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"-w , Ji -
Look well at the
prices. The goods are
all in first-class condi
tion present prices
owing solely to a
whim of ours to lower
the prices for awhile.
i One lot Infants' Boot-
ees, made of best
worsted in light
blue, pink, and
white. Perfect boot
shape, with cord and
tassel 25c.
I nfants' Knitted
Sacques, made of
split zephyr, with
fancy borders. All
wlLo I
One lot of Children's
White Dresses,
made of good qual
ity washable cam
bric, Mother Hub
bard effect, with
yoke of fine tucks.
Full shirred sleeves
with deep ruffle at
hand. High neck
with ruffle to match.
Full skirt with deep
hem sizes to fit
children from six
months to 4 years,
One lot of Infants'
Ribbed Shirts, high
; neck, long sleeves,
pearl buttons down
; front guaranteed
j not to shrink sizes
; to fit children from
; 6 months to 4 years,
! for 50c.
Yon have no idea what a beautiful
auortmoit of E.-.b7 Gcois wo keop.
Everything neeled for Baby's wear
or comfort is hare and such on as
sortment. It's worth looking at our
420, -122, 424. 426 7th St
How a Journey of Two Sisters
Got Them Wealthy Husbands.
OnuoCTIiem Huh Married nil Oil KIiik
unil tilt" Other Will Wed
11 tu Suu.
Jfovor mind what tbe makers or
dealers sqj about ALDEKN'ET
tho poojilo who use It upon their
tables. Ther fcnow. They ore
to be found la oTory street in
Washington; In tho foreign lega
tions; la tho great hotels. See If
they don't say it I
better than butter because
inner, more wholesome; liner
flavor and texturo. Does not
get raucld, aiid costs less.
If you are not then conrlnccd
the only thing to do Is to try a
pound. If you don't like It, don't
crcrbuy It ajriln. If you ilo like
it, Hko other folks do It will be a
cash of good-by to butter" for
you Buy a trial pound at 23c
at the
Spare Mariile and Glass Stands"
Ever body Is saying that It is "loo
odd for anything" that circumstances lime
recently arranged themselves so fortunately
for two jouug women well known lu
society here. These nttracthc, daughters
of a certain deceased army officer who
was conspicuous for gallantry during the
Custer massacre, nude their home in this
city for some reasons. Finding times very
hard, however, and their incomes visibly
reduced, they decided to lslt friends
hi the South, thus combining business
with pleasure.
On the way to Florida a railway ac
cident occurred, delaying them over
night at a moat uninterefctlnr; station,
whose best hotel boasted only the most
moderate accommodations. Now the saiuo
wreck retarded the progress of the north
bound train, on which an enormously
wealthy "oil king," accompanied by his
son, a fine looking chap, quite twenty-cue
jenrs of age, was returning to Ids' northern
home. The informality of the occasion
uhicti caused these persons to occupy the
same table at supper, and mutually enjoy
fried ham and eggs from the same gen
erously heaped platter, brought about other
casual incidents. The roult was the
capture of the heart of the elderly w idower
by the pretty jounger MMer. followetl
by her marriage to him in New York
some month's later. The Miuel to this
storj Is no le-ss Interesting for a wiildlng
to occur almost immediately, is that of
the older young woman to the stepson
of her sister, lly this union Mls Orplian,
Jr., will lieconie her M-tir's mother in
law and her Men ton's sister in-law. Mts
Orphan, sr., will be put in possession of
certain huperb ami world famous Jewels,
the property of the first Mrs. Oil King, ninl
Inherited by her son, nnd there are federal
other confusing confluences which lime
will probably render more amusing.
Anioug the interesting Items and statistics
so far furnished the public with regard to
the Vatiderbilt-MHrlborougli wedding, t.ne
humiliating fact has rerunlne-d unrct'nlcil
until now. The comprehensively swell 1M
of Invitations fort heo-cisiiii, printed J ester
day, shows that only 12 Jones'. 5 Smiths
4 Browns, and 4 Itobinsons are included
among expected guests. Query Whatever
have these representative American families
"been gone and done" that they should
figure so moderately at such a fuuctlon?
In addition to the diplomatic representa
tives who will make their bows to society
ai the Capital this winter is Marriui Mala
spin.1. He comes to fill the position or first
secretary of the Italian embassy, lately
held by Ihe engaging, and now engaged.
Marquis Iniperlill, at.d was last stationed
at Brussels, and is now In New York. There
is one serious drawback to the popularity
of this diplomatically, well liked stranger
with certain Marquis Malasplna is a
married man.
general tour of the South, including' a visit
to the Atlanta Exposition.
The marriage or Miss Marie Roberta
liailey to Mr. frederitk r. fachrader will
tukeplnccatGo'Uoiw v cdnesduy afternoou
at tue home of the bride's parents, 7-1
Third street nonm.isi. Hev. Charles A.
Stakdy, pastor of Ihe First baptist Church,
will perform the ceremony, and l'roftssor
Funciulll, leuiler of the Murine Hand, a
friend or the groom, will piay the wedding
inarch. Only intimate rriends bate been
Immediately after the ceremony the
couple will leave for u wedding tour in
the South, to Whit relatives. The bride
lsa typical Southern girl, with a tall.slinder
carriage, golden huir, and large gray eyes,
and comes of a family distinguished Tor
their wealth und attlve part lu the history
of the houth. She is a daughter of Mr.
Edward Itiiley, of the l'ublleation Division
of the Agricultural lcpartncni, and n
niece or dipt. A. It. S. Moteley, or Koine,
On., and or Hon. it. A. Moseley, one of the
best known politicians In Alabama, who
lias frequently represented his State in
national conventions. On her mother's
side she is related to Thnddeus Stevens,
Daniel S.lilcklnson, and Commodore Stock
ton. The groom Is connected with the Tost,
and has written several successful plays,
including an adaptation, "Nancy," now
Ierfonncd by'Fanny Kiev, llchasulsonub-
lishisl a novel and is the translator or Mai
Nordau's "Parisian Sketches," published
some ears ngu. He was manager or Pope's
Theater, fet. Louis, and or Tootle's Opera
House, St. Joseph, nnd ror rive jears was
secretarv or the board or trade or St. Joseph,
the voluntary offer or those places. His
Sunday stories for the 1om have been
re-ad by a large circle or castcTii readers.
Miss llalley will be niarrltsl in a travel
ing dress ot navy blue cloth. The waist,
which is of navy blue silk, lias a very
narrow stripe of delicate Nlle-grccn and
blue forget-me-nots, and is made with the
box pleat front and bishop sleeve-s. The
skirt is of cloth, iiml flares according to
the latest mode. The coat, like the skirt,
is lined with a changeable blue and reel
taffeta silk, and is cut with the close
fitting back and double-breasted loose
front, fastening with handsome pearl but
tons. The traveling hat Is navy blue with
a chcnilleilaited crown ami ve-lvct trim
mings, with a flaring effect from the
Among her handsome walking gowns
are two with full gored skirls and large
sleeves. One is or bouclc cloth, green
and black, Irlmnvd with black velvet. The
other is a l.tnvy black and brown cloth,
trimmed with passementerie to match.
On the shoulders are scallops ot the goods
edged with passementerie, anil the same
trimming brightens up the plait ot the
full blouse front and finished off the
girdle. Tho house gowns are just as
handsome us the street ami visiting
dress-. One, very chic, is a garnet, made
priucesse, trimmed with wide satin, rib
bon and velvet to match.
Hcfore tho .Men"- Club.
Mr A. I!. Johnson, chief clerk or the tight-
noue board, will deliver a lecture before
Ihe Men's Club to-morrow evening, at
Gurley Memorial Church. Mr. Johnson's
lecture will be one of unusual interest.
I. ail summer he made a trip from Sitka to
Santiago, a distance of about 1,400 mih-s,
and bis lecture will be a hNtory of the
ln Idents of bis Journey along the Pacific
Cut fn
8c Plaids, 4 3-4c Yard.
We have Just received a case of beautiful
Plaids which are selling everywhere at
8c. jard. We shall ofrer them at 4 3-lc.
20c Black Figured
Brilliantine, 12 l-2c
35 pieces or UUck Figured Mohairs;
10 different pattfrns; regular price lIUc,
Our price 1U l-2c.
40c Black Mohair, 25c.
22 pieces of mark Mohairs, silk fin
ish; worth 40c, at 25c.
50c All-Wool Serges, 25c.
10 pieces of lilack and Navy all-wool
Serges; regular price 00c. Our price 26c
40c Wool Suitings, 23c.
One lot of 36-iuch all-wool Suitings. S
different shades; worth 10c Ourprlce23c.
1 5c Flannelettes, 8 3-4c.
CO pieces or handsome Flannelettes,
suitable ror wrappers. 10 elirfereut styles;
worth 15c, for B 3- Jo.
50c Red Twilled
Flannel, 23c.
extra heavy: cannot be duplicated else
where less than 00c. Our price 23c.
6c Toweling, 2 3-4c.
50 pieces Twllhsl Toweling; re-gular
price lie. Our price 2 3-4c.
They Are the Only Ones Op
posed to Honest Butterine.
Buttcrine Hurts Their Business,
But The' Cannot Suppress
It Butterine Has Many
806 Seventh St. N". W.
1 924-1 926 Pa. Ave.
nutterine hns gained a foothold so solid
that nothing can shake it. It is now being
made so fine that It is absolutely Impossi
ble to dlstlnguis.li it from the best butter,
except by chemical, analysis. It is purer
than butter because it is cleaner. Unclean
things are certainly impure. Some butter
la clcun, but a vielt to fjscntj-!lve cream
eries in the Elgin district will reveal the
fact that thougn butte-r may appear clean
to the retuil purchaser, that mest of it is
made under conditions that w nuld nut war
rant it being CHlled clean. On the other
hand buttcrine is absolutely and perlectly
clean in every possible way. It is made
under the supervision of the United States
government and every panicle or material
used must be of the very highest grade.
Ihe buttt'r dealers in 'Wasiiingioii are
Jealous or the guccess of buttcrine. This
tact can be accounted for, though, b reasou
of butterine being used in place ot their
high-priced butte-r. Their objection to
butterine is not honest objection. They
object to it for personal reasons.
It Is not generally known, but It is a
fucttlutl the percentage of profit en butter
Is far greater than that on butterine, but
by re-ason or butterine litliig sdld only by a
few, and In immense calamities, the aggre
gate profit is satisfactory. All el torts
by butter dealers to check Its distribution
will certainly end like those directed tigainst
gus, steam cars, electricity, and the other
beneficial results ot luodern civilization.
Prof. Arnold, of the University of New
York, said: "I consider that each and
every ingredient ot butterine is perfectly
pure; it is a great discovery, a blessing
for the poor, and In every way a wholesome
and palatable article of food."
Prof. Chandler adds: "It Is sought to
deprive the public of butterine because
butter men and iwllllcians find it to their
advantage to muko the-.n believe that it
is bad. Efforts to check the progress of
butterine will amount to nothing.'
best bargain
of the season
Is this lot of Half -wool Derby
Klbqed Undfrwoar, Btuo and Tan
Miirts.BiIk face kult pearl buttons
Drawers flulstiifd with tin. AMm
L heavy milled saltoen Lluding
pvan uuiions. poiu everywhere lor
1.00. Onr special price per garmout.
314-316 Seventh St. N.
Absolutely Painless Dentistry.
,rj i
Ilia Head .Sowed Up.
Oeoree W. Smith, of No 1145 Flftee-nth
street northwest, had a slight gash in
the forehead, causal by a blow from a
piece or glass, he said, sewed up at the
Emergency Hospital estc-rday.
Mothers In Washington are growing a
little lilt Jealous or all the pretty thiugs
said of the little flaxen haired daughters
of that most attractive woman, Earone-ss
von TlilPlniann. Sucli jolly pink and white
lovers-orrun they are, Willi coloring like
nothing so much as" tiny Dresden china
shepc-rdesses, brought from the other side.
Cards are out from Mr. and Mrs TV. B.
Morgan for the marriage or their daughter,
niiKibelh France, to Mr. James WUliam
Flack. Jr.. 'Veducilay evening, Novemtier
20, at 0:30 o'clock, at the Church or the
Wholesale DijTiUBCTiNa agents
. KM,
mi k co.,
8th &. Market Space.
We SHall Sell
English Oak Mirrors, highly
polished Frames. Size, 6x9.
Good quality g-lass
Upholstery Department.
Invitations have been issued by Mr. and
Mrs. Cliarle3 Mac Nlchol for the wedding or
their daughter, Marie Jcnuctte. to Mr.
Duncan I. Richmond, at No 103 C street
southeast. Wednesday evening. November 0,
at 7-3U o'clock.
Miss Margaret Edelln. of Seventeenth
street-uorthwest, has returned to the city
after a pleasant visit to Miss .Alire Clark,
of Lyuchburg, "Va.
A company of joung people assembled at
the residence of Miss lJelle blair. ro.
or Uie organization or the Methodist
Protestant Church in this city, and it was
nude a gruud rally day. ice becinninir
or a week of revival services. At the II
a. m. service the venerable Dr. A. Ik South
erlaud, of lsaltimore, who was one of the
first IKistors or the church, here, preached
a llicmuri.il sermon. At 3 J), m. there ivas
u Sunday-school rally, and addresses
to the children were made by Dr. lleuson,
the pastor of tho church, and others.
At night Rev Dr. David Wilson, of
Washington, preached the first of the se
ries of revival services.
Tlie new. State councillor of the Jr.
V. U. A. M. has named the following dep
uty councillors for this section of the
State. For Alexandria Council, W. I).
Zimmerman; llelle Haven Council, L. D.
Lvlcs: Jackson Council, George II. Iluy
deu; Lccsburg, James It. Mansrield; and
Occoeiuan. It. U. L,. Tyler. All these
ofricers w 111 assume the duties of their new
office at the nest meetings of the councils.
Ik'lle Haven Council will lo-ulght confer the
degrees of Ihe order upouone candidate.
It is eipecfsl that tho new lodge of the
older will be organized at Vienna. Fairfax
county, about the end of this month.
worth 10c. bottle; MoLday only
The new chapel of the First Baptist
Church, at the corner or West and Orinoco
streets, was de-dlcaled to Divine service
yesterday morning by the, llev. Dr. Butler.
448 11 street northwest, to Join in the p.lstor of the First Church. Dr. Butler,
nmilrtl1ntil nf .1 Will.!,.-...... .irt .., .. ...... ...... If...... ....
amusement or a Halloween parly. Uames
of all Virts and dancing formed the chief
pleanuresof the ev eulng. A handvimecolla
liou was served later. Among the guests
were Mhies Edith Johnson, Agnes Vlcr
korn, Susie Lucas. Zuhka All-u, Vlllian
Wood. Annie McCarthy. Pauline Ifclmulh.
aud the Mlsws Blair, and Messrs. Frank
Johnron, Albert Lenhardt, Fete Blair,
Harry-. Parker, NolJe Thomas. Will eiood
mun, Trank Lusky, Claude Parker and
George Lamout.
Invitations are out for Ihe marriage
ot Mi3 Hattlc Morrow- to Mr. L. L.
Pllsnogle on Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock at the Church of the Epiphauy.
Mr. and Mrs. Walllngsford, of No. 430
Tenth street south west, were given a sur
prise masquerade party which proved to
be a delightful arruir. Games and danc
ing were enjoyed bj all, after which sup
per was served. Among those present
were. Mr. aud Mrs. Altrcd Boswell, Mr
and Mrs. S. A. LcUhear, Misses Bertie
Ferguson, Eva. Parker, May K. Quluu,
Katie E. Brodrick, Mary L. O'Neill,
Nellie E. Duvall, Magglo Duvall, Itcna
Arnold, Nellie Green. Mary Duvall, J. D.
Green, J. 1). Barron. Charles Schneider,
John C. Cnpps, Frank and Budd Mc
Donald, William and Louis Duvall. George
and Frank Deirkolple. Scott Fowler, BenJ.
Carrand Walter Wjllingsrord.
um, Sons
1 Co,
8th and Market Space.
Stoll's greatest shoe sale of the year
begins this morning at S o'clock- sharp, ut
810" Seventh street.
The guests or the Eckington participated
In a most enjoyable Halloween party
Thursday night. Dancing, tricks aud
games supposed to re necessary topropltlato
tho "spliits or the air" abroad that night
w cre Indulged in and a real live fortune
teller was there to read the, lines of the
hands. Much meiriment ensued, as lie
revealed the particular characteristics or
each and promised good and warned of
evil in the ruture. Refreshments only
served to add new zest to. the pleasures
and all went merry as a 'marriage bell.
Among those present were Col. and Mrs.
McKelhss, Mr. and Mrs. Henry. Dr. and
Mrs. Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Hooper. Mrs.
DeV.'itt. Mr. and Mrs. Colledge. Mrs.
Wood, Mrs. Freeman. Mr. and Mrs. Robin
son, Mr. Clark. Mioses Robinson, Leigh,
Blouroad, Price. Pratt, Bates, Crane; Clark;
Morgan, Judge Robinson. Dr.8hauabaii.Dr.
Grifrin, Messrs. Mntt. Cashraan, Kerens,
Monach, Troohy. Barrett, McRniii, Council;
and Lieut. Freeman.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W, Preisendanz.
of Philadelphia, who hare been spending
aii-KM imjo ui itigu iiviirjMjuuii jn iuu i Fund
city, will leave to-morrow evening for a I invited
In his dedhatory sermon, spoke of the needs
of a church in that Revtlon, and extended
a hparty welcome to all denominations
to attend the services there. There was
liardly a vacant scat to be found in the
whole edifice, nnd the music was by the
iiie-mbcrs of the First Church choir and
by the congregation and was superb.
Bishop Vandervyoll, of Richmond, con
firmed a class of about seventy-five ndults
anil children in St. Mary's Catholic Church
j t sterday morning after I he 7 a. m.s rv ice,
and preached at 11 o'clock.
In consequence of the giving a way of one
of the boiler walls at the electric light
works, the city lias been without street
lights for the past five days. It ex
pe'Cled, however, that the rebuilding o the
wall will be completed by to-night, ant tho
lights will bengain turned on.
ffsrennsylraBlA arenne xionawMi.
flist cliBS&orTlca., l'honii&j 2yl-3;n
HERRING At his late residence, corner
Tenth and N striets northwest, en Satur
day. November 2, at midnight, Frederick
C. Herring.
Notice or funeral hereafter. It
TOLSON Mary F.llzabeth Tolson, wire of
the late John F. Tolson, after a long r.nd
painful illuess. departed this life, Saturday,
November 2. 1HP5.
Funeral will lake place Monday. November
i. at 3 o'clock, at Ihe undertakers, Lee
Chapel, on Pennsylvania avenue".
A precious one from us has gone.
The voice we loved Is stilled;
A place Is vacant in o-ir midst
y That never can be rilled.
WALSH Mnthew G.Walsh, second son or
Mr. J. and Nellie Glcason Walsh, aged nine
Funeral Bltlctly private.
BUPPEL On Friday. November 1. 1805.
at 11-30 p. m.. alter a long Illness. Joseph
Runnel, beloved husband of the late Otilia
Huppfl. In the sixty-ninth vear of Ills ace.
Funral from his late residence. No.
410 A street southeast, on Monday, No
reniber 4. at 8'45 a. m. Requiem mass
at St. Mary's Church, at 9:30. Itelnilve3
nnd friends are respectively invited to
MILLAR On November 2, 1SD5, at IMS
p. in.. Hunter Boyd Millar, i ulo.it son of
Sallie C and the late Mitchcl llervey
Notice of funeral hereafter.
GLASGOW At the rreidence of his Km,
Henry, 1310 Pennsylvania avenue iouth
enst. at 7:20 a. in., on NovenituT J, Alex.
Glasgow, aged fifty-nine years.
t uoerat Monday, at a ii. til. I- rirnds
Ifor I
Eg Dress Gooijs of every de- p
sj scription. A third-off from fl
K regular prices. jj
jK Cc Canton Flannel, rem- 4
M nants .-...-v. Hj g
B 8o Canton Flannel, rem- n H
nants 1 OG
lOo Canton 'Flannel, rem- On '
Bj nants i Oil M
EM 8c Apron Gingham OC K?
CWo Indigo Blue. Prints 0G
S air iJ.V J . 10
j ed Cotton.' OC gl ((?.
25c All-wool Flannol I9CE m
I ScP.ald Muslin 8 '
m 6c Curtain Scrim 4D M lllj)
ma O H II
S lOc Turkey Rod Outing... 6C H
9 !2Hc Turkey Red Porcalo oG I III
H IOc Linen Toweling; OG S
5c Cotton Toweling O2C Q
H 25c Table Linen 20C lllll 0
I 12c Towels 9C I
I 5c Towels 32C J
I 25c Towels 9C I llil
6c Bleached Cotton, yd1
1 75c Blankets..' 55D j
9 12HcSatteon Remnants. OC O'l
If you elo not want Butterine on your
table, don't try It. Don't let It get here;
be as afraid of it as of the cholera. For,
if you ever do give It a fair trial, it's all
up with your stubbornness. That settles
It, for, it once tried, it is always ued.
It is better than butter and no man or
woman can help finding that out in a very
short time.
Butler, It clean, may be good the very
first day It is made the second day it Is
not so good, and each succeeding day it is
less wholesome. Another quality of butter
ine that tends to make it poimlar In these
hard times is its economy, it Is much less
costly than butter, and as It never spoils
while on hand, as bulter does, the saving
effectesl by using it, instead of bulter. Is
Butter dealers had no objection to but
terine until it bc-came popular, the immense
increase in the sale or butterine has hurt
their business in proportion.
WUklns & Company, ot this city, sold for
ihe fiscal year ending June 30, 1S95,
1,270,405 pounds ot butterine.
All legislation against buttcrine Is "class
legislation," that is, deciding in favor of
the few, and the few are the butte-r dealers,
and that Is a moral wrong. The people
want butterine. tind as it is an honest,
pure food product, let them have it.
5 ro
OTHIX; contributes
more to n person's
easfl tn&u sound
teeih. II your teeth
aro lu bail condition
consult us ct once.
We'll atUlfuIr per
form nil tb opera
lions required to put
them In perfect
B&apo without caus
ing you the leait
ratal extraction,
The Great
Cloak Sale.'
The Magnificent Stock of
Cloaks, Capes, and Coats that we
bought from M. Silver & Co., of
New York, at 50 cent3 on the dol
lar, is surprising- and delighting
all the ladies who Tiave seen it.
S8 to Sll Beaver. Kersey,
Boucle Capes and Coats and ffr QO
Plush Capes. 4-J. JO
S5 to S8 Beaver and Forrcy CQ QO
Clothe, fur and Jot trimmed. 4 J. JO
SI3 to SI5 Ladies' and
Misses' Fine Cloth and Plush CO QQ
Coats and Capos .JO. JO
SI5 to SIS coats and capes
B o u c 1 es Astrakhans.
Whorumbo Beavers, KerCnQ9
Evans Dental Parlors,
1217 Ponn. Ave. N. W.
An lovue Town Swept Away Uy a
Arcadia. Iowa, Nov. 3. The most disas
trous fire that has visited this town in
its history occurred to-night. There is
now only one general store left In town.
The flames burned over an area of four
acres, taking with it ex residences, the
hotel, oera house, livery barn, harness
shop, two grain elevators, ooe lumber and
812 and 814 7th St. N. W.
715 Market Space.
coal yard, a barber shop, the postoffice,
two drug stores, two saloons, three general
merchandise and one furniture store, one!
hardware store, a butcher shop, a boot,
and shoestore, four barnsand avacantstore
The estimated loss is $35,000, partially
covered by insurance.
Grtivt inonev-rulilnii Mile of clotli.
incut Xrxr Yo'rlc Clot bine Uou&e,Ul j
Seventh "St. X. XV. .
Don't Fail to get
Your Souvenir
Emrlch's SouTentr Day.
all day to-daj- we shall present every purchaser
of the celebrated
Our October sales wore larger
than tho In anyona month lor
the past tnojears.
We have a few
Second-hand Pianos that wo nre aim 03 1 Trilling
To give away,
because wo mut baro room for our line stock
ot hew Instruments coming In.
OponlromSa. m to6p m.
9S F St. N. W.
TEKCy S. FOSTEK, ilauassr.
Balllraoro Stcrr. 13 X. Charlos Street.
LVLjJMVftfc'i,rSLXr!,0.i(A' '
PIANO. Orran, Vocsl Muslo and thwry
taucbt by J. f. QMDIUILLKli, bll Ibt. uw.
Terms moderate.
Tlic TlinDs vvllj dNplny tliPin on a
run m in nt Ii ciiiivnii in front of The
Tlmiw Itiiildlit; Tt:OMlny nlulit.
s a
trimmings ;'
Black Marten, Slink. EUetrls
Seal. Coney. Ulack an! White
Angora, lilack and White Thibet
fewansdowu otc. loucanuol fiad
a better assortment In town
The newest and most beautiful
goois lmaplnable Ml colon 41.
9L5t7, and ii perjanl.
Grandma's' Polishing
is the best In tho worM forallrer
brasd. eta Per box, 7a
Cohen's Trimming Store,
523 Uth St. N. W. i
with a beautiful Imported Dresden China Individual But
ter dish, li
you have
never tried
"Emnch I
Purity" II
vou are oar- !
ticulariy in- j
vited to do so iiii
to-day and
secure one of
these really
eleg-ant souv
enirs. "We guar
antee "Em
rich's Puri
ty" to be bet
ter than the
best butter in
the world. In
flavor it is
richer in texture finer it is always sweet, pure and
clean. In price it is more economical than butter and is
more palatable. A trial will convince you that all we
claim for it is true, and you will always set it on the table
in future. It is put up only in 1 pound prints, and we
ask only one price,
20c. per Pound.
Main Market, 1306-1312 32d st. nw. Telephone, 347.
13ranch llarkeu ins mast-nw.;3H lUhsLntr.: stn ana H st aw; 3037 list
nir.; lst and K sta. nir.; SIS Indiana are. nw ; 5th and 1 ats. nw.
4th and I sta. nw.; xOitt at. and fa. are. nw.: 13th a:, and?. T
111 111
et N.W.
INHEIMER'S. 514 Stil Stre
We have secured from an underwear manufacturer the entire stock of Ladies' cheap and
fine Muslin and Cambric Underwear at 50c on the dollar.
50c on the dollar on your purchase.
That means a saving for 3Tou of
19c. Canton Flannel Drawers,
worth 30c. a iialr,
a pair... ..
2'Jc. Tine ClicmUe-, worth COc.;
our price
31c. l'ine Embrolderr-trimmed
Chcratie. worth eoe.
18c. Tine Night Gowns, 'worth
03c. ritte NIglit Gowns, ivorth
JiSc. Tine Nlsht Gowns, worth
1.75... .. ..
7Cc. Deep Kniliroielcretl Huftlcel
Skirts, worth $1.37,
25c. Corset Covers, worth 50c
35c. Corset Covers, worth GDc.,
43c. Corset Covers, worth 00c,
I To-day?
WncV fffiTcr w-tof a1 dy4ncAu4AHB W
m Q'scisca often follow triflinrailmenta. .
lfTOnarewcakan 5
generally exhausted, 2
nervous, have no S
appetite and cant 2
uork, begin at once 5
talcing the most re- S
liable strengthenlne S
medicine, which ij S
Brown's Iron Bitters. 5
Benent comes from S
the very first dose. Z
S Dtskfsia. Kidncv nd Livcb
2 Ntunatcia, Titounus.
S AiA.ia Ncnvous ailhciits,
1 Get only the Eenulne it has crossed ted
lines on the wrspper. M
3.49, Laellea' Blucrianncl Suits,
tailor injeie Jacket, worth $5.98,
9Sc. Ladles' rijnnel Wraiincra.
i-Ivet collars ard tuffs, worth
$2; our prle-c,
9So Cl.ildren's Scotch Tlaid
Dresses, worth $2; our pricr,....
2.1c. Ke'd (lutnis CTotli Crepo,
lil.ie-k ficured, worth 75c; our
$1.59, Black lSnlliantine Skirts,
ctlrivre'iit fiRurrs, tailor made.
S2U17, Children's Fancy Cloth
Ke-vmnrkets. Trom G to 12 years
rith larsc cajics; worth $5.00;
our price' ..
$1.17, Children's Fancy Cloth
Ite'fers, laro collar and nie'lon
fleovi-s; worth S3.C0; o-ir price',
$4.98. Lndles' cr- fine Iloucle
Cloth Iteere'ru. eiwihle'-brenbtcil,
larffc 1 lttons, larKc niclnn slevves;
wnrlli $8.00; our price
$4.98. Ladles' fine Enplich
Uejvernioth boxed Coats, doulilc
tircastcd. Iarr;c buttons; tailor
made, melon sleeves; worth $8;
oar price
SI. 59
$G.99, LadieV riira finequnllty
Astrakhan Iloucle Clotli Coats,
double-breateil, lare. ityllsh
sleeves, halt f-ntln Heed; worth
$10.00; our price
96c. Halt dozen best Trlple
plateel Knives, hair dozen l'orks.
halt dozen Te-aspoons, half dozen
T.ill."iotis,SuKarSl-lland Hut
ter Knife'; worth $3.50, all Mon
day only
5 3-4C. Bos of Best Wrltlns
Faiwr ami Knvclope-s, actual value
25c; Mondpy only
5 3-4c, For Two Tin Bleacheel
Colored Bonlereil rrinjreil Nap
kins, worth 10c. each; Monday
only two for
25c. Fine tVool Scotch riaids,
full 30 Inches wiele. in Handttome
Ktch ColorliiRs; worth 50c. yard;
Monday only
9c. nn ounce for Best Triplo
extracts; all odors, such as He
liotrope. Violet. JiieVey Club,
etc.; worth 33c. ounce; Monday
only 9c; bring your bottle.
48c. yard full 54 Inches wide,
Navy Blue Wool, Storm Serge;
a very popular dress fabric;
worth $1.0u ynnl; Monday only
9c. for a box of Best Butter
milk Soap, tlirev cakes in a
but. and worth 25c; Monday
25c. Novelty Figured Dress
KoodR. Strictly AH Wool, a
litautirul Assortment to select
rrom; worlli 49c. yard; Monday
C 3-4c. For Two Tiill Bottles '
of Best Household Ammonia;
worth 10c. bottle; Monday only
39c. Handsome silk finished
Ilenrie'lta cloth, in nil the new
fall shades and black: a veri
table bargain at 75c. yard;
Monday only
CI-tcLi-r"!' sized bath towels; "
the regular 15c. kind; Mon
day only
19c. 1.000 more botes of Op
penhcimer'8 Washington Belle
Cigar; a good smoke, nnd 12 In
a buz; only ..
a cake for ihe genu I no
scented pure White Castile Soap;
worth 10c. cake; MoLday only..
29c. for 8 yard3 good apron
ginghams in all size che-cks;
worth 5Cc: Monday only
1 3 4c. Gent's Linen finished
G l-2c. Keadv-mnde gingham
aprons; worth 15c. each; Mon
day only
Oc. Tor an extra large bottls
of besl Bay Itum; worth 25c.
buttle; Monday only
S6c. for we41 made, full-boned,
extra long waist corsets, either
white or drab; worth 75c. pair;
Monday only -.
lc. a box for Royal Shoe Black
ing. 49c. Men's natural wool shirts
or drawers, in all sizes, the reg
ular dollar quality; Monday
only .. ..
9c. for a pood English hair
nnd a good rubber dresairg comb;
Both Monday only
29. for 2 fine ladles' ribbed
vests, full weight, worth 25c
each; Moi.day only 2 for
5 3-te. fur six papirs of best
pins, needle pululs. worth 3c.
paper; Monday only
9c. n pnir for eyeglasses to suit
all sights; Monday only
$19.50 for the New Family
Sen ing Machine, all attachments
imiude-d. and fully warranted
for five ye-ars.
Sewing machines rented by
week or month, and till makes
repaired antl warranted.
Solr agents for the ce-lebraled
light run Bins New Herae Machine!
1 514 Ninth Street N. W.
. f-
j-v - -
W rt. -

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