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s.w-.tJ-.--rre - t-ft--e."epSsESii??3
kpTf-V"" -J.'"'it:6i'"Ji
Three ponies and carts to be given awar. Beginning October 1st we propose to give
nay three dear littlo pinlei nnit carts 0119 a' tho end of each mouth for tho
next three months 1 he conditions nro very slmpln Any little toy or girl under
sixteen yenrs or age has a chance to obtain one. Tho ono securing tho largest
amount of ales for us during the month of October will pet tho first little tony
and cart You hare only to -peak to your friends who n-e about to buy Clotting,
and ask them to look through our sto-fc flrxL It thoy find what ttioy want, and
buy. ask them to have the amouut credited 10 your name. We will keep account
of every customer you send and cieillt the amounts on yourcard and 011 our boots,
ion can obtain a card upon appllcatlcn at the stoic. "lhethre littlo ponies are
now at Kcloher'a LHory stable on Lighih ttieet near K, wlipro fhey can bescoa at
any ti.ne. TLe carts aud harness bad to bo made to crder. and Air. A. IL l.recory
of this city, who Is making them, hss primlsod them to us about tLe middle of tho
neekj AH three of the ponies will then bo hitched upanddriien around the city.
si 1 1 pi
We don't want any
of us that isn't satisfactory. The money awaits 'em.
Greatest line of $10 suits ever brought to Washington.
Good all-wool overcoats as low as S5.00.
Parker, Bridget & Co.,
315 Seventh Street.
an examination of the
CRIMSON RIM fame, will
prove that the claim for
BEST construction, finest
lines and most elegant fin
ish, Is CORRECT.
Elmore, $75. Supples Special, 80.
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able improvements in
its make-up than any
other wheel in the
This is saj-injr a g-ood
deal, but our all-sufficient
reason is the bicy
cle itself. Its excellence
is apparent at a glance.
Look the "Liberty"
over before you buy.
1024 Conn. Ave.
St. Limit Have an Inhibition That
Wan Hi-ally a Farce.
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 28. To-day'8 work
was a rutins cud to the season's work of
the Drowns. It was a farcical exhibition
or boll playing on their part. The Pirates
won as they pleased. Attendance, 2,000.
St. Louis, All. R. H. FO.A,E.
Dowel, cr 3 10 5 0 0
Cooley, ir 4 0 10 11
Qulnu. 2b 4 1110 0
Connor, lb 2 O O 10 1 1
Miller, 3b 4 0 1 2 "0 0
Shcohan rr 4 0 1 1 1 1
Otteu, c 4 0 0 4 0 0
Samuels, ss 3 0 2 0 4 1
JlcDougall, p 4 0 0 13 0
Donovan, rf
Mack, c
Beckley. lb.r
Sti-nzef. cr
Smith, If..
Cross.ss ...
Blerbauer, 2b
Cllngman, 3b
Moran, p
32 2 C 24 10 5
,5:ipv for K?wo
008 X. Y. AVE.
fThe Liberty Bicycle
. 0 4 5 1 0 O
. 0 2 4 13 0 0
,..D 2 10 0 0
. T O 1 1 4 0
. 5 2 2 4 B 0
.500 120
Totals 40 18 22 27 12 1
St. Louis ..20000000 02
Pittsburg ..10601433 x 18
Earned runs PlttsbJrg, 13; St. Louis, 2.
Two law hits Made. 2; Stcuzel, Samuel
Qutnn. Three-base hits Donovan. Smith,
Moran. Home runs Moran. Becklev.
Stolen bai-ps Bierhauer, 3; Donovan, 2;
Beckley, 2; StenzeL 2; Mack. Samuels.
Double plays Connor and Miller; Cross,
Bierbauer and Beckley. Struck out By
Moran, 3:JlcDougall, 1. Time 2.00.
Umpire Battin.
Morn, Claim In tho Treasury.
Che Department of State Is advised of
the receipt at the Sub-Treasury, New York,
of the suai of $1,445,142.10 gold coin,
which has been placed to the credit of the
-Secretary of State, In payment of.the Mora
claim. The difference between Oils sum
and the $1,449,000 Indicates the cost of
the exchange.
Look for King's Palace Great Fall Open
ing announcement In Monday's Times.
Parker. Bridget & Co.,
SlS'th stow.
So far as the stock itself is concerned, we
are as read)' foryou as we will ke any time
this season. More so, perhaps, for it is
usually the handsomest patterns and styles
which are closed out first. Coats are
shorter this season than last, and it be
hooves. 3'ou to be wary and on the lookout
for the old style carried over by the other
clothiers. We didn't carry an)' over our
selves, as we preferred to give them to
you at a reduced price last winter. Same
old liberal dealings more liberal, per-
man to keep anything he buys
They Made Ducks and Drakes of
the Georgetown Aggregation..
Hoyce Hough Pitched Splendidly and
Wni Admirably Supported Tho
.ulIej-eriTrled New Men.
"It is always the unexpected that hap
pens." How little the Georgetown College
rooters thought thattaeir famous ball tossing
aggregation would be made to knuckle
under and taste ot the bitter cup of defeat
by Capt. Jeager'B Pensioners In yesterday's
game on the college grounds?
Singular as It may seem the red brick
people performed this little trick on the
boys in blue and gray to the extent of
1 2 to 8. With the big pitcher, KoyceHongh,
In .the box, old reliable Kabb at the other
end, and a gilt-edged team otherwise, the
Pensioners swept up the field with their op
IKiuents and allowed nothing to phase them
at any stage of the contest.
The 'Varsity people thought they would
take advantage of the occasion by springing
upon the Fmeioners a quonity of new
talent, but this proved to be an unw i6e move
as the boys were badly In need of practice
and were unable to make a good 6howlng.
Scanlou, who twirled the ball for the team,
was as wild as a March hare, giving a
dozen bases on balls and thus being in a
large pan responsible for his club's dcrcat.
It was an "off day," however, for nearly
everybody In a blue and gray uniform.
Cape Jeagcr's pets gave a faultless ex
hibition both In fielding and with their
Etick work. Itoyce Hough pitched very ef
fectively. In fact, the beet game In Ills his
tory as a twlrler. But three hits were made
off his delivery. The remaining portion
of the aggregation gave him excellent fup
Irt and the college team was ontplayed In
every particular. In the Seventh inning It
became too dark to continue the contest and
the game was called.
The score:
Pension Office, AIL R. H. PO-A..E.
Orcell, 3b 3 2 0 0 0 0
Bolwav.ss 2 2 O O 3 0
Ileal), 2b 4 0 2 3 10
Cray, lb .- 3 2 18 2 0
Puscy.cf 3 2 10 0 1
Lcwii, It 2 2 2 10 0
ltaab, c 3 0 0 7 2 0
Thompson, rf 0 10 0 0 0
Totals 23 12 6 21 10 1
Georg. College, AB.R. II. PO.A.E:
Harlcy.lf 1 2 0 0 0 1
Dugan, c 3 10 4 4 1
Re.irdon.ss 4 2 2 3 4 1
McLaughlin. 3b 2 0 0 2 11
Flcmmiig,2b 4 0 0 2 2 1
Lamb, rt 12 0 10 0
Ken no, of .'...201000
Mclntyre, cf 10 0 0 0 0
Fox, lb 10 0 6 0 1
Council, lb 1 0 0 0 0 0
8canlon,p 2 10 0 0 1
Totals 22 8 3 18 11 7
Peii. Office 1306025-12
lieorg. College 113 0 0 128
Three base hits Keanlon 2, Beall. Stolen
bases Gray 3, Pusey 2, Hough, Raab 2,
Thompson, Harloy 4, Dugan, lie Laughlfn,
1,1 1 nb 2, Scanlon. Hit by pitched ball
Hough, Dugan, Fox. First base by errors
Pension uirice. 4. Double plays Uenrdon
to Fleninung; Bolway to Beall to Harris.
Loft on bases Pension Ofrloe, 7; George
town College. 2. Struck out llv Hough, 7;
by Scanlon, 2. Bases on tmlls liy Scanlon ,
13; by Hough, ti. Passed balls Raab, 5:
Dugan, 4. Time 2:00. Umpire Greene.
Tlmi-s Want Adn.1'111 Vacant IIoiiKen.
Porhaps yon know a thing or two nbout bi
cycles, ancrcan pick out the hich-grule wheel
at a glance. Just so. Exports haro examined
and tested the new line of bicycles, ot which
the aboTe 1 an Illcstrat'on. recently received
by C U. JlcCurmlck & Co., 811 O street north
west, aud pronounce them tLe best bicycles for
the prices ever placed on the market. A high
er! de -21-pound Dlcyde, built in one of the I cap
uts factories, and In inanyrespectssuperlorto
some ot the blgh-priced machines. The prices
ore fM and 9(U If yon think of buying, or con
template buying in the future loot at th?tcb.
Senators Would Not Give the
Beaneaters Another Game.
j'immii' James Pitched Speedily, Hut
Wildly Crooks Took Kvcry Chance
and Made Xq Krror Deniont Vly.
uri-d In Two Double l"lay Hos
toiu Were llrratlo.
Games Yesterday
, Washington, 8; Posion, 5.
Baltimore, 5; New Tory, 2. y
Brooklyn, C; Philadelphia, 3. '
Cleveland, 0; LoulLVille, 8
Cincinnati, 5; Chicago, 4.
Pittsburg, 18; St. Louis, 2.
Games To-day.
Chicago at Cincinnati
Cleveland at Louisville
ClutM. W. L. r.ct
Balti'ore, 86 43 .667
Gleveland,84-45 .651
Pliila., 77 52 .597
Chicago, 7158.550
Brooklyn, 71 59.546 3
Boston, 7059.543
Pittsburgh 62 .534
Gincin, . 66 63.512
KewYork, 66 64 .503
Wash, 42 84.333
St. Louis, 39 92 .298
Lonisyille.34 96 .262
After the miserable exhibition of last
Friday, there -were few who thought that
the Senators would make any kind ot a
showing against the Beaneaters yester
day, but tho locals showed a great reversal
of form and surprised the "fans" byactually
winning from the cultured Uubltes by" a
score of 8 to 6.
Schmelz put his new find, Jlmmic James,
Into tho box and the youngster kept tho
visitors' lilts well scattered.
Jlmmle has lots of speed, and his curves
seem to be fairly effective, but there Is
ono thing he has yet to learn and that Is
ts locate the plate. His bases on balls
yesterday were responsible for several of
tho visitors" runs, and this might have
been the means ot defeating the locals If
the Senators had not hit the ball at op
portune times.
With tills exception, the Virginia League
pitcher, pitched a good game. All of tho
Senatorial aggregation played a Ins t game,
In marked contrast to the contest of tho
previous day.
Crooks led in the fielding, accepting all
of Ins eleven chances without an error.
Do Montreville put up an excellent game
at hhort aud figured in two double plays.
Ho was also In evidence with tho stick and
pushed oat a clean two-baggerat a critical
Botli Brown and 8clbach recovered from
the trance Into which they collapeed on
Friday and put up a gilt-edged game in the
The work of the Beanca'tera. was errotlo
and they made several rnisplnys that proved
costly. "Kid" Nichols, who was scheduled
to pitch on "Black Friday," took his turn
in Ihe box and kept the Senators guessing
throughout the entire contest. The hits
they made, however, came at the right time
and w ere generally productive of runs.
Harrington played a fast game at second
for the men from the City of Culture, while
Duffy's batting "was ode of the features of
the game. He made two tbree-baggcrB and
a single and easily led his team In stick
The Beaneaters commenced to run getting
In the second Inning w hen two bases on balls
and Nichols" three-bagger netted them two
The locals went them two better in the
beginning of the next Inning, -when they
scored four runs on clean lilts, by DeMontre
ville, James and Abbey and a wild pitch by
Nichols. In thafitth the Beaneaters made
two more runs when Long Blngled to left,
scoring Nichols and Bannon, who were on
bases at the Umo.
The visitors scored their last run In the
sKth when Long hit for a two-bagger and
Duffy brought him In a few minutes later
with hlscorklng three-base hit to left center.
The Senatorsscoredngaln In the fifth on mi
error and passed ball by Ryan. In the
seventh they Increased their total one more
on an error by Long and a wild pitch. In
the eighth they made two more by clean
hitting when Abbey and Schdbeck hit for
elngles and Old Reliable hit a two-bagger,
scoring both runners.
The game wob never In. doubt and
Schmelz's men had a comparatively easy
thing ofit. Thelact games of theseason will
be played to-morrow. Boswell and Gllroy
are down to pitch and If Jack can succeed
In getting Into form, both games ought-to
prove Interesting Hnd exciting.
The Senators took first whack at tho
ball and Brown filed out to Duffy. Schel
beck popped up a ny to Long. Abbey filed
out to DuWy. No runs. -
Bannon hit for a single. He was caught
napplrg off first a few minutes later.
Long went out at first. DuWy walked.
Tenney hit to James and went out at rirst.
No runs.
McGuire out, Harrington to Tucker. Sel
bach out on a fly to Bannon. Cartwright
struck out.
Nash out on a fly to Abbey.-Tucker got
a present ofa base on balls. Harrington
also took a walk. Ryan out on a foul fly
to Cartwright. Nichols made a three-bagger,
scoring Tucker and Harrington.
Nichols was caught off third. Two runs.
Nichols gave Crooks his base. Dcmon
t revllle hit for two bases and Crooks scored.
James made a clean Blngle, advancing De
mont to third. Brown went out at first and
Demontrevllle scored. Schelbeck filed out
to Long. !
Abbey made a hit and James scored.
Abbey scored on a wild pitch. McGuire
out. Long to Cartwright.
Long went out out on a fly 10 Selbach.
Duffy made a hit. Tenney walked.. Nash
went out on strikes. Tucker bit to Cart
wright, and went out at first.
Selbach out, Long (o Tuckerl Cartwright
struck out Crooks went out at first.
Harrington made a lucky single Ryan
You cannot Find Its Equal I
Henry Franc &Son,
401 Seventh St., Cor. D.
v zskiF?Tl t -Fr-ii---?trtzz
. K.
Is Your Wheel Insured?
The Pennsylvania Mutual Bicycle Insurance
Company will insure your wheel against all damage
D3 accident and against theft for an annual premium
of six dollars. Have you ever reckoned what tire
punctures alone cost you a 3'ear? A policy allows
you to have your repairs done free of charge at most
of the leading bicj'cle firms in the city.
$6 a year
your wheel.
3 Geo. B, Harleston,
General Agent Penna. Mutual Bicycle Insurance Co.
1335 F St. N. W.
Homo Office-1345 Arch St., Philadelphia.
hit rast f hort for a Lase Nichols fanned the
air three times. Iiannon's hit to Deniont
forced Kyan. Banncn etolc i-econd.. Long
singled to left, scoring Nichols and Bannon
Tenney hit to pcheibeck, who threw to
Crooks, forcing Long altecund.
Deniont fait the ball to short and beat the
ball to first. lie went to second on a
IKisfcd ball. James went out on a fly to
Bannon and Deniont (cored on Kyan's error.
Harrington took care of Brown's fly.
Scheibeck fouled out to Hyan. One run.
Tenney bit for two bases Nash hit a fly
to Crooks, and a double play resulted,
Tenney going out on tecond to Deniont.
Tucker walked. Harrington mailea bit.
Ryan filed out to Brown. No runs.
Abbey went out at first. McGuire out to
Bannon. Selbach filed out to Duffy.
Nichols struck out. Bannon out at first.
Long bit for two bases. Duffy bit for three
bags, scoring Long. Tenney went out.
Crooks to Cartwright.
Cartwright mado a sttgle past third.
He went to third on a wild pluti. Crooks
hit to Long, who fumbled the ball and
Tiano Legs" scored. Demont flew oat to
Duffy. James wentoutonaflytoBannonand
a double play resulted. One run.
Nash struck out. Tucker got to first on
balls. Harrington out on a fly to Crooks.
Uyan made a sate Infield hit. Nichols hit
to Demont and Ryan was forced at second.
No runs.
Harrington made a greatcatth ofBrown's
fly bock ot second that looked to be a safe
single. Schelbeik made a safe single Into
Into left field. Abbey hit one Into
right aud "Shy" went to second, llc
Guire hit for two bases, scoring Sthclbeck
and Abliey. Selbach struck out. Cart
wright slrack out for the third time in the
game. 'Two runs.
Bannon went out at first. Long hit a
high fly to Cartwright and "Piano Legs"
took care of It. Duffy hit for three bases.
Tenney struck out.
Crooks went out on a fly to Harrington.
DeMont made a lilt, and went ont trying to
steal second. James was out at first.
Crooks took care of Nash's fly to second.
Tucker out. Crooks to Cartwright. Hat;
rlngton reached first on Dcilout's error.
Ryan out. Crooks to Cartwright. No runs.
Washington. AB. It. II. PO-l.E
Brown, ct 4 0 0 10 0
Jovce. 31 4 11111
Abbey, rf .' .. 4 2 2 1 0 0
.McGuire c 4 0 1 5 3 0
Selbach, ir :. .. 4 0 0 I 0 1
Cartwright. lb 4 1 1 11 0 O
Crooks. 2b .'. .. 3 1 0 6 5 0
Demont, ss .'.'.. 4 2 2 1 4 1
Jamcj, p " .. 4 1 10 2 0
Bannon, rf
Long, ss
Tenuey. IT ,
Navtt. 3b.. ... .
Tucker, lb
Harrington, 2b.. .
R'an, c
Nichols, p
..35 8 8 27 10 3
AB. It. II.rOA.E.
..4 0 1-000
.. 5 0 0 O 1 1
.. 2 10 7 0 0
.37 0 12 27 12 7
0 0401012 0-8
Boston ,. 02020100 0-5
Earned runs Washington. 1; Boston, 2.
First luse by crrors-r Washington. 2: Bos
ton. 1. Lett on bases Washington, 1;
Boston, 10. First bac on balls Off
James, 7; off Nichols, 1. Struck out
By James. 5; by Nichols, 4. Three
liase hits Duffy. 2; Nichols. Two bate
hits Long and Deniont. Stolen bases
Crooks, Bannon 2. Durfy and Tenney.
Double playi Crooks and Demont; Har
rington and Long. Wild pitches Nichols
1.' Pussod balls Ryan 2. Umpire
Hurst. Time 1:50.
They Show Their Bnlinc Passion
St rone In Death.
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 28. Although the
Coloneli presented a crippled team to-day
they gave the SpldeTR quite a scare. Second
Baseman O'Brien had his finger hurt In
practice and was unable to play. In the
second Inning Catcher Warner was lilt on
the arm by one of Young's swift tnshoota
and had to retire. Both Cunningham and
Young -were touched up In a lively fashion
and had Young finished the game Louisville
might have come out on topr Ouppy -went
into the bos In the eighth and the Colonels
There are hats
and hat, but
-the" hat for
this Fall is
Repair Depots of
P. M. B. I. Co.
District Cycle Corapiny, 453 Pa ovo. nw.
Georso Younc, 9th and II sU. nir.
Washington Cycle Co, SSI 9th at. nir.
Chas. E. Miller Jfc Bra,
1103 and 1107 nth st. nw.
W D nadeer, 1051 Conn. are. uw.
F. a. Cabill A Co.,
Corner To. Are. and ISth st nw.
W. J.JtT. R WeaTca,
ISO and 1312 32d st. nw.,
Georgetown, D. C.
Eastern Cycle Company, 93 Fa.aTe. no.
E.S. Keya, 105 list. ne.
Eobt. M. rrost.
603 1 St. nw.
could do nothing with his delivery. Clarke's
error on Burkett's single In the eighth gave
the Spiders the winning runs. Holmes but
ting was a feature. Attendance, 1,800.
Louisville. AB. R. n. PO.A.E.
Spies, lb. tc 4 1 0 4 O O
Holmes, rr 5 3 3 110
Clarke, It 5 13 112
Miunehan.3b 5 0 12 4 0
Hassamer,2b 4 0 0 3 4 1
Warner, o o 0 0 0 1
Burnett, lb 3 119 0 0
lleCormack, sj 3 0 0 0 3 0
Wright, cr 4 0 13 0 1
Cuunlnham.p 4 2 2 12 1
Totals 37 8 11 24 10 6
Cleveland. AB.R. H.PO.A. E.
Burkett. ir 0 2 3 3 0 1
McKean, ss 5 3 3 14 1
Chllds, 2b 0 0 4 3 3 1
McAlcer, cr 5 1 2 3 0 0
O Tcbenu. lb o 0 1 11 0 0
McGarr. 3b .400000
G.Tebeau.rf 4 12 10 0
O'Connor, c 3 12 5 10
Young, p 4 110 10
Cuppy, p 0 0 0 0 10
Totals 40 9 18 27 10 3
Louisville ..00303110 08
Cleveland ..32020020 x 0
Earned runs Louisville, 3; Cleveland,
4. First base on errors Louisville, 1.
Left on bases Louisville, 5; Cleveland,
7. First base on balLs Off Cunningham. 1.
Struck out By Cnnulngbam, l;by Young,
2;by Cuppy, 1. Home run Holmes. Three
basehlts Cunningham, Clarke, and Holmes.
Two base hits Cunningham, McKean 2,
and Chllds. Sacrifice hit McCormacfc.
Double plays Hassamcr, and Burnett; Cun
ningham and Allnnchan; McCnrmack and
Hassamcr. Hit by pitched ball Warneraml
Spies. Umpire McDonald. Time 2:15.
Oriolen Greedy for Games After the
I'fiumut Is Wan.
New Tork, Sept. 2S. Although the
championship season in this city does not
come lo an end until Monday, the desti
nation of the pennant of lfc'Jo wasdiclded
by the result of tills arternoon's contest
.between the New Torks and Baltlmorcs
The Orioles won the game and the pennant
In the seventh Inning on a combination, of
hits and errors. If ever nine ball players,
worked hard to keep the question of the pen
nant in doubt another day It was the New
Yorks. They played at all stages, bat
still the Orioles were too fast lor them
Jennings really won the game himself,
bis pheremcnal catch of Batton's fly In the
eighth Inning, when two were on bases. In
which he completed a double play unas
sisted, nas all that saved the Gin Ms from
tielng the score, as the hit went on a
straight lire tor center Held The Orioles
were loudly cheered as they marched off
the field. Darkness put on end to the
came Attendance, 8,000. Score:
New York AB. R. H.FO.A.E
Fuller, s. s . 4 0 0 5 4 1
Tiernan, r. f. 4 0 12 0 0
Vanllaltren, o. f 3 0 0 0 0 0
G. Davis, 2 b 4 12 3 3 0
German. 3 b 0 0 0 111
H. Davis, 1 b 4 0 2 4 2 0
Stafford, 1. f 111110
Farrell. c 2 0 2 8 11
Clark, p 2 0 O 0 0 1
Batton, p 10 0 0 0 0
Glcoson, 2 b
Keeler, r. f
Jennings, s.s
Kelley, 1. f
Brodle, c. f
Carey, 1 b
Kobiuson, c. .......
Hotter, p
23 2 8 24 12 4
5 1 0 3 2 U
4 0 2 2 0 0
4 115 4 0
4 10 0 0 0
3 2 2 110
4 0 112 0
4 0 2 9 0 0
4 0 0 3 10
3 0 3 0 3 0
Totals...- 35 5112414 0
New York 0 20 0 0 0 0 02
Baltimore 0 00 110305
Earned runs New York, 2: Baltimore, 1.
First base by errors Baltimore, 4. lift
on bases New York, 0; Baltimore, 0.
Struck out By Clark, 7: by Holter, 2. Base
on balls Oft Clark. 2; off Hotter. 5
Home run Brodle. Two-base hits Tier
nan, Jennings, and Reltz. Double plars
Jernings (unassisted); Fuller and H. Davis;
Fuller, G. Davis, and rarrclL Btoien base
Stafford. Sacrifice hits German and
Stafford. Hit by pitched ball Brodle.
Umpire Kcefe. Time 2:05.
Addison Heights.
The proprietors of Addison I' 'ghts, the
new sub-division adjoining Arlington, on
the line of the AIountTcrnon Electric road,
announce tht for the purpotc of stimulat
ing building I his fall, they have decided to
give away fifteen (15) choice lots to parties
who win build at once.
Times Wknt Ads. Rent House..
7 Floors Jammed
With New Furniture.
The store represents a, regular Furniture oxposlilon. Nerer In the JiUtory of
our business have we shown such an extensive and varied stock of Furniture, nor
quoted such leasooaMo prices. It ould take a pace to toll half tho Furniture
Divan Suites,
It Is h-irt lo plctc any ono
Iailor buite from to Hun
dred or mere, as eacU and
everr one has a claim to
newspaper p lblkliy. Wt
about tno boM value for
tho money is ths S-pIei-w
1)1 ran Parlor Suite, richly
upholstered iu fatla
d.ituasfc nud slllc broca telle,
which we Btiatl run as a f If
spocial "leader" at 4 r, I 0
$3.25 Rockers. 2.60
Nearly 200 dlfferen; kinds of Fancy
Itockers, In erory thiagln&ble shape,
wood, HuUh and pi Ice. A leader for
0 IXandftoma Cobbler Seat
Parlor l:o?fcerg, new shape.
In HOlId oat. Imitation ma
hogany and natural birch.
Kegular price, $IZX Spe
cial price
Cor 13th and F Sts.
Brooklyn I'lnyitl All-round Better
lfaill Tlmu tho I'lilllie.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 28. Brooklyn
twice defeated Philadelphia this after
noon hy better all round playing. The
local batsmen could do little or nothing
Willi tho delivery of any of the visiting
pitchers. Attendance, 5,900. Score:
Phllndclphia. All. K. I1.PO.A. E.
Hamilton, cf 4 0 2 0 0 0
Delelianty.lt 4 0 0 2 0 1
Cross. 3b 4 0 0 1 10
BJcldev.c. 2 0 0 a 0 0
Urady, c 110 10 0
Sulhvan,rf 4 1 12 0 0
llJdlsou.i.s..''. 3 0 0 3 4 1
Thompion 1 1 1 0 0 0
Hallman.2b 4 0 2 3 5 0
Boyle, lb 4 0 0 9 0 0
Onh, p 3 0 2 0 1 1
Totals 31 3 8 24 11 3
Brooklyn. AB. R. II. PO.A.E.
Gnffln.cf 5 110 0 0
Shlndlc.'ib 5 13 0 4 0
Conoran.ss 3 0 1 2 5 1
Foutz, lb 5 0 3 12 0 0
Anderson, If 4 0 0 2 0 0
Daly, 2b 2 I 15 0 0
Siiudi.rf 4 112 0 0
Gnm. c 4 113 2 0
Abbey, p 4 1 2 1 3 0
Totals 36 6 13 27 14 1
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 33
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 15 0 0 x 6
'Batted In Madison's place in the ninth
Earned runs Brooklyn, 3. Two base hit
Thompsou. BacrMce hit Daly. Stolen
liasei lUimilton, Daly. Lelt on bases
Philadelphia, 5; Brooklyn, 9. Struck out
Hamilton, Buckley, Orth. Griffin, Daly.
Double plays ilauison.IlaIlmanand Boyle;
Boyle alone. First on errors Philadelpnls.
1: Brooklyn, 1. First on halls Off Orth.2.
Hit by pitcher Grady. Umpire Murray,
Henderson. Time 1:45.
Philadelphia. AU. R. H.FO.A. E.
Hamilton, cf 2 2 110 0
Delebnnty.lf 2 1 19 0 0
Crosi.3b 2 0 0 2 0 0
Grady, c 4 0 0 10 0
Thompson, rr 4 0 2 3 0 0
Madison, ss 4 0 0 13 0
Hallm.in;2b: 4 0 2 0 0 0
Boyle, lb 3 0 0 5 0 0
Carsey.p 3 0 10 2 0
Totals .. ..
Grlrrin.cr.. ..
Shindle,3b.. .
Corcoran, ss..
Foutz. lb.. ..
Anderson, IT..
Daly. 2b.. ..
Ssocn, rf., ..
Grim, c
Daub, p.. ..
Kennedy, p..
, 28 3 722 5 0
AB. R. U FO.A. E.
.401 1 0 O
..4 2 2 4 10
. 0 0 O 0 1 O
Totals 3G G 1524 10 2
0ne out in Brooklyns eighth when game
was called on account of darkness.
Philadelphia 2 00010 0 0-3
BrouUyi 0 0 10 2 10 2-6
Earned runs Philadelphia. 1, Brooklyn
5. Two-base hits Hallman. Grim. Three
base hit Hamilton. Sacrifice hits Hamil
ton. Cross, Urllfin. Stolen bases llele
hanty. Cross. Lelt on bases Philadelphia
7. Brooklyn 9. Struck out Grady 2, Car
sey. Double play Foutz (alone). First
on errors Philadelphia 1. First on balls
Olf Daub 2, off Kennedy 2, off Carsey 2.
Umpires Murray and Henderson. Time
Yet, for a Wonder, They Did Not
Kick To-duy.
Chicago, Sept. 28. The Colts fielded
almost perfectly, but their one error was
worth two rutte and they were unaule to
hit Foreman safely at the right time.
Latham's cstih of Anson's terrific liner in
the fifth, doubling Large at recond, was
the most wonderful play seen here this sea
son and undoubtedly saved the game for the
Reds. Weather very i hilly. Attendance.
800. Game called at the cud ot theteventh
on account ot darkness. Score
Chicago AB. IU. H. PO.A. E.
Everett, 3b 4 12 0 11
Decker, ir 3 2 2 4 0 0
Lauge. if 3 0 10 0 0
Anson, lb 4 O 0 G 0 0
Dahlen. ss 3 112 5 0
Ryan, rf 2 0 0 10 0
Truby. 2b 3 0 .1 2 2 0
Parker, p 10 0 10 0
Klttndge, c 2 0 0 2 10
Donohue. c 10 0 3 0 0
Terry, p 10 0 0 10
Barke. If
Hoy. cf
Mcl'dec. 2b ..
Vaughn, lb.. ..
Miller, rf
Smith, ss
Latham, 3b.. ..
Gray, c
Foreman, p.. ..
.27 4 7 21 10 1
AB.lt. II. PO.A.E.
Totals 33 C13 2111 4
Chicago 0 110 10 1 1
Cincinnati 2 0 2 1 0 0 05
Earned runs Chicago, 1; Cincinnati, 3.
Two-base hits Smith, Burke, Vaughn, and
Latham. Hoaierun-Everett- Stolcnbascs
Hoy, Vaughiij Lange. Smith, and Burke.
Double plays Klltrldge aud Trubv; Truby,
DMileu, nnd An-n; Latham and McPhee.
Struck out By Parker, 1; by Terry. 1; by
Foreman, 1. Bases on balls Off Parker, 1;
off Foreman, 4; off Terry, 1. Time 1:40.
Umpires Emslie and O'Day.
Took the Sotitliorn Cliniiiidonshlp
From the ItlelimoiidsTo-dnyv
Kiclimond, Va., Sept. 28. Nashville took
to-day's game aud the championship of the
South. Tannehlll was wild and was batted
hard, while Herman pitched a great game.
Third Baseman Myers, who wasarrestcd
yesterday lor assaulting the umpire, was
fined $10 to-day and released. He was
In the gjme and carried off thej batting
honors. Scorer
Nashville.,.. 0 6 1 3 i 0 2 0 s 13 13 1
Richmond. .0 O 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 4 45
Crale & Harding,
Ulu and FSU.
$2.50 Screens, $1.50.
Handsome 5-ft. 3-fold Fire
Screens richly draped la
Mlfcollne iu a rariety of
colorings. Regular price, Q Pfl
tU) special price 4) ,0U
SI. 50 Clothes Poles, 75c.-
Ilre is the greatest ralae orer offerol
In Clothes Poles.
Large, substantial poles,
thoroughly made, highly
IolbneJ, arm in their legs.
In oak, maple, birch and
imitation mahogany. Fully "7C
worth l.:u Special price. 0 U
"Cutler's" Office Desks.
There are no Odce Dska
equal to the "Catlr" The
"Lutler" Desks are the es
sence of perfection in cabinet-making.
We are sole
agents for the District.
$18 to $200.
EACH out and
lead. That's
our policy. It
costs us a lot
of work a lot
of money and a
lot of attention
but we spend
it. Results
show what
we've accom
stock of Fall
plished a
Clothing here that includes
everything your fancy can
turn to with ,not a garment
that would not be desirable
to you in the lot. Prices
within easy reach.
To speak of Fall Hats
that'll last you well all win
ter and spring there are
Derbys $2.50 to $4. Soft
Hats $1.50 to $5.
Loeb & Hirsh,
The Clothiers. Shlrtmakers. Outfitters.
910-912 F St. N.W.
Record Breaking
Anotaer one added to tha laurels already
won. A world's record this time. From
Chicago to Xew York U)U rnSes. Mr.
Searlo rode a "Crescent" snd cam
through witbvut a bre&k or stralo.
"Crescent are Hint, fast, str-mf- Look
welt Wear well. You ousat to ride one.
(40 to $90.
Western Wheel Works,
Washington Branch, 9th and IL
HARRY S. JONES, Jr.. Manacer.
7ake Bicycle Lessons on
1 7th and C
There's no place In this city to
compire with it In size or com
tlcteccss of tacilitlcs. Competent
instructors conveniences lor la
dles. Oen alt day.
A $2 "cuarantee" ticket Insures
proficiency. llefunded If new
wheel Is beught within one year.
nieinr Pi-Ma Pn "Columhlss" I
I Ul-UliUt UjulG UUi "Uartfords."
,JITMrs,naEln-452 Pa. Ave.
Matter ot Juiner, 11. Colejrrove Still
in tlii? Conrts.
Mr. James B. Colgrovci the mall con
tractor. In whose favor Judge Cole Wednes
day decided a suit at law. In which it was
claimed that the government could not
hold him liable for a non-performanco ot
contract, has been sued In the equity
courts for the recovery of a judgment
creditor's bill.
The suit was brought yesterday after
noon by Henry A. Hill and Harriet A.
Balcom. administratrix of Albert A. Bal
com, deceased.
The petition sets rorth that "James B.
Colegrove Is notoriously Insolvent, and not
a dollar can be collected by legal process,
and the officers executing on the plain
tiff's Judgments have returned, 'No ef
fects found whereon to levy. "
Look for King's Palace Great Fall Open
ing announcement in Monday's Times.
Wi-atlior Bureau Cbanges.
Prof. Moore, Chief of the Weather Bu
reau, has not yet finished' the reorganiza
tion of the service, which he began almost
Immediately upon taking charge. He re
turned a few days ago from a tour at
inspection, and yesterday Secretary Mor
ton.onhisrecommendatlon.raadeanumber of cbanges, among which was Charles If.
Chambers, District of Columbia, copyist,
reduced from $1,000 to $840.
Look for King's Palace Great r'all Ope
inj announcement in Monday's Times.
SiPinr !?'sF?ta7
k r-.-c.sS &,'.
"ti2E? , y.
,i2sJirg-Zi5&C-?:y',-s' -
? - $
5 -vv .-ft.
.- i-jarJsSsJuA-.-a..

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