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. "la t." r
t 8 onohiarnrh 9. Drn I
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GAQIIAM On Thursday, Ociobcr.1, 1893.
at 3 p. m.. Wjlliam Lcroy, Infant son of
Michael and Haulc Gaghan.
Funeral will take place from tils parents
residence. No. 184!) Ninth 6trect north
West. Friday, October 4, at a p. m.
ELLEUOOD George A. Ellegood, at 7 p.
B., October 2.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
Fashionables Keturning-and Patting
Their Kesidences in Order,
Mrs. Ltimoiit's liidhm Room Chinese
Minister Will I.iii eon Sunday for
Spain turreseiitlllNCredciitlals.
There are the days of household confusion,
the season when half the Larn, and Penates
of (mart city homes ate Mai (lint; on their
heads, in obscure comers, or smothered in
undignified fashion under heaps of truU
bled draperies.
The gay house-wife back from the lux
urious sea side cottage or rustic mountain
"cabin," is lull of tew and pretty dec
orative ideas, learned irom w atciiing nature
at work, and lrom her fellow-cottagers
or cabiueers. Every cosy drawing room
and boudoir bears tome trace of Ltr sum
mcrou ling, and snearrangc&undrcarraiiges,
moving olf to watch the effect of herlatest
artistic venture, ai.d fciuihng fcutiMuctlon
as she brings tastcrul order OMt ot gay
colored chaos.
ilrs. Lamout, wife of Secretary of
War, is busy, superintending the "tixlng
up" of her lioiii'ablc home, and every
where aie eouMuin, ox i.cr uenguuuibuui
mer lour through the W-st, in the (Lain.- of
qualm baskets, tnd iioitcry, and Indian
knick -knacks or co.-y sort. ilrs. La
ment is most cmtiUbiastic over the hos
pitable reception undercd her, and was
uchghiiull) .nipicittu by all the taw of
hre at tLe army post, bo jiumerous and
beautilui are the gilts of Ii.dian work re
ceived by the (secretary ai.d hertclf, that
she is fitting up a f i idal room hung and
oruameiued with them, which will toon
be irep.trtd lor the reception of her lriends.
The Chinese minister, llr. Yang Yu, and
suite will leave Washington bunday for
N"ew York, and after a few dajs there
will sail on the- Trench line steamship La
Touraine for Havre. Mr. Yang Yu ex
pects to remain iu Tarts three or four
days, after which he will go by rail to
-Madrid, Spain. The. object or tins visit
of the minister to bpaiu is to present his
credentials, he belig accredited to that
country as well us to the United Males.
Returning, he will spend some weeks in
England, and expects to arrne in Wash
ington a lew da-js before Christmas.
X., closed his cottage at Newport yester
day. Col. T. II. Anderson, who was minister
to Bolivia under President Harrison, has
returned from abroad. Airs. Anderson,
who lias liven quite 111, is rapidly rccoer
ing. Capt. Hall, D. S. A., Jlrs. Hall and fam
iyl, capt. Mills, U. b. A., and ilrs. illlU
and Capt. Lyman, U. . A., leave to
morrow tor N ew York. The off icers minted
are on Gen. Uuger's statf, and wilt be
statiuued at Governor's Island, ilrs. Ly
man will join her husband as soou as ihc
health of her little son permits. '
ilrs. James U. Youug, of Lisbon, X. II.,
Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. It. L.
O'ltrien, at her home In this city.
ilrs. F. W. Coleman and son, of the
Richmond, are stopping iu New York lor
a lew weeks.
Senator and ilrs. Calvm ISriee and the
Misses Itrice, accompanied by ilr. ban
lord lieatlie, will return to Corcoran House,
their elegant winter home, November 1.
Miss Tage Carr, of No. 2127 R street,
who has been enjoying the summer months
in Canada, will return to the city to
morrow, iliss Lemly, of Chevy Chase,
niece or Gen. Innes Talmer, is the guest or
iliss Carr.
Commodore llcXalr, U. S. N., and fam
ily, have returned lrom abroad and are
at the Richmond lor the winter.
Mr. ilario de Mendonca, second secre
tary or the Draziliau Legation, nud ilrs.
de ilendonca, nee Rogers, wilt return to
Washington Saturday.
Miss Nina Cordon, of Fort ilyer, who
is visiting relatives In the South, will be
one' ot the attractive debutantes to grace
ociety the coming winter.
Senor Bon Miguel Corarrubias, first secre
tary of the Mexican Legation, is iu New
Mr. Robert Lehr, who has for some time
been Tortugnesc consul at Baltimore, has
resigned that office.
Mrs. L. Z. Letter ami iliss Daisy Letter
have left Switzerland for Pans, where
.they will be met Monday by Mr. Letter and
will go at once to the handsome country
seat of Mr. George Nathaniel Curzon. in
Derbyshire, to -visit thcirjlaughter, Mrs.
Curzon. After remaining two weeks, they
will leave England October 20, sailing on
the steamsliip Majestic, of the White Star
Line. Mr. Joseph Lclter is again In Chi
cago. Mr. Harold Camp has returned to his
home In Washington, after a visit of several
weeks to Lake Champlalu, N. Y., and Ver
mont. Lieut. Rcmy, U. S. N., and family, have
returned to the city, and Lave taken apart
ments at the Elsnicrc.
Col. L. L. Livingston. U.S. A., and Miss
Livingston, his daughter, will be at the
Richmond for a few days in the curly part
of ncs.t week.
ilr. and Mrs. James Franklin and Mrs.
Boss have returned after a season's ab
sence, and are at the Cairo.
Sir Julian Pauncefote, British ambas
sador, has arrived in Montreal.
The wedding of Mlts Eesie Bain Dent,
daughter ot the late Louis Dent, youngest
brother of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant, to Lieut.
GerrlsU Smith, U. S. X., will occur at coon
Wednesday, October 9. in New Y'ort. The
ceremony will be performed at the home of
friends of the bridi Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Raymond, No. 200 West Seventy-third
street. Father Taylor will officiate, and
anions tho guests will be Mrs. U- S. Grant
and Mrs. Algernon Sartoris. Mr. and Mrs.
Dent are residents of Washington.
The homo of Capt. Richard n. Reming
ton, In Alexandria, was yesterday evening I
the scene ot a pretty wedding, Miss Olive
V. Bradshaw becoming the bride ot Mr.
Thomas L. Calltsh. The ceremony took
placeprontptlv at 7o'clock In the handsome
parlors, and Rcr. J. T. Williams, pastor of
the. IX. E.. Cburch South, tied the knot.
"The ceremony was witnessed by a large
throng ot the friends of the couple. The
bride was attired In a brown cloth trav
eling dress, with hat to match. Mr. and
Mrs. CallUh took the Norfolk steamer at
7:30 for Old Point.
Mrs. Amnndy Wicks, Miss May Hauston,
Mr. A. C. Kelly, and Mr. Woods, who havo
been the guests ot ilrs. Lucy Thornhlll,
near Turnbull, Va., nave returned to their
homes in this city.
Miss Jane Thornhlll is the guest of
II Is May Huustou, No. 622 Massachusetts
avenue northwest.
Congressman Hemphill, ot South Caro
lina, and ilrs. Hemphill arc again In the
ilr. W. II. Gallinger, son ot Senator Gal
linger, of New Hampshire, is stopping at
the Elsmere.
Mrs. T. F. Hulnman, Jr., has returned
from Atlantic City, after a pleasant and
successful season, and is pleasantly situ
ated at 32 1 East Capitol street, where she
will be pleased to meet her many friends.
Ojruliillnli anil Ilrule Sioux nt the
Indian Office-.
There was n picturesque set no in the of
fice of Assistant Indian Commissioner
Smith yesterday, when alrout seventy-five
Ogalallah and Brjlu Sioux of Buffalo
Bill's Wild West Show called to have a
pow-wow In ngard to arralrs affecting
their Interests.
The Indians were fine specimens of
physical manhood, and were bedecked
with feathered head dress and their fea-,
tures were decorated with variegated col
ors of paint.
There vt ere three squaws and one papoose
among tlnm, the latter occupying the at
tentiouor thelady clerks, who fed It sugar
and treated the little redskin In a ride on
the elevator, much to Its delight
Several ehlcfs addressed Commissioner
Smith, thr.vigli an Interpreter, reviewing
their affairs, and one old warrior, who
spoke at length, stated that it he told of the
unfilled promises of the Government to the
Indians the show would have to be post
poned.asit would takehim twodaystodo It.
One of the prim ipil complaints of the In
dians was the redaction In the price paid
them for hauling freight.
Commissioner Smith replied to the speak
ers, and explained the action of the Govern
ment in regard to thelraffairs.
Col.Cody and ilaj. Bjrkcaccompanicd the
The committee of the lioard of police
commissioners are busily engaged in pre
paring the cedent rules whleif is to govern
the police deiurtrucnt. it is understood
that a number of radical chauges have
leen made.
The Young People's Union ot the Second
Pre-bjlerlau Church will resume lh-lr
regular weekly mtetlngson Tuesday night
next, at the roMdeuce of Kev. Heron II.
Riel, their pastor, when the plan of work
for the fall and winter wilt be mapped
Mr. W. C. McMlchael. of Washington,
an evaneelist of the Central Union Mis
sion, eouductcd interesting services, In the
mission's tent, on upper King street,
lat night.
Mr. Andrew A. Lipscomb has announced
hlne-elf as a candidate for the Democratic
nomination for the primary election to be
held on Tuesday next. Mr. Lipscomb
is very strong iu the county, and in the
city lie has a host of frieuils, so that his
nomination would not i-urpriseany one.
The Utile E'sex boy, who Is lying at
the AIcx.indrl.1 Infirmary. Willi a Iiullel
wound In hlsstomach, is still a live, though
the chances are against his recovery. Gar.
field Essex, his brother, who shot him,
has tce-u released, the hearing in the
Mayor's court showing the shooting to
have been entirely accidental.
Mr. Horace Swain has resigned the
secretaryship ot the Columbia Fire Com.
pan and il r. J. T. Beekhnni, Jr., has !-een
elisttd to temporarily fill the vacancy.
The cn.e ot White & Co., against the
rarmers and Mechanics' Insurance Com
pany has been continued until the Decem
ber term of the circuit court, by Judge
Mr. and ilrs. Weston Bailey, of Newark,
N. J., are visiting the parents of the
former, Mr. and itrs. George 11. Bailey,
of Carroll avenue.
Airs. W. L. Follmcr returned Monday
from Philadelphia, where she went to
attend the funeral of her brother, ilr. II.
W. Rohrer, who died very suddenly on
Friday ot last week.
Mrs. Harrison of Elm avenue, has re
turned trom an extended visit with rela
tives in Pennsjlvanla.
iliss Minnie Colburn. of Philadelphia,
Is visiting her uncle, Mr. R. Colburn, of
Carroll avenue.
Miss Nellie Hood and iliss Llna Gregory,
of Culpeper, Va., are the guests of Mrs.
William Steers for a few days.
Dr. J. L. Adams and wire have recently
returned lrom a visit with friends iu Har
riman, Tcnn.
Miss Bessie Ford, who Intended to leave
two weeks ago Tor Clifton Forge. Va.,
3ut vv;as detained on account or Illness,
left for that place on Monday, where she
will enter school.
The Misses Hamlin have returned from
a visit to Atlantic City.
ilr. L. il. Parsons spent Sunday In the
Miss Ethel Mooers has been appointed
organist of the Presbyterian Church, as
successor to Mrs. Morris Iliern.
Mrs. Dr. Norman and daughter, Grace,
have returned from a month's visit to
friends in Ohio.
Mrs. John Poier left during the week
for a trip to Niagara Falls.
Extension of tho Transfer SyHtem.
Editor Times: The proposed transfer sys
tem lietween the Belt and Columbia lines
of street railway, to go into effect this
week, will be a great convenience to the
public, and your timely remarks favoring
a still further accommodation in the way
of transfer facilities meet vtith universal
There arc two Intersecting lines of
street railway on which the patrons of
both roads have long been compelled to
pay two Tares in order to reach their des
tination, viz. Seventh and K and P'lfteentli
and New York avenue. At neither point
will the Washington and Georgetown and
Columbia roads give the public the benent
of a transfer, although these points for
the system would seem to bo as impor
tant, if not more so, than any point in
the District.
Of the nearly three thousand employes
of the Government Printing Office it is
fair to estimate that or.e-third have their
residence In the i.orthwest section of the
city, and are comr-elled on account of
the long distance to ride each way, and,
under trie present rule, to pay two fares
to and from office. This, however, is
only a percentage of tl.e people "patron
Izing both roads on the double fare sys
tem, as many residents of the northeast
section are engaged in business pursuits
in the northwest, and they also would
hall with delight a one-rare rate over
the rapid transit systems now in operation.
L. S. M.
She Testified That He Threatened
and Abused Her Cruelly.
Detective McDerltt Thought It Was
Was a Cohc of Deep I.ove on
this Mun's Sld
Charles E. Shreves, an usher In one of
the theaters, was In Judge Miller's court
yesterday mornlngcbargcd with threatening
his wife, ilaud E. Shreves.
Mr. and Mrs. Shreves have been married
but thirteen months. Mr. Shreves was at
one time a lithographer nnd after losing
bis position was'employed as an usher.
Mrs. Shreves told the judge how Shreves
has abused her for some time, that he is
a hard drinking man, und that on Sat
urday night he came home drunk and
abused her, struck her and prevented" her
from leaving the house, when she tried to
go to her mother's house for protection.
Shreves. who is about five inches smaller
than his wife, took the stand and told or
his wife striking "him In the nose on the
night in. question ami drawing blood.
He swore that he was not drunk, but had
liquor about him. He said he loved his
wife and did rot want her to leave him.
They have lieen rooming at Thirteenth
and II streets, ard he Is making $1 a week
as usher. He declared since he lost his
position as lithographer he had been
treated like a dog.
ilrs. Shrives, who Is a very pretty bra
nelte and only seventeen years old, was
cnllnl to the stand agiln und said that her
love for the defendant was entirely dead.
Mrs. Glllwrt then told that she had been
Informed by agcatleman whom she had
promised faithfully not to mix up in the
matter that neither she nor her daughter
were safe from this man.
"Probably th lady refers to me," rpoke
up tt voire from thCjerowded courtroom, and
when the owner, appeared on the scene it
proved to be Detective MeBovltt.
Mr. MeDevitt was sworn, and said he
thought the whole thing was a case of deep
love on the youns man's side. He had come
to him and told him ot his troubles, and he
(MeDevitt) had gone up to see Mrs. Gilbert
to attempt to bring aboat a reconciliation.
The joung man (had given his word of
honor yesterday, that he would not trouble
the ladles anymore, and he had intended
to Inform M rs. S,hreves of this statement
last night, but had been unexpectedly
"No doubt. yonrhonorr" he added, "If
I had beeuable to-doo this warrant would
not have beeu made out."
Judge Miller then called Shreves to tho
Maud, and gave film a sound lecture.
"I'll take your personal bouds for six
months, and I warn you that you had
lietter behave oureIf."
Mrs. Shreves, whose maiden name was
Maude Gilbert, created quite a ee-nsatlon
about a year ami a half ago by running
away'from home.
iltss Maude was quite famous In an
amateur way as a soubrette. and had
professional aspirations. Mrs. Gilbert ob
jected to having her daughter as a "song
and dance" artist, and Miss Maude took
matters In her own hands.
it took the detective force some time
to find her, but she was finally located
at the Hotel Metropole, New York, where
she was waiting for a theatrical engage
ment. Maude was bruught home and for
given, and shortly afterward married
young Shreves, from whom she cow wishes
to be separated.
Marrmce Licence.
Licenses to marry have been Issued as
William Rosier and Emma CarrolL
Edwlnburgh W. Morris nnd Levinla
Lewis Thompson nnd Eva Lewis.
Tred II. Cole and Maggie R. Edds.
Charles Burnett and Mary Harris.
William Lane and Mary Tate.
William J. Pitner, ot Atlanta, Ga., and
Maggie B. Columbus.
James E. Ay re and Gertrude J. KIger.
Eugene Miller and Rosa L.Hudnell, both of
Lexington, Va.
Alfred Reynolds and Jessie Beatrice Hall,
both of London, Eng.
Webster I). Gilmer and Lulu B. Jackson,
both of Charlottesville, Va.
Cloak nnd Suit
"We have selected this extreme
ly attractive one to make a special
cut on. It is in the heifjht of
style in Beaver, Boucle, and
Cheviots ripple back mando
lin sleeves. The regular price
is $9. We have reduced it to
734-736 7th Street NW.
entirely new
i d e a 1 1 y
p r e 1 1 y in
light blue,
old rose,
black and
red trim
med with
n arrow
white braid
double Wat
teau back
sailor collar
1 a r g e
sleeve s
lined thro'-
out a very
special bar
gain at
Bon Marche,
314 and 316 7th St.
Cardinal Gibbons Repudiates
Stephan's Political Plan.
Ilend of tlio American Cliuroti Snys
IIk MKslun I to Tench, nnd Xot to
Interfere Willi Temporul Affairs.
A rclibWhoiItynnM Lively Comment.
Next Meeting October 2, 1600.
Tbe momentous question now before tho
public concerning tbe political organiza
tion of tbe prelate? and members or the
Roman. Catholic Church received an au
thoritative denial yesterday from the
great head of tbe American cuurili. Car
dinal Gibbons.
A Times reporter had an Interview in the
moruiug with the Cardinal in his private
room on the lecoud floor and Just above
tbem.ilu entrance of McMahon Hall. The
apartment is a statelr one. furni'lied in
rltli, dark leather and Turkish hangings.
Here the Cardinal, ilolhcd In his crimson
silk cassock, was, seated iu a large arm
chair Just before a western winuovv that
comnuud-, a magnificent view of the Sol
dier" Home.
The Cardinal raid. "The subject of a
political organization to be formed by
the officials aLd members of our church
was not dlFCiscd at our meeting yester
day. It is contrary to all established rules
aid precedents to entertain such an idea,
still less to form plans for a course of action.
"Tbe Catholic Church las always held
itself aloof from all political entangle
ments Its great mission is to teach .and
direct in things epiritual. With temporal
affairs It never Interferes."
"The laymen of Hie church arc free to
form mch societies as may tend to pre mote
their temporal welfare, but to expect the
archbishops and bishops formally to ap
prove or to ratify such plans Is to expect
whatcan never come to pass."
In regard to the Indian Bureau tbe cardi
nal said that the new commissioners, con
sisting of himself. Archbishop Corrlgan, of
New York, and Archbishop Ityan, ot Phila
delphia, had held their first meeting last
night, and that the director general ot the
bureau, Mgr. Stcphan, had been present.
The transfer bad been made from the old
commlsslorcrs, ArchbUhop Iteardon.of San
Francisco, and Bishop Marty, of South Da
kota, to the present board.
In reply to the direct question, "Will
Mgr. Stephan still temaln in charge of Hie
bjreau?" tbe cardinal answered Immedi
ately. "Most assuredly, Mgr. Stephan will re
main the director. He has spent a long life
iu this good work, his management has been
Judicious nndtils Integrity and executive
ability unquestioned."
Replying to a further question about tbe
attitude of the bureau toward the present
administration. Cardinal Gibbons said:
"We have no grievance wbaleveragalnst
this government. It has long been known
to us that the appropriations would at the
end of a specified time be entirely with
drawn from our Catholic missions. We
have been given opportunity to provide for
tbh contingency, and we will now take
active steps In making all our schools
elf -supporting."
Tho cardinal iaid further that the arch
bishops and bishops would never make a
united petition to Congress, no matter how
grave the circunistnnces or bow grievous
the complaint. If the Catholic Church had
reason to believe that its rights were
Infringed upon, or its members unfalrly
treated. It would simply ask for justice as
citizens ot tho United States; they would
never demand satisfaction as a body of
powerful prelates supported by millions
of voters. Such action would be coutrary
to their high prerogative of the exponents
otthegreat teacher ot charity and humility.
In concluding his interview, the cardinal
expressed great satisfaction at the mag
nificent inaugural of McMabon Hall, and
said that the Catholics of Washington
had cause for true rejoicing that such a
monument of learning and munificence
should have arisen in their midst. An
swering the olt-repeated question, "Are.
women to be admitted for Its degrees?"
the great dignitary laughingly replied:
Our board bad not held a meeting for
eighteen months, and we had such a quan
tity of grave and Important business to
transact that we did not get around to this
question, which seems to be agitating the
Washington ladles so greatly. When we
meet In the spring we hope to remedy
t bis oversight. In the meantime, tell the
ladles to study diligently in order to be
ready for the golden opportunity."
Cardinal Gibbons is remarkably gentle
andkindinhlsmanner. Toallwhoapproach
him he extends the same dignified, cordial
welcome, and at all times, and under the
most trying circumstances, he Is accessible,
patient and satisfactory.
Another member of the Indian bureau.
Archbishop Ryan, of Philadelphia, said
that Mgr. Stcphat would undoubtedly re
main in charge uf Its affairs as long as he
desired to hold the position. He spoke very
warmly of the monsignor's work in this
field, and said that his mistakes, If sncli his
late utterances could be termed, were only
Uio mistakes of overzeal. He had devoti-d
his life to these missions, his only thought,
his only hope, were bound up in thclrsuccess,
consequently he attached nndae importance
to al! that concerned them. The political
part of Mgr. Stephan's report had not been
discussed at their meeting, and there jvas
no reason tint tj t should ha ve been mentioned.
The attitude of the Catholic Church has
always been strongly defined. Politics
never enters Into their rcligfous meetings
or discussions- The Indian bureau will
conduct no political war.
Archbishop Kain, of St. Louis, ex
pressed some lively opinions on the ub
Ject. He said that Catholics T-culd scarcely
care to imitate certain other quasl-re-lhrious
organizations that band together
w-i m-
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King's Palace
is the only way to ex
press our Cloak and
Millinery Display
such a bewildering as
sortment of loveliness
as we are showing
makes one think of
fairyland. AND
they startle you they
are at least 25 per
cent loxver than any
where else.
AH our prices are won
derful look at these:
Jean WaUts for children, )r"0
patented buttons UU
SSc ladies' Ribbed VesU, 7n
fleece Unod u
T5c ladle' Trim Wrappers, TQ
rndes orer shoulders UUu
tEcrercato Fhirt Waists for I Qn
boys, all sizes, ...... Qu
73c Laundered Percale Boys .Qn
Waists, lovely patterns.... HUu
93c Hit Caps for children.
lull fleiteJ front, velvet Q
trimmed tJUC
King's Palace,
812 and 814 Seventh St. X. W.
71S Market Space.
Absolutely Painless Dentistry.
ONT rt It off,
tut eeoua today
aboat SUin;
that decay eJ
tooth. eU
n:ake a qclck,
perfect oxera
tfen of It with
oot causing you
a l-anc ot pain.
Our painless
method Is ab
solutely pertcct.
I'ainlees extrac
tion, 0 cents.
Other charges proportional.
Evans Dental Parlors,
1217 Penn. Avenue N. W.
for so-calltl self -protection. Catholics
nceil no pncli associations. In the national
history their wort It written. As Iecisla
tors. oriranizcTs, and statesmen their quota
has been ecjual to if not in excess of other
denominations; therefore they were able
to take care, of themselves without, so to
speak, callins down tho Uiuihlerbolts of
heaven ajralnt their enemies.
With Uie nd.-oornment of the meeting
Wednesday nlsht the offici.il work of th
archbishops of tile United States Is at an
end. Several of them leave for their home3
immediately, others remain to witneia
the closing of tl.e Eucharistic Congress.
The cardinal will leave for Baltimore
this morning. ArchbUhop Corrlgan will
remain in Washington a few days longer as
tbe guest of Mr. E. Francis Riggs, the
The next annual meeting of the board
;f archbishops will occur in the Divinity
building, Catholic University, October 2,
T.ittle Joe Miller Eicnpew on u JJ'lcc
An audible titter ran through the spec
tators in Judge Cox's court yesterday
when Joseph Miller was brought np for
Miller is a fmall colored boy. He was
indicted for larceny from the person.
Little Ilattie Green had S1.S5 iu her
band that she was taking home nfter
delivering a washing for her mother.
Joseph told her he knew her father and
would take tbe money and go Into the
Pennsylvania depot where he worked
and ask him If It were not all right. Whrn
they reached the station door Joe to!.i
Ilattie she would not be allowed inside
and he would go and sec him, aud that was
the last of Hattle'R money.
"We are willirg to rest our cose right
here," raid Counsel Taylor, "and .-k the
courtto instruct thejnry to return a verdict
of not guilty. Tbe prosecuting attorney
has not made ou t a case of larceny f rum tbe
"Well that Is -nhat I will have to do,"
said Judge Cox, "for while that m'ght be
a case of obtaining money under false
pretenses it is not larceny lrom the per
son," and Joe was acquitted.
William Smith was acr.uIUed of a fec
ond offense of petit larceny.
ltaac llrown pleaded guilty to larceny
from the person, and was sentenced to
three vcars at Albany
At the request of Mr. Jeffords Thomas
Williams was released from further ens
tody. Williams was held as an accessory
of John Harris, who was indicted for the
murder of Matthew Sprucll, July 4, 1S95.
2 We ask this repeatedly, because serines J
fj. diseases often follow lnnui ailments. S
If vonareweafcanl !
1 Brown's
1 Bitters
SMieraiiy cxnaasicu,
nervous, have no
af.pciuc ana can c m
vrorlc. begin at once 5
tailing ire most re- S
liable strengthening
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the very first dese. m
Kidney and Liven
TnouBirs. M
Impure Blocd. &
Nervous Ailuhnts.
B CoNSTirATion
9 Malabia.
n Woucn'8 Complaints.
fl fit tvnZ'vthm crnnifi ft Hi rrn-pA wA
3 lines on the wrapper.
S3 BD R 6
e 0-0
The Great
of business tbat our won
der fnl barga'ns bare beea
bria glue us tbe last few days
rendered It Impossible for
us to ciro each rustoner tb
attention we would hart
liked. Wo hare now en
gaged extra help, and are
prepared to make Tislta to
our store not onlr proatable.
but pleasurable. J
512 9th St. N. W.
S. Kann, Sons
8th and Market Space.
Children's Genuine
Turkish Fez Caps, in
Navy and Cardinal
long silk tassels,
Also Jb elt mats in
three sizes, Ladies,'
Misses,' and Children's,
in Navy, Cardinal, Black
Jfand Brown. Worth
a double the money.
S, Kann, Sons
8th and Market Space.
ija-t ' n
This solid quartered Oat Sideboard, swell top.
richly carreJ, SJxTO beveled plate mirror, a
small, t large linen drawer, and donole closer,
wet! made and finely finished. Bqoal to any
raOl sideboard. M-FCIAL PRICE AT TUB
Julius Lansburgti
Furniture and Carpet Co.,
Ksw York A7e.,bell3lu and I4lHis.
Square Marble and Glass StandsXenter Market
Ninth Street Lino Snld to Infringe or
Itultlmorc I'utents.
Tlie Metropolitan Railroad Company wis
yesterday made defendant to a salt for
Injunction because of alleged Infringe
ment or patents in Us new system cm tno
Ninth street line.
ElIaiE. Ulesuud Albert Henderson, uotu
of Baltimore, are tbe complainants in tho
case. It is claimed that the company Is
unlawfully using cightpatents.
It was stated by the pc-tltiomng parties "
that .Mr Rle;, Invented an improvement la
the conduit for electric and cable railways
en which ho was grat-ted letters patent
March 23. 1SSG. One-half Interest In
the invention was assigned to M r. Ilender
on, making him a Jointowccr Iu an cental
Tire petitioners claimed the sole owner
ship ot tbe patents and said they bad noti
fied the comiany of its lnrringtment. but
the notice has tx-en disregarded, and since
January 1 lart th railroad lias been mak
ing and using the varions devices.
To prevent the further manufacture and
use of the patents an Injunction was there
tore asked and payment for the profits
derived from tho apparatus already used
naked tot.
fJlIllJ. IlLlJ
Vh&$-kkms&i-J: '
'f.SV-s'-j!' ,..-1 '
ytggaCw ,

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