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J-''-b' Z-iT&f y"-' "
at inc Naval Proving Uround, Indian
Head, Mrt. Navy Hejiartinciit. Washington.
D. C. October 22. 1895. In accordance
with the provisions of the second section
of tin- net- or Congress, approved August
r, 1SS2. Statutes at Large, vol. 22, jape
29G. nnd tin- "act ninklLg appropriations
foT the naval service lor the fiscal year
ending June 30, lbi'l. and Tor other pur
poses." approed June 30, 1890. there
will U- mm at 11 e Naval Proving Ground,
Imlia'i Head. Md November 15, lo9u.
certain material belougtug to the navy
condemned asuunt for use therein, consist
ing or 213 tons, more or less, llarvojlied
nlckle i-leil; 21b Ions, more or Jess, uickle
steel: 30 tons, more or less, steel; 29 tons,
more or less, armor piercing projectile
Mi-el, and 9 tons. iM-re or liss, or cast Iron
shell. The sale will be for cash to the
highest bidder lor tacli lot, by staled pro-po-,als.
Schedules containing rorms or
proposals may be obtained on application
nt ll:e oil Ice or the Iuspic tor of Ordnance,
Naval Proving Ground. Indian Head. Md.
The pruiKisals must be in duplicate, in
closed in nu cum lope indorsed 'Proposals
for purchave or condemned material, to
1a- oini.ed Noember l.r, 1895. and ad
dressed to the Inspector of Ordnance.
Naval Proving Ground. Indian Head. Md.
Pnim-al must rcacli the office not later
thanr. t duple p.m. cm Noveinberin, lfc95.
when bids will be publicly opened. A de
posit or 20 per cent of the total amount
or each bid must accompany it as security
for the pasment or the balance and the
renin. il ol the maltri.il within sixty dass
after ilnle or acceptance or bid. A deposit
r the lull amount or bids or $rii.i0 fir
less must accompany the bids. This de
posit will be Torti-ited to the United States
in event or failure lo pay such balance
and make removal within the time staled.
The material and articles will be sold as
they lie and must be removed during navy
yard hours without expense to the gnvern
ment. The right to reject any or all bids is
nverMil. V. McADOO, Acting Secretary
of the Navy. 4t-nol, 5.8,12
SO CENTS down. New credit sjstem.
Everybody happy. See personals. It
WE the undersigned this daybave formed
a co-partnership to carry on the busi
ness of plumbing and gai-ntting at No.
l-l Sixth street northwest.
Noveinler 4, 1693. lt.em
I BEG to announce to my friends and
the public mat, baling retired from my
ofriciul connection with the American Sf
na...... ...! TO-....,.. ,-,,a.,n4 ,t I H I I ,Tf,r
tnlo U.t- ileal Ksiate. Loans and Insurance
t.... I. ...... ... , O, .- ,.- . . . ... ImrililPKt .....
der the firm name of Gtrge E. Emmous &
rv. tiut-ii,-ncuu.t.,ifil ivltti mi. i r llt.lHl
W. Si.iipMiu. ftrccrly of Banes A: Slnll'su.,'
Our oificos nave len nrrai.geil uptni an lm
proitsl j. Ian for tmstness, and tbe csrc-''
rlv.... tT i wi.rtv flv.. i..ini liv mrsplf nod
over t"n jears or active real estate" work byM'thliigs
Mr- Simpson will insure our customers
proper protection and care or their Inter-
Our ofrices nil! be open for business on;
iue.iay. lOvemoer o. ino puonc are m
vileJ to call and inspect same.
tio2.45 GLOltiiE E.ES1MQNS.
"VV ASti TED Ouebell boy and one bailer,
oio 1 llil si. uw It
WANTED-'I good, steady bov. with
exuerieuce. lo set type. Aimly PATII-
FINiiL.lt OFf'lL'E, Ceuuxil Poer hialion
1 1
VAKTED- 1'lrst-ilass ivat makers to
nrnrl. inviOtr tir o-i-t: utsi bushelman.
J D. pfiJi'd A CO- lli and G sts-nw. tf.
"W A TJTRn-imi!; man 1 1 to 18 ieara
o.ti, iu wholesale and relail cigar Ixul-ii
ness: one with some experience preferred
Call iK-iweeu 9 and 10a. in atlOllTlhsl.
liir. It
WAKTED- Positively noneotners need
uj.s rt t r xt-ciil those Willi best ol ref-
Tent- and having some Vnowleilge of book-
ktrp.! g. and 3 or 1 years' experience In
cigjr U.smtS'- in ell, sie Iniii 21 lo 2n.,
nli-KLl.Joil Penn. ove. It
WAKTED-Ui'il pay to rillable white
t,u. iM'.iiein 1-1 and 1G. Int.uire for
Ml: .MCK !24 rst.mi., Letnetn 2nrd4'
Tuist;uy p. in. It
WAMTED First-class
-wanted. 1.112 G st. nw.
WANTED-'1 yll-round bandy man,
s .i,er imu honest, to work in a second
1'ano furniture si ore: none but experienced.
Address FUIi.VlTUKE, this ofrice.
ITED-A boy to learn Patent Of-
, i. i.tittwi. small salary, itoom in,
V.". r ,er HM?. It
"WANTED Cpholstcrer; rirst -class;
i ,:ic ioiuj to work. 2100 1-1 l!i et.
WA?iTED-A llrst-c.'asselotliing sales
n.a.1 uuim navegtMnlreltrenee. Intpilre
tin 1 n. nw. no4-3tem
-.ViIJTBIS Gottl white solicitors, rer-
..iiuir d Tto:t m.,lNl.bSTKIAL
A'jt!:NTY,T23 blxthsl.jiw. Item
W-iVi2:2IJ- - gtod uusi.elmen. Apply
o - L.MIU- Tauors, 141 Pa. aie. nw.
no- Si
(111, .411. J
-Good fontuiaker.alsol'USh.
P. PETIT, 1512 14th St.
"W.A.NTEB-Ot.ecr:aml;crm2id and one
ki.i. i ouseivork Lavement Gill lltli
sr ui- It
MfA'i'liB-l' I." f g.rl ji a i j mill ct 2;
ngiii v.orK. --Cod iai loihe ngl t iiarly;
refer- net s rt ijuirid. Call after 6 Hi p. m.,
903 t'.ih st. nw. rir-2t
WAKTED-While cook, chambernald.
ami nurse; 3 In family. C14 13tn st.
nw. It
WANTED-A saleslatly who has had
experience in a orygood3 store, aisl an
errand boy; must bring refs. Apply 724
Till it 1111 It.
WANTED-Competent laundress, cook,
and chambermaid; bring refs. CI l
13th st. nw. It
WANTED Four German (rcmale)
cooks, 4 German chambermaids. 2
bright colored chambermaids. BIIOOKE,
712 13th st. ii w. It
WANTED-German girl or woman, for
gemral Housework; small family.
220'i F st. nw. no0-2t
WANTED-Settled woman for general
iiousewurK. uuu im st. nw. it-em
WANTED A neat and pleasant young
woman, inexperienced, but tvllting tu
learn, wishes employment of some kind, not
very heavy. Please call 449 3 st. nw.
"WANTED Place to whsIi outside or
at home, or house cleaning. 02 E st. mv.
WANTED-Ilavc your corns and in
grown nails removed without pain.
Bunions successfully treated: cure guaran
teed. Address postal to LE GKANKE, 729
4th st- nw. . no5-lt
ALL kinds of help furnished free of
ciMtgciii or out of tbecity. by Mrs. L. C.
MOORE, 306 G St. nw. Hend iKwlal, It
WANTED-A man or womaifor good
moral cliaracter, who really wants
worn, can apply at Kooru DC, Le Droit Bldg.
SO CENTS down. New credit system.
New stock. See personals. It
WANTED-Carpets to lay; old carpets
a specialty; experienced carpet layer.
D. W. J., this oKlce; lt-em
WANTED-A driving horse for his"
iced; will lie well cared for; rer. guar
anteed; very light work. Address II., 310
V"-?Ji nw., Washington. D. C. lt-em
Asphaltum Paint For roofs, wails,
fences and marine painting: leaks stopped
free: work guaranteed. 401 3d st. nw.
WANTED-Girls to ne sdr-supportlng:
married-ladles to lessen dressmaSiug
hills by learning to cut by Mercbam Tailor
Square: particulars at icboul. 718 12ih
il se!4-tf
WantedTry Rubber Roor Paint,
Anc chrj-s only 'or pah-linr: work eusrantaM
NAT. RUBBER ROOF PAIsi1 CO, "all 8tb ! nir
-AjNTED-Swe Departmenr stamps
-1 pay 50. 50 each for 5 State,
53-75 encli for 7c. and 90c: navy and hlgh
ist prices for Executive, Justice, and other
department stamps, used or unused; In any
quantity; also for collections of U. 8. ami
foreign stamps; if you have any for salo
bring or send all to the old reliable dealer
and collector. C. F. ROTHFUCHS..359 1-2
Penn. ave.. Washington, 1). C. (Cut this
ont for reference.) s no4-tf
WANTED-A1I kinds of old U. 8. post
oge stamps; Department stamps es
pecially desired; highest prices paid. II. F.
DUNKBORBT. 1005 7tU st. nw. nol-7t
OFFICE or the Collector or Taxes. Dis
trict ot Columbia, Washington, October
25. 18113. Taxpayers or the District will
take notice that the undersigutd has re
ceived the staleiiit-nt ot assessment, of the
taxes ror the District of Coiumlii.i for the
i year ceding -June 30. 189U, and will be
-Teauy lo receive paymeur m laxes at mis
niriie rrom and arfa-r the first day of
-November, ISUj. One-halt or said tax
la due November 1, 1803, and the other
balLMay 1, 189.
On so math or the first halt of said
.taxes due November 1, 1895, us shall not
"be paid during said month a penalty or ime
Jit per ceuC will be added on the first
dav or cachutcoedlng month therearier
until the same is paid, or otherwise pro
ceeded with as the law directs.
The law Imposes a like eiialty for non
payment or second half, due May 1, 1890,
If not paid within said month of May.
CollectororTaxes, D.C.
OFFICE or the assessor. District of
Col-njlua. October ,31. 18(13 Notice Is
hereby ciw'n that on the 31st. day of
OGTOBEK, 18i5, will expire all Utvnscs
given by the District of Columbia to
Apothecaries, Auctioneers. Banks and Hank
er. Brokers. Commission Merchants. Claim
Agents' Cattle. Brokers, Dealers, in Ico
Uerihanrlise, Dill Posters. Dealers In Junk
aiidHet-oud hand rersuualProperty. Dealers
in Old Barrels, Insuranee Companies, In
surauee Agents. Munufailurcrs or Itluml
nallnglias,ProprletorsotliarroiiinR,IlllJlard, Bagatelle, and Jenny Llnd Tables. Bowling
Al'ers, and Shuffle Boards, Hotels. Livery
Stables. Intclligeme Offices, Restaurant
and Eating Houses, Ileal Estate Agents,
Wholesale Llqiiur Dealers, Proprietors of
Theaters, Ac. All persons engaged in the
abovJ described business, trades, or pro
fessions, inust promptly renew the same
in accordance with law By order of tho
Assessor D. C. noCldexS
1'KUPOSALS lor supplies for the
Navy Yard, Ynshuigton,D. C October
19. lblTi. siealed proposals, indorsed
"Proposals for Supplies for the Navy Yard,
Washington, D. C., to bo opened No
vemlier o. 1895,' will be. rei"elvetl at the
Bureau of fupppes and Accounts, Navy
Deiuirtment. Washiuglon. 1). C until 12
oVlock noon, NOVEMUHK 5, 1805, nnd
publit ly oiiened immeillatelv thireafter, to
furnish at the Navy Yard, Washington, D.
C a 'pianllty of 7lne, Irrooms, lirusiies,
mairllarope, dryiroods, biieepsl.fns. leather.
steel lorgings, aiM tastings, jne ariieics.
must i-onrorm to the Navy standard and
pass the .usual jiaval lnsneition. Blank
projiosals will bo furnished upon appllea-
iiii to tne ivavy i aru. ivasuingion, i. u.
The attention of manufacturers and deal
ers is invited. TJb bids;, all totlrer
being eaunl. necldea by iol
The department reserves tho right to
. waive derects or lo reject any or all
bids not deemed advantage-ms lo tbe
.Government. EDWIN KTEWAKT, Pay
master General. U. S. N. oc2(i.29.no2.5
'OFFICE or the Commissioners or the
bittrict or Columbia, Washington, Oc
tober 2d. lhDS. Sealed proposals will lie
receivisl at ihlsoirflee until lumu on MON
DAY. NOVEMKKH 11, lb93. to rent until
Dei ember 31. 18113, rent payable In ail-
vaiice. the stalls in the wholesale market
located tin the proerty known as Hay
,market square. A deposit of 25 ikt cent. of
the amouut of the bid must acconiDanv the
.Lorfer as a guaranty of gottd rallti in case
or me aecepiance ot tne tun. nu- com
missioners Teserve the right to reect any
or all bids so reif ived. Sp.'cirications may
,be oblaiu'-il rrom the llartrt Master or the
wholesale market, or at this oirice. Each
nronoal must be Inclosed in an envelone
'plainly addressed lo'-TheCommlsjioniTsof
the District or Columbia, aua inrKnl"l"ro
nosals to rent stalls in the wholesale uiar
ket" J.W.UOMS
Commissioners, D. 0.
WANTED Young marritd man In
need or money, -would be glad of even
ing employment of anv description. G. K.
F.,thn, olflcc. ' It
WAKTED-A place as oyster or order
cook. ..luurcss COOK, 128 C st-sir.
WANTED-An ex-High Bchool stu
dent desires situation; eighteen years
old: speak English ana German. AM
IlITIOlJij. this oKlce. It
WANTED-Position by young colored
man as coachman; userul about house
or' iwrier in store; Intelligent anil of good
address; highest references. 8. T. D.,
care this office. roo-2t
WA'NTED-Hl' young -while nun work
around grocery store and care of
horses. Address 64. Myrtle st. nw. It
WANTED Puce in family as butler
or general housework, by oung white
man. Address II. F., this office.
AVAifTED-Frec! Free! Freel ifS-
cnjnics oi any kind furnished by us;
also we have a few men suitable for
tlrivlnsr a team or something similar;
bes orretB. furnished. WORKINGMEN'S
Tel. 620 COO 13tli St. nw. M. D. SHENK,
clerk. . tf
Vi'AKTEB-By a man a position as
urn error debiery wagon or lo help
srouiid store, can furnish good refs. Ad
tlress G. .I., Ibis ofrice. no4-3tem
WANTED-By a respectable coloretl
man a, pice in private family or first
class taunting house; city refs. Address
S.'X- this oflicc. no4-2t-em
WANTED-lly middle-aged wbitemanT
place iu liirniture, hardware store, m
any place where- he can make himelr
genera. ly nsini. no olijeitlon to long hours
moilcrate wages'. refirenceas to habits. etc.
Address J. B., thlsorrice; flcm
WANTED-By white l)oy, 13, place to
do errands for board while attending
Fihool. 8. T. N.. this orfice. n2-7tcm
WAKTED-Plare as cook In small
inmllv;a gotKl cook. Apply 431 Wash
ingloii st. 1 1
WANTED-Sewing at home for stores
or famines; cheap. 465 Mo. ave.
nw. noB-2t
WANTED-A lady of hterary ablllty
nuuld make an engagement to travel
and give an original address and recita
tions; or Tvould recite for parlor, clinrch,
or other public entertainments, on reason
able terms. Address, for three days,
LITERARY, this ofrice. It
WANTED"-!!"? a respectable colored
girl position in first-class family as
sewing "girl or maid; a good dressmaker.
Address 1211 10th. st. nw. It
WANTED-A family's -washing to do
at home. 1' lease call or send a card,
302 l'omoroy st. It
W-ANTED-Hy a respectable colored
girl, place to nurse; good refs. Call
at 4017 ,21st st nw. It
WANTED-Artist model, stranger In
asliington, "wants few more engagc-
ments. Address Box 8. tills orrice. It
WANTED liy while woman to work
by day.,, Address 61 Myrtle st. nw. It
WANTED -sPlace to -wash and Iron.
. .a out-ess raai uregon are, nw.no 4-3tcm
WANTED-Place to cook, wash and
iron, Aaure.s8 i:Mi .&. st. nw. no A-i t cm
WANTEDrsA place by a colored wo
man to du general house work; no ob
jections to country., Address 8INTHA, 1S8
Tentn"st. nw. Item
WANTED- BF-aninexpcrlenced young
lady, quick at rigures, writes a good
band, n position; willing to -work for small
wages. Address Box 20. this orrice. no3-3t
WANTED'-A neat and orderly manag
ing housekeeper wishes employment:
willing to assist in sewing and care of
ihlldren; capable of catering; would leave
city; rers. COMPETENT, this office.
WANTED-A gentleman would like
iiiceuniurnisheilroom;heatand gas, with
privileges, on or near car line; answer
QUICK. This orrice. ll-em
WANTED-A 5 or 0 room modern flat;
convenient, to 14th st. car line. Ad-
flrcss MODERN FLAT, this office. solO-tf
WE have 25 beautiful farms near the
,city ,of Washington in Virginia, for
sale, cheap: also 600-acre tract, well tim
bered. ri2bt at R. It.' station, 20 miles
from Washington, $15 per acre. Address
FARMb. this office.. - no-l-2t
Waited hoarders.
GOODiJoanl'Jor-two: gentlemen; private
family; moderate terms. 224 13 1-2 st
w: i 'tie's no5-3t
FOB KENT Light housekeeping, two
rooms iurmshcd neatly. 605 New Jersey
ave. ii w. no5 2t
Large room ana small ante room, fur.
complete; cooking utensils, dishes, gas.
heat, lath, hot water, sewing machine; $12
ivr iiitiiHii. oioomsuHw. noo-ii
on lu riour, with beat and gas; rent, S10
and 6 per month. 1210 8tti St. ur. It
FOR RENT 2 furuishetl rooms, 2d
lloor; neat, gas. bath; light housekeep
ing allowed; 10. 130Est.ue. it
FOR RENT-$1.30 per week, newly
lurnisiied room for gent; gas, bath;
private r.tmilySOIII st. nw. It
FOR KENTSI rooms, furnished, with
heal and light, on third floor; private
bath; $30 iter mouth. 1113 N st. nw. Also
two large parlors, $46 per month, -with
heat and light. uo5-3t
"FOR RENT 1 large front room, sec
ond lloor, unfurnished. 1012 lOlhst.,
bet. K and Mass.nie. nw. no5-7t
FOR RENT Well-rurnlshod mom; heal,
light and lirst-class board, can be hail
reasonably where two young men are will
ing lo room together, or man and wire.
Address MRS. LE GRAND, 508 llh st.
nn. lt
FOR RENT Furnished or partly rur-
mslietl ruoms ror light housekeeping;
modern improvements. 943 T nw. no5-3t
FOR TRENT 3 unfur. rooms, 2d floor,
hot nnd culd water; balb and yard;
woodshed: only $10.50. No. 61 P st. nw.
. goV5-5t
FOR RENT ot 2111 N St., 3 rooms;
turnished or unfurnished; single or en
suite: all modern improvements; terms rea
sonable. no5-3t
FOR RENT Unfurnished, 1311 11th
st.nu ., 4 lovely rooms, parlor, chamber,
dining-room and kitchen; rented slnglv or
en suite. uo5-Ct
FOR RENT 1219 11th st. nw., large
pleasant lront, back rooms also parlor.
FOR RENT 1618 F st. nw.. 1 large
2d-story room, also large hall room;
good board: near herdlcsand cars. iio5-3t
FOR RENT A select private family
will rent one room, ivith or without
lxMird, to two gentlemen; terms moderate.
Inquire at 1616 lstst. nw. Rer. exchanged.
FOR RENT $3.50 per week for
room, board -and butli for 2 in one
room: on 3d floor. Mrs. FREY, 407 G st.,
opp. Pension Office. no4-3t
FOR RENT First-class dental office
mid paraphernalia for sale. Address
DENTIST, this office. no.'1-.'lt
FOR RENT 3 unfur. rooms on 2d
floor, with heat and gas; large Tront
room with alcove; in nice neighborhood;
rent, $15. Apply at 111 7th at. ne.
no a-3t . '
FOR RENT In private family, large
trout ruoni on second floor; furnished
as bed and sitting room: suit one or two
gentlemen; alio other nice rooms; fur
nacc heat. 728 9th St. nw. no3-3t
FOR RENT 1226 Mass. ave. nw.
Room on second floor. no3-3t
FOR RENT Furuishetl or unfurnished
frouiaud back rooms; 2dfIoor,a.m.l.;
board if desired; housekeeping allowed. 6 15
I St. ne. no3-7t
FOR RENT 616 H Ft.nw.. nentlT fur.
rooms, with good board, at $20 per
morl h: table board. $15 per month. no3-3t
FOR RENT A secondstory front room
uihI other rooms to rent, furnished orun-
fiirnlshtst. at No. 718 11th st. nw.: terms
reasonable. no3-3t
FOR RENT Desirable, second Door at
7o7 Ota st. nw.ticat'inetiroantlcs: elec
tric bells: light housekeeping, permitted.
' oc.10-5tem
FOR RENT Two rinerurnlsheti rooms;
single or suite; all conveniences; board
If desired: very reasonable- 420 3rd. nw.
FOR ncvT-nocsEs.
FOR RENT 1742 Corcoran St., 9
looms, a. m. I., fur; 90.
1334 12th. ! rooms, a. ro. L, $60; 2300
O St., $16.50.
JOHN E. TAYXOR, 1213 F St.
FOR RENT 1111 1 st. se six rooms
and stah.e: large yard; also 909 10th
st.se.. six rooms; rent moderate. EDWARD
KERN. 29 R st. nw. noo-3 1
FOR RENT 1801 Q St., lovely curner
house, charming view; near Dupont
Circle, newly papered and painted; $45.
Address owner. 514 0th st. nw., second
story front room. ml-2t
FOR BENT 1704 X. J. ave. nw.; 2
story bnis; 6 large ropma and bath; In
good repair; $20.50 a niqnUi. Inquire of
OWNER, 1113 I st. nr. "Keys at cor
ner grocery. . 'noT.-f.a.i.tliAwSt
FORRENT $18.30;stqrcanddwclllng,
'tenth and I ne. Inquire 345 Pennsyl
vania ave. nw. 3t
FOR RENT 320 Jerferson St., Ana
ccatla. 7-rooru hous. $13.50; nnd 585
Jefferson St.. Anacostla, $10.30. Apply
615 l'a. are. no-l-3t
FOR RENT New, excellent condition,
o-room, large parlor, a. m. i., cellar,
furnace, stationary wash tabs, drying flat,
back alley; cars pass door. 906 11th st.
se.; key at 90Q. same street. no2-7t
FOR RENT 12S8 Duncan st. ne., 7
rooms; all mod. imps., nearly new:
S13.3U. JOHN W. MOHKlS. 614 l'ht.
FOR RENT 1218 I st. ne. six rms..
cellar, stable, large lot; $18; would
sell cheap or trade, w. J. FRIZZELL, 509
7th st. n w.. office. Am. B. i L. Association.
FOR RENT 1412 6th st. nw, three
story br.; lOr. and b.: cellar: furnare;
large yards; a. in. I.; sanitary plumbing:
In excellent contlition: S4O.50. Anniv to
OWNER. 1216 8 st. nw. c36-7l
FOR RENT-SIX room, bath, cellar,
a. m. 1.; sanitary plumhlng; good con
dition: key next door. 2012 13th .st. nw.
FOR RENT At Ilrookland, several
pretty cottages -within two squares or
the electric road: latrobe and city water;
these houses Tor sale on reasonable terms.
GRACE M. THOMAS. 100 Corcoran Bldg.
for sale norrsES.
FOR SALE-New 6 room and lath,
bay wiuoow, brick, a. m. i., 3 squares
south of capttol, $3,150; $300 cash,
balance monthly or other terms to suit. Ad
dress SOON, Times office- ,no5-2t
FOR SALE A llrst-class house on
R street, bet. 1st and N. Cap. north
west; seven rooms and bath; brown stono
base, and trimmings; south front; large
yard to alley; will he sold at a bargain.
Apply between 5 and 7 o'clock, EDWARD
KERN, 20 R St. nw. noo-at
FOR S AT.1S Look Way down Bean-
tirul noose: 7 rooms with all m. I.;
Acker St., bet. 6th and 7th sta. ne.;
a great bargain; no cash; monthly pay
ments about rent. WM. M. YAGER & CO.,
1220 G St. nw.
SO CENTS down. New credit system.
New prices. Bee personals. It
FIRST-CLASS caterer, nt 2111 Nst.
uw.; mcaisservedby the weckormonth;
terms reasonable. no5-3t
LACE Curtains laundered at 35o. a
pair; mail orders promptly attended to.
No. 25 F st. nw. Jt
FOR RENT To let for her keep, styl
ish black roaro, phaeton, and robe,
to responsible party, who 'would take best
of care nnd use for light driving. Address
M. A. F.. .this office. n4-2t.em
moved his tailoring establishment to
908 10th St. nw., between I and K.
JOHN G. MATS. Georgetown, Fur
niture store and express, 1222 32d st.
nw. no4-2t
JTJSST RECEIVED Fine lot young Cn
ban parrots, guaranteed lo talk; also
monkeys, canaries, mocking birds, gold
fish. dogs, and fac-y pigeons. SCHMLO'B.
712 12th st- uw., branch 1221 Pa. av.
GTJNS. Rifles, Revolvers, loading tools,
hunters' outfits, watches, Jewelry,
gnitars, violins, banjos, mandolins, at about
one-half regular dealers' prices at PAWN
SHOP. Ka 11109 E St. nw. ocl.6m"
FOR RENT Farm 30 acres, near
bllver Springs; house and barn; good
stream trough place: suitable for dairy
or truing: rent, $10 monthly. Also 20
acres adjoining for sale. Inquire 1109
10th st. nw. ' Item
FORRENT Large brick stable, two
stalls. 1511 R. I. ave. " no3-3t
SO CENTS down; new credit system;
laee curtains, portieres, rugs, mble
linen., blankets, quilts, table and piano
covers, china dinner nnd toilet sets, sllier
plaled ware, banquet lamps, onyx tables,
clocks, window shadca. Bibles, albums, etc
Send postal. Will bring samples. NORTH
EAST CREDIT HOb'bE, 1210 U St. ne.
Open till 9 p. m. It
uerrul trance writlnj medium. Mr.
True tells you Just what you wish to know,
what It Is best for you to do, and when
to do it; tells you jour lucky days, dates,
und numbers; breatrs spells or Uid luci: put
on you by evil mriueuces and this Is jour
condition at different times; you feel down
hearted, lunely, discouraged, friends are
cold. Perhaps your, Iiiisii.mil, lover, or
sweetheart has deserted. This can all be
changed by spiriulal power, the evil in
fluences destroyed, jour friends made
loving, and your Snver returned to you;
reunited nurrlage.i happiness, wealth, har
mony, quiet ruarrLigtfS to affinities pro
duced, good luck,' gnen; advice free to
every visitor: terms reasonable. Hours
9 to 9. No. 714 F ut. sw. Cut this out
for luck, It
MANICTTREi-Ya'T F. Law .of New
lork. expert visltlnginanlcii re. 50 cents.
Mali engagements receive prnrapt atten
tion. Audiess42UNUiUiat.iiw. uo5-4t
PHf your faith -on us nnd- we'll pull
jou through, as we are selling elegant
custom-made suits and overcoats, the
"least bit worn" at a figure that'll pay
you to look Into. JCSTR'S OLD STAND,
619 D st. nw. no5-7t
aiaiE. BROOKE tellitnll the events
or iile: all business confidential; ladles
and gentlemen, 50 cents each; hours 9 a.
in. to 9 p. in. 605 New York ave. nw.,
near 6th st. no5-14t
FIRST-CLASS mechanics can be
secured at buo 13th st. nw. Paper
hangers, painters, bridge and structural
iron woriers, carpenters, lathers, plaster
ers, ami tailoring men or any Und. WOKK-INGMEN-S
LABOR, 000 13th st. nw. Telephone, 620.
M. D. SIIF.NK. Clerk. co3-tf
WANTEDY'oung lady would like
lo bonow from private party $50 for
three months, to open a well-paying busi
ness; good security and interest. Address
LOAN, this office. It
WE W ANT YOTJ to save 25 to 33 1-3
per cent, on your money. Address, for
particulars, INDUSTRIAL AGENCY, 723
Sixth st. nw. Item
tooua. Fa., lias beaded to receive a lim
ited number of visitors dally. Mme. Tell
has for several years been a private test
medium, but has at last, concluded that her
gift and wonderrul power were not to be
hidden lancer, and at ttiecaraestsulfcitallon
of friends In Washington that were so
rreatly benefited by her in Altoona and sur
rounding towns that she now has yielded
to tbe demaud Tor her servltes and takes
nleasjre in announcing to all friends and
the pablio In general that she can be con
sulted on nil the affairs of lire, private,
business, family trouble, and can through
her spiritual power and Judicious advice
assist many ot tbe surfering victims of cir
cumstances and lead them into a pure and
happy atmosphere; sittings dally; hours,
10 a. m. to 7 p. in.; terms according to
time oecUDled: all are welcome and will
receive courteous treatment regardless of
race, color, or circumstances; .ximc. jeii
has entered the nubile field to belli the
poor, afflicted, snfferlrg. and deluded to
health, wealth, omi prosperity, jrivenun-
dred eiglit-and-B-halr 13th st.nw. It
BCALEE. the king or clairvoyants and
card readers, his first appearance this
tide of the Atlantic, has come to help each
and every one who calls; nunc In trouble
will be turned away ivithont being helped,
and made happy; come nnd be convinced or
his wonderful powers; gives yoa advice
regarding auytbiug you want ti know: tells
you your Irlends and enemies; gives you
good luck free of charge; brings the
epa rated together; causes speedy mar
riages with the one you lover lb- Is no
humbug; no charge If not satisfied; come
one come all, and bring your friends, und
tell them or JIALEE and his wonderful
powers; I'm not here altogether to make
money, but here to help and do good for
the people here; am hero and Intend to
stay at 806 H st. nw.; my price is very
low. only the pitiful sum of 25c: lady In
attendance: hours. 9 a. m. to 9 p. in.;
closed tin Sunday.
MHE. FRANCIS Is one-of. Wash
ington's oldest nail most gifted medl
nms: she can help you, no matter what
your troubles may be: she bos helped thou
sands to health, happiness and success. If
you are in need or help, seek one that is
old established and reliable. Hours, 9 n. m.
to J 0 p. m.; 25c and 50c 324 East f nnl
tol st , nov4-2t
DO Jou want to hear money talk? Call
down and get an elegant, custom-made
suit or overcoat: "the least bit" worn, at
a figure that will surprise even you.
JUSTHS' OLD STAND. 619 D St. nw.
PEOF. CL ATH'ftlie oldest established
nuierti-ing dalnoyant and me
dium; consult turn -on business, mar
riage, love, lost or stolen prop
erty; tells who are your enemies: how to
avoid them and overcome all troubles;
brings separated together nnd causes
Epeedy marriage with one you Ioe: by
proper advice removes evil Influences
nnd spells; sittings bO cents; no charges
for sitting unless satisfied: hours, 10 to 9;
open Sunday. 489 II st- bet. 4 1-2 and 6th
sts. sw. oc24-tf,em
DRESSMAKING at 1221 G st.nw.
Ladles' stylish dresses for $5: quaint
frocks for little glrla. $2. no2-7t-em
MME. PERRIN-Sclentlfic palmis
try; trutst destiny reader of the age;
events of past and future revealed with
wonderful accuracy; hours 10 to 9. 515
10th st- nw.. bet- E and F. ocl6-lroo
OUR bicycle club ts almost completed:
Join now If you want the best wheel
made, on terms that suit everybody. STER
LING RICYGLE CLUB. 924 9th st. nw.
DR. TAYLOR. 906 F st.nw.. moke
full sets of teeth for $5; satisfaction
guaranteed; teeth extracted without pals;
cold filling. SI: amalgam. 50c. se4-tf
J- T. WALKEKSONS. 04 lOtHst.
nw.. carpet hnirur. felts, fire brick nnd
clay, asbestos, paints, brushe" lime, cement,
two and three-ply roofing materlal.apr21-tf
TSIE Wonderrul Remedy. Cancers cured
without knife, pain or pay until cured;
also carbuncles, piles, dropsv. by PROF.
MA RTIN RILE Y. 466 Pa. ave nw. oc3-J mo
MME. BROOKE tells all the events
of lire: all business confidential: ladles
and gentlemen. 50 cents each: hours, 9 a.
m. to 9 p. ni. 605 New York ave. nw.,
near 6th st. oc22-l4t
LADIES needing confidential treat
ment. A safe and sure relief In all
female trouble, constipation. Irregulari
ties, tumor, cancer, opium habit, fistula,
etc Separate rooms for patients berore
and durlnsr confinement, nnd find homes
for Infants If required. Strictly eonf ideD
UiL MRS. DR. RENNER. 10 Fourtb st
ne., near E. Capitol st . Washington. D. O.
MME. ESTELLE tells all events of
Hie: gives advice In domestic troubles:
strictly confidential; and heals all kinds
of sores, tbe latter tor ladles only: hours.
9 a. m. to 10 p. m- 913 19th st. nw.
WeTnvve it.
We will lend It.
Wo want yon to liavo It.
AH wo want la satisfactory real estate
ecurity. Come to us with your appli
cations and we can tell you what w
will do as soon as we examine the propertr.
Real Estate and Easiness Exchange, 907
Q at.
FULTON'S Loan orflca, 1218
'.- - -" A Wi3 . -..T. . . . i.TC
ra. ave. nw. sianiunea in imu.
elry, silverware, etc. Special bargains In
waicncs. jewelry, and silverware, auo-om
MONEY lo man on bonds. stocks, trust,
loan association certificates, and old
Une life inturanco policies; no delay. ,
40 to 46MetrerottBldg
.In IRrt-n anma
or as low- as 1,000. at 5 and 6 per
rent on D. O. real estate: also $250, $500.
$750. etc.. at 6 percent WM. H. SAUN
DERS A CO.. 1407 F st. nir tf
at o ana o
MONEY TO LOAN All classes ot
real estate loans mads with promptness
at enrent rate. THE MoLACULEN K EAL
ner loth and G, streets nir. m9-tf
WANTED -Tho Joan of $8,000 onflrat
claas Inside property: no agent. 708
lSth st. i sel2 tf
MONEY to loan iat 8 and o per cent.
on District or Qolumbln realty: no delay
If security is satisfactory.
lv31-tf. "
tlv4lsr 4a .
704 14m nw.
FOR RENT Fine frultandtrnckfarm,
. near Rlverdale-Station, B. A 0. R. Ri
Inquire at 228 3d. it. w 'noC-7t
Auction Sales.
JOSEPH BROS. & CO., Auctioneers.
By virtue of a detsl of trust dated May
31. 1804. and duly recorded iu Liber 1911.
folio 305. et scq., one or the land records
for the District of Columbia, we will sell at
public auction, in lront of the premises, on
THURSDAY, November 7. 1895. at 4
o'clock p. m.. the followirg-descrllicd real
es tale situate in theclty or Washington, Dis
trict or Columbia, to wit Lot thlrtv (30) in
Mary E. Brndshaw and Eliza J Burton's
subdivision or lots iu square nine hundred
and thirty-nine (939), as said subdivision
Is recorded ill the oirice of the surveyor of
the District of Columbia, In Book 16, page
108. subject to the right of way across the
rear three feet of said lot ror alley pur
poses. " Sold subject to a Ilrst trust of
$2,500; also interest nnd nny unpaid taxes.
Terms of sale: All over Iirst trust to be
cash. All conveyancing antl recording at
purchaser's cost. Two hundred dollars' de
posit required at 'line or sale.
oc29-10t-e Trustees.
By virtue of several writs or fieri facias
Issued oat of the orrice or C. S. Ilundy, a
Justice of the Peace In and for the District
of Columbia, and to me directed. I will sell
at public sale, for cash, at No. 926 Seventh
street northwest. Washington. D. C, on
1895. at 10 o'clock a.m.. a fulllineof Men's
Furnishings, consisting or Hats, Caps.
Gloves, Shirts, Underwear, Socks, Collars,
Currs, Umbrellas. Men's and Boys' Trous
ers, etc., etc., seized and levied upon as
the property or David F.Eiseman, and will
be sold to satlsry executions Nos. 8904,
8900 S900, 8907, 8908, 8909, 8910.
8911,8912,8913, 8914.and8915,ln favor
of Herman Else man. Bertha Elsenian.Helne
man Michaelts. Bertha Llchtensteln,
Edward Kohner and Henrietta Kohner.
U. S. Marshal. D. 0.
DUNCANSON BROS., Auctioneers.
WIMODATJGHSK Classes, 1328
lit. aw., beginning November Short
hand, dictation and typewriting, Mrs.
Baldwin, of Business High School; book
keeping, etc
Sight singing classes (note chain system),
StudiolllSNew Yorkavenue.
Two lessons weekly. $20 per season.
Mount Vernon Seminary
Twenty-first year opens TUESDAY, Oc
tober first- Large and attractive build
ings, thoroughly equipped with every re
quisite of a refined home and a progres
sive school.
Applications for admission of pupils to
the day school may be made at terBeptember
fifteenth, between the hours of ten and one
o'clock each morning
e27-3rao Principal
WANTED-100 young people to Join
shorthand dictation classes, which are
now being lonixsS-ut . Wood's Commercial
College. 311, nl 401' East Capitol St.. at
the low rate qtlSEOO per month. Send
for catalogue containing pictures ot 84
graduates. ocl9-lmo
acting, elocution, dancing. 1324 12th
st. ocl6-
In Effect sept. 5. 1895.
1TED. Pullman Sleeping, D loins, Smok
ing and Observation Cars Uarrlsburg to
Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis. St.
Louis, Clovclaud and Toledo. Buffet
Parlor Car to Uarrisbnrg.
10.30 A. M. FASTXINE. Pullman
lJurret Parlor car to HarrKburg. Parlor
and Dining Cars. Uarrlsburg to Plua
EXPRESS. Pullman Burfet Parlor Car
to Harrlsbuig. Sleeping and Dining Cars
Uarrlsburg to St- Louts. Cincinnati. Lou
isville and Chicago.
Pullman Sleeping Car to Chicago, and
Uarrlsburg to Cleveland Dining Car to
PRKSa. Pullman Sleeping and Dining
Cars to St. Louis, and Sleeping Car, Har
risburc to Cincinnati.
l"Hllman Bleeping Car to Pittsburg.
T.GO A. M. for Kane, Canandaigua,
Rochester and Niagara Fall dally, ex
cept Sunday.
10.30 A. M for Elmlra and Renovo,
dally, except Sunday. For Wllilamsport
dally. 3:40 o. m.
7.XO P. M. for Wllilamsport, Roches
ter, Buffalo an! Niagara Falls dally, ex
cept Saturday, with Sleeping Car, Wash
ington to Suspension Brlnce via Buffalo.
10.40 P. M. for Erie. Canandalgua,
Homester, Butfalo and Niagara Falls
daily. Sleeping Car Washington to El
mlra. For l'Ullndelpblii. Nevr York nnd tbe
ITED. All Parlor Cars, with Dining
Car rrom Baltimore, for New York, dally,
for Philadelphia week days. Regular
at 7.or. (Dlninc Car). 7.2o. 9.00, 10.00
(Dining Car), and 11 00 a- m., 12.15.
8.15, 4.20, 6.40. 10.00 and 11.35
?. m. On Sunday, 7.05 (Dining Car).
.20, 9.00, 11.00 a. m., 12.15, 8.18.
4.20, 6.40, 10.00 and 11.35 p. m. For
Philadelphia only. Fast Express 7.50
a. in. week days. Express 2.01 end 5.40
p. m. daily.
For liostou. -without change, 7.50 a. m.
week days and 3.15 p. in. daily.
For Baltimore. 6.25, 7.05. 7.20. 7.50, 9.00.
10.00, 10.30, 11.00 and 11.50 a. m
12.15, 2.01 3.15. 3.40. (4.00 LirnltedL
4.20, 4.36, 5.40. 6.05. 6.40, 7.10. lO.OO!
10.40. 11.15 and 11.35 p. m. Oa Sun
day. 9.00, 9.05, 10.30. 11.00
a. ni, 12.15, 1.15. 2.01, 3.15, 3.40 (4.00
Limited), 4.20, 5.40, 6.05. 6.40, 7.10,
10.00, ld.40 and 11.35 p. m.
For Pope's Creex Line, 7.20 a. m. and 4.36
p. m, daily, except Sunday.
For Annapolis. 7.20, 9.00 a. m., 12.15 and
4.20 p. m.. daily, except Sunday. Sun
da vs. 9.00 a. m. and 4.20 D. m.
Atlantic -Coast Line. Express for Rich
mond, Jacksonville and Tampa, 4.30 a.
m, 3.30 p. m., daily. Richmond and At
lanta, 8.40 p. m., dolly. Richmond only,
10.57 a. m. week days.
Accommodation for Quantlco, 7:45 a. m,
dally, and 4.25 p. m. -week days.
For Alexandria, 4:30, 6.35, 7.4B, 8.48.
9.46, 10.67. 11.60 a. m.; 12.60, 1.40.
3.20, 4.25, 6.00, 6.87, 6.16. 8.02,, 10.10.
and 11.39 p. m. On Sunday at 4.30.
7.45. S.46 a. m.; 2.45. 6.15, 8.02 and
10.10 d. m.
Leave Alexandria for Washington, 6.0B,
6.43, 7.06, 8.80, 9.10, 10.18, 10.28
a. m.; 1.00, 2.18, 8.00, 3.23, 6.00, 5 30.
6.13, 7.00, 7.20, 9.10, 10.52 and 11.03
p. m. On Sunday at 6.43, 9.10, 10.28 a.
m.; 2.16. 6.30. 7.00, 7.20, 6.10 and
10.62 p. m.
Ticket orflcea, corner Fifteenth and O
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
Btreels, where orders can be left for th
checking of baggage to destination from
hotels and residences.
Gen. Man. Oen. Fan. Ajrfc
LOST Focketboofc containing sum of
money and papers, finder Is welcome to
haR of contents if he returns same to Wll.Ii.
NO YES, 382 Penn. ave. nw, care of J.WM.
LOST On M st. extended, bet- Acme
duct Bridge nnd Green Spring Hill, Fri
day last, a white and brown setter dog,
with hair slightly curly. A liberal reward
will be given if returned to WALTER
BROWN, Lovell Crest, West Washington,
or 612 Center Market. lt-em
LOST A mink from 7th st. nw. to 7tb
andTO.sw., to 10th nnd 0 sw. Reward
If returned to S.BACKENHIMER. Kann'.
" no4-3tem
FOUND on premise, a sorrell horse;
, owner prove property and pay charge,
at 2065 32d it. no3-3t
GO CENTS down. New cedit system.
Set- personals, then sec us. It
FOR SALE-Jnijiorted Japanese pug
Uog; price, only $100: a rare chance lo
get sum rt rim dog. bCHMID'S BIRD.
STORE. 712 12lh st. nw. no5-2t
FOIt SALE-Cigar, tobacco and lunch
room; un-ap If sold in 3 days. Call or
address i.itit, n'ater st. sw. no5-5t
FOR SALE $5, a fine delivery cart.
ii aim t ne no5-lt
FOE SALE-2 pool tables, cheap, at
I iyh ii st ne., feed store. nov5-2t
FOR SALE Key-board organ; profes
sional tr. inc; new. 1535 6tn St. nw. It
EXCLUSIVE territory given for the
eaie ol bee bile. pat. Juno 21, "94: Oct.
1. '95; highest awards; l'a.. Cat., and else
where; best In the market? over 20,000
so.tl: small capital needed. Call at once,
1110 N. Y.aye. lt
FOR SALE Flrsl-class cut under
deliver or laundry wagon. 624 K sL
nw. It
FOR SALE 2 pool tables. Address
u. r., tajs orfice nov5.3t
FOR SALE A confectioners' bake
oven at au 4 1-2 at. sw. It
fOR SALE At a sacrifice, a long
estniilisiieti ovster and dining saloon.
on Pa. ave.; good reason for Gelling. Ad
uress Dura, ave. se. it
FOR SALE Thoroughbred English
Beagle uouuds; 2 pups, 6 months old;
1 pair. 18 months old; cheap. Address
HOUNDS, this ofTlce. lt-etn
FOR SALE-2 young, sound horses,
suitable for grocery wagon or heavy
hauling: also fine surreyand harness. 1105
1 lth st, nw. nov"4-2t-em
FOR SALE-A good coupe, Rocka way,
bargain. Apply at 3040 Dumbarton ave.,
Georgetown. D. 0.. lt-em
FOR SALE Cheap, one sound work
horse. Cull Tremont office.
FOR SALE The .furniture of a ten
room boardlng-honse; bargain if Bold
at once. Address Q. A. B., this office.
FOR SALE Delivery wagonandhorse;
only 4-75: 15 down and $10 a month.
Call 437 11th st.nw. 'no3-3t '
FOR SALE-mm" ensenwatcbes apd
Jewelry: half price. 231 Pa. ave.
po3 5t
FOR SALE-New Winchester rifle, 32
calibre: Iwrgaln: or will exchange for
mcycie; juu., tnis oince. noa-ar
FOR SALE Just received iCallfomla
nnd Mexican quails: Just the birds to
stork your farm; very easy .to settle.
SCHMID'S BIRD STORE, 1 1212th st. nw.
nov2-5t .
FOR SALE At a sacrifice, a $750
upright steinway piano at 456 M st.
nvv 1-14
FOR SALE-Half interest tn wood
and coal yard: buyer to take charge.
R. II. DAVIS. 14th and O sts. ne.
oc30-7 1
FOR SALE Best mako 6t incubators,
brooders and fresh green bone; call
and see the Incubators In "working order.
Scninld's Bird and Pet Animal Store. 713
12thst.nw.and 1221Pa.ave.
$1 down and $1 week for any
organ In stock. Greatly reduced
prices. Organs from $25 up. Best
standard makes.
F. G. SMITH. 1225Tft. are. nw.
FOR SALE A email steam launch;
Uerescnoir engine and boiler: can be
feen at Rltter's Itoat bouse oc8-tf-em
FOR SALE-Lot 13 and 12 feet of lot
14, square 734, fronting 56.2 feet
on'D st., bet. 1st and 2d se.; can be sold at
a bargain to settle an estate if application
is made 'at once;, very desirable. S. M.
JONES. 810 10th stnw. ro4-3tem
subdivision is made In accordance with
the original plan of tbe city, K, L. M, 26th,
28th, and 30th streets running through tbe
property. It 1 within 10 minutes walk
ot the H street cable line. Maryland ave
nue, when extended, win greatly shorten
the distance. Lots average 24x138.
This subdivision is nearer to tbe Capitol
than Dupout Circle, whero ground sells
at $10 per square foot. We have decided
to let a few lots go at $400 each, and ac
cept $10 down nnd $10 per month, with
out interest.'furnlshlng abstract and deed.
Call for plat and other information, and
let as drive you out. Considering loca
tion, nearness to center of city, and size
of lots, this is the cheapest property on the
TnTl-it. ln-i).iT fflfipr for hnmt. sltea nr
speculation. JOHN F. WAGGAMAN.T0O1
1ith ct nrtstntre nnf.uTrm I
CASS paid at once; no delay, for any
store stock of merchandiserbelo w cost;
wholesale or retail. Call or address B.
FOHS, Howard Utilise novl-7t
Do you want to invest In real estate? We
can tell you the Value of property, whether
it is worth the sum asked or not. We
can tell you where good lots are to be
If you have lots to dispose of we can find
you purchasers.
Real Estate and Business Exchange,
907 G street northwest.
SlOO Invested will yield $100 during
the year, and Investment-will be worth
$500 a year hence; business legitimate, all
cash, and 90 per cent, profit; Call at 1117
G St. nw.. room 3 oc23-7t-cm
I will shortly have an adjacent, 25x80 ft.
brick building, part stable., on, .back
alley, for rent. It Is now used for a milk
depot, but Is suitable for other purposes.
A connected, nlco. S-room dwelling, on
front street, can also be rented, lr desired.
Applv 900 11th st. se. " oc29-7tr
HORSES clipped by electric power for
$2. A. G. PENNELL. G03 G St. nw.
iiusiCAL nonsTr "
Flays the Harmonium nnd Docs Sams
in Arllliitfellor
The horse Alpha has utoniJica, London
theater-goers with his Intelligence. A
blackboa rd is brought upon Uicsfagc and he
Is asked to show bis arithmetical Rpwers.
The animal tarns to the figures, thinks a
moment, apparently", and Ufen paws oaf on
the floor figure after figuro tiUhis substrao
tlon or addition or multiplication sum Is
correctly done. "
Sometimes ho makes a mistake, and with
an Impatient shaVeofhUmanc;andaviclous
light mills eyes, ho begins again and rights
the wrong. Somehow, the British'mfrld
refuses to believe. tliat.a torso, even of the
Alpha breed, actually I'dbeaisums;" one
BOspecU some hidden tdck-bytWhlch- the
trainer causes his horsaito make certain
signs that look liks-'tnVfeaalt of thought.
But, whether or hot ljfs trainer employs
these "artlstlo" mcans,.lthoi result Is cer
tainly most striking, andrf trick there bo It
Is concealed in a most marvelous manner.
Alpha also plays the harmonium, 'and his
rendering ot "God Save the Queen" on an
enormous keyboard la a startling perform
ance, and a more correct one than in many
other cases. The clever creature also e
lects letters from the alphabet, tells tha
time, plays a game of nap and fires a gun,
for which latter'feat, strange' to say, ho
shows a decided predilection. The perform
ance ends with a grotesque transformation
of tbe beautiful horso Into ft -nurse In skirts,
whitcapron, tartan shawl and gorgeous poke
Little Beta, a fa ttwo-year-old pony, which
Is only Just being trained for "an artlstlo
career. Is caused to sit on Its haunches in a
perambulator, and the mrrso Alpha wheels
him across the stage.
i i
A Natural 'inference.
Friend, at Niagara Falls Well, what do
yoa think ot them? v
Mr. NnpopTm" disappointed. Thi-roar
Isn't nearly as load as I expected.
Friemd How old 1 your bally? Fuck.
Re Had Forgotten.
Mrs.Xusher, at 2 a.m, Sirj how dar yoa
come home In thlSjCondJUflji?,!,.
Old Lusher B' Jove;" I forgot. I thought
yoa were stlll'lhro)'In"tho.countryor,you
can bet I'd have stayed at the club all night. '
-New York WorftJ.W"'.-' '- -
Men Who Want House Offices
Are Now in the Field.
McDowell Seem to Be In the Lend,
for till) Clerkship, but Hum Soiuo
Stronj; Opponents lien It us.se) I,
of Missouri, for Sertreunt-at-Aruia.
Somo Combines Arranged.
Representative William A. Stone, of
Pennsylvania, has arrived In the clt7
and made arangements to open headquar
ters at Willard's Hotel, where the cam
paign of ex-Kepressentatlve McDowell
for the clerkship of the house will bo
Mr. McDowell Is very popular and will
make a strong, and it is believed success
ful fight lor the position.
With the Speakership contest decided
In advance, the chief Interest In the caucus
called for November 30 centers in the
clerkship. Prior to the adjournment of
Congresss a combination Is said to nave
been formed by which the elective offices
were equitably distributed, and a sufficient
number of votes pledged from tbe various
States interested to carry the slate through
at the proper time.
The existence of this combination Is
conclusively Indicated by the announce
ment that Representative Hooker, of
New York, will shortly come to Washing
ton to open tbe campaign for doorkeeper
for Mr. W. J. Glenn, of Cuba, N. I-, and
that the McDowell and Glenn headquarter
will be In the Eonie rooms.
This Indicates beyond a doabt the New
Tork and Pennsylvania have formed a
combination fo,r mutual support. The
friends of McDowell and Glenn are also
favorably inclined to the aspirations of
Ben Russell, ex-speaker of the Missouri
House of Delegates, for sergeant-at-arms.
If this combination holds, Pennsylvania,
New Tork and Missouri win vote for an
Ohio man for postmaster, and will yield
to Kansas expressed wish for the chap
laincy. The weak points about the candi
dacies of all the men, except McDowell,
Is that they are not ex-members.
Joe Cannon will be here shortly to open
headquarters for ex-Kepresentative Hen
derson, who in Illinois candidate for
the clerkship. McDowell, however, seems
to have the Inside track. If the New Xbrk
Pennsylvanla arrangement lasts. Mr.
Quay and Mr. Piatt look favorably on K.
Representative Stone supports Senator
Quay in his plans for Improving navigable
streams and constructing ship canals. In
speaking on thlssubject, he said:
"Increased duties on certain articles are
necessary for the protection of American
manufacturers, but a higher tariff Is not a
panacea for all our wants. Increased du
ties will be necessary In order to provide
revenue for the ordinary expenses of the
Government, and to overcome the deficit,
which is mounting upward every month.
But for internal improvements we need
something more something that will pro
vide an, immense sum of money at once and
permit tbo prosecution of a stupendous
system of Government work Immediately.
"liy plan is simply to take most of tha
money now paid out in pensions and devote
it to slack water Improvements in our
rivers, dredging our harbors and budtlinff
ship canals. Don't get alarmed; I do not
propose to rob the old soldier, nor take
away a single dollar of pensions. There
are paid out in pensions at tbe present ap
proximately $135,000,000 a year. I
would pay this amount, or a large propor
tion of it, say $100,000,000, in 2 per cent
bonds, to run five or siven years and1e re
deemable at the will ot the Government
I would give, the pensioner the amount ot
his pension In these bonds when his quar
terly drawing was in sucb a sum as could bo
met by the bonds, none of which would b
under. $10. For Instance, tf an old sol
dier's pension amounted to $36, I would
pay $30 ot it in the 2 per cent bonds and
the balance In cash.
"I believe that such a scheme, would,
be practicable, especially if the bonds
were given tha same standing as other
United States securities, and could be ux.si
by national banks as the basis of circula
tion. I would not give the bonds direct
to the pensioner, but issue him a certificate
which would call for a bond. These certifi
cates would be readily cashed at the banks,
and I have no doubt would command a
small premium- I would provide a sink
ing fund of not less than $10,00o,C00 a year
for the eventual redemption of these bonds.
As the years went on the amount ot pensions
would gradually grow less, and In time
the sinking fund would be ample to niees
the bond issue. I would treat pensions as
a war debt for another generation to pay.
"I believe that $100,000,000 could be
expended Judiciously every year In internal
Improvements. I would favor letting the
work to privato contractors, and thus
give an immense army of men Immediate
employment, and giving an Impetus to va
rious industries, the product of which
would be used in river and harbor Improvement-
I would dredge the Delaware
and make It navigable for all sea-going
vessels. I would favor the building of
a ship canal from New York harbor to tbe
Delaware. The Ohio river should be mada
navigable at all seasons of the year, llke
v, Ise the Allegheny and MonongahIa. Tha
Lake Erie & Ohio canal should be built.
AH theso Improvements ought to be mada
within tho next few years, and they could
be If the work was let bnder contract with,
government engineers to supervise it."
Drove Off with Anotnerirnn'MHiiEtrj-.
William J. Langdon, aged twenty-three
years, is held at station No. 1 on the charge
of being drnnk and disorderly, though ha
closely escaped being charged with tha
larceny of a horse and bnggy. The turn
out of Al Frederick, Washington agent for
the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company,
was standing in front of Eckstein's saloon.
Langdon was at the bar, and Mr. Frederick
was chatting with a group of friends.
Langdon left and leaping into the boggy -drove
rapidly away. The alarm was
given and Policeman nolllnberger headed
off tbe fugitive. It was not thought that
a case of grand larceny could be mads
against him, and as he was drunk and
disorderly, be was held on this cliargo. ,
Crime In Sun Frnnclco.
Coroner Hawkins, of San Francisco, has
had more kiqucsts over suicides sine
January 1 than were ever held in San
Francisco during an equal period. Sine
be took charge of the office, seven and a
half months ago, 94 suicides have come to
his notice, being nearly as many as oc
curred In 1893 or ISO I. The fbnowlnjr
is the number of suicides each month of.
1895: January, C; February, 9; Mrch,
13; April, 18; May, 11; June, 14; July,
15; to August 21, 10 total, 94. There
were but 112 suicides in 1893 and but
125 In 1894. but If the same rate continue
to the end of tho year Coroner Hawkins'
records will show nearly 170 suicides for
the year.
Coroner Hawkins' reign has thns fat
been noted, also, for an excessive number
of murders. There have already been 29,
while there were but 28 during all of
1893 and but 33 in 1894. San Francisco
..... 1
$1.25 to Baltimore and Hctiirn $1.25
via Pennsylvania, liallrond.
Tickets sold Baturday and Sunday, No
vember 9 and 10, good lo return until
Monday, the 11th, on any train. J
--"V,,.. --i-"-ji--.tyT.

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