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Slightly Warmer,
Easterly Wlnas.
,. ti
"VOL. 2. !N"0. 593.
riii'3 Sale
Of Hmg.
We are hustling out the S4-0.000
stock of the late firm of H. A. Ha
zelton & Co.. of New York, which
we bought at the sheriff's sate.
Wo started tho ball rolling at
44c On the Dollar,
and now we are doing oven better
than that. Lower and lower co our
prices, and faster and faster the
bargains get snapped up. The ea
ger crowd of purchasers grows big
ger every day. Don't miss your
chance luck like this doesn't often
come your way.
Men's Heavy Winter Suits, Dou-eTQ CC
ble a uu single lirc-as ted 4 cJ . U J
lien's Strictly .All-Wool Cheviot CC fl
Suits, wholesale price $11.00.. ..40,'rU
Heavy Winter Clay Worsted Suits,
Resent cut and Sack: regular
w holesale price $15.00
Oxford Mix Winter Suits, Double
and single Breasted, uasx
llue-d: wholesale price $16.00
and Single Breasted. CassiniercTT QT
lien's Ox ercoats lira vy Blue Bca-trC Cfl
vers double warp Italian lining.
$18.00 Imported Germania Over
coats $7.50
$10.00 French Black Cticviot Over
coats ,
S10.00 Oxford Mixed Overcoats
lien's Finest Qu.ility Vicunas, Mil
tons and Kerseys, blue and black,
lined with Skinner's Silk, raw
edge 3 inch Velvet Collar; wbole-eT Q T C
aie price $20.00 sOd.U
lien's Heavy Winter Pantaloons, 4 I .UU
Btrictly All-Wool Black and Blueff I Cfl
Cheviots .pi.au
Darns' Cassimere rants; whole-frn nn
sale price $3.50 4.UU
Young Men's Dark Gray Overcoats:trQ 0C
wholesale price $7.00 4)0. U
Children's Overcoats and Ulsters.
made In flrst-cnss stjle; whoie-q-I nr
sale price $3.75..
Children's Suits, from 4 to 10
5 ears o( age
Double-breasted, well made, pat-ff I f
ent elastic Waist Bands, all wooI4 I .ttU
Douhle-lire-asted Rough Cheviot,
blue anu macs'
Donble-b-e-asted, double Beat ander") Ofl
knees; 20 styles to select from VL.i.U
Genuine Scotch Cheviot Suits; 20frO "IF
different patlcras ". Id
Boys' Long Pants Suits 14 to 10
years doubleand single breasted.
manufactured of absolutely pureffQ TC
wool material 4cJ.J
lundreds of other bargains.
H. FriodWer
9th and E Sts. N. W.
We have no connection with any oilier
house in the, city.
How the City Attorney IIiindledMoney
1'nld to Illm.
Pittsburg, Oct. 30. The action yester
day of council committee of inquiry re
questing that citizens holding receipts for,
money paid Into the office of the city at
torney during the past decade is bearing
odorous fruit.
The very first receipts received by thecity
controller this morning for money paid on
a compromised lien proves a damaging
piece of eUdcnce. J. D. Thompson, of
Allegheny, to-dav handed the controller
receiius for $M8.r,5 tiaid Into the city
attorney's office August 3, 18b0.
To lest his plan Controller Gourlcy a t once
traced riieaniount through cx-Clty Attorney
Morelaml's books, which show that the
amount was withheld from the city treas
urer's office for two years and six months.
At the 3 per cent rate of interest, which the
banks allHwed on W. C Moreland's ac
count, this sum would In that time have
earnni for the city attorney or bis assist
ant. Mr. House, S01.40 Interest.
It is confidently expected that almost
every receipt brought In by citizens will
tstablish such facts us the above.
RICHMOND hohheb.
Cltv On Works Plundered bvJts Lato
(Bpeclal to The Times.)
Richmond. Va.. Oct. 30. The Investi
gation or the cltv gas works he-a committee
f the common council, aided bv expert
accountants, is bringing to light a shocking
state of affairs, and 11 Is made to annear
that much ingenuity was used in devising
methods to rob the city. Every probe
Into the matter turns no some new place
where the city has been plundered.
The intricate method or bookkeeping
and false entries make progress very slow.
The investigation was brought about bv
the death of Superintendent W.C.Adams,
for many years in charge of that depart
ment and the election of his successor.
Mysterious Death of n Michigan
Traveling; Alan at Auburn.
Auburn, N. T-, Oct. 30. A stranger
arrived at the Osborne House last evening
and registered as Ucnrv A. MeCousland,
or Grand Pulpitis, Mich. He was a drummer.
Nothing was heard or seen of him until
2;30 oVlock this morning, when a passing
policeman discovered him lying upon the
walk beneath the window of his room. He
died soon afterward.
It is supposed he fell from the third story
window, but whether by accident, with
cnicldal Intent, or -while walking In his
leep, Is now mere matter of conjecture.
, .
Col. Jucciut's Released.
London, Oct, 30. Col. Jacques, the
representative of the American claimants to
the Towulcy estate, who In November,
1804, together with Howell Thomas, was
sentemv-d to twenty months Imprisonment
for defrauding the claimants to the estates,
was released from confinement to-day on
account of ill health. He -win shortly re
turn to America.
The Whole Town Electrified
$S the wonderful bargains offered nt
the Misfit Clothing Parlors the. past Tew
days. We propose to keep up the excite
ment. Hero's another lor today and
to-morrow. You will .have a chance to
buy an actual merchant tailor made salt
or overcoat'for less than cost of material
alone. We will sell fill stom made Milts
or overcoats for $8; $25 custom made
suits or overcoats for $10; $30 custom
made suits orovereoatsfnr 512: S35cii stom
made suits or overcoats for $15. Pants
from $2.50 to $0, which were all made to
order for more than double the money.
Bear In mind, that all these goods are
made bv first-class merchant tailors, nnd
were either misfits or uncalled for. Mer
chant Tailors' lllsril Clothing Parlors, 407
Bcvcntu street" northwest.
& Bro.,
win araDfliNTiT
Spanish Protests Cannot Stop
the Cuban Mass Meeting.
Cuba Duy Was Knocked Out nl the
Atlanta Exposition, lint Can not lie
Here Spain' Prime MlnlHter
1'liiiHCd With the Administration.
WordsofChi-erFrom YurlousSfateA.
Washington citizens will tonight ex
press their sviupathy for I be struggling pa
triots of Cuba. The meeting Is to be held In
Metzcrntt llnlland It promise s to bejcmiiicd.
Spanish officials have protested against
the gathering, knowing the iiiilucucc such
an expression of sympathy will have. The
protest has never seen the light since it
was Hied at the Slate Department and the
meeting will be held despite the protest.
At the Atlnnta.Expnsltlon, "Cuba Day,"
could be postponed from November 0 until
December 17. All this was clone on the
ground that it would be olfenslvo to the
Administration. The directors of Hie Ex
IMisltlon wanted to make It a national
event but It is i efsible now that no "Cuban
Day" will bo observed.
It was thought thut some such Influence
could be brought to bear in this city.
But It did not materialize. Many people
who would te glad to openly express their
views on the suhjict fear to do so ln'cause
they are In olfice. Were it not for that
hundreds would have pleaded lor tho
privilege of signing the call for the mass
Spain is pleased with the attitude of the
government. The- Prime Minister of the
couiiir) says. "In the United States the
sentiments of the population ore to be dis
tinguished Irom the attitude of tho Federal
Government. Current opinion ve ould give
10 (tie insurgents only a moral backing.
American opinion may yield lo unrelleeted
enthusiasm. But the government or the
United States has other notions and other
duties. I have nothing but praise for
the government of the United States. It
Is doing all it can. It is seizing the boats
which ore sent to Cuba. It Is bringing be
fore competent Juries the agents of the
filibusters. Hut the competent Juries are
members of the public. It Is not the fault
of the United States that Juries acquit."
The history or the movement in this cltv
is. something The Times is proud of. It
is only a little over two weeks ago since
the call wasisucd but the Intern shown
has been wonderful. Fiom all sides have
come words of sympathy and encourage-
Ihe first meeting of tl-e ocmmlttcc on
arrangements was intruded by almost two
hundred people. Man gentlemen, who de
sire their names kept secret, have olfi red
financial aid. From other sources liave
come offers or nun to help ill the fight
ing and dynamite m beusnl bvthe fighters.
Yciterdav Mr. Wolf received two letters.
One was from New Mexico.. The writer
knew of the interest taken at the Capital.
He wants to right for the ImleiK-ndence of
the Cubans. He bus had experience in the
United Stnu5 cavalry. He knows of nearly
a hundred men who want to go with him.
So he wrote to Mr. Wolf asking for the ad
dress or a re-crurtlng orficer. Mr. Wolf
Is sorry the New Mexico man must remain
In Ignorance.
The rollowing letter also came yesterday
from North Carolina. The dale and name
are not given.
"It was gret pleasure to me to read of
the coining Cuban meetlnir. The Cuban
Insurgents, the people of Cuba, are fight
ing, like the founders of our glorious Ite-
pubhe. for their freedom. Thev remind us
or the courage our rorefathers had. who
sacrificed their homes and lives to gain
cue iiuertv or now our country!
"To think of all this, cverv American
should show, by action, himself worthy
or tne intieritancetney lert us. the cumns
need, as our rorefathers lld. friends. Thev
have found them in you and your fellow-
'citlzens, men who pu6b the world towards
higher civilization
"it Is our duty as rltlzcns to Inform our
government of our wish lo recognise the
uuuan insurgents as belligerents, nonor
to'jou nnd your fellow-citizens."
All Is ready for the meeting to night.
Speakers have been secured, muslcnrranged
for. and the best possible provision made
for handling the crowds. If you want a
seat you will have to come early. Major
Moore has arranged ror a squad or ponce
to be on hand to handle the crowil. The
Henderson Drum and Fife Corps will en
tertain the audience -while the hall la
filling up.
Mrs. Logan will make an address. spe'aK
Ing on behalf of the -women of the Dlsrlct.
She made all her arrangements to rpeak
She will not arrive until late In the even
ing, but she will be there all the same.
tu -Mpe?erott. tins had a counle of thou
sand lc-eriets struck off . each lxarlng "A mer-
ica." The audience is expecieu to join 111
the singing of this anthem, which win tw
led by Prof. Cloward. The decorations of
the stage will be looked oner iikui.
Senor Que-sada and BenorPlerr.i wlllar
Tivedurln; Ihcday. Atlhelastnilnutethey
changed their minds about coming yesterday.
Each is oil the programme for a fpeech.
Fluridlaiis In Momi Mectlnc Ask for
IlelllKerent ltllits.
Jacksomille, Fla.. Oct. 30. A largely
attended mass meeting was held at Metro
politan Hall to night, to express sjinpathy
for Cuba. There were 500 persons In
attendance, comprising the most promi
nent business and professional men of the
The meeting was addressed by W. Hanl
lng Davis, of St. Joe. Mich., who has been
sent out by a Chicago committee to work
up Interest in theCu!an cause. Mr.
Davis made n fiery speech, urging Amer
icans lo do all they could to aid the Cubans
In throwing off Spain's yoke.
The meeting adopted resolutions calling
on the United Slates to grant the Cubans
belligerent rights.
Ammunition for the FntriotK.
Loudon, Oct. 30. A Kingston. Jamaica,
dispatch says that the steamer Laurado.
landed thirty-four Cubans and thlrtv-two
cases or ammunition a tOuantanamo. Cuba.
She picked tlicm up outside or New 1'ork
harbor. It is Eupposcd thev are Dart
of the Cespedes expedition.
. . .
Business Pro)erty Prey.of Flames.
Columbus, Ga.. Oe-t. 30. The most dis
astrous fire Columbus has "experi
enced for years toot place to-day. Be
tween 11 and 12 o'clock an alarm was
turned In from Fifth avenue. Eleven hand
some residenets and the girls' high school
building were destroyed before -'he fire
could be checked. One' side of one of the
handsomest residence blocks In the city
was e-ompletcly wiped out. The.damage
amounts to lietween 540,000 and $50,000;
insurance, $3.-.iS50. f
Bin ForoBt Tires.
Windsor, Ont., Oct. 30. The woods west
of Edgar Station, between Essex and
Ainbcrstberg, are on fire and the flames
surround the village. The Michigan Cen
tral Railway has sent an engine and cars
to the place1 with orders to remove the
villagers to Essex If necessary.
Dr. llinil ford's Sentence.
New York, Oct. 30. Dr. Orlando E. Brad
ford, the dentist, who was last -week con
victed of having in his possession plates
for counterfeiting $100 bills, was this
afternoon sentenced to six years In the
Kings county penitentiary.
Vienna Broker Kills Jllmolt.
Vienna, Oct. 30. Jacob Ilertzka, u broker
doing business in the mining market, com
mitted suicide In this city this afternoon
by shooting himself with a revolver.
To Whom ThisMiiy Concern.
We will sell to-day, Friday and Saturday,
forty fine custom made overcoats of the
latest cuts and shades, at $10. none of
which were, to order, for less than $25
or $30. It will do yon, good to see them.,
Misfit Clothing Parlors, .407 Seventh street
Ghicamauga Park Contractors Oom
pelled to Pay Full Wages.
Had Retained Nearly Six Thousand
Dolnrn Out of Their Wanes for
Dootor'u Fees and llont.
Chattanooga, Tenii., Oct. 30. By a chan
cery decision handed down to-day. Cross
&. Te-nny, the government contractors nt
Chickamaugo. Park, must refund to their
employes, some four hundred In number,
the amount or the doctor's fee and rent
money, deducted from their wages, a sum
approximating $0,000
Thlsconsiructlon of the law makes it
unlawful for an employer lo require cm-
piojes to sustain a. piosiciun, known as
the "company's doctor," or live in tene
ments owned bv the emplojer, anil virtu
ally kills the sj.su-in or "Hooking," which
Is an octopus to the Tennessee working
men, even greater than the garnishee sjs
tcni In vogue In some of tliu Southern
Every mining camp In the South claims
and exercises tho right lo dock its em
Proceedings Auuhi-,t Wall nud Othern
llegun In 1'lttHlmrg.
Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 30. Andrew Wall.
R. 11. Mitchell. R. Halght. B. B. Priest,
and F. J. Holdcti, who were Indicted
several mouths ngff In connection with
the closing or the Fidelity Building Loan
and Imestment Association, of Washing
ton, D. C, ivcre placcnl on trial today
liefore Judge Porter.
Mrs. Emma Haw kins is prosecutrix. De
tective ilcTigh wasthelirsi w.tness sworn.
He said complaints had been iiinCe to the
Pittsburg Bureau of Police n number of
people who hail put money Into the con
cern, and it leas Dually decided in make
a raid upon the offices.
Mrs. liawkins, Mrs. Julia Mnckay and
Mary Kelly testllled to making deposits
with the association. They said thev
liau given nonces ot withdrawal and were
unable to get their money. The trial will
be continued to-morrow.
Uscel un Incorrect Weight and Scale
nnd Must Hi Punished.
Pittsburg, Pa.. Oct. 30. D. R. Hart
zell, check weighman at the mines of
T. I). Stein, whose trial began yesterday,
was to-day found gullt on the first
charge of taking more than 2,000 pounds
Tor a ton or coal, and the third charge of
knowingly using an inconrct weight nnd
.scale. The Jury recommended Hartzc.ll
to the mercy of the court.
Similar charge's are made against Mr.
Stein, owner of the mine, where. It Is
allegc-d. Hie workmen have he-en de
rrauded nut or .1 e-ry considerable sum or
money by the Use of raise we-lghts, the
penalty for which is a workhouse sen
As -n Con.cMuciice a Train Was
W recked and llriikeiunn Hurt.
Lawrence, Mass., Oct. 30. A special
passenger train of two cars containing of
ficials of the Boston and M.lluy RaiIro.nl
crashed into a train or con! cars near Vnl
peys Crossing In the outskirts of South
Lawrence this afternoon 1 h ret coal cars
were thrown down an embankmiutnbont
thirty feet and with them went Br.ikein.tn
Murray of the felght.
He was hurt about the head and luck
and internal Injuries are reared. Sonic
other train hands Jumped and i-scapcd In
Jury. No one on the passenger train was
Misapprehension or orders is thought to
have been the cause of the accident.
Emperor William on the Charge! of
Chas.eurH at Le liourcct.
Berlin, Oe-t. 30. Empcmr WJlllam this
evening attended a banqeet given Ify the
Guards ChHSScurs, in the Llchlerfeld Bar
racks, in cvlebration of the twenty-llfth
anniversary of the battle uf Le Bourget.
The Emperor, replying to a toast In his
honor, said:
"A few eve-eks ago I rode eiver the way
traversed by the Chasseurs under n terrible
fire. While siud)ing the task they had
to solve, the reeling that filled ui)self and
companions was such that we raised our
hats before sue h deeds. The source of these
I rind In the spirit Implanted by mv grand
father, in an ever pre-ent sense of honor,
an nowl-Me b'lnd otiedle'ice and all-con-querlng
bravery. A s long as j ou have these
you can face every situation."
StublHsI to Death by u Woman.
Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 30. Hook Thomas
was stabbed to death this morning by
Lucy Hogan seven miles from the city.
Thomas nnd the woman wereloeers. The-y
quarreled and the woman armed with a
sholiun and butcher knife, ran arte-r
Thomas. She drew- the gun and when he
rushed In sho dropped the gun andstabbeI
him in the stomach.
Pncue Awaits tho Verdict.
Chicago. Oct. 30. The Pague court
martial held its eighth ami final session at
Tort Sheridan today and ttie court has
only to consider the enlict. The prisoner's
friends look for a complete acquittal, but
the general opinion at Tort Sheridan is
that an acquittal on the ground of Insanity
Is the most favorable outcome that can lx
expected. The finding of the court may
not be published for some lime.
Says She Saw Blanche Lament.
Rockrord. 111., Oct. 30. The police, as
sisted by Hon. James Lamont, uncle of
Blanche Lamont. are searching for the
slstcr-ln-law or Richard Smjlhe, one of
DurranCs witne-sses, who tried to fasten
the crime on Pastor Gilison. Snijthe
claims tlial his slsier-ln-Iaw 'met Blanche
Lnmont In Rockrord, and Is nn Important
witness. She has col bceu found here
. . .
Murder In Buffalo Hill's Camp.
Atlanta, Ga.. Oct. 30. Tills morning
at 4 o'clock James Doyle and Joe Kmmett,
two ot Buffalo Bill's rough riders, quar
reled. Doyle fcliot and killed Emmelt and
made his escape. The shooting occurred
inacamiiatthtJexposiliongrounds. Some
of Buffalo Bill's men are on Doyle's trail,
aided by bloodhounds lielnnging to the
lessee of the county convicts.
Three Bullets in Ills Heart.
Minneapolis. Minn., Oct. 30. Rev. Mr.
8pludler, or Shakopee. Minn., was either
foully murdered last night or la a Tit
of despondency took his own life. The
body was found at an early hour this
morning In n Utile grove near Plymouth
aveune and Morgan street. Three bullet
holes were found near his heart, and a
revolver lay nlongsidehlm.
Internal Hovenuo Collector Killed.
Benton, Mo.. Oct. SO. Deputy "Revenue
Collector Mont P. Wade was killed here
last night. It Is believed the murder
was the result of the recent raid of the
deputies In Shannon county to capture
Moonshiners Somers and Renfrnw.
Flotfed Against tho Sultan's Lire.
London, Oct. 30. Advices from Con
stantinople are that three cavalry officers,
who -were attached to the garrison at
Yildlz Palace, have been exiled to Yemen:
Arabia. Thy were accused of plotting
against tho 'Sultan.
Japanese Newspaper Suspended."
Yokohama. Oct. 30. The Nlchl Bhlmbun
newspaperl lias been suspended for ad
versely commenting on Germany's policy in
joining an alliance opposed to .Japan.
Only n Slight Blaze.
An alarm or fire was turned la at 12:39
o'clock this morning from box 315 by Po
liceman Parham upon the discovery or a
blaze in the stable in rear-of No. 1237
Twenty-third street northwest. Tbe'build
iDg Is owned by M. A. Balliugcr. The
tire was caused by one ef the stable hands '
accidentally upsetting a kerosene lamp m
a lllc of straw. Damage about $26-
, Is There No Way to Stop It?
Looked Unmoved upon Mrs. Piet
zel Whose Children He Killed.
Wan mid "Worn in Hardly Audible
Voice She' ltultited the Lies and
Deception JIo llntl Practiced Upon
Hit Neer Saw filer Little Ones
After Ho Took.TUem Awuy.
Philadelphia, Oct. 30. Branded though
he is as a liar, swindler and murderer, the
picture elrawn to-day' of Holmes' cold
.hrarleel villainy, by Mrs. Pletze-1. the widow
of the man for whose nmrtlcr he Is being
tried, presents Iilm in even a more reiolt
lng character than h.e tins yet stood re-
Whate-vcr sympathy might have been cx
cltest by Holmes' friendless and forlorn
condition, was cffecidally killeel in the
bre'nsts of all the Jicarers in the court
room of Mrs. I'lvtzeJ's story. She was
placed upon the wltpess stand to-elay. and
for three hours this nfte'ruoon and one hour
to-night, she wan subjrrred to nn orelral
that no woman In her conoiUoii had cer
bee-u called upon to face.""
Her story furnished the first rcallv sensa
tional Mature that hat yet been broucht
out. Tie w bola, scenu and the events of
the afternoon went Intenselv dramatle.
Mrs. Pletzel ami Helmed have never been
brought face to face until to-day since
the dreaiirul revelations' ot her children's
murders have e-cune out. When a woman,
bent and feeble, was assisted Into the
witness Ihix there was a e-ranlag of necks
In the court room, for It was at once
surmised that this -vraJ Mrs. Pietzel.
Whether Holmes had schooled himself to
face her, or whether the man reallv lacked
sensibility. It was Impossible to say. but
as the woman stood erect before him he
exhibited nn emotion ot any kind. but.
ou the e-ontrary, gazed fixedly at her ror
fully a mlDUtc.
As the woman eameilntu the full light
of the itmrt room shei plainly showed
that she had borne a. bunion of sorrows.
troubles that have nroven too heavr for
her. Iler skin wag sallow and her face
was heavy and lifeless. Above her sunken
e-ceeks her lnck-lustcr eyes 6tared steadily
in front of her with a meaningless gaze.
She more resembled a, '.woman under the
Influence of some strong drug that had
dulled her senses, rather than one that
Is In full possession, of Her faculties.
She sunk; inin a chair mid crouched there
like an animal that, stands in fear of the
lash. She was so weslr that, throughout
the giving of her testimony the court of
ricers stood by her side ana repeated aloud
her whispered replies lo the questions
asked her.
Only once throughout; the clay and even
ing did she look In Holmes- cUreciion. At
the beginidng or her testimony she was
asked lr she knew the prisoner. She cast
one hurried glance in ,his direction and
then culckly averting hefr eyes replied that
she did.
It w as. a damning story or duplicity and
knavery thai she related to the court. She
w as led somewhat hurrledlv over Ihe events
prior lo PcltzePs death. Then she told of
Holmes" coming to her and teliliig i.er that
her husband still Uvea, but was In hldlrg
for his connection mlth the swindle ot
the insurance cnmpaii).
How lie persuaded her to send her
daughter Alice to Identify the suppose-el
body or her rathr and returning to her
home in St. Louis extortesl from her by
sharp practices all but $000 of tho $0,700
she received in payment of her husband's
Insurance -policy; or the persuasions he
used to secure poesslon of two ot her
other children, whom tie took away with
him. - - -
it was from this period that nolmes'
;ruel practices began.' Yeiirnlng for a
sight of her husband and children Ilouues
led her from city ttf city with the illusive
hone before her th.it?hsvould soon meet
her loved onesr ,Ho throughly was she un
der his Influence that sho gave him her
letters to post to her husband and children,
and while her heart was breaking for word
from her little ones, he was carrying
around in his pocket letters from them to
her. ,
After the death or the children. Holmes
carried his deception so far as to bring
to her a letter-written tn cipher and pur
porting to be from one of her little girls.
He also worked this stratagem In a letter
alleging to be froroJier husband. Never
once did he give beta-hint that she would
probably never see her husband again, and
lie constantly tnldher; that her children
were well and happy. .
Throughout tnl&rtong -recital Mrs. Piet
zel had borne up with fortitude, but -when
Mr. Graham asked her If she ever saw the
children arter she gave them Into Holmes'
charge, she gave Ttray and sobbed quietly
but bitterly bcrore she could answer. Not
a whisper -was heard In the courtroom ns
the woman raised her head and in a
broken voice, replied: i
"1 never saw my two little girls again
until I saw them lying side by side In the
morgue at Toronto, and I never saw How
ard again, but was only shown some things
that belonged to Dim In Indianapolis."
Mrs. Pletzel's testimony was most dam
aging to Holmes, and thevTOss-examlnatlon
by tne counsel forthe-defense In no way
served to help tilni. With the advent of
his counsel into the case to-day the cur
rent which -was beating Holmes swiftly
away' -when be 'was nloue; -was slightly
Although his two attorneys have as yet
leclded upon no definite line of defense.
they were better, able) td take advantage
ot the technicalities that arose. Holmes
himself was ot ereat assistance to them,
and suggested most of;thcnauestIons that
were asked1 tho, -witnesses. ,-
'Trilby CanKbtiTliem.
London," Oct. 30. The "'production ot
"TrilayV' a3.he HdyruaVtct, this even
ing -was an ImrneMs success. There was
a e-rowded boosewindi the. principal pcr
fonners were;rtca!ted; after every act.
Indictments Found Against the
Oak Grove and Hades Gang.
Alexandria County Officials Dcter-inlne-d
to Coiii let tho Offenders.
Eildi-nee Collected by The Times
and the Hoard or Trnde In the-Hands
of the Cummomveulth's Attorney.
The war or The Times against the gam
bleTs at Jnckson City anil at ltoshn was
pushe-d with much Mgor last summer andJ
evilli such detail as to time, place, circum
stance, and persons that the grand jury
ot Alexandria county actetl pnmptly yes
terday ret unilngind!ctinei!lsng.iinl several
of the gentlemen of the green cloth who
were named last summer in The Times'
public Indictments.
The men indie-utcd are John Heath, sr..
John Heath, jr.. James Heath, Edward
Heath. Charles Heath. James Dai Is. James
Lee- Fanilciiit. Harry Riley, Jack Walsh,
and Robert Slater.
In addition to this a true bill was re
turned against 'John HcatlL. sr., ror selling
liquor on Sunday.
Severn! or the nauieiif; the indicted will
berccallcel, as thoscpuhiahcd by The Tillies
when It made Its expose of the gambling
eletis tit Itos-slynormoreilerinltely tiieiiaK
Groveand Hades resorts Just ae ross the river
from the Georgetown University.
At these two places a Times' man found
two houses in full blast, with everything
wiueopeu, stuu norse poker, cran.stralght
fevotcd to the curd mnies.
While nil this was going on there were
In the room the representative of The
Times and several agents of 'he Hoard
or Trade, both agencies acting separately.
The Board of Trade, through Mr. F. L.
Moore, chairman of a special cninmltt'-e
to suppress these evils, digested the In
formation It obtained and sent It to tlieem-
.crnor of Virginia, who promised as soon
as nis attorney general got nac-k from a
country town" that he would hac him
break up the whole business. So far as
the public has been informed the atlornev
general of Virginia is still at the countrj
town attending to business of State.
The infoimatlon gathered by the Boarel
of Trade and that ot Tho Times, which was
published on the morning after the elis
coverics, have evidently been now con
sidered by the grand Jury of Alexandria
county and there could have been no doubt
as to what view the Jury would take of
the cases. It will also be remembered
that the Board of Trade secured the assist
ance of the District Commissioners, who
authorized the detail of siiecial officers,
anil a raid was made on the dens after the
public eximsltion of names and place by
The Times.
The result of this raid was the capture
ot several bushels of poker chips and other
paraphernalia of a first-class blghevay rob
bery Joint. This was the property of
Messrs. Nelson anil Foster, whose names,
were also published In The Times, and who
were indicted some- time since. Their
case will come up at the approaching term.
The evidence was sent to the grand Jury
Hi the Heath etal. cases by thcucev common
wealth's attorney, Leonartl Marbury, who
will doubtless make a reputation Iu the
cases, as he Is determined to com let the
whole gang or those of them -who remain
In Ihe county.
Judge Chichester, It is said, is also anxious
that the county be rid'of the blot which
lhoe chevaliers d' Industrie have put upon
it for It wi'l be rememliere-d that when
the matter was being agitated elaily by
The Times, he was In favor of getting
a special grand Jury lo get the cases to
trial promptly.
The trial of all the cases In which true
bills have been returned will be had nt the
November term of court.
VlrRlnla Must Help Her University.
Fredericksburg, Va., Oct., 30. A meet
ing of the University Alumni held here to
night, adopted resolutions urging the Leg
islature lo rebuild the University, and ap
pointed Judge J. B. Scner, Rev. W. M.
Clark. Hon. J. L. Mnryc, Rev. Dr. A. P.
Saunders and B. 11. W illis a committee to
mcmornllze the Legislature and with a
conference ot all the Alumni and friends
of the University throughout the State to
meet In Richmond, December 11th, to
jrge the matter upon the General As
sembly of Virginia.
Crew AH Saved.
Cane Charles, Va., Oct. 30. The schooner
Carrie L. Gndrrey, of Philadelphia, loaded
llh phosphate rock from Charleston.
B. C, bound ror Wilmington, uei., went
ashore on Maehlpongo Shoals, near Para
mores Beach Lite Saving Station, about
3 o'clock this morning. The crew of
eight men were all saved by the life sav
ing crew. The ve-sscl and cargo will prob
ably bo a total loss.
Booster Not Their Emblem.
tew York, Oct. 30. The general term of
the Supreme Court has banded down an
opinion alflrmlng Judge Beach's decision
In the matter of the State Democracy
rooster. It holds that the regular Denio
cratlc ticket Is not to be printed under
the rooster and also that the other nom
inations btvconsldered as Independent nom
inations, and be placed In the last column.
Berlin, Oct. 30. A dispatch from Tien
Tsln says an agreement was signed yester
day granting v Germany a crown concession.
.""-. ,''. j-.,,,;, luuit-eiv. aiui.ui ii.i-oiuci i ;Y;'n n,v, , o,r .1 ' ;r..T c, -TVi. v.iiiV. I uarK on mis lariieniuer ooiue.
technical names under which the process I SH.2.02 1,000. as against $1 .1 .-18.000; Jolin Uona!Q,oii, Steve O'Donnell, Billy
of robbing oillowoutlus and green .grown j Ja'vrnl money re-erv- $3i0.IU.O0O. as Deiawy and the other well known 'pugil-mc-n
Is conducted. Whisky evas flowing a5?,Sn,n$3Mrlr:0(i0-Ru rfn?P- J.tM, 'ls who have been assisting m getting
as freely as the tide of the Potomac and ' J;00t'i'.n?2LnAVin. nne ".--io3 i Corbett into condition, together with scores
the revelry was several stories high. At fund. $24G,44b,000: as against $4...e2,- . nttht- local and nsltin snorting fra-
nSSi11 lwe "M"'" ot f4 ' SrafusrsSl'-l ''"dufotuer "nation" ?nlty. cogUulatedfa'ch' otS? upon the
dens there were eighty young and old , ?,;u't .SSAj'i'rf' ununun' f ?L, "!? fact tnat they had insisted from the start
men playing keno. theloever floor bchig l'-- S-?P-.J.2?.-009' a.s. ?';5ms.L.?2:52'- enr ...lLin was slmnlv encaged In a big
,meur r,m I .... ...... .. ,..,., ., -s . hi na !irnm..r ?:.it.:iiis iiiii.t enm i
lee-oteil to the curd eames. -zo.uuu: eiiviuenos nuiiaio, x,.ui,uoo,-
Kentucky's Democratic Nominee for-
Governor Suddenly Seized.
Taken Sick Whlloon Ills-Way to Keep
u Campaign Appointment Physi
cians Say Ills Case Is Critical.
Bowling Green. Ky.. Oct. 30 Gen. P.
Watt Hardin, Democratic nominee for
Governor, was taken dangerously ill this
morning at Morgautown. He arrived at
he spoke that evening.
He hail an appointment lo sneak at l!or
gantown to-day but being very sick' he
left for this city at an early hour this
morning by stage. He w as taken violently
111 while en rouie and was lorced to stop
at Rlchardsvllle.
Piosiuniis w ere at once Edit for from
this cltv and they report that the General
Is in a very serines condition. He arrived
here to-nignt and w ns at nice taken to the
home of Charles Lewis, a relative or Mr.
Hardin. Ills ailment Is the result 01 chilis.
Clarke Dctermlncel to Stop the
Fight, If Possible.
Little Rock, Ark., Oct. 30. Governor
Clarke said to-ulght to a reporter for the
Unltesl Press:
The militia were to-dav ordered out.
The officers of two or three companies
most convenient to Hot borings were
dlrextcd to have their rort.es lu readi
ness to move on Miort notice.
"it a.i my well-matured purpose to
resort to the militia lo maii.talu the su
premacy ot ttie law and to prevent the
rigut.ir nothing short or this would r.nswer
and ror a tune this morning- It looked
as if this contingency had presented it
self. Happily things now assume a more,
pe-aceful aspect. Tor which we are duly
Punishment Inflicted on Neurk
Street Cleunlnir Contractors.
Newark. N. J.. Oct. 30. rour of the
street department conspirators that robbeil
the city by a sjslem of duplicate tickets
for carting garbage were this afternoon
sentenced to eighteen months In the peni
tentiary by Judge Flupatrick. They
were Andrew M, Gray, Joseph Hunkels,
Jehn W. Bogle, itLd Frank Haiiley.
Four others got e-rr with plre months
each In the penitentiary. These er
Thomas UUlcn, Henry Ruromel. Thomas
Garrigan. and He-rbert Iloagland. The
total amount or their slealiijgs wrye
Jeweler Itoblusl of Fine Unset Din-
iinin.l, liv l'mfe-ssloriiels.
Columbus, O.. Oct. 30. Two young men.
who are evidently professional Jewelry
thieies, robbed tiie jc-wclrr store ot A.& E.
Garlach, at Broad and High streets, this
Tney asked to See some rings, and not
suiled with the settings, a small tray or
diamonds was proeluce-d to select from.
One of lhf-ni mannered to sill) scleral fine
stones, of a total value of S30O. from the
tray. It was not noticed until they hail
Comptroller Eckels Completes His
Hepurt.for September.
Tl' nbs.tra.ct of the condition of the 3.712
national banks on the 2dtli of September last
compiled "by Comptroller Eckels, as com
pared evlth the abstract on July 11 last,
shows, that on the former-date there were
3,712 national banks a against 3,715 on
July 11.
Loans and eliscoanls held on September 28
were $2,041.K-S6.000. as against $2,0Ol.
47."),000 on July 11; stocks nnd securities,
S105.023.000. as realnst S194.1C0.O00:
due Irom approvi-el reserve agents. $222.-
000, ns against $I.73G.022,000: bills pay
able, $17,4)13.000, as against $12,230,000.
It Comes to the Supremo Court on
The California victims of the prosecution
growing out or the railroad strike of 1894
were before the United States Supreme
Court yesterday, by their attorney, endeav
oring to secure u new trial.
They were convicted In thedlstrict court
of the United Stales for the Southern
District of California, of conspiracy to
obstruct and retard the passage of the
mails over the Southern Pacific Railroad,
ami sentenceil by Judge Ross to Imprison
ment ror eighteen monins eacn.
The appeal was argued for the convicted
ii.en-w'. II. Clunc, Isaac Ross, and Philip
Stanwood-all members or the American
i!r,n-nv iTninn tir Mr. Robert Christy,
and by Mr. Attorney General Harmon ror
. T-..tn.1 ?tifo 1r PlirlclvntAnHI
that the evidence adduceil by the govern
H-.V- .- . . . ' . ..?..
ment upon tne trial as not. sumeieni.
nor of such a nature, as to Justify the
verdict, while the Attorney General In
sisted that everything charged la the in
dictment nnd essential, lo -conviction was
abundantly proved.
State? Department Heady to Tako Up
the Ex-Consul's Case.
Mrs. Waller has been notified by Secre
tary OIney that, he will listen to any state
ment she has lo" make, and Mr. Crammond
Kennedy, Waller's attorney, has rnade an
engagement for the bearing to take place
this morning.
Assistnut secretary uni, wno is more
familiar with the matter than any other
State Department official, has already I
looked over the copy of the court-martial
proceedings nnd other papers relating to
Waller's arrest aud Imprisonment, and It
is understood that Immediately upon se
curing Mrs. Waller's statement, the case
lu Its entirety will be taken up .and a
definite conclusion reaclipd as to the action
the United States will take In the premises.
.Jt Is not expected that Mrs. Waller wOI
cnntri'M'te a y information tending to
materially alter the facts already in pos
session of the State Dcpartment.
It Was Found by a Pollcemnu Under
a Porch.
WbllepatroIIng his beat ahout8:43 o'clock
last night, Ihe attention of Officer Ellis.
of the Second precinct, was attracted
toward a porch In front of a residence on
the corner of Twelfth and O streets north
west, ftom under which the lusty walls
or a baby Issued.
Investigation revealed a cotoml Infant
about two months of age. wrapped In a
white comforter, lying beneath the porch.
The policeman took his rind to the station
and then to St. Ann's Infant Asylum.
Texas Hank Falls.
The First National Bank of Lagrange,
Texas, capital $50,000, failed yesterday.
The assets are stated ut s.134,000 and the
liabilities at $70,000.
. . .
Pointed Warning; to TurJ,y.
Minister Terrell cabled the State De
partment from Constantinople that he had
warned the Porte that Turkey will be held
respo nsible tor the saretyof every Ameriian,
missionary. Mr. Terrell confirms the press
dispatches about the Armenian riots of a
few days ago.
Ho Opened Others' Letters.
The rost-ofHce Department' was to-day.
advised of the arrest of Frances L. Hood,
assistant postmaster at Frances; North
Dakota, for opening letters.
Custlne Arrives at Rio.
The gunboat Castlne arrived at Rio de
Janeiro yesterday.
FitzsfmmDns Under Arrest Miles
From Hot Springs.
Corbett Will Appear In the Hinjr at
Noon ti Hecelvo the Forrelt Hint
That Bob Has Played Ills People
False Brady Is Mad nnd. Taller
Right Out.
Tcxarkana, Ark.. Oct. 30. Filzsimmons
was taken from the train at Fulton,
twenty miles north of here, and brought
back to-night, arriving here at 7 o'clock,
by Sheriff DiHard, of this county, and
Deputy Sheriff Howard, of Little Rock,
who is acting as the personal representa
tive or Hie Governor.
He wiH be "taken to Pi:e Bluff to-night,
over the Cotton Belt road, ard thence to
Little Rock. The proposed fight at Hot
Springs to-morrow morning cannot take
place-, as It Is now impossible for Filz
simmons to be there.
Hot Spring3, Ark.r Oct. 30 James J.
Corbett is'taiely housed under a friendly
roof in Hoi Springs. "By the articles of
agreement, which bear his signature, he
guarantees lo be in this city to-morrow pre
pared to contest for continued possession
of his present title of champion heavy
weight of the world. He Is prepared to
fulfill his pari of tte bargain.
On the niLcr Land, Robert Fitzsimmons.
the party or thesetbnd.part, and would-be '
champion, whose continual reiteration "It
was to be in Hot Springs on October 31"
have eif late become ceauseatlng to friends
and opponents alike-, is m Litile- Rock In
tire custody of officers of the law actlnjr
for ihe liovernor. This Is tLc- condition
of afrairs on the eve of tie cay set for
-what promised to be enc- or the greatest
pugilistic contests or modern time-s.
r.iKe.in in, in ihe -cny.reaciieu a high
pitch to-cay. Little else than the pros
pects en t-itzsimmons' arrrvai was tulked
or on the sircc-is, in iLe stores, about the
ho eis and arounu tne courtiiouse and post
After views and opinions appeared to
have been freely exchanged, oue of the
principal member oi the cliili was asked
what sfeps vrou.d be taken to meet the
latest cinerge-ncy. To this he replied.
"e arc in a iiuatieiary. It is hard to be
lieve- ti.ai Mtzsii..mous has playect us false.
Our latest imormatiirn is to the effect
that Shernt ltoupt. evas also arresti-d, and
' If Ihll ,e ,1... .-i... ,h. n (- n. ... .1 ...
''""'. .:.""--"" ''"-" "" uii-..r
i that he was overnotvere-d bv superior num-
! bers and had to give way to ehe Puiaskl
county olflcers and their Miller countv
contingent. At any rate we shall do noth
ing del mite in tho case uutu we knoev
wnat actually transpired evhere the ar
rest look piace.
1 --we hau a special train in waiting a
Hope and cxpecti-it the eniire party neri
this evcnim: without moietat:o:i. If Fitz
simmons and Juuan are blameless In the
matter, ui course we will see to it that
peace bonds are lurnisheil at Ihe hearing
lo-.ii'rrw in I.iU.c Rock, but if It ir
shown that Hiey ilelilx-rately trie-d to do
us up. wed then"
And here ILe speaker turceel oif his hee
as tnougli Ihe prospect of a commltal of
the pugilist auci ins manager wouMnotbe
parttcularly distasteful to bimseir or hir
Naturally the news -was re-eelved -with
grini satisfaction In the Corbett camp. What
tne champion thought or said on toe subject
4s known only lo lilmseir or Brady, and thej,
latter alone, of the crowd in I be rotunda,
knew wnere his principal w?is housed.
Even ihechampion's brother was keptin the
bluffing act, and had no intention at the
iim he left Hot Snrlngs last week of bring
ing Fitzsimmons to the city.
Defenders or inelaltcr were few, although
they endeavored to make out the besr
posslble case for their favorite upou the
conjecture that he was solely the victim
or circumstances- On this line tbey made
some converts, and a good many people
-who were at rirst inclined to roast Fitz
simmons to a tnrn, concluded to suspend
Judgment until the facts were made clca"
As for Manager Brady, his set teeth and
lips and the wicked look In his eye showed
that he was mad through a'nd through.
Three tiroes had the champion overruled
,.i. -nnci,i,n tf rmll nn stnkps fend fro
-, rnrhett declaring that he would
Eas ""df '"'und"ata k"L nl8 "
-wait till October 31, ana take, nis op-
poncnt at Ills word. That date was put
a few hours off, and the pmspects that
PrtrltC. liellpf 111 tllC COOd faith OI t ltZ
. ,., ... n.ll.i.l ,c cllmmpp
Simmons uuui civ ,.rttwu ,. "- --
than ever.
Brady, for a lime, could not find words
In which to express his reelings, whenat
length nis equanimity nuu iru jesju.tvi.
he said to the representative or the United
r"lt"ls to be hoped that the country
will nnelerstand that we have acted In
goexl faith and with honesty from the start.
We brought Corbett Into the county weeks
a"o when we -were under no compulsion
to do so, ami we have allowed him to be
dragged from court to court and subjected
to numerous inconveniences, to say noth
ing or the Interruption to continuous train
ing. In our efforts to make good our word
to the people of this city. To all tho
appeals to come here that have been sent
to Fitzsimmons during the past ten days
by Mavor Waters, by President Babcock,
of the'clnb, and by ourselves, there has
been but one stereotyped response, I
will be In Hot Springs on October 31.
"Does it look to-night ns if he will be
here? Does It look ns lr his failure to In
here can be" attributed to misadventure?
Let the people read the facts ami Judge.
As for ourselves, let it be announced that
in accordance with the articles of agree
ment I stand ready lo produce James J.
Corbett iu the city or Hot Springs at any
time between midnight to-night and rnld
nightror to-morrow prepared to meet any
contestant tor the world's heavy-weight
championship." . ,, ..,
Corbctt's departure from his training
quarters at Spring Lake was marked by
mystery and celerity. He was tralnlne
in the morning as usuaL but whcn-vlslturs
went oat In the afteraooa he had vanished.
It was said that he bail given the deputy
sheriff, who had lilm In charge, the slip,
and Brady partially conrirrued this to
night when he said that his man was not
In the custody of the Jaw to-night and
would be equally Tree to morrow.
The most pUiuslble explanation of his
wberealwuts to-night Is that he Is a guest
ot one of the numerous families In the
aristoe-ratle section of the city, the heads
of which are known to be in sympathy
with the mill being brought off without;
further liiteriercne-eof the executive. Manr
sidelights were thrown upon the situation
during the day.
Attorney General Klnsworthy came In
from Little Roek. Ills particular mission
was to investigate the e-ireumstances under
which Deputy .Sheriff Tate re-rused last
night to serve the Slate -warrants on the
Corbett piny, and uiwn this he will mako
a report to the Governor.
Tuts .-iitcreo.il. lie i pennsl berore Jus
tice Rnpley and made a motion to dismiss
the previous cases against Corbett and
Brady, upon which the county warrants
were issued ami served Monday u nd Tues
day, 'me Justice promptly OTrruled the mo
tion, whereupon the attorney general de
manded at Immediate hearlag of the cases
upon their merits. "
In this the Justice acquiesced, and 1
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