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!i--V-',-?-'7-01-'S5i.'- "- '- "??rSkS-'?S?F Jsr'i-5WV-B.TB. V
Fall Overcoats.
You'll feel better, look better, take fewer
chances of having' to pay the doctor, if you'll wear
a LIGHT OVERCOAT. It need not cost a fortune
to own one. We'll sell you a good one as low as
$ 1 0 equal to those you'd pay a tailor $18 or $20
for, and FIT as well, too. Finer ones at $ 1 2,
$ 1 5, and all prices up to $35. No doubt about
suiting and fitting: you in any grade you want
Fall Suits all styles, all prices. Specially
strong lines at $ 1 2 and $ 1 5. The equal of
everybody else's $15 and $20 ones. You'll say so
when you see them.
New Derbys arc only $3 here, instead of- the
ageuoies' $5.00, but then our name in the crown is
not charged for. An- block you want. We have
them all.
Robinson, Chery & Co.
Fall Clothing.
We have opened up all our Fall Stock, and have now
a superb selection of Men's, Boys', and Children's Cloth
ing on our tables. We invite your inspection, and will be
gratified to show 3-ou round our store. A thorough ex
amination will convince you that we beat all our com
petitors in qualities and prices.
If you have any respect for your pocketbook you
should not fail to look through our stock before you buy
3'our fall suit.
Mais Overcoats.
Mai's Sack Suits.
Mai's Dress Suits.
Mai's Frock Suits.
Mai's Pants.
Boys' Overcoats.
Boys' School Suits.
Boys' Fine Suits.
Childrais Suits.
Etc., etc
I New York Clothing House,
311 Seventh St. N. W.
DWvo nwnuHi
Union Pacific to Be Shut Out of
Pacific Business.
Officiate of tlio Department of JuHtlco
and Interstate Commerce Coin in 1k
hIoii Are Looking Into the. Matter.
All Government nights Will Bo
Fully Protected by tho Courts.
Law officers of ttie coverncnint are In
terested In a rumor which was printed
last week to the effect that the Southern
Pacific Railroad Company had notified tho
Union 1'aclfic Itallroad Company that after
NoTemt)cr it would refuse to run trains from
Ogden to the Paclf lecoast In connection w ltli
the Union Pacific trains, thus practically
shutting out the latter road from Pacific
coast business.
No official intimation to this effect has
reached either the. Department of Justice
or the Interstate Commerce Commission,
but the matter Is under inquiry by the of
ficials of both divisions of the Kovcrnmejit.
No expression of opinion regarding the
possibilities of the case will be made at
either department, In view of the fact that
it may come before them for action; all
that they in ill say Is, in tho. language of
Attorney General Harmon "That all tho
rights of the government, whatever they
are, will l;e fully protected "
A Judicial decision has recently been
made, respecting the obligations rest
ing upon a railroad company to establish and
maintain "running connections" with an
other, and it is of interest In this connection.
The Oregon Sliort Line and Utah North
ern Railway Company brought suit against
the Northern Pacific Railroad Company to
Sense and
Shoe Beauty
combined are la tho
make-up of the famous JN
NEiS Mil IXR bhoe our ex
elusive mate and so per
fectly that they make the
feet look sinallor than they
reallr are. They are won
derfully comfortable to wear
and are only laade of the
best selected stock
Titty are realln tSOO Shotl,
but our price it 55.00.
Men's Patent Leathers.
An excellent shoe of Tery stylish
ehape, the latest toes genuine
French calf. A shoe that wo can
safely recommend. Tho regular
price Is ii CO. On .Monday we will of
fer It for sale at $3 SKI.
Men's W nter Tan Shoes.
Wo hare a lino of Hathaway, Nule
A Harrington's Pigskin bhoes calf
lined waterproof extremely styl
ish easy on the feet and perfect fit
ting. A thoroughly reliable, long
wearing shoe. 1 ho regular price has
always been $3.00. We aro the first
to ever offer it for $3.00.
Cooled by Electric Fans.
939 Pennsylvania Ave.
Ours is the! only com
plete line jin the city.
Kip Boots , at $2 and
Z.S0. Double or triple
sole Calf Boots, $2.50.
Fine sewed Calf Boots,
$3. Hand-sewed Mo-
rocco-top Boots, $4. Our
finest equal, to custom-made
Boots, $5.00.
50e quality Block Wool
Kersey Overgalters for OCn
lien and Women ZuU
Wm. Halm & Go8
Reliable Shoe Houses,
830 and 033 Seventh St. n. w.
It'll and l'JIC fa, are. q. xr.
233 1'u. are. s. e.
compel it to accept at Portland from the
Short Line in the tatter's cars, freight
destined for Pugct Sound points, advance
to the delivering company the amount of
freight charges due It, und collect the whole
transportation iharges from the consignee
at destination.
The order was asked by the Short Line
Company on the ground that it was a "run
ning connection," sanctioned by custom
among railroads and was required not
ouly by the terms of thecharter of theNorth
eru Pacific Company, but by the Inter
state commerce act as well.
Judge Field, of the Supreme Court of
the United States, on circuit, refused to Is
sue the order. Judge Deady, of the district
court, dissenting. On appeal to the cir
cuit court of apiieals the altloh of Judge
Field was sustained In an opinion ren
dered by Judge McKcnna. Adopting, the
definition passed by Judge Field, the court
of nppcals said:
"The running connection which must
be icrmltted by the defendant Is not a
running over its lines, but only in connec
tion with It, n provision Intended to secure
the transportation nnd cxclungoof freight
between connecting Unci,, and not the
use of each other's roads by the cars of
such companies. We aro of opin
ion that a running connection of one road
with another, within the meaning of the
defendant's charter, only Includes such
arrangements as the time of arrival and
departure of trains, nnd as to stations,
platforms, and other facilities as will en
able companies desiring to connect to do
so without detriment or serious Incon
venience." NO POWER TO COMPEL.
The Interstate Commerce Commission
early In its existence, according to the
statement of Secretary Mosely, came to
the conclusion, over the dissent of Commis
sioner Morrison, that, under the law, it
had no power to compel the establishment
and maintenance of through routes by
the co-operation of certain railroads.
There is, however, a provision In the act
granting n charter of the Union Pacific
Railroad Company which, it 13 believed,
can be invoked toi prevent the Southern
Pacific Company from carrying out its
reported intention of breaking off connec
tion with the Union Pacific at Ogden,
rcdutliig it to a purely local line, and de
priving it of the. power to meet its obli
gations to the government, ns regards Its
bonded debt. Section 12 reads in part-
"The track upon the entire line of rail
road and branches shall be nC uniform
width (the gauge was afterward fixed
5 Special Drives
Amongst all the attrac
tive bargains in our store we
have picked these out as be
ing world beaters:
This Men's Ha-
gnnt Clay Worsted
ult made of beat
material perfect
In (stylo and finish
a most artistic
Men's Doublo
brcastod Sack
Salts la All-wool
Cheviots nndCas
Blmerea boat
workmanship and
finish -
Men's Pants
elesant stripes and
patterns perfect
mtine tho latest ff I Qfl
cut good cloth.... 4) 1 ,3U
This Boy's Suit Is the
wonder of the 19th cen
tury. It Is inado right
In onr own factory of tho
very best material
careful workmanship and
rery complete In all
linings and trim, ff I PC
mlnga. Only 4I.UJ
Men's Derby
Hats in this
fall a sty tea,
Dualap, You
man, Miller
and Young's
Ninth & ESts. N. W.
by act of Congress), so that when com
pleted cars can be run from the Missouri
Ulver to the Pacific coast; the
whole line of said railroad and branches
and telegraph shall be operated and used
for all purposes of communication, travel,
and transportation, so far as the public
and government are concerned as'one con
nected, continuous line."
Tho assent of the various corporations
named in the act. Including the Central
Pacific of California (now leased and
operated by the Central Pacific), to Its
provisions are on file In the Department
of the Interior.
ArreMed for HoiiKCbrcuMiiir.
George Smith, colored, was arrested Sat
urday night by Patrolman James Tuyman,
of the First precinct, and locked up on
suspicion of having broken into the house
of Mr. Sarah Carter, on Thirteenth street
near I), and later Patrolmen Kilmarjn
nnd Flather identified him as the would
be burglar. He was charged with house
breaking and will be tried in the police
court this mornlrg.
Market Basket, doz. Cups and Saucers,
Jdz Plates, i Platter, i Vegetable Dish, i Pitcher 88G
Regular price, tL50.
Large willow Clothes Baskets 33C
Itegular price, G9c.
Japanned Bread Boxes 9fj
Hezular price, 29c.
Decorated Dinner Sets, 112 pieces, 2 colors..$R 64
Itegular price, ja. fw.w-r
Large Decorated China Water Pitchers,
with gold lines 5c
Regular price, S9c
Fire-proof Japanese Teapots JQq
Itejular price, 19c.
Decorated Chamber Sets,with Jar; gold lines;
six decorations; greatest value ever offered....J3 07
Regular price, 00. ",ul
8-lb. Japanned Flour or Sugar Boxes IRn
Iiesularpilce, 33c-
48c Granite Iron Teapots 22C
Decorated Austrian China Dinner Sets,
very fine; 102 pieces $13.65
Regular price, tM.Ol - v.w.ww
6 each Silver-plated Tea Spoons, Table Spoons
and Forks to match 7c
Regular prlje, JLM.
Decorated China Jardinieres, seven styles 37C
Regular price, '.be
Extra large fire-proof Earthen Cooking Crocks Sn
Regular price, ISc
Whisk Brooms rw..... 5C
Best Quality Razors - OJiG
Regular price, 86c.
14-quart Water Buckets Qg
I Universal Housefurnisiiing Store, $
5 512 Ninth St. N. W. -
Concluding Festivity of the Gerniun
Amerlcun Technical Meetliiir.
There were lively and Jolly times at the
grand "Commers" Saturday evening-, which
concluded tbeelcvcnthanmjal session of the
German-American Technical Society. The
large banquet hall of the Bueua Vista club
house was appropriately and elaborately
decorated for the occasion.
President Hermann Rossbach, the presi
dent, performed the duties of toast master
and toasts wereres ponded toby thedclcgates
from the different cities.
Mr. Simon Wolf, of the hical section, re
sponded admirably to the sentiment, Ger
man Song."
An original poem entitled ''The Ideal
Administration," a humorous criticism nt
the technical society, evoked much ap
plause. On a motion made by Mr. E, Collins, of
Philadelphia, thetisitingdelcgationspassed
a vote of thanks to tho Washington sec
tion for Its kindnesses and hosptlallty.
German student songs were the order of
the evening, "nnd maucber salamander
ward gerieben."
Smiill Army of Illcyollst Visitors.
Fifty-three bicyclists came Into a down
town hotel yesterday morning and remained
during the day. They registered as tho
Chester, Pa., and Wilmington. Del., Bicycle
Club, though each- name was registered
separately as from Chester.
They started Saturday afternoon nnd
made the trip In comparatively easy stages.
The day was spent In looking about the
city and after a hearty meal tbey took the
homeward road late In the afternoon.
IlreiikH In a Wutcr JMiiln.
A squad of workmen were eugaged in
repairing teveral breaks In the water main
011 Florida avenue and Thirteenth, street
northwest until yesterday morning. Tho
breaks. It is thought, were due to the change
in the tenjierature. the sudden lowering
causing the pipe to contract and break.
The streets about the breaks are pools
and lakes, and the operations of tho worlr.
men were rendered difficult.
&$V'3yVV SV&'3,&&'VvV'V'
r-'i 1 nnfAi nrirr- nrrAnrP nriiio Ar-r-ix
ull Dncnr rniOL':nLuunuo mio vvqclfv
The cooler weather is here. The getting ready for winter comfort has begun. The necessity for new furniture is urgent. We propose to make that necessary
furniture buying as little financial inconvenience to you as it possibly can be made. Our new credit system hints at the "How" of it. Our cash prices,
with credit payments, complete the explanation. But let us talk it over when you are ready.
W -d S&x fcSSplSU? AaJa AiAtrt 4 L Large Sldeboanl.beautl- Secure an altogether Kitchen Table, most &k "Ji
jgg&3-ea M&til&AziXSlr aBAVLVVVLg jmiy earred, plate complete table ever made. Wi't VI W
f S2p?H5 J2? glnsJ, lined drawer, ff t O ! ' F'-O M sll'l
s b $18 $5.00 to $8.00. m&
1 --, . mm ijrv
& ...,.., . p j,t .. 1 r- V ' -U This nicely finished 6-foot Extension Table. fffi vSpbP'y W'
K This set of six large pieces of Glassware, entire set only 58 cents. 0i.?..?.1..a!!!,: $6.50 $3.50. ' M2&01 w
Gcnts'Snlts, itylish and durable, 7.BO
' A S'ffSfes-eL S "-!S. A " m ilfft Gents' Fine Business Suits S1Q.OO
Jfe gSSgglffi&Tjgaisy l&Sxlb V -Tm2SsS- Ak - Gents' Fine IJress Salts. S15.00
? M3w5(ygE3itfm BVIIV HBGeESMflKHBEaKSSiPIr Eojs'Loas Pants Suits. S6.00 up mB
& Wlr M !!if nEajgffjjfflM HPP1MPP?9KB Children's Suits. S2.50 up
w W Ma m B ' m mRIot vsM&mi 0
awl loll I K-i:MMf& t
iirislS 1 W
-Complete line of the Best Ranges and Cook Stoves, Oil Heaters, etc.,
from the cheapest to the best.
Carpet and Upholstery Department.
Good Ingrain Carpets, 37c.
Fine large size Japanese Rug, 26xS4, only 69c
ICT;-sWA Hll
?5C3-y R
In Svfes'a'jr?fc-4:fcWk V.
Ladles' Nest Cloth Jackets, alkshades S3. BO
Ladles' handsome, stylish. Cloth Jacket 6.50
Ladles Cloth and Astrachan Capes 8.50 up
Hisses' Stylish Jackets 2.75
Hisses' Fine Cloth Jackets 5.50
Credit oh Everything. Payments Adjusted to Suit Your Convenience. '
MA VT?!? J TTh,TTT'T reliable outfitters,
J.T1-A- A -E1V. Ol X Hi X J-1 L , 415 Seventh Street Northwest.
- , ,
Ji -

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