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' i- $&&?'y'' - ' .. - .
I Lansburgh & Bro
100 Cases of
Are Here I
You'll need them now.
Cool mornings and cool
nights now, no matter
how warm the days may
5 cases 10-4 White and
Gray Blankets, worth SOc.
For 60c.
1 case 10-4-Gray Blank
etsTworth $ 1 .
For SOc.
2 cases 11-4 White
Blankets, full size, worth
$ 1 .25.
For 85c.
1 case 11-4 White
Blankets, full size, worth
For 93c,
1 case 11-4 White
Blankets, extra heavy,
worth St.50.
For $1.25.
1 case 11-4 White
Blankets, good quality,
extra weight, worth $1.85.
For $1.40.
1 case 1 1-4 5-pound
Gray Blankets, extra
heavy, good quality,
worth S2.
For $1.50.
420, 422, 424, 426 7th. St 4
- s-(s-e s
We "oM 75 of these dollar
rockers yesterday morning
before lu o'clock. All wo
Want a
Hall Rack?
When we .ask you to bur
rj' we MEAN IT; when
we reduce prices it's time
to get your HAT.
chance to walk fast.
Dne Massive n&ll Rack elegantly
carved nnnsnally larpe French
he el plate mirror large box re
ceptacle side arm umbrella
racks a magnificent piece of fur- Cfl
ulture wor h SOI Reduced to..
Another Solid Oat Hall Ract elab.
orately carred large seat aide,
arm nrabrella stands beautiful
French bove-l plato mirror re
duced from B0 to
Fast & foi? Couches upholstered In.
Tapestry 19 aprings they will ff rn
not be offered again at 4)4.311
Your Credit
Is good for anything we've got
weekly or monthly payments
no notes no interest All
carpet made and laid free of
cost no charge for waste in
matching figures.
Mammoth Credit
819-821-823 7th St. H. W.
Between H and I Sts.
Nothing Is Too
? Good For the
f Kimball Pianos
Ths materials In them are
DC41LICU niiU WD UiiUUSh till O fK
aud nro the boit to be obtained V
the best of workmen put them X
together. The rnmarWable sno w
cess these instruuiaata have net
with since th7 were first put on ft
tho market is a fair proof of T
tfcolr worth.
All tho Latent Sheet .Music.
II IO F St. N. W.
Ocnernl Flagler's Order.
Gen 1'I.isier, Chief ol Ordnance, yesterday
ordered Lieut. Col. F. n. Tarter, from
.Allegheny Arsenal, Penntylvauia, to Uie
8at.dy Hook proving ground to Investigate
the cause of the klllins of two privates by
the premature explosion of a cartridge,
wliicli iras belli;: placed In the "canet"
cuu Tor firirR. A dlsiaich received by Gen.
Flasler elates that the two men injured by
the explosion will recover.
i Sir Julian In Canada.
Ottawa, Ontario, Sept. 30. Sir Julian
Fa'ifioufotc British ambassador at Wash
ington, was expected here to-lay to confer
Willi Premier Bowell on the Eubjcctof the
award to Canadian coolers, but the ar
rangement for bis comlriK Is oft and no time
bas been fixed for his visit.
J His lU-tlrcment Again Deported.
The Naval retiring board lias for a tee
ond time recommended the retirmenet
of Chief Engineer MaRee. The first board,
tittlng in N'cw York, found that Engineer
llagcc was troubled with heart disease, but
tie President was not satisfied witb. the
fy v ' jfe---
Mm awk, - r'm
Miss Lucille Blackburn and Mr.
Thomas F. Lan8 to Wed To-day.
Hfturnoft lie Diplomat IcSetnndOtber
Society People WiUkoii GlMer.tlio
ArtlM, Mr. Cleveland'M Guest.
The marriage of Mies Lucille Blackburn
to Mr. Thomas Trancis Lane, of New Jersey,
will take place at noon to-day at St.
Matthew's Church. Itcv. Father Lee will
orriciate, and only relatives and n few
friends have received Invitations to "be
present. Mr. Lane, brother of the groom,
will be best man.
The bride will wear an imported gown,
designed especially for the occasion and
will be given away bv her father. Senator
Blackburn, or Kentucky.
A breakfast lo the wedding party at. the
Hotel Normardie, will follow the cere
mony, and among those present will be
Miss Voorhis, of New York, a niece of Sir.
Haggm, of the wealthy banking firm of
Ilaggln & Terrs, of California, and a life
long rriend of Mies Blackburn; Lieut.
Niblack, U. S. A., ord Mr. Lcgan Carlitle.
Mrs. Blackburn and Miss Connie Black"
burn will return to Kentucky tonight.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Blair arrived in
New York Saturday on the steamship
Uuibrla, from a six months- trip abroad,
and have returned to their home in this
Mr. and Mrs. John Hay. who are spend
Ing the reason at their baudtonie summer
liome at Newbury. N. U., will return lo
the city the latter part or November.
Mrs. William Wlulhrop is spending the
fall season nn Long Island, where the will
be Joined later on by her husband. Col.
WlnlLrop is now bnsily engaged In put
ting the rinHiing touches on Ills valuable
book on military law. The residence of
Col. and Mrs. Wiuthrop on I Etrcet north
west, next lo the Army aud Navy Club,
Is oue or the most artistic homes ja the
dty, and the tcece of some of the smartest
small dinners, and the daintiest luncheons
the Washington seasons know.
Dr. Joseph n. Bryan aud Dr. W. H.
Wilmer, who went to London early in
the summer, to attend the Laryn gological
Society, returned to Washington Sumlay
Both being skilled, cyclists, they spent
tome weeks of their stay in Kugland "do
lug". the cathedral towns by wheel.
Prof. De Sanssure, of the Catholic Uni
versity, has returned to tills city from Vir
ginia, and will be joined here by Mrs. De
Saussurc next week.
Senator and Mrs. Vilas, who have been at
West Toint, N. Y., for the summer, will
return to the Arno Hotel, November 28.
Richard Watson Gilder, the poet and
critic, is enjoying the blazing wood flres
at Gray Gables, in the company of Presi
dent and Mrs. Cleveland.
Miss Sue Jones, daughter or Senator
Tones, of Arkansas, has returned to her
home in the West, owing to the serious
Illness of her sister and nephew.
Mrs. N. Owen, after a pleasant stay in
Lynchburg, Va., is at home to friends at
No. 1301 K street northwest. Mrs. Owen,
whosepotrait worfcl3 well-known, will take
possession of her studio in the Corcoran
Building, the latter part of tbis week.
Master Ff oulke, are stopping at t he Elsmcre.
Col. and Mrs. Fellows have taken apart
ments at the Normandie, but expect to go
abroad the latter part of next month.
Mrs. Frank Hatton Is stopping at the
Arlington Hotel, having arrived in the city
Mrs. Byra Ha rnson, of Connecticut avenue,
has returned to her home after a delightful
summer at the seaside
Mrs. Btone, wife of Dr. Ritchie. Stone,
ot Fourteenth, and F streets. Is visiting In
New York.
Senator David B. Hill, of New York, Is at
his old quarters at the Normandie. He Is as
staid and apparently as heart-whole as if
summer girls had never existed.
Count Louis Szcchenyi, second secretary
of the Austrian legation. Is back again after
an absence of many weeks. Baron and
BaronessHengelmiUerarcexpected October
11, and soon after will be established In a
handsome home which, is to be purchased
for the legation.
Scnor Depay de Lome.-SpanisU minister,
and bis family, are expected from Bryn
Maur, Pa., October 4. The legation will
be at home in the handsome house on Massa
chusetts avenue occupied by Secretary
Olney last winter. Count Julio Galarze.
of tho legation, after acquiring a very
mellow tan from twenty-one sea baths a
week, at Swampscott, Mass., bas been
cordially welcomed by bis friends.
The engagement is announced of Miss Ida
Lcrski, of this city and Mr. D. Weisenberg,
of New York.
Announcement of the engagement of
Miss Payson, daughter of Mr. Charles
Fayson, ot K street, to Mr. Raymond La
Ghalt, ot the Belgian legation, will prob
ably soon be made.
Mr. Lewis Baker, United States minister
to Nicaragua, bas arrived In New York on
his leave ot absence.
Quaint and pretty are the several set
of menu cards now on exhibition at the
salesrooms of the Society of Decorative
Art. on Termont avenue. They represent
severally, a buirjljght, Irom start to tin
isb, and the peasant men and women ot
By fJ?
mm J.Jm L "---H iffyA WKM
especially effective. The work is done
Mexico, at their various daily occupations.
Of the last mentioned, a 'iTamalera," is
an card board in water colors, with an
interlacing ground work or feathers, and
is odd aud ingenious.
No more attractive ware has been offered
by the charitable matrons and maids of
society, who Interest themselves hi this
enterprise. A set or Faience, Iwughl in
Paris 120 years ago, by the Be La Court
family, aud from which Washington, Pu
laski and Lafayette have many a lime
been served, is also displayed in the
Mrs. Olney, her daughter, Mrs. Minot,
and her brlghUlittle grandhon, Frank Mi
not, will arrive at their new home here
the latter part of this week.
Pror. Alexander Graham Bell, Mrs. Bell,
and their two daughters, arrived from
Europe yesterday. The MIsfcs Bell have
been in Paris for tome time for the study
of the French language.
Bishop Camillus Maes, president of the
Euciiaristic congress; Archbishop Jann
cenns, and Bishop Gibbons are among the
many prominent members of the Roman
clergy now at the Arno.
The Bukc of Marlborough has arrived
In New York, and is at the Waldorf.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. T. Jchnson, of Four
teenth aud I street, have Just returned from
an extensive trip over the country.
In the circuit court of Alexandria yes
terday the contempt case of Lewellyn v.
Estos, of Washington, treasurer of the
Farmers and Mrcnamcs Insurance Com
pany, came up in the rule requiring him
to stiow cause why he should not be pun
isneil for having urmnccl the Luoka and
papers of the company from the office In
this city and for having drawn Si;.;U)0
from the bank after the appointment of tile,
Judge Nlcol ordered Ernes to return the
books, papers and money to Keceler
Taylor, and required him to give bond ill
the Mitn or $l,uouv and the rule was then
continued until Thursday next. A motion
to dissolve the receivership was made by
the attorneys for the fire company, but the
Judge overruled the motion, l'oung Estes
in his evidence said that the books, etc.,
were removed by the order of his rather,
who is the president of the Fanners and
Mechanics Company.
Dan Triplelt, colored, residing In 8outh
St. Asaph street, is In n had way from
injuries reccied during a right with An
drew Whiting," also coloied, on Monday
night last. Whiting U under arrest to
await the result.
Miss Barbara Webel and Miss Olivia
Moon-, of Washington, D. C. are the guests
or Miss Moore's sister, Mrs. Franklin 1'.
Dr John L. Lewis, of Baltimore, is vis
iting friends in Kensington.
ilr and Mrs- Lewis ri. Thompson and
ihiklren, ot lnwu, are the guests of Mrs.
Tnompson'ii mother, Mrs. Alfred l!ay, of
the nihlands.
Miss ina l'olklnhorn, of Washington, has
Ix-cn vlsitlns the Misses Mamie and -Nellie
Mr Thomas R. Martin has sent In his
resignation from the board of sihool
trustees of the Kensington public fcchool.
.Mr .ouis Rogers and Miss Grace bilio
flrkl, of Washington, have been visiting
Miss Mary L. Davenport.
Mm Annie Wilson, of Washington, has
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. W.Tmvnscnd.
The Donas Society of the Warner Memo
rial Presbyterian Court li will meet to
morrow morning at 10 o'clock at the home
of Miss Elui.i Ray, of the Uighlaiuis. The
annual eiec lion of ofricvrs wi.t take place at
this meeting. It the weather Le Iciicment
the society will meet at the home of Mrs.
Alphonso Hart.
Reports of snow In the county on the
Wheeler read commenced to come in yester
day morning. Among the lulls in the
county, some of w hich are SCO feet above
sea level, the white Hakes were plainly
The Acacoslla Athletic Club is preparing
for its regular monthly sparring exhibi
tion, which will take place shortly.
The letters reltrrea to some time ago as
having been received by the drivers or the
Anacostia Railway Companv, from Presi
dent Grlswold. are many or Hum still in
possession or the men and several of them,
spoken to regarding their disposition, said
last evening; they believed no particular
disposition w ouid be made or thrm and that
there they would let the matter drop.
The celebration of the Women's liome
Missionary Societv and the Foreign Mis
sionary Societv will take place to-day at
the Anacostia Methodist Church. A num
ber or speakers from Washington will be
The monthly consecration meeting of the
Young People's Society of Christian En
deavor was held Sunday evening lnthe
Congreg-.ilonal Church, and was a very In
teresting occasion.
Miss Ruth Thompson is visiting friends
in the city
Mr. William Bready is traveling In New
Mexico among the mountains forthe benefit
of bis health.
Commissioner ot Education Harris
Make.-, His Annua Ileport.
Dr. William T. Hams, United States Com
missioner of Education, yesterday made
public Ills fifth annual report, forlheschoo
year ended November 30, 1893.
It comprises three paru, the first of which
is devoted to statistics. Tliese show tliat
in the year 1892-3 the whole number or
pupils enrolled in schools and colleges, pub
lic and private, in the United States, was
lC,(,e.i,oJU, or "2.D per cent of the entire
This was an Increase over the pre -ceeding
of 370,697, and-the total would
be Increased to 15,400,000 ir the pupils
In attendance upon special educational
agencies were Included. The enrollment or
pupils in the public schools Tor the year
numbered 13,510,710, au Increase of
1.92 per cent, over the precediug year,
while the average attendance increased
3.45 per cent.
The details of attendance show that
children In the United States leave school
tor about two -fifths of tte year to engaso
in labor from other motives.
There were employed in tnat, year 122.05G
male teachers and 200,954 female. There
has been a decrease in the number of male
teachers since 1880, and the number or
female teachers has increased 70 per cent,
in that period.
The number of school-bouses in 1893 was
235,426, valued with their contents nnji
appurtenances at $308,435,039. Theschool
revenue for that year was 8105,000,000
the total expenditures were .! 03,000,000.
Of this amount 5104,000,000 were paid
for teachers wages; $31,000,000 for the
construction of school houses, and S28.
000,000 for fuel supplies, etc.
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to marry have been Issued as
William Thomas and Rebecca Ray.
Henry C. Cheney and Elizabeth B. Yerkes,
both ot Montgomery county, Md.
William L. Reed and Minnie M. McGin
ness. of Oak Grove. Va.
Thomas F. Lane, ot Summit. N. X.
and Lucile Blackburn, of Versailles, Ky
John W. NlroII. or Wnverly, Md., and
Elizabeth A. Murphy.
Thomas O'Donnell and Katie Foley.
George M. Dasson and Mary Frances
William J. Rabbltt and Annie Q.Macum
mous. Henry DT. Burroughs, of Sera Eton, Pa.,
and Mary H. G. Diver.
Frank T. Bandy and Lillle V. Harris.
Unpert D. Bowles and Lulu M. Peppls,
both ot Richmond. Va.
William Henson and Mary J. Bleb.
General Sohofleld's Aids Assigned.
Secretary Lamont yesterday assigned f
Major Hanger ana cap t.yiss, of Gen. Scbo
rield's tlatr, to duty in Washington. Major
Sacger la assigned to duty with Inspector
Gen. Breckinridge, and Capt Bliss to duty
wltti Secretary Lamost.
To-day and
Bon Marche
Heads of tho District W. 0. T. U.
Given a Beception.
The HnndHome Boom of tho "T.V
Wan Filled'wlth TToIl-known
Teniperunco Folk.
The members ot Chapln Auxiliary, W.
C. T. U., held a reception last night in
honor of the newly elected District off leers
and all local auxiliaries at their cosy head
quarters. No. 910 F street northwest. The
parlors were prettily decorated with flags,
aud golden rod gracefully arranged in Jars
and vases added to the attractive sur
roundings. 4
Mrs. M- B. Piatt, president of the District
anion, assisted by the other officers, Mrs.
and Mrs. Griffith, former president, wel
comed the guests most cordially.
After a few words of congratulation for
the hostesses and a regretful farewell to
Mrs. Grlf nth, who leaves to make her home
lu Cleveland the middle ot October, the
throng of visitors passed through to .the
home of the "Ys," where refreshments
ivere served.
This room, reserved by the young women
of the cause, is their special pride, having
been furnished wh:h money realized by
them at the merchants' carnival they held
in the spring. THe walls are hung tvltli
chintz patterned-paper, white and gold,,
the muslin curtains are tied back with
gold-colored satin (ribbon, yellow Japan
ese draperies adorn the mantel, and
the comfortably pillowed divan. The
floor Is covered with matting, and on the
walls are numerous well-selected etchings
aud gay banners;
Mrs. La Fetra, president of the "Ys,"
received all most 'graciously, gowned in
while roses. Site was assisted by a bevy
white roses. She 'jras assUtcd by a bevy
of attractive young women, including
lli.-wes Came McGlue. Gertrude Houston,
Pearl Houston. Mazlc Reinol, Josephiro
Ui!Ic-n water, Maggie Piatt, McDaniels,
Case, Fayne, anTaldcd further by Messrs.
Ed. La Fetra. Joasy Suter, PercyMcUlue,
aul Albert Soemilkcr.
The table wa3irliaroented with crystal
bowls br white! and pink carnations, the
cloth being looped and caught with golden
rod, and delicious -ices and small cakes
tvere served.
Among the many guests present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Clinton Smith,
Mrs. Glllenwater. Miss Kensler,. Miss Nich
ols. Mrs. Merrick, Mrs. Belie Luckett, Mls
Wells, of Chattanooga, Tenn., Col. Vinal,
Miss Mollie Andrews. Miss Piatt, Mrs.
Van Arsdale, Mr. Shelton, Mr. Robert
Cohen, Mrs. Frank Darling, Mrs. Clara D.
Short, Mrs. Mary V. Noerr, Mrs. Bettie
Fague, Mrs. Cull, Mrs. E. Caswell, of
lioston, Mrs. Frank Wells, Mrs. E. T.
Farrar, Mrs. Foley, Mrs. Pcabody, Mrs.
N. Hunch, Mrs. Bennett, of Bingfaamton,
N. Y.. Mr. A. Phillips, Mrs. M. G. Cope-land,-
Mrs. J, I. King, Mrs. Dorman, Mrs.
Robertson, Miss Crllfin and many others.
The portraltof-Miss Wiilard, president of
the national union, was hung In. the par
lor, framed in festoons of the nation's
colors, and smiled down on this pleasant
Catherine or the W.C. T. U.
The Y's will hold a reception to-night
from 8 to 10.
Dual Deed of Assignment.
Joseph A. Goldstein yesterday made a
dual deed of assignment, trading as
Joseph A. Goldstein and as Rich & Co.,
respectively- Hierome O. Claugbton is
the assignee. The assets of the first
firm are rated at $3,548.34; liabil
ities, $5,342. As Ricb & Co. Mr. Gold
stein's assets are estimated at $18,332.22
and the liabilities at 510,884.0-1.
jTbday iiid
:"8i2-814Seventli'St. and
At tho
BON MAItcns.
SeveDlb Si
McMahon Hall of Philosophy to Be
Dedicated To-day
Exerciser at Cattiollo Unlierslty In
Which CiirtMnal Gibbons and Mgr. -SatolU
Will Take Part.
The dedication ot the McMahon Hall of
Philosophy will take place- Litis afternoon
beginning at about 3 o'clock, at the grounds
ci! the Catholic University,
The event is one of such significance
In literary and social circles that Unr cere
monies, which will be very impressive, will
be witnessed by a notably large gathering.
In addition to the local assemblage there
willbepresentiuauy or themoM distinguished
of the prelacy and priesthood of the Union
who are now in attendance upon the
Euchanstic Congress which will assemble
here to-morrow morning.
Tlic following is a synopsis of the official
programme which was glveuoutjesterday:
At lifteen minutes to 3 p. m. Cardinal
Gibbons and ail the representatives of the
University will assemble in the University
cbapei. where will be chanted a by mn to the
Holy Uliost.
This body will move in procession to the
front or McMahonllalloIPhilosopliy.chaiit
Ing the Psalm: "I have rejoiced at the
things that have been said unto me and
1 shall go into the house uf the Lord."
The blessing and dedication or the hall
then lollows, according to the rbrm pre
scribed In the Roman rltuaK Tins ceremony
will take place partly outside the bulging
and will occupy from riiteen to twenty
The party will then go to the assembly
room or McMahon Ball, where the In
augural exercises of the two new faculties
First tho rector will read the brief of
Foie Leo Xlll, written ror this special
occasion. This brief 'has been published
In the newspapers, but will be reprodnced
on the official programme.
Next Mgr. faatolli will deliver an ora
tion in Latin concerning the relation be
tween philosophy ana the kindred sciences.
Rev. Prof. Pace, dean of the faculty ot
philosophy, will give the next discourse,
concerning the scope ol the school of pnil
osophy. Prof. W. C. Robinson, dean of the
faculty of social science, will deliver an
address ou the bcope of the scnool of social
Cardinal Gibbons, chancellor of the Uni
versity, will make tho elo3iugaddress-
Yes te relay mornin gat bo'ciocktheinasscf
the Holy Ghost was celebrated, with
Bishop Keane as celebrant. At tne conclu
sion of the mass the members or the fac
ulty took the oath or orTkv, and the
new dean. Rev. Charles Graunan, was for
mally Installed. The courses of study in
the Divinity Hall were announced by the
president; Dr. Duniont, and the year'i work
Landlord axidTeiiuut Litigation,
lu the suit of Miss Catheriue Fishbum
against Miss-Fannie L. Gait. for possession
f the premises at No. 912 I street north
west, before Magistrate Mills, at 11
a. ni.. yesterday, the defendant took a
change ot venue to Magistrate E. M.
Hewlett. She was represented by Mr.
C. A. Brandenburg as attorney. Mr. J.
Althcus Johnson, as Miss FIshburn's at-.
torney, did not immediately lodge the
papers with Mr. Hewlett and it may be
a day or two before the case comes up
Worklngmcn's Union Association.
The Worklngmcn's Union Association
yesterday riled articles of incorporation
tor a term or years not to exceed twenty.
The association's objects are beneficial
and for mutual improvement and pleas
ure. -The offices and directors are: Hi
ram P. Marston, president; Fred D. ."asey,
vice-president; F. A. Hopping, secretary;
James T. nunter, treasurer; Thomas D.
Singleton, George L. Wagaman and Thomas
D. Slnglelon, Jr., directors.
To - mofrcyw.:
715 Market Space!'::;;;;';;;;
Supply Choice Beef, Lamb, Veal and Pork at
prices ranging from. 4c to 15c per lb. .Will
please anyone, and cut- to suit your own taste.
Rib Roast, 10c per lb.
Sliced Ham, the fat off, 1 8c. per lb.
5 lbs. Oyster's Elgin Butter, $1 .40.
5 lbs. Emrich best Elgin Creamery, $1.25.
Main Market, 1306-1312 32d St. N.W. Telephone 347.
Branch Markets 1713 1 1th senw.: :02s 11th itnir.; 6th -and lists, nv.; X7 M
sL dt.i 21st and K Bit. nnr.: I3 Indiana ara nw.; 5th and I srs. nw.; 4th
and I sts. btt.; 20th st and ra. are.
A combination that
should coax you out. The
first-named anywhere the
bargains here at Baum's
as nowhere else. The below
quoted items tell a tale of
money saving that shrewd
shoppers will do well to
hearken to.
03a 65-lach BLACK STOllM SEEGE.
AH wool special irice, 50c. yard.
go at the special price. SJc yard.
children' dress. Special at lCc yard.
tra heavy Special at $LM pale
sold lor less loan nM. Special at (2.73
SE1S la Black, Drab, and Qn
White extra long waist and fclnlj
perfection In lit rww
JLCna B.-n. C andW. B. uG
COUiEIS special prica . .... " v
Fine Cotton Gowns
extra long, large sleeves
embroidery trimmed
Coat sixes I to 4 year- la
lied. Gray. and. Wnlte
trimmed villi Angora........
Ladies' S9a Silk Carters all
colors 25a pair.
S5a Celluloid I'ocletbooia,
19 each
35a English f Wl Sc!sr-4
slcrs 23a each.
Ladles! liallrculsg Combs.
Ta each.
9c. each" for Pure Linen
Handkerchiefs !
Hemstitched. Are splendid Talas
aMHc to-day 50 dozen will goon
sol. at 9a each.
416 7th St
w . n. c exu ntiT at. atl-vxta.
I'lcturc-s of Officers unci Members and
n Collection of Badges.
The officers of the Department of IheTo
toraac, TT. R. C, before goirg- to the Louls--llle
convention, appointed committees and
formulated plans for an exhibit at the At
lanta Exposition. The past 'vcceksaTr the
fulfillment or those plans, and the exhibit
is now In Atlanta.
It consists or an Immense frame containing
pictures of tbc department officers in the
center of a mat, the past ofricers around
them, and about ZOO members of the vari
ous corps in groups at the top, bottom, and
sides. Booklets in rcjrard to the -n ork, and
especially that part which relates to pa
triotic Instruction In schools, were care
fully prepared, and with paniphl"is-of the
(Sjceral scope of the order, will form part
of the exhibit, and be for distribution.
A unique exhibit Is Ite collection rr TV.
R. C. and convention badges In a glass-coTeredcase.tTvofcetbythreeindlni'-nsIons.
The W. K. C. members expect lo start for
Atlanta October 22.
Xew Sulvstntlon nt Jew- York I". O.
Postmaster General Wilson yesterday
issued an order establishing on October 15,
next a sub-station of the post-office at
Xew York city, for the transaction of gen
eral mail matter, to be know n as sub station
No. 27, and. to be located at the northeast
corner of Christopher and Washington
A Well-known Clothing Honso Takes
an Important Stand.
The well known clothing concern of M.
Dyrcnfortn & Co , 621 Pennsylvania ave
nue, make an important announcement In
their advertisement which appears In
another column.
Tbishousc takes IhcstacdtliatatUicbcgln
ning of every season tbc clothing firms rely
upon their chief harvest, that at this
period prices are made high and remain
stiff until; the reason begins to wane and
tbc goods became less saleable.
Then comes the "tpedal sale," the
"bargain sale," the slaughter," and prices
come down like a pack of cards.
The Innovation proposed by M. Dyren
forlli & Co. Is to abolish all special sales
and do business strictly on the "one
price"' plan.
That Is to say from the very earliest of
the season goods will be marked st an ex
tremely low profit, and the price thus
made will be standard and not departed
from one iota.
Thus clothing will never be inflated In
price at one time and the reverse later.
bm mm
n.; I3LU st- ami rt. i. ara. nv.
514 Ninth St N. W.
Cool Weather
Money Savers
Good Calico Comforts
for single beds "Worth:
SOc Only 29c.
Large size Comforts,
Good quality cloth.
Usually sold at $L,23.
Only 69c.
Extra weight select
Cotton Comfort Soft
and warm. Fully
worth S2.S0. Only
500 pair of Double
Blankets. Usually
sold at $1.00 pair
Ours only 49c
Full 11-4 Part Wool,
very large, very warm.
Worth S2.5 0. Only
Hundreds of Other
Styles in Blankets
and Com Forts.
White Crochet Bed
spreads. . Worth $1.00
each. Only 49c
Very Fine Marseilles
Spread. You can
travel the city over,
but cannot match this
for less than $2.00.
Ours only 9Sc
Elegant warm chev
ron cloth Tea Gowns,
lined to the waist, with
belt Never sold for
less than $2.00. Only
A few more of those
Tailor-made Wraps at
98c Worth $2.00.
Yard White Embroi
dered Flannel, hand
some pattern, usually
sold at 75c Only 49c
Spool, all colors, Cro
chet Silk, usually sold
at 25c Only 9c
A pair, 2 yd. long
Lace Curtains, 29c a
pair. Worth 75c
Our elegant Lace Bed
Sets. Worth $2. Con
sisting of bedspread
and one pair -shams.
All for 98c
514 Ninth St N. W.
IS2 PennsylTamta arenua aortmrMl
rirstdalBgrrlcm. Mloniai5. hSraa
s Feel i
: Badly i
9r1nrw y
diseases often follow trilling ailments. 2
ki c iia itiia i ciiratniiv. iwrausr "i nau t
generally exhausted, Z
UTonzrcwcucani .
nervous, nave nuz
appetite and can't S
work. begin at once S
takmg tbe most re; Z
liable strengthening Z
medicine, which is S
Brown's Iron Bitters. 5
Benefit comes from S
the very first dose. S
Otspcpsu, kidney and Livm
V Neumuii, Tnouairs,
ConstImtism. Impure Blood.
MAUuiia. Nervous Ailmcbts.
Wocn'9 Coaipuiirr.
Get only the genuine It hss crossed red J
2 lines on the wrapper. V
wH 9
gDruwii s
2 Iron
: Bitters
"T s- '
'j-i "H . f
S i

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