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-'V -s-i-pts1
it?z-3k$.jZi'3?: f-5'- -a -- " ln:,r.-- 'ajtf ygg &$- -
BELIEVE we have fitted
out nearly half the boys
in town with a new suit
the past two weeks, If we
haven't fitted out your boy
3-011 are losing a big chance
to save money ! Like you to
see these "all-wool" Reefer
Suits we are selling at $2.50!
315 7th St.
Perfect in detail
faultless in construction
m mi m u m or
weight maxi
mumof strength
no wonder
ever' one wants
BIA" wheel. "
The longer 'tis ridden, the
more 'tis liked.
Culuiuti-a Held Is where eiory asplr
air lo eycime honors should pracllca.
To learners we issue a M "guarnnteo"
District Cycle Co.,
"COI I'lIHIA-.."
"HAH TI OKlls"
J. Hart Brlttaln,
452 Pa.
Pause -"-Ponder
Patience -
lie . a Patriot ho make two
bli-le-iof crass grow where only ono
grew before.
He is a Patriot Tiuoolotbe-stwonien
at the ukuaI co-t f cloth lug ono.
Ihia lattor propoiitlou ttates our
ca&o preciecljr.
Men's Overcoats, $7,50
ITeual price, 13.
Men's Suits, m, -ss.50. so, sa48.
ST.50. R 75. SVSt), 510. j.12.50
-Multiply by C and you get at tho
prices usually clmrgwu.
f "Men's Piintalnms, si. 25, si. oo.
SI. 87. . S 2. 50. ?2.78. S3. S3. SO
.special attention Is railed to the two
lines at .50 and :2. 78 a pair.
It Is no eiasKenitiuu to say that
they cannot he duplicated at Ies3
than 11W percent advance on theso
IJ0h SuitS, 1.0115 Pant. S2.P8.
AVecIi allonge you to match om for
lesthan$& Others $4.7.3, $3, J3 50.
and J.
HotS Suits. Sliort Pants II, S1.25.
12.50, f 1,13.5a
Those at SJ and S2-50 ore mari-els
of neatness, cheapness anj dura
bility. Bovs' Overcoats, t.so.3fS3.so
nnd S4-
These arc startling surprises. They
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Sliilcr and shake you
surely shall,
From Capita! to Pedestal
m unlets you seek protection within h
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Blizzard Breakers and Storm Date
A Always "At Hoine," and the latch strinc
I ha-igs ou the outside.
; Victor Lfi filer's ;
rIiat a re
markably good suit of
clothes we
can make
you for
in all re
spects. The
The Filling and the Male-
615-617 Perm. Ave. N. W.
97-9 7th St.
?Cor. Mass. Ave. Open 'til 7 p. T
M. Saturdays 'tij II. f
V01 D0H
&ir- --grSwi
Of Boston,
Will Deliver His Free Lecture on
3 and Beauty of
r Women,"
Tuesday Aftornoon, Nov. 12,
at " O'CLOCK,
of at
. . . ,w . j.' - .
RMes a Crooked looking Race
on Deceitful.
JuilKO Wan rrolMbly In a TrHiice.
Hookis Do Fairly Well Dcp'tuThreo
Emeriti's, nml Two Second Choices
WIiiiiIiiji Kleirter "Wins From Vel
vet Hum;-Traitor Taken the Last.
Jockey Avery has distinguished himself in
times past for lila crooked riding, lint yes
terday, at the Island, lie gate a weird ex
hibition ot "lion- not to win a race," that
would have iloiiejusticc to "Gunner" Lynch,
lie had the mount on Deceitful ami evidently
had his instructions well manned out before
lie got into the saddle.
lie got away well with the mare and had
her well in hand when the stnleU was
rc.icli.-d. Just at the turn lie had the
choice of either side of the track. One was
fairly good going while the other was
deep in mini. Mr. At cry diilu'tdo n tiling
lint deliberately lake Hie muddy tide mid as
a result Eclipse, Jr., came up and in a
fierce drill lcal Deceitful out liy a good
There was no official recognition taken
or the had ride lint proli.ihly the "Judge
ii HU the blinkers" was in a trance Ju-t
at ttiat moment. Koine real eold day he
will come to life, and rule eitrylioily off
who does not win every time they start.
Six hooks put up Ilielr slates and did
a fairly profitahlc day's business despite
the fact tli.it tlmi" favorites and two well
hackeil sei-ond choices landed the money.
The weal tier was almost likeaJulyday and
nut only overcoat,, hut everything clsetbat
could comfortably bedisposcdof was thrown
Tile siieeulation In the first evlnt w.ii
not very heavy. Harry Keister was tin:
onl j one fancied to any sreat extent, Siljeria
and Velvet Hose heiiiK sli-litiy nihliled nt.
I'.ilM'y -McDennolt 11 as piloting the fav
orite mid he had to go tij,tlie hat for all
he was worth to get his mount home first
by a tliort head before Velvet Hose.
Watcli' Charm and O'Hc.irn had a lively
tilt In the Lotting in the focoml race, the
former finally rioting favorite at 7 In 10.
Stansliury'i horse bled badly and the
"old man" had to pull up and diMnount
after going a sliort distance. Croker's
horse got away in the lead and was neier
caught. At the end he won In a big tnnp
by lour lengths from Urizzle who was. five
before C. O. 1).
The Monoluhe people cut their horse
loose In the third race, which was Tor two-leni-ilds.
They backed him from 10 to
1 to T to 5 and had the satisl.ietlon ot
seeing him win by a good length from
Wcllman. Johnson had lo .-hake him up
a little at the end lo get lilm in front, but
when he once got the lead he held on
Ten prclty rank dogs faced the Martcr
in tuelourtn raie, Willi l.ongsluuks having
the call at D to 5. lie made a great bluff
of winning, leading to the head of the
stretch, where he Mult and finished a bad
fourth to Bolivar, Homeo, ami Andrew D.
The next race was the IJcicltful aff.iir.
The talent could see nothing else in it and
she was hammered from 8 to o to even
money. When Avery was through with
her she finished Keeoni lo Ellipse Jr., Imp.
Samaritan was third, three lengths away.
The dosing race went to Traitor, wlionas
made a 1 to 2 chance. Pomona Helle
set the pace to the head of the stretch,
where Patsy brought his mount up and wou
handily by a neck.
Itesiilts nt Alexmider Island.
Weather clear and warn. Track Blow.
tfcQ VIrt race. Pour and cne-half furlongs.
UUO SpUllif I'nrsn. UMI- 1 line, n-.-.-,l
Ind. Horso.fcivt. st
rin. JVi'y fit.
553 II Kelster, 103.. 3 3' Si Ih
r. Mjit
Gleapon 4
Neary 11
Kills 4
Aiery 30
Xeel S
rhillipi 30
Bain m
Dor&ey 40
532 1'p Wt H'e, 102 4 11, 11 ;
0 ljuilla, I0S 2 7 4 ::i'.
6t0 slbena, 10J .... 1 Sj: 3J.' 4
6C0 Cashmere, 102. 8 9 7 i
GC0 Hedowac, 107.. 6 5 C 0
a7 Chink, 1M 5 t 5 7
ft'rO Drumstick, 105 7 4 8 8
S-!j BoM!ll!er,104 9 8 9
btart good. Won driTlng.
Ifcx -econd race. One mile.
OOJ Time, l:l)i-
Turse, 1100.
Ind nnrse&Wt
(635) O'Hearu, 101 .
C63 lril'lr, 1119...,
H.V1 C Oil ,104
CC7 India liub'r.io;
t. '4 St Fin. .rck'r Hl
1 1" IS 1 i filea-on e-5
3 .5- -110 iy "Neel 15
3 4 tlO Z i hheehan !U
i ii S 4 SlUJ U
() H"h Lhann.lW. 8 SW I'uI'd. Stans'y 7-10
Mart kooL Wou gallopin.
Tliird race. I'll c-eishths of .1 mile Sell
ing I'nrao, 10a J hue, l-OjJj.
Ind. Ilorso .t Wt. St. U St Fin. .T'ck'y nt
045 Monollth,107 4 4 It Jo'nson 7-5
Ml Welliuan, 110... . ; -St' 3i .'h Jlanlovo a
IW.l Mlltatl II. 07 .3 SI lh .'!- (llnAnn 1"
0 lkU, 107 1 4 5 4 ?eel 5-2
I iWi Lai'elite,li7 0 v.i Sh 5 I-ohrmanlu
507 Aninity, 107 5 fi 6 G Gratze ii
Mart good. Won-iriring.
671 Fourth race Six and one-half furlongs.
cllins. l'urse, SWJ. Time, liiot j
IuiL Horso.fcWt St. W St Fin. J'ck'y rtt.
B03 llolivar.110 3 .('., St. 11 Fletcher C
Itomeo, 110 e
Andrew I).. 110.. 4
Longsbauks, 110 1
I-vna II.,, IJ ....10
TlmFlynn, 110.. 5
O Golden II, 110 7
HayTay, 110.... 9
Kills 1M
.Veel 7
I.yu.h li
Neary 5
-Miller M
It King 10
Fisher jJ
6 5 3'i
It l'l , 4
8 8 5
7 7 G
4 -S i 7
9 8 8
J'sycho, liu.
3J.j ( 9
Uttio liravo, 113 8 10
1U 1U
blart fair. Pulled up.
-7-) Fifth race. Hnlf mile. Selling. Purso
'3'- JI0J. TmelVfc.
Ind. Horse & Wt St
"575 Eclipe. Jr.. US.. '-'
(375)I)eceitful,US. .. 1
U St Fin. .rck'y
Si su ia xoel
Wjiyzi Arery
to, imp. samara, iv a 4 a
60i Jersey, 11J M 7 5
IW7 Perfidy, bi 0 3 4
661! Uolumtus,112.... 9 9 S
bOt, Olivia, IIS 7 6 7
;) Daphne, US. .... 4 5 8
JUody Guard, i . 3 8 9
Start ialr. Won driting.
:7" Sixth raco. ix and
3Mittanlove 5
4 ilcL'gh'nlO
5 Glcason 6
0 Fletcher 20
7 Lynch 3D
8 A. Mcoro 50
9 llaln 3d
one-fourth fur-
3 lour'
.selling. Pursti, JIOO. Time. 1-SIJJ
Ind. Ilorso i Wt
t 14 st Flu. J'cfr I!t
6M Traltor.101 4 Si S In PJI'D r"t 1-2
574 Iomnn.dtollc,101 2 1' 1,U Jl Fills 10
bC5 Cockade, 101... . 1 3Ji3, 35o Xeary
311 Hilly lioy.107.... ti 6 5 4 stansburys
3K) Frank Fii!ler,107 5 5 0 5 IJaln 1U
(050) Marksioue. luj.. 3 4 4 0 A.Jlocro 8
Mart good. Won handily.
"Kefers to St A;ap s series.
The first race -will be called at Bt.
Asapli to-day at 2 p. m. Only one special
will be run to the track and will start
at 1 o'clock.
"Honesl" John Croker has been right
In line or laic. O'Hearu lias landed four
straight, aud the Croker-Clure combina
tion are on easy street. They are "all
right" and everybody Is glad to see
them get a piece of -the mouey.
Watch Charm was very heavily backed,
but bled after going a short distance and
had to be pulled up.
Jfcary fell In a trance when lie got up
on Cockade and never woke up till the
horses had passed the wire.
Even money was a great pric against
Traitor. He is as good as he ever was
just about now and the even was quickly
chopped to one to two.
HIrIi School Giimes to Ho Played on
Georjjetowii Jfjniierslty Grounds.
The date for "holding the Inter-high
school track aud field day has been changed
from November 1G to Saturday, November
2.1. The place has also been changed, and
the games will he held on the grounds of
Georgetown University, instead of Colum
bia Tield, as has" been previously an
nounced. This change is advantageous to the com
petitors, as games can be hi-gun earlier in
the afternoon Hum If held on school day,
and It is thought there will alw be a larger
crowd In attendance.
The games will begin at 2 o'clock, and
will be immediately followed by a football
ern and Central teams, but one nrlce
admission being charged for I10U1 events.
. -W . v-s
Pretty Private Affair Pulled Off in
" a Barn in tbe Suburbs.
Both iron Vfero Amateurs, llut Fur
nUlicd Excellent Sport for u
Few Selected Friends. -
Walter Arnold and T. M. ShcnW, two East
Washington aspirants for pugilistic honors,
fought to a finish in au old tarn ou thu
Hiadcnsburg Road, on Monday night, for
$50 n8ldc.
The fight was ono of the prettiest set-tos
per pulled off in this locality, and was
strictly a private affair, only about a half
dozen ot the friends of iho principals lieiug
present. For a long time. It is said, there
ii in "lad blood" between Arnold and
Blienlc and alwut six weeks ago they
agnitl to sittlo their differences. They
went into hnrd training immediately,
"Knappy" Keriuin haling charge of Ar
rold nut! :, friend looked afier Hhcnk, and
Vlien they stepped Into the ring both were
In the pink of condition.
The boys were evenly matched in every
way, both in age and weight. Slienk, who
is only nineteen years old, tipped tin scales
at 155 pounds, ami Arnold, who is one year
ohler, wcigliiil In at 15"2 pounds.
The fight was desperate and bloody
and lasted twenty-two rptihi!-i. Ilotli men
showed great endurance and ga men ess
and took the punishment like professionals.
For the first few rounds both sparre
cautiously ivaliing for an opening. It
was not, however, until the fifth that an
opportunity was presented and Arnold took
advantage of it, and went In with a rush.
lie landed, but not nsheexpei ted, and was
inet Willi a terrific stop hj Shcuk Just us
time was called.
From this round on the fight was any
bnd)", neither party having tiie advan
tage. It was give ami take through eiery
round up to the twentieth. Ilotli men were
weak, but fighting desperately, and It was
evident they were in to slay, not for
money, but for blood, and they Here both
getting plenty of it.
At the iienliig of the twenty-first round
Arnold was willing but -weak, and It was
evident he could not List much longer,
fchenk, seeing this, played for wind, and
li hen the round ended he ivas 111 better
condition than at the opening.
The husbanding or Ids strength stood
Pheuk well in the twenty-second and last
round. Arnold came up smiling, but it
was a smile that plainly said, 'I'm here and
that's all.' He made a last effort, be
rushed, but was caught on the chin by
au upper cut from t-lieuk and It was all
night with him after.
The fight was perfectly satisfactory to
nil concerned, except, of course, to Arnold,
who, however, had no complaints to make.
Although badly liattercd, both men wen)
out yesterday and there is strong talk of
another meeting for a larger purse being
arranged in the near future.
The Gallaiulet College football team have
come out with on announcement stating
why they have refused to meet the Colum
bia Athletic, club team. They state that
they would prefer the Columblas to keep
the championship ot the District rather
than meet them In a game, which the Co
lumblas call "fast bail" but which they
think resembles a slugging match.
They claim that the Columbia team lias
fully demonstrated, not only in their game
with the Gallaudcts last season, but in
more recent games with local teams, that
they either can not or do not with to play
a-geiitleinanly game.
While this is putting It pretty strong
the Gallaudcts have the right end of the
argument. There arc seme rough players
on the Columbia team who could easily
be dispensed with. Stewart Johnson, the
captain, would figure more gracefully in a
twenty-.'our root ring than ho docs en the
llernard Harding, the champion pool
player of the District, and Ike Waters, who
claims the championship, are matched to
play a six hundred point gam?. The game
will be played at Southerwalt's bilUird
and pool parlors beginning next Monday
night at 7:30 p.m.
I'at Itaedy is after "lllte" I'eckhnm's
scalp in great shape. He claims that
reckliain has been dodging him and giving
him the "go by" when an opportunity of
fered. He had an engagement to meet the
Alexandria boy and post a forfeit for af ight.
Haedy showed up with his backer at the
time and place appointed, but I'eckhani
was conspicuous more by Ids absence than
anything ele. liaedy says he will fight
LVckh.im for anything and at any place
he may designate. He Is willing to mate
all kinds of concessions it he can only
succeed in getting linn Into the ring. It's
about time I'eckliam came to the front If
he means fight.
Central High School will' give Columbia
Athlitio Club men a practice game on
Columbia Field this afternoon. The
athletic; men are trimming up for a strong
game on Friday.
Tlte Kendal Green and Eastern High
School elei ens are down for a tussle on the
college grounds this afternoon.
The Columbian College team will go to
Alexandria tills afternoon and line up
against I lie Episcopal High Sihool eleven
or that town. The hojs down the Po
tomac, are held as a pretty stiff lot of
playi-rs, and a good game is looked for.
The game s(helalisl between the Balti
more City College eleven and the Orients,
of this city, which wastohaie been played
in Baltimore to-day, lias been declared off.
Tiilks Ultterly of the VlRlit mid Says
Fltz Ik n Coward.
Atlanta, Gn., Nov. 5. James J. Cor
bett passed through here to-day ou the
Southern's limited vestibule, bound forNew
York. The champion talked freely of Hie
right and bitterly of the result.
He called Fitzslnunons a coward, and
declared that he now bclieies that the
Australian never luteiidid to meet him
lu the ring.
"Ncicr before have. I been mixed up
with such a rank coward as Fltzslmmons,
and I bate been against a great many
pugilists of my day. How the Americau
public can stand that fellow after the
way lie has acted in this fiasco 1-, moro
than I can comprehend.
"He lias humbugged me and the whole
country. I was willing to fight tiliu for
nothing when I found that there was very
little prospect of getting protection from
the officials. Hut Fltzslmmons said that
he wauled to get $10,000 to put up and
he expected to have it the next day."
Corbett showed a receipt for the bill
for building the ring at Hot Springs. It
cost him $191. Brady, Delaney. O'Don
nell, McVey, Donaldson and McDonald
were in the party.
Crexcent Alhletio Club Kept Ue Col
lego Elcien From Scoring.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov 5. About 3,000
persons journeyed to Eastern 1'ark to-day
lo see the gainu between the Crescent Ath
letic Club team and the eleven of Brown
University. The weather was a little
loo warm for football, but the gridiron was
iu fine order, and a, fast aud Interesting
game was played.
Fultz, McCarthy and Chase did the best
work for Brown. Thayer at left guard
look good care of "Beer Wheeler, and
the Crescent men had none the bet of the
The line-up was as follows:
Crescents. Brown.
curry i.e. ucnutson 1. e.
Prutt, Haskell
.t. Emory I. t.
Hotchklss.. .. .
Colon, Hughes.
g. Thayer.
.. ..c.
..r. g.
. ..r. t.
..r. e.
..q. b.
r. Ii. b.
. ..e. Coombs.. .
. r.g. Smith.. ..
..r.t. Nott
..r. e. Chase.. ..
.q.b. Multisou..
I.h.b. Robtnson.. .
O'Couuor r.h.b. Fultz.'.
White f.b. McCarthy f . b.
Summary Crescents, 1G; Browrf, 0.
Time, two halves or thirty-five minutes
each. Touchdowns Smith, 2; Wheeler. 1,
and Haskell 1. No goals. Referee
Peters. Umpire Waters. linemen
Duun and Moses-
S.sai?;A s ;'---
Interesting Contests Partici
pated in by the Blue and Gray.
' r- r
Fox lYIim Tlireo illuming :iphk.
Douglass Mukt-t) Noiv Local Col
lege Hecord Int lie Mllo It mi Cracks
Were Burrril, Hut 1VI11 Huu on
Saturday Oilier SportM
The annual fall field and track games,
open only to students of Georgetown Col
lege, were held yesterday afternoon on
the college field.
Healthy athletics lime. decidedly the call
at the college this season and the interest
among the students is In the ascending
scale lu this very beneficial adjunct lo the
class room.
Postponed on account of the rain on
Saturday, Hie games were almost again
doomed lo ostponcnient yesterday on ac
count of Hie early morning rain, and threat
ening weather and a heavy track. But
trifles like these could not damjieii the
ardor of a bright lot ot young fellows and
the games were held.
The meet proicd successful inevry way
and all the events wen nmoff amid great
enthusla sin, and theneiereudiu; but alwajs
noisy class yells.
Ttie track was a very fresh one, too
much so to hale stood a steam roller mid
the recent rain had not helped It much
and lit consequence It was heavy and slow
and those who made extraordinary or even
good time in the running events deserve
special crista Tor their work. 3'he track
will be rolled aud In prime condition by
next Saturday.
The games were well managed uud every
thing passed off in good sb.tpc.
In inner mat they might hate ample time
for preparation lor Saturday afternoon as
li ell as not to handicap ttie coming athletes,
who did good work yesterday, the "cracks"
irf the college were barred from the games
and ttiey put in their time as officials or
lookers on and among these were II. J.
WefersDilaney, Mahoney, Gallagher, and
The too yard eient was an interesting
one and In Fox, !S, the winner, the college
has a promising athlete. It was run off
In two heats. In the first, Fox won with
10:10 seconds, Fleming ami Walsh in
order. Second heat, won by McAuemay,
iu 11 seconds. Scanlon and Dillon, second
and third
Final heat won by Fox from Fleming in
10 a-0 seconds, by a scant half root, Jlc
Ancrnay third.
The second event was the 120-yard high
hurdle race, which was won by Deveraux
iu 21 seconds, from Fleuijug, who got
away In good shape, but tyas slow In taking
first hurdle. Devcrcaux picked it from
the start and ran n good race, but knocked
over his last hurdle.
Throwing 10 iound haroruor event tvas
won by Dojlc, with a throw of 73 feet
10 Inches; McCrca, CS feet 2, aud Shea,
05 feet 8. Harley and .Walsh also took
The mile walk ivas won by Cameron In
S:.12 2 5 minutes; Sullivan and l'lricke in
order. Douglass aud Walker did not
finish- ,
The eighth event was the running high
Jump and was carried off by Dillon, who
cleared the bar at 5 feet 2 12 inches;
Flaherty second and McLaughlin and
Fleming tiid for third pace-
The next w ns the two-rulla bicycle event,
nnd this nrortil to be an interesting contest.
Taggart anil l'omadka tieto on even terms
to the last half, when Hie latter put on a
spurt, which proved to bo too early In the
game and pum-M-it himelf out, losing to
Taggart In 7:10 minutes; Maher, third;
Yeatman fourth and Hlggliis fifth.
The tiO-jard run n as won by Holt after
Douglas set the pace until the turn liheu
llolt passed In m and held the lead. Com
ing into tie last turn, Del ereaux sprinted
passing Douglas, w ho was running gamely,
and finished second.
In tiie jiolevauli, Dillon cleared the bar
at 8 feet 0 inches, riemitig 4 feet 3 inihes,
and Scanlon 8 feet 2 1-2 inches.
rutting the l'i-pouud shot was won by
Doyle Willi a put or 35 feet 10 inches;
.McLaughlin 31 leet 10 Inches, Shea 31 feet
G Inches. Fleming, Harley, McCrca, aud
Welsh also participated.
The mile run was. a splendid test of
endurance on the heavy track and was
won In good style by Robert Douglas in
4:53 miuutis, making a new record for
tiie college in this event. Gillls second,
Walsh, Le Uoef and 1'inkein orile-r.
The last event, the 220-yard Hat, was
one of the most interesting of the day, and
in this Tox again landed a winner in 21 3-5
seconds, a little slow, but an exciting con
test nevertheless. Walsh came second
a scant yard behind and a little more thju
that a!.i-ad of McAnernay third. 5"
The last w inner was tarried off Iho
field on the shoulders or his classmates ar.d
the meet closed amid great noise and
Tin officials were: Referee, n. J. Wcfers;
starter, J. D. Delaney; Judges, 1 11. 31c
De-rmott, J. Gallagher; scorer, J. 1' Mon
oghau; -timers, McDermott and J". Wcfers;
clerk of course, J. I. O'Brien; measurers
of field el cms, Bre nnan, Kelly, and Gaynor.
Indications point to a most interesting
6eries ot contests on Saturday afternoon
next, and lu w hich athletes from the big
out-of-town colleges will cempcte with the
local eolUgc talent.
Sen HrertkliiR lliiitlly and Steamer-.
Cannot Handle Her.
Beaufort, N. C, Nov. 3. The Schooner
Hattie C. Luce, Is anchored off Cape Look
out in distress. The vessel Is bound here
witli a cargo of ice from Boston. The
wind is blowing strong from the northeast
and east, and a. high sea is briMking, so
'A Love of a Wheel"
1 -;.--
-ujizxSji2g&i ug;
-"rf-. -
that steamers lierc cimnot get out. Wreck
ers have lieen wired.
If it gets no worse and the vessel can
hold until daylight, It Is possible as
sistance can come from Norfolk or Wil
mington. The steamers here arc not able
to handle the ve'ssel in such a sea. The
station here at Lookout are In communica
tion with the master, and all necessary as
sislanco will be given.
There is an unknown brig In the off end,
but the mist is so thick that she cannot be
identified nor her condition ascertained.
She keeps well off, and when last seen
was headed for the Cape.
C. A. C. Committee, Are Active nml
Their Effoi'tNSucc'ftsjfiil .
The executive committee, of the Columbia
Athletic Club carnival, will hold Us regular
meeting this evening lu the club parlors.
A number of Important matters will come
up for discussion and action aud a full
attendance Is looked for.
"The donations committee reported a
number of additional donations from out-
of-town and local merihants.
The committee on tickets and badges
liegan on Monday the distribution of season
tickets, and will continue all this week to
place them with members anil in places of
business. The Inducements offered on the
baiks of tie-kets will undoubtedly cause a
Very large sale.
The photographic gallery and display ot
photographers' suiinlii-s will be ill charge
ot II. Gray Douglass.
To-diiy's Entries nt St. Asupll.
First Kaee Six and one-fourth furlongs.
Three-year olds anil up.
mo. iiorse. nt. inn. norse. i r.
fiiJO Tioga :110 r.Hli Courtney 110
r7 I'lun'r, liini.IlO 507 Black Beauty 1 10
585 Divt-.i...lIO r.Sti FIakewood..lOO
(5Sl)I,Uichardi.llO 580 Electro 100
Second Race Four aud one-half furlongs.
Two-yi'.ir-olds. Helling.
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
(.-.8)(frasnnero..l05 581 Mayl'inkertonfl"
045 Rlgliet 100 -154 CailU !7
58 I Mario 100 Torresdale .. . 03
Tliird Race Five furlongs. I'our-ye-ar-
olds and up.
Ii.d. Jlorse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
(57)Hemdoii....liri (58.")B.ofFermoylOr.
587 Misery 108 5110 ('l.iuman...l05
587 Nemo 105 570 Galeti 105
Fourth Race One-lialf mile. For all
ages. Selling.
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
0.10 Flagrnnt....ll2 5l!l Somage 107
Duke J0I111..1 12 (.1Hi(Talr W. .. .107
r,7fl Tartar 112 577 Arundel 107
508 Carh.iIitc...U2 4 Potash 107
531 Ike H 112 "072 Body Guard. 89
587Mat!ier 112
Fifth Race Six and one-fourth furlongs.
Three-year-olds and up.
Ind. Horse. Wt. 1ml. Horse. Wt.
(517)Nln'ySecn.llO,M57M. Chun . 110
585 Foxglove ...110 .",85 Che-ddar 110
043 Bella I!... .1111 "IHiS Silierla ....100
073 F'k Fuller .110 "055 Mohawk 100
Sixth Kaee Six and one-halt furlongs.
Three-year-olds and up. Selling.
Ind. Horse. Wt. Ind. Horse. Wt.
G5 Harry M... .Ill) r,S8 nu-a io
(583)Alrplant ....107 o88)Kcnalsance 1 05
(580il.unilieniriil07 383 Leiwrcllo .. 93
Refers to Ali'xuuder Island scries.
Tlrst Race LukoRIchards, Devisee, Flake
wood. Si-condltace Crassmerc, Cadiz, Mayl'Int
erton. Third Race Hcrndon, Belle ot 1 ermoy.
Fourth Race Arundel, Somage, Masher.
Fifth Race Maltiu Chun, Foxglove, Bella
Sixth Ttacc Renaissance, Lumberman,
Harry M.
Mr. Crump Contend That Admiral
Hnnisay'. Report Allslends.
Philadelphia, Nov. 5. Mr. Charles II.
Cramp, president ot the Cramp Ship Build
ing Company, was shown to day dipatihes
from Washington published in the Phila
delphia, New York and other newspapers
lu tvhlih It was stated that Admiral
Ramsay's annual reportvWlll contain some
startling figures tvhkh "demonstrate that
the wonderful burst of speed which are
productive of large premiums, when skilled
Jockeying Is employed by builders on trial
trips lo establish great records, are alle-
gcther meaningless, as indicating the
value ot such vessel, for everyday naval
Mr. Cramp said he could not criticise
Admiral Ramsay's report until he had
seen It, but he felt sure that the admiral
had drawn no such conclusion from the
riguresns those noted in the dispatch. The
rigure had lcen marshaleil by the writer
ot the di'pateh, either for the purpose "f
detracting from the well-known merits or
tho vessels or In Ignorance of the Tacts
necessary to perform proper Judgment
Mr. Camp further statist that many of
the vessels used not more than one-fourth
their power when cruising. The figures
presentisl In the dispatch elo not show the
conditions under which the records were
made, which tfoulel, no douhr, explain the
great discrepancy between the rated speed
and the best speed made during the year.
If Admiral Ramsay's report shows these
conditions, they were cither ignorantly or
purposely left out of the dispatch, and In
either ease such misinformation sent broael
cast over the country discredits our navy
In ttie minds of the people, when, on the
contrary, they have eiery reason to nj
joice that some of the recent additions to
the navy are unsurpassed in speed by any
naval vessel afloat.
Mr. Cramp called attention to a fart
which is of great Importance In making
comparisons of speed with foreign-built
war vessels. The test speed reconl for
the United States navy Is based upon the
maintenance of that speed for four hours
continuous steaming, while the speed
reconl for foreign vessels is the highest
spied attained on the run, which may not
have been maintained for ten minutes.
lliisket-lliill Game.
The third In the series of games in the
District Basket-ball League will be played
this evening at 8 o'clock, betwee-n tho
Y. M. C. A. and tbe Washington Athletic
Club, in the gymnasium of the latter, at
South Capitol and O streets.
Drummer Left Collateral.
Samuel S. Edmonston, thirty-five years
old. a drummer, left $5 collateral at No. 1
last night for disorderly conduct.
. - - -tB-
Associated Charities Elects Geo.
S. Wilson to That Place.
Ill- Friends Made a Determined Fight
for Htm, rjut Without Avail Com
plimented by All Speaker, hut
Other Method Mus,t Ho Tried 3Ir.
Wilson un Ohio Man and an Expert.
The Associated Charities solved its prob
lem last night by the election or Mr. L. S.
Emery, its lonner secre-tary, js one of its
directors and Mr. George 8. Wilson, as Its
generai secretary, iir. mison is at preteut
secretary of the As-vociai.i Charities of
Toiedo, Ohio, and was recommended by
President unman, ol Johns HopKins; 1'rof.
Eiy.oi M Isconsni, aud l. 11 .. liens general
secretary ot mo .icsuclalnl charities, uf
Cincinnati, Ohio.
The meeting was the largest held lu many
year. Among those present were r-euaior
nawiey, ot Coune-etleui; lir. Ujllaudcl, uev.
Drs. iiackaje Xmiin, Ke-nt, Wilson, New
man, McKiin, Col. llnsmer, Vice 1'rcsiilent
Baldwin, or the Southi-rn Railway; V. L.
Slddons, Dr. P. M. Gregory, ot tne Civic
Center; Dr. KamMu-il, Hr. Kelly, of the
Fourth I'resliylerian Church, who tend"ril
the church room as the place or meiting;
Mrs. J. W. Hanson,. llr.S. W. Woodward, lir.
Southern, and a jargc number ol other
ladies and ge-ntlemen.
il'lie special object of tbe mctlng was the
e!ectioii or a board or directors and a gen
eral secretary.
Mr. F. L. Moore, chairman or the com
iidlteeofclinritiesof the boanl of trad, was
ailed to the chair. Mr. D. 8. Emery acted
as secretary.
The llrsi business was the re'adingof the
annual jrports or the secretary aud of the
treasurer, Mr. M. G. Emery. These will be
found condensiil below and were antlc
patcdinthcnportorthcaudilingcommltli'o nhlch was published jestcrelay In Tiie
The election of the secretary was the
only one that provoked any debate. The
meeting was composed or two parties,
one which was In ravor or having the
charities administercel this year accord
ing to the methods In vogue In other
large cities, which was termed the scien
tific method, and the other party, which
was in ravor or retaining Mr. Emery
against any "imported" secretary, as l.e
was termed by Mr. Emery's rrieniH.
The debate was not acrimonious, all
the allusions to Mr. Emery being ot the
most flattering nature, and the confidence
of the society in him was evidenced by
its election of him to the office or di
rector. Several persons would have v ited
for Mr. Emery, as they states!, n--he were
willing to give his whole time lo the office
of secretary.
The business of the election was expe
dited by the nomination or the (allowing
committee on nominations: Mr. S. W.
Woodward, Dr. Galkiudet, Miss Kate
Hosmer, Mrs. Babson, andMr-Vo,':ii-s
This committee reported the .ol!-.ins
General secretary, George S Wi-on;
din-dors, Mrs. Dr. Hood, Dr. ilc-rye A.
Little, Mr. Johu Joy Edson. B. T. Janney,
Miss K. B. Hosmer, Mrs. J. W. Babson,
Mr. F. L. Moore, Mr. W. E. Parsons. Dr.
M. D. l'eck. Rev. J. II. Bradford. Mr. L.
S. Emery. Miss F. P. Spofford. Mrs. W.JI.
Baldwin, Rev. Charles' A Ivlu Smith, Mrs.
S. W. Woesli-ranl.
Rev. Dr. Bradrord at once moved as an
amendment the substitution or the name
or Mr. Emery Tor that of Mr. Wilson.
This motion brought out the reasons for
the committee in desiring n change. Mr.
Woodward, Rev. Dr. Mchiin, senator Haw
ley, Dr. Gallaudct, and ottiers argncel for
a change on the ground that chanties had
become a sociological protjlciu, and that
it needed an expert to deal with It. They
all expressed their conridenee In Mr. Emery.
Dr. Bradford Inveighed against the Im
portation of a man to do the work as a
confession that Washington did cot know
how to attend lo Its own business.
Dr. Tarsons made the point that Mr.
Emery erred when he put himself in op
iiositlon to the bo.rd of directors by saying
that he would resign ir certain amendments
proposed were pissed by tills meeting.
Dr. Bradford said that Mr. Emery did
not desire to have the power to appoint
his own imployes taken away rrom him,
and wanteel to know if Mr. Woodward
would tolerate the appoimtinent of his
employes by persons other than hiniseif.
After some other debate of tins kind,
thp question was put on Dr. Bradford's
motion, lind it was lost by a tote of -13
nays to 23 yeas, all those who had paid
up their 2 dues being qualified toters;
The report of the couimitteeon nominations"
ivas then adopted by a vole of 13 to 10.
The proposed amendments to the consti
tution were deferred for action at u subse
quent meeting.
The new board of directors will meet
to-morrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at
the Associated Charities headquarters.
Mr. Emery reported on the iiotato farm
plan, but this report has already been pub
lished in Tbe Times.
Taken in connection wiih what was pub
lished iu The Times yesterday, it Is only
necessary to give the following itemization
of the expenditures of the Associated
Chanties for the year 3.894-93:
For groceries, orders averaging about
$leacli, $3, 157.82; for coal, qnarterora ton
toanorelcr, $3,79G.80;forrent, 11 families,
$318.77;for shoes, SI19.30; hauling wood,
which ivas contributed, 90 1 loads, delivered
to poor families, $481.08; materials for
sewing by poor women, S81.55; paid tioor
tvoiiieiiforseiving, $34.31;forcIothlug,fIrst
division, bill, $12.30; Tor employment rur
nished by the association, $424.25; trans
portation. $47; aid in burial, 3 raimlies,
$9.50; hauling supplies from Evening Star
ofrice pound party, $7. 10; clerk hire, $343;
rent nt office, storage room and wood yard,
$448.25; compensation to general secre
tary, $823; for agent and rent in eleventh
division office, $84.17: for filling up
office of sixth division, $11.20; seed and
fertilizing'matcrial, Langley, $9.75; pnnt
lng,stalionery and postage, $121.59: ruls
ccliaucous, S91.62; total, $U,023.0G.
Trlnce Itiirblde mid Mr. Neville Hate
Made Up.
The rumored meeting on the field of
honor between Trlnce llurbide, of Mexico,
and Robert Neville, the well-known club
man of this city, has gone up in smoke.
The trouble arose over a discussion on
horsemanship, which look place lietwecn
the gentlemen at thp Metropolitan Club.
Allhouh no blows were exchanged, the
He, It is said, was passed anil It ivas thought
certain yesterday aricrnoon that tiie trouble
would be settled by the code some time
during the day.
Last night, however, It was reported at
the Metroiwlltan Club, that Mr. Neiile and
the l'riuco bad satisfactorily settled the
matter and in place ot "pistols and coffee
for two," a cold bottle bad plajed an
active part.
At the Mexlcanlegatlon the represcntat ive
of Tiie Times was informed that the subject
could not be discussed. He was given to
understand, however, that l'riuce Iturbide
had gone to his home.
Mr. Neville, was not to lie found at any
ot his usual haunts, but it was said at the
Metropolitan that he had not left town.
It is understood that the difficulty be
tween the two gentlemen was adjusted Mon
day night, though not without considerable
corrcspnndencc. According lo the story as
current IntliecIubsiastnlglitPrincelturblde
made the overtures. He wrote a letter lo
Mr. Neville containing an apology, which
was forwarded to .Mr. Neville, but Dr.
Whiting, the tatter's representative in the
affair. Informed tlieprlnee that it was not
acceptable. A se-conel letter was drafted,
but met with the same rate, being rejected
by .Mr. Neville's rrlend.
A third note, however fulfilled nil the
demands of Injureel honor,, was duly ac
cepted, and in the language of diplomats
the incident was closed.
Your Winter
Suit and
is here as j'ou would have it
if 3ou went to the best cus
tom tailor in town.
Overcoats in Melton,
Beaver and Kersey range
even as low as $7.50.
From that up to $40.00.
You know those fine
that are so popular? Of
course we have them beauti
fully made elegantly lined
the'kind you would wear
not the other kind.
From (Tcr the right kind) $1150
to 18.30.
Federation of Labor Meets With a
Very Full Attendance.
Tuenty-ronr Oriraliljitlon Were ne
resciiledand Considerable Hul-
nc Wan Transact!!!.
Twenty-rour local labor orgnnizatioEs
were represented at the meeting of the
Federation ot Labor, held last evening at
riastcrers Hall. The hour or meeting
was advancetl hair an hour aud, In the
absence or President McIIugh, was con
ducted by Vice President diaries II. Wor
den. Later in the evening, however, Presi
dent Mcllughiiadehlsappearanceand took
Credentials of delegate's it ere received
from the Lathers' and Iron Workers" assem
blies, and the representatives seated.
Delegates to 'fill vacancies !u the delega
tions from the Painters' and Musical As
ssnllies were recognized.
The contract committee reported that
the engineer employed at Alien's Opera
House, against whom complaint hail been
made, bail made application tor member
ship to the Association of Marine 'Steam
Engim-ers, and the matter was laid oier
until the next meeting.
The lockout of the Aitae-nstia street rail
way drivers was disenssed at length, and
resulted in the Anaeostla street railway
being placed on the unfair 1W..- Several
Anacostta business men also came In for
their full share of trlticlm, and are now ou
the nigged edge of the unfair list.
Delegates from the Maihmists n ported
that their reque-st that the managers of
general repalr shops emp'oy none but
union lalior had met nilli favorable re
sponses, ami now the shops are working
only union men.
William Woody Flonrl-hed n Knlf
and Wiim LocKi-d Up.
William Wooily was locked up at station
No. 4 last night on two charges of asault
commuted on hU wife, Aiude Woody, and
Hattie- Fcrgu-on, au Inmate of his house.
Woody, who lives in Six-and half street.
arnve-d home late under the influence of
He quarreled with Ms wife ami the Fer
guson woman sought to screen her. Woody
derw a knife and slashed the air without
serious effeet, but threatened to do great
damage. Incidentally, he struck Hattie in
his effort of reach his wife. The screams
ot the women brought the ioliee to tL
Flr-t Meeting of the Year.
The first meeting of the year ot 18P5 t
ot the Georgetown University Law Associa
tion was held last evening at the college
hall. No. 50G E street uortliwest, but owing
to its being election night very little busl
niss ot importance was transacted.
Au address on "The Keign ot Equity"
was delivered by Justice Shepard, of tL
District court of appeals, after which
the subject was discussed at lergth by
members ot the association.
MR. SAMUEL E.HENRY, G30 Columbia
avenue, Baltimore, bridge of nose eateu
out, roof of mouth and palate eaten off.
throat full of ulcers and holes; all liquids
would run through nose when swallow
ing; pronounced the worst nise of catarrh
iver seen and incurable. To-dav, well
Williiim street, Baltimore: One year ago
my son could net talk, palate eaten off;
roof of mouth and throat full of holes,
offensive discharges; face anil neck full
of lumps: pronounced catarrh in it worst
form and Incurable; cured oue year ago
lo-ia, no sign or anv return.
mont avenue, Baltimore: One year ago ray
son was cureel after being pronounced ln
curablebysix of our best doctors; tbebrldpe
of nose eaten off; very otrensive; In fact,
no one could remain in a room with him:
his wholesysteni waspoisoncd with catarrh:
to-elay no sign or any return. Tbe above
used only
Lir. George W-FJsher's Catarrh Cur
Tor further Information apply to Alfred
B.Gawlcr, General A gc-ct.Gl.t 13th st oir.
The cheapest house In town.
641 Louisiana Ave. N. W.
AVoM like yon to becomo aitiuatntoJ with,
our style of printing. Va?ro confident youMb
pleased -with the wort ttoM turn out. Nothing
loo larse nothiop too small for as to pxiuL
McCILUi WALLACE, Printers.
3107 E Street 2UY. Tiion. 131i
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