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Association of Labor Statistician Be-aln-!
Itf Eleventh Convention'.
Jlinneupolis, Minn., Sept. 17. The Na
tional Association of Labor Statisticians
began its cleenth annual convenUon at
the Commercial Club rooms to-day with
President Carroll D. Wright, Commissioner
of Labor, In the chair.
Labor commissioners of a score of States
were present. Welcoming addresses were
made by Gov. D. M. Clough, Mayor Eobert
Pratt and J. r. Calderwood.presldentof the
Commercial Club.
To these President Wright responded,
saying that the work of the members of the
association was to show that capital and
labor aro allied and not antagonistic
forces. Thirt three Stales hae followed
the lead of Massachusetts since 1800 in ap
pointing commissioners and pushing this
ReportB of committees were then called
lor and the association then settled down
to business.
Eeports were heard as follows: Carroll
D. Wright, on the national bureau's In
vcstlgaUon of female labor as a factor
and the changes wrought by machinery;
H. G. Wadlln, of Massachusetts, on the
wages of working women and the effects
of alcoholism on Industry and crime; James
M. Clark, of Pennsylvania, on the build
lug trades and the condition of women in
clerical ocupations; Charles H. Summer
man, of New Jersey, on Industrial de
pression, co operative societies and cotton
and woolen Industries; Charles H. Morse,
of Michigan, on the status of street rail
way employes, and B. R. Lacy, of North
Carolina, on the condition ot labor in
that state.
Botb Wives "Won tbo Suits and Deser
tion TVns tlie Cause.
Judge Cos yesterday signed orders In two
cases, granting divorces to the petitioners.
Jennie Gordon brought suit for divorce
against William Gordon November 14,
1S04, on the ground of desertion and in
fidelity. The two were married Octo
ber 17, 1887.
Annie Waters was granted a divorce
from William Waters, to whom she was
married April 30, 1890, by Eev. Mr. Bich
ardson, in Anacostla.
She accused her husband of cruelty and
said he dcsertedAer "May 29, 1893.
IgllSo Cm ycSipci ulJ
Excise Board Notifies Barkeepers
of Evasions of Law.
Dixon Crematory Company Huh a
Hearing Tloforo the Commlsslonere.
Attorney "Waters' Fino Will Not llo
Refunded Suit Threatened .Against
Brown Crematory Company.
The excise board has notified saloon
keepers, by circular letter, that barrooms
must be left with the Interiors exposed
to view from the street during the hours
In which it is unlawful to sell liquor.
Blinds and curtains In show wlndowsandall
openings must be wide open between the
hours of 12 midnight and 4 a. r It Is
not stated that all proprietors have been
dlsobelng the requirement, but Investiga
tion has proved that many do disregard It,
hence the notice.
Tho Dixon crematory representatives
were given a hearingbythe Commissioners
yesterday. In order that they might present
an argument for the Introduction of Uielr
system in Washington. The company of
ficial present were Gen. S. S. Yoder and
Mr. E. J. Tottcn, and the spokesman was
Attorney Andrew Wilson.
Mr. Wilson presented a lengthy ar
gument, setting f ortli the claims of the com
pany, and Gen. Toiler and Mr. Tottcn each
made a statement.
Briefly stated, the position of the Dixon
representatives is that their crematory
will doascomplcteworkupou as economical
a basis as any other; that their company will
assume all the risk of giving satisfaction,
and that the process will dispose of all
refuse without creatingainiisance.
Attorney Joseph J. Waters, of No. 1335
Thirty first street, whose protest against
payment of a fine imposed by the police
.court for a violation fit the garbage regu
lations, and his subsequent request for
remission of the penalty, was noted in
The Times at the time, was notified
yesterday that the Commissioners fall to
see any reason for favorable consideration
of the request.
At the lime ot his arrest Mr. Waters
announced that in case the board dc
cllned to order the refundment he would
institute suit for the recotery of the
money, for the reason, as he alleged, that
the officers did not proceed according to
law, either in the matter of his arrest or
Gomer Jones has employed Attorney
Edwin WHIets to liiFiitutc a suit against
the Brown Crematory Company for al
leged Infringement of his patent for a
gas generator and burner, and the attorney
yesterday addressed a letter to the Com
missioners protesting against the use of
the device iu the destruction of garbage
Mr. Willets was informed in response that
while a Brown crematory may be cm'
ployed by the garbage contractor. Uic
Commissioners hao uot yet ordered nor
accepted such system.
The Commissioners y'eslcrday addressed
a letter to National Commander Tanner,
of the Dnlon Veteran Legion, extending
a cordial Invitation to the national or
ganization of tlieorder to hold Its ses
sion of 180C in this city. The Utter con-,
eludes' with: ;
"The people of the National Capital
wojld deem It a special honor to have
their city chosen as the place of that
meeting, and would spare no pains to
render their visit a pleasant occasion to
those who may attend."
Changes in the engineer department were
made yesterday as follows: "-
W. T. Boyd, rodmanln tho sewer depart
ment, transferred to computer and drafts
man in samo. department, with compensa
tion at the rate of $3 per day.
A. 8. Fernald, chalnman, transferred
to rodman, at $2.50 par day.
J. A. Neville, now foreman in the fewer
department. ' transferred to Inspector in
same department, with compensation atthe
rate of $4 per day when employed.
J. J. Condon, appointed foreman, Tlce
Neville, with compensation at therateof $1
per day when employed.
George M. Harris' pay as chalnman was
increased from $1.30 to $2.25 per day.
Orders were Issued yesterday as follows:
That water main assessments be can
celed as follows, on account of tho decision
In the Burgdorf case:
Against part of lots 38 and 39, square 500,
and part of lot 4, square 499; the cast
25.11 feet of lot 4, square 10G5; part of
lot 3, square 832, part plat 5, fronUng GO
feet on Wisconsin avenue; lots 12 and 13,
square 104, Georgetown; last installment
of water main assessment against lot 6,
block 1G, Brookland; remaining install
ments against lot 83 and sublot 121,
plat 9, Wright and Dole's subdivision;
remaining installments against lot 11, block
llf and lot 32, block 12, Meridian Hill.
That a sewer bo coniiructed In the ssjth
side of L street iiorthircst between Twenty
first and Twenty-second streets, under
the permit system.
That the 15 inch cement 6ewer in the
east side of Nineteenth street northwest
between E and F streets be replaced.
That Fred A. Walters be registered and
licer&ed as a master plumber and gasfltter,.
afler filing proper bond.
That an allotment of $200 from the appro
priation for main inlcrsecting sewer for
use in the current quarter of the fiscal
year be approved.
That 320 feet of 6 Inch water pipe bo
laid in Ninth street southeast between I
and K streets.
That 461 jfeet of G Inch cast iron water
pipe be laid in the Smithsonian grounds and
four fire hydrants be erected, the work
to be done by the water department at the
expense of the Smithsonian Institution and
United States National Museum.
That M. L. Roberts be licensed as a first
class steam engineer.
The Commissioners have appointed Chap
man J. Gilbert and Jesse Given asuddltional
privates on thepolice force.
Tbe resignation of J. A. Lewis, of the
fire department, was yesterday ordered to
be accepted, and William F. Lanaban was
appointed to succeed him, the appointment
being upon the usual probationary condi
tion. Tbe Commissioners are still of the opinion
that the revenuesoftheBIstrlct for 1896 -'97
will stand an appropriation of $G50,000
for street paving, but until the report of
tbe committee appointed to astlmate is re
ceived nothing will be done as apreliminary
to action by tbe board. Commissioner
Powell said yesterday that the matter had
not yet been taken up for consideration.
Tbe second of the series of cut rate
Fall excursions was given last Saturday
night to Norfolk on the steamer City of
Richmond. Tho weather Just at this
tlmo Is ideal for this trip, and the person
who once goes will most assuredly go
again. The boat arrived in Washington
Monday morning at 6:45. The third ex
cursion will be made on Saturday, Sep
tember 21, and the steamer will leave
toot of Sixth street at 6 o'clock p. m-
You to ourstore are these
prices. Surely such bar
gains in Housefurnishings
must appeal to the econom
ical sense ofKevery house
keeper. Large covered Block Tin Broad llaisers,3 2c.
Regular price, 75c.
6-q.uart Grasue Iron Saucepans, 31c.
Regular price, 69c.
2-quart Granito Iron Oatmeal Boilers, 36c.
Regular price, 68c.
Nickel Alarm Clocte, 58c.
Regular price, 11.19.
8-lb. Japanned Kucnr or Flour Boxes, hinged
top, 16c.
Kegular price, 89c,
4-lb. Japanned Sugar or Flour boxes, hinged
top, 1 2 c.
Regular prlco, 23c.
All sizes Square Coal Sieves, 8c.
Itegular price, 12c, 15c, and 20a
Large size Round Wash Boilers, 21c.
Regular price, 49a
Large size Japanned Dustpans, 5o.
Itegular price, 10a
Mason's Quart Truit Jars, 5 c. each.
Fruit Jar F.llers, 5 c.
Regular price, 15a
512 9th St. N.W.
and suits for any
other occasion we
make a specialty of
Boys' and Children's
Clothing. We sell so
man', that we are en
abled to buy them
cheapen than, most
clothiers and can af
ford to give j'otf bet
ter quality for the
same price.
You will do well to
price our suits before
you purchase, we can
save you quite a bit of
New York
of the world is par
ticular about his cloth
ing he knows how
much people judge from
appearances they do
not notice the value of
the material so much as
the fit and style.
That is what we are
very particular about.
The "Dvrenforth Cut"
has become well known
as a criterion or tne
prevailing fashion.
Our new stock of
Light-weight Fall Over
coats is worthy of your
621 Penn. Ave.
Under .Metropolitan.
Made tUo Occasion of Festivities at
Gonztiga College.
It was a gala day at Gonzaga College
yesterday. Eey. Cornelius Gillespie cele
brated his birthday and gave the Btudents
a holiday to commemorate this happy erent.
Father Gillespie was pleasantly surprised
by receiving ylslts from the presidents and
averal of the faculties ot Georgetown
University and Loyola- College, Baltimore.
An elaborate dinner was given In tho
college, and Eev. Father Barnum, tho noted
missionary from Alaska, made a pleasant
congratulatory adflresi.
Among the guests were Eev. J. Havens
Elchards.Georgeto wn ; Eev. Thomas Morgan,
of Loyola; Fathers .McGinney, Colgan,
Conway, of Washington; Daugherty arid
Elchley, ot Georgetown.
A largo number ot Father Gillesplo's par
ishioners called in the evenlng-to pay their
City of Rlchraondf or Fortress Monroe and
Norfolk Saturday night at 6 p. m. Bee ad.
Would yon.
Times Want
sell anything?
Try a
311 7tH St. N. W.
W H-THll 1" M
Until school ODens we are kItIdc a
'discount of JO percent off all Misses' and
Children's Spring Ileol fchos. That Is,
on our already loir prices.
Qood Misses'
' jil:
25 S2.O0
50 32.50
75 S3.0G
(SI. 25
Jenness Miller Footwear, made on
hygienic Iastsw!de toe or dreas boots
Cool'od by electric fan?,
939 Pennsylvania Ave.
Sept. 23
School opens 1 a?e
you gotten your boys
We are the only Arm In Wash
ington who manufacture our own
Boys' and Children's Clothing
Our factory is at M White btreot,
New fork.
.Mon'a Suits, nicely made... .53.00
-Men's hulls 4.8S
Men's Extra rino Double
breasted Suits 5.00
Decant Clay Worsted Suits
for ecnin: dress 0.05
Fine Satin Lined Suits 8.00
Boys' Snits, S3.12; worth S0.0O.
Bojs Suits, S3.00; worth S5.50.
Bos' Suits, S4.25; worth $7.00.
Otcr 5.000 Children's Suits, fifty
stiles, nt 00c.
300 Children's Suits, S1.25,worth
5O0 Children's Suits. S1.02.worth
20 0 Children's Combination
Sults.cxtrn pautsand capto match.
Si. 00, worth S5.00.
200 Children's .suits, extra fine
quality, S2.4'): real a I tic, 55.30.
Dics.i Punts, 90 cents.
All-wool I'.nils. 51.25.
Ncat'Mrlpes In Blue, Gray and
lilack, SI. 65.
500 1'alrs of .Men's Corduroy
I'onls. test grade, SI. 85.
Ninth & ESts. N. W.
I Gut prices
and all
you want
thAi'ii the condition of af
faire now. Whatever Is
needed to furnish a house is
here and it a all got to ue
aold before we move We're
not printing a tncanlnsless
lot of prices, tut we haTe
Heed off great b'e chunks
ot the regular cost, and
what's Io!t Is all you're got
to pay. Llttlo enongn.
House & Herrmann, j
010, 021, 023 7th St.
030 .Mass. Aye.
Best Granulated Sugar,
Premium cards now be
ing given out. Hundred
piece Decorated Dinner
Sets, Eight-day Catrie
drai Clocks. Large Ban
quet Lamps, Fine Home
Sofas, 56-piece Tea Sets,
Easy Rocking Chairs,
Large, Attractive Albums
given out on the new
cards. Ask at the desk
for them.
Best Mixed Cakes -8c pound
Cream Crackers 4c pound
Oyster Crackers 4c pound
Ginger Snaps 4c pound
Always bringyour cards
with you to be punched.
729 7th St.
The Produce Exchange
Commission Co.
Provisions. Grain. Stocks. Bonds and
Cotton bought and sold for cash or on
mareln. Direct wires Now York and
Chicago. Telephone No. SIS.
Opp. Center Market.
p? 11 M.
Supt. Stevens' Suggestions Re
specting Its Future.
More Tban Twenty-nine Thousand
Bathers Itej;li.tered Increase- In
Number ot Lady Patrons Nuis
ances Pointed Out Policemen
Needed. All the Year.
Superintendent Stevens, of the bathing
beach, has snbmltted his annual report to
the Commissioners, In which, among other
things, he says:
"The beach was opened toi the"pbbllc
June 8, and will close September 22. In
the three months already past, 29,1 00 bath
ers bavert'gisteredontnebeachbooks.
"One death hasTiccurred at the beach this
year, that or Carlton Snell, who died of
heart disease while swimming. So far in
the history of the bathing beach there has
never beenbutone drowning ofa registered
bather, thut of young Kellb, three years
Alter a reference to the tournament if
August 21, and the award of medals, the
superintendent says:
"A gratifying fact to state Is that the
number of lady bathers is continually In
creasing. All who come once come again
and often.
"It becomes my painful duty to report
a source of annoyance to ladles. George
Tasker asked my permission to rent boats
near tbebeach. Knowing that, If properly
conducted, this would accommodate a por
tion of the public, I consented for him to
make a trial, but it soun proved to be very
"He rented boats at a very low price,
and boys would hire them and go into the
water naked within sight but beyond
Jurisdiction of the beach. His -wharf float
Is directly beside the ladies premises, and
crowd3 of low ybaraelers often gather there
and make objectionable remarks.
"I have repeatedly notified Tasker to
move away, and such notice hasbcen served
on him by government officials, but? with
the impudence characteristic ot squatters,
he defies all authority."
The superintendent Is of the opinion that
the three policemen granted for the beach by
Congress nearly three years ago, at Major
Moore's solicitation, should be kept In
charge of the beach and its neighborhood
all the year. '1
The superintendent renews his recom
mendation ot a pool syttem, as the only
means of securing reasonaoie sareiy a
broad bathing area and water always at
one depth and although all things are
not yet ready for occupancy of the Inner
basin, certain plans are maturing -which
render Immediate action necessary, if the
ideal spot is to be secured.
The superintendent makes the following
recommendations: That rules be made to
preserve order, not only at the beach but la
the eurroundlngneighborhood;that a police
boat bo located on the line of Seventeenth
street nnd .the shore fronting on the Poto
mac and extending from B street north to D
street south; that no person eball be per
mitted to Tent boats or other water ap
pliances within one hundred yards of the
bathing- beach without the written conEent
of the superintendent; that a telephone,
connecting with the city system, be located
at the beach; that whatever shall be deemed
Indecent exposure In daytime- shall be
adjudged as such If comraltteed at any time
upon the bathing beach or within fifty feet
of any public highway or resort.
Also that tke Commissioners shall strong
ly recommend to the proper authorities
the Immediate burial of the Seventeenth
street sewer; that the "little basin" re
ferred to In his report be preserved- that
Congress be asked to exchange the grant of
the present bathing beach for a grant of the
llttlo basin and sufficient grounds around
It for driveways, and that an appropriation
of $10,000 be asked for the expense of re
moval to the new premises and to fit up the
latter In permanent shape.
Mass of Penance to lie Sung Friday"
A unique service will be held In all
tho Catholic churches ot this city on Friday
morning. It will be a mass of penance
and expiation, and will be said In accord
ance with the following letter, which has
been reccIveU by every parish priest in
the city:
Cardinal's Residence,
Baltimore, lid., Sept. 10, 1S05.
Dear Rev. Father:
On September 20 the Italian government
will celebrate the twenty-fifth celebration
ot the annexation of the Roman provinces
to the kingdom of Italy. While public
demonstrations arc thus being carried on
In memory of this occupation of what had
for centuries been papal dominions, the
Holy See desires that the faithtul children
it the church throughout the world should
unite in praying for the freedom and Inde
pendence -of the Tope.
Tou are therefore requested to publicly
recite on that day in your church, at tlie
mass, which Is most fully attended, the
litany ot the saints, praying, according to
the intentions of tbe sovereign pontiff,
that Providence may soon vouchsafe to
grant to tho church and her vi-lble head
the liberty so necessary for the exercise of
their divine mission. Faithfully yours,
At St. Aloysius Church the services will
bo very solemn, the vestments being purple
and tbo litany will bo chanted by the full
vested choir. At' St. Matthew's, being
the diplomatic church of the city, it will
be a more quiet affair. The Italian am
bassador, Baron Fava, and his family attend
St. Matthew's, also all the members ot
the legation who arc Catholics. A solem
nity ot any note would not bo very cour
teous to those sojourners on our shores
who are necessarily in sympathy with King
Humbert's celebration.
Officers and Soldiers Get TUelr Pay
for Jnne From Him.
Owing to a deficiency in the appropriation
for the pay of tho Army for tbe fiscal year
ending Juno 30 last, certain off icers and a
number of enlisted men did not receive their
pay for the month of Juno, tbe last in tbe
year. Secretary Lamont interested himself
In the matter.
Be has now directed the paymaster gen
eral to transfer certain unexpended bal
ancles and to pay tho enlisted men. Of
ficers will receive their pay on properly
certified checks on the National Bank of
New York city.
The later payments, it Is thought, will
probably be met by advances from the
Secretary's private account, to be refunded
s soon as a deficiency bill, making good
a year's shortage, can be passed by Congress.
City of Richmond forFortressMonroeand
Norfolk ararday night at G p. m. See ad.
" Hellablo Shoes On-
Ir." lbs best In
America at tho prlca
"The Defender"
$1.25 School Shoes
For Boys and Girls
are way ahead
of any other Shoes
at the Price
for Durability
and Shapeliness.
"FR E E Useful School Sourenlrs
for the Children this week.
Reliable Shoe Housoa.
030 and 032 7th St. N. W.,
miinna luioi-a. avcs-iy.
And 233 Pa. Ave S. E.
We Are i
Gratified to know that the pub
lic are appreciating our efforts
In endeavoring to obtain and
sell to them a class of goods
which they never were able to
get before our advent here.
The Mechanics,
Worklnsmen, and those who
could not afford the exorbitant
prices demanded for a Rood
Suit, Overcoat, or Pants by a
merchant tailor, had to wear
the common, factory-made
clothing. We represent our
selves as your benefactor and
and shall always strive to
please and satisfy our patrons.
We will continue for this week
to sell actual Merchant Tailor
Made Garments at the follow
ing prices:
fcuits mate to order for t-&00
We sell 1 or J& 01
Suits made to order for $5 00
Suits made to order for S3U0O
We sell lor $12.60.
Salts made to order for f 00
We sell for 115.00.
Suits mado ti order ror 510.00
Pantaloons from iZUl to (6 to
Made for S3.00 to 13.01
Ail goods sold by us kept In
repair one year free of charge.
Merchant Tailors'
Misfit Clothing Parlors,
407 7th St. N. W.
& gBao-.
M -
8th and Market Space.
Handsome ..
Chenille Table
the very newest
fall colorings,
with deep fringe.
Our Price
8th and Marnit Space,
fin butterine.
Square Marble and Class Staads,Ccater Markt,
Tho Key to
our Success.
Children IBS!
"810" 7th St. N. W.
& no
ib TgBagaii
- .y-'t;-.u -.-.-Mi-jy-igfr'gjlgiife.-'iiyS
jfesfc .?r,-jr-'

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