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"y-'fUMmwiiiiii wpBijiiapiiyajg
,-ajg(j(w- ,-aa-p
All wool, fast color, Crow Black and Imperial Blue
Rough Cheviot Suits that we sell at
is the biggest ten dollars' worth of clothes you ever saw. Newest
styles in double and single breasted sacks and cutaway frocks, well
tailored and better fitting than any cheap custom made garments.
Poorer suits are sold in nearly every store in town at $12.50.
"We have as good value in an Overcoat at the same price, blue
and black, all wool, fast color Kersey and Beaver, good Italian lin
ing and velvet collar. The tailors would think they were doing
you a special favor to make its equal at $15 and even then they
wouldn't fit as ..well.
The best 50c Neckwear in America is here. It's the same
grade as others get 75c and $1.00 for. Isn't the difference worth
saving? .
When you want a new suit,
or your wife wants a new
coat or cape, see us.
I Just
My These Shoe Prices !
During this creat sa'e of the stock mado up for the winter trade
of the Warren Shoe House prices will rule
lower than wholesale rates.
Get Your Winter Shoes INoa
50c Table.
Ladies' Kid "Button and Lace, excel
lent goods, but all small sizes.
98c Table
Ladies' Kid Button and Lace su
perior quality, stylish, latest toes
all small sizes.
SI. 23 Table.
Ladies' Kid Button Opera, Phila
delphia and Common Sense toes all
S1.48 Table.
Ladks' Kid Button and Lace needle
razor, opera, Philadelphia and com
mon tense toes verv pretty shoes.
SI. 65 Table.
Ladies' Kid Button and Lace all the
latest styles and toes beautifully fin
ished. S1.9S Table,
Ladies' Dongola and French Kid
Opera and Philadelphia toes an ex
cellent, easy-fitting last.
S2.48 Table.
Ladies' Kid Button and Lace hand
welts selected stock all the latest
fashionable toes.
S2.98 Table.
Ladles' Itussct Button hand welts
needle toes and all styles In lid.
SI. 23 Table.
'Men's Tine Calf Balmorals nnd Con
gress beautiful goods strongly made,
and finished in a erystvlish manner.
S1.50 Table.
Men's Patent Leather Congress and
House Shoes and Slippers from 50c up.
STOLL'S "810" Seventh St
BBMmmmsMB. m wmgmMmmmmu mmm&
The Greatest
In the
World I
2 Groceries
5 A 1 Sugar-cured
s Hams, I Oc per pound,
s These are not shoulders
cut in the shape of Hams,
but genuine Hams from
the hind .legs of hogs.
1 Either smoked or Corned
j lOcperlb.
S Breakfast Bacon.. 9c lb ;
t Pure Lard 8c lb
j 'Compound Lard. .. 6c lb
t N. Y. Burbank Po-
j tatoes, per bu... 44c
J.T. D.Pyles
STORES 112 4 th St. S. ii; Cor. 34
5 ana Md. Ave K.E; J8 Vth St. X E.;
ION 7th st N. V.; Cor. Washington
v and Monroe fats., Anacostia. lele-
) phone Write, Call.
i 4
? Universal bargains f
t in Tinti5r-Tiirtiic1iiiiiTc nml W
J groceries at "Univer-
sal" prices.
51? 9th St. n: w t
9 wia. viii vuill III A
-. . i
Balmorals It Is on account of this
lot containing only small sizes that wc
are selling them at this price.
SI. 50 Table.
This lot is composed of Men's Calf
Congress nnd Balmorals medium, wide
and narrow toes good looking shoes
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Men's Russia Leather Balmoral', with
toe cap easy fitting, well made.
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Men's Fine Calf, Lace and Congress
Shoes eiiual to the tiest $:i shoe lu the
world and better than many elegantly
made, very btjlis.li and wearable.
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Men's Fatent Leather Congress, Bal
morals nnd Button splendid quality
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Men's Fine Calf Lace and Congress
opera, needle and globe toes very
dressy 6hocs.
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Men's French Calf Patent Leather
medium and narrow toes the latest
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Men's Calf Shoes needle, razor, opera
and globe toes hand tvelts very fine
ly finished.
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Men's Fine Patent Leather Shoes
kangaroo tops, needle and opera toes
an execedinly dressy shoe.
S2.98 Table
Men's Calf and Russia Leather neat,
well-made, stylish perfect Id every
XXXX FLOUR is used on
every part of this planet !
And its success is due to
the fact that it's the best
that science, care, skill and
experience could produce.
Have no other when next
you order Flour.
Pillsbnry-Washburn Mills,
L. H. WIeman, Agt. 216 10th St.
. Auction
817 Market Space.
$40,000 worth Dry Goods,
Fancy Goods, Ladies' Muslin
Underwear, Hosiery. Notions,
Books of all kinds, Toys, etc.,
stock of goods from a large
New York department store.
All goods to be sold to the
highest bidder without re
serve. Sale begins Monday at lOa.
m. and at 7 p. m.. to continue
until stock is disposed of.
817 Market Space.
In every detail of construction
it bears the stamp or urv to-dated-
ness. There's not a flair to be
found hTgh or low la a Kimball
Flano so perfect are they made
so faultlessly are they finished.
In tone and action they are unsur
passable. METZEROTT
All tlio Latest Sheet Musia.
beet Musia- f
N. W. I
II IO FSt. N. W.
Hon. John W. Foster Appears
Before the Excise Board.
Dalilgron Circle location Decided-foy
tlie Coinmlf.loiierH JlontUly Ito
Iort of Flro Water Supply of In
duijtrlal Home Scliuol Ordcr Is
sued for Sower Work.
A protist was filed yesterday with tlio
excise board by cx-Secrctnry of State Jolin
V. Foster and Mr. Julin V,'. Thompson
against the Issuance of retail linuur li
censes to certain applicants In the vicinity
ot I blrcet, on Fourteenth street northwest,
the ejection being that the presence xf the
establishments are cxcecdinK'y objection
able to the residents of that locality.
The places named were those of Grocer
James A. Donnelly, L. KothsitilUls, a
wholesale dealer, and F. 1'. lnnn.lruus, a.
saloon Keener; the first ami last named
adjoining and the other iK'Ing opposite,
all fronting uii Fourteenth street.
The "contention of the iri'Mlmicn was
that the excise board should exercise
discretionary Mwers in favor of residents-and
decline to grant licenses to so
J many establishments la u single nelghlior-
Fmh of the persons above designated had
procured a license under the old law, and
being established in business, they are
entitled to renewals except when a gross
violation of law or two convictions in
court might Interfere.
The board will ImM the i ases open to give
opportunity for all to lie heard.
The location of Dahlgren Circle Is likely
to be changed, notwithstanding the pro
test filed recently by tlieobjei tiiigproiierty
holders. The Commissioner;, yestenlay
notified Mr. Reuben Cox.-one of tie prc
testants, that it is deemed advisable to
move the circle to a point -100 feet west
ward on the line of Kliode Island aenue
extended, and that arrangements linte
been made for all lots in the vicinity to have
good street frontage. The matter will,
however, be fully camassed before the
plans are finally adopted.
For the information of persons inter
ested, it is stated by the CouimlM-Iuners,
relative to the pajment of awards for
lands condemned for highway extensions,
that tlie matter is now in the courts, and
that the highway act contemplates that
Congress shall appropriate money for
rights of nay of new streets within six
months or the date of the nu arils.
Chief Parrls, ot llie fin- ili-p.frlmrM, re
ports HI alarms or lire during October,
an Increase of IS oxer the previous month.
ine iossc- imciu-a aggregated sy.ouu
covenil liy $5,tM7 .ip.Uun aio.nof $1,703
and an lnburauce of $975 for the previous
.r.tr. llHTe U'LTf Z. local alarms Hi tlie
John II. Andcr&on Las bcn a)pulntil an
aililitlonal private on tlie police foice for
duty at tlie Zoo.
Probationary Private J. II. Offutt, of
the firo department, baa been placed upon
the permanent roll, promotion totakeetlcct
tlie 1st Inttant.
Steam eiiBincers" licenses were ordered to
be Issued yesterday as follows. Isaac C.
Smallwood, first class, and WlllUm U.
Macomher, 6ecoud cln&s.
The Industrial Home School, turougb Mrs.
Barrow, the Miptrintendent, has been noti
fied that the pumping facilities are at pres
ent insufficient to penult the tapping of the
water main on the Tenley town road, a pri 1
lege desired for the benefit of that Insti
tution. It was stated, lio-wever. tbat If at any
time the school.supply of water shall be
come lliniied, a temiwrary arrangementcan
be made, and that uin the completion of
the Reno reserolr, about January 1, the
application will be reconsidered.
Orders issued yesterday-
That a se er be constructed to serve lots
27 to 34, square DOS; and that 129 feet
of twelve-Inch sewer be constructed In
Ninth strrel north ot K street, and ti leet
of twelve-inch sewer In K street west of
.N'imh street, under the provisions of the
penult sjstem. Aho, that 40 feet of
twelve-inch sewer be laid at the Inter
section of Ninth and K streets northwest,
to 6erve as outlets for the lines above
That the well on Sheridan street. Mount.
Pleasant, be filled and abandoned.
That"300 leet of twelvi-iucli sewer be
laid in the north side of O street northwest,
between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets,
to replace the present old and delective
That a gutter basin be constructed at the
northwest corner of Grant street and Sher
man avenue.
Tbat proposals for sewer construction be
accepted as follmvs: T. 11. Leber A Bon,
of Eastun, Pa., tbat for llrookla'nd sewer,
and "Andrew Oleasou for Kenesaw avenue
That fourteen cancellations of water
main assessments be firderd, based upon the
Uurydorf decision.
That G. B. N flicker be appointed bridge
keeper, vice It. U. McClure, deceased. lie
Is placed on the temporary roll at $70 per
lt was ordered that a cement sidewalk
be laid in front of No. 171G Massachusetts
avenue northwest, and that a sewer be
constructed In the alley between Houtb
street and the Chesapeake and Ohio canal,
Tbirty-flrst and Thirty-second streets',
both under the permit system.
President riiilllps, of the Metropolitan
Railway Company, has notified the Dis
trict Commissioners that a Equare of
gruund has been purchased to be used as
a she for tlie company's power-bouse and
car shops, depot and business office.
The square acquired Is numbered 1057,
lying between East Capitol and A, and Four
teenth and " Fifteenlb streets southeast.
The building, for -which designs have yet to
be drawn, is to be a handsome structure,
according to present plans, and an orna
ment, architecturally and otherwise, to
that section of the city.
The entrance for the cars will be from
the Fifteenth street jslde, to avoid cross
ing the East Capitol street parking, and
tne rront on me last mentioned thorough
fare will be elaborately ornamented.
It Is the understanding that the building
will be three orfourstorieslnheight. Work
upon It Is to be commenced at once.
Permission has been given to a repre
sentative of the Electrical Workers' Union,
No. 20. to suspend a banner across Sev
enth street, from the premises No. 827 to
828, under the usual conditions.
The Army and Navy aild Metropolitan
Clubs-, respectively, have made application
for retail liquor licenses, though the fee,
$400, was In each case paid under pro
test. Josepli ItuppersTYill Filed.
The will of the late Joseph Ruppel, dated
April 8, 1895, was tiled for probate yester
day. By Its terms No. 410 A street south
east together with the testators personalty
are to be sold. From the pnceeds"$l,350
13 to be paid to testator's son, John; $1,300
to Philip, SCSO to Joseph, both sons, and
$G50 to his daughter-in-law, Rose. His
brother John is to have $100. Clements
Qelbcl and John II. O'Donncll are named
as executors.
It wns Dygert's Uorso.
Frank Dygert, who was arrested on Mon
day on suspicion of horse stealing, as
stated In The Times of yesterday, has been
released, proof being furnished that he
had come In possession of the horse honestly,
lie had ridden the animal from Sprlngvllle,
Erie county, N. r., and sold It cheap be
cause he was broVe.
Round Steak, 10c
Blrloin Steak, 12 1.2c.
Porterhouse Steak, 16c.
Lamb, from 6c. to ISc
Roast Beef, 8 to 12 l-2e.
J. H. Hoover, 7th street wIbj, 134-136,
Center Market.
I Sugar I
I Day.
To-day we will give
to purchasers of One
Dollar's worth or over
from our price list of
4 lbs. Best
Sugar Free.
729, 731 7th St.
To-day Is the Anniversary of the
Archdiocese of Baltimore.
Look Lint fir Xon-d IMilnex llue Pre
sided 0er It nnd It Orowtli
JIti Been 31urelmi.
To-.iay Is a greatcvent among the Cath
olics or the .Archdiocese of Baltimore. The
see was founded 10U jears ago to day
bj Pope Pius VI., who selected a pastor
ot ilonlgomery count-, Mil., the He v. John
Carroll, as Its rirst incumbent.
Father Carroll was an ex-Jesuit priest,
the Society of Jesus liavlng been tempor
arily suppressed by Pope Clement XIV., in
1773, a i.anvc- ot ljir iicrltoru, Prince
licoTKes' county, ilu., wlio 1.,'id bevn 3D'
I poiHii-ilMilmlastical tuinrior ol the due'
( I" ilu Lj'ltetlSlMfe curii u 17t
t4. wall the
title or iiar-bemri. and who ncelMtl
conn-crailon as Bi-tlop of Baltimore at
Ltuwcrth caslle, ljonuoii, .ugidhu, .-tugual
ID, 1790.
lie wus the founder of Georgetown Col
lege, In this eity.1 and ruled the bee of
Baltimore until lei.eiiib-r 3, lfclo, when
he died at the amsnetd age of to years.
In December, 1SO0, Rome gave him a
coadjutor, or aisiMnnt, in the lerson of
Rev. Leonard Neakv a n.ilUe or Clurles
county, Md., who turriveU hint two eare;
his death having occurred June Hi. 1M7;
and In April, 1 tua, the Diocese w as rai-ed
to the rank of an Arcl.-bishopric, at which
time the lour carbiitt diuious of a were
maderNew York, Phi&iderphla, Boston, and
Bardstown, (now Louisville) Ky., being
declared Its suffragan Nets, and their
ordinaries. Bishops Egan, Cheverus, and
Benedict ringet,Li!ig consecrated by Arch
bishop Carroll tn'Raitlniore during October
and November, 1810.
Tlie bishop appointed by Rome for New
Torkv Rev. Luke Corcorner, of the Dom
inican Order, died at Naples, I tiny, after
receiving consecration at Rome, and never
saw his sees, but his successor. Rev. Johu
Connull, also a Dcminican, was scon af
terwnrdichoscn, anir is known as, in reality,
the first bishop oflLot Diocese.
The successors of Archbishop Carroll
since 1815 have embraced Most; Revs.
Leonard Neale, founder of the Visitation
Nuus' Convent, Georgetown, who died
June 10, 1817; Ambrose Mnrecbel, a
native of Ingre, France, who died January
29, 1828; James Whitfield, of Liverpool,
Ens., who died October 18, 1834; Samuel
Eccleston, of Chestertown, Md., April 22,
1851; Francis Patrick Kenrick, of
Dublin, Ireland. July 8, 18G3; Martin John
Spaldiug, of Lebanon, Ky., February 7,
1872, and James Kooseelt Bajley, of
New York City, October 3, 1877.
The present cardinal arcbbihop of Bal
timore, James Gibbons, was appointed arch
bishop Bayley's assistant, or coadjutor.
In August, 1877. and succeeded blm on
his death, October 3. 1877. Ue became
a cardinal June 30, 1880.
Among the twenty-seven religious orders
of men and women connected -with the
archdiocese at the present time, those
known ns the Carmelite Nuns, the Visita
tion Nuns and the Sisters of Charity of Em
niettsburg take precedence, having been
founded in 1780, in 1799. and in 180S, re
spectively. The latter order Is probably
tlie best known among them, and members
of that community now conduct the lead
ing hospitals- and asylums at the arch
diocese, foremost among which Is Provi
dence Hospital, Second and D streets south
east. In this city.
At preseut the leading members of this
order in Washington are Sisters Eeatrice
Duffr, of Pittstmrg. Pa.; and Ldnise Carey,
ot New York City, the latter of whom
will soon celebrate her eighteenth anni
versary at the lrstltution.
In view of the fact that Washington has
recently been madeadlocescoftheProtesInnt
Episcopal Church, the Indications are that"
when the nest plenary council at Baltimore
meets a similar division of the see of
Baltimore will be made, just as the arch
diocese wasdlvided In 18C6 by thesevcrance
of the eastern shore counties after the
new see of Wilmington, Del., was con
stituted. It is believed that the date of the next
council Is not remote, as eleven years have
elapsed since the last general council of
November, 1884. at which A rchblshop (now
Cardinal) Gibbons presided.
Consul Chilton SewW n Report on the
Trefolzona Trouble.
Malls reports ot a very Interesting char
acter concerningi the Armenian troubles
have been received at the 8tate Department
from Robert C. Chilton, ot the consular
bureau, -who was sent abroad to establish
the new United States consulate at Er
zeroum. Mr. Chilton was In Treblzond on the day
tlie massacre occurred there, nnd It is
understood that his comments on what he
saw and learned-are very direct. Nothing
about the contents of Mr. Chilton's com
munication -will be given out at the de
partment. ilnrrlnse Licenses.
John E. Quonder and Annie E. Boone.
John Toliver, of Culpeper county, Va.,
and Alice Matthews, of Frlnce George
county, Md.
William McReynolds and Laura John
son. William W. Williams and JosephInc"M.
Savin, of rredcricksbnrg, Va.
RobcrtF. Schultzand Mary F. Lynch.
Andrew Little nnd Elizabeth Starkey,
both of New JTork city.
Monroe E. P. Conrad and Ellen Q. Con
rad, ot Loudoun county, Va.
J. Kenneth White, of Pittsburg, Pa., and
Gertrude M. Hislop.
Joseph H. Sweney, of Osage, Iowa, and
Lilly A. Moss.
Money Was fot Stolen.
Mrs. H. A. Key, who lives at the Concord
Flats, and who reported to police head
quarters Monday that $50 had been stolen
from her bed chamber, as was stated In
The Times, found the money yesterday In a
drawer In which she had placed It "herself.
The detectives were withdrawn from the
Wedding Crowns the Romance
of Ess Hislop and Mr White.
Hev. Dr. rateli, of Guuton Temple
Ctiurcli, Performed tlio Ceremciiiy
mid tlio "Young Couplo ilako Tliclr
l'luns Dr. Illnloii Iteleused on Bund
to Apiieur 111 Court.
Mr. J. K. White and Miss Gertrude
Ilislop were married by Rev. Dr. Patch,
pastor of Gunlon Temple Memorial Church,
at No. 1132 Tenth street last night, the
Bedding being the sequel of the arrest
ot Dr. William L. Hislop, and the flight
from home of Miss Gertrude Hislop,
as published exclusively In The Evening
Times of esterday-
Afler four jears of repression, love
triumphed In the end and the ceremony
was solemnized In the midst of friends
and flowers.
Dr. William L. Ilislop, a well known den
tist and brother of Mrs. Dr M.irgaret His
lop, ol No. 313 M street northwest, was
arremed at 2 o'clock yisterday alternoon
and locked up atthcBicondprccli.Ctstatlon
hojse on a warrant chaiging him Willi
threats. The warrant was sworn out by
Mr. J K. White, a yojng draughtsman In
the Cio eminent service, and Fs the outcome
of .i very pretty little rouiauce In which
he and Miss Gertrude Hislop, a ward ot
Dr. Margaret Hislop, are thecetitral figures.
Abiut four years ago White met Miss
Gertrude, then u voumr clrl. al the Central
I Presbyterian Church, ot which all parties
connected witn thcarr.ilr are members. He
I became vry much luiatuated ultli her and
a little less than a year ago the two became
1r. Margaret nnd her brother, so It Is
said, violently opposed the union, and hae
done everything In their power to sepa
rate the loteris. White claims that they
bac abused the girl In the most shamerul
manner, and says that a few days ngo Will
iam L. Hislop struck her on the head with
bis fist, and threatened to repeat it.
The basis of the threats warrant ts con
tained In the statement of the young girl
to her lover, title told him that William
told her repeatedly that If she ever married
White he would kill liliu. White also
-states tbat the brother and sister have
slandered him in the most oatrageous man
uer to the people of bis church, but nothing
has altered bis determination to marry
the young lady.
Yesterday morninghcrccelvedanotefrom
hissweetheart at theolllce, saying fhe was
locked in her mom, andl.er guarufan was
inaklrg preparations to send her to St.
Elizabeth's Insane asjlum. He at once
went to the house, but was refused ad
mittance. He then went to the police
court t where, after consultation with
Assistant Attorney for the District James
L. Pugh, Jie swore out the warrant for
It was Immediately sent to the station
house and placed In the hands of Policemen
Duvall. Accompanied by White, the io
llceiuan went to the house, and, aller plac
ing the man under arrest, the old lady was
warned against Injuring her charge. After
Hislop was taken to the station house Miss
Gertrude proceeded to pack her trunks,
under protection of Policeman Duvall.
while Sergt. McTaggart nnd her lover
waited on the outslile.
As soon as all her belongings were col
lecteel, she bid the old lady aud the bouse
farewell, and Joining her lover across
the street, the two Immediately began prep
arations for the wedding.
White say6 that during the, time the
brother was trying to prevent him from
se'ing Miss Gertrude, the dentist followed
him about the streets, harassed him at his
work, and even t-it in the pew with him at
church in order that he might not leave his
sight. The old lady, he sajs. aud a nurse
girl named Corlnue Manning were active
In spreading reiiorts about him.
Miss Gertrude, the pretty heroine of
this Interesting episode, is a few months
over eighteen years old and very much in
love with her determined fiance.
Mrs. White is an unusually pretty young
lady, with brown hair, brown eyes, a per
fect complexion and every smile digs two
dimples iu her cheeks- She made her re
sponses in a rather tremulous voice, but
It was the nervoumess of determination.
Mr. White Is a slender blond, who made
his promises In a way tbat indicated that
he meant to carry them out. The minister
blessed them, the ladles present kissed
the blushing bride, all hands congratulated
tlie groom, and a policeman from the Second
precinct served a summons on blm to
appear at police court tins morning at 9
o'clock. Mr. E. G. Russell stood as" best
Among the guests were
Herbert Morgan, Mr. aDd Mrs. John n.
lllnton, Mrs. Wright, Miss Heeler, of Virgiuia;
Miss Wilson, Mr. W. B. Tld, Mr. J. T.
Smith, J. V. A. Shields, Mr. Taul F. Grove,
.Miss Sadie R. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
The Times saw Dr. Margaret Hislop lat
night, but she refused to discuss the situa
tion, declaring that the young people
"must bear the consequences." The Times
also nought an Interview wllh Rev. Mr.
Rltzer, pastor of the Central Presbyterian
Church, but he sent word that he wmiM not
discuss the matter. Dr. William L Hislop
was- released from station No. 2 last night
under aborxl of $200.
- Lieut. MiisonV Anniinl Report Suggests
The annual report ot Lieut. Mason, In
charge of the proving grounds at Indian
Head, has been made to the Navy Depart
ment, aud contains several items of general
Interest. The report deals, ot course, with
the conditions and repairs at the grounds.
Considerable damage was done to firing
butt No. 2, which had to stand the brunt of
the shot from the twelve and tblrteen-lmh
guns. The three-inch wrought Iron plates
have been replaced by six-Inch cast iron
material, which will be a better resistant.
A brick bomb proof has been erected In
the rear ot the range battery and also 800
linear feet of brick wall to retain the sand
for tests.
Lieut. Mason went Into agriculture and
succeeded as a farmer. He raised about
400 bushels of corn, of good grade; 150
bushels ot inferior grade, and about 0 tons
ot fodder, all ot which will be sufficient to
support the stock. This experiment Is to
be continued annually.
It is recommended that the present sys
tem of lighting by oil be replae-ed by
electric! lighting, and that cheap dwellings
be erected for the employes', boat crews,
and the families ot employes. Lieut. Mason
thinks that six houses, of brlc'kraanufac
tured at the station, each to cost about
$600, would be sufficient, for the present,
to accommodate tho employes.
Republican Club Orcranlzed Under
Tlmt Le-nder's Name.
A largely attended meeting of the Re
publicans of the District was held Monday
evening at No. 938 N street northwest for
the purpose of organizing a Republican
The meeting was organized with Mr. G.
C. Hart, of Virginia, as temporary chairman
and George E. Desbield, of Delaware, as
secretary. An election for permanent of
ficers resulted as follows: President, Capt".
L. Collins, Virginia; vice president, C. J.
Taylor, Pennsylvania; secretary, E. L.
Taylor, Pennsylvania; assistant secretary,
George E. Desblelds; treasurer, E. J. John
ion, Maryland; aergean t-at-arms, Alex
ander Todd, Georgia; chaplain, Motes Wal
ton, Maryland; chairman executive com
mittee, G. C. Hart.
The organization adopted the name, "Al
lison Republican League."
Bixty members 8ubCIlb'ibl rumci to
the roll.
A single visit
From a Doctor
Costs $2.00
This same $2.0Q
Will buy from us
A pair of
Men's Genuine
Cork sole shoes
Or triple leather sole
Extension edge shoos.
1Ym. Hahn Mo.'8
hiiliaiii.i: snoi: houses.
- 030-D32 7th St. X. W.
1014-1010 Pa. AvoN. W.
233 Pa. Ave. S. E.
Columbia Heights Citizens Want
Trolley MaBts Removed,
rjiilmiirof ed Streersnnd Garbage Dh-
oiisseel untl See oral New AleniDerH
Elected lit Tlielr Meeting.
. Columbia Heights alliens' Association
met last eienlng at St. Stephen's Parish
Hall, Fourteenth street, above Columbia
avenue. There was a large attendance;
and President Bollinger was In the chair.
The reading of the minutes ot the prei ious
meeting being dispensed with, Dr. Staely
called the attention of the association, to
the bad condition or Tenth street iu front
of Garlic-Id Hospital. The matter was
referred to the committee; on streets and
alleys and Dr. Stavely asked to act In
conjunction with the committee In Its in
vestigation of the case.
Mr. Charles F. Calhoun offered the follow
"Re-solved, Tbat the executive of the as
sociation be authorized to uee its best
efforts with the honorable Commissioners
and Congress to the i-nd that the unsightly
iind dangerous wooden iwles erected by the
Bright wood Railway Company on each side
ot Jvenyon street between Seventh and
Fourteenth streets, Columbia Heights, may
be remoi ed without unnecessary delay and
an underground system. Introduced or neat
iron poles be erected In the middle of the
street to take the places of the wooden
The matter was referred to the strfit
committee and Mr. Calhoun asked to join
them In their imestigallon of the case be
fore the Commissioners.
Secretary Simmons Introduced the follow
ing: "Resolved, That the Commissioners pro
posed cremation methods of disposing of
refuse matter and other garbage has our
unqualified approval and we pledge them-H
-our earnest support In their endeavors to
-accomplish this much needed reform."
Mr. M. F. O Donohue called attention to
the dangerous condition of Kenesaw avenue
between Thirteenth and Fifteenth streets.
Referred to commltteeon streets and alleys.
Mr. M. D. Jacobs asked the aid of the
association in compelllng-the Capital Trac
tion Company to remove obstructions which
it had placed on Fourteenth street, between
Kenyon street nnd Kenesaw avenue. The
matter was referred to the committee on
railroads with Instructions to act promptly.
The following new members were elected:
C. F. Shoemaker, W. R. BauVy,- W. W.
Finley, Benjamin-Rhodes and James Dubois.
3!elleetl to He Inwine.
Marlon Gcppurtt, a German woman, about
sixty-eight years old, was picked up at the
Pennsylvania station last night and Is held
at station. No. 1, pending orders from San
itary Officer Frank. She is of unsound
mind, and is thought to bail from Rockland,
Sheriffs Sale
01 Clotbing.
We are hustling out the S4O.O0O
stock of the late firm of H. A. Ha
zelton & Co., of New York, which
we bought at the sheriff's sale.
We started the ball rolling at
44c On the Dollar,.
and now we are doing even better
than that. Lower and lower go our
prices, and faster and faster the
bargains get snapped up. The ea
ger crowd of purchasers grows big
ger every day. Don't mls3 your
chance luck like this doesn't often
come your way.
Men's Heavy Winter Suits. Dou CO CH
ble and Single Breasted P0,UJ
Men's Strictly All-Wool Cheviot eTC fl
Suila, wholesale rirlce $11.00... .4)0.411
Heavy Winter Clay Worsted Suits.
Kegenc cut nnd Back: reiruiarQ-c it
wholesale price $15.00..
... s.U. 1 1-
Oxford Mix Winter Suits, Double
and Single Breasted. Casslmere
lined: wholesale price S1B.UU
Men's Overcoats heavy Blue Bea-ffC Cfl
vers double warp Italian lining. 4U,UU
$18.00 Imported Germanla Over-ffT Cn
S16.00 French Black Cheviot Over-CC IT.
coats 4)0, 0
$10.00 Oxford "Mixed Overcoats. .$4. lb
Men'h Finest Quality Vicunas, Mel
tons and Kerseys, blue and black,
lined with Skinner's Silk, raw
edge 3 inch Velvet Collar: whole-ff Q ir
sale price $20.00 4J. JO
Men's Heavy Winter rnntaloons.4 I ,UU
Strictly All-Wool
Black and Bine CM rn
Harris Cassimcre Pants;
sale price $3.50
Young Men's Dark Gray Overcoats:(TQ 0C
wholesale price $7.00... 4)0, Z0
Children's Overcoats and Ulsters.
r made in first-class style: whole-ff I CC
sale price sa.iu 4il,UU
Children's Suits,
years of age...
from 4- to 15
Double-breated, well made, pat-ff I fl
ent- elastic Waist Bauds, all wool.
H4 1 ,4U
Double-breasted Rough
blue and bhtck
Double-breasted, double seat and CO Ofl
knees; 20 styles to select from.. ..4.ZU
Genuine Scotch Cheviot Suits; 20 CO IE
different patterns 4Z, 10
Boys' Long rants Suits 14 to 10
years double and single breasted. ,
manufactured of absolutely pureCO TC
wool material 4)0.13
Hundreds of other bargains.
H. Fried lander &Bro
9th and E Sts. N. W.
We hTe no connection with any other
house In the city.
fflTlrt Yah
1 Cork Soles?
The most popular and fafthton-
ADie men a cuoeoa mo marxei
tfwlaj mnioe cork sol -1
ected lcathor full calf lined
band-sewed welts la Congress
and llalmoral stjles good yalue
eTcrytrhero at J3L0O. Wo tell
th-ia at
The Jenncss Miller bhocs.
(More popular than erer.)
939 Penna. Ave.
Open till 8 p. m. Saturday, 10,39.
Haven't you
Seen some
Of the
Big Bargain
Buying your
Have done in
Our Removal
You can do soma of IL
Everything is reduced
eTerylhfnz to furnlsa a
home la here.
SI House & Herrmann,
aiv. bis, 8zi ana 923
636 Mass. Ave.
514 9th St. N. W.
Money Savers.
Figured Covert Cloth Tei Gowns. Moth
HubtmrJ style, joke lined, excellently
made, onlr a limited quantirr left.
worth JI.M only 13a
CO 70 Lull's' Changeable Silk Shirt WaliU,
4)Z. I 0 made In the Terr latest style, balloon
sleeves, excellent value at 43 only
CI CO. That ever popular Black Figured
4 I .DO BrilllnntlneilohalrSiirt.tallor-maae,
extra lull irMlh; they are really
cheap at 83.10 only tl Ea.
C I QO Ladle.' Black Eeraey Cloth Capes.
4)1.00 extra full sweep, nicely tailored asd
nnisfced, worth .73-oaly 11.98.
Ladies' Plaid Shirt Wais's. made In the
latest style, atlsizes in stock, worth eSo
only 21a
250 dozen Children's Ejt-3 lleary Blacx
freamlesl Hose. Mzo ltoSi Regular
25c quali'y. Only Sa
For two Ladles' Ribbed Vests fuU
weight. Always sold at 2 jc each. Only
29c lor two.
Talr for Men's Good latlcbospendr
Always sold at )a Only 9c pair.
Handsome Japanese Carper Rugs In as
sorted styles. Slz36iM Worth ILM.
Only Ha
A cake for the very best White Scented
CaslUe boap. Worth 10c a cake. Only So.
For the beet Bleached Bed Sheet Kot
witbstandlng the advance In cotton, we
sell tho 65c Bkce t at 4 Ic.
I r n For a eet of six Triple-plated Teaspoons
I 0 j plated on white metalguaranteed to
wear. Only 15c set.
For a good English Tooth Brush teit
white bristle. orth IDa Only 7a
Gent extra size cambric Handker
chiefs, warranted fast colored herder;
worth l'Jvjc only Sa
Bargains in Dressmaking Department.
For this handsome Sulr. made to
order in the latent style of the very
best all-wool suitings a dozen pat
terr-s to select from.
For tho Now Family Sewing Ma
chine, all attachments inoluded.
and fully warranted for flro year.
All makes of Sewing Machines Re
paired at the Lowest Prices.
9th St.N. W.
Robust Health
Easily Attained
disorders of the Stomach, Sid
neys and Blood! This ii no
cnt-and-dried statement, but
i u u.icu upon cue cares it nas
fj wrought among Washlnc
v ton's best-known citizens.
we have a circular that tells
the whole storv. Send for It.
Columbia Natural
Litbia Water,
KCf U m Spring J. IL COLLISg,
uu fl, B. Depot. Proprietor.
Os 6? 1. ) )
W i! V
t w
'-a? CJcSS,-' . . alV',?-J..:-t-, ;. -
,&,' ..

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