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-wf.ap-iWJ'-- t:WplWBi5S5'?W:Srf?Ji5jjjf
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ktV, .. j. ,
Wabash Employes Threaten to Tie
Up the Whole System.
Alleged DlsclinrRO of Union Men As
cribed ut the CIiiino for the Con
templated Action.
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 24. Tlie Tost-Dis-patch
this afternoon declares that there
is a big strike brewing on Uie Wabash
Railway -which threatens to tie up tbc
entire system from Toledo to Kansas City.
The paper adds: "For several weeks
past, the company, through its officials,
has been quietly ferreting out the members
of Hie various brotherhoods in its employ,
and ono by One- Uiey have been discharged.
The reason given has usually been Incom
petency, drunkenness, bad record, or oUier
causes, but the discharged employes had
no recourse.
It is claimed, however, that a majority
of the mendischarged were released because
they are members of tho Brotherhoods of
Locomotive Engineers, Firemen, Order of
Railway Trainmen, Railway Conductors
or the S witchmeu's Slutual Aid Ashociation.
"If they are not reinstated," an engineer
is reported as saying, "there will be the
biggeststnke the Wabash has ever known,
it could save on non-union men In a hundred
years. The St. Louis lodges will also take
the matter up."
Colored Flslicrmnn on Long Drltlce
Wounded In tile Neck.
Whilo fishing on the Long Urldgo about
1 o'clock yesterday afternoon a colored
man named Stanley Edelin, residing at No.
17 IJrucc street, Anacostia, was struck in
tho throat in the region of the jnglar vein
by a- bullet... s--
The man said he heard a pistol report
in the direction of Jackson City and at the
same time felt the shock of the bullet on his
neck. Thercsultottlicshotwasastarnpedc
of aboufa score of negro fishermen across
Uie bridge tdward.Vrashlngton.
Edelin was brought to the Emergency
Hospital where Dr. Bhortlidge extracted
tho bullet.
Tnlcen 111 on tlie Street.
Mary Ectzer, aged thirty jears, of No
25 Seventeenth street southeast, was
takeu 6ick on the 'corner of East Capitol
and Sixth streets, about 4:30 o'clock
yesterday afternoon and removed to her
home in the fifth precinct patrol wagon.
Portner Flats Tenants to Move
if Whelan Gets License.
Great Full Electric Hallway May
Operate It Trolley Lino Wltliintue
City Attorney TIioiiiuh' Opinion.
CoiiiiiilNMoncrri Approve With One
ll.ciitlUK Vote,
The rortner Flats case, in which Will
lam T. AVhelau appears as the applicant
for barroom license and is opposed by
sundry citizens, including the Portner
tenants, will soon be brought bcrore the
excise board upon its merits, and 1U de
cision Is awaited with much Interest,
since several important points are involved.
Attorney .Donaldson will probably make
a motion In the case this morning. lie
will insist that the papers shall bo nt all
times left accessible to the counsel and
others interested.
Meanwhile, it having bec decided by
the board that the Partner is not, within
tho law, an "established" hotel, Mr.
Whelan is arranging to remove this ob
jection. He is notifying the tenants that
he lias leased the building for "hotel
purposes," anil tin agents fur the property,
Messrs. J. Harrison Johnson & Son, ar
sending notices to the same effect.
f To this, it is alleged, the tenants have
replied that should Mr. Whelan obtain a
liccn-e. they will leave the building in
a body.
The AMI Saloon Xeague has strengthened
Its position by adding to the literature of
tlie case an opinion or each of two promi
nent attorneys, who say .that, even If
classed as a hotel, the house Is -within 400
feet of a private school, nnrt-lt is, there
fore, not proper to grant the license. In
this thoy take issue with Attorney Thomas,
who says that tl.e prohibitory clause In the
law does not apply to hotels.
Theattorney for thelJIstrict, In an opinion
filed with the Commissioners, has decided
that the Great Falls Electric Hallway bar
the right to operate Its road by overhead
trolley.and thai such right was notaf fected
by the act of Congress abolishing George
town. He also decides that the failure
to run cars regularly for the accommodation
of the public. If there nas such failure;
docs not operate to forfeit the company's
charter, unless the United Stntes, by appro
priate proceedings, chooses to take ad
vantage of such f uilure.
This opinion was drawn out by a reference
to Mr. Thomas of the application of the
company for erinis'-on to maintain the
trolley system within the city limits for the
space of about one and one half squares
for tho propulsion of Its cars to and from
the union iussenger station.
Tho company's right to do tills was
questioned by Commissioner Powell, for tlie
reason that the charter gives no positive
right to the overhead trolley, and conse
quently the general law, which furthermore
is the latest in date, prohibiting any ad
ditional wires in former Georgetown,
seems fully applicable to tho case.
A majority of the Commissioners yesterday
Indorsed tlie view taken by Attorney
Thomas, Major Powell alone dissenting.
A case of more tuanusual intercut Ishcfore
the Commissioners, Involving the right of a
citizen to construct a high wall upon his
own premises for otherpurpose than that of
building. Mr. J. A. Wynkoop built a wall
sixteen feet In height to prevent his neigh
bors from viewing his grounds. Upon
complaint being made the building Inspector
directed that the height of tho wall be"
reduced to seven feet, and from this Mr.
Wynkoop appealed.
A hearing was given yesterday. Attorney
C. A. Brandeubjrg representing Mr. Wyn
koop. The Commissioners have referred the
mntter to Attorney Thomas.
The president of the Washington and
Georgetown Railroad Company has been
furnished with a report of the superintend
ent of the water department, in which at
tention is called to the anticipated danger
to a water main frum the effects of elec
tricity. The main referred to extends Trnm
Fort Reno reservoir eastward, passing a
few feet beneath the tracks of the Rock
Creek Railway, on Connecticut avenue ex
tended. It Is beliecd the current is caused
by tho overhead trolley.
Orders Issued yesterday: That water
main assessment against part of lot front
ing ninety-seven feet on Seventh street,
between Grant and Whitney avenues, bt
canceled on account of the decision In the
Burgdorf case.
Tuat a cement sidewalk be laid In front
of No. COG Eleventh street northwest; In
front or lot 16, square 248; in front of
No. 81S II street northeast, and in front
of lots 16, 17 and 18, square 218, all
under the provisions or tho permit system.
The commission of John ltalley as an
additional private on the police force was
revoked yesterday and George E. Crane
was appointed in his stead for service with
the Hygienic Ice Company .
Julius Stcln was also appointed an addi
tional member of the force for service
at the Palais Royal.
The Commissioners will give audience
on the 2Glh instant to the.Mount Pleasant
Citizens' Association, the Northeast Citi
zens' Association and other associations
and Individuals mentioned In tliclreonuminl
cations who may want to be beard In be
half of their favorite candidates for school
The District Commissioners will to
morrow giveahearlngtoSoutheast Washing
ton residents who want to be heard in op
position to the removal of the center parking
from Pcnnsjlvanla avenue southeast.
Louis A. Weaver, who had served a satis
factory probationary term, was "Yesterday
appointed assistant foreman In the fire
Must Work "Without Money.
Secretary Smith has directed that the
mineral land commissioners in Montana and
Idahoshallcontinue the work of making ex
aminations of lands In the Northern Pacific
grant. The commissioners were stopped by
reason of tho appropriation becoming
exhausted, but it has been determined that
under tho law the commissioners must con
tinue work even if a deficiency is created.
Gold for Canada.
The Treasury yesterday lost $225,000 In
gold for export to Canada which leaves the
Alfred PentH.
manufacturers and Jobbers of wall papers,
130 and 138 West Madison stteel, Chi
cago; 41 and -43 West Fourteenth street
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1885. Write for book of instructions.
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yt L-
1 "
Dr. Bright's Sharp Arraignment of
the Episcopal Church.
Beginning of ttio Conference o Work
cm of tho 1. E. Church Among; tho
Colored People How Other De
iiomlmttloiife Provide for the Chris
tian Education ot the Dark iluco.
Tho opening sermon last night, before
the eleventh annual conference of the
workcrsottherrotcslnnt Episcopal Church,
among tho colored people, was an ar
raignment of the church for Its failure
to furnish adequate religious education
to tbc negro.
It was preached by Rev. Richard Bright,
of St. Stephen's, Savannah, Gn. Mr.
Ilrlght is young, earnest and eloiiuent.
He speaks with a fervor born of convic
tion. His manner is vigorous but kindly.
The conference continues till Friday
night with three meetings cadi day. The
services last night were at St. Mary's
Chapel, near Q street, and were con
ducted by President II. Phillips, of Phil
adelphia, assisted by Ilev. O. M. Waller,
of Philadelphia; Father Field, of Lostou;
Rev. George F. Hragg, ot Boston, and
Rector Mitchell, of St. Mary's.
The text was Paul's command to rear
'children "In the nature and admonition of
the Lord." Mr. Ilrlght said In part:
"There can be np question that St. Paul
felt the people were giving too much at
tention to secular education and ton little
to Christian education. Ills writing wai,
however, to all nations, not merely to the
"Does the Episcopal Church believe In the
Christian education of the negro? The
question is prompted by observation of what
other churches are doing. Time was, per
chance, when the church was restricted, but
for thirty years It has tad full opportunity
to work.
"Butlt has nboutthlrteenmiss Ion schools,
two normal schools, and three theological
halls. Beside this place the figures for other
"The Methodists maintain. In addition to
numerousmixlim school", HOnormalschools,
11 colleges, and 7 theological schools; the
Presbyterians, 22 normal, 3 colleges, and
.1 theological. The CongregatlonalUts give
$12,000,000 to this object, the Methodists.
S5,000,000; the Presbyterians, S3.000,
000; the Episcopalians, $02-1,694.
"The church is theoretically In favor of
the Christian education of the negro; prac
tically she is not. The church Is a failure
in bringing the negro from the bondage of
intellectual darkness.
"In Savannah education of the negro is
at a low ebb. In one public school the
Bible is not allowed at all because the
building was donated on condition that
It should not be Fifteen hundred negro
children in Sarnnnali cannot find room in
the schools."
The meetings to-day Included an address
at 10 a. m. by Hithop Fnrct. Communion
will be celebruted at 7 a. m. A business
meeting will be held at 2:30 p. m., and at
8 p. m., tho question "What Shall we Ask
of the General Convention?" will be dis
cussed. There will be four writers and
four speakers.
To day's meetings and Friday's will be
at St. Mary's; to-morrow's at St- Luke's;
No. 1522 O street northwest
President Phillips last night appointed
the committee on nominations of president
nnd secretary as follows: Messrs. Warner,
Kane, Jackson nnd Tatem.
Eugene Ca 111 p, of New York, Describes
and llliiktratt tho Process.
Mr. Eugene M. Camp, of New York, last
night delivered air-Illustrated lecture at
National Rifles' Armory on the "Making
of n Modern Magaiine," for the benefit
of the Industrial sc hool for boys at Goodwill
farm, Maine. A large and appreciative
audience was present and manifested much
Interest in Mr. Camp's talk.
The siieaker was introduced by Gen.
A. W. Greely, and his address embraced
how a magazine is illustrated, the electro
typing and stereotyping, what is paid for
articles, the new type-setting machines,
the money value of newsand 6tories, and
points about famous authors and artists.
The lecture was illustrated by means of
stereoptlcon views. After the lecture
there was an exhibition of rare literary
curios, including rare, original manuscripts
and drawings by Sir 'Walter Scott, Victor
Hugo, Longfellow, U'llkle Collns, Charles
Dickens, Jean Iugclow, Mark Twain,
Charles lleade, Thomas Hardy, George
DuMaurier, Thomas Nast, Frederic Rem
ington, James- Russell Lowell, Napoleon,
Queen Victoria and many others.
The industrial school which the proceeds
of the lecture will help build is one that takes
boys from New York, Philadelphia and
Washington nnd gives them a Christian
home and nn education, thus furnishing
them a. chance to help themselves in the
world. The home is under tlie auspices ot
the Knights, Ladles and the patrons of the
Order of the Bound Table and this literary
reception was given by the Washington
members of that organization.
Arrest of a Veteran Soldier.
Frederick Ziergrcf, nn Inmate of the
Soldiers' Home, was locked up in No. S
precinct station last night on the charge
of drunk and disorderly, preferred by Alice
Coats. Mounted roliceman West made
the arrest above Ecklngton.
Hecklers Driver Arrested.
Christopher Murphy, a farmer, drove his
horse at a reckless speed down Twelfth
street northwest last night, and as a result
will have to face Judge Kimball this morn
ing. IH Whether
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wthe money
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C30 Moss. Ave.
S. Kann,Sons&Co
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100 dozen
All Silk
Windsor Ties,
Canary and
8. Kann. Sons Gn..
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the great Rich Shoe
Sale at almost any
price this week to
close them out.
There's a bigjvari-
Chippewa Indian Commission In
itructed 1- Secretnry Smith.
Secretary Smith has written a letter to
Mr. II. R. Baldwin, chairman of the
Chippewa Indian Commission, defining his
duties and arawering certain questions
which Mr. Baldwin has asked relative to
the settlement of the affairs of the com
mission and closing up the work for
which it was appointed.
The commission has been in existence
six years, and now that it is about to
cease it will leave considerable work to
be done, but this may be performed by
the Indian agent at 'White Earth.
None of the ceded lands has yet been
sold, because of a provision that all
must be ftcst appraised before any are
sold. An effort will be made In the next
Congress to have the law modified so
that such lands as have been appraised
can be sold, and the money used to pay
the Indians and (o reimburse the United
States for the expenses thus far incurred
by the commission and the appraisers of
the lands.
Asa Itesult One of Two IlrothcrH Was
Shot Thorough tin- Head.
Birmingham. Ala., Sept. 24. Two boys,
aged eight and eleven years, named Thomp
son, at Blossburg, about twenty miles west
or this city, were In a room playing with
a pistol. A shot was heard, and the
mother, rushing into the room, found the
yonnger lad lying on the floor dead, with
a bullet hole in his forehead.
The older brother said some one on the
outside fired through tho -window, but II
Is thought the two were playing with the
pistol, when It went off.
Iteccption to Alrs.McKce.
Saratoga, V. Y., Sept. 24. Gen. George
S. Battheller, ex-minister to Portugal,
and family this afternoon gave a recep
tion In honor of Mrs. J. R. McKee, daughter
of cx-rrcsident Harrison.
1 .
ety of shoes left. .
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jjlytJ- r t.'g1"'
.-i." -:-. x
JK-a.aXV-'I--A-ye?- .e-s

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