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Washington Times
(Mosxrsa, EvEMixa, and stj.tait.)
The Washington Times Compunx.
Kvnnnsr Coeker roo.sTt.vAxii Atemje ad
Tenth SlEEEt
Telephone Editorial Rooms, 111
Business Oface, 33.'.
IVee MDrnlnr or Frenlng Edition. -One Cent
Sjndey Edition Tarao Coats.
X'oi1bly t y Carrier
Horn Idc and Sunday Thlrty-flro Cents.
Evening .-..Ihlrtj-Ceuu.
3'ornlne, )
Evening and- ... Tiftt Ccsrl
fcaud.-iy, J
Suliscrlbors to "The Times" will
confer n favor by promptly reporting
nnr discourtesy of collectors, or nog
lect of duty oil the part of currier.
Complaints either by mull or ill pur
fon ulll rccetvo prompt nttoutton.
TIiu Morning Kdltlun tdiould bo de
livered to all parts of tlio city ly cao
o'clock a. in.. Including Sunday. Tile
Kv ening Edition nbonld bo In tlis
liiindx of subscribers not later tbaa
erju p. in.
Tin" Circulation of the Stnr Ii Falling
Off The I'uhllc Knows It Friend.
Tlic nggrcgate circulation of the Star last
week was 170, 177. That at ThcTlnies 'was
213,103, which shows a circulation, of
42,088 more than the Star. Whether or not
iLis ii crease is due to the srnrling of flste
doc weekly publications which "some one"
has set at the heels of The Times would be
difflcuttuidetcrmlnc, but that lsqultcanat
ral inference.
The Times Is decidedly the best dally in
Washington, and the more advertising It
secures the greater will be its circulation.
It is possible to fool the public occasionally
by insinuations and monkey paw abuse, but
when the object of such attacks Is really
deserving there can le but one result an
Increase of popularity.
I, J Milton Young, cashier of The Wash
ington Times Company, do solemnly swear
that the accompanying statement is true
and correct, to the best of my knowledge
and belief
Morrtay. PeptcnnVr 10 31.G1L
Tuesday, hepleniber 17 :il,4:i.t
WediieMlay i-eptenilior 18 31,70"-
Thur-day, September 10 31,riG0
Triday, September 20 31.G23
Saturday. September 21 32,22.'
fcuuday, feepieniber 22 22,UG0
Total for week 213,105
Sworn to before me this 23d day of
eptenibcr, A D. 1805.
Notary Public.
Inasmuch as other cities are agitating
the question of free Cuba let a day be fixed
here in Washington to hold a mass meeting
tode-larc the sympathy of the National Cap
ital for Cuba's struggling patriots. Mon
day, September 30, has been selected by
Chicago to mark the beginning of a series
of demonstrations which will soon awaken
an overwhelming sentiment In this coun
try in favor of free Cuba, and now in the
nameofliberty, which every American holds
dear, let Washington be the second city to
sdd her toicc and influence to this Just
The cause of the Cubans is as patriotic
a- was that of o jr revolutionary forefathers..
They are bitter against monarchical tyranny
and opprLNiivc taxation. These same burden-,
were the cause of a wa r that gave f ree
domtothisconnlry.audasthedcscendantnof patriots we owe our fealty toall others who
btruggle for that great boon of liberty. No
more deserving people ever fought for in
dependence than these Cuban insurrection
' ists. Their causo is Just and their efforts
worthy uur support. As Americans we can
do no Icjs than indorse tt-.eirgallant conduct.
By all means let us hold amass-mecting to
express ojr sympathy for Cuba.
The Hiltimore and Ohio Railroad has
finally discovered that the public lias rights
which cannot always be trampled upon,
mid in consequence is guarding its death
trap crossings witii more vigilance since
The Times exposed the falsehood of its
General Agent Alvey.
The company has also found that The
Times is i.ot afraid of its bulldozing tactics,
and that in future it must dcalmorehoncstiy
with Washington people to prevent haying
its questionable methods shown up in their
proper light.
But the most humiliating knowledge
that has come to this corporation Is the
information that its boycott of The Times
was a miserable failure. Its order pro
hibiting the sale of this paper in its
trains ami stations has awakened an In
terest among rcadera that lias been of
great benefit in Increasing the circulation
of The Times, and the war of extermina
tion which General Agent Alvcy boasted
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad had de
clared on the paper that dared to oppose
it turns out an insignificant fiasco.
There are things greater than B. & 0.
lnfluet-re, and one of them is public
The Deep Waterway Association now
In conventional ClevclanJ Lsan organization
that should attract more than ordinary
attention. At present there Is little pros
pect of legislation In the direction ofcheaper
methods of transportation, nor lias the
question been sufficiently developed by
practical men to fully establish In the public
mind such a necessity, but the time Is here
when other traffic carriers tlian railroads
must be employed to reach seaports with
far Inland products, ami fronian educational
standpoint the Deep Waterway Association
willdomjch to solve that problem.
Report sajs that the Now York Central
Railroad has secured control of the Eric
canal and that there will be no further
competition In freight rates between the
railroad and that great waterway. It is
olsoknown that all the principal trunUllnes
of the country are combined so far as rates
ore concerned, which, of course, means
higher charges forfrulght from the Middle
and Western States to the Eastern markets,
and the Impossibility of successful com
petition by our great grain producing
lections in European markets.
One of the methods by which this govern
ment could greatly benefit Its people would
lie to establish waterways over which the
Inland country might send its products to
cast?rn and foreign markets without bar
ing to pay such exorbitant toll to railroads.
It costs three times as much to ship a car
load of groin by rajlroad from a western
State to an eastern port as It does to
carry it Ihe rest of the way to Europe by
ocean freight. -It Is tills, excessive rate
IhatjnjisJJje avoided before western pro
ducers can prosper, and for that reason
the cntTFcTnSncl countrythnuld be threaded
with an-oilensive sjbtem.of waterways
reaching totlienccan. The money Congress
Is expected to donate to bulla the Nicaragua
canal would go n long way toward estab
lishing such a system.
Just why tlio-graudVJury of Alexandria
county found an Indictment Qgalnet John
Nelson and Frank Foster for keeping a gam
bling house oh life Virginia shore opposite
this city is not known. It Is possible that
complaint was made by nn outside party
or that the indicted men did not "divvy."
Or they raaylrave fallen out with the gang
and their prosecution Is nnnttempt to ob-'aln
revenge. The real cnuee mu3t be a m j stery
to all but those wliA'caif read between the
lines; but It Is wife toprophesy that the find
ing of the .indictment will end the proeecu
tion unices it be an effort to punish forspltc.
There'may bea few1 caseB where-gambling
has been prosecuted to a finally in Alexan
dria county Elnc2thclawlcs3elcmcutasumed
control of Its affairs, but they are few and
far between. It is not-the purpose of the
gamblers. La.iiUurctUcir.pwn business, nor
will they allow luterferencconthepartof law
abiding' people. Therefore only friends of
la-n breakers -ore elected to Important
offices,. ..,
To be prosecuted for gambling In
Alexandria county is an honor that comes
only once in a llfellmr.. anil John Nelson and
Trank Foster should have the grand jury
Indictment against them framed and hang
in a. conspicuous place for future reference.
The report that Lieut. Tcary has been
disappointed in his last polar expedition
is not surprising. The fact that lie ever
returned to the polar "regions, to expose
himself to the dangers and deprivations
of that desolate country after his first ex
perience, is the astonishing part of his
conduct. Eacli lime an explorer tries to
reveal the mysteries of the north pole his
efforts are accompanied by suffering and
fatigue such as no other field of explora
tion can produce, and with every such
report the civilized world wonders at hU
For Ecicntific purposes tlio final dis
covery of the north pole may lie necessary,
but, the world has waggedalong fora good
many years without knowing this alleged
important secret, and It seems that by an
extraordinary effort we might manage to
get along without this knowledge for a
little while longer, especially as it requires
the sacrifice of so many lives and tho
enduring of so much suffering.
Ev en were the pole discovered, what else
would be added to the geography of the
world than that which we already know?
Trequent attempts to penetrate that un
known locality have demonstrated that It is
a barren waste of Ice and snow entirely un
inhabited and absolutely uninhabitable. It
might bo possible to still further demon
strate this fact, but beyond that nothing
elsecould be accomplished. Thercarcothers
besides Lieut. Peary who are disappointed
and who are so because of the fact that men
will so foolishly ris k their lives for an empty
At last an effort Is to be made to enforce
the nntl-t rust law. Through Information
furnished by Secretary Morton, Attorney
General Harmon has instructed the Dis
trict Attorney atChica go to proceed against
the beef trust. Of course. Armour &
Company and others of the alleged com
bine, disclaim any knowledge of a trust,
but as Secretary' Morton has supplied the
Attorney General's office with important
documentary evidence to tho contrary,
it is to bo hoped that the prosecution
will be both vigorous and relentless.
There are other trusts still more bur
densome and arbitrary than the beef
trust. But unfortunately they do not
happen to come in conflict with su con
scientious a public officer as Secretary
Morton, or they would not remain so long
unpunished. The tobacco trust is now
being tried in the courts of New York
and may find Its Waterloo in that State,
but as a rule trusts' are as exempt from
prosecution in this country as apple blos
soms arejrom loyqslckuess.and the order
of tho Attorney General is a genuine
The old lady across the Avenue is still
harping on the overiiead trolley. Last
evening she again offered an apology for
the slowness of ljorge cars on New York
avenue, but failed to mention that Brook
land and Eckington people are fully as well
accommodated by the Eckington Railway
ae they were before The Times compelled
the company to pull down its poles. But
then no one cares 'for the old lady's pe
culiarities. The entire country except theadministra
tion favors recognizing the Cubans as
It tho Ninth street electric line will
mov e thesmokers' seatsof its carsto the rear
very" many patrons will be accommodated.
It is not pleasant for ladies to be compelled
to inhale second-hand tobacco smoke as
they must necessarily do with the present
arrangement of smokers' seats at the
front end of the car.
Speaking of the weather "what can't
be cured must be endured."
There is so much harmony at tho Syra
cuse convention that the melody of the
Tiger's voice is hardly heard.
The absence of sensational news from
Kentucky gives reason to believe that the
Democratic money factions have united.
There Is hope of another nibble as long as
the bait holds out. G. C.
Folitical harmoay consists of three
elements high and mighty self praise,
loud denunciations of opposing parties, and
mutnal admiration for a candidate's long
If Dr. Parkburst can bang Tammany's
scalp to bis beir ho will be a greater hunter
than Nimrod.
There are a good many Candida tes at work
trying to hive that Presidential bee.
Impressive Sccno in Homo.
Rome, Sept.24.-S bah zadaNasrulIa Khan,
a son of Uie Ameer of Afghanistan, and his
repose of a "departed soul at St. reter'g
tomb to-day. Itwasamostimpressivescene.
Important Business Considered at
a Largely Attended Meeting.
Ciinu Against Contractor McVniigh.
Ste-nmflttcrs and Plumbers
Adopt u Cudo.
Thirty-nine local labor organizations
were represented at the meeting of Ihe
Federation of Labor, held last evening at
Plasterers' Hall, corner of Tour and a
balf street and Pennsylvania avenue north
west. The special committee appointed at the
last meeting to investigate the violation
of the eight hour law by Contractor Mc
Vaugh on the -norkatlheGovenmient Print
ing Office, reported that It had complied
with the instructions received. The col
lection of evidence by the committee, the
arrest and arraignment of Contractor lie
Vuugh In the police court has already been
published in detail in The Times.
Credentials were received and delegates
sealed from Ihe Cornice Workers, Bakers
and Confectioners, Barbars, and Icono
clasts' Assemblies.
The contract committee reported that it
had called on Mr. Albaugh, owrcr of the
Larayette Square Opera House, with a
view of having union laborcmploycd on the
building.- Mr Albaugh had refused to
bind himself to any agreement to employ
union lalMir cither In the construction of
the building or on the stage after the
The committee appointed to investi
gate the advisability of the organization
petitioning for a charier in the American
Federation of Labor reported progress.
The delegates from the Plumbers' Union
reported satisfactory progress In the set-,
llenicnt of their differences with the
Steam and Hot Water Filters.
Representatives from the Carriage and
Wagon Makcrs.Xc centric Engineers, Paint
ers and Excelsior Assemblies reported
that their locals had approved the plans
suggested for the establKhnient-of a labor
bureau and worklngmen's library and had
appointed delegates to serve on the labor
bureau committee.
Deli-gales from the Painters' Union re
ported that they were meeting with much
-uecess lu their campaign against Kernau'a
A largely attended meetlnjf the Building
Trades Council was held last evening at
Costello's Hall, corner Sixth and G streets
northwest. President O'Brien to the chair.
The greater part of the session was
occupied with the report of the special
committee appointed to investigate the
Cornice Workers' grievances. The matter
was postponed to the next meeting and the
cominiitee continued.
A communication from the Steam and Hot
Water Fitters stated that the Joint com
mittee of Steam Filters and Plumbers had
agreed on a code defining the class of work
belonging to each organization. Their
request fiat the council indorse their code
was granted.
The request of a committee from the
Painters that the council indorse the action
of their local body and also that of the
central bodies in placing Kernan's and
Allen's theaters on tho unfair list was
granted. The committee on hall reiorted
that it had leased Monumental Hall, cor
ner Second and Pennsylvania av euue north
west. After the transaction of business Presi
dent O'Brien delivered a chart address
In which he made anappeal for morcunlted
action and urged the necessity and advis
ability of local organizations being rep
resented in the council.
Buttlc-lilp Indiana Will Go on Tier
Trial Trip Flrt.
Philadelphia, Sept. 21 The battleship
Indiana will not Ik- dry doiked. Divers are
now cleaning the bottom of the vessel, and
she will go to her off it iul trial trip with
only that preparation. She will be ready
to leave Cramps' shipyard about the middle
of Oitolwr.
President Charles II. Cramps, of the ship
building company, said tills afternoon:
"We exped to notify the Secretary of tho
Navy that we have deiided not to go on
a dry doik before the trial next month.
"We will get the bottom as clean as
possible by means of divers and other
methods, and will be content to lose tho
advantages of a thoroughly clean bottom
rather than submit to thedlsadvantagcsand
inconveiilenco of docking the shipatsogrcat
a distance from the ship yard as thcllallfax
or Port Royal docks are.
"We expect to leave here between
October 12 and the 18th. The Indiana
has already been given her builder's trlaL"
Work on .the armament of tho vessel
and the gencraJ finishing touches aro being
pushed rapidly.
Flshetl AH liny.
Buzzard's Hay, Mass., Sept. 24. Tho
President, Secretary Carlisle and Mr.
Thurber spent the greater part of the day
fishing. Secretary and Mrs. Carlisle,
who have been at Gray Gables since yes
terday, left on steamer John D. Codgers
for Marion this afternoon.
Mexican Boundary Commission.
The Mexican boundary commission will
meet at the State Department on October
llth next. As Lieut. D. I). Gaiilard.one
of the members, has been assigned toduty In
Washington in connection with the aque
duct work.lt isassnmed that thecommlsslon
has nearly completed its labors.
Absconding Teller Indicted.
Chicago, Sept. 24. A true bill was re
turned by the grand Jury to day in the case
of Ross C. YanL'okkelen, the absconding
teller of the Merchants' Loan and Trust
Company. Tho exact amount of his em
bezzlement was stated to tho Jury to b
English Goernors Appointed.
London, Sept. 24. Sir Herbert Murray,
who -was British relief commissioner In
New England during the recent wide
spread distress there, has been appointed
governor of that, colony. Col. Gerard
Smith has been appointed to the governor
ship of Western Australia.
Miners Bendy to Strike.
Massillon, Ohio, Sept. 24. The decision
of the meeting of the Massillon miners to
night was to demand GO cents a ton after
October 1, and to strike If refused. They
now receive 51 cents, and claim that tho
Pittsburg advance, -which Is to take place
October 1, entitles them to a similar
m m
lYnylaid nnd Murdered.
Oallipolis, Ohio, Sept. 24. While re
turning from a reunion up the Kanawha
River, John H. Lanier was waylaid near
Wyoma by Thomas Potts, who shot him
twice. Lanier reached home and soon
died. Potts was arrested.
Trot. TTnlcott's Son Hurt.
Edward Walcott, son of Prof, Walcott.
of the United States Geological Survey, was
painfully injured yesterday evening by fall
ing from bisblcydsonFstrect. Hewastaken
to his borne. No. 704Twentiethstreet north
west, -where Dr. Wood attended bhxu
Johannes -and Catherinai.Were Ar-rested-as'TheyLLeft'the
Eloped From Holland, lint Mynheer
Von Si'tem Used tlio Cubit)
lo CiltcU TU em.
New York, Sept. 24. Among the pacsen
gers on board the steamship Obdom which
arrived in port this morning, were JoLnnncs
Donker, twenty-eight yearB old, and Cath
crnia von'Seten, nineteen cars old, who
sought to mnko a. home for themsclv cs in
They had known each other for years In
Holland and decided to. face life's fortunes
together, but thedractic laws of their native
land eoon interrupted their arrangements.
As the vessel reached tier dock Donker
was arrested by deputy United States
marshals charged, on complaint of the con
sul general for Holland, John R. Plautan,
with having abuctcd Cntherlna. Donker
was arraigned before Unled States Com
missioner Alexander on extradition pro
ceedings. He was accompanied by Catli
crina, who, hqwever, was. not under arrest.
Tho consul explained that according to
law of Holland, a girl docs not attain' her
majority until sho Is twenty three years
of age. Donker had gone to the home of
Catherine atAmstcrdam to get permission
of her natenB to take her to his parents'
homo at Kilvercum, a fe wmllca distant.
Instead of going there they went to
Rotterdam and Balled from there on Sep
tember 10. They had with them $700
belonging to Catherlna, which her father
held in trust, which she had taken to help
start them in life in this countrr.
Donker was held for extradition and
Catherlna agreed to return also. They
were locked Up In LudtowMroet JalL
How Over a Gume Led to ho Cutting
of Two Washington Men.
While In an affray over a game bt
craps In Roslyn about 5 o'clock last even
ing,. Timothy Williams, of Georgetown,
and Frank Levy, of South Washington,
were severely cut about tho anna and
The men were among a crowd of white
ami black crap shooters. and trouble aroso
aibout a few pennies, culminating in a
general free fight, in which knives, stones
and clubs figured as well as razors.
Levy and Williams had knives, and,
the other plujcrs say, were trying to
carve their way from the crowd when
they met and made several passes at
each other. i
Levy received ia gaplDg wound on the
arm below the shoulder, and Williams a
long gnsli on the throat below the left ear.
A lugro was also, badly cut about the
face In the mclco and an unknown white
man knocked down anil nearly trodden
to death. Several others of the gang w ere
used up. All received treatment in this
Good TeniplnrH Heap Honors Upon
mi Earnest Worker.
The hall of Rescue Lodge, No. 5, 1. O. G.
T., situated at Four and a-lialf and O
streets southwest, was comfortably filled
Monday eve nlngbVa distinguished audience
of Good Templar friends or Mr. Henry P.
Thomas, P. C. T., who has been a member
of Rescue Lodge since lu Institution, and
who Is to leave tonight for Chicago, 1IL
A resolution expressing the regret of the
lodge was offered by Mr. W. T. Raley.
Rem j rks suitable to t lie occasion were made
by Messrs. T. D. Sclinopp, John J McCann.
E. W. Libbey. R. II. Campbell, Mrs. F. E.
Miller and solos were sung by Miss
Lizzie Mitchell and Mr. G.W. CampbelLand
u harmonica and piano duet played by
Messrs. C.H. Ketchum and A. W.Campbell.
During the business session the resignations
of Mr. W. T. Raley as chief templar and
riionns D. Bchnopp as secretory were,
vcelvcd and accepted, and Mr. Thomas D.
fichnopp was elected as chief templar,
Mr. I. S. Taylor as financial secretary,
and Miss Lulnllattonas recording secretary,
and they weredulylnstallcd.
Fatal Duel Helvveen Two Georgians)
Who Loved Ono Girl.
Thomasville, Ga., Sept. 24. News has
reached this city ht a very bloody Impromptu
duel between C. W.Ragnn and M.T.Shaw,
two young men living near Meigs. The
fight occurred across the line In Mitchell
county. Each man fired five shots at his
antagonist, four shots taking effect In each
Ragan was killed on the spot, while Shaw
was mortally wounded and died to day.
It is said tho young men quarreled over a
girl. Thoy had gone to see the girl to
gether, and were returning home -when the
quarrel took place. They got out of their
buggy and fought it out.
nia Taper Indulges In a Slap at the
Yacht Committee.
London, Sept. 24. Truth, in referring
to the -athletic contests at New York on
Saturday last, says:
"This successful athletic meeting will
remove a' lot of hard feeling between the
two countries.
"Would tliat the holders of the America's
cup-would take a lesson from the conduct
of their fellow-countrymen on the running
track. We do not mind a square beating;
it Is the hanky panky tricks of the Ameri
can yachtsmen that irritate us."
Llenl. renry lsertaln Tle'll Never
Go North Again.
St. Johns, N. F.,-S(pt. 24. The members
of the Peary expedition -were to-day en
gaged In completing jthe work of preparing
their scientific collections for shipment.
They now expect tosall for New York to
morrow night. '
Lieut. Peary Is rftlcent concerning his
future plans. The only thing about
which, he exprqsses'a positive opinion is
that he will never return North again.
Iola, Kans., Sept. 24. Col. W. C. Jones,
a noted Democratic leader and ex-Unltcd
States marshal of Kansas, drovo this morn
ing to bis farm, five miles from here, and
had passed through the gate intoa wooded
pasture when the horse he -was driving be
came frightened and ran away, throwing
him against a tree in sucb a way as tobreaVr.
one leg and crush his skull. His death fol
lowed shortly after.
Hear and Barons Not Yet Agreed.
Berlin, Sept. 24. Tho namburglscho
Borsenhallo denies the report that an
agreement has been reached between
the Standard Oil Company and Russian
firms in regard to a division of the
petroleum trade.
riitlndelphla Banks to the Rescue.
Philadelphia, Pa-, Sept. 24. Tho na
tional banks 'of Thiladclphla have of
fered to. deposlt.$L,500,OGO in gold with
tho United States sub-treasarer in this
city in exchange lor greenbacks.
Big Blazj in the Warehouse Dis
trict of Philadelphia.
One-Third of a Million Dollar Was
Destroyed nnd Scsen Buildings
Were Badly Damaged.
Philadelphia, Sept. 24. Shortly after 8
o'clock to-night fire was discovered In tha
eix6tory brick building No. 110 Chestnut
street, occupied by Charles J. Webb & Co.,
dealers in yarns and woolens, and within a
half hour no lees than six adjacent build
ings were in flames.
Tho district Is given up almost entirely
to large woolen and rag warehouses, and
the Webb building was flanked by the five
story chemical works of Charles Lennlg,,
at No. 112 South rrontetrect. The inflam
mable material with which the structures
were stored spread tire blaze with amazing
rapidity and a geiicrul alarm was sent in.
The blaze extended on the right to the
buildings of Buckingham & Parlsoti, cotton
yarns. 120 Chestnut street, and James E.
Mitchell, woollens, 122, and on tiic left
Itichnrd A. Blythe, 114, and Keyser, risler
& Co., 1100. In these buildings, however,
the flames' were largely conrlned to the
At 10 o'clock the fire was still Lurning
fiercely, but the active work of the de
partment had prevented its further spread.
Tile Beck building was L-shaped, and
was valued at about $73,000. It con
tained ne-arly $200,000 worth of stock,
consisting of yarns and woollens, all of
which vvjs destroyed. The damage to the
other buildings was confined lo the rear,
and the total loss is estimated at about
$300,000, most of which is covered by
Pattcron. N. J., Sept. 24. The velvet
stamping factory of Itan & Company was
burned this afternoon, nothing remain
ing but the brick walls. When the flames
were well under control the firemen dis
covered the charred remains of an un
known man wfio had been engaged two
hours previous to the fire as an engineer's
helper. The fire was caused by the ex
plosion of chemicals used in preparing
and printing the material. The ctamagge
is estimated at SIO.COO.
Chicago. Sept. 24. Fire In the plant
of the American Cutlery Works In Mather
street, this afternoon, resulted in dam
age to the extent of $50,100.
Mi-etlng of Delegate From This
Country mill Canada.
Cleveland, O., Sept. 24. The first annual
convention of thr.lntemationalDeep Water
ways Association was opened this after
noon. Gen. Edward C. O'liricn. of New
York, president of the New Y'ork DockrCom
mlssion and cx-commissioncr of Naviga
tion i,r the United States, was selixted tem
porary chairman.
Mayor II. E. McKlssxn, on behalf of the
city delivered an address of welcome. He
spoke of the Importance of the deep water
way movement, and on a water connec
tion between the lakes and the Atlantic sea
board. International President Oliver A. Row
land, or Toronto, responded to the Major's
address In behalf of theass.clat!on.
E. V. Smalley, president of the St. Paul
Chamber of Commerce and publisher of the
Northwest Magazine, responded to the
Mayor's address of welcbnfc on behalf of
the American delegates.
County Officer Nominated and tho
Administration Indorsed.
Frederick. Mel. 8ept.24. The Democrats
of Frederick county met in convctnlon in
the city hall this afternoon to nominate
a county ticket.
Charles E. Cassell of Thurrnont, was
elected chairman. Resolutions were passed
Indorsing the administration of President
Cleveland and Gov. Brown; pledging the
legislative candidates to vote for a reas
sessment bill and for free school books;
declaring against negro domination and
calling on nil Democrats to lay asldepcrsonal
prejudices and elect the county and State
The nominations were then proceeded
with, resulting as follows:
Sheriff, John H. Grove, Frederick;
States attorney, P. Frank Pampell. Fred
erlck: State senator, Edwin Dcvllbiss,
Refuses to Banish a Viceroy nt Eng
land's ReiiueMt.
Shanghai, Sept. 24. It is reported here
that China has rejected the British demand
tor the banishment of tho Viceroy of
An imperial dei-ree -which has been Issued
appoints Li Hung Chang and all the mem
bers of the Tsung-Ll-Yamen to formulate
an extra treaty between China and Japan.
Stntionkeeper Elliott's Death.
Thomas E. Elliott, who for the past
threo years has been stationkeeper at the
Sixth precinct statton-hemee, died last
night at his home-. No. G13 Third street
northeast, of typh"l fever. He contracted
the malady In the latter part of August.
Mr. Elliott was appointed stationkeeper
in Georgetown about six years ago, and
was transferred from-there to the Third
and then to the Sixth. He was kind and
genial in disposition and very popular
among the officers of his precinct. He
leaves a wife and one child.
Natives Ila-vo Risen In Rebellion.
Amsterdam, Scpr. 24. A dispatch rrom
Batavla, Java, says that the natives in the
portion of the Island of Timor belonging to
Portugal, have risen in rebellion. An en
gagement has taken place between therebels
nndaforceof Portuguese troois, in which the
latter were repulsed. The government sec
retary and three other officials were killed.
Reduction in Franco's Wnr Budget.
Paris, Sept. 24. At tho meeting of tho
Budget committee to-day M. Cavaignac
read a report proposing a reduction of
24,000,000 francs in tho war budget.
Gen. Zurlinden, the minister of war, agreed
to a reduction of 8,000,000 francs. A
Cavaignac also proposed a reduction of the
Nineteenth army corps and the creation of a
colonial army.
It Ended In a Fluke.
Oyster Day, L. I., Sept. 2 1. The second
race in the series of the best three out of
five between Spruce IV and Ethclwynnfor
the iicrpetual challenge cup offered by the
Seawanbaka Corinthian Yacht Club ended,
as did Saturday's, in a fluke, because there
was not enough wind to finish -within five
Beecham's pills for consti
pation io and 25.. Get the
book at your druggist's and
go by it.
Assail i!es mor than WWCX bain.
fc & .
--U7r mm) yjrrv
- Arww i:s A
lr .'-Vl .1N -,' "3"
m? hi
situated at the intersection of
north of thecitv, ENTRANCE
LEVARD into tha city of
Catholic University of Amer
ica and Soldiers' "Home Park
situated just north of the prop
erty. The rapid suburban growth
of Washington in future will
be along the" line" "of "Rhode
Island avenue 'towards Balti
more. Lots bought in this sec
tion at present prices will soon
double in value.
For full particulars, maps,
anil price list ot lots, call on
I2IO F Street, or 1313 FStreet N.W.
Norfolk and Washing
ton Steamboat Co.
Every day In the year for Fortres3 Mon
roe. Norfolk, Portsmouth,-and all points
bouth and outhwcat by tha powerful
new iron p&la-e steamer ' Newport
e:rs, "Oiorlotk" a d Wasbioxion,"
loaviDg dally on the Icllowlog bctie-Jole
Southbound. ICorthbound.
Lv.Wash'ton 7.00 pm L.v.Fortsmo'b 5.50 pro
Lv.Alex'd'ia 7:30 lira .Lv.Norfolfc . 6 10 pra
Ar.ht lionr'eC.30 nm Lv.rt.Mo.nroo 7:20 pra
Ar.Norfolk . 7.?0 am Ar.AKx'rtnn 0.00 am
ArPortsm'h J no nm Ar Wash'ctonfi-30 aro
rOMTIOV and the reports at Kortrew
Monroe, Virginia Ik'ach and Florida will
find thl a very attractive route, a it
brrakf Ihe monotony ofnn all-mi! ncle
Tickets on inle at C13, 61!. 1421
Pennsylvania avenue. B & O. ticket
nffh-e, corner Fifteenth street and Now
York avenue, and on board tteamers,
-where time-table, map, etc., can aUo
be had.
Any other information clelred Trill
b furnished on application to tlienrxler
fipntxl, at the company's vliarf. foot
of Scrcntn street, Washington. O. C
JM ULU11U, uts. .IA:iACiK.
Overlook Inn
Is Perfect Nowl
The drir Is fleligStta!, lis ecenerr 13 superb,
the hotel 13 nneicellai
Every Evening.
Co.icbea connect at 4, 5, WO, 6, C .30, 7. 7;30, S,
80,9,10,11, lip. m. wf.hileL Car Line at dm
aud E. Cap. sts . and Kith Cable Cars at Mh an J
liu At, se. Fnre, round tnp, 25c Ccach
leaTM the Arlington at b p. ra., stopping at
Chamberlain's, fchorehara and the Jtoleigh,
passing I'alge'g. Kiggs House. Kaulall and il
lards, thence bj" way of I'a. Are. Fare, round
trip, 50c.
Continued Fron First l'ago.
Siren one third of New York city's rcpre
fcenlatlnu. Tammany made a strong flgVt In com
mittee to-nlsht, ami If the. report Is against
them will make another Hsht in open con
venlion to-morrow.
The committee on pcrmant-nt organiza
tion met at the Yates" House to-night. The
commlttoe will report cx-Gov. Itosvvvll F.
Flower as permanent chairman of the con
vention. '
Tue committee on credentials, before
whom the contests for adniKsion werecar
rlcd also met In the Yates- House. David B.
Hill was an Interested spectator.
Mr. FnlrchiUl opened for tl.e StateDemoc
racy aud ThoaiasF. Grady for Tammany.
The committee on resolutions adjourned
shortly before 12 o'clock after adopting
the platform with the exception of the excise
plank. A committee todrawnp a fpeclalex
cise plank- nnd report to th whole commit
tee to-morrow was then appointed.
The platform as adopted declares gold
nnd silver the only legal tecilcr, denounces
gradual retirement of greenbacks, declares
against the free and unlimited coinage of
rilver. and favors the improvement of State
The committee on contested Eeats, after
a two hours' executive Bession, siient In a
heated nnd bitter discussion. In which the
Tammany leaders. Senator Hill, Charles J.
Battcrson and several of ihcup-Statclocal
Democratic leaders took part, gnvo the
Graco-Fairchild people one-filth representa
Once He Was Alilo to lie! Ire a Popu
lar Conjire'inaii.
Columbus, Ohio, Pcpl. 21. A special
from Zanesvillc to-night states that licorge
Brown, the defaulting treasurer of Spring
field tnvvnJilp, Muskingum county, has
disappeared arid is tuppiwed to have fled
lo Mexico. It Is cow known that he Is
$2,-100 short, nnd the deficit Is grnwirg.
It is though that It will mount up to S20.0C0.
Brown was one cf the most suicrssful
teachers In that part of the State, and re
cently took an active part in politics. He
was mainly instrumental In causing the
retirement ofBerlah Wllklnsfrom Congress.
Times Want Ads.lirlnjr Hoarders.
The Pattern
of the Carpet docs not dopend
on it3 quallt) because you
ennnot afford an cipensivo
onc.lt is no reason ou should
not have n pretty one.
Wchavc a carefully selected
stock of Ciirr-Ots sooJ quality
choice designs our prices
arc low.
Let us giro you estimates.
Horace J,
Carpi ts. Wall Paper, Window Shade
524 Thirteenth St- H. W.
At National Park
Game called at 4 o'clock p. m
Admission, 25 and 50c.
Absolutely FIro proof. Handsomest la America
J01IX tV. Al.llAl'Gll, .Manager.
Opera Company
ioo propi.r ioo
Direction of Abbey, S-faoeffeL,
and Gran In a magnificent
production of
Seats, rear first floor nnd front rows balcony,
.SO. Balance of balcony, 41. (lallery, re
serred Jc General adnil-jlo::, SI, 50c. aud Sic.
veckComi3cnclns September 21
Jiatlnees Tuesday, Thurslay and Saturday.
Walter Sanford's
Superb production of the Great
Scenic Melodrama,
The Struggle
of Life.
A Xeir Story of Thrilling Local Interest, Il
lustrated vita a series of Marvelous ti:
Matinees Wednesday acd Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew
in the first proJuttionof the neir comely,
Under the direction of McKEE HAXRIN, vrhs
also appears in the cast
DPI PC? fl.H,StOO J3c. ressrrcd.
rniUl.u (30: and Be, almtejlaa.
- Every Evening and Matinee Satnrday.
Eighth Annual Tour and Annnil Autumn Visit
to Washington cf
Daniel Frohman's
To-night aud Mat. bat,
Tlie Case Gl Rebellion; Susan.
I-riday. THE MITM
Ar.VDEM Y-I'rice3 25. SO. 7Sc and SI. 00
ed. and Sat "Pops" 25 and 50c KeserreJ
thr r,nr-A.T m lurniinAi. drama
iShaft No. 2
Presented br FRANK LOSEG and a
Capable Comnanv.
w4U The White Rat.
All this ireek.
Fields and Hanson's
DraAing Cards.
An or anlzatlou cemposed of absolute artists,
week Rflss8ll Bros., ComeiUans.
Fred Emerson Brooks,
The most brilliant nnd popular entortalner
of the day.
Cor. ot ISth and L Sts N. W.,
Friday Evening, Sept. 27. 1895
Tickets, S cents. For sale on and after Tues
dar, September '.M, IJ?i
A rare entertainment for the cultured and
the admirers of keen, classic humor.
Prof. Cornlns's Academy of Danclns
Tnis Academy will be open for tae reception
of pupils WEDNESDAY EVEN JNU, October S,t
'JO oMock, at Costello's Hall, nil) G street
northwest. Lxcluslv-ely lor pupils. Kales
reisomble. For circulars address -V E. COK.
MiNO, tut I. street northwest. eii-7t
Silver Hill Road, bet. 5ood Hope anrj
Silver Hills.
2 O'CLOCK 1'. M.
20 knights will compete, 10 professionals,
10 amateurs, for valuable prizes. Corona
tion and danring immedLitely after the
A lull brass band will be in attendance.
s-25 2t
Jockey Club,
Racing Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays until fur
ther notice.
General Admission. 50 Ccntv
FIX RACES eacli day. First ra; CIS a m.
Ercclal uains direct to cracd slani frota Siiti
uri'et station at 1:3) and 1:13 p. ui ; other trataf
Jl.lt) and !Ml
hecretary. myl2.tL
Now Jersey Officials TJnablo to De
cider on Dale's Dentil.
Trenton, N. J., Sept. 2 1. Coroner Eowers
at Princeton to-day held an inciuest on the
death of Allan Dale, the civil engineer ot
the Pennsylvania Railroad, who3e body was
found la the canal at Princeton basin last
week. A verdict was rendered that Dale
came to bis death from causes unknown to
the Jury.
There was testimony to show that Dale
was seen the night before in Princeton,
having a gold watch and chain and a pack
age of private papers. These were not found
on the body and word was received that
they had not been discovered in Reading, as
bad been alleged.
,, J,
-. - x $ v.mi-" c? -v 's.'s;
--eiPJJiygj5.Wait.dpg. gi !& V.aaraMv.. -8iICr)fegia?fia!aJ .Jyasftgy-fe-'iic-

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