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5r, ''-3!S:"l1??V.?&C SWfT -JrfS:-.-,."-,
-" Tf-A" -C? jsys. T'R-'
"- SF "m MIL oOflS a uO.
. I The best in America I s'
s the price.
How We Propose to Meet the
Advance in Leather!
Two facts have presented themselves to us for serious
consideration. One is that the price of leather has ad
vancedthe other Is that the wages of the worklngrmen
have not. We have determined upon a policy In shoe
selllnst which shall reconcile these confllctlne conditions
and from this moment we shall sell shoes at
In other words, we shall reduce the prices of our Shoes
and rely upon an Increased patronage to make amends for
this sharing of profits. Here are two examples of our
"half-profit sale."
Commonlr called the Xeir Woman's
Shoe These shoes hare pointed toes
neat patent leather tips and between
the Inner and outer soles la a layer of
cork which keeps the feet warm and
dry. and gives an elastic step They are
vide acrosi the bill of the foot, thus
1 muring comfort In walkiuc. Worth
These shoes also hare the risible or In
Tlslble cork solos latest stylus o! too
and trlpls extonded soles Tnej bare
tbo "Comfort" width across the ball of
tbo foot, and may bo bad In black
leather or tan storm calf. Ths7 haTo
the comfort, style and durability of a
4. CM shoe.
50c Quality Black Wool Kersey Overgaiters
for Men and Women, 250-.'"
930 and 932 7th St.
1914 and 1916 Pa. Ave. 233 Pa. Ave. S. E.
8th and Market Space. ,
Our First Anniversary r
and Grand Opening.
In the 30 different departments of our establishment. Special An
niversary prices on each and every article in our store. Boundless
array of style, elegance and coloring- combined. Every department
complete, All our goods new, Every item a bargain. Increased
facilities in every direction.
Sept, 30, Oct. I and 2.
In announcing the opening of this department '-would be more
appropriate to call it a vision from fairyland. Resembling a but
terfly arising from its chrysalis state. It represents the most mag
nificent assortment of Fall Hats and Bonnets which foreign mar
kets and American marts could supply. --Paris and London head
wear in endless array. Domestic goods in the most delightful
shapes and effects. Hats trimmed and hats untrimmed. Trim
mings for hats and ribbons for bonnets; new ideas everywhere.
This most entrancing
Black Hat is large in shape
and gracefully trimmed with
long, curling ostrich plumes
set off Ty Aigrettes and
Chiffon roses. A ban
deau covered with a hand
some wreath of shaded roses,,
completes a piece of head
gear concerning which
beautj is but a faint term.
if i . B
Fall Clothing
We have opened up all our Fall Stock, and have now
a superb selection of Men's, Boys', and Children's Cloth
ing on our tables. We invite your inspection, and will be
gratified to show you round our store. A thorough ex
amination will convince you that we. beat all our com
petitors in qualities and prices.
If you have any respect for your pocketbook
should not fail to look through our stock before you
your fall suit.
Men's Overcoats. 'Boys' Overcoats.
Men's Sack Suits. Boys' School Suits.
1 Men's Dress Suits. . Boys' Fine Suits.
Men's Frock Suits. Children's Suits.
Men's Pants. Etc., etc. ' ,' "
New York Clothing House,
311 Seventh St. N. W.
John Rudden's
We furnish
many houses
And we hear no complaints. Goods purchased
from us give perfect satisfaction. That is how
we have built up our business. Our customers
have faith in us, and we do not betray their
confidence. Our prices are low, and our credit
system is extremely fair.
Parlor Suites, Carpets,
Bedroom Suites, Fugs,
Bedsteads, Mailing,
Escritoires, Rockers, etc ,
Your House Outfitter.
613 Seventh Street N. W.
A pleasant friend in health,
a useful one in sickness
Pure Berkeley Rye;
Imp. Wines and liquors,
612 F Street Northwest.
Thompson Pure Bye fS-OOftl.
-Arlington Club 4 00 '
Electric Clab &00 '
California, and Virginia Olarets. (2.23 dz.
Old CaL Kelsllng 3.B0 da.
1518 BoyenthStrettN. W.
Cruiser Brooklyn Soon to Take
Her Place on the Ship List.
A fancy soft crown, covered
with gold and blue velvet, care
lessly caught down with a briU
liant buckle of rhinestones, pon
pons of coque feathers, a black
chenille rim, and a bandeau of
black and yellow roses, comprise
the "Bonn- Lass," a hat which
for grace and dash stands fore
most in '95 styles.
9 VR3B558x
K sJr r2 d:iM&'ak
1-.a7 .-ra-W fsrrSa&carM
A most dainty creation of Mil
linery is a large black hat made
with a velvet rim and gold em
broidered crown. It is trimmed
with sweeping Black Ostrich
Feather Plumes, large rose-col-
,ored bows of pink taffeta ribbon
and with shaded roses falling on
the hair. ;
The very epitome of grace
combined with style and beauty
describes this bonnet. It is a
small shape with rim of cut jet,
handsome trold embroidered
crown, trimmed with moss-green
velvet, asrainst which back
ground black aigrettes and a
cluster of roses, which shade
from pink to magenta, caught
with cut jet buckles ate con
trasted. Long satin ribbon
strings complete this beauty.
;a wk
is a fancy hat of small .shape,
with a rim. of blue fluted che
nille and a green chenille crown.
It is finished with black aig
rettes, most delicately trimmed
with handsome Persian rib
bon, rhinestone clusters and
bundle's of roses at the base.
is a directly imported Parisian
Hat. It is very popular in
France, which fact has been aug
mented by the famous actress
for whom it is named wearing- it
in her plays. It is a medium size
hat, with rim turned slighly
to one side, and is made of apple
green velvet, with fancy jet band
around crown. The trimmings
consist of Black Ostrich Plumes,
Chiffon Rosettes, caught with jet
buckle and black roses on bandeau.
S. Kai,
Soe.& Co.,
SUo lis nn Armored VcsmcI of the First
Cliixs Cruiser Typo and Sister Ship
to the 'ow York Her Great Speed
and Powerful Ilattery Flue Sped
uienof Naval Arciiltecturor-
Tlie last addition to the new Navy now
rapidly approaching completion 13 the ar
mored cruiser BrooUy, which will on
Tuesday nest be launched at Uie Cramps'
shipyard. Philadelphia.
The Brooklyn Is being built under an act
of Congress authorizing the constructlonof
an additional armored cruiser of the gen
eral type nnd dimensions of Uie New Tort,
at a cost of $3,500,000, exclush c of arma
ment. The contract calls for a speed of at
least twenty knots an Sour at a displace
ment of 8,100 tons, with four triple expan
sion engines. She is 4G0 feet C inches long,
and has a moulded depth of 41 feet 3 inches.
The new cruiser will hae a mean, nor
mal draught of twenty-four feet, 10,000 In
dicated horse-power and a total.coal capa cl
ot 1,75a tons.
This vessel will have twin screws. Tbe
engines to be of the ertical, triple ex
pansion type, four in number, two on each
shaft, and In four compartments. The
forward engines to be readily uncoupled
from the after engines for cruising at low
The boilers are placed In three com
partments and are secn in numlier, five
of them being double-ednded and twosingle
ended. The hull Is to be of steel, not sheathed,
with double bottom, and close water
tight subdii lslon to about twelve feet above
the water-line.
The arrangements of decks above water
to provide ample freeboard and berthing
It is contemplated to fit two military
masts with fighting tops, to carry no sail.
The boats will be stowed clear of Uie Wast
of the guns,but two lifeboats must bo so
carried that they may be readily lowered
under all conditions of water.
1'rotecllon of the hull is to be afforded
by means otn.sU.el proteclhedecfc worked
from stem to stern and supported by heavy
beams. Tbo bottom edges of this deck,
amidohlp. are to be 5 feet C Inches below
the 2 Lfoot water Hue, the top of the deck
rising to this water lino at the center
of the vessel.
On the (Japes of the deck, over machinery
and boilers, the armor Is to be 0 Inches
thick, on the hi rizontal portions the armor
is to be 3 Inches thick; forward and abaft
the machinery and boilers, to stem and
to htcrn, the defc is to be at the thinnest
part at least 2 1-2 inches in thickness.
Below this deck are to be placed tbe
propelling machinery, kteerlng gear, maga
zines, shell rooms and all that Is ordinarily
styled "Iho vitals of a warship."
now sun is armored.
Protection of the hull from injury to the
water line region is to be afforded by
means of an armor belt 3 inches In thick
ness extending the length of the machinery
and boiler trace, and in depth from 4 feet
above the 24-foot water Hue to 4 feet 3
inches blow that line.
Within this armor belt and skin plating
nnd above the armor of this belt, a band
3 1-2 feet wide, of cellulose, is to extend
the whole length of the vessel. In depth from
thenrmordeck to tbe berth deck.
It is intended to carry coal above the
armor deck for a length corresponding
to the inner bottom. This space between
the armor deck and the deck above Utobe
sub-divided by water-tight bulkheads Into
33 coal bunkers, exclusive of cofferdam
and passages. The space forward and
abaft these bunkers to be well sub
divided by water-tight bjlkbeads forstores.
. A conning tower eight inches In thick
ness, to be carried in a suitable command
ing position, having a tube to tlieprutcctlrc
detk five Inches In thickness for the pro
tection of speaking tubes, bell wires, etc.
The battery of the vessel is to consist of
eight 8-Inch B. L. R. of 35 calibers;
twelve 0-inch B. L. R. R. F. guns; twelve
6-pouuder Tapid Tire guns; four" 1-pounder
rapid-fire guns; four tnaihinc-guns.
The S-Inch guns will be mounted in four
barbette turrets, placed one forward and
one aft on center line of vessel; and one
on cither side of the vessel amidships.
The guns In the turrets on the tenter line
of the ship are to have a train of 310
degrees; those in the side turrets to fire
rroru right ahead to right nitcrn, or to
train through an are of 180 degrees each.
The center of side turrets to be distant
from the center line of the vessel about
twcnnty-lhree feet. The armor forming
the barbettes, which will protect the car
riages, platforms and turret mathinery,
to be eight inches iu thickness for a por
tion, at least, equivalent to the train of
the guns of the respective turrets, the re
maining portions may be reduced to four
inches in thickness. Under the turrets
there will be placed 3-incU armor support
ing tubes, which will also protect the
ammunition hoist.
The armor of the turrets to be 5 1-2
inches In thickness and the guns so mounted
that they can be supplied with ammuni
tion nnd loaded In any position of train.
The 'G-incb guns are to be protected by
fixed segmental shields 5 inches in thick
ness. Tbe crews of these guns are to be
further protected from explosive shells
by splinter bulkheads 1 1-2 Inches in thick
ness. Protection to be afforded the smaller
guns by shields and extra side plating.
The torpedo outfit to consist of five tor
pedo tubes, one in the bow and two ou
each side; six torpedoes and a suitable
allowance of gun cotton for mines and
miscellaneous purposes.
Distilling apparatus and evaporators
will be fitted for fresh water supply, the
allowance of water to be carried to be
sufficient for fifteen days, bes'des water
for sanitary purposes.
There will be an electric UghUng plant,
consisting of two divisions, each division
dynamo having a rated output of 400 am
peres at 80 volt3.
The ship will have a radius of action at
fall speed of 1,758 knots, and a radius of
action at 10. knots of G.088 knots.
Complement of officers and men will be
5G1 persons.
8th and Market Space.
Suit to Annul a Conveyance.
Edward F. Droop, and others, trading as
E. F. Droop & Sons, yesterday sued Albert
M. Eidenour, nnd seven others, asking the
court to annul Uie conveyance of part of
lot 20, square 218, from Albert M. to
Alice "E. Rldenour, on Uie ground that the
transfer of Uie property was irregular
and asking for a sale and distribution of the
proceeds of tho land among the parties to
the suit.
Few ladies care to wear the Common Sense Shoes
on account of their ug
liness. There is no
such drawback with the
SHOES, Although
they are pre"-eminently
common sense being
made on lasts specially
designed by the cele
brated woman's dress
reform advocate, Mrs.
Jenness Miller a pret
tier shoe it wpuld be
hard to find. They fit
so perfectly that they
make the feet look
smaller than they
really are. They are
wonderfully comfort
able to wear and are
only made of the best
selected stock.
They are really $6.00 Shoes, but our price is
dealers are selling an'imitation of this shoe
we want it most clearly understood that we
have the sole right for it they arc manufac
tured especially for us and every genuine shoe
has the name "Jenness Miller''' stamped on the
sole and in the lining.
Men's Patent Leathers.
An excellent shoe of very stylish shape, the
latest toes genuine French calf. A shoe that we
can safely recommend. The regular price is $5.00.
On Monday we will offer iffor sale at 3 .90.
Men's Winter Tan Slices.
We have a line of Hathaway, Soule & Harring
ton's Pigskin Shoes calf lined waterproof ex
tremely stylish easy on the feet and perfect fitting.
A thoroughly reliable, long wearing shoe. The
regular price has always been $5.00. We are the
first to ever offer it for $3.90.
Cooled bt Electric Fju.s,
T!Te1ttri,i "raiif t mt M
A Grocery
Special Prices for Mon
day and Tuesday.
We've made every preparation to give you agro
eery surprise. All the prices are low, the few we give
exceptionally so.
Granulated Sugar 4TAc
Cream Cheese 12c
Carolina Head Rice 5c
301b. Bucket Jelly- 75c
Pure Cod Fish 5c
Sardines in Oil, doz 50c
4 lbs. Lard for 25c
Mocha and Java Coffee, per lb 20c
1 0 Cakes Laundry Soap 25c
Macaroni 7c
Ginger Snaps, per lb 5c
Irish Potatoes, per bushel 55c
Best Butterine 15c
, Whiskies and Wines.
Delivered to any part of the city.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Family Groceries, Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
924 Louisiana Avenue.
Circuit Courtv No. 1 Justice Bradley
Webb and otbera vs. Porter and others;
motion for leave to amend -vrrlt and
declaration grauted and defendants al
lowed ten days to plead. Callaghau vs.
CnllagUan; Judgment against plaintiff for
Equity Court, No. 1 Justice Bradley
Bowdler vs. Gonzenbach; T. A. Gonzcn
bach appointed guardian ad litem. H1U
vs. Colrgrove; rulo on defendant return
able October 3 granted. Prall vs. Hutch
inson; restraining" order rcturnabls Octo
ber 10 granted. - - .
Probate Court Proceedings In estates
have been recorded as follows: John B.
WUtbergen petition for probate of will
and letters testamentary filed and win
partially proved. Robert D. McCIurc; as
sent of nett of kin filed. Susan V. Clarl;
executors bonded and qualified. O. C.
Green; pelUJon of executors to pay certain;
notes and fjrder granting prayer.
ncnl Estate Transfers.
Deeds in fee have been recorded as fol
lows: Louis Gundlns to Emma C. AX.
Tripp. 'lota 1G3 and 164. square CTo, $10.
Ct-arlos E Lancing to Emllle SI. Dnr-v
npijtfr. lot 60. square 359. $10. John S.
rtlch to David U. Gottwald.lotseO ami 60.
Pleasant Plains, $10. Henry G. Lewis to
Daniel H. Ballaor, lot 90r blocs 2. Trln
Icad, $10. D.-C. to William II. lUdfn,
roblot 3, square 10t0, $3 61. Charles E.
Lancing; to Cbarles-J. Malord, part of lot
10, square SSI, $10. Thomas CrUomlllt-i
to Fctrr J. Nee, part of lot 2S0, Gcurgw
town, 13. and H. addition, $10,
-a j - -J' r .T
. . - J --S5,
m. a g.gaSaffl3av. is1-.
Zertf .-l3i
fi-i, .as-.
SB a-gb-5&- As

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