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Only $1.19.
This Princess Cash
mere Wrapper is made
plain princess style,
tight-fitting' lining- to
the waist, giving it
a perfect fit. Full
front from the collar
belted in with girdle.
Large balloon sleeves
with cuff. Good
length and width.
All sizes. Only.... $.9
We are making much
noise with a few thousand
yards of black and colored
Feather Trimming. Worth
from 75c toSl.OO per yard,
which we are selling for
25c. Don't you want
some ?
k i
420, 422, 424, 420 7th St
fOG og --o o-
on one side Spread the costliest
butter on the opposite side. Taste
It. Which is which? Only an ex
pert can telL Tea t one you
will pie out the Al.DEKNfcY
lus tho butter. But one would
uorer select the butter lor the
lit terlue. The butter Is not so
Rood rever wa and neverwill
IlLTTUtlNE Is absolutely pure
and always tree irom rancidity.
V bother a day old. a woefc old,
or a month old it made no dif
EKYBlTTlEinXE Is always the
6ame palatable, delicious AL
INK is actually far healthier
than butter. It contains no puu
gent, strong, clly substances.
Clover Creatrcry, - - 25 eta per lb.
Alderney Creamery, - SO cts. per lb.
Lxtra LHiry, for cookie e. 15 ets. per lb.
Square flarble and Glass Stands
In Centre Market.
Wholesale Distributing Agents.
8th &. Market Space.
Of Black Silk Faced
ffc Just received from one of tbo
largest importers fifty boxes of
Black Silk Velvets, nhlch ne shall
sell to-morrow at one-third actual
1 6-inch,
The bargain of the season.
8th & Market Space.
Congratulatory Tolerjrnni from Her
Call for nlnn UuU erslty.
Mrs. Leland Slanfonl, who is in this city,
found great satisfaction yesterday ina con
gratulatory telegram -which she received in
the morning from Palo Alto with reference
to the favorable decision in bcr suit in San
Francisco, on Saturday last. Tbe dispatch
reads as follows:
"StanfordUnlversity, Cal., Oct 17,1805.
Bludenls and professors send you heartiest
congratulations and best hopes for strength
and courage. DAVID S. JORDAN."
Sirs. Stanford "will probably remain a fort
night In Washington, ns she enjoys the
climate here and finds the present season
delightful. -
I Bniterine 1
I Yonr Bread I
G3 T" --'-J yTlW-c;w"W1 OCT
s. kann, sons
t- iii MSsLtsitJ
Society Turned Out in Numbora to
Great Mrs. Tucker.
Senator Hill on a Flying Visit Mrs.
Leluiid Sum ford in Tonn for
n Short Smy
There was n real carnival on Tour
teenih strict yesterday afternoon when
tho whole ut Vanity Fair nude Its way in
smart toilets and gay eqqulpages to greet
Mrs. Tuiker and say farewell to Mrs.
Logan, who is on the eve of departure for
the East, where, with a number of young
ladies from various parts of the e-ountrv,
who have been placed in her ehjrge,
Mie will spend the winter.
The day seemed made for this agreeable
function, at which, for the first time this
year, all the fashionables gathered.
The Logan house, whieli Is admirably ar
ranged for a large reception, was never
niore attractive than jesterday, decked
in holiday attire and lighted with cleetric
lights, whlih were softened by colored
sliadc3. The floral decorations were cry
haudsome. and bliowed that an artistic
hand had guided the arrangement. Great
bowls of cosmos flowers 6tood about on the
tables and made an agreeable dash of color
against the dark walls and hangings.
The refreshment table wa3 beautiful.
Mauve, yellow, and white made a border
entirely around tho table. A great bowl
of La Trance roses stood in the center of
the table, and at either end were made
pieces fll!M with candled fruit. The colar
scheme was carried oat In all the table
decorations. For this occasion Mrs. Logan
brojght out all of her beautiful cut glass
and the exquisite bilver, much of which was
given to her when Gea. Logan was In public
Tea was sened In the memorial room.
A. table at one end held a steaming samova r.
beverage lo those who prefered this room,
which contains a many smiienlrs of Gen.
Logan's brilliant career and is full of
historical Interest. Eeryone eommtnted
on the agreeable Innovation of having the
lea served by skilled waiters rather than
trust It to the care of those fascinating
joutig women, who are apt to become so In
terested In some esiecia! guests as to for
get their duty.
Mrs. Tucker's little son, Logan Tucker,
in a page's costume of purple, with broad
lace collar, circulated among the guests, a
verltabV little knigl.t. The Metropolitan
Mandolin Club, directed by A. M. Duforu.
was stationed in the ball and plaj cd during
the entire afternoon.
Mrs. Logan, who, with her daughter, Mrs.
Tucker, and her daughler-In l3w, Mrs.
John A. Logan, wlmsearrlval at the verj
lastmoment wasa pleasuntstirprlse.and her
guests. Mrs. Kenyon. of St. Paul, and Mrs.
T. C. Crawford, nf Yen- Y.irt clnrjl at tl..
doorway nf the flrt drawirg-room, never
looked better or seemed In more radiant
health and spirits. She worea very becom
ing toilet of rnjal pjrple silk and elvet
combined, trnnmeii with rare old lace.
It was a regal costume and especially
suited Mrs. Logan's style.
Mrs. Tucker wore a charming gown of
mauve and yellow, which was extremely
becoming and iffectlve.
Mrs. John A. Logan andMrs.Kcnyon wore
white costumes. Mrs. Cravford's dress
was a very pretty combination ofblackand
yellow, especlallyappropriateto herstatucs
que style.
Trom i o'clock until long after dark
a constant stream of people passed in front
of those receiving.
Among the guests were: Mrs. Bancroft
Davis, Mrs. Surgeon General Moore, Mrs.
Justice r,cld, Mrs. Condit-Smith and Miss
Condit-Smilh, Lieut and Mrs. Richardson
Cloer, Mrs. and Miss Liebcr, Mrs. Mac
Arthur, Mr. J. W. Thompson, Mrs. Carlisle,
Lieutenant and Mrs. McCrea, the Misses
Davidge, Mr.lS.IL Warner and Miss Warner,
Mrs. Henry Willard, Mr. Harry AVillard,
Mrs. Chapin, Miss Jfoyes, Mrs. Thomas
"Wilson, General and Mrs. Miles, Miss Miles,
Attorney General and Mrs. Harmon, Mrs.
Matthews and Miss Mitchel, General Van
Vliet, Mrs. Bas?elt, Mrs J. B. Henderson,
Mr. Evans, General and Mrs. Ordway.
"Polly put the kettle on" this afternoon,
put It on prettily, daintily amid flowers
and graceful greetings, and everjthing that
makes life attractive. Those who "tafce
for pleasure a gossiping dish of tea" may
congratulate themselves, shake hands with
themselves "a la Cbluols," for the season
of "So'clock's" has begun.
No function finds greater favor among
Washington people, and norrhere in Amir
Ica are Just such delightful pathcrings of
this kind as at the capital. Can anything be
moTe satisfactory socially than to sit in
cozy corners on luxuriously pillowed di
vans. In the glow of lamps shrouded in
pale tulle like stage ghosts, or skirted In
scarlet and gold like many ballet dancers,
or beside small tables just big enough lor
a silver candlestick capped in some deli
cate tint, a porcelain tea cup at one's elbow,
and chat between sips of fragrant any
kind j ou choose and discuss witli great men
trifles; with small men politics and trade;
with wise men fashion: with chappies
science and art, as is thecrstom?
Senator David B. Hill arrived In this
city yesterday and Is at bis old quarters
at the Norniandie. Something unusually
Important must be under weigh In the
Senatorial schemes Just now, if a hurried
manner, a rushing gall entirely unusual
with the placid nianlpulatorare to be taken
as sjmptoms of excitement.
Dr. Guy Whiting and family, of No. 1333
New Hampshire avenue, have returned to
tiie city.
Mr. and Mrs. Rosier Dulaney.orNo. 1838
Wyoming avenue, and Col. and Mrs. T. H.
Carter have returned for the season.
Mr. Edward McCauley is seen on the drive
ways every fine eening, enjoying a com
fortable bowl in his handsome Victoria,
behind a pair of fine horses.
Mrs. Richard Wallacu and daughters, of
I street northwest, are again in the city.
Mr. Charles Ranscher is expected in this
city shortly from Paris.
Mr.andMrs.F.P.B.Sandsand Miss Sands,
of No. l'J18 Concectlcutt avenue, have re
turned to their home in tills city.
Capt. Dickey and Dr. 8. E. Lewis left
for Atlanta yesterday afternoon, to advo
cate Washington as the place for Itouss'
Memorial Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E.-Davis, of Jefferson
place, have returned to their home here.
Mrs. Davis Is a daughter of Mr, A. G.
Riddle, the noted lawyer, and is quite a
clever authoress.
Rev. J)r. Chllds and wife- after a torn
which included Alaska, the Pacific coast
cities, and Tellowstone Park, are at their
residence, No 1308 Connecticut avenue.
Mr. Frank Kieckhoeffcr, disbursing of-
fleer of the. State Department, has re
turned from a broad.
Lieut. Mahan, U.S. N.. nnd Mrs. Mahan
have relumed to their home here, after
a season at Ocean City.
Mr. nnd Mrs. M. B. Sheilby have arrived
from Ablugdon, Va., where they patsed
the summer, nnd arc at thu Buckingham
for the winter.
Dr. W. M. P. ICing left yesterday for
Chincntcnguc Island, to join Mrs. King,
who 1ns been spending the season there.
They will return in ten days.
Dr. and Mrs. D. It. McKee.of Connecticut
atenue, bae returned to their home lor
the season.
Mrs. Mildred E. Carlisle has rented her
residence on M street to Mr. Uice, the new
Civil Sen ice Commissioner, and has taken
apartments at the Cancord. She nlll leave
next month for Pittsburg to spend tho
winter with her daughter, Mrs. llcrgyn.
Mrs. Leland Standford, widow of the
California millionaire, accompanied by her
amanuensis. Miss Uemer, Is at the Arling
ton. She will leave for the North Bluntly
and will winter in California.
The handsome home or Mrs. K. W. Smith,
No. 1707 Massachusetts aienue, has been
leased by Mr. Crosby S. Nojcs. The many
exquisite entertainments given by Mr.
and Mrs. Nojcs to their daughter last
season contributed greatly to its bril
liancy. Justice White, one of the latest converts
to bicycling, may be seen dally skimming
along on his wheel.
Canls are out for the marriage or
Josephine Mane, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Kubel. to Mr. Augustus
Carrier Taylor, which will occur at (he
home of the bride's parents. No. 320
First street northeast. The bridal party
will be entertained at No. 327 Tirst stn-et
i.ortheast at a reception lo friends .from
. to 0 o'clock. Mr. nr' Mrs. Taylor will
leave later for a edd tour.
Mr. ard Mrs. Edward P. Burkct, whose
marriage occurred this week, will be at
lu me to friends Thurbdnys after November
15 at No. 1G15 Thirteenth street uorth
n est.
Miss Brockit was elected president and
Miss Louise Reed secretnry of the Young
Ladles' Columbia Heights Club, organ
ized at the home of the Missis Lasler, No.
1427 Illnbey street, Wednesday eienlng.
Tiie residence or Justice Gray on Six
tccr.th i.;rcet is a quaiut old English home
stead in effect, with lis plain brick walls,
clinging Tines and general air of sim
plicity. On the northwest corner or the
upper story, honevcr. there 13 a project
ing gabled window, a sort of architectural
"happy thought," which plainly conveys
the idea to the passer-by or hating been
built lo command a view suggest s that
a "far-sea line," with a .sail or two
blotted ngainkt the horizon, might be visi
ble from It. Not far away from It, how
ever, the Arno Hotel rises up with its
business-like stories of brict irrevocably
barring the outlook.
A certain club man of diminutive size,
who thinks he has genius and would hae
expanded into greatness and fame, "ir
things were not as they-are," pointed out
the window to a friend as the passed up
the street yesterday. "Tliat reminds me
of mj6clf," lie remarked "made for a
purpose, hedged In by circumstances."
HU companion sighed appreciatively and
somehow he thought of bis friend's wife,
who Is five feet ten, and weighs 200 pounds.
Dr. D. D. Carter and family have re
turned from Woodstock, Va., and are at
home. No. 1310 Q street northwest.
The wedding or Miss L. H. Booth, to Mr.
J. F. Hugglns, took place at 8 p. in.,
Wednesday, at "The Ari," North Capitol
and O streets. In the presence of relatives
and a few friends. Rev. William Taylor
Snyder, assistant rector ot the Church of
the Ascension, officiated, and the bride
was ghen away by her sister. Julia A.
Booth. During the ceremony Mr. Harry
W. Smith plajed wedding music softly.
"Mr. and Mr. Hugglns will be at liome
after November 1.
The Alexandria Hebrew Pleasure Club,
gave a hop Wednesday night at Braddock
House Hall- Supper was served at the
Concordia Hotel. Those present were:
Misses F. Drelfus, J. Bemheimcr. N. Bern
helmer, F. rach, T. Pach, S. Ruben, L.
Kaufman, Rose Bcmlhelmer, M. Bend
hcimer. Rose Wolberg, T. Wolbcrg, A.
Ginsbcrger. C. Biandbeimer. F. Myers;
Messrs. M. Morris, S. Beniheimer. J. Wolf,
H. Blandheimer, J. MaKoier, C. Bland
heimer, A. Kaufman, B. Wolberg, S. Kauf
man, S. Wolberg, L. Ruben. I. Ginsbcrger,
B. Montana, C. Baum, M. Pach, D. Wolf,
S. Lewis, H. rreidlander.
The marriage ot Miss Edna Reed, daugh
ter ot Mr. and Mrs. William F. Meed, and
Mali era Price, D. D., was solemnized In
the Sunday school of the Calvary Baptist
Church yesterday at 10 o'clock. The
bride, escorted by tbe groom, and preceded
by four ushers, entered to the music of the
wedding march trom "Lohengrin," passed
up the aisle, and was received at the plat
form by Rev. S. H. Gri-ene, D. D.. who
performed the ceremony. Tbe platform
was a bower ot palms.
During theservice Mrs. Thomas E. Gilbert
phased "Oh, Promise Me," and as the
bridal party left the church changed the
strain to the wedding march of Mendels
shon. Mr. and Mrs. Price took the 11:30 train
for a two weeks' trip that will include
Atlanta, and upon their return, about
November 1, will be at home to their
friends at No. 915 r street northeast.
The bride's gown wasof modebrown, im
ported, wool trimmed, with velvet a
shade darker faced with satin of electric
The ushers on the occasion were Dr. A.
G. Taylor, Mr. E. L. Keller, Mr. M. L.
Bradford, and Mr. R. E. L. Yeilett.
Among the invited guests were Mr. and
Mrs. William F. Reed, parents or the bride;
Dr. and Mrs. S. H. Greene, Mr. and Mrs. A.
L. Roberts and their daughters, Misses
Luella nnd Minnie Roberts; Mr. and Mrs.
Alton W. Cornwall, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards,
Miss Mamie Weisner, Miss Emma Crook,
Mr. and Mrs. Stone, Mrs. F. II. Stickr.ey,
Miss Lily R. Major, Miss Lydia Marshall,
Mr.and Mrs.GiorgeDrcw, Dr.andMrs.D.
Srostcr, Miss Carrie Bmdcn. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas E. Gilbert, Miss Anna J. Bell,
Miss Etta L. Hospital, Miss Edith H. Car
rtgan. Miss M. O. Buckingham. Mis Re
becca Burr, Miss Mary E. Bond. Mr. C. Wil
son, Mr. Emll Schneider, Mr. Charles Bart,
Mr. William F. Reed, Jr., and others.
One of the most musical families in the
Diplomatic Corps Is that ot Scnhor Gana,
tho Chilian minister. There are several
boys, ranging In age from 10 to 21, and
one daughter, the idol ot her parents. Eai h
plays an instrument one the violin, an
other the guitar and a third the mandolin,
tho young lady, who Is yet in her teens, the
zither. After informal dinners at the lega
tion the guests are frequently entertained
by an impromptu concert.
Mrs. Farnsworth "will introduce this
winter her daughter. Miss Farnsworth. who
has recently returned from abroad, having
spent last year traveling on the continent.
Miss Farnsworth is tbe niece of Mrs.
MacDonald, the widow of Senator Mac
Donald, or Indiana. She is a typical
fln-de-slecle young woman, tall, blonde,
with a sclte figure and a charming viva
cious manner, and Is snre to be one of the
i-ost attractite buds in this season's
One of the rumored engagements of last
winter has bscn revived this fall that f
-j King's False J-
87c Wrappers, 48c.
50 dozen Wrappers, wide
ruffles around shoulders
large sleeves Watteau
back variety -of styles
regular price. 87c.
Special, 48c.
Great Cloak anil Millinery
Sale "in Progress.
King's Palace
812 and 814 7th St N- W.
715 Market Space.
Largest JllUInery nnd CluCi IIouso in the
Miss Helen Steele with Mr. Edward Gwin,
or New York. Miss hteele was one of Hie
mostpopalar debutaule3of last wlnter.nud
Mr. Gwlu, the fortunate suitor, has already
during his islts here made himself much
Mrs. nedfern and her daughter are back
fronf Narragausett, where it has been their
custom to spend thesummer formany years.
Mrs. Kedfern Is much improved in health,
but ti not jet very strong.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitle-more will not re
turn from abroad Juntll the middle or No-
ember, but will lie here In time to open
their hospitable house betore the season
really commences.
RepresntnllvV and Mrs. Harmer, of
Pennsylvania, have taken apartme-nts at
the Cairo for (he. winter. Tiieir daugh
ter. Mr. Iteeslde.JwIH spend the winter
with them.
Mrs. Van Rioselncr Berry and Miss
Nathlle Berry rcturr.cil home last week
arter i-peiidlng the summer in tt.eir cotlage
at Richrhld brTifga and September visit
ing relatives InNef.- York.
Commission- rtei Interna! Itere'nuc Joseph
S. Miller has again leased the handsome
tirowiietone house 1218 New Hampshire
avenue. I
MissUelW A ni!erson?of T. street northeast,
RaveasurprUepart) Wednesday nljriit toiler
brother, Mr. Paul Anderson, In honor of his
twenty-first birthday. The evening was
made merry by a large number of his jounjr
friends, who came by a rraniremint in masks.
Immediately upon their arrival Mr. Auler
Eon was presented with a domino that en
abled him to mingle freely ami unknown
anions Ills motley guests.
At 11 o'clock Miss Anderson played a
march ou the piano that signaled the merry
party to the dining room, where masks
were discarded and a bountiful supper en
Joyed. Among those present were Miss Kate
Hooley, flower girl; Miss Bcttie Bailey,
Folly; Miss Nellie Farrington, Topsy; MUs
Iiuia Peterson, fairy queen: Miss Irene
B-nts, Gypsy; Miss Florrie Grey, Queen of
Hearts; Miss Christine Joucs, peasant;
Miss Grace Jones pack of cards;
Miss Julia Jcmison. 'Winter; Miss Lucy V.
Dell, Spring; Miss Mamie H. Dugan, a New
Woman; Miss Victoria AVn,e, Esmeralda:
Mr. Paul Anderson, pink dommo; Mr. Frank
Brown, bandit; Mr. Harry Banders, Trilby;
Mr. Arthur Belts, sport: Mr. Michael Hall.
Jockey; Mr. James H. Kcnealey, Richard,
the Lion Hearted; Mr. Sam Bartle. dude:
Mr. George Bennett, ciearette girl; Mr.
Edward Ilobey. peddler; Mr. Arthur Rey
nolds, Fra I)iaolo; Mr. George V. Bailey,
Queen Lil; Mr. Ellison Smith, cloivn; Mr.
Thomas Jenkins, Mr. Benjamin Grant anil
Mr. Sol Jenkins, as the Three Graces, and
many others who attended without masks.
Murriajri. Llceiwen.
Licenses to marry hae been issued, as
Maurice Barrett Cripps, or Philadelphia,
and Henrietta Trammell, of Falls Church,
George Hoge and Gullelma P. Brown,
both or Loudoun county, Va.
Robert L. I'iggctt and Belle Churehhlll.
Edward Johnson and Mary Atwell.
Ellal J. Webster and Margaret F.King,
both of Prince George's county. Md.
Charles H. Creamer, of Montgomery
county, Md., and Frances V. Stuart, of
Loudoun county, Va.
John Robert Lee and Mary M. Manleyr
Edward T. Johnson and Mazie B. Meers,
both of Richmond, Va.
Henry Johnson and Mary Corbett.
Alexander A. Jones and Mary F. Davis.
David C. Graham and Emma. V. Helms,
both of Highland county, Va.
A. R. Ryder, of Boston, and James T.
Eil ward Jefferson and Carrie Brooks.
Minor Dodson and Jennie Tucker, both
of Alexandria county, Va.
Walter T. King, and Alice G. Poole, of
Spencervllle, Md.
Cliange in thee Faculty Ordered by
Secretnry Lnmont.
Secretary Lampnf has orderi'd the fol
lowing changes In tbe faculty of the Army
Medical School:,,
"MaJ. Charles. Smart, surgeon, to be
professor of mlljlary hygiene, nee Lieut.
Col. John S. Hillings, retired.
Lieut. Col. QayldXi. Huntington, deputy
surgeon general, to be professor of mili
tary medicine, iiicft MaJ. Smart, trans
ferred to chair of military hygiene.
Capt. Frank It,, Keefer. assistant sur
geon, to be instructor In hospital corps
drill and first alii to wounded, vice Capt
Julian M. Cabell, assistant surgeon, re
lieved. EEraeiseMC3s&9CEa
a ly i
s To-day?
S ..We ast this repeatedly, because serious S
S diseases often follow trifling ailments. 2
- .
generally exhausted, Z
nervous, have no S
appetite and can't Z
work, begin at once 5
taking tLe most re- Z
liable strengthening 5
medicine, which is Z
Brown's Iron Bitters. Z
Benefit comes from S
the -very first dose. Z
2 Neuralgia, troubles,
S Constipation. Impure Blood.
Malaria. nervous Ailments,
9 Women's Complaints.
Z Get only the genuiae it has crossed red J
) lines on the wrapper.
s Iron
i Bitters
Judge J. K. M. Norton yesterday granted
a charter to the National Loan and Endow
ment Company, oUWashtngton. The cap
ital stock of the concern is to be not less
than a.00U nor more than $ru.ouu. di
vided into shares of the -value or 520 each.
The company Is allowed to hold 1,000
ncn-s of land, whose value shull not exceed
$100,000. Mr. John T. Callahan Is named
as the Alexandria representative of thu
company. The ofilcers for the first jear
are Henry C. Tenell, or Washington, pres
ident: Lewis W. Johijon, or Washington,
vice-president; A. H. Terrell, ot Rich
mond, Va., sicrelary: C. K. Johnson, of
Wntuugtoii, triasurer, and Samuel Kid
Icy, or Washlngtou. assistant treasurer.
While Mr. Archie Richards was drivirg
from this clly to his home in Fairfax
comity, Just west of here, Wednesday
night in a light wagon a man tried to
climb into the wagon from the rear.
When Mr. Richards raited to blm to ask
him what he wauled he did not answer,
and, as Mr. Richards' brother hail only
a few days berore been attuckiil on the
road by highwaymen, he drew his pistol
and fired. The man Jumped down from
the wagon and ran awaj. Yesterday It
was claimed that the man was named
Cleveland and Is a friend or Mr. Rich
ards, and seeing him pass was climbing
Into the wagon to ride home with him.
In Jest he refused to answer, and the Joke
nearly cost him his life, ror the bullet
passed througu the lapel of hb coat Jusr
above the heart,
The action of the city Democratic com
mittee, in having a new convention lo
nominate a candidate for the Stale legis
lature, without ordering a new primary
election, is causing a great deal or com
ment in the illy and muciidicatlsracuon.
In reply to a telegram from Mr. J. T.
Hweeuy, chairman of the city committee,
Mr. J. Taylor EUynon, or Richmond, chair
man of the fa late central committee, says
thai thu city committee has lull power
in thu matter. A full statement or all the
circumstances of the situation has, how
ever, liecn sent lo the central committee,
and their answer Is now , anxiously
awaited. Mr. Louis C. Barley Las not yet
signified whether he will name delegates
fortius new convention or not.
A large force of workmen Is employed
n opening up the walks .grading theground
and cutting a- big entrance sate nt the new
Douglass Memorial cemetery for colored
people, ou the western outskirts of tho
city. The owners of the property are now
preparing to erect a handsome monument
in the center of the cemetery to the memory
of Douglass.
A number of the resident nronertv owners
on Fa) cite street attended the meeting of
the city street committee lu the oftice or the
city engineer last iilghtandprotcstedagalnst
granting pernu-siou to the Washington
Bouuieru railway to uoume tracKanct fence
It Its tracks on the street. The committee
will report at tho meeting of the city council
on -ruesuuy nigni next.
years been a toll road, Is now open to thu
public, the toligj te keeper at the gate in
West End luting resigned.
.Messrs. J .-Hues it. la ion, iiarry It. iiantr
nian.N. S.UreenwayandRev.r.T. l'eiiRon.
of the Methodist Protestant Church, tills
elty. are looked for addresses at the
Sunday school convention to be held in
Washington to-day.
Major Elijah aauney and his daughter.
Miss Bessie Janner.whohave been spending
some mouths in Ktirope. returned home
yesterday evening. Dr. II. P. Howard 1
expected home to-day.
It is thought that the William M. Wood,
who w. found murdered lu a car at Peters
burg on Tuesday night Inst. Is a resident of
tins city and formerly lived with ids sister.
Mrs. Ida Carson, on North Patrick street.
He had been recently discharged Irom the
marine corps.
Students Elect OfflccrK.
At the regular annual class meeting of
the students of the medical and denial
departments of the,NatIonal University,
held In the university building Octolier
15, nt 7 p. m.. the following officers wrre
elected: Mr. K. I-. Rankin, president: Mr.
C. E. Ferguson, vice presiJent: Mr. W. E.
Aushinbaugh, ne-cn tary; Mr. R. E. Buchan
an, treasurer; Mr. W. A. Mcrritt, ser-geanl-at-arms;
Dr. D. E. Wiber, city ed
itor. tNhclMERS.
514 Ninth St N. W.
Great Sale of Lace Curtains.
A n.l, KMitnphntn t ji.. Pnrialn.
3 yds loss, now designs; worth $l.SU
a pair only 53a
A pair, beautiful Brussl effect. 3
yds. long, tape edge; considered a
bargain nt $J only Sbn
Separate Skirts-Very Special
rashloncd by ourselves oa correct models,
finished by expert men tailors. Tho Importance
ot this department to economical drcsiors
seeking correct stjle at small outlay cannot
ba overstated. 'W o actually save you money
on these:
CO 00 raijuln'a new model Dress Slirts,
J.3 ot plain and fancy mohair, cut extra
full, lined throughout, velvet faced
and eo,ual in every respect to those
yonr dressmaker wants tS for only
(fn QO Ladles' Dress Skirts of all-wool serges
PZ.JO and beautiful extra lustra brilllan
tine, plain and figured, cut very
wide and full, l'aquin shape, velvet
bound, all lined, perfect in hang and
finish they should sell for HO jour
dressmaker would say $15 for no
better only 2.98.
9 0 Q 0 A pair, the very latost in design an d
JtUiOu colors. InsilS fiuisnei tapestry, Por-
lieros: ECtual worth S&CO-cnly 43.514.
Pleasant Underwear Surprise
Ladbs' liinbed Underwear, full fash
ioned, medium welcht, made ot
Maco yarn 35c qualltj Friday at
Ladles' Ited Flannel strictly all-wool
Vests nnd Pants, full fashioned
$4C0 quality Friday atSSo.
Yard, Japanese Gdt Drapery, beau
tiful new designs; worth 25c only
Ladles' flit Vest, open work shoul
ers: worth 1.50 only Mx
Great Remnant Sale,
Commencing Friday Morning
at 9 o'clock.
3n Yard, 10,030 yards or nil kinds of
iij Remnants sold up to 12)?c yard all
at IJic yard.
27n Yard, 10,000 yards Hualin; worth 8c
8li yard nt I3c yard.
Spial, 8:30 (0 9:30 o'clock:
500 Xow and StylUa Tea Gowns;
worth up to SI at SOc.
Spselal, 1 to 2. p. m :
500 Boys' E Floated Shirt Waists,
wortn 23c each.
tin yard, 1,00 yards Scotch Plaids, ail
t2u colors; worth 124c only 44a
Cloaks and Wraps.
Ths most stupendous values ever witnessed
in Washington.
Ladles' Fine Bouclo and Deaver New
btylo Jackets, balloon aleores and
ripple back, box fronts; actual
' value, 3 only ci 3.
t9 O Ladles' Extra Fine Bouclo Capest
3)0 rO high collar la back, blue and brown
v worth7-only$3M.
1- piece, 1.000 Gents' Colored Bordered
2w Handkerchiefs; worth 8c each only
3n Largs Size Birdseya Towels; worth
4b !-i0 each only 3Sjo.
1,000 Oilcloth Kugs-to be sold Fri
day at 9c each worth G0a
514 Ninth St N. W.
Honey Savers,
Men's Ribbed
Balbriggan Underwear.
TMi is a mire a baif. We want you men
who doa't know this Hen'i Fcrnijhing Be
partmsnt of ours to be brought here somehow
and this is the " lomehow." Think of
Fmo Farcy Bibbed Balbriggan Drawers aad
Vests tared seams jateen finish medinm
weight 75e value at only 50c a garasnt.
Wives of bnay men won't be lonj findinj
ost what a bargain this really is.
Bon Marche,
I ""TI
Butter Day.
iNo meal is enjoyaoie witnoux gooa jij
butter. What you get from our stores is jj
always fresh and pure.
Best Elgin, per lb 30c
Clover Creamery, per lb 25c
Roll Creamery, per lb 1 5c
The best of all EM RICH'S PURITY
1-lb. print an article that will please any one
who enjoys sweetness and delicacy. The most
satisfactory goods that were ever sold at 20Ci
per lb.
Fresh Eggs', per doz 1 9c
Fresh Bread, per loaf 4c
Main Market, 1306-1312 32d St N.W. Telephone 347-
Eranch.llartets-ITIS Htb st. nn : 2JK 11th st. nw ; 8th and Msts. r.w: 5037 11 st
nw.: Island Usls. nw.; 13 Indiana ava nir.;5th and I su. nyr;4ta
and I sta. nw : Km st. and l'a. are. nw.; 23th sL aad X. Y. are. nw.
1 "'Lr - M
? Wonderful Prices!
Don't think such housefurnishing1
bargains are usual although it is true
they are usual with us we've better fa
cilities for providing bargains than any
eouse in America come and see!
1 .41
large E:nnd Wash Eollers
nesular Price. 4-Oc.
Falcon Clothes Wringers, C
vulcanized lollcn 4)
Jerrular Price. S2.00.
French Chibtt Cuspldores,
hand-painted, ezibissed
patterns..... ...
-"egular Price. 75c
Haudsosso Jardinieres,
tinted colors, 7 patterns.
Secular Price, 59a
Turilih Reg Mats, 2 feet S
metes by 3 feet....- ..
Jecuiar Price. '51.49.
Hdoz.fcilrcr mated Tea
spoons, doz Table
spoons, ! doz. Jf jrks ..
rtegutar Pr.ce, 1. 1 5-
512 Ninth Street N. W.
Bright Siieeelies at the Moettns of
Thompson Tent.
George C. Thompson Tent Xo. 3, Inde
Padent Orderof Urthabltes, met last even
ing in Hams' Hall, corner of Seventh and
L. streets, and had an Interesting time. G.
W. Jones was elccte-d deputy ruler and T. I..
Salkcld recording secretary to fill vacan
cies and were Installed by Grand Chief
Ruler Anderson K. Belt.
A committee was appointed by the chief
ruler to make arrangonenti for the grand
lent visitation, which takes place next
Thursday evening. Under good of tbcMirder
Walter Robinson was called on to preside,
and in his happy manner selected the fol
lowing members, who made spe-cches dur
ing the evening: G. W. Jones, W. R. John
son, of Heber Tent No. 19, lln.tber Good
wyD, of Union Tent No. 87, John Welch,
of Columbia Tent No. 1, Charles iledford,
William Lens, of Heber Tent No. 19, J. I.
Bunch, of Union Tent No. 87, Wllhara
Rooncy, Brother Guiding, of Union Tent
No. 87, Brother T. n. Powers, Grand Chief
Ruler A. K. Belt, Henry Allen, and Brother
Myers, of Ucber Teut No. 19.
Has a StlniuliitinK Etfe-ct Upon row
holdi'mm Flrft rreuyteriaiiClinrcli.
The coming ot Kev. Dr. Tahnage to tho
Tirst Presbyterian Church, on Four and a
half street, has had n stimulating effect on
pew holders and others of the congregation.
For the last few days Mr. E. M. Tojraan,
a member ot the board of trustees, has been
kept quite busy receiving and filing ap
plications for pews and slttirurs f "' the com
ing fiscal year. At present no contracts are
made with the applicants, nor will be until
after the installation of Dr. Talmagc on the
23d int.
The seating capacity of the auditorium
accommodates about C25, comfortably, and
from the applications already retvi ed it Is
evident that nearly every desirable seat
In the church is being eagerly sought. Of
course there arc applications from others
than members ot the congregation, but they
are not many.
The most desirable seals are about tbe
middle of tbe central division of pews and
these are nearly all secured by applications.
In this ell vision about a dozen rows from tbe
chancel rail on the right of tbe left aisle is
President Cleveland's pew, No. 132. Next
behind this but oue is pew No. 128, which
has been assigned to Dr. Talmage. In this
same division on the right and a few rows in
front is No. 75, the pew of Iter. Dr. Sunder
land, the pastor.
Tbe board ot trustees has issued a clrcnlar
containing the rules regulating the rental
ot pews and sittings.
Concert at Eastern rresbyterion
The Ladles' Aid Society of the above
church have every reason to be gratified
at the success ot the concert given Wednes
day night under their auspices at the
above church. The long and excellent
programme was most thoroughly enjoyed
by the large audience present, as evidenced
At the Boa March
314-316 7th st. k. w.
11 ! !- t
Largo Fircproo! Japanese I fl
Tea Pots UC
Regular Price, 19c.
Handaome Decorated Tea tTO 70
betsSS pieces )Z. IZ
Regular Price, S-t.4-9
17-qt. Bloci Tin Dhhpans..... I UC
Regular Price. 20c
Leather Lunch Boxes. IO
Regular Price. 25c
Eojraved Gas Globes.. I dC
Regular Price, 25c.
Z-string Parlor Erooms M I UC
Regular Price, 19c.
by their generous applause of every num
ber. Those who took part were llesdarne
Hattie Jlteades Smith, and Daisy Louisa
Fox, Misses Bailie Nicliolwn, Gertruda
Dana and Elconore Smionds; Messrs. Lody,
Barnes, Meilis, Statham. rearman, As
muweu, Gough and Cronln; and with such
a list of names rnmmpnr. nr- mn,. -
on our part Is qmle unnecessary. At the
COllClUSion at thr Phtnrrafnmo,., T T-t
L. Sbcdd, the organist of the church, was
preseiitesl with a btautiful basket of roses,
in recognition or her efforts to make tha
affair a success. Mrs. Shedd was ac
companist for the evening, her assistants
being Messrs. Hart and Asmusscn.
Miss Clara, Little Is spending a weefc in
Tror. MeDuwcll and wife, of the Agri
cultural College, are the guests ot Mr.
and Mrs. George Peter.
Ground has been brul.cn on Fawcett
avenue for a parsonage for St. Paul's
M. E. Church. It will be finished soma
time during the winter.
A preliminary organization has been
rornied to select a site upon which to build
a e-tiurch and schoolhouse for the colored
people of Kensington and vlrlnlty-
I ror. J. Hibhard Lansille has gone to
Prince George uranty. to be absent a month.
Dr. C. I'. Cleuionts and family, -who bava
been spending the summer In Kensington,
have returned to Washington.
Mrs. Maggie Barrett ana daughter, who
have been visiting Mrs. E. J. Keller, havo
returned to their home in Halltown. W. Va.
Mr. Harry C. Armstrong, clee-trical en
gineer, has been requested to furnish es
timates for plailng wires between Chevy
Chase power hojse and Kensiigton and
lighting the streets and the new town hall
by electricity.
Kev. James T. Marshall Is attending tha
synod at Baltimore.
The ladies of the Warner Memorial Pres
byterian Church cave a most successful
oyster supper on Tuesday and Wednesday
of this wees, at whlih about $150 was
realized. Alarge cumber from Washington
took advantage of the fine weather and
elce-tric cars, and came out for their
Uue Misses Maggie and Katie Queen bava
been the guests ot their cousin. Miss Minnio
Ton will min many- a good thing If
you don't reiid The Evening Timew.
CrzPeBBsylv&sla avenue northwest
Tirst cliai service. Pfcon:U3. iyUto
Hi' i
FERTNER Suddenly, on the morning
of October 16, 1805, Cornelius Fertner. a
member of the Veteran Volunteer Fire
man's Association, in the sixty-seventh
year of his age.
Funeral from his late residence, 131G n
street northeast, Friday evening, nt 3
o'clock. Relatives and friends are re
quested tn attend. ocl7-2t
FENWICK Near the niEhlands. Md.,
after a long Illness. Thomas P. Fenwicfc,
son of the late Ignatius N. Fenwick,in the
forty-seventh Tear of his age.
Funeral will start from his late residence
at 10 o'clock Friday morning, the 18th;
thence to St. Jerome's Church, Hyatts
ville. Md. Interment at Mount Olivet
Cemetery. D. C.
"Hay he rest in peace,
-Us . J-"&M, JTJJ--al "Jfr.

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