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1 "i'SJfiW1
You Can't -
Enthuse very much jyer heavy-weight clothes
in such weather as this, but we are sellingalinost as many
as if the weather was seasonable. If you would see the
garments you'd know the reason. It is the largest assort
ment of the richest fabrics, choicest patterns, newest
styles and truly artistic garments ever offered for sale
MERIT always wins, and no matter "what others may
claim YOU KNOW WHO, in Washington, has always
sold the most MERITORIOUS GARMENTS, and you'll
still find HERE, the best of everything.
The Best Clothes.
The Best Hats.
The Best Furnishings.
The Best Shoes.
For men, boys and children, all at lowest prices
quoted anywhere for like qualities.
Robinson, Chery & Co.
If you haven't had time yet to supply your little folks with
shoes bring- them down early to-morrow morning-. Children's
Dongola button shoes spring- heels patent leather tips 75c.
These are the identical qualities that other people charge Si. 25
for. Children's Dongola shoes, button or lace spring- heel
worth $1.50 our price only 98cts.
Some New Styles
In Men's Shoes.
One of our big- double stores is devoted exclusively to Men's
shoes; there are more shoes here and more styles than you
will find in any three stores in this city that sell men's shoes
only. Our new fall and winter stock is all in and on our
shelves. It's the best and most complete stock that we have
ever had. Here are some of the new things we want to show
Men's Enameled Shoes.
There are several reasons why these shoes are going to be
popular this fall and winter. In the first place they require
.no blacking- and they do not crack like Pafent Leather Shoes;
they are very dressy, and can be had in any shape or toe.
x-nce, ipo.ua
Patent Leather Shoes
Will continue to hold their own for dress occasions. We
have a complete stock of "Patent Leathers" prices range
from $3 to $5. In the latter grade we use the best imported
calf patent leather.
Flower Gity Kid Shoes
Are made especially for tender feet in Bals. and Con
gress. Onty the softest kid is used, and they are as comfort
able as an old pair of slippers. All styles of toe with or
without tips. Price, $5.00.
310-312 Seventh Street N.
3 1 3 Eighth Street.
Your Boys
Are always wear
ing.out their clothes
it is very neces
sary to know where
you can buy suits
Wearrell with
out costing you
much money. We
make a specialty of
Boys' and - Chil
d r e n ' s Clothing,
and next time any
of your children
Want Suits
It will bo worth your while to
pay ns a visit W e can booh con
Tinco youthat you will aiTo eood
money by dealing with us.
New York
j Clothing House,
Jfc 311 7th St N. W.
Boiler Explodes TCIlllng Two and
"Wounding Four Others.
Dayton, Olilo, Sept. 21. The boiler at
the County Infirmary, four miles -west
ol this city, exploded -this morning, smash
ing the -walls of the engine room and killing
Paul Bntterhorn, tho engineer, and Albert
Rude, an inmate.
Tour other inmates -were badly injured,
the most sarlous being Charles Jobnson,
whose right leg was broken, and James
Bolder, trho was terribly cot about the
i Whether
you've got
v?the money
to spare
or not Wl
yoa ought to pick up come of I
tho aoiiara mat are cropping i
nere. ums is your goiaen op-1
portunlty to famish your home I
oeiter man "rwas jurnisnea i
fore -There Is no child a d!
about these reductions they're j
way down below the cost line.
Cash if you're got It.
Credit if you want it
House & Herrmann, l
010. 021, 023 7th it.
G30 Mass. Ave.
A trial will convince you that the PRINTING
we produce U unsurpassable. Ask; us for esti
mates. McCILU &. WALLACE, Printers,
1107 E Street X TV. 'Phone 1531
Whore you can get the
greatest bargains In
In thlsfclty. "
We .mean Justjwhat we say.
Come and be convinced.
512 9th St. N. W.
This elegant Boys
Suit, strictly pure
wml, Bluo and
Mick Cheviot
made In our on
Da Tbese PrlGes Interest You?
Men's buits S1.85
Men's r-ttra Tine Double
breasted Suits 6-uu
Ucgnnt Clay Worsted Suits
for ccnlns dress
line Satin Lined hult 8.00
llojs' Suits. S3.00; worth S3. 50.
Hoys' Suits. S4.25; worth S7.00.
O'icr 5.000 Children's suits, fifty
stj Ics, nt 00c.
300 Children's Suits, S1.25,worth
5O0 Children's Suits. Sl.Oiworth
200 Children's Suits, extra fine
quality, S2.40: real aluc, S5.30.
All-nool Pants, 51-25.
Neat Mripes In Illuc, Gray ond
lilnck, $1.05.
Ninth & E Sts. N. WSS
Eckington Trolley Gar Badly
Smashed at Brookland.
Other PaensersShockedandBrulNed
In the Collision Women Held TUelr
Children Above Their Head.
Wild Scene on tho Car Second Ac
cident in Leas. TUan a Week.
Tue Brookland terminus of the Eckington
trolley road was the scene ot another acci
dent about 9.45 last night, caused by
a partially wrecked motor car, and badly
Injuring Miss Katie Middlekuff, of
Brookland, and Mrs. Mary Nichols, wlfo of
Charles O. Nichols, a carpenter, at No. 809
E street southeast.
Motor car No. 22, run by Motorman
John Garner and Conductor Hawkins, and
containing about thirty passengers, nearly
all women and children, wentbowliugalong
tho track which runs east from the curve
below the Catholic University and Increased
Its ra pid rate do wn thegrade from the curve.
When anouurifty feet from the bumper,
which is made of huge beams sunk Into the
ground nt the terminus of the rails, the
moUirman attempted to slow up the car,
but with undiminished speed It struck the
bumpers. -,-
There wawi terrible crash, followed by
the ripping off tho fender ot the car and
throwing the front seats from their sockets.
Miss Middlekauff, Just before the col
lision, seeing the accident was inevitable,
jumped from the car, falling on her knees.
When the crash came every passenger
was thrown forward over seats, and for" a
momentrlt api ired as if many would be
crushed under the scats or by the feet of
"others. Several women hod their children
above tbeir heads to prevent them from
being crushed.
In the meantime Mounted Policeman
West, who was on his horse but a dozen
yards from the scene of the mishap, came
up and helped the passengers from the
car. It wat then found that Mrs. ft tenuis
was suffering from a so ere concussion
of the head and other cuts and bruises.
Miss Middlekauff was aided to her home
In South Brookland. She was suffering
from a number of painful lacerations and
bruises of the lower limbs and body.
Many other passengers were bruised in
the accident, but luckily- none were se
riously hurt.
Motorman Garner stuck to his lever
through the whole affair and though the
shock lifted him Dearly over the dashboard,
he came out uninjured. .
Garner's excuse was that he could sot
control the car, bu tas soon as the power
house was notified, the night super
intendent came to the scene and, patching
up the car as good as possible, ran it back
to the can o and then came down thclncline
but succeeded In stopping the car before
It readied the bumpers.
Persons on tho car, though thoroughly
Bhaken up and frightened, stood In knots
about the scene talking of their narrow
One man remarked that "If this thing
Is kept up, tho railway will not have any
bumpers left."
Explosion of Benzine in Paint Works
Resulted in a Fatal Fire.
Oversight In leaving Fire Under
a Tarnish Kettle Thought to Have
Caused the Disaster.
Plltsburg, Pa , Sept. 21. Three men lost
their lives and property was damaged to
the extent ot $40,000 to-day as the result
of an explosion of benzine at the Atlas Faint
Works of W.K. Freed & Co .Alleghany. The
dead are:
Joseph Lasovio, aged 21; single.
Henry Turner, aged C6;leaves a wife and
five children.
George Tule.
The last named was burned beyond
recognition, while the others were so
terribly burned that they died shortly
after reaching the hospital.
The cause of the explosion Is not defi
nitely known, but Is thought to have been
brought about by an oversight In leaving
fire under a varnish kettle when benzine
was being used In mixing paint.
Freed & Company's loss Is $35,000,
and Lutz Brothers, picklers. In the same
building, lose $5,000.
Thrown From the Cur.
R. T. Gladmon, twenty-one years of age,
residing at No. 1310 Thirty-fourth street,
while under the influence of liquor, at
tempted to board a -west-bound cable car
in motion, at Twelfth street and Pennsyl
vania avenue northwest, about 1:15 o'clock
this morning, and was thrown to the ground
and badly cut about the face He was re
moved to the Emergency Hospital In No .1
patrol wagon.
Lay in your winter's supply of Flour on Monday and secure the extraordinary advan
tage in price which the Uoupon otters.
Java and JVIocha Coffee, 30c lb.
Best Mixed Tea, 50c lb.
White Wine Vinegar.
California l'eara 15c
Unllfornla Peaches JCc
Kaporated Cream, cau irc
Best Butterlne. lb 17c
J.B BakltigPowdc'r. 1-lb tins. ".. ZOc
BlucHcii Matches. dozen 14c
Ground Coffee, pcrlb ... IBe
Smoked Herring, box IGo
Iinportedbnrdiiies.lurge. withkey.. .. 18c
Prelzeletles. lb (Toiu lhunib) .. .. 10c
Blrioiu bleak . . .; .. .-. ..-. IGc
Witch Hazel, pint bottle lfic
l-32J)blUoyalFamlly Flour.-, j. ..- 15c
l-32bbl.i:iectrlcL,!glitFlur lGc!
Imported Sardine Jn tomato sauco.
per can ltic
EuglcBraiidCoiidensedMilk..... ... JOc
Lobster, tall cans 17c
Wclb'iCncoa,iK.Ttlii.. -. ..-.. ... 47c
Cider Vinegar, cation 17c
Wilbur's Chocolule, cake.. 18o
Porterhouse Steak loo
French ilakliu Powder, 1 ,2 lb. cans. . 18c
Lea&Pcrrin'sWorrcstershlrcfcauce.. 25o
Columbia Soups Julienne. -Consorn-lue.
Mulligatawny, Chicken, To
mato largo caus, each .. . . 25c
Dnrkie's Salad Dressing, bottle.. .. 23c
Best Elgin Butter, lb.. ... ... .. .... 28c
Duulwr's BaraurU Shrimp?, large.. 25c
Potato Chips, per pound.,..., ..,.. 25c
Jaa Hiuoml Coffee 25c
Ohlo-Maplu Sjrup, per.can ... '5c
Colbnrn's Curry Powder, bottle.. .. 25c
Henderson's Dlrcli .Phosphate, bottle
large c
Royal Baking 1'owder.llu.. ,. .. .,.. 45c
Cle eland Ikiklni? Powder. 1 lb 4."c
Golden Drip byrup.. .- v..,45c
51b palls Cotloleno 48c
IIurseMioo Chewing Tobacco, lb... ..50c
61b nails Lard ibest) TSOc
Fancy Mixed Tea 50c
Gravely 3 ply Chewing Tobjcco..'.. 60c
Choice Oolong Tea 60c
Choice Gunpowder Tea t ..".. 60c
1-8 bbl. Electric Light Flour 60c
Wilbur's Cocoa, ptr tin .. 20c
Arbuckle Coffee 220
01ie Oil (imported) ".. 25c
Best Malt Vinegar, gallon 27c
Best White Wine Vinegar, gallon.... 27o
3 lb pails Cottolene 28c
ft siring iirooms. i.i .. c
1-16 bbl. Electric Light Flour 30c
3 lb patls Lard (best) 30c
1-10 bbl. Royal Family Flour 30o
lUehurdsoniRobblns' Potted Turkey,
large 30c
Holland Java and .Mocha Coffee..,.. 30c
Java ami Mocha Coffee 30c
1-1C bbULlly Best Patent Flour..... 35c
French Baking Powder, 1-lb cans.. 35o
Fine Gunpowder Tia 35o
Spring Liaf Tea 35c
Old Government Ja a Coffee 35c
Ik-st. Mocha Coffee 35c
New Orleans Baking Molasses.. .., .. 45c
Fine Oolong Tea 35c
Mustard, per gallon 45c
1-8 bbl. Lily Best Patent Flour.. .. 65c
Extra Choice Oolong Tea 80c
Extra Choice Gunpowder Tea 80c
Royal Family-Flour bbl... S4 00
1-4 bbl. Family Flour &1.00
1-8 bbl. Royal tnmily.. 50c
Lily Best Patent Hour, bbl S1.23
1-4 bbl. Lily Best Patent Flour... .1.25
Electric Light, Best Family Flour,
bbl $4 0C
1-1 bbl. Electric Light Flour $1.15
Quart size Lea & Firrins' Sauce,
per !otlle 75c
GiltEdgeSoap (5c. size), each 3c
Babbitt's Soap... 4 l-4c
Bugar-curiHl bhoulders, lb.. 8c
Ground Pepper, 1-1 pound 8c
YellowMustardSecd, l-4pound., .. 8c
Ground Mustard, 1-4 pound 8c
Ground Cinnamon. 14 pound 8c
Ground Mace, 1-8 pound 8c
Whole Mace, 1-8 pound 8c
Ground Cayenne Pepper, 1-4 pound 8c
Whole Pepper, 1-4 pound 8c
FrultPuddine, all flavors 8c
lllr.ch's Banco 8c
J.B. Biking Powder, 1-2 pound tins 8c
Large Lemon Extracts 10c
Large Vanilla 10c
Bottles Catsup 8c
Good SteaK 8 and 10c
Rice Flour, per package 8c
Elgin Star Condensed Milk, can.. .. 8c
Blxby's Largo Blacking 8c
Olivos, per bottle 8c
Large Mustard Sardines 8c
Sago, per package 8c
Fat l'dck, for seasoning 8c
Western Shoulder., 6c
Mixed Candy, per pound 8c
Iory (Elephant Head) Btarcn".. .. 8c
Ureaktast Bacon, 1111..1 12c
Raisins, seedless 10ci
Homemade Egg Noodles, large.. .. lQc
Banollo. large 10c
Olives, lii glass Jars 10c
CandlcsT No. 0, per set 10c
nemp Clothes Line, 100 feet 10c
American Gelatine 10c
Rumford'sO-oz Yeast Powder 10c
Large31b. CanBakedJlean3.. .. ., .. 10c
Cnured Oysters, per can 10c
Inr1rrwt l,.nfli,w i.rfvin.. .. -. iOc
Ell Peitljohn's Food, package.. .. .. 10c
Chloride of Lime, large 10c
Baking Powder. 1-4-lb. cans 10c
Reflector, the best brass .and. silver
polisher known, package 10c
Rnlsins. California 10c
Rnlslns. Sultanas 10c
Baby Brand Condensed Milk. can.. 10c
halmoii. tall cans l"c
Imported Sardines, small, key 12c
Steak Salmon, large flat cans 15c
FlatcansMackercl.best I5c
Twenty-five Cents will be allowed on presentation of this Cou
pon to any purchaser of one barrel of Flour Monday.
Diamond Starch (needs no blue) .. 8o
Taploca.per package 8c
Farloa, pound packago 8c
Ollvo Oil. small 8e
Early June Peas 8c
Stick Candy, all flavors 8c
Red Seal Lye, can 10c
Large French Prunes 10c
NewYork Cream Biscuit 10c
Lemon Cakes 10c
MllkLunch Biscuits 10c
Mixed Nuts, best 15c
California Evaporated Peaches.. .. 12c
California Evaporated Pears.. .. 12c
California Evaporated Apples.. .. 12c
Sew PrunelU 12c
Chalmer's Gelatine 10c
Large silver Prunes.. 12c
California Evaporated Apricots.. .. 12c
Chicory, lb 10c
Ben Cream Cheese, lb 12c
Lanternjari Sirup, pints 12c
Large Bottles Catsup 15c
Graveley'sB.8t Tobacco 10c
Baltimore Sugar-cured Hams. lb.. .. 12c
RnpnnRfrfne - 12c
Societv Wnfers 8c!
vannllla Cakes 8c
Sugar Jumbles 8c
Honey Jumbles 8c
Mixed Rifle Nuls :. 8c
baltlne Wafers 8c
FruilCrackers(Sultanas),perpound.. 8c
Graham Wafers, per pound 8c
Vanilla Wafers. perpound 8c
Egg Biscuits, per pound 12c
Winter Green Candy 12c
Canned Corn Beef, sliced 12c
It ID Roast or Beefsteak 12c
Round Steak 12e
Back Corumeal (Squirrel brand) .. ICC
Plymouth Kock (both colors) gela
tine 12c
Olive Oil 12e
Camplwll's Beefsteak Catsup, pt.. .. 15c
Cal PlttedEvaporatedPlums.lb.. .. 12c
Lantern JarsMustard loc
Tmnnrlp,! Snao-h'(tl. Tipr narLncft.. .. 1 nel
Trench Peas.percan 15c
Best t resu fcggs. doz iyc
Criterion Brand Cal Canned Apricots. 1 5c
QueenA Anderson Jams 15c
Large aize Bags Salt, 2 for Co
Konp Powder 3c
Fat Smoked Bloaters, eath 3c
Hominy Grits .. 3c
Coap-e Hominy .. .. .. 3c
Fly Paper, doublefaheets 2e
bmiUUurliainMu&tard.boXcs 4c
Cof ree Isciioe. per box. 3c
Toilet Soap, Miller's Cake 4c
Blxby's Small Blacking 5c
Mucilage, 5a size 3c
IS.inelc.-s Codfish Cc
Enamellnebtove Polish 5c
Large Lump Starch 5c
Iron-nine Stove Polish 4c
Star boap, lake 4c
Rose Leaf Soap, dry 2 years old .. .. 4c
Borax. Soap, cake 4C
Browu boap, loug bars 4c
hoaplue, package 4c
Pennine, package 4c
EuglUh Pearl boap. It floats 4c
Brooks' Costal boap 4c
1778 Powder 4c
Bon Ami Cc
UlugerSnap, perpound 4c
boda Crackers, perpound 4c
Cream Crackers, perpound 4c
Johii-tnirsO oz. SeahtPowder 10c
Rice, large grain, lb 5c
Dried Benin, lb 5e
J.B. BaklngPowder, 1-4 poundtlns.. Cc
feniall Lemon Extracts 6c
Small Vanilla 5c
Small Glasses Mustard 5c
'Bea!xAU"HtovePollti.c-ake Cc
Chloride ot Lime, small boxes 5c
TolletSoap. fancy cake 5c
Patent Laundry Wax 5c
RlsingSun btove Polish 5c
Small Oil Sardines, can 6c
Tapioca, loose, lb 7c
Large WholeNutmegs, 0 for.. .. .. .. 6c
Large Pint Bottlc-i Blue 5c
Ball Blue, in boxes, each 5c
Picnic Mze Baked Beans 5c
Hunter's Mustard Dressing, large .. .. 5
WuterLily Soap, largeSize 5c
Pint Bottles Catsup 10c
Celery Salt, bottle Cc
Alabaster Starch, package Cc
Root Beer, per bottle 6c
Pride of EgjptCUara 5c
Edwiu Booth Cigars S
Mlmbella Cigars Cc
Scotch Snuff, per box 6o
Ammonia, large bottles Cc
New Dates 5c
LargcCauTomatoes.tlrstquallty.. .- 6c
Canned Corn, per can 6c
Canned Peas, per can ,. 6c
String Beans, per can 6c
Lima Beans, per can 6c
Canned buccota.h. can 6c
Macaroni, per package,: 7c
Potted Tongue, small .. 7c
2 lb package Best Oats .. .- 7a
Large, fat mackerel, per pound.. .. 10c
Corn Starch, package 7c
Barley, per lb 7c
Pickles, Id bottles 7c
Potted ham, small 7c
Loose Lard, lb 7c
Animal Crackers 8c
Mc-Nacs, per pound 8c
Bottled Jamaica Ginger 10c
Ladies'Royal Shoe Polish 6c
Large Enamehne 8c
Hlrsh's Powdered Lye 8c
WholeCloves, 1-4 pound 8c
GroundCIoves, 1-4 pound 8c
Ground Allspice. 1-4 pound 8c
Saltpeter, 1-4 pound 8c
Cream Tartar, 1-4 pound 8c
Celery Seed, 1-4 pound 8c
Groni.il Ginger, 1-4 pound 8c
Caraway Seed, 1-1 pound 8c
Whole Allspice, 1-4 pound So
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ifnni'sjrai shot
Drew His .Revolver to Frighten
Four Deperadoes.
Policeman Vermillion Asojiulted by
Jlen Do wob Trying to Arrest.
They Had nim Down Beatlnji m
Head on tlie Ground Dempsey
Will Die
Wliilea ttemptlrg to arrest f ourdlsorderly
characters ucarFiBUandLstreetsnortheast,
Policeman Vermilliou, of the Ninth precinct,
accldently shot a young man named
Dempsey, who made one of the party.
The men had a keg of beer on the commons
and were shouting and swearing whep
-when the officerarrived on the scene.
They rcf used to bchai c and when he tried
to put them under arrest, assaulted him
and handled him pretty severely.
He was thrown down and kicked, and
while on his back, Dempsey Jumped on him
and began beating his head against the
ground. Theotlierthreemenwatchingthelr
chance to get In stray licks.
Termllllon f Inally- managed to draw his
revolver and shouted, to Dempsey:
"It you don't get off PI 1 shoot."
Justasbcspokeoneof theothers grabbed
at the rcvoHer and It was discharged,
the bullet entering Dempsey's side near
the left thigh and passing through the
jaqio oqi no uaas aq pinoa 51 mun ipoq
The young man Tolled over with a
groan, and the officer sprang to his
feet and caught two of the others,
the fourth jnanjnaklng.Jile escape.
The patrol wagon was summoned, and
Dempsey was taken to the Emergency
Hospital, where he was operated on by
Drs. McDonald, Shortlidge and Furlong.
His condition la critical.
German-Americans Having a Hard
rime in tlie Fatherland.
Berlin, Sept 21. Among the fifteen
pending cases ot German-Americans visiting
the Fatherland, who got into trouble on
account of haing evaded military service,
and who sought the aid of the American
embassy,' the most interesting is that ot
Dr. J- 0. E. Sievers, of Chicago, who
came to see bis parents and to finish his
medical studies at Itzenoe, Holstcln.
The decree of expulsion la his case, which
expired on September 1, waB suspended on
appeal of Mr. Eunyoa, theUnited States am
bassador to Germany.forlnvestlgaUon.
It has now been decided that Dr. Sievers
must quit Prussian territory by November,
but he will be permitted to complete his
studies in some non-Prussian university in
Mysterious Absence of a Handsome
Fredericksburg Girl.
Fredericksburg, Va.Sept. 21. This com
munity isgreatly excited over thesuddendls
appearance of Miss, Florence Brooks, a
handsome brunette, daughter of a promi
nent citizen.
Bhe has disappeared completely leaving no
possible clew as to her present whereabouts.
Shocking Condition of French
Soldiers in Madagascar.
Hundreds of Patients Lying on tlio
Ground, Groaning and Suffering for
Lack of Medicine, "While Filth Is
AH Around Them BnaCommKnary
Serlco and Climate Prostrating.
Paris, Sept. 21. Mail adices received
here from Madagascar reveal a deplorable
condition of affairs iu that island. In
hospitals calculated for the accommodation
of 250 men aro crowded 600 sick French
soldiers, lying upon lmproised bunks and
but Insufficiently attended by doctors and
In each hospital hundreds of patients arc
lying groaning upon the bare ground and
tuffcring from lack of medicine and food,
while tho filthiness that prevails every
where about them Is Indescribable. Tb
doctors are doing tho best they can for
the alleviation of the sufferings of the
sick and the mortality is surprisingly small
when the existing conditions arc taken into
Very few of the patients, however, re
cover completely, most of those attacked
with sickness being so reduced with anaemia
and 60 subject to strange halluclnationsas
to be quite incapacitated forfurther service
in the field.
In many cases thebodies of French soldiers
have been devoured by dogs before they
could be buried. In a letter to the minister
of war. Gen. Ducbene openly admits that
the hardships of the march, and bad com
missary service have sent 3,000 soldiers to
hospital, and that the bad climate is pros
trating the troops.
Government Exhibit Bette'r, Though
Cheaper, Than at World's Fair.
. Charles W. Dabney, Assistant Secretary
of Agriculture, and chairman of the gov
ernment board of tho Atlanta exposition.
In a letter to Secretary Morton about the
opening of the exposition calls attention
to the fact that the government .exhibit
nt AUanta win cos tless than $200,000,
while that at Chicago cost 51,319,000.
"Yet," said he, "I claim that this is
a better exhibit, more Instructive and
representing the functions of the govern
ment In a clearer manner than the Chicago
Legislative Nomination.
(Special to The Times.)
Elchmond, Va., SeptT 21. The Mont
gomery county and Eadford city Eepubll
can convention to-day nominated T. B.
Elnstlne, of Kadford city, candidate for
flie bouse of delegates. The convention
took steps toward putting up a nominee
in opposition to Watts.
Sale Made for Millions.
Sprlrgficld, m., Sept. 21. The sale of
the Chicago, Peoria and Bt. Louis Kail
road t day, under an order from the
Federal Circuit Court was a cut and dried
affair. Paul D. Cravath, on behalf of
the reorganization committee of the bond
holders, bid the entire, properly in jtor
Hon. J. E. Milton Named for Senate
In Thirty lxth DKtrlct..
(Special to The Times.)
Richmond, Va., Sept. 21. The Demo
crats of the Thirty-sixth senatorial dis
trict, comprised of the counties of Rich
mond, Westmoreland, King George, Lan
caster and Northumberland, have nomi
nated Hon. J. E. Mason, of King George,
as candidate for the senate.
A resolution advocating the free coin
age of silver was passed by a large majority.
Defending the Umpire, John Mnrtin
Split John Jordan's Skull.
Pittsburg, Sept. 21. The MarJons and the
Baldwins, two amateurbaseball clubs,
woundup their championship season to-day
in a game which resulted In a murder!
The Baldwins had acrowd of rooters with
them and when the game t,eemed to be going
against them they blamed the umpire and
made a rush to mob him. 1
John Martin in hU endeavor to protect
the umpire picked up a bat and swung it
viciously, hitting John Jordan and splitting
his skull. Jordan cannot live through the
Children Buried In Ruins of n Build
ing That Collapsed.
Chicago, Sept. 21. A frame building
at 294 North Franklin street, which was
being torn down, collapsed at 12.30 to-day
while the workmen were at dinner, and
Mamie Kelly, eleven years of age, and
another littlo girl, name unknown, who
were playing about the place, were buried
under the ruins.
The Kelly girl, besides having both legs
broken, suffered internal injuries and will
The other child was severely bru'sed
about the limbs and body, but was not
seriously injured.
f Practically a
New Store
So visitors are declaring-. Beginning- with its
new front entrance all throughout shows im
provement. Every department has been af
fected but onlyfor its betterment. It's been
our. intent to make this a congenial, cheery,
'and altogether a more pleasurable place to
shop in than our patrons have ever before found
it, 'and that same purpose is accentuated in the
constantly arriving- stocks of new fall goods.
They have been chosen with particular regard
to Washington tastes and preferences, and we.
-furthermore, bi.nd
-ourselves to always
make the right
prices, to show at
all times a superior
stock, and to give
thejrery best possi-blestoreservice.
School Supplies at Cut Prices
Baum's "Jlammoth" fchcel Outfit
contains covered slate, slate and pen
cils, rubber eraser, penholder and
pen, ruler, and sponge., all for 10a
Pencil boxes, -Kith lock and key. ...7c
Noiseless siv.03, 6x9 8a
ItuDbor erasers 1, 3, 5, and Ta
Rulers, with brass edge 53
Pencil Tablets, extra thick Gc
Lead rencils, rubber tlps,per doz...8a'
Ink Tablets extra quality, 5, 10'
and 150-
Composition Books..... 3 and 7c'
School Bags 10. 15, 1,, and49cr
Hard Fiber Lunoh Boxes.. .20 and S3a"
416 itil
4 . . i s.
'..S'feaSgfeea'S&gSS JisgJ25!
.2a- i. Sc Si&f !!
Lag'-. - JU&fe-a-

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