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'"SKRKT1 '"",
' -jw
5" -SsPS.'1'-' V-J
Vt&ZvM&d.- -Sfi
Wash B. ,,2'lam,'
Pally Bargains.
Here's an
Rocker for $2.65
It's no use payi'iff more money
elsewhere while we arc holding
At any rate, do yourself the jus
tice to call and see the magnifi
cent line ol FALL FURNI
TAINS, etc. -
Hare you teen the new
Urapery room yet?
Wash. B. Williams,
7th and D Streets.
The nearest snbJhision f Washington,
roached In 15 minutes from sixth Street Depot,
la daily train? cert T.ar. By Dccenibor 1st
next tt will be i-eachet by Trolley Cam of ML
Vernon Electric Rsllroad in 10 minutes from
Treasury Building.
l'ncps of lot-i from SSO to $250. Size
from 23 feet front by 191 feet deep to 50 feet
front by 2 feet deep. On s.nall w eeLly Pay
ments Five Lots Will Be Given Awaj to
Parties Who Will Commence to
Build By October 15. 1395.
We also offer some 25
1 toSa'TP, the most beautiful in the vicinity
of Washincton, end commanding tho grandest
vlenslu America.
For farther Information and prospectus call
James I Clements, or
A. T. IIoi7iniin.
13-1 Tbtreetnw.
Or fee C T. IIENUY, at the office on subdivision
Interest Paid
Upon Deposits.
DEPOSITS on il.nl v Inlancrp subject
to c!i"ck. TIk.Fi" who liave account
oK"ix th.il iifiiully liave balanced id
- their credit should consider the nd-
. -vaiitax." of cuch linlauccs EARNING
INTEREST. II is rri'dllt-a on jour
pas' book, added to the principal, and
made tubject to jour check.
JOHN' .TOY EDSO.V President
JOHN A. SWOIT, .. Vice President
II S CL'MMIXCS .. 2d Vice Prcs't
ANDREW PARKER .. .. Secretary
Loan & Trust Co.
COll Dili AND-r STS.
ana otucrs whuse occupations preveo.
tbcm from matins deposits during
regular banking; hours will find It coo
venient to visit the
Union Savings Bank. 1222 F St. H.W.
which is open EVERY SATLRDAT
NIGHT bet ween the hoursof 6 aud 8.
(Four per cent, interest on earing
account. l
ft Open an account with this
company, pay your rjms Dy
? check and receive interest
upon your average balances.
fYou wjrKed for it, so make
your money work for you.
American Security.. Trust Co,
I r T. Bell, Pres. 1405 O Street.
The paper on which The "Wash
ington Times is printed is made
.. Mf&
C.S. FAULKNER, Sole Acent,
Tlmes BulldiM". NfwYorkCitv.
Medical Expert and Specialist.
602 F STREET N. W.
disease!. KID.'EYanilDI.ADDERdlM'asiR,
TI'KE. etc
PRIVATE diseases quickly ami perma
nently cured. Vitality restored. Consul
tation Tree. Hours, f to IS a in. 2 to 0
1. m.; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
nights, 7 to 8. Sundays, 4 to G.
We w ill htuil yon the marvelous
i-rencn rrppmuica CALTHOST
free, and a lernl guarantee that I
CAL11I03 will lie-More- yoiirfi
uca.m,irengi.uana iffor.9
Use it and pay if satisfied.
Address VON MOHLCO.,
Sale irlcM AffnlN (briiull, Oklo.
There's nothing too large nothing too
tra all for us to print Our especial specialty
McGILL & WALLACE, Printers.
UK" E Street X YT. Thone.33!.
Test of Five Million Gallon
Engine Almost Completed.
IteMdeittK III EleMited Parts of tho
City Will 111- Amply Jsiippllod An-iitlii'i-Oiin
of Klalit .Million (IiiIIohn'
Ciijuuliy AdMTiNi-d Voi Supply
V11I lb- EnoitL'li for -Mutiy Veuri..
Residents of I hi- Dish levels in and about
WunliluKton now liave a-SJrance of plenty
ot waler and preure fciirricient to i-.irry
It where ieedod.
The lot of thi Krivil live nillUon gallon en
Kine recently put lit thvV street puinpliiBjta'
lion is nlinust compleied, nud It hhows
that theinuchlnerywilldoIlsMorkand more.
In addilion the i-peiiricatious hae L it'll
made up and bid,--other (knl for another
gallons a day. This will beln place within u
The fitx' million frallon eiiKlne now Leins
orfu-ially Ittnl wa nude by a .Milwaukee
firm and, ill I he words of nil ciilhii.sl.iMic
engineer who has. been watUiing Itsservlce,
"Im Jen jcars nhe.nl of I hi tmicH." It is
a'huire piece of iii.ichiiier,oonntinEeseii
tlally or three cylinders with three double
force pumps.
Enjrlneers know it as a triple esiunsioii
encine. The Meain enters on one imlii
and passes through (ach of the, three
cylinder! m tli.it its entire enemy "HI
l7cil. Ita temperature is 100 ileijrii, M lieu
it coes into die MMi pr.-sure eyllndernn.I
i:tl dtTjrees when Jt ii(.s( s out of the low
pressure Into the pipe leaning to the cim
deuser. The three pistons move wltii Rreaj speed
as compared rttli onliiury pimijw. At
oaili stroke about .1 hoKi-he.id of water is
drawn from a -0-Inch main at the level
of the street, and on the oilier side of
the double pump the saine.iiiKiunt orwater
is forced into another main leading lo
lit. He.isant uml other liisli locations.
Steam Is supplied bj two new hollers
put In by a l.alnilloro rinu, Ahlili are
also uiideroliiff a titt.
The whole outfit cost 520,000. The
commit calls for the use of 12,noo
pound of i-oal eaih day and the delivery
of D.UOO.uOit gallons or water against a
pressure of lfiM pounds to the sipiare Inch.
The initial press ire In the pipe from whlih
tfe water is taken Is three pounds to the
square Imli. Eaih Iwllcr lias the tvipnclty
to- supplv steam for a -50 horse-powi.r
ensine. The cnnlnc N 350 horse-power.
The tef t is beliiK made by Col. James W.
Terrv. ot the chief encineer's offuv ill the
War Department. lie was assigned to the
duty by reaueuot theComuilsslouers. 1'our
times a day a reivnl is made of what the
engine Is dolnc. As the water Is deliv
ered into the mains there is no means to
determine by actual measurement after de
livery the quantity of water pumped. The
estimate is made by measurement of the
capacity ot each or the force pumps for
caili stroke of the piston. Then the num
ber ct strokes per minute is counted, and
the quantity delhered each mlmuo 1
found bv multiplication.
As a check, indicators are attached rotho
pump re-enoirs, whiili would iir.inediatels
show anv irregularity in the action of the
pump l'remre jraUKe aISO 8,low '"""
much prssuie lier tcuare inch ihe engine la
.vorklns acaiiut and a niord ot this, too,
is made four times a day.
Besides these oberatiol s ujion the en
slue the work of the iHillers is noted under
scientific conditions. The coal and water
are weighed ami a record is made of the
quantity used i.icti day In; trunients were
attached to chow the percent ot moisture
in the Meam, but these have failed tnshov
known can indnati the steam Ja absolutely
The results lo date are numni.Tlzed by
tarlcs that the eiiRinc Is working far
ahead of the ri-quiremeiits and there is :io
deubt whatevor that it will prove atb
factory. The test has been progressing
Ions cnousli to make it one of I he severest
ever put upon a piece ol machinery hen-and
the data xalhcrwl is all lavorable to the
The two engines which have long leen
the dependence ot the station are now Idle.
They ran steadily for two sears, day and
night, without a break, nnd were much
worn -when the present machine was set
to work. One ot them will Iw rrmoved
to make wav for the 8,000,000 gallon
pump. The other will be retained, and the
three will l a guarantee ot plenty of
water for residents in elevated portions
of the city for several cars to come.
It one should break down, the other two
would le sufficient to do the "work. It
Is not considered likely that two will lie
out ot repair at once. When the Fort
Keno reservoir is completed Uley will
deliver a supplv of water there, giving
that additional advantage.
A new building Is leing erected as
tlieltcr for the engines and the men who
operate them. It Is 00 by 145, and will
be n substantial brick stnuture and will be
bailt outside tho frame shed that has
served as protcitlon for tile new engine.
When it Is completed tho shed will be
The new smokestack that goes up with
the new b'llldlng. to replace the one now
In use. will lie 150 feet high. Its founda
tion has just been completed, and contain
45,000 brick.
IIoiiselireaUei'M Sent to I'rUon.
James Gordou and Uriah Harrison wero
yesterday convicted of housebreaking by a
Jury before Judge Cox, in criminal court
No." 2, and Feutenccd by the court to live
years each at Albany. ,
William Smith was found guilty of the
tame offense and sentenced to six jears.
John Early, Richard Hurley and George
McCarthy were releaced on recognizance
In the Eum ot $300 each for assaulting an
officer. Thomas Hcaly was accepted as
Chloridum Discovery for
Of the Regular Profession in the
District of Columbia.
Dr. McKlm, 25 TitUi itrcet southeast,
says that Dr. Shade's treatment has cured
hiedaugbtcroftubercularconsumption. Call
and see for'yourselt what lie has to say, as
he read Dr. Shade's articles on tuberculosis
in the medical Journals a number of years
ago, before Dr. Shade located In Washing
ton. Dr. JklcKIm is an unbiased medical
gentleman Tind is not prejudiced like other
physicians whq think the specialist is a
quack and a humbug. Such old fogylsm is,
however, dying out, and the regular physi
cian and EHclalist arc becoming properly
claeelfiedMn scientific- medicine.
Dr. Patterson, 52 B Elreet northeast, is
another physician who indorses Dr. Shade's
plan of treatirc ihroat and lung diseases.
Dr. Patterson will tell you that Dr. Shade,
1232 Fourteenth street, cured .Iiitn ot tuber
cular consumption over two years ago.
The Medical Association of. the District
also ludorse Dr. Shade as being a regular
phyfieian. by giving him a certificate signed
by their officials. Dr. Morgan, professor ot
physical diagnosis and lung diseases in tho
Homeopathic Hotpltal College, San Fran
cisco, sajs, in au article he. wrote on pul
monary tuberculosis, which appears In a
nertcrn" Journal, after quoting from and
commentinir on tbeioplnionsot a dozen or
more eminent physicians on consumption,
"I am of the opinion that no man, notcx
ccptmg Koch, has done so much In tracing
the entire congeries of pathological phe
nomena Involved in tuberculosis to their
origin as has Dr. Nevin B. Shade, of Wash
ington, D. C. And his conclusion is that
mal-nutrltlon and mal-asslmllatlon arc In
dispensable to the development of tubercu.
lois." 3. TV. B.
A Word
to the Wise. .
If you go to a tail
or and have a suit
made to order, it is
akvays uncertain
whether you xvill get
a good Jit.
For one-half of
the money you can
fit yourself at our
store, because you
can try suits on un
til you get your exact
fit aud you know
just what you are
buying and just how
the suit looks.
New York
311 7th St. N. W.
Permission Granted Him to Erect a
Crematory in South Washington.
Hi-sldents of That Section Will Trob-
ubly Ask for an Injunction to
I'reient ItK Construction.
Contractor Joshua N. Warficld received
authority yestenlay morning to apply for a
permit to erect a g-arbagc crematory at the
Junction ot South Capitol and S etreets,
and expects to begin the work of constnic
tion at once.
The system of cremation to be
established there Is that known as
the Brown, au Invention ot 8. II. Brown,
who has had plants in operation In Boston,
Mass., and Bellvlllc, X. J.;, Wilmington,
Del., and elsewhere.
The plant proper is forly-thrce feet in
length, with un inelde width across the
grade ot 9 1-2 feU It stands about nine
Tect high and Is constructed of fire brick,
having thick walls.
Surrounding the furnace on the outside
Is a Jacket, in which water Is kept con
stantly moving to preserve an even tem
perature and retard the tendency toward
This sjstem i said to work well, and
the escape of gases Is believed lo bo
effectually prcicntcd.
The furnace Is surrounded by a close
building ot brick, which will cost not less
than $1,000; a structure, whiih the owner
claims, will be attractive In appearance
and such as lo obscure the purpose of Its
The letter of Thursday from the Commis
sioners to Attorneys Davldge and Totten,
who represent JJ Southeast Washington
Citizens." Association very clearly fore
shadowed the action of yestenlay. It solves
undlsputably the conundrum of the hour, at
least in respect to the selection of one
crematory and Its site.
The next announcement will be of the
decision as lo the second plant and a
location, a question that it Is likely will
be held In abeyance for several days, If not
What will now be done by the citizens of
South Washington remains to be seen,
though their courso was plainly indicated
in tho lato interview, had with the Com
missioners. It will be an appeal to court, unless the
people reconsider the determination they
have so rcpeatidly expressed. A temporary
restraining order will doubtless be obtained
at once, and the future will decide as to
tho merits of their cause.
His the desire ot the Commissioners that
the system be first tried, and the fact
established by experience whether or not
theplant will provea nuisance.
The remedy in case the crematory shall
prove to be offensive, they say. Is easily
enforced, and Ihe company Is obligated to
remove It in the event that It produces
the 111 effects anticipated by the people
wat.sox ci.r.Aitnn iiiMsni-r.
Jiidj;e KIiiiIniII Didn't Tliluk lie In
sulted n l-ady.
Charles E. Watson, who was arrcted
some time ago for insulting a lady on Ninth
street, near the corner of E northwest, aud
was fined at that time by Judge Kimball
for the offcne, ilcaicd himself yesterday
morning In a new trial bifore the tame
Although the regular time set for a mo
tion for a new trial had elapred, when
counsel asked for tho same, it was shoivn
to his honor that It was a clear case of
mistaken identity, and he granted the
new trial.
The lady in question, with her husband
and the officer who made Ihe arrest, failed
to convince hi" honor that she was iositlve
in her identification, nnd he dismissed the
Minor District Mutter.
CoIAMeon Mills. oflheThlrdUnlledStates
Cavalry, who not long since bought a hand
some home adjoining Dupont Circle, called
upon the Diftrlct Commissioners yesterday
to ask permission to remove a tree from the
parking In front of his residence. The
colonel's system ot improvements So his
property, now contemplated, renders it de
sirable that the tree 6hall come down. The
expenditure to be made In beautifying the
premises will amount to about $10,000.
Messrs. J. L. Sruithmeyer and C. A. Ball,
the former the architect ot the new Library
building, the latter an engineer, were lK-fore
the Commissioners yesterday lo call atten
tion to tho Fawcett system ot heating and
vcnlilationforRChoolhouses and public build
ings, and to ask for a consideration of its
merits when additional buildings are con
tracted in the District.
Joseph S. Wlnnich was yesterday ap
pointed, a private detective within and for
the District, to serve without compensation
from thorjrovernment.
Engineer's license of the first-class wan
issued yesterday to L. E. Carrothers.
. ,
MeKendreo Epwortli's Itoll-Call.
The first viu president of McKendree
Chapter, Epworllt League, Mr. 8. S. Cul
bert'on. has 'arranged for a "Roll Call,"
at the league service, to-morrow evening,
at 6:45, conducted by the president.
"Roll call" will be by the assistant-secretary.
Miss Blanche Tomlinson. Mem
bers are expected to be present promptly
at 6:45 and respond by reading a verse
of scripture or giving a. sentence testi
mony. In the Inter-League plsilatlon
amongst the local chapters arranged by
the District Board of Control. McKendree
will be repreiented at Tcnnallytown and
Epworth Chapters, to-morrow evening,
by Mr. Robert L. Mlddlctnn and Mr. W.
E. Sims.
Mall Contractor Cole-'a Demurrer.
James B. Colegrove, the mall route con
tractor, has filed a demurrer to the suit
In equity recently brought by Henry A
Hill and Harriet A. Balcour.
The two petitioners asked for an order
of the court compelling Mr. Colegrove to
pay them from money duehlm and nowlnthc
hands ot the"Treasurcr of the United States
for services rendered In carrying the malls
'on sbort routes In New York State.
1 .:
on everyone s
In a comparatively short period
Stoll's "810" has become the best
known Shoe Store in the city of
Washington. It sounds wearisome
and trite to sa' that high values, low
prices, courteous store service, and
bold advertising have built up this
business, but, indeed, such is the fact.
Stoll's Shoes are on everybody's
feet, and Stoll's name is on every
one's tongue now that the name and
location of this shoe store have be
come as familiar-as household words
to almost ever- child (and it is be
lieved that this can be truthfully
said) prices and qualities will be
more 'particularly advertised.
Special Tables for Ladies' Shoes.
Saturday's Specials.
v A Special joe Table.
Small sizes only.
A Special 73c Table.
Very uuusual Talues.
A Special gSc Table.
ljidles' and Hoys' buoes.
A Special $1.23 Table.
A table of genuine bargains.
A Special $1.48 Table.
A Special $1.73 Table.
Baud-son ed vclts
A Special $ 1. g8 Table.
$3 aatl $1 shoes elsewhere.
Men's Fine Footwear 2d Floor
Special drives for Saturday in
all styles and shapes of Fine Fall
Shoes from $1.25 upward.
iziildren's School Shoes at the
lomest prices in the city.
"810" "Seventh St. N. W.
Criminal Court, No. 1 Justlce'CoIc.
Civil cases: Heany i.s. Chase; sealed ver
dict for plaintiff ?00. Coffey vs. Irwin;
verdict for plalntirt $233.13. Conies vs.
Capital City Beneficial Society; verdict for
plaintiff $37.50.
Criminal Court, Xo. 2 Justice Cox.
Robert Bright and Willard Oslmrne, lar
ceny; order to restore property to Thomas
II. Wright. James Gordon, Uriali Ilarri-on
and Walter Scott, housebreaking; Scott
nolle proed; verdict guilty, Albany five
years each. James Clark; larceny from per
son; verdict guilty; Albany six j ears. Wil
liam Smith, housebreaking; verdict guilty;
Albany six years. John Early, I'lchnrdllur
ley and Martin Davis, assaulting police
officer; recognizance $300 each taken,
Thomas Healy surety forall. Jam-? Smith,
assault lo kill; verdict not guilty. James
F. Eckels, Jamos Burley and Richard Col
lins, larceny; nolle prossed.
Circuit Court, No. 1 Justice Bradley
Green vs. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company; verdict for defendant for return
of property or $34.70 with Intirest from
December 21, 18S6. Coltwell vs. Conger;
ordered on stet calendar. Lane and others
vs. Baldwin; certified to circuit court No
2, for trial. Walker vs. Shelton; ordered
on slet calendar. Duszouctt vs. Baltimore
nnd Potomac Railroad Company; do. Davis
vs. Oury; suit abated. Glover and others
vs. Baltimore and I'otomac Railroad Com;
pauy; rule 'on plaintiff to employ new coun
sel. Webb vs.. Walbriflge; stricken from
calendar. Duval s. McCullougli; death
of defendant suggested. Armes vs. Du
Paul and others; demurrer of defendant
toDielsustaineillJuilgnientbydefault against
defendant, Trank E. Du Taul. Levy and
others against Bernheim: order to return
plaintiff $50 deposited. United States vs.
Colegrove; Judgment for defcndantsonplea.
Wright v. Lymli anil others; Judgment of
Justice or the peace affirmed. Woodworth
and others vs. Barbour and others; do. lie
Count vs. Cosmopolitan Savings Loan As
sociation; do.
Clriuil Court, No. 2. Justice McComas
Cirli vs. Hurner; leave to amend declara
tion granted. McArdle vs. Council; ordered
on stet by consent. National Bank of Wash
ington vs. MiDonald and otlurs; judgment
by default.
Equity Court, No. 1, Chief Justice Bing
hamHarrison vs. Holtzman; sale finally
ratified. Stearns vs. Stewart; pro con
fesso against certain defendants granted.
In matter of estate of Oliver P. Donn; loan
by trustees authorized: Jones vs- Jones;
testimony before examiner, ordered taken.
Hcurlch Brewing Company vs. Reynolds;
sale decreed and trustees appointed to sell.
Probate Court; JustIcu''Hagner Froceed
Ings lu estates have beei,' recorded as folio ws:
Estate ot William rictcber; adrarx. per
mitted to pay counsel fees. Florence Wal
ter, guardian; order of.oppbintment; bond,
$1,200. Rosa V. Ba&n; guardian; $10
per month allowed fbr maintenance ot
wards. Percival M. Browit, guardian; or
der ot appointment; boad, $1,000. Horace
II. Wllzel and Washington Loan and Trust
Company appointed, 'respectively, guar
dians ot tho person and estiitc ot Adele A.
Wltzel; bond of formcV, $100. Estate ot
Elizabeth J. Hamilton; report of admr.
filed. James sT.. Alien, guardian; affida
vits filed and easo continued to October
II. Estate ot John T. Coumbe;order of
sale. Estate ot William II. Chambers;
powers ot attorney filed. Kate Bushby,
guardian; ordered to borrow $2,000. Es
tate of L. A. Graham: final Recount passed.
Estate of Benjamin Charlton; first account
passed. Estate of Julius VIedt, sr.;
finai account passed. Elizabeth C. Wright,
guardian; do. Estate of Sarah Kershaw:
do. Estate ot Julius Kocnlg; do. E-s
state of Anna M . Stanley; do. Estate of
John B. 'Wlltbcrgcr; renunciation of co
executor filed. Estate of Edward J.
O'Hare; petition to Inspect papers filed.
Estate ot Wllhelm A. C. Schmidt; order
ot publication. Estate ot Ann Tollver;
will filed. Estate of, Tillle Warden;
will partly proved. .Estate of George S.
Parker, proof of publication and caveat
flledj Ellen A. De Valln, guardian; pe
tition to expend money for ward filed.
Estate ot Michael McKcau; will probated
and letters testamentary issued to Richard
F. Wagner; bond. $1,000. Estate of
Chrlstonher N. Thorn: do. to Sarah C.
Thorn, special bond, $6,000. Estate at
"810" is
Robert P. MiCIure; Martha II. MtCIure
appointed administratrix, bond, $3,710.
Etate of Emma r. 1'. Handschuh; illation
returned, served aud answer filed. Es
tate of Sam Bank"; order of publication,
and Robert A. Thursby appointed commis
sioner to take proof of will. Estate of
Mary Williams; Joseph Z. Williams ap
pointed administrator; bond, $1,100.
They "Want Hlglier rnr nnd Are Al
riiidy Gelling It.-
Pittsburg, Oct. 4. Thestrikc Wednesday
of the bridge and structural iron builders
on the Fifth avenue and llaight street
bridge at Homestead and at the new fur
naces being built by the Carnegie Steel
Company, at Duquesnc, was a part of a
general movement made by the bridge
and .structural Iron workers union in Titts
burg and vicinity.
The strike was a great surprise to bridge
and struitural contractors.
Alout ',000 workmen. have laid down
their tools and others are expelled to quit
work to-day. The men are asking for a
uine-hour work day at the pav for leu
hours, $2.50, wlili h" they have been re
ceiving. -
They also demand time and a half for
over time and double time for work on
Sundays aud legal holidays. Some con
tractors have already conceded the demand
and It is believed the duration of the
itrifce will be brief.
Judge Cox's Sentence of .Tames. Clark
for Pocket IMckliiK-
JudgCi Cox yestenlay sentenced James
Clark, a negro irook ami pickpocket, to six
years In the Albany penitentiary for larceny
frdm the person.
Tho Jury was out scarcely five minutes,
when it nturned tho verdict of guilty.
Clark Issald tobeoneof the most notorious
pickpockets In the East. His conviction
t"-day was for thesnarchlngof a pneketbook
containing $1 from Ella Virginia Archer
at the Pennsylvania station July 6 last.
Crime Was Duo to Objection to Her
Motlier'rt Lover.
Summerfield. Kan., Oct. 4. Julia Fln
ncrty, aged thirty, has broken down un
der close examination, and has confessed
th'at she murdered her mother, Mrs. Mary
Finnerty, aged sixty-seven.
She committed the crime, she said, be
cause of her objection to the suit ot James
McGecncy, a young farner, for her mother's
The crime was committed with a hatchet
while the victim was asleep In bed.
New York Stock Market.
Furnished by Frank Wilson Brown, broker,
1335 F street.
Op men Low. Clos.
American Tobacco 9SK V)l& 0911 !NM
Atchlvm. Ton.. & T. .. 22'J. SS? SIX! Si.4
Canadi Southern W'j MTs 3IK H
CcLIuel nud Iron. S9J4 41 C9J4 aiu
Cblcaco, B. Q 67 STi to tosi
UaCJbStt 6U -I6H 45 45
ChesacealiBiOWo 19-JJ IWi" 19's ISS
Ckicaaro On TS4 7316 TO TOij
Dela.. Lack. SWesl 161M 1C9 lf.9 16DW
Distiller Cattle Peod... 23 S!?i 33 " Kfi
Delaware and Hudson... 133 153 113 133
Erie 12H 111 13 12
General Lloclrle 39 SJi SMf 333:
Jersey Onlral 113 114 in 113
LonlSTllls and Xashtillo. KM C35 (2 dl
Leather prf 85M 8: 85
K.T. pTd S71 S7,i 37 S7M
Mlssonriracinc S3 38t 8754 37)i
Manhattan Elevated Ill ll-.'H 11014 nn;B
Northwest lujif, 1055s KHi 1W?
Northern I'ailflo pfd 18 18), 18 18U
NY. C 102 IK 103 102
Omaha 43Ji 43J.J 43$ Kll
raciflcltoil S2 35U 31j 3IJ
Reading SIM 20Jj SO4
Jiock Island "!t 7S3j :7y, 77:4
Southern. lS?i 18?s 12 12J4
Southern pf J... SSU 19 U Sf". 39
8tfaul 77H 77? 76ti 7tiU
iugar J09? tio irsy 109
Tennessee Coal & Iroa. .. 45 4311 iZU 44
TexasFaclflo HJ ll'J ll IPX
Union Pacific 141 14L, uii HH
Wabasa prefeired ttll Siy !t i3y
Weetera Union Tel....... Kj Ovjj W VSH
(Lbc Safest
Capital U always sietlng safe
to-day is cott jn manufacturing
CottoniMills in the
South earning 10
to 25 percent.
of tlietn. prodiuliifrnTerGu percent, of ttioaunual irop of tho world, while It has
o!ilr-1,UM,iJ0 ni.indlej, crnfco.it 4 iH-rcrnt of the total number in tho world. Tho
.ouih'sot!ou is nowsblMied from l,(x)j toSOX) miles to mills in Xw Fmcland and
Oreat Britain. Is !nanufa.'tured In mills nh-re cal costs from $3.1 a ton tnd over,
and where livla.-U czpon'lre. Tho tendency of tnls Industry I now soitbward,
bee iuss of the unequalled a lvantages ot this section. No other Industry promises
such sure and rer.ain returns en tbe lureetment.
The Newport News Cotton Manufacturing Co.
Offer to Investors, both to laree and eatall tanJ, lndezd, particularly to small)
hiTostors. an oioriuulty which promises ihe most proStablo returns.
The Newport News totlon .Maliur.ictmiiig C'ompaiiyls organized on the co-on-eratire
plan, with an authorized cn;lial of i5JO,09i; par value of the shares SIM,
parable t? per shato at the time o! eubxriptlcn, and ii per snare monthly until
It Los general nrrfce at ll-bmond,Va., and tho most prominent business men of
that city are Its stockholders and ofikers.
LEWIS II. BLAH.'. President Richmond. Va.
A. h. BCFOKU. M: Presl.leat htchmond, Va.
H O WALLALr". ternary and Treasurer. Richmond, Va.
IEO. A. !C11JI RLZ, Assistant Treasurer - Newport News, Va.
Judne I. L. LEWIS. Attorney liUhmond, Va.
SMI I'll A ELAJI, General -Scents. Richmond, Vs.
LEWIS II. RLMRtHirrey Blair i Co , Wholesale t.rojers; Stephen I'utnoy Co.,
W ho!es!e IIoo:i and Shoes), President L'uitcd Bankiag and liullding Company,
Richmond, Va. .
A. P. Itl'IVRp, Piesdeat Metropolitan BuIMIn; and Loin Association: Director
Merchants' National Bank. Richmond, Va.
CLAY HREWRY. Whol-saln Dry Goods ami Notions; Director Security Bank of
Itlchmcu 1, RU-hmoud, Va.
OEO. A SCIIMELZ iSchmelz Bros., Eankcrs Newport News, Va.
O. W. TANXF.lt (C. W Tanner Jt Co.. Varnish M-innfacturers, Oil, Jfcc), Director
Security hank of Richmond; President -Mutual Guarantee Bulldin; and Loan
Association. Richmond, Va. ,
M. B. CROWELL. Ooneral Aent Old Dominion S. S. Company; Director First Na
tional Bsnk, Newport News, Va.
B. G. WALLACE, Cashier Citizen' Bonk of Richmoad, Richmond, Va.
Newport News as a Location.
There Is probably no better location la tho United States for a cotton mill than
Newport News, 'the population of the town is nbcut KV00, while at Hampton and
urroundin; polats there are about 10.O more, thu; furnLshlng an abundant sup
ply of good operatires. Newport News beln; one of tue largest coal Slipping
points In tbn Lnited Mates, tho best steam coal can be had at a minimum cost
West Virginia coal can be laid down at less lhau HO) a ton against $3.t a ton
which Is paid by many of the mostsucce-stut mills In North larollna. Its location
furnishes abundant transportation facilities by wbkh to draw cotton by water from
all southern points, as weU as for shipment of tbe finished product to any part of
the world.
An Opportunity for Small Investors.
Heretofore small Investors have not generally been able to share In the large
profits made by cotton mills ; bulldln; associations and savings banks haro been
in. and before the stock Is paid up the MILL can be IN SUCCESSFUL, OPERA
TION. Opinions of Leading Financial Men
on Cotton Milling in the South.
VT.S. Wit ham, of Atlanta, who U president cf twelre Iwinfes In Georgia and
Alabama: J he average net earnings of uareral cotton mills I am a-rjualnteU with
will run ton bout Xll percent. I telle ro a cotton mill, with a fair working
capital, well managed, wilt mate from ' to 35 per cent. I know cf ono which
earned id percent not In lb?l. We advance inene on cotton mill stock, cotton
goo J 8 in fttcragt. at a less rate than on any other collateral,
A. L. James. X'reatJent of the Batik of Laurlnburg, Lauriatmrp. X. C.: "There
are eight mill-: lu this county. Tho profit dmlcc this year In tbe cotton mills busl
nea has been and is till Tery large; that is, it Is from !0 to3 pr cvnt. I know of
nothing else In our be.'tion tnat pays so large a profit "
J. U. Khea, Insblvr City National Uank, Criffln, fJa : Tne CriCln 3.pnnfactur
Ing Coin piny In J.Mj7 pall a 6 per cent, dividend; In lbSfi, 10 pr cent.; nnd has
steadily pld 10 percent, dividends eversinee, and still carries a surplus of orer fcO
percent added to its capital cot of Its earnings. In ISSl the KIncald Mill was or
ganized and pet In operation. In 1SJ1 it pall 6 per cent.; In 133?, 7 per cent;
inlW-J,S percent; tnlQI. 10 per cent, j and ialj93lthassofar paid!,! per cent.1
W. C. aud Lanier, Bankers, est Point, Ga.. who a! si control cotton
mills with an aggregate investment of about I,tOJ,Ono: "The capital stocS
of our mills aggregates gl.OXVXXX Our lay rolls aperegate r2J0.&W, and about
J10U,Ws) aro paid out to stockholders, besides laying np a surplus forr-Xtensious."
I. C Ilarne, president National Bank of Augusta. Augus a, Cn.: "Cotton man
ufacturing In tbe South has always proven stti-jfactory as Ovpaying Industry, and -
from the establishment of the first cott n factory to the preheat liiiietu mills have
not only proven the wisdom of investors, but have demonstrated tho Inevitable
conclu-ln that no character of Investment is safer, and few, if ai.jare mure
HIOCUU) of the total stock (SZ-OCXO-W) will be offer el for sale !n Washington, and
the books will be oj cned on
True to the co-operative principal, every opportunity will bo given to tho small
Investor, aud application fnr single shares will bi encouraged
Application for stofk must beiui.de at thecCl.'o of the Washington
agents of the Newport Xews Cotton Manufacturing Company, or at their
dep?sltory, USAXK, r.MUI-U & CO., 1311 Fat. nw., Washington, I. C.
T. 0. Anderson & Co.,
Real testate and Business Exchange.
907 G Street N. W.,
Washington, D. C.
Waslilniton J-tosk ntcnansj.
Notice Beginning to-morrow, tbe board will
resume the usual Saturday be&sions at lUMs
o clock a. m.
Wash, Oes. Conr. 6s, iX) at 135; West End Na
tional Batik, 10 at 1CW.
G0TE.jrE.TB3N-DA Bll" AsVd
US. 4a R. ltl4 H2'l
U.S. 4s C Ill, 1.2!i
U.-. 4S l-3 1S.) 123
17. S.5's '-l IU. !.
5' 1SU0 "a)-year I'ncdlng" 101 . ...
6'slWi "30-year Funding" go!d..... 113
7611)01 "Water Stock currency. 116
;'slW3 "Water Slock" currency; US ....
8.65'1W: "funding" currency. 112 ....
3J,'sl!eg.:-10"s,lSDl-133! ....10.1
WOKltfonr. S'slst, W-"S3 133
WiGRRCcnT. C's2d, 1WS-41 IM
.VetRRConv C's 1V0I 112 113!
Be t It KS'slKl 55 b7
Ec.IngtonRRti's. isaisll 10a 1C6
Co umblaRRC s, 1914 no lit
Wash Gas Co. ser A, 6's, 1902-"27 113 123
sshGas Co, Ser li. Fs. lSOI-VA..-. Ill l.S
W ash Oas Co Conr 5's. 3'JOl 1U 133
U. . ilec Light Couv 3's. l'JJl IW
Chesapeake TotomacTcl.,5"s.... 100 103
AmersecXTrustSs, 1903 100
Amer Sec & Trust 5's. 1505 WJ
f Wash Market Co 1st Fa. 1S2-1'J1I.
17.000 retired acnnally Ill
Wash.MarfcColrapb,s.liU-"27 lit
W ash Mark Co Eit'n b's, MH-37... 10
-Masonic Hall Aes'n 3's, C.19JS 100
Wash Ltlnlantry 1st bs.l)l 100
"WathLt Infantry 2d 7's, liKIJ
Cankot Washington SS) X3
Bank of Republic 240
Mettopolitan. 2(5 310
Central -70
Farmers and Hechautcs' 1, ......
Second. 13S 1
Citizens I3u
Columbia. .ISO' 140
Capital 1
Ncsttnd 1USJ4 107
Traders. IW 1U3J
Lincoln - ' 1
Ohio sl
safe DErosrr and tbcst cos.
Nat sals Deposit and Trust 123 130
W othlngton Loan and Trust. 1S1 125
American Security and Trust "137 141
ashujgton Safe Deposit 63
Washington and Oeorgetown SSO SSO
Metropolitan 07 100
Columbia 40 60
Belt 20
Eckingtott. 18 SO
Georgetown aud-TenalIyton ".
Washington Uas. 49U SOii
Georgetonu Gas 50
U. S. Electric Light 133 143
Firemen's 37 40
Franklin. 0
Metropolitan 70
Corcornn &3
Potomac. ...j 65
Arlington ...- 110
German American lb5 200
National Union 10 15
Columbia......... 13 ......
Rlggs 7U fM
People's - t4 6J
Lincoln. .. 7i 8
CommerclaL.. ....'. 4), 5
Real Istate'lltk' 106 116
Columbia Title 7
Washiugt(n Title
District Title 9 14
Fenn8ylvanla , '.
Chesapeake and Potomac. 50 to
American Grapbophoco 2? 3Ji
Pneumatic Guu Carriage. .3 .32
Washington Market .- 14
Great rails Ice 13) 140
Bull Run Panorama ....
Nor. & Wash. Steamboat 100
Wash. Brick Co
Ivy City Brick.
Lincoln'Ilall 60
ruter-UceanBnilduig... ......
Merganthaler liaotypo. 2SJ
j ju.ninuu.,
$klb for
and pront-iblo Inre-traent-tlie moet Invitlne
In the outb. 'lbero It probably no wol!-man-
nrftl mill In the t-outb that Is earning
less than 19 percent net profit, and most
of ttirut al e doing much better. Very
many are earnlne irem 2J to 25 per cent,
inthefaceof the ccnerat depression of
the last few years, th n Is a phenomenal
record for any larestmoat.
At present there are K5.co3.roi cotton
I Indies In the world. Tno Mulh fur
nishes the rnw material for orer one-half
their only means tor accumulating savings, uy
thlssystrm, no successfully Introduced Into the
South, everyone who can lay aside even i00 a
month can become a stoclbolder In a cotton
mllL As funds accumulate under this system
of moulblr I ayinents, the contracts for the
buildings and machinery can bo let, without
waltlntr until the final Installments are paid
fTATlOa CChNElt OF slVfU AN3 B
In Kffi-ct .nr.!). 1 un.1!.
X0 30 A- 31- PENN.sjYIA ANIA LTM
1TKO l'ullinan Slecpire;. Dinlnc. Smok
inc. and Oliservalion Car llarrishunr to
Cnlcaco. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, -St
I.oui. Cleveland, oral Toledo Bjffet
Parlor Car to llarrishunr
in 30 A. ar. FAST LINE. Pullman
iTiirict Parlor Car to llarrbbjr;. Parloi
nod binirtr Cars. liaribun; to Pltu
bunr. 3 40P M. CHICAGO AND ST. L.OUI3
K.M'ltKst. Pullman Buffet Parlor
Car to llarrishunr. Slecpins and Dinlnx
Cars. Harisbursr to St Louis. Clbcinnatl,
LouiivjIIe. aud Chicaso
Pulltmn hlecplmr Car to Chicago, and
Harrlsbunt to Cleveland IHnlns Car to
Ifulimaii Shvplir; nnd Dining;
Cars to St. Louis, and slccpics Car,
Uarrlshurs lo Cincinnati
Pullman bleeping car to Plttsbnra;.
T.faO A. BI- for Kane. I'auandalgua.
Kocht'Stcr. and Niagara Palls daily, ex
cept Smulav
1 0.30 A.. 3ir forEImlra and Rcnovo.
daily, except Sunday For Wllllams
port daily. 3.40 p ru.
r- o TP- 3VT. for Willlamsport. Roches
ter. BufraioT and Nlaan Falls ditlly.
except Saturday. with .lecpiiiccariVasi
Incton to But pension Bridce via Buffalo.
1 0.40 P. at. for Eric. Canandalcua.
Rochester. Buffalo, and Nia-ara Falls
doily, sleeping car Wa-sliii.jriuii to Elmlra
Fur'l'lilluui-'liilila.JKow "iorft uud tho
llEl)'' AH Parlor Cars, with Dining
Car from Baltimore. -lor New York
dally, for Philadelphia week-dvs. Regu
lar at 7.03 (Ltinlns Can. 7 20. 9.00.
10.00. (Dininir Can. nnd 11.00 (Dining;
Cann m..l2l5,3.10.4J2n;.40.1O.0t;
and 11.35 p. m. On Sunday, 7.05 '
(Dining Can. 7 1). 0X0. II 00 iDimnc
Car) a. m.. 10.00.
and 1 1 3S p. m. For Philadelphia only.
Fast Express 7 r.O a. m. ivtck-days. Ex
press 2.01 and.o.40 u. m. daily.
For Boston, without chance. 7. BO a. m.
wcck-dayg. and 3.15 v. m. daily.
For Baltimore. 0.23, 7.03. 7.20. 7.00, 9.00,
10.00. 10.30, 11.00 and 11.50 n. m,
12.15. 2.01. 3.16. 2.40 14.1)0 Limited).
4.20. 4.36. 5.40. 6.05. 6. 10. 7.10. 10. DU.
10.40. 11.15 and 11.35 p. in. On Sun
day. 7.05, 7.20. 0.00. P 05, 10.30, 11.00
a.m.. 12.15. 3.40(4.00
Limited). 4.20. 5.40. 6.05. 6.4.0, 7.10.
10.01). 10.40 nnd 11.3S u. ru.
For Pope's Creek Line. 7.ZO a", m. and 4..3G
p. in. daily, except Sunday.
For Annapolis, 7.20, 0.00 a. m.. 12.15 and
4.2o p. m. dally, except Sunday. Sun
days. y.00 a. m. and 4.20 p. in.
Atlantic Coast Lin.'. Kxpns for Rich
mond, Jacksonville and Tampa, 4.30
a. in.. 3. 30 p. m. daily. Richmond, and
Atlanta. 8.40 p. in. daily. Richmond
only. 10.57 a. in. week-days.
.licoiumodallon for Quauticc. 7-43 a. m.
daily, and 4 25 p. m. vreek days.
for Alexandria. 4.30. 6.35, 7.45. 8.40.
8.45. 10.57, 11.00 a. ru.: 12.C0. 1.40.
3 20. 4.23. 5.10. 5.37. 0.15. 8.02.
10 10. nud 11.39 p. ttl. On Sunday at
4.31). 7.45. U.45 a. m.; 2.45. 6.15.
8.02. aud 10.10 p. ta.
Leave Alexandria- for Washington, 6.0s,
6.43. 7.05. 8.1.0. 9.1(1. 10.15. 10.2H,
a. ru.; 1.00, 2.15, .'1.00. 3.23, 6.00,
5.30. 0.13. 7.b0. 7.2U. O.IO. 10.62.
and 11.08 p.m. OnSund.iynl0.43.9.1o.
10 26 a. ni.: 2.16. 5.3U, 7.0U. 7.20.
9.10. aud 10.52 p. SI.
Ticket offices, northeast corner of Thir
teenth street and Pennsylvania- avenue,
and at the station. Sixth and B streets,
where orders can lie left f.ir the checking;
of bacgace destination from hotels nnd
tr-T&!rB t
t&i j-'r r-uJ

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