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"seWisSr3!3 3 - " SJWi-S'Sjasfe. V
"fS1 7 . vw-Tsvr
Parker, BrIJgoti Ca,
Clothiers, S15 Tth et.
Only waiting' for the right
kind of weather and you.
The store was never so full
of the world's best in Cloth
ing, for boy and man. Our
platform "Selling clothing
on honor, telling the truth
about it, and giving 3rou back
your money for the asking,"
lias steadily pushed ever'
month's business ahead of
the corresponding month of
a year ago. This building
is already. getting too smalj,
but we shall have to ask you
to put up with it for an
other year or two. A little
crowding of pleasant people
under pleasing circum
stances won't hurt.
Don't fail to let your little
boy or girl try for one of
these three little ponies and
carts we propose to give
avar. Particulars at the
Parker, Bridget Go
315 7th St.
Cycling's Quickly Acquired on
ith nlentr of room a per
fect track and the assistance of
expert Instructors bat TvonJer
is it that "Columbia" pupl
learn to bicycle quicklyand grace
fully. It's qnito the proper thins I
to bo c.oiuinnia- taucni.
$1 "guarantee" ticket in
sures proficiency In ridiug lie-
turned If a new irheol is bought
within a year.
District Cycle Co.,
IIPaImmI.Iii" nnill 1 T n rt f 11 fil IfMrit
CJ IIAUT IUliTTAIN, .-,, p Avp
2 Manager. 452la.-rVe.
Searle's Ride on (be "Crescent"
(i from Chicago to New York 1.G14 s
(( miles beat tho world's record by 4 SS
t? noun and 4j mlnutos. The wheel. S
(? after tho run. wa without a break )
l or Llemlsh-ln absolutely perfect SS
tr . condition, Miows what kini of SS
wheels "Crescents" are. S40 to 190.
3 Western Wheel Works,
f$ Washington Branch, Y
t Cor. Math and lists, g
Harry S. Jones, jr.. Manager. g
is applied in the construction of
every pin of the
SYRACUSE means best material
and finest workmanship in bicyUe
building. We sell them at SI OO.
JoniL of flic dunes, lliiyed toy Visiting
unci Local Kxports.
The second daj's contest of the second
crowd jesterday, to the grounds, corner of
Rhodelsland avenueand Ninth street north
west. The games played on the opening
showed the skill of the coutestantsand that
the play throughout would lie close and ex
citing. As a consequence those who expected fine
plalng werenotdlsappulnted. Whllesome
of the plays might be called "lucky" they
occurred 6o olten that the knowing ones
termed them 'scientific shots."
The latest arrivals are Mr. J. B. Bell, of
"Wilmington, Del ;l)r. Green way, New rrfc:
H. O. Fay, ex-president National Associa
tion, and G. C. Strong, the national cham
pion. The games to day promise to be of more
than ordinary interest, and 'will be par
ticipated In by Dr. Vcasy, of Wilmington,
Del., and T. A. Harris, John Buekly, G.
TV. Johnson, and C. II. Edmunds, of Phila
delphia. These gentlemen hare a national
reputation as croquet experts, and prou i;
to make it lively for their opponents. Ine
result of yesterday's contests was as fol
lows: First division W. H. Wanly, city, -won
from D. II. Butler, Sliddletown, Conn.;
J. B. Bell, Wilmington, Del.; D. A. Bean,
city, and F. B. lloldcn, city. F. B. Ilolden
won from J. B. Bell, Wilmington, Del.
V. I). Butler, Middlctown, -won from
T B. Ilolden, city.
Second division F. Colcmnn, tlly, iron
from C. J. Meyer and J. E. Johns, bolh
of this city.
Third division Joseph Adamson won
from II. Thome and T. D. Ycager. II.
Wnhly won from K. A. Ripley, T. D.
Yeagcr, and Joseph Adamson. M. Thome
won from E. n. lUplcy and H. Wanly. T.
D. Yeagcr won from Joseph Bllbrougn,
The following are the entries up to date:
First Division G. C. Strong, New London,
Conn ; II. J. Foy, Brooklyn; D. D. Buller,
Connecticut; J. B. Bell, Wilmington, Del.;
E. M. Baldwin, Danbury, Conn.; Dr. Green
way, New York, and B. A. Bean, F. B.
Ilolden, and W. II. Wnhly, city.
Second division John Buekly and T. A.
Harris Philadelphia; Dr. Vcasy, Wll
minon, Del., and C. M. Bryan, P. Colman,
L. E. Johns, C. J. Meyer, R. B. Catlln,
nd George S. Cooper, city.
Third division Joseph Bllbrougli, Joseph
Adamson, J. A. Edmunds, r.ll. Thompson,
E. H. Ripley, II. Wahly, M. Thorne, and
T. D. Yeagcr, city.
The contests will bo continued dally
during the remainder of the week, from
S a m. to 6 p. m.
Tills fact can never be suppressed:
Prof. Field's worm powders are the best.
(Timet) Yi'HiitAdb.FlllVacarjtlloiises.
4rx UvtL' TSjSk
B 008 N. Y. AVE.
All That Was Wanting Was Just
a Little Safe Hit.
Scliiiiclz CIimiRCil tlio Hall Inn Order.
Hut Vnriiey Wus Not Equal to the
OcciihIhii l'ltclii'r , Jhiiich Mates
Ills Dflmt and Crentcn it Fuvurunlo
liiipri-.loii How It Wuh Pono.
On on- Ve-terdny.
New York 0, Washington 5.
Ilaltimore T. Philadelphia 7.
llronkljii 11, Hiislon'-'.
l'iltsburg 7. Louisville ri.
Cincinnati 11, St. Louis 1.
Oiimi'K To-iluy.
New York at Wnshinctiin.
lloUmi at ltrooklsn.
Philadelphia M Ilaltimore.
Chicago at Cleveland.
Cincinnati at hi. Louls.-
Clntui. TV.. J, v.a.
Baltrore 82 42.661
Cleveland 4564S
Phila., 7749.611
Chicago, 6956.552
Boston, 6957.548
Brooklyn, 69 59 .639
Pittsburgh 61.527
NeiYoik.65 61.6i9
Cincin., 63 61.508
Wash., 40 83.325
St. Lonis, 37 89 .294
Lonisville,34 94 .266 JgJ
The Giants played better liall than the
Senator jesterday and won by a score of
G to G.
Schmelz put hU new find, Jimmle James,
Into the box and the joungMcr surprised
the "fans" by putting them oter In a way
that shows a great future for him in the
major league. Jaruei made quite a reputa
tion in the Virginia League this scasonw ith
the Petersburg Club and the heavy hitters
of the New York team were unable to do
very much with his deceplltc cuncs.
"Dad" Clarke pitched for the Giants and
while the Senators Jiad but little difficulty
in finding his delivery their hits w ere badly
scattered and generally unproductive of
run. The "rooters" were gh en a run for
their money in thelast in iiiiig, whenit looked
as if the Senators would rt peal their per
formance of jesterday and v in out al the
McGuire opened up the inning by making
a hit and going to first. "Baron" Selbach,
who has not been doing much stick work
of late, rapped out a two-bagger and Old
Reliable trotted across the rubber. Cart
wright made another safe one, scoring the
"Baron." With two out and a man on sec
ond and only one run needed to tie thescore
Schmelz sent Anderson to the plate In the
placcot James in hopes that hecouldbatout
avlctory. ThebCstVarneycoulddo.howevcr,
was to fan theairthrcetlmes and the game
went to the visitors.
Demont, whoisdenlnedtobccomeaflxture.
played an exceptionally fine game at short
and went after erytliing that came his
way. He seems to be particularly unfor
tunate In his hits, however, as they aro
generally hard enough but always seem to
fall into.some fielder's hands.
Tuller opened up the game by walking
to first on four bad ones. Ticrnan also got
a present and Shorty moved up a peg.
Vanllaltren wentout, Crooks toCartwright.
Davis went out at first and Fuller scored.
German hit to Demont, who threw Uie
runner out at first. One run.
Drown, the first nun for the Senators,
went out at first. Joyce followed suit.
Abbey filed out, to Fuller
German hit to Crooks and was an easy out
at first." James failed to locate the plato
and Stafford walked. Doyle lilt for two
baes, scoring Stafford. Doyle went out
trying to steal third. Clarke went out,
James toCartwright. Onerun.
McGuire opened up'thc r ccond by hitting
Into the bleachers for a homer. Selbach
flicd out to Fuller. JTartwright made a
single and went to third on a poEsed ball.
Crooks worked a base'on Clarke by a slight
touch on Uie arm with the ball. Demont
Jouled out to Dojlc. James went out at
first. One run.
Fuller bit for a clean single. Tiernan
bit to Crooks and Fuller went out at tec
oud. Van Ilaltren struck out. G. Davis
look avconstitutional. Davis walked.
German struck out. No runs.
Brown out at firtt, Stafford to Clarke.
Joyce took first on balls. Abbey made a
bit. McGuire went out on a fly to left.
James presented Stafford with a base.
Doyle emulated his example. Clarke went
out, Demont to Cartwright, Slafford scor
ing on the play. Fuller hit to Demont who
fumbled the ball andDoylctcorcd. Ticrnan
hit to Demont and Fuller went out at the
rubber. Tiernan went out at Eccond.
Two runs
"Baron" Selliacb went out on a high
fly to Van. Cartwright hit a high fly to
Tiernan. Crooks filed out to Davis.
Van walked. G. Davis bit to Demont,
who touched second and then the runner
out at flr6t. Davis went out at first.
Demont went out al first. James out.
Fuller to Clarke Brown hit to Fuller and
followed James' example.
German -went outsat first. Stafford
bunted to Crooks and went out to Cart
wright, Doyle went to first on four
wide ones; Doyle went out trying to pur
loin second.
Clark couldn't locate the plate, and
Scrappy took first in consequence. Ab
bey hit to Fuller, fortius Joyce at sec
ond, McGuire made a bit, Abticy scored
on Davis' error, Cartwright bit to Fuller
scoring McGuire, Crooks,struck out. JTwo
Clark went out al first. Fuller went
out on a fly to Abbey, Tiennan went out at
first. No runs.
Demont went out at first, James
out, Davis to Davis, Brown made a bit,
Joyce reached first on Fuller's error,
Abliey went out on a fly to Davis.
Van Ualtreen walked, Davis went out
at first, Davis went out on a fly to
Abbey, German went to first on James
error and Van scored, Stafford bit for
three bases, scoring German, Doyle struck
put. ,r. - - a
McGuire made a bit, Selbach bit for
two baes aud McGuire scored; Cart
wright lilt, scoring Selbach, Crooks filed
out to Van, Demont Went out to
J SjUfforti, Anderson ijosecl the g".inic by
striking out. The score!
Washington. AB. R. II. PO.A.E.
Brown, ef 4 o 1 (I O o
Joyce, :ib 201 110
Abliey, rf 4 1 1 a O O
McGuire. c 4 ,1 :i 4 ;l O
beibnch.ir 4 12 0 0 0
Cartwright, lb 4 0 2 la 1 O
Crooks.2!i :t 0 O 1 0 0
Demont, ss 1 O II :t G 1
James, p :i o o o 2 o
Anderson 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals an r, 10 2t 10 1
New York AB. R. II.l'O.A.K
Fuller, ss a 1 1 3 G 0
Tlern.in.rf i.. a 0 OlOO
Van Ilaltren, of 1 10 2 0 0
C.Davis, 2h a O O
II. Davis. Jb a O 11
German. ah 4 11
Stafford. If 2 2 1
a o
2 10
2 0 O
a 1 1
Doyle, c 2 1 1
Chirk, p
a o o 0 0 0
Total 24 6 0 2411 1
Rilled in place of James.
E.mieil runs Washington, 4; New York,
1. First tuse liv mors Net York, 1
Left on liases Waxliliiglon, 7; New York,
."5. First Kite on lulls Off James, !.
off Clark. 2. Struck oul By James, 3;
by Clark. 2. lloiw-run McGuire. Three
lane lilt SldTford. Two-base lilts
Doyle and Silliacli. Sacrifice till Van
Ilaltren blolen bases Aliiwy 2, Curt
a right. Fuller. TIern.111. Muflord 2, and
Doyle. Double plays Deinonl and Cart
wright. Hit by plulier Ily James, i; by
Ckirk, 1. Wild pitch Jainos. li..sed
Imlls ll.nuln- 1: lioyliN 2. Umpire,
Hurst. Time of game, 2 hours.
riilllli'H 11111I tlio Oriole Must Try
It AuiiIii.
Baltimore, Sept. 24. A rank throw by
Sullivan, in Uie ninth, wllh tio men out,
let Kecl'T in and g.ne the champions the
ticing run, nrier which Ki efe called I lie
game 011 account of dutkucts.
Four double plajs were nude by the
home team, in three of which Jennings
shared, and one of them he accomplished
unaided. Attendance, C010. Scoie
Ballimofo AB It. H.FO.A.E
Gleasoii. 2li r 2 2 4 2 0
Keeler. rr D 1 4 1 O 0
Jennings, ss G 1 1 a G O
Kelley, ir C 0 O 0 O O
Urodlc. cf D O 1 1 II O
Reltz.ab 4 1 2 3 2 II
Carey. lb 4 O 1 12 l O
Uoliiiison.e 4 O II 2 0 -I)
McMahou.p 4 2 2 13 0
Turner, cl.. ..
Delehanty, ir..
Cross, alt
Thonip-nii. rf..
i.ulli.m,sR.. ..
Clements, c.. ..
H.iliman. 2b..
Hoyle. lb.. ..
Orth. p
..41 7 13 27 14 0
AB It. II. PO.A.E.
1 o
1 1
1 a
o 2
a o
1 0
0 o
4 vl
2 1
1 1
a a
o 011 0
Totals 40 7 IB 27 IT. 0
Ikilllmore.. .. .". .. 0 0 10 3 10 1 17
Philadelphia O 3 U O o 0 4 0 II 7
Earned runs liiltlmore. 0; Philadelphia,
0. Two-Uike hits Clements. .McMiilion.
Three-UiM' lilt Jennings. Sacririce lilts
Keeler. ltoyle and Onn. Moleu liases
Keeler. Urudle and Turner. Double
plaj-s Jennings to Care.v; Jennings, un
assisted; Reitz, and Care; Jcuulngs to
Gleasou to Caiey. First hase on Uills
Orr MtMahmi. 1; off Orth, 1. Hit liv
pitched Uill-Ily McMahou, 1. Passed
lulls Clements. Time 2 hours. Um
pireMr. Koefe.
Captured the Second of tlio LoulnIIlo
MTif. Willi Hi-e.
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 21. The Tirates
took the second game of the series from the
Colonels to-day by belter all round plajing.
McDcrmott pilchtd fine ball, but received
poor support. Foreman was ery effecthe
atcritlcal points. Attendance, COO. Scorer
Louisville. AH It H PO A. E
O'ltnei, 2b 4 2 2 3 4 1
Holmes, rf 5 13 1 0 0
Clarke, If 3 112 0 0
Mlnnenan.cf 5 0 2 3 0 0
Morrison, 31) 5 0 0 0
llassanicr. lb 4 0 0 8 0 0
McGann, ss 4 0 0 3 2 3
Spies, C 4 0 14 2 0
McDermoit.p 3 110 0 0
Tola's 37 5 10 21 9 G
Pittsburg. AB R. H.PO.A.E.
Donovan, rf 3 10 2 0 0
Mack, c 3 113 0 0
Uejkler, lb 3 1 1 12 0 O
Stenzel, cf 4 2 12 0 1
Smith, If 4 12 4 0 0
Cross, ss 4 12 1 4 0
Bicru.iuer.2b 4 0 0 2 3 1
Cllngman.ab 3 0 0 1 10
Foreman, p 3 0 0 0 2 0
Totals 31 7 7 27 10 2
Louisiille ..0020 1 002 05
Pittsburg ..0 0030 040 5 7
Earned run LouisilIe, 1; Pittsburg,
2. Firnt base oi errors Louisville. Pitts
burr, 3. Lerton bases LouisMlle, 10;Pllts
biirg. 5. First bascon balls Off McDermolt,
3; off Foreman, 4. i-truck out By McDer
molt, 3; by Foreman, I. Three-base lilts
McDermolt. O'Brien, and Smith. Two
base hits hlenzel and I'ecklev. Sacrifice
hits O'llrien. Stolen bases Stenzel. Double
Plays O'Urieniindllassainer. Hltb) pitched
ball Clarke. Donovan, and Cllngman. Wild
pitch McDermolt. Umpire Emslle. Time
2.0 1.
Did "ot Try to 1'lny nnd Gmu tlie
Game 1o Brooklyn.
Brooklyn, N. i'., Stpt.24. The 1,800 per
sons who turned out to see thegamebetween
Boston and Brooklyn were badly paid for
their trouble.
The game was a farce, Boston not caring
to play, and allowed the home team to win
almost as they pleased. Umpire Murray
came to the rescue after the first half of
the eighth inning by calling the game on ac
countofdarkucss. Thescore:
Brooklyn: ABR. H. TOA.E
Grfifin, ef 4 2 2 3 0 0
Foutz, rf 3 10 10 0
Corcorau.es 4 2 3 4 2 O
La Chance, lb 4 O 2 G 0 0
Anderson, If 4 2 2 1 00
Daly, 21) 2 1 o 4 1 0
bhoch, 3b 3 0 1 2 1 1
Grim, c 4 1 13 0 0
Abbey, p 4 2 2 0 2 0
Baimon, rf
Long, es
Duffy, cf
Teuuey, If
Nafh, 3b
Tucker, lb
Harrington, 2b.. .
Ryan, c
Slivetts, j)
Dolan, cf
32 1113 24 G 1
AB. It. H. PO.A.E.
3 0 12 2 0
.10 0 10 0
Totals .. 33 2 0 21 12 4
Brooklyn 'VAWH 'SrU
Boston 0 10000102
Earned runB Brooklyn, -2; Boston, 2.
rirst base by errors Brooklyn, 1; Boston,
1. Left 011 bares Brooklj n, 4; Boston, 7.
Tirst base on balls Off Stivetts, i. Struck
out By Abbey, 2: by Smells, 1. Home
run Anderson. Three-base hits Grim,
Abbey, Long. Two base hits Corcorau,2.
Double plaj s Baiuion nnd Nnsh, Long and
Tucker, bhoch and Daly. Stolen bases
Corcoran, Daly 2, Anderson. Passed balls
Ryan, 2. Umpire Murray. Time, 1:43.
St. Louis MmutKcd to Get One Hun
From Hit Clnclnuntis.
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 24. The feature of
to-day's game was the narrow escape St.
Louis made from quitting without a sine.
The Brown's executed another twist on
the players when Cooley was put on third
and Samuelsacted as shortstop.
George Miller went behind the bat and
Klsslngerfaeedhlm. ForClnelnnallRbines
and Vaughn occupied the points. The
Browns and Keds will play two games
Wednesday. Score:
St- Louis, AB. R. H. FO.A E.
Dowd.cr 3 0 0 5 0 0
Conley,3b 5 112 3 1
Qulnn,2b 4 0 0 2 1 0
Connor, lb 4 0 17 2 2
Miller, c 4 0 2 4 10
Shcehan.rf 3 0 13 0 0
llreltensteln. If 3 0 0 3 0 1
Samuels, S3 3 0 0 0 12
Klssenger.p 3 0 0 110
Totals 32 1 5 27 9 6
Cincinnati. AB. R H.POA. E.
Burke, ir G 2 2 4 0 0
Hoy, cf 4 2 2 3 0 1
McPhee,2b 4 0 2 5 2 1
Parrolt.lb -. 5 0 0 6 10
Miller, rf 5 2 10 0 0
Smith, ES 5 12 15 0
Latham, 3b 4 12 2 2 1
Vaughn, c 4 2 3 5 10
Kchoe, c 1 0 0 0 0 0
Rblnee, p 4 11110
Totals 42 1115 27 12 "i
Cincinnati 041 10040 111
StXouls 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 101
Earned runs Cincinnati. 4. Two base
hit Hoy. Btolen bases 0. Miller 2, Par
Tott, Smith, Latham, Vaughn. Burke, Con
nor. Double plays Smith and McPuee;
Cooley, Qulnn and Connor. First on halls
g3$3g3$3g3 $3$3g3$3?3$3$3$
T...-T. TT.Z
For Mbh
v -
When that cold wave
Shoes. Uur lings or
hand-sewed Shoes are
the" correct thinsr in
quality, style and price
We have them in
Patent Leather, Enam
el. Calf, and Kanjraroo
Lace and Congress
with all styles of toes,
froin the "riee'dle" to
the "waukenfast." See
them before vou buy
3 elsewhere. T. hey' are
3 . m
ONE ritlCE
434 9th St. N. W.
Our shoe? are modeled from! ha
turn nil foot nuil "I'liit tresj."
?3?3$3 $3 S3S3 S3S3S33S3 33
By Kltsinger, 4;by Rhlnesj 1. Struck out
Ilv Rhinep.2;bv Kissiuger, 1. Passed balls
Miller 1. Wild pltchee Kissinger, 2.
Time 2 00. Urnplit McDonald.
Mr. Hum' Cnbleis tlin Now York "Yuctit
CI nil to Hint Effect.
New York, Sept. 24. The following
Milligram has been received at the New
York Yacht Clubhouse:
Newmarket, Sept. 24.
J. Vi S. Oddle. Secretary New York Yacht
Club, New York:
Your message received. I confirm per
lonally challenge sent through Royal Vic
toria Yacht Club In my name-. Confirma
tory letter will follow immediately, and
I make no restrictions as, 10 conditions.
I win llll Box.
hlo, Sept. 24. A deal w
Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 24. A deal wa
closed today whereby John L. Sullivan
ana raciciy i:yan, extnampion heavy
weight pugilists of the yrorld. will meet
in a boxing contest ofj four rounds before
the Cleveland Athletic. Club on the night
of October 0. It wil be for scientific
points. t
Ilos.eliiid Win Atruln.
Tho Hoeebuds ilefca'tcd'the loung De
fenders by the score of 20 to 3. The
RoEebuds claim they are th'e strongest ama
teur team iu the Dlttrict uuder fifteen
years of age. The players re: Ljnch.c.:
Costello, p; Powell, lbDawsou, 2b;Dailey,
3b; Sulllian, es, Beckett, rfj-Agau, cT, and
Sullivan, If.
Si. Loul. Entries.
First race Seven furlongs. Find Out,
King Gold. Garza anil Sirloin. 100 each;
Isabilla. Flush, faundawn. Dr. Work. Lot
tie Altar, Johnny Mellale, Storekeeper
and Mauqtion, It each.
Si-cond race Nine sixteenths of a mile.
Nellie Smith, Byrdec S.. Hecfcey Sharp,
Btlle of Onki:roe, Spinoia, Dewurop. Fre
dontu, Loretta. Sylvia, SiddubU and Ita
mola. 105 each.
Third raci- One mile. Booze. 107; San
Bias, 105; Miss Galop, 101; Cicely, 100;
Little George, 118; Miss Norma, 1)1; Leon
ard B., ao.
" Fourth race Thirteen sKlccntis of .1
mile. Invereaiild. 132; Silverado, 130;
Zip C, Oregon Eclipse, Kenwood, Lynil
hlirst. Guard, Bayard, LHIle Annie. No
Ri marks, Ncwdrop and Marble Rock. 127.
Fifth race Sit furloncs. Miss Mamie
H)4r EI Heiio, Oak Furest and Rancocas.
101; Jim Lee, Mamie S White Wings,
Mandolin and Bill Ellison, 05 inch; Nel
lie H. and Nellie Wagner, 02 caclu
Sixth race Six furlongs. St. Ilarlo,
Fr.i Diavolo, nnd George W. Bailey, 107
each; Weaver, Revenue anil Virgin, 102
each: Pellcass, 101: Bridget, Wells Street,
Marchaway and Cuvesprlng, 08 each;
Tricky Jim, 02.
Eutrie-s at Brighton.
First race Five furlongs. Selling. Craft
less, Ho; Comanche, Slrrocco, Old Domin
ion and Slully Tuttle, 107 each; Hnlfllng,
100; Key West. 103; Addie, 101; Ameer
and Berwyn, 102 each; Trinculo. 08; Mv
Gvps. Cuckoo, and Will Elliott, 95 each;
Hanwell. 101; Lottie A., Wliceioskie, Sa
maritan nnel Tont Lear, 92 each; Bur
gundy, 03.
Second race Five furlongs. Selling.
Wishanl. 108; John Haine-s, 115; Article,
105; Unity, Tomuka and Perfidy, 100 each;
Buccaneer. 08: LnSnllc and Tennvson III,
05 each; Imperial, 03; Larlssa, Gladioli,
Sir Carleton, and Rosalind III, 90 each.
Third race One mile. Marengo and
Van Brunt. 110 each; Sir John and Rod
man, 108 each; Nocoli, Firebrand and
Richards, 107 each.
Fourth race One and one eighth miles;
owners' handicap. Herkimer, 100; Dun
carven, 84: Cass, 82: Little Tom, 78, aud
Nero and Panwav. 7c) enrli.
Fifth race One mile; selling. Chatta
nooga, 100; Marshall nnd Captain T.. 107
each: Jack Rose and Prig. 103 each;
Incmlrendo, 102; Florinda, 05, and War
like. 100.
Sixth race-One mile; selling. Sprite,
110,-Little Matt, Harry Alonzo, and Dark
ness, 108 each; Annie Bishop. 107; Pu
litzer, 10rr Babe Murphy, 07; Golden
Gate, 96: Edna May, Campania, and Mc
Kee, 05 each, and Ciarus, 105.
To-ly's Entrica at St. Asnph.
First race Three-year olds and up; sell
ing; five-eights of a mile.
Ind Horte. Wt. Ind Horfe. Wt
482 Pope . . 98 403 Eva's Kid ....95
467 l'hiladelphia.08 470 Notre Damc.89
518 Lady May ...05 480 B. Lcggins ...S9
Second race Two-year-llds; lour and
one half furlongs. ,
Ind Horse, Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
555 Murray! . ..ICO 485 Hawk TOO
555 tLottle F. .100 485 L. Watson .100
485 FredMunch.100 443 Carpenter ..100
478 Rodney 100
tLate Sweet. 1
Third race Three-year old? and up; scil
iinr: six and one-hair lurlones.
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind Ilorse.
4SS Siva ICO 488Fassctt
(43)Tribtile . ..1115 484 Gaiety
Edwin 105 483 ltena'nce
Wesloer. .105
Fourth race Three-ycar-ojds and up;sell
iue:: four and one-half furlnnrrs
Hid. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse.
487Frankl) Ill 45nerndon.
475 Eclinsei Jr.lll 4H3DorcasL.
487 H. Warren..l08 r,r,7 Juliet 102
482 Eonda 105 452 Clansman ..102
Fifth race Three- ear-olds and up; tell
ing; six and one-quarter furlongs.
Ind. Horec. Wt. Iud. Horse. Wt.
556 Dr. Reed ....109 464 Dr. Johnson.101
481 Irish Pat.,.101 481 Wyoming ...101
(479)Minnie 8. ..104 The Bully 97
Sixth race Three-year olds aud up; sell
ing; one mile.
Ind. Horte. Wt. Ind. Horse. "Wt.
557 0. Forest .l 10 481 J. James.. ..100
476 Selah 1 10 557 O'Hearn . ...100
479 Tralee . 100
Refers to Alexaudcr Island series. -
First race Pope, Lady May, and Phila-G'-lphia.
Second race Lottie F FrcdMuncb, and
Third race Tribute, Biva, and Renais
sance. " -
Fourth race Frank-D , Eclipte, Jr., and
Harry Warren.
Fifth race Minnie S , Dr. Reed, and
Irish Pat.
Sixth race O'Hearn, Tralee, and Jimmie
Sealing Schooners til.
Victoria, B. Or, Sept. 24. A iiumber of
eeallng schooners arrived here fills morn
ing from Bering Sea. No li csh'&elzurcs of
sealers are reported,
Five Races Fell to the Share of
the Talent.
When the Finn Fell She Was Left
Stiiiidinirut Ihi'l'OKt and the JocLcy
Wan Promptly Billed OTf Aflortho
Unci Jockey Ntiiry llruught. Three
Wl mirth In.
The talent would have had a clean
slate at Alexander Island yeslertlay but
for the strong-armed exhibition that Per
kins gave on Lady Lister in thu second
-ace. ijne was a 1 10 i thcr, ana on form
should have won In a gallop. The boy
deliberately pulled Ter up at the start
when the flag fell, and was lert standing
still at the post.
WJien he came back to the Judges" stand
after the race be was not given a chance
to dismount before he received orders to
"put on his clothes uud get out of the
The other five events were won by the
first choices in easy rashlun. After Lady
Lister had been left at the post ColumbJs
ne-ntoti and won at oddg of 10 to 1.
The change in the weaiher was a great
relief 10 those who frequent the race
j rack. It tas Leii simply horrible In the
betting nrg, during the past week or to,
but yeitcrday 11 was dtllgtitful and the
attendance was very much larger than
The usual number of books went on and
they did a b'g day's business. They w oulcl
haie been Jutt as well satisfied if the bet
ting had been lighter, as some of them were
nearly put out -of Luticess
-Jockey Neary had a lucky day, putting
no less than three winners oicr the plate.
He rode Fidget In the ilrtt tvent, C 0 D.
in the third, and Grand Prix in tt-e fifth
Neary has lieeu down for a week, and was
much missed, as he Is one of the best boys
at'lhe track
.If Fidget could be gotten away from the
post the oreulng event looked very easy
forhlm. He opened upat 8 lo 5, Lutwas
plaed to stroLgly that even money was
the besl attainable at the close. After a
short delay at the post they got awav to .1
gcod Elart ami Fidget went to the front,
and leading all the way, won easily from
Pathway, who was second choice in the
After Perkins had succeeded In gelling
left at the post Willi Lady Lister Columbus
went after the money, and in a driving
finish, got home first by a lergth from
Cashmere, who was as much in front of
The talent could see nothing In the
third event but C O D., and backed him
accordingly, his price going from 0 to 5
down to 3 to 5, at w hicli he closed Eliza
beth and Tenacious cut out the running
until well into the back stretch, where N.-ary
carried C O D. to Ite front and at the
end won handily from Elizabeth, with
Samaritan third
While Vent looked to be In a soft spot lo
She fourth race, some of the smart people
did not see it that way and played Annie
T. from fives down to two and a half to
one. She never had a chance from the time
theflag dropped; Ventgoingoutand leading
all the way, won in a gallop. Annie T.
was second, two lengths before Humming
Old Grand Prix demonstrated that he Is In
pretty gooil shape by winning the fifth race
in easy style. Prince John was the 11110
played to beat him, bat finished next to last.
Belle G. was second with Pattie third.
Traitor again took the closing race. He
closed a 3 to 5 chance and by rights should
have been 1 to 20. He took command at
thestart and leadingallthc way won gallop
ing from Avon, wllh Drizzle third.
Du 11 the Line.
Catechism was a wild horse yesterday.
He ran xiut In every break and finally
got the best of his boy and rana way, ma king
tlio circuit of the track once.
Westchester was pulled up after going
half a mile. His legs are very bad and he
can hardly stand up aftergolnga little way.
Steve Stillwell's funeral will take pace
at 10 o'clock to day. Ho will be buried
at Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn.
Assistant Secretary Schultz has been
appointed secretary of the Virginia Jockey.
Tho Western Turf Congress will hold an
Important meeting on October 1G. It is
.nderstood that they will take some action
with regard to allowing the outlaws who
have been reinstated by the Jockey Club
lo start on the Western tracks.
Fred Lucas, who has been booking at tho
outlaw tracks under the name of the
Clifford Club, has gone to Oakley, wheye
he. will make books for Johnny Hill.
Annie T. and Humming Bird ran a corking
good race to the turn from home where the
former drew away and finished second
two lengths to the good.
Results at Alexander Island.
Weather clear and coot. Track fast.
CtC( First race Four and one-half furlongs.
sJOU Selling. Purso f.00. Time, OJTJJ,
Ind. norso Jt Wt St i St Fin. J'ck'y Bt
119 FidEOt, IU 1 1, V Neary 1
543 Pathway, 109 3 21. 23 , ! Kins 13.5
5) Forager, 103.... 7 6 7 3n DTanty 0
374 Lillian L, 103... 5 5 8 in A.M'o'e3S
411 RedCrosi,112... 2 4 4 6 Carter 15
533 Andrew D.. 112.. 4 7 6 6 Wood 50
549 Hay Tay. 11J.... 6 314 S 7 GVirnlS
Start fair. Won galloping.
rC1 Second race Fourand one-ha'f furlongs.
sJOX Selling. Purse, tlOO. Time, 0.57.
Ini norso & Wl St H St Fin. J'ck'y Bt
490 Columb's, ICO. 1 lb li 21$ Narvaez 10
474 Cashmere, 102 S B 3 2 , AMooro IS
43J Nemo, 109.... 5 3t Vi 3n Dorsoy 9-2
MSS Melinda. 10J.. 2 244 4 Delahan'y C
4S0 Cody, 102... . 6 6 6 5 Honlaban 2J
5:0 Dr. Park't, 10S 4 4 5 6 llcLau u 20
463 Lady Lls'r,103. Left at post Perkins 1-2.
Start poor. Won driving.
Cro Third race 'even furlongs. Selling.
DOA Purae, S100. Time, IMvJ.
Ind. noree Wt St Vi St Fin. J'ci'r Bt
5X7 &O.D,102.... 4 43; In It Nea-y 3-5
47J Ellzabetb.lOl . S 1 VX SJ Narraez 4
' E57 Samrltan,102 5 3.U 3JS AMooro 8
559 rictawaj-,101 1 2a 4 4 Hayes 29
365 Tenacious,105 2 5 5 5 Delehanty 5
Start good. Won handily.
C.0 Fourth race Six and a quarter fnr
DOO longs. Selling. Purse SlOA Time,
Ind. Horse & Wt St H St Fin. J'ck'y lit
155Vont,93 1 1 1 1 King 1.2
(165) Annie T., 93.... 2 HI i 2n V Fletch'r5-2
(554) Hum'ingblrd, 93 3 3'fl 3'0 3IS Hayes 6
536 Granger. 93 4 4 4 4 Brewer 100
Start fair. Won galloping,
I Fifth race Four and one-half furlongs.
JU Selling. Purse $100. TIme,0.35H.
Ind. Horse & Wt St H St Fin. J'ck'y Bt
640 Grand Prix. 109 1 in 11 r- Nein7-10
553 Bona 0, 103.... 2 6 2n 2i A.Mo'relS
4S1 Pattie. 107 7 In 3H 3n RKIng 12
(549) Tedd Gezg, 112. 17 4 4 Crowe 10
547 Padre, 10J 5 5 7 5 Brewer 5J
559 Mohawk, 101.... 4 4 6 7 NaraezSO
546 1-rince John, 109 6 8n 5 6 DTh'y 5-2
Start good. Won easily.
CAC Sixth race Six and one-half furlongs.
3VD Selling. Purse $100. Time, 1.05.
Ind. Horse & Wt St M St Fin. .Pcl'y Bt
(559) Traitor. 103.... 1 1, IS 1 King 3-5
559 Avon, 105 3 8 81. a McDerm't 5
Drizzle, 103.... 4 4 SU 33 Neary S
Mullet, 101 2 2 4 4 Narvaez 50
553 Westche3ter,:03 5 Polled up. R. King 30
396 Catechism, lOi Run away Fletcher 4
Start good. Won galloping.
Refers to St Asaph series.
There's Something gj
You Don't Get M
With Every Bicycle-1
It's this: j
From and after this date a twelve-"- TpW
months' guarantee win be given Jg
HltH every Liberty Blcyclo a full SK
and unqualified guarantee against K
accidents of all kinds. jp
It's plain to be seen teat It the
Liberty were net the most stanch pjl
of bicycles, ild offer could not to
made. fiH
Do ypu know that jo j can rent a -
brand new Lihoity hlcycle here? gS
; another thing you can't do else-
wfcera. Jgjj
lUit VUHIl. ill'C.
Jim niul .Toe- Will I'lny Hero "ext
Tiii'Mlny Afternoon.
A game of ball will be played at Na
tlonal Park next Tnetday afternoon be
tween the Bureau of Engraving ajid.Pxlnt
ing nine, the champions of the Department
League, and a team composed of Champion
James J. Corbett. Iiis brother, Joe Cor)xtt,
of Senatorial fame, and seven of Washing
ton's IwBt amateur looser.
Play will 1 called at I 30 o'clock ami
Mr. William G. Bolts, late of the National
League, will officiate as umpire. Jim Cor
beit will ccner firet base and Joe, together
with Jack Gilroy. a new find of Manager
Schmeltz, will occupy the points.
The two te.ini3 will play as follows:
Bureaus Bernard, pitcher; Beach,
catcher; Do-e, first base; Madigan, sec
ond base; McCaaley, shortstop; Leach,
third base; Flaherty, left rieli); Cropley.'
catcher; Jim Corbelt, flrl base; Barrows,
center field; Farrell, rigllt field.
Corbetts Joe Corbett", pitcher; Gilroy,
s-ocnd base; Wisnej, shortstop; Fuller,
third base; Kleinchniidt. left field; Dick
inson, center field; Havens, right field.
Athletic Club N'oten.
An Important meeting of the Columbia
AlhletbClubwill b: held to morrow etenlng
at the G street clubhouse.
Because of the great Importance of the
meeting there will, no doubt, lie a full at-,
tendaneofmemtcrs. Ameetinofihe board
of governors will follow that of the club.
The Washington OutingCIubwIIIcntertaln
its fair friends to night at another of the
regular series of ladies' nights at the club
house near Kckinglon.
Friends of the club are invited to attend
the entertainment.
A meeting of the joint committee of the
latc Potomac Itiver re-gatti was held at the
Analostan boatbou.se last night.
A quantity of business of a routine nature
was transacted.
. The treasurer reported that l re was a
deficiency whlcn will have to be made up
by the three clubs, the receipts from entries,
donations, and excursion baing failed lo
co er the expense of holding theregatta.
RueelMll Notes;.
Had Cartwright stolen second In the ninth
the Senators would have tied thescore.
Doyle couldu't locate second. His throw
ing was wretched.
De Montreville is developing into a clever
player. He will prove a Jennings.
Col. Holmes is banging the ball very hard.
The Quakers had no trouble in connecting
with JIcMahon's curves.
Hurst gave the Senators the worst of his
Anderson was a weak substitute. James
Scheibeck would bave been a much better
Stafford made a sensational catch of
Demont'i, fly.
Turner hit McMabon safely every time at
the bat.
The Bostons have nothing to play for now
but partially earn their salaries.
- "i, AsCyi wV MhXl
Accidents Cost
Nothing if your
Wheel is insured.
$6 a year
Insures it.
Repair depots of
P. M. B. I. Co.
District Cycle Company,
4iJ l'enna. Avenue N. W.
Gcorco Toung,
9th and n Streets N. W.
Washington Cycle Ca.
944 9th Street N. W.
Chas. E. .Miller Bra,
1103 and 1107 llth Street N. W.
W. B. Badjer.
10-'t Connecticut Ave. N. W.
F. 8. Cahlll XCa,
Cor. renna. Ave. and ISth St. N. W.
W. J. T B. W eaver,
1203 and 1J1J 3,'nd Street X. W.
Georgetown, D. C.
Eastern Cycle Compiny,
JtiM'cnua. Avenue N. E.
E. S. Keys,
va a street i. t,
Robt. ST. Frost,
S03 r street N. w
Home off ice, 1345 Arch
Lilt you parents
can wish "for
your children,
in the clothingf
line, we have.
Immense stocks
immense va
rieties with a
big- part made
up of clothes
especially well
adapted for school wear.
Extra serviceable1-e x t r a
strong clothes that'll stand
the hard wear for a long"
time without showing it.
Take these, for instance:
Rofcr t nits, with large coll-.rs and
braided collars and iulf (I tos-year
sizes) t60-
Boys All-wool black Cheviot double
breasted, long pants, achocl snltf(14
to 19-year ilzes) t7.0tV
Bora' extra-heavy Kneo Panu -double
seats and knees ... . . .... 50cta-
The Men's Fall Clothing
and Top Coats are all ready
for. wearers.
The new Hats go along'
with them. Derbys, $2.50
to $4. Soft Hats, gl.50 to
$5. Loeb & Hirsh,
The Clothiers. Shlrtmakers. Outfitters.
910-912 FStN.W.
Next Monday night the patrons of the
Eureka Athletic Club will eec what will
probably be the best fight ever brought
off in this section of the country. Faddy
Gorman the rugged Australian, and Billy
McMillan, the champion or the District,
will be the contestants and tLey will fight
for blood from the start.
As the contest draws near the betting
becomes brisker with Billy McMillan a
slight favorite. One of Gorman's sup
porters from New York, bet S75 against
$100, and he was heard ts exclaim that
McMillan will find Gorman a tougher
game than either of theRacdes.
Hlte Peckliam, the well known pugilist
and trainer, who is looking after McMil
lan, reports thit his man will be fit to
fight for a kingdom when he steps Into
the ring the nigh tof the contest
Gorman was visited at his training quar
ters, and. Judging from the manner In
wmen lie punenc-u tee bag ana went
tarough uther exercises, he certainly knows
:hat be has his hands full. After he got
through with the bag he jumped the rope
2,000 times without a break. Big Billy
Woods, of Denver, then called a bait and
gave Gorman a shower bath and an alco
hol rub that made him feel like a two'
year old.
In addition to the main go there will
be a limited round affair between two
well known aspirants Tor lightweight
First Game With Na-hville for
Champion-hip of the South.
Richmond, Va., Sept. 21. The Nash
ville Club of the Southern League and
the Richmond Club of the Virginia State
League met bere this afternoon In a con
test for the championship of the South.
The locals won in a canter. Thescore:
R. H. E.
Richmond.. ..3 4 20 GOO 1 016 13 1
Nashville.. ..0 0000000 33 7 8
Batteries Tannchill and Foster; Her
man and Sweeney.
COMPANY will insure
your wheel against loss
by theft, loss by acci
dent, tire puncture,
damage by accident, for
the annual premium of
six dollars.
The Pennsylvania Mu
tual Bicycle Insurance
Company has arranged
with the leading bicycle
concerns of this city to
make all repairs free of
charge to holders of in
surance policies in this
On receipt of a postal
card or tel. call (No.
1593) a representative
will call on you and ex
plain the feature of the
eaaa&cw&BSav & &
street, Philadelphia.
v J. i -
fir k " f 'lJSt: VyHalh-t.cjJ- -. - ; V i?'
viJLiUsz cjj:gg"jfcr'' xjGg--gy
j-3kj" -r-

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