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ft E ' i Jl1
F Street
Comer Eleventh.
Storage Warehouse,
THd near M.
We warrant the ondltlonol avery
thlng we soil, whether sold at a loss or
at a profit.
Piano Stool, $1-25
Another of our triumphs
of buying. If we hadn't
been on
Nthe alert
for unus
ual val
ues and
It It in three woods polish mahogany
flu'sh, ebony and oat &troncly braced.
Top raises and lowers.
"I want to be the Jeweler
who comes into your mind
ebJ.C tK
xpovtfy $2.50.
If you bare old gold In
the house o,ulla useless
brine It to ma and I will
allow lor 11 on purch&sei
I105 F St. N. W.
Do you know that elec
tricity is acheaper, bet-
ter, safer, and more re- ;
liable power than
steam? It makes a bet
terlight, too better for !
Btores, better for offices. !
It Is e far ahead ox gas as the
modem electric locotnottre Is
ahead of the old stage coach. Wa
furnish power only. Telephone
us to turn It on.
U. S. Electric LlshtlnsrCo..
213 14th Stroot. 'Phono 77.
300,000 ORGANS
Just think of It! This Is the number of
E&TEVUROAN3 made and sold. Jt placed In
line they would reach from Washington to Bos
ton, lthas been tor City years, and still is.
The Leading Organ of the
Trices from SSI upwards.
S34- F St. N. W.. Washington, b. C.
rrilCY B. FOSTER, Manager.
Baltimore Stcrr, IS X. Charles Street
Better than ever.
C. Auerbach's
Saxony Wool
M Jackets and Sweaters
At the
800 7th St, Northwest Cor. H.
West Side of Seventh St.
Ann Lotion
is the most dainty prepa
ration on the market for the
skin for CHAPPED
rough skin. It's not a, com
plexion maker, but a sooth
ing, healing liquid, that is
neither sticky nor unpleas
ant to use. PRICE IS 25c
You need it this weather,
and all thro' winter.
Mertz's- Modern' Pharmacy.
Ilth and 2 Strerts Northwest
Established July. 1879.
Ho yon Hie yours to look well? We can
make them look welL He know how.
1 ou nredn'l ho afraU to trust them to
ur,hoeTerTalnablolhoraro. Wo will A
rslursthain looktaE-Hteliou. , Y
fr''siz .-a TTtrtT
(ir have dis-
fe (Q covered
V5:3S this
,M -
Never Flinched When the Judge
Fronounced Sentence.
TUrco of the Jury Jflrst- Stood Out
for Imprisonment, lint Wore Flnul-
. ly -Hrmight to Change Their Vlov.
Quleki-Kt Trial and Comlutlou ou
ltvconl'lu Alexandria County.
,Thc sentence t ileatli pronounced upon
tlie negro boy, Albert Hawkins, vibo at
tempted to assault little Haute bhcrier ill
Alexandria county, not f.ir from Hall's
.lull, ou .Monday evening lad. Ill tile Alex
anuria Lounly court, jeoicrtiay. by Jnugt:
1). M. Ciiicnuler. meets wltn iiic npiuotal
of every one. It is regarded us u Just
8uHUi.ce Sue. a-hcinous crime, and one mat
will strike terror Into tlie heurts of all
.evu-uuera fcjr me luutre.
The people or Alexandria county are con
gratulating the.naenes that trier allowed
tlie law to lake Its course. Instead of taking
it Into lueir own huiuis, ior now tucy
kuow the wrong done the loung girl will
mivt witu auctiuato puui-nmeiit- In Alex
andria cut Hie trial and sentence are the
sole themes or conversation.
Tito trial la tlie muckest Ibat lias cecr
taken place Jn -any court in Alexandria
city or county, where the law's delays lire
ery uunierous anil are takin udt.mtuge
of on the slightest pretext.
But lu this cusu the criminal was ar
raigned, positively l.ieiitulnl liy Ins vic
tim and witlitn forty-eight hours after
tlie crime had been committed, is lu me
"murderers' row" of tlie city Jail, await
ing tne coming of the Ota duy or Ueceiuticr,
vruen be will tie banged.
The Jury was made up of twelve of the
leading citizens or the oouuty, men woo
could gUe tne prisoner ut uie bar a lair
and Impartial tnal. After hearing the
ewdence -Mey retired to tueir room and
began discussing uielr eraicu They ull
agreed that .Hawkins bad been clearly
proven guilty or the crime with whim be
was charged, but tbey bunic on Hio extent
of his punishment. '
Tiie'lavs of Virginia make It notional
wltu the Jury to impose a kenicnoo ot
death or-lo -oocllna Hie prisoner in the
State penitentiary for a term f not lets
tnan turee. or more than eighteen ears.
Nine of the Jurymen, on the first tJi'iot.
ruored the extreme penally or Ihe law.
wniie tbeoiuers wanted a penlteuliurv len
ience. -All hour was spent tn diioiisslng
tne matter, aud the turte were von ter.
aud the death sentence Imposed.
Juue uiuuiu, in iuww.uut.iiii; ccn
teuee upon the lioy, win. more tliMiirbetl
tluii w.u, the prlsonerin tile Uix, fortliousli
.... j.. i ,... 1..... .....Iillnf. ,ii ..r fill
court!, or-AlexaiiUfla and fntrfax county
for twelve jeurs. mis in iik "t- tu.
Iie lias ever Let n called upon to pronounce
the sentence oJLUeath upon a prisoner.
lintvidua. wneii told to m:iiui. aim inked
If he liad nnj tiling to ay why amtence
should not be pronounced upon linn, replied
In J JuTjcctly cool voice, "nothlns. He
.t.T,rr.the least diMurbed tx-rson
Intiie court room, and iiiaMct' never diaiiKiil
, -.?. l.An l.n Itl.tfvn l.llTf.rfWl
lu expression nu mjo j mv...v.w
his sentence.
"Sou tiave been given a fair and Im-
Tvirtii trial bT a Jurr of your peers; you
-uave beeuiouud suutyot the irluiHal.eK-tl.
aud the jury has nxcu your puiusuoieui u
death, 'ihe sentence of this court,-tliere-rar.
i f iiHt vim khall be takeu back to the
MttmHr v.u. Mnd tiifte Lent in close etin-
nneuient uutu tne uui uuy u iewi...
wheu yoiKsnaii oe uanccu uj int.- ui
until dead. dead, dead."
The bherlff wn then directed to take
cliarge or tlie pnsourr, and he wus taktn
from the courtroom to tin Jail. Mr. Hur
ray Davis, who was appolutl by the court
todefeutl theprUoncr,aedroranewirhil,
but tld the Judge overruled, and Six. Daws
noted no exception to the Judge's ruling.
so that Hawkins can have no hope or lite
through the courts. .... , .
While the Jury was out, and It looked
as if the rull penalty r the law might not
be imposed on linn kins, threats of lynch
ing were heard all over tbecourtroom, from
men of prominence in the county, whom the
letliiuuiy.nr nine t-uu.e t.er;er In detail
ing the assault upon her nad worked up
-nntuililnhest pitch, and there is hardly any
doubt but that these threats would bava
been made good had not the sentence or
death been Imposed.
ilobnwfc Carried TUrough More by a
Baltimore Detective.
Mohawk, an Indian, belonging to Bur-
rnlo Bill's W!IJ West thow, pawed through
hen. vrsiordav In the custody ot Detective
Hussey, of the Baltimore police, who Is
taking the redskin to thatclty to answer tne
charge at having killed John Peter Horn,
aged twelve yenrs-
The Indian Is a member ot the band no
oompanylcg the Wild "West show, which
exhibited in Baltimore September 30 and
October 1. In the afternoon, when the
first exhibition was given, young Horn
went to tlie grounds, principally to see
the Indians. He found a crowd of boys
standing around the Iudlnns' tent, aud
started to Join them. As he got where the
boys were standing they scampered away.
Just then ait .Indian emerged rrora the
tent and threw a brick, which struck young
Horn on the side. He was knocked down by
the. Wow, but got up and ran a f hurt dis
tance, when he fell again. Medical atten
tion was given him and he was taken to his
home. No. 2022 East Chase t-treet, where
hedied, a weekJater.
Had Her Son Arrested.
Mrs. Alice J. Turner, living on M street.
In Georgetown, had her son, William Folk,
twenty-one years of age. arrested last
evening on the charge of threats and pro
fanity. It Is alleged by Mrs. Turner that
ber son has been abusive toward her and
made threats of personal violence against
her when she pleaded tvith him to desist.
Arretil for Cruelty to Animals.
A warrant charging cruelty to animals
was nerval by niliceman Brltt on Jfineph
H. Dodd. a miller, yesterday morning, and
collateral was left at the Third precinct
station for Dodd's appearanco In the police,
Treittod for a Cnt.
Charles Fuller, of No. 120B Thomas
circle, had a cut In tho forehead, caused
by a rail, tlrewu by II r. smith, at luo
Emergency Hospital last evening.
MnrvcloiiH xaln of clutlilnc lo;zlnn
to-diy at Si'w York Clothing Ilomte,
311 Seventh Htreet northwewt.
.Hhinlt IDbat
3t tiieans,
this special discount 020
per 'rait that we are giv
ing off all our stock of jew
elry' and gold and silver
ware. Twenty cents on
every dollar it is worth
saving. Have you no
friends going to be married
. . sliortiy or-iio birthdays to
be remembered?
" "Olr stock is the most
' ' bcaiitffTil and varied in
town. You had better look
overjt while this special
safe, lasts.
Got 4
don't expect o see
you again don't care
whether the goods you
buy give satisfaction
or not t hat's one
plentiful kind of re
tailing but not ours.
This is our way.
You buy something
we expect it to give
first-class satis
factionand make
you a regular custo
mer. Sometimes
we're mistaken sell
you an article that
we think is right bu,t
isn't what then?
Bring it back our
mistake you shan't
lose a penny.
Isn't that the right
Our $15 suits '11
make permanent cus
tomers out of most
all of you strangers.
Eiseman Bros,
1 Cor. 7th and E Sts. N.-W.
No Branca Store in Washington.-
German Orphan Asylum Directors
Me9t and Elect Officers.
Only Incidental HeferenceMade to the
Iteceut Alleged Trouble In
the Institution.
Tlie annual meeting of the stockholder
of the German Orphan Asylum was laid
Inst night in the parlor or Mndcs' Hotel.
Mr. Charles Graff acted as president.
Mr. Edward W. Koch being secretary.
The attendance was exceptionally large,
indicating the great lnlyest taken in the
nrralrs of this Institution, vtblch was
thown last evening to boon a very ficure
bash ami doing excellent work among
the orphans of the Germans.
Tlie secretary read the reports of the
treasurer and or the board of directors,
nlso that or Mr. Henry Ermolil, the si'jier
intentlent ot the aylum.
Tlie report of the secretary touched on
the recent trouble at the asylum, in which
Mr. Ermolil whs alleged to be invohed,
but without making any comment, exebpe
to say that arier a careful Inrrotfjanun
by Col. John Tracey. siipcrlniciul.nl "of
charities, and Mr. S. WiUon. agent or the
Humnue Society, they fouisl that the
charges against Mr. Enuohl were tiol sus
tained. Jir. Ermold's report dealt with theriuifr
ngement ot the inslituilon for the past
year, and was accepted and npprotetl.
The financial report showed that the
receipts during the year were $0,520.28
and the expenses 50.d43.3S, leaving a
balance on hand or ?48r,.U0.
This Is a most remarkable showing, be
cause the directors have had improve
ments made at the grounds costing S2,
300.75. Tlie number of children in the Institu
tion on September 30, 1804, was thirty
seven, which number was Increased bv
thirteen during the year, making the wholo
chargo fifty inmates. During the year
uctcti ennuren were returned to their
parents or the proper authorities, and
three were furnished , with suitable places
Tor work, the asvlum retaining control
of these apprentices.
Two particularly interesting papers were
read, one from the Ladles' Aid bociety,
presented by Mrs. N. Bocttcher. and the
other rrom the Ladles' Sewing hoelety,
presented by Mrs. Bertha Caron.
The total receipts from the Ladles' Sew
ing Society for the year were Sl.401.03.
the expenses S708.U2, the net balance
being 57X1.01. The receipts of the Ladles'
Aid Society were 52,320.43: the expenses.
tl.tj4G.03. and the balance. S68.I.40.
The president of the latter society Is Mrs.
11. hoti.cn it ud of the former. Mrj.DeUraine.
a large part of the aid society's runds hav
ing been appropriated to the building
or a Mnhle aud other improvements ou the
An election was held ror six directors.
Mr. Martin Ilebner declined re-election,
and the result was afollows: Meutrs. C.
A. Hidden, Charles Itogler, Chris lleurlcb.
William ICettier, Weruer Koch, and George
J. Seufferle.
Stone Itolled on Ills I.oii.
A large stone rolled on the leg of
Solomon Jackson, a colored laborer, at
the Union Depot excavations, in George
town, yesterday, rrncturing the member.
Jackson received surgical treatment at
tho Emergency Hospital.
Mnrtelona sale of clothing' Ixg1im
to-iliiv at New York Clot hint; Ilonne.
till Seiontll Htreet northwest.
$7 Jacket, S3.98.
Badies' Beaver or Boucle
Jacket, newest style sleeve, in
two and three button effects a
regular $7.00 Jacket our price,
734-736 Seventh St. N. W.
. ' ?& . 5
J $3
Not $4 a pair.
as at utner stores,
For Man's Tan Storm Calf Triple
Sole llaud-sewed hhoea.
French Cnarael and I'at Leather 5
Hand-welt bnoes. .
1'lne, Calf, Hand-welt Cork or
l'lain leather sole cnoes.
Wm, Hahn it Go.'s
ui:UAni,i: shoe houses. g
1 0 f. 1 0 1,0 l'a. A vo-N. W.
233 l'a. Ave. S. E.
Library Association Holds Its
First Fall Meeting.
IntereailuK Paper .Head utid Du-
ciiKited by Their Author and
tho McmlierM.
The ninth annual meeting ot the Wash
ington Llhrury Association was held at
Columbian University last night. It was
the rirst meeting of lids otocutloii since
the tiummcr vacation uud was tiiille largely
attended- I'rt-titlent" Alnstvorlli It. fepof
ford called the 'tui-ttlng to order nntl au
noiiiierfl that 'tfilr.toiSU jiew nii-mbcrs had
liei eleUed. , ,-
Arier complimenting the as.sQt,ullon on
I la irtt .i nd ma king u I e w ha ppy propiitsles
as to its Itaiire, Mr ji)iiom iiili.jiiut-rtl
the lir-t speaker if the evening. Dr.
Charles Wnrtleil hllles. tlio lille-nr whove
paper was Hjivra-nlrvnt theLcydcu Com
.rjTeUff of Zeotogisri." IT. Slites spoke
ior i.iiepu unni.ttA unti ins iLijicr hj re
warded with aiHilaase,
He began bv irlllng what tlie Le.vdeu
tmrerence had. done in the iiiten-ots of
zoological nu.i,'srapiiy. - lie iracr u a
ceriain extent tlie history of the bibliog
raphy of zoology and referred to the
luiiuoer of zoological publications. These
were all sallsractorv. so Inr .im they Kent,
but none or U. tin "went r.ir enough. It
was desirable to sjsteniatlru this charac
ter or InMuigrapuy nntl to Ivgm the work
.it as early a day as praifcble. The plan
or the English loologUls nas that they
should not actually begin work till the
beginning or Ihe next century. This was
imsalisr.ictury to the zoologists ot America.
lir. 1'itlds, ol Harvard, had taken up
Ihe subject and his plau comnrehended
the et.t.iiih!iieut at Zurich or u central
liiirtirii. lo wlili h all publications or the
iki tare neeilrtrwerclo lie ieiit. Thlsbureau
w.to to Issue-'the proper bibliographical
pamphlet, weekly ir retsl lie. and at least
as olleit iih bi-monlhly. The titles. or the
various siib.iis.ts were to be printed on
i-.inln so as In, facilitate the selecllou of
1 lie ecxt paper wus by Olh er L. Knsslg,
kecrrlary In I lie nKsociatlon, on "BlMtogra
pit at tl.eI)enert-onreretuvt,rillirarlaiis."
'the pica M.re a nil the interest of this confer
ence, said, Mr. rasilg. were marml by
the .ilisence of several or the leading'
light in the- prnfthjionysnd the fact that
or Ihe ftvcu ritperA-t-uhiiilttisl. only two
were rend brtteir-BUtliors.
Thfthird and last iiap.-roiilhe programme
w-.ts by Ge'i. A W. Greely. on "The Wash
li.gton illy free library." The geuerai
Miokf at length on this theme. The
tiu.trier or the library in the McLean
building had accommodation for 5.000
volume. The library reeded Utoks und
the pcaker matle an eloquent ulea for
csiiriliatloiut rr,r the shelves nntl the limit
rtllni?if UietultMt
Senile of tliUii nite'ir were LUmirlaL.
SKiffonI. Segrt'tnry i"asig. Dr. Ames,
of the rnterlo licu.irimenttMr.Onle. Miss
lles;. MirfS JoeypMoe Clark". Dr. Cyrus
.illt,r, II. riclmSltiMaqn. Mr i"nron.Miss
Ktlso, II. l'iWl!r; wailaiu II Lowdet
milk". Miss tiray,Kamkiii5.Htcvios.
Ho Wan CiliWnln of the Keurmiret
When She tVnis Iitt.
Mr. Partello, Unltetl Stales consul at
Sonne rjerx. Germanv. cabled the Depart
ment of State vestcrday from London as
follows: "Cunirninder Jlvcrman. of the
Navy, died on the navel at sea 4 p. m.
October 27."
Commander Hvcrman was in command or
the Kcnrrjrge jittii she was, wrecked on
the Eoucador Keef. l'or that he was
suspended from duty and recently went on
the retired list.
From the fact of the cablegram coming
from London. It Is 'thought that Mr. Par.
It-llo was on the steauier Havel at the
time of Commander Hycrman's death.
Nulnietr Naval Mllltln.
In a report to tlie Secretary of the Navy.
Liei.t. A. 1'. Nit lack liestows great pralso
ou tlie New Haven division of the Con
necticut naval militia, whose encampment
at Nlantlc he attended last summer. The
State, he save, dealt most liberally with
the organization in the matter of uniforms,
anus, ami accoutrements, which are the
very best.
In Honor, of Oen. nancock.
Secretary Lamont lsued an order this
morning naming the fortifications at
Sandy Hook Fort Hancock. In honor of
the late Gen. W. B.. Hancock, the hero of
. ' '
Itev. Until ShlppcuV Installation.
Rev. Rush R. Shlnpen, lale pastor of All
Souls' Church in this city, wlll.be Installed
to morrow as the pastor of Unity Church at
Brockton, Mat. All Bouls' Church sends
Hon. George 1. Hoar and Miss Anna B.
King as Its delegates to represent It at th
installation exercises.
.Mtirveloim milo of clothing betjtnn
to-duv at Sf York Clothlrur Ilouso,
till Seventh Mroot northwest.
6 Gape,
Handsomb-DoubleKersey Cape,
satin trimmed. The very fash
ionable wiilti.sweep and, length.
Price in event ot'her store $6.
734-736 Seventh St. N.- W.
Shut out Employes Refused to
Let Them Run.
With Xou-Unlou Men as DrlterH artj
-airerujit wan Made to Start tho
Jtortd The I'olico Called Out No
Violence Done, Hut tho Men Ac
ctiiiiiHUhed Tholr I'urpoMS.
President Grlswold made an Ineffectual
nttempi ytjlcrcUv to operate the Anacostia
cor low H-im iiuii-iuuoa men.
Early lu u,e clay It became known to the
employes that President Urlsivold had put
new drivers on the cars and sent them out
on tne run. n iook liut a snort whde
then ror them to decide what to do.
.H2 'cIock a number of them gathered
streets, mnf when car No. 20
came up from Anacostia tiiey sioppcsi the
li(ires and threw the car across the track.
This was only the first step, for as soon
as the other cars arrived at that point thev
'.H. tura lvt're "vnilleil. In less than huir
an hour niter tnaurtit. car wus inrowiioir, 'ill
the cars on tho road lay acrosi the track
within a very short distance of each other.
All this time It e crowd was Increasing
and cery one appeared to lie in swupatnr
ivith the ox-employes, for Just as soon as
one of them put their hands on a car to
derail it. tne bystanders would rush up.
lake hold and off the car would go In a
twinkling amid loud cnecrs. Tne cheering,
however, was eoon slopped by the police
officers tvlio l.atl l,oeii telephoned ror by
Mr. Grlswold. The excitement by this
time was Intense, tlie new drivers stood
on their cars uumhrouniicd. not knowlnir
what to do or what would be done next.
About this .time Supt. N ewton ap
peared on the scene. He immediately had
the horses mancii on tne two turn rarlhrat
east and ordered them luck to the siflbles.
They started off on a run, but not before
a nuiutKT or the eiunloies and tuelr sym
Iiatluzrrs liad Jumped aboard, 'the po
lice lutrot with the rtsencrrom tho Sixth
precinct followed tit tne wake at a rapid
gait, but they had no terrors ror tlie
crowd, ror when tl e cars arrived at tlie
corner of Eighth und O streets they were
ucaiii taken tn charge by the vx-.-iiiplovea
unit thrown across Jiie track.
If possible, the excitement was now
evcil mule lutein, t.iall ai tne time or Ihe
riret outbreak on Missouri nvenue. All
along the .road during the run from Third
street northwest lo Eighth street southeast
the crowds uloitr the ktreeta shouted
'scab, scab: throw that scab driver off
tliat car." It was not. however, until cor
No. -5 arrived with a colored drl"er in
front that the crowd gave expression to
its peut-an feelimj. Nothing -was. of course,
said tt the colored drttcr. but the crowd's
criticism of the management ot the rodd
for bringing about such a state of affairs
was anything but pleasant fur the otliciais
to hear.
From this point the cars were sent on
again with two police officers on each to
keep tlie people from crowding ou. Some
how or other tills plan was not a success.
I for by the time the cars arrived at the cor
I ner or ;s aiiu L.tAtuui streets luey were
I nf.iln thrown from the track aud the
horses unharnessed from the two lu the
It was or this point that the window
Ussi i it one of tne t ars were broken. There
lielcg no horses to haul It. it was lett
behind, at the mercy of the excited crowd.
No ono knows who broke tho wioilows. It
Is believed, however, that It was chine by
boys, while and colored, who remained
behind after ull the other curs were sent
ncrossthe bridge. It Is known that the break
ing of the glass was done after all Ihe ex
cmploves hod gone over to Anacostia.
Shortly after the first ear was sent to
Anacostia from N street crossing Super
intendent Newton was asked what "Would
be tne resJltot yesterday's work. He said
ha did not know, b-ithedid know that he
would not try to run out any mere cars that
That the drlver-contlactors have the
Rvmnnthv of the imblie can not for a mo
ment bo doubted. This was plainly ex
pressed oy a party ot males wno were on
heir waysto Anacnstla, aboard the second
car that was demited on Missouri avenue.
They immediately got oat Of the car, and
when told bv a niectator that the trouble
was the resalt of the management of tho
road cutting the waees of the men, one
or them replied, "Weil, I dtu"t want to
rideonnnysatb road."
Anothersild If iher ton't nav tor running
the road they ought to stop It and not
try to take it rrom the poor drivers."
AH in an HiC- crow tl whs it got.u nuiurru
one, rrd lo ell bj rcararccs had no Inten
tion of doinc violence to either iierson
.or prorcrts. tray junly t anted the cars
stopped ana iney pii pcti inein.
-Mus.cr Workman ihts. J- Lawrence
was on the tccne all day but tcok no
active part Irr the-rrailmg or the cars
He intends to stick by the men to the Inst.
He remained in Anacostia all the niter
noon ami until lale lost night pnMrylng
the men nnd advisiig agririst violence.
Several or the leading cltirens or Ana
costia -ncre seen by The "limes late In the
aflernoon and lroni the manner in which
thev express themselves there Is rti doubt
that they intend to give the union men
their hearty support. Not, they say, be
cause they are union men, but liccnuse
tney think they are right and are only
claiming their rights.
Early In the evening Messrs. J. E. Tralnor
anil L. Lusby, representing the Railway
Assembly, called on Mr- Grlswold. at hi
residence In Anacostia. Mr. Grlswold is
reported as having been studlou.Iy iiollte
to tlie callers, but would uot, under any
consideratlou, enter into a discussion ot
tlie trouble between himself nnd members
of the assembly.
He did not Invite the callers Inside the
door, and when asked wbnt bo intended
to do. renlletl with the proffer of cigars.
and wliea askrd if ho would attimpt to
run the cars lu the morning, fctiu ne nopea
the gentlemen had matches with which to
light their cigars, which he knew they
would find good.
In speaking of the lock-out, a prominent
member ot the Rnilway Assemble said
last evening, that the men are determined
not to submit, and the assembly will back
them In their fight to the end. There Is
no doubt, he said, but they have the sym
pathy and support of the citizens of Ana
costia and Washington, nnd "we would bt
untrue to tliem If we did not make the
.fight." The assembly will ran coaches
for the accommodation of the public, as
it did berore.
In reference to the statement In the
Star, to tlie effect that the assembly It
divided and not as strong as heretofore,
lie said It was entirely Ial-e- The men
were never more firmly unltetl
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I'rhatc department for
John II. .McCoy llailly lnjnrisl in a
A hore attached Ui a, buggy In which
was John It. McCoy, of No. 203 II f'lcet
northwest, ran away at tlie- corner of
Maryland avenue antl Tcuttr street south
west about 5 o'clock last evening, and '
fia?mng down Jiarytanii avenue io i tnr
and-a-hair street, plunged Into electric
trai-er No. IS. nearly killing the animal
antl seriously inJurfng'McCoy.' 4
McCoy drove thuvn'Tenth etreet. and
when near Muryumtt avtinoe tlie hre
rnddenly launched out and went like the ,
wind loivnril the Capllor, 'Vntlrciyoht or '
When It nctrnl rrtur-aM--d-nnirstrret it '
llelroilitau eicetrlc tmiuapproa ied 11.
tore Ihe mutormaii e-nuili'HtriiC'wn'.it ttt'tld
a crash c-iine. The hnre had dashed Into
the rear trailer, breaking down the side
posts on the p'-atform.
McCoy was pitched thirty teet out into
Ihe street antl the buggy was a total vr.s;k.
The horse had Iracturott Its' M.ult ahd lay
bleeding from the mouth, ears jrtl eyes.
McCoy wnspTeiett-op nrt"i.'ik'n tn Ihe
Emercencr Ilo.-mlal. lie was round to be
suffering rrom a suae-of Wounds; brnrsrsrj
and contusions, ann uanoages tiau to ue
applied to every portion or the upper part
or his body. Arier le-lng dressed the tn
JunV man rderttl that bis htirse. which is
a most valuable animal, be removed to a
eterlnary hospital.
After treatment at the Emergency Hos
pital Driver McCoy was removes! to his
home. No. 22U& II street northwest. One
of the horse's eycsrwBsknuckcel out-by
the force of the tJnciislro. Andrew
Streets was motorman or car No. IS. A
riiornl man on the trackTliatl a c&rrow
esran from dentil. Ho wua snatched out.
or me way just iu tnue vy x oucetuau
k-eretary Ilertiert Dl-regard the
DrltMr tlun l'rote-st.
Secretary Herbert has decided to bf?n3T
iuu rapio-iire navai lautuiig stum
Fletcher pattern at the Washington navy
yard. This action was taken on the recom
mendation ot Capt. BamiiMin. Chief of the
Bureau of Ordnance, ami against the pro
test of IbeDriggs Ordnance Company.
Th .irdiLitio? eoutoanv. in lis protest.
claimed to have distanced its competitors
in the trial conducted for 4be iituiiosfcof
sebs;tinz a gun. and also in prices, it
seating a gun. and alsd in prices,
the lowest bidder.
ie lowest, moucr. v- w
TTiuinr ihi.e rircumstancos the company
claimed the contract and apie!ed from the
decision ot Capt. Sampson, holding that
It was not the iolicy of the government
lo force .contractors into competition with
government shops- The work on the guns
will be commenced as soon as possible and
it Is exiwcted that they will be completed
within one year. "
Old Cruljseris tV"Be "Solct. w '
If Secretary Herbert accepts the reconi-
mendation of theboatdof lwreauphlefs.lhe.
old cruisers I'ensacoia anu wamra win or
appralsul ami sold. Tlie. Testis are now .
at the Mare Island. California, nnvy yard. (
Hasscel as -unserviceable." The tleiuert- '
ment will remove such partsoflhevese.sas f
mnv b tiseiui in rei;ttriu; umci ouhj
will dispose of the remainder of them.
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