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We will offer to-day SOO rolls
of elegant ten-wire Tapestry Car
pets. wonderful variety of de
sign fifteen different patterns
all wool the very finest make
such goods as 3-011 can only get
at our store worth 90c. per yd
7th and D Sts. N.W.
Clothing at
We're marked the change
in prices advertised by other
Clot Idas since ice announced
our Great Fall Reductions in
O VllR CO A TS So have
yenty perhaps Icre's how
zee arc forcing business:
Our tlcn's Salt., nt 1 1 VI. DOLLARS,
lnglj 01 double htcnsrcd,arc poslutcly
tltc best mines we base ever offered
Our Men's ?-.?( anJ SI O suits nre de
cant lire; suit-, stiictly all wool and
cunraiuccil inctcrj respect.
A very full una complete lino of flno Boys
and Chllru'rt ( lothlug at Prices that are ab
solutely and positlici the Ion est priced la the
Remember that every gar
ment sold by us is guaranteed
and money is alwavs re
funded in any case of dissatis
faction. A personal inspection is cor
dially invited-'-you need not
buy. .
3 1 1 7th St. N. W.
Ann Lotion
is the most dainty prepa
ration on the market for the
skin for CHAPPED
rough skin. It's not a com
plexion maker, but a sooth
ing, healing liquid, that is
neither sticky nor unpleas
ant to use. PRICE IS 25c.
You need it this weather,
and all thro' winter.
Mertz's Modern Pharmacy,
lllhandFStreetBN. Y.
Fissures, Ulcers, Klatulao, oil It octal Diseases
vltlioutpaln. Without knifo or operation.
M Ithont aar detentkm from miQe-?s. ot
paUintiTc, but a rapid, radical CUItU, Dr.
I)ronIng. 1325 fcpmcc .street, I'hlladcl
plifn, I a , iIip lea ling Uectal Specialist, by ur
gent ro-iuest -riniinre regnlar day3 in Wasli
inqtoi and dooto Tlnir-dny, Oct. 24tli, to
cUInc information, free of chnrcc, and mal.
lnj appoint m onrs. AQdrcsa xnall i'hlla, olflco.
hygienic -nKALTnruii.
Telephoned Om.ce 14ZI Pet, a. if
Our methods of PBIXT1NG aro not stereo
typed wo endeavor to lraproro upon them
tery day. Our work shows the results.
McCILL &. WALLACE. Printers.
:107 t Street N.W. Thone 131t
L. L. L. h
We will itenil J on tbe nmrr
Frrnch I'rcptratlon CALTHOS
free and h It-sitl guarantee that
CALTIIUS wilt Remtorr your
Ilrallli.Mrenrth and 1 ifirvr.
L'se it and faj if satisfied.
Address VON MOHLCO.,
B5o per yard.
Call Signers to Discuss the
Mass Meeting Friday Night.
Th Commit Ire of ArrniiKenioiits Will
AImi OiitlliH llio boiipo ot the Hc-so-Jutluti,AiiiiiinrtMlioSiMii'WrimiHl
IVrfect tho l'lum Aillit-TLMitN lu
Till Country lllillnu TliWr Time.
The committee of arnmscmonts fur the
Culuin iiuf-6 mectliiK Mill tonfirwi l'fit!l
evtnlnc at 7.20 o'clock on the fctURi of
All tluw-e locrs of frtulom who liave
fclKiml the tall uuiMllutc this coiniiilttee.
This Rathirln will uVciur the tlate 4111
which the mecUiix Mmll be held, the
MiIe or the riNolutni'N, the .irratinn-nts
for MH'.ikerN, ami v.ltat di ill be done
with ttii. urgat.Ur.1 louk-s who will bu
iimleil to mM(1 deli'RaU'i,
This mt ion will b.- ion oil on ttie c.m
mm ii' in the must praciitl .iy. ror
nlrt.td wtrral orgamz.iUout have l.iki ti
liw town Pi I km up; jvitriM.'.ili;tl. 'iiM'J
1111 1 after The Tune, huit pubiiit-d luc
(.all uimI wlttiuui :ili an time i c idrtl
l be repreM'jitel ill the inei lltir. All
oritrinit l nius will lie iiiiitnt 10 at
tern!. Ihe. will lie oxjuiteil tt brliR
tilt ir banner, and their hands if the
so 1 liote. it 1- o eotl mat tin hall
will be .uir with Iiuueil: li-inmr.-, aiid
brave mottoes.
V one will be linne! away from this
paitierin. All will be wthotned antleery
toil 1 cHfHil to tome. Organized 1 1
lkr will ns-i ie an ipetiatiy nnmi invi
tation, ;is it was amoi. thtw firi to urge
the jsii.uu.v ur tt.e cad. They will turn
out lu lorve.
The friends of Cuhan patrioU In the nty
nre ks'pln ery qultt jttt now, and for
.1 xood reason. They 1 oim Mint this Uov
riiitit nt may take nnj' iu tion Iwtkinc to
the recognition of the Ih HUfm'iii ruhts
of the F-iniEhn inurrtitioiiitH. l hoy
hae rs:iIttl no intimatloii cm that unit
is 10 1h the policy of the Administration,
Ikii they hope, and hopetronl.
Tliey rcfii"! t m.ike known the grounds
on which Ihetr hopes rM, bill ihev are as
mi redly hoMrut. They think the matter
will nil In f traihtciiisl out after the elec
tions mid lit lection's aie only a couple
of week off.
want a sti:ami:k.
The Culuiib do not aM. a re.it tleal.
TIn'j only want a chamc. Tne ay IT
they could ct hold or a faM httamer,
Mii.tll though it jnhzLl be, Ihe would be
in Jotr. .Ml the .mnaitunt oeircit would
be two rapid fire iiiitt and thej pnniise
to make tninjrs Imm ati around im I'latnl.
They would make tluiii; so lively for the
paiii.irdN that relninriiim nts -ould not
Ite hurrutl over irom pun fat iitouh.
l'liey tint jiit all thee things if the are
bUiii a little ihancc.
Ro fillel with the hop" of post ihilMii
epei tat ioiin the Washington jriend- of
the btruglu are kn-pin up a hold front.
But the nac not cM'-etl workiu'by any
means. 'Jhey will be out in force at the
mctllii. The local Icidt rs are In im
muiilc:uiou with Cubans In New York and
keep tn touch with eerjthhiK 1I1.11 irnves
from t'tilu. They will hate -oineihuic: in
IcnMinjj to s.iy when the nnetniK N held.
The general opinion Net tits to le that the
meeting should luhl Odolter :tl. The
itlea W meeting Hh apiroal here, but
the committee will iiei Ide the time Triiiaj
niht. The hlc;tKo sjmpMhizers in the
tuoeinent have issued an aptHMl to iiueps
thrO'iKhodt the Union askiiif: that nmpa
thetie masMneethiK- be held (UUiIht U.
They thinK the inoemeiit wualddLrnereat
bMKfit from Mich simultaneous act ion.
Many WashlnKloni ms hae In en In Cuba
in the past years :md are auiuai-ited with
the Male or nffairs there. A number of
these Kenllemen are signer t Mlie call.
They Hid not In -itate to add their riamps
and were clad to ilo so. Tliey hiitl they
were clad and told why. Anions thee
Kent tcmi'ii was Mr-Jal ward l).IZ.isiim.pres
ident of the Columbia XMionoraph Com
pany. When ilr. Uaston Mj;ued the call he
I am heartily in faor of freeilom, and
I can't get my name to this cull any tn
quick. 1 was down there Ian winter, ami
saw enough to fillsfy me that a 1 han;e
was needed. I think Cuba im the worst
governed island in the world. At leatd, it
is the worst gcnvriictl that I know anj
thinjT alfout."
What h truck you most forcibly, Mr.
Two thills taxes and the robberit" d"
the minor officials. The hpanish cern
meut. taxis is eerthiug. No man has a
chance. If a business man wants to put
out a sign, he in taxed, ihe amount or
the tax oepends on the length vt his name.
The government chaiges mi much a letter.
You see but few signs and but few street
numbers as a consequence.
Then the minor orfieials mint cme in
for a share. They timply rob the poor tax
payers. What the government is unabieto
get these men ueize. They have no pur.
and ever j tmn goes. 1 touiu set an tins
In the short lime I was there. That was
last winter'
Was the uprising being diussedr
'yes, there were runiorH, but ion could
not dep nd on anthlug. The ccn'Mirsldp
of the citrermnent oer the telegranli.
post and pres Is fro scm re that one can
htarceiy neuec nii.wuiug in ees. 1 iteu
news travels slowlv. Whisners of the
impending struggle were heard, nut! in
Havana even, when thev 1 It fiire they
were safe, many buines.s. men i-pres-ei
hope tor tin i access of the movemenr.
I shall be glad to help the mass meeting
along alter what I hae seen"
feennr Gerard io Uorrtster. or Xew i'ork,
one of the nrganrers for Cuban freedom,
is in the cltj. He is grratly Intro Med
In the met ting which is to.he hi Id here,
and will be pn sent with other New York
ers Interested in the movement
Senor I'orrcter is a munhi r of FarlMn
Reolueiaiiario Cuba no, with headeju tr
iers at No. llntadway. New York. The
Parti do is the supreme Cuban organiza
tion in the United Mates. Si nors Tomas
Estrada, Goualo de Qutsndo and Hdija
min J. Gtierra, the delegates recently
chosen by the organization, have bieti
duly recognlrcil by Maximo tiome, the
general iu-chlef of the Cuban annj.
You Hi 111 1.-, inaiiv 11 mhI tbiinr If
you don't rend '1 he II cuing; Tiiiie.s.
in the hand of a Suiceon
gives 30a a feci lug: of hor
ror and diead. Thrrt is
no longer necessity for its
u-ein many diseases foi 111
crly regarded as incurable
without cutting.
The Triumph of
Conservative Surgery
is well illustrated by the fact that
PIIDTI1PP B 1 each, is now radically
ivur t UIL crd without the knife and
without pain. Clumsy, chafing trusses can be
thrown nwav! Thev net er cure liatoflen induce
iiilliimuation, strangulation and dedth.
TIIAIADC Oianan. I-ibroid (Uterine) ami
1 UiUuJViJ. riany others, are now reiuoted
without the iktiIs of aiding operations.
PIFF Ti A10RS howwr arse. Fis-
,riL, 1 UJllUIVO, tnIa and otherdiseaseb
of the lower bowel, arc permanently cured with
out pain or resort to the knife.
CTIMR in the Bladder, no matter how large.
jiviiu js crushed, pulverized, washed out
and perfectly reiuoted without cutting.
TRIcTTIIRF of Dniiary Passage is also
Oi iviwi UUL4 removed without cuttiug iu
hundreds of cases. For pamphlet, references
and all particulars, end 10 ceuts (in stamps) to
World's Dipensary Medical Association, No. 663
Main btrcet, Euflalo, N. Y.
and those soon to
become mothers,
should know that
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription robs
childbirth of its tor
tures, terrors and
dangers to both
mother and child, by
aiding nature in pre
paring the system
tor parturition.
Thereby "labor"
and the period of
confinement are'
greatly shortened. It also promotes the
secretion of an abundance of nourishment
for the child.
Mrs. Dora A. CnTnr.tn, of Oakley, O-jnldn Co.,
Tenn , writes: "When I began taLing Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription, I was not able to
stand on ray feet without suffering almo&t death.
Kow I do all my housework, washing, cooking,
sewing and eer thing for my family of eight.
I am stouter now than I hare been in six years.
Your'KaiorUc Prescription ' fa the best to take
before confinement, or at least it proved so with
me. I never suffered so little leilh any of lay
children as I did with my last."
Only One Week
M Me but 7 Days in Which
to Avail Yourself of Dr.
Walker's Extraordi
nary $5 Offer.
Dr. Walker's Well Equipped Sanilariua,
His Marvelous Skill as a Fractilioner,
His Genius as a Curer el Dis
eases Can Now Be Com
manded by Eyer? Cili
zsn, Ricn or Foor,
Kcalthv or KclI-So-iln People vlio
isli t Gic (lie Dot'tdr's Treat
ment a Tri.il Now Havi the
Opportimitv to Do So
at Small Co-,t.
Remember, All Chronic Diseases
Will lie Accepted at
This Rate.
Dr. Walker 'Will Only Allow Tau Kate to
Ecmata in Force Until October 23
and Will Not lleiccj Pricjs
Again for Ono Year.
Dr. Walker Fiirnlshas All His Own
Remedies Freo of Chars to
All Hi: Patients.
Nervous Disorders.
All nlfiit uscviry .1 1 v wi.fcr,' men who
are mi the t rce i imtu Urt iktlown.
There K :i irrailtial rmlureiit tlw nieiiiory.
ctavio.il wniMteriui: m the inttul. jm- i
...III. n. .....t.l .,.... . I. ...... I.... t.i.i .,.. I
VJ.1II.1 ,11 llllll. -1II1, .11,1,11. Illljn 1(111
N1H eCll, With Mhe(,r 1 lie IVroiu MOrll HI lulled.
I(esirei:i nryniKl .liiiliillnii. iitiuails w.ill,
inr mm (ii.lm - oiie-i ion. tnnm i.ul
out ff Die I .iihIo. the hii.illil istlrow hid!
run ur eet yi t r.iitiutieep !te I .iwi Miw
IHiKt. his ltr lire enM .mil iiiinih He In
nmil n.iy for u rihthy lii- .uivious Mildly
aiiti ,nur a tun n iiiriM 111 ft iinr couduloii.
only to hn-.ik ilnnn a;iihi In liorl u 1 i!
miit Imtoiiii much orM tl an. U-fon.
rarniy-i- rorucs on tlnnl, in id if tin ills
imm i not clicckc-!, lu is moil -1 Iioih1i-h
and Remedies Free for
One Month's Treat
ment. The reivptiuu pirlorc of Dr. AV.ilki r-
ottice !iae Ik-en irowitiil all tliis week.
snowiiiK 1 111 1 Ur. tialkcrs ,eui runs oftcr
Isapprectalcd Ir- all
rositlieii noiasis. i-an lv .iiciitnl after
OituU-r 2:i at the Jr. nilc.
Tile Trim iiieilt of AH Clllollfc lK
nlsi's Ih Onl Js.l 11 .Montll, .
lllllcllie Inrltlilill.
Are you arflii till with DKAI'MIbS?
Do Mil Mirier from llYM'hi'MA?
Have oj severe HKO.NCIIiAL. trou
Are von a Miffrrer from AnTIIMA?
Do jol surrer from KHI.I'.MATISM?
Do jou siifier rroni UKAKT Irounien?
Do oi stirrer from I.IYKIt iiinuiialnt?
Do 101 snrrcr from XKUYOVs trounies?
Do voi stirrer lrom auj L IIKOMU Dl
If yoa do. the onlv cot Tor nil treatment
ana 1111 dn uie is $.-, e. ir"'titli, and no liettcr
trealineut is known than that of Dr. Walk
er's systiiu.
His well known sanitarium at 1111
I'eitusyliaul.i aicii'ie. .uijoininc Willard's
Hotel, is niK'ti dnilv lor i-onsultatiou ;ind
treattueiii. Ofrnv hoirs. Io a. in. to r
n. 111.: V11lues1U5 awl .-.Mtnril.i cvcnlnsi.
7 to si; Mundais. In to 1-.
All interviews and corresiwindence sa
nedly i-oiiridinti.il. No ium; made public
without. consent or patients.
Mits. a.vxii: J. Yiir.vti iti:i.i:.si:ii.
11io-e Vlctlmlziil In Her l!eijiie.tikil
District Attorney to Do o.
District Atlonn'3-A. A. Ihrnei jiMerday
nolle protil the tase a;nifii .Mrs. Aiiuie
J. Yoiiiik. t.oiiriin-t in Ihe Jail 011 llic ' ture
of raUe tin tens s. and she was rt leased
irom custody. Mr. Hirnev will tlt.it he
toole thai ncilou .it tlie i.irticst soliiitalioii
or most, IT not nil, or the merchants anil
lHislm-ss men whom Mn. Youutr wits re-
portcil to haie victiimzisl.
me run ctory or .Mrs. minis s trans
actions and her arrest. 011 August 1, wa
told hi The Times, she is a tall, ri-ri I
and handsome woman or about rill v, who
damns! to h ie ionic fronirew lork, and
said t'nt she had but two allirnntiies
lK-rore her, to slial or ln-p. hhc chose
the runner, she said at the lime.
Alumi Jul IT fhe w.w alleced to h.He
passisl a check Tor $17, drawn on the
Garfield National Ikitik, of New York, on
.Mr. Mnsoti C. Grasty. of No. lain Sevmlh
Mnvl northwest. The check was worlh-
Subsiquently fihe Is said to hae cot
urious s'uns rroni a iiuniticr -of jiersons,
amoiifr whom were the rollowlne James
A. Doiioinn, No. 12 i:icj;s Market. 50.00;
Hinrj Thomas, Klccs -Market. J8.r(;
riiomaK G. llooMr, No. 1T2.1 Kiftli slnvt
norttiwiit, $." GO;. lames T Keucla, Center
Market, Sfi; Cli.irlfs II. Iturci'ss. No. 1341
Elchtli strnr norllnvesi ,12.rl).
Ueti'Ctlii's w'ere pknisl on the case, and
arter a rpv dajslrs. Yoiiiik was nrrotnl
at No. 312 O siieet norlhwest. Just an
she was C'Ultijr ready to liaM' ror New
York. Mie admftteit all of her shady
transactions and sid hhe was run.nl to
steal or heC
It was billcved that MrK. Younc had
li'n the possessor of a handsome estate
which wmh rapidly ran throuidi with afur
the death of her IiusKind. It was stated
at Ihe time or licr arrest that ehe had
been plnyinir the races heavily and that
was the immediate cause or the Urcum
stanees to "Which she was reduced. She
licd here three years ago, she claimed.
Conrnd Arnliln I.oe- n Uuniiicc Stilt
Aculnst llaKcr Stolllninn.
rrcilerick Stoliluian, the baker was the
-vk torlous detenckint In a suit for diiniaces
tUeided yesterday by a Jury iu Judce-Mc-Coinas'
Conrad I'. Arabin, a former cniplosc
of tStohlinau. suctl him for $r,0U0 Nut em
ber 12, 1SSI0. Arabin wat. cmplocil to
feed ilouch Into one or the rollmc luaeliines.
Iiinttemptincto clean tlieinailiincry while
in niutioti a towel he had wrapped about
his ami was lira tin Into the rollers, pull
ins bis ami with it. As a result lie lost
his right hand.
Tlie Jury decided that lie had contributed
to hi misfortune by his own nccllKcnte.
, ,
Real Instate Transfers.
Deedsiu fee have been recordtdasfollows:
Clinton Beck with to Albert Caryatid Itxbcrt
Portncr, part of lots 178 and 179, square
1210, $10. Tunnaii J. Stiadd to NamV
Smith, lot 20, section 1, Anacostia, $000.
Robert F. Miller to Arthur P. Miller, part
ot lot 8, square 314, $100. Emily A.
Freeman to Joseph A. Blundon, part of lot
139, square 1004, $10. Mary U. Ailes to
Joseph A. Blundon. lot 300, square 1004,
$ . John II. Albcrlzart to Marcaret Gc
rccke, lots 3 and 4, square 1090, $D00.
i:ila a. Bunker to John O. Couchlan, lots
22 to 30, square 1057, 55.
Schooner Run Into and Sank.
Fort Monroe, Vn., Oct. 16. The schooner
Mary Vandcver, of Crlsfleld, Md., was run
Into Dy an unknown three mast schooner off
York 8plt nnd sunk Jast nlclit. Tne crew
were saved.
writ's. j in-ii oiirr Ac . -. Pnuie n. 'Jolirnu-r; I throj'-h a tear drop, ax H doi'-. "' 'I"
What is tuiiliil? Simply the fciriliiin; do. S.11111 m. Tulirik; do. fs,inie . ,i, irmier or Koln-rl Gnrdoa. N pliy
ill.-vrnoifi and skillful treatim nt id the . Lrolstsim: do. eanie is. j:.-Fiiida. it. '.,"." ... i,,,. nv ever siacrd so nuc
M--HIM ill H proper tin... All I Unv Kiimi' ". MaillnclJ : do. Same is. lion "' ' l",n" s "" i?u J, .Grille' .11
eoii.niuiniiB can In-.mrti-d bv ilr. Wi.l- , :iM-om: do. name i. C..-trrllne: do. niri.vnlly. nor was liU fciipporiliw .cin
ki r's treatim 111. One mouth rn.tr .are Vale is. lllll.uini oitu r, orner for puMiia- p.m put so tros. Jii. Hint Is .i-'ertius.
iimr life or from a wore laic ihaii iiim'hi tlon. mi.,h for Hits bttnr. who has cut done
Values in
C J!
Evorythlrfff hare for
men, youths! 'boys and
children. -Fresh from
the factories. Elacant,
stylish, most desirable,
and prices way below
anything offered bo
fore. Truly astoundlnc
are the values below.
You wonder HOW we
do It? So do our com
petitors. 'TIs done.
That should be sufllci
ent for you.
$6.48 a Suit
Men's All-wool M'lh. Neat
dark inUturr. cm'Taoften paid
tl'ifcr it suit nut w cikhL
$2.98 a Suit
ISoyfc' Suit", ulzrfi U U IS year.
F.ill hiilta, iiihitt you -4oittt,
Tits and pnutL Only .M -t
Ifiern. 1hvrll nut ho with us
$2.78 a Pair
IV r Men's I'nnlnloo is ot 0110
in tin lot wmt't U-s thai $1
icstof ihum aro tho. J"i mid (
or .I.oro tt tLov Fur
rtJi'r. sutt'e, (-tTiti nd cCprt
knuftii io ia.'i oiw. I Ultt. tttJ
iuui and Jio--Hi).ljts. I.iy
o h Hint timls uro madr uf trill
t-found nmldihUnondfrluldU
I"nr .10 percent Clothing
927-9 7th St.
Ccor. Mass ave Oon 'ti! 7 p .ii.
A Saturdays 'tl' 11.
KI-COKi) 01' THi: COL'KTS.
Crimf mil t otirt, ?t. 1 . .1 mm it tf i!
(Ci it miiM-h.) uunn s. itnmvui tr
hi i tor ptmntlff, 115. :i.iuli.. .v Ch.
". Inrnnuu, jinij.ini-jit niict JZttc.t
Ai. Ji-m(i, jim.tu-111, on ttrtlicf. Kirk
lutrKk . jt iiti r; ihmimiu t nt ntt.
rttc n 1-unii.r.iri in.. Mm i; ma 1 ir
tl Iflifliiil. iiMiUn is. tit ii ; ttnu Mill
1 I ItUTiMl. , tf .
(.niimml Omit, Ki. 2, Jmtk Cox Jidui
II. Aliiitiit 11 l.ir.i nt tt ! ii 1. tt. t.i.ii ti i
I IiikvM in ail 'any ir thiin-t.n-. Jum on
itlrnlum.IioiiM n.i.ihittk.M uit.,ivvatuAuiiii3
Tor inn i? ji.in. w,imiii uukhi", lai-e
lr iPiiNfs; t rtiKt, ttnny.
. Circuit Court, .Vo. 1, .Ji.Mi,ellrtllt' Her
1 rln h. nuiziiu: junrtmiif ut a. i. ..iiirnito.
1 JliYiin-r ifl-JHaiitiiwfc:onUriiiMii c.ili!ar
t ncani. fir.nurM.r s. Mci7irnii. r.n.
j KodiT .V Co. s. IlMrki of Cell tuliia,
' onirr-U on Met calt'itiar. JolmM.n .
wmti; no c.Mmt -. Saitztme. .
, INtk niui tdhtTM ). I limit ih 1 1 rttfml to
tireait Court .'n 1 . .li:.fl e fr'. in i
I.oeli v.i. irlliincliin; JtidKimnt on iit
itfit for ileiciioant. cuu ,s. sitfiini.uu;
xrdhl for ilireuil.ir-t Qullin vs. K. and
D. It. It. Co., iiioin.n lor new trial rikd.
Woisls ,t Co. vs. .I,"i knoll, ai.il othirs. niie
on iioreiulaiils to i mplov ivw connsel.
Japiily Court. No 1, i!iii-r Justice bite
liani lliime vs. rotirtuue. l'an. .tnew
and Archiba'd iSrepiiless allowed to in
iiTit-ne Noiineui s. latwnnls; flCl
in registry ord red nppiiiil toward ivts.
Itottitisou is. DotlIrss. iieiimrrcr stistaiuisl,
i. mi leave in .-mi, mi. i oiiiiur is. Lanier.
pn cimfessi asaliist Jiercnilaut Garner
s.i.iiuii ttoiiins.ni vs. iinij;iss:iio.acait't
certain dorendai'ts do. Stewart vs. John
"on; Ilenrj C. dlcwart made party com
plainant. Iapmy Court. No 2, Justice Il.icr.er
Sin ill is. New Natiot.-il itrick Co.; order
iniMliryin time or adiertLscment. fclin
iiions s the Alabama Co.; deinurrer ovi r
ruled, with Ipaie toaiisner in fittei inlays
Osliorne s. D.iiidsou Mr,rtcncfCn.:liirii'
dlstiiisslttjr amendeil bill witli costs, apial
IH-nalty M.00O Ylnrinia fctate litsiiraihi
Co. is. Janiesoii. order vacatinc pro con
fi'ssoacainst defendant Hosey.
l'robale Court prLifisllncs iu i states liaie
been ri-coriliilii follows Jaiu-sT. Ilrooks. .
win ii mil .lalttiari .T. .s!il. nir.l Ml.
ham II. Slaik; will mill jmil. Gt-orce
i Ann Porter: inieutorv or jtersiaial estate,
S7s.10; ino.iev. SI 311: rhed. William
, It. Newnnii; v.-ill partlalli proicd: WIHiatii
II. Krardou: Lillian J. Caldwell qitjlirictl
; as administratrix.
it(iTiiscnii.irs cam:.
Step lo rind Mntn- or American CHI
yoi... In Germain-.
Kith. N. Y.. Oct. 10. Ho-j. J. r r.Tfc
htirst. counsel ror Mortis Uolhsiliilil. id I
this lillace, nuinsl word rroni M-cn- I
tHTy Giliel jestenl.l that ll.slrill tiolis
haie lieen c'ven to Ihe I'liltiil tiiaiei
:iniUi--s.iili.r to Giriuany to lay Kuths
ihilds case isforo ttie iinicrial couru
inent, at lierlln.
.Mr. Itotlsctnld Iifl Ihe rnlled SVites
In May tor Girmani lo lisit liK r.itlier,
taklt'c with him his tr.iliir.illz.itioti i.i
lierx and a icculnr rnliiil states uss
port sicucd bi snnlar Grestuoii. shortly
arti r his arriial lie was arrested and im"
prtsoneil as a deserter rroni the Girinait
Altir two davs in jail he was broucht
n.j, lilt, i.iiiii.ti i..fii,i flli.l lUJ.l.t t Ii 11F
pay n rine or S7.r. aid cite lull, neniiln-r
In Tore tite inflitary court and -idloivi d ti
the dn Won or the mailer by u.e niilitari
oineiais at lunm.
He did tun wait for the decision, bit
lift Gonnnn. Later the Geriiiuti nu
lliorillis remiUed his proposal Impris
onment or six weeks, inn retained the
fine, thus nssertinc their claim upon a
1'iiltiil Mines cillrcii lo serte in tl.c
German iiriiiy.
AN AilllltlCAN CUl.
f rre.ldent Cleiehind Sends. One to nit
Oei'nii Liner Cuptntn.
Ilorhn, Oct. 10. r result lit Clevelatid has
pent a valuable siltcr tup to Ambassador
Kunon to be prist ntcil to Cant. Alfntl
Kretli. (iiliilii.i nilor or the Ilamburc-Amer- j
lean line steamer Hitetl.i, In recocnitlon
or dipt. Krcch's att In s.uiiHr the crew
feitililiuciiDf tlic America ii sdiouiier Mary
U Ainsden, on February 2li last.
Tlie schooner was tjound rroni Lubtc,
Me., ror Rirbadoes, and 'wJicn siclited by
the Huevia iu latitude .'lo north, loncitudc
til west, was dismasted and oriftluc help
lessly. Tlie crew of the steamer was taken to
New York. '
MK. PAMI'nL i:. IIENItT, C50 Columbia
avenue, B-iltimore, bridceof noscratenout,
roof of mouth and palate, oalcn off, throat
full of ulcers and holes; all liquids tvtiuld
run through nose wlicn swnllowlnjr; pro
nounced tho worst case ot catarrh ever
seen and Incurable. To-day, well.
street, Baltimore: One year ago my son
could not talk; palate eaten orf; roof ot
mouth and throat full of holes; offenslvelis
cliarccs; face and neck full of lumps; pro
nounced catarrh in its worst form and in
curable; cured one year ago to-day; no sign
of any return.
mont, avenue, Baltimore: One year ago my
son was cured after being pronounced in
curable by six ot our best doctors; the bridge
of nose eaten off; very offensive; In fact, no
one could remain In a room with blm; Ids
whole system was uolsoried with catarrh;
to-day no sign of any return- The above
med only
Dr. George W. Fisher's Catarrh Cure.
Wkole-ale Ajents, 1700 Penn. Ave. Ti TV.
Telephone 60S.
Great Britain Anxious to Bring the
Venezuelan Matter to an End.
Good Office of the United States tu
lit- Accciitcil 11 nd u CrllH
Thcrcnrelnillc.Ulnii'iioK tlmtnii.imlcablc
Great llritaln and Vf ueziieln m.iy jot Ih;
effected and that at no dlsluntil.ilKi-.
It llih remit In; reached It will lie diiu
wholly to Ihe influt uce of the United 81alc
nLdlo tlic H'nkt iiit tciulcrorugiiuilufHn.'8
to liotli counlneH.
Th.it !r. ( llrllHlnls weary of her cniltni
tiiui with the Hniilh American repulilic Is
.1 fnct too oliWous for llMile,- Unit J.oril
Siilisbnry tr:ilizi' lliat a i-onliniulicci;ni,u
com.'iition m.iy hrinK the L'iilleilSlati" lulu
the alT.ialr .liiil thus -uifce trouble bctv-eui
Ihe mo Kri.it KukINIi i-pciklns r.itlras, is
.il-o well known.
( Theiirltli.tiiirfmk'rhnsnntlH'caL'hiiilitiiriil
! of the :itlitui1e of Ihe American iriw Willi
relircnce on UiH niattir .md it lb now 1h-
1iom1 that he will inkeis(mieC(iiicis.iionto
1 iMblic tenttiiieiil nefi'.
Tinier ihei-e clrniniMnnces it Is K.1I1I,
Ihe I.ritibti oreriiineiu may consent b ar
bitrate the qiiCKi.'iii nf title t-.i I'i'ttl'il: of
tin ti rtiton now laimed en tt-h.ilr of
Ittitlhh . ului.i nnd irue-'lei! b V neiul.i.
If this result 11,11 lucn obtained It v til 'ae
bin brought ulioiit b ttie yeiHl C'ffltii
of tlf ri'lled .state, but not ai fie nalt
'or any ultima mm.
It Is theiiiilerstanillnir that the territory
nlil.li is to Ii subtnllllil to arbilraili.: lii
iIjiIim llif srentiT pill of Hie rkli mining
jilUtriit of the Ytiru:,ri. imtinHit Mitue
l:tt,Mil Mii:ire milt s, ilalnl Io wl'Icii hoh
I lirr-r aih.UH ed bj I rnlsh inilauii bclwicii
1 1S.T, jml Xti7.
, It ts prelum! Unit Grr.it Irllln will
i.I itialst ufon ilieMi-callnl itii'iiiburl
lin-." wlurh nlii l.a"nia(Ie (lih.i hlnn'
IrilK, bat ina- hiilrnll all other territory to
' Lord HalMury. 0:1 e lx-fore. in IK'0. of
I fefi.l lliniui;ii Minister IEoIuti T. LliHidn
to arbitrate all lfrrltnrl.il anfii-itlMtis wist
' o ! hilio-ubarck line, lint If then In
I hiM'il thai Venei:eM mut lir-t oi'knowl
I cdie the Jintl i- o' lire:it llritaln'iil ilm to
eiervllilist '."t of tll.lt line, Wliether lids
d.-ni:iiid lu'wii i-li'M Inmn way mo-llfinl
vlllpnilubly ! oiilyilermllelj knowiiwheii
tie- n,rnil'ii:!ein.v Is made public on the
aeiiibliitK or follRrr. l
As l!olTl Gordon In "Goernm-nt Ai-is-ptani-e.
Stuart Itidmin Pas h cli.inn.tir
v.tiiih civii hi'ii wotiiterful opimrtunilies
I for 1 lever work, and It l nioilless 10 :i)
that Mr. Hudson makes the hum or miiiii.
Tlieater Roiri rtnifiiil" r Willi pkawin
Hie oiiasloii.il imps lie has gUiii tlinn
or hi- imitiT In M-iitinieat and Ills rapid
transition rrein crae to cay, tut In none
ur lili il-araiiers of reient vmr, has lie
hid tie- , .irr.-lil or pathos wliiih lie 1.111
manage so aru.tfi,:illy.
In this new play ample opportunity It
Kiien him for this tlc or iMirfc. ilinto
riireltiiTi'iiin- lias only pifjieil tliroiisli
his cuiiiccl) . now hii cciiiinly IKfi tluo irIi
Ills K"no.:ness. Ills wit isceiinui.' Wll
is alwars more brilliant wln.11 It slitcni
his siace pli turiiiR with artistic and iaiisii
The Mvne id Ihe )lay is laid In Wisli
iiiKton, a id M Ait I. In Ihe retention scene,
the ladies or the .-ast liaie an iippnrunlly
. . . ..tri..... ...-i. .plil. ! ilt..r
i io wiar iiia.iini hi- n'..i-. ".' "'
! do. In ratt. inaeiiltiivat cowns ire worn
I m everv .-nt. and with npiiniprlnlerii-s.
for the aitioi of the pkiy taki". place In
the ln-st i in les id si ietv.
On Monilaj ti-nlns nest, at Ihe La
r.iietle S'quare Opera House. Mr iPiIimiii
wilIpn-M-it this n -w ilrjiua looir !'i".ilcr
poers, who mat it rtainlv expet t a treat
in witiies,in this new feature in the
hands or so sterlmc a comedian. On sat
urdat etemnc Mr Kobs.n tTillapisMr.il
IVili Aire in "The Uitals" this l-fic Hie
unl reprcsi-tnatioa or thestirltnc unmlj
At Conteiiiion Hall next wick will lie
Nale gat-bury h creat bic colored enter
tertainnient, "lilaik Aniorira," whlili ban
biiiriiinuniil ttie Madison SiiuareUarileii.
New York, lo stall plieiimui ii.il business.
There are IlfilJ tium.il men mid women in
this enterpr se. tvlikii is tliebisc'sl amuse
ment orcaiilat'ou oter la un, licit hi tins
(iiuuiri lt i. in but, on loo iare a scalu
to be aicoiiimi.i.aiiil in any of our t!tiier.
and Contention Hall is the only plan- in
Hie lit where the exhibition ean.b ri en
to ailtaiitace.
Iliaik Anierii-a" has riteitcil the ino-t
fntluistaftlc praise from the New York
papers, and Gothamltes I ate lieeii floekln-r
lo see the el.tertali.ment. To those who
in ly have an Idea that it Is a Inicemln-irel
-how It should be staled that it isiioilnm;
r the sort. There is iinthiiical'priMchtiic
i mlirstrr'sy in the whole priramme. It
'l . . ...n l..n ..llr.. .... It... W..iltt.
i ,i irne rcpr seiii.iu"" "i .'" uiv'-n'ini-crn
pLiutatiou. The iiiusic-al i fuels pro
dutiil by Ihe bic black thorns is s.iid to
be nsticiishlnc. They lns the happt .tiine-
liil melodies or their plantation homes and
the harminy is simply crand. The sound
tan oul be lompareil with the peals of a
Ciant thureli on;aii.
There are many featuri"s besides the siiur
luc, amonc which Is the "Ole Yircinny"
cake walk. This is one or the runniest and
most intiTct'rw thliics iniaciiuble. It Is
l -------- -,-,
' a tvalkrora takeb coloredmeiiaiid womtn
I ti-Iio know what a reafcukc walk" lue-ans.
Hill N c, ll'e c nial humorist, w hof e name
Is so w'iiiil known, possesses one or the
kindliest natures It is probably this
characteristic that makes his humor so
popular It is alw a ss' nial and sunshiny.
There Is nothinc or the wasp's, sting
about It Helauehs wit h you; net cr at on.
It's as though lii'iiHiKroiilntohisfOiiltdeiice
The people hate discovered that all hough
Ills w ritings arc t cry humorous w hen In c old
type, when supported by his Inimitably
droll manner upon tl'e- platform his fun is
simply irresistible Bill Nje is now as
sociated with Bert Toole, thegenlusw ho lias
produced so many happy illustrations and
cartoons ror the Boston papers, ,-s well as
Harper's Weekly, Illustrated American,
These two gentlemen will appear at
Metzerott Hall on Bnturday evening,
October 20, when they will give a most
unique nnd novel entertainment, being
the first illustrated humorous entertain
ment lo be given in America The sale
of reserved seats will begin on Monday,
October 21 In view of the crowds that
are Invariably unable to obtain i ats when
Nye appears, it will be well to secure
them early.
There arc few attractions on the intmic
stage toilay that have stood so long alone
in character as Sam. T. Jack's Creole
Company, which will appear at Kernaic's
Lyceum Theater. Mr. Jacfc-coneclvcd his
Idea, let it mature, and then launched out
with a new departure, which has remained
a not city and retained its popularity.
It is hint out every season direct from
Sam. T. Jack's Opera House, Chicago,
III., where It undergoes thorough re
hearsal, and trat cling in its own $13,000
palace hotel'car, It is a distinctive or
ganization. Incapable of being confounded
with any other. It has Invariably given
satisfaction, and left behind a record
which Insures on Its return a cordial wel
come. That Mr. jack appreciates tho lib
eral patronage showered upon this attrac
tion Is evidenced by his unceasing efforts
to present something new. This season
there is a fresh Importation of artists,
native belles, merry mestee maidens,
comedians, and Southern specialty stats,
all ot whom have attained high rank.
On next Monday night at tbc Academy
ot Muslo William Haworth's great Ameri
can play, "On the Mississippi." will begin
a week's engagement. This is the second
visit to Washington ot this immense melo
drama tlo production, which embraces in
Its performance sensationalism, romance,
comedy, and spectacular features. Mr.
"Wool as Is Wool"
Warranted by the Makers to
be tree from dyed or shoddy
stoclc. Suchtsour
You'JI be pleased to meet
such a Garment at such a
Corner 7th and D.
I llniiorlhV pi iv is truly American and the
itiost snetesiful eier written. Ihe princi
pal cicnlK anMaken troin those two eTent
uri jcars Iiiiiimliait ly utter Ihe war, when
die south, where the B-ciaj of action is
laid, was tu such u. fctcrish and unsettled
condition. 'Ihotlrcntlt-d Ku Klux rulnl the
so.ttli, and rroni their del ds Is taken an im
poriain. part til thcsiort.
As can b" ii'iJcuitsi. these incidents are
v.onilc-rrullv UirilllrLr, for (lie rtspettfve
parts are plij'sl hy i. idles aid gentlemen
of Klerllicr ability. Working the llimaxes
to the-diighesi possible pitch or dramatic
effevr. That stiowy si-cjacle, the New
Orivau? Man!! Gran, furnishis, highly col
ored K.enic effect, and is alsi a large
raelor in Ihtsplot. Abundautl Int. rmiten
! throughout Ihr-plc euro hiuiinrousskrtclies
j I it Ihe ipmlnt characters round around the
I sirct Is and dm ks or New Orleans, Inilud
! lug dam ing. singing, ami music by tlie
twentj lite darkeys employed in the cast.
Notable among these Is the Pickaninny
bind o.pe-ia!ly engaged tor "On the Mis
sissippi." The thru-hours dciotcil to each
vrforniati.'i or this show la a cor,tliii:oiis
show or facts, ramies, and comicalities.
.Ncter litrore has a mi lodrama been pro-d.-.i-eil
on suih .1 magnificent scale and so
complete in tit lall.
Any pint from the pen of Charles II.
Ili.lt Ivlll .inli.t II... .......... .... .1
, . ..... .,,.,.. ,,,. ,,.,,,,IL lint-llllllll in
, pIaigor. nnd iu -A Black Sheep," which
i Is announced ror a return engagement at
the New National Theat.r. ror Ihe coming
j week. Mr. Hoyt has aeliieted one of his
"A Black Slurp" was Indorsed bv Wasb
ingtcri last season and picked this" popular
Heater for a werk; It cranes this year res
written, with several new chaniiters, by
itit girtcil author, trim has a happy faculty
or presenting characterizations that .irn
not only natural, but llinelv.
The company, whii ii i. of course, ht-adnl
by that clever eoniedlin, Otis Harlan,
i Mrungir eten than Li.t season, ami In
cludes "Bic II.II" Det ere. Ada Daie, the
ctu.vii ot Imrlesqiiers; will Mack, Paula
Edwards and Josle SuUierI.iin!.
HroKiT CliiipiininV Test Ciisc to Be
Ibiiril In .Vo ember.
Whateicr PimnlMi tliia- may have teen,
the soH.illnl rcttililtrant StMte Intestl
gat ion ciiininitui; witnesses would not lie
brought to trial, have lxen allayiil by IHs
trlt Attorney A A. Binicy, who Is now
making act it e preparations for tb prosecu
tion or Ihecases. "
"The test tave of Mr. Elrerton U. Chap
iiian.abrokeror the rinnoriloorct Schley,"
said he to The Tlme-s reimrter ycstenlay,
"will come up on the 7th of i.cxt month.
His counsel. Judge Jcre Wilson and Senator
Eitmamls, haie lone since bcm so tistiTIcil.
and it is my ii.l. i.lion to call the cae
on that date. I pri-uine, of course, tliey
hate preivirtil their dt fene sufficiently to
go mi with the trial."
There .ire stteu jiersons whose fate will
depenu iiLiinl on the outcome of Broker
Chapman's trial lu addition to Mr. Chap
man are Messrs. John W Maearty, Allen
Lewis Sjmoi,r..Ioiiii E. Searles, anil Henry
. Ilamney.r, brokers, and Mr Blieha J.
IMwan!i..i turreiiondent under the Horn
tie pliane or "llfillainl" for the Philadelphia
Press, and Mr. John S Sbrltcr, correspond
ent of the New York Mall and Express.
Notional Guard Appointments.
The President has made the following
appointments in the District National
Guard: Harry D. King, captain Company
II, Third Battalion or Infantry; Charles F.
Cook, quartermaster Third Battalion or
Infantry, and Joseph H. Johnson, second
iieuienanc company u, rirst Separate Bat
lulion or Infantry.
Chicaso ItoarJ of TraJe.
Oirn. Hlth. Low. CIos.
tt nRAT;
December ....
Peeniaber. ....
De ember.... .
blMKE llllli:
9 53
5.72 B
Baltlinori Jllrtrketsi.
Baltimore, Oct- 10. Flour steady, im
changed receipti", 10,030 barrels; shlp
iiieiits.9Gl)arrei.s;saIes, P00 barrels. Wheat
dull spot nnd month. Go 3-4ar,ii; Hecem
rx'r, 07 5 8aG7 7-S; steamer No 2 red,
02 3-4aG3 receipts, 5,293 bushels: stock,
343.232 bushels: sales, 14,000 bushels
southern wheat by. sample, G0a07 1-2; do.
on grade. 03 l-2aGi; 1-2. Corn finner
Rpot, 37 3-Sa37 1-2; month, 37 1-4.137 3-8;
Nottinber, new or old, 34 3-tn33; tear.
33 5-Sa33 7-8: January, 33 1-2.133 5-8
receipts. 23.774 bushels; slock, 207,275
buslKls; southern white corn, 30a37; tlo
yellow, 37a33 1-2. Oats steady, low
grades easier No. 2 white western, 27a
27 1-2; No. 2 mixed, 23a23 1-2 receipts
33,470 bushels; stock, 140.55S bushels.
Rye Inactive No. 2, 44.145 nearbv; 47.148
western stock. GG,543 bushels- Hay linn
choice timothy, $15.00alG.C0. Grain
freights quiet but firm, unchanged. Sugar
steady, unchanged. Butter, eggs and
cheese firm, uncuanged.
II" in
A Newspaper tE'sht -
-- - t ' Pages
Every 12 Hours
For 50c. a Month.
The "new idea" in journalism, originated by
THE TIMES, has carried everything before it like
an avalanche.
When the public discovered it could have the
news fresh as it happens twice a day for the
price of one daily newspaper or less, it did a very
sensible thing and subscribed for THE TIMES
Morning Evening Sunday.
and otnors who" occurntions prTfir
ttiem from mnkiiig depotits durlna
resralar banking hours will fled Itcos
venlent to viilt the
Union Savings Bank. 1222 FSt.H.W.
which 1 open EYI.KY bATUKDAl
NinilT bet weeu the hoursof C mid a.
(Four par cent. iuUrvSt on aairlijg
account. I
Build a Home.
Slop pnylnc rent. If ysu own
" Iholaml you can Isjrmw the
money from the rompitij lo
bull I yourself a lining We
baTaplentyor money ti.lonnoa
rsl estate fill ( tu lateral ee-
cunty at pretalliiiz rjtcot In-
' tere't .
American 'scciirlty&Trust Co.
r. J i:u.I're3llcnt. 1 105 G street.
New Tut I Stock Market.
Furnlstieilbyl'raakWitsoiiliovtu. broker,
1333F strcet-
Oi Mich Mw pin.
!t'i 3 9S4 Sf
s-.t, astj u, xi,
2'i -i4 "' "ti
37 i : .-rr4 sru
!'', sT3, tnt ts,!i
IV, 43J4 4S
im, :ai, 19'j luit
AdflWn Tobacco ....M.
turhlson. Tors. JCiS. .
Caiiadi oalhem
tot fuel A Iron ..
t ,Ix .TOuiney
t Ll' JtM I
Lbea;ako X lh!o
DeU.. Lact i Ufst ..
nimbler a: I'atllo feeO.
IlelaJraro auj lift Isoil .
i.-enTnl nie-lnc
Uitilsl lite and Nashville
1 J4th,T.... ........ .......
Leather prf .
K T 11T1I
lis.i,url I'liltl''.... .......
alankuttan hloraieJ... H
N . CcniraL
Now En and.
s. V. iif-l
1'ai-ilitr Mall
KeaUing ..................
Kcs.kls.auii .............
ouu.era.. .h.
Southern pfd...... ......
llsar . ..
Tennessee Cost X Iron...
Tetas I'actflc ........ .....
t'uion .'aciflc. ...........
tnbasii prefeirel
Ucatern cuICaTel.....
c-4 CH
losjj icsij
Site Sfp
liPi, it!is
l J2
.T4 S",
I.-,l 131
It Ii
JT !7
37 KH
IMI4 !li
ins; ia4
MK4 sm,
C4 i44
J4 43J4
SOSg k
arj. 11);,
;s mi,
in; is;.
. S JVM io
;ts ;tw '&4 77
ln-iii iuvu 11.7J4 liw
5i I!s sJi
ll)' IiJu iui it
n, 11, liVt 1J'k
I'ii "'i CS 4
33 tllj Ht VJ
Dll, -19I4
i.'j ira
a; 21..
lit- j tt
i.' 12
Nij. IslJ
101 iji
'm :'
1H4 .1114
: iii-i,
J7L. 1.'s
11V4 ur;..
pit im
ii3 or,
.i.4 Sb'4
fit tof.
4 '4
Open. Hi.-h Low. Close.
NoTember. 3 15 '-:S 9-11 ftll
Uecomber. 9 933 9 IS 919
January. 9.7f .ll .9.3 !A
Jlarcb. 9. 951 935 .3J
VI oslilnjton Stock l'.i-aani.
D. C. 'iCJ's. 450 at lis,.
covritMie.TKi)iJt. r.lt. Ava
tr. 4'a. it in; nr
r.s. t c un. :i:!i
V S.4-, I-SO 1J
P.S. 5's -13JI U54
:.' 1SJ9 -2)-year Fnndlns" tot .....
6'bIW).' "JO-year FunJIitfTcol.L 112H .....
Vsttill "Water Stoct curreaiy Hi .....
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l,'a Reg. 2-10'N JiW-lSO! tUi
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tt .tORUConr o'eJJ, :J3-'I1.... 163 :M)
.MetltRCocr efa, 1901 114 ' 115
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BIt I: KS'arKI s5 90
hiklmlton KRO's. lS'iCWIl JIM
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CLesapeakeJcTutoiuacTe!.t5's ..VI)
Amer-ec JC Trust 5's, ISOj 101
AmerS-c-TrJitS'a, 1904 lOi
ttar.i Market Co 1: 6'i. isr:-utl
U.OOO retired annually lit
w.ashMar!:CoImp6, IM-'-W .... Ill .....'.'
Wash Mark Co E-na-s, jaH-'IT.... Ill-
Masonic Hall As'n5',C, 19W 10s
Wash Lt InJaotry 1st b-s.1901 103 . ..
WasbLt Infantryid 7V1S93
tfantof Wasblnrtoa SSS M0
IiituK or Republic .til . ......
.Metropolitan. '-u 310
Central .............................. T7S ......
Farmers andilechaulcs'". ..... 179 ......
Second. ....... ...................... 157ia ....
Citizens Ill ... .-
Colnmbia. 131 HO
Catll.nl -HO
WtBttniJ 1U6 1CS
Traders- 103 H5
Lincoln .. 95i lJll
Ohio a'
Nnt safe Deposit 'ln-st 156 HO
t ah Loan i Trust 1S1 1S5
Am security & Trust 130 HIM
VtashSafo Deposit 00 70
KtnjiotD STOCKS.
Washlncton ana beoivotown ST0"
Meironolltaa 100 ls
Columbia. ................... ........ 51 ......
Belt SO
Lcklngton -. .... 0
tieorcetotn and Tenallytowa... .. .... ......
ens axd inc. uohtstocc
Washlncton Gas. "17 49i
Georgetown Gas ........... ........ 47 ..
L. S. tlectrio Llstit KoH 1K?4
Flremens. .. 34 ......
Franklin. 40
Metropolitan 70 W
Corcoran.... .......... .............. 50 ......
Potomac -. bi ....
Arllncton -- 140 :t5
German American........ lu) ZOO
National Union 13
Columbia !- 14
Megs H 'i
Peoples C-I4
Lhicoln 7L 6
Commercial. & i
Beat Estate Title 107 lis
Columbia Tltlo 7 ' 6
WasbiuctouTiUa s
District Title. 13
Pennsylvania ....
Cbefiapeaaeaud Potomac. 55 to
American Graphophone 3 4'J
FxteumatlcGuu Carriage- 30 .40
Washington Market. ltU
Great tails ice Kl 140
Bull Kun Panorama ....
Nor. Wash. Steamboat....; .... ......
Wash. Brick Co
Ivy City brick-
Lincoln Hall 60
inter-OceauBulIiIlng ' ......
lerganthaler Linotype. .... 2:5
fcx. Dividend. "
Unlisted Washington Securities-
Anacestlalt. R .
Brlcbtwood It. lk. 1st
Brigbtwood K B., general
Hygienic lee Co.
American Graphopbono. 90
Alexandria 3.b5's of 1S7V, duo 190a .. SO
Anacostia it Potomac It. B
Bngbtwood B. B...n.. ............. ....
Capital Trust Co.
II jgieulc Ice Co ....
Columb!a3aml Dredging Co 27
Northern Liberty Market Ca.pfd
Masonic Ball Association.
Home Piato Glass Insurance Co.. . S
Union Building to... 35
Lancaton Monotype Co 3k
National Typographic Co
Caildcrs' Bzcbange. .1
AmeriianGrapbophone, pfJ
Xou ulll mlr.4 ninny 11 uotl tlilnctt
you don't reiid The i:e11lngTl111es.

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