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Fair. v
Probably Cloudy In the Eeiiitii:.
N'ortheaslorly Winds.
VOL. 2. NO. .177.
lis Attorneys Save Mrs. Kane
from a Siiylock's Chucks.
Jury Renders a Verdict "f $229.50
for tin" Victim of it ljMirtonr.Mui.cy
Lender Succor Gistniiin Oppresscnl
Woman liy a Fe-nrless .Newspaper.
-Vo Appiill Yet Taken.
The Timer, docs not, often refer to
(lie fact that, liy tliu alii of the pulr
Jleltylteniiinmr.ds.iiiaiiyiibusestt hlch
op.in-ss tlio genera public hate been
corrected through Its columns mid
l)y Its outside effort-!.
Tills morning, lionet or. It becomes
u dtitt and it pleasure to announce
lliai Tile Times Free lliireau of legal
wit Ice yesterday restored to Mrs.
Kane, w Itliuut cost to licr, the house
hold goods w hlch h.id been unlaw fully
seized by Money Lender New man,
through his skillful practice of what
Is known as slit locktsni.
Some months ngo Tho Times com
menced a war of extermination on
these pirates of the poor. It lias
Indulged In no sclt-lauuatlon ot its
course in conscrMiic i':o Interests or
the common people, nut the fight mis
been hopt up and has been won...
The Times Is a newspaper, but It
is also n public serant and feels a
real debt to the people who have.
In less than two yearn, made the
most popular and largely circulated
uewspapor In Washington.
Tlie case of Sirs. Sarah V Kane against
Eli loci" Slyer B. Newman was staled by
a Jury befoie Judge Cole yesterday In
fifteen minutes ill fator of tlie plaintiff.
It will lie remembered th.it ft was in Mrs.
Kane's case that tlie methods of Mr. New
man were first exposed by The Times and
subsequently by tlie attorneys for The
In brier, lier case was this: Mrs. Kane
was obliged to borrow certain small sums
from Mr. Newman for which lie charged
In some shape or other interest wliich
was held by Tlie Times' atlornejs to be
usurious. In addition to tills Mrs. Kane
claimed that Newman had agreed, as the
notes -due did net reach one hundred dol
lars, to lake a piano and release the rest
of her furniture in settlement of the debt.
all fledged to nkwman.
All of her household goods were pledged
to Mr. Newman, the pledges exceeding the
amounts of the loans which were fiftv
dollar,, at one time and thtrtj-five dol-
lars at another, by a tery large margin
in ine iiuiMircisoiclouars. ."ikcij ol uucuiuexus were urougjii, iu
Notwiihstanding Sirs Kane's under-j against Cant. Howgate in October and No
standing, Newman sold, or claimed he J.tember, lefel.
told all or 'he furniture Sirs Kane then1- I' He was arrested October 22,1881. Whlln
fore sued Newman for $300 damages, the visiting his home at Thirteenth and G
suit hating been originally been brought streets, April 13, lb82, under a guard
beiore Justice Tujlor. Newman removed from jdll.it is alleged he escaped from them
the case on certiorari to the upper court, , and lert the District,
audit was tried there yesterday. The Government claimed that it made
WAS A TEbT CASE diligent efrorts to re.ipprehend Iheso-called
Messrs K.ilsun i Slddons appeared ror fugitive, but thetr errortR were incffectii.il.
Airs jvane ami Jlessrs. Pope. Edwurcsfor
the dcfuidJM. The derense sot up that
Newman had paid out about ?20 en ac
count of Sirs Kane and had given $100
ror the piano. .
The Jury returned a verdict Tor Mrs
Kane ror $229 CO. No notice or an ap
peal was served jesterday
The result of this case shows that Sir
Newman has lost all ot the case's In -which
liis peculiar methods -were involved, and
further show s that the law and the citizens
generally are against ills stvle of doing
business with the poor and distressed
Eill tor Times- I wish toexpressmy heart
felt thanks toThcTiniesand to itsattorneys
for the recovery or my possessions r ror tlie
clutches or Sloney Lender Newman. Ily
jour unselfish aid I wjs able to ohtain
Justice. I wish also to cxpiess Illy thanks
to the Jury. Sincerely.
Methods of the Defense Cause u C-Iiiy
in the Proceedings.
Columbus, O., Oct. 14. The proceedings
In the trial of Col. A. 1!. Coit wcreimp.vlid
for several hours to-day by a conference
or counsel for the derense over the method
or procedure.
Some o r t hem were 1 n favor or submit ting
the case without introducing any evidence,
holding that the btate had failed to make
out a case.
The majority took another view of the
matter, however, and the examination pro
ceeded with Sheriff James Cook, of I'aj
ctte county, at whose request the militia
was called out. on the stand.
His direct and cross-examination con
lumed most of the day. The heavy tlmh"r
which was used by the mob in trjlng lo
break down the court house door was
brought Into the court room to-day to be
used as evidence.
Warrants Issued for cx-Att iirney
Morclanil ami Ills Assistant.
Pittsburg, Oct. 14. At 5 o'clock this
before Alderman Illack and made three
Informations against Ma jor W. C. Moreland,
ex-city attorney, and his assistant, w. II.
House, each charging misdemeanor in of
fice, ror receiving interest on city money.
Three separate charges are made on ac
count or the ract that Mr. House had re
ceived Interest on city money deposited In
three different banks. Warrants were at
orce made out and placed it) the hands of
an ofriecr ror the arrest or the accused.
All papers In the case, together with a
copy or the detailed report or council's sub
finance committee hate been placed in the
hands or the district attorney.
Murdered In lied.
Fort Smith, Aik., Ott. 14. News has
Just been received or the assassination of
Cade Sillier and his -wife in bed at their
home on the Oklahoma border. This is tho
fourth assassination or persons who are
Important -witnesses In the Dutch John
murder trial. The other two -were Bruce
Miller anil a deputy sheriff ot Fawnee
county, Oklahoma.
Father and Son Arrested for Murder.
Atlanta. Ga., Oct. 14 Green Austin and
bis son, Henry, of Slndisoii county, were
arrested to-day ror the murder of John
Chaucey. Last Tuesday night about 8
o'clock some person lired twelve buckshot
Into the neck of Chancey. who was sitting
bj hlsfiresldeln the country, near Monroe,
producing Instant death.
Auction Sales To-dnr.
M street northwest. No. 1020. lots 14, IB
and 39, square 183. by order or J. B. Lar
ger and Gasherle He Witt, trustees. Sale
Tnesdav, Octolier 15. 4 p. m. DUNCAN
BON BltOS., Ninth and 1) streets.
East Capitol street, between Ninth and
Tenth streets, building site, 20x105 feet,
partlot7,squarea42;byorderof J.Pplledt.
attorney. Sale Tuesdiv. October IB. 4:45
p. m. DUNCANSON BROS., Ninth and D
Tennessee avenue northeast, brick dwell
ing, No. 7. lot 18 of Hill's subdivision,
square 1012: by order of Francis C Donn
andD.SI Hlldreth, trustees. SaieTuesdiy,
October 1C, C p. m. DUNCANSON BU0S.,
Ninth and D streets.
Revcmcenl h t r-et nprthw est.Nos 1 230 to
1240, brick stores nnd dwelling, origi
nal lot 12, square 4"24; by order or same.
P.-le Tuesdav, October ID, 4-30 p. m.
TnOS. DOWLLNG & CO., 012 E street
Wlllard 6treet northwest, between Sev
enteenth and Eighteenth streets, dwelling,
lot 110, square 151: by order of E. J.
Btellwngcn and F. B. McGulre. trustees.
BaleTuesday. October 10, 4:30 p. in.
THOS. DOWLING A CO., 612 E stet
All Restrictions on Freight and
Passangers Have Been Removed,
Slight Scare About a Landing ot Sup
posed Filibuster,! Who Turned
Out to lie Smugglers.
Ban Francisco. Oct. 1-1. Correspond
ence of the United Trcjs per steamer
Honolulu. Oct. 7. The cholera is be
lieved to be entirely suppressed. A
second caseapiH'ared at the insane asylum
on the evening of tlie second. This was
the third cate in eighteen days. The
victim, an elderly while man named
Wheeler, hail drank water from a laro
patch four chits previous.
SIo-l of the restrictions upon freight
and jiasscrgcrs lo the other 1-lards hate
been reniuted. The public schools have
been opened and evening i-ervlccs are
again being held In the churches.
The Ucniihiclou has returned to Lahafna.
The Olympla I- expected here this week
to co.il up ror ner passage 10 japan.
On the morning. ol the Itli there was an
active filibuster alarm. A boat with
armed men was definitely reported at 1
o'clock a m as having landed two miles
west of the city. There was great ac
tivity or the polite and at 1 1 a. m. the tug
Elen went In pursuit of a boat reported as
seen In theolfing. It Is considered probable
that there w as a landing made by opium
l'rc. tiling opinion derides the idea that
any filibusters intended to make an at
tempt to land here Col. McLean availed
himself of the excitement to order an im
promptu rally or the volunteer companies
ror a moonlight drill. About 300 turned
out in (.cod order and mancutiTcd allot it
the city
The steamer China this morning posi
tively refused to carry mails She had EOO
Chinamen to land here. As she is from
cholera ports, the board of health refused
to permit tl.em to land, unlets the China
would take the mails. This brought Capt
Seabury to terms.
. .
His Counsel Argues Before tho Court
of Appeals.
Tlie ease of Capt. Henry W. Ilowgate,
who is now under an eight year semenecat
Albany for embezzlement, was brought up
for atg inent before the court of appeal
Mr. A. S. Worlhlnglun opened the argu
ment Tor his appellant cheat. District At
torney A. A. Iiirney continued to represent
the interests or the Government. The well
known defendant himself was not m court.
Tho proceedings licfure the superior Jndi
clary were In every way technical and
the arguments long drawn out, the briers
of the apiic-ilant and Government re-pei t
Ivelv being comprised in small volumes -of
seventv roar and thirty-six printed pages.
The malti features in the history or th
case are known to etery newspaper read
er in Washington.
Set en Indictments fo embezzling an ae-
eregate Mini of $.100,000. and four for tlie
vounsei lor me ueienoant coiiienoea 10
day, as he had done at the pretious trials,
that Uncle Sam's orricials sought to avotd
rather than come in contact with Caut
Howgate. One jear ago the 27th or last month
Capt. Ilowgate was again arrested. The
arrest occurred in New York city, where".
It was said, he was keeping a second-hand
book and perhKifcnl store under the name
of II. Williams. He was brought back to
Washington. The grand jury the first or
last April returned two li.diclments.
The fliM charged the deteiidanl with
making a raise accoULt agalrst the United
Stato. written in a voucher ror 51.000,
returned to the Third Auditor or the Treas
ury with the dereiidaiil's account ror No
teinber, lb79. The second icdictment
charged Capt. Ilowgate with having
transmitted on April , 1SS0. to the Third
Auditor a raise certificate In support of
the account of Notemlier, 1879.
On a s'cond trial, the Jury failing to
agree in the fir-t. the appellant was con
victed and iei'tenccd in Judge McCemas'
Counsel Tor the derense noted nrty two
assignments or errors lierore the court or
appeals. The most important point in
which the court below is arrirmed to hate
erred is that governing the statute or limi
tations. Nearly rirteen jejrs elapsed be
tween the alleged commission or the r
Tense and the return of the indictments
on -which couviction rollotvecl.
Unlc-s the defendant is a fugitive from
Justice the law provides three years as the
maximum llino iu which an Indictment
may be found.
lhetourt look the matter under adtlse
One Person Hurt In a Norfolk and
Western Wreck.
Bluefleld, W. Va., Oct. 14. It L. Carney
Is the only person seriously Injured by the
wreck which occurred on the Norfolk and
Western railroad to-day. He was hurt by
being trampledon. The embankment where
the baggage car and second-class coach
turned over is only three icet deep.
There was great danger to the passengers
from fire, as the stove In the oterturned
cars Ignited the woodwork. A fer buckets
or water, however, extinguished therlames
and all escaped without fatal Injury.
French Bark Paciflciuo Sank In Col
lision with a Steamer.
London, Oct. 11. A collision resulting
In tlie loss or twelve lives has occurred orf
for lioness, ran into and sank the French
bark Faciriquc.rrom Shields ror Valparaiso.
The bark foundered so quickly after
being struck that she took down with her
her captain, pilot and ten or the crew TLu
Emma rescued tlie ctbcrsaudlanded thenar
Cut on a Mini's Account.
Kate Green, colored, yesterdav morning
stabbed Fannie Bruce in the chest with a
long knire. In "Boston," a section or George
town, inflicting a dangerous wound. The
Green woman was arrested by Policeman
Maher. The cutting occurred in an alter
cation over a man.
Departure of tho U. V. LeKlon.
The memlwrs o 1 1 he Union Veteran Legion,
Encampment No. 69, will leave tlie city at
7 o'clock this morning for their annual
reunion In Buffalo. The' will be aecom-
Banied by the John B. Henderson Drum
orps, comprising Torty boys.
WnshliiLxtonlans in Xetv York.
(Special to The Times.)
New York, Oct. 11. L.G.I)cAyala, Span
ish legation, Waldorf; E. K. Chapman, J.
N. Wheclan, and I. baks. Plaza: Miss V.
Prender. J. Daly, and C. II. Donnelly. Bei
viderc; C. S. Bradley. Miss E. E. Snyder.
C. S. Benedict. II. C. Davenport, .t- J.
Brewer, and the Misses Judson, St. Denis:
D. A. Child, T. Brue-e, and J. W. Schwartz.
Imperial: Miss I. Fleming, II. It. Bristol,
L. F. Boot, and J. C. Bennett, Continental;
Col. and Mrs. John Hay, A. S. Hay. G W.
Beach, and 8. C. Holly, Brunswick; Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Me-Gulre, Sir. and Mrs.
K. T. Pietet, nnd G. II. Rieuardson. br,
James: Sir. and Sirs. C. J. Miller and J.B.
Plod, Holland; C. Morton, New York; Mr.
and Mrs. A. B. Paxton, Qilsey; Sirs. N. Sar
geant and E. L. riiilllps, Slurray Hill; Mrs.
II. Sturges, B. Oarson, J. SI. Wbratley. T.
C. Scott, and- H. L. Burrows. Bartboldl;
Miss M. K. Sumner, Normandle; G. Bryan,
Broadway Central; N. S. Eanies. Vendume:
IU R. Hltt, Netberland: John S. Blirlver and
S. I. Kimball. Hoffman; C. A. Parker,
Savoy; D. E. M. Pcixotte, Coleman, and
F. A. Edwards and 0. B. Schofield. Grand.
siS'j7 VlP'W ss
Calls for the Recognition of the- Republic
Supreme Court Custom Sus
Qentieii Because He Is Absent.
Shifting of Seats Caused by tho Death
of Judge Jackson Iteglster of Wills
McGIU Admitted to I'ract Ice Sec
retary Olney Presented Attorney
General Harmon.
The Sujircme Court convened yesterday
fdr the OctoLer term, 1895. All the surviv
ing Justices were present. The death of
Justice Jncksou caused a slight rcarrarge
ment ot thesittings on the bench. Sir. Justice
White taking the deceased Justice's
place at the extreme right of the Chief
Justice. ThU brought together Justices
Gray, Brown, and White.
There was, as usual upon the opening
day of court, a large attendance of spec
tators, but the number or attorneys was
scarcely greater than on any motion day.
This was due to tho expectation that'Jio
court would transact uo bushics bejond
admitting new members or the bar, and
then repair to the White House that the
members might pay their respects to the
Chier Executlte.
The court, however, on assembling round
that President Cleveland was still ab
sent rrom the city, so that the ceremony or
calling upon Jiim on the day of n-e-etlug
had to be omitted ror the fecund time
during hie -presidential tenure.
Among thr prominent members or the
Supreme Court bar present were becretnry
or State Olney, who came lo prc-fent his
successor as Attorney Ge-ncral, Mr Har
mon, to the court; Hon Don M. Dickinson
and Col Henry SI. Duiricld, or Detroit;
also the sialf of the Attornej General's
office, headed h Solicitor General Con
rad, and Hon J. A. Taw ney, or Slii-nesoia.
When the Justices had taken their seats
Cider Justice Fuller Eaid:
"The court reassembles again saddened
by a vacant chair. Mr. Justice Jackson
died at Nushville, Tenn., on the Slh ot
August last. This was rollowed by the
ileparture oT Sir. Justice Strong on the
19th day of the same mouth, who, during
his retirement had maintained his compan
ionship with the members or the bench
he had adorned.
"It has been the immemorial usage Jor"
the court on the rirst day or the term, on the
first day on which a quorum appeared,
to proceed In the transaction of no business,
but to adjourn to await upon the President
of the Uidted States.
"The President Is absent, and we shall
follow the coursepursued last year, namely,
to dls-mse ot such matters as may be prop
erly brought before us. All motions not
submitted to day may be brought on to
morrow, and the usual order for the callof
the docket on that day will be entered."
Sir. Olney then addressed the cuurt as
"I ask the lnduigerce of the court
while I present my successor in theoMcp
or Attorney General of the United Slates
Sir. Judson Harmon."
The Chler Justice responded:
"The court parts ttilli the retiring At
torney General with regret and is happy
to welcome ms successor. lA't tne com
mission or the Attorney General or the
United States be recorded."
Floyd Hughes, of Norfolk. Va.: Watson
Andrews Suddutb, ot Louisville, Ky.;
William II. SIfddlcton. or Harrlsburg. Pa.;
Charles A. Wlllard, or Mlureapolls. Sllnn.;
J. Nota McGill, ot Washington. D. C;
Charles n. Bergner, of Harrisburg, Pa.;
Morris D. Wickershnm, or Slobde. Ala.;
Abram Ralph Snow, of Washington. D.
C, and James A. JJ. Richards, of New
Philadelphia, Ohio, were admitted to
At the meeting of the bar ot the Supreme
Court ot the United States yesterday morn
ing to take action upon the death of the
late Associate Justice Jackson, Secretary
of State Olney presided, and Mr J. H.
McKenney acted as secretary. On motion
by Mr. J. M. Dickinson the following gentle
men were named as a committee to draft
an appropriate memorial for presenla lion to
the court: J. M. Dickinson, S. P. Walker,
B. F. Avrcs, Henry M. Outfield, A. II. Gar
land, T.B.Turley. Tennessee. Samuel Shella
barger, W. A. Slaury, Thomas Nilson, ot
Minnesota, and W. A. Buddulh, of Ken
tucky. The committee will report at an
adjourned meeting of the bar to be called
by the chairman.
. . .
Baltimore Firm Assigns.
Baltimore, Oct. 14. Henderson, Pfeff
Co., confectioners and bakers at 25 East
Pratt street, made an assignment to-day,
with prcrerenees. The firm has for forty
years done a big Southern trade. The fail
ure is attributed to the war made upon It
by the New York Biscuit Company Trust.
The assets are said to be about 550,000
and the liabilities are not much in excess
of that amount.
Alexandria's Convention. Casts More
Than 550 Ballots Without Result.
It Is Predicted That Owing to Went
Spots Among His Opponents, liar
ley Will Bo Elected- To-day.
SIorelhanSSOlKilIots were taken yesterday
and last night by the convention at Alex
andria, called for the purpose ot electing,
a candidate for the house cT.delegatcx.and -
railing to cast a declslt evote.-ttdJoumnieEt
again waff" ordered till lo-day. -
The Llifccomb forces succeeded yesterday
In smoking out or their holes those elejerga tea
who ne-cretly ravor the Barley side.
Asa resulttttowcdkspols were discovered
in the Slay delegation and one among
Briidhcim's adherents. It is expected that
to-day Barley will capture the elccislte
majority. Lliscomb will right to tlie last
anu endeavor to take from tne others, but,
he dedares. If he loses, that next, time he
will sweep tlie decks clean.
The day wab spent in the delegates shift
ing their votes from one candidate to
On the 471st ballot Sir. May rce-eived
1,147 totes. Just thirteen short of tho
number nccessarj to elect. On the 47fltti
and 483d ballots Sir. Llnsconib reccited
the same vole, and Sir. Bendheira, on the
49Bth billot, rci-clved. 1,146 voles.
Throughout the evening session Mr. Bar
ley's C92 votes stood by nint and were east
solid for him each time the roll was called.
The interest in the election contiined
to increase, and at tills session the hall
was pae-ked with spectaiors. all anxious
to see the end. When the COOth ballot
was reached theivote was exai tly the same
as that ot the rirst ballbt, and Sir. G.
Hatley Norton, in an addre-s, urged har
mony in the e-ontentlomund warned the
delegates or the danger of dissension.
Gen. Drake, Town's Hepuhllcan Candi
date for Got ernor, Broken Down,
lies Sloltievs. la., Octi 14. Geb. K. SI.
Drake, Republican candufcile ror governor,
is In the city. On thc-ndvice of his ph
siclans he denied himself to callers, cx-ce-pt
a tery few, among whom was Sen
ator Allison.
The General is in very poor condition
physically, and unless he reenters his
strength toon will be compelled to give
up lor ii time Ills c-airpalgn or speaking
and cancel engagements.
The severe strain or campaign work has
greatly exhausted his vitality.
Important Judicial Decision Regard
Inj; Certain Church Property.
Springfield, Ilk, Oct. 14 A decision
filed to-day by the supreme court will be
or great interest to all religious, char
itable, educational and benevolent meietiea
which have erected business buildings anil
are depending In whole or In part upon the
retenues received rrom renting stores nnd
orrice rooms.
The court holds that such buildings are
not exempt from taxation. The case upon
which the decision wan renderisl was cer
tified to the court by-Auditor Gore, who
reversed the action of .til"1 supervisors 'of
Peoria county, exempting from asses-smint
the office building of the. Peoria loung
Men's Christian Association.
The auditor's decision was affirmed by
the court.
ritOF. ruiLLirs dead.
Fifth Victim of the Pltt.shiiri; Trolley
Car Disaster.
Pittsburg. Oct. 14. Prof. Alexander
Phillip3, or tlie Pittsburg Academy, who
was injured in last night's street car
accident on the West End liner died to
night nt the Homeopathic Lospital.
Pror. Phillips had a leg anipuiated nnd
he died fom loss ot blood. This makes
the number of deaths five. The iujurcd
Easseugers are all doing as well as could
e expected.
In Behalf of AVnller.
Chicago. Oct. 14. John G. Jones, ot
Chicago, attorney for John L. Waller, im
prisoned at Marseilles. France, by the
trench government, will leave to morrow
ror Washington," with a strong petition
to the President requesting him to take
immediate action In the mutter.
. .
Found Dend In Ills Store.
Philadelphia. Pa., Oct. 14. r. Charles
Elchel, the proprietor of a shoe store at
909 Arch street, was round dead In his
establishment this morning. He had oom
mlttedsulcide last night by shooting himself
In the head.
Washington Schooners Clear.
Norrolk, Va Oct. 14. Cleared, schoon
ers SJary and Francis and Faunle Wallace,
London, Oct. 14. The death is announced
ot the Right Rev. Richard Burnfonl, D. D.,
bishop ot Chichester. Bishop Dnrnford
was ninety-three years ot age. He was
appointed bishop ot Chlclicstcr In 1870.
Chicago, Oct 14--Clare Doty Bates, the
well-known authuress and writer ot chil
dren's stories, died this morning.
Seattle, Oct It Ex-Go v. E. P. Ferry
died early this morning.
Highland Falls, N. Y., Oct. 14. Ueut
Albert M. Darmet, a brilliant young army
officer, died at West Point yesterday, after
a short illness, from remittent fever.
Which Is to Be.
Gov. Clarke's Ultimatum on the
Cornett-Fitzsimmons Fight.
Corbett Leaves San Antonio tor Hot
SprlnitSTjIIe Delict es the Move an
. ' Uiitvls'o ' One" uud.Tlmt .Thejivin,
Faro o Better In Arkansas Tlmir
. The1" DIcT In Texas.
Latlle Rock. Ark., Oct. 14. The United
Frets correspondent found the Goteruor
this morning thoroughly ilclcrrolncd to
prevent the prize fight at all hazard..
He rays that the action ol the circuit
Judge and of the sheriff of Carlnud county
now makes It a matter of State concern
and renders him primarily responsible
for its suppression.
He is still hopeful that those in charge
ot the prizefighting enterprise will Jhan
don all further attempt to briug it-about
here- If, howeter, this does not prove
the case, their efrorts can only be inter
preted to mean that they Intend to resist
with torce the errorts of the officers to
prevent it. Iu thb nsiieit of atfairs the
prize fight will drop out of view, and
the contest will he one lietwoen the power
of the State and that of the Invading
rorces or the prizefighting contingent.
The governor has no doubt of the re-sult
ot the conflict lutween these. That the
authority and dignity of tt.e State will be
maintained goe-s wiuiout saying. If this
thould not urove lo be tLc case and the
prize tight lake place, In spite or theerroris
ot the oinceri and the lieople, the got ernor
says he will reskrn Lis ornee and m future
leave the inlorcenieiil or luc laws and re
s lsi n nee to Invasion to more competent
El Paso. Texas, Oct. 14. A report from
the CM ol SIcMco, received here tuts morn
ing. sas that President Diaz has decided
that the Corbeit-r'itzsiiuiuons fight on the
border Is a matter rortheSiateKOternment
to manage, and therefore, he has Ielt it
with Governor Ahumadaa, or Chihuahua.
11 is regarded here .is sealed that lite light
will come orf at Juarez. Tlie town Is
greatly excited.
Pan Antonio, Tex., Oct. 14. AHera stay
of nine days in San Antonio Jim Corbett
and jiarty left to-day TorllotSprlngs, where
the opposition of the authorities tsere
forces him to make another move.
Corbett did not leave for Ids prospective
field ot battle iu tlie best or spirits. He
stated Just before his departure that he
believed tlie move is an unwise oueas he has
will be pulled off at Hot Springs and that
protection Is guaranteed.
"In my opinion," said lie, "I will find
Arkansas no better place than Texas lu
which to fight, and I am still ot thebeher
in the ring in this country is ror us both to
go to some quiet spot where there will be no
interference on the part or theauthorities."
Corpus Christi, Tex., Oct. 14. Fltz
slnimons will remain here the balance ot
the month notwithstanding the reports
that he will leave for Hot Springs at an
early date.
While working in the blacksmithshop to
day l'ltz smashed his left hand. He said
it was Ids misfortune to bruise himself two
or three weeks before each fight he had
ever engaged in, lmuxiys he. "That will
not interlere with my fighting In the least
Sly blood is Lu good order and I'll be all
He took a six mile spin on his wheel
this morning and this afternoon he put 111
three hours work.
Younji Sons of Respectable Parents
Arrested for ltulihlnira Cash Drawer.
Eddie Clssol, Edward Turner and George
Thomas, fifteen, thirteen and sixteen years
of age, respectively, sons of respectable citi
zens in the neighborhood of Tenth and T
streets northwest, werearrestcd last evening
by Sergt Kaucher, of the Second precinct,
on charges of petit larceny.
The boss went Into the confectionery
store ot William A. Joiner, at No. 1018
Seventh street last evening, while the pro
prietor was in a rear room and stole from
the till $1.13. They proceeded to buy
with the stolen money a box ot ice cream
and while they were enjoying It in an alley
near O street thepoliccsprgcant passed. The
peculiar actions ot the boys when they saw
the orricer aroused his suspicions and he
placed them under arrest .
The boys admitted they had taken the
money and said thej had done It on the
spur of the moment. The boys' .parents
were notified and visited the prisoners, who
cried themselves to sleep InthcircelL
. .
Basket-ball Game.
A game ot basketball will be played to
nigh tbetween the Washington Athletic
Club and Carroll Institute teams in the
gymnasium ot. the' former. After the
game, the delegates to the Basketball
League will bold a meeting to consider
a schedule for the season, and other mat-,
lers pertaining to the new league.
. .
Charged with Assault.
James Pollard, colored, was arrested
last night on a warrant sworn out by -Dr.
Thomas Street charging him with assault
and battery.
Its Object Ig to Organiza the
National Advisory Board.
No Intention to Form Third Party or
Indc'icndont Slot emcnt,Siiy Presi
dent Traynor.
St Louis, Mo., Oct. 14. Tlienational-con-rerenee
of the American Protective Asso
ciation out here at noon to day. All of the
supreme officers nnd most-of the State
presidents were in attendance and the hall
was packed.
The object or the meeting is to organize
the national advisory board which was ap
pointed Ijst jear at the Milwaukee meeting
or the Supreme Council and to outlineaplan
or action in regard to the next national
Alterthcconrerence was called toordcrby
Persident Y. J. II. Traynor,orDetroit,Sllch
Slayor Walbrtdge was Introduced and made
a welcciuing address. Oilier addresses
followes and thu conference became ex
ecutive. At tlie afternoon session the work of the
credential committee was ratified and a
resolution passed congratulating the mem
bera iu Nashville. Tenn., upon their recent
victory. It is probable that Judge Stevens,
of Slicn igau.r.illbecliairnianoftheadvisory
Speaking ot a proposed national po
litical motement, President Tiayncr said:
"It Is not our intention to form a third
party or h.dependcnt movement. All we
want Is recognition rrom the national
political parties. The jiarty that recog
nizes us will get oar support and the one
that Ignores u will not. The advt'ory
board, when organized, will evidently ap
point a committee to present our prin
ciples to each national iurty, and demand
"Ours Is a representative bodv, com
posed of all nationalities. Nationality or
creed Is no barr to membership. Ourorgun
Izatlon Is working more openly now than
ever before, and It I had my way about
It all our sessions would be public. We
have nothing to hide."
Marching Through the Country to
Eeach Venezuelan Territory.
(Sreclal to The Times.)
(Copyright by James Gordon Bennett.)
Buenos Ajres. Argentina, via Galveston,
Tex., Oct 14. In a telegram from Para,
Brazil, the Herald's correspondent says
word has been received at Rio Janeiro
stating that an armed British force Is
marching through Brazilian territory.
The objective point or the body U that
part or Venezutla claimed by the British
The column has already crossed the
Tacutu River.
,BonrdedvlryLuii A rnit'Spanlsh'Forco
inn Cuhuii Hiirhor.
(Srecial to Tlie Times.)
New York. Oct. 15. A medal cable
lo the Herald from Havana. Cuba tjys.
The American br.gantine Harriet G.,
winch arrited at Nuetilas a week ago,
Willi a cargo or coal ror the Puerto Prin
ci pe railway, was yesterday boarded In
the bay ana enrched br an armed Jspaiiish
Torce, whose comma tiding orricer accmeil
the vessel's master. Capt. Sillier, or hav
ing brought arms and munitions Tor the
rebels and smuggled them ashore.
Capt. Miller denies the charge, and as
nothing of a compromUng nature was
discovered by the soldiers during their
search, he has tiled a formal proiest be
fore the United States commercial agir.t
here to be forwarded through Consul Gen
earl Williams to the State Deiiartmeut
at Washington.
Only Supply in Cuke Region Is Pnnipeil
from the Mines;.
Dunbar. Pa., Ott. 14. Tlie continued
drouth Is having its effect to an alarming
degree on the toke works in the Connelis-
vine region. ir relier does not soon
come, a large number of plants will be
obliged lo dose down. At many places
the only supply now available is the
waterpjmpeei irom llieiiiincs.
At aiHtior. Atlas and Stationing works,
the coke burned up owing to lack ot
water. The Yoiighiogheuy river and
mountain streams have never been so low
as al present. and workgenerallvis greally
baiidicnpiied by the wuter famine.
Great tear is felt from proloMe mountain
forest fires, common nt this season.
Scandal Intoltluz Slnny Prominent
Officials iiiNewfoiiiidlnnd.
St Johns," N F., Oct. 14. Astonishing
revelations were made in the smuggling
scandals to-day Four of the prisoners
who were brought from PLicemia Bay
turned queen's eveidence, and revealed
all iltv ferrets or thesjndlcate which prac
tically controlled all the smuggling into
this port of liquor and tobacco fur the
past four years
The scandal Is certain to be among the
greaiest ever exposed here and will Im
plicate many prominent orricials and
nearly every saloon keeper in the city
The ramifications or the gang are most
extensive and Hie work was pursued with
surprising audacity. "
Fiiuesral of Col. Hampton Dcnmnn
Attended by Distinguished Men.
The funeral of the late Col. Hampton
Dcnman took place yesterday morning
from St. Paul's Church. Bishop Kcane
preached the sermon. .Mass celebrated by
Father Foley, assisted by Father Mackin.
Senator Elkins, Capt. Charles Newbold,
Mr. George E. Hamilton, Gen. .Morgan,
Gen. Vincent and Sir. George E. Jones
were houorary pall bearers. The active
pall bejrers were Messrs. Howe Young,
James Dutiamel, Hampton Ewing, II. L.
Helskell. Theodore D. Wilson, jr.. Gillespie
Blaine an! riemlng Newbold. The inter
ment was at Sit. Olivet.
Col. Dcnman was well and favorably
known in business and politics.
President Roberts Speedln-r Over the
lVnnsvItuula Lines.
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 14. President
Roberts, of the Pcnnsylt ar.la Rrilroad, with
most of tlie members of the board ot di
rectors. nnd a number of leading officers of
the company, left here on a special train
at 9 o'clock this morning on the annual
tour of inspection.
Thetrio wllloccupynbouttwo weeksand
Willi extend over 2,800 miles of tlie road
and its branches.
Another Cable Car Collision.
8cventh strcet,grip car No. 22, about 1
o'clock yesterday afternoon, ran into a
horse attached to a light ragou ami owned
by T. Grasty, of No. 1010 betcnth street
The horse had been left standing near
the curb, and bad turned across the track
when the car came along. The fender
of the car was demolished in the col
lision and the horse thrown down and
badly bruised.
. .
Losses from Petty Thefts.
John H. Scrivener, of No. 1 415 C street
southwest, reported nt the Fourth precinct
last night that his house was entered and
clothing to the value of $00 were taken.
Joseph II. Hodges, of No. 705 Sixth street
southwest, reported the loss by theft ot a
light overcoat.
Sirs. Clet eland Com Inc.
Buzzard's Bay. Slass., Oct. 14. All ar
rangements hate been made for the de
parture of Mrs. Cleveland and children for
Washington to morrow. The trip will he
made by rail on a special car and the family
"i nuke no stops enroattv
Cuban Revolution Spreading to
-the Western Provinces.
OnoN'ew Body Has Two Iliindrcd ant
Anpt her Three IlundredMen Great
Excitement Caused Id Havana Ex
Iiedltluu from Florida Said to liar?
New Tork. Oct. 14. Passengers arriviiyr
by the steamer Yumurl from Havana to
day say that the rebel lion is spreading west
ward. Three bands or insjrgents havo
arpearedlnthedis trie ts which have hitherto
been quiet
One lurty or 200 men, hair or whom were
said to be Spaniards, rose In the vicinity of
Batatino, twenty five miles rrom Havana,
and the southern terminus or tlie railroad
t.o.i.i r.. os. icros.iUH-,sljnd from Havana.
Another Irty has risen In Slelena del Sur.
It has BOb m-ii. and tne third party Is at
Ybarra, the place where the rebellion first
broke out, and wheie quiet was restored last
February. In the last party there were
1 r0 men.
The news of these risings have- caused
some rxcitemeut in Hatana. It is also
reported that Slaximo Gomez has left 2,500
men in Camaguey. and with -,00o men U
marching toward Las Villas.
Key West, Fla., Oct. 14. Private ad
vices rrom Havana by the steamer Mas
cottc state that an expedition, composed
of over 41 rertons, successfully landed in
Cuba, in the vicinity of Fagualagrande, 70
miles east of Cardenas.
This point of Cuba, only 30 miles from
the Anguila Islands, on Salt Key bank.
hich is British territory, is only CO miles
from the Florida reefs, and offer superior
advantages to Cuban liilbustering expedi
tions, on account or Its pioximlty to the.
Florida keys, and Key "West as bases of
A prominent Cuban, replying lo a ques
tion as to who ltd the expedition, said It
was not Callazos, but declined lo say who
It was.
It was Intended that this expedition
should land on the western end of Cuba,
near Buena Vista River, but owing to tta
presence ol the warships Conde de Vena
dito and Infama Isabel, which are in that
vicinity assisting In saving the material
or the stranded cruUer Cristobal Colon,
it was decided to change the plan, and
land near Sagualagrande. as the Conde de
Venadtio hail been withdrawn from that
portion or the coast and sent to the as
sistance or the cruiser Cristobal Colon,
leaving this portion or the coast almost
"The Cuban'co!ony.l!ere are Jubilant over
the rct-elpt of the news.
Valparaiso, Chill, Ott. 14. The Span
ish minister at Santiago de Chili has sent
a nole of protest to the mln,-ur of for
eign affairs against the display of the
Caban rebel flag by the side of the Chilian
standard at a reception to the delegate
of the Cuban Insurgents given in l.lis city.
. The Chilian minister has promised, it
Is reported, that there shall be no repetition
of the display.
Madrid. Oct 14. The ImparciaPs Ha'
vana di-patch says that forty men of the
Valladolid battalion fought and ilefeated
400 rebels at Sliruis de Aiquira on Satur
day. Two of the rebe4s we-re killed and
a number wounded.
Look on tha sixth pase for
an account tho coming Cuban
mass meeting to be held In
They Dow ned Lehigh's Team by &
Score of 54 to O
Philadelphia, Oct. 14. Tho University
ot Pennsylvania's football team fairly oat
did itself today. The Lejigh team, the
strongest of the State colleges, came down
from Bethlehem and prepared to lower
the Quaker pride by holding the reel and
blie score below 20, and perhaps tallying
a little itself.
It took not quite thirty seconds, however,
to knock a hole In those calculations. Gcl
lvrt seorlug the first touchdown after
twenty seconds play.
Nine times the leather tvas earried across
the Lehigh line and torched down, an 1 as
many times it cicaicd the goal tar between
the posts, while once It was larried across
and fumbled and secured by a Lehigh
Fifty four wa3 Pennsylvania's totalse-ore.
against nothing for Lehigh. Thirty ;oints
were made In the first half. Pennsvivanla
plated fast from start to finish. The at
tendance was 4,000.
Reports Shotting: the Growth of the
Organization In the South.
Atlanta, Oct. 14. The King's Daughters
held a contention in the woman's building
at the Exivosition to-day. Mis. James
Thomas, of Macon, State secretary, made
her annual reoit showing the strength of
the organization lu the State.
Tlie order has now In ham! the work ot
establishing a home for incurables. Sirs.
Mart- Lowe Dickinson, general secretary ot
the King's Daughters. Mrs. William Dickson,
of Atlanta, nnd Mrs. Isabella Charles Davis,
one of the original founders or the order,
were present. Mis. Davis andMr-i Dickin
son were among the lirst co-workers of
Mr Margaret Baisonic.
Sirs. Davis, who is tl.e corresponding sec
retary and general manager ot the Interna
tional Order ot the King's Daughters and
Sons, has taken a tery active part In tho
woman's congresses here since the Expo
sition oivcncd. She states that the order
in the South is strong and Is doing great
Fire Which Starteel a Month Ago
Burns Furiously.
nelena, Mont, Oct. 14. The fire which
started In the Sluir tumid on the Northern
Pacirie a month ago is burn.ng almost as
furiously as ever.
Elforts to smother the flames by sealing
the tunnel, aud also with steam, havebe-cn
Trains are being transferred over the
new track recently constructed over th
mountains. The damage Is very heavy.
. . .
Kind ot a Fellow- Feellnc.
Berlin, Oct. 14. Emperor William has
sent by telegraph to tl e Stnathalter of
Alstice-Lorraine, at Strassburg. a message
of condolence with the widow of Henry
Schwartz, the wealthy mill owner of Mul
house, who tvas stabbed to death on Octo
ber 8th, by Andreas M.'ycr, an Alsatian
Kllbsl by a Fall of Coal.
Wllkesbarre, Pa., Oct. 14. Edward D.
Gibbons, aged lifty-two jears, one of the
best known miners In the Wjoming region,
was killed by a rail of coal In the Delaware
mine at Mill Creek to-day.
. .
Ran Against a Street Car.
While ridlug his bicycle down the avenue
yesterday morning, John Porter Lawrence,
tlie pianist, ran against a cable car. ne
was thrown to the street, but received
slight lnjuriej which -were treated at the
Emergency Hospitals

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