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'V',f''yj r?"
- "'-.. V
tir&rfr. '
Ur.Ur bargains.
aruv-a-mt mlilTI--w
Parlor Suites
t-jle'e merstuCed Mah'cany fin
ish, covered in llroatf-lle, a re
ntarLjbly bniiduome and well
made suit Kcgular jir:co ftA q rn rn
Ourjr!ce tula weet 44-Z.0U
6 lcce Tapesirr oirrstuITod suite.
beaut ful design, sprlrg edges.
J.cgulir ptloa f JU. llxia neeL...
i-plete Trarno Suite, MaLognur Sa
lsa, covered with Urocatelle
well main. Kcgular pri-e $3ftT
IhU week.
I ijhtlj Soiled ul e,ocisiuffcd,cov
ered in eatin dnmasd:, Spleco.
Tnli Is it Tory bvauilful suite.
And If it weren't tllgtitly eoUod
by dust the xrIoo would ho 3123
Wash. BB Wiams5
7th and D. Sts. N. W.
Goodicotch Chovlot
flt guaranteed
in a Jo at my store to
HOflH. 613FSI.H.W.
and lose their shape
as soon as they get wet
are not much account in
The trouble is that it is
so hard for anyone to
tell good cloth from
shoddy, except by wear
ing it-but we know, and
no shoddy goods ever
come in our store.
nvDCHcnnTU'o e
621 Pa.
U I lll.it- till I II O.Ave
Under Helropalitac
i . ..tit . j -.- ...-,,,....,
Freud 1'rrpumtfou CAL7IIOS1
TV tv.4 . lita--1 rtid rt. n 1 -j thflf I
(MLT1IOS mil Stcfttorr jourjj
lieniiu. irriic na v iur.
Usfxtandfaj if satisfied.
Address VON MOHLCO.,
SUfrf trl. 1nriBtU.Okta.i
Queen ,
Ann Lotion
is the most dainty prepa
ration on the market for the
skin for CHAPPED
rough skin. It' snot a com
plexion maker, but a sooth
ing, healing liquid, that is
neither sticky nor unpleas
ant to use. PRICE IS 25c
You need it this weather,
and all thro' vrinter.
Mertz's Modern Pharmacy.
llth anil F Streets Northwest
S & 6 C- OGfcQ sIVAS-.-.
j6 &8c.bu. j
40 bu. not crushed S2.90
40 bu. crushed 3.70
Quickest tocatch, and
cneapest fuel known.
Wash. Gaslight Co.,
SPECTATv or Private diseases of
w"- "-'v-.-i.-n-j- nnyuamoomaturesc.cn
tlflcally treated and radically cured. Dis
eases of Bladder and Kldncjs, Discharges,
irritation, Stricture, day or night losses,
Gonorrhea. Gleet. DcposltsinUriue, Sperma
lonlica, etc
Bloou aim Skin Diseases, Syphilis. Blood
Poison. Mucous Patches In Mouth. Ulcers,
Tnmors, Varicocele, Warty Growths, etc.,
Ulceration of leg or other parts. Worst
cases solicited. Curo crfecled or money
IMPflTPHPY Lost or railing Vigor, no
inirul Ll.U I ninttcrhow induced. FOS
ITTVELr cured In a few weeks by my
method. .Ace no impediment.
Iloun, 9 to 5; orcnliig 7 to S.
DR. CARLET0H,9Q4 F St. H. W.
We're confident ire can print to pleat
yea. -YoU-lnf too lane nothing too email for
u to print, and print faultlessly.
McGILL & WALLACE. Printers.
ncrerrMtKir. '-non hu
A 413 Tenth St.
g p m 'Obb -o -i --i-
Chargos Against the Bear's Com
"mander'Have Been filed.
There Is u Deep-Sented Opposition to
lllin Aniline Officers Who' Have
--served With Iliin.
The serious charges against Capt. II.
.. Ilealy, commanding the revenue cutter
lle.ir, liae been filed In the Treasury De
partment. The Bear was flagship of the Bering
sea patrol fleet last summer. Tvvtntj-fivc-officers
are understood lu Ium: signed a
paper setting forth the nature of the
charges against C.ipt. Ilealy.
.Miioiig the hlgners are Chief Kngini-er E.
L. .Swartz, Firtt. Lieut. Otorge E. Jle
Connell, I'lrst Lieut. Worth E. Itos, Chief
Engineer George It. Dally, and others
enunlly ucll Lnomi In ilio son ice.
Idle tl.c tl aigea against Cipluln Ilealjr
are gcmral ratmr than bpeciuc, It is an
open secret in r M-imi-iitter circles that
there is a dii v'e.tlccl opposition to the
captain among tlio'i i lmh..ve "itrol with
him, and i:u-itiiinion prc.iils that Hie
officers who have sarin d the paper will
wlIIIi)Kl give full particulars concern
ing Captain JlealJ's al'egid miscoi'duct.
There arc eight counts in the cutupMInt.
At the outset the statement is made that
Capt. Ilealy condui ted liluiM?It oil the last
cruise of the Bear In a manner calculated
to tiring dii'rcIll on the service. He is
.said to have placed one of hissuliordiuates
uiiderarrctand then ordercil tint nurcuml
of the nition be made in the official log
boo ic.
Another chargs U that, in iiilalion of the
regulations of the service, Capt. Ilealy re
lieved the navigating offkir of the Hear
and placed another officer In that position.
Tlte substitute must have given orfensc to
Uie captain, forhe. loo, wasnllcveil lieforo
the cruise ended, and still another officer
was Ofdeml to imvigato the Bear.
The language and manner of Capt. Ilealy
ill his lntt rcoursi' with his orriiers is the
basis of a count In the general indictment.
What the officers who have signed the
paper evidently regard as one of the mom
serious of the offenses charged against the
captain la that, on the quarter deck of the
cutter Grant, he told .-mother officer that
he did not omldecr a second engineer as a
tit liersoii lo Introduce thai ofricer to him
Capt. Ilealy was on board the ISrlllsh
warship Pheasant on the night or s,i.
temlier 10, and, according to the olf.iers
who notr oppose him, he ordered an officer
not under bis immediate command to "git
out t his. cabin under pain of arrest." In.
view of the fact that this interesting inci
dent Is said to have occurred on n foreign
vessel, it Is llktly that Seoretar Carlisle
will desire to fcrnnv all about It.
TcMlmniiv- Offeri-d Xot Favorable to
1lic Brother Who Is Contest Inn It.
In the You I g will case before Judge Cole
yiRtenlay Airs. .Margaret Adams, lirs.
CroEhau, and Dr. William II. Haw kes gave
Thomas K. Young, who Is shut out by the
will ot ills brother, the late James E.
Young, is cnnUntlrer the claims of Will
lam A. Young, tlio late John M. Young,
Airs. Margaret L. Gaildls, and others who
are the bem ficiarles.
llr. Haw Les. who was n physician In at
tendance at Mr. Young's death, said he
thought the testator was competent to
make a will whe.u the instrument was
draw ii.
Mrs. Adams, who is n trained nurse-, at
N'o. 312 Fourteenth stntt nonhvvist, testi
fied that she heard, while walling ou Mr.
Young, of much enmity bttvveen the broth
ers, and knew ot the patient lielng very
much hurt by harsh and coarse n marks
made by the contestant in regard lo their
mother and himself. He seemed to e.iro
more for vv hat was said of his mother than
:jr himself. Shu thought him of sound
Mrs. Crochan attended Mr. Young at
the hospital and told of his condition. Fbu
considered him of sound mind.
Mr. J. William l.ee, the undertaker, was
on the stand at the noon recess. Bis testi
mony was as to the relations or the
brothers in their enrrlage business on
Fennsj lvanl.1 avenue.
AClOlt aiiiim:tki.
Lilt i' .MeinlxT of Henry IrvlnnV Coni-pairj-
Arrested andIXseliarged.
London, Nov. -I. George Alexander,
aged 3T jears, an actor of ability and
rep lie. fornierl n memberof Henry Irvii.g's
Companv, with which, in IS'3, M. -n-ent
to the Lmted Malts, w as arraigned In the
Wcstmlnsn r police court this morning
to ars-ver a charge of disorderly conduct.
It was alleged tuat the offense was com
mitted upon.i secluded hlghwayat midnight
last night, the complainant being a woman
who gave her name as Elizabeth Davis.
Slit vtjh wrelt hedly dressed an levidentlv
In ill-health. Alexander said that the
only ground for the i barge was that he
had given the woman a half crown out of
pure chanty upon her representation that
she was starving.
The magistrate postponed further hear
ing of the case until llils afternoon, ptnd
lng IheeollK-iionoraddltinnalevldi-ncT by
the police. When the case was recalled
this afternoon Alexander was dlstlurged.
there not being surticieut evidence to hold
cos.sKXTr.n to
Koimders Fore-ed Into
rnptey by 11 Hank.
Montreal. Xov.4 The Ilanrjiiedn ronple
tc-lay made a dttnand of assignment on
William Clendennln .t ons. stov e founders
and manufacturers, and the firm filed a
consenttonssign. Mr.riendcnnin hadmade
the bank anoirer of :!3n,0H) for his estate-;
SoO.Odt) cash, tmd .2uu.nU() on time, but the
directors declined to accept It.
On the INjIIco Force Xovv.
Additional privates on the nolice force
wercappointed yesterday asfollowstllenry
L. Prince, for duty with the Bottlers' Pro
tective Association; O. E. CrKsniore, at
the Cochran Hotel, anil George T. Newton,
with tin? Anacoslla Hallway Company.
Tfie Beauty
of Health s
Features don't mat
ter so much. Host
any features will do
if the complexion is
clear, the eves bright
and the lips rosy. Hearty, healthy whole
someness is better than mere beauty of
features. A face full of the glow of good
health full of the kindliness and good
humor that health brings, is bound to
be an attractive face a face that' will
make friends. The face tells the story
01 cue wnoie Doay. jviuraer win out "
and so will "female weakness," and
nervousness and other disorders peculiar
to women.
If there is a drain on the system and
strength, the record of it will show in
the face. If there is nerve nagging
"bearing-down" pains, dragging and
pulling at the most sensitive organs in a
woman's body, the face will show it.
Abused nerves draw lines of care and
Worry on the face. Nervous prostration
writes its warning on the face long before
it comes. Sleeplessness, nervousness and
debilitating drains make more wrinkles
than age.
Nine-tenths of the sickness of women
comes from some derangement of organs
distinctly feminine. Nine-tenths of this
sickness can be cured and avoided by the
nse.oI Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
There is nothing miraculous about the
" Favorite Prescription " nothing super
natural. It is the result of rational thought
and study applied to medicine.
It has been prescribed by Dr. Pierce
for over 50 years. It ha made thousands
of women healthy and happy, and has
brought joy to thousands of homes.
In "female weakness" it acts directly
and strongly in healing and strengthen
ing the parts that are most severely tried.
It clears out impurities and promotes
regularity afall 'time.
i -V-s.
ill's Sale
Oi Mil.
We aro hustling out the S40.000
stock of the Into firm of H. A. Ha
zelton &, Co,, of New York, which
we bought at tho sheriff's sale.
We started tho ball rolllnp; at
44c On the Dollar,
and now we are dolns oven better
than that. Lower and lower go our
prices, and faster and faster the
bargains cot snapped up. Tho ea
ger crowd of purchasers crows big
ger every day. Don't miss your
chance luck like this doesn't often
come your way.
Men's Heavy Winter Suits. Dou-CQ PC
bluantl Mpgle Breasted sPO.PU
Men's .Strictly All-Wool Cheviot CC fl
bulls, wholesale price $11.00. ...spQ.HU
Heavy Winter Clay Worsted Suits.
ive-genc cut aim Hack: reguiarlTl; Ik
wholes ile mice 1D 00..
O-vford Mit Winter Suits. Double
and .Single lireasle-d. Ctsliiicre7 QC
lined; wholesale-price $1 UO sP.OO
Men's Overcoats heavy Blue Boa CTC. Cfl
vers double warp Italian lining sPU.UU
$18 00 Imported Germanla Over vTT Cn
coals sPi.Ou
S1C.00 Trench Black Cheviot Over-CC TC
coats,., sPO. u
S10.00 Oxford Mixed Overcoats.. $4. O
Men's Finest u.illl Vlt unas, Mil
tousaud Kersey., blue and black,
lined with Skinner's Hllk, raw
edge:) Inch Velvet Collar: whole-ffO "iC
sale price Jl'0.00 4J. 0
Men's Hiavy Winter PautIoon,4 I .UU
Strictly All-Wool
Black and lUuefTl rn
Hums' CasMmerc Punts;
sale price $:l.on
n hole
Y0U114 Men's Dark Gray Overcoats,
wholesale price $7.00
Children's Overcoats and Flsters.
made In flrsu lass stile: whole f I fr
sale price $;i.75 sPl.DO
Children's Suits,
jeurs ot age. .
from 4 to If
Double breasU'd, well
made, pat-ff I fl
ent elastic Waist Kind
all wool
Double brensted lteiugh
blue and blzck
Double breasted, double peit andCTO Of!
krees: -O styles to select from ..sP.ZU
Genuine Seolcli Cheviot Suits;
diffirent patterns
Boys' Long Punts- Suits 1 1 10 10
years dojbleand single bri'asteil.
manufactured of absolutely pnreCQ TC
wool man rut 4)0. 0
Hundreds of other Uirgains.
H. Frl8dfantier&Bro
9th and
E Sts
N. W.
We have
no connection with
house in the city.
11. E.
Ariiisfionir Wants AVnrl. lo Nip
pon Ills 1-a 111 11 .
A sail case of misfortune was reported
lo UieDlstrict Building .vest trdav in roi.cn. 'Mi
application nude for cinployiiie-nt. H. E.
Armstrong, or So. :J31 U strctt north
been adverse through no fault or his own,
has sin ven tu vain losec-urecnipioTiiicni.
Dels intelllgt ut, ompelent 1 1 1 ilia p.in .on
of honor and trust, and has a dependent
Jamby. Be Is willing to nect pt any sort of
empkoiuentllMtnianhl turn mt he support
ot ade'.ieatevvlre.-iii 1 a r.unilyt.r 1 hildivn.
HU character and ability are vouched
for by nmnl-vrs who know him, ninl an
effort has been made to secure him some
sort of eniplomenl under the District, but
so far w itiioul success.
It was suggested by his frlinds that The
Times shouM make- his ase piiblle as pis
sible, by means or utlrnt ting the .ittenuon
of some one who ran otfer nini a place.
TIlOLLYE'sTi:xTlltINf: CAM'.
Sir. Sehiii-pf Asks for a Dismissal of
Ills Apiiealed Case.
The final step in II e surrender of the
Eikirgton llallroad Cnmnaliy in lis fight
for the trollej on New lurk avenue was
taken jestcrday.
lnis v.is u,e dlsiulss'ti ,m the order of
Mr. W. K. Schui'pf of the npH'.l from the
deeision in the police 'ourt imposing .1
fine for obstructmg.ihe puiille sp.KT with
the poles.
Mr. Schoepf, who was thcgencral niins
ger of the Eckington road, was arresied
on June 8, and uiuu a hearing In lollce
court was tentcncesl to fine or the work
house. Constructively, he went to the
workhouse. Actually, he appliid to the
Supreme Court of the District ler.i writ of
habeas corpus. This w.is refused by Judge
.Mr. ."siaoepf gave bond an1 appealed from
this devislon to the Court ol Appeals. This
was on July 12.
Olney to
Promotions ljj- se-cretarj-
Kill Vaeuiic'les.
Secretary Olney has made the following
promotions in the clerical lorce of the
State Department to till vacancies caused
by ri-signation and reductions:
Edward L. Wliite-liouse, or Maine, from
clership of class ore 10 class Jour; .Miss
Caroline Lawrence, of the District or Co
lumbia, lrom $1.iU0 grade to elafs one;
Mrs. Louisa A. Trait, of Massachusetts,
rroni $000 grade to $1,000; Kotert, Jlnnt
Mosher, or Kentucky, from class one to
class three.
Miss Minnie W. Goss, of New York,
from $1,000 grade to class, one; Mrs.
Stella A. Gale, of New York, from SHOO
grade to $1,000 grade; GaUlard Hunt, of
Louisiana, from class tlire-e to class four:
Charles II. Campbell, of the District of
Columbia, from class two to class three,
and Thomas T. Keller, of Pennsylvania,
from class one to class two.
Ileal Estate Triuisrersi.
Deeds of real estate" were filed yester
day for recurd as follows: Columbus I.
King ami wife to James MeMahon, lot 6,
Henderson's sub. square 112, subject to
$4,000 trust, $10. E. A. Nafler to M. A.
Wilherliee, lot 12, block 13. Brookland,
$1,500. 8. E. Powell and wire to It. F.
Fox. part lot 23, Morris' sub. block 15,
Le Droit Park, subject to trust, $fl.000.
Thomas E. Waggaman and wife lo W. S.
Cox. part of Cleveland Park, $5. Virginia
and Alabama Company to Samuel Cross,
part lot 8, square 000, $5. H. M. Baker,
trustee, to R. M. Pailrrett. n.irt ,,rn-l.. .1
lot 21, square C90, 52.200. It. II. Golds-
oorougn, is. vv. itowo and J. A. Cooke,
trustees, to W. S. Cox. narr. of Tlii-hinnrto
County, $5. Bora Holinan to J. s. Ecall,
lot 9, Groff's sub, square 807."subJect to
54.400 trust, $1,000. J. G. Holden and
wife to G. N. Hose. 1r. tot fi. ICiLpr'c onli
Pleasant Plains, subject to $3,200 trust.'
$10. Ellen McDonald to A. II. Bell, lot 28,
Huston's sub. block 22. Ishcrwood. snhlpir.
to trust. $10. P. II. Heiskell anil wire l.
T. B. Dapray, lot 11, Gleason's sub. block
r., Kalorama Heights. $10. Charles T.
Hughes to II. V. McGcc, lot 30, Hodges'
sub, block 11. Trinidad, subject to $1,404.
trust, $10. Thomas Francis, Jr.. and Wm.
M. Becker, tnistees, lo Fannie Brown, part
lot 9, section 8, Barry Farm, $300. E. A.
Smith to Fannie Brown, part lot 9, section
8, Barry Farm, $5. George W. Lewis to
Josephine B. Parkman, lot B7, block 1.
W. B. M. Co., sub. Trinidad, $2,700. E.
L. Yoder and husband to J. II. and C. E.
Hanse, original lot 10, square 104. quit
claim, $1 GO. A. Burgdorf and A. 8. John
son, trustees to L. Faber, lots 2G and 27,
Burgdort sub., square 832, $5. A. Itawles
and wife to Mary F. Hall, lot 4. square 2,
Reno, $1. L. Simmons and L. H. Meyers,
trustees to Victor Anderson, partorlglnal lot
3, square 575, suhject to $10,000 trust,
$11,600. II. C. 8tewart, Jr., .and F. P.
May to II. W. Hclder. part lot 22, square
680, $5,800. J. A. Mjddleton and
W. B. Mlddletou and others to
Charles Stewart, lots 10, 16 and 17, Berry
sub.. Metropolis View, quit claim, $5.
Eugene Carost and B. M. Morrison, trus
tees to T.H. Hall, original lot 18, square
President Cleveland Issues the
Proclamation for the Holiday.
Thursday, the 2Htiriiwtnnt, ne Asks-
All rcople to Join in l'nper
for the Xatlon'H Good.
The Thanksgiving proclamation was ls-eue-d
by the Prcslde-ntyesterday as follows:
"The e-onitant goodness aniLorbe-an-mcc
ot Almighty God vvhljh Jiave been vouch
safed to the American people duilng the
year which is ju-t'paft cajl for their
smcere acknowledgement nmldcv out gial
llude. , n
"lo the end, therefore, that we may with
thankrul hearts imlle lu extolling the
loving (tire of Our Heavenly Father, 1,
Grover Cleveland, Prisldfnt of the Lulled
Stati-s, do hereby appoint and set apart
Thursday, the tvvenij-eiglitli elay of the
present month or NoVeiriuer, as a day of
Ihanksglviug and pr.fycr, to be kept and
observed by all our people.
"On that day let ps forego our usual
occupations, and in our accustomed places
of worship Join In giving tuanks to the
giver of every good .and perfe'Ct gilt for
the bounteous returns' that have rewarded
our labors lu the fields, ami In the busy
marts ot trade; for the cacc and order that
have prevadwi throughout the land, for
our protection from pestilence' and dire
calamity, and for the other bl'sslngs that
have been showeresl upon us from an open
"And with our thanksgiving let us
humbly liesei-ih the Ixird to so incline- Hie
hearts ofoiir iieople unto Him thai He will
not leave us nor forsake us as .1 nation,
bjt will continue, to us His mercy and
protecting care, guiding us la the patli
ot national prosM-rity and happiness, en
dowing us with reetitiide and virtue, and
keeping alive within us a patrlotk love
for the rre-c institutions whiiii have be-en
given to us as our national heritage.
-'And let us also uii the day or our
thanksgiving esicially remember the poor
and needy, and by deeds of iharity lei us
show the Miiccril of ojr gratitude."
The custom of issuing- n national pn-c-lamutloii
has been m11u.1l mlv since Liu
coin's lime, though George Washington
issued, as early as 17!', .1 I roelamation,
which lias served as a luetic! Irr his
'the Bovolutlnnary fathers belieMdthcy
had 1 articular reatens Icr giving thanks,
and il'cy lest lew nipuriimiilis or Ooii.g
so. Thus, in the Ccutii'eiilal Congress, thi re
vv re resolutions 1 Hssed si ttlng csicV dnvs
for ackiiowlce'glng tfe kiuci'cis it Provl-ile-nce
in glv ii g victor to the Kcvclutionln
'Hie ihnpljhis or Congress vwrethe prime
movers lu thl". But the thanks or the
nation were given rather gradgmgl after
waril, and It was tine to a 1 ostoii woiean's
efforts that President Uncotii made a tiabit
of proclaiming a sje-eial cuy lor giving
btnee Ui.eolnV lime the Presidents have
all Issued 1'naiissgn 1ngp1eel.1io.il ions e.irlv
in Nove.no.r. liie-ss pn- lauiaiions .iro
comiHrscd usinily b the I'lesidiins theiu-
s I-, es, and lu mot lustauees lii y tia e ixvn
writtin with the l'riult.il sow n main.
From Hie Wnlta House lu. y nave (.one to
the Nate Deisiriiu, at, wnrrt im have-lAs-ncopitsl
w.iti exueiM.ssoii mai niiieial's
biae p.iper.
The priH-,amalon Is never tvpewnlt.-ti.
The tpevvnter is i.sid in a.l The m par.
meuts irtviv with thecsci ptiouor the .state
licparLiicui. nere s, e rotary urt-stii.ui nse.i
it lor Ills eoriespjiiiiecce, mil Ik fore hhu
it wasiiot usest ev.H lor tne cretjry 1 .en
ters. No oitie ia.dcument hii in.iiiug mini
the Stale lopaitnieiit is ver wnlieu
the tvpewrller- It is jnvariaiuy tnfarosstd
lu llowtng m npt on the de tiariment's blue
bond paper.
vvficuiiiepn clainatlonhisbeeni-ngrossesl.
It is tent tutheoiriivorilieeierkofpardotis
and coiimiission. ne nas tne-eu.-t..j t.i
the great seal.
No Impression of trs-scal eaifbe-mr.de
without a spes ial varmni ljiis! by the
President 01 ttie Ln'ibsl stat-s hlinsef.
This v.n Is kc pi e-onsiantiy unler I -eis .n.d
Lev, et epi wneu ii iineeior theatiesi
ing ol paidons, i-ouutusoious, or pro miii..
tious 01 the t ii-siii iw. n is .in e.ais-jr.ne
uuair, winch cose s,tvdii, .nut the ti..iKin.r
01 lhelintiressMiiiisius,lntiiisii,-.t-wiiiiiiMi, u
ceremony and not a "(illl" lalsjr.
When me miii Imis 1 io alli-en tlie doc
ument Is lopusl b eiefss, and eop.is are
sent lollii M'verimrs of ,111 ti.i M.iies. It
is given to the pusss .11 ihe same time,
anil the priss assoikttfeths leiegraiiii it to
all the iieariers of the i-onntr ii.r publica
tion. It finds its way Into a food many
thousand uew-paj
rs.'anil prob..liy Is ri ad
oy ten or Iilleen million 01 it.e piopie Jadgm-nt reversed with i-osis and cans.,
or the t'niteil Mates. " 1 j retiiuuivd; iiiii!o.i by Justnv Miepanl.
Tlie first Th.iin.-giv ing proclamation, j .so lfi3, rjney v?. Hodand; J-dgment ar
that or I ii-Ment Washington, was esui-d itirmed witn .lists; upialou Ii) Justice
in Niw ors, liitohcr 3, l. Mi. Ih iui in ,-hepard. No. -IP4, bnmli vs. i;i!more;JJdg
Wasiiinglon, it will be Men, tool time b j mealamriiie-dvv itu 1 jsts.opiuio 1 by austiec
the fori iocs. TIele was no telegraph lu j abc-pard. Asiignments 1-iKMal calendar,
his day and no Lnltisl Press to irate-nit .;,,. ; regular easemur, jr,5, 169, GOI,
the proclamation to the utte-imcl pans c.f 1 L6. boy, .".12.
tlie L'nllisl States. Kipnty Court No I. Chief Justice Bing-
It hud lo reach tlie ioterior liy stag,-and ' ham Kogers vs. t-aoL-r; leave to rue
carrier; and no doubt man i.r thc-p-opie I amended bill grautcsl. Hood vs. Tal.bs,
who had some reascm to give then dtj uudilor'H reiH,ri i-m..-iinJ aul distribution
rot hear or thi8apH.intme-iil of November riiercd. SeiiLu vs. S"Men, appearance
2b for tint purin.se until November was I or au-c-nl . ie.u..i.. o..urej. i.uci.eceK
long pist.
Tne original of the Wasli'ngtoa procla
mation is in the hands of the ItcV. J. W.
Wellman, who inherited It remotely from
Ills great graudr.it her, WiPiam Klpley, ot
Cornish. N. II. It was nine h like t he im.cla'-
matioaot to day. it began with theloniial.
"By the President of the Cnlle-d States of
.vmcrica A proclamation.
Unless Ihe patriotic citizens of Rhode
Island are de-cojr.igej by the experience
or the last two years, they will send Ihe
President again a rat ttirfccy for nisTtuaks-
giving dinner.
Last year the I'resiuent went out to
Thanksgiving dinner and left the turkey,
which had Iwen sent to him from Westerly,
for the domestics al the While Hojse. The
year before be bojght another turkey and
used It In place or the Rhode Island bird,
for some reason best known lo himself.
Possibly the Republican flavor of the
Rhode Island turkey is obnoxious to the
President; for the prime movers in the an
nual turkey gift are conspicuous Republi
cans. Senator Anthony used to be the
chairman of tlie committee which passed
on themeritsor the blrdsorrercd in competi
tion for the honor or being eaten by a President-Senator
Dixon succeeded him In the per
formance or this agreeable duty. Presi
dent Harrison always honored the Rhode
Island turkey bv making It the conspicuous
feature or the Thanksgiving dinner at Ihe
White House. The last turkey which has
graced a President's board weighed thirty
eight pounds. Westerly has sent birds of
forty-rive pounds' weight to Washington
for the President.
Fire Burned Keeper's House unci tlie
Hears Killed the Ow ner.
Sandstone, Minn., Nov. 4. The bear and
deer larm recently started near'Kerrick, a
email station on the Great Northern road
midway between this city and Superior,
Wis., was wiped out by fire yesterday.
Frank tlhaiito, a Lall-breecl, w horn James
Allen, the proprietor of the farm, employed,
brought the news here. Allen Is dead, the
deer and bears are free, and ihe pens are In
ashes. Shanio Is badly burned, the result
of trying to. rescue Allen, who was killed
by the bears.
Tlie fire originated in the log cabin ac
cupied by Allen and Sbanto. When tho
fire started in the cabin, which adjoined
the pen, the bears became wild. In mak
ing his escape from the burning house Allen
was forced to pass through the pen. No
sooner bad he appeared In the enclosure than
he was attacked by the, bears. The rifles
were in the burning building and could
not be reached. The instant one of them
struck Alien down the other eight bears
made a rush for him. Ghanto Jumped into
the pen, but too late to, save Allen. He
killed two of the bears, and in making bis
own escape was burned about the head and
Dr. H. G. Harrison, of New York, fur
nished the capital for starting; of the farm.
It was proposed to raise bears nd deer
for the market. The farm covered about
rive acres 01 ground.
Dr. Walker's $5 a Month Rate
for Treatment and Medicine
- Has Captured the Town.
Dr. Walker's gre.it success in treating
patients nl $.-; a monlh Iihs induced him to
nuke this liopular rate permanent. Call
ami see the doctor. He treatH nil chronic,
nirvo'is, and special diseases; catarrh,
asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, ilyspei-
sla, constipation, night losses, emissions,
varicocele, and stricture., all cpiickly cured.
. $5 a Month1,
And all remedies furnished. Dr. Walker's
offices are centrally located on the second
floor of his well known sanitarium, llll
Penmylvania nvenue nortliwi-st. Office
hours, 10 a, in. to Op. m.; Wedc. sd.ivsand
Saturdays, 7 to 8 p. in.; Sunday, to'lo 12
j:imrsm law applies.
Decision 1 13 the Court of Appeals Has
Uiimi Itt'Pdered.
Chler Justice A.vey, of the Court of Ap
peals, writing lor the court vesterdar
peals, writing for the court this morning
handed down an opinion coiillrmmg Hit
position previously taken lhat the Edmunds
iim.-.ioijganiy law- applies In thlsillstrict.
The opinion Is In the case of Charles H.
Chase and Mary Ja kson, alias White, who
wen- iiuivieted ..f adjltery last June In
Judge Cole's (!.
Line were seal cin-e-d to a year and a ilay
lu prison at Alba-jy,
'Hie isnirl or apH.aIa finds lhat Hie conten
tions or counsel mat the law was Intended
to apply to L'Lih, and i.ot here at nil. arc
not K-ustaliiisI.
Judge Ahey slates that it Is agreed that
the dteisloii shall al-o settle the case or
or Louis A Don.iii, the gnxs-r. at I'our
teenth anil F stree-Is, 111 whieli the raets
are substantially the same-
The livv when first applied causisl a
great Increase- in the Issue ot marriage
It Js said lis application will reach
man persons iiueli inglitrin station than
any wlidhave el tnkeiutlarm.
A brisk movemei.l In some direction to
avoid Its pci.ally is exected bv- s.me per
sons. The ("eel-Ion rendered also touches
property rights in siveral wots. Particu
larly II. e sssiirnineiit of the wife's interest
lu real estate is affecteii.
In the lase decided Jude- Cole allowed
Ihe husband to testirv as to the marriage,
and the dc-ision sJsiniis that action.
Judge Alvey, in conelii ling, saK lhat
the crimei covensi by tne law are no less
heinous here than In the Territories, or
other Jurl-dlction of the Federal Govern
ment, and Just as much ought to be suje
The law was approval March 3, li:S7.
KT.COKI) 0i' TH1 COL'ifTS.
Cojrt of appeals. Chier Jcslk- Alvey,
Jusi,-es MieparJ jnd .Morrk Adml'Sloiis,
I WiPiaiu W. s-vvaii and Charles D. Davis.
Pateut nppe.it No. 12. Yates vs. Husun;
I coutiiuei. N.i. fi07. Dugan et al. vs. Nortli-
cltt: motioa to dismiss ror failure to
print, argaed by D. W. and II. 11. Classic
in support and br E. Forrest hi opposition.
No. -SPA. Fultert Mate ex rel. De-rrer ct al.
vs. ivimball: passed. No. iK, Dfstriit or
Coliimbia vs. Metroiiolitaii llallroad Com
pany: passetl until' Dcvmber. No. 180,
1 Bjrgdorr vs. DJstrul f Columbia et al.,
urgjiuetit e-oinnn need by T W. Biraey for
aiipelUint, contlaed by s. T. Theinus and
. A. i' DjVjP for appellees, and evneluded
by A. A. Blrney for aiiiiel'anf.
i Patent appeals Kos. 32 and 31, la re sp
1 plicntio'i of D. Drawba'jgh; motion or W
f W. riwan lo file brk fs as nuiteiis curiae,
.rranted. briers to Is- handed to Commls
I No. r.CO, Eikli'gtoii and Soldiers" Home
I KaMwavfui11p.ui vs. District .d Columbia;
! onler or fsjiitiiiu.inis- stricken oul and np
' Hal dismlosed. with eol bv appellant.
No 5or, W Kesley .s.hnepr Ve William
II. s.t(,fctenburgk, edsmised with cvsts by
t cppel'a it.
LmtiM Mates vs Charles II. Chase and
1 Marv Jatksou, i.eiree .iriirmcd; opinion
by Chief Justice Alvc-v Fnileil sitaKs vs.
' LoJis A. Durar, 1 e ice ariinucd; i'plmo'1
1 by Chief Justice Alvey.
j No. IM, 'int- ii-tls, nalk tonipany r. the
' Live ejas. I11.1il.tng Ct.iiiUii; ileciec af
! finmsl. i-issts t ;h paid tut ot the hind;
I sipinkni by Just nv Miepanl. No. -Il2,
! eyrer et ill. vs. I i.ew; j-i.guu nt reversed
1 with cists and uj-i' r-iiiindi lor regular
! rrlal: opluiou br Cnie-f Justice Aivev.
. 477. Disirht of lol-mbia vs. Brewcr:
' te. S!iiLtni I'ncsnnnf ir " illcin-rul
I to intervene Sumiu-rs vs. Biciiards,
j rf.indaions matter or niil stneKeu cut.
motion for injunction and recviver dmied.
i!jcrs vs. Jons, leave to a men I bill or
review granted. Yotipg vs. Morrow, com
mi-siriutYs to make partitio.i apiioiirtcd.
f Adjourned sine die.
Lqilty Court Nc. 2. Justice Hagnor
BouMcr vs. Boulder, Robert II. Terrell ap
pouilod trustee lo sell.
Criminal Court No. 1. Justice. Cole
Civil cause; 111 rn slate of James E.
Young; Jury respited.
Criminal Court No. 2. Justice Cox
Clement Woodward, larceny from tho per
son; liench warrant returned, defendant
committed. Harvey Wells, larecuy, order
to summon two witnesses at expense of
I". S. Clarence E. Price, arson; defendant
arraigned, plea liotgJlIty. William Dod
son. larceny: defendant pleads guilt).
Dodson ordered lo restore proiierly. John
H. Hughes, assault to kill, v erdict not guilty.
Probate Court Justice Haguer Proceed
ings as follows: Julia Goddard, willfully
proved. Timothy F. Green, proof of pub
lication, filed. Grace C. Crippen, receipts
filed. Sam Banks, comiiimlsslon ordered lo
Issue to lake testimony at 1'rii.ceton, N.
J.; commission and will sent. Dora
S. Ilolmau. guardian, order finally ratif
ing sale. John R. Gullen, onler of publica
tion and ordcrappolntbig William M . Lewin
collector; bond at $1 ,000. Cella E.
Andrews, Inventory ot money. $1,
139.28 filed. Sidney A. Sumby, petiUon
of s, llham H. Seversoa for rule to show
cause filed.
rromlses Drastic Imjnlrlos and Isj
Loudly Cheered by Iladicnls.
Paris, Nov. 4. At 3-15 o'clock this
afternoon Premier Bourg.-ols began read
ing the declaration of policy of the new
The radical deputies cheered the premier
repeatedly, but the memiiers of the Center
remained frigidly silent throughout the
M. Bourgeois began by announcing that
the Cabinet would obey tho wishes of the
Chamber in opening a supplementary in
quiry Into the Southern Railway scandals,
no matter what might be the result, and
woulddeposit upon the tableorthe Chamber
a complete collection of the documents In
tlie case, so ns to enable Parliament to pro
nounce political and moral Judgment In
the matter.
Tlie address was greeted with great ap
plause by the Left.
Gresat Britain nnd America Not Botli
erliiit About Jllsilonarles.
London, Nov. 4. In regard to thn report
that the United States and England In
tended to take Joint action In Turkey, look
ing to the protection of British amd Ameri
can missionaries. United States A mbassador
Bayard said to-day that nothing had been
done through the American embassy, but
he was hopeful that something would be
done upon the lines suggested, as the
American schools In Turkey were the best
ednoatlonal institutions in the country.
Anyhow, he said. Joint action would be
taken simply upon grounds ot humanity.
The SalTadorean Minister bar had a
lone interrtaw with Ambassador Bayard
1 this aftornoo.
Financial and Commercial.
ffovT York btoolcSfi.rttBt."
FurnLshed by Frank Wilson Brown, broker.
1336 F street.
On nith Mw. Cloa.
8JW S0j. S9K S'JiJ
in KU tsis !&(,
American Tobacco....,
atchlson. Ton.. JsS. F.
Canada houlhcrn.....
Col Fuel A. Iron ,
M wJh wjt
s-yt -,jj .-1
C.ii iVulncj- S3)i
M'Cl c,
c;. i u. jl. St. l,
Cheaapeako X Uhlo
DeL, Lack. A; caieru ..
Distiller Cattle FoeiL
Delaware nnJ Hudson...
Ueneral le-Irlc .
si ills tun
-7!i 1-79, C5J liii
16S 100 1W lCSej
ssit - wjf 2iJ5
ISO1- 1TW4 12-j ua
12 IS lUf 11
31 31 W Jt'
Jeraey Central 1IHU llHi IWij
IglrakhAM 1 Hal r 1(li iir
Lako fehore.
!'. ! li:
Louisrillraua .MvshTllie.
Leather prf
KT. t.T.l
31iesourI l'aeine
lluehattan Llovatcd
Northern Pacinc ifd.. ..
N. Y. Central
N. Y. Gas
S. VV jtd .'.
Omaha.... .............
i.oek lifiaud
totilteriL '
'ieunesseeCo-vt ariroa;..
3 exas Pacific
Uniou j'acine.... .:
Wnbasa preretrt
llesteru UnlouTel
nit wi i-i
11 31U, 31
13, li'i i:u
Jijt :st n
cj ssi, an,
30 Suit L'sl.
lOdli lllfl,i '"3 l5)4
lOlii K3 101U IW-i
16?s 16k lrU Wi
UU IU0 10a 100
UTli IIS 1174 H7J4
a.-. 1
ir i-ji4 iu
74m, '.Six nj.
Il?( 114 114
rr. a?4 &
a 14s. .iv4
iroij 101 1;
liaie IOOsh
357i 3i
Chicago .Markets.
Op'n. nil u
Deeeniber .. . 5S WK
Ma) v 'Jji G3J4
PcecuiDer.... . STSs-Iv. -75X
Hay sDJs wt
Dee-emher.... I8JJ Vi
May JU4 u)
January 0.12 'J 17
Jlay a.30 JH
-auuary 5 6 5G;
Slay 5.S7 5.S7
tries Kim.
January 1-7 4 Si
Hay 4.8.' ISi
Loir Cloj.
li;t-3 vJiJ-(,
r. mi
i Z)H
!Si lSf-,
v.:s 9 17
1 13 JM
SiCj' S.63 11
1 Hi 5B7
4 37 4 C2
4 a: i s;
Oneiu llira
'. 6.7H 8 T!
. (I BJ B b7
.. S.! Hill
. 8 1'J b !TJ
Ijov Closs-
Wnshinaton sio;i f-xjnani!.
bales llecular cill Capllsl Traction. 2 0 at
SJ; 10 al wuj 2 at b.3; J4 at 8k l. A Klectric
Light, 30 at 13. Loluinhia lltle Insurance, 13
at ;.
IS. If. K 1!1S IW.i
V.H. 4-" C. Illj
L.S.1S 1923 m'lj
as. i' mi H4.C,
: liaj "iO-year Flindlas" .. 131
I'sl'JJr -30-year rntirtlns'coIJ. . ..JUtf
7'siuoi "Wnterstocs currency .... 116
VfiVJU! "Water stoix' eurreacy. ..lis ....
1C3 1921 "Kundlu;" currency ...."..212 ....
IJ-'s Heit 2-10" li-l!H UJ
W jcUKllConr. iTslst, -& ....
W JLGKUConr. l'e-'J, 19J3-'41
JietllUOonv Cs, ISM 1I4UJ
.Viet lilt Lnri's 103
belt li UVsl02I SO
Eekinitor. It llG'a, ls191I lni
Columbia It 115s, 111: ll("i
Uub(lulc,c A, tTe. 1902-'2r.... 112l
V. nsli l.as Co. !-r H. Ca, l'JOl-'Jl .... lliu
tt ash Cu Co I oar 3. 1901 l.'S
I' . i lee Light Conr 5's. l'JJl 13J
ILesareaxe .t Tolomnc TeU J's.... 100
Anierfect Trust 3's, 190i 102
AuieriecE'lr-uslSs, 133 10 c
Wcsa Varktt Co let t. ISK-laXi
j;.oo3 retired annually 110
WasU.VlarktoIiup(ia.l'J12-'27.... 110
ttashJIars.CohstnB's, 19HAT... 110
Jasouk-llallAss'nS-s.C, 13M 103
Wash Lt latantry Istos. 1101 !0J
Lath Lt. liiiactrr.'d 7's. laij
lank ol WashlMton 25- 200
LsU. oIltepuMtc 2IJ ......
JLeUojOittau. ...... .......... ........ 2j3 300
Central ....... 270 ,....,
caruteraaud Mechanics' 1S3 193
. esond. 132 lij
L.tizeus 133 ...
CctumMa. 13) 140
tapitnl 113 ......
Vi.st mi ui
'traders- 101 100
ij'iculn 97
Ohio.... .... ......
iUK nsrcsir asd Tscsr cos.
Nat bale Deposit & irut 110
Wnsaloaii.v. I rust .... :: HI
Amsev'uilly.v, truai 139 112
Vasti aftilleiiosll ....... CO 73
Cap til 1 rn-ti u C SO S6
JletrotJlitai! I0O 107t
ioaitnl'itc. ....... ....... ........... 40 ......
l'elt 30
cLtngtoru-.................. ........ .... 3U
Ccercciowii nn.l Tenillri'iwa... .. .... 30
Watblugtun Cjas. 43 47
Georgetown (is 43 ......
L. s. tleclrULiclit 114Vc 153
Firemen ss S3
franklin. 45
littiotHjtltan 70
Corcoran 30
1 otomae.. . tV5 .....
Arlluztun 110
tjermnn American..... lt0 ......
Natl.iuat Lnlon. .... 14
Iclumbla l.3n IJUj
hires 7Ji M,
Peoples S34 . ....
IJllCllS ... ........................ $! .....
CorainerciaL.... ...... ......... 4 ......
Real hstate ntle 107 IIS
Columbia Title 7 s
Wuhluct'n'litle 8
District Title 6?: 12
Pennsylvania JS .... .
Chesapeake anj Potomac. 30 Stf
AmcrKanclrntihophoae ........... 3-4 Sl
1'ucuinat.uUuu Carriage.. 23 .33
Washlneton Market. 11
Ureal rails ice 123 133 .
Lincoln Hall tO 93
liiler-UccaubiiiMint:.. .... ......
Morcanthaler Linotype. 200 220
tx. HiTldeud
llMttlniore .Mn.rl.ctH.
Baltimore, November 4. Flour quiet
western super, 2.4Sn2.G3: do. extra, 2.70
a3 00; do. ihiiuIv, 3.L0a3.60; winter wheat
palent,3.Scki3.s5; spring do., 3.70a4.00;
stiring w heat straight, receipts,
10.2SS barrels;, shipments, 20,916 barrels:
fales, 430 barrels. Wheat dull spot and
nionth.iiGaOi; l-4:Deccmber,6G 5-Sai'.6 3-1;
May, 71 1-4 asked; sieamcr No. 2 red,
G3aG3 1-4 receipts, 1,015 bushels; stock,
500,22 bashels: sales, 32,000 bushels
southern wheat by sample, 65aG7; do., on
grade. Gla67. Corn easy spot. 37a37 1-8;
monlh. new and old, 34 3-ba34 5-8; year,
33 l-2a33 5-8: January, 33 1-4.133 3-8:
February, 33 l-2a33 3-4; March, 33 2-4a
34: steamer mixed, 34 1 -2a35 recelpts,25,
017 bushels: stock. 341,4: 1 bushels, sales.
23 000 bushels southern wh!tecorn,31 1-2
a37: do. yellow, 34 l-2a3G 1-4. Oats
quiet nrd steady No. 2 white western,
24 1-Ia24 1-2: No. 2 mixed, 23 receipts,
12,755 bushels; slock, 211,130 bushels.
Rvc verv ouiel No. 2. 44a-ln ncartir? 4sn
49 1-2 wes'ern reclpts, 1,125 bushels:
stock. 81,071 bushels. Hayjirm, actlvo
demand choice timothy, $15.50alG.00.
Grain Ireights oulet, offering fair, demand
slow steam to Liverpool per bushel, 2 3-4a
3d. November; Cork for orders perquarter,
3s.4 l-2d. Novemlier. Sugar steady gran
ulated, 4.58 per 100 pounc's. Butter steady
rancy creamery, 23a24; do. Imitation,
IGalS: do ladle, IB; good ladle, 12al3;
siuie iae-seu, iuai e-Kgs Ijrm iresn
19; cold storage,
16al7. Cheese firm-
fancy New York, 60 pounds. Hall L-4;do,
35 pounds, 11 l-2all 3-4; do. 22 pounds.
12al2 1-1.
One Hast Been Issued Korblddimr Mall
to Three Companies.
New York, Nov. 4. Chler Post-oMce In
spector John 1 Ashe has lieen notified by
the authorities at Washington that tlie de
partment had received a fraud order, under
the new lottery law, against certain specu
lative forms In this city.
Chief Ashe to day said: "Such orders have
been received rorbiddlne the use ot the
malts to Traube aud Preuzlan. Henry
Traulv, Kalui & Co.. nnd the European
Securities Company of New York."
She Can Stand Brutal Football, But
Not Prize Fights.
New Haven, Conn.. Nov. 4 The state
ment that there is a possibility of the Cor-bclt-Fitzslmmous
right being pulled off
in Connecticut has aroused the State Law
and Order League. Secretary Thrasher,
of the league, said this morning:
"You may slate that the La w and Onler
League will Tise all Its machinery to de
feat the nrooosed scheme.
"If Ihe fight takes place within the State.
or Connecticut, it win rw oecause me league
has lost Its power. We shall make every
possible effort to save ttra State from this
Tuesday only 76
dozen pairs Ladies', 48
dozen pairs Men's full
regular made Black
Hose Hermsdorf dye.
8 dozen pairs Ladies'
Unbleached Balbrigan.
17 dozed pairs Men's
Tan all to jro at the
unheard of price of 1 .1 c
per pair. Be in time.
9O4-906 7th St. N. W.
This paper is printed
Geo. Mather & Son's
Full line ot Rlack and Colored Ints.-crrrieJ la
stock by
Printers' Machinery and Supp'les'
B22-624- D St. N. W.,
470 4"c2 1'eHiisylvuiiia, aveuue north
west, near 6th street. Business men's
lunch, 12 to 2 o'clock, 25c: table d'hote
dinner. 4 30 to 7 30 p. in.. 00c. m-g'-
"For the Blood Is the life "'
Has worked miracles
of healing time and
time again. It acts
directly on the blood,
drlTlng out every
lurking genu of dis
ease. If you are suffering from
any trouble arising from im
pure blood or torpid liver
try "Our Native Herbs."
'Twill most surely and In
fallibly cur you.
All Druggists.
Subscriptions for the SOth Issue
or stock and rirst payment thereon
will be received dally from 9 a . m. to
.4:30 p.m. at the ofrice of the Asso
ciation. Four per cent interest per
annum is allowed. Uponmaturltyof
shares full earnings are iiaid.
Pamphlets explaining the object
nnd advantages of the Association
and. other Information furnished up
on application at the office.
- President, Thomas Somervllla. !
Vice President. A. J. BchnfDtri.
2d Vice President. Geo. W. Casllear. ',
Secretary. John Joy Edson.
Are Welcome
to use one of our board rooms for tb
holdlnc of any committee, charity or other
nee tines between 9 and 1 o'clocfc. Wo
have also added a teller's window for the
eicluBlre use of ladles where they may
obtain any Information desired relative to
opening bank axouatt la their own name,
making inTestments, ta
American Security &
Trust Co., 1405 G St.
a J. BELL, President.
and others who'e occupations prsTect
them from making deposits during
regular banking hours will find itcos
renlcnt to visit the
Union Savings Bank. 1222 FSt,N.W.
which is open EVERY 8ATUKDAI
NIGHT between the hoursof 6 aud 8.
(Four par cant, lntarest oa savings
The paper on which The Wash
ington Times is printed is mads
C.S. F ULKNER. Sole Agonc.
Time Building, New York City.
No Fee Until Cured.
602 F STREET N. W.
flutcises KlliNEYanilBLADBKRdtHeases.
TURE. etc.
PRIVATE diseases quickly and perma
nently cured. Vitality restored. Consul
tation free. Hours. 9 to 12 a m, 2 to 0
p. m.; Tuerday, Thursday and Saturday
Dltchts. 7 to 8. Sundays. 4 to 6.
TaltphSBaK OacMNrst.&
g&r A3EESs9SL1a n
a-.--- r55T'.s4 W-''.-.-
g-r --Sfef tTicr

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