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s. ZZ' rrft - v -r-.
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REAC&aaa,ooo readers for a few cents one price for alitemtions.
MASOKIC-A special convocation of
r Wnsningion K. A. Chapter No. 2 will be
held In the Chapter Chamber Thursday.
October 31, 1893, nt 7 o"clock p. in., for
the purpose or attending the 1 uncr.il of
out Mte companion, Jos. W. Arnold. Ccm
pa'niims of sister liapliTS frnternallv In
vited n .mend. Bv order of tbe E. II. P.
E.A. DELLETT. Secretary. lt
ALL Democrats qf tlic District arc in
i vned to Join the Intirst.no and State
Democratic I litb-rto altc-nd the great nits'
meeting jt Laurel on the evening of the
31st, Instant. Senator Unruun, Morgan,
Butler aim ollivn will speak. Clubs Hill
assemble at IntersUite headquarters at
5.30 to take 0 20 p. m. train on II. & O.
Tickets 55 cents round trip. Tor sale at
Interstate office, lid's N.Y.ave. It
WANTED-A good while barber. Ap
ply No. i03 O t. nw. It
"WANTED-Maii lib srnic experience
in operating manic lantern to assist
in-Riving exhibitions lor 1 alf i rofits. Call
Contrail nlmiMlssion, JOHN KOL.nl Oo.m.
WANTED-T sober, experienced
ennv ll-scrs. Apply 445 G M. UW. It
WAMTED-Agents to Fell goods on
in'nll:m-itt plant good husilcrsi can
niatu S5 a ! . 50 N st.sw. oct31-2t
WANI ED- ly 1" lane chairs.
lt I I I j -- i,n ji. ii".
WANTED-1 IM ' !" cook: German
prelernu. Apply "THE RAYMOND."
3d and K. Capnol M to-lny. It
WANTED-A colored oyster shutker
for lichiud oyster-bar. 1004 Po. nve.
nw.. It
TVANTE0-I!or Willi two venrs ex
perience ut press room, at 321 4 1-2
St, nw. It
WANTED-3 finale hustlers for the
grocery and provision business. Ap
ply after 5 p. in. at GARDES MARKET,
No. 3 E st. e. It-em
WA NTED -AdvertlslUK solicitor:
exiK-rlenceii: call Thursday bet. 10 and
1L .T. m. PRINTER, 71 1 G st. Item
WANTED-ia apprentice carpenter.
Apply lam Ta.ave. nw. lt-em
WANTRD-A boy t" learn cakc-nak
Jhim. AM (.CHIN'S. 142C 7th St. nw. .
WAKTED-Partner Tor bicvcle agen-
cc; references exchanged. X. T.. this
offipe. oc2!t-3t
WX.HTED-Ladles to make silk waists
inal kms. SI. CLAKK'b, 734,730 71 h
St. ij . oc3l-3t
WANTED-1321N- H.ae., hlie-wo-
nian to cook. wah and iron in fm.ill
faruilv Tiao-s 10; lirlnc ref. oc31-3t
"WANTED Colored cook and imeli-
c.nL iiutM'. Call with references. 014
13tn nw. It
WAKTED-T"1 thaiuberniald and 2
U-niiiiK'rs twhite) for hotel. C14 13th
nr. It
WANTED Uiwu colored chaniber-luaid.i-N.isl
Willi washmp;, bring rcfer-
eni-es. '11 1 I3ili nw. It
WANTED-Uwl plain while cook;
unnlv ut three: referuiccs. CI4 13th
nw. It
WANTED-A Klrl for scneral house
work, must be a Kond cook, stay at
niKhl ami do the washins; family of three.
1755 Madison st. it
"W-A TVTTR'.Tl ExDerlonced salesladies
lor ri-aiiy-made ladles' and children's 1
carnienis: permanent position ana gooa
salary. EAGLE MANl
B20 7lh M. uw.
oc30 2l-em
-A cornel v lady to assist
Address V. B., th'n, office.
WANTED-A Kirl to tools and do the
ceii'ral iHiascworki for a small family;
no or. HKhini; or Ironimr: to Slav in nirtts:
cooil refs. required. Apply nt 724 7tlr
st. nw. It cm
WANTED-Xum1 Tor one ihlld, with
first-i lass ref.; stay nights. Address
114; 10th M. uw. It
WANTED-A ismipetent woman to
wk. viasn. Hnd iron; must be expe
rienced jiml bring refs. Apply imme
riiiti'lviil lft-2 Linden st.. IyDroitrark. It
WANTED Kxiarkncttl eaa-slailies
kjimrj woosandrunilshlng8. CLARK'S.
73;4r7:'.i. 71list.nw. oc30-.lt
WANTED-GoikI girl on custom coats;
ini.-i i.!.uersland buttou-holeing. 1223
7lhst nw. oc30-2t
A.LL kind ot help furnished free of
. i.i i- m Or out of the city, by SIRS. L.
C. 1IOORE SOI', list, nw t-erd posial. It
WAKTED-I" a young colored man
j.i as uic-sseiuer around office or
to ass.sl Janitor and lie generally useful.
Auilres-, .1 A., this office. It
WANTED-I'r steady Joung man po
ll ii or any kind in private rarmly
or i- -r.r.vt ililivt-ry wagon; would tako
$0 and biard per month. 8. J., this of
fice. lt
TV A -KT-TsYn B a lirst-ilass blacksmith
n tan.!, nn or some kind; will work-
rcaMuinluV Addnss A. vv . C-, this olfirc.
WANTED-Position by a thoroughly
cxi-eri i.ied l.ni Mid gent'R f iirnisiilng
saleit: im I est relcrence. Adnrcss HATh.
lhis office. It
WANTED-Pinie.-isho-tier witn a pn:
vate'ainliy Calll2JLst.nw. It
WANTED- Place as driver lor iloclor;
good icierences. Call at 122 L st.
nw. oc.'.O-SD
IV ANTED Ky evperuncisl man, po
sition an clerk in'gniccry; good ref
erences turnlsbed. Address S, this office.
WANTED-Relief wort by thorough
ly reliable, competent registered phar
macist: evenings preferred. Address AIAN
OANESD. thisollice. ic2n-3t-em
"VV ANTED Place by colored girl to do
gcperainousework. 738 13th nw. ltr
WANTED-Place to wash outside or
at home, or house cleaning. 602 E st.sw.
WANTED- A capable woman willgive
halt her time as working housekeeper
for room and boa rd. Address for one week,
rs. COBB, this office. oc30-2tcm
WANTED-Plai-e as chambermaid by
louu- colored woman. Address 1604
4tb st. nw. It
WANTED-Washing to do at home;
rough dry. 1301 15th st. nw. oc30-2t
WANTED-Washing to take home;
ladles' and gentlemen's, or family.
Call or address 17 I.I Oregon ave. oc2!-3t
WA NTED Dresses to make at home,
or would iro out bv-the ilav: cutllnir liv
tailor system. Address DRESSMAKER,
1107 G St. nw.
WANTED Ladles' and children's
dresses to make, at lowest prices; ail
garments qut and fit accordiug to ineasiire
menl. 804 nth st. nw. oc.10-2t
WANTED Dressmaking In private
lamlhes, patterns cut by Rood's sys
tem. AIRS. HI, S., 928 Farragut St.. Mt.
Pleasant. oc30-2t
WANTED-A canopy top lor plat
form spring wagon. R. II. DAVIS,
14tfa and O sts. ne. oc30-3t
"WANTED Second-hand safes: give
inside measure and lowest price. SAFE.
thlsolfice. oc30-3t
WANTED-ntrls to ne scir-supportlng;
married ladies to lessen dressmaking
Mils by learning to tut by Slerchant Tailor
Equaro: particulars at school. 718 12tn
t- se!4-tf
WantedTry Rubber Roof Paint.
Ad6 charge only for palming: workgaarautsal
AX KU11BEK HOOF PALM1 CO, nsn Bta nir
HIGHEST prices for U. 8. postage,
h'partmiut and collections of foreign
tamps Is paid by the old reliable C. F.
ROTllFLCHS. 3u'J 1 2 Pa. ave.
WANTED-AII kinds or ola U.S. post
age stamps: Department stamps es
pecially desired: highest prices paid. II. F.
JiUNKIIORST. lH057Iht.nw. oc27-7t
WAHTED-li young men ot correct
habltb i an have an entire 3d floor, 3
rooms; north and oullt exriosure. In a
beautiful borne; fine location, aw.; one
block from Thomas Circle; for $20 each per
month; no charge lor room rent; table the
very best; highest refereuens given as to
noute and table, c,. J- B -flce.
FOR EENT-1-'3S Duncan st. ne., 7
rooms; all mod. Imps.: nearly new;
Slp.oi,. dUAifCJv. MOn,..o. b-t.f bt.
FOR RENT 1218 I st. up Six wis.,
cellar, stable, large lot; $18; would
sell (.heap or trade. W. J. FU12ZEEL, 600
7th st. nw., office. Am. B. & L. Association.
FOR RENT-Only 55.50 per month, a
iive-ioum, lrame, on Turner st. ne.,
wiih roioniac water. Apply to AUG. II.
WIENEKE, 1502 Turner street, on Dlad
entl'irrroad orlG su.lu-th-lino
FOR-nEST-J 114 7th Bt. lra' 0.
store ami 5 rooms lor SJ0 a. month.
Inquire at Merchant. Tailor store.
FOR "KENT 1112 otn st. nw., thrce
Mor) br.; lor. and U.; cellar; furnace;
large yards; a. in. i.; -mrtiitnry plumbing;
In excellent condition; 40. Su. Apply to
OWNER. 121G S-st. uw. oc3U-7t
FOR ..KENT 016 3rd St. nw., II
room ua window house, vard. stable;
m. L ., Also. cor. 4tlt and 1", 0-room
house" m. 1. "Key at 014 3rd St. nw.
FOR RENT Six room. bath, cellar.
m. l.; sanitary piumoing; guou con-
dition; icey next door.
.nrf rtn,- "111?' , -Mi lI n,v
2012 13th st. nw.
OC2 I -i I
1TOR HBMT-New, handsome nouse;
saloon parlor; 8 rooms, cellar; a. m. 1.:
beater., stationary w asntubs. back alley;
cars pass door; DOS 11th St. 'so.; $22.50.
Apply imo sani.-qtn.-cl. icl7-14t
business chances.
Do yoJ want to Invent la real estate? We
caii tell you tho value of property, whether
it Is wocth..lha sum asked or not. Wc
can tell you whero cood lots are to be
If jou bavo hits to dispose of we can find
you punhascrs-v -
'Rcal'EsMle and 'Business J-.xj.Ua.use,
, ,007 G Btreet northwest.
FOR TRADE A cood work horse
Tor a buggy horse. Address J. B.
.ARCHER, -BtlKiitwood. D. C. It
JSXOO incMrd" will jtcld MOO during
Itie vear. nd investment will be worth
$50O n y tar J;iieet business Ic-eitliuate. all
cash, and I'O per cebC. prollt. Call at 1117
G st. nw.. roomaUj. oc28-7t-ein
I win shortJr-havp nn adjacent, 25j0 ft.
brlck building, part stahlc. on luck
alley, for rent. It is-now used for a milk
depot, btie Js"SuJtabl for other purposes.
A connected, nice. 8-room dwelling, on
fronPslrcet; ean-also'-he rented, if desired.
Apply oii inn st. se. ocu-Tt.
-a -"'rjii iMin
fpr stores, nnd stocks oX merchandise of
any kind. Call or address TJ. F011S. IIow
anl House. )ltli anil I'a. aye. c25-Ct-em
HORSES clipped by electric power for
SJ, ,A. G. FENNELL. 603 G n. nw.
FO p; V LK 31 ISCBLT,,y EOP8.
FOR S A. T.K I urnlture. bedding, and
carprt liX. rooming house; gasollne
srove. Call for three days at 932 E st.
n w. 1 1
FOR SALE At Iiealc's. Georgetown,
i-azaar. cor, II and 32d St. nw., on
Thursday morning, 31st Instant, 12 head
of horses direct from Virginia; thero are
young and sound horses In this lot and will
poslltvrly-ljc sold to the highest bidder with
out limit or reserve. F. D. HEALK. It
FOR SALE Good oil route, wagon,
horse and Harness: good reason for sell
iugr Address OIL'KOUTE, 1227 O st. uw.
FOR SALE-Grocery and provision
store, old stand. Cor. 10th and I sts.se.
rFOR SALE Horse, harness and can
opy top pnaeton; cneapr mignt ex--ctiance
for bicycle. 2.14 F st. nw. ic.'10-3t
FOR SALE-Old double bass, four
' strings, and bass drum; nearly new;
cheap. Address MUSICAL, this oriee.
,r . - oc30-2tcm
FOR SALE or to let From Nov. 1,
handsome black mare: hand-made phae-
lon, harnes.s.r robes, etc.: can be seen nl
-Bansbury's SlaWes, 714 .E st se,; call for
,leani ued by Mr. Hall. " oc30-2t
fobsa T.15 Incubatorbrooder.Pralrle
- 'State: -u0 eggs, bone mill and fowls.
'.I3U t St. svy OCU.DO
FOR SALE Half interest In wood
linl r-n.il viirrtr buyer to tnkn rhnri-i.
rtl. H. DAVIS; 14th and G sts. ne.
iron SAT.TC Fox terrier, crevhinind.
h- setter and pig dogs. JsCHlIlD'S'BIRD
STOItl 1221 Pa. ave. o29-4t
FOR SALE Cheap A good, well es
tablished milk and dairy business.
KReason. ilwre to enter another calling.
Address i;xci;LSiuu, inisotncc. oc-at
"FOR- S'ALE" Grocery: cash trade;
o N. Y.ave. ii iv.
vFOR SALE Lest make ot Incubators,
' brooders and fresh creen bone: call
hand see the Incubators lu working order.
Bcbm'U's Bird nnd Pet Animal Stores, 712
12lr it.nw.and lira.ave.
$1 down nnd $1 week for any
r organ In stock. Greatly reduced
prices. Organs from $25 up. Best
' standard makes.
rF. G. SaiXTHT. 1225 In. nvc nw.
FOR SALE A email steam launch;
IleresUtoIf eigino and boiler; can be
fceii at tiller's boat house. oi8-tf-eni
-Show cases.
FOR SALE No Interest; new brick, 0
rooms, oath, and ellir; convenient to
cars .nnd hcrrtlcs. Trice, S3.100; onlv S100
cash, liallnce $25 monthly. EASTERDAY
& IIALDEMAN. 617 11th St. It
FOR SALE-7-room rrame houso In
lenleytown. en Brookville road; water
In kitchen: stable Tor two horses; lot
25x100. to--wide allay; one square from
electric curs: a very cheap home at $1,800.
S. M. JONES. 510 10th st. nw.
FOR SALE Store and dwelling on a
corner; s. e.; 8 rooms; price only .-2,500:
terms very easy. C, BOi'ER &. bON, 214
7th St. sw. oc29-3t
FOR SALE Another bargain s. c.;
,Iarge,.hricK store and dwelling and a
twd-story brick stable, only $3,100, on
very easy terms. C. BO VEK & SON, 214
7th st. sw. oc29-3t
T HAVE from fifty to seventy-five
large "and small farms. Improved, near
the city ot Washington, D. C; cheap. Ad
dress FARMS, thlsofflee. oc30-3t
We linvo It.
We will lond It.
Wi vvuiit yon. to linve-lt.
All wo want Is satisfactory real estat
security. Come' to ua with yonr appli
cations and we can tell yon what we
willdo n s soon nB wc examine the property.
Real Estate and Business Exchange. 907
G Rt.
JT. 1C. FULTON'S tm Office. 1218
Pa. ave. Established In 1870.
Money loaned on watches, diamonds, Jew
elry, silverware, etc Special bargains in
watches. Jewelry, and silverware. uu20 6m
MONEY to lnan on bonds, stocks, trusts,
loan association certificates, and old
line life insurance pnllcles;-no delay
40 1 o 46 Metzerot t Blrtg
LOAN In largo sums.
or as law-as $1,000, at 5 aud 6 per
rent on D. 0. real estate: also $250. $500.
i.uuu, at o ana o
S750. etc.. at per cent WM. IL SAUN
DERS A CO.. 1407 F st. nw tt
MONET TO LOAN All classes ot
real estate loans mud7 with promptness
st curent rates" THE McLACHLEN REAL
per loth and O streets nw. m9-tf-
W ANTED -Tho loanot $8,000 on tint
class inside property: no agents. 708
19th t. r ael2-tf
MONET to loan at 6 ana o per cent,
on District of -Colombia realty; no delay
If security Is gatlsfnatory.
WALTER- U .ACKEK.1704 14th nw
lv31-lf. - "
FINE large haU.for rent at hair prlco.
(tKXL-uHitioave; oc23-10t
FOR RENT A ery nicely fnrnlshed
room, pleiikant location; convenient
to V. O. ntal Pension Office: rent reason
able. 720 Gtn st. nw. It
FOR RENT 2d-slory front room, tin-
jurui.iieu, lairooe neat, 4.su per
inoiitu: 2il floor, middle room, furnished,
suitable for two colored giul!cim-o,.$4.0()
per month each. 415 21st st. nw. It
FOR RENT Eli'1LIi li.UiinentdlnlnK
ruom, larse and newly papered; steam
heat: rent low. 208 I- st. nw. It
ble for carpenter,
per month. Rear of
InrRi" room, snlli'
tinniilh, etc. S:
G.I.J F st. nw.
if'Xji. jx.i2jr'x A.oo 1- bt.. near the
Lbbitt Douse", ery ilfslraUc-, well-
fnrnlsliiil rooms: gentlemen only. oc31-3t
FOR RENT 1118 -il st. nw., unfur
nished, 4 rooms, 4 closets on 2d Iloor.
private bth, heab. and g.ut; private i.iiu
ily; $35 per mouth. 1410 2d st. nw
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms.
o to io per montn: also table board
If desired; all modern imp. 427 G st.
nw. ot31-4t
FOR RENT Two uuiurnlshed rmnt
rooms, first floor; newly papered; gas,
bath: S10. 600 Glh st. nw;. it
1 tur. uack
Tork avc. nw.
1 lur. front mom; S10;
room. $8. 1118 New
OC2G-7 1
FOR RENT l'0a H st. nw., large
neatly lurnlsned room, 3d rioor front:
suitable for two persons; gentleraui pre
term!: private family; terms ruodirato;
table boa nl I f ilr sired. iJl-3t
FOR RENT l'arlor bed room nml
bath, ilrst flour: large front mom,
second story; private ramlly. OWNER,
627 r st. nw. oc:tl-2t
FOR RENT-518 10th st, mv singly J
mm vi aui.IT. UUUN UC'lliy pa II1ICU .11111
papered, new furniture: ever thing neat
and tidy: location central; convenient m
hotels, theaters, churches, and all lines
of cars. nos i ..u
FOR RENT One newly papcral and
p.unted unfur. room on 2d rioor: lieat,
gas, and bath furnished; light housekeep
ing allowed. Apply at lollitith at. nw.
TtOR RENT 3G K. Y. avc 2 nl.tly
furnished rooms, first and second
floors: with ot without board; terms
reasonable. 0i-31 3t
FOR RENT 722 lllh st. nw. 2 com
muiilcatlng rooms, 2d -floor: hand
somely rur- with bath on the same floor;
also 3d-story front room; In n private
fa"ly- ocSl-3t
FOR RENT In private ramily, largo
front room on sci-ond floor: furnUhi-d
as bed and sitting room; Rult one or two
gentlemen; also other nice rooms; fur
nace beat. 728 9th St. mr. oc3I-3t
Wholesale and Retail Tobacconists,
1612 Seventh St., N.W.
Washington, Oct. 25. 1 895.
The Times:
Gentlemen We placed a want ad
vertisement in your paper this morn
ing, and up to this time, 2 p. m we
have had at least fifty replies -and are
fully satisfied with our investment.
Respectfully,- -v .'. o
, it '
Evans, Wyndham & Reeves,
Per Reeves.
FOR RENT Elegant suite of rooms,
with private bath; other handsome
rooms: $15 and upward: hot air and onen
grates. 912 14th st. nw. oc30-3t
FOR RENT 905 8th st. nw. Fur
nished front rooms; parlor; open fires
a ud all con' i-niences. ot.IO-2t,em
FOR RENT Fur. and uniur. rooms,
with board, also tabic board, nt 946
N. Y. ave. nw. ocJ0-2t-em
FOR RENT Desirable second floor 'at
707 Sin bt. nw.; cabinet mantles; elec
tric bells: light housekeeping permitted.
FOR RENT 1219 UUi St. nw., 4 un
furnished rooms, newly papered and
painted; also one rurnlshtd; convenient to
all lines or cars; dellghtrul neighborhood;
terms very reasonable. It-era
FOR RENT Two iLMurnisned room?
on second noor: heat, gas, bath; light,
housekeeping if desired; $8 a month. 415
2d st. ne. oct0-2t
FOR RENT Very dclrabiesccomt and
third story front moms; centrally lo
cated; furnished or unfurnishwlr with or
without iiiiani. iuo ;sn si. nw. ociumu
FOR RENT Nice, comfortable rooms;
convenient to two lines cars, for $5.
Including bath, gas and heat. 307 A
st. Be. oc30-3t
FOR RENT Large third story front
room: nicely furnished: large closets:
new house: fine location; convenient to all
car lines: also sunny hall room, suitable
for young, man. $5 per montl:. 444 Mass.
ave. nw.: private family. oc30 2t
FOR RENT Large, elegant bay win
dow tront room: iurnisneu or imrur
nlshed; with board; suitable for two. 1206
51 h st. n w.; near cor. M. oc30-3t
FOR RENT Two fine furnished rooms;
slugio or suite; all conveniences; board
If desired: very reasonable. 420 3rd, nr, "
FOR RENT One secoDd-story front
room and hall room uufur.; bath ou
same floor: private family; no children.
1406 Columbus St., corner 0. oc30-3t
vnn nv?KT-Unfur.. 2 rooms and
alcove on 2d floor; gas; bath, Tieatr
suitauio tor ugnc nouseKeeping. izu.i ci
St. nw. oc30-2t
FOR RENT Three unfurnished front
rooms, with heat; Th a quiet wlilto
family: terms moderate; bister nnd brother
AddressA.D..144GPierccst.nw. oc30 2t
FOR RENT A nicely furnished, southt
from room; suitable for 2 gentlemen;
convenient to Government Priming Office
and cars. No. 2a Net. nw. oc29-3tem
FOR RENT 1110 13th st. nw.. newly
fur. rooms, 3d floor; reasonable; nice,
for gentlemen; excellent board near bv.
RENT Centrally located.
and small rooms. 720 10th st.
reasonable terms.
FOR RENT rurnlshed Dining room,
kitchen, double parlors, 2 bed rooms,
bath room, for $50 per month ; nice location,
nw. Address M.C.. this office. oe30-2t
FOR RENT T,wo or three rooms; m.
1.; furnished or partly rumtsnedr light
housekeeping permitted; refs. exchanged.
343 T St. nw. oc20-3t-
FOR RENT 914N. Y.ave,nw.,uicely
fur. back parlor nnd hall room, on
3d floor; also bright sunny back room on
2d floor. oc20-3t
FOR RENT 1102 13th st. nw., 2d
story iront room; nicely fur.; 3 win
dows: bath on same floor; also Sd-Btorv
hall bedroom: rent reasonable. oc29-3t
FOR RENT 3 or 4 unfur. rooms, for
housekeeping; rent, $10. Apply at
420 N. Y. ave. oc29-3t
FOR RENT 4 gentlemen can be ao
conunoaated with large, pleasant
rooms, with board In private family; cen
trally located. Address L. B. If. this
office. oc29-3t
FOR RENT Eur. parlor andb?d-
room to adult. No. lb3 I st. nw.
- oc29-8t
FOR RENT 830 12th st. nw., 8 ds
iraule tur. rooms; 3d floor; together
or separate: terms reasonable.
. 7e29-ra&e
FOR RENT At 731 12th St. nw.,
fur. rooms-, second or third floor; heat;
gas, and bath; very central; 2 minutes to
all of the car lines; housekeeping permitted.
FOR RENT I"00 s'h st. nw. Two
unfur. rooms: suitable for light house
keepiiu: terms reasonable. oc31-2tr
FOR" RENT !13dl3h st. nw., bet.
L ana r rine 'spacious rooms, with
first-class table boafd. lt
PLEASANT Ht3aiE-0apltol IIIII,
for d geiitlemeii; - in a room, cxitpt
onc:lucly rooms; 2d,nior; new four-story
b. w. b.; $20 eaittflprlvato family; cars
ae,ir. 513 U st. ne7f It
FOR RENT Lasx parlors, sultable-
for light uuslnesi! faor basement Tor
caterer, $15; other rnins. furnished ami
unfurnished. 723 11th St. nw. oc2U-0t
FOR RENT 1330 15th st. mv, 2
conin.uiiHr.tiug rooms, 2d floor; hand
somely rur : all modern Improvements, nnd
furnace hctt. tJ oc25-7t
WANTED-TDrft-vouiig "'v" "' room
and board. Athlf to No. 32 Mvrtlo
stu ne. Terms mouvraie. oe-'u-at
FOR EENT-TW, or. three rooms and
liatlu lurnished' or partly furnished:
light housekeeping permitted
1741 13th
st. nw. 'v
oc30 3t
MME. FRANCIS Is one of Wash
ington's oluest unu most giftetl ineci
ums: she can help you, no matter what
your troubles may be: slit' has heliied thou
sands to health, happiness and success. If
you are In need of help, seek one that Is
iild established and reliable, lloum, 0 a. ni.
to 10 p. m.; 25c and 50c. 324 Ea-t Capi
tol st. oc30-2t
HALEE. the king or cwinoyants anu
earn n-aders his first apjiearance this
side ot iie AtlanUe has come to help
each and everyone', that calls: none in
trouble will be turned away without being
bellied nnd made happy: no humbug, but
will give life from cradle to grave: leek
and you will find HALEEat 806 H st. nw.;
25c. Hours. !i to 9. cc30-2t
MAY F. LAW. visiting manicure,
will uttcna ladles nt their homes or
office: 50c Address 421 UUi st. nw
o-.10-!U -'
DO oh want to luar money tlk7 'Call
down anil get an elegant, custom-mada
suit or overcoat: "tho least bit" worn, at
a figure that will surprise even you.
JUSTUS' OLD STAND, 019 D st. nw.
fliOO reward for a caw that can't be
cured with Crump's celebrated tonic of
Fruit and Splce: mor remarkable remedy
ever diseoveixl for djspepsia. Indigestion,
etc CRUMP MFG., CO.. 603 F st. nw.
t )
A SHORT RIDE! between the beau
urui leat-iined prks bordering 7th
st. from I'a. av e. to'P-si. sw. will give vou
tho opportunity of studying the iverchang
lng autumnal tints and also to copsult
Frederick True, undoubtedly the greatest
spiritual medium and wonder worker of
the age; asks no questions; telln you Just
what you wish to kno w and by his -wonderful
power and advice can help you In
many ways; suffer no lonzcr; do not re
runinjn doubt, but call and be made happy;
satlsiactlon or no charge; always at home.
714 F st. sw. it
PROF- CLAY lstneoidest established
.uivcrti-.lug clalrvovAot and me
dium; consult him on business, mar
riage, love, lost or stolen prop
ertyr tells who arc your enemies: how to
avoid them nnd overcome all troubles:
brings separated together ana causes
speedy marriage with one you love; by
proper advice removes evil influences
and spells; sittings b0 cents: no charges
for sitting unless satisfied; hours. 10 to 9;
open Sunday. 489 II St., bet. 4 1-2 and 6th
sts. Rvr. oc24-tfm
MASSAGE and baihs given by Mr.
M. Lewis, later ocLcxlhgton, Ky. 702
9th st nw. y22-7t
ITS the many years of practical ex
perience that we- have that makes us
so lavish with our solid cash exchange for
any amount of gent's discarded garments.
Drop that postal. JUSTU'S OLD STAND.
Gill 1 st. nw. oc22-l w
lath st; nw. amokey chimneys cured
.or no charge; Jobbing attended to.
MME. FERRIN scientific palmis
try; truest aestlnv reader of the age;
events of past and ruture revealed with
wonderful accuracy; hours 10 to f. BIS
19th st. nw.. bet. E and F. oclO-lmo
OTJR bicycle club is almost completed:
Join now if you want the best wheel
made, on terms that suit everybody. STER
LING BICYCLE CLUB. 924 8th st. nw.
DR. TAYLOR. 906 F st.nw.. makes
full seu ot teeth for $5; satisfaction
guaranteed; teeth extracted without pain;
gold fiiliDg. tt: amalgam. BOc se4-tt
nw., carpet lining, felts, tire brick and
clay, asbestos, paints, brush" lime, cement,
iwn anu inree-piy roofing materiai.aprzi-tl
THE Wonderful Remedy. Cancers, cured
wiinotit kmte, pain or pay until cured;
also carbuncles, piles, dropsv. by PROF.
MA RTIN RILE r. 400 Pa. avc uw. ocfi-1 mo
MME, BROOKE telht all the events
wi iur; an uusiness comtueuuai; lames
and gentlemen, 50 cents each; hours, 9 a.
Di. to 8 p. m. gob New York ave. nw.,
pear 6 th St. oc22-14t
LADIES needing, confidential treat
ment. A safe and sure relief in all
female trouble, constipation. Irregulari
ties, tumor, cancer, upturn habit, fistula,
etc Separate rooms for patients before
and during confinement, and find homes
for infants it required. Strictly ronf klen
tlaL MRS. DR. RENNER. IS Fourth t
De.. near E. Capitol st-,,Washlnglon.-D. O.
MMIC. ESTEIililJ tells all events of
life: gives advice In domestic troubles:
strictly confidential;, and heals all kinds
of sores, the latter for ladles-only: hours,
9 a. m. to 10 p. m. 913 loth st. mv.
LOST Pocketbodk:' 4 one dollar bills
and due bill for K30O nnd cards: liberal
.. a . ....4 Jii" .. - . . . .
ai. .ruuLuujk, u. jvann, aons a
LOST Bunday,
edit parasol; J
Epiphany Church:
', October
finder lea
20. large,
eave with sexton
LOST October 28, from 144& Kenesaw
ave.. month-etiAtMl. fox terrier nun.
four month old; thlri, tall short; biacje.
nut m ruuK oiacK ana tan race; rrwaro.
civ oc30-3t
LOST About on' month, eroy hound,
Gyp; mouse-colofi Return To 660 Lew
, ana receive reward. it
Auction Sales.
will sell this day, 10 a.m.. 637 Louisiana
ave., a large assortment of furniture, car
pets, crockery, rugs, folding lieds, book'
cises, etc., also storage goods nnd 1 square
and upright piuuo. CU. WEEKS'. Salesman.
It-iii only
PROPOSALS for granite pedestal
Office i'liinio Buildings and Grounds,.
War Department. Washington. D. C,
Oct. 28. 1895. Sealed proposals. In dupli
cate, will bt- received here until 2 o'clock
p. m.. WEDNESDAY. Nov. 27, 1895, Tor
furnishing materials and creeling a graulio
pedestal for the statue or Dr. Samuel D.
Gross. Plans can be seen anil tpecifica
tlons and forms fur proposals obtained
here. Right Is reserved to reject any and
all proposals. JOHN M. WILSON. Cok
Engrs. oc28, 2930,31, no25,2(l
PORTRAIT v.ork, like that lu win
uow oi cox, 10th St.. near Woodward
& Lothrop'a entrance, taught In a few
weeks by the quick, easy method. It
LACE Curtains laundered at 35c. a
Prtir, ihail orucrs promptly attended to.
No. 25 F St. nw. It
PORTTERES cleaned by the Eureka
Carpel Cleaning Company. Address
postal. i5 K st. ne. oc30-3leni
FOR S AJjli Cigar, tolicco aiiU luucli
rcHjm, cieap ir sold In two dajs. Call
or address 13dG Water bt. sw. oc30 2t
IF your carpc-is look bolleil after being
laid send for us; m will make them
look like new. OHIO CARPET CLEAN
ING CO.. u22 K nw. oc2U 6t
J. F", ABEL, G36 O St., near Patent
Office, makes models, .experimental
machinery ot any description, awl patterns
for castinjrS; oc29-7t
ilio Est.
Et. ne.
WHELAN. Gralner,
nw.; residence. 1412 12th
FAMILIES OK OTHERS having In their
possession Dottles, blphoiw or Boxes be
longing to members of the Bottlers' Pro
tective Association ot D. C. are requested
to notify any of our drivers or send infor
mation to the Bottlers' Exchange Depot.
No. 818 Pour and-a-nalf btr'vt southwest,
and they will b promptly called for.
Such information will be thankfully re
ceived and highly appreciated by the
ATION ot,tln DIM riet of Columbia,.
CTJR-A. Only cure tor ore tcct, bun
ions Uliu i-orua. ouiu uj .uruggiscs.
CUUA CQ..911Gst.nw.
All persons. are hereby cautioned against
the illegal use ot or traffic In registered
bottles or siphons belonging to members of
UieBottlers' Protective Assoc lallon, otD.C.
A liberal reward will be paid lor informa
tion leading to. the arrest and conviction of
any person or" persons lor unlawfully fill
ing, selling, buying, or tralficklng in such
bottles or siphons.
Information should be furnished to tbe
Bottlers' Exchange Depot, No. 818 Four
and-a-half street southwest.
liy Order of Exix-'iitlvoCommittee,
Bottlers' Protective A km delation of the
DUtrlct ot Conmbla.
ocl 9-141
JTTST RFCEIVED Fine lot young Cn
ban parrots, guaranteed to talk: also
monkeys, canai-ies. mocking birds, gold
fUh. dngs, aud fat.y pigeons. SCUAIID'S,
712 12th st. uw.. branch 1221 Pa. ave.
GUNS. HUles. Revolvers, loading tools,
hunters" outfits, watches. Jewelry,
guitars, violins, banjos, mandolins, at about
one-half regular dealers' prices at PAWN
8HOP. No. Iti09 E st. nw. ocl-Gino
RElSTNGER. Ihe conrectloner. has
lu connection with his ice cream par
lor an ister saloon for ladles and gentle
men. Oysters In. every style. Give him a
Call. 235 G nw. . oc27-6t"ern
HEARING restored, ringing In ears
btopped. catarrh cured Consultation
free. Dr. GRACY. 1211 F st. nw.
In Effect Sept. 0. 1895.
1 I'LL). I'aliiuau Sleeping, Dlnjcng, Smok
ing ana uuservation c;ars narrisDurg to
Chicago. Clrclnnatl, Iniilanapulls. St.
LouU. Cleveland and Toledo. Buffet
l'arlor Car to Harrlsbarg.
10.30 A. 2JI. FA&'l LINE. Pullman
Iiuflet l'arlor Car to Harrlsburg. Parlor
and Dining Cars. Harrlsburg
: to Pltla-
Eil'UEst-. Pullman Buffet Parlor Car
to Harrlsbjtg. Sleeping and Dining Cars
IL-irrlsbjrg to St. Louts, Cincinnati. Lou
isville and Chicago.
l'ullmaii Sleeping Car to Chicago, and
Harrisbarg to Cleveland Dining Car to
1'ltKSa Pullman Sleeping and Dining
Cars to St. Loals. and Sleeiilng Car, Har
rlsburg to Cincinnati.
l'ullmaii olecptng Car to Pittsburg.
7.GO A. M. for Kane, Canandaigua,
Hochcsic-r and Niagara Falls dally, ex
cept Sunday.
X0.30 A. M. for Elmira nnd Renovo,
dally, except tiunday. For Wllliamsport
daily, 3.40 d. ra.
T.XO P. M. for Willlamsporr, Roches
ler, Buffalo anl Niagara Falls dally, ex
ivpt Saturday, with Sleeping Car, Wash
ington to Suspension Briuzc via Buffalo.
10,40 P. Ml. for Erie, Canandaigua,
Koc-uestcr, Bafralo and Niagara Falls
dally, bleeping Car Washington to El
mira. For1 Ptilltidclpntn, New 'York and tb.0
iTED. All Parlor Cars, with Dining
Car from Baltimore, for New York, dally,
for Philadelphia week days. Regular
at 7.05 (Dining Car). 7.20. 9.00, 10.00
(Dining Car), and 11 00 a. in., 12.15,
3.15, 4.20, G.40, 10.00 and 11.38
u. m- On Sunday, 7.05 (Dining Car).
7.20. 9.00, 11.00 a. m., 12.15, 3.16,
4 20, G 40, 10.00 and 11.35 p. m. For
Philadelphia only. Fast Express 7.B0
a. ni. week days. Express 2.01 and 5.40
p. ni. dally.
For Huston, without change, 7.50 a. m.
week days and 3.15jn. m. dally.
rorUaitljnore. G.25, 7.05. 7.20, 7.50, 9.00.
10.00, 10.30, 11.00 and 11.50 a. m,
12.15, 2.01. 3.15. 3.40, (4.00 Limited),
4.20, 4.30, 6.40. G.05. 6.40,7.10. 10.00,
ly.ao, iiao uuu Hhm u. iu. ud oun
day, 9.00. 9.05, 10.30. 11.00
n. 111., 12.15. 1.15. 2 01. 3.15, 3.40 (4,00
Llmltedl, 4EO; 6.40, 6.05, 6.40, 7.10,
10.00, 10.40 and 11.35 p. m.
For Pope's Creevc Line, 7:20 a. m. and 4.33
p. m., daily, except Sunday.
For Annapolis, 7.20, 9.00 a. m.. 12.16 and
4.20 n. iu., dally, except Sunday. Sun
days, 9.00 a. ni. and 4.20 d. m.
Atlantio Coast Line. Express for Rich
mond, Jacksonville and Tampa, 4.30 a.
m., 3. SO p. m., dally. Richmond and At
lanta, 8.40 p. m., dally. Richmond only,
10.67 a. m. week days.
Accommodation for Quantlco, 7:45 a- m.,
daily, and 4.25 p. m. week days.
For Alexandria, 4:30, 6.36, 7.46, 8.40,
9.40, 10.57. 11.60 a. m.; 12.50, 1.40.
3.20, 4.25, 5.00. 5.37. 6.16. 8.02,, 10.10,
nnd 11.39 p. m. On Sunday at 4.30,
7.45, 9.45 a. m.; 2.40. 6.16, 8.02 and
10.10 o. m.
Leave Alexandria for Washington, 6.05,
6.43, 7.05, 8.00, 9.10, 10.15, 10.28
"a- m.; 1.00, 2.16, 3.00, 3.Z3, 0.00, 5 30.
6.13, 7.00, 7.20, 9.10, 10.52 and 11.08
p. m. On Sunday at 6.43, 9.10. 10.28 a.
in.; 2.15. 6.30, 7.60, 7.20, 9.10 and
10.52 p.m. ,
Ticket offices, corner Fifteenth and G
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can be left for tbe
checking ut baggage to destination from
hotels and residences.
Gtn. Man. Gen. lass. Act-
ANTED Rooms nnd board for a
schoolboy. Address, with price, E. C,
tnts office.
WANTEd-Od Capitol Hill, 3 unfur
niahecj rooms for light bousekteplnj;;
family or three: first-class ref. J. B. M.,
tOliNorth Carolina ave. ll-cm
LADIES and gentlemen wishing private
instruction in portraitdrawlng, atabout
hair regular rates, will please address
ARTIST. 1005 l.'ltli st-.nw. . It
WIMODAIIGHSfS Casses. 1328
T st. nw.. begiuuiug,7orerober-Sh"rt-hand.
dicta lion and typewriting. Airs.
Ha.dwlu, or Uusiness High School; book
keeping, ctc.
Sight singing classi-rf (notccliam sjsttm),
KlLiliolllSNew Yorkavcnue, .
Two lessons weekly. ' " $20 per season.
A Courss of Twenty-five Lectures on
Social Economic, "'
Hon. Carroll D.Wright, L.L.D.,
Monday. Nov. , at 4.45 P.".VI.,' In the
vicMuhoii Hall of Philosojrty,
And every .Mon'lay thereafter; at the same
hour, except during tho Chrlsunivs ana Easier
nolida a
'liekcts fer tho coarse, admitting two. Two
Eollars. For ssle by the Registrar of 'the UnU
vcraity and nt Brentano'a.
Mount VernonSeminary
Twenty-tlrtt jear opens TUESDAY. Oc
tober first. Large and attractive build
ings, thoroughly equipped with every re
quisite of a teluied liuBinaiaI a- prriimn
uve school.
Applications for admission of.puplls to
the day school may be ciadeufter September
flficenth. between tho-hoaraaLluinclonv
v ciuck tncu uioriuir.
WANTED-100 young people to Join
shorthand dictation classes, which are
now being formed at Wood's Commercial
College. 311 and 401 East Capitol St.. at
the low rale of S1.U0 per month. Bend
for catalogue containing pictures of 84
graduates. ocl9-lmo
acting, elocution, danctnp. 1S2 lfn,
st. ,-r v ocl6 n
WA-NT ED A 6 or 6 room modern flac
convenient to 14tb at. car line. Ad
dress AIODERN FLAT, this office. sol6-tt
Civil Service Association Pronarlnar
for the National Body.
Thecommlttee of tbe Ctril 8errtce fferorni'
Association of tho District of Columbia..!.
met yesterday aflernbdn''ln" the office otT
Messrs. Ralston & SlddonsJn the Adams
building. Mr. John Joy Edson presided.
The local organization in conjunction
with that of Laitlmore, has assumed charce
ot the reception to the nayonal a&socia-s
tlon. which will meet" here at an early
The committee yesterdaT discussed the
plans ot the reception, which .will .boja
keeping witn the large and influential body
to be entertained. The programme will
not be announced for some days yet.
. i
The Alexandria city electoral board
met yesterday evening and appointed tbe
following special constables to serve at
tbe election next week: Ut. R. E. Kntchr.
In the first ward:llr.Frederick Schneider,.
in the second ward:an"d llr.'Lohls'ltrlll. In
the FrlendshlD nrednct of the third 'ward.
Mr. C. H. Yohe was appointed a Judge of
election for the courthouse precinct, sno
ceedlnc tbe late Edward Plerpont. The
w ork of putting the seal ot the elcdroal
board upon all the ballots' to M nted In
the election Tuesday next was begun last
nlcht and xaa under the Walton election
law. done in the presence of the Judge of
the corporation court. The ballots for
the country will be stamped to-day in the
presence of Judge Chichester. ,
Rev. Theron H. Rice, pastor of the
Second Presbyterian Church, who.for the,
last ten days has been in Charleston. W.
Ya., in attendance on the sessions of the
Yirgtnla Synod, returned home last night.
Mr. James T. O'Meara and Miss MolUe:
Frenzel w ere married In this city last night
at the rc-tuleuco of the groans by Rcr.
Alr. Benson.
The Young Men's Sodality Lyceum has-
appointeu a committee or ten oc its mem
bers to co to Richmond this morning to
attended the funeral of Rev. Father J. J.
Keneftclc, who was for a number of years
one of the officers ot the Lyceum and very
popular with its members.
Richard Colvln. colored, was found
guilty of an assault In the county court
yesterday and was sentenced to jail for
six months.
Cards are out for the marriage ot Mr.
Edgar Warfield. Jr.. to Miss Abble Vir
ginia Bettis, which Is to take place, in the
M. E. Church South on November 12 at
8 P.O. ...
The steamer Mattanowill be withdrawn
from the lower river route on her return,
from her present trip.
The body of Miss Gertrude Simmons was
brought to this ctty from Washington yes
trrday afternoon and interred in the Metho
dist Protestant Cemetery.
l: CffiETOJ,
904 F St. N. W.
Chronic Diseases.
Dr. Carleton has attaint! rthn mnah rnn.
derful success In the treatment ot the cases
to which he gives his special attention, and
through years of patient Jabot and re
search he has discovered the most infalli
ble methods of curing -general weakness.
Involuntary discharges, iulpoteney, ner
vousness, confusion of ideas, palpitation
of the heart, timidity, diseases of the
throat, nose, and skin, affections of the
liver, stomach and bowels those terrible
disorders arising from solitary habits ot
youth and secret practices, making life a
miserable existence and marriage Impos
sible. '
Nervous Debility. -
Those suffering from nervous debility,
the symptoms of which are a dull, dis
tressed mind, which unfits them for per
forming business and social duties, makes
happy marriages Impossible, distress the
action ot tbe heart, causing flushes of heat,
depression of spirits, evil forebodings,
cowardice, fear, dreams, short breathings,
meiancuoly, tire easy of company and
have a preference to be alone; feeling as
tired in the morning as when retiring;
lost manhood; deposits in the urine, ner
vousness, trembling, confusion of thoughts,
watery and weak eyes, dyspepsia, consti-
fiatlon, paleness, pain and weakness otitic
nibs, etc., should consult Dr. Careton Im
mediately and I" restored 1o health. By
a wise course of treatment, adapted to
your age, sex and physical condition, 4he
tone ot your s stem can be raised, the ten
dency to impure thoughts removed, and
the strength and vigor ot health restored
to the debilitated organ;,
If You Are Afflicted
With any chronics-lingering disease or ail
ment, no matter who has filled to curtr
you, consult Dr. Carleton. .His long rest
dence In Washington and his brilliant rec
ord ot cures, affected in apparently hope
less eases, entitle him to your confidence.
In all Curable Cosm., No Experi
ments. Cases and Correspondence
strictly confidential. , Ofrlco hours
lOtoS. Evenings,?- to-8. Sundays
Thf l .f iiH-ilau,
Continued From First Page.
was agreed that a hearing should take
place in the private oiilce. uf the mauacer
of the Arllngtou Hotel.
Hither the Justice and attorney irencral
proceeded, but Brady was neither willing to
produce Corbetl nor U.hjIow ttic jus.ic-to
sit In Judgment upon him there, and as
Brady's deputy sherirf bad gone uptown
upon a domestic mission, there was no
UHly to guatd tne prisoner at I he bar. The
object of Ihe attorney general In seeking
to secure the dlsunssal or the cases beiore
Uapley was to cause the re-arrest ot Ibo
two men mi State warrants returnable at
Little Rock.
The Justice was In tbe hotel until supper
Ime In the hope that was not lu fiiltsl
that Brady's Counsel might succeed In con
vincing him ot the enormity of his of
ense in declining to voluntarily submit
himself ror trial, or the other hope that
-.ornelt might stroll by that way. and at
.ast went home. "
The citizens' committee's counsel. Col.
George W.Murphy.iii Little Rock, reputed
to be tbe ablest criminal lawyer in the
Itate. thought t"-day he eaw a clear way
out of the host of differences that now
beset them. This was for Corbelt and partr
to surrender themselves In response to
tbe warrants Issued by the governor, and
enter Into peace bonds at Little Ruck to
morrow. ONE WAY OUT OF IT.
After tbe fight and before tbe bonds
could be sued out It would be necessary
for a grand Jury In this county to Indict
the men accused of breaking such bonds
aud lor a petit Jurr to convict them. It was
contended that It would be impossible to
get a grand or petit Jury together that
tvou'd unt contain souie tric-uds of tho
pugilists, some members that had not
witnessed the light, ami consequently con
viction would be Impossible.
When the proposition was submitted to
Brady, however, he vetoed it In short order.
To-morrow, he reminded Col. Murphy, is
October 31, nnd bu would not take his man
out of Hot Springs that day. even if. by
doing so the fight could be brought off with
immunity on Friday or Saturday. CoL
Murpny argued witu him oft and on for
hours, but he would not budge from this
A short lived sensation was created this
afternoon by dispatches from Little Rock
alleging that the governor had ordered sev
eral companies of tbe National Guard to
proceed at once to this city and that tho
nrst train load bad already left Llllle
Rock. A crowd gathered at the depot
liet ween 3 and 4 o'clock, but the gray coats
failed to put in an appearance.
Late to-nlchl it was decided that Corbeti
should appear at Whlttlngton Park be
tween lo and 12 o'clock to-niarronr la
order to claim forfeit from the Florida
Athletic" Club. A force of carpenters is
working to-night on a temporary ring in
order that all conditions may be complied
with. The wives of Fitzslmmons and
Julian, with Ernest Groves and Charier
White, of Fitzslmmons' training force, ar
rived at the Arllngton,to night from Corpus
'Satisfactory Report Received by tUo
Executive Committee.
The executive committee of the Colum
bla Athletic Club carnival held an in
teresting meeting at the clubhouse last
night and transacted a large volume of
business. Alex. Grant was In the chair
i.ami George . Emnaocs acted as secre
tary. Among other things, it was decided
to merge the refreshments committee with
that of privileges and booths, the latter
to have supervision.
, The decorations committee was in
structed to report a plan ot its proposed
vv ork at the next meeting.
Dr. W. H. King, of the music committee,
outlined a ceoeral Dlan or entertainment.
giving special nights for the reception of
Lrallltary organizations, boat clubs. G. A.
1 IU Elks. Saengerbund, Baltimore At Wet to
Club and Ariels. and the Confederate
Veteran Association.
Mr. W. B. Uibus. ot the press committee,
reported the Interest taken by- tbe local
papers, and also spoke of the publica
tion of the Winged Arrow as decided
upon by thai committee.
E. B. Hay, or the ladles' committee or
assistants, stated that he would submit,
a list ot 150 lady assistants at the next
meeting. This committee will meet in
the parlors or the Arlington upon the call
of Chairman Hay.
A committee, consisting of members nf
the club, was appointed to -work in con
Junction with the ladies' committee.
The committee on tickets recommerded
the adoption of its plan to offer valuablo
prizes to the lady and gentleman, re
spectively, selling the largest cumber ot
season tickets, and also presented plaits
or systems for voting Ui be used In con
nection with season tickets.
The press committee will hold an im
portant meeting to-day at 4.15 o'clock in
the club parlors.
Dr. King reported a number of excellent
attractions to be presented at the club's
smoker on Saturday evening.
. Hnsket-Ball League Adopts Rules and
Makes a Schedule.
A well attended meeting ot the DlstricS
Basket ball League was held last night la
the armory of tho Washington Light In
fantry. Tho organizations represented were the
Light Infantry. Carroll Institute. Cycle
Corps, Washington Athletic Club. Poto
mac Wheelmen, nnd Y. M. C. A. Tho
members of the Corcoran Cadets were too
busy with their fair to be represented, bus
signified their intention of abiding by tho
results of the meeting.
The committee on rules reported In
favor of the adoption of last year's playing
rules with several amendments and addi
tions. Tho prim ipai of these was the matter
of the teams playing In padded suits.
The meeting was by no means a unit
upon the adoption ot suits -without pad
ding on tho knees, hips, and elbows, but
finally adopted the rule of playlnc la
canvas suits, with pads on knees and hlus.
but positively barred the use ot footLall
It was also decided to have three um
pires to officiate in the league series, these
to alternate in the games si hcduled. Tho
umpires appointed were Betts. Bleber. and
A Schedula rallincr for an nnnra nr
two games a week up to January 3 was
Tne first game will be played on Satur
day evening at 7 o'clock at the infantry
armory between the home team and the
Washington Athletics.
The Victor basket-ball -was adopted as
the official ball of the league, a (.uniform
size ot baskets and their height from tho
floor was decided upon.
Polloe Court Rulings Uiwot toy an
Order Just Issued.
Heretofore It has been the practice of
the police to arrest any saloon keeper who
entered his place of business nn Sunday
under any pretext whatever, and chargu
him with conducting a Sunday bar.
Judges Miller and Kimball have ruled on
several occasions that If a man entered
his bar for the purpose of getting articles
from the Ice box-, ortn clean his glassesand
fixtures It was a violation ut the excise Iav.
Last evening an order was received by
the First precinct police which the of
ficers say breaks tho Ice in that par
ticular and opens tbe Sunday law for a
more liberal construction. The order was
signed by Roger Williams, clerk uf the
excise board. It says:
"Permission Is given J. r. Mnylan to clean
and scrub the barroom In tbe Owen House
on Sundays between 7 and 10 o'clock
a. m. Permit to bold good until further
Jnst how the excise board will rcconcilo
this permit with tbe decision or the police
court Judges In reference to Sunday open
ing Is not known, Tbe police say that it
clears the way for the opening ot every t
saloon In the city for similar purposes on
The order was entered on the station
bouse records and read out to the patrol
men at every roll call vesterday.
. .
Carroll "Institute Smoker.
The members of tho 'Carroll Institute,
will give a smoker in the Institute hall
to-night. An unusually attractive pro
gramme of music and athletics will be ure
presented. Admission will be by card,
to be obtained rrom members. Company
D, of Washington Light Inrantry. will
hold an Informal reception and hop at tho
armory to-night. Dancing wiU begin at 9
For DNtingulMied Gallantry.
The President, has awarded a medal of
honor "to Marcus A. Ilamia, late- sergeant
Fiftieth Massachusetts Volunteers, -for
gallantry at Port Hudson, La, July" 4,
1863. During" this engagement Sergt.
Hanna voluntarily exposed hlmsoir to a
heavy flro In order to obtain water foi
hU comrades in the rifle pits.
ill "
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". - -,.- , . -- fL V

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