Condensed Milk, can.. .. 8c
Blxby's Large Blacking 8o
Olives, per bottle 8c
Large Mustard Sardines 8c
Sago, per package 8c
Fat Back, for seasoning 8c
Western Shoulder 8c
Mixed Candy, per pound 8c
Ivory (Elephant Head) Starch.. .. 8c
Breakfast Bacon, lb 10c, White Wine Vinegar.. .
Raisins, seedless 10c California Pears
Home made Egg Noodles, large.. .. lCc'Callfornial'eaches.. ..
Sapollo, largo 10c Evaporated Cream, can
Olives, in glass jars loci uesi Buttcnne. io
Candles. No. 0, per set ioc
Hemp Clothes Line. 100 feet 10c
Vinegar, per gallon 10c
Pettijolin-s Breakfast Food lCc
American Gelatine 10c
Rumford"s6o2 Yeast Towdcr 10c
. 13o
,. lBo
. 15c
. luc
. 17c
J. B. Baking Powder. 1-lb. tins, 20c
Bluellen Matches, dozen.. .. 14c
Cooking Batter 14c
G round Coffee, per lb 10c
Smoked Herring, box 15c
T.spti3 lh. Cnn Baked Beans
rrmiTHwl Ovsli'rs nerran.. .. .. . .. 10c
Mother's Baked Beans, can 10c
MarjlandPeaches.percan 10c
Eli Fcttilobii's Food, package 10c
rMilnrule or 1.1ml. lanre.. .. .. .. .. 10c
Baking Powder. 1-1 lb cans 10c
Reflector, the best brass and silver
Imported Sardines.Iarge, with key.
nolLshcr known. Dackas-e 10c
Raisins. California 0c
Babv Brand Condensed Milk. can.. .. 10c
Salmon, tail cans 1.-C
Imported Sardines, small. "key J2c
Steak Salmon. large flat cans 15c
Flat cans Mackerel, best -ioc
10c' Pretzelettes
Mlrlnin steak
Witch Hazel. pint bottle
1-32 bbl UoyalFamlly Flour
l-32bbl ElectricLightriour
Imnorted Sardines in tomato sauce.
per can.. .. .. lc
EazlcBrandCnndenscdMllk 16c
Best Granulated Sugar
Diamond Starch (needs no blue) ..
Taploca.per package
Farina, pound package
Olive Oil. small
Early Juno Peas
Stick Candy, all flavors
Red Beal Lve. can
Largo French Prunes
Labrador Herring, dozen
NewYork Cream Biscuit
Lemon cakes
MilkLunch Biscuits
Mixed Nuts, best
California Evaporated Peaches.. ..
Ciilifnrnl.'i Evanorated Pears.. ..
California Evaporated Apples.. ..
New Prunells
Chalmers ueiatinc
T.nriTB Silver Prunes .
California Evaporated Apricots.. ..
California Evaporated Tangerines..
Chicory, id ,
Best Cream Cheese, lb..
LanternJars Sirup, pints
Large Bottles Catsup
General Arthur Cigars,. large
Old Dominion Tobacco, largo
Graveley'sBest Tobacco
10c j
Baltimore Sugar-cured Hams. lb.. .. 12c
uaenn strips 12c
Society Wafers 8c
vaiinilia cakes ; 8c
Sugar Jumbles., 8c
Holier Jumbles c
Mixed Ulfle Nuts.. .; 8c
anine wafers 8c
Fruilf"raekers(Sultanas),perpound.. 8c
uranam waters, per pound.. .; .. .. 8c
Vanilla Wafers.pcrpound.. . 8c
Esc Biscuits, per pound 12c
w inter urecnuanay lSi
Canned Corn Beef, sliced 1"
Rib Roast of Beefsteak 12c
itnunatiteaK ise
Hack cornmeal (squirrel brand).. .. 12c
-iymouiu kock (Dotn colore) gela
tine 12c
OUve Oil 12e
CampbeirsBecrsleakCatsup.pt.. .. 15c
Cal PiltcdEvaporatcdPlums.Ib.... 12c
Lantern JarsMustard 15c
Imported Spaghetti, per package.. .. 15c
French Peas, percan.. lrc
Best Fresh Eggs.doz 16c
Criterion Brand Cal. Canned Anrlcots. lec
Queen & Anderson Jams lBol Sugar-cured Shoulders, lb,
Lobster, tali cans.. .. .. .. .. -.. 17c
Webb'sCocoa. nertln 17c
Cider Vinegar, gallon 17c
Wilbur's Chocolate, cake 18o
Porterhouse Steak 18o
French Baking Powder. 1-2 Ib.cans.. 18c
Lea A I'errln'sWorccstershlreSauce.. 25o
Columbia Souns Julienne. Consom
me. Mulligatawny large cans, each
t 25c
Durkee's Salad Drissing, bottle.. .. 23c
Best Elgin Butter, lb 28c
Dunbar's Barataria Shrimps, large.. 23c
FotatoChlps, per pound.. .. r ";rc
Java Flavored Coftee 23c
Ohio Maple Syrup, percan 33c
Colburn's Curry Powder, bottle.. .. 25c
Henderson's Birch Phosphate, bottle
large r .. .. 23c
Royal B.ikIngPowder.1 lb 43c
Cleveland Baking Towder, lib 43c
Golden Drip Syrup 45c
Bib palls Cottolene 4Sc
Horseshoe Chewing Tobacco, lb.. .. 50c
51b pails Lard (best) 50c
Fancy Mixed Tea D0c
Gravely 3 ply Chewing Tobacco.. .. GOc
Choice Oolong Tea 60c
Choice Gunpowder Tea 60c
1-8 bbl. Electric Light Flour 60c
Wilbur's Cocoa, per tin 20c
Arbuckle Coffee 22c
Olive Oil limported) 23c
Best Malt Vinegar, gallon 27c
Best White Wine Vinegar, gallon.. .. 27e
3-lb nails Coltoleue 28c
5 string Brooms 28c
i-iu uoi. tiecinc ugutt-ionr 30c
3 lb palls Lard (best) .. 30c
1-16 bbl. Royal Family Flour 30c
Kicha nlson A Bobbins' Potted Turkey,
large 30c
Holland Java and Mocha Coffco.. .. 30c
Java and Mocha Coffeo 30c
1-16 bbl. Lily Best Patent Flour.. .. 35c
French Baking Powder, 1-Ib cans.. :t3c
Fine Gunpawder Tea 33c
SprlngLeaf Tea 33c
Old Government Java CoKee 35c
Best Mocha CoKee 35c
New Orleans Baking Molasses.. .. 43c
Fine Oolong Tea 35c
Mustard, per gallon 45c
1 8 bbl. Lily Best Patent Flour.. .. 63c
Extra Choice Oolong Tea 80c
Extra Choice Gunpowder Tea.. ..- .. 80c
I'oyal Family Flour bbl S4.00
1-4 bbl. Family Flour S1.00
1-8 bbl. Royal Family 50c
Lily Best 1'atent Flour, bbl $4.23
1 4 bbl. Lily Best Patent Flour.. .. 51.23
Electric Light Best Family Flour.
bbl SI.OO
1-4 bbl. Electric Llcht Flour St i
Quart size Lea Sc Pcrrlns' Sauce,
oer bottle 7k
GiltEdge Soap (5c. size), each 3c
TtnHhlfla Qnm . . .
Ui . , oi ,V "'..'" " "' 1"iC
JOHNSTONS, 729-731 7th St.
LSS.. j-w ,
v -..- ..

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